12 years ago
Sugar Dating: Prioritizing

12 years ago
Sugar Dating: Prioritizing

Sugar Daddy Questions

(Anonymous Sugar Baby)


I have a question about how to handle meetings with several sugardaddies. I seem to get them in waves, a couple weeks I get no response and then I get a few at a time. I am limited in my time (I have a couple days off during the week but never weekends)and I want to make the most of my time. I find myself shuffling guys and making excuses for why I can’t meet this week or the other (usually because I have already set up a meeting with another that contacted me first). More than once I have put off meeting a potential sd in order to meet another one that either stands me up or flakes out at the last minute (cancels an hour before meeting). These time wasters kept me from meeting the other potential sds because many times the ones I put off meeting end contact with me or stop replying to my emails.
How can a sb organize her meetings of potential sds so that she can meet all of them and not have to keep rescheduling meetings or getting stood up by game players?


(Stephan from SeekingArrangement.com)


It sounds like you’ve noticed a disturbing pattern here. My first questions is: why do you think your getting responses in waves? Are these waves happening on weekends? The end of the month? I think the first step is to ascertain why, when, and how these waves are rolling.

Are YOU messaging hard during the beginning of the week, and not so much during the middle or end of the week? Basically, are your efforts consistently implemented or do you concentrate more energy into your Sugar Daddy dating at a certain point in the week (which might explain a ‘wave’ of response afterwards)? Once we remove this variable —you— we can start wondering why then, Sugar Daddies respond in waves.

Perhaps most Sugar Daddies have similar gaps or openings in their schedule? I’d assume weekends would be the most popular…

POLL: What Day of the Week do You Make the Most Arrangements? (please answer y’all)


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  105. Divo says:

    I would like to know what does it take to get a sugardaddy? Some look for these masculine works of art that want the money of course and some these overly wierd people that get everything. I think I’m great and not to be anal or vain, but it takes work to get that confidence and if I intemidate them then why be a damn sugardaddy?? I have sent email after email and think did I jsut waste my own money that could have went to school for nothing. No one paid for my membership or my schooling etc. everything I need, but me over the last 7years like independant maybe?? Well to all of those that do have enjoy and shed some light to me on how to be a better option for others. Thanks and peace, love, belssings!

  106. ddubs says:

    Cuddles: You know, I hadn’t thought about that recently, but, yes my profile does list “open negotiable”. I had to think a little bit about why I would keep it that way.
    I don’t think it would be the concern of turning-off a potential SB. My income is stated, and I’m not super-rich…just someone who does pretty well and has an expendable income to afford some fun like this. So, someone looking for say 20K per month knows they can probably move on.

    I think I would keep it the same because I’ve met and started relationships in the past with SB’s who don’t want an allowance. I saw one SB for about a 4 month period, and all she really wanted was someone to travel with. She is an aspiring model, and I would take her around the country to shoots she had lined-up. We went to Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale/Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco…all from the northeast. She would pocket some nice money from the work she did, and I’d take care of everything else…including being an escort to the shoots to make sure everything was safe for her. We had so much fun with this, and we were both happy.
    There are many SB’s that are more interested in being “spoiled” by travel, gifts, etc…that perhaps stating an allowance range in my profile may be in turn-off for those ladies…and, I wouldn’t want that.

  107. PrincessCuddles says:

    ddubs: Are you one of the SD’s that list an open allowance on the site? I wonder why some SD’s do that if they really do have a set limit in their mind…perhaps they think it will turn a SB off if he lists a figure below something she would ideally be looking for. But negotiating can be weird though anyway maybe…

    Lisa: it could be that the time-wasting SD’s are a) either unsure whether you two could be a match just yet but will keep you hanging by the thread for a later date. b) doesnt want to be rude so he thinks ignoring your replies is just as effective as sending a message that he’s just not that into you (like the book/movie) c) is really just wasting time with no real intentions to meet.

  108. ddubs says:

    wayyyy too much generalization going on there. Just because you see a man on here who was also on here a few months ago means nothing. You have no idea how difficult it is to come-up with a proper arrangement. There are so many factors for this, from my perspective as an SD, that it would take 10 paragraphs to try and explain.

    the SD’s will tell you (myself included) that we’ve talked to potential SB’s for weeks before they ask for cash for sex…and, you realize you were talking to an escort. WE KNOW THIS IS NOT AN ONLINE ESCORT SERVICE! That’s why we’re here. I want a relationship/friendship based on mutual trust, respect, AND at least some level of attraction. We have SB’s to choose from on the sight…just as you do potential SD’s. In many ways, its not different from a traditional dating site…at least not to me. I want to find someone who I truly get along with…and, vice versa…with the financial assistance coming as somewhat of a bonus….not the REASON that we’re together at all.

    Hope this makes some sense.

  109. kelsey says:


    I am in almost 99% agreement with you!!! I was on this site a year ago, lots of interest from men…the caliber seemed betterthan another sd site.
    I met a few but seemed it was only for a one time meet..ok b/c most of it was my decision ( just b/c you get along via mail and phone doesnt mean chemistry in person)…my point is that I came back to the site early this year..and all I seem to enounter are: men that want their ego’s boosted by a hot woman who will keep them from being bored ( hence the endless emails that lead nowhere), or the one’s that simply want bascially a prostitute….( girls Im sure we’ve all had our share of “I’ll be in town in 2days…what would you like?)…


  110. Lisa says:

    I seem to find nothing but time wasters on this site. In the past couple weeks since I joined, I have had 5 potential sds that never materialized into anything but emails. One guy said he was busy and would like to see me again in the future (however he is on this site everyday and has even updated his profile), another was supposed to come into town to meet and then fell of the face of the earth, another one just wants to play email tag using one and two word messages, and the other was too busy to meet one week and doesn’t even answer my emails anymore.
    Are there any serious men on this site that actually want to meet? I thought there was something undesirable about me but I see the same men that never answer my emails are on here everyday. I was a member a few months back with one sucess (short term arrangment) and it seems the same men that where on here then are still one here.

  111. stephan says:

    chicbaby: Thanks for mentioning that weeding out the flakes and I’d even say some posers too is all part of the game! Take it with stride 😉

  112. HunnyBabe says:

    Butter!!!! Where are u????…I wanna press charges cuz someone just stole my Sugar Baby!!!! 😉




  113. chicbaby says:

    I don’t think it really is a day to day thing, but rather a week or even month to month thing. I have ups and downs too. It can make it very frustrating, but weeding out the flakes is part of the game!

  114. Stephan says:

    Thank You HunnyBabe!!! I think this will help us get some more folks involved 🙂

  115. HunnyBabe says:

    BTW Steph, im totally digging the new design of the blogs, is very easy to post comments now!!! Ur the best!!

    HB xxx

  116. HunnyBabe says:

    Im back BUtter!!!!! LOve u tons!!!

  117. confused says:

    I would rather have someone send a “thanks but no thanks” email that to not respond at all. I make an effort to always respond back to emails at the time that I get them, after all if i’m reading the email I can certainly take the time to respond. It shouldn’t take that long to decide whether you are interested or not, not weeks anyway. Or at least respond back saying you are busy at the time.

  118. ppp1256 says:

    Hello: I noticed that it is considered rude for men to not respond to emails right away. Would you consider it rude for women to not respond to emails right away as well?

    One reason why men dont respond is because they are not sure. I guess they could just send a one line email saying that. Atleast there is some communication. Would that be better?

  119. buttercup says:

    HunnyBabe: COME BACK 🙂


  120. confused says:

    edit I meant to say some sd say “don’t expect an allowance”

  121. confused says:

    In general I will receive 2 or 3 responses a week and then a week will go by with none. They don’t seem to come at any particular time of the week but I have noticed I usually get the messages when I first log on. I then try to get to know each one, and decide if someone is worth meeting, for example several sds on here said “do expect an allowance” and I avoid those because that is what I want most as traveling is nice, but it doesn’t pay the bills, especially the ones I wouldn’t be able to pay if I was off of work traveling. I avoid the kinky or oversexual profiles as I am looking for a classy man, and classy men don’t act crude to a lady.
    As far as the emails I send out, quite a few, I have either a 0% return rate (very rude) or I get one email and I respond back never to hear from them again.
    My first sugardaddy was simple, meet, and within a few days I was benefiting and we were having fun together but I can’t seem to get another one on the line. I don’t contact the ones that are looking for very young women or the ones that are superhot which are out of my league.
    Maybe I say too much in my emails trying to engage them in conversation so maybe I should just answer in 2 or 3 word sentences.
    It’s odd because I will have several days free and have no meeting and then the next week my work schedule will be difficult and then I will have a couple men wanting to meet. I arrange to meet them on my days off, and then they disappear or will contact me after my days off for the week have passed and then I have to try to reschedule the next week, and after constantly trying to meet a guy, I lose interest after a while.

  122. SouthernGent2 says:

    Just scheduling and trying to meet potential SD’s is not enough. Do you determine how serious a potential SD is before you meet? You need to find a way to determine which prospects are serious and which ones are just playing the hit and run game.