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Sugar Gifting: 101


The art of Giving Sugar Style

Whether you’re a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby, there is an art to making your contribution in a mutually beneficial relationship irresistible.

Unlike ordinary relationships, an “arrangement” is based 100% on having a good time and getting what you want. Not everyone can give you what you want, either because they don’t own it, or don’t have it… you get my drift?

This space is for people who are honest about what they want. It’s simple. When you know what you have, and how much it’s worth, only then can you begin to trade, invest, and sell your goods.

Sugar Daddies are usually judged purely on their wealth, though there are always exceptions. If you’re a Sugar Daddy, then I don’t need to tell you what wealth is, but perhaps you have some your not even aware of…

A Sugar Daddy Gives…

*without too many words or details…

*designer shoes given at random, red pairs never fail

*the security of having more than you’ll ever need

*expensive gifts professionally wrapped by sweet old grandmas

The idea is to make it effortless. If your thinking about what to give, than your missing the point. Outside of predetermined details, like allowance amount, travel arrangements, etc, the majority of your gifting should be spontaneous, and as a result, you’ll be irresistible. A good arrangement just “feels” right. When your having fun and the time flies, hold on to that moment as long as you can. Don’t lose it by dragging in baggage from past relationships, cuz this ain’t a “relationship” relationship!

A Sugar Baby Gives…

*enthusiasm and the spark of life

*hotness to look at, walk with or be next to

*another reason to go to your high school reunion

*adventure, change and newness: the keys to youth

If a Sugar Daddy has chosen you, then your “work” is done. Being open is your only duty. It’s more about what you don’t do than what you DO do. You don’t want to judge your Sugar Daddy, nor do you want to be closed off to different ideas or possible opportunities. Toe the line of getting what you want, while being a vulnerable, open minded and willing participant in the finer things in life.

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13 Responses to “Sugar Gifting: 101”

  1. MALE_Sugar_Baby says:

    Dear sugarsweet,

    Let me begin by saying that I am looking for a sugar mommy, but I assume that — except for gender — I think that a sugar mommy and sugar daddy are pretty much the same.

    Having said that, I do not think that you are crazy; I am in the early stages of a sugar relationship, which I think is rather sweet. Just enjoy the relationship, so long as it is a MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL relationship and he can give you an allowance.

    Remember that money and relationships do NOT depend upon age.

  2. sugarsweet says:

    I need some advice, I just recently began a relationship with a sd. I am married, he is married, however we are both so attracted to each other. The real kicker to this, is that I am 36, and he is 70. He has kept his youth, in all aspects. I never thought this would happen, but it has, and he and I both are asking ourselves how I could be so attracted to someone over half my age. I will say I am very intellegent with a degree and very attractive, he points that out to me frequently and I love it. I love how he makes me feel just by his actions. Am I loosing my mind by doing this? any advice would be helpful here.

  3. SugarBookBaby says:

    Sunshine, I wish someone had responded to your post sooner, and I hope things are going okay. IJWTS I think it is way too soon, before even meeting, for this SD to be saying what he’s saying, and especially asking you to take down your profile. DON”T do that! Too many SB s get persuaded to do that and lose potential good SDs and then the guy doesn’t work out. I’d proceed cautiously with this one.

  4. sunshine03 says:

    Hello everyone! I am new 2 this seeking a sugardaddy scenario. I posted my profile along with the req.# of photos & my profile along w/pix…(the real me). I received 2 responses within 3 weeks of me getting approved. I didn’t get 2 speak with the 1st SD, but the 2nd one I had the pleasure of talking over the phone with him. He sounds like a very determined person & he has already planned a meeting wihout me having 2 ask when can we meet. He’s mentioned that he can feel a mutual attraction from the right woman & he has felt that with myself. I don’t know what 2 think. He even mentioned that he would like 4 me 2 remove my profile from being viewed by other potential members. Is something wrong with that request at such an early stage n this meeting. He wants 2 be my sole provider. I am sort of suprised by that, but should I beleive the talk or just let him show & prove. He also knows that I am a mother & full-time student n the Medical field. I am seeking a little advice from someone who has been n this game 4 a little while or has developed a somewhat solid relationship with a SD truthfully.
    Thank U 4 reading!

  5. cre8tor says:

    I like to think of myself as an American Geisha…. a different perspective on an honest relationship. Many times in the process of trying to find love we look for red flags and annoying habits. In a sd/sb relationship, those things do not matter. If he leaves the toothpaste cap off, its not a problem because he goes home. If he doesn’t like the fact I don’t make the bed everyday, no worries, he has his own place. The relationship becomes about pleasing and being pleased. Ladies, we are here to make their manhood a priority and to appreciate them for the time we have with them. If they didn’t like taking care of a woman that cares for them, they wouldn’t be on this site. Its not about need but rather appreciation, respect and honesty. All of us have our sad stories about why we ended up here. Its not sad! Love? You will have some variation of whatever love is but the expectations are different and much easier to live with. Enjoy!

  6. sapphire says:

    just wanted to say thanks for all the cool posts! These are so good to read 🙂

  7. Sweetbaby says:

    It really did suprise me mostly because he is married and I always thought the love for his wife would restrict his behaviour with me. But he always has time for me and we behave like friends most of the time.

    Our relationship is still mutually beneficial, he spoils me and treats me like his girlfriend but we don’t know what to call our relationship. We sometimes don’t see ourselves to be in a sugar relationship nor a normal relationship. We do the “I love you’s” and couple things and he has introduced me to all of his close friends but it feels like there is more to our relationship, our bond feels much closer and I think it has to do with the fact that we were both very open about what we were looking for and let it develop.

  8. stephan says:

    CCkiss: I think I can see more clearly now your perspective on deeper sugardaddy relationships. I’d say that that type of relationship is actually the most ideal type of sugardaddy arrangement, because when there are deep feelings of respect for one another, trust is no longer an issue.

    A while ago I may have thought that this type of sugardaddy/sugarbaby bond would be naive, but after hearing all of the sugardaddies on the blog open up about the fact that their looking for deeper sugarbaby relationships too — one’s that are based on deep mutual respect of one another— I’d have to say there are more than a few potential sugardaddies who are also open to the idea of perhaps finding real love here… or at least a fun, smart, and considerate friend…

    Sweetbaby: So your relationship with your sugardaddy has developed into a closer bond… did that surprise you? And it sounds like although you two have developed this bond, you haven’t added the labels of “girlfriend” or any other possessive term; so it’s still a mutually beneficial relationship?

  9. Sweetbaby says:

    I found with my sugar daddy that we have grown closer and closer and he has turned into one of my best friends as well as my lover, and supporter. I think the original sugar daddy relationship has much potential to evolve into other things and it doesn’t always have to be love and marriage.

  10. CCkiss says:


    It seems that some here have come to truly appreciate their relationships. I’ve net a couple of people in slightly similar relationships, and the bond they’ve developed is quite impressive to me.

    It could also be the näive Pretty Woman perspective, but when it comes to actually sharing affection and something like love, I think some (at least one who I’ve had contact with) potential Sugar Guardians might hope for something true or at least a mutual attraction outside of financial incentives alone.
    Would I like to find real love here? Sure. Or perhaps just a deep friendship.

  11. stephan says:

    Sweetbaby: Thank you!!! Haven’t I seen you around here before?

    CCkiss: This is a good question: “can a sugardaddy/sugarbaby relationship morph into lasting love?” Actually, I like the way you put it better. I don’t know, my dear. I am constantly going in circles myself about the truth behind love, and desire. I think I’ve got the attraction part figured out- that’s simple human anatomy- but love… interesting. Ya know, I don’t think it’d be far off to say that in a way, SeekingArrangement is a safe place for weary eyed, battle tested, refugees of love. My question for you is, did you come here with the intent, silent or announced, to find a relationship that’s more than the sum of it’s parts? Or did something happen to plant the seeds of hope…?

  12. Sweetbaby says:

    Love todays post, thank you very much!

  13. CCkiss says:

    And in the end, perhaps develop a relationship that’s more than the sum of it’s parts?