11 years ago
Upfront vs. Laid Back- What’s the BEST Sugar Daddy Dating Style?


Many want to know the BEST way to getting your expectations met.

There are many different kinds of arrangements on SeekingArrangement.com, and there are also many different ways to make them.

If you’re wondering what the BEST approach is to getting your expectations met in a Sugar relationship, then look first to the type of arrangement you want.

There are lots of different opinions on this, but overall, it’s assumed that being upfront, right from the start, is the best way to start arranging an ideal arrangement. It is here, in the very beginning of an arrangement, that the general ‘theme’ of your potential relationship is made.

In being upfront, avoid the extremes. This means you don’t have to pull out your Virginia Slim or Cuban Cigar and start talking numbers before you even introduce yourself.

It’s OK to be kind, considerate and sweet/gentile, but keep your objectives in mind.

I wonder if anyone has a strategy or tactic they’d like to share? Does anyone think going with the flow is better than laying it all out there?

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8 Responses to “Upfront vs. Laid Back- What’s the BEST Sugar Daddy Dating Style?”

  1. worthlove says:

    I have found that the up front approach is best when you have gone through the whole getting to know each other through emails thing. Once that is out of the way, I like to ask about money, once it’s established I usually never have to talk about money ever again. There have been a few guys who have offered to take me on trips, but won’t give me cash. That is why it is important to sniff them out before you waste time meeting them.

  2. cuban cigars says:

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  3. I am a newly ordained sugar baby! I entered this website with high expectations and ended up with even better results! I have heard from so many wonderful men…also some pretty mixed up but fun to talk with. I have been complimented in so many awesome ways and languages! I know what the idea of seeking an arrangement actually means and what each party expects. I am the fun or serious, dominating or submissive, discreet or wild, angelic or devilish woman the men are looking for! I am also loving, loyal, devoted, honest and ME! I am loving life at forty and not looking my age!! I feel great because I can provide for my 3 children and spend all the time I need with them due to some special sugar daddies!!! I found this site by accident…Thank God! It’s about time we all can get what we want and be honest about it!!!!! MUAH! To all of the REAL & HONEST SD’s!!

  4. HunnyBabe says:

    DDUBS: Well the physical side is up to you, and up to the kind of arrangement u have, if having physical intimacy is part of the arrangement, or just feel like u wanna be intimate with ur SB, and he does too, well then go ahead, but i don’t think physical intimacy is a requirement for an SB, although most SD’s expect that, others just want a good friend and compnay, someone to go to social events with them etc etc…

    Sometimes i feel like SB’s are a lot more than a date or a gf, why? because we actually get to know our SD,s the way they really are, because with us they don’t have to look like the perfect: father/husband/boyfriend , for the way we meet or things start, we actually know all their needs and desires, fantasies, so if u ask me, yes i do think we’re more than a date.


    HB xxx

  5. ddubs says:

    I hear what both of you are saying.

    However, in much the same way, do you feel that being a Sugar Baby should go “beyond” just being a date? Does this work both ways, or do you feel you should be paid just to go out with a potential SD? Should an SD expect some kind of physical reciprication for his investment?

    Not judging…just curious your thoughts.

  6. HunnyBabe says:

    Yeah totally….I agree with confused, guys should always pay for dating expenses, and the guys who say they wont pay ur bills or give u money…should move on, honestly, u dont wanna spend ur cash DON’T TRY TO BE A SUGAR DADDY…I got news for u THIS IS NOT A DATING SITE u should always be aware that if ur on this site is because u know and ur willing to be in an SD-SB relationship, of course there’s always things that develop into something else, or something more serious, because hey after all, we’re only human… but for starters think only about and SB-SD relationship, and very importantly, if the guy is not willing to fulfill ur expectations don’t settle for it!!!

  7. sarah says:


    There are definitely a lot of scam artists out there, and many of them are posing as sugar daddies and sugar babies on all of the sugar daddy sites.

    Then there are those who have questionable means to be considered sugar daddy material. I agree that a man, and especially one who is a sugardaddy should always pay for dating expenses.

  8. confused says:

    I find some of the profiles of men on this site peculiar. They are on a sugardaddy site but state very plainly that they are not going to pay your bills or give you cash. Men have a distorted view of what a sugardaddy is. If you take a woman out for dinner or a movie and you pay, you are a date, not a sugardaddy. A man is always supposed to pay for the date if he is a gentlemen but you need to go beyond that to be a sugardaddy.