12 years ago
Rosie’s Question: “Honestly, are there Sugar Daddies for Older Women?”

12 years ago
Rosie’s Question: “Honestly, are there Sugar Daddies for Older Women?”

Rosie Asks for FeedBack

(Rosie Writes)

I emailed you awhile back and have made some of the changes you suggested and I am still getting nothing. You said that there were SD on this site that don’t want the young barbie doll types. If this is true where are they? Come on Sugar Daddies be honest with me can any of you see yourselves making an older woman ( but young at heart ) feel worth spoiling? There are a lot of older woman out there that can give you the same things as the young ones can that aren’t looking for that long lost love. We all want to have great times right? I have already paid for my prem. membership so no one has to worry about losing money so Please just give me some up front answers I can take it. lol

Thanks for every ones time that reads this and a gives any type of feedback. Have a great day all.


(Stephan from SeekingArrangement.com Writes)


Regarding my input about your latest memo- The most upfront response I may be able to give you is that finding a sd/sb arrangement is often the result of countless episodes of rejection, defunct negotiations, several first dates that turned out to be the last, and many, many profile and photo adjustments. The benefits of securing a mutually beneficial relationship of this nature is usually worth the effort (according to most seeking arrangement girls). Usually, with Sugar Daddy dating, the ends do justify the means. It’s a question of commitment, and where you are spiritually as an individual. Has this search become to emotionally taxing? Are you able to treat finding a Sugar Daddy more like finding a good job, rather than a loving, monogamous, long-term relationship? Lastly, can you manage all of the ups and downs of finding a real Sugar Daddy without giving up prematurely? These are things you should ask yourself, and do so often. In taking another look at your profile, here are some suggestions I have:

Photos- Your first pic is from a distance, showing your entire figure. This is good, but the photo itself is of poor quality. The picture is blurred, and this might cause some to believe it’s not recent, or of low quality (not a good first impression). You’ve got a great figure, gorgeous brown/blond hair, and as represented in your second photo, many other physical aspects herds of Sugar Daddies would appreciate. Let’s try to represent these qualities to the fullest (this is already successfully done in the second photo). Keep the concept of the first photo, but take another wearing a more form-fitting, colorful outfit- something young, fresh and fun. Again, make sure the picture is CLEAR! A clear photo counts for a lot, even if the person IN the photo isn’t a cookie-cutter Jessica Alba type. A clear photo can give the impression of a clean, responsible, honest, young and generally ‘with-it’ person. So, clear, GOOD QUALITY photos are a must.

Another photo mention: It’s great that you have a photo with your dog, it shows that your a down-to-earth, warm and caring person. So, let’s now use this concept and take a better quality photo- one that exemplifies this strong point you have; of being a slightly older but still hot, warm, caring, honest and open minded person. This is an example of ignoring what society tells us we always have to do, which is to play up the strong points of what the generic prototype of what ‘good’ or ‘better’ means to a mainstream, commercial audience, instead of our own unique individual qualities, which if capitalized upon, can enormously outweigh the benefit of playing up the generic, commercial qualities of the ‘typical hot girl’, or doing what everyone thinks a girl has to do to be hot. Doing what everyone silently believes to be the ONLY way to do something (in this case, being perceived as hot), is the most common mistake made among online daters. By the way, the latter parts of this paragraph were not specifically addressed to you alone, but I kinda got rolling and couldn’t stop the sermon.

Profile writings– Firstly, your profile section reads well, and you come off again as honest, caring, and real. Though you also come off as possibly seeking more than just an arrangement. Here’s one reason why:

(profile excerpt)

“If you like a woman that will really appreciate you with NSA ( but you never know what the future holds.)”

Rosie, I don’t think there is anything wrong with believing this, or realizing the very real possibility of a Sugar Daddy relationship eventually turning into more, but this might not be the best time to mention anything outside of your first goal- securing a mutually beneficial relationship with no strings attached (unattached strings, at least initially).

I say this because when your being given a first look by a prospective Sugar Daddy, you have to think of it like pure and simple marketing. Your trying to GET a specific result: an arrangement = money. To get THAT, make sure your profile exemplifies how YOUR arrangement will be great! No, your not under 20, but unlike the girls who are, you can actually laugh at a joke and get the joke at the same time. You can understand the importance of being humble, when you need to be, and being loud and in-your-face, when the time is right. Plus, you’ve got a great set of jugs and you now how to have fun lol :o)

NOTE: We know how much of a catch you are, and the Sugar Daddies will know this too…but don’t play up any “Lifetime Network” qualities in your profile pitch. Keep it relatively simple, and brag about how your a hot, smart, down-to-earth, woman, who’s ready to have some fun and knows how to not take things personally.

Keep us posted, Rosie. If anyone else out there has something to say, please leave your comments here.

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89 Responses to “Rosie’s Question: “Honestly, are there Sugar Daddies for Older Women?””

  1. Beth pierce says:

    I want a sugar daddy to have sex with and fun with and get some help with money at time so if you are a sugar daddy would like to meet me call this. 📞 number i will glad to have sex with you and fun with you and get some help with money please let me know if you want to

    • Beth pierce says:

      i am looking for a sugar daddy to have sex with you and get some help with money and have some fun doing it with you please let me know call this phone number 920/277/767/please i am so need to have sex and i am so horny for you please call me

  2. Tamara says:

    Well… I’m a 55 yr old Sugar baby and I have no problems finding sugars dads both younger and older who are very interested and interesting as well as generous. I think it’s all a matter of attitude.. connection.. chemistry… attraction.
    I’m a server by trade and love the sugar life. I agree age is just a number. Keep on open mind.
    Cheers Loves

  3. Draya Draya says:

    I am a 49 year old African American women in great shape and beautiful. I have found on SA men are looking for extremely kinky requests and play a lot of games. I’m looking for a mature man that’s looking for a good woman. What is the issue?

  4. Cathy says:

    Hi there,

    I’m 48 not looking for too much attachment as I’m busy with my 8 year old daughter and working full time. However, i would like some occasional company and a little loving. I would also like to give up having a flat/house mate and have someone fund the rest of the rent (basically no strings attached sexual agreement for the right person – I’m also ok at cooking and taking care of someone).

    I am a working full time professional, so don’t need support/shopping/expensive gifts etc. I would just like a mutual arrangement with a preferably married man (so as not to get too attached) where we could spend mutually agreed time together. I would also need to adore spending time in your company.

    Please message me if you feel like this is something you would like to discuss further.

    Sincere regards,


  5. Brian Newman says:

    I am considering joining Seeking Arrangement, but only if there are women of 35 years plus.

    • Rita says:

      I am 39 years and I am considering joining a site such as the one you previously mentioned. I have been thinking about finding a Sugar daddy and was wondering if you’ve been able to join. If so, what has your experience been like?

  6. Denise Flanagan says:

    Good for you Rosie!
    I’m 58yrs and I’m chocolate and I look good have so much energy in me I would love to find someone to have fun with. Do what you do girl! Peace….

  7. Brian Newman says:

    Rosie, I am 74 years old and am considering becoming a sugar daddy.Let me assure you that I wouldn’t consider a young woman.My woman would have to be 48 to 58. For me, today that is when a woman is in her prime. Sexually, mentally,and physically matured. A young woman could not turn me on like an older woman can.She couldn’t even compete,
    yours sincerely,

    Brian Newman

  8. Anonymous says:

    I’m 5″8″ 45 years old I have blonde hair green eyes.looking for someone to treat me well have fun together,

  9. Linda morado says:

    Yes I am 45 years old I am Italian and Puerto Rican I am very voluptuous I have big real breasts and full lips with big hips looking for a older white man to have fun with.

  10. Anita says:

    I am a 46 year old women looking for a sugar daddy

  11. Youth cannot know how age thinks and feels. But old men are guilty if they forget what it was to be young.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I am a older woman seeking a sugar daddy as well, I would like to know more abt it.

  13. earl smith says:

    hello. I am a single, older gentleman looking for a sugar mama or baby.I am a widower and was married to my high school sweetheart for a long time but lost her battle with cancer.I need love in many different ways but am a real gentleman and am so tired this lonely life.

    • Ivory says:

      It’a lot of lonely ppl these days. I’m lonely too. Looking for senior company for laughs, talks walks cuddling etc.

    • roxyj says:

      I am so sorry for your loss, I myself have experienced quite a bit of loss in the last few years and I know how much it hurts. I am not really looking for a relationship I just want someone who understands great loss and relates to me, I am married but not happy only because he doesn’t understand what I am going through (lucky him)I am not hard to look at and people tell me I am really funny but I don’t feel it anymore and that is what I need the most is someone to help me get my laughter back. I am going thru so really hard financial times and I, would never sell myself that is not my style at all. I really just seen this and felt your pain and want you to know that someone cares.

  14. Mallika says:

    Its like this – you ever watched porn? Go on to any popular adult website and you’ll notice one thing – variety. Sure the most common vid you will see there is young, slim blonde girls performing straight or gay sex but then occasionally you’ll see the others – brunettes, bbw, ebony girls, asian girls, milf etc and when you read the comments you will see a plethora of admirers on each vid. It works like this in the real world too. Yes the most commonly desired Sugarbaby of them all would be the stunning young 21 year old with a perfect body and a bit of sense but then I guess its a 2-way street as most women are similarly seeking the attractive older man with a full set of hair, good teeth, good body and very chivalrous. The point I’m trying to make it there is someone out there for everyone. There is no such thing as a sell-by date, sure the older you are the less likely it is that you will be inundated with offers but that doesn’t mean you will be completely invisible either. And the good thing about men is that they are mainly about visual – who would you pick if the only two options were a 20 year old Rosie O Donnell lookalike or a 45 year old Jennifer Lopez lookalike? lol a stunning woman is a stunning woman no matter what her age. Keep yourself in good condition ladies, dress and think like you know you are Miss Thing and watch the offers come in. Remember sexiness is all about confidence. By the way I’m 2 weeks away from 37, been an SB since the age of 31 and still getting offers. My secret – moisturise, exercise, laugh a lot, de-stress your life, a good haircut, find the right make up for you, accentuate your best bits (for me it was my huge chest and my pretty lips) and act as though you are something money cannot buy! 😉

    • elaine says:

      Funny you mention Jennifer Lopez, in another blog men were complaining about reacting on attractive profile pics, but then they turned out to be false.

      Those same men, making fun of older SBs, got lured in by a profile pics of…?
      ….The 45 yo “geriatric” Jennifer Lopez!!

      ROTFLAO! 🙂

      • Mallika says:

        Point proven, men simply react to looks first, not age. Everyone wants a beauty, age is just a number.

      • elaine says:

        That might be true in other parts of the world, but I get the impression it’s not in the US…

        See the discussions of “experts” about Sexual Market Value (SMV) in other blogs. LOL 😉

    • earl smith says:

      wowww sounds good as a candy bar.hell no , pussy taste much better

  15. Elaine says:

    @Joanne , I will spell it out one last time for you; This guy didn’t want you enough, or he would have given you an allowance. Sorry to break the news, but if they want you, they give you an allowance. A great mistress can get much higher and longer lasting allowances as a young and easy replaceable body. But I am afraid you will not get it, and I am not going to explain it either as I don’t like your attitude. You will never be succesful like this. Oh and fyi, I am 45…

    • joanne says:

      @Elaine: Thank you Elaine, that is EXACTLY what I meant you said it ” if they want you they give you an allowance ” (regardless of age, right?)
      so the comment of SugarD to say “perhaps offer a lower allowance ” makes no sense whatsoever.

      • problem is says:

        Are you really that thick? Advise was offered and you “read” right over it. You said the guy was “after you”; as he may, BUT, he was not “AFTER” you, worthy of an allowance, so therefore, he would pursue you for free, thinking you would “appreciate” HIS attention.

    • Jaybird923 says:

      @Elaine Isn’t that what I’ve been saying? :-))

  16. joanne says:

    yes you seem from the ghetto dear, who insults others and then uses the word “pussy” (not very sohisticated dear)
    you still dont’get it. no point in arguing with an imbecile who can’t even help but call others names.

    • Anonymous says:

      Damn you write like an illiterate. No wonder why you can never understand anything anyone is saying on these blogs

    • Jaybird923 says:

      LMAO No need to thank me by the way… I just enhanced you vocabulary. Did you look up what imbecile means and decided you liked it and would use it? One of my favorites actually because I can use it to call people stupid in 3 languages.

      And thank you once again. So pussy is another word from the ghetto huh? Now I can casually drop it into conversation ” My good man you Know the term pussy originated in the ghettos don’t you? Another urban word that’s been misappropriated”

      Gee wiz I can’t wait! I’ll look as intelligent as you! Everyone is sure to be impressed! Thanks Joanne my dear

  17. joanne says:

    @ SugarD,

    that is exactly the point. “offer a lower allowance”, really? why? If the guy has $$$ (and I said this before), and he likes the 35 yr old, then it shouldn’t matter to offer an allowance to her, only because she is not 25?
    and I did mention the wife’s age because someone on here said ” he already has an older one at home” — my point was, no he doesn’t.
    if his wife was 20 yrs older than the 35 yr old SB, then what? he can’t pay her an allowance unless she is 25? what if she is 35 and he likes her?
    the point I am trying to make (and maybe I was not clear)
    I had guys who LOVED my profile, yet they said they would not pay an allowance to anyone over 30 — and they claimed their income at 1/2 million.
    so my question is : what is wrong in that guy’s sick brain? he seemed to have liked my pics and profile.

    • SugarD says:

      @joanne -I feel your pain.
      #1 guys might lie so you can not believe their “worth”. It might be true or it might not .
      And #2 you are in a harder age demographic.IF you are not Caucasian then it is even more challenging . It isn’t fair so to speak but it is what it is . You need to be patient and keep talking to the guys who contact you . If you are appealing –i.e, attractive, nice profile, non aggressive and defensive story ,then you will have success .

      Put your profile up here and let the wolves tear it apart . But you might get a hint about why you are struggling right now .

      • elaine says:


        I have this feeling @Joanne is not really here for advice but more to whine.
        Tried to give her advice but that’s considered “unrelated answers thrown to her”.

        Her attitude is not going to help her.
        And even though I could, I am not going to do that either.

      • SugarD says:

        @Elaine You are right. Hard headed

      • Anonymous says:

        I think the word is more like insane

    • problem is says:

      Problem is @Joanne you have not “offered” the opportunity to pot sds that you are more worthy than the 25yo and just because “the guy has$$$” doesn’t mean that he just throws it around; he has it because he knows value in how he earned and accumulated it to begin with.

      Most “guys” place more value on youth and you need to show value beyond by going on meets and show them you’re more valuable to them than the youngsters.

      I’m getting an “entitlement vibe”, from your posts, just because he has money he ‘should reward’ you just as a 25, but you’re not 25! and he does not see the 25 value unless you take the opportunity to show him.

      • joanne says:

        @ problem is:
        god, you got is so wrong. I am not talking about “entitlement”, it is not that hard to understand my message in flawless English, is it?
        I NEVER! said” just because he has money he ‘should reward’ you just as a 25″
        I said ” there are guys who LOVE my profile, ok? so far so good, got that part?
        YET, they say that they won’t pay an allowance to anyone OVER 30!

        clear now?
        who was talking about entitlement please?
        You guys don’t read what I wrote properly.
        and no, to Elaine, and others, I am not whining- you guys never responded to my original question without deviating from the subject.
        that is why we are going on and on about this.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        Email all the guys who rejected you because of your age and ask them what was going on in their “sick minds”. Have a list of therapist available to provide them in case they need help getting to the root of their depravity. Problem solved

      • Anonymous says:

        If that’s flawless english then I have tuna in my toilet

    • Jaybird923 says:

      You guys must be bored out of your minds today. I have no idea why you wasted some much time on this imbecile. She’s the one with comprehension problems. How many freaking ways can people say they don’t want to give you as much as a 25year-old or an allowance at all because they don’t think you’re worth it. Others have tried to tell how to market yourself so you are but you insist on being a bitch and repeating the same nonsense. Hopefully that answers your question… the marketplace has determined you aren’t worth an allowance.

      • joanne says:

        hey @Jaybird923, watch your fucking language, this is not the ghetto you came from dear.
        who gives you the right to call others “bitch”?
        you are the imbecile with comprehension problems —- clearly.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        LOL Unfortunately I can’t blame my language on being from a ghetto I wasn’t aware that’s where the word bitch comes from but thank you for informing me. Is that where you got your language from? Or is “fucking” a middle class thing?

        Secondly I didn’t miss anything I got it. MEN ARE NOT WILLING TO PAY YOU AN ALLOWANCE. THEY’LL FUCK YOU FOR FREE BUT AREN’T WILLING TO PAY FOR THE PRIVILEGE. It doesn’t matter how many time you repeat he liked my profile and chased me for weeks, it doesn’t change the truth. Men lie all the time if they think it’ll gain them free pussy. The fact that he spent weeks should’ve been your other sign that he wasn’t serious(unless it was long distance)

        I also get the fact that we have all told you the same thing but you refuse to accept the issue lies with you. You don’t want answers. What you were hoping for was to be embraced by the sister circle and told that nothing is wrong with you it’s these men and their “sick minds”.

        While some men exclusively stick to the barely legals not all do. There are plenty of women over 30 who do well here and have no issue securing an allowance.

        Some of the posters tried to be helpful and tell you how to market yourself to increase your chances of being successful as well, but you chose instead to keep harping on the same issue and missed an opportunity to get useful info and help.

      • Anonymous says:

        So joanne must be the anonymous who is always accusing people of reading comprehension issues

    • Mallika says:

      I’d have just said ‘cool story bro’ and walked away. Just because he thinks over 30 is too old for him doesn’t mean they all do, plenty more fish in the sea, just gotta keep fishing!

  18. flyR says:

    Yes there’s no reason an “older” SB can not do well to very well here.

    On the blog they are attacked by SD and SB and the successful ones generally leave out of disgust for the attitudes expressed. The deadly sins of older SB’s are to be carrying the anger of prior failed relationships. Yes their bodies might not be as hot as the 20 year old but with some self discipline and life skills they are a most worthy competitor in the SB arena for those whose ego is not securely attached to their ability to get the youngest SB.

    Very often when older SB left the blog it was because they realized it was impolite to talk about their successes with

    There’s no typical SD and no typical successful SB. Common traits are niceness, attractiveness, sensuality, enthusiasm , intellect and of course sensual skills . There are a lot more important things than age unlaced the SD is obsessed with arm candy

    • elaine says:

      Hi @flyR, long time no see!

      Some remain and try to encourage other “old” SBs. 😉

    • joanne says:

      while I appreciate elaine and flyRs comments, I still am amazed by how my question was ignored and no attempt was made to even answer this question – apparently nobody knows the answer.
      And I totally agree to the saying that “The deadly sins of older SB’s are to be carrying the anger of prior failed relationships. ”
      thankfully it does not apply to me as I am the most free spirited person I know and no interest in a LTR

      • elaine says:

        I GAVE you all the answers and more. Where have I not been clear?

      • Leesa says:

        I’ve been reading through this just, laughing pretty much. I’m not on sa, but I’m old and get paid. A lot. If you’re old and want to get paid, you must be really, really pretty, slender and in good shape. You have to have nice shiny hair. But, most important, you need a tolerant, humorous, easy going personality. It helps to be quite smart, up with current events and culture. Joanne, that is your answer. You sound like my neighbour’s whiny old mother, and it’s easy to see why no one wants to pay you. Sorry.

  19. Leah says:

    Very great post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wished to mention that
    I hhave really loved surfing around your blog posts.
    After all I will be subscribing on your feed andd I’m hoping you write again soon!

  20. joanne says:

    Is it even realistic to find a sugardad at the age of, say, 35+ or even 40?
    I know that there are many women in this age range on the site, but the question is: Do they actually find sugardads who pay them monthly allowances just like the student sugarbabes?

    • elaine says:

      A SugarDAD for a sugarBABY age 35 or 40, is not very likely in this agerange.
      It is laughable to consider yourself a BABY at this age.

      But there is enough men on SA looking for a more mature mistress.
      Being a mistress requires other features as being a sugarbaby.

      So make an intelligent and interesting profile , make sure to look very good for your age (without desperately trying to look younger) and emphasize on the things you will offer that younger girls won’t.

      Keep in mind that there is a market for older mistresses and there is the advantage of very few serious competition.

      Make sure TO STAND OUT!


      • joanne says:

        but a “mistress” is usually for men who don’t want to spend a dime, other than dinner and the occasional gift (in my experience), no allowance, no cash, nothing like that. There should be no difference in allowance payments IF the guy likes the woman, whether she is 25 or 35. Am I wrong?

      • joanne says:

        but this is not a “mistress-seeking site” — those guys would go on Ashley Madison and certainly NOT pay any allowance! I met some of them, they want a “free” mistress, one that does not cost them a dime other than a dinner and some lingerie ….
        my question is: if a guy likes a woman, and he can afford it, WHAT is the difference in his (sick) mind, whether to pay an allowance to a 35 yr old, or 25 yr old? if he likes her and is married and his wife is 20 yrs older, then it shouldn’t matter, right?
        can anyone give a reasonable answer to this?

      • noname says:

        wrong joanne a mistress can actually make more in some cases than a sugar baby they fill a specific need and if they do it well they can be rewarded very well not all sugar daddys will seek a mistress but there is enough of a market they can do well

      • joanne says:

        well I asked a question and an unrelated answer was thrown at me, here is what I had asked, maybe someone else can answer this?
        my question is: if a guy likes a woman, and he can afford it, WHAT is the difference in his (sick) mind, whether to pay an allowance to a 35 yr old, or 25 yr old? if he likes her and is married and his wife is 20 yrs older, then it shouldn’t matter, right?
        can anyone give a reasonable answer to this?

      • noname says:

        well joanne your original question was is it realistic at the age of 35 or 40 to find a sugar daddy but if i understand correctly your asking what does it matter what the age of the lady is as long as the guy likes her and can afford it it does matter in the sugar world a man normally wants a younger lady if he wants a lady his own age he can get that outside of this site its not that hard to do but if he wants a younger lady he has to pay for that privilge now being a mistress is a way a older lady can have male companionship and be well paid elaine is a expert on this subject she can give you the ins and outs of it good luck in your search and welcome to the sugar bowl

      • elaine says:

        Well @Joanne seems to know it all and is not happy with “unrelated answers thrown at her” so I wish her a lot of succes.
        Her friendly attitude is going to help her a lot! 🙂

        One last unrelated answer though:

        The Louboutins are for the sugarbabes, the condo’s for the mistresses.
        Think about that!

      • noname says:

        good morning elaine i don’t know what to say to this lady but im not going to sugar coat it for her and give her false hope

      • flyR says:

        Very good advice

      • joanne says:

        well both of you guys seem to have misunderstood
        I have no attitude, and yes when I asked a question in a forum ( I did it many times elsewhere) it is always answered, not ignored.
        And for the second time the noname person misread my question
        I do not think it was that hard to understand lol

        I had asked:

        if a guy likes a woman, and he can afford it, WHAT is the difference in his (sick) mind, whether to pay an allowance to a 35 yr old, or 25 yr old? if he likes her and is married and his own wife is 20 yrs older (older than the SB who is either 25 or 35), then it shouldn’t matter to pay an allowance, right?

        the answer (and sorry to say it is not related) says:

        “if he wants a lady his own age he can get that outside of this site its not that hard to do but if he wants a younger lady he has to pay for that privilge”

        Nowhere in my question did I say she would be his age.
        I did mention the 20 yr age difference between the SB and the guy’s wife – on purpose. But I guess folks don’t read a question properly
        and that is upsetting — not that I have an attitude, I don’t.

      • elaine says:

        Well @Joanna

        What I do when people don’t understand me is first asking MYSELF if I might not have been clear, instead of thinking THEY are to dumb to understand.

        That attitude has brought me a long way!

        I am not going to spend anymore time on this, but I can tell you that age has nothing to do with amount of allowance, nor has his wife’s age.
        It is all about the mix you can offer that he can’t find elsewhere.
        And youth is only ONE of the factors.

        I am telling you from my own experiences because I have had 2 LT benefactors with wives 15y my minor.

      • noname says:

        ill try one more time i never said you had a attidude if a sd likes a sugar baby and he can afford it it doesn’t matter if the lady is 20 or 80 he will pay her because he likes her older women can and do get allowances what i was trying to get through is older women will have a more difficult time because sugar daddies are looking for younger ladies so a older lady needs to approach the sugar bowl differently in order to succeed and elaine is proof of that i won’t answer this anymore because your right i don’t undertand im not a sugar baby i don’t understand the challenges and difficulties you face good luck to you and hope you find sucess in the sugar bowl

      • joanne says:

        Thanks Elaine, but my question was (and of course the answer would just be YOUR opinion) –
        if a guy likes a woman, and he has $$$, WHAT is the difference in his (sick) mind, whether to pay a monthly allowance to a 35 yr old, or 25 yr old? if he likes her and is married and his own wife is 20 yrs older (meaning 20 yrs older than the SB, be it the 25 yr old or the 35 yr old), then it shouldn’t matter, right?
        to rephrase, why are so many guys OPPOSED to giving an allowance to someone over 30? seems a bit sick to me, makes no logical sense, that is my point.
        you don’t agree?

      • SugarD says:

        The answer @joanne is there is no difference.

        The problem is finding an SD who wants an older “SB” over college aged ones . My preference are college aged SBs but I have had 2 in the 40 -50 age range. Market yourself as @Elaine said and perhaps offer a lower allowance or expanded services.

  21. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Hi Brenda,
    I just read up this blog subject.
    Perhaps the reason why an SD does not contact a mature SB your age, might be that he has one at home.
    As far as I understand most SBs favour a married man for an SD.
    But you might alter your profile now and then.
    One of the rules of Internet Marketing is that you should keep the text of message on the website fresh.
    Why not give it a try if the present text does not draw any reaction ?
    It need not be the age factor.

  22. Brenda says:

    Hi Rosie – I was just wondering if you have had any luck yet. I also am a mature lady and it seems that no one is talking to me either. I agree that we have things to offer that younger women cannot, and as far as looks go, can’t a sugar daddy pay for some new boobs if he doesn’t like the ones we have now, or a face life? Come on guys, give us a shot!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      If you look younger than your real age then claim to be that age. I tested my same pic on two different websites and guess which
      One got the most hits. The younger age one did! Landed at least two SDS.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey girls age is just a number I prefer a older women

    • Really-old Sugarbabe ;-* says:


      I am Turnier 50 this year, but have had a fat facelift, a boob job, regular botox and filter, medical cellulite treatments etc.
      paid by myself and my sugardads.

      My opinions is, that if you want a Sd to pay for an expensive operation, that will make sure you can not have sex for weeks after the Operation, it will be difficult to make a sugardaddy you have just met do that for you…

      If you have known him for 4 months or a year, that is another matter 🙂

      Still I feel that sugaring is possible for us older ladies too. But it is easier to do that on other sites than seekingarrangement, because the gentlemen here really seem to have a huge preference for young, white ladies only…

      So how about trying other dating sites, mentioning you are looking for a generous gentleman. I did so, and that works much better for me than Seekingarrangement.

  23. how to stop a divorce says:

    Instead of saying, “Honey, you should do this.” Ask his opinion, “Honey what do you think of this?”

  24. NitemareSD says:

    You British ladies are absolutely gorgeous. Line up some SD’s in NYC – me included – and come visit. That goes for the Australian ones also. 🙂

    We SDs need to form a pool to fly these ladies over for a week or so so we can meet them.

    Speaking of the Australians, SDs watch out for the high end prostitution ring at 62nd & Madison – unless you’re looking for the Spitzer experience. 😉

    Profile #198503, but they have “other girls”

  25. nicolle says:

    Hi, Just wanted to ask, Ive been on the site a few days now and although i have had 70 odd hits on my profile i don’t seem to be getting anywhere in terms of responses. I have searched a few files and found that most of the guys are based in the states. Is it worth waiting to see who is out there and willing to take on a British Woman who is 31 or should i be proactive and contact men for myself. What is the SD etiquette for findind a sugar daddie??

  26. cre8tor says:

    but Bluewater Sailor is taken

  27. Bluewater Sailor says:

    Ladies ladies there are lots of us searching for a mature SB !!

  28. Carla says:

    Hi Rosie
    I am a mature woman too and I havent got any responces either and I am actually a professional model but I am 47…. and I am a porn actress young guys are all over me. But never older or my age guys

  29. Mature Girls says:

    Dear friend, i find your post, very intresting. I run a website related to porn industries, and such a information are very valuable.

  30. SeeksIntelligenceb4arrogance says:

    I am not sure if you are still looking for advice Rosie.. But here is some from what I can say with my experience of men. (please note I just joined this site so cannot tell you anything about luck in here per say. Just about men my experience and my age, and my ability to get men including sugar daddies)

    There are plenty of men to choose from just like there are plenty of women for men to choose from. Everyone has their own desires and tastes. There are plenty to go around.

    As a woman ages we can offer different things than the younger ones. Patience and understanding being two of them. We have wisdom and an uncanny ability to just know when a man needs something, we know when to shut up and when we can push a little bit. We know what is going on in the world economically, politically, etc. so we may be more of an asset to a man that prefers a long term companion with the deeper understanding of things. We understand physical and emotional. And some men prefer the safety and warmth of that.

    Younger women are still learning who they are and they are more fearless in someways. Risk takers. More bubbly in other ways. They are fresh looking and dewy. And what man would not love that? A younger woman can make a man forget the daily stress easier because she still has some innocence about her. But So can an older woman. You just have to ind your talent in that aspect.

    But on the whole? I think I am so much more valuable at my age than I was in my early twenties. In my early twenties what did I have? I had perfect boobs. I was happy go lucky but had zero to offer in the intellectual aspect even though I was smart the attention span was not as long as now. ( I am not bashing anyone young. I swear! I am just making a note from experience only)

    So what it comes down to Rosie is this. What is a man looking for? There are so many men and so many different tastes and needs. and there are many types of women to fulfill a mans needs. An example of older women with the ability would be… Camilla Parker Bowles. Not that the royals would like me mentioning her on here but come on…. It’s true. Much older and always always captivated her man. I myself would have preferred to sleep with Di but each to their own. It just proves my point is all!

    I can tell you this also.. Never come across needy. Never come across without confidence. And in a relationship such as this? I tend to agree with Stephan about your ( but you never know what the future may hold) I think that should be a mans choice to bring up. Men are paranoid about anything lasting longer than a weekend on average. Unless they really fall for a woman.

    So I don’t know if that helped at all. Just be yourself, be proud of who you are, and what you have to offer the world with your heart and wisdom. I haven’t seen your pic but if you have it? Use it. And if that isn’t good enough for someone, do you really want them? Relax and it will just fall into your lap. Panic? And it will land in someone elses lap. Men run from panic;)

    One thing I have noticed about men. One thing I have noticed about men is that they need their kudos to survive. No matter how big and strong they are. And yes they can give them too. But they need them more than they can give;)

    So don’t give up! Don’t panic! And just be you! Believe me there are more than plenty of men that like older women. Lots and lots! 🙂

    I would not trade my wisdom or experiences for youth especially when I can pay or boobs and lips! 🙂

    Good luck everyone. Youthful or wise. We are all beautiful. That’s why we are women;)

  31. bmepain says:

    Greets! Really interesting. Big ups!

  32. Marlee says:


    Remember not only to say the right thing in the right place, but far more difficult still, to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment….