13 years ago
Are You Asking for Too Much?

13 years ago
Are You Asking for Too Much?

So what do you want? A few bills paid? Or shopping sprees, vacations, and more?

For example, if shopping sprees are your thing, then how many of them would you want a month? What do you think the dollar-range of 1 month of Sugar Daddy gifts will be? This Dollar-Range is your ‘expectation’.

Another way of doing this is to just let things flow. This option may be best if you’re not really sure about what exactly you want and if you’d rather allow things to develop naturally. If this sounds like you, then choose ‘Open/Negotiable’ as your expectation.


Pro– All of the Sugar Daddies that visit your profile while have a relatively clear understanding of the financial support you expect.

Pro– You won’t have to discuss financial expectations with Sugar Daddies in your messages because your Dollar-Range is listed on your profile.

Con– Depending on the Dollar-Range you list, you may receive relatively fewer messages/responses from Sugar Daddies do to financial incompatibility.


Pro– You have a relatively lower risk of narrowing your field of potential Sugar Daddies.

Pro– You have an opportunity to negotiate an arrangement in broader detail than if you had listed a specific Dollar-Range expectation.

Con– You may hear from Sugar Daddies that cannot fulfill your expectations, resulting in wasted time.

I’m sure there are some pro’s and con’s I left out, so if any of you think of some others, or have anything else to say about the topic, feel free to comment. Happy Dating!

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30 Responses to “Are You Asking for Too Much?”

  1. DUSTIN says:

    Am I being to honest or upfront

  2. DUSTIN says:


    Summary: Serious Daddys only

    MY Description: So I guess you would like to know a little about me~~DUSTIN~~Well Im a random, crazy, bubbly, fun, 19 year old!!!! I am goin to weatherford community college to get my associats degree in business then after that I will be transferring to UNT!!! still not sure which career I want to pursue because there are so many things I would like to do!! but I am looking for s serious daddy that would like to pamper me in money and gifts but would also like to be able to hangout and have a good time and have fun at whatever we are doing~ I dnt want it to be all about sex and money and thats it!! Im am very down to earth, self motivated laid back kinda guy! I have ALOT of goals and dreams for my life and I would like an older guy that would be able to guide and direct with good advice on this journey we call life!! well don’t be shy leave me a message and lets get things started!!

    Arrangement I am Seeking
    I’m Seeking: Sugar Daddy
    I Expect US$1,000 – $3,000 monthly
    Description: okay so I am going to be up front and honest I don’t mean to come on strong or want to offend anybody!!

    So I am a young 19 y/o that is still kinda new to being out in the real world, see I did not come from a wealthy family so everything I have and own I worked hard for and paid for myself~ but it’s kinda hard going to school and working full time! all the money I make has to go to all bills and I dont really have much left to save up to get the nicer things I want!! it makes me kinda sad seeing all my friends driving newer cars and living in nicer places and always shopping and they do nothing for it because there parents pay for it~ Guess Im trying to say is I am tired of busting my ass going to school and working to live paychech to paycheck and not having much!! It would be nice to have a new car because the one I bought myself is breaking down and I dont really have the money to fix it and ugh my roommates we don’t get along so well but can’t afford to get my own place!! I just want be done with college and start my careeer and just be wealthy myself but I know that takes time!! but untill then I was thinking I coud have a sugar daddy a guy that I could hangout with and be able to bond and have nice conversations about everything and anything!! An older guy with knowledge and money that can guide and direct me with great advice and pamper me with very nice things!!!

  3. Full Package says:

    I was also wondering how it works. I have met this amazing man who happens to be married and living in another province but comes to visit every month. I haven’t discussed the monetary aspect of it with him because it is awkward and he has never asked about it. He did ask why I was doing this and I said wanted to be treated well and not have all the drama of a relationship.

    We have been talking via email for awhile now and just met, and we have a great connection. He has never had one of these arrangements before either. How would I bring it up without sounding horrible? Is there a certain time to bring it up?

  4. NewbieSugar says:

    Looks like Diego was true to his word!!

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  9. corina says:

    I dont about u girls but i m done with sugardaddies …they are all fake and i m sick of everybody touching me for free cause most of them they ask a lot of things …
    i became a cam model on livesugarbabes .com so if the guys wanna pay they can do it there too

  10. BeachBunny says:

    Hi Everyone!

    I’m brand new to SA! I’ve been lurking and finally found the guts to start posting. Here’s my scenario: I’ve finally found a SD who is financially well off. He contacted me, we emailed a couple of times exchanging photos and he flew me out to meet him while he was on a business trip.

    We hit it off really well and have many things in common. I’m married, so is he. We’ve agreed to take the relationship to the next level as he’s from a different state and would be limited in the amount of time we could actually spend together. He said he wanted a true SD/SB arrangement as he believes in helping someone he enjoys being around and have physical as well as emotional connection and he would want to support that person as well.

    He has had a SB in the past and mutually agreed that they needed to break it off although they still communicate regularly.

    What is the typical travel arrangement if both parties are married? I would want my own room to talk to my family privately without risking them overhearing possible conversations or phone calls in the background. I also enjoy spending some time alone to work as well as have my own bed to sleep in. I don’t want to ruin the “romance” by having to wake up next to him in the morning, watch each other get ready like husbands and wives do.

    I know he’ll support me to cover expenses, but how do I graciously ask for help without sounding like our entire relationship is purely based on financial assistance.

    This is my first SD experience and I could use some advice from those who have been in the same boat. Thanks so much sugar family!!

  11. Allie says:

    If a potential SD asks me to fly out to him how can I find out if he is for real?

  12. DIEGO says:

    Excellent article , i just share it with my friend of Italy. I Stumble UP your blog post , you will notice an increase of traffic within 24 hours for targeted people. Cheers

  13. Torri says:

    I’m totaly honesy with these guy’s I need financial support and if more happens thats a bonus but they say i’m greedy. Then why be a sugardaddy?

  14. STACY a.k.a. Ms. Perfect says:

    Hey SDs I am a white 18 year old female from indianpolis indiana. I am new to this and looking for a caring sugar daddy to assist me in becoming a (his) sugar baby!
    please feel free to view it. I am a very sexy fun adventerous openminded naughty intellegent girl with alot to give. I do want someone i can feel comfortable with and have fun with maybe even fall in love with. I am trying to get into collegde and become a better person, plus i am a female from the “hood” and i know i deserve better i deserve to be spoiled for once in my life. im 5-2 120lbs blondish hair hazel eyes lots of pics

  15. Young&Fabulous!!! says:

    Ok i’m new to this & I still have a million questions. *l0l* So after the initially date & the pot SD & I kind of hit it off but still not so sure should I ask for 1/3 or 1/2 of my allowance if we go on another meet? I mean it is taking up my time?

  16. Married Women Seeking says:

    Hi! This Sugar Daddy Blog » Blog Archive » Sugar Baby Wonders If She’s Asking for Too Much was really what I’ve been searching for. THanx!

  17. Applebees says:

    I must say that you provide genuine, quality information. Thanks for this!

    BTW, dpn’t you think your blog needs a better wordpress template?

  18. Married Women Seeking says:

    %GREETINGS% Nice. Waiting for more:))

  19. Ben says:

    Talking about money – always tough stuff. Gmoney – have to say that is a bit offensive – just find ways to take advantage of us. What if I said, “These women have great bodies – just figure out how to use them as much as you can?”

    I think it is fair to ask, “What are you looking for? What sort of allowance have you provided your SBs in the past?” There have been several discussions about this – in effect, this question of how to get the ball rolling with both sides feeling comfortable is maybe one of the, if not the most important question on this site. I, and others have recommended a get to know you period where the SD pays 1/3 to 1/2 of monthly allowance – maybe for the first month – and then if things work out – full allowance.

    What should the SBs do – well – I think it depends on them. If they just want $X amount, say so – if they are more interested in the relationship side of things but still need some help they should say so. I usually ask early on. I prefer it to be more ad hoc – but still regular – but some do not.

  20. mike says:

    Hey, this is fairly new to me, the SB’s I hve mailed with are pretty elusive on what they actually want, even when you ask them LOL 😉 Who said women know what they want. They often suggest I make “an offer”. I think many are uncomfortable with asking for help or divulging their circumstances and letting SD’s know what they actually want and/or need. If you give us a little more guidance you will save yourself time and energy gurlz. Promise! We aren’t here to be offended or offend, just to find the right match. Gys, am I right here?

  21. SM says:

    I’m brand new at SD dating and am getting ready to meet a SD for a date. I never listed how much I wanted in my profile. My question is, how do I bring up the fact that I want/need money and not gifts? Also, how do I mention wanting money without sounding like a gold digger?

  22. Stephan says:


    There are simply fewer Sugar Mamas than Sugar Daddies around…

    Check out our latest post (as of Nov. 13th): http://www.seekingarrangement.com/blog/?p=128

    As you know, Sugar Baby Males that see the most response are seeking either Sugar Daddies or both Sugar Daddies and Sugar Mamas.

    Remember: Be, Aggressive! 🙂

  23. Daniel says:

    Why is it hard to find an actual sugar mama? I’m willing to do anything for one but dont have the luck to find one =[

  24. gmoney says:

    I got a guy to give me 10k for 2 days with him….ask for money girls!!! screw shopping…that cant pay ur bills….these guys have money…figure out to get it!

  25. Ms. V says:

    I have been screwed (so to speak) by allowing myself to be taken care of in marriage & LTR’s.

    I am currently married, and though I am not seeking a relationship, I usually only find men who want to try to get me to leave my husband…it’s not terrible, but why can I not find someone who will fund a few of my dreams and give me foreplay that lasts all week?

    Where’s the passion? Yes’sir, I want delicious sex and fabulous shoes- but fuckit, I am willing to settle for Knowledge, a tummy-tuck(?), and merciless temptation- without actually having the “Why dont you leave him” discussion.

    Is it possible to find one of these favorable conditions on this site?
    Ladies? any luck thus far?

  26. benn says:

    i woujld love the humiliation of being a sugarbabys slave, if she just rubbed it in and punished me, that is the best

  27. CarTier says:

    I was definitely introduced to this sugar daddy thing the worse 2 ways, being spoiled and meeting a random guy that catered to me way to much. Of course i love it but, i recently broke up with this guy! He would visit me on lunch break, bring me food, buy me drinks/ movies, and hangout with me… no sex, jus cuddling…… He was really really sweet but eventually he got angry with me because he was broke. Though he didn’t give me money i guess he spent what he had! That makes me really sad.I love gifts and money like the next girl but he just made me feel super guilty….
    Then i found this site…. I’m hopin i can find the perfect SD 4 ME!!!!!

    I am rather eccentric…. open minded and down for just about anything….

    Anyways my first sugar daddy… was 43, with the most intriguing green eyes, cute, sweet and would even do my laundry…. He really spoiled me, rubbed my feet, bought me flowers, candles, gave me money as if i was his girl.He was married, but his wife was very ill. i actually fell in love with him, though we never had sex. The day he told me he loved me i never saw him again….

    I wish my sugardaddy was kinda like a slave to me…. Follow my rules…. The search continues!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanx to this sites creators!!!!!

  28. Roxy says:

    I have a guy I’ve been dating for about 6 months. I didn’t meet him on this site but he turned into a sd pretty quickly. Within the first two months he gave me a $10k check. I didn’t even ask for it and we hadn’t even had sex yet! Next month I asked for some spending money and he gave me a check for $2k. I wasn’t sure if I was asking too much of him but in another month and a half I again asked, simply, for a check. Next time he saw me, 2 days later, he gave me a check for $5k.

    This was all so amazing and new to me. Now I am wondering how to ask for an allowance. I need more than $5k a month to live on as my mortgage alone is $3k a month. He keeps asking me to quit working (I work thru the weekend.) But I don’t know how long this will last, so I am affraid to quit. He is worth over $100 million. He pays his ex $20k a month. I would love to get $10k a month but I’m affraid to actually ask for a specific amount! I don’t go on spending sprees unless he takes me. I am trying to save enough money to feel comfortable leaving my current position. Help?

  29. confused says:

    I think it is very confusing because I have come across so many guys who are not looking to spend money on anything but meals, etc. I call that a date, not a sugar daddy arrangement.
    Asking for a specific amount doesn’t guarantee you will get guys that will pay that much.