12 years ago
Attitude = $

12 years ago
Attitude = $

Sugar Daddies Respond to good ol’ poker style mystery

I think having the right attitude can play a big role in how successful a Sugar Baby/Sugar Daddy relationship will be. There’s nothing wrong with being bubbly, cute, and over-all bright eyed and bushy tailed. Yet, making sure to keep a little playful mystery is a key ingredient to keeping your Sugar Daddy interested.

So, don’t always make the first offer.

Don’t always self-deprecate, and be sure to limit your “thank you’s” to a reasonable amount.

You don’t want to appear desperate, but you don’t want to appear uninterested either.

Does anyone here have any thoughts on how your attitude can effect a Sugar Daddies willingness to pay up? Does anyone think the right attitude can increase sugardaddy gifts, allowance, etc? Do girls with overly nice, ready-to-please attitudes always get the lower end of the stick?

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8 Responses to “Attitude = $”

  1. Janardhanaya says:

    You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog.

  2. SouthernGent2 says:

    Pouty and indifferent has no chance with me. I had one potential sb tell me never to ask her questions, so that was an immediate turnoff for me. And then when I was nice enough to tell her I was looking elsewhere, she went ballistic. Good thing she never got more than a lunch out of me.

  3. ddubs says:

    there is no appeal whatsoever to pouty, demanding, indifferent women.
    at least not to me.
    be yourself, that’s the key.
    get to know your guy…show him some respect…and, it will be returned.

    I think what most SB’s tend to forget is…the guys on this site have options just like the women do. There are literally hundreds of beautiful women on here.

    Attitude is everything. That’s the only way you’ll be separated. At least in my opinion.

    Good luck to all.

  4. miamioasis says:

    I do agree it is important to be yourself. There were times I felt if I didn’t react in away (being me or not) that I would not benefit. I have learned that I feel happier when I am me. That way if I get what I want or not I still have my pride, respect and dignity. I will take that any day.

  5. HunnyBabe says:

    Totally!!! Care about ur SD…don’t put the money in the first place, care about their needs and desires, and like Steph said be with someone u feel comfortable with, and u can completly trust…Thanks buttercup xxx


    HB xxx

  6. buttercup says:

    I have to agree with HB on this one.

    I can understand the appeal of a pouty, demanding, indifferent woman, but it is my opinion that this is not what ultimately appeals to SDs. This might work if tactfully performed, but I have found that the reason my SD seems to appreciate me as much as he does, is because he feels I have a heart of gold, and he knows I also have his best interests at heart. It is always harder to open up to someone who we feel is on “the other side of the table”.

    In fact, I would suggest keeping the attitude to the bedroom 😉



  7. stephan says:


    Yes, i agree with the fact that it’s imperative to always be yourself, and, if your not comfortable doing so with your sugar daddy, than maybe he’s the wrong one.

    Then again, you should still play your cards right and never feel guilty for receiving gifts. Again, to all you sugar babies out there- don’t feel guilty for being a sugar baby- trust me. None of these sugar daddies are going to give without experiencing an equal benefit in return.


  8. HunnyBabe says:

    Well regarding to this i believe being urself is number one, allways always be urself no matter what, maybe not everybody is gonna like u but for sure some will, and it s better to be with someone who appreciates ur personality as well as all the rest…and yes don’t look needy that’s really bad, be thankful but not needy…


    HB xxx