12 years ago
Sarah- still looking for a sugar daddy

12 years ago
Sarah- still looking for a sugar daddy

(I can’t wait to ride in this!)

Sarah- Why can’t I find a sugar daddy without trying?

Hi guys and gals- First off, thanks to everyone who left comments, I’m really glad that we’re getting an actual forum started. I wish there would have been a sugar baby or sugar daddy blog a few years ago- before I became a sugar baby. Oh, and to set the record straight- I’m not over 30, but not under 25. Haha, that’s as vivid as I’ll probably be about my age here.

Age really isn’t the main issue when it comes to sugar daddy dating, at least it’s not in my opinion. Though I admit that most of the guys here are indeed looking for much younger women. So, I guess we can say that it’s not impossible for someone to find a sugar daddy looking for an older woman, but obviously, it wouldn’t be very probable either.

Rosie: I hope you’ve come to the best decision possible about whether to find a sugar daddy this way or not. I’m not going to try and say I know exactly what your going through, but I definitely know how demanding and frustrating online sugar daddy dating can be!

HonneyBabe: I love you too, and thanks for all the feedback and support you give me and the girls here- and guys. Don’t be a stranger!

I haven’t had the chance to get back to all the comments yet, but believe me, I will. I’ve been kind of mellow lately. Yesterday was my birthday, and I’ve been away from my family for exactly a year now. Somehow I feel old. But, I’ll try not to get too sappy today. I’ll be going out with Damion tonight. I get to wear a gorgeous red dress he bought me during a business trip in Montreal last month.

Still looking for another sugar daddy here. I’ve got a few responses to the 20 or so messages i sent potential sugardaddies over the weekend. I’ll let you all know if anything starts to develop. Right now I’m talking to a sexy darker guy from Michigan. He says he wants me to be his ‘personal assistant’ sugar baby. I don’t how that will work out with my school, but it sounds like an interesting idea. Frankly, all I really want right now is to have fun and get pampered while doing so. I’d never decline doing the dishes if I was a live-in sugar baby, in fact, I’d be happy to do some household chores if need be. I’m not a high maintenance girl, but I’m not looking to be taken advantage of either. Does anyone think sugar babies should have to do chores or work? Or does being a sugar baby mean that you can expect your sugar daddy to take care of you?

P.S. Annabelle: I want to give you a shot-out for all your feedback!

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9 Responses to “Sarah- still looking for a sugar daddy”

  1. How to Get Your Ex Back says:

    Not that I’m totally impressed, but this is more than I expected for when I found a link on SU telling that the info here is awesome. Thanks.

  2. PrincessCuddles says:

    Has anyone received good responses from SD’s without posting their pictures on their profiles? 🙂

  3. Rosie says:

    LovelyBecca: You really have to be patient hun. Like you said you are young so you have sometime to find the right one. You don’t want to jump into just any Arrangement then you really do waste a lot of time. Good luck in your search hun and be safe. 🙂


  4. LovelyBecca says:

    I’m young smart and cute.. I have yet to find a SD whats should I do? Im thinking I should go to another site or maybe just stop all together.

  5. Natasha says:

    As a SB I would not want to do “chores” like dishes and such. If it was a personal assistant type arranement it would be different. Their would be some “work” involved with that but still not dishes. lol.
    I agree with confused that kind of work is for the housekeeper.

  6. confused says:

    A sb shouldn’t have to do chores or work. If the sd is really a sd, he can hire a maid to do the housework. If you are living with him, then I guess it’s ok providing he is supporting you fully and giving you a generous allowance, as it is more of a girlfriend situation.

  7. HunnyBabe says:

    YAY!!! Im glad u liked the idea….and of course we’re not bad company 😀


    HB xxx

  8. stephan says:


    Thanks for the great idea! I’ve forwarded your message to the SeekingArrangement design team, and they may very well start sending email notifications WITH a line about the blog. I do think more members should join in on our conversations here. Were not bad company, are we?LOL, besides, I know for sure that there are a lot of newbies who would love to hear from others such as yourself, Sarah, Annabelle etc.

    All: any more ideas on how to spread the word about the sugar daddy blog? I don’t know a better source of sugar daddy tips, do you?

  9. HunnyBabe says:

    Hey Sarah…thanks for the love!!!…u know? i sent an email to Stpeh today, suggesting him it might be a good idea if SA sends emails to the premium members(even the non premium ones like myself) to let them know about the blogs, because i’ve noticed many ppl doesnt know the blog even exists, so it would be pretty interesting to have more members participating in our forum don’t u think??…let me know if u think is a good idea..

    Kisses HB xxx