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John Edwards: Sugar Daddy?


New Meaning of Torture: SugarBaby Blackmail…

Former Senator, 2004 Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee and 2008 Presidential Hopeful John Edwards Yanked Out The SugarDaddy Closet!

I’ve met John Edwards… it was brief, but he has a firm, moist shake. I’ve never met his cancer-stricken wife, Elizabeth. My friend Lisa had dinner with the battle scarred couple in the mid 90’s, before the death of their 16 year old son, Wade. She said they were a little stiff, perhaps even dull. I’m guessing that what went on behind closed doors was anything but.

Senator Edwards Becomes Notorious Sugar Daddy!

He met a girl at a bar, she was a barely known filmmaker who proposed a “working assistant” sugar daddy arrangement. In this arrangement, she would produce some fluff youtube videos chronicling the senators campaign, giving her the perfect excuse for going all around the country with him in very close quarters, “documenting the real side” of the senator… I bet. Amazingly, she received $114,000 from the John Edwards Presidential Campaign, apparently, all for her “website/internet” services. Quite an allowance, eh?

Mr. Edwards came out with a statement today, it was so humble I wanted to leave the tv room to escape the overwhelming sense of embarrassment permeating through the screen. He said that he had become increasingly “narcissistic”, due in part to years of fan-clad campaigning. But the more telling statement came from the newly anointed SugarDaddy wife — Mrs. Edwards herself…

Sugar Daddy Edward’s Wife Speaks Out!

“…John made a terrible mistake in 2006. The fact that it is a mistake that many others have made before him did not make it any easier for me to hear when he told me what he had done. But he did tell me. And we began a long and painful process in 2006, a process oddly made somewhat easier with my diagnosis in March of 2007. This was our private matter, and I frankly wanted it to be private because as painful as it was I did not want to have to play it out on a public stage as well. Because of a recent string of hurtful and absurd lies in a tabloid publication, because of a picture falsely suggesting that John was spending time with a child it wrongly alleged he had fathered outside our marriage, our private matter could no longer be wholly private. The pain of the long journey since 2006 was about to be renewed…”

As for the SugarBaby, Rielle Hunter, she’s claiming that her newly born son is fathered by none other than her $114,000 Sugar Daddy — John Edwards. Perhaps she’s seeking the ultimate long-term sugardaddy arrangement…Child Support!

Is this the ultimate in SugarDaddy blackmail? Sugar Daddies… are you scarred? What do you think?

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12 Responses to “John Edwards: Sugar Daddy?”

  1. Clevinger says:

    Nice post. There’s a similar topic thats related to this in Yahoo answers or Google groups, I think. I’ll find the link and post it back here.

  2. shanice says:

    John Edwards suggar daddy ??? or not ??? i don’t know but he is so sexy, a lot of charm, just my kind of men and the kind of others

    Successful, powerful and charming all this story should have arrived. It was so expected

    Unfortunately, he had choosen the worse moment

    Temptation is temptation, you can tried not to give in, but you all know that it is so nice just one time to forgot everything : your life, your family, convention and just be crazy and just be alive just a man with a women

    And with John Edwards it should have been great 😉

  3. gimme-wings says:

    I personally think, that Hunter lady(term used loosely) is a whore!!! She taints this expeirence for the rest of us. Lazy bitch should’ve got off her hiv infected ass & got another S.D.!
    Won’t her unfortunate child be proud!!

  4. Much Experience says:

    hey everyone,

    stephan: thanks for posting this. I very strongly agree with your judgment that the JE affair is an appropriate topic for the blog. I personally have spent many hours in the last 10 days or so digging deeply into the story, and discussing it at great length with family & friends.

    I was mainly shocked to discover that there had been an almost 1-year-long media blackout on the story! If you consider the basic fact is that hundreds if not thousands of editors across the country decided not to print or air the allegations while JE was still a candidate for POTUS, this really says something very deep about “modern” American society…

    be_a_star: it sounds like you’re starting to understand now how *very* different American attitudes are than Australian attitudes, when it comes to sex & sexuality.

    I agree with you that in general, people should take a “live & let live” attitude towards others, and private lives should be left private. But when people are hypocritical & two-faced, and don’t walk their talk, I believe they should be called on it. Leaders especially (politicians, ministers, priests, etc) do great evil when they preach one thing and practice another..

    JE could have made the tough choice last year to *not* play himself up as a great family man who loved his wife so incredibly much. He could have chosen to be all about dealing with poverty, etc. So I’m sorry, but I have zero sympathy for him or Elisabeth (except for her cancer & for their children).

    When American society gets to the point of really being able to treat consenting adult-to-adult sexual relationships as normal (which they obviously are), and this is reflected in our laws and our collective behavior, then I’ll be completely on your side: “leave the poor family in peace”. Unfortunately, we have a long way to go in the US to get to that point, and FWIW I feel that open discussion is the best way to get there..

  5. stephan says:

    Be_A_Star: oh my apologies for seeming offended, lol, no, I just was so happy we got a conversation started on this post 😀 You know your my STAR! 😀

  6. Be_A_Star says:

    Oh Stephen,

    I’m sorry I would never think you put the post up for very bad reasons I realised you were illustrating a point, it just seem so….. I guess I just see it from an Australian point of view. Just because he is a public man in certain areas of his life does it mean everyone need to know his private areas as well. I guess the old say “what goes on behind closed doors stays behind close doors” and it sound like that’s what his family intended till this lady thought of making it public knowledge.

    Sorry if I offended. : (

  7. Stephan says:

    Be_A_Star: Ya know, I know exactly where your comming from. And ya know what else, a lot of people on this site are dealing with exactly what that woman, that great woman whom I very much admire (as I think we all do) is going through. This is a public topic, he was a public man, he lead a public life. Does it mean that it’s a ‘good thing’ for the media, for people, to have opinions about his personal life, or opinions about people who HAVE opionions about his personal life? I don’t think so. As long as everyone gets to have an opinion. As long as judgment doesn’t beseech judgment. This site is for refugees of disasters just like the one Mrs. Edwards has had to face. People who have been lied to, or the liars themselves. This is where we can leave no rock unturned. No taboo un-addressed. Yes, this is where we CAN do that, not where we must. I wrote the post not because of a sick, exploitive need to revel in another families misery, but to address this topic of current events in a place I felt it would be somewhat appreciated. I will be more than happy to remove this post, and as has been suggested, perhaps creating a “forum” as opposed to a blog, this would allow for a better user-interaction interface, and would also avoid focusing on topics someone or most aren’t too keen on. 😀 As always, love all.

  8. Be_A_Star says:

    No I just think people here have more respect for this families privacy and I guess more understanding as SB/SD. I really don’t feel this should be a blog after all this family has gone through and how wonderful his wife is being about it. I just feel we are as bad as the pap if we pull apart this harsh situation. Sorry just a very personal view.

  9. Blondiegirl says:

    I think its interesting that no one is really commenting on here, no one wants to think of getting caught or the consequences perhaps…

  10. Paige33 says:

    Such a sad situation. I guess I just feel sorry for everyone involved, and I think it’s incredibly rude for this Hunter woman to publicly blackmail him. It just makes her look bad…

  11. stephan says:

    John Edwards… is he ever to be thought of as a family man again?

  12. Blondie says:

    Thanks Stephan… Thats more than what I found when I googled it after you had mentioned it on that other blog…