Why would someone choose to become a Sugar Baby?

Is it all about the money, travel and gifts?

Or can it be that young and attractive individuals choose the Sugar Baby lifestyle because they understand the concept of ‘impermanence’? A gorgeous rose becomes a pile of withered petals, after a while.

Many Sugar Babies understand that their physical beauty will diminish over time, which may be why they choose to live every fleeting moment to the fullest.

Many people had never felt special before becoming a sugar baby. Some Sugar Babies were raised by parents who never gave them attention, never took them out, never gave them gifts, and so on. Thus finding an extraordinary Sugar Daddy is the chance of a lifetime for many Sugar Babies.

It’s as simple as a line from an episode of “Roseanne”, in which Roseanne sits down with her daughter Darline and says to her “sometimes life gives you one chance, and if you miss it…it’s just gone”.