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Three-Day Staycation


Sugar Daddy Labor Day Pomp: In & Out

It’s a 3-day weekend (if you’re lucky), and now might be the perfect time for you to turn your plans into ACTION by meeting with a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby in person. You’ve got a lot of choices, if you dare. But if you’re just yearning for a ‘staycation’, why not sprinkle some sugar on the weekend by hosting a kinky affair? Celebrate the end of summer by releasing your inner hedonist. For all of you arrangement virgins (shot out to Ms. V), keep the faith, and remember: “Be, aggressive, be, be, aggressive…” ;o) -Stephan Comments ON

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  1. Zavier Mooney says:

    Thanks for the tip!!!

  2. Prince Bray says:

    Thanks for the tip!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    We’ll have to Starbucks one day luvly!! Iced raspberry mochas? Green tea Frap? on me.
    yes SA Family- I AM Anonymous. SG2???

  4. luvlybaybee says:

    By the way Ms. V – I am a San Diegan live in beautiful Carlsbad..

  5. luvlybaybee says:

    I have just recently been inquiring this whole type of relationship. Where have I been? I have always mentioned getting a SD as a joke, but had no idea about these websites..Anyhow, you all have been a lot of help on what to look out for.. I want to go to the Vegas Party as well..sounds like sooo much fun!!

  6. AlaskanQT says:

    I can’t wait to get details. I want to go very much πŸ™‚

  7. Ms. V says:

    I want to go.

  8. Berri says:

    Stephan: THANKS! You rock! I will send the info to you…let’s hope he is smarter than he initially seems…lol. Remind me to pour some sugar back on you at the party b/c I WILL be there~ The Sugar Party! which, btw, I think SA should give the SD’s sugar cubed shaped necklaces (like Mardi graw beads) to give away and the SB at the end of the nite that has the most wins something…maybe a years membership. Plus, there are a million other ways to have Sd’s and Sb’s mix, as a way to make everyone feel comfortable and find out info about each other. In any event, it will be a fantastic time and I cannot wait!

  9. stephan says:

    Berri: I poured some sugar for you on the “Excuses” post, and the party is open to Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies, with tickets going on sale as soon as next week! We’re going to make it easy for sugar daddies to sponsor a sugar baby to go to the party – so any sugar baby who wants to go can simply check a box on their profile, and then all the sugar daddies will see that you want to go to the party πŸ™‚

  10. Ms. V says:

    aww- Thanks Berri! Ur awesome πŸ™‚

  11. Berri says:

    Ms V~ I have watched you too long girl! You are a treasure so, hell no! you have to stay!

    Stephan~ Is everyone invited to the Vegas party? It HAS to be there. Perfect venue. I will leave my thoughts at the Sugar Party site. Any, btw, I left you a question on the Excuses Blog. Help me please! I’m not feelin the love from you…Pour some sugar on me!

  12. nycblondiebaby says:

    Thanks Kim! He sounds like fun!

  13. kim says:

    You go Girl!

  14. kim says:

    I am happy for you!
    Send the next one my way! πŸ™‚

  15. nycblondiebaby says:

    Hey girls!! Guess what?! I had my first phone conversation today, and the guys sounded great, we laughed a lot.

  16. nycblondiebaby says:

    SugarHunny- since I changed my profile, I’ve got more men sniffing at me then a dog in heat. That said, I’m still at the initial email stage and have yet to get a face to face.

    It’s hard to come up with a correct amount for an allowance; you don’t want to go to high or too low.

    I’m hoping someone weighs in with good advice here, I’m curious too!

  17. nycblondiebaby says:

    I had to rearrange my name, still can’t understand why I couldn’t get orig password, and they say modern technology is so helpful. Ha I tell you, ha!

  18. SugarHunny says:

    Hell to the Ya Ms. V. Preach it sista πŸ™‚ LOL So ladies (and possilby gents…) I am totally new to the whole blogging thing. ANyhoo! I’ve been on this site for a about a month and I think I have landed my ultimate sugar daddy. He seems totally legit and is also totally super hot. Im asking for a monthly allowance (in addition to all the outings and etc etc of course) But I don’t know if I’m asking too much. Can any of you ladies share what you would accept as a monthly allowance..better yet, what you are actually getting?

  19. Ms. V says:

    Right on, Sugarhunny!!!
    Anyone watch comicview?

    chick named smallfry was telling a story- “I was with this guy, getting physical, and he said he wanted me to go “downtown”. I said, downtown, huh…so, I started kissing my way down his chest and stomach, and when I got “downtown”, I just looked. I was lookin’ and examining like maybe there was something I was interested in. He said: what you doin?. I said: LOOKING, that’s whatcha do when you get sent downtown without no money, LOOK.”

    I’m just puttin it out there, because it fits the vibe right now. you know that sh** was funny!

  20. blondiebabynyc says:

    waaaahhh, waaaaah, waah…lol πŸ™‚

  21. stephan says:

    blondiebabynyc: hey there — i told ya all i know… it’s ok… breath

  22. blondiebabynyc says:

    why can’t i just get my orig password????

  23. Stephan says:

    blondiebabynyc: yeah… that’s because you used it already, it won’t let 2 people use the same screen name (even if it’s really the same person, the system won’t know the difference), but I’m sure you can come up with something πŸ™‚

  24. blondiebabynyc says:

    Stephan- won’t let me register with blondiebabynyc, it let me the first time, but now no.

  25. blondiebabynyc says:

    Stephan, I tried to re-register and was told that the user name was taken, the second time I tried it. I’ll try again. I’m using gmail, which is pretty good about these things.

  26. stephan says:

    blondiebabynyc: if you registered with the blog, you should receive an email right away… it might be an issue with where it went, or something like you not entering the exact email correctly, who knows… if you still want to register and you haven’t received it, just register again (takes like 30 seconds) if you want, and try using an email address other than Yahoo … they block lot’s of automated emails

  27. lisa says:

    Well said sugarHunny as it seems so many guys want to sample the goods or are ready to get physical but want to set aside the financial part of it for weeks or months. They talk about wanting to have passionate encounters and their needs but it seems they want you to get involved with them as if you were their girlfriend and then maybe they will spoil you if they feel things are working right but they want to make sure.
    I would say lets just hang out for a few weeks and talk and get to know each other and we can discuss what we expect from each other but not act on it till we are sure.

  28. SugarHunny says:

    AlaskanQt, I am totally with you. What pisses me off the most is when SD write in their profiles how they don’t write checks in the first few weeks of hanging out…they want to feel it out with a possible spoiling if it works out. How about I just TALk about what we would do untill you start spoiling. Jeez.

  29. AlaskanQT says:

    LMAO I think I just found another flaw! I’m looking for mutually benneficial… not somone who wants to play with my boobs and needs “lots of breast play” Welcome to my blocked user list kind sir

    (sorry feeing a little B!%$y today)

  30. blondiebabynyc says:

    Stephan -it’s now 3:41 and still nada!

  31. blondiebabynyc says:

    now 2:06 pm EST, and still nothing. WAAAAHHH!

  32. AlaskanQT says:

    blondiebabynyc: Mine went to my spam folder

  33. blondiebabynyc says:

    Hey Stephan- I just registered and haven’t gotten my password yet- does it take a long time to get one??

  34. stephan says:

    blondiebabynyc: NYC and Cali are both places sure to draw a nice sugar daddy/ sugar baby crowd… The premier party will be in Las Vegas (hint)…

    About the little heads: register with the blog (on the mainpaige), and then you’ll see all of the different options you have as a registered member (may include adding your picture to the side of your comments).

    The new SUGAR PARTY website will be up shortly — it will have a place for people to suggest ideas for new gatherings, events and locations πŸ˜€

  35. blondiebabynyc says:

    Any NY gals want to get together, raise your hands!

  36. blondiebabynyc says:

    Stephan- Vegas sounds delightful, but why not also have one in NYC and Cali????
    Oh and what are the little heads next to our posts going to do??

  37. stephan says:

    Ms. V: I think your gonna like the way things are shaping up with the event… I love the discreet aspects of the party, like the profile or nicknames being labeled on all guests (in a tasteful way) to add to the NSA feel of the party.

    It’s gonna be a blast!!! Feel free to suggest any activities or ‘twists’ you have in mind for the party.

  38. Ms. V says:

    OOh Stephan! You have just lit my fire, love.
    I think the SB’s and SD’s should all wear numbers or the names of their “alter-ego” on a name-tag [think: He-Man or Elastagirl πŸ˜‰ ]…then as the night progresses everyone can drop little envelopes in a SD or SB bowl to be distributed at the end of the night to each member…no expectations, no pressure- if someone wants to go further and give contact information, or even just give a compliment- it will be put in the bowl. Everyone can have a good time and just let their real selves hang out.

    I think it should be all about seeing what is really out there and maybe even developing these Sugar-Personna’s we are hanging on to so tightly. i’m already impatient and I promise you, Stephan, if it weren’t for this fantastic blog family, I would have many less log-ins than I do now. [cheese]

    What’s the guidebook all about?

  39. stephan says:

    All: Announcements for a SD/SB Party (Las Vegas 2008) and a Sugar Daddy Dating Guidebook will be made VERY SOON… I promise to keep you all posted!

    I wonder what kinds of things you think should happen at a sugar daddy party/mixer/gathering/event/affair etc?

  40. Dallas says:

    I think this is an excellent idea!!!!! Aside from the blogs on this website, there are very few resources to help SBs or potential SBs….

  41. dreamer says:

    who could we talk to about setting something up? I think we could learn so much from each other

  42. Ms. V says:

    Get it GRRRRRL!! Girl take these 2 happy occurrences as signs that you are worthy and able to open up good possibilities 4 urself!
    People are making nice money everyday in all kinds of ways…THINK: “why NOT me??”
    I am so glad you were able to rest for a few minutes in your heart, today.
    It will get greater later.
    YAY 4 Sunshine!!!

    ALL: of course it’s a good idea to have SB meet-ups, silly! Do you all realize that the reason the enemy has sown hatred in the hearts of women- toward each other- is, because the power of an unbreakable chain of women is unstoppable! Even just a few of us could put some cause or sector of the world on it’s knees…no sexual connotation… as long as we are serial “haters” and complainers- we are weak, but let us join together…on even 1 thing- ladies, it wouldn’t even be funny what we could do.

  43. lisa says:

    I really don’t know. I have only had 2 and one was local and I seen him weekly for about a month, this one lives out of state and comes into town every 2 months or so. He doesn’t care if I have another sd. I don’t see him as a steady sd for allowance but rather than one for an occasional shopping trip every couple months. It doesn’t take up much of my time, a few hours every 2 months or so and even if I don’t see him again, it was a good experience and I try to look at these sd situations as individual experiences and try to get the most of of it. Still looking for a regular sd that lives in my city that will give me a regular allowance but when I get a chance to do some shopping, I’ll do it.

    I am still waiting on my other ‘friend” to call me and give me some assistance. He is very religious and not interested in anything with any woman so it just help with no exepctations. He is not good at keeping promises and has a way of making you wait till the last minute to help but he is one of my only helplines since most of my friends are in the same situation I’m in and can’t really help. I am trying to find me a sd to meet this week but it seems there are no new members in my area, just the same old members that have been on for months.

  44. blondiebabynyc says:

    Lisa, I’m so glad you had some sunshine enter your life after all the storms you’ve had.

    What you wrote about finding another SD in addition to the long distance one, I was wondering if many SB’s have a long distance SD and a local SD? If so, how does it work? How do you balance it all out? How does the allowance etc., work??

  45. lisa says:

    all kinds of stuff I want. The job thing isn’t great but at least it’s my first bite since I started looking. I also contacted a man I meant a year back who is active in church and he did help me financially a little last year (not a sugardaddy as he is a salesman and lets his sales slip when he is busy doing the lord’s work, he lost 4 big sales in the year that I knew him and although inhis mid 50’s he has 2 kids under 1o that get all of his money from childsupport and going to private 800 a month each school) he wrote me back and said he would call but it will probably be days if he ever does call. I need help now because my fridge is empty and my buspass has a low balance. He rescued me twice last year but it almost unresponsive now. I am not going to mention the job interview to him yet because he will get excited and then not help me but even with a job , you don’t get paid for weeks and that will have to go to rent. Anyway I had a great day today and hope for a good week. No other sd meetings this week, have a couple potential for mid month but haven’t heard from either lately.

  46. lisa says:

    Yes it was nice. I got to eat at a favorite restaurant. I can’t even afford mcdonalds nowdays. I got some things I really wanted (I preshopped the day before so I would know what i wanted to get as I sometimes go blank when I’m out shopping although when I’m brousing i find all kinds of stuff I

  47. sweetbaby says:

    It sounds like you have had a great Labour day weekend. A possible job interview and shopping trip sounds great to me!

    I want to have an sb meet up. Anyone in England?

  48. lisa says:

    Hi I’m back from my meeting with a potential sd. Had a great time , it was just too short but he had to be going back to the airport and fly home tonight to be with his family for labor day. He is divorced and has a child.
    He was very nice and very gentlemanly, actually somewhat shy. I did some shopping (I didn’t go overboard but I picked up several things I have wanted for quite awhile along with some new fall clothes). It was fun going to all he stores and getting stuff I normally couldn’t afford.
    We had a nice casual dinner and talked. It was the most comfortable date I have ever had with anyone and there was no pressure from him, nothing physical occured. I wish I could have spent more time with him but afterall I know this to be a every couple of months kind of thing with shopping as my compensation, but it was very nice and although I am still in a hole financially, I had a great time today. He said he would contact me next time he was in town. So I continue to look for a regular sd to go along with this occasional one. On another subject I did get a call to set up a job interview. I missed the call so I will call her tomorrow or tuesday. It won’t be much probably part time at minimum wage but it’s a start and if I could get me a regular sd I would be ok.
    All in all after a couple months of nothing but emails and disappearing daddies, I had a wonderful afternoon. πŸ™‚ Lightning has struck twice for me on SA.

  49. blondiebabynyc says:

    Miss V I think you might have started something! We should have SB meet up groups in every state!
    Who’s in NYC and wants to get together to swap advice, stories and drink??

  50. Ms. V says:

    Right on, Dreamer! A private jet and all of us SB’s have the potential to make one helluv an entrance, dontchathink? lol!
    Well, Lisa? I have been waiting all weekend to hear about Sunday- dish, already!!!
    QT, you bubble-burster, you! We NEED to believe that someone is existing in a fabulous SB lifestyle πŸ˜‰ well, atleast you get the experience. I will live vicariously through you, for now heh…

    great weekend 2 all

  51. dreamer says:

    hey everyone! I havent written yet but i have read every blog and every comment so far to learn all i can. I feel like you are all like my distant SA family. Be careful about being impulsive it can be dangerous. Qt: i love your stories, like everyone else. Lisa: i just think you are going thru a slump. You learn the most during these times. Learn from your mistakes but have a good time at the same time. V: I wished I lived closer so we could hang out. Maybe some of the site staff and some sd’s could get together and organize a mixer of some sort. Have to go to work for now but will write more later. πŸ™‚

  52. sweetbaby says:

    I think I was too impulsive meeting my sd. I had been getting the crappy same old copied messages by other sd’s and then had a bit of a dry spell on the site. He was a new premium member. He sent me a mail on this site and I was having a seriously impulsive day so said we might as well meet up then lol!

    I think I got lucky, because he could have been a nutjob! However, he was what he said he was, gives a good allowance and is so much fun to spend time with.

    I guess it show’s that in some situations, when something in you is telling you to go for what you want, you should just do it!

  53. lisa says:

    just me I get the same thing. However I did find on sd and although it was very shortlived, very little was asked of me and very little of my time taken but I did a nice allowance that brought me alot of enjoyment at the mall. I am back to searching myself with 3 potential sds, one which I am finally going to meet tomorrow after over a month of chatting (he lives out of state and although I try to find someone in my city, it seems the only ones that respond or write me are out of town or out of state and this usually doesn’t turn into anything.

    I have a date tomorrow for shopping and dinner so we will se what happens. Hang in there, they might be few and in between but at least you know when you meet one, you will get more than a cup of coffee.

  54. AlaskanQT says:

    just me: this site, just like any other dating site, takes a lot of weeding through. The best advise I can give you s to hang in there because the rewards are wonderful πŸ™‚

  55. just me says:

    Don’t know about anyone else hee..but I find lots of chat, lots of promises and lots of requests for more pics.. but really..getting old..fast.. just me??

  56. AlaskanQT says:

    Mrs V, I am not in San Diego πŸ™ But I often feel the same way.

    I want you guys to understand something… No one I have met from this site has turned into an acctualy arrangement. Either I have turned down the terms or it’s just not at that point yet. πŸ™‚ I think ya’ll werer thinking I have this fantastic llife. I tell you guys my stories to help you keep the faith that nice things do happen even still in the searching process. The gentleman who bought my spa day even is someone I was SUPPOSED to meet for a firsttime this weekend. We have talked on the phone mulitiple times but still haven’t met πŸ™‚ He’s nice… and it’s funny because his net worth and income is acctually on the lower end compared to what I see on this site mostly πŸ™‚

    Now as far as a Staycation. I have known gentlemen to host these. An old friend (sd that I met in a very strange venue) He woudl do it when he didn’t quite have enough time to make it worth giong away but had some time off. He flew me and a couple of gf’s to Chicago and would have a lot of business associates there. I was his “personal assistant” that took care of things with his florida clietel… lol I loved my title πŸ™‚ They can often be very nice and a low pressure way to chill out. He said he liked it because we weren’t in a stuffy area and I usually let loose becuase I had g/fs there to hang with too πŸ™‚

  57. Ms. V says:

    Aww, thanks Stephan- I swear I am feeling more special by the day (no, not short-bus special…)
    Well, I know it ain’t “holiday-ish, but I had plans to have a “get-together” in October for my birthday…none of my out-of town friends have the cash flow to fly out, and I am new to Cali, so I am all alone…hubby is gonna be away on biz when the big day hits. Mayhap that some of my Sugar Baby Ladies would like to have a Ladies Day away?
    My house is not HUGE, but certainly big enough to accomodate a few- I need a friend, dammit!
    My neighbors aren’t the “stop-n-chat” type, more like the drive-by and wave kind…and the homeowners assoc. is the biggest gang since the bloods and crips, so a block party will never happen lol! I swear, I may be the only one who thinks I’m funny, but I crack myself up!!!
    Any San Diegans here?

  58. lisa says:

    unfortunately labor day which honors workers, has turned into nothing but a commercial holiday for which those who actually do physical work usually end up working hard. Working in retail, labor day was a day that really stressed me out as I had to work rather than enjoy the holiday.

    I must have a staycation every holiday. lol When I’m not working on a holiday I am stuck at home.

  59. sweetbaby says:

    Ahhh! Thank you ever so much, I’ve never heard of it before. Now I bet I sound like an idiot to all the blog readers.

  60. blondiebabynyc says:

    staycation is a vacation (holiday) where you stay home and do things as opposed to going away.
    Labor Day is an American Holiday, originally meant to honor labor unions et al, and is now used to mark the end of summer. Think Bank Holiday. Does this help?

  61. sweetbaby says:

    Also what is Labour day?

  62. sweetbaby says:

    Ok this might be the bimbo in me but what is a staycation?