11 years ago
Committed Sugar Babies

11 years ago
Committed Sugar Babies

Covering applies to both Sugar Daddies & Babies

We’ve talked a lot on this blog about covering for a married Sugar Daddy, and one of our very own Sugar Baby bloggers, “Buttercup” gave us a wonderful step-by-step guide for dating a married sugar daddy. Since that great post, we’ve received a lot of comments from people asking about what it’s like to be a married Sugar Baby.
Let’s hear from all you married Sugar Babies out there, or anyone who’s ever had an arrangement with a married Sugar Baby! Do any Sugar Daddies think twice before making an arrangement with a married Sugar Baby?

Living the Married Sugar Baby Life has it’s perks…

* Getting spoiled in a way your man simply can’t provide

* Having that sexy air about you, the air of shall we say, desire?

* Sticking it to the man who didn’t appreciate your hottness when he should have

* Money to help pay household bills, and maybe even support your husband

* A reason to get away

* The knowledge that you “still got it” (think “Under the Tuscan Sun” after Diane Lane’s Italian affair, she says “Yes! Yes! I Still Got It!)

Let’s hear from all you sugar daters in committed relationships, especially Married Sugar Babies – What are the perks of your Sugar Daddy Lifestyle?

Share your Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby perks or comments here!

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42 Responses to “Committed Sugar Babies”

  1. BaTyA says:

    Да… Мне по-настоящему близка обсуждаемая тема! Даже грустно как-то 🙁

  2. BettieMonroe says:

    Ahhhh..I LOVE being a married Sugarbaby! And what is more, my husband does as well…yes, I am one of those rare, lucky creatures who gets to have her cake, and eat it to. The hubby and I decided to open our marriage, very selectively, a few years ago…at first, I was relegated to looking online, and all I could find was swingers sites. Fine, if that is hat you are into, but I wanted more than just a sweaty good time. The sex I have at home is great..this is about something more.

    I have long had a fantasy of being an old school gangsters moll..the girl on the fainting couch, when Big Daddy comes through the door at the end of the day, for a visit…And, for a brief time, I had him…he was the perfect image of my Chicago gangster…down to his illegal Cuban cigars…I was his pampered princess, flown out for a visit, picked up in a limo, and I was in my element. He spoiled me rotten, paid some of my bills, sent me presents.He and my husband had actually talked, and each declared the other to be a “stand up guy”. Hubby had actually found a series of erotic stories from the early 90’s…and they could have been written about my SD and I…the girl in the story was named Betty, she had green eyes, dark curly hair, and a 50’s look…the things described in the stories were almost like a transcript! It was very interesting… And then, his health took a turn for the worse. And he decided to settle down, and focus on his real life.

    So, I am waiting…waiting for that perfect connection again….someone who got me on so many levels..and appreciated me for me..not for having done their laundry, or making dinner..I got to be the sexy, vampy se-kitten, and it recharged me. I felt like I had gotten in touch with a very important part of me. And My shoe collection has never looked better! LOL! And I really, truly, want it again….

  3. Ms. V says:

    Right. Hi J.

  4. cre8tor says:

    j…………well that’s a great contribution! how do I comment on that? lol tell me more

  5. Ms. V says:

    saw that online, somewhere…

  6. Ms. V says:

    truly divine- you assumption is right on point 😉
    I am interested in the responses, too about the husbands, because I am almost positive that not many women are as blunt as I am with mine. lmao!

    he doesn’t even ask, he knows that if there is something i want badly enough, then I am absolutely going to get it.

    Hater-ade…I think you’ve had enough, bitch (that’s what you tell ’em) 🙂

  7. Truly Divine says:

    Ms. V:
    Lady you are so outta control, I love it! I don’t even know you but I’m sure you are alot of fun.

    My question for married SBs are how are you able to “organize your schedule”. I mean what do you tell your husband? When you are gone for hours and come back with a happy after glow? or gifts that are outside of your budget?
    I’m so late in posting I hope you read this…

    I just thought of something. How does one deal with “sugar baby haters”, I mean not that these people are necessarily disgusted with the idea, given the perfect oppurtunity they too would jump on the band wagon. For example, the scene in ‘Pretty Woman’ where Edward (Richard Gere )gives Vivian (Julia Roberts) his credit card to go shopping in Beverly Hills and the sales women were extremely rude and degrading. I would like to hear if any SB or SDs’ had experiences with haters.

  8. Ms. V says:

    aww. I am happy I can contribute to your smile overages!

  9. Questioning how to ask says:

    See why I love your responses?

  10. Ms. V says:

    Questioning: Put on your “Grown-ass woman” cape, and bring up the finances in the same way he brought up everything else. It’s business. (doesn’t hurt to smile and scrunch up the boobs a bit, though lol)

    let us know how it goes!

  11. Questioning how to ask says:

    Cre8tor and Ms. V. as well as all others (not wanting to leave anyone out),

    I basically listed responses in order of comfort for conversations sake.

    He has indicated that it may or may not be a “you are the only one I want to see thing”. He more said it was about how much “pleasure” we could give each other and not exclusively in a sexual kind of way. In fact that was mentioned several times.
    He does not live even remotely close to me. In fact a couple thousand miles away. It does however sound really promising that I would see him pretty regularly. He has spoken of trips together and possibly even sending me on lavish trips by myself.
    He has spoke of how important it is for him to “spoil” me that he feels that would be his duty and responsibility. Although we have never met.
    I am probably just asleep and dreaming this and will wake up to find I never actually received an email from this man.
    Could someone please pinch me or else do a check on him and see if he is for real.
    I am about ready for that pedestal, but don’t know how to ask for the “Jack” to go with it.

    Have a great day all!

  12. cre8tor says:

    okay Ms. V…you drinkin? Its waaay too late in the p.m. to to be here. I would love to see a video of you writing on the blog!!!!

  13. Ms. V says:

    I like that…”Questioning how to ask”. Seems devoid of nervousness somehow…Cre8tor, you have the knowledge- dish!

    Questioning: did you give your responses in order of importance, or just order of comfort, for conversations sake?….u finally decided what you want out of him, huh? 😉

    I swear on it all, ladies- they know what we’re on this site for…it pisses me off that we’re all still nervous and awkward-n-shit!

    Stephan, (cre8tor, too???): I need to be able to put a song woth my posts! WTF! I have a soundtrack to my life- I am gonna start typing lyrics, until I can have my way…stomping my heels, turning up the volume…it’s Beyonce’ right now_slow, sexy shi*…

    “…you need to stop for a minute…before you get too deep up in it…
    cause everything ain’t what it seems- it’s hard loving a woman like me.
    You need to think about it, before you get hooked on my venom_and can’t live without it………………”

    yep. music junkie on deck.

  14. cre8tor says:

    Questioning how to ask…….tell me more. How exciting! If he’s asked your expectations, he wants to help. Do you know how much time he wants to spend with you? Does he want an exclusive relationship? What do you need/want? Rather than a statement of desperation make it a statement of worth.

  15. Questioning how to ask says:

    I have finally met what I think may be a great man on here!

    He has asked the big question of my expectations. I did the whole dinner, holidays thing, and just brazed the “financial gifts” thing. How do I go more in depth with the subject without sounding desperate? MS. V, your comments are always a blessing, though I barely talk on here, mainly just take it all in.


  16. Ms. V says:

    ahem…speaking of accessorizing the body 🙂 (big ole cheezy grin here)
    I got what I needed to get my ins. company to cover the tummy-tuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know you guys don’t want/expect to hear about that on here, BUT I fought with a lot of words to win my case…and I am so damn proud of me!

    lol! now all I lack is a SD to pay for the decadent spa recovery suite (daydreaming sigh) 😉
    now, this time, my scar will be for something I planned for…vs. the little miracles God gave me 😉

  17. cre8tor says:

    well, if its in my closet, I wear it. If it was given to me by someone and he’s no longer in the picture, what am I supposed to do with it? Return it to him? He can’t wear it (well, maybe he can but TMI). And, I don’t get a thrill or chuckle or emotional anything knowing I’m wearing something one man bought for me to attract another. Its accessorizing the body!

  18. lisa says:

    I think it’s kinda of fun actually as when I was getting ready for my last one time date, I put on the dress I bought from money given to me from my first sd, earings from my ex boyfriend, perfume and expensive makeup bought by my date the previous week. Now I have added a couple outfits and more jewelry. lol

  19. Ms. V says:

    Lisa, I’ll let you know when I have that problem 😉
    I did get rid of everything my ex gave me- even the jewelry(sigh), but that was because he put some kind of belizian voodoo spell on everything.

    Other than that…what are you supposed to do? Buy new clothes so you don’t offend a guy who couldn’t bother with a 2nd date? aw pshaw

  20. lisa says:

    Hey Ms. V i have plenty of sexy undies (bought for me by a previous boyfriend) but nothing practical and that guy from the church hasn’t called to offer help either. Well I brought in the plants but the neighbors have their junk everywhere so it won’t do alot of good.

    Curious question though as do any of you ladies wear stuff bought by another man to attract a new one or sd? I have so much stuff bought by different guys both boyfriends and one date sds and I find myself putting on various items bought by different guys to meet another potential sd.
    The other day I wore a dress bought by one guy, lingerie bought by my exboyfriend, jewerly and makeup from last week’s meeting and then I went to meet this one this last sunday. It’s nice to build up a collection of accessories bought by one sd to try to attract another. Dont’ get me wrong I’m not looking to go from sd to sd but it seems I can’t get past date one with them, although date one is sure alot better than the cheap coffee date I had with guys from another site, not that I don’t love coffee, as I love my lattes but a girl wants more when meeting a potential sd.

  21. Ms. V says:

    I think we should definitely get some of those travelling pants, tho.

  22. Ms. V says:

    lol! (in unison) Hi Lisa. Welcome to IA.

    girl we are gonna take up a collection of items that ‘Lisa’ might need.
    I got the lighter and some crotchless garter undies (for your confidence-unused, of course LOL). Oh, and a copy of “The Attractor Factor”…..

    room? what say you about this hypothetical box? shall we show Lisa what she needs or not?

    Where my girls at?

  23. lisa says:

    I have candles but no matches or lighter and my stove is electric so I can’t use it to lite the candles. I also have to worry about my neighbors getting the apartments on fire with the carelessness.
    I don’t have anyone to stay over with me and if my internet is down, well I will be pulling my hair out, My name is Lisa and I’m an internetaholic

  24. stephan says:

    Ms. V: Oh Ms. V, I love you (in a non stalker, non creepy kind of way — must be clear about such things online!) If it weren’t for you, Lisa, Cre8tor, Hunnybabe, SouthernGent2, AlaskanQT, Truely Divine, Anonymous, Ben, and Others there would be no such spark that is this forum. I thank you all 😀 MWUAH

  25. Ms. V says:

    hey, where’d it go? Steph-aaaan…?? Did you do your technical magical tricks again?
    I have been missing your sassy ass- where you been?

  26. Ms. V says:

    Hurricanes make good weather for lots of things…you got ur candles ready? something good to read? invite someone over to sit it out with you if you get word that it IS going to hit your area…otherwise: prepare for that job, girly. you never know…stranger things have happened.

  27. Ms. V says:

    Oh my darling, darling moderator. Surely you know I mean you no harm

    Actually, I was referring to the immediate fizzle of the spark that is usually notorious in the blog forum…where’s the action- the danger? Hell, where are the men? – even you noticed it…”Shh” came up fairly quickly, wouldn’t you say? lol 😉

    Maybe I am too loud-mouthed in here. I have no SD, but I got 2 awesome “girlfriends” lmao! I got too much fire, Stephan…no one wants to burn with me.

  28. lisa says:

    good senerio Ms V

    I need a sugar daddy fast. lol My orientation has been rescheduled for saturday at 10 am (just in time for the hurricane to arrive so it will probably be rescheduled till next week , the orientation, not the hurricane. I had my training today for hours but can’t start working till after orientation which I don’t know when is going to be. I was supposed to work saturday, now it’s sunday but if I don’t get orientated on saturday I won’t be able to work sunday. I would be able to even get a sd date this weekend without one blows myway during the hurricane. Maybe that guy that I have talked to several times from the neighboring state will blow over here as he just can’t get himself motivated to drive 4 hours to see me. 🙁 I have given up on him as I guess he’s one of those permanant fixtures on sa. Where do you ladies find these men who bring gifts and cash to the first meeting? I got 2 shopping trips but could have used cash.

  29. Ms. V says:

    okay- this shit is boring.

    Imagine this:

    You are supposed to meet your potential SD for the first time today. You carefully choose your attire, your scent, and your color to match your mood and intentions. You are nervous and you feel great, but you keep telling yourself that “no matter what happens, it is going to be a great experience.”…you believe it. His pics are nice, his voice is masculine, and you have had several fantasies already about what would happen- best case scenario.

    You arrive early. You occupy yourself with a book, drink, people-watching_whatever. You realize that he is late. Make your way to the bathroom- check yourself, decide to give him 3 minutes-then you’re gone.
    When you come back, he is at your table. He is the man you have been secretly watching the whole time you have been here. He has been watching you. He says nothing. Slides you a black velevt box across the table. This man is confident, sexy, contemplative- and if he makes one right move the panties are coming off!

    …See? isn’t that better? Man, I know this is about us married gals, but you can atleast act like you’re interesting beyond being “not too clingy”.

  30. Stephan says:

    MSH: “That in and of itself turns me on, just to be someone’s expensive dirty little secret” – PERFECTO!

  31. MSH says:

    I’m a married SB…..well a future SB that is now married. I would think that that gives a bit of an advantage especially when the SD is married. No fear of the SB getting too attached and a married SB will have just as much to lose. Just my two cents.
    I think the reason I’ve started seeking is that I’ve gone through a transformation of sorts physically and look better now that I’m a bit older than ever. My confidence and sex appeal has skyrocketed. It is important to me that I know that I still have it. I’m drawn to the SB/SD life because I don’t want to “date” anyone. I want an arrangement, plain and simple. That in and of itself turns me on, just to be someone’s expensive dirty little secret.

  32. rnrhoney says:

    well as an “older”30 sb…I think what it’s all about has changed..Not because I’m less sexual, or anything…but what turns me on has DEFINITELY changed..not into some guy in’ing me and like right away he wants “action shots”..don’t get me wrong, I’m still a sb not looking for more or less but the level of respect I expect has really changed. Married .. Unmarried that’s all semantics to me. Don’t have a heart of stone but you know, we all know,what a sb gives her sd is QUITE diff (usually LP:) ) from what a wife or gf gives…

  33. kim says:

    I was a married sugar baby!
    It was wonderful.
    I am now divorced and happy about that, and no it wasn’t because of me being a sugar baby!
    I loved the fact that “The Husband” was home waiting on me to come home. He was always the one in the past that went out with “the guys” while I sat home caring for my son and the house and laundry etc….

    I lost my SD several years ago to cancer. He was the most wonderful part of my life, with the exception of my son.
    He loved me and my son and spoiled us like we were royalty.

    I am still waiting. I have yet to have any SD’s contact me on this site. I will just keep hoping and keep my fingers crossed.

  34. Ms. V says:

    I am here hon’.

  35. Sathish says:

    Hi are you there Ms V .

  36. Sathish says:

    Hi MS V I feel the same thing that you feel . It was a great mishappen is your life I feel very sad for that .

  37. Sathish says:

    Hi I am sathish male I am 24 now , looking for some good nice babes and also taking care babes .

  38. Ms. V says:

    I feel you. If I am happy- everyone is happy.
    We are responsible for our own happiness, so why not get out there and get it? I have said it before: If my husband answers my request for change- by not doing anything to fix what’s wrong, then I take that as a sign that I am free to do what I need to do to right the imbalance I experience because of it.

    I want somebody to walk up behind me, and kiss me on my neck, breathe on my neck. Been such a long time, I forgot that I was fine…Erykah Badu said it right! I’m so damn fine, my strut is natural- you hear me? LMAO

    hey, you know what? I just realized that I have been a sugar baby all of my life. I started early, too. Yeah I have been married-n-all, but those just turned out that way. About 11 years of this mess. yeah. This time, I think I’ll go for the gold.

    I have gotten soft over the past few years, but I know my other bitch is in here somewhere! (Stephan- sorry hon’ I’m over here getting fired up!)

  39. lisa says:

    I think it can be completely normal for a married person to seek something else. One thing I have found on other dating sites is that the single men my age are either weird and live with mommy, have alot of baggage, or are players where as the married man is more normal because after all he has a life and he is taken, so someone wants him, the single men are usually social misfits on the other sites. I understand too that married people are more likely to use the personals because after all unlike in a traditional meeting way, you can’t exactly meet someone for an extramarital affair though friends and family, coworkers or neighbors, whereas the single man who is looking for a regular dating relationship should be able to meet women on his own, especially when he claims to be so poplular and active and social.
    Anyway married or single, we need to get that extra something we need.

  40. Ms. V says:

    Wow. looks like it’s just me.
    Well, I do not have a SD right now- I chose the site, because of the impossibility of meeting someone in my neighborhood- or one who possibly knows my husband.

    I had a SD relationship before I moved here less than a year ago- it should have been more than it was, but the timing was all off. I had great sex- and got to go home afterward. I shopped for the things I wanted- not just mall shit. I was protected. No matter where I went- he was the boss, no one would dare say or do anything to me that I didn’t wish.
    I never had to ask for anything, he would call me in the afternoon and ask me what he could bring me- or have sent for lunch.
    He got me a P.O. Box and sent me letters, jewelry, and cash…even mementos from our last outing together.
    He hired a housekeeper for me, so I could relax more often, paid babysitters so my weekends would be less tiring…everything that he noticed I had need of- he just did it.

    Why would I NOT look for something like that again?

    It would be easier now to be involved with a SD, because my husband is not very concerned with me- no dates- , no conversation about anything other than the football games/body aches/kids, etc… I haven’t been doing much to help the situation lately, either- but, only because I do not like to repeat myself- abhor drama. I MEANT WHAT I SAID WHEN YOU WEREN’T LISTENING!!! I don’t stoke the fire, but I am done trying to restore. It’s all on him. He’s running late. Running out of time.
    I still love him, but I refuse to go without passion in my life and without someone to be passionate about.
    I can’t say that I am on here looking for sex, because I am honestly not interested in it. I want to be seduced. I want to need this man like he’s air. I want to remember why I used to scream at someone and sulk around the house- quiet for days, because I can’t have the d*** on demand. Is he cheating? Is he gay? Was he depressed or angry? Stressed? …he never would tell me, but fought like hell to make me stay. I’m still here. Probably until I figure it all out. I’m a big conspiracy-theorist, ya know. Gotta know why.

    I have a lot to say about things that interest me…my ol’ man- he glazes over when I bring up the possibility of Jesus being Apollonius, yawns incessantly when I ask him what he thinks about the fact that holding a violent dvd in his hand, makes his arm weaker than the one with a spiritual one…shit like that LOL! I do the hedge trimming and the weed-whacking, car maintenance (some), reinforce the backyard fences, etc…he watches t.v. and goes to work. Oh, he does laundry, too! 🙂

    I want to open up a business for right now, because it makes sense. He thinks I’m crazy. I want to buy a house right now, because it makes sense- he can’t wait for the biz trip, so he doesn’t have to hear me talk about interest rates. Everything in my life has his name on it somewhere- in some way. I’m just “mom”…no matter what I do, he worked for the money (most) so I will never be satisfied until I get my own- in some way or other. I stayed in a hotel for a few weeks I saw my babies, but not him…my children remember it…he acts like he doesn’t remember having to take off time from work to handle it all…heh.

    It’s cool. Everything is breezy, baby. Mama’s got a plan or three, and dammit atleast ONE of them is going to yield lovely results.
    I want to be wanted. I am a nurturer, but if I am empty- what will I have left to give?
    Fill ‘er up on 13, please…

  41. cre8tor says:

    alright alright. I’ll jump in here. I wasn’t really a sugarbaby in the real sense of the word. Meaning financial. But, like the men that seek outside physical support, I went that direction. I actually thought I was helping my marriage because I didn’t feel neglected anymore. Tweaked! And, yes, that “I still got it” was how I felt. Tell me Sugardaddies, is that what it is for you? I needs to know! Talk to me