13 years ago
Casting Call: Members WANTED

13 years ago
Casting Call: Members WANTED

We’ve been getting a lot of press contact lately.

Several different Sugar Daddy media projects are on the horizon and the producers are coming to us for help.

A major American television network and the BBC are looking for real-life participants to feature in an upcoming reality show and documentary. They are asking us to help them find willing sugar mamas, sugar babies and sugar daddies for interviews.

To be considered for the documentary or reality show, please email us at [email protected] Be sure to include your profile number or login email address. Happy Dating!

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  1. I’m not sure how to create a login so I can apply for the casting calls. Please email me back with some instructions ?? ty

  2. Megan Henderson says:

    Hey!Every other blog I have read about Reality News, has been lacking in information. Your insight into Reality News is sooooo much better than anything else I have read. Thanks Megan.