11 years ago
Safety For All Sugars

11 years ago
Safety For All Sugars

Feel Safe?

Whether you’re looking for Sugar Daddies or Sugar Babies, you should always be, and hopefully FEEL, safe.

Let’s face it – having a date with someone you’ve never met (a blind date) can be scary enough, but flying across the globe to meet a potential Sugar Daddy for the first time could be even more nerve-racking, albeit possibly more rewarding.

Sugar Daddies should also keep THEIR safety in mind.

They too are meeting people they’ve never met, and frankly, until they actually see the Sugar Babies they’ve corresponded with, they have no proof either. Sugar Daddies also have to keep their financial safety in mind, as there are plenty of scam artists trying to pose as honest Sugar Babies… perhaps we can call these “Sugar Baby Posers” lol (inside joke, *nudges “confused”*).

Sugar Daddies: If a Sugar Baby wants you to send money or buy tickets before you meet, would you? Why or Why Not?

Sugar Babies: Have you ever had trouble trusting a Sugar Daddy? What could a Sugar Daddy do to gain, or loose your trust? What kind of Sugar Daddies do you trust the most?

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62 Responses to “Safety For All Sugars”

  1. Mil says:

    have a POT named sweetwalter…says he’s from Arizona and is 50. He seems like a nice guy. We have been talking for a week through email and today text. he asked me about the kind of arrangement I’m seeking and I told him straight out. He then said he wanted to give me 3x as much as I was asking(was looking for an extra 1000 a month, he says he will give me 3000 instead). I’m excited but then he asks me for access to my bank account to send money whenever he wants. A little red flag popped into my head immediately so I asked if we could do paypal or quickpay instead so he can send money at his convenience and I can keep m personal bank account info private. he then proceeded to say that if there was another way to send it he would but he cant and our relationship should be about trust. Yes I would love a sugar daddy to help me with these bills but mama didnt raise no fool…this sounds to good to be true. What do you think?

  2. tay89 says:

    how and where did u guys met ur SDs. im lookin for one to try somethin new

  3. dcreplay says:

    This is an incredibly informative site. Many thanks to all the SDs and SBs for sharing their experiences -good and bad.

    I’m curious…does this site still provide the SD verification for a fee? And for those SBs that may have dated “verified” SDs, what was your experience?

  4. NewSB says:

    Hey Everyone!

    I’ve never been a SB…..Any pointers?? Im nervous, but I could really use the help!

  5. Baby says:

    I chatted with a guy for some time on aim he sad he will give me the world he is not who he sad he is and I am not sure who he is and why he lied to me, wasted my time and made me so sad ,he never answered the # he gave me and when I looked it up there is a female behind the number so I was talking the whole time to someone who tried to get my info to screw me over with identity theft, I feel so naive and actually fell in love with. A picture god knows who’s face that was prob not even the guy begin the scam , this is just insane I really believed him and tought I found my dream

  6. dreamer says:

    it think the sd should buy your ticket if he wants to see you or fly himself to you
    but to be fair i think the ticket should be non refundable because there are alot of fake sugar babes who try to take advantage

    maybe im wrong i dont know but if it were me i would send her a non refundable ticket

  7. sasha says:


    First ,I must say that I love reading the blogs. and learn so much from them.

    Being that I’m a new sb I too have made some mistakes (2) and felt used.

    I think feeling a little vulnerable, hoping that you meet an honest man someone who likes and respects you and truly wants help because he cares.

    Believed all the promises in the world. thinking everyone is as honest as I am made me make some stupid mistakes that I regret.

    like sleeping with a guy on the first date 🙁

    another guy that we actually hit it off and we did sleep together a couple of times.. we discussed a little what the agreement would be. I was thinking oh let me just make it more natural didn’t want to feel like a prostitute . What a BIG mistake.

    yep those were my ONLY two SD’s so far feeling a little used and hurt I was unsure if I wanted to continue on this site. or those a real, honest man really exist on it.

    One thing I learned after reading this blog is not to act like you are desperate for financial assistants.

    Can someone tell me what is normal??

    Email? phone calls? text?

    If the guy hasn’t called me and after 3 weeks sent me an email. “sorry if you feel neglected just been very busy”. but I see him on line all the time.

    What is appropriate and not appropriate, how often should you expect to hear from these man? or do they call you a day before they want to meet?

    I have decided to give this another chance, but, I can really use your guidance and experience with this. Next time I want to come prepared.

    I would appreciate some advise form SD as well I want to know what would have made this guy act the way he did.

    I know I am an attractive women so it can’t be my looks.

  8. Buy Xanax online says:

    I dont usually comment, but after reading through so much info I had to say thanks

  9. MyChristyMichelle says:

    New Sugar Babies beware and heed my advice.

    I just encountered my first experience with a potential SD and there is a lot to be said for life experience or learning the hard way. I am definitely an example of the popular phrase, “Once bitten, twice shy.” I would like to protect any SB from learning the hard way.

    I personally made my profile private, so that I could only select those whose profiles appealed to me and for confidentiality purposes. Looking for quality, I chose SD based on what they wrote about themselves and what they were looking for in a potential SB. I received an overwhelming 1 in 2 response to my e-mails so I was encouraged that I had the flexibility to be selective. Now, after the real life experience, I have a guideline to being selective:

    What to beware of:
    1) Promises that are made to you before you ever meet in person. Do not allow yourself to get your hopes up or be misled by outrageous promises. Let them know upfront you would prefer to discus those extras or “bonuses” after a true arrangement has been executed. —– My fake SD supposedly had a connection at the bank where I had my home loan and he was going to remodify the loan to an incredibly low rate.
    2) Don’t put all your eggs into one basket until you have fully executed an arrangement. You might find that you blew off the real deal while entertaining a fraud. —- I did this and potentially lost the opportunity to meet 3 real people, one of which could have been my perfect SD.
    3) Ask questions to figure out the authenticity of your potential SD. It is a great way to catch the liars in their own lie. For instance, keep a mental record of a few key answers they give you to questions you ask in your first conversation and then ask the same question in a week or two BEFORE YOU MEET. If the answers don’t match you know you have a liar. — My fake SD gave me two completely different names for his last Sugar Baby!
    4) Google the name of your SD, Call the airline and hotel to confirm their reservation. You might think this is extra work but your time is well spent. — My fake SD was supposedly flying to see me, last minute he got into a “wreck” and preferred that I fly to visit him. He NEVER actually had a reservation. He said he had reservations at the Marriott resort but when I got there it was a 3 star dump. By the way, if this happens, you can insist, that you do not stay in motels and require a new location. I did….but he was still a fraud, just doing what he had to do to get some free action….oh my goodness.
    5) If you are going to be intimate, absolutely be safe and make certain that the arrangement has been, once again, FULLY EXECUTED, meaning you have been compensated. ——- I am such an idiot, I actually believed that he was going to fly out to my town the following Monday where I lived to open a bank account for me to put the money in each month.

    I spent more money on preparing for this fake than I could afford right now, all to be totally duped. I know I have a lot to offer a Sugar Daddy and I am happy and willing for the real deal but we have no time for fakes, so SB, please, don’t make the same mistake I made….heed my advice and good luck to all you SB’s and SD’s out there!

  10. Ludean says:

    I have a 3 bedroom home in a beautiful neighborhood and it is a guaranteed safe home. If you are being abused, contact me by leaving a note here and I will try to arrange safety for you.
    I’m in California so if you aren’t local, be sure to have a plan that includes a packed bag left discreetly at a friends home and your important papers. You can also call a women’s shelter for assistance. DON”T stay in a battering situation.
    Napa Emergency Women’s services is the best I have found, and they have a 24 hour hotline 800-799-7233

  11. Ludean says:

    I’d like to know how men are getting my phone number when I haven’t given it out. I know there are sites to check people for crimes, but is there someplace they are going to get personal info on us?
    SB/s if a guy makes you feel bad about yourself, do not meet with him or talk to him, call someone who cares about you for advice. Hell I’m a certified therapist and I would take any sb call, day or night.
    We might want to collectively look into contacting the site operators for some changes, like a site to compare notes when someone turns out to be a fake, and anyone who is abusive.
    So far everyone who has contacted me has been kind and respectful.
    Dears, you deserve the best, don’t settle.

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  16. MARY says:

    Hi everyone,

    I am new to this SD/SB relationship and I don’t know how to trust an SD or how the arrangment works. Are SB suppose to recieve first and then continue with the arrangement? how can I protect myself without getting screwed over by a fake SD? I went to meet with a couple of SD but it ended up nowhere just many promises and nothing to show. Basically what are the advice for a new SB? how can we protect oursleves and not get scamed?

  17. NitemareSD says:

    Part of the reason he is here must be for accelerated relations. Don’t agree to be with him if you will not accept that.

    There is nothing wrong with it, just don’t do anything you don’t actually want to do and don’t mislead him in any way about how far you are willing to go and under what circumstances.

  18. MissAmy says:

    I have a potential SD that is flying in on business from California. He has said he would like sex, if the chemistry is there. Seeing as how he is only where I live once a month, the getting to know each other part is somewhat fast forwarded. Is it inappropriate to sleep with a SD on the first date if an arrangement has been established? And how do I do this without feeling as if I am nothing more than a prostitute? Is it against the law, I’m confused. Please Help!!

  19. JaneyW says:

    Honestly, I agree with Anon and Lisa that there should be a section on this site to flag or report a sd or sb whom has screwed you over. However, Southern exec has a point about people being able to black ball one another that way. A good way to verify someone is really who they say they are before you meet them in a public place is to have that person message you a picture of themselves from their cellphones.

    Women are at a greater risk of being screwed over…. literally. You just have to remember that there are great guys and not so great guys on this site. I always go with my gut instinct and I try to be more optimistic than pessimistic. If you have a bad experience, sometimes it’s good to take some time to recover and then start your search again.

    Seekingarrangement.com has changed my life completely. I am so much more confident than I was before because I’m able to be independent, travel and experience things I wasn’t able to do when I was a struggling student with constant overdraft fees and boyfriends who treated me like crap with no return. I don’t have to worry about money now and it feels great. Keep on trucking Anon, you will find that man eventually who will change your life for the better.

  20. Sally says:

    Lisa, I i agree that you seem jaded and your attitude needs adjusting… but you know that I assume. if your just venting, then it’s fine, until you make one-sided blanket statements, because that’s when others will chime in with their point of view, which SouthernExec and Blondie just did. so that’s my ‘moderation’ so to speak. i have my bitter moments, but i have to realize that half the other girls here might even have More reasons to be bitter, but yet we all try to be as rash as possible.

    i want to know if you have considered all of the options. just look at one of the recent posts where SB SanFranDiddle accepted criticism, and grew out of her reactive state into a pro-active state

  21. BlondeinNYC says:

    Lisa you come across so bitter on these sites. I don’t know whether to shake you or send you to therapy. You sound like you’re just in this for the money, it’s all “gimme, gimme, gimme.’ truthfully with your attitude towards men, you might be better off as an escort.

  22. SuthrnExec says:

    I agree it would be nice to have some way of knowing who the scam artists are – both SB and SDs. I wouldn’t want it to be a way that someone could be black-ball’d just because someone didn’t like someone else. It should only be for legit issues.

    Lisa, I have to take issue with idea that somehow because a SD has money it’s ok if they get ripped-off financially. I realize you were also comparing that to a SB giving intimacy and getting used – neither is acceptable. Period. I’m all for ways to help a SB mitigate their risks so that they are as comfortable as possible.

    Regarding a SD having a profile up for a few months, sometimes this cannot be helped. I have had some changes in my work schedule that do not allow me to travel as much as I once did, so my profile has been up for 2 or 3 months and will likely be up another month or two. When I do find the SB that is amenable to my schedule, it will come down, but for now, it needs to remain up.

  23. lisa says:

    there should be a post for this subject for both sbs and sds. It’s true that guys on here might get ripped off financiallly but if they are well off as they say, it’s only a little money whereas we sbs take more of a risk when we give intimacy and get used. When you give of yourself to someone, you can’t get that back. I am always weary of anyone who runs an ad month after month after month. It should be no problem for any real sd to get a sb on here in no time because there are many more sbs on here than sds. More woman wanting to be spoiled in the world than men wanting to spoil them. I would think that the ratio would be about 4 to 1 in favor of the sds. I have my ad on along time too but I update and change it from time to time if I don’t like the response i’m getting but these guys run the same ad and if they are not finding the kind of sb they are seeking, they should change their ad and be more specific. I used to do regular online dating and I checked it out the other day to find several of the guys that I met for coffee about 3 years ago are still on the site with the same ad, no update, same pictures, etc.
    I don’t know about everyone else , but I am on this site to meet someone and if I see my response slow down, I will update my profile, not just leave it the same all the time.
    I have been lucky to have met 4 guys from this site. One was a month long arrangement then he moved away and since he wasn’t really wealthy and his job didn’t travel, would broke it off but still keep in touch to say hi.
    second 1 was a coffee meeting and some serious discussion and he seemed to know how to be a sd, but then he never responded to me and he is still on this site, great looking guy with alot to offer so there is something going on there. 3 and 4 came into town and took me shoppping and then we didn’t see each other after that. they were both gentlemen and the meetings were platonic, actually we talked about our kids and familes when we were shopping (both were divorced parents)

  24. anon says:

    Lisa, I think there should be a section here that is dedicated to posting the fake sugar daddies vs. the real sugar daddies. There are sites that rate girls, but where are the ones for the guys? I understand that anonymity is crucial to some of these guys, but we should be able to at least warn each other about the bad ones. I have encountered so many creepy con artists on this site who ask me really uncomfortable questions and this last time actually got me to believe him.

  25. lisa says:

    thanks for letting us know anon. I mentioned last night a guy who lives in my city who has been on the site for at least 6 months. Had him saved in my favorites from when we talked months ago. Checked my favorites and he has completely changed his profile and lives in another state now, says he married, dropped a couple decades off his age, changed weight, etc. I emailed him, he read but did not answer my email. His first profile seems legit as I checked it out and googled him so I don’t know what he is up to with this complete change. He could have moved and gotten married in the last few days, sure right, but he wouldn’t have gotten younger and his appearance would not have changed so quickly. Another fake

  26. Max says:

    Interesting – because that is the same thing I found out last Thursday.

  27. Dave says:

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  28. Cheap Hotel Plane Ticket says:

    That is a great thought.. I wasn\’t thinking in that direction.

  29. ~Rogue~ says:

    Hey, I can’t help with the above situation honey. All I can suggest is maybe being honest with someone of authority, like a member of the police or something cause it sounds like harrasment to me.

    As for my own comments, I am new to this whole concept as well and have been approached by a couple of gentlemen, one of whom seems very nice and I have agreed to carry on talking to.

    My suggestion for giving out phone numbers and stuff is get a second phone. This is what I am doing. One pay-as-you go phone exclusively for SugarDaddy calls.

    I am also a little unsure of how to bring up the subject of an arrangement. My potential sugar daddy is going away for a bit and we are hoping to meet up when he gets back fingers crossed for a quick coffee and chat and get to know each other. Should the subject of arrangement be brought up then?

  30. sweet86 says:

    HELP! … I was very new to this whole concept and I made the mistake of sending pictures to a “sugardaddy” who then asked me to get a webcam. I told him I was uncomfortable doing that with someone I didn’t know and he became very threatening saying that I was a liar and I wasted his time and now I have to pay the consequences! He somehow knew the name of my job and told me that he would call them and send them an email with the pictures unless I went to get the webcam today. He said he would also send them to my friends and family which scares me even more because I have no idea how he would have gotten that information. I told him no i wouldnt do that and asked him why he was doing this…He said “because your a f*cking liar.” I am so scared right now and have no idea what to do. All I have is his AIM screen name and his first name. Can someone please help?!?!

  31. Desperate says:

    Buttercup wrote:

    “Before going, think about your other alternatives to remind yourself that you do not desperately NEED this one and only encounter to “work”. HunnyBabe mentioned in one of her comments that men can and will smell desperation if you reek of it, and there is nothing more attractive than that for a potential SD.”

    This is actually a problem for me. I am already in an abusive situation (as in, violence), and I don’t have the financial resources to get out of it, which is why I came here. I am afraid if I tell potential sugar daddies this, they will either be turned off, or take advantage of me, like you suggested. On the other hand, if I don’t tell them, they won’t be able to accommodate my needs, which are unique. I don’t want my abuser to find out and get jealous, and when I leave, I need to know I will never again need to depend on my abuser for a roof over my head, since if I came back, I’d be hurt even worse than I am now. And of course, I don’t want to leave the arms of one abuser only to find myself in the arms of another.

    What do you suggest?

  32. sgrbaby4u says:

    I have had almost the same experiences meeting SD on here. Is there anyone real on here? How do I find the real ones? It seems as though most of these so called SD’s end up just one night stands, can’t fullfill thier promises, etc etc etc…. What can we as SB’s do about this? It seems as though it is just a chance we take on here. It does get frustraiting after being on here almost a year searching and finding the same ole type of men on here…. users. I can get that just dating someone.

  33. cutie says:

    My first encounter with a SD wasn’t that great, we both travelled to a city in europe, luxury hotel but only one room, drinks and dinner but he could be up too quickly.he was immediately all over me..and things happened I regretted after.No talks about an arrangement were made. we kept chatting but no second meeting has occured..figures!
    I am reading the blogs with a lot of attention and will definitely take the advice as my guideline….

  34. lisa says:

    many sugar daddies make promises and then those promises go downhill. First he wants to meet for dinner at an expensive restaraunt, take you shopping at a high end shopping center, etc and when it’s time to meet, it’s let’s meet for coffee and a chat. You meet him and it’s just a chat,not even coffee.

  35. Princess says:

    oop, lots o typo’s on my last comment… LOL if you take me to a cheap dirty, $100 a night hotel, you ARE NOT a sugardaddy.

  36. Anonymous says:

    I had to leave a comment after reading the very first one. It is very true that if you ant to spread my legs right away, or take me to some cheap $100 a night hotel, you are really a sugardaddy. Your a pervert and a sleazball then. I have met these kinds of Sugardaddirs before. I even met one who tried to get me to screw him in his car, LOL. If it wasn’t a Porsche I definitely wouldn’t have even gotten in. But I punched him, hopped out, and hailed a cab. You have to pay atention to every little thing a Sugardaddy does, what he says, and even things like the way he cleans up, his dress, his haor. All of it.
    If we meet a few time in public to get to know each other and become friends, I will be more trusting. A lot of people think you are supposed to just hop in bed and start humping, but that’s not true, and it’s not fair to Sugarbabes. It’s a friendship, and i need to feel that way before I go anywhere with you.
    Am I wrong?

  37. Daddy John says:

    As a ‘Sugar Daddy’ I’ve had more than one potential baby put me at great unease when they start to ask questions about my family. This makes my guard go up, because the possibilty of blackmail comes into play. I will usually not call her for a date again if she is persistant in getting details about them, even after I tell her I would rather not answer those questions.

  38. buttercup says:

    Hi Beth,

    Married men are a different kind of SD. I am currently seeing a married man. At first I thought it was the best option, since I’d have more free time at night and on weekends, and it would put a concrete limit to any emotional escalation.

    I am very attached to him now, but if I had to start all over again, I would choose a non married SD, here’s why:

    – If your SD lives with his wife, the only time you will get to talk to him on the phone is from around 10AM to 7PM on weekdays, and the occasional unexpected alone moments. Trust me babe, it gets really hard from 7PM to 10AM, or weekends, when you know he’s living his real life and you have no part in it.

    – When dating a married SD, there will always be the time where he tells you about his wife. The wife is like a third, silent person in your relationship with him. The duration of the relationship in a lot of cases depends on her not finding out about the arrangement. If she finds out, you can most likely forget about your SD. It is also possible that if she gets sick or has an accident, your SD will decide that he has to be there for her, and end your relationship. So although a single SD might be fickle because of personal tastes, a relationship with a married SD can be quite unstable.

    -> How to do your best to avoid your SD’s wife finding out about you:

    * do not wear perfume when you meet him
    * do not use his hairbrush
    * if you have to walk in the street, walk at a small distance from each other
    * do not make unreasonable requests
    * do not suggest any changes (perfume or appearance) – she WILL notice
    * NEVER leave notes he might want to keep
    * do not call him outside his “out of home” time, even to leave a voice mail

    (these are only things YOU can do, doing them does not guarantee that your SD will do all the things a married SD should do to stay safe and not hurt anyone’s feelings)

    – Some married SDs have to be careful with their expenses, as most of them have their credit card bills sent at home where they can be scrutinized and analyzed by their wives. This means they can’t easily do things such as buy plane tickets online, pay for your phone bill in a minute if you have a problem, buy you gifts online, take you on major shopping sprees (you can only walk around with so much cash), pay for hotel rooms, or even transfer money into your account. Of course, some are smarter and have a credit card whose bill is sent to their office and will use it to spoil you, but they don’t all have one already, and it might take a while.

    If only Saks Fifth billed credit cards as “worldemail.com” 😀

    – Last but not least, the room for being spontaneous is greatly reduced in a relationship with a married SD. Unless his family is on holidays at the other end of the world for a month, there is little chance you and him can act on whim and impulse together. This can be less fun, especially if you like spontaneity.

    So here’s my little “article” about married SDs 🙂 Of course darling, if you have to choose between a married man you really like and a single man you like a lot less, go for the married one, but know what you’re in for before jumping in.

    Good luck babe, let us know how it goes!

    LOVE buttercup

    aww writing this post made me sad 🙁

  39. Lisa says:

    I don’t have any problem giving out my phone number when I’ve exchanged a few emails and know if we are on the same page. Most of the guys I have talked to have had no issues with this. Actually I usually met them first (they have all been local men) and then if they asked for my number and I felt comfortable with them I gave it to them. I have found some fakes on here when they gave me their phone numbers and I entered them in reverse lookup and found their full name and address (which in a few cases didn’t match up to their income claims) I did a google live search and could actually see where they lived. This is scary and I would never abuse the situation but I found it odd how some of the men who made millions a year (or claimed to) lived in small run down apartments in less than desirable neighborhoods, especially those that were married as you would think that if they were that wealthy they would want their families to live some place nice.
    Telephone numbers can be helpful but dangerous is given to someone who would abuse it.

  40. Be_A_Star says:

    Hi Everyone
    Thanks for the advice. Especially coming from an SD point of view. I’m not completely adverse to giving out my mobile # as it’s all I have. It’s just this request was in the second message so I had no real idea who he is yet. I have had a gentleman I turned down once after we spoke on the phone (his swearing was the reason I turned him down) who stalked me via text, photographs and constant ringing at all hours for 3 months. In the end I had to threaten him with giving his phone number to the police before he’d stop. Now I’m more cautious, but I don’t mind giving out my msn address as it’s so easy to block someone.

    Really love some advice on married SD though. Any thoughts.

    Smiles Beth

  41. Lisa says:

    Everyone should know that when you give out your home phone number, the number can be looked up online, your name and address will appear if it isn’t unlisted, and the person will know your address. Many might use cell phones but I can’t afford to use my cell phone for long chats as it is pay as you go and used only for emergencies. I have to keep a land line too because of my internet connection.

  42. ppp1256 says:

    Lisa and Be_A_Star: From an SD perspective I have asked an exchanged phone numbers after exchanging a few message. I understand that there can be scams but I think you need to make a judgement after you have chatted with somebody.

    It is always a case-by-case basis- the SD could be a legit individual or a fake so you have to make a call based on your brief email conversation. In my case, if an SB is not willing to exchange phone numbers the conversation would end right there. Although I have had only one scenario where an SB said that she did not have a phone. That was probably a scam anyway. All others have readily exchanged phone numbers with me. It may be because when I have a conversation with somebody I inspire trust. The bottom line-I would recommend against making that a blanket policy.

  43. Lisa says:

    Don’t give your phone number out to anyone on the site! Avoid giving your email address out too. I gave my email adress out to a potential sd and he is still pressing me to give out my phone number which I will not do to a stranger. He has sent me some emails with attachments (some win. stuff that my computer has blocked due to suspicious files). I have deleted him completly and am glad I didn’t give him my phone number.
    If a potential sugardaddy demands your phone number and won’t settle for messenger, then he is not to be trusted and is probably pushy in other ways too. Protect yourself first as there isn’t anyone on this site worth risking your safety. I should have been suspicious of this guy because his grammer and spelling are terrible even though he is a caucasion man from Florida. For all I know he could be from some other country trying to scam.

  44. Be_A_Star says:

    I have had a message from a potential SD and he asked for my number or msn address. I was happy to provide my msn address to chat on and maybe see what his style was like. I did mention I was not prepared to give out my phone number on first contact due to already having a bad experience. I thought this was ok, he seems to have taken offence and advised me he is the real deal and wished me luck but would look for someone else. I’m a little confused as I did give him my msn address to chat I just can not see how this was wrong. Any ideas?

    Also just curious, question to the girls who have had married SD. Do you find the arrangement easy or does it make it to difficult? And do you worry bout the wife finding out about you?

    Smiles Beth

  45. ddubs says:

    Paige –
    there’s nothing in particular…I’ve done these trips more than a few times…and, I would only say to be yourself and have fun. Be open to doing new things…and, don’t be too demanding. I’ve never actually had a bad experience traveling with an SB, or even a potential one. I’m just guessing that someone demanding…or controlling…would be something that would turn me off right away. I tend to be most generous with someone who is sweet and kind and friendly…so, your point about being “low maintanence” is well taken.

  46. HunnyBabe says:

    Thanks for the love Paige333


    HB xxx

  47. Paige33 says:

    Oh thanks sooo much for making this a post! I’m glad you guys decided to talk about it.

    1. I agree completely about making sure you have cash on your trip. Always be as inexpensive as you can be– and grateful. Yes you girls are ALL bombshell sugar babies!! but that doesn’t always mean we deserve everything handed to us on a silver platter. Show this potential SD that you can be low maintenance and he won’t mind taking you on pretty much ALL of his trips..

    2. Is there something a SB does on a trip that has made one of you sugar daddies know that she’s a keeper?? What’s the worst mistake a SB can make on a getaway?

    3. I prefer cash or bank transfers as well, although I have gotten checks before. Honestly more than that, I like when you come with me and treat me to things.. like shopping. I love that you enjoy watching me try on different clothing, it’s fun we can share together.. unless you hate shopping, then let’s just order online and spend all that time rolling around in bed 😉

    You girls are awesome. So great to know that there are other real sugar babes out there!


  48. SouthernGent2 says:

    Some comments to add. As for safety, its my personal feeling that the SD should meet where the SB is most comfortable first meeting. If she is in another city, then go there. I would never expect a SB to fly in to see me on a first meeting.

    HoneyBabe – about any jealous bf’s, I always ask that question because I don’t want to get beat up or even worse. Maybe its not my business, but it is my life and safety involved also.

    Arrangement compensation – first month is always cash just to prove some credibility. After that, switch things over to Paypal and send it that way so that money is never a part of the discussion as long as both parties are holding up their end of the arrangement.

  49. HunnyBabe says:

    I feel more comfortable with cash, or just money deposited in an account…but between checks and cash i’d go for cash.

  50. ppp1256 says:

    Hi A somewhat different question: In my previous relationship I used cash. Has anybody used checks? Are sugarbabies comfortable with checks?

  51. HunnyBabe says:

    I agree 100% with Buttercup, i remember when i met my SD i told him i needed to call my aunt(she’s the only member of my family who knows about it) in the morning, and we were having breakfast so he went: ok, dont drink that juice just call her NOW!!! hahaha…i thought it was the cutest thing and of course that instantly made me trust him even more…and btw he also ask me before coming, if i didnt have any jealous ex boyfriend who might want to beat him up lol.

    There’s nothing i would add to Buttercup’s pointers, except for just putting more enphasis on: DON’T ACT DESPERATE, AND ALWAYS THINK U HAVE OTHER OPTIONS, so if u don’t feel comfoprtable, or the SD turns out to be something else than what u expected, just gently let him know, u dot think it’ll work, and walk away from that situation 😉 .

    …P.S. Let ur SD know u dont like to be choked to death (lol inside joke with Buttercup) hahahahhaha….sorry i couldn’t help iit!!!


    HB xxx

  52. buttercup says:


    hahaha I’m just kidding you know I think you’re super 🙂


  53. ddubs says:

    oh god, I noticed the ‘nip-slip’ too…but, didn’t want to be the first to say anything…lol. thanks for jumpin’ in there.

  54. ddubs says:

    my pleasure.

    I should mention that some hotels are actually set-up like this…so, you’re not asking for some special expensive suite within a regular hotel.

    I mentioned Embassy Suites…its not the Four Seasons, but, usually they’re fairly nice. I’ve also stayed at a Doubletree Suites and a Sheraton Village in Florida with an SB that were both almost exactly like an apartment on the inside. Enough room for your own personal space…but, still staying together to avoid awkwardness and keep that budding romance going…

  55. buttercup says:

    PS: is that a boobie slip in the picture??? (her right one)


  56. buttercup says:

    OH thank you!! I wanted to ask for exactly this (a SD’s perspective) but got caught up in writing my comment 😀

    I think the double suite is a great idea! Suites are always more comfortable than rooms anyway, and the privacy within the privacy would be quite ideal for a budding romance 😛

    Of course every SB will have different concerns, so I would suggest laying out all the options you are comfortable with for her to choose from.



  57. ddubs says:

    let me add a little to buttercup’s post from the SD’s point of view.

    of course the SD should buy a roundtrip ticket up front. the only way I see a variable in this is if you have the ability to potentially stay longer with him if things go well…then, you might want to leave your return open…and, this would only be if you’ve talked enough until you feel comfortable with such a situation.

    this isn’t a bad idea for the SD’s too! (I have so many damn stories)
    Once I flew a potential SB to my town…because she happened to be from relatively close by (about 2 hrs)…and, she wanted to meet me as well as visit family. I didn’t buy her a roundtrip because she said she didn’t know how long she wanted to visit…which was a mistake. She ended up staying at my place for a week! And, from my perspecitive, but, apparently not her’s…we really didn’t hit it off. I was just too nice of a guy to ask her to leave.

    I also agree that bringing some cash is a good idea. I’ve had SB’s fly to meet me…and, they literally came with nothing (and would tell me). I remember thinking that they’re lucky they found a good guy in me…or what would they do??

    along those lines, yes…do tell someone where you are and who you’re with. this isn’t a bad idea for SD’s either. My brother is one of the few people who knows I’m active in this. He asks me to always tell him where I am when I travel to meet someone. He’s worried an SB’s jealous boyfriend might “roll” me on one of these trips…or worse. I’ve been with SB’s for a full day or more…and, noticed they haven’t called anyone…and, I’ll even ask…”is there anyone you need to call so they know you’re safe?”…and, I’ve been surprised when the answer has often been “no”.

    and, of course, HAVE FUN. take the time to know the other person before traveling. talk on the phone especially…get a feel for their personality. don’t look to make a quick dollar at the expense of ruining something that could be so much fun and beneficial for both down the road.

  58. ddubs says:

    I live in a somewhat rural area in the northeast, but, near quite a few really fun major cities. I have flown potential SB’s into one of the nearby cities rather than here because I’ve felt we can have more fun, and I could do more spoiling/be more chivalrous in one of those cities.

    What do you all think of room arrangements in a situation like that?

    Would it depend on how long you’ve spoken with the potential SD/SB and your comfort level going in?

    Seems to me that separate rooms would take at least part of the fun out of the supposedly romantic weekend getaway. Undoubtedly, you’d reach a point in the evening where some akwardness would creep in. Are separate beds in the same room acceptable? I have done it this way a few times in the past and its worked out fine. Sometimes, after a long day/night out on the town, its fun to unwind together with a movie and room service together.

    Actually, what I’ve done in the past (not every time) is try to book a room that’s like a suite with somewhat different sleeping quarters, but, still sharing the same basic room. Picture something like a Embassy Suites type of set-up.

    Just wondering what you all thought…since this kinda plays into safety.

  59. buttercup says:

    HAHA ddubs, you are a genius 😀

    So, safety… Wonderful, I’ve been waiting for such a post to enlighten SBs who are new to this! Here’s my little advice:

    1.) Normally, the SD should pay your way if you are flying to meet him, and provide you with a round trip ticket before hand, so that you don’t have to arrange for a return ticket at your own expense and effort. Also, a relaxed sugar baby is an attractive sugar baby!

    2.) Most important of all, bring enough money with you for taxis, accommodation, emergency plane tickets and any unpredictable expense your trip might incur. I know some SBs need money at the time they make an arrangement, but trust me you do not want to be stuck in another state/city without money if things turn bad, just bring enough with you without expecting to spend it (by that I mean enough for a flight home, 4 airport cab rides, and an extra 300$). DO NOT rely on your first date to be an immediate source of income!

    3.) Charge your phone FULL ON before leaving, and bring a charger with you! Imagine landing at your destination only to find out that your phone is about to die in a minute!!! You will need your phone to communicate with the SD, but also for another reason which brings us to the next point.

    4.) It is highly recommended that you confide in someone who you can call to make sure you are safe throughout your stay. I know it can be hard to think of such a person if you plan to keep your adventure a secret. If this is the case, I suggest finding someone you are not very much involved with, and to give them a sealed envelope containing a note explaining why you are making this trip and ALL the information you have on the person you are meeting (phone number + email address + the email address you used to communicate with them and the password you use). Ask them to hold on to the envelope while you’re away and tell them to open it and contact the police if they think you are in danger for any reason (ie. if you don’t call them at a set time and they have no way to reach you). If you call them and return safe, they will return the sealed envelope and you and your wonderful secret will be safe 🙂

    5.) NEVER stay at a SD’s house, or “one of his many dwellings”! If possible, ask him to arrange for you to have a hotel room all your own. Then you have the choice, of either going home with him (if he’s not married :P), letting him into your room, or just enjoying a good night’s sleep on your own in a comfortable and SAFE environment 🙂 This is also a good way to determine the “realness” of the SD you’ve been talking to. If he is a gentleman of respectable means (and no SB should settle for less than just that), he will see no inconvenient to this precaution, and respect you all the more for asking him to abide by it.

    6.) Remember to have a good time and REALLY, enjoy yourself as much as you can. Before going, think about your other alternatives to remind yourself that you do not desperately NEED this one and only encounter to “work”. HunnyBabe mentioned in one of her comments that men can and will smell desperation if you reek of it, and there is nothing more attractive than that for a potential SD.

    Voila 😀 I traveled to my SD the first time we met, and felt very very nervous about the trip, so it took me a looot more time to think about all these precautions than it took me to write them down. If these pointers benefit even ONE (just one) curious sugar babe, I will be infinitely happy 🙂

    LOVE you all 😀


  60. ddubs says:

    hey coolpix…might be the first time I’ve agreed with you in the blogs!

    unprotected sex is OFF LIMITS…and, what kind of a guy would want to meet at a sleazy motel?

    I agree that I usually try to avoid talking too specifically about sex before a first meeting (not gentlemanly or chivalrous). I always want to meet at a public place…and, I require a phone call before meeting in person.

    Here’s a neat trick for both SD’s and SB’s. There have been a couple times where I’ve been skeptical about a potential SB, or felt that I was potentially being scammed…
    Here’s what I did. If she admitted to having a cell phone camera or a digital camera (or it was obvious based on pictures)…I have asked the SB to take a picture of herself with a piece of paper in hand saying “HI (my name)” on it.
    I have weeded out quite a few scammers this way.
    One girl who was allegedly an aspiring model insisted she wanted to fly to see me, but didn’t want to give her last name for safety. So, she wanted me to wire her the flight money. (big red flag to begin with).
    Well, I asked her to take such a picture…and, she went on about how her modeling agency doesn’t let her take specific requested pictures for people and how it was in her contract…blah, blah, blah.

    We didn’t talk after that…

  61. coolpix says:

    Yes i have trouble with trusting with sugar daddys. A real sugar daddy wouldn’t ask me to have unprotected sex with me the first night or ask me to meet at a sleezy hotel. The ones I trust avoid talking about sex and want to meet at a public place after phone calls and chatting. I have trouble all the time but its easier now to with a background check!