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Come Have an Affair!


It’s seems fitting that the word “affair” has a double meaning…

One can host an affair at home with food, music and dancing, or one can HAVE an affair (with food, yes) but usually with another person (save a lonely night with Ben & Jerry’s) 😉

Ya see what I mean? Now the meeting place for those having affairs will be throwing one of its own – the Sugar Daddy Party. Hoot! 😀

This will be no average party, folks… Tickets go on sale soon, and Sugar Babies who want to attend can allow Sugar Daddies to sponsor them. More details to come…

Who We Are…

Here are some areas of Sugar Daddy Dating Bible writing opportunity; uncharted territory into the growing subculture of sugar daddy dating. You guys, I think this is really representing a change in the way people view arranged relationships, and thus all of you are seriously on the cutting edge of defining WHAT THIS MEANS. I have a feeling your words will be read for many, many years to come…

Truely Divine Asks: “Should a SD still give a SB an allowance even when they are not able to meet”

At first, I didn’t know exactly what you meant by this, but now I think I do. So you’re asking if sugar daddies should still pay part or all of an agreed upon allowance, regardless of having met or not? H’mmm, this definitely has a lot of grey area… it would have to be taken on a case by case basis, would it not? I mean, if you flew across the world to meet a Sugar Daddy, and plans fell through at the last minute, I do believe he should finance your trip back home; and, if he’s a real gentlemen, he’d throw in at least some part of any agreed upon allowance. Do any Sugar Daddies have any thoughts about paying for an arrangement that never reached fruition?

Criminal Affair?

We’ve talked about married sugar daddy relationships before, but what do sugar babies think about the concept of “stealing” a man from his wife? Did you know there are some states that will allow a lawsuit against a woman involved in an affair with a husband? How would any Sugar Baby feel about receiving a complaint asking for $500,000 in damages for loss of intamicy with a husband?

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34 Responses to “Come Have an Affair!”

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  10. m says:

    Oh that was a good one Blondie! Your type are very few in between but one can find them along the way.

  11. m says:

    That is why the relationship should be kept quiet. I for one i like the discreet relationship. The one i had was that and the man still feels that he has a friend and i feel the same way. I can still call him up if i need him and he will be there. The importance of keeping it quiet is in both your interests.

  12. Blondie says:

    Like your outlook, Ms. V. Pretty much mirrors mine, exactly!

    My last SD relationship was LD with a married man. Worked out great, no problems w/ the allowance or the wife, thank goodness. H never got me involved in his family drama – we only talked about his wife and kids in a friendly way, and never at length. I just let him know I cared and that I’d always be there if he needed advice on a home situation, or just wanted to vent, talk, a hug…

    And when it came time to end out arrangment (b/c his company was relocating overseas, including his whole family!), he offered to continue my allowance for 2 months after he had moved out of the country, since the relocation was so sudden and didn’t give me time to prepare or find another SD.

    Now THAT’s a gentleman who knows how to do things right! Of course, now I’m spoiled and expect every future SD to live up to his high standard!

    Good guys like that really raise the bar and help us weed out the creeps.

  13. Ms. V says:

    allowance? up front and on-time, everytime.

    oh, the alienation of affection/neglect of emotions/severing the spiritual bond??? that shit is for the husband only. The SB (as far as I know) doesn’t sign up to put up with some guys’ neglected wife…she signs up to help him remember how to hold onto the rest of his assets!

    If he’s smart, he’ll use those skills on his wife and make a slow transition into doing the things she’s been bitching about for all those years!
    If she’s smart, she’ll get a SD- and half of everything else.

  14. stephan says:

    Truely Divine: Oh I see, that’s very interesting, and I wonder what any other sugar babies think about the expectation of an allowance and when there is an obligation on behalf of a sugar daddy to fulfill it. Thank YOU for your posts and I loved reading your description of beauty btw 😀

  15. rnrhoney says:

    oh, and stay classy San Diego!

  16. rnrhoney says:

    It’s NOT all about the $$$……of course that’s a factor but imho it’s the psychological play…mindfuc( if you will…or please, mindfuc( me baby

  17. Truely Divine says:

    Steph: Thanks for making these topics. Being able to post blogs truely differentiates and sets this site apart from the others.

    What I was getting at was when I asked the question about allowances, is for example; if a sb normally gets a weelky allowance and for two weeks the SD decides to go on vacation with the family, does that mean the SB should just hold her/ his breath and tread water for 2 weeks.

    Sweetbaby: I agree, If a SD is truely a genuine SD, a SB shouldn’t even have to ask.

    This kind of ties in with the second topic. Common Law procedures allows any party that has suffered an injury or loss to be reasonably compensated. So “stealing a husband” wouldn’t be criminal, but in a civil case, torts (law suit) are very possible. I’ve heard it deemed as allienation of affection.

    Cre8tor: I totally agree, its not totally about the money, its the wifes way of being able to legally “bitch slap” the person she thinks “stole her husband”. (In my opinion)

    On issue of compensation SBs are totally SOL.

  18. Why Not says:

    For some yes but I have seen posts on here that seem to indicate that many men feel otherwise.

    But as I said earlier who am I to comment…

  19. cre8tor says:

    I think that is the whole premise of SD/SB

  20. Why Not says:

    Thanks for the comment Cre8tor. Again maybe I am old fashioned but if I am going to sleep with a woman there better be something more there for both of us than just sex !

  21. lisa says:


    I posted in “what do you expect” I need some advicd please


  22. cre8tor says:

    I heard a very valid comment from a good friend of mine. He said as soon as a SD/SB relationship becomes about time spent in exchange for money, the woman becomes a hooker. I agree with Why Not. A SD/SB relationship is about more than sexual fulfillment.

  23. Why Not says:

    Interesting thought Sweet on withholding an allowance. I cannot imagine for a second that it would be proper or acceptable to not give the allowance if plans fall through.

    If two people have predetermined that there is an allowance involved, how can someone just decide that the allowance is not due to the sb because of a change in plans ? Particularly if the sb is depending on that allowance to pay bills or cover other expenses.

    Perhaps I am just an old wind bag but withholding an allowance in that situation (to me) cheapens the relationship and basically is reducing the time spent together to an hourly fee arrangement. Personally if I am spending time with someone it would be because I have a certain amount emotional stock in the relationship and along with that emotional stock comes a certain obligation to fulfill your committment to someone, plans or no plans.

    But then again I am probably not the right person to comment on the subject as this has presented some difficulty for me in the past and the present…but I will save that for my book !

  24. sweetbaby says:

    Agreed Hunny.

    We’re not innocent but neither is she. I dont believe that there is a victim in such situations as everyone is at fault in their own ways. But the wife playing the victim just bugs me.

    Why Not, I was peed off when I was told I have a moral obligation to the other woman. Frankly, I don’t know her and as long as I don’t then I have no moral obligation to her. The wife in my situation is a doctor and I have done my best so far to avoid her and never have to go to her practice.

    The other topic of discussion in the blog is whether the sd should give the sb an allowance even if plans fall through. I don’t think they have to unless they arranged such an agreement with the sb. But if they were genuinely nice sd’s who cared about the welfare and happiness of their sd’s then I do think they should give the sb a certain allowance even if things fall through.

  25. HunnyBabe says:

    There’s no such thing as an innocent party, everybody (well except for the wife) knows what they’re getting themselves into, although the wife should also be aware that if she’s not satisfying her man, he’s gonna look for something else…anyways there’s no such thing as an innocent party, but the commitment is made between husband and wife not the third one…so honestly a lawsuit is ridiculous, and if ever , the husband should be the one who gets it, not the third party lol…sorry but its true.


    HB xxx

  26. Why Not says:

    Very good point Cre8tor. I suppose no one in such an unfortunate situation is the innocent party.

  27. cre8tor says:

    Tom! Welcome back. We have missed you. Thanks for the input.

    One would hope that three adults can come to terms on an affair. But, someone has been violated and cheated on. Brings out very ugly emotions. If it brings on a divorce (which can be ugly to begin with), that betrayed party will use everything she can to be vindicated. Not always…but chances are. The reality of it is, the suit is available in some states. I believe Oprah did something on this and interviewed the other woman.

    “But these things should be sorted between the three parties involved and should not really be a public matter. The wife shouldn’t take it out on the other woman but rather her husband and even probably herself as something was wrong between them both.” SHOULD is the operative word. We, as the SB and the reason her husband strayed (in her eyes) are the unknown 3rd party….easy target/blame. Don’t fool yourself into thinking we are the innocent party.

  28. Tom says:

    Lawsuits? Add this to the 1000 reasons why I will never get married 🙂

  29. Why Not says:

    Sweet I am amazed that someone would suggest to you that you have an obligation to a person unknown to you simply because you share the same gender ! What a world we would live in if that line of thinking carried through every day life.

    I agree with you that should the affair become known the three of you are adults and surely can work something out. No need to drag something like an affair into court but therein lies the problem. We live in a world where a misinterpreted glance can find you involved in a law suit…and this is far too off point for this blog. My apologies…

  30. sweetbaby says:

    I once had an arguement over this. I was told by someone that I have a responsibility to the wife as a female to not have an affair with the husband.

    My views are, I didn’t choose to get married to said person, I didn’t ask the husband to be unfaithful.

    Why the state should really involve themselves in matrimonial issues like affairs is beyond me!
    Criminal? No! Civil? Possibly. But these things should be sorted between the three parties involved and should not really be a public matter. The wife shouldn’t take it out on the other woman but rather her husband and even probably herself as something was wrong between them both.

    I have a married sd so if we were found and I was sued, which I doubt would happen as I am in the Uk, I would counter sue for emotional distress caused by her suit!

  31. Why Not says:

    Been reading these blogs for some time and love some of the comments.

    Cre8tor I do think you are right on your last post. Although cry for help may be a harsh characterization, I do agree that most men and women who do have affairs have a tendency to subconscioulsy leave clues as to the existence of the affair…perhaps that in and of itself represents a “cry for help”

  32. HunnyBabe says:

    Well when it comes to this, i think something like this should be kept private(a lawsuit would make it less of a private affair), a sugar baby can’t really know the reasons why the husband is looking for more company outside his marriage, he could say one thing but the reality could be other, and in this case is not the sb’s fault, i also believe that when a husband is doing everything he can to please his wife(moneywise, emotionally, etc etc) and the wife is not satisfying him sexually then she’s not being a good wife, honestly if u think about it, how can someone(the wife in this case) except to have everything she wants and not give what her husband is expecting from her??? doesnt it sound ridiculous? i mean i know sometimes women can be tired from the every day routine, tired of dealing with the kids all day, but u also have to think, thanks to ur husband u ave ur beautiful kids, a beautiful house, nice cars, u can buy practically whatever u want etc etc….so anyways i think im talking about another thing now lol….i think either way is not the third person’s fault because the commitment was made between husband and wife, not third parties….so Lawsuit??? completly ridiculous!!!!


    HB xxx

  33. cre8tor says:

    good point Lisa. But I don’t think the goal is to receive that money from the woman. It is a tool to get what you can from the husband. And, think of the ramifications of a public lawsuit to a man especially someone involved in the community? Makes one think.

    But, are you really stealing? Does the wife deserve that from her husband? Have they tried to make it work and just can’t? What is the reason he uses for wandering? Are you stealing all of him or just what she won’t give? Is it then really stealing? On the flip side….my ex wasn’t providing the intimacy I wanted in our marriage. Would it be stealing if I went elsewhere for that intimacy? I think not. But only if it was kept in perspective…it was to supplement the marriage not replace it.

    But then, an affair is considered a cry for help and many times clues of the affair are inadvertently left so it can be discovered. Any thoughts on this? Especially the men. I would love to hear your side of this.

  34. lisa says:

    Well I think if a man wants to stray he will regardless of who he considers. If he doesn’t have a regular sb or another woman, he might solicit prostitues which would be more risky for him and his wife.
    As far as a lawsuit, well what would be the point of suing someone for an outragous amount of money thay they don’t have? That would be like me suing my neigbors if I fall over their bicycle on the stairs. I could sue them for thousands or millions but being that they are a family of 6 living in a one bedroom apartment on public aid, I doubt they have alot of money. A woman might be mad if her husband cheats, but she should blame him, not the other woman after all the woman didn’t make a commitment to the marriage and before a wife decides to sue, make sure the person she is suing has enough money to make it worthwhile.