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Sugar Fun


What’s Your Favorite Sugar Daddy Experience?

Be honest. What does the ultimate Sugar Daddy experience involve in your opinion? Food? What kind of play?

There are normal dates in which one courts a potential boyfriend or girlfriend (or reliable booty-call), but most Sugar Daddy dates pack-in as much fun as possible in a relatively small amount of time. Sugar Daddies, being men of considerable significance in their professional industries and communities, often seek exclusive settings for their dates with Sugar Babies.

Sugar Baby Writes:

“It would be nice to hear what other sugar babies and sugar daddies think about the “best” way to have an arrangement date, especially if you haven’t met before. I’ve had 2 dates so far and both were in totally different settings. One was a dinner date, the other was at a fancy hotel nightclub. Personally i favor a less intimate 1st sugar daddy date as to set things off on a fun/sexy/light tone. What do sugar daddies prefer? What do other sugar babies prefer?”

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  1. Advice For Dating A Widower says:


  2. Egor says:

    Hi there, I was browsing Internet searching for sexy young lingerie models and your blog regarding Sugar Daddy Fun came my way. Very interesting! You really do know your thing! I\’m gonna bookmark you and come back in a few to see your new posting! Looking forward to! Cheers!

  3. Deborah says:

    Just a girl in KC. Enjoyed reading the blogs, but want to know more. I want to know…what makes you tick, where you are from, and how long you have been on the net. Me, myself, have a lot to share, but not going into it, unless one is interested. It’s sort of a “Been there”type pf deal. so it will be hard to pull the wool over my eyes. Not bragging, just letting you know…I’m not a Bimbo. Any way…Have a great Day! Debbie

  4. JaneyW says:

    On my second date with my new sd he took me to the nicest spa in the city (the one the mayors wife goes to) for full spa day including a 3 course lunch and couples massage. He gave me an envelope with 4k inside and kissed me on the cheek. We are still seeing each other to this day. He is a total sweetheart!

  5. ALL says:

    Well, if you have Premium membership, Ms. V, you can get better privacy protection, by preventing other people on the site from seeing when you last logged in, and what country you last logged in from. You also get a few other nice features, like being able to see who added you as a favour. You can also send and receive contact info like e-mail addresses, but this probably isn’t very helpful, since the man should be a Premium member anyway.

    Then again, unless you get a man to pay for you, remember you are giving seekingarrangement.com your personal payment info, so make sure you are satisfied with their privacy policy.

  6. Ms. V says:

    he has been M.I.A. hasn’t he??
    how fortunate the one with the deep pockets is- leave the women wanting more, but it’s okay- cuz he’s Big Daddy. um,unh,unh.

    I wonder about men like him…I mean, what exactly are you getting out of your SB relationship, you know- ?? What compels these wealthy men to find a woman to spend their cash on? Half of them cannot be seen in public, so what do they do all day?

    I should be more like him…watch for activity-scope out my next target, find someone who can handle me. Good plan, I have to say SG2.

    Hey ALL: what do women get from Premium membership? …and what does that do for me?

  7. cre8tor says:

    I want to know what happened to SouthernGent2. Didn’t you have a talk coming up with your SB? Hope all is well. Don’t leave us here all by ourselves.

  8. Ms. V says:

    LMMFAO!!!! Maybe Kasper has some sugar in the tank??
    (my fault- had to say it!)

  9. cre8tor says:

    Okay…Serious Skin Care Handbag? What the he** is ithat? Kasper P. Please continue w/your thoughts/questions/comments.

  10. Ms. V says:

    I hear you Lisa. Sprinkling some faery dust for you darling…hoping for the angels to put some more life back in your life.

  11. lisa says:

    the people at my apartments arent’ friendly to me and actually most of them don’t speak english. I try to be a good neighbor but haven’t gotten anywhere with my neighbors. the gangs are young men from el salvador that are not interested in being my friend. they are violent. I doubt the police are going to give me an escort home. It took them half an hour to show up when I got robbed a few feet from front door. It’s a scary situation and I have been ok but seeing this grafitti scares me. Also the area where I have put in applications is in another minicity (my city has alot of little “towns and villages” tucked inside that have their own police forces. the area where the retail stuff is in one of these areas so the police there are not the same as in the area i live it, it’s weird but that’s how this city is set up. If I walk down my street, I see a sign that I am leaving my city and entering another on and if I turn the left, I am reentering my city. Weird but that’s how it is around here and it also makes it a nightmare for bus service as the buses detour around these “little towns”.
    I try to be positive but after having such a wonderful sunday meeting the guy that spoiled me, I am in a slump again and i need another fix. lol

  12. Ms. V says:

    Hey hey Lisa, be easy, baby. I know about the cycle and the hopelessness- that was one of the first things I was able to honestly thank the Lord for- Hope. Screw the gangs. I have always been a firm believer in getting to know everyone that could potentially ruin my life…keep ur enemies closer? No fear, darling, people don’t join a gang, because they’re fierce- they do it, because they’ve got nowhere else to go and not much else to do. Trust me.
    They could turn out to be some of the best friends you never had.
    You can always call the police from work for an escort. Yes ma’am, that IS part of what they get paid for.

    Cre8tor: Alright, I grew up with 3 brothers, I feel as if I have gotten joshed out of a sister! I have to jump into this market- I am no fool, and to miss out now would prove otherwise.
    Nah, I don’t diss the mom job- that’s the main thing I’m good at! I have 3 outstanding little people here! Well, the oldest is supermodel gorgeous, and stubborn like her mama…she had 2 go stay with daddy. I don’t play.
    Split? yeah, in due time. I won’t bring a war until provoked. It’s easier 4 us both if I stay, but shit man-

  13. cre8tor says:

    Ms V….HONEY, I grew up in San Diego!! okay, that’s it. we are related…in some way. Its an up and down market there but a very desirable one. If you can get in now and hold on, you will not be disappointed. As to the ‘mom’ thing. I’m one of those too and think that being a mom has taught me quite a bit about tolerance, patience, nurturing and support. Don’t diss it. Rejoice in it. Much luck on the work prospect. Its always good to get away from the house and be an adult. What’s up with the man of the house? sounds as if you are thinking split?

  14. lisa says:

    I am not into younger guys although it seems the guys I have met have all been younger, I like a man in his 50’s as that has been what I have dated too. I would not put up with a smoker, a heavy drinker, a bragger, or a guy who was crude. I am somewhat confident about my looks but can’t say I get the attention of the men I like , only the trashy ones that hollar at everyone. I get self consious when they talk about breast size or legs as I am small breasted (but I am a small girl) and my legs are best covered up.
    I would love to find a man who could help me move to the apartments down the street in the better neighborhood. I can’t get into them because I am unemployed, don’t make enough money and have horrible credit so I will probably never be able to get another apartment. I am scared because my apartments have always been bad but the last couple days some MS-13 graffiti has been spraypainted on the apartment walls (ms-13 is a horrible central american gang) and there are those people living in my complex. My religious friend (who still hasn’t called me) laughs and says I am being a scardy cat if I mention my concern (of course he lives in a good safe neighborhood so he doesn’t have to worry). I am trying so hard to get back on my feet but now have to worry if I find a job how I will get home late at night safely as I will have to work some nights and have no ride.

  15. Ms. V says:

    Oh Lisa_babygirl. My heart is so totally intent on wishing you well. You mentioned before that you are going for the “…gaunt, supermodel..” look_ correct? So, if you are closer to what you want (than many of us are to our ideal weight;-) )then be proud, honey!

    I would ditch the guy who only wants phone sex- or sex, period (what it sounds like to me)- why are you dissatisfied with your looks? You gotta know you got something going on, eh? STRUT, GIRL_ think about the most exhilirating fantasy you have and when you email, talk to, or meet a potential SD, maybe some of that confident sexiness will shine through!
    (almost guaranteed, don’t know ur fantasies, tho- LMAO!!)

    So, let me ask you Ms. Lisa: If you were without worry, what would you absolutely NOT put up with from a man? If that man was only “for you” to be your counterpart, what would you draw the line at? and WHY?…BECAUSE I’m too damn___________, to be putting up with that shit!…that blank space is what you tell these men, ya digg?

    I am in the San Diego area…still new, have no idea what it’s good for- the Chargers suck. Doesn’t seem to matter much here 🙂 Yeah- again, I want my own house, but then I gotta quench that desire to rent something to other people so that THEY can pay for it all…heh…apartment complex, baby- ooh there’s that tingling sensation, again.

    I understand the reasons people migrate to CA, certainly beautiful, and you can smell the ambition in the air…If I have a choice, I’m gonna ride it out here. Yep, I’m trying to work out a mortgage plan as we type…commitment-phobe, tho. Guess it doesn’t help that I don’t want to sign anything that further ties me to Mr. V…Wish me well on the Dir. of Admin- position, I am so tired of being a housewife. Not cut out for it- still got fire in me!
    Shit, girl- I used to be hott! Now, I am ‘mom’ and ‘hey babe?’ (though, still pretty hott, yeah…I am.)
    Smooches to you my surrogate sis-Cre8tor, no telling what I could have accomplished if I weren’t running to this blog…the world may never know- cuz I’ll be back!

  16. cre8tor says:

    Ms V…where in CA are you? I’m in NorCal up the wine country way. Certainly know what you speak of in the housing market. And it has gone down! But, if you need a place to put money, I have lived here all my life….it goes down but it ALWAYS goes back up if you can hold on. The reason CA will be falling into the ocean is because everyone will be living here soon lol! luv ya baby

  17. lisa says:

    I don’t really really like Texas, I am originally from the North. I have been here most of my life and am stuck here. lol
    Made contact with another potential sd but he talked too much about the physical and kept trying to get me to talk about my body, so I think I will avoid him, I feel uncomfortable talking to someone I haven’t even met and I am already self consious and when a guy starts asking stuff like that it makes me feel uncomfortable and I know he will be disappointed if he meets me because it sounds like he is looking for a supermodel .
    What is a good answer to give someone when they start asking you about what guys like about me when so far I haven’t really met anyone and the ones I have met really didn’t smother me in complliments.

  18. Ms. V says:

    Yes ma’am, I am a Texan. I built my dreams around my life growing up there- not all prairie and tumbleweeds, but a life more manageable- the pace used to be different. I came to Cali a few months ago, and am still experiencing tremors from sticker-shock!
    Forget the SD’s- that’s for fun and a few delicious benefits…think about buying a house for half a million bucks- with a bad foundation, because of all the damned hills, and knowing you can get a safer- similar one in TX for half the cost…infuriating!
    Oh SD of mine…where art thou?

  19. lisa says:

    Ms. V are you from Texas? I wish I lived in California, NY, Vegas or Florida as there seem to be more sds in those areas. Texas guys don’t seem to want to consider someone who lives outside their city, they are not willing to travel to meet.

  20. Ms. V says:

    you have no idea, Gent… I am a Texas gal at heart- just the title you have chosen has prompted me to rib you a little bit 😉

    From Tx., to Florida, to Cali….mama has gotten a bit “lost” along the way.
    A SouthernGent is is an exciting prospect_ even as a blogging buddy! Haven’t run across one of you in quite some time. Bear with me, honey…I’m mostly harmless.

  21. SouthernGent2 says:

    Ms V – am I bringing out your flirty dangerous side?

  22. Dreamer says:

    Tami wrote, “TO DREAMER…..i dont think those kind of SDs exist. Why would you be so against sleeping with an SD?
    Im not being bitchy i promise im just interested to hear your opinion

    Well, there are certainly old men who aren’t really capable of being fully sexually active. The younger ones will certainly want to have sex, but the older ones might not.

    As for why I don’t really want to sleep with an SD: I’m pro-life. I really don’t feel it would be right to have an abortion. Protection is never 100% effective, and NSA means that the SD wouldn’t have any obligation to support a baby I might have. I can’t do anal for medical reasons. Oral would be okay, if I condom were used for protection from STDs. NSA also means you don’t know how many girls he’s slept with how recently, and STDs take time to show up on tests, hence the need for protection. But, most young men wouldn’t be satisfied with protected oral sex. So, in my case, it is better to find an old SD who isn’t capable of an erection, or at least has a low libido and doesn’t need to have sex.

  23. Ms. V says:

    heh…ur alright with me, Gent.

  24. SouthernGent2 says:

    Ms V – I just pull on my pants like any other guy.

  25. Ms. V says:

    oh, you’re killin’ me, SouthernGent! I bet you’re cocky and sexy as all get-out, aren’t you??

  26. SouthernGent2 says:

    Lynette – sometimes you need the opinion of a sd also 😉

  27. Ms. V says:

    Greetings Lynette

  28. cre8tor says:

    If we all had the formula that makes this process easy and not a waste of time, we probably wouldn’t be venting on this blog Lynette! lol. 1) don’t look for Mr. Right on this site. 2) go with the attitude that you will meet interesting people 3) try to have fun no matter what and 3) don’t get discouraged. Sounds daunting? I’ve been here off and on for some time. There are days I want to drown in my wine glass and others I’m dancing on the tables. Don’t be frightened just be realistic. Just do it!

  29. LYNETTE says:


  30. LYNETTE says:

    HI.. LADIES,

  31. Ms. V says:

    WoW Sisi! Thanx 4 the boost, but I’m sorry to hear about the weirdo that wanted a bone to chew on….10-15 lbs BIGGER? that’s bordering on dangerous, eh? maybe he’s trying to get out of paying allowance: death by starvation! haha.

    I am definitely a wine and dessert kind of gal, sisi. Right on!

  32. Sisi says:

    ohhh. im sayin gthat becuase a gentleman on this site livign in california was looking for 2 bisexual ladies that were wiling to co-live with him, he would help them financially and set them up with careers. he INTERVIEWED me on the phone bout every last detail about my looks even after he had seen 3 full body pictures. he preety much said im sorry you may be a good 10- 15 lbs bigger than i like. im a frickin size 4. a damn good looking one too.

  33. Sisi says:

    ANY OF YOU LADIES HAVE found a great S.D but have to sexual chemistry. preety much just “faking” thru all your sex sessions beause his SUCH a great provider and freind?

    MS V- ive come across a few mens that are loing for a woman with curves, a woman that can have a cheesecake for dessert and allow her self a glass of wine to go with her steak.
    Although most of us are attractive , not all of us are size zero victoria secret models.I on the other hand am a fitness girl with firm muscle and a god blessed firm big bum. MORE MENS NEED to look at womens that actually take care of them selves and go to the gym but stil ahve a meal other than th girls that throw up their meals or simply dont eat.

  34. Ms. V says:

    Earth-shattering, fiery sex is part of what I am looking for! Yeah, I want the cash flow, but my goodness- are there SD’s on here that really are okay with financing another life full of no sex?

    Isn’t that what wives are for? I am a wife, and I thought it was going to be me that changed after awhile…nope. I’m still fly. I’m still cool. And dammit, I want to be spoiled rotten in EVERY way. I have had children, but not one of them was small enough to find their way out of the tunnel…Cesareans abound!
    heck, that’s part of what I want an arrangement for! If a lingerie spree comes with it, afterwards?? SOMEBODY’S going to be admiring my new abs, honey!

    My stomach isn’t even all that bad, but I’m too little to have these huge boobs, all this ass, and a mean strut- but the guts don’t match.

    Maybe I should invest a few minutes in a better search, but have you guys come across and brown-skinned men on this site? They seem to be more appreciative of the curve of a womans body.
    I just have no desire to become the flattened version of who i am now…that would be zero fun…why would I want to watch THAT on a home movie?
    I have read ads for 2 black men, and a few italian or greek, but not anything too interesting. I have to be choosy, even though I am asking a lot. I wonder if anyone can meet the requests I present…hmm

  35. Tami says:

    TO DREAMER…..i dont think those kind of SDs exist. Why would you be so against sleeping with an SD?
    Im not being bitchy i promise im just interested to hear your opinion

  36. nickylee says:

    hi girls, im new to all this and all ur adventures sound amazing i just hope i’m as lucky as u girls! going into this experince i was a little worried and was thinking this couldnt be real but after reading about the fun dates you have all had now i know exactly what i want! Hopefully i will be writing about my dates next time thanks so much

  37. Ms. V says:

    See? That is what I’m talking about!! I don’t know if I could do the extreme travel thing on such short notice- without a nanny, but to be the focus of a gentlemans’ attention? Oh yeah, that I can digg. I am not big on clothes shopping, because I am very petite with actual hips/breasts/behind- hee hee…hard to shop for all of that, but what if I found a SD that would allow for an upscale shopping excursion with custom tailoring? Ooh, the juices are a flowing!

    Things would be so much easier if they really did want what they say they want from you. I know what I want, so when he picks that item off the list (yes, sir there IS a list 😉 ), then he can name his price. Or vice versa…

    Where is he darn it?! I want to smile those genuine smiles, too! I want to strut and pop tags off of clothes for each meal, too! And oh my goodness- have you felt the vibration of the brand new Cadillac? Well, baby that couldn’t possibly match MY vibration after having one signed over to me, custom coordinated to match my skin and eyes (and shoes! don’t forget the shoes!).

    Dreams. Intentions. Whatever…it’s out there, now. Bring it to mama.

  38. Sisi says:

    I Have to say the best date was:

    A nice, wise handsome gentleman came to pick me up on a friday evening around 5pm. We had already discussed the option of me spending the night prior to meeting. I had let him know that if i felt comfortable and safe (after exchanging full names etc…) I would consider the option. Now keep inmid we had been in contact for about 3 weeks speaking an average of twice a week over the phone.

    he shows up with a TEDDY BEAR (instead of flowers) and a charm bracelet. takes me to RAULPH LAUREN to pick up a dress for the evening. We agree on appys. 2 hrs into meetin he asks me if id like to spend the night, asks if i trust him. I unswer yes. 30minutes later, Waiting outside a limo and tickets he had ALREADY booked for us to fly out for a day to MONTREAL. I liked the low key vibe. he was a gentleman. tock great care of me. this relationship lasted about 6 month. Things ended on my terms because of other priorities I had to attend to. But i enjoyed him. spontaneous and full of life. He didnt brag aout what he had instead he showed me.

    The best thing is everything he did revolved around me, he listened when i talked.

  39. Blondiegirl says:

    Wow these experiences sound great. hopefully i will get to do things only half as fun soon lol
    I love hearing about other sugar baby experiences

  40. JetSetBaby says:

    My previous SD was a big time high roller so we always met in Vegas or another high end casino town. He’d usually gamble about 10 hours a day or more. So he’d fly my girlfriends out with me and we’d get to shop Caesar’s all day or the Bellagio. He’d always surprise me with a new Gucci or Chanel handbag or other nice gift when i’d meet him. I’d shop all day then wear one of my sexy new outfits for him to dinner. he knew i was a big girly girl so he’d have us spend at least one day at the spa and he’d hire a makeup artist to come do our makeup for our nights out at the clubs! He just loved spoiling me and seeing my excitement in being a spoiled little brat! I think my favorite trip was when we went to Barona casino after a weekend at the Palms, we got picked up in the private jet and went to San Diego. I think he noticed i got a little worn out from gambling and though he wasn’t a shopper, he took me into town and went shopping with me. He even rented me a Ferrari to drive for the day. I seriously didn’t even care so much for the shopping as i had so much fun driving that car around all day! I’d never been in and out of a high end mall faster! haha. Maybe that was his plan so he wouldn’t have to be bored with shopping! We had such a blast. That was just one of our many excursions, but all were equally as memorable!

  41. lisa says:

    Busty bunny that sounds like the ultimate sd.

  42. Busty Bunny says:

    I have to say I have been a sugar baby for a very long time.I grew up in Las Vegas Nevada and one day out in the mall I met a really nice man 61 in years. It started out with helping me pick out eyeshadows at a Mac Cosmetic store after a brife conversation of what I liked we went to one of my favorit stores and he bought me a few hot outfits complet. with shoes and bags to match. I remember feeling like it was Christmas or my Birthday. After walking around holding a bunch of bags I asked him why he did it and what was he expecting??? To my relife he wasn´t looking for an escort or lady of the night. He said there is more joy in giving then reciving.He commented to see a beautiful girl like my self so over joyed with my gifts and glowing with excitement is how a true women should feel when shopping in a mall.He invited me to dinner at a very posh hotel we played black jack and had a few drinks then we exchanged numbers and went our ways. I didn´t speak to him until a bout a year later. Now we see eachother 1 or twice every three months.When I know he´s coming to town I always am so stoked with excitement because I know where going to have fun,good conversation and I get awsome gifts.

  43. Sweetbaby says:

    The best date I ever had was my third date with my guy. He was really in the mood to show off and decided to take me out on one of his boats. He has two and I wondered why we took out the smaller one but I realised it was so that I could drive it with much ease! It was the greatest experince I had and we still do random things like that. We spent the day having a lovely picnic meal on the boat and sailing around just having fun. We even thought of sailing to France, but it wasn’t planned so put on hold for a bit.

    I think that was the day I decided that we would suit very well.

  44. Dreamer says:

    Well, I’ve yet to find the right sugar daddy, but I guess my ideal date would be a much older man, maybe 60, with a low sex drive, but lots of life experience to share. He’d fly over and take me out to dinner somewhere local, and regale me with funny stories about his success in the insurance industry, or else his travels around the world. He’d give me a nice gift to let me know he was serious, and once I trusted him, he’d fly me over to him, find a place for me in his company, and mentor me. Sure, he’d want to see me in a bathing suit, or maybe even strip completely, and cuddle some, but he’d be past the point in his life where he could have sex. He’d be single, maybe a widower, or maybe a lifelong bachelor. He’d value my intelligence, and the mentorship would be a real one, where he taught me how to be successful, not just a cover to explain why he is paying me.

  45. lisa says:

    He wasn’t really an official sd but he was a guy I had a relationship with for a few months who was quite generous. We had met a few months earlier but I was still having an affair with another man so I wasn’t really ready to be with someone else. We kept in touch and he asked me to dinner a few months later.
    I had felt down all day, it was raining and just one of those days that drag and are boring. Well my evening was much better. He picked me up in his Mercedes and we went for a nice meal (nothing fancy, just Chilis, but I love their food) and we had some nice conversation. Afterwards he took me to the mall and let me pick out whatever I wanted at Victoria’s secret and then he bought me some perfume that I had been wanting. We went to his apartment and had some wine and made out a little (I didnt sleep with him that night) and it was quite pleasant. We dated for a few months and he brought a lot of joy to me during a difficult time (last Christmas) when I had some family problems and although I spent Christmas alone (he was out of town with his family, not married, just his grown kids) but he kept in touch and took me out the day after Christmas. The relationship started in the late fall when the weather was getting colder and ended in early spring. There was just a special feeling in the air at that time as the experience came with the winter and left with the spring, it’s a memory I will always reflect on and the special way he made me feel. To add to the fact that he was the first guy I had actually dated, you know a real date, where the guy buys dinner and treats you nice. I always seem to find cheapskates who were cheap with their money and their time so actually this was my first real “date” as my ex husband and I didn’t date, our marriage was kind of arranged.