So what do you want? A few bills paid? Or shopping sprees, vacations, and more?

For example, if shopping sprees are your thing, then how many of them would you want a month? What do you think the dollar-range of 1 month of Sugar Daddy gifts will be? This Dollar-Range is your ‘expectation’.

Another way of doing this is to just let things flow. This option may be best if you’re not really sure about what exactly you want and if you’d rather allow things to develop naturally. If this sounds like you, then choose ‘Open/Negotiable’ as your expectation.


Pro– All of the Sugar Daddies that visit your profile while have a relatively clear understanding of the financial support you expect.

Pro– You won’t have to discuss financial expectations with Sugar Daddies in your messages because your Dollar-Range is listed on your profile.

Con– Depending on the Dollar-Range you list, you may receive relatively fewer messages/responses from Sugar Daddies do to financial incompatibility.


Pro– You have a relatively lower risk of narrowing your field of potential Sugar Daddies.

Pro– You have an opportunity to negotiate an arrangement in broader detail than if you had listed a specific Dollar-Range expectation.

Con– You may hear from Sugar Daddies that cannot fulfill your expectations, resulting in wasted time.

I’m sure there are some pro’s and con’s I left out, so if any of you think of some others, or have anything else to say about the topic, feel free to comment. Happy Dating!