12 years ago
Sugar Hopefuls

12 years ago
Sugar Hopefuls

Is there ever a point at which you KNOW you’re a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby?

I think everyone has an idea of the generic “Sugar Daddy” — a guy over 40, with millions if not billions in the bank, who has an unusual obsession with bathrobes.

I also think people have an image of the generic “Sugar Baby” — a girl under 30, financially dependent, and has a Body Mass Index of less than 1% fat.

If what I just mentioned sounded even remotely familiar, perhaps you too share the same preconceived notions about Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies as most of the world does.

For those new to SeekingArrangement.com, you may be surprised to find that many of the Sugar Daddies aren’t mega-millionaires, over 40 or obsessive compulsive bathrobe wearers. And there are all types of Sugar Babies as well; from petite to voluptuous, from the late teens to the late 30’s and up – Sugar Babies don’t come in a one-size-fits-all package.

I’d love to hear from anyone who has his or her own take on Sugar Daddy dating, what it means to BE a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby, and how you think the stereotypes of what a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby is supposed to be affects YOU.

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  1. Brody says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to comment. I can’t chime in about the generic Daddy (except that I am one), but I’d like comment about the Baby description:

    There many great girls on this site, which is why I’m on it. The one thing though so many of them do though is deceive Daddies about their weight. I’ve a run of these “catfish” of late. They choose “slim” or “athletic” in their profile, and take pics at odd angles to conceal their flab. I’m very fit and I wouldn’t show up at a date unless I had to body for it.

    This has a real downer effect on intimacy. Its not just the folds of skin (ugh), its the feeling of being deceived. I lose interest very quickly when the clothes get shed.

    I don’t have a solution for this but I wanted to point it our for awareness and see if other Daddies have the same experience.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well i´ve been here for over a year and still havent found anything, i am almost 30 and little overweight, anytime i beleive ia found someone is just 2 or 3 times we talk and then they dissapear (english is not my first language, i apologize for every mistake)

  3. sara says:

    I’m about to start a sd relationship for the first time. Are there cops who pose as SD’s? If so how can I avoid problems??

    • crypticanomaly says:

      You’re best off going to the most recent blog that is where the regular bloggers hang out we don’t use the old ones.

  4. Kylie says:

    I’m completely new here and wanted to ask a question. I’m 20, going to college, above average intelligence, fun personality, but I’m overweight. I feel that I have a cute face, are there any SD’s out there who prefer or would make an arrangement with a rubenesque young girl? Is there a more appropriate place to ask question here?

    I’m young, a bit naive, an honest to god babysitter, submissive in bed and have goals for my future. I could just really use some help right now and was thinking of trying to find an older man anyways because of all the immature guys I’ve had experiences with. Is the inexperienced girl from a small town going to attract anyone?

  5. melissa says:

    Hi iam new to the site. I just signed up and still havent gotten a conformation email and its been 20mins. I been checking the spam folder also and there is nothing. is it suppose to take this long?

  6. U.S of Terra says:

    Me again…
    Should we discuss our arrangement, expectations and allowances before meeting in person?

    Or should we take it slow, have lunch, converse, see if there’s chemistry and then discuss those things?

    I don’t like beating around the bush – take me shopping already lol!

    How can I be straightforward and blunt without coming off as a bitch?

  7. U.S of Terra says:

    I need advice. I’ve been on this site a few days and have met a few different guys and creeps.

    One guy I met is 44 but I didn’t have much to go on from his profile so we chatted and he wanted to meet this same day but I declined because I wasn’t prepared to meet anyone (and yes it takes preparation lol) and today wasn’t a good day for me.

    He was being really pushy about it which pissed me off. So I suggested a different day and he said he would be out of town and was trying to make me feel like this was my only chance to meet him so I said fuck it and never responded to what he said because I wasn’t attracted to him anyway. As a lady I retreat and he pursues ;-D We agreed on a date.

    Then he asked questions that were none of his business and really personal. He wanted to know who I lived with (not a bad question), how many siblings I have (also not a bad question), how many still live with me (why would that be necessary for him to know???)…I stopped him in his tracks but that was a bit much. It felt like a job interview. The only part of our conversation which should have been similar to a job interview is when we discuss our arrangement, how often we see each other and allowance…getting to know each other would definitely come later on.

    I didn’t feel comfortable chatting with him which makes me wonder how it would be in person. If I’m not comfortable talking to him online how could I feel comfortable talking to him in person. I’m not sure whether to pursue this or not.

    Anyone reading this please respond and tell me what you think…

  8. MyChristyMichelle says:

    New Sugar Babies beware and heed my advice.

    I just encountered my first experience with a potential SD and there is a lot to be said for life experience or learning the hard way. I am definitely an example of the popular phrase, “Once bitten, twice shy.” I would like to protect any SB from learning the hard way.

    I personally made my profile private, so that I could only select those whose profiles appealed to me and for confidentiality purposes. Looking for quality, I chose SD based on what they wrote about themselves and what they were looking for in a potential SB. I received an overwhelming 1 in 2 response to my e-mails so I was encouraged that I had the flexibility to be selective. Now, after the real life experience, I have a guideline to being selective:

    What to beware of:
    1) Promises that are made to you before you ever meet in person. Do not allow yourself to get your hopes up or be misled by outrageous promises. Let them know upfront you would prefer to discus those extras or “bonuses” after a true arrangement has been executed. —– My fake SD supposedly had a connection at the bank where I had my home loan and he was going to remodify the loan to an incredibly low rate.
    2) Don’t put all your eggs into one basket until you have fully executed an arrangement. You might find that you blew off the real deal while entertaining a fraud. —- I did this and potentially lost the opportunity to meet 3 real people, one of which could have been my perfect SD.
    3) Ask questions to figure out the authenticity of your potential SD. It is a great way to catch the liars in their own lie. For instance, keep a mental record of a few key answers they give you to questions you ask in your first conversation and then ask the same question in a week or two BEFORE YOU MEET. If the answers don’t match you know you have a liar. — My fake SD gave me two completely different names for his last Sugar Baby!
    4) Google the name of your SD, Call the airline and hotel to confirm their reservation. You might think this is extra work but your time is well spent. — My fake SD was supposedly flying to see me, last minute he got into a “wreck” and preferred that I fly to visit him. He NEVER actually had a reservation. He said he had reservations at the Marriott resort but when I got there it was a 3 star dump. By the way, if this happens, you can insist, that you do not stay in motels and require a new location. I did….but he was still a fraud, just doing what he had to do to get some free action….oh my goodness.
    5) If you are going to be intimate, absolutely be safe and make certain that the arrangement has been, once again, FULLY EXECUTED, meaning you have been compensated. ——- I am such an idiot, I actually believed that he was going to fly out to my town the following Monday where I lived to open a bank account for me to put the money in each month.

    I spent more money on preparing for this fake than I could afford right now, all to be totally duped. I know I have a lot to offer a Sugar Daddy and I am happy and willing for the real deal but we have no time for fakes, so SB, please, don’t make the same mistake I made….heed my advice and good luck to all you SB’s and SD’s out there!

  9. lovelyfifi says:

    wow you ladies are amazing..am still new at this but am enjoying every minute of it.and the blogs are very helpful when it comes to safety and other things..i have been approched by one sd who lives in my home town .he seems genuine but weve started mailing each other today on and off the entire day till he had to go for family dinner..but will see what comes out of this am keeping my fingers crossed..so just wondering some sd’s dont publish their pictures on here but can send it to you..don’t know why they do that? any ideas ladies?


  10. bellababydoll says:

    hey everyone, well I just joined this site and I am meeting with a potential SD this week for lunch, however the places he offered turned me completly off. places such as red robin, chilis, etc I am nervous what to talk about with him. I dont want my 1st sentence to be, how much are you willing to give me. I just really dont know how to approach it tactfully, maybe I should wait until after lunch and discuss. He is coming to me so I do not have to travel.

  11. disapointed me says:

    I have been around this site for almost a yr (Nov. will be a yr) and I have to say there are some real winners on this site. I had one guy from MN whose title is mail order bride….he called all women in the world cunts and that he wanted to beat me up for turning him down, I had another guy try to get my personal info so he could pull off an identity theft, and then you have your average guys that will email you and you get excited and respond back and thats it. They want nothing to do with you even though they just emailed you acting interested.
    Some of the guys on here are jerks…yes and some are nice, but I have been around here for so long that I’m ready to give up. I haven’t met one guy yet!!! I am catching all the weirdos and letting all the other ladyies get the good guys. My favorite ones are where they have 3000-5000 or so posted for their allowance amount, but when you email them they say no sorry I can’t do that amount I was thinking 200-300 a meet or a 400 gift……ok now how are either of those going to help me? They just don’t listen, or they wont send you a regular pic of them until you send them nudeys!!….oh no not me and Im not getting any younger but Iam just trying to find a guy thats honest and real. The guys on here get mad when you have your own person reasons for being on this site, they don’t like it when you have a brain and know what you want……unless thats just the whole MIDEWEST( IA MN WI MS ILL) Watch the guys in those states their real winners. Someone please give me some advise…….lol

  12. Blondiegirl says:

    Haha I cant believe some of the quacks out there. It defiantely makes it harder to trust others. Which is horrible since I am sure there are some genuine gentlemen out there somewhere, but you have to be super cautious… just incase.

  13. blondie says:

    oooh, that’s gross, really gross!

  14. lisa says:

    Another situation I had with a man on another dating site (one of the regular dating sites) is that we traded a few emails and then he told me that he would like to take my teenage daughter on her first date! He said he would teach her what a gentleman should treat her like. YIKES!! how odd to have a total stranger in his late 50’s (quite alot older than me as I like much older men but for a 50+ man to want to take my teenage daughter out on her first date, YIKES what a weirdo. Needlesstosay I deleted and blocked him.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Lisa- I just got an email from a guy who asked me to move in with him and his 3 year old son. Okay, this is a FIRST email from a total stranger. The idea is that I take care of both of them.

    There’s something very wrong with that picture.

  16. lisa says:

    You can always tell a guy’s character by the way he talks about the past women in his life. If he is critical and blames her, he will do the same to every woman.
    I have stopped being so open minded myself and went back to being conservative in my judgement of people.
    I have been having a really rotten week at work and at home (computer problems, computer has shut down several times) and it seems the harder I work (doing the job of 2 people) the more in trouble I get with my bosses. As I have said before, hard work has gotten me no where and I need to find an sd to enjoy life a little and forget the stress a little. All I am getting right now is emails and then they fall off the face of the earth.

  17. blondie says:

    Oh Lisa, you poor kid. You know I used to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, then I started really listening to what they were telling me. A lot of guys are lucky if they get a second date with me. If a guy starts bad mouthing everyone they know, or starts belittling me on the first date, I suddenly have terrible cramps and must go home!

    One thing I’ve learned from dating, don’t be blinded by looks, keep your ears open and just observe, observe, observe.

  18. lisa says:

    Ha ha!! That reminds me of a man I almost met on a regular dating site some time back. I should have seen the red flags (you know the fact that he was divorced with 7 kids and still mourned the death of an 8th that had died 9 years back and that he was not allowed to see any of his children without court appointed supervision because of his anger problem) We talked on the phone for hours (I was trying to be open minded as every tells me I can’t find anyone because i’m too picky) well I didn’t hear from him a couple days so I sent him an email asking him jokingly if he had fallen into that mysterious hole so many people on these sites seem to disappear into. Well I got a very nasty in all caps email telling me that I have no right to expect to meet him and that I don’t own him and he will report me to the authorities if I contact him again!! Then he called me 3 months later to brag about the woman he met that is so happy he has 7 children (now really what woman would really choose a man with 7 children under 18? and be happy about it, she might accept it but I don’t think it would be her desire to meet someone with that many kids and a mental problem). Well anyway it seems that alot of people on these sites, regardless of the one, get defensive when you ask simple questions.
    I especially love the ones that ask you all sorts of questions and then say they will tell me more when we meet. Then you meet them and find out they are into something sick or weird or they have nothing to offer.

  19. blondie says:

    Lisa – There are flakes. Of course if they were really a multimilinaire a few dollars to become a premium member wouldn’t bother them or maybe then they are cheapskate millinaires. I’ve heard of them.

    Yes, exactly! When I emailed him back to try to find something out about him- he tells me that he has no trouble meeting women and that I’m jaded. Jaded! I’m getting a strange email from a guy and I ask him what he’s looking for, what are his dislikes and likes and I’m jaded! Go figure…lol

  20. lisa says:

    There are flakes. Of course if they were really a multimilinaire a few dollars to become a premium member wouldn’t bother them or maybe then they are cheapskate millinaires. I’ve heard of them.

    I talked to one man who was a millionaire (so he stated in his profile) made 10 million a year, worth 50 million. Odd he lived in an apartment in a not nice area of town (not in my town, but I google earthed it and the place was shabby and after doing some research I found the area was not very safe). He also was not in a position to be able to access the internet at work (odd since he owned the business, or so he claimed). He wanted to come and meet me but felt it was too far to drive. He could have taken a plane as I live in a major city and so did he and there are lots of flights between our two cities. As far as not having a photo up, it might be that he is married or he just doesn’t like the way he looks. Personally I haven’t had a problem meeting guys without photos in their profiles, I just make sure they send me on in their email and so far they have all looked decent.

  21. blondie says:

    This is a question for all the SB’s who’ve been writing in this comment section; what do you do is someone just writes “I WANT YOU.” Yes, in caps, nothing else.

    I was taken aback by it. Now, if it was an email from a “normal” dating site, I’d immediately delete it. Here? I dunno, the rules are different here, it’s another universe.

    What I also thought was strange is that according to this guy’s profile, he’s a multi-millionaire, yet isn’t a premium member, doesn’t have a photo up, etc., etc., etc.,

    Am I being paranoid? I’ve been reading about the flakes that seem to be on this site, so I’d love some insight and feedback.

  22. lisa says:

    red I’m sorry I can’t give you alot of advice as I have only met 2 potential sds from this sight. One I seen for about a month, the other disappeared and others were no shows pretending to have forgotten we were going to meet. ????
    All I seem to get anymore is emails and then they fall off the face of the earth or they talk about meeting in 4 months.

  23. red says:

    Does anyone have advice on how i could get my first meeting with a sugar daddy?

  24. Red says:

    Does anyone have advice on how to set up a date with an SD. I’m new here…

  25. lisa says:

    It does sound suspicious Blondie. I have had many of those who won’t answer questions and I delete them if they don’t answer me. I have another potential sd myself but won’t be able to meet him for a few weeks but he sounds like a good prospect, nothing spectacular but he is willing to talk about what he has to offer.

  26. Mary says:

    Lisa that does sound like a very bad situation. Thankfully, a friend called me today and told me about an open position at the place she works. so i applied today and pray for a good response. i know she will help me get in. its a great place that will allow me more time to be with my daughter and still make my same pay as here. and without all the drama.

    on another note, i have a meeting scheduled with a potential SD on thursday. i’m nervous but excited. any advise for me anyone? how to dress? anything to help me…lol.

    I was worried about the “fakes” i keep hearing about on this site so today when we spoke via IM, i asked, in a joking way, for his last name. now i really didn’t expect to get it but he did give it to me. and then i thought it was a fake name. now i knew his occupation, sort of, and now i had this name. so i googled it with his occupation and his company’s site came up the first one. so i know so far this guy is legit as to what he’s told me so far. now lets see if he turns out to be a fruit cake…lol.

  27. blondie says:

    Hi Lisa! Thanks for your advice. I have zero pictures of this guy and the email was short and abrupt. I have zero idea who this guy is etc., so I sent him an email back stating that I until I know a bit more about him, I would prefer that we continue to email through the site. Of course I didn’t hear back from him. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting too, I got a strange feeling about it.

    Another guy started emailing me madly yesterday. Refused to answer any of my questions. My questions were, “Can you tell me a bit more about yourself” “what are you looking for” really basic q’s that you’d ask anyone anywhere, and he wouldn’t answer any of them. Today he sends me a one line email “want to meet for lunch” huh???

  28. Lisa says:


    I’m not that young either although I am petite and often mistaken for much younger. I work hard, not making much money, no raise in the 2 years that I have worked at my job, just a needs improvement review. I work as hard as I can but the boss has her group of favorites that she has worked with for years, so I dont’ fit into her group. I have to wear an ugly uniform so there isn’t anyone sexy at my job. I just feel put down when I have to clean the toilets and mop when I didn’t take a position as a janitor. Then my supervisor gets onto me because I don’t get everything done in my department but I tell here I had to leave the area an hour early to do the cleaning and she says I need to take care of the department when it isn’t busy. Right. Like I have a minute that I’m not dealing with customers or doing the work of the employee who called in.
    Hard work doesn’t always pay the bills, some times a girl needs a little extra without breaking her back to get it.

  29. Lisa says:


    First of all how many pics do you have of him? I have came across men that want me to send them a bunch of pics even though I have 3 and they have one or none. Be careful with the email adress too. I have trouble with guys wanting my IM adress. I never us IM so I don’t even have a screen name. I don’t always want to chat with a stranger either. Emailing through the site at first gives you time to read and think about what you right (in IM you are just so busy answering back , you can’t think about what you are saying or what the guy is saying. I find guys that want to IM immediately very pushy and the same kind that want to meet you before you even know anything about them, they keep saying you can find out more about me when we meet.
    Any way be careful about the pics, don’t send anything sexy because you never know who will be looking at them.

  30. Mary says:

    Congrats Blondie and good luck!!

  31. blondie says:

    I just got my first email!! The guy said that I needed to send him photos (which are on the site) etc., to a yahoo address. I thought that a bit weird and emailed him back stating that for now I’d prefer him to write me through this site.

  32. BlondeBabyGirl says:

    Hello, very new here.

    how do I enhance my profile a bit more?
    I don’t want to scare anyone away with it. LOL

    I am very secure with myself emotionally and intimately. I’m not a jealous person, nor demanding. that seems to scare men away from me.

    I’m just your average woman looking for a SD.

  33. NewGirl says:

    Hi all I have a question about sugar daddy dating?

    I’ve been on the site for a while now and have my picture up and stuff but I do not get any replies at all from any guys and I have not had any messages at all. What can I do to get a sugar daddy?

  34. Mary says:

    I can completely relate to Lisa. I am working in my field however at the office i work at its not about your eduction or experience….its about your dress size and how low cut your top is. I’ve been passed over for a promotion TWICE by 2 women who match the typical sterotype of male employers wanting young beautiful women. This last time i was passed over the girl that was hired has no experience in my field and her education is in something completely different (radio or something) but she worked for us as a runner part time and my boss hired her becasue she comes to work in short little shorts and very low cut tops and flirts with the men in the office. So being a single parent needing more money i began looking for a SD. However, since i’m not the petite, blonde, hottie, finding a SD is proving to be difficutl. Although i’ve had contact with a couple potential SDs there is nothing definite there for me to even consider. i only want to give my daughter a good life even though her dad left for a life of drugs and alcohol a few years ago. I just want to be able to raise her and make my own way in life….sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. Good luck to you Lisa.

  35. Lisa says:

    I really hope things get better for you blondie. I have a job but it sucks more everyday. I work in a specialized field (so I am told) but my paycheck sucks, making the same wage I did when I started 2 years ago and now they cheap company (this is a major office supply store) has gotten rid of the cleaning service and guess who gets to clean the toilets (men’s and ladies’ rooms)? Me!! I have a coworker from hell that is practictally joined at the hip with the store manager so I can’t even report her abusing me. Almost missed my bus last night and would have had to walk home in the rain and construction mess in my less than safe after dark neighborhood. Everyone says that we ladies should expect a man to help up out and that we should be independent but it is not always that easy to achieve. Hard work and honesty don’t always produce success.
    Yesterday I noticed a wad on cash left on my counter by an elderly customer and I ran out of store to return it to her. My karma was getting to clean the toilets and having work late.

  36. blondie says:

    HI Lisa:

    Thank you for your kind thoughts; you know I never ever thought I’d be in this position. It’s beyond frightening. I just got my mail and there’s a letter from a lawyer and I am too scared to open it up.

    I just want a job in my field, why is it so damn hard.

  37. Lisa says:


    My prayers are with you that your luck changes. I was on the edge last year with no rent money but had met a nice man off another site that helped me a little and then I met a guy I dated that bought me stuff too. I am a hard worker (sometimes an abused worker) but only make enough for the basics. I have been on this site a little while with out much luck. Had one sd for a month but he moved away and didn’t have a job that allowed him flexibility of travel. I am running into flakes, liers, and the all time favorite “incredible disappearing person”. I don’t give up though and keep trying. I even send messages to guys with only a few replies but I have been getting better response lately. I have just ended contact with someone I was getting to know, he just used too much profanity and even mentioned a male lover. I am on my search again.
    I hope you find a sugardaddy to give you a hand and that your situation improves quickly. I was in your shoes this time last year, low on rent, little food, etc. Scary time.

  38. blondie says:

    Thanks CCKiss for the kind thoughts. I’m doing some freelancing, but it’s not even paying for the metrocard.

    In between panic attacks (do they burn calories, I hope so) am continuing to send out resumes etc.,

    It’s just me and the dog, I’m an orphan.

    This has just to get better, I am so afraid I’m going to lose everything that I’ve worked for.

  39. CCkiss says:

    Oh, blondie,

    I feel for you. Yeah, I had an issue with my previous employer and tried to strike out on my own. Well, it’s been tough, and after trying to find regular employment again, I’m just not getting anything. The work I AM doing now barely covers my bills.

    It’s nice to to start fresh with a little money so you can focus on making those dreams come true once again. 🙂

  40. blondie says:

    I too am very new to this site, and am so confused about a lot of it. I do find the replies on this blog helpful.
    I’ve never ever looked for a SD and honestly wouldn’t know how to do it in “real life.” I have however, dated guys that I have met on the Internet and can tell you that I am the only person among my friends who met three, yes, three guys in a row who had either photo shopped their picture or used an old one( a guy in a tee can be from any time).
    How does this all work? If a guy contacts me and we email for a time and set up a meeting, it’s just to see if we click like a “regular” date, right?
    How do things work?
    I signed up for a few reasons (1)I’ve dated guys with and without money, and have had a great time with both types of guys. But I’d love to be spoiled a bit, as I never have.
    (2) the idea of a sugar daddy is intriguing- blame those movies!
    (3) I’m literally days away from being evicted from my apartment. This isn’t a joke or a spam, I am so not a professional. Just a hard working woman in a field that’s been hit hard by the recession, and the idea of becoming homeless, even though I’ll have great accessories scares the hell out of me. I’ve been desparately trying to find a roommate, have sent my resumes all over town, have signed up with a million job agencies and have heard back nothing. I’ve even worked with headhunters and at the moment am incredibly frantic. I’m not sleeping, I’m not eating, I’m just living in a state of panic.

  41. HunnyBabe says:

    CCkiss: Hang in there babe…probably is the weekend, and im sure it must be hard for u to approach SD’s but dont worry, there’s all kinds of taste and ppl for everyone..im sure u’ll do fine !!


    HB xxx

  42. CCkiss says:

    Being a transsexual woman, it’s a bit awkward to approach others on this site. I too felt a bit uncomfortable contacting members. I will contact Sugar Mommies, but Sugar Daddies, I have a fear of doing so and would prefer to wait to be contacted.

    It’s only been a couple of days and not much has happened (although, it IS the weekend).

  43. HunnyBabe says:

    I htink Ddubs idea its genius, and can be aplied to both SD’s and SB’s, although maybe some SD’s would feel weird doing that lol, but u could still try…And yes i totally agree u SHOULD be picky with looks, and not shallow, because many times we feel attracted to someone who’s not attractive to other ppl, or not AS attractive, but is very important in order to make ur SD feel good and also urself, i mean im sure u wouldnt act the same with an SD that u like a lot(phisically) than with one that u dont like at all, i mean even if ur the best actress in the world…..I think there,s nothing wrong with contacting an SD, i mean most of the time SD’s are very busy men, and they don’t really have time to be browsing and browsing, so sometimes u can find a really nice SD just by emailing him, maybe he never knew u existed on the site but after ur email, he check out ur profile and all and he’s interested, and with time u find out he’s a very very nice man….so i’d say take ur chances, and always be geniune, never stop being urself, and never settle for less than what u expect!!!


    HB xxx

  44. ddubs says:

    buttercup – your point about it being an old photo or a stolen photo plays into something I mentioned in the safety thread. I’ve asked potential SB’s to take a picture for me holding up a note that said “HI DDUBS” (well, my real name)…so, I knew I was talking to the right person. This is only if someone seemed too good to be true, or if there were any red flags about what this person was asking me to do. I’ve weeded out a few that way.

  45. buttercup says:

    PS: also, you might be attracted by a picture only to find out that it was stolen from a website, or taken 15 years ago, or not even of the right person!

  46. buttercup says:

    Hello tattooed,

    I agree with ddubs on the fact that it is important to make looks part of the equation when looking for a sd BUT remember that, just like any normal situation, there is always sooo much more to someone than the way they look. You might think a picture does not suit your taste, but on further talking and meeting, realize that the person DOES in fact turn you on in other ways, or just look better in real life than they did on their profile. My SD never sent me a single picture, but I knew by talking to him and the way he handled the idea of our first meeting, that he was something wonderful, and I was 100% right 😀

    Of course there will be cases where there is NO ABSOLUTE WAY you may be attracted to the person you communicate with (think Gollum after breast implant surgery and a close shave), but if an entire profile sounds good except the picture, don’t be too quick to dismiss the prospect 🙂


    buttercup 😉

  47. ddubs says:

    tattooed –
    of course it isn’t stupid to be picky about the looks of the SD.
    I would think most SD’s want an SB who’s attracted to them. I know looks aren’t everything when it comes to attraction…but, I surely would hope my SB liked how I look.

  48. ddubs says:

    Lisa – thanks for clearing that up. I wasn’t aware there were still phones without long distance. My home phone is through my cable company, and its like $29 a month and that includes unlimited long distance across the US and Canada. Seems tough to beat. My company pays for my cell phone…and, I have a $99 a month plan that includes unlimited everything… calls in US, text, emails, and internet.

    best of luck with everything, and I apologize if it seemed I was questioning you. I truly wasn’t aware.

  49. ddubs says:

    tottooed – I welcome being contacted first by a potential SB.
    I don’t usually think its desperate at all. It can be flatterring. I will say this, however…the SB scammers are almost always the ones that contact me first…because they’re probably trying to reach as many people as possible to see what they can get away with. That would be the only drawback I could see. The SD may be skeptical at first.

  50. Lisa says:

    I have a home phone and a cell phone. I am not really a phone person and use them out of necessity. I do not have a long distance carrier and no long distance access because there is a charge of 10 dollars a month plus long distance minutes. I am on a budget and cannot afford paying for things I don’t use. My family lives in town so it’s local. My cell phone is pay as you go because again I don’t use it except for texting and emergencies.
    Maybe it sounds strange but I chose not to waste money for a service I don’t need. I try to chat with guys who are local but sometimes I get a message from one in a neighboring state. I prefer they call me and they usually do and I find it hard to get them off the phone sometimes.

  51. tattooed says:

    Im new to this site as well and I was wondering…. DO the SD out there like to be contacted by SB or does that look to desperate?? Is it stupid of me to be picky about the looks of the SD? ive noticed alot of the m who email me dont have pics up. Its hard for me to be sexually attracted to someone if I dont like the way they look!

  52. ddubs says:

    a couple things here.

    does anyone actually pay for long distance anymore?
    I’ve gotten this as an excuse myself, when emails and chats progress with a potential SB, and I bring a phone call into the mix. I always need to talk live with someone before setting-up a first meeting.

    I have two phones…home and cell…and, don’t pay long distance on either…unless its my cell and I’m calling out of the country. My home phone is even free to Canada. (I live in the US)

    And, in every case but 2…I have traveled to meet a potential SB for the first time. Just seems like the right thing to do.

  53. HunnyBabe says:

    Hey Steph: Yes everything ok…but i was kinda wondering if ucould ask her if i can get her email, i would like to ask her some stuff but in a more personal way not through comments…Thanks for ur hel Steph, u know ur my favorite!!!!


    HB xxx

  54. stephan says:

    Lisa: Hearing “I am not going to impair myself and end up using poor judgement” is music to my ears! Obviously you know how important it is to have your wits about you on ANY outing with a John you haven’t built a strong history of trust with.

    Piage33: I think safety is SUPREMELY important with online dating, and just because seekignarrangement caters to very wealthy and successful men, it’s still possible for some bad eggs to infiltrate the site. I’m loving your questions!
    “How do you girls start long term relationships (LTR)?” Talk about a can of worms, I wonder if anyone here has actually managed to turn a SugarDaddy/SugarBaby relationship into an actual committed LTR???

  55. stephan says:

    HunnyBabe: Hey Hun! I just submitted Sarah’s latest post on the SeekingMillionaire blog 😀 Everything OK???

  56. HunnyBabe says:

    STEPH: Do u know anything about Sarah??? i want to contact her personally, because i need to ask her a few stuff…let me know if u know something!!!


    HB xxx

  57. Lisa says:

    Safety is an important issue. I have dated online and met a couple quality guys that I had a relationship with (not sds) and met alot that I didn’t see after the initial coffee date. You have to screen them out, if it doesn’t sound right or you feel uneasy about meeting them, just delete them, trust your instinct. You will often find that these guys that you back away from will become defensive and say something nasty to you, which tells you that you made the right decision. Always meet in a public place during the daytime and don’t give out personal info till you meet and feel comfortable. I avoid alcohilic beverages on the first date too. Sometimes they look at me funny for ordering a softdrink, but I am not going to impair myself and end up using poor judgement.

  58. Paige33 says:

    These blogs are great! I’ve been on this site for some time now, started when I was only 19.

    I have to say it took me a while to warm to the idea. At first I was so afraid of dating someone online, that I would meet these older men, have an amazing time, and then I would be the one that was constantly running away. One businessman, a hedge fund guy, would continually invite me to lavish hotel suites, where he wanted to massage one another and order in, and give me a ridiculous monthly allowance. Right about now, that doesn’t sound so bad, but 19 year old me was freaked out. What about my safety? Who was this man? Was he even a real SD?

    I’m surprised, has anyone ever discussed SAFETY? I would search for online blogs about how to find out if the guy you were meeting wasn’t some crazy online serial killer, and no one had anything to say about it…

    Also, how do you girls start long term relationships…?
    The longest ones I’ve been in are where I keep meeting the guy but don’t accept any gifts or allowances (at least not for a long time hehe). Can you be sexually intimate, accept financial stability, and still keep the spark going??

    I need help all you master sugar babies, what’s the secret!!


  59. Lisa says:

    I just received a message back from a potential sd that I actually contacted first. First time that has happened. HOWEVER, he wants me to call him (keep in mind we haven’t even really exchanged but one email each so I don’t know enough about him to review my phone number or spend my money on long distance calls). He also gave me driving directions to get to his small town out of my state! I do not have a car as I don’t need one where I live. Why do these potential sugardaddies expect us ladies to just drive to a stange town to meet them? I believe a gentlemen would take the time to come meet me, especially when he lives in another state. I would not want to be dependent on him to take me around, I want to stay on my own turf where I am familiar.
    Sounds to me like these guys want to meet but don’t want to spend the money or time.

  60. HunnyBabe says:

    Buttercup::: IF ur there go online plz…i need to tell u something!!!!!

  61. HunnyBabe says:

    Yay Buttercup is back 😀 … D: I’d say be really honest about what ur expectations are, yet be subtle, be urself, be calm, don’t look needy but be straight forward…It could help also if like Butter said u tell us more about the overall situation.


    HB xxx

  62. Mary says:

    I am new here. I ran across this site one day playing around on the net. after a few days of giving it some thought and balancing my checking account i decided to give this a try. I, unfortunately, am not under 30 nor have 1% body fat. I am somewhat overweight, single parent that works too hard and can’t afford a gym membership. I joined with very little hope of finding a SD as i thought the same sterotype. That really was not the case at all. I’ve had interest from several members so far in the short time since i’ve joined. Although I have not set anything up with any of them yet as it has only been a few days we have been emailing, but one is moving quickly to a meeting. I was very shocked to be contacted so quickly by more than one member since i am not young, super model thin and blonde!!! lol.

    I’ve never done this before nor thought about it before but i want my daughter to have the best life possible full of disney vacations (which are way overpriced), ski trips, etc. And possibly start saving in a college fund for her.

    Any pointers anyone?

  63. buttercup says:

    Hello lovelies 🙂 I am back!!

    D, would you mind sharing more with us? Are you guys from the same area, where are you meeting, what do you have planned, how’s the chemistry on e-mail and phone so far?

    Stephhh good job with the new articles 🙂 I’m glad everyone is commenting freely now – making progress 🙂 🙂


  64. D says:

    I recently joined this site and I have never done this before. I have my first meeting next week. Can you please provide me some pointers?

  65. J says:

    My experience has left me with just one piece of advice: don’t talk about your lifestyle with any Catholics!