12 years ago
Wanted: Your Sugar Daddy Date Stories!


Hello my Sugar Dumplings,

Now that the Seeking Arrangement Girl contest has been leaked to the press, many curious onlookers want to know what a Sugar Daddy date is like.

If you’ve ever had a date that you wanted to talk about, or if you want to hear what other people think about what happened on your date, then leave your story in a comment on this post. I want to read YOUR stories and give my own 2 cents if possible.

So leave your tales of Sugar Daddy bliss or sorrow on this post!

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20 Responses to “Wanted: Your Sugar Daddy Date Stories!”

  1. So I’m new to the site; only have recvd 2 msgs 🙁 one for a living arrangement which scares me and one guy recently divorced who was only looking for fwb but no financial benefit for this newbie. I decided to pass.

    I hear stories of ladies that have lucked out and some still looking…I’m in Flrida, so what should I say on my profile?

    Suggestions welcomed!!!!

  2. valjohnson says:

    I have had an incredible experience on sd.com. The 1st sd I contacted met me a week later, went to lunch.. almost 20 years older..not attractive but very nice. We started seeing each other the next week..no sex for 3 months..lived down the street very successful business man. Gave me 10,000/month..plus many times he would just drop a check off for 5,ooo.oo when I mentioned I was trying to pay my bills off.. He is wonderful. very very small penis though. sex is not that great. He is overweight but soooo worth it.

  3. Lily says:

    I only signed up for the 3 month sugardaddie membership. I did it just to find out what it would be like, didn’t care whether it worked out or not as I’m not that desperate. But, what I found out was that there were some nice guys who just seemed to talk a little, wanted pics and then didn’t commit to anything. No reponses as long as I didn’t have a pic on site, but did get some after a pic was posted. I think men just look at the pic first and if they like that then they might talk. A lot of them put you on their hotlist and never do anything else. I had more responses when I didn’t list a profile and I tried a couple of different approaches with it when I did. I had one guy put me on a hotlist. I contacted him to see if he’d like to converse and when I went down a list of things he said he liked and I responded to them, his first words to me were “sounds like a generic list and if that’s all you got, then you can forget it.” This was absurd from someone who said if you were interested he’d love to talk and not disappoint you. Needless to say I am glad I didn’t waste any time on him. I guess I’m just not cut out for the game playing things that these type of websites offer. Worse than meeting at a bar. I don’t think many of these men have real money, and I think some of them just think they can use women, and the few who were respectful quit their membership early and I did the same. It’s just not worth it. It’s definitely not a place to meet a man who would want to spend his money on you and I wasn’t even looking for that. I wouldn’t have let a man pay for me anyways until I was dating him regularly. So, they don’t know what they missed as far as I’m concerned. Just jerks mostly. That’s my final answer. I’m sure this type of site would be great if you could truly tell the nature of who you were corresponding with and if people were honest about what they really want and have to offer.

  4. mark says:

    Excellent site, It was pleasant to me.

  5. Trista says:

    Im considering becoming a sugarbaby, and im reading some of the blogs. but what is the key things to look out for with foe SD’s? and how do u determind the real ones from the fake? im a bit aprehensive but im optimistic and willing to give it a try? any key pointers out there or to help me to become i guess a good SB?

  6. gambling casino says:

    Nice site really!

  7. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Sounds like you have the right attitude now. I have only been here a few weeks but I have from the beginning stuck to my guns.

    As with anything you have to weed out the good from the bad.

  8. KK says:

    I have been on this site for about 6 months. I would highly recommend reading the blogs when first getting into this if not experienced. I, of course, did not. So I have been learning through “on the job training”… Unfortunately, I have found many on this site are preditory if given the opportunity. What I mean is men that I have contacted first. They seem nice at first, then quickly transform into ciber sex demons. I can spot them now, but sorry to say, I fell for it a few times. I kept thinking they really wanted to meet me but it’s the same old story, “Why buy the cow, etc”.

    As intelligent as some of these men are, they are not above manipulation and deception. I feel sorry for them. The best that I can figure is that they are probably bored w/life and are looking for something – but don’t know what will make them happy so anxiety and frustration set in and whala! they do things to hurt others while trying to diffuse their own pain.

    I am happy to say that I am currently talking to several nice men out of state. Have just recently met w/one this past weekend. It all seems so simple now. I stick to my values and what I know is right. If the sd hesitates in any way, I move on w/out regret.

  9. berry says:

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  10. stephan says:

    Thanks HunnyBabe! Just workin that 9-5 lol 😀 Thanks for being a great blogger!

  11. HunnyBabe says:



  12. stephan says:


    This guy might have been someone’s sugar daddy, but certainly no-one living in the modern age outside of a stick hut!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  13. stephan says:


    Maybe the Foe-Daddies you mentioned should look elsewhere!

  14. stephan says:


    Thanks for sharing a bit about something I think everyone here has either been afraid of, experienced themselves, or should know about to protect themselves in the future.

    It sounds like your able to see how important a positive mindset is in getting what you want. I like your explanatory style, and keep up the tenacity!

    Here’s a story somewhat similar to what you experienced, but probably even a little worse :o) http://www.seekingarrangement.com/blog/?p=13


  15. HunnyBabe says:

    Yeah i totally feel all of you girls, it’s only been a few months im on the site, and yes its true what Stephan said also, u need to invest lots of time to finally find the right sugar daddy(daddies) for you…but its true how a lot of the guys here lie about their finances, physical aspect, or marital status, i’ve had a few bad experiences as well…i chatted with this guy for over a month, we used to talk on the phone almost every day, the guy sent me his pics and all, ad gave me his phone numbers, so first i didnt check anything about him, because number one i have no experience as a sugar baby and number too, sometimes i tend to be a bit naive and trust ppl easily(which im learning not to do of couse specially on the net), so anyways i kept on talking to this guy, and then he told me he was coming, so he told me he scheduled his flight and all, the hotel bla bla bla, so i got all excited went shopping(to look super nice for him of course) and the night before he was coming he tells me the dumbest story i’ve hear in my life, he says he couldnt find his passport, and he didnt know he needed a passport to come to Canada…i was like :S whaaaaaaaat??? i mean if he’s a bussines man first thing he has to be aware of, is that he absolutely needs a passport in order to get out of the country…anyways i felt so used, because i sent him a bunch of pics, and i lost so much time with him…of course after he told me that story i totally ditched him…Now im feeling a lot better i met a guy from NY and he’s the sweetest, kindest man on earth, i enjoy my time with him a lot, we’re very attracted to eachother, anyways only good things with him to be honest(wink), but i do have to say it took lots of time and energy for me to find someone worth it…so girls, keep ur hopes high!!!

  16. confused says:

    Very interesting how so many of the sugardaddies on here are not looking for a woman who wants money. They say that if you are looking for sugardaddy, look elsewhere?? very odd that they are on this site

  17. coolpix says:

    Well, I had a horrible experience. This so called SD made sure I stopped talking to everyone on the site by saying that I needed to close my profile..which I did. He claimed that he was a billionaire…He said he owns a yach, few cars, and etc..he promised me a credit card and allowance..and he sounded really really believeable…until the day we met. We were suppose to meet at a high class hotel…and instead he claimed that he lost his wallet. And that we were going to go to a cheap motel. That hit me, and I refused to see him. Which was a good thing. I did a back ground check. He made $20,000 a year…I have couple other bad ones lol…if anyone is interested.

  18. confused says:

    I agree with the above. I seem to get too many responses from men who live out of state that expect me to go to them instead of them coming to meet me. I can’t get away from work to go out of town just like that whereas they are supposed to be sucessful careful guys so they should be able to fly in to meet with no problem, right? Also I have found the men on this sight to be extremely rude when it comes to answering messages, I have a 0% return rate on initial emails sent. On regular dating sites I almost always heard back from anyone I contacted, even if to say they were interested. Come on guys, have some manners, after all you are potential sugardaddies so you should be well bred.
    As for me I keep trying.

  19. blueblaze1962 says:

    Just want to say it’s been difficult here. I’m a little older but hot and sexy for my age I understand the ground rules and the expectations but so many of the men here just want to email an exchange pictures it gets frustrating at times. I have met one man from here that seems sincere but due to an emergency hasn’t been available. Time will tell. In the meantime I have not quit searching I have contacted many men and the thing I find most frustrating is they read your email and do not respond. I understand if they are not interested but come on, be a gentlemen, be polite and let a lady know so she can get busy looking elsewhere. I won’t give up…..