13 years ago
Expectations Too High?


Think your expectations are too high?

For most people, the answer is yes. In fact, no matter how many times our friends do what friends are supposed to do and tell us to aim higher, we secretly think we should really be aiming lower.

The question is: would you be attracted to you, if you were them? Wise daters know that asking yourself this question is vital to maintaining realistic expectations and staving off rejection. Lets face it, this is an elite dating site, and everyone here has standards. I’m curious about what those standards are. Do you base your standards on finances alone, or do you value other traits as well? What are your expectations?

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One Response to “Expectations Too High?”

  1. confused says:

    My expectations are realistic in that I expect to have a mutually beneficial relationship with a man. This means I give him companionship and attention and he shows me a good time, an occasional night out on the town or day, if possible. Occasional gifts and most importantly financial assistance so I can afford to pay my electric bill and keep cool and be able to shop for the things a girl wants. I am finding that the so called sugardaddies I meet want only sex and really don’t to spoil a lady, they don’t even want to buy lunch even though they claim to be millionares