13 years ago
Weird Requests, Part 2!!

13 years ago
Weird Requests, Part 2!!

Off The Wall Sugar Daddy Dating Requests!

Have you ever wondered how to respond to a strange Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby request? Do you have an interesting, unusual and/or unique arrangement proposal and would like to share?

Breaking The Sugar Daddy Ice…

* don’t be too specific, leave room for possibility

* write smart, thoughtful and sexy

* don’t be automated, add a personal touch to your message

* type with intent, chat flirty

* don’t waste your time, shoot for a meet within the week

First contact is one of the most important steps you’ll ever take with your Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby. Will you play it safe, and be brief, polite, and slightly vague? Or is captivating your Sugar Daddy’s/Sugar Babies attention part of your strategy? I’ve heard some pretty spicy initial emails… Some of them begin with the first 5 menu options of a 5 star restaurant in Abu Dhabi, others begin with backhanded complements, playful teasing or sometimes blatant criticism, followed by gentle and somehow all the more sincere complements.

If you’ve ever thought a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby request was a bit odd, and wanted to get another opinion, leave your comments, questions and advice here! Some funny requests or demands would be GREAT?! πŸ˜›

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162 Responses to “Weird Requests, Part 2!!”

  1. Fred Lecon says:


    I wouldn’t consider a preference for a coffee date over Olive Garden as a sign of cheapness. It’s just that if two folks don’t click, coffee is a lot simpler and easier to get out of. After all, if it turns out you can’t stand the person, do you really want to be stuck staring at each other while waiting for the pasta to arrive?

    Clearly different folks have different goals and expectations for sugar relationships. However some of us are definitely looking for more than fee-for-service. Personally I’m looking for a friend and a lover; and if I feel right about them I’m more than willing to support them financially. After all, if you care about somebody and you’re able to help them out, why wouldn’t you?

    But I’m not looking for a pure NSA relationship. I wouldn’t expect sex on the first date, and I’d want to take it relatively slow to make sure the potential SB and I really are sympatico before committing to pay her rent and tuition and credit card bills. The minimum term I’d want would be about six months. Maximum’s open-ended for the right person, but *only* for the right person.

    So maybe it’s no surprise that I’d prefer to start with coffee, more like a traditional dating site, than with dinner. More likely than not any girl I meet will not be a good fit for me; and I’d prefer not to waste both our time.

    That said, some folks are looking for different things, and that’s cool too. If you want to be wined and dined, then by all means insist on that. Some SDs will like that and some won’t. To each their own. If you prefer laying out terms over e-mail before the first physical meeting, insist on that too. Some SDs will be cool with that.The most important thing is communication. The more we can say about what we really want, the easier it will be to make mutually fun connections with less drama and pain all around. I don’t know if I’d list one’s willingness or aversion to acting as a dominatrix in one’s profile πŸ™‚ but short of that, say what you want, and what you are and are not willing to give.

  2. Angela300373 says:

    I knew I would get the fair day goose with my strangest request…..LOL
    I actually do think he was trying to be funny….and it is …but on the flipside with so many fakes, pic collectors, and jerks, it is not good to shoot yourself in the leg on the first impression. He may have been a legit SD but I didn’t even reply to that message.

  3. Angela300373 says:

    I can understand not posting the pic on the site if hes worried ….but not send one to you? That is one little flag.
    Asking for bank details before you have met and “set ” the arrangement is not good either. I am still waiting on a transfer that was “done” on the 21st of last month. I’m starting to doubt he really sent it. (we have been in communication and he says he sent but how can I know for sure?……I can’t I just have to hope! ) I will be using other methods from now on……..

    I got a prepaid credit card (haven’t got anyone yet to fill it) but it is good to have it already before I need it. They are free to get and you get charged on the first deposit.

    Even if you can verify the details he can still cancel halfway through. I hope not (and I’m not trying to scare you) but you have to be careful.

  4. sheridan says:

    Iam very new to this SD/SB an the web site, I am in contact with a SD, an we have made few Meeting arrangements an they have fell thru either on mine or his. However we have decided to meet this week. An I would love some advice.
    1. He hasnt an will not send a photo. He says with his work he can not send a photo, however this makes me feel a little unsure an uneasy to meet him.
    2. He asked for my bank details to send me some money an he has not done it yet I dont want to ask as I feel I shouldnt have too, tell me what you think?
    3. I am travelling to meet him, I was reading some excellent advice on here an decided to ask for him to send the air an hotel details so I can confirm this is all done an I am not suck with a hotel billing or a ticket to get home.
    s xxx

  5. Jai says:

    Well OPOV, I posted here, but it disappeared. What’s your profile number? Maybe I can send you mail there? Or maybe Stephen will swap our emails for us.

  6. SouthernGent2 says:

    This is a good topic. I was reading through and wondering where all these new names were coming from. And then figured out there were names of the past. And then I saw the dates posted.

    Weird requests? Interestingly enough, finding someone normal is difficult to do. Makes me wonder if finding someone normal is on the side of weird.

  7. Alicia*299952 says:

    Just wanted to say a quick hi to everyone before I head off to bed – was interesting reading some of the older posts…….

  8. DC says:

    Just popping in to say hi, making dinner for a friend tonight.

    Anyone wan to contribute to a fund to buy Lisa a new air conditioner, you poor thing! Remember, squeaky wheels gets things done. Can’t she threaten them legally? They are supposed to provide appliances in working condition etc etc.

    Hey AJ! You are back! Like I said I was reading about your adventures last night. Glad to hear things are working out for you.

    Jai, I wish we could clone your SD.

    Angela, that’s a good one.

    OPOV- want to buy my mom’s condo? I think they paid 50K for it 20 years ago and it’s now worth…drumroll please…..about 35K! I don;t know how anyone can live in Florida (sorry Sweetred). I would not be able to stand the humidity and heat. I’d last 1 day.

  9. Jai says:

    Well OPOV, when you get back, I’ll ask you that question πŸ˜‰

  10. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    lisa get over on the other blog lol

  11. Jai says:

    And that really sucks about the AC. It’s 101 here and got warm even with the fans and cooler on

  12. Jai says:

    Nitemare is looking for you Lisa lol

  13. lisa says:

    ok out of the shower, fresh for a few minutes hopefully
    well they’ve gone home for the day, nothing worked on before monday and I won’t be home all day to let them in. πŸ™

  14. Jai says:

    I’ve read the ones from the recent blogs. Nothing seemed completely outrageous or malicious etc etc..ok, maybe the reference to DeLorreans πŸ˜›

  15. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    read some of my last posts.

  16. Jai says:

    Why are you being blocked OPOV?

  17. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    Check this out:

    the children blocked another ip address.

    Hey, I got a thousand of them.

  18. Jai says:

    Lol sweetred. I took a nap today and when I woke up he was standing over the bed. Then he started complaining playfully that I’m going to be all feisty and hyper because I got a nap πŸ˜› Like I’m a child lol He’ll probably die an EXHAUSTED man if he sticks with me πŸ˜€

  19. Jai says:

    Number one-That’s weird Angela lol hope you ran unless it was funny and he was joking πŸ˜›

    Sweetred-Where are you going to be? lol I’m getting blog sick from jumping back and forth πŸ™‚

  20. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    LMAO that is too funny!! I would hope he was joking!!

  21. Angela300373 says:

    Here is an (initial contact) mail that someone sent me when I was new (back in February). I think he was trying to be funny but I don’t get it……

    I am shy, virgin from Kansas, I am looking for my first time to be with a red headed snake worshiper.

    My Pa the town preacher has told me that red headed people are the devil and since I am going to hell for having premaritial sex it might as be with the best.

  22. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    lmao Jai. He just wants to die a happy man lmao.

  23. Jai says:

    See what happens when the admins switch things up a bit? We’re running around like chickies with our heads cut off πŸ˜›

  24. Jai says:

    Hey sweetred,

    My SD is 63 lol he must have grandpa issues and be having a mid way down the hill crisis πŸ˜›

  25. lisa says:

    Be back in a few minutes I need to shower

  26. Jai says:

    What is happening? Where is everyone lol My DeLorrean’s completely out of gas now..

    OPOV-LOL @ Nitemare slow dancing..

  27. lisa says:

    this topic is so 9 months ago lol

  28. lisa says:

    are we here now or what? I’m sooooooooooo confused

  29. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) exactly my point, what could you possible have to talk about with a young girl that you are old enough to be her father lmao. It’s all a fantasy and arm candy and yes mid life crisis lol. I love men!!!

  30. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    This one was so last year lmao

  31. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    Lisa, I’m staying here. That other topic is so 2 days ago.

  32. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    nitemare…image of the two of you slow dancing but instead you resting your head….

  33. NitemareSD says:

    Last night my date was so much taller than me that I never thought of the age gap.

    Try that.

  34. lisa says:

    Which blog are we one, the one with the gothic girl or the predictions one?

  35. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    I met her and had dinner at one of the numerous hotel restaurants (not the hotel I was in so as to not give her the wrong impression). A pleasant date, but I seemed to me more intrigued by the surroundings (the city) than I was in the person I was with. See, I haven’t been down to Fla in something like 20 yrs, so EVERYTHING has changed, and I was just soaking it in. My date was somewhat younger than me so there was that age gap uncomfortableness about it. But I guess I should be flattered as it was she who contacted me on the site. And for someone my age (mid 40’s) it should feel good that a woman in her mid 20’s is chasing a guy like me (well, kinda chasing) than usually the other way around. πŸ™‚ Like I said, we’ll see. But I am really into the business aspect of South Fla right now. I am glad I went even if it was for only a few days.

  36. aj says:

    What other blog?

    Lol ~ yes I did go from blonde to brunette, but I am lost …

  37. Jai says:

    Lol, I’m there sweetred. You haven’t answered my question yet πŸ™‚

  38. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    follow me to the other blog I am getting dizzy!!

  39. Jai says:

    Hey Lisa πŸ™‚ How was work?

  40. aj says:

    O(ne) ~ yes do tell. Always nice to hear others experiences wrt first sugar dates.

  41. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Hey AJ πŸ™‚

  42. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Lisa that wasn’t me lmao

  43. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) glad you had a good time in Florida. Prices are great here. As long as you don’t want to live here your good lol. hope it works out with your Pot Sb. Did you go out to dinner? what did you do?

  44. lisa says:

    Sweetredhead I have reported it 3 times but they aren’t getting in any hurry. We dont have licensed ac men here. We have guys that they hire just because they need a job somewhere. Actually most of the employees are tenants working to save on their rent. I’m stripped down now trying to clean the house, will have to take a shower afterwards. I ‘m worried about my bird as he is just sitting not his normal self.

  45. Jai says:

    Where should I be? lol Is everyone over here or on the other topic? My DeLorrean is in low on fuel, so I can’t make too many more jumps πŸ˜›

  46. aj says:

    Hi Sweetred πŸ˜‰

  47. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    What I think happened is that

    a. like suthrn says, some of these topics may be great for some of the newer members

    b. they ran out of topics

    c. the older blog topics are what show up on a google search and when a new person responds to it, the “blog community” tends to ignore it as it is not relevant to the current conversation du jour (a/c, shopping, kids, movies, food, ice cream etc.) and this may be his way of getting some of these recent topical posts looked at again.

    Either that, or a DeLorrean is back in vogue!

  48. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    ….I didn’t want to miss these opportunities like I did in the early 90’s, when one could have bought Battery Park, NY condos for around 70k. (soory about that break. Inadvertently hit the enter key) And there are some great deals if you got the cash and don’t need to mortgage it until we pass this credit crisis. Came away with some definite possibilities.

    While in FL, also met with a pot sb on her turf. I am not one to have a stranger come visit me because in the past, I’ve been flaked on. Besides, allowed me a chance to see another part of the state. Sweet girl, but I don’t know. We’ll see. Need to spend a little time to see if it is a match (within the confines of an arrangement – I won’t string her along)

    As to topic, I guess the “wierdest” request was to pay for this month’s and last month’s rent for them because times are hard, yada, yada, yada. If you call that wierd since other guys get that same request.

  49. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) your on the wrong blog!! this is an old one. SA has us all confused.

  50. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    Hello Sugarland!

    I just flew back from Fl this morning…..

    …..and damn my arms are tired. πŸ™‚

    I go away for a few days and this site just ups and gets all messed up. And I missed a topic or two.

    FL was gorgeous. And hot. I felt like Joe Pesci in “MY Cousin Vinnie” with all my “how ya doin’?” greetings. People looking at this Yankee like some type of freak. And if Houston is anything like Miami was, then Lisa, GET THE A/C FIXED! Enough said.

    Went to FL for a purpose and a possible indulgence: I wanted to check out Miami because there are way too many properties (only looking at condos downtown) that are going for a song and

  51. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Get back on the other blog you silly sugars lmao

  52. lisa says:

    Hi everyone wow I looked up top and seen I had already posted, huh I was at work all day and then I saw it was the topic back in August.

    Had a very tiring day at work, waiting almost an hour for the bus and came home to my hot apartment. Went to the office again (a very cooly airconditioned office) and ask when they were going to fix it . They said, sorry, we have a lot of tickets to work on so it might be a few days or a week. WOnderuful. My flowers from my sd are completely dead after 5 days thanks to this hot apartment.

    Hi Gail, I have to work all day tomorrow till 5 pm so I won’t be spending any time with my mom or daughter. Sucks

  53. aj says:

    Yeah, Thanks SE…I was a bit confused as well…

  54. aj says:

    Anonymous ~ I completely understand. I have been on the site since Feb. and have taken a fairly direct approach. I will not fly and meet anyone without my expectations being known wrt the arrangement I am seeking. Really the only reason for that is I have a very busy life, inc. a child, business etc. and I simply don’t have the luxury of time away that is not compensated. IMO finances should be discussed first, although I understand too that sometimes the amt. of financial help that SD is willing to offer is based on how much he in fact likes you. It sounds like you know what you want so I think you should communicate that upfront.

    Wow, I am loving some of the posts on here…

  55. Chocolatevenus143783 says:

    Thank you SE, thought I was starting to lose it! I am over 40..lol

  56. SuthrnExec says:

    Greetings everyone – couple of “housekeeping” notes first —

    — This subject was originally posted in August of last year – but they have reposted for whatever reason – perhaps they thought the subject would be compelling to the new crop of folks.

    –BeachGirl – Lisa has not lost her job – that post was from last year after she had lost her job.

    –Anonymous, first, I usually wouldn’t suggest a SB fly to a SDs city for first meet – a lot of risk involved with that. As for your question about discussing your arrangement details with the SD you’re meeting – I would always suggest talking about those kinds of things up-front. If the SD is a flake – meaning you go see him and then he vanishes after you and he have been intimate – discussing up-front will usually call that kind out and they will vanish before you even get out there. I don’t know how well you know him, so these suggestions are just general ideas. If you are willing to take the risk of him being a flake and you choose to discuss face-to-face, then that’s up to you. A willingness to discuss any issues that are important to either the SD, SB or both is key to this type relationship (you mentioned that this was true of your first arrangement). So an unwillingness to talk about the financial aspect of the arrangement now may be a signal that there are other issues the SD might not be so willing to discuss.

    Good luck – and go with your gut-feeling on this – that’s usually pretty safe and right-on.

  57. Chocolatevenus143783 says:

    Hey has anyone noticed the dates on the post are wrong! Is this a new blog or an old one. The last time I checked it was May 09!!

  58. aj says:

    DC ~ I’m here! LOL! Yes, my persistance has in fact paid off ! I’ve been busy, busy, busy traveling and meeting wonderful pots. I think *fingers crossed* that I may be settled into a nice little arrangement within the next few weeks. πŸ˜‰
    Gail ~ yes, must be the dark and mysterious new hair color πŸ™‚
    Alright…I need to catch up on what is new here…

  59. Anonymous says:

    This is my first time to post on the blog. I’ve tried to read previous posts to answer my questions but maybe someone on here can help:

    I’ve been on this site before about a year ago and found a great SD. I wasn’t in need or even familiar with the concept I just remember the term being thrown around in university and googled “sugar daddy” and this site came up and I filled out a profile. I was a bit more naive then and put probably way too much personal information that could have made me easily identifiable to friends or family if they were to stumble on the site, not to mention the full face photo I had. I met a wonderful man on here who was attached but wanted to have someone outside of his social circle to have fun with in and out of the bedroom. We both were new to the idea but he’d fly me out to his city once per month, we’d go shopping, we’d spend the night together, we’d have fun, and he gave me an allowance which i used to pay for my rent, etc. It was a dream arrangement, and it ended on good terms after about six months. I am now graduated and starting my own business and wanting to stay single, but miss the extra cash and companionship and so I put up a new profile. I think I have met someone but here is where my dilhema is: I have already agreed to fly out to see him in his city, he’s paying for the trip, etc, and I’m only staying for a night (our cities are very close so we don’t have to worry much about flying issue) we talk via email everyday, he calls me, he’s very sweet, I am very much attracted to him and he is to me, but I don’t know how to address the arrangement part. The prior arrangement we talked about it straight away and that was that, but this gentleman skirts around the issue. I don’t want to be rude or have him think that I am one of those ” I need $1,000 now or i’m out” girls but I would like to make it clear that I could use some assistance and fun and I do know what is expected on my end. In my opinion the fiscal part eliminated a lot of the drama as it was mutual and both parties in my prior arrangement knew we weren’t going to traditionally date, that this was for fun, not long lasting, and I don’t know how to bring this up. Should I bring up now or discuss it in person or how should I bring up the financial part of this. I have made it clear to him that I want to be with him both in and out of the bedroom but he has not mentioned anything.

    Any advice would be great


  60. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Lisa ~What???? you lost your job today???

  61. stephan says:


    Thanks for the Very interesting questions! I too wonder how the expectations in a SBM/SM relationship are different than those of a SBF/SD relationship… hmmm I since another cre8tor inspired blog topic on the horizon πŸ˜‰

  62. JaneyW says:

    Weirdest request I ever got was when my sugar daddy at the time wanted me to be with other people: girls, boys, couples, groups of men. I couldn’t do it even though he was giving me at least 5k/mo.

  63. cre8tor says:

    Hey there Isaiah: I’ve been thinking about your SM situation. Very intriguing. As a SB, its taking me time to wrap my head around the concept. How would I feel if I were to take care of a man the same way a man takes care of me? Hmmmm. I love to do things for a man but its usually putting together a great meal (I love to cook), creating a nice home environment in which to spend time, and keeping the physical relationship new and exciting. I like to buy things for him but its not usually something he requires or even desires…..or at least that is what I’ve experienced thus far. I’m okay w/a NSA relationship as that is what I’m doing as a SB but to have the expectations that a SD has is an interesting turn. I’ll have to work on it a bit more. How do you see that it is different? Except that the woman would be in control of the relationship rather than the man.

  64. stephan says:

    Isaiah_18: There isn’t a place on this particular blog that is for any one type of sugar dater- so you are actually making history by being one of the first sugar baby males to SPEAK UP :D!

    The fact is, more and more people are starting to get used to the idea of a sugar baby male. Many women find themselves longing for the company of a man, without the strings attached. I think people are really throwing the old stereotypes out the door…

  65. Isaiah_18(SB/M) says:

    Sorry this doesn’t pertain but I am a serious candidate unlike the other “profile makers”….
    Is there a spot for SM bloga because these stories are great and all but only half relavent to me.

  66. lisa says:

    Hey just hang in there. I am still searching for my sd. I am older so it is more difficult although I do get a lot of response to my ad as I am petite and look young for my age. I have some prospects as I said before but all these darn men want to meet next month , or next month, the opposite of the ones on the other site that want to meet the same day.
    I need money badly and can’t wait forever, I am still looking for work but no calls yet. πŸ™ I have a potential sd coming to meet me in late september (from out of town) that wants to do dinner and shopping and ? and whereas I need money more than shopping, it’s kind of like having no food and no money and someone offers to take you for a 50 dollar steak dinner and you would rather have the cash for groceries but you are not going to turn down the steak because turning it down isn’t going to change you situation, you have to grab what you can get, even if it is second choice.

  67. Ms. V says:

    Oh the emotion!

    I am still a SB virgin- haven’t made any arrangements, yet. I thought that this site was for people to come and find another person who has a need that they are willing and able to meet, in exchange for the same.

    It should go without saying, that if there is no chemistry, you should keep moving, but the blog posts throughout the site suggest that all of us SB’s are whorish fools, and the men are genuine, relationship driven, gentlemen.

    NOOOOOO! (lol!!) What happened? Maybe I have been locked up in the house for too long, but I really thought that as an SB, I would be the complement to the chosen gentleman’s situation, we would discuss the expectations, and would decide on what/how long (long or short term, u pervs! not hours…heh!) and compensation.

    Me personally? Well, I would like to be found by a man who thinks that I am what he has been looking for his whole life, I want him to be yummy to look at, too- but, really I am hoping for a chance to know exactly what this man would like to feel like or remember after I go back to my life at the end of the day- and I would like to make my requests known- equal trade- and to have him behave as if he really were that perfect man I have been lookinbg for, too!

    Why should I have to ask you to take me to buy an outfit for our dinner date? That should be the first or second stop…and your approval is what will make me happy. What about decent conversation? Or just laughing? That is mandatory for me- I want to be red in the face from cracking up all day! …I can be pretty funny, too.

    But, if you tell me that you want to feel desired and masculine and have specific requests- well, then I can spend our time making sure that you get what you desire!!! But you have to cease with the cryptic caveman lingo and TELL MAMA WHAT YOU WANT!

    Now, how on earth can I make this equal the cost of a tummy-tuck? and whatever can I do to make you feel as if a custom Caddi is a mere trinket compared to what you get from me? Sex? no doubt it’s going to be fantastic…so what else can I do?

    And what is the appropriate way to say this without seeming like a flake?
    I am married- I am not here looking for a husband- and I cannot give away large portions of my time for “dating”. Yes, I want to go out and get to know someone_ but, I am Scorpio, darling…I either love you or I have nothing to do with you….I am too emotionally available- wide open- and I cannot be fake. I want a friend! I want someone to care about, but I thought that this would be safer than the alternatives. I am not leaving my husband for outside reasons, so I was hoping I wouldn’t have to endure that conversation again.

    Yes, Long-winded…I know. Bear with me folks- I have to get this out!

    It’s just that this place is (in my mind) where we can come to to find a way to obtain the objects of our desires. If it’s a companion to a place where we’re expected to have a decent person with us, dinner at home-finally with someone who is glad to be with us, doing things you could never do on your own, or just bartering services in order to help speed up the process of getting something or somewhere you want…

    Why does it seem like I am not in the right place for that?

    I’m not on drugs (though, sometimes Mickey Mouse Clubhouse makes me want to find something to smoke πŸ˜‰ ) I smoke cigarettes, am not much for drinking, I am you not-so-average stay at home mom, who is tired of this shit. My name is NOT Mommy, nor is it Baby, can you get me a___?

    I can afford most of what I want, and will probably convince my insurance company to pay for this darn tummy-tuck, but the are testing my research writing and critical thinking skills- to the max…I am sexy as all get out and intelligent, too- I just want a little bit more. what’s the harm in having fun with someone who can and will help me get it?

    oh, alright..I’ll shut up now. I’ve been getting into this blogging thing the last few days!

    Later All_ be magnificent.

  68. lisa says:

    I agree Ben that is takes some integrity to admit to one’s faults but that doesn’t make me any less weary. I had a boss one time that was a cocaine addict and he did time in prison, took counseling, and always talked about his bad experiences with drugs, however he still did them and although I liked him as a friend, as I said before he was not the type of person I would have watching my home if I was out of town. Any reference to drugs or partying makes me weary of a person, especially someone I don’t know well. I am often looked at funny when I meet guys for dinner (on the rare occasions I get asked to dinner) because I order a coke rather than a drink. I am a lite social drinker so alcohol has an effect on me when I drink a little and I am not going to do anything to distort my senses when I’m out with a stranger.

  69. Ben says:

    Thank you Cre8tor and Lisa. I really appreciate you taking the time to chime in here and offer advice. I sent the potential SB an email and told her how I felt. I think this ex of hers sounds like an incredibly selfish and destructive person. I though have been blind to a person’s faults when I’ve been in love. Lisa – I think you are right – but this SB I don’t think is doing drugs and she did say her ex has to undergo UA tests twice a week. That being said, she did talk about Rave parties and Ecstacy – a world I really don’t want to learn about. I am looking to pass, but there is something impressive in that this woman was up front about this. She could just have left her whole history out of the discussion and she didn’t. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!

  70. lisa says:

    Personally I think you should avoid someone that is involved in illegal activity or drugs. It is usually more than skin deep, and a hard habit to kick. We have all made mistakes, myself included, but personally I have never done anything illegal and growing up in a religious household and under strict control, I never tried drugs and I can’t understand someone getting into that. I have had some dear friends that were messed up by drugs and although I love them, I know they have issues that are still there and I would do anything for them but I would never trust them in my home alone or with money.
    It is kind if you choose to help this lady but there are risks involved when you have abusive exs or any kind of substance abuse. I would not get involved with a sugardaddy, no matter how much he offered me, if he used drugs or was a heavy drinker, as personal safety have to come first.

    You should help her if you can, but just guard your personal info and be vigilent.

  71. cre8tor says:

    Hi Ben: while I understand you are attracted to her and I commend you for wanting to help her out but do you really think YOU can change her life? I see you getting into a situation that might eventually fall over into your married life as it involves the law. If she really is trying to get her life together, she will stay away from the poisonous relationship w/the ex not reach out for a SD to help her financially. And, make no mistake, that is why she’s here. Mentor a woman that is going to college or trying to improve here career if you want to help. Drugs get ugly.

  72. Ben says:

    Fellow SDs and SBs – I am putting this question here because I think it might qualify as a strange request – or at least somewhat out of the ordinary. I just had a great date with a potential SB and she is very sweet, but very young. She was completely up front about her whole situation which is that she got busted with her drug dealing boyfriend in a raid (Meth) and has 2 years of probation and if stays straight for 2 years – the charges against her will be dropped. He on the other hand I think went to jail for 4-6 mos and is on home probation. It sounds to me like this SB is really trying to put her life together, but this arrest and court case are on her record until they clear for the next 2 yrs so she can’t really get a job that pays much. This I can understand.
    Now – here’s the weird part. In spite of her family and everyone else telling her to stay away from the ex who is a convicted drug dealer (I think he’s only 20 or so) and in spite of the fact that they aren’t in a committed relationship she still sees him occasionally and has sex with him – basically in secret. She’s still in love with the guy and trying to get over him.
    She said a SD/SB relationship would help her move past this and get back on her feet. I brought up the whole idea of STDs (I am of course married) and she said that the two of them have been tested etc. – but she’d be happy to get tested for me. I like her a lot – we had a lot of fun – she’s witty and has multiple dimensions – she plays the piano for example and is a florist – and I do think that being a SB to a good mentoring SD might help – but I’m not crazy about her having contact with her ex, not because I am jealous, but more because I don’t know where he’s been and who he may be sleeping with (they aren’t committed of course). What does the SA community think? Should I just move on and say no thanks? I could ask her to be exclusive, but there would be no way to monitor that. I think most SDs would not be crazy about this type of situation, but maybe I’m just too cautious. Thanks all.

  73. AlaskanQT says:

    LOl I did!

  74. lisa says:

    AlaskanQT, I would run fast from that one. lol

  75. AlaskanQT says:

    I think my favorite so far was the gentleman recently who asked me to LACTATE for him. He has a fetish for wanting to be fed by mothers milk… wanted to try to “train me” to nurse and express into a botlle for his use when I wasn’t around… um weird!

  76. lisa says:

    I haven’t told anyone about my situation except on this forum. My child is almost grown too. All conversation has been light and postitive, nothing negative as I put on a reallly good cover. And despite my situation, I’ve been in a pretty good mood the past week. I had so much stress with work that I was tired all the time. I’ve had time to do some deep thinking and reflect and focus more on finding someone, thus I went from barely getting any messages to getting quite a few this last week. As far as jobs, I have put in some applications but I need to find something that pays more than minimum wage and that will give me enough hours, so much of what is out there is low pay and few hours, which will not pay the rent and will tie me down from finding a better job. I once had two part time jobs and you would be surprised how employers, although they won’t give you enough hours to have one job, are not willing to accommodate your work schedule at your other job. They both want you to neglect you other job for them when both were just part time. I once had to call in at one job because I had a meeting at the other.

  77. cre8tor says:

    Lisa: I feel your pain but, honey, you gotta quit playing the victim. Many of us have attempted to give you suggestions how to get yourself moving upwards but all I hear are excuses why you cannot do them. Nobody is too old to go back to school, you can find a way to get yourself to a job if you really needed to…no matter what job. You don’t have to get a degree, you can just get more skills for a different kind of job. You have a child to take care of and a sd is not your answer. Whatever you do though, DO NOT talk money and your lack of same as well as your current hardship w/these guys. They will become yet another that you don’t hear from again.

  78. lisa says:


    I am a little too old to go back to school. Plus I have a default loan from going to technical school many years back not to mention horrible credit, got creditors calling me every day (I don’t worry about them theough because I have no money) and I also have a teenager so I think if I had the money I would spend it on her education not mine.

    Anyway I can’t find a sd that is serious about meeting or that even wants to buy coffee let alone help with my bills and pay for college. I have 6 guys that I am talking to know but nothing is moving so far. They all contacted me too, I didnt’ initiate the contact.

  79. ppp1256 says:

    Lisa: I would strongly suggest you go back to school and get your degree. It is the best thing you can do while being a sugarbaby. You not only get pampered but an education that sets you up for success.

  80. lisa says:

    I am just a retail worker at bottom level, no degree or anything. The only way you make halfway decent wages is after you have been there for years. It took me 8 years to make 9 dollars an hour at the job prior to this last one which started me at 7 dollars and now I was making 7.50.
    I prefer retail because it isn’t the 9-5 job, as I like to enjoy some weekdays free and besides married sugardaddies can only get together during weekdays.

  81. ppp1256 says:

    Well said Ben!!!

  82. ppp1256 says:

    Lisa: I can certainly give you some pointers in the job direction. Certain professions are very hot right now and people working in those fields have a very bright future never mind the tightening job market which is going to loosen up anyway.

    Stephan: how do I view Lisa’s profile?

  83. lisa says:

    I cannot work at a temp agency. I tried that once before and since I don’t have a car, it takes me forever to get anywhere and I have always worked close to home. The temp agency I tried would call me in the morning and give me an adress of the place I was to work, needlesstoday I had trouble getting to these places at the spare of the moment, much of my town is not on the busline so it means walking a mile on the side of the freeway to get some places. I didn’t last long at that agency and by the time they took their cut, I made minimum wage and had only work a few hours.

  84. Ben says:

    I am attached – I think the big thing that men are paying for is to have a relationship with a woman and not have her necessarily be the primary person or thing in his life with a future. In other words, when a woman dates a man seriously, she has sort of a long term option and right to his wealth and income – a.k.a. palimony lawsuits and such. When you get serious with somebody you are sort of giving the option that you’ll be with that person long term. I think some women obviously don’t want to stay with some SDs long term, but I’d say women want long term relationships more than men do – and they are giving up being #1 and being a wife per se. Now – I may not be able to date some young, hot twenty-something – but if she knew she had a shot at being my wife and being #1 in my life, I would have a much better shot – even a good shot. How many young women wouldn’t want to marry a wealthy, educated guy with good genes that is stable So – the allowance and support I think is largely in exchange for the fact that you can’t make this person your full time #1 babe – b/c if you did, you’d be supporting her anyway most likely. The other part of it is maybe a little bit of extra spoiling to make up for the age difference etc. I really wouldn’t want to be with a SB that chose me for my money and just “got past” my looks or personality. I should be somebody she would date – and the $$ is just extra.

    For SBs – I think they get financial support, mentoring, friendship and somebody who truly does care about them and may even love them. I think the SBs get stability, obviously sex – and hopefully a mature and experienced SD really knows what he’s doing vs. younger men. In general they get the companionship and attention, not to mention financial support and gifts of a more confident, yet older guy. This is much like a man and his mistress I think. This isn’t a transaction – it is an emotional relationship with financial benefits in my view.

  85. cre8tor says:

    I believe that we should all stay away from a sense of entitlement. Even though the sd’s might make buckets of money, they did work for it and earn it. We didn’t. It is theirs to decide where and who it goes to and for what reason. Just because someone has money doesn’t mean its liquid or just waiting to be spent. We spend as we have. I have a very old friend that over time ended becomming a multi millionaire. I knew him as a poor college graduate. Everyone has their hands out to him asking for help.
    Lisa: can you go to a temp service? just do something while still looking for another more permanent job? In the meantime, bone up on some skills that will make you more hireable? Just some thoughts.

  86. lisa says:

    It would be a good subject for the next blog. Afterall this isn’t a regular dating site where you just meet for coffee, this is a sd site where both parties are looking to exchange meeting each others needs, whatever they may be. When I started out on this site, I was looking for someone to treat me and help me afford some of the nice things I can’t afford but now I just need someone to help me survive especially till I find a new job and get the first check, which I know wont come before my rent is due. I am looking to share intimacy, conversation, and just time together getting away from the day to day things of life. Being that my fridge is empty as I have to save my last paycheck which I have yet to receive, for my rent for september, it would be nice for any potential meetings with sds at this time to involve a light lunch or dinner so at least my time and energy is compensated, afterall sds are supposed to have plenty of money so a 6 dollar meal wouldnlt’ hurt them.
    I personally don’t think anything physical should occur until an sd has shown himself serious by treated the woman in someway or the other beyond just lunch because personally as a woman, I don’t take to lightly to be used for sex. A man might risk a little money if the sd doesn’t keep her word, but he can control that by limited what he gives, whereas when a sd gives a sd intimacy, well it is all the way and sharing that part of you with someone is more emotional than giving someone a few hundred dollars.

  87. ppp1256 says:

    Stephan. Cre8tor and Lisa: Maybe this should be the subject of the next blog. I think there are a few questions here:

    Should there be pre-expectations for the first date or should that be discussed only during or after the first date?

    What do men feel there are getting and what are they giving?

    What do women feel they are getting and what are they giving?

    In my opinion it is partnership (i might seek opinions of SB), companionship (which may be NSA or SA), intimacy and friendship. Come to think of it there are the things that couples seek from each other.

  88. lisa says:

    I prefer financial assistance even though I like gifts, a nice pair of shoes isn’t go to pay the rent or the electic bill. A little of each would be nice. I want to find a man that I can talk to, go to nice restraurants with, shop, and have intimate times. I don’t know what I have to offer other than the obvious but after being in a relationship with a married man for many years (he wasnt a sd by any means, just more like a booty call, but a nice booty call, stayed for 2 hours, not just sex) I feel I must have had something to offer him as he was a good looking man who was very sucessful, not rich, but lived a good life and he didn’t seem to look down on me when he came to my not so nice neighborhood. I offer to be no judgemental, attentive to his needs, and a friend.
    As far as what a woman has to offer a man to make him give out expensive gifts and cash, well it’s the same as asking why a man who is attractive, successful, etc. has to offer compensation to a woman to be his companion when he should be able to just meet someone nice and start a relationship with, like my married lover did. I didn’t meet my married lover on a sd sight.

  89. cre8tor says:

    okay…this might belong under a different catagory but I see quite a few of you all come here so here goes. Question to the men: in a sd/sb relationship, what do you feel you are paying for? Sex? Adenture and things you cannot have in your marriage? NSA so you don’t have to answer to anyone? Companionship? And would you rather give pretty, expensive gifts or help out financially? Gifts are a way of showing you appreciate a woman but what if she really really only needs financial help? Are you okay with that?

    And women: what is it you are giving to your sd? What do you have to offer that is so unique and special that it is worth substantial amounts of money and a monthly commitment?

    Do tell………

  90. ppp1256 says:

    Ben: Ditto, Women asking for 1K for an evening UPFRONT is simply annoying. Things may go very well which might invoke generosity at the end but I have a question for everybody.

    If we could have a protocol (I am not saying we can but if we could) would a first date that does not involve any expectations be palatable for sugarbabies with the understanding that if there is chemistry things would immediately be different at the end of the date?

    I ask this question because I recently met somebody and at the end we agreed that we were going to do a lot together even though I am on the east coast and she on the west coast. There was an instant connection, we exchanged birthdays, and numerous other ways in which we were going to help each other.

  91. Ben says:

    Lisa – sorry to hear the news. I am still looking for a SB – Stephan, hint, hint – would like to learn more about Lisa.

    I don’t want anybody to walk on me – esp in heels, lol. I would like to find a nice SB with a nice smile and an easy going demeanor – who is fit and fun. I am still searching and I have the means for an allowance etc..

    As for weird requests – think I mentioned this on the other blog, but I went on a 1st date with a woman and thought it went great – when the next day she sends me a text at about 4p on a friday saying she needs $1,000 then and there or she’s moving on to another 5D that can ‘help’ her. She didn’t even hint about sex or any time together – lol – this was just expected to stay in consideration as a SD for her. I don’t mind paying an allowance right away, but as SouthernGent has suggested a good amount for the first few weeks might be 1/2 while things warm up and you get acquainted. I also have seen some escorts or so it seems here – girls wanting $1K for an eve – just is annoying. I want to find someone where it isn’t just about the cash – whom I really like and vice versa. I am about as normal and safe as it gets – although I am attached.

  92. princesspimpkin says:

    Thats understandable, keep your chin up theres nothing else you can do. Life unfortunately is hard. WE all get hurt and down trodden at some time regardless how much money we have or dont have.
    I want to just share a story here to put things in perspective. I know a very wealthy man who gained his fortune illegally he was rightly caught and sent to prison but in that time his 3 yr old son died of lukemia. To me no one deserves that no matter what. My point being we should all be grateful of how little or how much we have regardless and enjoy every day as it comes. Hope everyones having a good weekend xxx

  93. lisa says:

    Actuallly I wasn’t having much luck when I joined this site and I had a job and was financially stable (living paycheck to paycheck, but still ok) and was in a cheerful mood when I started,it’s just the lies and timewasters that have got me down.

  94. ppp1256 says:

    I think this site is first and foremost a dating site. Obviously there is the issue of married SD. But things can turn it to be very rewarding for both parties.

    PrincessPimpkin: I agree that a prearranged transaction takes the emotional attachment out of the relationship. That being said if two people like each other they could come to various arrangements. For example, I know many couples where one makes money and the other spends it. This is somewhat analogous to that.

  95. ddubs says:

    Blondie_NYC –
    You’re not too far from me, and sound like someone I’d enjoy meeting – (not because you’re willing to be dominant, but, the other things) – wish I knew how to reach you…as there are tons of SB’s in NYC.

    Let me know if you might be interested in return, and perhaps someone could broker a swap of email addresses.

  96. princesspimpkin says:

    Just a thought, does anyone know what the ratio on here id sd/sb im wondering if sb aren’t getting that much mail as there are so many sb that sd dont have time to look to much through other sb profiles once they have gone through all there mail!
    Blondie you sound like an ideal sb so you should be getting more mail!

    Lisa sorry if its come across like the daggers are out, I really do feel for you in your situation and ive probably come across a bit harsh but I hate the thought of you or anyone sitting at a dinner table with a sd your not even keen on just for the sake of it. You should be having the time of your life. Concentrate on getting back on your feet, you will be proud of yourself and that will come across miles more attractive to sd. Hope things start looking up for you soon x

  97. Be_A_Star says:

    Wow love the sword fighting. lol . I must agree with princesspimpkin and ddubs we as sb should be here to have fun, be spoiled a little and not take everything so serious. I feel you can’t find an sd till you can let go of the money expectation. Lisa I think you need to relax, I understand you are under alot of stress, but I feel if a real sd does show interest at the moment you are more likely to scare him away than entice him to spoil you.

    Blondie be careful with putting on the fact you can play the dominate character, or you really will have some strange request to add on here. lol I speak from experience, but I play both Dom or Sub. I had one guy who wanted to hog tie me, you can image the rest.

    I so just want to have fun, but I look on here as generally entertainment now and am creating my own adventures.

    Smiles B

  98. Blondie_NYC says:

    Oooh, just got another silly email “Are we ever going to make this happen” Okay, someone please tell me I’m not the only one to get these random emails πŸ™‚

  99. Blondie_NYC says:

    Personally, I’d love to meet a man who adores me, makes me laugh and treats me well. Of course I would treat him well, laugh with him and make him feel like a king.

    I haven’t had many emails here. A few one liners “Hi, how are you?” or “I WANT YOU NOW” or “How much?” and yes I think they were kinda weird emails πŸ™‚

    I’m slim, petite, smart, funny, well read, have a rockin’ body and am a great person; loyal and a good friend. So I get the wacky emails…lol!

    As for strange requests….not yet. The thing is being dominant doesn’t bother me at all. If a guy wants me to spank him (and I’ve had that in my life), make him wear ladies underwear, use him as a footstool (okay my mind is just going through what everyone wrote and their permutations) I really don’t have a problem with that.

    Every one likes different things and I’m open to experimentation.

    So should I add to my profile that I can be dominant, or leave things as they are???

  100. princesspimpkin says:

    I agree with you! ive tried other sites and this is the first site that has made me smile properly ever so it’s been more than beneficial to me! and my sd πŸ˜‰

  101. ddubs says:

    I think the site is what you make it.
    I’m not going to join a site called “seeking millionaire” since I’m not one of those. I’m just a single guy who makes a good living, so I can afford to do some things like this.

    I choose to make it what I prefer. If the potential SB doesn’t see things the way I do…I’ll just move on. There are plenty of women who see things my way.

    And, I have tried the other sites (eharmony and match), and I would disagree that these sites cater to the younger woman/older man scenario.

    Here its been rather simple.

  102. princesspimpkin says:

    I have to just add he has offered to pay my travel, has offered me his credit card etc etc but fact is I like the guy. We all have times when money is tight, i have just got divorced and had to hugely pay my ex off so am worse off than ever but I still personally cant accept an allowance. I think every single woman on this site would like to never work again and not work but this whole sd thing is unreliable as a source of income unless your going to have a court agreement drawn up that the allowance will last x amount of months. Women regardless need to be able to hold there own and before anyone jumps down my throat, I have no qualifactions, have been left with 3 kids, I have to run my own business and pay a nanny so I can have a life! as the fairytale of new york states ‘you could have been someone but so can anyone’ anyone can make there dreams happen without relying on a monetary agreement. I have and im nobody! the whole idea of this site is that its mutually beneficial, I personally like ambitious guys they just generally are wealthy because they have put there ambition to good use. I personally am more than happy to pay for certain things in return for being treated well and respected you cant buy that feeling when the phone rings and you get all excited because you really like the guy. All im saying is its hardly beneficial worrying thinking I best cram in 3 sd this week as I need the money, nobody can seriously enjoy that kind of an arrangement. Ddubs is right the best arrangement ever is a guy that doesnt give you an allowance but treats you like a princess and who would probably have so much respect for you that you would financially gain more than your allowance.
    From guys ive spoke to most back off the second finances are discussed. Im well aware I could suddenly never hear off this guy next week and thats why im still looking, life isnt measured by the amount of breathes you take but the ammount of times your breath is taking away and if that means I meet a differnt sd every month and feel special then im looking forward to it. Dating should be fun for both not a means to an end. These sd deserve a bit of respect too not just women emailing them because there offering a bigger allowance.
    This is a dating website whichever way you put it, just because it’s wrapped a bit unconventionally doesn’t mean there are no happy ever afters, you don’t here about them because there long gone and left the site, plenty of men do leave there wifes they just wait until the kids have got through uni etc etc. And plenty of sd just because some are trapped in a marrriage doesnt mean they still dont want someone to love and love them back.
    The biggest danger of getting dropped or traded in are to the sb who are blatantly in it just for a meal ticket. These sd haven’t become wealthy because they are stupid!!
    However I will say to those of you who find a sd who you really like and I mean genuinely! and sd is happy to pay your mortgage etc as a gift in return then you genuinely are very lucky sb’s

  103. lisa says:

    Id you look at the regular dating sites, most of them are full of older men who want to date much younger women so you don’t have to use this site. Any man with a generous nature and wants a real relationship will probably do better joining a regular site where he can meet a younger woman who is looking for a real relationship without money being an issue. This site is about “arrangements” which are a man and a woman exchanging what they have to offer for both parties benefit. That’s what its really supposed to be. If one wants a serious permanant relationship, there is seeking millionaire.com. Again it’s doubtful that every man on there is a millionare so anyone could join. The reason I joined this site is that I had found most relationships these days to be temporary as no one seems to want to commit themselves to another person. By dating men from this site, at least a lady benefits from it. If I am going to date a man whose goal is not marriage, I want to have some benefit out of the time I a giving him, after all time is precious and I don’t want to give my heart to anyone who isn’t serious. My last sugardaddy helped me financially, we had a relationship, it ended but I never got emotionally attached to him and didn’t expect anything other than the assistance so I wasn’t hurt the way I was when my boyfriend broke up with me.

  104. ddubs says:

    and, lisa…
    why can’t it be a dating site?
    I just enjoy dating younger women and this has been a great place to meet them.
    I am very generous with my dates, as you probably noticed from my previous posts…however, I have rarely gotten into an arrangement where I’ve paid a set allowance. I prefer to assist on an as needed basis, or spoil with trips, shopping, fine dining, tickets for great shows or sports.
    What’s wrong with that?
    What’s wrong with a younger woman simply looking for an older guy who can show her the time of her life? a time that the guys her age probably wouldn’t and couldn’t afford…

  105. ddubs says:

    princesspimpkin –
    amazing post. I’m looking for someone just like you.
    the only difference is…I don’t mind putting up the money for travel, and always do. I want someone who likes me for me…with the assistance being a bonus to the relationship.

    enjoy yourself!

  106. lisa says:

    I want to ad that an escort is a one time thing so whereas a sb is an ongoing relationship. The fact that he is not offering you an allowance and is just paying for dinner and the hotel is very little on his part. Any decent man will pay for dinner on a date and there doesn’t have to be sex and as far as the hotel, well of course he has to pay for that as it’s not like you can go to his place, he needs you to have a place to stay so he can have sex with you. Why doesn’t he pay for your traveling expenses?

  107. lisa says:

    The whole idea of this site is for two people to help each other out without strings, this is not a dating site. Alot of the men on here are married and not looking to leave their marriages and the single ones are not looking for anything serious at the time. A sd is supposed to be more generous than the average man. If I want to pay my own way on everything, I can go out with my galfriends or join a regular dating site. I do want to find someone to share my life with but am afraid I will have to wait till I’m much older, like 60 before I find a man who wants to settle down so I refuse to waste time searching for someone just to date. If the guy won’t even pay for dinner, I don’t need him.
    Women who fall head over heals in love with their sugardaddy might have a distorted view of what the relationship involves. You might say you want someone you can love even if the money stops, but what happens when you fall head over heals with this guy and then he decides to end the relationship and commit to his wife or his serious girlfriend or wants a different sugarbaby.

  108. princesspimpkin says:

    I may be being a bit naive here but why is so much money exchanging hands? I met a guy from here we emailed for days got on great so I travelled (paid travel expenses myself) he paid for hotel, meal, drinks. We had a great time didnt stop laughing all day we went to the room and had sex because we wanted to not because any money changed hands. Im aware hes chatting to other girls on the site but were in contact about 20 times a day and have been to see him since, once again I paid my own travel he booked hotel etc. ( this sd is married by the way) anyway no mention nor do I want there to be talk of an allowance! hes a lovely guy who makes me laugh and wines and dines me, makes me feel special and he has said that I make him feel amazing and special.
    Im still going to carry on looking as don’t always want to be a mistress but surely meeting up with any sd off here and just going through the motions and expecting a cheque is wrong? Surely sd want a sb to fall head over heels for them and not just there money otherwise like a few others have said why not have an escort? sorry if ive offended anyone just my opinion as im sure there are lots of other sb on here like me who honestly just want a nice lifestyle but with someone who they could equally date if the cheques stopped!
    Also I found it suprising that the guy I met said he gets inundated with emails and that the less attractive the females are the more they ask for! How does someone measure what they think they worth?

  109. cre8tor says:

    Dear B: that is a very fine line and often hard to find. I think a SB relationship is deeper and more personal and most often exclusive. I met a very nice gentleman from the other side of the country. He was looking for someone to spend time w/when he was on my side. We had dinner, established that it was going to be ongoing and slept together. I take the physical part of this on a case by case basis. Anyway, he left me w/a very nice envelope the next day and we talked several times after that. Unfortunately, he never returned which was very odd. Very costly for him but a disappointment for me. And, I have had more than one episode with the men that want to try to goods and then are gone but try not to have that affect my attitude. How is this any different than trying to find the right man to marry? lol

  110. CutipiNYC says:

    Hi yall!

    Blondie..sweetie just be careful. There are alot of guys that sound nice but u never quite know. I was talking to this older gentleman once. Conversation was great..things were going fine. We were suppose to meet one day..but I couldnt make it (which i left on his voicemail). I came back to my computer later that day to find he left me a nasty message..all but telling me that he would let everyone know that I was a slut. I had no clue what I didnt to him besides let him know I couldnt meet him the day he requested. He was extremely nice until he didnt get his way.

    My strangest request was having this one guy ask me to pretend I was his nanny and he was a child. I dont like to do anything that reminds me of child molestation..so i had to pass on that one

  111. Be_A_Star says:

    Cre8tor so I’d like to ask you, when does a SB go from being an SB to an escort? I love to know what you think. To be completely honest I’d probably move very quickly when it comes to physical intimacy, but I don’t like one night stands they make me feel ill. So how do you avoid the guys on here who just want to pay for sex because you’re there and then you never hear from them again? I’m a little of a wild child so I find everything on here interesting and funny. I’m glad you’ve joined the blog.

    Smiles B

  112. cre8tor says:

    ddubs: your comment “and i’m ready to get flamed for this. there are also a lot of women here who seem to have very little to offer, yet also expectt the guy to β€œpay her for her time”. i know there are different strokes for different folks, but in some of these profiles, i wouldn’t go out with the girl if sh was paying me! if you expect someone to spend thousands on you, at least bring something to the table.” is very true. There is an art to being a sb…like a geisha. sex can be had anywhere for the price of a dinner. anticipating needs, wants, desires and making the gentleman’s life exciting, stimulating and better would be the goal. Its not something I must do, it is what I enjoy doing.

  113. lisa says:


    sorry I’m not under 25, more like 40. πŸ™

  114. ppp1256 says:

    Lisa: Maybe I should check out your profile. Are you under 25?

  115. lisa says:

    wow you guys are generous on the first meeting. I can’t even find a man willing to buy lunch on the first meeting. I’m not talking about anything expensive, give them the choice of meeting for coffee or going to olive garden or panera bread, and they chose coffee. Very cheap for a sd.

  116. ppp1256 says:

    ddubs: I gave her only 300. She took it anyway which is not surprising and needless to say the disappointment probably prompted the arrest story by her friend the next morning. Her story was that she lived in Portland with a daughter and grandmother, had abusive parents (mother is a junkie), grandma has a lot of money to pay for everything (paid for mother’s rehab six times). She came to Vegas to help her friend out for the summer who just had a baby and an abusive boyfriend. Apparently she is a trained personal trainer which seemed plausible and wants to finish college in a related major.

    I understand if you dont want to name the city.

    You are right about the figure. I would part with only what I am comfortable and it is better to do it at the end of the meeting.

  117. Be_A_Star says:

    Stephen you watch to many movies to!!!! Lol Glad we’ve hit on a topic with a little edge to it. Facinating stuff. Love the new blog by the way. Hopefully will draw a crowd.

    Smiles B

  118. Be_A_Star says:

    Ddubs: I think if you’ve paid for travel and the date, you shouldn’t have to give a girl money on the first date, but in saying that if you expect sex on the first meet.
    Hmmmm I think if a girl take money from you on the first meet though and you have sex, why pay so much money with flights and all, why not higher an escort in essence that’s what your getting, a girl willing to sell herself to sleep with you off the bat.
    I mean when does a SB go from a potential sugar babe to a hooker/escort?
    I may miss things sometimes but I thought the reason potential SD were on a site such as this is to gain more from there SB than sex for cash exchanges otherwise what your getting would be pretty sad in my eyes anyway and exactly what you could get from an escort and in the long run cheaper and definately NSA.
    I think I have a rose coloured glasses view of SB/SD relationships, so many message on here feel like girls are willing to sell themselves to pay their bills and there are so many SD willing to pay for them.
    I guess I alway imagined it a lot more like a wealthy gentleman wanting to raise a potential SB ideals on life, adventures, travel, learning and expectations of the world.

    Ddubs I do agree though, I think first meet should be to meet and see if things click, but if she pushes money issues on the first meet you should lay down what you want to. It must take the fun out of your first encounter though.

    Blondie: Only you can make the decision whether you’re comfortable meeting this man. Honestly though it’s no different than going on a normal date where you know little about the man you going out with. You get to know him over dinner or where ever it is you meet. How often do you grill a guy before a first date about his job, last name etc, you’d scare him off that’s what first dates are for.
    Be safe, he has offered you every way out if you decide he’s not for you and if you are really that worried take a friend. He did offer.
    Oh do you know his first name? Maybe I’d advise against it if you didn’t know even his first name.
    Also another thing to think about he could have just lied about his details, at least he’s been completely up front with his worries and has tried to make it easy for you to leave.
    I don’t know if any of this helps but good luck either way.

    Smiles B

  119. little princess says:

    Hi, you all !

    weird people out there..

    I once had a mail from one sd.. too long to even fit in one message… like a novel how we met. every detail of it. how we had sex over and over again. and very scrupulously !!!!

    and another one VERY weird was that a guy asked to put the bottle of beer into his ass. eehh… !! yaaiikkkssss !!!
    and yeah, here are many men who love to be dominated. damn.. what should more submissive girls do?? πŸ™‚

    btw .. ddubs – I totally agree with you. u r very right. !!!

    smiles πŸ˜€

  120. ddubs says:

    ppp1256 –
    nope that city is NOT Las Vegas…but, one north of the border which also has plenty of escorts. I’d rather not say which one.
    and, I’m curious…how did you “size” the girl up? did you meet for dinner or drinks or what? how much less than $1,000 did you give her?

    and, I have given potential SB’s some money for that first meeting if she had to give-up work to be with me. however, what’s a fair figure? in many of these cases, I already paid for her travel, since I live in a fairly rural area (which I’m also fine with). If you’re paying cash in addition to travel, what should the SD expect in return? anything?

    in my opinion, once the SB says she wants money to meet…that leaves the door open for me to convey what I want in return for my money. is that wrong?

    of course, what I’d prefer is to take care of travel expenses and just see if we click…then, if things progressed…I’d be more than happy to help financially at the end of the weekend. I really dislike the whole “pay for play” deal…but, if she says she needs cash…from now on, I’m going to say what I need.

  121. Blondiegirl says:

    You dont think its a big deal that he is not telling me his name, adrress, company info, nothing..? Has anyone else had this? He is very worried about his identity being stolen since it has happened to him before, I understand his concerns but still.. has anyone ever had this?

    Other than that I am totally on a plane right there, this guy seems really nice and sounds like he would really take care of me.

  122. Stephie says:

    I totally agree with having a cab pick u up…I just saw a movie about human trafficking and it was really an eye opener…

  123. ppp1256 says:

    Just for the record obviously you know where I told the friend to go. Ddubs does that city happen to be Vegas?

  124. ppp1256 says:

    ddubs and stephan: I agree completely. There are some really expensive escorts on here. There is one that wanted $1000 for just a few hours, I did meet her just to size her up and gave her less. A friend of hers who is also on here called me up the next morning to say that she was arrested for dui and needs bail money. Could I oblige? BTW the friend is also listed as an escort.

    In terms of an allowance for the first meeting, my feelings are mixed. I feel that maybe the SB is deciding not to work that evening and therefore has a legitimate request. But for sex right way obviously escorts are cheaper and this is not the site for it.

  125. Be_A_Star says:

    Hi Blondie,

    I agree with the guys above. I mean what an adventure and if he is willing to spend that much money on that many tickets. I don’t think you need to check his $ value. A thought though, when you arrive is he to pick you up? Just an idea but maybe you should arrange to get a cab to a public place where you two can meet in safety. He’s taken all these precautions but I feel that arriving and getting into his car when you don’t know anything might be a little risky. (Oh I watch way to many movies but you can never be to prepared.) I think you take this adventure, I’m listening to Anthony Robbins at the moment, he’s a great encourager of take the leap.

    Good Luck. Smiles B

  126. stephan says:

    BlondGirl: No problem, all things sugar-related welcome here πŸ˜‰ The more the merrier! πŸ˜€

  127. Blondiegirl says:

    Thank you girls for your responses

    Paige, that really helped. I love hearing that others have had good visits. Makes me believe that this really can work! thanks again.

  128. ddubs says:

    paige is exactly right. i’m looking for someone special and not a cheap thrill., but it is very difficult to find that balance where you can get to know someone without the guy feeling pressured to shell out thousands right away, and without the girlrl feeling pressured for sex. one last thought, and i’m ready to get flamed for this. there are also a lot of women here who seem to have very little to offer, yet also expectt the guy to “pay her for her time”. i know there are different strokes for different folks, but in some of these profiles, i wouldn’t go out with the girl if sh was paying me! if you expect someone to spend thousands on you, at least bring something to the table.

  129. Paige33 says:

    Hey blondie, I agree with Stephie…

    Taking a chance is what this whole site is about. If he’s trying to make you comfortable go for it. Just make sure you’ve spoken to him on the phone and that he seems like a good guy, usually your gut instinct tells you.

    I’ve traveled with a few SDs and had the time of my life– (once I met the guy traveling) sometimes things don”t work out, but not because you didn’t take a chance. Definitely bring your own money, make sure a friend knows where you’re going (or bring a friend) and just take care of yourself. You’ll know immediately if something is off…

    Most guys on here, really just honestly want to find a great girl that they wouldn’t be able to meet otherwise

  130. Stephie says:

    Hi everyone…new to the blogs…

    Lisa…My advice to you is to take a chance with a potential SD and travel to meet. Only though if they pay for all your travel expenses…I had an SD a couple years ago where I traveled on our first and every meeting after that to different locations. It is scary at first but you just have to trust your gut instincts and if possible try to take someone with you and definately do your homework on who your meeting….

  131. lisa says:

    I think there are as many sds on her pretending to be looking for a sb but just want a quick trip to the sack. I have seen some of them on the regular dating sites, including a free low quality one, and I guess they are pretending to have money to attract someone but really offer nothing. I have seen some profiles where the guy wants to take a couple months to see where things go before giving an allowance, but obviously expects more than casual friendship while he is “getting to know you”.

  132. ddubs says:

    Hey y’all.

    I don’t get many strange requests, just demand for cash for that first time meeting.

    For example, I was recently speaking with someone in a city about 3-4 hours away. I’m thinking I’m doing great with her, when she tells me she needs $1,000 for a day together. Obviously, she’s guaranteeing sex that day…but, man, aren’t there escorts for that? …and, a lot less expensive too.

    There was actually another I was talking to about 2 hours away, and she made the same exact demand for an evening together. $1,000. Well, her pictures looked like those of an escort. Guys know what I’m talking about. Her face is either covered with hair and blurred…but, the body is pretty well shown-off. I did get to see a couple pictures of her face through email, and she is quite attractive. Well, out of curiousity I checked a couple of escort sites in her town (the town is well known for this type of activity)…and, guess what? Yup, there she is.
    The difference is, the price is much lower. She gets $180 for a full hour. I was thinking of booking her just for the surprise factor. That might be kinda funny. “Hey, I’m the guy on S/A that you asked for $1,000 for the night”.

    Seriously, why are so many excorts on here? Most SD’s are looking for a true SB…but, too many are just looking for that quick buck.

  133. CarTier says:

    i definetly wouldn’t mind having a guy suck on my heels… ummmm, though i’d rather him suck on my toes.. πŸ™‚ where the suga daddies at?

  134. lisa says:

    I am surprised at how few sds there are in my city and it seems that none of the ones in the cities a couple hundred miles away are willing to travel to my city, they just say they can’t travel out of their city (this includes the single ones). Yet they remain on the site month after month. ??

    I wouldn’t mind walking on someone with high heals. Weird yes, but harmless, and hey I need some cash anyway. I have learned from my last job that hard work for little pay gets you no where. My boss hasn’t even called or responded to the heartfelt email I sent her last night.

  135. Sarah says:

    Some weird encounters I’ve had include a guy who wanted me to walk on him in high heels and make him suck on the heels, and numerous SDs who requested nude pictures of me within their first or second contact with me. I was very disappointed because I had finally found someone in my little town and first thing he asks for is nude pics!

    On a side note…are there ANY SDs in the western KY/TN or southern IN area?

  136. lisa says:

    Yes you can’t be too safe. we don’t like to tell others about our sd meetings but if something happened to us, we need to leave information so that at least or loved ones would know.
    Right now I am just working on trying to meet someone, find some new prospects but it seems like the same guys are in my city, and keep renewing their profiles and the ones that live a couple hundred miles away are not willing to travel to meet me.

  137. Blondiegirl says:

    yah that is a good idea.. well I was thinking I would give the mans number to my closest friend and I would tell her to call me when she wanted.. and I also was planning on giving his number and mine to a Sugar Daddy I am friends with. I will call him when I get there and then he can call me a random time during the weekend to make sure I am still safe. .. it was a very nice offer of him (thanks!)

  138. lisa says:

    I know as it seems like I think I have a potential one and then he flakes out or doesn’t answer back. They make an offer to meet or something and then they answer back that they don’t think it will work because we are too far from each other although I haven’t moved since they sent me the initail email a few minutes earlier. You need to have some info on tis guy first so you can do like I do when I have any kind of meeting with a stranger. I stick a note on my computer just in case something happens to me, it says the date, where I went to meet the person, their name and number, and there profile name on the site they are from.

  139. Blondiegirl says:

    true.. but still even with these precautions he is taking, without an identity who knows…
    ughh this is annoying, out of all my potentials he is definately at the top of my list, and now this flaw, or mystery perhaps is a better word

  140. lisa says:

    You need to make sure you actually have the tickets and that they are good and have some money. That is why I don’t want to fly off anywhere to meet as I don’t have any money to take and no one to help me. I want to stay in my own city for starters. I wouldn’t mind a guy flying to meet me first and then once I knew he was serious, I could fly to see him.

  141. Blondiegirl says:

    Well he told me he would purchase all the tickets through whatever travel agency I wanted that way I would have the tickets in my hand before I leave.. and I plan to make sure I have extra money with me as well just in case.

  142. lisa says:


    I have had one sd on here. I am older though so it’s harder to find someone although I am told I look younger and am often hit on by younger guys when I am out. Jerks though, not of good quality.
    My sd relationship was short because he moved and really didn’t have alot of money but it he was a good starter sd and things moved quickly so I benefited quickly.
    I have had alot of messages since but they all disappear (you know the ones that email you, you answer, they disappear).
    I haven’t ever went to meet anyone, prefer to stay in my city. My work schdedule made traveling difficult. Now I am out of work and have free time for a couple weeks but have no prospects, just emails and then they disappear. I am not looking for anything big, just someone to see occasionally that would help me out financially and have fun with occasionallly. I am weary to fly to meet anyone as I have no money to take for emegencies and would be stuck without a way home if he was a flake.

  143. HunnyBabe says:

    Paige33: hahahaha ok ok u want more crazy stories???….ok here it goes: once someone asked me to have sex with a dog……………………hahahahaha just kidding πŸ˜›

    LOVE U GIRLS!!!!

    HB xxx

  144. Blondiegirl says:

    Yah I know what you mean, I am weary but in every other aspect he seems really good. I am new to this, i love your opinions!
    Lisa have you ever had a SD? have you ever flew to meet one?

  145. lisa says:

    I find it odd that you don’t even know his name. What do you call him? Seems like you don’t have enough details about him, I would be very weary. I would insist that he flies to meet you so at least you are in your own turf. I wouldnt’ want to be in a strange city meeting some one whom I didn’t even know their name.

  146. Blondiegirl says:

    Hey everyone.. i need some advice- decided to post here since thats where most people will notice a new post
    I have found a really great potential sugar Daddy, he does not live near me so he has offered to fly me out.. He has taken many precautions to ensure my safety- offered to fly me out with a friend, offered to buy me 3 tickets one there, one home a few hours later and one for a few days later- just incase i do not like him and want to go home within the few hours of meeting him. We have been chatting for some time now, i feel very comfortable with him, the only thing that worries me is that he will not give me any of his personal info, no #’s, name, business info. nothing. He has had his identity stolen before and he is very worried about it. He ensures me that the minute we meet that will be the first thing he shows me is all his ID. So what do you guys think? I would love to hear your responses. I am really unsure as to what to do. He seems so great, but not knowing his identity- I dont know about..
    Looking forward to your responses
    Sorry stephan for not posting this in the safety post- thought more people would see it here.
    Thanks everyone πŸ™‚

  147. lisa says:

    that’s too weird for me. Yikes!

  148. Blondiegirl says:

    hey everyone.
    i got a random one yesterday- a man who has a wife, they would both like to meet me. pretend to fall in love- it said i had to be a very good actress.. i read on the profile there favourite thing is to go camping with a girl… im really not the outdoors type, and with his wife????

  149. lisa says:

    thanks Paige33

    I just sent an email to my boss telling her how I felt and how hurt I am by the way I was done in. It just seems like all my coworkers have icewater running through their vains. My supervisor said I wasn’t multitasking enough and then she said I wasn’t focused enough. I don’t think I can multitask and focus at the same time, they don’t go together. I worked my butt off and was only doing my job and still managed to get written up yesterday and today. I have been with the company for over 2 years so I don’t know how I got too dumb all of a sudden. I can only pray that my coworker who is under alot of stress and also got in trouble this past week walks out on them. He is a great worker but also gets stressed out easy and with me no longer there, they only have 2 people to run the department, the supervisor and him. I was originally supposed to stay in my department till september so they could hire and train someone new and then I would be sent somewhere else but I made the mistake of having human emotions today and so now I guess I am out. I frequently do the work of 2 people when someone calls in, so I can only hope that they are shorthanded. Our customer complaints have been up lately because we are understaffed. I am going to try to relax this week because I am in no condition to deal with people and still have to break the news to my parents who are elderly and in no position to help me.

  150. Paige33 says:

    Haha wow, I love the dog and park requests, amazing!

    Weirdest requests…
    1. A guy from Australia who wanted to buy a house in NYC and wanted me to live there, even though he would only be home once or twice a year. He even started calling me on the phone– completely serious. It just seemed so strange/sketchy.

    2. $5000 for one crazy night in a hotel…

    Most of my weird requests were rather sleazy, but nothing as funny as the dominatrix and etc..

    Oh and there was one guy who wanted to work together to “dominate” other sugar daddies…

    Lisa: So sorry babe πŸ™ I kind’ve want to send my most recent SD your way, seems like you’re just down on your luck. Unfortunately, these things can’t just be transfered :(… Let me know if things get really bad, I’d love to find a way to help, esp. if you’re in the same city

    HB: Hey!! Where are your crazy stories lady, I know you have some

    Ben: Not sure if you’ll read this post but you sound really great! and sincere, that’s rare to come by. Maybe if things don’t work out with the guy I’m starting to see, we could start chatting? haha

    Question to babies; Are you a one guy at a time kind’ve girl? what are the rules to dating more guy than once at a time. And also don’t they notice that you’re still logging in if you’re “supposedly taken”
    Just curious on your stances

  151. ppp1256 says:

    Interesting: babies are more well behaved than the daddies

  152. lisa says:

    Send them over here to me! I will name them after my boss and beat the **** out of them. lol

  153. HunnyBabe says:

    Hey Lisa: Im so sorry to hear i tuly wish u the best from the bottom of my heart, my prayers will be with u!!!!.

    AMy: We might have been contacted by the same guy, this guy also wanted me to do that(step on dogs ppop) and beat him up between me and another guy!!! AKWARD!!!!..obviously with me that would’ve never worked because im submissive πŸ™‚ ….weird ppl out there man!!!

    Buttercup: WHERE R U BABY???!!??!!


    HB xxx

  154. lisa says:

    ok some weird people out there.
    I am having a bad day, just lost my job. I got sent home because I wasn’t multitasking enough. I need me a sugardaddy more than ever now as hard work, perfect attendence at work, never late, no callings, working my butt off without lunch or break, got me nowhere. So now I have my last paycheck and my vacation check (not much combined) but I do have time to look for a sugardaddy now. I am soooo stressed out. If I was a slacker I would understand but because I was busy focusing on doing a project correctly instead of trying to do too many things at once, I got sent home. Funny thing is we are severly shorthanded and at one of the busiest times of the year. My coworker is probablly next because he is really stressed out too.
    I would do anything at this point for a sugardaddy as it couldn’t be any worse than being abused by your employer when you work harder than anyone.

  155. Anna says:

    I began talking with one guy… and he comes out and bluntly asks what I’d do on a web cam for money. All i could say was “huh?” And he goes on to tell me about how he paid one girl $12,000 to have sex with her Dad on a webcam.. Firstly, I didn’t believe him.. but he explained that he had them prove their relationship by their licenses. Hmm, right!

    He asked me if I’d give my brother a blowjob for $1,000.. Er… No thanks.

  156. anonymous says:


    I’ve found SEVERAL sugardaddies into the spanking and whipping and choking and hitting and bleeding and peeing.. goes on and on..

    I personally am only into SOME of that stuff.. lol!!

  157. Amy says:

    This one guy wanted me to dominate him by taking a walk in the park and step in dog s*%t, then come home and walk all over him in the same shoes…not cleaning them off!

  158. CarTier says:

    I do believe in getting respect for your body though!

  159. CarTier says:

    I would love to give a good ol’ fashion spanking, but i can’t seem to find a sugardaddie into that stuff…. Send the weirdo’s to me!!!

  160. anonymous says:

    One guy I met wanted to dress me up like a 13 yr old in pigtails and whatnot.. He was happy I could look bother younger or older. Turned out he was a pedophile.. Creepy..

  161. fearey says:

    He wanted me to be his dominatrix….lol

    i blocked his profile real quick!!

    i cant hurt people..that’s jus wrong…(in my mind anyway)!!

  162. bostonTerrier says:

    when i was still in possession of my virginity (at the ripe age of 18 before my first year of college), i had a sugar daddy offer to pay me for it. i thought he was insane and opted for a sugar daddy much more respectful of my limits and not interested in sex but rather my company.