12 years ago
Who’s Your Daddy?

12 years ago
Who’s Your Daddy?

The Man Behind The Sugar

As a Business man, he’s fueled a record of financial success. The suit, the power lunches, the briefcases, the flow charts…

Yet, whether he’s a retired daddy, workaholic daddy, or trust-fund daddy, he’s come to realize that in today’s world, limited time means limited commitment. He’s got everything a girl could want, and he only wants a girl who doesn’t want too much of him… He’s looking for a Sugar Baby.

Who’s Your Baby?

* she looks just like the girl in your dreams

* she’s got looks, personality, and class — now she wants the money and power

* she’s fun, sweet, considerate, affectionate, and willing to try new things

*she’s curious about life and appreciates someone with an inside edge

The Sugar Daddy loves a good hunt. A mogul in business, he jumps at the chance to flex his muscles of persuasion. He’s revered in the boardroom, notorious amongst his competitors, and will pull out all the stops for the right girl… or group of girls. One Sugar Daddy on the site has a house of live-in Sugar Babies – each of them receiving monthly allowances.

The Sugar Daddy usually starts the arrangement with a date. He might take you on a casual night out, usually because he wants to get a feel for how well you appreciate normal things. Being able to woo you turns him on, so a moderate first date can leave room for bigger things ahead. On the flip side, he might invite you to the Seeking Arrangement Party in Vegas, or maybe he’ll surprise you with an expensive gift. If he succeeds, he’ll discover exactly how to keep you wanting more.

Who’s Your Daddy?

* in a meeting by default

* invites you to runaway for pleasure’s sake

* the man with the envelopes

* a bit of a mystery. You wonder what he’s thinking… He is a man, after all

He knows pleasure is a two-way street, and truth be told, he wants to get you off. But he’ll do so in ways other men can’t. He seeks to romance you, not only with his money, but with his talent. He’s the guy who’s been special all his life, and unlike most of his peers, he made it. Will you allow him to make you his gift?

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  1. tirLMDqUXL says:


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  3. Pamela says:

    Having a respectful, fun, reliable sugar daddy is a mutually beneficial experience for both people involved. I think that the pre-screening process is crucial when selecting the right sugar daddy. A few key elements that I look for when searching for a sugar daddy include meeting someone special that is fit, humorous, handsome, reliable, fun to be with and charismatic. I have met three people in my life of which I would define as a “sugar daddy.” I had a very positive, fun, and mutually beneficial arrangement with each one of them.

  4. BrainyBarbie says:

    I could never imagine asking someone who was just a friend for money! And then to be angry when one said no… that is a little much. It seems to me that some people contact past sugar daddies when things get tight. Much as one of the above did and was disappointed when he only offered spiritual guidance. Granted I am new to the sugarbaby lifestyle… but I don’t think that you should make this your profession, your main source of income. It is so unstable and as a woman you are worth so much more then depending on a man for money!

  5. cre8tor says:

    ddubs: you did the right thing. She’s angry because she’s frustrated and in a tight place. It has nothing to do with you…or shouldn’t. And, I wouldn’t even offer to loan her money. If she puts a price tag on your friendship and feels you owe her, why would she bother to pay you back? If you had a mutually beneficial relationship in the past, she’s blurring the lines here to get what she needs.

  6. BabyisGood says:

    Hi All, I was reading some post really quick. All very interesting. I do however want to comment that business is business. Babies and daddies are here for a reason to benifit each other.As much as we would love Prince to come through the door and save the world. Its never that easy. Being at this for almost 5 years, I have had the MOST special daddies. So speacial, i went through school and now finishing graduate school because of them. Most positive addition to my life. Member tho. there is alot of crap that goes along with it. being the second woman many times in his life,then 3rd to his job, dealing with ridiculas scheduals (his) and having an award winning smile and outfits even when ya don;t feel like it. But on the other hand there is no man drama, no ties, no everyday bull of having a BF.
    Its always worked well. Till NOW

    Ok Ok Ok I am rambling, my sole purpose to posting on here is to put out a warning. Member above? the Good and the bad of SB and SD relationships?

    Uh huh, there is a man on here who I had made an arrangement with. I had fulfilled my end and trusted that he would too. ie. I never got paid what what promiced. I know silly gurl, get your cash first???? Sometime we are too nice. I am 4000 out this month.
    Need a prince now!!!

    Name- Kari
    Place Toronto Ontario
    Profile Number 214600

    carefull ladies

    Love ur sweet sweet baby;-)

    (hope i don;t in trouble for posting this) yikes!

  7. Be_A_Star says:

    Ddubs honestly I agree with you! There has to be some kind of exchange. My only question is would you do this for one of your male friends, give him money to help him out of a jam?
    Personal I have borrowed money from a friend before to get out of a problem situation, but I paid back every cent. The operative word there is ‘borrowed’, if she expects you to just give her the money because your a friend that is just to weird.
    I wonder if she’d do that with all her friends or just the ones with lots of money?
    If she’s said she only wants to be ‘friends’ though and then you’ve tried to offer the money only with the condition of her sleeping with you then I can understand her getting angry and thinking you’re offering an ultimatium.
    If you want to offer her a loan go for it, but you should not give her the money that’s silly, especially when she stated there is not going to be anything between you ever again.

    Good luck with it! Smiles B

  8. lisa says:

    I would think that intimacy would go hand in hand with the arrangement just like it would in any relationship between a couple. I have no problem with intimacy but can’t help but be reluctant when a man pushes it without mention or discussion of a financial arrangement, afterall that is what this site is about.
    I had a wonderful 3 year relationship with a married man that was great and I adored him, of course I’m the kind of person that has to be with someone for a little while to really open up, one has to get over the initial nervous getting to know the other person phase. The only thing that would have made my relationship with this man better is if he would have helped me financially. He could have but never offered. I gave so much to be with him, moved away from family, took on new expenses of living alone so I could see him easier but he didn’t reciprecate. I was in love with him with limits, of course, and just couldn’t get into the finances with him, but if I had the opportunity again, I would have insisted on some kind of compensation for giving a married man my time. Sex and romance are great but they don’t pay the bills and I am a better lover if my practical needs are met first.

  9. ddubs says:

    lisa – sorry to hear about your situation, and I hope things get better soon.

    however, this all leads me to a question for the SB’s.

    should financial assistance be given in an arrangement where the SB insists she just wants to be “friends”?

    I actually just had a former SB contact me…
    She was planning a move, and needed help clearing up old debt while needing some security in getting established in her new place.
    She needed thousands to get on her feet, and since I was a “friend”…thought I’d be happy to help out.
    She also added that she only wanted to be “friends” and that there was nothing really between us (in her opinion) the first go ’round…and, there would be no intimacy, or sex this time.

    I said “no”…and, natually she is angry with me.
    She actually spun it around to make it seem like I was giving an “ultimatum”…that if she were sleeping with me…then, I’d help. That’s not exactly true…but, there needs to be at least something “mutually beneficial”, doesn’t there?

    what do y’all think?

  10. lisa says:

    I even emailed a guy that I met last year on another site. He was very religous and I thought he would be nice because he liked to help people, it was his hobby but after going out to a few nice restaruants it never went anywhere. He did help me last year when I had no groceries and also gave me some money so I could take care of my daughter, but he was distant, didnt’ have time for friendship, made empty promises to help me find a better job, etc. He then fell off the face of the earth but I still emailed him from time to time because I believe in being friends forever, but he is too busy for anything. I sent him an email the other day, and he finally answered back that he would “pray” for me to get through this difficult time and told me to have faith in the lord, however he offered no actual help to me. He just sent me a bunch of bible verses that I guess I will read to my landlord. lol Anyway the guy makes good money, sends his kids to private schools (he is single), and spends money on prison ministries and helping the homeless but doesn’t have time for an old friend.

  11. lisa says:

    Thanks Cre8tor I guess because I had immediate sucess the first time I was on here, nothing big but I had met a man who took me to nice dinners and I did get a decent allowance and didnt’ have to wait. Now it’s nothing but one email after the other, phone calls, excuses why they can’t meet till next month, etc. I need my spirit lifted and to have a little fun, dinner at a nice restaraunt, a little security till I get a job and get a decent paycheck. It’s hard to get cheered up when you can’t afford to even have a 99 cent burger. I am one who works weekends and now I have a couple weekends off, at least, and they are wasted sitting around doing nothing.

  12. cre8tor says:

    Lisa: I’ll take you to dinner. But you need to get yourself to Napa. lol Don’t be sad. I’ve been on and off here for over a year and have only met one man and he made promises that cost me $12,000! Nothing ever remains the same. Things will get better.

  13. lisa says:

    I was feeling optomistic for a while as I had 4 potential sds just come up out of nowhere but they are dropping off. One wanted me drop everything and hop on a plane to visit him (I have heard from this same guy before last time I joined this site) when I asked him to come to see me first, he disappeared. Another one said we could meet for a chat next month, not lunch just a chat, and another one is playing games, and the 4th is one from out of state that I am waiting to see if he can come down. I am feeling down here, I need someone to take me out to dinner and have some conversation. I have free time this week in between job applications, and have no one to spend it with. 🙁

  14. Tiger says:

    First, I would NEVER make the status of being a “sugarbaby” the focus to my financial well being.

    Desperation should be squelched by what is within your reach for you to sustain, everything else is a viable option.

    As for this man. He is playing head games. Power that speaks that selfishly wants to own not only your time but your soul. I would venture to say there are two possible mindsets to his actions and request. He has nothing to support the sugar babies, but can appear to by his actions of visiting several “candidates” while getting what he ultimatly wants (sex and companionship) for free. And/Or…He truly has learned how to be so egocentric that causing hardship to another so that he can swoop into to save them at the price of their freedom is what he gets off on.

    I don’t play those games….and wouldn’t suggest it to anyone with any sense of self preservation.

  15. lisa says:

    ok one potential sd just fell into the “maybe we can get together in mid september” pile. If everyone who has said this to me all kept their word, I wouldn’t have time to do anything but meet all these sds. RRRRRRRRRhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  16. lisa says:

    Alot of the guys I have talked to are not super successful and are not that busy or they wouldn’t be on this site all the time. Odd that they don’t find time to call or write back but have time to be online, only takes a minute to send back an email.
    I have a few potentials at this time but I don’t know where they will go. I have some free time this week and probably next week as I start putting in some job apps at the end of this week and all of next but the hiring process is so slow, application, interview, drug test, back ground check, etc the last job I had took 3 weeks to actually start working. I want to take advantage of this time in between spending some time with family for emotional support and trying to meet some guys.
    I just hope I don’t end up with alot of go nowhere leads this week as there have been times before when I had several sds to meet and nothing materialized. I am ready to get out this week and meet these guys if they can find the time and not put me off till “next month”.

    I am serious about meeting but I would have to say I become a little reluctant when I hear the same excuses over and over or wake up not sure whether we are going to meet or not because he didn’t comfirm.

  17. Goddess says:

    Cre8tor: The guy who wants you to be exclusive to him for several months while he shops around is at the very least unrealistic in his expectations. More likely, there is no actual end date for the interview process and I’m willing to bet he’s “interviewing” more than 2 or 3 women. He’ll string you along until you get tired of waiting and give up, then he’ll replace you with the next woman who falls for the story. I smell a game.

    If it were me, I’d let him know after the first couple of dates that he should know me well enough to make a decision and encourage him to contact me when he was done shopping and ready to enter an arrangement. Then I’d start deciding what shoes to wear on my next date – with someone else. 🙂

    Lisa: The majority of these guys live by schedules, very busy schedules at that. Their days are often planned out in detail from sunup to sundown with and often several weeks out with all sorts of career and social obligations. When they make plans with someone, it’s for a date and time. If he doesn’t suggest a date and time, you should show him that (a) you are serious about meeting and (b) that your time is as valuable as his and ask him for a time or suggest one yourself right away.

    If a man promises to meet you on a certain day, but does not commit to a certain time or at least a time span (like he’ll say “Let’s get together right after my meetings, I should be done between 2pm and 4pm and will call you then”), then you are likely his backup plan.

  18. lisa says:

    I had a situation with a potential sd that we had decided to meet, gave him a number and he said he would call. A couple days passed and no call although he had been online, and we didn’t talk and get to know each other better (I don’t know what he is offering in an arrangement and I don’t want to be too upfront but I hope he doens’t just want someone to take fishing and hang out with) so I accepted it as another guy playing games. Then he emailed me to see what time to meet. I told him I had already made other plans because afterall I had heard nothing from him, and suggested another day and I have not heard back from him. I want to meet him but I have already made other plans.

  19. cre8tor says:

    Hi Lisa: hmmm good question. I would think that most of these sd’s are pretty busy making all the money they want to spend on you. yea? And probably looking at their options. I wouldn’t be too offended if he doesn’t stay in touch every day or even every other day. If you’re available for the first date, go. If not, don’t go. Just be honest and friendly about it. I would hope they would prefer you to have some sort of life. Ya think?

  20. lisa says:

    I have a question about availability. As potential sds we seem to spend alot of time waiting on a sd to be ready to meet. We make ourselves available and nothing happens. Should we always be readily available to meet a potential sd if he contacts us at short notice (like contacting us to meet after not being in touch with us for a day or two) or should we make our selves unavailable because the sd didn’t keep their word and stay in touch.

  21. lisa says:

    I haven’t had any of them to do that, actually I have only talked to one on the phone and he just flaked off. Odd that you talk to someone one here, and they just disappear or you meet, they say they will keep in touch, and they don’t. why don’t they just send an email that they aren’t interested. It’s odd that just because you don’t hit it off or you aren’t interested that you have to be rude and not even acknowledge a message.

  22. HunnyBabe says:

    Hun i’ve always thought that guys who want to meet in a long time(2months or more) are just looking for phone or net sex…so i would say dont even bother hun!!!


    HB xxx

  23. lisa says:

    and the time wasters continue. Another potential sd we had excanged emails and he was going to call to chat and we were going to meet this weekend. Well he has called twice and hung up. I would actually like to meet someone in person instead of play email tag. When I first joined this site I had several emails and actually met 2 guys and had a couple more to meet but couldn’lt get to it because of my busy schedule. NOW all I get is guys wanting to meet, but not any time soon. I would like to meet someone before I become homeless because I won’t be too attractive to sds then. I didn’t go on this site for that reason as I had an ok job that paid enough to survive, thats all but now I am really in serious shape. I don’t have a big education so the only reason I made a decent wage is because I had been at my job for a while, now I will probably end up working at minumum wage or part time. I am a fun loving person who would be happy to meet someone nice and fun , have dinner and see what happens, but everyone wants to meet “sometime in october or november”?? I have a feeling these men will never meet anyone and will probably still be on this site this time next year.

  24. Be_A_Star says:

    Cool thanks for the fill in Cre8tor. It’s nice to see an open mind on here. No offence everyone I just find some of the comments in the blogs very straight laced. Well I can understand why you’d sort of want to keep in his good books till he makes the decision. Just seem a long time to wait or maybe I’m missing the whole story so I won’t comment anymore. Good luck with it.

    Smiles B

  25. lisa says:

    Thanks and I agree with Blondie that the guy is playing games. Don’t waste time with him.

    I can’t collect unemployment because technically they say I abandoned my job. Also i’m in Texas and laws seem to favor the employers. I was told that if I got upset again (aka showed human emotion for being put down) that I was out of there and well I did get a little sad when they called me upstairs and said that I was basically not doing the job (or the job of 3 people which is what I have been doing for months) so I did go home , they told me too and now they say I quit. I talked to my coworker tonight and he said the supervisor for our department is stressing on how to get all the jobs done with only two employees in the department. I told him what happened and I know he will repeat it for me but they won’t change. It’s a corporation and once you are fired, you can’t be rehired. I have a very small check coming but that’s all so i’m in the hole soon. I will look for work soon but since I don’t have any big job skills, I will probably be making minimum wage again and that just won’t pay the bills, especially since I will get behind now because it will take time to get a job and actually get a paycheck and it won’t be enough to cover my bills that will all be do. Sad thing is that after working at this place, I finally had full time but they worked me so hard and it really made me stressed. They were even making me clean the ladies and men’s bathrooms everynight. They got rid of their cleaning people and this is a big national store.

  26. stephan says:

    CCkiss: No, we really haven’t done the sugar mamas justice yet in the blog, but you can be sure that’ll change soon 😀

  27. Blondie says:

    Lisa- you need to contact a labor lawyer pronto! I read your posts in another blog section; some of them work on contigency fees. Also contact your state’s department of labor. You are entitled to unemployment, which is tiny, but it’s something.

    network with everyone you know for a job; check out Craigslist if they have something in your city- check the etc., jobs and try also for focus groups. You can make anywhere from $50 to $250 for a focus group. also go to google and put focus groups in the search box. There are websites that list all the focus groups with links to each one- go and sign up!!

    To the OP- this is someone who’s playing games with you. Keep your eyes open, and send emails to other gentlemen!

  28. CCkiss says:

    Just a question? Are Sugar Mommies ever covered in the blog?

  29. CCkiss says:

    Sounds like he’s asking a bit much. I wonder what he’s thinking.

    In regards to the blog post, that was rather interesting. I couldn’t help but feel, well, intrigued. 🙂 Being wooed can be fun. Especially when someone actually has something to offer.

    To answer the question, I don’t have a Daddy (or Mommy).

  30. lisa says:

    I agree if he isn’t willing to help you financially while he has you on “layaway” you should look elsewhere

  31. bostonTerrier says:

    it would be stupid to remain exclusive to someone who isn’t being exclusive to you as well. you can let him *think* you’re being exclusive to him but until he does, or doesn’t, pick you i’d keep my options open cre8tor.

    even if he is “worth it”, i don’t think letting your financial situation worsen for the next few months is.

  32. Be_A_Star says:

    I agree with the girls and here’s something else, what happens if he decides your not one of the 2 or 3 girls in December. Really do you want to share your SD with other SB anyway. I understand a wife but not other SBs. I would feel like one of his pets. Seem like a game to me, and I recommend not playing. You diserve better.

    Smiles B

  33. sapphire says:

    hi! I agree with lisa… good luck to you!

  34. lisa says:

    Well I would not be exclusive to him if he is not offering some financial assistance, that’s a waste of your time and he wants you to put your search on hold while he does nothing. I know how you feel. My finances are a disaster since I lost my job 2 days ago and all I can find is men that want to meet in a month or two. I already wasted time on one man who I met and we set up a tenetive 2nd meeting in 6 weeks when he was less busy, well he didn’t keep in touch and it has been over 2 months and he has not contacted me but he is STILL on here. I would put him on hold, meet other guys in the meantime afterall you don’t have any arrangement with this guy and you owe him nothing. Think of it in the same way you would a potential employer saying they can’t hire you for several months but you can’t seek another job.