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What Are Your Flaws?


Sugar Baby Ms. V Writes:

Maybe we should post a list of our flaws to assure these sugar daddies that we are real and that just because we happen to be lovely to look at and play with, it is still okay to approach us with honesty and to be themselves.

Shit, girl I am nervous everytime I log in!

I get approached everywhere I go- even with my children in tow, and I am polite about turning them away, I am still personable and approachable…women smack their men upside the back of the head for staring too hard, and I have no “real” friends (except a lesbian)but, no matter the judgement due to appearance or whatever- I am still the coolest female I know 😉
Let’s see (I have a feeling I will be all alone on this, but oh well…I’m good):

Veronica’s Flaws:

I leave my hair products on the countertops (in all 3 bathrooms!)
I have a “pooch”- from 3 kids, yep 3.
I am not a doormat
I own clothes with the tags still on them
I am built like a woman and I plan on staying that way
I dye my hair with the seasons, but I am still a partial blonde, no matter how dark I go..
I have a low tolerance for stupid shit
I am not good at playing pretend- it takes too much work
I am actively hunting down a Green Amethyst ensemble from Whitehall Jewelers…it is consuming me at this time (once acquired, a new obsession will surely take its’ place)
I love specialty chocolates and desserts
I go to Canada just for the Steak
I waste a lot of gasoline
I leave my shoes lying around the house
I am demanding- even on a budget
I am an adrenaline junkie
I don’t like talking on the phone
I think too much
I read too much
I am a night owl & 5hr energy drink fiend
I have braces, so my head game is hurt…don’t know? don’t ask 😉
I believe in the “energy” of things, and its’ power
I am a good mom, so YOU might get stuck out at some point
I play my music loud enough to vibrate your soul
I smoke Newports
I don’t do nightclubs
I don’t like to be kept waiting or guessing…I will delete you rather than wait too long
I buy bootlegg movies
I love flea markets and thrift stores- just like looking through other people’s junk
I am tan, but my non-tan areas are ridiculously white
I don’t wax anything except my eyebrows
I will not fake the big O for you…but, maybe for me 😉
I have 36F boobs…lingerie is expensive
I can see you

k, and for the final flaw:… I have so many more flaws than this.

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  1. Gonzalo Estevez says:

    Hi there. I am going to check it, since I saw a comment in another site regarding \”What Are Your Flaws?\”. Someone related to specialty chocolate companies. Thanks anyway.

  2. Ms. V says:

    hmm. good point, Lisa- but DAMN quit raining all over the place, ma.

  3. lisa says:

    I still think that Jimbo is the guy that contacted me a couple times wanting me to just fly over to meet him. I rechecked the profile and he is in the same state (CA) that the one on here was from. If he is then he has been on here at least several months so I’m not sure what the situation is.
    I am a little weary of the sds that are great catches but aren’t grabbed up immediately. we ladies outnumber the men on her so there aren’t enough to go around but the guys have plenty to choose from.

  4. cre8tor says:

    I seem to remember someone named Jimbo here. Where oh where did he go? Did we all scare you? Too busy fielding SB’s after we discovered you? Come back

  5. Ms Wilde says:

    With a few exceptions you are just like me along with being the coolest chick I know besides my two best friends..

  6. Ms. V says:

    Tx, Miss, Ga, Fl….you ladies are missing out on a down-south boss man.
    They are so possessive (did I spell that right?) and sexy with the way they stare at you like you are the last thing they’ll ever eat- all gripping thighs and slow, deep sex up close with hair clenching, and half-assed smiles….grrrr. ooh- shit, I am remembering stuff again.

    I swear if it weren’t for the pulled-back hairstyles, the modest attire, and the neighborhood…..I won’t finish that thought.

  7. cre8tor says:

    I don’t know about that NY thing. I’ve known something different than atrocious

  8. kiki says:

    I’m looking pretty good, considering the “flaw list’s” that are posted up here……we need some more male input, all these new york sugar daddies are atrocious

  9. Ms Poet says:

    JIMBO- Sign me up!! where have you been this whole time?! haha

  10. bizzybee says:

    My Flaws
    I do not drive.I dont even have my license
    I DO NOT DIET- EVER! I eat A lot!
    I have good genes. Despite what I eat I never weight more that 120. [I’m 5’2″].I would love to weight more. At least 130. But I cant keep weight on
    I am constiently early by thirty minutes sometimes
    I have a low tolerance for stupid shit
    I love chocolates and desserts
    I leave my shoes lying around the house
    I don’t like talking on the phone
    I think too much
    I read too much
    I love spending money too much
    I am a night owl & a earlybird- I rarely sleep over 6 hours
    I don’t wax anything except my eyebrows
    I often freeze up when I meet new people till I get to know them
    I have no patience for lines and stupid people
    I get over emotional over things that shouldn’t even bother me
    I am too hard on myself
    I am so stubborn
    I think I am always right…. even when I’m not

  11. rnrhoney says:

    hmmmmm………..1) i can be a ditzy blond at times, even tho I’m a redhead
    2) too idealistic
    3) internet addict
    4) VS junkie
    5) mmmm like the junk food!
    5) have a thing for strawberry dacquirris(SP)
    6) LOVE the Devil Rays, and I am wayyy too emotional about my baseball
    7) a big show-off! LOL


  12. Lainie says:

    this is a really fun topic (in my eyes) – so heres them flaws of mine:

    1. can be too good-natured (or lets say naive…but definitely working on this one!)
    2. my mind goes wool-gathering when im supposed to listen
    3. i have ridiculously high standards
    4. can be a lazy layabout
    5. huge party-animal
    6. love spending money too much
    7. ought to study much much more

    apart from that im super sweet 😉


  13. AlaskanQT says:

    lmao EIEIO 🙂 he went to sleep

  14. Ms. V says:

    old Mcdonald had a farm….Baby, be quiet, mommy’s thinking right now. Old Mcdonald had a farm…Baby, mommy needs about 10 minutes of quiet time, okay? E I E I O, Boy if you don’t sit down somewhere!….LMMFAO!!!!

  15. Ms. V says:

    I realize I looked a bit flaky [flakey?] dropping the address and bouncing outta here…not my intention, ya’ll.
    And yes, I am a dork!! Undercover nerd, that’s me…shh.
    And, oh yeah- I am in on the romance novel! I got gooooood material, baby! You gotta GOTTA read Karen Marie Moning! Her books are part of what sent me searching for a site like this! LMAO
    No worries, Hunny- you’re alright with me babe.

    okay- I got my Church’s Chicken!!! I am doing terrible things to it right. now.

  16. AlaskanQT says:

    Mrs V: you my dear btw are a dork! I love reading what you write… so hears the deal we’ll talk online and between the two of us we’ll write a best selling romance novel… 🙂

    LMAO and my lustful thoughts are interrupted by the 3 year old who just ran in singing Old Mcdonald lmao

  17. AlaskanQT says:

    LMAO I was holding his hand while driving and he tickled my palm… I half jumped out of my seat!!!! I had to tell him he couldn’t do that cause I couldn’t go home all worked up again lol.

    I am anxiously awaiting his call after he’s done with work today…. this almost does feel like a romance novel. I’m getting wined and dined… I won’t make the first move because I’m scared to loose a good thing with a man who drives me insanely batty… Wow I feel like I’m 14 again wiating for my first kiss…. damnit if you’re reading this kiss me you fool!

    LMAO 🙂 Gotta love feeling alive again!

  18. HunnyBabe says:

    MS.V: hahahahah….no no i didnt mean to make u feel bad or anything, sorry if i did(flower).


    HB xxx

  19. Ms. V says:

    I’m rooting for you Lisa!

  20. Ms. V says:

    Cre8tor- you’re a goofball!! sh** I was laughing, too!!!! Sorry QT!

    I feel like I can hear the movie preview narrator guy: “In a world where an Alaskan Cutie and a mysterious undercover sex fiend meet up and have the perfect date- Cutie is left with fire in her loins and mystery man is thinking of what he can do to get her to let him choke her when she finally comes- he has the money to spend, But she’s the one ho can decide the outcome… very dramatic I’d say.
    HB: You had a goat? j/k- had to say it 😉
    I feel like I went through so much crap with having my babies, that they MUST be Queens & King___at the very least, children…but I had to poke you on that one Hunny!

  21. lisa says:

    Good morning ladies

    Well I still have this dard headache, 4days now. I do have a potential date this weekend. My interview in the morning and a date in the afternoon/evening possibly. Only thing is he wants to see more pictures of me and I have no more because my computer crashed and I lost everything on it. I need someone to fix it because it won’t even start windows and is stuck on bios screen. I am using this stupid laptop which is probablly what is causing my headache as I have to keep my head down to use it, sitting on the sofa. Anyway I have no more pictures and do not have a camera, my pictures where taken this summer when a friend was over. This guy however has only one picture and it is blurry so it isn’t really fair for him to ask. I don’t know where it will go as his suggested date sounds kind of not what im into, nice but not what I’m into, a little too sophisticated but I need to get out and have some fun anyway.

    Anyway I hope everyone has a great day.

  22. HunnyBabe says:

    OK OK flaws….

    1.-I trust people easily.
    2.-I always show my true feelings(and sometimes get hurted)
    3.-Sometimes i think im perfect 😛
    4.-Im too hard on myself
    5.-I wish i had more will power to work out every day instead of twice a week
    6.-Sometimes im a bit judgemental with other moms(sorry i can’t help it)
    7.-I tend to leave things for tomorrow a lot.
    8.-Sometimes i laugh at practically anything.
    9.-Im very hyper sometimes.
    10.-Im an internet addict.
    11.-Im a shopping addict.
    12.-Im not very disciplined.
    13.-I organize my closet every 3 days and mess it up within one.
    14.-I can’t tolerate bad manner on the table.
    15.-I like to brag about my body(specially because i had a kid and it still looks great).
    16.-Sometimes im a bit of a snob.

    …and the list could go on an on…


    HB xxx

  23. cre8tor says:

    Ms V “but she’s the one ho can decide” Real typo or unscious? Had to laugh

  24. nycblondiebaby says:

    QT maybe he’s doing that on purpose, you know to rile you up! Then you rip his clothes off with his teeth.

    Sigh, I remember, vaguely doing that. SEX! I miss it.

  25. Ms. V says:

    QT0 I am excited for you!
    It has been such a long time since I have had the desire to rip a mans clothes off, have my way with him, and chain him to my bed for round 5…

    You’ll get your rearranging- my guess is that he wants passion, too. Oh, the luck- You’re in Alaska? There must be hope for the rest of us 🙂

    So, I take it you’re spending quite a bit of time daydreaming lately.
    Dream, mama. You must keep me updated…this is better than my Scottish Highlander novellas! lol!

  26. caligirl says:

    Good Morning All,
    It’s amazing what happens when I go for my beauty sleep…

    Jimbo, I missed your response…but I definately have smiles for you.
    and Yes…Northern Cali…probably really close…can I touch you soon?

    Lisa, thanks for sending me off to SugarDaddie dreams…maybe that’s why I am smiling this morning. Remember go do something great, be giving of your heart today.

    Crea8tor, threesome!!!! I have never done that…but at the interest level right now. Nice to know you are in Calif….let me know where…we could meet up and have a meal or drink…you wine..me…bacardi…(smile)

    And Ms. V, I am happy for you…good luck on the job search. You will do well I am sure. It’s obvious you have brain and beauty. Look at the following job searchsites….www.indeed.com,www.monster.com,
    http://www.careerbuilder.com. Research some of your local job agencies. Alot of them search for a lot of large companies…No fees, direct placement, etc… you are going to laugh at me…for the meantime I am finding this site has helped me…. quick and profitable…(smiling again)

    Alaskan QT, I am envious….I too would also like a gift card for my daughter…need one for the college book store….school books cost lots…:)..

    Everyone else….Have a fantabulous day!!! Going to do my volunteering for the day…I feel the need to give and help others today. Will check with everyone later today:) I will miss you all (have to confess…already addicted Cre8tor)

    It’s Friday everyone…time to make things happen….LOL….I am in control!!!! 6:13AM….yes I am a morning woman!!!! Yep…have lots of coffee in my system!!!!

  27. AlaskanQT says:

    hmm update 🙂 Just had a wonderful dinner with the same man from last night…. lol e makes me quiver and won’t kiss me it is driving me INSANE!!!!!! great dinner at a very casual place (actually my favorite) he was supposed to get on his flight soon so I thought it was going to be just dinner…. then he said oh I’ll catch the next one… and we caught a movie… then I said I was going to hit up Karaoke and he said oh I’ll catch the next one and joined me at Karaoke for a little bit…. I think he’s as addicted to me as I am him!!! 🙂 I’m excited he flatters me he drives me nutty he talks about things I understand and doesn’t look at me like I’m an idiot when I ask a question… adn he was sweet enough to (while he was at teh mall earlier) to pick up a gift card… not for me… but for my kids school shopping… I wish he were going to be here for a few more days but oh well… it’s teh life…. It’s teh best time I’ve had in about forever 🙂

    and Mrs V….. Yes I would love to let this man rearrange my interior furnishings 😀

  28. Ms. V says:

    Right on Blondie! Umm, Ms. Cali- I am looking for something to compliment my current degree pursuit- Business. I am up for a cushy Mgmt position with a non-profit org., but I am concerned that I caused a bit of a ruckus when I went into the office…I volunteer for them on my side of town, and when I went in to drop off some things, the man I contact for my casework was too handsome…I was cool, don’t get it twisted- I am always a Lady in public, but he was still the comfy/casual guy from the phone…also the HR departments boy-toy. uggh. I’m good enough for the 60 G’s a year, but she’s the one ho can decide whether or not to hire the woman with her boyfriends’ attention, ya digg?

    So, anything to sharpen the biz skills…I intend to go commercial real estate, so some experience there would be nice, and prior to this, I was a phlebotomist and PT C.N.A. for a bit…it’s beginning not to matter much what I do- as long as it is profitable long-term and lucrative immediately, but I am so out of the game with this job-search stuff…well, Cali IS quite special, I need CA certs for EVERYTHING now. Just a matter of what is quick and profitable. Any ideas?

    Cre8tor- fedex me some of that local wine?

    Any wonderful SD date- updates? dish!

  29. nycblondiebaby says:

    MsV I hear you! I miss sex!

  30. Jimbo says:

    cre8tor, I’m all ears and eyes.

    (give me hints to see to your profile)

  31. cre8tor says:

    Jimbo: NorCal? not many of us up here. Ever considered a 3 way? lol. Caligirl is about my age. If nothing else, come visit and drink wine with me here in the valley! All of you! Okay, that’s it. I’m outta here!

  32. Blondiegirl says:

    oops sorry that was so long!

  33. Blondiegirl says:

    Hey everyone..
    I have missed so much- started classes this week. And have been on the search for textbooks- I hate that, I always try to buy them off of amazon or used somewhere but can never find the proper edition. I bought a lot of textbooks today oh jeez- it really hurt the visa. The life of a student.

    Maybe i am a bit late on this but here are a few of my flaws
    my nails have to look good- no chips or smugges, but i do like non-traditional polish colours (perhaps that is a flaw too, I just painted them baby blue)
    I need a sugar daddy that compliments me- If not my mind wanders a lot and I worry I am not pretty enough anymore.
    I fall quickly and hard for anyone- not necessarily romantically- I get a bit attached.
    I over obbsess about my hair and will ask guys their opinion- as if they care.
    I own a lot of shoes and even ones that are no longer in style I just cant part with them
    I like to pretend I am organized- I have all the fancy storage boxes and dividers.. stuff like that.. but really i live in organized chaos
    I have a terrible memory of what people tell me- currently trying to improve that lol.
    I can be overly frugal with $$. the way my father taught me i suppose.

    Jimbo- none of those things you said are flaws. honest you sound great.. and I like a guy who is average not chip and dale model for a SD, otherwise I will not be the centre of attention HAHA.. kidding. but really though, you sound good. The number one thing to me is that he is not pompous about his money but shows me a good time and that he is kind and considerate and caring. I also like that you care about the girls. I would want my SD to be that way as well.. 🙂

    Ok back to my task at hand- try to sell off some of my old textbooks.- maybe I can make some extra money and buy the SOOO SOO cute pair of jeans and heels I want at the mall.

    talk to you all soon

  34. Jimbo says:


    Thanks for your 8 answers!! I like your style! Are you in NorCal? Name Cali (22)?

  35. cre8tor says:

    caligirl: careful, you will become addicted to “us” but we look forward to seeing you here. sweet dreams lady.

    Its 8:30 p.m CA time, I’m pouring a glass of the great California red wine, pulling myself away from this computer screen and enjoying the warm night in the wine country. Hope you all are enjoying yours as well.

    Until tomorrow…….hugs

  36. lisa says:

    Sweet sugardaddy dreams Caligirl

  37. lisa says:

    money is an aphrodisiate (spelling??) to me. If a guy treats me then I feel an excitement for him whereas if he came on cheap, I would be distracted by worrying if he was just using me and would find it difficult to be with him and probably couldn’t be. Kind of like going out with a man an he doesn’t take you to dinner or a movie and just wants to go make out somewhere. No thank you

  38. caligirl says:


    I like you too….Kiss, Kiss….Looking forward to tommorrow…By the way what kind of job are you looking for?

    Everyone has entertained me tremendously…Today was my first day on here and I believe I am now an official SD site blogger….LOL…everyone have a nice evening…I am going back to real life for the evening:)

  39. cre8tor says:

    Jimbo: despite what you say about being overbearing (which I find quite tolerable if not exciting) you are a reasonable man that knows his mind and himself. Quite refreshing. As to raisng your standards and playing the market a bit, if it works when you meet, go with it. A candy store can leave you full of sugar but empty in the things you need.

  40. Ms. V says:

    What am I gonna do with you guys-n-galz?
    Emotional control- I excel at as long as my money, children,and 4-real friends are not involved. Anything else, and it’s Open Season.

    Oh and Caligirl, mama I like you- I do, and I am not a hater/blocker…so, I will tell you sweetly(Jump on that man! Jimbo) or I will con Stephan into giving me his real info and seduce his mind into a year-long haze (even though he called me QT) fuck it…deal-breaker, unless I get cash NOW 🙂
    Jimbo’s vibe is curiously similar to SG2’s. hmm. more mystery. I’m back in.

    Who WOULDN’T want a week a month to get away and do as you please? Yep, I hear you all now: “I can take care of myself”; “being a mom’s fantabulous”, et cetera, et MF’n cetera. Can you be treated like a WOMAN all by yourself, mamacita? What about getting it from the back? I have not one toy that can assist me with that…despite the many battery-operated devices I have accumulated. I’m serious Ladies- the money is a MUST, but the game is so much more exciting when there’s something else you desire. dontchathink?

  41. caligirl says:

    Absolutely love your honesty. It really helps me to understand another SD point of view.

    Let me know if you would like me to help you explore other possibilites of employment. I know that you can do more and things will get better:)

  42. lisa says:

    Maybe those sds need to get some breast implants for themselves and then they will have something to play with and they won’ t even have to buy dinner. lol

  43. AlaskanQT says:

    LOL I get a lot of weird comments from guys on here when talking about allowence and expectations. It seems to throw them back just a bit when they ask me what my monthly bills are and I tell them then I tell them I can take care of that myself… I like to be spoiled not “kept” heheh buy me spa days and hair appointments nd those shoes at that store that I woudl never buy myself because I am too frugal… and now we are talking… oh and enough spending cash to treat myself to a nice crab dinner and posibly give my kids a fantabulous birthday 🙂 I’m happy and relatively a low maintenance high maintenance kind of gal…. LOL wonder why it took me a year to weed through prospective people….. oh wait! they keep asking to play with my breasts!!!!!

  44. caligirl says:

    1)I love older men:)
    2)We can work out together:)
    3)Less is always more:)
    4)Organs such as your brain and heart would excite me:)
    5)I am not a faker….either I llike you or not:)
    6)I am able to communicate to you how I feel when you are overbearing:)
    7)I love oldies music…no clubs for me…just you and I:)
    8)Petite, cute, warm and definately fun:)

  45. lisa says:

    Sorry Jimbo but there is a man on the site that has your blog name as a profile name. It’s one of those names that stick with me.

    To other comments; I did do much at my last job and I actually entered the job with no customer service experience and learned everything through trial and error and felt I had learned alot but my supervisor didn’t think I was fast enough and that I needed to do more at the same time. she expected me to be on the phone with a customer answering questions that I knew nothing about (customers would call all the time and just start telling you there problem the minute you picked up the phone even though their call needed to be forwarded to another department) and the phone was not even anywhere close to the register without having the cord running over everything. I prefer no to be doing anything distracting when ringing up a customer because handling money is very important and I like to pay attention to what i’m doing. I could do everything else at the same time but handling the register required my full attention. It wasn’t something I did alot of as I just help the cashier when she was backed up. I did more of a production type job.

  46. Jimbo says:

    lisa and others.

    Jimbo is not my sa.com handle or real name, it has no connection, I would never use my name or SA handle here on this blog. I’m on the blog to try and learn more and be better at this. Having people use info they see on this blog about me to game me would be stupid.

    Lisa, I have not ever and would not ever expect anyone to travel to see me the first time (and I don’t advise SB’s to accept that even if travel is prepaid both ways and they have a separate room unless they can check out their SD first for safety.) We haven’t met.

    If a new SB was local and was available to meet same night, then same night might work. If not local I would expect to see you when I travelled there.

    Talking about sex, 3 of the 5 SB’s I have met with we had sex much later the same night after we agreed it looked like a good potential match and we wanted to see how it would go in all dimensions of the arrangement. I always gave a $1K advance on an allowance earlier in our first meeting if we agree to give it a try. The 3rd SB we agreed to meet the next day. The 4th we had lunch and later I decided to not see her again, no $ exchanged.

    Once the arrangement is underway, typical routine is a great dinner or spa appt, perhaps drinks before or after dinner, then to my room or condo. If local she goes home late that night, if travelling we are together all night. Of the four SB’s, in one case, when I didn’t get a good or comfortable vibe, I decided we shouldn’t meet again.

    In terms of alowance, many many SB’s advertise an expectation of $3-5K/month, some even higher, so to me $4K/month seems right oin line. That would cover a minimum of 4 nights together, perhaps as many as 6. And in terms of the shopping spree, typical is a few hundred to a thousand, (the $4K was an exception and shocked me too.)

    QT I’m not hideous, just average. Honestly.

    AlaskanQT, we always discuss that it is a two way deal and anyone can end it at any time. Once we are into a monthly deal, then either party can walk after the month is over. That’s what NSA is all about isn’t it?

    Does that make things more clear? If what I am like and am offering is so great I guess I will raise my standards and have first meetings with more SB’s before choosing my next one??

  47. cre8tor says:

    somehow I think emotional control is not something you excel at 🙂

  48. cre8tor says:

    Luckily, I have job that goes w/me!

    Ms V…want to send some encouragement and insight to your soap opera day. If you have expressed your intentions..divorce…maybe he doesn’t really want that to happen and is making it difficult for you to take control of your situation. You are a hot ticket and maybe he wants to hold on a bit more. ??? And, although we all hope and think that divorces can be civil….NOT. Its very unusual that they end that way. If so, it takes superhuman emotional control and all kinds of other personality quirks to make it happen that way.

  49. lisa says:

    I believe he wants a lady to spend 9 days a month with him, which is difficult to do when you have a job and obligations after all I don’t think any of us would quit a job to persue someone we don’ t know.

  50. lisa says:

    Ladies I think I have been in contact with Jimbo, I think he was one of those sds that wanted me to just fly down to see him at moments’ notice, like that very day. The name just sounds familiar.

  51. AlaskanQT says:

    Mrs V you crack me up!!!!! I needed a laugh today too 🙂 I’m waiting for my new friend to get out of meetings (or whatever) so I can see if we are still getting together tonight 🙂 If not … well I haev a PHENOMENAL evening where I lost track of time and had sexual tension for hours over a man who made it clear that intimacy was a no go… whew! still a little worked up 🙂 lol I hate acting like some teeny bopping gal waiting by the phone… lol he’s probably reading this blog now (since GENIUS that I am told him I play around on them) and now thinks I’m Psychotic…. lol add THAT to my list of flaws 😛

    Jimbo, You sound like a really great guy and you don’t expect too much…. The only reason I wouldn’t be too interested is because your allowence is acctualy too high… I woudl feel like you were mroe of a comitment than I am ready for right now…. I have kids and would feel soem weird financial obligation to you when I shoudl be spending time with them… I knwo call me strange…. And I’m an SB again why????

  52. Ms. V says:

    Cre8tor- It’s NOT just me, eh??!! What the hell was he going on about?
    I am ready for my SD experience! He had better watch out!
    Sounds like that Alberta Beef I crave so much!
    let me shut up- I’m feeling all rebellious today!

  53. Ms. V says:

    Thanks Caligirl! I like you..you have helped me set my vibration aright. Thanks ma. I hope your well-wishes toward me- greet you multiplied in the near future 🙂

    Jimbo- Welcome to the land of things that should not really be called flaws!
    I haven’t had a SeekingArrangement SD, yet- but I don’t see any flaws on your list, hon’…am I missing it? Are you hideous? That’s the only thing I cannot see.
    You actually CARE about the woman you’re romancing? Don’t like going to places where you can’t even have a conversation? no flaws, yet.
    and, I assure you Jimbo- not one of these ladies is going to bat a pretty false eyelash at you when you offer up such a fantastic allowance!

    One thing, though…I am in love with music…you sure you don’t like hip-hop, at all??? maybe you have heard only garbage- do you Limewire or I-tunes? I got 3 songs for you- 1 is not rap…ready?
    1) Everyday I’m fuckin him- by Remy Ma
    2) Brand New- by Lil Wayne
    3) Bumpin on Sunset- by Wes Montgomery (my most favorite song in the Universe!!!)
    Put on some headphones and close your eyes when you listen…I’ll be waiting 4 a response, Jimbo.
    The rest of you….if you decide to listen- I know I could have taken it easy on him, but I had to deliver something INTERESTING!!
    Love u guys!!

  54. cre8tor says:

    Whoa Jimbo! careful there, all the ladies here will be clamoring to find out who and where you are. And, I personally don’t see any of those things you list as flaws.

  55. Jimbo says:

    Sugar Daddy Flaws:

    -I’m 20+ years older than any of my SugarBabies

    -10 lbs overweight and not toned (5’10” 175 lbs)

    -thinning hair

    -average looking, certainly not a male chippendale hottie

    -want my sugar babies to at least fake that they have some degree of attraction to me and like most aspects of spending time with me (like I do with them)

    -can be overbearing

    -am not into today’s rap/pop and not really up for dancing all nite in a 20 something bar

    -want my sugar babies to be gorgeous and have fun personalities and not to bitch at me. Thin ok. or nice shapely body (proportional) ok too.


    -i’m wealthy, educated, smart, accomplished and sophisticated

    -never lead sugar babies on, meet and come to an agreement, if it looks like it will work, within the first few hours

    -give an allowance of $4K/mo, or $1K per meeting

    -pay for everything
    +the best restaurants
    +massages, facials, spa appts
    +anywhere from modest shopping trips to $5K shopping sprees
    +private ski lessons
    +5 star hotels when we travel

    -actually care about my sugar baby, whats happening in their life, give advice if it is asked for, help when it is needed

    How do I rank compared to most of the daddies you have seen?

  56. caligirl says:

    You have the potiential to do more than being a cashier. In doing that job, it requires the ability to multitask, great customer service, make good decisions, being accurate and detailed in your job.

    Sometimes bosses really don’t take the time necessary to grow and develop their employees. When you have a good boss, they will always inspire you to do your best. Chalk you last job up for experience and move forward.

    Just based you your communication so far and your typing, grammer skills you may consider customer/service call centers. There is so much more out there in the big beautiful world. There is someone out there waiting to appreciate you.

    Your family will always be your family. Reach out to them. Tell them how you feel. Let them know that you miss them. Let them know that you need them. Parents may not always like what choices you make in life, but I have found my parents always loved me:)

    You a great person…find that in yourself:)

  57. lisa says:

    I try to be positive and actually I was very close to my parents till 3 years ago. We all lived together when my husband left me pregnant. Then after 14 years of not dating I met a man and my parents told me to move out which I did and we have been strained since then. I am not welcome at their home (they are very prudish and think that since I am divorced, I can never date again). My daughter is grown and is also brainwashed. We have a friendly relationship as long as we don’t cross each other’s personal space.
    I like to get out and have fun but this headache is getting to me and yes I have taken almost a bottle of pills but it’s one of those menstrual headaches that don’t just go away.

    I don’t have a resume, you don’t need those for cashier jobs and that’s the limit of my experience except I did do different stuff at my last job and I thought I was doing well but my boss didn’t think so.

  58. caligirl says:


    Sent that one off…without finishing…Last of all…you are worthy…you just have to get a new attitude and do things to keep you busy. Come on…
    you have to help yourself…..get off the negativity train today!!!!

  59. caligirl says:

    YOU SURE ARE MISERABLE TODAY!!!! Stop being like that. Make your choice to be happy today. You are in charge of your destiny. You have limited yourself and chosen to be unhappy. What are you going to do differently little chickadee… Here are some suggestions: 1) Call your parents…tell them you miss them…even spend some time with them.
    2) Don’t go back to your old place of employment…focus on finding a new job:) Let me know I will help you with your resumes..and even give you all the websites that I am registered on. 3) I don’t even go out at nite…getting too old…I just stay home and read a good book. 4) I take Advil and stop worrying too much.

  60. lisa says:


    I am missing me coworkers but at the place I work no one keeps in touch or even speaks to you if you go in the store for fear of getting fired or something. My parents have their own life and friends are mostly work related. My best friend lives 2 miles away but when she has a busy life with her boyfriend and children, we talk on the phone but neither of us has a car so it’s hard to get together. I just want to get out of this house and have some fun but can’t. I love to go out at night but my neighborhood is unsafe for any female to go out unescorted after dark. I have had a migrain headache for 3 days on top of everything.

  61. caligirl says:


    You are killing me with laughter…where do you live? You are also welcome to come and invade my freezer and refrigerator. I get fresh vegetables,fruit, milk, eggs,meat….tons of it. Too bad you aren’t my neighbor…I would make you come volunteer with me. It gets me out of the house when I am doing nothing… rather than sitting around having pity parties…I am around a lot of nice people. It feels good to help yourself.

    Stay positive….smile…love yourself…good luck on your job interview…I will be rooting from Cali for you!

    I wish you were closer…I would love to help you help yourself:)

  62. lisa says:

    You’re lucky you get an unemployment check. My employer ran me out by upsetting me and I had to quit in order to avoid being fired. I am desperately seeking a sd, even a temporary one to be able to make it through september, forget about october, thats a nightmare coming. I do have an interview saturday at a grocery store to be a checker but even if I get hired, you have to pass all those background checks and all and that can take days, as I have been through that before. On top of that it pays minimum wage which won’t even pay my rent. I went down to the church food bank the other day (first time I have ever did this) and they gave me a lot of stuff but nothing fresh. I am craving some fresh fruit or dairy products. They gave me lots of bread, rice, cereal, pasta, etc but I don’t have anything to cook with them and I need some fresh fruit or meat! still waiting on my christian friend who said he would call me but that was sunday, he is the same old liar as always. These are the times I miss my last boyfriend as he took me out a couple times a week and we had a great time. Now I am stuck in with nothing to do, no money, bored stiff, and not getting any response to my emails I am sending out even though I am very friendly and do not mention any of my problems. I am on a rejection train it seems. 🙁

  63. caligirl says:

    Ms. V,

    You poor thing:) Sorry that you have had a disappointing day. I have found never to depend on the fella…especially if your relationship is falling apart. You have got to do it yourself. Find a back up for a back up in child care, especially for those important interviews.

    I too am looking for employment. I am always trying to stretch the Unemployment check each month, in between my dates….luckily I have been very fortunate to have been helped by a few daddie friends this month. You mentioned you volunteer. I volunteer as once or twice a week at a food bank. It’s really helps out with food. Actually I have so much food in my refrigerator and freezer right now if lived closer you can have everything in there:) And if you lived closer I would have watch your kid for you:) That’s how much I wish you could have had a better day!

    You are not being mean….maybe just a little emotional today….LOL…but I am also the same….Have the greatest rest of the day/nite ever….Tommorrow is a new day!

    Stay positive, strong…keep your chin up…you are not alone.

  64. Ms. V says:

    All: Ms. V is in a situation- baby Soap Operas ain’t got jack on me 😉 I AM writing a book!
    I need advice this time…I am now halfway through my degree program- which was a “shock” to the hub & kids…even though I told them for 2 months that I would have a bit less time with them, because I would be in school-
    I have been updating my resume’ and cranking it out, with much success (surprisingly for a housewife) thus far, I have managed to keep it to myself and just do my volunteer work, find the sitter, hit the interviews, etc…but, when I started asking my husband to loiter less (wherever he goes) he began acting stupidly. REPHRASE: my man, who gets off of work around noon most days, has suddenly had to stay later at work, once I told him I needed him to be here so that I can do my 2nd interviews with a few companies. I am beginning to think that he doesn’t want me to work… why? maybe the same reason I had another “birth control” baby right before I was able to enroll in school last time. hmm.

    So, I’m sitting here- pissed, because my braces are too tight, I was violated at the Gyn office, I got the kids from school, and even after 2 text messages and a phone call- widely spaced, and well in advance- I had to cancel my 3rd, second interview in two weeks.

    Yeah, I’ve been ready to leave, but I am not the “struggling single mom” type. I have been honest about my intentions, and even stated the benefits of me being employed when divorce preceedings begin…why would he do this? We haven’t filed, are very civil and communicative, and I want to give him time to save up so he’s not hurt in the pockets when we do- WTF??? I do not like staying at home, and I’d rather employ people than be someone else’s employee, but I can adapt! What am I doing wrong? HELP!!

    Oh and one more thing: Seriously, NO ONE has any “growing money” advice? seriously?

    Am I being too nice? Too mean?

  65. caligirl says:

    Thank you cre8tor for making me feel welcomed here. I have been on for over a year now . I chose to be on this website out of the need to make ends meet. At first it was very scary chatting with men…but it just good to know up front what a man wants:)….since that time I have evolved… I select what I will accept and what I won’t. Just say good bye to the crazies…LOL….and best of all enjoy what all the better men have to offer…and trust me…if it wasn’t for this site….I would be on my beautiful HP laptop today:)

    I too have faced rejection…..I am almost fifty…forty-nine in fact.
    However the positive experiences have definately outweighed the negatives. In fact, last week I flew to New York, stayed. in a beautiful hotel, only to find out that he felt we didnot have a connection. I spent an hour from the airport to the hotel with him. So I had a nice meal, slept alone in a very comfortable better, definately better than the futon at home…and flew back the next morning to Cali…with…ladies:) yes $1,000 dollars in my pocket…because he was a wonderful, honest, and sincere man. That certainly helped with my daughter’s college books.

    There’s more to the story after I got back home ladies…but I will share another time…..and back to the real topic….my flaws…I realized I really don’t like to work…hmmmm….I have worked in corporate companies for years managing people….I found through the entire summer I have flown 10 times….the short arrangements have been great for me. I guess right now I enjoy being happy!

    Ms. V and nycblondiebaby….I love sampling everything…everyone….LOL…I am in control(smile)

  66. nycblondiebaby says:

    Ms. V if you look through the blogs, you’ll see a lot of comments from men stating that they’ve run into and away from the working gal, if you get my drift.

    It’s pretty easy to tell, the photos that are really staged with the boobs that were definitely bought etc., etc.,

    Just like we have to weed through the dross to get the gold, so do the men.

  67. Ms. V says:

    NYCbb: I heard that, girl! Sample on, baby- sample on.
    Ladies: Have you looked at the “Similar Profiles” on here? Ooh, honey- I feel like I should just tack NoT A 4ReAl ProsTiTuTe onto my profile.

    I get the feeling I have underestimated the purpose of the sites members…beginning to shy away. right. now.

  68. nycblondiebaby says:

    Ms. V- we’re just little butterflies that like to flit around and sample the nectar!

  69. Ms. V says:

    hmm. what about women?

  70. nycblondiebaby says:

    I think some men are confused with this site and think it’s either an escort site with a ton of freelancers, or amateur porn queens.

    Regarding the new post about cheating, I just read in the news this morning that researchers have isolated a variant of a gene that predisposes some men to cheat, be emotionally distant and get divorced.
    According to the article, “men with two copies of the allele had twice the risk of experiencing marital dysfunction, with a threat of divorce during the last year, compared to men carrying one or no copies,” Hasse Walum – behavioral geneticist at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm- he led the study.

  71. lisa says:

    And why can’t these men take time to come meet us the first time? I wouldn’t mind traveling to see a guy that I already met and had some trust with (providing I had time to do it when I’m working) but to take off to meet some complete stranger in a place i am not familiar with and without any guarantee that he will even show up and not be stuck not being able to get home as I don’t have any emergency money to take. I have received messages from guys wanting me to jump on the next plane (at my expense) to come meet them and join them in their life of leisure. Odd they can’t pay for a ticket. Also I personally like to know a little about a person before I take off to meet them. Like the guy I told everyone I talked too sounded fine in the email but the phone conversation was too focused on what I looked like (even though I have photos on my profile and he had none) and about me wearing lingerie. No mention of an allowance though and if you are going to discuss intimacy before you meet, then allowance should be discussed too.

  72. nycblondiebaby says:

    It makes you wonder how much of what they say is true in their profile. I seriously got a note from a gentlemen from across the country who said, ” HI! IF YOU CAN TRAVEL TO MEET ME, WRITE ME BACK.” Complete with caps! Uh huh.

  73. lisa says:

    I have noticed that too. I could understand if they came from lowerclass backgrounds and struck it rich or if they were in the entertainment industry (the odd kids that came from nothing and made it big, without alot of time spent in school) but these men that claim to be CEOs and lawyers, doctors, etc. You know they have to correspond some in their lines of work and if they spell like that on their for work documents and letters, how do they come across? I didn’t go to college but I know the variations of too and to and the difference between there,their, and they’re but many of the business execs on here don’t

  74. Ms. V says:

    Is it just me, or do too many of these super-educated, super-successful SD’s have terrible grammar? …hopefully it is because they can pay someone to do all of their corresponding for them.

  75. lisa says:

    Hi Ladies
    I have been looking through the men in my state and I swear they are all the same ones that were on here a few months ago when I joined this site. I know many of us sb have been on here for a while to but the way I hear there are many more ladies on here than men so every man has a choice of several women. If they are all they say they are, they should be gone by now, the sds that is. It is getting a little discouraging to not find any new prospects on here. And those that have been on here since jan and feb are still running the same stale profiles mentioning travel in may and june, which have passed. There are many men in my state that have been on here for months but are not willing to travel 200 miles to meet anyone even though they claim to like to travel and it wouldn’t take that long to fly over here. I had the one guy last sunday that flew in for the day and he was like 600 miles away.

  76. cre8tor says:

    caligirl: please share. we all benefit from our experiences

  77. caligirl says:

    Good Morning All:)

    I have enjoyed reading the blogs on a daily basis. It great to hear all of the interesting stories. I have learned tremendously from all of your experiences.

    Its amazing how much further I have developed in being a sugarbabe. Thanks once again!

  78. nycblondiebaby says:

    Lisa- spiderman sheets, I love it! Thanks!! At least it was better than the guy claiming to be a millionare, but doesn’t have a computer at home…lol!

    AlaskanQT- you go girl! That’s fabulous! YAY

    Okay, I’m asking the SD gods to deliver a hottie to Lisa!

  79. cre8tor says:

    Wow! That’s great. Congrats. Might I ask though….if he’s still deeply in love w/his wife and is reluctant on the intimacy, why is he interested in being a SD?

  80. Ms. V says:

    Congrats QT!!! Nice to have your nether regions fired up, isn’t it!!

  81. AlaskanQT says:

    Well I have good news…. my date went wonderfully!!! I explained fairly early into the date what was happening with mother nature and he was more than understanding. Actually I think he’s my dream SD. I don’t need an allowence to take care of my bills I just like haveing someone treat me to teh things I won’t (not can’t) do for myself. He’s all about shopping and dinner and the wooing end but since he is married and still very much in love with his wife he’s leary on the intimacy… I had the most amazing conversation I have had in a very long time with the absolutely most amazing man I have met in an even longer time. He felt bad because he missed my bithday so he had teh resturaunt do something. When we closed teh resturaunt down talking we werem’t done so he took me to a local bar. Heck I found I was wanting more intimacy than he was putting up and I’m not exactly a first date kind of gal in any world….. AHHHHH and amazing night with an amazing man… Can’t wait to see him tomorrow 🙂

  82. lisa says:

    sorry nycblondiebaby 🙁 Losers like that waste our time and make it harder to trust anyone on this site. Probably some guy who lives in his mom’s basement sleeping on a twin bed with spider man sheets

  83. nycblondiebaby says:

    well ladies, I kinda got stood up tonight! I was supposed to get an message and then meet up for drinks, and he bailed! Waaa!

  84. cre8tor says:

    ladies….he’s a man. he knows we have that issue. Just tell him. He will appreciate knowing rather than be surprised by it or wonder why you are being physically distant. Honesty is always the best way.

  85. lisa says:

    AlakanQT it must be something in the water, same thing here, lol
    that is hard to work around too when you want to meet a guy and he picks that time of the month, what do you tell him if things move towards something intimate. That is another problem with out of town monthly arrangments, making sure he comes into town when it isn’t that time of the month.

    Anyway I hope you have a great time. I need another outing with a sd.

  86. AlaskanQT says:

    my flaw right now… crap I’m at a loss… have a date for eth first time with teh nice man who bought my spa day… It’s day ONE of that time and I’m like how do I explain THAT??????? (made the plans then he gets on plane and POOF here’s mother nature at my door… talk about timing!!!!!!

    OOOH yeah and to top it off I can’t figure out what teh heck to wear to wherer we are going! It’s a business casual place but I always dress nice on a first date…. and crap khakis are OUT OF THE QUESTION!!!! ladies help me out here!

  87. Ms. V says:

    Ms.Poet, I am right there with ya, babe 😉
    nope, I don’t think God is punishing us, I think it was wrong for no one to have stood up and dragged Eve outta that garden by her hair and knocked the mess out of her!!!
    I think it may be a loophole in the plan to keep women with their husbands…too tired to look for another, and the one you got is already used to the way his deposit has affected your body!
    I think you’ll do just fine on here.
    Sucks about the SD’s who won’t touch us married SB’s…”pent-up agression” sex is where it’s at, huh? They have no idea, lol!
    Take it easy.

  88. MsPoet says:

    Much Experience, Thanks for the compliment! I appreciate it! And, I wasnt really saying it out of being angry….. I was only saying it because believe me, I have talked to SDs who didn’t care about my marriage part…. but once i said i had a baby they stopped talking to me…. kinda upsetting and in my view…. stupid. But, there are a few out there who are caring and don’t mind a new mommy, and its the husband that stops them…. it does suck that thats what is stopping them especially since i am unhappy…. my problem is i won’t leave him for the sake of my daughter. Thanks again though! and sorry if i came off rude3… once again read the flaw about my slight attitude in my last post! lol 😉

    OH yea i have a few more flaws:

    I am always late…. to everything…

    It takes me so long to get ready… we’re talking a good 3 to 4 hours

    I hate talking on the phone…. HATE HATE HATE it…… but I LOVE to text!

    I correct people if they use the english language incorrectly…. i.e: “I aint done nothin!”…… GGGRRRRRRR thats so irritating

    I have a short attention span…. if it doesn’t interest me I usually go off into la la land and stop hearing what the other person is saying.

    I swear…. alot…. I will do well for about two days and then something happens and i yell F**K! and then its all over……

    I have a pooch from my pregnancy, its not bad…. but i hate it and it pisses me off….. does God just love torturing us by drastically changing our body during pregnancy?!

  89. Evethegoddess says:

    I have lots of flaws and they are the reason I am so beautiful. I only have 1 dimple, my bottom lips is bigger than the top, I have a pooch and i’m slightly bow-legged. I was totally amazed to see that men weren’t looking at me because i’m strange looking. They were looking at me because I am stunning in a very odd way and I own it!

  90. Much Experience says:

    cre8tor, FashionMag, AlaskanQT, thanks for your nice words. It IS a bit tough to stand up and deliver a “mea culpa”, even anonymously. (What’s really tough is deciding where to stop! 😉 Very nice to get some group love in return 🙂

    Ms Poet, I feel for you, having been there myself in an unhappy marriage with very young children, longing for romantic & sexual attention.. But I’m sorry, that’s not so friendly of you to be angrily assuming that an SD “won’t talk to me only cause I have a kid”.

    Just speaking for myself, the issue isn’t your child, but your husband.

    I don’t want to get into any off-limit or unpleasant subjects here– I do understand that a lot of the SD’s are married, and I’ve come across more than a few married SB profiles as well. But please, I hope you can understand, this is a very sensitive, landmine-type-of-issue for a lot of single people: getting involved with somebody who’s married.. (I think maybe Stephan did a previous blog posting about the pro’s and con’s of dating a married SD?)

    I do wish you the best, and FWIW, it sounds like you’re a very hot mom! 😉 I’m sorry I can’t “approach” you myself in good conscience :O

  91. Ms Poet says:


    I AM MARRIED…. but that doesn’t mean i am off limits! it’s called UNHAPPY!

    I have 1 beautiful daughter…. not a flaw to me, but u may think so…

    Before pregnancy I was 107lbs…. now i am 130 lbs…. not even that big of a deal but I cried…

    I have a slight attitude…. it gets me in trouble sometimes… but I like to think of it as standing up for mysel! 😉

    I am sarcastic….. ALOT

    I am obsessed with eating healthy and I don’t drink anything at all except WATER…
    I get lazy and will put off the gym for 3 days and talk myself into thinking it was OK


    I leave my makeup and my hair stuff ALL over the bathroom counter, and won’t pick it up for a week…

    shoes suck…. get me a pair of flip flops and I love you haha
    my favorite flip flops are Ed Hardy…. they aren’t cheap lol

    I get lazy and will sometimes skip meals because I don’t wanna get up and make them.

    I am so stubborn…

    I think I am always right…. even when I’m not…

    I loooovvee brand name stuff that I can’t afford…. Ed Hardy for instance…

    I had a POS ex who put me $7000 in debt…. and I didn’t kick his ass for it.

    Get stared at A lot…… but never approached… which iss ssooo annoying

    I am married and i have NO SEX LIFE…..

    In desperate need of a sex life

    also…. I am married and I still don’t get spoiled!!!

    In desperate need of a guy who would do that for me

    I could go on…. but now my baby is crying….

    oh yea,and if you won’t talk to me only cause I have a kid…. you’re missing out on a MILF and that’s your own damn fault for being stupid!

  92. dreamer says:

    i think thats cute jeff. Very honest. I like it.

  93. Stephan says:

    Ms. V, ALL – whenever you type certain words or phrases, such as “e-m-a-i-l” into your comment, it is automatically held for moderation 🙂

  94. lisa says:

    I think he should still give you an allowance if you don’t meet providing it is his choice or circumstances that keep you from meeting.

  95. Truely Divine says:

    Hello Everyone,

    I joined this site in mid July, I’ve never been in a sugarbaby relationship before then. So I am super new to all of this…

    I’ve read many of the blogs and just want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to all the Ladies and Gentlemen who have contributed. Your knowledge is priceless to newbies like myself.

    My #1 flaw:
    I’m way too nice; I sometimes want to say no, I don’t because I feel bad, basically I’m a people pleaser.

    This is going to seriously affect potential sugardaddy relationships. About three weeks ago I had my first EVER meeting with a potential SD. He was great, very classy.He met me for lunch and gave me a cash gift. We later discussed our arrangement, I told him I would prefer an allowance and he said that was fine. Since then, we have met a couple of times and each time he has been generous, but he has not brought up the subject of a steady allowance. He hasn’t been feeling well, so I will not be seeing him this week, but I still have notes that need to paid.
    So what is a tactful,but straight forward way to bring up a steady allowance? What are some specific ways to go about transfering funds?

    I know this is a little off the subject, but I would like to get some advice.

    Steph:Maybe another topic could be “Should a SD still give a SB an allowance even when they are not able to meet”

    Once again thank you all for the feedback.

  96. sweetbaby says:

    What comment got moderated?

  97. Ms. V says:

    wow, my comments get moderated, now? dun-dun-dun-duhhhn…

  98. Ms. V says:

    Alirghit Dammit, that’s it!
    Lisa, you absolutely have to start rearranging your words this instant!

    I am releasing for you right now- you are releasing the need to know what to do or to find a way to do it- you are letting go of disapproving of yourself and your situation, and you are open and accepting of allowing the solutions you seek to present themselves to you. you are giving yourself approval right now- and more and more right now. and you are already thankful for the perfect answer to all of the things you have beat your brain up to figure out.
    let it be so.
    smile lisa- laugh or something, shit- you gotta get away from the gloom before it eats you alive_ atleast try this…tha’ fuck could it hurt?

  99. lisa says:

    Please be my sugardaddy! I’m doing all that I can to help myself. Sitting here now waiting for the job interview offer to call me back on top of many others that I applied for last week that have yet to call. On top of it all I don’t have transportation other than my feet and the bus and it’s 100 degrees here everyday so it’s timely and costly when I go out putting in applications. I like to be independent but it isn’t always possible. I live in a crime infested neighborhood that I have even mentioned to that church guy I know and he just laughs and says I’m imagining it and that god will watch over me. Well 3 people have been murdered in this apartment in the time I have lived here, so it’s not imagination. I have been robbed twice too. There are many places that are close to me for working if I coudl get hired but with lack of sidewalks (means you literally have to walk out in the street with trafic due to road widening) and it not being safe to walk at night (most retail jobs require you to work at night) I am limited. Some people have suggested pepper spray which first of all is no match against a gang of guys with guns and most employers will not let you carry it with you.
    I am a good person and told I look much younger, Ihave no baggage, and my relationships have been long ones. I’m just looking for that someone to help me get back on my feet. When you live check to check it’s hard to get back when you miss a few checks.

  100. sweetbaby says:

    Lisa it sounds like things arn’t great for you at all! I feel like advertising for a sugar daddy for you in this blog!

    Great we have some guys inputs in what is turning more and more into a girly blog.

    Ps someone be Lisa’s sd please!

  101. JetSetBaby says:

    Hmmmm… Interesting post.. Though i think some of your are listing.. well not sure but a girl taht doesn’t need to diet or can’t afford a gym membership or has clothes with the tags on them still.. Doesn’t exactly sound like a flaw, just a reason to talk about yourself or ask for help? Hmmm….

    My flaws….

    I’m a TOTAL bitch to guys at clubs that try to dance with me out of nowhere… “Um excuse me, did i give you an unintentional look that said i wanted you to come drip sweat on me? I didn’t think so, go away!”

    I’m suuuuch a procrastionator

    I tell my dogs everyday that i’m going to take them on a walk when i get home, but usually find something more stimulating to do when that time comes.. Luckily i don’t think they hold it against me…

    I REALLY hate to clean. I’ll find odd jobs to do.. (Such as clean the fridge or re-organize my closet) to avoid doing ACTUAL housecleaning.. Then i call a maid to do it for me!

    I have spent over $16,000 in the past two years on craft stuff that i never got around to actually using.. One was supposed tpo start a business… Oops!!! Know where i can sell this crap and get some money back?!?

    I wont be caught dead in Forever 21 or any other “teen” store

    I’m a health nut. I go to spinning classes as often as possible and eat like a saint all week.. But when the weekend comes, its all about great wine, a filet mignon and CHOCOLATE!!! All that work for nothing!!!

    I think hairy arms and girls don’t fit well together so i shave mine religiously!

    I drink milk with almost everything!!! Even by itself very often! I used to clean my parents house out so much that i actually was put on a limit of how much i was allowed to drink!

    I tend to act like a guy. Especially when i drink! I belch loud, i hang my ass out of limo windows, i throw olives at people in the bar from my penthouse balcony and i laugh at my own jokes!

    I hate talking on the phone and texting unless i’m actually making plans, etc.. Otherwise i tend to get bored and quiet till the other person gets the point and ends the conversation!

    I bought my house on complete impluse and never researched the neighborhood.. Of course have regretted it every since! Damn economy!

    I love reading trashy sex humor about peoples real life encounters! Chelsea Handler and Tucker Max can keep me reading for hours!!!

    I have NO ass!!! Theres only a couple brands of jeans i can wear that will make it look like something is there!!! I always hated my ass till i got older and realized hot hot my ass is naked!!! haha! Sorry no cellulite here!!! But yeah clothes shopping with my ass is another story!!!

    I’m addicted to the internet! I can be on the beach in the Bahamas or in an amazing suit in Venice and all i’m doing is trying to get my wifi working so i can find a red off the shoulder sweaterdress cause i just decided i needed one on the flight!!!

    I’m a speed demon! I once got 6 tickets in a three month span! I’ve had a radar detector every since and my tickets fall off my record in October…. But i’m a risky girl!!! German cars aren’t meant to be babied!

    Sure i have a million other flaws but i try and focus on the good as you should too!!!


  102. lisa says:

    add to my flaws my living conditons, boy can I pick an apartment.
    Haven’t had hot water in almost a week, the sewers are backed up and the sewage water is running down the street all the way to the wendys driveway, there is new ms-13 (one of the most violent gangs) graffiti sprayed on the apartments where I live, etc , etc. I need me sugar daddy bad. I haven’t heard from my religious friend but then again he is more of a “I’ll pray that you get food or that you are safe when you are walking home at night in the dark” type of person than one that actually would do something for a person although he does live very well himself. When I first met him and he picked me up from work on rare time, a coworker was impressed by his good looks and nice car and said I had me a sugardaddy there. I had to tell here that he wouldn’t do anything for me and if he did help me, he always waited till I was desperate and out of food for days or days away from having my power cut off before he woudl help. His solution was to give me a pile of christian books to read for encouragement but no real help. anyway add another flaw, I live in a dump! Called back about interview but have yet to hear back to actually set up one. Going to put in another application today as soon as I get myself together.

    Goddess I don’t mind cleaning but hate making phone calls,especially when you call and they keep transfering you to another person. I hate that. I am also real bad about having messy kitchen drawers.

  103. Goddess says:

    Flaws? Of course I have them, but I try not to dwell on them. If I don’t notice them, maybe he won’t, right? 🙂

    I’ll admit that I’m a bit of a procrastinator sometimes, I hate cleaning (maid service is the way to my heart!), I’m horrible with names, I’m still about 25 pounds from my ideal weight, and I think about sex way too much. That’s all I’m going to admit to, though!

  104. Ms. V says:

    Outstanding, fellas!
    I knew you had it in you.

  105. AlaskanQT says:

    Thank you for your response, Much Experience. Hearing a man admit to sometimes beeing a bit spoiled is a huge breath of fresh air 🙂 And I wish all men (or peopel in general) could admit that they sometimes let peopel’s words go in one ear and out teh other 🙂

  106. Jeff says:

    My fault:
    1) I am male. (Most people think that a male sugar baby is either wierd or impossible.)

    2) I want to be pampered and think that I should live like a prince.

    3) I am impatient and hope for an “instant” response, thinking that a SugarMomma or SugarDaddy will just want to “snatch” me up. In short, I am conceited (sp?).

  107. nycblondiebaby says:

    I had to switch NYC to the front, but I’m still me! WordPress refused to give me a password otherwise!

  108. FashionMag says:

    ME: thank you for your humble post… i must say i was nicely surprised. would love to have some male input more often…
    hopefully more men will follow in your footsteps 😉

  109. dreamer says:

    wow. I have to admit i log on too much just to read the blogs but it is kind of rewarding in a strange sort of way.. Its weird. I wonder if all of us passed each other on the street if we would even give a second thought about any of the others. I think this blog is such a great way for us to communicate 🙂

  110. cre8tor says:

    I love it! A man stepped up and spilled it! ME….you are what I would call an evolved man.

  111. Much Experience says:

    Hey all,

    What’s that, FashionMag? do I hear a dare?? 😉

    This has been a nice little “girl talk” blog posting. I assumed you all wanted a little time & space to yourselves, sort of like a girl’s night out… but if you really want to hear from a man as well, I can speak up.

    So, some of my flaws:

    1) Believe it or not, I’m pretty spoiled too!
    2) I can be self-centered & self-indulgent at times.
    3) If I’m busy, I pretend to listen to people, but really it’s in one ear & out the other..
    4) I’m a born procrastinator
    5) Maybe sometimes my feelings are a little too precious & ultra-important to me.
    6) Life has sort of forced me to be really tough & honest with myself, which has been positive overall, but that probably doesn’t really make it right for me to expect others to do the same.. many friendships wrecked this way 🙁
    7) It’s easy for me to be judgmental & forget that we’re all struggling against our own personal limitations, me included. I have to slap myself (or more often, get slapped down by one of my few remaining friends 😉 sometimes!
    8) I have a bad habit of making excuses for myself if I don’t get to the gym every 2-3 days.
    9) If I didn’t have full-time help, my place would be a total mess & totally disgusting & gross!

    Humbly submitted,

  112. FashionMag says:

    I’m sure a lot of the men on this site have a list of flaws just as long as most girls… they just dont have the courage to post it 😉

    As for me… my only flaw is to think I’m perfect!!!!

    (just kidding… i used to have a long list but you either try to change them… or learn to love them ;-))

  113. sweetbaby says:

    That’s what I think too Sugarhunny.

    Men flaws are really all the same so once we hear from one then we can kind of get an idea of the others.

    It must be scary for any man reading this blog and the comments. Maybe we’re running the men from Seeking? I doubt it though, we’re too great to do that. I think this blog is great because it actually displays peoples feelings and experiences on this site.

    It’s the only reason I actually log on to seeking as much and I know I’m not the only one!

  114. SugarHunny says:

    AlaskanQT….thanks for solid advice. LOL. Confessing that I hate my feet is almost worse than just ignoring it. Perhaps I should contimplate relocating to Alaska haha. SweetBaby, you are not being demanding at all. Your SD needs to step it up and quit being such a chicken with that credit card. Especially since its your special day. Just sayin’

  115. AlaskanQT says:

    LOL Yes I would so love to hear some of the flaws that the men are willing to admit to 🙂 I’m sure some of them read this blog and are like OMG THESE are the peopel we want to date!

  116. cre8tor says:

    Okay, the ladies have fessed up on the flaws. But, what about the men? Let’s hear from you all. Confessions are good for the soul.

  117. sweetbaby says:

    I tried my hardest not to drop so many hints, even when I dropped my first he acted all suprised like he didnt know it was going to be my birthday. Maybe I did drop one too many hints.

    I’m done with hints and birthday crap now. Thank’s sugar family for all your advice!

    Back to flaws, I wish I could get rid of my pooch and tone my arms more. Then then I think I’d almost be Beyonce hot (in my dreams)! My worst flaw is that I can be hotheaded and rash, but I think that’s only because I’m still young. Maybe it will pass, with age, hopefully.

    Apart from that, I’m awfully vain. i love’s me!

  118. AlaskanQT says:

    Mrs V: Chances are if he is a true SD he doesn’t have bad credit. However I knwo several SB’d have bad credit… some of us have not perfect credit and some of us well… lets just say those are lucky 🙂

    Sweetbaby: Too many hints is abad thing. I have always dropped a few hints about my birthday buit not too many… you can’t say “wow I’d like this for my birtdhay” It’s always been “did you see this show? She had on a beautiful dress… or a nice necklace or…” you get teh point… then a efw hours later it’s been “I hope taht my g/f from highschool gets to come in for my birthday . She was talking about it but wasn’t sure how work was coming out” Now you’ve mentioned something you like and that your birthday is comming up in a non attacking kind of way 🙂

  119. lisa says:

    I don’t do backgroun checks. I had a guy do one on me and you know they usually include alot of outdated or old info. He seen that I was related to some guy who he presumed was my husband, and he was right in a way, it was my ex husband that I had been divorced from for 15 years but I haven’t remarried so I do still have his name. I did a check on a boyfriend I had that died like 20 years ago and they do have a current address and phone number for him if I pay a fee. ??? I know where he is and he doesn’t have a phone, he’s dead!
    If someone just seems odd I avoid them and I am weary of anyone who wants to meet immediately, not that any of the men on this site want to, it’s actually the opposite. I look at certain things about them when I meet them, to verify their income like having an ugly watch or beat up shoes, or a cheap cell phone, an ugly car , and and show no class or knowledge of upscale things.

  120. Ms. V says:

    Thanks Stephan!
    Sweetbaby: Remember the NSA part, honey- get back in the game and remember that unless you two are bf/gf- breaking it off like that will be what haunts you!
    And the “criminal” thing? well, are they guilty of something you haven’t done yourself? Is it that bad that you are ready to kick rocks? If you can live with it, man- just do it.
    On the other hand- Ladies…what if he has Bad Credit?? eww.

  121. AlaskanQT says:

    LOL maybe that’s just a thought here… living in Alaska I wear mostly close toed shoes!

  122. AlaskanQT says:

    I do have to say ya’ll make me laugh. 🙂

    SugarHunny: if you don’t like your feet than maybe you can tell your SD that you are “selfconscoius about them” Believe it of not most SD’s do like to know that we are human 🙂 Maybe he woudl understand if you wanted to get maybe a nice close toed shoe. Lord knows they have some hot shoes like that too 🙂

  123. blondiebabynyc says:

    Craig_M- if you have any qualms at all, just walk away. Don’t even bother with a background check. Just listen to your inner voice. There are too many times in life, when we don’t pay attention to our own intuition and it bites you in the ass. Just move on.

  124. cre8tor says:

    Miss V: We might have kin waaaay back but my dad is so BORING and so opposite of me that I think I might have been adopted or my mom had an affair. But, I do have freckles on my white skin which could be just a smattering of that chocolate background we might share. Let me add one more flaw here….I spend way too much time on this blog (my new best friend) and avoid creating my work.

    Sweetbaby: so sorry on the b-day thing. Not wrong to want a nice present. How many hints did you give? Maybe too many? Don’t be mad though. Just cool off a bit and then snuggle up to that sweet man and don’t say another thing about birthdays. Me thinks he has the hint by now. He might come through after all. If not, tell him you just wanted to celebrate and feel special. Hope that helps.

  125. stephan says:

    Craig_M: blondiebabynyc said it well in my opinion… It’s not always black & white, yet background checks exist to give you the information you need to help you make your over-all assessment… if you already had some qualms about their character, and then you find they have a criminal background – I’d say that’d be enough to get me movin’ 🙂

  126. blondiebabynyc says:

    My flaws
    1- never remember to put DVDs/CDs back in their cases
    2- addicted to books, If I had my druthers, I’d read all day long. As it is, I need more bookcases, mine are overflowing.
    3- love action and science fiction movies.
    4-addicted to shoes-I also leave them around, I should put them back in their boxes, but…oops
    5.I eat like I’m still in college. I get on binges where I eat healthy, then i see nachos….
    6.Steak, steak, steak….yum!
    7.Champagne…as above
    8.Great at organizing….staying organized is another thing
    10. World Class- Olympic GOLD procrastinator
    11.Snore! Yup!
    12. Don’t floss–shoot me!
    13.can be really lazy
    14. Can be really active
    15. Spatial Dynamics and I don’t mix. I am a klutz
    16. Has sports injuries and sometimes creak
    17.Hate stupid people
    18.Can be arrogant
    19.I’m short, dammit and there’s nothing I can do about it.
    20. Have 3 computers, none of them work well, and am trying to fix them…..sigh
    21. Would love, love, love perfect white teeth
    22. can be impatient
    23. People look at me and think I’m dumb, I love to confound them!
    24. Sly, sneaky, snarky sense of humor
    25. Really addicted to shoes, I know I said that, but I am
    26.I exercise only in my head. Right now I’m doing crunches…lol
    27.Addicted to pedicures
    28.Designer/label snob. Someone feed my addiction
    29. Too kind for my own good
    30. Thinks about sex too much
    31.Won’t fake an O, but would like the opportunity! Am having a dry spell
    32.Which brings me to..I’m really good looking, but rarely get approached, just stared at
    33…can go on,but need more coffee
    34.Addicted to coffee

  127. blondiebabynyc says:

    Craig_M- people change and grow. I think you’d be surprised how many people who have a criminal background straightened up and are contributing members of society. That said, if they’re still “in the life” um, is that the phrase, “run Toto run!”

  128. Craig_M says:

    Stephan: Following up on Ms. V lets say one finds out that a SB/SD has a criminal history. I would say in most cases that is an arrangement breaker?

  129. sweetbaby says:

    Sugar family, I am not happy. It’s my birthday next week and my sd called me high-maintenance for my hints that I want a present, preferably something that is shiny.

    One thing that pisses me off is being called that because I know I am not. I don’t ask him for anything except for the allowance I get.

    Is it wrong for me wanting a nice present for my birthday? I’ve never actually celebrated my birthday before and I would just have liked something nice nothing over the top. Now I feel angry and if he does get me anything I dont even feel like accepting it.

    We’ve been together for 7months now and it’s pissed me off to the point of not wanting to see him again. I haven’t contacted him since he said it. What should I do?

  130. SugarHunny says:

    I have horrible toes. I hate my feet. Seriously. My big toes specifically. I hate to be blunt, but I am beautiful and I get told on a daily basis…its like when God created me he was like…hoooooookay, Im gonna give you TERRIBLE FEEt! it totally blows too, cuz lots of daddies are into feet and when they offer to buy me hot shoes im just like eeeeeek! I hate my feet! Most people agree with me too which makes it even worse 🙁 anyone know if there’s a way to fix this with surgery w/out becoming disabled or long term pain ?

  131. stephan says:

    Ms. V: Stephan here – I post all the blogs btw, I even gave you a shot out in my last post… so even though I try to stay as “annonymous” as possible, i guess it’s only fair I “blast” myself a bit too sometimes eh? lol 😉

    We don’t require that all members verify their income, but we do provide sugar daddies an option of doing so: Diamond Club Membership. Also, there are some sites that provide verification services (tax records, criminal background, etc) that you may consider 🙂

  132. Ms. V says:

    Cre8tor? I think you and I are waaay too much alike! There’s a real possibility that we come from the same father- mine is a rolling stone with so much “darkness” in him that his eyes widen and roll for no darn reason…yours?
    I swear we must be kin somehow. Right on.

  133. Ms. V says:

    I cannot believe you put me on BLAST like that!! I am over here in shock!
    Thank heavens I didn’t expand on that last flaw- whomever you are- you must know me well enough to put Samantha above my post…you MUST secretly know me…well? do you?

    Well, darling- since I know I have your attention: Why aren’t you verifying income?? LMMFAO!! Have you read the profile about the guy who will inherit a wad of money if he gets married/has a baby, but that isn’t what he’s looking for?? Sounds like an easy way to get some juicy, bareback goodies to me.
    [I am listening to Lil Wayne’s song- “Brand New”] perfect soundtrack
    ….I’m [email protected]#$in every bad bitch twice, and if she doesn’t wear panties then I f#$k her on sight…

    Oh yeah, that’s another thing- I swear a lot. I have a large vocabulary, but some words simply cannot be used to replace the F-word!

    ‘Tha f*ck’dyousay, bith? see? irreplaceable
    hahahahahahahah! oh- I am procrastinating right now. Mad my instructor won’t accept garbage from me…he deleted an assignment I turned in, and sent me a note saying that my work was due Friday (which I turned in- crappy, but I did it) and to call if I need help. I never need help. I am actually pretty good at this business stuff…but, dammit man! why can’t I skate through if I want to? I’m paying for it!

    Well? how’s the flaws thing working for you fellas? Are YOU willing to divulge your undercover Burger King habits? or what about the fact that you have to stand up to wipe your ass properly? no? damn.
    I’m out.

  134. AlaskanQT says:

    LMAO ok flaws?

    1. I eat… a lot… No salads for this gal on a date give me a big juicy steak
    2. I have stretch makes in places that shouldn’t stretch from 2 kids.
    3. I have a name that is hard to pronounce and spell… I know this BUT I still will get pissed when it get’s messed up
    4. I used my rather expansive vocabulary to stump people and make them look at me like they are an idiot.
    5. I am a bloody Mary snob.
    6. I drink too much wine and champagne and INSIST on beieng the person to ick Champagne (huge ego blow to the guys)
    7. I get over emotional over thinsg that shouldn’t even bother me
    8. I don;’t spell check but I know I type horribly
    9. I read too much (even got grounded from reading when I was younger)
    10 My boobs are TOO big. I’m a 32 G and wear a size 8/10 pant this doesn’t make for easy formal wear fitting
    11. I text way too much (even have a qwerty keypad on my phone)
    12. I get too loud when I drink red wine because it makes my hearing fuzzy
    13. I will sing Karaoke and be consieted enough to put in a song that someone just did because I know I can do it better
    14. I am great at filing but I hae to do it
    15. I get REALLY angry when I don’t get a birthday card
    16. I have a horrible case of only child syndrome
    17. I wear less make up than men like to see because I think my skin is great.
    18. I haev to shave places that hair just shoudln’t exist (arms, buttox, toes, fingers)
    19. I spend way too much time at coffee shops
    20. I am adicted to flirting… I’ve even been known to flirt across the bar when I’m on a date

  135. cre8tor says:

    Lycra is my friend! Amazing how it fits the waist and butt at the same time. Flaws? Oh boy the list: I’m perfect and not admitting to anything else! lol. Okay, Okay, I’m a wine and food snob, have no patience for lines and stupid people, dislike negative, non-motivated people, whiners will be banished, am too emotional, the words can’t and wait are my four letter words, leave my shoes all over the house, make up excuses not to jog and bike ride, spend too much time lost in books. I’ll get back to you on the rest. Question: how in the world can anyone that wears a size even close to 1 one have a butt problem?

  136. dreamer says:

    lets see… flaws? Damn. Haha. I eat alot. And it is always junk food. I am too picky about lingerie. I cannot get drunk no matter what i drink. I have serious add and cannot sit still. I usually out talk most men. I dont clean my house well. I leave clothes on the floor. I text too much. I work too much. I like to get into politics sometimes even when i dont always know what im talking about. I say things without thinking sometimes. And i get on SA too much haha.

  137. lisa says:

    I know about the waist butt thing. If I find a skirt that fits my butt,it is too loose around my waist and if it fits my waist, it rides up on my butt. I usually only wear miniskirts so that they sit on my hips instead of my waist. I also hate being wrong and I often freeze up when I meet new people till I get to know them.

  138. bostonTerrier says:

    mine – my bra size could be a cup size larger; my butt could be a little smaller so it would be easier for me to find jeans (i can’t explain how much it sucks to have a tiny waist and a huge butt) and guys wouldn’t stare at my butt as often; i prefer mcdonalds fries and nuggets to any other meal; i hate being wrong and it’s hard for me to admit when i am; i don’t like it when i don’t get my way; i often don’t think before i speak

    that’s it. aside from that i like to *believe* i am perfect.

  139. Ms. V says:

    Houston, we have a problem.
    87 lbs, Lisa? Girl, come on over to the house and let me feed you some pot roast and veggies… okay, I am only 1 inch taller than you and weigh 150! yeah,yeah,yeah- I got huge boobs, and some vice-gripping thighs- but babygirl be careful with yourself…you are precious cargo!

  140. Lisa says:

    my flaw’s:
    I could stand to be slimmer. I used to weigh 87 lbs,now I weigh 105 and i’m only 5′ 1″.
    I don’t live in the best area of town
    I don’t have a big education and work menial jobs
    I only drink occasionally
    I have maxed out many credit cards that are in collections
    I can be quite square at times
    I have small breasts so my fancy lingerie doesn’t look as good as it could if I had a boob job
    I can’t afford to go the gym
    I sometimes wear Mac eyeshadow with 99 cent store eyeshadow
    I have 3 lingerie drawers and 3 drawers full of hosiery
    I prefer my 20 dollar handbag from charlotte russe over my 700 dollar louise vuitton one (purchased with a credit card I never paid)
    I wear clothes that are too young for me
    I sometimes mix Mac eyeshadow with 99c store eyeshadow

  141. Lisa says:

    my flaw’s:
    I could stand to be slimmer. I used to weigh 87 lbs,now I weigh 105 and i’m only 5′ 1″.