13 years ago
Sarah- Get a sugar daddy with extra benifits

13 years ago
Sarah- Get a sugar daddy with extra benifits

OK, I hope the title to this blog grabbed some sugar baby/sugar daddy attention!

I was browsing through the profiles today and I came across a sugar daddy profile that interested me. This sugar daddy lives in Northern California and he’s looking for “a personal assistant/sugar baby”.

He listed an annual allowance of $148,000- or something around that number. Has anyone seen this besides me? He’s looking for a woman 23-30 which would be nice for me since he’s obviously not looking for someone under 20, and I have some office experience to draw from as well.

Even if it doesn’t work out with this sugar daddy, I think I might start looking for arrangements that I can build my career with. I know that whatever beauty I have now won’t last forever (at least my outward appearing beauty), so wouldn’t it only be the smart thing to find a sugar daddy who can propel your carreer?

Any comments, tips, or thoughts would be very much appreciated! -Sarah

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27 Responses to “Sarah- Get a sugar daddy with extra benifits”

  1. James Goksina says:

    Great blog! Loved the article. Thanks

  2. Lisa says:

    I seen the early postings on this site and I could tell by his rudeness and bad grammer, that he was just some jerk playing, no class at all

  3. He is a prev... says:

    I spoke with the gentleman who posted the ad for a ‘personal assistant’ and he is a total creep. He is not looking for one assistant, he is looking for FOUR. He also demands that you have sex with not only him but all four girls daily. I felt so degraded after speaking with him. Be smart about it and stay away. It is people like him who give this site a bad name…

  4. HunnyBabe says:

    AND BTW FOR SANV60: Im younger than 25 but older than 20 πŸ˜‰ ….Thanks again for ur kind words!!!

    HB xxx

  5. buttercup says:

    Please, let’s stop this.

    SANV60 has apologized for reacting a little violently to some comments that touched unpleasant personal issues he has had to deal with in the past.

    I think his apology was courteous and showed the self-control of someone who doesn’t prolong an argument more than necessary.

    Everyone makes mistakes, we shouldn’t be so quick to throw stones πŸ™‚

    Confused, I hope your two prospects will allow you to find something great! It’s so wonderful when an arrangement works out πŸ™‚ Please do keep us posted!



  6. confused says:

    Wow, someone needs to practice some tact. The gentleman??? above needs some self control. I would not like it if someone called me any of the above names you mentioned (sorry I don’t even type profanity) but I would not blow up as I have self control and don’t throw temper tantrums.

    You seem to like to make negative offensive comments towards anyone who challenges you. As far as the LA type, I think most men on here are looking for that type, as none of them seem to be looking for an overweight single mom with several children or alot of issues in her life. They want a barbie doll type, those who don’t care what the lady looks like are the ones that don’t want to part with any money.

  7. sanv60 says:

    abuse,let me say if someone called you a golddigger cun**** or wh****
    you will naturally blow up,because that is not you,same applies to a man
    some of you are professionals here and i could see it,some who have done this many times and have code books and stuff,as for me it a one shot deal
    once done i am out and never to be heard from again,i am only doing this because i work long hours and work mon-sun,i hope all of you find what you are looking for,let me be a better man her and stop this,to confused and ddubs i am sorry,i understand you both might have some bad experience and i like to say i am sorry for my outbust,their are few thing i dont like Fake people,Rude people,golddiggers and people mean to
    waitress,service staff or animals and LA women,so when i got that blog that said lower class i became upset,i never in my life came across someone who used the word lower class,a really classy women men like me like are women like hunny babe,rather diffuse the situation than escalate it,her blog show class,poise,understanding and most of all that
    human quality that is not plastic LA type,it shows a grown maturity that only be described as intriguing,i know when someone is 21 or 29,thanks and god speed in all your endeavours,good luck

  8. confused says:

    Let me say that I am very slim (and anyway an overweight person deserves the same respect) and the wealthy people I have met are not on this site, these are people I have worked with and been social with, people, not necessarily all male.

    I have had a sugardaddy from this site. I am now talking to 2 potential sds and both have been very respectful and articulate. A person who is quick to call someone on this forum stupid is someone I would avoid because there is potential for abuse when someone loses their cool that easily.

  9. buttercup says:

    awww πŸ™‚

  10. HunnyBabe says:

    Sanv60: Thanks for the kind words btw πŸ˜‰


  11. HunnyBabe says:

    Thanks a lot SANV60, Im sorry if we were giving u a hard time for ur miss spellings(im pretty bad myself english is not my first language), but im glad ur taking it more chill, and don’t worry if u are who u say u are and prove what u have to Sarah and u guys hit it off, im sure we’ll all hear about it and will be really happy to know ur a true Gentleman!!!


    HB xxx

  12. HunnyBabe says:

    SANV60: btw…i think the word STUPID is totally out of context, none of the girls here are being stupid they’re just being cautious…yes its true ur saying u can prove all of that, but honestly i tell u as a SB, u have no idea of the things a lot of guys say to make u do things…DON’T FEEL OFFENDED, IF U KNOW UR LEGIT AND U CAN PROVE IT, GET IN TOUCH WITH SARAH AND SHE’LL LET US KNOW…there’s no need for u to act so rude with the girls here…we don’t know u, so is not personal, so don’t take it personal!! πŸ˜‰


    HB xxx

  13. sanv60 says:

    to hunnybabe thank and maybe i was out of hand,correction first of all in my blog it shoud say if you cant show it is real,then it not real,i am aware that most of you have had very bad experience,but like i have said before it can save you all a lot of headache,if you request financial proof,anybody is something on paper,in LA lots of men say they are worth million of $$ but the fact are money broke but papaer rich,thanks for calling me a gentleman as a GED grad i get very offended when people call me lower class or poor grammer etc,i also suffer from dyslexia,so naturally i get very sensitive about that subject,i only wish in my heart that you all find what you are looking for no matter what it is,it a great site and i have been
    fortunate to speak to so many wonderful women who are considering this,once again i would like to apologise and thanks for the wonderful blog
    hunnybabe you truly are a lady and any man will be proud to have you in his arms!,thanks

  14. HunnyBabe says:

    OK….first let’s not get this out of context….maybe the guy is legit, maybe english is not his first language, u never know…but yes SANV60 THERE’S NO NEED TO INSULT, i understand it might be frustrating for u the fact that everybody here is doubting if ur legit or not but on the other hand u also have to be aware that all of us SB’s have had bad experiences and a lot of us know when somehting is suspicious or could be a scam, so honestly u can’t blame us for not trusting, if its legit well im sure Sarah will know and she’s will let us know…so there’s no reason to insult or get this out of context, u have to remember that first of all ur a gentleman πŸ˜‰ …Thanks for reading!!


    HB xxx

  15. sanv60 says:

    suffice to say the biggest mistake i made is even get on this blog
    well chalk it to experience,yes i am lower class,GED has to be lower class
    yes i am crude,rude and not very gentleman like,yes my grammer sucks and i cant spell for shit,but said that i really dont care if you think it is
    suspicious reasonable suspicion is when someone has something to hide,not someone who is willing to furnish proof,if you say have come
    across successful men,then i think you are lying 100%,unless you come
    across doctors or lawyers who are rare and far inbetween most men who
    are wealthy are rude,crude and straight foward,it easy to pretend that you some hot model,it hard to be the real deal,can you show proof that you
    have met these so called successful men,as i am willing to furnish proof yes confused you are a “ass” for assuming 100% and your name sums it
    up “CONFUSED” and ddubs is fucking stupid,their is that more gentleman
    like as for lower class what are we in India,i even beg to ask even any man will be a women like you confused,it easy to be a fat chick pretending to be a model on line,get a life,it stupid women like you who give the human gene pool a bad name,sorry to all who might be reading this and think i am trying to start a online war of words,i am just confused how stupid someone have to be when someone say’s they are willing to furnish proof,i was sincere then i just got mad as i dont like when people dont appreciate kindness and honesty,i always believe if you cant show it real,then it is real,but these stupid women piss me off thanks

  16. confused says:

    I have to agree with ddubs. It sounds suspicious to me and anyway I have had contact with a lot of successful people in my life although I live a working class lifestyle. Success comes from working hard and having tact even when you don’t want to. Most wealthy people I have came in contact with had self control and would never call someone stupid out front. They have tact and know how to control themselves, after all they have to sell themselves their customers. This is not applicable however if the person is just a strike it rich person coming from a lower class background. But personally I think class and respect rate high on what I look for in a sugar daddy.
    And good grammer is required in the business word and to be taken seriously. I personally wouldn’t take a CEO or company president too seriously if he mispelled his words or talked in a crude or unprofessional way.

  17. sanv60 says:

    thanks you ,ddubs you must read the above POST SANV60

  18. ddubs says:

    why would you pay someone nearly $200,000 per year to be a “personal assistant”??

    ladies…when something sounds too good to be true…it probably is.

    unless English is a second language, there is little excuse for this complete lack of grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

    if English is this person’s second language, then its understandle.

  19. sanv60 says:

    confused you must be a english teacher you assumed i was a college
    grad,well you made a ass of yourself,i dont like people like you
    i am GED grad self made,you dont need a degree to be in a financial
    markets ,unless ofcouse you work for the big 3,if this is a blog then be so and as me question direct,i came here to set the record straight that is it

  20. confused says:

    I’m a little weary of the authenticity of the gentle that posted above Sanv60. There are some misspellings in his post which don’t reflect a highly educated, professional person who wants to make a good impression.

  21. chicbaby says:

    oh, and p.s. I love your posts. I was just thinking about seeing if someone (or myself!) was going to do more personal posts. I think it really makes the blog much better! But you beat me to it!!

  22. chicbaby says:

    Best of luck with him. I have heard of this before, although I saw the posting on craigslist and it was far heavier on the admin assistant end. But he used clever words such as ‘attractive’ and ‘other, nonbusiness duties’ that made it clear that there would be other responsibilities. I didn’t consider it because that’s not the right arrangement for me at this point in my life, but it does sound like a fantastic opportunity if it workd out as you expect!

  23. sanv60 says:

    hello i am the gentleman that has place the AD,i am real and the amount is not 148,000$ but rather 198,000$ per year,as the ad said i can BACK everything up by bank documents as well as company documents,why am i paying so much,i am looking for someone very specific,unlike other on the site who are looking for someone to be their mistress etc,i am looking to give the specific person,my knowledge of my years on wall street as with any arrangement it should not be out of desperation but rather knowledge to change and always no matter the arrangement bank documents should be requested after all if the guy’s got the money he will have no problem furnishing the documents to show he can afford it,any arrangement should be taken slow and with lost of questions asked,their are many who claims millionaire status but are only on paper,everybody is something on paper,the real millionaires have serious money in the bank(Liquid Assets),comming back to work i have hired 2 assistants before this and they both have gone on to open and now own their own companies 1(import-export out of florida)2(realestate company in NY),and i do aggree with buttercup that it depends on the dymanics,but disaggree about
    undue/unwanted pressure you know what you are getting into,he know what he are getting into its simple as that,if there is pressure you have made a wrong choice and it was a poor choice,and i say this to all my assistants if you have it flant it and use it,it’s as if god gave you a gift no matter now you get their,no one cares when you have money and get out a your benz as a person who has lived on both sides of the tracks,this country was formed by money and is run by money,money makes you happy if you have it you are lucky and if you are luck enough to have money you can afford to go out their and spend on what very you wish!,weather me or someone else if you get into these sorts of work “arrangements” you must request a employment contract iron clad enforceable in the state of employment,goodluck and happy hunting

  24. sarah says:

    HunnyBabe: I know, it’s a toughie…but I think your right when you said that it’s something that won’t force me to really loose anything, and could also be a way for me to gain a lot. I haven’t heard back from him yet, but when I do I’ll feel him out as to what he thinks my ‘role’ will be. I’ll check it out. I read that you have some prospects of your own that may be coming to fruition…I’m glad to hear it! Hunny, you must know your a good catch, so make sure whoever you choose is worthy of you!


  25. HunnyBabe says:

    MMMmmmm…i dunno what to think to be honest, on one hand is a really good oportunity, but on the other hand it could get really stressful…but honestly i think ur really smart and really sharp, so im sure u could try and see what’s up and if u see something fishy just move on…u dont lose anything and u could gain a lot…I’d say check it out babe and if its legit IM GONNA BE SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!

    Buttercup: Thanks for the love hun, im glad you enjoy my comments :*


    HB xxx

  26. buttercup says:

    i love this blog i love this blog i love this blog πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    HB I love your comments πŸ™‚

  27. buttercup says:

    Hi Sarah!

    I love your posts! You and Stephan are doing a terrific job on this blog πŸ™‚ I think that combining professional advancement and an arrangement would be a terrific idea, especially if you enjoy your SD’s company. It can however bring undesirable power dynamics into your relationship with him, because it provides him with a very effective mean of putting unwanted pressure on you. I think it all depends on the SD and how much you trust that he sincerely wants to help you achieve professional success. I hope you find a perfect situation in this kind πŸ™‚

    So, would you care to share with us why you are looking to replace Damion? How does a sugar babe know when it’s time to move on?

    LOVE πŸ™‚