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How to Find a Sugar Daddy


“How do I find a Sugar Daddy?”

The first step in finding a Sugar Daddy is knowing what a Sugar Daddy is. There are many types of Sugar Daddies, but most can be generalized as wealthy benefactors who provides gifts, financial allowances, career advancement and overall pampering to often younger, and attractive individuals- sugar babies.

Now that you know what a Sugar Daddy is, here’s how you find one:

Join SeekingArrangement.com (it’s free), and browse the Sugar Daddy profiles in order to find the right Sugar Daddy match for you.

It’s not always instant, but there’s always a match if you’re willing to look hard and sometimes be very patient. If you want advice, you’ve come to the right place.

I am going to start giving Sugar Daddy advice and tips to anyone who asks for it, so leave your questions, concerns and stories on this blog.

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39 Responses to “How to Find a Sugar Daddy”

  1. get women says:

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  2. Вениамин says:

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  4. Dating Older Man says:

    last Wednesday I’ve just enter to search dating older man and get your Sugar Daddy Blog » Blog Archive » How to find a sugar daddy post as a result! That’s what exactly what I need! God bless Internet:)

  5. Man Seeking Women says:

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  6. Friendship Emails says:


  7. worthlove says:

    I put this advice on another blog, but I think it applies here as well:

    I have found that the up front approach is best when you have gone through the whole getting to know each other through emails thing. Once that is out of the way, I like to ask about money, once it’s established I usually never have to talk about money ever again. There have been a few guys who have offered to take me on trips, but won’t give me cash. That is why it is important to sniff them out before you waste time meeting them.

  8. Jim says:

    Nice job. I completely agree with you.

  9. Sexy L says:

    To dduds,

    Can u just hear yourself speak? if not please re-read what you’ve written, you do come across as being cheap indeed, b’cos i can tell by reading what you’ve written that it burnt you to give her something……i do agree that this site should not be regarded as an ascort/prostitution website, in your case you treated her as an ascort, taking her to your hotel for SEX and then droping her home, you wanted Freebies and even though i don’t agree with that sort of behavoir, she was right to ask you for Money!

    Mutually beneficial remember 🙂

  10. Jen says:

    I just love reading the blogs… some great advice. I am a plus size sb just starting out. I know I need a few more pictures and better quality. Is there truly a want for plus size sb? I know I am not beautiful compared to most sb, but will I get a chance to shine?

  11. Jim Spence says:

    Hey! While searching for Blogs about Babies R Us Cash Back I found your site How to find a sugar daddy. Thank you for the effort you have put in.

  12. ddubs says:

    I agree with Bob 100% on this one.
    If an SD wanted sex for money, he’d hire an escort.
    Too many women on here want just that. Believe me, I’ve been propositioned. I’ve also met women in person…even after discussing my interests and position on this…that expect cash immediately following sex.
    This happened literally on my way back to dropping one prospective SB back off at her apartment, after a fun-filled physical encounter in my hotel after traveling to visit her.

    Hey, I’m not cheap. I gave her money…but, it felt dirty to me.
    I’m looking for one girl. A SD/SB “relationship”. Something based on mutual trust, respect, AND attraction. I have much more to offer a women than cash. If they don’t see it, then I’m not interested.

    For some, the only difference between this being a site for escorts is that the girls have a chance to see who their clients are before arranging to have sex with them.

    For some…not all…and, its really a shame some use this place for such purposes.

  13. HunnyBabe says:


    Me xxx

  14. HunnyBabe says:


    Hey im a young sugar baby and i love to read the blogs every day, they are super interesting…well i wanna share some thoughts and experiences with u guys :D…

    Number one i totally agree with Bob…when u have a very soft, smooth yet direct approach there’s not even need for u to talk to ur Daddy about money, or at least that’s what happend to me, i met this guy and we started talking and everything, i never ever mentioned the money issue, because number one for me is absolutely necessary to have a very good chemistry with my SD and to establish a friendship, not to mention trust, so we never talked about the subject, he came over for the first time and we had the best weekend ever, we went eveywhere, ate everywhere, shopped everywhere…I never needed to ask him for anything, and i had a blast(which i think is very important to enjoy it as well), at the end of the weekend he told me how easy was to be generous with me because im very genuine and honest, and sweet, which i think a lot of ppl could see it as a strength or as a weakness, but since i’ve always been super positive i see it of course as a strength…So that’s my experience, i think that when ur genuine and very classy and smooth u ahve a better chance…NEVER FORET GUYS ARE GONNA TREAT U EXACTLY THE SAME WAY U TREAT THEM, so if u manage urself like a comercial product, they’ll treat u exactly the same, if u are genuine, sweet, approchable, caring , loving, fun, they’ll be the same to u, only with the difference that they will reward u financially, cuz they’re wealthy…So that’s a lil thought for the ladies!! I hope it helps 😉


  15. stephan says:


    Escorts and sugar babies NOT the same thing. Escorts are explicitly working in the sex industry, and are like you mentioned, usually charging for company by the hour, not the relationship.

    Sugar Babies are simply a type ‘girlfriend’, so to speak. Yet sugar baby girlfriends aren’t engaged in monogomous, committed relationships with their partners, and there is also a mutually beneficial component to their relationships, often involving a financial package.

    I’m glad you’ve found 2 so far- and keep being upfront! :o)

  16. confused says:

    I agree as the men are not subtle about what they want, just read most of the profiles on here and it’s obvious they want more than to just be friends, most emphasize the physical side so why be subtle about an allowance. When they mention wanting to get together a certain number of times, that is what they are wanting out of the relationship so why not be open about what they have to offer. And as far as so many people who have advised me to just let it happen slowly and if they guy decides to give me an allowance, well that doesn’t seem quite right. It gives the men an opportunity to sample everything for nothing, say it isn’t going to work, and go on to the next woman.

  17. coolpix says:

    To Bob and Stephan…

    I have to disagree with you…You both mention that men can go to escorts for something cut and dry….first off…escorts are very expensive. They go by the hour or so. Escorts and sugar babies are too different things. I just don’t see how you can seek an arrangment without discussing what each person wants. Most of the Sd’s usually have a cut and dry allowance of what they are willing to give anyway. I have successfully found 2…(AMEN) but only by being upfront…some actually like that!

  18. coolpix says:

    To confused:

    Yea keep on trying. Most men out here want women to pay for dates and stuff….

  19. confused says:

    I am going to keep trying though at least any potential man knows I want financial benefits which is much better than wasting time on a regular dating site trying to meet a man to date on a regular basis that will probably expect you to pay half on dates. Nothing worse than meeting a nice guy you click with that lets you starve on dates because he is too cheap to buy lunch during that daylong outing.

  20. coolpix says:

    yea you are definately right. Some men have been here for MONTHS.

  21. confused says:

    I feel that they probably don’t see me in the search results because the premium get top priority so I contact them, they see my profile, and don’t respond which means they probably wouldn’t respond if they see me in the search results. Some of these guys have been on here for months too so it makes me wonder why they can’t meet someone on a site that men have the advantage on.

  22. coolpix says:

    yea the other one is better….especially if you are paid….I dont think it matters on this site.

  23. confused says:

    I found one but it ended shortly but I did get a good allowance which helped. It ended for practical reasons for him so I am still looking. Not sure if I want to go premium though because I contact several a week which means they will see my profile but so far none has been courteous enough to even say no thanks. I think I’ll stay a standard member for now and join another site (paid) soon so that I will be exposed to new people.

  24. coolpix says:

    to confused

    YEA that’s too much work for 500. He is too cheap. That is not the definition of a SD. Trust me, what you are asking for is not much. You will find someone…What kind of allowance are you looking for?? I am not trying to promote the other site but I found 2 real generous ones from there then here.

  25. coolpix says:

    TO confused

    but seriously don’t give up. I have some terrible terrible experiences with some SD’s or the fakes. It took me along time to get the type of relationships I want. It took me…let me think 5 months? I am going to start a relationship with one here…and another one from another site similar to this. The one from this site is also offering me 2 grand or a little bit more….but I am very very attracted to him. The other one is going to give me 3 grand for couple days a week. I verified them by using a site which costs me like 4 bucks.They both were very upfront and honest. I almost gave up girl…but hang in there. TRUST ME…you will get what you want.

  26. confused says:

    I had a photo up but I am a little older although I am told I look very young and small. I could accept what they offered if it was a 3 or 4 time a month get together but I’m not going to give all my free time (the guy wanted to spend the night and all) to someone that offers so little as I would need the extra time to find a second sd. I don’t have alot of bills but my paycheck only covers the basics, no frills or fun.

  27. coolpix says:

    LOl confused….yea…my ungrateful /greedy self had to reject ….i got too many bills…but I understand 500 though??? did you have your photo up? My other friend said that made a difference.

  28. confused says:


    wow you’re lucky you got them to offer that much because the guys I am coming across expected to get together 2 or 3 times a week for less than 500 a month, with no perks it seemed.

  29. coolpix says:

    confused…I understand what you are going through. I had several offers like 1200 a month…but it was too much work and too little money for someone like me…I am thinking about having 2 sd’s….even though I didn’t want to.

  30. stephan says:

    Big Girl:

    There are definitely guys actually looking for girls above a size 6! Though as you probably know, most of the sugar daddies state interests in slim women. Fortunately, it sounds like your taking an honest and serious approach to finding the right Sugar Daddy, so if a little patience is needed, I hope you don’t become discouraged. If your current strategy isn’t working, than try a new one, or write in for tips and advice. Keep us posted, ok?

  31. big girl sugar babby says:

    I am new to the seeking a SD. And I have only viewed a couple profiles but it seems that most of the guys are looking for slim girls. Is there any out there that would not mind a big girl or helping a big girl turn into a slim beauty?

  32. stephan says:


    Your right, this isn’t a site intended for exclusive relationships, and there are escort websites out there for guys looking for that.

    I hope Sugar Babies READ what you have to say, because there’s no better advice about how to find a sugar daddy than from a sugar daddy himself.

  33. bob says:


    Look at the headline on the SA page. This place is for sugar daddy DATING and mututally beneficial RELATIONSHIPS.

    No this isnt a place intended for one to find true love, but it’s not a place to go shopping for an outright commercial purchase. There are escort websites out there for guys looking for something that cut and dry.

    your experience and or wants seem to run on both sides of the extreems. Both having been used for ‘freebies’ and just worrying about the money (sorry – but thats how your posts come off to me)

    A SB/SD relationship IS a relationship like any other even if there are no strings attached – and there needs to be trust on both sides for it to work. Thats why I suggested arrainging for a first date that would be worth your while no matter how the issue of an allowance works out – and THEN discretly brining the matter up if things go on for then. Having a good time with the guy is your way of brining good faith to the table. it costs you nothing and if you make sure the first date is enjoyable to you it is not a waste of your time either.

    Sure you are free to not take my advice – but lets be frank here, you are the one who has said you are having difficulty getting guys to respond to your interestes. So I’m just trying to give you my 2 cents worth from the prospective of an existing SD as to how your approach might be tweaked…

  34. stephan says:


    I understand how asking out-right for money or gifts in the form of an allowance may be hard at first, but it’s simply something you must do right from the start. Your not being rude by being clear. In fact, you’ll likely see the true sides of your prospective SD a lot sooner if you bring up the important matter of ‘expectations’ right away. This doesn’t mean you should guild the entire conversation(s) around your expectation, but mention honestly what it is that you need out of this arrangement. BUT- if your wanting a ‘fast-track’ to getting some pragmatic ends met on your arrangements, than browse the Diamond Club member profiles- their finances have already been vetted (yet it doesn’t mean they’re necessarily going to be a perfect fit), which might cut down on your initial doubt. Whatever tactic or strategy you find most suitable, you will hopefully keep us posted. Good luck!

  35. confused says:

    I am wary of getting involved with anyone without the topic of allowance coming up first. I would find myself worrying the whole time whether or not he was out for freebies. I did see someone a couple times and never mentioned the allowance and he never brought it up and he never gave me anything. I do not want to risk being used again. This is not a sight for finding a boyfriend to be with just because you love him, this is a site where two people are supposed to benefit equally from a relationship. I am not interested in getting involved with numerous people before I find someone who is serious about being a sd.

  36. bob says:

    pusstcat – maybe you could make reference to the ‘expectation’ level you have set in your profile. PERSONALLY as a prospective SD – i would rather you be as conservative as possible in the matter. and prefer you make our first encounter something that you would enjoy and consider worth your while even if you didnt get a discrete envelope at the end of the visit. IF you see things going on from there then be a little less discrete.

  37. bob says:


    it seems as though you are having difficulty finding what you are looking for. Might I suggest that you may be going about things the wrong way? I wrote another response to you elsewhere – remember there are two sides to every issue. You seem to be focusing on the monetary side of things. Maybe some members are finding this off putting and thats why you are not having much luck.

    remember this site is for forming mutually beneficial RELATIONSHIPS. Now no need to be coy about what we are talking about here. But the intent on this web site is NOT to be cut and dry commercial. I’m not saying that this is your aproach. but thats the vibe i get from reading your posts and maybe its carrying over to your mails to members…

  38. confused says:

    I have found it difficult to get any man I meet to even mention money or if they do, the seem to expect alot for little money. How can I weed out those men who expect to meet 2 or 3 times a week for as little as $500 monthly allowance not paid all at once with no dinners or perks ?and find the men that know the meaning of sugardaddy? I want to find ONE sugardaddy but if he can’t provide me with an adaquate allowance, I will need 2 so I don’t want to give all my free time to one man which keeps me from finding another sugardaddy to make up for what the first one isn’t giving.

  39. pusstcatmeow says:

    What is a tactful way to let a sugar daddy know straight up that you want money when you set up a first meeting with him