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Gentleman Chivalry


Famous for founding “Playboy”, is Hugh Hefner a model SugarDaddy?

Should Sugar Daddies be Chivalrous?

A boyfriend is supposed to act like he doesn’t see the hot girl walking by. A boyfriend should remember your birthday, and the first day you met. A boyfriend should be a gentlemen (unless you ask him not to be), and is expected to honor you as his one and only girlfriend (unless you have an open relationship).

SugarBabies: How is having a SugarDaddy different than having a Boyfriend? Can you have both at once, OR two in one?

SugarDaddies: How do you view having a SugarBaby as opposed to having a girlfriend?

All: What do you find most appealing about No-Strings-Attached (NSA) relationships?

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23 Responses to “Gentleman Chivalry”

  1. John says:

    Men have always been known for their chivalry. If they are treated well by women, they get treated better in return. If women want to be taken good care of by their men, they need to respect and treat their men with dignity.

  2. Virtex says:

    Да уж. Иногда такое бывает, что хоть стой хоть падай.

  3. Who Is Hugh Hefner Dating says:


  4. Henry Meyers says:

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  6. fussball says:

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  7. Schlauchboot says:

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  8. kim says:

    I am beginning to think you and I see things a lot alike.

  9. Kandy says:

    Thanks for shedding the light ! I sooo understand all of what you said.

  10. Stephan says:


    I understand your desire to be discrete, but with only 1 vague profile photo, you can expect any interested sugar daddy to request more photos right off the bat. And of those sugar daddies, you can expect many of them not to respond. Essentially, by forcing sugardaddies to contact you in order to see even a full picture of your face will give you a front row seat to rejection. Most people, especially males, are first attracted to an intimate partners appearance, and all future relationship possibilities stem from that initial Visual attraction, vain as it may be.

    I’m not suggesting that you change your strategy, but instead alerting you to the fact that as a result of being discreet with your image, you’ll have to manually advertise your appearance to every sugardaddy (including sugardaddies that might be attracted to the opposite “type” from you). If you can remember to not take the consequences of not having your image promoted on your profile personally, than I suppose you’ll be fine.

  11. Kandy says:

    I was wondering if anyone can give me some points on “photos”. My profile has a photo of my face but not a full view, and the reason is for my privacy. I work with a bunch of immature people that love to surf the sd/sb sites and make a big to do about it at work. (corporate)
    I get interests from the sd but they all want me to send them photos, I am not really comfortable with that because if they are not interested after recieving them they become a total stranger with photos of me.

  12. buttercup says:

    Hey Emily, when I was still active on the site, I had a copy paste message to send to SDs I wasn’t interested in. It went something like “Thank you for showing interest in my profile, unfortunately I don’t think it would work between you and me. Thanks and good luck in finding someone great.”

    You can make up one that you think would work, and VOILA 😀


  13. HunnyBabe says:

    Emily: I don’t know what’s the apropriate etiquette for this, and now im not even getting emails, because my prfile its hidde, but before i used to reply all the time even when i wasnt interested just to let the gentleman know i really appreciate his interest but im not interested at the momtn, i think entlemen really appresciate this gesture 🙂

  14. emily says:

    I have an unrelated question, but i’m hoping someone here can answer it. i recently created an account and i’ve received quite a few responses. naturally, i can’t pursue all of them. what is the proper etiquette for turning down a sd? is it rude to not reply if i’m not interested, or should i send them a message saying so? how would i phrase such a message?

  15. ppp1256 says:

    i agree with hunnybabe and ddubs. I would like to be involved in the goals and desires of my sb.

  16. HunnyBabe says:

    Awww Ddubs…my profile is hidden huns…but u could always ask Steph 😉 loll

  17. ddubs says:

    Hey! I wanted this to be my second blog idea!! (just kidding)

    Lisa – thanks for being so candid. this is another example of how there are so many layers to what people are looking for on this site…and, there is nothing wrong with any of it…(well, except maybe the blatant escorts and the fakers emailing from mommy’s basement…lol)

    HB – sounds like we’d be a good fit. how do I find your profile?? : ) – (again kidding…kinda)

    Do you ladies agree that its okay for the SD to want to know whether his SB is in a separate committed relationship?

  18. HunnyBabe says:

    Well…I’ve never been with a married guy .. me too like DDubs said i love to feel a conection with my SD, otherwise for me it just doesnt work, me also as he mention he wouldn’t like to feel that his SB just wants to be with him for his money, i wouldnt like my SD to be with my just because he wants to ahve sex, i’d love him to be intesrested in my dreams, goals and desires, and know ME and like ME 🙂 …Relationships with married man probably last longer because they have no time to waste, like the few time they could spend with someone else outside they marriage they wont spend it changing or getting to know ppl very often, so of course if they find one good one they’re gonna try to keep her around as much as they can…that’s what i think, but like i said i’ve never been with a married one…On the other hand i do think that my SD being attached would change the way i feel for him. 🙂


    HB xxx

  19. Lisa says:

    I have no problem having a married sd. I have had a relationship with a married man before and it was my longest lasting. The single men in my life were no more available to me than the married one so I didn’t worry about sitting home alone at night. I would prefer a married one because I have free time during the days and it would leave my evenings open to hang out with friends or family. Plus it puts a limit on the relationship, as it can only go so far so you dont have to worry about the man wanting to see you all the time.

  20. ddubs says:

    well, I say absolutely there should be chivalry…but, many think I look at this differently or even wrongly.
    what I’m looking for is a “connection” with someone. I genuinely want my SB to like me, enjoy being with me, and look forward to it…and not just for financial reasons. The only way that’s going to be accomplished is through a certain degree of chivalry or “courting” on my part. If I feel that my SB or potential one is only in it for cash or what I can buy for her, its a turn-off because I feel I have so much more to offer someone than that.

    Don’t confuse this as needing a committed relationship. that’s not it at all. however, if is the SB is in another committed relationship outside of my own, I would like to know about it. I think it would have an affect on how I feel about my relationship with the SB, and give some insight into her moods or even availability to spend time with me.

    (sounds like another blog idea…”do you care if your SB/SD is in another separate committed relationship outside your own??”…I’d be curious to hear that one. I’m not married, but, I’m curious about SB’s who are willing to enter into an arrangement with a married man)

  21. Lisa says:

    add to my previous post, most of the relationships I have had have been NSA even though I thought we were dating regularly. However the fact that the man could take me out on the town and spend the night making love to me and then days later, let me walk home in the rain or late at night alone, tells me those relationships were NSA too.

  22. Lisa says:

    I think a sb/sd relationship can be either exclusive, or both parties can have spouses or relationships. I think it would be wrong of either to expect the other to just stop dating anyone serious while in a sd relationship, after all half the sds are married.
    I personally would prefer a sd/sb relationship at this time as I am taking a break from regular dating. I can’t seem to find a man who is serious about a serious relationship and if I’m to spend my time with a man who sees no future with me, then why waste time with a man who expects me to share expenses on dates when I can find a sugar daddy and have some fun in life.