12 years ago
Wearing Your Arrangement on Your Sleeve

12 years ago
Wearing Your Arrangement on Your Sleeve

Sugar Daddy arrangements often call for serious discretion.

If keeping arrangements discreet is something you’re interested in, then you’ve come to the right place. Most members of SeekingArrangement.com prefer engaging in discreet arrangements, and there are more than one reason people choose to keep their arrangements secret.

Both Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies may have a need for privacy. Though the circumstances are different from person to person, there are some general privacy rules you can assume pretty much always apply. Discreet Sugar Daddies often create special email addresses or phone lines for their dating activity. It’s important to know how comfortable your partner is before making unannounced moves, such as calling his home phone, arriving at his home, or maintaining contact beyond the agreed arrangement term.

This post was made for people to discuss discreet arrangements.

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