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There’s more to Sugar than Sex

It’s become quite clear that not all sugar daddy relationships are centered around sex. Plenty of people use different means to determine the value of their mutually benificial relationships.

So, what’s your SUGASM?

Is it a beautiful girl to talk to?

Is it a man that can make life feel “new” again?

Is it a girl who can really appreciate being taken to the mall, or a fine dinning resturaunt, or, frankly, – a man of worth (both inner and outward)?

There’s no getting around the sexual aspect to ANY intimate relationship, but the truth is, not every Sugar Daddy is just looking for sex.

What is YOUR idea of a Sugasm? Sex is great, but it’d be nice to hear of some other ways a daddy or baby can melt your sugar.

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  4. MALE_Sugar_Baby says:

    Please forgive this comment if it is a bit off-topic, but I did not know how to otherwise post it.

    IF we have terms like SUGAR DADDY and SUGAR MOMMY, how come we do not have terms like SUGAR DAUGHTER or SUGAR SON — or, collectively, SUGAR PARENTS and SUGAR CHILDREN?

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  6. jb_sd says:

    yael – it’s important to remember that men are visual creatures. we all have different tastes in women but the “can I see pics” responses might be just that the men you’ve met on here so far are jerks. HOWEVER – look at your profile, and be sure you’ve done a good job with it.

    If you only have 1 picture, or your pics are the size of a postage stamp, or an extreme closeup of your face that I wouldn’t be able to tell what you look like, or taken from 1000 miles away, or blurry…. Well, men are going to want to see you and visualize you when they are emailing you. If they can’t, then that would explain why you get that response or no response.

    It’s not about looking like a model. We understand no one is perfect, that isn’t the point (and men have a variety of tastes in beauty so don’t assume too much that you know if you’re beautiful or not – an arrogant magazine model isn’t beautiful to me). And if you’re being discreet, blurring out part (not all) of your face is fine too.

    IF your pics are reasonably clear, show you in a couple of different settings, and you believe I would be able get a good sense of what you look like, then the men you’ve met so far are just no good, and keep trying because good ones – we’re out here. Otherwise, you should consider trying to get some better pics on your profile.


  7. workinggirl says:

    I like the fact that I am drama-free. My sugar-daddies and even regular men I date know that I have my own life, and I am not a nag, or worrying about what they are doing. These relationships require an emotional detachment that makes you more happy to see each other.

    I see how my mom and sister-n-law nag the men in their life – I don’t want to be a nagging wife-I want to be sugar.

  8. yael says:

    I’m so confused!!! I consider myself open to all types of arrangements… (I’m not primarily sexually speaking but if it happens I’m single with needs too..) but It’s so hard to tell what someone is looking for… I must not be saying the right things… if I send a message to a SD and they do read it… I never get any respnse…. unless it’s “Do you have any more pics?”….. I usually introduce myself and bring up something interesting I saw on their profile… if it was a person who spoarked my interest….. I’m new to my city and just really want someone to have some fun with… any suggestions on what I can say that will interest potential SD s?….

  9. Ms. V says:

    Berri- I am all for it, honey ;-)…waiting on Stephan to pick a date…
    Yeah, cre8tor- you know I’ll be by myself with my munchkins for about 6 months, gonna have to come up off a nice chunk to get days of baby-sitting. – Always accepting donations, lol!-

    Since I don’t know where I am going, I need a ref. point for hotels out your way, C. Email me? Don’t want to be too far from you while visiting, I get a free flight, though!!! muah-ha-ha!

    oh, any details on exactly what the SA party will entail?? Costume/dancing/dinner party/ what??? fill me in, I love surprises, but I do not like waiting for the ones I already know about! hahaha

  10. cre8tor says:

    Berri: you are too funny. That percentage sign really made you turn the corner. We all have to work on that Sugar Bowl thing w/Ms V. We might have to all help out with munchkin support somehow. But, ladies all of us NEED to meet. We shall find a way!

  11. Berri says:

    ok, well, I am super happy to see Lisa back and chatting…I was worried about ya girl, in another post. Almost called the calvary to save you and better success on the next date.
    (my ideal)sincere_sd…aka, heartbreaker…hehe, I left your reply on the other blog as well. You’re such a tease but I still think you are phenomeminal. I was thinking of writing you off until the “I am a top 1.17% earner according income census poll” part of your earlier blog! Now, if it doesn’t work out with Stephan, I may just find you at the Sugar Party and introduce myself. Thanks again for tempting me. muah!
    Ms V~ I want to party with you at the Sugar Bowl. You better go, girl!

  12. lisa says:

    I just tried on this ugly men’s shirt I have to wear. I goes all the way down to my knees so I have no idea how I am going to tuck it into my pants without having a big lump and besides my only pair of pants that I can wear to work are tight as I am not a pants girl, dresses and skirts for me but I have to wear pants to work. I just want to be back to living again. I have to worry about this hurricane now as it should hit us on saturday when I have orientation. If it gets cancelled that means my starting work day will moved back even furthur. I applied for this job 3 weeks ago too.

  13. Ms. V says:

    chin up, Lisa! It will all work out as it should. You have already been pleasantly surprised- so don’t let YOU be the one to say it will not happen again.
    Of course it will! And it will be exactly what you need_right on time.

  14. Ms. V says:

    LOL! Cre8tor, you are SO right about that!
    I think he may WANT it to come about in such a way that it disrupts my marriage… he’s bold. That aspect of this whole business is why I wanted to join this site. No familiar people. No mess. And there is the whole “arrangement” part…we all understand that this is meant to work a certain way, and reminding the other person of that aspect should be less awkward than other relationships.

  15. lisa says:

    Hi all
    well I’m back from 6 hours of computer training. went well but now my orientation has been pushed up till saturday instead of tomorrow and is only 2 hours instead of 6 which means my first check will be tiny. On top of that there is a hurricane headed this way and we are going to have heavy rains on fri and sat which means I won’t even be able to get out and things will probably be cancelled anyway. If I can get in some hours it won’ t be enough because I won’t get that many hours at first. I am so trying to get on my feet but eveytime I take a step forward I go back 2. I need me a sugar daddy fast to help me make it till I get caught up as once I fall behind I will never catch up.
    Anyway that’s my update, looking forward to chatting with you ladies tonight. 🙂

  16. cre8tor says:

    Ohhhh Ms. V. Don’t even think about that temptation. He actually came out and offered it to you? Dangerous. That arrangement is only for AFTER things fall apart

  17. cre8tor says:

    good point

  18. bostonTerrier says:

    i never said i *only* want to be spoiled.

    i enjoy the companionship in addition to having an outlet with someone beyond 22 years of age.

    if being spoiled was my sole purpose i’d just call my mother every day, or better yet, i’d be attending school back home.

  19. cre8tor says:

    someone told me men want sex, women want security. Pretty basic and let’s hope that we all create ways to make those basic needs less cold and heartless. After all, isn’t a part of the heart supposed to be involved in this? Although not all the women are seeking the security that is implied here and not all men want just sex, I think its the desire, the need to be wanted that is seeking fulfillment. To be taken care of in the way that works for each individual person. Sincere seems to be a SD that cares about his SB. Its more than sex for him. QT is reasonable, Ms. V wants seduction, BostonTerrier to be spoiled. And, you all tell me that anyone in a conventional relationship does not want the same things! It seems to be more honest in this venue.

  20. Ms. V says:

    see? that’s why I’m all cuckoo about this site. Sincere_sd. You cannot just come on here talking all Superman-like and expect to not get mobbed in the forums…then again.

    uggh. this is ridiculous. what are the chances that the best SD’s are bloggers??? I need to get a life.lol

  21. bostonTerrier says:

    i agree with sugar babies being independent. despite my being a college student and all i do perfectly fine on my own from internships … plus my parents are really nice when it comes to being their only daughter out of state for college.

    i don’t look for a sd to pay any of my bills, i just like being treated well be it shopping or an allowance. i also like getting away from my college life for a little while … call it an escape.

    at the same time, i think most of the sbs on this site are not looking for one night stands or anything of the sort to make them feel as if they’re sluts and only in it for the money. i’m not naive in that i believe sex plays no part here, i totally realize it does and accept it. i’m not, and never will be, comfortable with the idea of being in a bed with someone for like an hour or two only to get up and leave with money shortly thereafter. if that is what i was looking for trust and believe i could get that from some random rich foreign guy on campus.

  22. dreamer says:

    hey stephan, is there any way i can get ahold of you to ask you a question about my profile?

  23. AlaskanQT says:

    sincere: again appearently I’m a different breed…. I had an SD that did all that and more, I put my allowence in teh bank and if we went shopping together I was prepareed to pay for what I wanted when I went… Usually when I pulled out my debit card he took it away but teh point is I was ready and willing. Augar is not about taking advantage… a man can’t think that a few pretty things entitles him to tie to you the bed and do… ok wrong fantasy here 😀 but at teha same time a baby can’t assume taht because she spent a few minutes on her knees she deserves a brand new house…. Both parties haev to be comfortabel with eth arranement and both parties should smile…

    Sugar babies need to be independednt… What happens when your arrangement ends? (I had an SD that had a “contract” and if anyone is interested I will share those details it really worked out quite well)

  24. sincere_sd says:

    To answer some of the comments here:

    True Divine comment – On issue of compensation SBs are totally SOL.

    Feedback – While you are probably right 99% of the time, there are exceptions. Goodwill and fringe benefits depend ultimately on the SD and the bond built between him and his SB … the better the bond, the greater the goodwill.

    I have 2 extreme examples to cite here. My friend who is a fairly wealthy SD, is providing for his favorite SB (he has 1 each in 2 different cities) in his will (I won’t elaborate here in case IRS agents read these postings). As for myself, my relationship with my current SB will end when she returns to her home country after her internship is up; I plan on giving her a “scholarship” award as a sign of my appreciation.

    Sweetbaby comment – The other topic of discussion in the blog is whether the sd should give the sb an allowance even if plans fall through. I don’t think they have to unless they arranged such an agreement with the sb. But if they were genuinely nice sd’s who cared about the welfare and happiness of their sd’s then I do think they should give the sb a certain allowance even if things fall through.

    Feedback – There are no written rules about SB relationships so YMMV depending on the people involved and circumstances. I try to understand my SB’s finances and ensure she is comfortable. If we occasionally miss a meeting, she still gets her allowance. If she abuses her privileges, I will reduce her allowance or be less generous with gifts.

    The problem is that most men are here for sex and there are many SB to choose from. So if his primary motivation is sex, allowances will be tend to be tied to meetings and these relationships will be short-lived. I would imagine those SD would view SA as a kid would a candystore.

    Please excuse me if I go into a tirade here but the concept of entitlement is a real sore spot with me. Who’s to say what is a genuine SD is and how he’s supposed to act.

    Where’s the manual on how a SB is supposed to act? Nothing drives me crazier than being treated like a walking wallet or hearing that she deserves to be spoiled like a princess.

    While I agree there’s more to sugar than sex, the perception and expectations of sugar relationship are distorted by Hollywood and Stephan thread on “What’s your favorite sugar daddy experience?” I am a top 1.17% earner according income census poll and I provide well for my family and my SB. Isn’t paying for her rent, cell phone bills, car loan and a monthly allowance, along with nice dinners, trips, spa visits and occasional gifts, enough? Do I really need to take her shopping on Rodeo Drive, charter a citation jet or dress her in couture outfits to make her happy?

    Rant off … Berri do you still think I’m your idea SD?

  25. caligirl says:

    Ms. V…..
    Please write a book…you would make millions:) I look forward to your entries each nite….you make me laugh and smile…

    Just got back…I too am tired. … I have been driving my daughter to and from college nite and day… I let her drive one day and she scared me…She is my heart and I spend most of my extra money on all of her college needs.

    By the way thank you everyone for being here….I thought I was all alone in my SD dating…and then here we all are…this is a great way to support each other:)

    Sweet…Sweet….SugarDaddie Dreams to all:)

  26. Ms. V says:

    good night Lisa. Sweet, moneytree dreams to you.

  27. Ms. V says:

    I asked someone what I could do to improve my profile…be brief, he suggests. (maybe he never read my blog posts)…
    I am considering an intense and “dangerous” arrangement… I get the money (for the house I want, hopefully), the car I want, and some extras (plus a job)….but, it’s my husbands boss. I am not quite that messy, so I doubt I will engage, but it is thrilling to consider. I am realistic enough to know that shit gets EVERYWHERE when it hits the fan. Especially this kind.

    I’m telling you, though- I have a vision of a convertible caddi
    I might just get dirty one of these days, ya’ll.

  28. lisa says:

    Good night ladies, gotta get to bed so I can get up at 730. I have training from 9-3.
    happy sd hunting

  29. lisa says:

    hopefully sd meetings offer more EVEN if it is only a one time meeting, like the 2 I had recently, at least I got lunch and shopping

  30. lisa says:

    We just have to keep trying just like in regular dating but hopefully sd meetings offer more if it is a one time meeting. I had some regular pictures up at first and got alot of response, then things slowed down and I redid my profile and pictures, got some new response, then changed pictures a little bit and got a little better. I don’t have many flattering pictures as most of mine are silly ones taken by my daughter. I try not to be too sexy in the photos as i tried that once and didn’t get the type of response I wanted and also many guys expect you to dress like that when you meet them for lunch the first time and it’s just not appropriate in a public place and with a stranger.

  31. bostonTerrier says:

    thanks cre8tor! … i considered putting up a picture without my face but i didn’t really want to. the pictures i have up are just normal ones taken by friends in classes or from weekend outings in boston. i’m considering deleting one picture with me in a pair of jean shorts – shorts are just about the length of underwear these days so maybe i was showing too much leg? he was the only odd one to reply though – everyone else seems super nice and genuinely interested. plus, i should add, i’m not one to contact sds directly – they always have to mail me first 🙂

    i’m probably putting too much hope into the guy i am meeting next week but i have this gut instinct that he’ll work out. or maybe i just like his appearance too much …

  32. lisa says:

    Good everyone is back. lol We are supposed to have a life outside of the blog? lol well only for meeting sds.
    I have went through alot of players and no responses to find 2 more sds to meet. I have a couple more that are supposed to be here this month but they said that 2 months ago so who knows if that will work. I have been lucky in the past 2 weeks to meet 2 and even though they didn’t work out, the shopping was definately worth my time. Now I still need to find one that will help me financially before oct.. I really wish I could find one to have the kind of relationship I had with my last boyfriend but with less demands. An occasional night out and some financial help and someone to say hi to on a day to day basis, someone to protect me when I’m vulnerable but not be smothering because I value my time alone.

  33. caligirl says:

    Ms. V,
    I just found you…where have you been? Missed you…you always spice things up for us…..I have to go…will be back in a bit…have to pickup my daughter at school….Don’t go away everyone!!!!

  34. caligirl says:

    Have no worries…you may think that your shirt is ill-fitting….all you have to do is flash a kool-aid smile and no one will think twice about the shirt:) I am just happy for you that you start work tommorrow, that way soon you will have a little money in your pocketbook. I agree with Cre8tor…things do happen for a reason.

    Now…all I need is a job:) I honestly haven’t been looking seriously…I figure I will wait till I get back my next SD trip to Kansas…I am leaving on Thursday moring:) The nice thing about my SD is that he is single, and we have had a loooooong time to get to know each other over the phone.(Talked to him 2 times each day for 9 months)… I figure once I find a job I won’t be able to travel like I have this summer…trying to make my fun last:)

    Cre8tor, Yes.. I have been most fortunate on most of my arrangements…tommorrow when I have time I will post on Weirdo Request what lovely note he sent to me before I went to NY…LOL…I will keep you all in suspense for now:) I think I will even cut and paste it so that you will get the full effect….LOL….enough for now though….

    By the way I am in the State capitol of Calif….Sacramento…if you are close to wine country….that’s definately not far from me:) We need to meet up one day. I have plenty of free time…I am tired of volunteering for now:)

  35. Ms. V says:

    Hi All!
    Oh Lisa- girl you have more potentials than any type I have ever seen…maybe time to start struttin ur stuff, huh? There is obviously something about you that shines through, and you are the one who doesn’t see it. 🙂

    Congrats- btw!! I am glad for you.

  36. cre8tor says:

    So glad to see you all. We must have gotten burned out or had a life after blog for a nanosecond. lol

    Boston Terrier: sorry about the porn guy. Guess their are pros…both men and women on this site. did you consider a pic without your face showing? but, it sounds as if you are beautiful enough to find a good SD soon. much luck

    Caligirl: you know, I have to comment on your NY date. He was a man of class. Unlike the pig man…did you see the post on him? Sounds like time that wasn’t wasted. You never know until you meet face to face if something will work. At least he was good enough to take care of you. You are in California? Which part? I’m in the wine country.

    Lisa: things are looking up. It is funny sometimes that when we have things to keep our minds elsewhere, someone of substance can walk into our life. Maybe your new job will provide that for you. My girlfriend just was let go from a job she didn’t really like. Today she found the perfect job for her. Things happen for a reason.

  37. lisa says:

    I will just do some computer training tomorrow and orientationon thursday and will probably start work saturday. I need money desperately but dread having to wear an ugly bad fitting shirt to work again. I am very girly in my dress and having to wear plain pants (i’m a skirt gir) and an ugly man’s shirt that will be too big and look hideous tucked in to my pants. But none of the nice stores at the mall (including victoria’s secret) called me so I guess I can’t have a nice girly job. We’ll see where it goes. I emailed my religous friend again asking him to help if he could with some groceries and money for my buspass (it’s down to 5 dollars) but I have yet to hear from him. He emailed me 10 days ago and said he would call but still hasn’t called. I guess I will be walking too work (over a mile in the 100 heat till I get my first paycheck. Hopefully I will hear from him sometime as it costs money to start a new job. Well at least tomorrow and thursday I can wear my nice clothes.

  38. caligirl says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I was looking for everyone too…I just thought we all got busy:) But definately glad to see find you all.

    Lisa:) Congrats on the job!!!!! At least now you have a little more to keep you busy…You will be found by the right person soon:) Keep smiling…I love to see you this way:)

    Boston Terrier:)
    Welcome….nice to see you here too. It’s interesting to read some you your experiences…I just got caught up on from the past couple days:)

  39. bostonTerrier says:

    lol, i wish that were true!

    do you live in a major city lisa? i can understand what you mean about scheduling. i’ll try to arrange a schedule to fit in with my classes and any activities i have outside of class but usually the potential sds can only work with a few days … it does nothing to help me! i have a meeting with a potential sd next week and i look forward to it after the porn sd. this guy is really cute and seems nice via phone and email so i am just hoping for the best, as always! if not, i’ll be setting up yet another meeting with one of my other potentials 🙁

  40. lisa says:

    I don’t have anything to add to the new post either. I hadn’t seen anyone on here lately so I though everyone had found a sugardaddy and left. lol
    I have been talking to 2 more potentials but of course they don’t live in my town and might be in town in the next couple weeks. I don’t like these future meetings because I don’t know my schedule for that time. they give me an idea of when they will be in town but I don’t know if I will be off from work or not. I start training tomorrow at my new job and soon my free weekends and some evenings will be gone again. If things go the way my luck does, as soon as I’m working every weekend, I will get lots of guys wanting to meet on the weekend. I have been off 4 weekends and only met 2 guys two of the days. I need a sugardaddy, I have’t been shopping since sunday. lol I need rent money too.

  41. bostonTerrier says:

    i think the post died … plus i can’t comment on the new post as i’d have nothing to contribute being an unmarried sugar baby

  42. lisa says:

    Hey where did everyone go?

  43. caligirl says:

    Good for you Lisa…I love shopping for things on sale, and especially things that I can use daily…Now on to SD shopping.. (smile) Enjoy…it’s your day!!!

  44. lisa says:

    I just go to the blog also, without logging in.
    I just returned from the mall. Had a nice lunch with a giftcard I earned through surveys online. I took back an item the gentleman bought me yesterday because after thinking about it, Ihave nowhere to wear it and I did have the receipt. I had to make an exchange even or higher to avoid having to have his credit card or God forbid, have anything credited back to his card as I don’t want to hurt his feelings but am a practical person who would rather have a few cheaper things that I can wear than on item that I have no need for since our date was cancelled. I got some shoes and some accessories that were actually on sale so I got alot of value out of my exchange and only had to pay 6 cents difference for my purchases. I am much happier with these items because I can use them everyday and I got several things. :). Anyway I have to begin my search for a new sd now.

  45. bostonTerrier says:

    i just go to seekingarrangement.com/blog … it’s pretty easy that way

  46. sweetbaby says:

    What I did is I saved the blog page in my favourites so I don’t need to keep going through the main site alot.

  47. AlaskanQT says:

    So I have a question…. I’m thinking of changing my profile to reflect that I am involved in an SD/SB relationship… what do you think? I don’t want him seeing me log on a lot and not realize that I’m on here just for teh blogs and to respond to a few people who I was talking to before meeting him….

  48. Lainie says:

    lisa….what a tosser…at least you got some nice stuff outta it….i hope you are more fortunate on your next sd date… you deserve it girl!

  49. caligirl says:

    Sweet SD Dreams Everyone!!!! Good nite all:)

  50. caligirl says:

    Kleenex for you……a box if you would like….You never know what tommorrow will bring….Have a nice evening and cheer up:)

  51. lisa says:

    Yikes the idea of dating someone that was just like me, that’s just scary lol
    I would not date someone without a good job, a car, and that lives in my neighborhood, look I’m prejustice against myself. lol
    Good night everyone. I must begin my search for another sd.

  52. Melissa says:

    I need a kleenex!! ‘sniff, sniff’.

  53. Melissa says:

    My last internet relationship lasted about 7 months, back in 2000. and it was awesome. We talked on the phone, and listen to the same music. We had the same likes, he was almost my twin, my own match made in heaven. We were going to spend a four day weekend together. And something happened……My ex showed up, and well…..it was him. I was so angry I wanted to beat his a**!!! “It’s not like this in the movies!” He says. “No, it’s not, you dumba**”!!!! I was so upset. I never did tell him, that I fell in love with the guy he pretended to be! That was my secret. I guess you never really know who you might end up meeting!! BOOHOOHOO!!!!!

  54. caligirl says:

    oops sorry…..anyway…stay happy and sweet!!! Tommorrow…tommorrow(thant’s another song)……LOL….

  55. caligirl says:

    LOL…..I gave up too on regular sites:) This week I am going to finally meet a SD for the first time. I have talked to him every day for 9 months. We have become the best of friends. So I will be in Kansas City, Kansas for 5 days. My expectations are pretty simple, just to enjoy the trip and friendship. (Smile)….

    Don’t worry Lisa….our day will come and we’ll have everything…..I think there’s a song out there wi

  56. lisa says:

    That is nice that he still compensated you. That is one good thing I have found on this site and that is I have had some good meetings. Had one guy stand me up when I first joined and one guy just met for coffee. I hate being rejected but then again I honesty couldn’t see myself being intimate with either of the last 2 guys I met. At least they went through with the shopping and bailed out after they dropped me off. The suckiest date is when you spend time getting to know a guy and finally meet him at a coffeehouse and he shows up and you just sit there or he expects you to buy you own. that’s why I gave up regular dating sites. lol

  57. caligirl says:

    I so happy for you. Shopping…new outfits…that’s a wonderful date 🙂 Enjoy the pleasures along the way…it is already getting better for you.

    If it makes you feel better I got rejected last week….he flew me to New York…put me up in beautiful hotel…and within 1 hour after settling in told me that there was no connection. I slept very well alone that nite… he was very kind to leave me with $1,000 cash, rebook my returning flight for the next morning, and still picked me up in the morning to catch my flight. The rejection hurt then…but I got over it:)

    We just have to keep kissing those frogs…unitil we find our SD!!!

  58. lisa says:

    actually everything I got was more for a formal event or party. I have to wear a stupid ugly shirt at my job. 🙁 I hate that because I wear small and they always give you mens sizes and they are too big and I’m not goign to waste money to alter some ugly shirt.
    Anyway I can wear the clothes whenever i get to go out some place nice.

  59. AlaskanQT says:

    Lisa: I’m glad you liked the shopping! Just think of it this way, he may have even bought you something that woudl look fab on a job interview for a better position than the one you took 🙂 At least then maybe you can say you got more from teh experience than just a few “pretties”

    Stephan: I woudl like to get in touch with you and talk about this sugar party that you are planning. Can we talk?

  60. Stephan says:

    Lisa: thanks for keeping us posted! I know that sooner or later, you will find your ultimate SD! Keep thriving and have a good rest of your Sunday! 😀

  61. lisa says:

    Hi all

    Well I had my date with my sd and it is over now I suppose. We met at noon for lunch and we did some shopping for an outfit for me to wear for the event tonight.
    When I met him he was much larger than I expected but then again he had o. nly a headshot photo in his profile and described himself as slim. Well I felt akward but decided to make the best of it. He kind of took the lead in shopping but I did get a couple nice outfits from my favorite store along with some shoes, accesories,makeup, etc. He then took me home and said he would pick me up around 6, it was 3 pm at the time and I needed the time to relax and get ready anyway. Well as I was putting on my pretty new dress, I get a call and a quick message, i don’t think he even know I had picked up the phone. He said he couldn’t make it tonight because he had been in an accident. I sure do cause alot of car accidents on this site, lol. so I left him a message back and haven’t heard anything but I seen he had logged onto the sa site in the last few minutes. I guess he just didn’t like me or something, maybe the fact that I didn’t have a car as he acted kind of funny when he asked me where I was parked and I said I didn’t have a car. Anyway he didn’t say anything about the apartments actually he didn’t even get out of the car to get my bags, i had to open the back door and get them myself. It was an ok day as I look at every meeting as an experience but a little upsetting to be rejected by a fat guy. lol anyway i guess I will enjoy my new stuff, hey at least I have something nice to wear with a future sd. lol
    well it’s another week and I guess I have been lucky to have 2 shopping trips in the past week and its’ time to look for the next potential sd until I find one that sticks.

  62. just me says:

    I think it takes a special person(ality) to be a SB/SD, which most of the people on here don’t get. You can’t just have a nice body or face and all of a sudden that makes you SB material .. and men..money doesn’t make a SD. Pretty face and money aside..the genuine people here are offering the entire package, and I would think they are looking for the complete package as well..(by that I mean the MBR package) Too bad it’s sooo hard to find here.
    Perhaps a sister web site for those looking to find/be a prostitute would weed out those not into the “sugarasm”
    The best so far is ..” can I pay you next week when I get my paycheck?”… and that was from this site 🙂 🙂 🙂

  63. AlaskanQT says:

    I’ve always been one for the chase… I think that the butterflies are almost worth mroe than the allowence. But at the same time I’ve already said I don’t need teh allowence I more like the dinners and teh travel and that stuff 🙂 I’m not exactly in the same boat as someone who needs the cash but I can appreciate them too 🙂 Love ya guys… I’m off to go shopping for teh kids… gotta spend the gift card rfom Mr Wonderful this weekend 🙂

  64. beachchick says:

    I’ve only ever had one SD…I’m new here (hey all!)..but sometimes it’s just THAT look, like, you know I’m gonna get you……ggggg

  65. Anonymous says:

    you are so right on point with your statement about the divorce rate.
    I am unsure of how women view marriage, but I know several men who behave in an “AHA! Gotcha Bit**” kind of way 🙂 [I’m a Chappelle show fan!]
    maybe if the man is adored and made to feel like the superhero he was before marriage, and maybe if the woman is handled with care and valued for all of who she is – each carrying on well into the marriage – just maybe the decision to stay together would be reinforced each day.

    Being SD’s and SB’s you guys should know that it really doesn’t take much to please men OR women! Treat each other sweetly and respect the value of the butterflies in your stomach…(and guys, something pretty from the Artistry and LeVian collections at the jeweler, doesn’t hurt- ever)
    Ladies- if you’re getting physical…well, never underestimate the value of using your mouth for more than telling him what you need this month! 😉

    yeah, yeah- say what you want, but you know what I’m talking about, and you know I am right. We should be worshipping each other- if each of us is worthy of sharing the others’ body, the adoration should flow freely if for no other reason than that they are worthy of us! right?

    k. rambling now.

  66. ChicBaby says:

    Blondiegirl: I’m so sorry that you had to go through that! I’ve been there too.
    It’s hard to get past the fake men on here. There are so many who seem absolutely perfect, until they think they’ve got what they want. I’ve had one amazing arrangement, and I can’t wait to find my next one. They have to go through a lot of bullshit too before they find the good ones like us!
    Keep trying!

  67. AlaskanQT says:

    Blondiegirl: I’m sorry for your bad experience! I hate when they change right after dinner’s done (been there!) I promise there is hope! It took me a year on this site to find my guy 🙂 Just weed through them and look at each e-mail, each phone call, and each meeting as a learning experience that makes you a much stronger much less niave SB 🙂

  68. Blondiegirl says:

    Hey hope your date going better than mine did last night lisa….
    He was kind and thoughtful during dinner and the lounge then he turned into a whole different person- a cheap person who just wanted in my pants.

  69. lisa says:

    well he was a good looking guy and I was attracted to him but I guess I’m not into younger guys. It takes time to really get into being with someone (well for me I have to be with someone a fews times before I really get comfortable with them, like my married lover, the first few times I seen him, I would lay there thinking “do I really want to see this guy again or should this be the last time” but I soon developed very strong feelings for him and to this day no man makes me feel the way he did, it just takes some time to really get into someone I think. I believe in instant attraction but it’s like anything new, it can make you nervous.
    I am getting ready as we speak to meet my date at noon. I will fill you in later this evening. Wish me luck.

  70. Lainie says:

    lisa – why did you sleep with that sd at all, if it didnt feel right? strikes me as odd – since sex in should be fun for both parties…
    now, i dont mean to be mean, im just curious, honestly!
    i wish you all the luck for your date tonight, lisa – hope it goes well for you ^^

    i love this blog. its so nice of you all sharing what you do.


  71. Truly Divine says:

    I’m so happy to hear such fantastic experiences!

    What gives me a Huge sugasm (sugasm, love it) is a the maturity in a SD. A man with wisdom beyond my years…He has the certain kind of confidence, seduction,intellect and of course the funds to woo me.

  72. cre8tor says:

    Anonymous: Sometimes when we say “I do”, we say I know that you are commited to me and, therefore, don’t need to put forth the effort I did when dating. The whole relationship changes but it should change to the comfort level of a good friend that is encouraged and supported to be a great lover and confidant. Marriage can belittle a relationship and make us forget what it was we really loved about our partner. In a SD/SB relationship the focus is about pleasing the other, creating excitement and intrigue. Spoiling each other. If those qualities were present in a marriage, we would not have a 50% divorce rate. Thoughts?

    As you might be able to tell, my sugardaddy isn’t with me…..many many miles away so I’m a bit BORED!!!! Somebody talk to me!

  73. lisa says:

    I am not married but had a married lover for several years, he was wonderful but not at all generous. I guess he couldn’t really with being married and sending 2 kids to private school and college. We met on another website and began an affair. I hadn’t been intimate with anyone since my divorce over a decade before that so I was looking for intimacy at that time. I shared an apartment with my mom so I was ok moneywise but she asked me to leave when I started seeing the guy because as I said in another post, since I am divorced, I am supposed to spend the rest of my life alone, can’t even date. She is weird, not catholic but very religous and anti sex.

  74. Anonymous says:

    Cre8tor & Why Not: I am happy to have words that “fit”. 🙂
    Awaiting the chance to feel them again.
    Good Expectations to you all. . . no luck needed

  75. Melissa says:

    Lisa, so you have an sd, but you are married?? How do you manage that? I would not be able to do that.

  76. lisa says:

    I honestlly haven’t meet a sd on here yet that I would want to sleep with. I have met 3 and did sleep with one a few times but it was very weird, like having sex with plastic or something. Just very weird. I haven’t found anyone who makes me feel the way my married lover did (too bad he wasn’t a sd). I met him and there was instant chemistry and we seen each other for several years.

  77. Melissa says:

    Elite_Princess I’m glad to hear what you said, as for your reasons at not being on this site. I posted on my profile that i’m wanting something platonic, a friendship, and if the chemistry is good….than maybe it could go onto other things, I’m the kinda person who likes to plant a seed, and watch it grow. But I need to be THE ONE TO DECIDE IF IT’S RIGHT , and I want to be respected for my thoughts, and for the way I view myself as a person. If they can’t respect me, how can I respect them??? There’s the door…..Thanks I can let myself out!!!

  78. ChicBaby says:

    Sugasm for me is knowing that he is just happy to see me, hear my voice, or get an email from me. It’s the feeling I get when I see him, hear his voice, or get an email from him.
    The best relationship is when he is also my friend. My favorite SD was the one where I never wanted to stop talking. We had some of the best conversations I’ve ever had, on all sorts of topics. When the arrangement ended I was most sad to lose that friend (although we still keep in touch occasionally).
    I like to see my arrangements as the best type of friendship.

  79. Why Not says:

    Anon as a male who thinks perhaps he has been found by “the one” your words were the complete embodiment of what my heart feels (corny I know). And I think I may be getting a tat of the phrase “Lives change when love brings you back to yourself”

    Here’s to you for your perfect thoughts…and most importantly here’s to HER !

  80. cre8tor says:

    “thinking of everything he said, so you can figure out a new way to make him smile; reaching my sugasm would mean that I had been found- finally, by a Man wants to do all of these things for me, too. I think it IS all about Love, but not in the traditional sense…real love: genuinely caring about the well-being of another person, and knowing that you have someone who cares this way for you. There is freedom in that.”

  81. Anonymous says:

    I like the Anonymous!

  82. Anonymous says:

    It’s me again. My heart is beating fast from reading the stories of positive connections between you Ladies and your Gentlemen. It is a very nice change of pace to be in this forum with love permeating the screen. I know you can feel it.
    Been awhile for me, and I am happy for you who are being blessed with the experience. I thought about that yesterday- the emotional part of being with someone you are happy to be with…who is, in turn, happy to be with you.
    I think we mess up when we get married. We begin to take each other for granted. It is that reaction or spark that we are all trying to get or preserve, and it should be better taken care of.

    Sugasm? Nice word, scrabble maestro!

    I am still lacking in the SD department, but from my own experience out here- it is what makes you happy to wake up and find out what will happen today; it is always having the desire to take a few extra minutes in the mirror…just in case; thinking of everything he said, so you can figure out a new way to make him smile; reaching my sugasm would mean that I had been found- finally, by a Man wants to do all of these things for me, too. I think it IS all about Love, but not in the traditional sense…real love: genuinely caring about the well-being of another person, and knowing that you have someone who cares this way for you. There is freedom in that.

    Dangerous for a NSA intention, but too exciting to pass up. Lives change when love brings you back to yourself.

  83. Elite_Princess says:

    I have to say I’m really glad to see this post and all of the great comments! I was planning on meeting with a gentleman today for the first time, but was disappointed when he suggested only getting a room and having some “adult fun”. I am not on this site as a prostitute and I was losing hope until I saw this, so thank you all for sharing!!!

  84. sweetbaby says:

    AlaskanQT I loved your last post. Your date sounded so wonderful!

  85. AlaskanQT says:

    Stephan: thank you. I have to say beore I met this gentleman I was a little leary of how we would connect. We could only talk really durring the time when I had lunch or he was not stuck in a project so our conversations were short. But I took a chance and am so glad I did! He came up behind me at the resturaunt we were meeting at (I got there early so I could drink half a glass of wine before he got there to make my nerves calm down… didn’t work out for me he got there right after I ordered) and all of a sudden this hand is on my shoulder and my shoulder almost starts to burn… Holy crap! i turn around and know I ‘m really glad that I went very light on teh makeup becasue my cheeks have got to be brighjt red from blushing…. We sat down and talked at teh bar.. missed when the hostess came to tell us our table was ready… went to the table 20 minutes later and talked and talked and talked… did I happen to mention we talked. I was all in when he started talking about his kid and was ok with me talking about mine. We talked about Europe ad the things we saw and unintentionally ate there…

    For me sugasm is an odd line between heat and respect… Intimacy doesn’t always mean sex and sometimes sex can either make a great thing better or a great thing go bad… This tension is killing me. I can’t wait till he can get to a computer again adn read my last e-mail I can’t wait till monday when I can send him a text message again just saying hi 🙂 LOL I’m trying to figure out a way to get my computer to crash so he’ll have to come fix it 😀

    Sugasm is that new feeling… all the time… feeling alive… If you both feel alive then it’s mutually benneficial… 🙂

  86. caligirl says:

    Good Morining All:)

    Sugasm is smiling till your cheeks hurt….calling the phone, electric and cable companies, your bills have been paid in advance…the flowers keep coming all day till you run out of space to put them… Your SD saying to you..”You make me happy, and I want you to be happy too!”

  87. cre8tor says:

    This is great! I’m smiling to hear so many good things for you all. From QT and her “nads” (or lack of) to Sweetbaby and the spontaneous calls. Its perfect. Sex can be intoxicating, money can be fun but a relationship of worth, as you say, is priceless.

  88. sweetbaby says:

    With me and my sd, it’s this funny way he looks at me. It’s as if he wants to say and do something but his eyes are doing it for him.

    It make’s me feel safe and secure. Like while he is around I am protected and that he is with me for other reasons too.

    Also when he just calls out of nowhere just to say hello gives me the feeling that there is more than sex involved in our relationship.

  89. Blondiegirl says:

    I am very envious… but I think I am meeting a man for dinner and drinks tomorrow night.. ill let you know how it goes.. hopefully well.

  90. stephan says:

    AlaskanQT: That was a HOOT! Well I think you just described the envy of us all in some way… 😉

  91. AlaskanQT says:

    Honestly? I recently met my ideal SD…. He’s the guy who wants to make me smile endlessly…. he doesn’t want sex but the turnon from the sexual tension is enourmous. He’s an amazing conversationalist. He seems to “dig” what I “dig” and he will listen to anything I have to say. his benefit… I smile… He likes to make women appreciate him and I do… LOL heck even if I hadn’t met him through this site, he would STILL turn my insides into a turvy nad drive me batty 🙂 It’s not love… I’m to protected to drift… but batty is very awsome for me 🙂 I just realized that I turned and into NAD how appropriate 😀