13 years ago
Dater Chooses the Right Site for Him


James wonders which site is right for him…

(James writes)

Hi, I’m a financially independent male, 48 going on 28, seeking an attractive 20-something female for companionship. I have no wife or girlfriend and prefer monogamous relationships that are as emotionally fulfilling as they are physically.

I can’t determine from a quick overview of your site if the young girls — prospective Sugar Babies — are seeking a lasting emotional relationship with a secure financial future, or simply want to be a paid mistress. As for me, I am seeking the former.

Is this the right web site for me? Please clarify. Thanks.

(SeekingArrangement Writes)

SeekingArrangement.com is intended for users who want a financially motivated Mutually Beneficial Relationship with No-Strings-Attached (NSA).

SeekingMillionaire.com is intended for users who want long-term, monogamous relationships that are “as emotionally fulfilling as they are physically”.


(James Writes)

Ah, yes, SeekingMillionaire is the one I want. Thank you for having it, and thank you for letting me know about it!

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  1. Jenny Maldor says:

    I am really new to this. I liked your ideas. But I am not sure what to do.

  2. Dating No Strings says:

    Why you RSS is still for free?:))

  3. Nsa Dating says:

    Hello webmaster