11 years ago
Advice for New Sugar Daddies

11 years ago
Advice for New Sugar Daddies

Welcome New Sugar Daters!

Both experienced and beginning sugar daters have been asking about the ideal way to celebrate their mutually beneficial relationships. As you’ll see in the comments here, there is no ‘one way’ to have an arrangement,  hence the possibilities… We’ve got some very creative sugar daddies and sugar babies on this blog, need I mention their names? Ah, I’ll resist my urge to put them on blast, but if you’re looking for sugar daddy advice, or tips on how to find a sugar daddy, then you’ve come to the only place where those things are discussed with some serious outside-the-box thinking. We don’t bite, but we also don’t hold back.  Did you know that Starbucks calls their stores the “Third Place”; not the 1st place (your home), not the 2nd place (your work), but your special ‘3rd place’, where you can just ‘be you’. Well, and I know I’ll forever be considered a bit corny after saying this, I think this blog is a ‘3rd place’ for all of us sugar daddy and sugar baby daters to hash out everything we can’t or don’t want to tell our family, friends, and neighbors. So, if your double life needs some company, you just might have found it here. Do any sugar daddies or sugar babies have a question or topic they haven’t seen here, but would like to? Are there any new sugar babies or sugar daddies who would like some tips or guidance for their new journey? Comments ON

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  1. Kathryn says:

    Ladies…when does one bring up money? I am on a 4th date and we still have not talked about it…he said he wants someone who is attracted to and not in it just for the money. Between us, I am flat broke and need to get my bills paid ASAP and I have 2 kids to support…how do I bring this up and get it done without seeming desperate? thanks for your help!

  2. candy land says:

    MSH: you have class. much better without a single word. Perfection

  3. lisa says:

    Oh God don’t talk about eharmony! Tried that stupid sight once and got rejected on survey because I admitted I wasn’t happy all the time and did lose my temper from time to time. I tried again and passed because I knew how they wanted me to answer the questions. I got 4 matches from real winners. One guy with 3 kids who was unemployed, another guy who did repair work on furniture, another worked as a waiter, and the other was so old guy who lived had sold everything and lived in his rv traveling all over (I’m not ready for the senior citizen resorts yet ,lol) I got closed out by one guy because he didn’t like the answers to the questions he sent me, Apparently because when I said the one thing I couldn’t stand to be without was coca cola, he expected me to say the “bible”.
    Too many of these men on here think this is just like any other site. I wonder sometimes if the amount they put in “my budget” is actually their monthly income rather than how much they have to spend on an arrangement.

  4. MSH says:

    You know how after something happens that you come up with a thousand snappy comebacks? As I was driving home, I thought to myself that I should have said. This is NOT E-Harmony. And then walked out. But I didn’t say a word. I just calmly rose out of my chair, looked down at him and walked away. Didn’t say that I was going to the bathroom, nope, nothing. Walked straight to the door, left, never breaking my stride, out to the car and G-O-N-E. I figured that that was enough.

    And, no, this is not E-Harmony. They just don’t get it.

  5. lisa says:

    Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! MSH, what a jerk, what does that man not understand about this site and what an arrangement is? Was he maybe confused and actually looking for a sugarmommy instead of a sugarbaby? I hate men like that, any gentlemen should pick up the tab , if he is out with a lady. You did the right thing walking out and I hope you stuck him paying the check. what a jerk. I haven’t had that many dates from this site but have been lucky to find men who pay for dinner without question. Personally I have seen some men on this site and the millionaire site that are familiar to me and I believe I seen there profiles on other regular dating sites,including a really tacky free one where everyone is just looking to get laid. Some men are striking out on the other sites so they are playing sd thinking they are going to get lucky and they can’t meet the requirments. I have had several dates with guys from regular dating sites that wouldn’t even buy me coffee and I found myself counting the minutes till they left so I could get up and get a coffee and find something fun to do with the day. But those are the types that want to sit and talk forever. Many times I have had that “please floor open up and suck me in” feeling when I meet some of these guys.

  6. Gregory Westin says:

    This must mean either I have won a fabulous prize or it is a clear signal that I am spending too much time on the blog.

  7. cre8tor says:

    MSH…my chin is still on my chest. That guy should be blocked from this site. What does he think mutual benefit means? dork. Congrats on the 200th comment to GW! I’m impressed Stephan…do you sit there and count them everyday? lol kisses

  8. moderator says:

    (hands GW the 200th Comment Award) – a sugar daddy blog first btw 😉

  9. Gregory Westin says:

    What a moron ! That was the perfect response MSH !

  10. MSH says:

    Well, thanks to all for giving good advice. GWestin: Yes, you are right on target and I had all those things in my mind. We had a great time talking with each other, are comfortable with each other and he seemed to be very much into me. He drove 2.5 hours and I went 30 minutes south since I don’t want to meet him too close to home. We met at a this fantastic restaurant, it was just after the lunch crowd was leaving and we were one of a very few people in there. Great ambiance, great food, although I had those butterflies and couldn’t eat very much, a great martini and most of all great conversation.

    Then the check came.

    I know that usually waiters if they know that this is a romantic type of relationship will set the check next to the man, just something that waiters do. Well, that must have struck a nerve in “Mr. Cheap” I’ll call him. He got noticeably miffed and pushed the check towards me as he said, “Oh, I got it last time. Your turn.”

    Yep, he actually said that. Now, I don’t know what his reasoning is and I really don’t care. I was speechless but able to keep my composure. I politely told him that I was not sure what his understanding was of our arrangement, but that there was no doubt in my mind that I knew what my understanding was and it did not include picking up the check. He sat back in his seat and thoughtfully said: Well, for a $85 lunch, you had better be a great _______. <——use your imagination.

    I excused myself from the table and walked out, got in my car and LEFT, turned off my cell phone and drove home. I haven’t turned that cell phone back on. I have two, one for potential SDs and one for everybody else.

    Oh well……..NEXT!

  11. Gail says:

    Awwwh Westin. Wishing you and everyone a great day. Back to the employment websites I go.

  12. Gregory Westin says:

    Great words Gail ! While an outsider to these hallowed pages might be surprised by the upfront and frank nature of a financial arrangement between two people, it is refreshing to remember that there is an underlying connection that I think we all seek. The compassion et al that you so eloquently spoke of !

  13. Gail says:

    I don’t do three ways Creator. Would want to enjoy him all by myself. NSA, yes I know. Tape him up…stick him in your pocket, I have already licked him. LOL

  14. cre8tor says:

    3 ways are good. contact me Gail…lol I’m a big girl and GW is free to do whatever pleases him. NSA remember?

  15. Gail says:

    Still looking Westin. Have been very fortunate to meet great friends here. My friendships have helped me make it thru some very trying months. Employment is my main priority. Worked very hard and long hours for major corporations in Sr. Management positions. It’s been tough, but I am a true believer the right job will come.

    Back to your question, the SD process. I am enjoying every SD I come across and each experience. I look for the maturity,intelligence, caring and compassion of people and life. Money and gifts are nice, but I truly long for the companionship of a good man. I know that I am a honest woman, kind, loving, patient, accepting. Oops should have put passionate first. (wink) So I am still looking for a long-term, one woman man. Are you him? LOL , Just had to ask. After you get untangled from Creator let me know.

  16. Gregory Westin says:

    There is something so inticing about a woman with her mouth watering. So tell us about Gail please. Where are you in the sd process ?

  17. Gail says:


    Right on target! I might also add there’s more to a women than just their financials. We do love our pocketbook filled!!!!

    Westin you are charming. And my mistake, it was you that gave the wonderful tips to Lisa. Your intelligence and wisdom makes my mouth water. Slow down I will be drooling soon. Love the brainiacs!!!

  18. Gregory Westin says:

    First I hope MSH if he is a couple of hours away, that he is coming to you. As far as how to approach the arrangement discussion, I think you just need to be honest with him. But most importantly do it with dignity and grace. No matter how serious the financial situation, I do not think you want to come off as being desperate. And if you are attracted to him and enjoy his company make sure he understands that there is more to the relationship than just financials and that you have chosen him because you enjoy being with him. We men do like to have our egos stroked now and again…along with some other things but that is for another thread.

  19. MSH says:

    Okay everyone, time’s getting short. I am supposed to meet possible SD tomorrow for what he is calling a three martini lunch. I’ve already told him that I’m probably a one martini type of girl since I get drunk real easy! I really REALLY need some creative ideas from you girls, and any and all SDs about how to handle the “arrangement” component of this.

    I know this guy well enough to feel comfortable with him in a public and semi-private setting, we’ve spoken rather frankly about what each of us expect to happen physically between us and are both on the same page (no sex, just private time together that we need to get to know each other, while not being on the phone) He’s a couple of hours away so it’s not like I’ll see him every day or anything like that.

    So, please chime in here and give me some wisdom with regard to handling the business end of this arrangement. Thanks!

  20. stephan says:

    GW: Thank you Greg. I’m sure that the developers wouldn’t turn away a skilled pair of eyes…

  21. Gregory Westin says:

    I will do that Stephan. I have someone who works for me who has a lot of subscription web experience if you like I can have her take a look at it and offer her much more experienced pov than mine.

  22. stephan says:

    😀 feel free to call me stephan, and i even let those who i don’t “flatter” call me that 😉

  23. Gregory Westin says:

    Flattery will get you, well nowhere actually until they fix the search function…hint hint moderator !

  24. cre8tor says:

    cannot wait to hear the chicken chapter. you are adorable

  25. Gregory Westin says:

    Golden years is my demographic ! I will just have to bide my time until search is fixed. And as far as the tape getting stuck, that is where the chicken comes in !

  26. cre8tor says:

    they need to work that quirk out…….the SEARCH problem. Right Stephan? But, GW, I am in my golden years. But, you just watch that scotch tape or my horse just might get stuck on it and rip it off! ouch

  27. Gregory Westin says:

    I am probably too old for you Cre8tor plus I cannot find out how to find a specific profile on this site ! Am I missing something ?

  28. cre8tor says:

    Pick me! pick me!

  29. Gregory Westin says:

    Amy not to say that the maturity for a good relationship only comes with age at all ! Maturity is completely different for each person. I can tell you that having grown up in a very priviledged household, I was left to my own in very many ways that at an early age made me mature for my young age. And having taken the advantages that I grew up with and used them to create a lifestyle for myself where I can do what I want, when I want to has added and expanded my maturity.

    Perhaps I was not specific enough but my thought was that when we get to a certain age we look for something more lasting in our relationships. Personally in my 30’s and 40’s I had no interest in a long term relationship and now as I lam at the time in my life where I want to be able to enjoy the lifestyle I can afford with someone, not with many people. I travel quite extensively for my business and as a result the ultimate relationship for me would be to share the cities of the world with one person, just one, which makes that experience that much more intense. And speaking of intense, what is better than the intimacy that comes from knowing what your partner wants and needs from you. Knowing each other so well that you know exactly what will drive your partner mad with ecstasy is the greatest feeling in the world. Those are the hallmarks of a great relationship.

    I have gone completely off the subject but maturity is not only for the over 40 crowd that is for sure !

  30. cre8tor says:

    Amy: there are always exceptions to the rule. You could be one of those. As one of those older women, my perspective and priorities have changed over time. Life experiences make some things less important and a certain self assurance that comes with the fact you have cleared many many obstacles. Its good you understand when you fall, you need to be able to pick yourself up. But, how many times have you had to do that? I read the profiles and the postings of wonderful, cute ladies that have a long road to travel and am very happy that some of my bumps have been cleared. And, Honey, you can have all the young, handsome SD’s that seek you just as you are, but if there are a few that appreciate age, can you just leave ’em for us?

  31. Amy says:

    Gregory … from a guy’s point of view … why is that most of y’all seem to think that with age comes the maturity for a good relationship? Proper maturity can be assertained at a young age. I’m not saying that I’m Miss Maturity or anything, but I have known women my parents’ age, that still have no clue what they want or how to handle a relationship properly. Then again, my life is not what one would call typical. My parents made sure I grew up and grew up fast. They gave me the wings to fly where I may, but made sure I realized that when I fell that I needed to be able to pick myself up and keep going. It seems a bit unfair to the people that are younger, to put them all into one category. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not upset, just a bit bewildered that some people feel that way.

  32. Gregory Westin says:

    Exactly the reason I changed my profile to request that only women over 40 contact me. As we get older I guess our desire to find something that may be THE relationship to nuture and enjoy increases. You would be surprised how many women cannot seem to understand that though. And NYC I can put up with a few headaches here and there in the name if a strong, stable relationship

  33. nycblondiebaby says:

    I’d prefer long term. I like to get to know someone well and be good friends with them. To me having a SD is like having a BF, but without headaches…lol!

  34. cre8tor says:

    long term is good for me. Nice comfort level and changing partners often isn’t something I enjoy anymore….

  35. nycblondiebaby says:

    Gregory, thanks for the input, I appreciate it. I assumed that drinks would be a step in getting to know each other. If he tries the octopus approach, you’re right, I might bolt!!

  36. Gregory Westin says:

    NYC from a male perspective let me offer this. I try to go to most of these first time meetings with very few expectations at all. We have come this far in the process that I expect we are going to at least enjoy each others company but past that I expect very little. I think you will find many men from this site or otherwise that may come with the expectation that if the first meeting is clicking then sex it sure to follow so do wear flats !

    But really is not the best way to approach this with little or no expectations ? I know in the past I have tried to explain to women I have met that my expectation was that if we decide to continue our arrangement then my expectation or desire was that it might lead to something long term, very long term if you know what I mean. Flats or heels you should seem then run when they hear that !

  37. nycblondiebaby says:

    Hi all!! I’m back! It’s good to know that Lisa’s okay. Hang in there Lisa!!
    I haven’t met my SD yet, I’ve gotten some really strange emails lately. Two guys emailed me, I guess they thought I was a pro and wanted to come to my apt during the afternoons.
    I’ve had three nice phone conversations and a possible date next week. Have gotten an email from a guy who I think just collects phone numbers, anyone else get someone like that??
    And….can you give me advice for my date? We’re meeting for drinks. What should I expect? What shouldn’t I expect? And should I wear flats in case I have to run???

  38. Amy says:

    Thanks a bunch BostonTerrier and ChicBaby. My friend suggested that I try this out because, one day I told her that I needed a change in my life. She has had a few good results from here, so I thought why not. I’m really glad that I found this blog. It will help when I have any questions or concerns. Plus, it would be easier to get advice from y’all than going to my parents, sisters, or some of my friends.

  39. Caligirl says:


    It varies…for me it depends on the SD. I wait for him to ask for my number as well. I have had SD’s that all it has been is e-mails. We chat and develop a friendship. I have been fortunate in two of my arrangements the SD have been extremely kind and have gifted me without meeting me at all. Both of them have called me only once to provide the exchange of info to pay for a Pamper Me Day(hair,manicure and pedicure) and the other one I met was a real “Money Slave”. He paid every bill I had online that he could…all I did was provide him with the account numbers. His concern was that I was not stressed out with paying my bills for the month. And yes ladies….I wasn’t stressed after that. LOL…

  40. ChicBaby says:

    I’m always nervous! It’s part of the fun (and it keeps you on alert for creeps).

    Questioning – I don’t always have phone conversations, but normally when I do it’s the day or two before we have scheduled to meet up, just to verify that we’re real people, etc. I don’t like to do the long phone conversation thing because a lot of times that is a hint that he’s a fake.
    I have run across ‘fakes’ as in guys who are on here just to chat, never to actually meet. When they keep canceling, or want to chat for hours, it’s normally a bad sign.

  41. bostonTerrier says:

    questioning –

    1. sometimes i don’t even have phone conversations prior to meeting *but* when i do it’s usually a few weeks after talking via email and the potential sd will suggest the phone. i understand guys being discrete so i don’t want to feel as if i am encroaching upon their territory asking for their number – they always ask for mine.

    2. i haven’t ran across any fakes yet … just freaks

    amy –

    i think it’s perfectly fine being nervous! i’m always kind of nervous the first time i meet someone from the site offline. you never know what you’re going to get. i met one sd from the site who simply didn’t put a picture in his profile and when it came to the day of meeting i realized … i have no clue who i was looking for in boston commons! luckily he found me and i was extremely pleasantly surprised. and then there are the guys with the fake pictures … oh my god. i’d rather them leave their image blank.

  42. Amy says:

    I’m new here … 3 days old. The topics on this blog have helped with calming my worries. Y’all seem like awsome people. Typically I shy away from the unexpected. Is it silly to be nervous? I asked a friend to check out my profile, but she said she couldn’t find it. Is there a way that someone can check out my profile to see if it should be modified?

  43. questioning says:

    Okay Three questions:

    1. How long after talking/chatting a few times on internet before you sd/sb usually have telephone conversations?
    2. Have any of you actually ran across any fakes on this site? (what gave it away?)
    3. Stephan: Is there a way us SB’s can have a way to communicate privately with each other, as far as a way to get each others email addresses?

    As usual always full of questions

  44. cre8tor says:

    here’s a good line…appropriate for here….
    The Fed’s new role: Sugar daddy Had to laugh!

  45. Truly Divine says:

    MSH: I’ve always felt as you do, but what I’ve learned (but still have a hard time doing) is be upfront. I think the longer you drag it out the harder it is to talk about as your friendship developes. So just put your cards on the table, as I bet he has about what he would like from you.

    Thats my vote, Good luck Lady!

  46. MSH says:

    Anyone have any advice on my question of earlier? Do we need a new thread specifically for the party?

  47. Much Experience says:

    Truly Divine, thanks for your nice words 🙂 FWIW, I wouldn’t stress out about non-pro pics.. If you have a shot or two that you feel are at least “pretty good” and convey something about “you”, you’re in the game 😉 Speaking as a guy, some kind of body shot is really a must as well, unless you’re very direct and specific in your profile.. And personally, I’m generally under-impressed by “professional” pics, as they generally say as much or more about the photog than about the subject.

    The only woman I’ve met face-to-face from this site (earlier this year) didn’t even have a pic in her profile! She wrote to me first, mentioning her stats in passing, and had other things to say about why she thought we might be a match.. And she turned out to be telling the truth about her looks, very attractive.. (extremely attractive for 40, I’d say).

  48. Truly Divine says:

    Ms. V: Yes, Let us know how that works out. One of my suggestions to Stephan about the Sugar party, was that each SB who attends gets a professional photo taken… But I may need that just so I can go, Haaahaa;)

    My pics are recent, but not professional, I ‘ve seen profiles pics that look like centerfold shots from playboy. They are retouched and flawless, but most request 10-20k a month. So…

  49. Ms. V says:

    well, as to my profile…I have like 3 and 4 year old pics…and Cre8tor gave me a good jump on a new profile, so I am about to put it up now…more later on results??

  50. Truly Divine says:

    Much Experience: You are so right! Finding a profile is Truly impossible.
    BTW, I love that name Brad, my first boyfriend’s name was Brad and was so sweet…

    I’m going to blog about my fantasies.

  51. moderator says:

    ME: The checkbox option is definitely one way to allow for members to check your profile, while still allowing the choice of being anonymous. Soon, there will new features on the main site, as well as added blog functions. I sound like a vague windbag lately, I know, but let’s just say I tend to announce the mark a little lower than it really is until whatever is being discussed (features, party, etc) is official. I will let you know as soon as any of the updates have been confirmed Brad 🙂 and all 🙂

  52. Much Experience says:

    Stephan, if members are curious about or interested in a particular blog poster, what’s the best way to proceed? Write you a private email and ask for the poster’s SA ID #? Have you explored any automated mechanisms for SA 2.0? For example, a checkbox in “My Profile” to specify “Allow other members to get to my profile from a blog posting” –?


  53. moderator says:

    Truly Divine: Great input! The tickets for sugar babies do not require any photo to be posted. There will be no litmus test administered by SeekingArrangement.com in terms of ‘gorgeousness’ or ‘high quality’ – those are relative terms and we all know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    Activities are very much in the works, and the more ideas you have the better :D! Much of the details have yet to be finalized, and there are lot’s of possibilities… sorry for any vagueness, but stay tuned for the official announcement on SeekingArrangement.com

  54. cre8tor says:

    Stephan….you opened the door to suggestions!!! could be too many cooks in the kitchen but I like what Truly Divine says.

  55. Truly Divine says:

    Berri, Cre8tor: I hear your concerns on the privacy/ auction/ pajama jam issues. I would like to hear a little more details about these events too. I’m all about this party, but there are some things, that if not planed well could be devastating.

    As for the tickets I don’t mind putting my picture up since its already on the site but no other additional stats. Wait,
    Stephan:Is this a way to guarantee only the highest quality, most beautiful SBs like the invite states. Also possibly, a way for a SD to sponsor a SB. Could SBs state in comments that she hasn’t establised a ticket,and if a particular SD had a specific interest he could personally invite her. So, maybe I should add my picture, location,hobbies, measurements…

  56. cre8tor says:

    MSH: I know the position you are in. It is very awkward for me as well. You think he’s going to want to take a test run Friday? After he suggests heading to the “cave of seduction”, teasingly ask what his intentions are and what type of arrangement he had in mind. There are more experienced than I on here, but thought I would throw in my thoughts.

  57. Truly Divine says:

    Ms. V, Cre8tor, Berri : The idea of a grand entrance with a highly sophiscated SD sounds sweet!! So if you all are looking for a forth, I’m down.
    To that lucky SD, imagine 2 SBs on each arm…4 HOT flavors…All Very classy,sexy, and fun!

  58. MSH says:

    Okay ladies, I need some suggestions.

    Met with a potential SD yesteray for lunch. There was definitely that spark. He mentioned several times that I am way, way better in person than the photo I sent and that he liked the photos, but that in person…..wow. That’s what he said. Of course, that just made me glow!

    Anyway, we are supposed to meet for lunch, possibly an extended lunch, Friday and I’m needing some input from y’all about how to broach the financial subject or even if I should, which I’m leaning towards not. In my previous arrangement, it was brought up very quickly by SD since he needed to make the ground rules quickly due to him being married. I am more from the school of thought that a lady doesn’t bring up such matters first; that is the SD’s duty.

    What have y’all done? Give me some ideas, please! Thanks!

  59. cre8tor says:

    I don’t recall using those words V but I’m sure we can find a way to let those SD’s you seek know you and like you.

  60. Jessica321 says:

    Hi Ladies! I loved finding that some of you help each other out with your profiles. I have finally done what it takes to get some responses on here: clear pictures, CLEAR pictures!

    Ms. V: Can you spill some details on what improvements you made (e.g., photos, text, etc?)

    Kisses to all!

  61. Ms. V says:

    ha ha ha very funny- is Stephan “gettable”…I won’t reason further on that thought.

    Berri- I am all in for the group party thing! I was thinking about that, too. Does anyone know a SUPERSEXY SD?? I’m not entirely sure that they are abundant on here…really.
    Cre8tor, you KNOW someone fitting this descr? Do tell.

    Well, I have come to find that I have a crappy profile and old lady pics! lol….Cre8tor is supposed to work some magic for me…Caligirl is checking out hotels in the in-between cities…won’t be soon before long- uggh I missed the Maroon5 concert- PISSED

  62. Berri says:

    Cre8tor~Very funny! It is difficult to search! Maybe BT can write an article on the “How to’s” of finding a great one (SD). Btw, Stephan has been MIA lately, did Ms V get to him already…or maybe he is “interviewing” the adult entertainers for the Sugar Party~ he’s so dedicated to his job….

  63. cre8tor says:

    dang …why can’t you all make it easier to find profiles? This is frustrating Honey! Berri, I can’t search and find another female and its very difficult to find a man too! well…that is an understatement except when it applies to BTerrier lol

  64. Berri says:

    cre8tor~ you go girl! It would be one lucky man! If you/he want(s), check out my profile.

  65. cre8tor says:

    Berri: I hear you on the concerns and the “auction block” feeling. LOL. you are too funny. I think that is why Stephan wants our feedback on the events. ???? It would be much easier for all of us to just “be” there and a group entrance is a good thing. I know just the man for that entrance you describe. He would absolutely love it and he can afford it! Let me see what I can do.

  66. Berri says:

    ok babies (and any daddies that want to share), I need some feedback….I checked out the Sugar Party site and…what do you think about the sleepover? I mean, I love lingerie but is everyone sleeping togther in the same king bed, spankin’ sexy butts and with SD’s we just met??? ahhh, hell no! And the lap dance piece…the sb’s or the prefessional adult entertainers??? Isn’t this an interaction for SD’s and SB’s? I completely understand looking super sexy and attracting the potential SD but I certainly don’t want want to be paraded around every guy to have my teeth and everything else examined…although, I have great teeth. Lol. My other concern is privacy. Will the media be there covering this event? I have worked hard for my career (I have my own small marketing firm) and the rep that I have in my community plus my ex was very high profile (meaning I know many people outside of my hometown of Colorado). I don’t want my pics on the Sugar Party site included in the list of SB’s attending or ending up in any media venue. Thoughts, babies? Daddies? Am I being silly? Help, I want to go but only to party, have fun and meet a fantastic SD…and finally, my sb sisters. 🙂 I am very private.
    Ms V: here’s the plan girl, I say we offer a super sexy SD the chance to make an incredible entrance. He can pay for the transportation, tix and/or hotel and he gets 3,4,5,???? of us (cre8tor, girl, you in?) super sexy SB’s to party at the event with him! Woohoo! No strings or promises for future and he is more than welcome to meet and greet any other SB that he desires! Like he will want to with us around but….lol. My prior SD took me and 3 of my other Hot female friends to Vegas and did we party! It was a lot more fun going to clubs in the Limo, sitting at at a VIP table at a packed club and all of us dancing for and with him! I’m tellin’ ya…it would be a blast and be much more comfortable heading into! He can even send us all shopping and to the spa before….just a thought…hehehe, I am so naughty. And, count me in 100% for the sugarnapping, tie up of Stephan!

  67. SugarHunnyXtreme says:

    Hey, SugarHunny (that’s funny…we have similar names 🙂 I think you got a good deal going. As long as you like your SD. I just met a great potential SD and he is offering me about the same amount and i feel pretty good about it. You have to take into consideration that he will also probably have to cover your travel on top of your allowance…unless you live in the same area. Either way, wish me luck, I’ll find out for sure next week! So excited he seems pretty amazing.

  68. SugarHunny says:

    Thanks, ChicBaby..i figured any woman on here asking flat and clear 20 k a month is borderline insane. that’s over 440,000 a year tax free, placing them over the us president’s salary…if anyone get that much i personally want to meet their mother and shake her hand

  69. ChicBaby says:

    So….how do us ladies get to sign up for the party???? Because I want to go, but need that plane ticket first!!! Yay!

    SugarHunny – Not everyone gets that much, in fact, I never have. My last arrangement I received 3k and was very happy!

  70. SugarHunny says:

    damn you ladies are big ballin…My current SD gives me 5.5 K monthly …so that’s abot 2,700 every two weeks…are most of you getting more than that? I almost feel like i should ask for an upgrade…jeez

  71. Ms. V says:

    YES YES YES – all YES!
    cre8tor- my stuff is in your box…. hahahahahahahahahahah! REPHRASE: My profile info is in your email now. pics, too.

    BERRI- I’m hoping for a chance to earn my ticket! I cannot even begin to imagine the prices for ladies, but (shh-just in case Stephan is watching) if we all got in free, maybe more men would come… just a thought.

    no sd, yet- working on mini videos on the sidekick….20 secs good enough for the blog, S-man??
    kind of a moment-by-moment or thought-by-thought type of thing. Carrie/Sex and the city narrator type mini clips.

  72. cre8tor says:

    Berri seems to know her stuff about wine. I might have a few secrets to share though. You all are certainly invited to come enjoy the wine country any time. Ms V and Caligirl are setting things up for October. And since Stephan is just down the road a piece, we need to kidnap him and tie him up in a tasting room!

  73. yael says:

    thanks for the advice, I’ve been on for about a month now… I send about 12-20 messages a day, I live in a metropolitan area, my photos are all face shots, one in bikini on vacation…. I have amount negotiable… I’m not hard pressed for cash just a fun loving person where finances are not a limitation. (I’m a student so that limits me in MY finances and travel without a sponsor….. but I’m far from needy….. I’m actually open to all types of friendships, travel companion, even cosidered “assistant” positions if they are actually even in need of a fun loving person who can actually help them professionally, I come with credentials and references LOL… still it seems something is amiss… I sent out a few more messeges in my search today, we’ll see…. , that party everyone’s buzzing about would be awesome… hopefully I’ll find a sponsor to take me…. LOL… well back to the old grind…. thanks….

  74. Truly Divine says:

    cre8tor: Thanks!! for the info, Whoa I’m looking at the site now…genius I’m so excited!! I want to go !!Now I really have to find a SD !!! She demands, while stomping one stilletto on the ground.

  75. Truly Divine says:

    Yael: It would take me a while to find your profile the way the site is set up, but here is my advice, that at least got my profile some more views.

    -If you live in a rural town list the largest city near you.
    -For your amount list negotiable- there are some mixed feelings about this, but if money is not your biggest motivation then…
    -If you do not have professional photos, take your pictures outside when its bright. The natural light is better. Also take tastful girl next door type pictures. I think unprofessional pictures taken in your undies, look just that, unprofessional (of course there are always exceptions to the rules)
    -For your profile be catchy, ask a question in your headline. Try incorporating words that invoke sexual thoughts. Words such as penetrating, naughty, deep, stroke, steamy etc. For example, I’m very openminded and I want to allow you to enter deep within my consciousness and explore all of my secrets places. I’m certain that with all of our energies flowing we’ll eventually build up to a very orgasmic night .

    Just play with words to allude but not clearly scream I want SEX! now!
    I agree with sweetbaby its about timing. You just have to be patient with a positive attitude.
    I’ve been on the site a couple of months and haven’t really established a relationship with a SD, but we’ll see.

  76. Sweetbaby says:

    Oh my days! Are Girls Aloud going to be there? I just saw Cheryl Cole and the blond one.

    If so will Ashley Cole be there? If so then, I might need to buff up and pay a visit to the party 🙂

  77. Sweetbaby says:

    I’m snooping now! Thank you cre8tor!

    Even though I can’t make it I would just love to see how it would be 🙂

  78. Sweetbaby says:

    I don’t think it’s too much about the profile but rather what the sd is looking for. How long have you been looking for one? If you have only just started like today then don’t worry because you can’t really just expect an SD to fall in your lap like that.

    I start off all mysterious and describe myself in my profile and then say I’ll put a picture up upon recieving messages. It works out quite well because they want to know who the mystery girl is.

  79. yael says:

    my profile is…. Profile Number 240074 (Sugar Baby – F) on seekingarrangment.com

  80. yael says:

    HELP!!!!It seems I can’t even get a response let alond a SD….. I really need advice! or sugestions on my profile or anything… I never get any responses and most of the SD s delete my messages before reading them so it would seem…. cause my mailbox always seems to have the red X in the “read” category …. what am I doing wrong?…. Could it be that they are all looking for a certain type and I must not fit it?…. Am I saying too much on my profile?… are my pics really bad?… I’m not sure what to do…. can anyone check my profile and give me some suggestions? what types of profiles work best?

  81. Berri says:

    Truly_Divine~ what a great question! Really, always go for cash. I have an attorney that handles my household (I am single) and she is amazing. The advice of T_man and Westin is very good. Thanks guys!
    Stephan: where’s the love? local…drinks? where do you spend your non-working hours? give it up….
    ms v~ hey ya sexy baby! December can’t come soon enough!!! Wear the ring, the bling, the best little dress you have! We’re gonna play! I cannot wait to meet the sb fam…and congrats on the finals! breathe…….oh, and I wanna do the wine country with the girls~carvas,plum jack,duckhorn or caymus….samples…..she licks her lips…

  82. Truly Divine says:

    T _man: Thanks for the response, I figured there had to be some set amount that is supposed to be reported. So you are saying anyting over 12k is technically supposed to be reported?

    And you are right, this subject is dry compared to stories of erotic escapades, but we do need to know. I’m not trying to pay “stupid tax”, (ie IRS audits, attorney fees, jail time etc) ya know, how fools pay for being dumb.

  83. bostonTerrier says:

    thanks for the advice you three 🙂

  84. Gregory Westin says:

    Thank you Truly I will keep the award in a place of honor.

    Best wishes to you as well

  85. Truly Divine says:

    I posted this late in the commited SB discussion, so I’m not sure anyone will see, but I would like to hear your thoughts.
    My question for married SBs is how are you able to “organize your schedule”. I mean what do you tell your husband? When you are gone for hours and come back with a happy after glow? or gifts that are outside of your budget?

  86. T_man says:

    As for the tax, legal, etc. questions, do yourselves a HUGE favor:

    If a SD can afford 10K each month, he can afford an hour for the two of you to sit down with an attorney, preferably a tax attorney. You are talking $300-500 MAX for one hour of 100% confidential advice from an attorney.

    Make certain you only talk to an attorney, not a CPA.

    For a few thousand a month, do cash or credit card. But once you hit $12K per YEAR, it is officially reportable to IRS as a gift. See, you need to know this stuff. Don’t break the law just for a little lovin’. LOL

  87. Truly Divine says:

    Sweetbaby: I guess that ship sailed without us

    Hey we wanna go to the party too!!

  88. Truly Divine says:

    Thank you Gregory Westin!!
    Thanks for the quick reply.
    Very well put,easily understood, I’m certain many SBs/SDs will benefit.
    You got the Truly Divine award for today 😉
    Be well

  89. Sweetbaby says:

    I’ve been looking for this info for ages.

    I’m so peed, I wanna see and know!

  90. Truly Divine says:

    Can one of you Ladies tell me where the party info is posted? I’ve looked over the site, but I do not see any info. Or just tell me everything you know.

  91. Sweetbaby says:

    I think this is one of those posts with the most different posters and we have actually had alot of new posters come in.

  92. Truly Divine says:

    Boston terrier: you said they are all pretty much the equal, but there has to be something unique/extraordinary about one that specifically works for you. I believe I remember you saying you were in school, maybe thats something to help you differentiate. Assuming you don’t plan on being a SB forever possibly the one who will help you further your career objectives the most.

  93. dreamer says:

    i love this convo.. I wish i could keep up with it but i get on via my cell phone. oh! and im a cosmotologist ladies! So maybe i can volunteer for a free ticket?? Lol

  94. cre8tor says:

    BTerrier: such a bad place to be in! How many of us would like to have too many to choose from? You are HOT.

  95. Sweetbaby says:

    BostonTerrier, pick the one you feel the most comfortable with and feel that you have more chemistry with.

    The financial side is a factor but chemistry is very important too!

  96. JetSetBaby says:

    Though the credit card idea seems ideal.. Mortgages, car payment, health ins, etc.. Certain things you can’t just pay with a credit card or would be a hassle in itself to try am d payt with a credit card unless it stays on file for a recurring bill!

  97. Gregory Westin says:

    TD if I may, there is no reason to incorporate yourself as once you begin to funnel money given to you as gifts into the company it becomes a taxable event. I am sure your SD would prefer to keep the paper trail to a minimum also so if 20K a month is running through the company someone somwhere is going to ask where the money came from.

    As far as filing on your taxes, hell no ! Unless your SD asks you for a receipt there is again no paper trail thus no reason to report the income.

    As to how he gets you the money in the first place, cash is king but given that he may not want to carry around 20 grand when he sees you, your SD will have to find another way. Even if he is a business owner, again the paper trail question comes into play. If he is writing you checks for amounts that are going to add up over the course of a year, he has to report that he has paid someone for something. Most SD’s I would imagine do not want to explain to their accounting department what the money is for.

    The easiest way to fulfill his committment to you is to have him get a credit card for you with a pre-set spending limit on it. This way the bill each month can be sent to a discrete address and if it is an additional card to his account the expenses for the two of you become blended together thus making it harder for Muriel in accounting to figure out what the hell is going on. That is of course unless you plan to charge your rent to the card or tuition or other merchant services that may be uncomfortable to explain.

    Remember the best policy is the less paperwork the better !

  98. Truly Divine says:

    My sugar dater question is regarding transfering funds and taxes.

    To all the Tax Attorneys, Accountants, Financial Advisiors:

    I know these questions have been asked in some form, but please can someone (credible, experienced person) SERIOUSLY break this down.

    For example, if a SB receives 10k a month for an allowance, how would one transfer that type of money. I mean cleary you would be taking big risks to carry that type of cash around.
    1.)Lets say a SD is not a business owner, or if he is, what would be best ways to transfer funds?
    2.)A SB is single with no dependents, or has dependents do cash/gifts have to be filed on taxes and whats the best way to file?
    3.) Would it be a good idea for a SB to get incorporated(I don’t know if I’m saying that right), Like Truly Divine LLC. 😉

    I have an undergraduate understanding of accounting and finance and very basic concepts of tax and business law. I’m also a conspiracy theorist– if they can’t getcha one way they’ll do it another way.
    So probably I know just enough to get myself totally freaked out, but I honestly need to be better educated.
    Also for that lucky new SB who finds a generous SD who can afford 20k a month (as I have seen posted in profiles), I wouldn’t want this innocent person to be made an example.

    So you highly educated SDs let me hear from you, Sugar Dating Finance 101.
    Worst case senario advice

  99. bostonTerrier says:

    do any of you all have advice when you have too many sds to choose from? i don’t know why but i have too many options. i’ve met a few [i.e. 5] and can’t pick and i need to pick soon.

    all of their offers are pretty much the same give or take a few dollars as is their time availability and they’re all really nice 🙁

    how do you *know* which one you’re going to pick?

  100. sweetbaby says:

    JetSetBaby, I wanna hear stories! I wanna hear your previous experiences. I have nothing better to do 🙂 plus any story could help protect and advice a new sb and keep entertained an old one.

  101. JetSetBaby says:

    Ohhhh sooo much to cxatch up on

    Stephan- I agree with T_man, a forum would be sooooo great! I have trouble posting on the blogs cause i feel if theres too many comments, no one will pay attention to mine.. Where on a forum its so easy to catch up or get a question answered.. I think it would be suuuuch a great help! Heck i could even help moderate!!!


    I saw the party info!!!! Soo excited! About to call my girlies and start planning! haha.. Oh wait.. But theres no info for how the girls get tickets 🙁 i also know an AMAZING MUA in Vegas!!!! I can’t remember her rates but i’m sure if there were several girls getting ready in one place, she’d charge $100 each? Sooo worth it for a great night out! I always call her when i’m in Sin City! Let me know and i’ll try and contact her! We can do it in my room or something! I’m sure all of us girls will end up BFF’s by the end of the party anyway!

    Lisa in TX? Hope she’s okay!!!

    Of course now i can’t find who posted about the hot guy asking for nude pix.. Ewwwa that sooo killed a potential sb/sd relationship for me. I met a guy on here that lived close by and his expectations weren’t too bad and it seemed like a reasonable deal and he wanted me to get on webcam to prove i’m the girl on my profile. (Which i NEVER get on cam for anyone) But i got on to prove who i am, he was pleased that i looked the same then asked me to give him a show to prove i wont be too shy in person… Ewwwwwwa.. I basically told hinm i wasn’t the girl he was looking for as i have too much respect for myself to do that for a complete stranger.. Oh yeah he happened to be really young and buff too..

    Ring wearing… Not sure if i’ll wear my wedding ring as it would make me feel a little weird but might wear my right hand ring my last SD gave me (diamond is bigger anyway! haha) I just need to get the prongs tightened! Ahhh and my diamond Rolex!!! **giggles**

    I’d soooo share my previous SD experience, but i don’t think the girls would believe me and i think i’d scare the guys away! haha.. Well if he’s at the party (which i wouldn’t be surprised if he was, though i didn’t meet him through the site) I’ll be sure to point my other potential SB girls in his direction for the ultimate SD experience!!!


  102. Truly Divine says:

    Stephan, Ms. V or Cre8tor : Somebody! ummm, where is this SA Party info posted? I’m sooo excited about this!

    Stephan: If its not too late where can I put in my ideas for the party?

  103. D_Woman says:

    I agree with T_Man. I am married, 36, but missing a lot of the fun, excitement and passion in life. I am not on the site for financial gain. This site was the only one I found that offered discreet affairs with men who are successful and in search of an intellectual/emotional connection as well. It is difficult for a beautiful, fun and intelligent married woman to find male companionship and physical intimacy, but I have had some success on this site.

  104. T_man says:


    Glad to hear you are open to suggestions. It seems better search is a must have. I know forums can be bothersome do to moderation, but if you draw from the people right here on this blog to be moderators, you will easily be able to do it. I find it amazing at the forums that exist run purely by volunteers. Especially if you restrict the forum to members, it will work.

    Oh, and the best forum software is FREE.

    And, FYI, if SA wants to grow its user base, and therefore its income, you must focus on user experience. A website with poor user experience will not grow. If you want a great example of a dating website with FANTASTIC user experience, go to okcupid.com. It is amazing. Or, plentyoffish.com. Plenty of fish is horrible looking, but it works well. The key is search and forum.

    I hope to see the improvements soon. 😉 T_man

  105. T_man says:

    To MSH and others: why did I get cold feet and quit, only to return? Now THAT is a good question!! 🙂

    Okay, cold feet: I tend to over think things, so as I thought and thought about this site, I couldn’t escape one conclusion: sex and money were at the core of it. And, call me naive, but I simply don’t want to do money for sex. I want a relationship of sorts with a woman, even if it is measured in months not years. I can’t help it, but I actually like to TALK to women (can you believe it?) LOL.

    Now, the connection between money and sex is far, far more pervasive than simply prostitution. Let’s face it, rich men attract beautiful women. I went to an Ivy League college, and there are lots of beautiful, smart women there. And when you meet their parents, guess what you find? Successful, smart (rich) father and beautiful (smart) mother. Time after time.

    The more I thought about SA, the more I realized that it is far, far more than a money for sex thing. It clearly isn’t prostitution (I must confess I have experienced sex with an escort–not my cup of tea!!). While I’m guessing that a percentage of the women here are, well, less than “pure” of intent, many seem to well intentioned, honest, and truly looking for an arrangement that is truly good for them. I’m not naive, so I know there are scammers, escorts in disguise, etc. But many (most?) are genuine women looking for something beneficial for them and their SD.

    So, why am I back? Well, I have to be 100% honest: I have no interest in dating the typical woman my age who is single. I’m sorry ladies, but where I live, I have not been able to find single woman in their late 30’s early 40’s who are happy, live loving people. I am. I want that in a partner. And, to be even more honest, I love beautiful women. That is what attracts me. I like a woman who is beautiful, smart, funny and kind. Give me that, and I’m in heaven.

    And what exists on this website? Beautiful women. Many of them young, going to college, obviously smart. Or women in their mid to late 20’s trying to make it. I’ve seen just in my boring midwest state at least 30 amazingly cool women on this site that I would be with in a heart beat. I don’t even dare look at Florida or California, as my heart my stop. 😉

    I hope the above is helpful. I would appreciate any feedback or comments. 😀

  106. sweetbaby says:

    If Lil Wayne come’s he better sing lollipop as that’s one of my faves. What are the prices? I can’t find these.

  107. cre8tor says:

    LOL I want one of those boxes too. !!!

  108. Ms. V says:

    Sweetbaby- yes, exams to see if I learned anything at all in the 2 classes that ended…Thanks, btw…I’m a procrastinator, so every 9 weeks, I cram my finals into 3 days of non-stop research and typing. I do well usually 🙂

    I am astounded at the cost of the mens tickets… Oh, and I am diggin the make up artist/jewelry idea, Cre8tor!! You truly ARE my sister!

    So, who’s coming? Lil Wayne? Lil Wayne? Lil Wayne? damn, I thought you said Lil Wayne was coming 😉

    I’ll spend my whole tuition refund to make that show! lmao!

    But, seriously- umm, [___] see my box right there? that’s the Ms. V happiness donation box…feel free to fill that muthaf***** up! lol

  109. cre8tor says:

    Start saving your money babies (or finding a sponsor). looks like December 3 is the date for the Party! Stephan, you have outdone our expectations I’m sure. I’m thinking a suite for SB’s complete w/professional makeup artists! Hey…maybe we could do an Academy Awards thing and “rent” jewelry with the hopes a SD would spring for it. Okay okay….I’m dreaming. I’m an artist…need I say more?

  110. sweetbaby says:

    Why hide you’re married? It could make you more viable because it show’s you have something that someone would want to marry you for.

  111. sweetbaby says:

    Well done on your final thingy Ms. V. I don’t understand them but think their exams?? Forgive my pathetic British lack of knowledge.

  112. Ms. V says:

    baby, my maritsl status is posted on my profile…it costs too much to hide stuff. I, myself will be wearing it, but I was just curious about how the men feel. . . maybe provide a standard by which to measure gifts lol

  113. sweetbaby says:

    Lisa, if you can read this, hope you are ok. I feel bad because I didn’t even remember you were close to disaster until Ms. V reminded us.

    Moving outside London Cre8ter for Uni about an hour and a bit. I love travelling but hate moving all my rubbish about. Only when you’re moving do you realise you have rubbish.

    Where is the link to this party? So wish I could go. I googled it and heard there will be celebrities there. If Madonna graces the party I will be flying myself there no matter what I’m doing.

  114. cre8tor says:

    how to avoid the crazy ones? Good question. I have had my share as I’m sure we all have. Sweeetbaby has good advice. Even then, they wiggle through the cracks. Just spend a little time w/emails and then a phone call or two before meeting. You can usually tell. If they spend too much time making promises and not following through, move on. Where you moving Sweetbaby? Two times? yikes! I hate moving. done it waaaayyy too many times. Each time I get rid of stuff so I don’t have to move it, then get new stuff for my new place! Anyway, pop in here and there to let us know how it goes. And…its not a bad thing to be on this blog. I have finally come to terms with the fact I just like the company here and that’s a good thing!
    luv ya

  115. alexis says:

    Thanks those of you who advised 🙂

  116. sweetbaby says:

    Bostonterrier I know how you feel about your mum. Mine won’t just beat the black of me but she’d slap it senselessly til I was Albino.

    Oh Paige how could you be so careless? Do be careful, because sd’s and friends come and go but our parents will usually always be there for us. If in need use any arguement of your dad looking after your mum, like buying her gifts and stuff and just explain it’s like that but with someone alot wealthier.

    To Mel, to make sure they are not crazy I only ever met premium members, who had not been on the site too long but had not just joined on that day. Also you have to try and decode their messages. Almost Every message has an underlying message. But you can still end up with a crazy no matter how good you are at filtering.

    So bored sd’s got a busy busy week and I’m back home til I move into my new place on Saturday. I feel like I’m constantly on this blog.

  117. Mel says:

    So I’ve got a question…
    I’m new into the whole online meeting thing… How do you filter through to make sure the SD you want to meet up with is not a crazy person?? It just seems so tough to tell
    just wondering how other girls deal with it and figure it out??? :o)

  118. cre8tor says:

    wedding ring? Won’t you tell them anyway? Not something you can really hide is it? Wear it. Wear a bunch of them…bling it. Lisa Lisa…come up for air. You okay? You wet, dry, windblown? Did the bad guys on the corner get tossed out of the neighborhood?

  119. Ms. V says:

    STEPHAN!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST SAW THE LINK FOR THE PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    holy shit, man. (ooh, you have won yourself a lifelong friend with that track playing in the background, too! Whatchu know about that 😉 )

    Why can I not see the prices, though?
    hmm…thoughts on wearing a wedding ring to meet a potential SD_ or to the party for that matter??
    My previous experience forced me to hold his hand with my “other” hand- scowling everytime my ring came into view…I know this isn’t supposed to be for situation that turn out that way, but just wondering if the men have an opinion.

    (Rocked my finals, BTW!!!) Got them submitted 3 1/2 hours early!!!

  120. Ms. V says:

    Thinking of Lisa today…hoping she’s well in the storm.

    Caligirl- dish on the party mama- I’m dying to call you!!

    Cre8tor, I’m going to send you my profile #…can you check me out? give advice?

  121. Ms. V says:

    Paige33: tough break,kid…can you breathe easily now, though?

  122. bostonTerrier says:

    paige 33 – i hope everything with your parents went okay! i am positive if my mom found out she’d take me out of boston and make me enroll at a school near home while i was living at home and then she’d beat the black off of me.

    i agree with you chicbaby, it isn’t like prostitution. there is a world of a difference.

  123. ChicBaby says:

    Wow, Paige that’s tough. I can’t even imagine if my parents found out. I think their reactions would be about the same.
    Oh, and I HATE the ‘isn’t that like prostitution’ argument. It is nothing like that, at least not the way that I handle myself and my SDs. I know that some girls use this as a front for tricks, but I think that is horrible because it ruins it for the rest of us. I have no problem with prostitutes, but I am not one, never could be, and resent being compared to one.

  124. Paige33 says:

    So many new users, brilliant!!

    So today was awful… my parents found the seeking website. I left my computer out while I went away for a weekend, and my parents rifled through my safari history 🙁

    Bummer!! I always erase my history, but I guess this weekend I was careless– I’ve been hiding this for about a year
    The weirdest thing is they wanted to talk about it… and more so, they just really didn’t understand it. My mom thought it was prostitution (ughhhh gross), my dad didn’t even have anything to say… and I just couldn’t explain how it was its form of “dating” in a way… or just an understanding between similarly minded busy people.
    We live in our own little world, you know! 😉

    Anyway, wild day. Hope everyone else is doing well!

    Also I have an amazing SD right now just to update– so you can definitely find your perfect match here!!. I haven’t even logged in in centuries, except to read this chat, which is doing so great!

    STEPHEN– how’s the SD/SB party coming along?? Let me know if you need help planning!

  125. Ms. V says:

    Anyone see the trailer for that movie, “The Family that Preys” ?? You see the way he looked at her? all lip-biting and eyes right through her? keep that in mind for my story LOL!!!

  126. ChicBaby says:

    Sweetbaby – I thought you meant something like life insurance! Well, for car insurance I’m not sure how I would feel, but then again I don’t have a car! (don’t need one in the city, way too much of a hassle!) I think I would be more willing to go along with that type though.

  127. bostonTerrier says:

    i tell information about myself as we go on through messages or via phone. i have the basics about myself in my profile and just tell more as our conversations progress.

    i always use my nickname – they wouldn’t be able to pronounce my real name anyway so i save myself from hearing anyone butcher my beautiful -when pronounced correctly- name.

    i’ve never told anyone my bank information … a past sd just gave me a credit card so there was no need for any bank information to be exchanged.

  128. Sweetbaby says:

    Yeah I reply back too I just think it’s a bit more polite than not.

    To Priceless,

    1Question 1: When do you feel it is safe enough to disclose information about yourself?

    2: Does anyone use a fake name until they feel comfortable with the SD? If so do SDs become offended when you tell them the real one?

    3: If you don’t give SDs bank info how can they help out if they live far away?

    Thanks everyone! This blog is a great idea.

    1) I begin to tell them more about myself when and if they tell me about them. I just think it’s nice for them to know a bit more especially if I know so much about them.

    2) I always use a fake name to start of with. It adds mystery and also keeps you safe until you feel you trust them enough with your information. Even a name can give alot of information about you.

    3) I would not give my bank information to an SD that I have known for less than a year. In fact I have never given my bank information to any. I worry too much about that. If they live far there is always paypal. It would allow them to transfer money to you without having your information.

    I was wondering about the insurance thing because once I pass my driving test I will need insurance and my SD wants to put me on his policy.

  129. ChicBaby says:

    Alexis – I don’t usually respond if I am positive I’m not interested. Unfortunately I don’t have unlimited amounts of time, so I choose not to use it on those SDs. I do very often feel bad about it though!

    Priceless – I don’t use a fake name, but if I did I would never tell the SD. I think they like to feel that you’ve always trusted them, even if it’s not always true.
    I don’t give very specific information unless I need to. And as for bank info, all he needs is your account number to make deposits. I’ve never given mine to an SD, but my parents put money into my account for tuition all the time, and they can’t see anything or do anything else. But double check with your bank first. Be Careful!!!

  130. MSH says:

    I do a quick reply depending on whether it is a yes, no, or maybe. Nothing wrong with sending a quick note even if you know that is is a definitely not. I just put myself in their shoes. I would want to get something saying either, yes, no or maybe.

  131. priceless says:

    1st time blogger!!! I am super new to this site and don’t know all the rules, yet.
    Question 1: When do you feel it is safe enough to disclose information about yourself?

    2: Does anyone use a fake name until they feel comfortable with the SD? If so do SDs become offended when you tell them the real one?

    3: If you don’t give SDs bank info how can they help out if they live far away?

    Thanks everyone! This blog is a great idea.

  132. alexis says:

    MSH (and anyone else who cares to comment)….do you feel obligated to reply to every message you get? Just wondering because if that is the tradition there are a lot of SDs that think I’m a rude biatch!

  133. ChicBaby says:

    I really love this blog. Being able to share my thoughts here is such a release! You all are the only people I can talk to about this part of my life.

    I’ve never had anyone ask for nude pics! But I love the idea of asking him right back!

    Sweetbaby – I’m not sure how I would feel about that. I probably would prefer that he didn’t, mainly because I like to keep this all very private, and that would bring this all to the front.

  134. sweetbaby says:

    I think we all found friends. I feel like I can reveal all my sides here.

    Btw I wondered what would you all do or think if your sd decided to put you on his insurance policy or slips you in his will?

  135. sweetbaby says:

    lol Ms. V this isn’t shhh so lets presume we can reveal anything. I do hope theres a fireman about because it’s gonna get hot!

  136. dreamer says:

    so i asked him for nude pix. Not a word out of him. Haha. Its kind of amusing in a way. And i didnt mean post your email, sweet. There has to be a better way. Hmm i wonder.. Cough cough stephan cough

  137. dreamer says:

    I think my best quality is my personality. I have great breasts and a nice body with good curves, but I can get just about anything I want with my cute personality. Most people notice is right off. I have a quirky-witty-sarcastic personality that makes just about anyone smile, but its only because they are trying not to laugh in public. But then again, maybe its the body haha.

  138. Ms. V says:

    heh. you know what fantasies I am referring to! If Stephan puts up a topic, then I’ll bring out the xxxexotica scenario….but not here, it’s Shhhh, remember? 😉

    Sweetbaby & Dreamer, looks like you two found friends…that is such a nice benefit from this site, isn’t it.

  139. sweetbaby says:

    Hey do you guys ever ask the sd what attracted them to you?

    We’ve all talked about flaws but what about our best best points?

    My sd say’s it’s my eyes but I know really it’s my boobs! But I know how hypnotizing my eyes can be my parents have even noted that I usually get what I want when they look into my eyes.

  140. dreamer says:

    lol thats so true.. There are little pervs running around everywhere. Ill ask him. I think ill ask him about the city he said hes from bc his profile doesnt state one. So i doubt he is from this city nearby me…

  141. sweetbaby says:

    Lol I’m crazy but really do have my sane moments. I would post my email dreamer but I’m sure some of the non-sane crazies would contact me too!

    One really important tip people. Never ever go into an arrangement with someone you pity. It’s not worth it.

  142. cre8tor says:

    nude pics? He’s the one that offered a large allowance? and then asks for nude pics? doesn’t it sound like he’s baiting the hook? Fake. I get picture collectors all the time. But, yes ask for his nude pic. I’ve actually had some send theirs voluntarily……..TMI! Not sure about you all, but I prefer a little mystery. Something about a guy sitting in a chair with his hand around himself just doesn’t do it. And, be sure to notice how close it is to the camera! Maybe he’s the porn guy trying to get those $1500 pics for nothing this time.

  143. dreamer says:

    hehe.. Sweet, we need to extange emails or something, you crack me up and i love talking to you. Thats a great idea. Thats what ill do. Ill let you know what he says

  144. sweetbaby says:

    Fake! Fake! Fake! Don’t send nude pictures. Why can’t he just meet you for like a quick hello or something to see if he would want to be your sd. With the nude pictures he would waste alot more time staring at them than he would have meeting you. My strategy for guys who asked for nudes was to ask for nude pics too from them and for them to send it first. It usually scared them straight.

  145. dreamer says:

    thats really good and im glad you can find respectful sds. Thats what im having a having trouble with. The one i told you guys about that seems so perfect told me to get his number but i have to send nude pix to him first. Its out of my character to do it usually but i think i would for him bc hes so damn hot. Im just afraid hes a fake. What does the blog family think?

  146. bostonTerrier says:

    sweetbaby i know exactly what you mean – starting a new search isn’t fun at all. i had deleted my account completely so it forced me to start from scratch … not tons of fun. and then there was a point when i was about to give up because i was only getting messages from men who were looking for a one night stand … luckily my potential sd sent me a message that very day! and things were looking up from there.

    right now in my search i’m no longer actively looking, i’m just seeing of one the the 3 guys i am talking to will be it. i have no doubts that either of them will work out, i just don’t know which one i like most.

    dreamer – yep, i am still a virgin. it makes it kind of hard to find a sd respectful of my sexual limits but so far the guys i’ve met have been pretty nice and seem to have no problem with it. being a virgin wasn’t some conscious choice i made either … i’m just waiting until i feel comfortable enough to do it. when it feels right hopefully i’ll just know 🙂

  147. sweetbaby says:

    I’ve noted the guys number to block dreamer. It’s freakish getting messages like that especially on a site where you would think most people would be much more mature.

  148. sweetbaby says:

    MSH, I’m going into law and well feel if I tell people about my sd life it could one day harm my future career.

    We need some sort of forum or chat function lol.

  149. dreamer says:

    i dont think i asked about refernces, that was someone else, but its ok

  150. dreamer says:

    i think we need alot more blogs being turned out, stephen.. Lol we hit over 50 comments really quick. And i wish i looked like that pinup girl haha. Jk. I like how i look

  151. MSH says:

    Dreamer: I’m sure I could have gotten a job reference out of SD, and a very good one at that, but I did not need it. The field that I was going into is highly specialized and all I was doing at the law firm was filing and low level clerical stuff like that. He was very, very supportive of me in school and that was a serious goal that he had for me, to finish school, pass the state licensing exam and be able to get a real job. It was very important to me too because I knew that to have the kind of life I wanted, I would have to be able to support myself and live independent, which I did and still can do even though I am married.

    I too am incredibly grateful for this blog!!! Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, knows about my search for a SD. I need a place to bounce ideas around and to read and listen to others.

  152. dreamer says:

    wow boston, you are a virgin? congrats. And great story msh! i love stories. Idk where cutie went off to with all her great stories but i wish she would come back lol

  153. sweetbaby says:

    Of course it wasn’t cheap jewellery. I love Asian gold mostly cos it’s shiny and purer and he knows that! Also chance of getting a new laptop soon enough, he’s now doing the hinting!

    Fantasies such as? Heavily confused about what you mean Ms. V. My simple sb mind just can’t understand.

    Btw Hercules is mine, strong, athletic and looking anything like Kevin Sabre (or however his name is spelt)! If my sd looked like him, I’d turn into a vicious animal and constantly deliberatly make attempts to steal him!

    Bostonterrier, how is your search going? It’s annoying starting up a new search when you are so used to already having an sd. I went into a little, ‘whats the point?’ phase.

    Hey MSH, did your sd ever give you a job reference? I don’t know why I felt the need to ask that but was just curious.

  154. dreamer says:

    so a guy named david (234650) idk if we are allowed to put that info, if not sorry. But he wrote me this exact message and i have never talked to him or seen his profile before today ”what a know nothing c***” but without the astricks. Whats that about?

  155. bostonTerrier says:

    my first arrangement lasted for about 11 months, just short of a year. we met on this site and talked a lot prior to setting up an arrangement. i it ended because he was getting a little bit too jealous of my relationship with my boyfriend and became increasingly skeptical as to whether or not i was still a virgin, and he developed feelings for me beyond that of just being friends.

    my arrangement with him ended this past may and now i’m in the process of picking a new sd which is really hard.

  156. Ms. V says:

    oh[sigh] my goodness! Good for you, Sweetbaby!!!
    You enjoy yourself, you hear me!? (it wasn’t cheap jewelry, was it?) n/m don’t answer that.

    ahem…yes, fantasies. We’re all logging in to a “pay as you go” website…shouldn’t we be a little bit more intense here?

    [sigh again] maybe that is just me, though… even my ‘friendly’ glance is intense. Everything is really.

    Come On!

    You guys can’t tell???!!!

    Maybe we should nix the fantasies thing….If I opened up about that shit, you guys would probably just sit there for 3 days straight, mouth wide open, drooling -n- shit lol!!!

    YEAH. it ain’t easy being V… where is Hercules at? He’s my sd by proxy lololo

  157. sweetbaby says:

    So happy about this blog. I was finding it so hard to keep my sugar daddy life a secret. Sometimes I just want to shout it out to the world! Now i finally have a place I can talk to people about it.

  158. sweetbaby says:

    Tell us dreamer! I’m curious to what was said.

  159. sweetbaby says:

    With me it has ended when I realised that I wasn’t getting what I wanted from the relationship, or that he was trying to usurp too much of my time.

    I like that if my sd and I have an arrangement to meet once a week we stick to that and don’t pester each other for more. We should discuss it between us and he should not keep calling me at school and other inappropriate times to see him. Sb’s can get hooked too but so can sd’s.

  160. MSH says:

    Cre8tor: I’ll give you my experience with a SD/SB arrangement I had at one time.

    I was 19, in school full time and working part time at a law firm. The SD was a senior partner at this firm and we just kind of accidentally fell into our arrangement without either one seeking out something like that but the timing was right for me because I was sick and tired of dating assholes my own age. He was 45, married a long time to a very demanding, domineering and bossy woman, but they had four kids, et cetera, et cetera. He had never had this kind of arrangement before, nor had I. After our first “encounter” we sat down and had a serious heart to heart about what each other’s expectations were. That was probably the best thing we could have done. Anyway, it lasted for a little over 3 years, long enough for me to finish school. It was a fantastic experience and I do not regret it for one second. But one thing I will say is that I think that we were the rare exception with regard to how long it lasted. It would not have lasted as long as it did had I not played by his rules, plain and simple. His rules were fair, but they were unwavering. I essentially had two jobs: One was to stay in school and graduate on time and the other one was that when he called, I was to come. This was easy since I was single, no kids, no pets, no responsibility at all. That would not really work for me now.
    So when I graduated, I got a job about 10 hours away, we said our good-byes and I left. It was a means to an end for me. I got to live in a wonderful condo, got to keep the BMW 318, came out of school without any debt at all and was ready to start my life.
    The arrangement I am seeking right now would probably end up being much more short term, say, 4-6 months, just long enough for us not to get tired of each other, and I’m okay with that. I realize that I may not find as great of an arrangement as I had at that one time in my life, but I am not willing to simply settle for something that I don’t feel is right for me.
    That’s my story.

  161. dreamer says:

    ohh thanks cre8tor! Are we allowed to talk about what members have msged us on her bc one sd sent me a very rude email randomly and i would like to get it out of my system haha

  162. cre8tor says:

    I have a question of you LT experienced SD/SB’s. How long does a relationship usually last? Why has it ended in the past? And how does it normally end….he ends it, you end it? This is my last chance to do this and I want to be as prepared as possible for the whole experience

  163. cre8tor says:

    Oh Sweetbaby……great on the jewels! I have yet to be treated in that special way. Dreamer….sounds like you might have something good heading your way. Can’t wait to hear the details and I’m cross everything so that it turns out as hoped.

  164. dreamer says:

    hehe we will see lol..

  165. sweetbaby says:

    I’m taken but if he turns out to be Denzel, Clooney or Pitt then I might do some stealing.

  166. dreamer says:

    yeah im not expected it to turn out so i dont give my hopes up, but im really excited anyway. Eventho i know i shouldnt. I mean this guy looks so good it gives me butterflies. I would give you guys a link so you could see lol, but im afraid you hotties would steal him away!

  167. sweetbaby says:

    Much luck dreamer! Sounds perfect, almost too perfect but I don’t want to dishearten you. I do hope he is as good as he seems!

  168. dreamer says:

    oh congrats sweetbaby.. Alright guys, i met one last night on here, we exchanged info, but have not talked much yet. He seems like everything ive ever wanted hehe. Within 10 years of my age, buff, i put on my profile that i dont have to have a set allowance, (bc i dont think im that good lol) and he wants to give me an allowance double to any sd ive talked to before. Wish me luck! Its off to work now but we talk this evening!

  169. sweetbaby says:

    Oh btw guess who got jewellery for their birthday from their sd? 🙂

  170. sweetbaby says:

    Fantasies Ms.V?

  171. Ms. V says:

    …and it is 12:43 am

  172. Ms. V says:

    why aren’t we talking about fantasies?

  173. Ms. V says:

    nitrogen oxide…f*** my mind is wishing for something else…ooh! wine in the fridge! yay…seriously, I need a strategy or two.

  174. Ms. V says:

    feelin’ the love here 🙂
    well, anyone on here loving enough to share thoughts on a mitigation plan for reducing environmental nitrous oxide pollution???
    I have bullshitted my way through 1200 words…500 to go. Help? Anybody?

  175. Berri says:

    I don’t mind! Tell us everything, Stephan! muah! We do!

  176. cre8tor says:

    we love you Stephan.

  177. MSH says:

    T-man: I have a question. Why did you get cold feet? What made you jump back in. Great suggestions, by the way.

    give us the male perspective, please.

  178. Ms. V says:

    innovation [SNIFF!!! ahh- do you smell it?] I should add that ability to my list of sexy things. Ambition, masculinity, posessiveness, and innovative-ness…is that a word? well, it is now.

  179. sweetbaby says:

    Hand’s sound good but I never know what to look for in a hand. Nails are also very important I think.

    Totally agree T-man, better search functions would make the site even better. A forum would be good too but moderation is difficult.

  180. FashionMag says:

    T_Man: I agree with you on the search function. I’d like to be able to search profiles that have photos only, as well as Premium members only. It would save a lot of time…

  181. bostonTerrier says:

    sweetbaby – i always check hands. my mom is a doctor and always says the key to a person is in their hands when she’s talking to patients or interviewing nurses. shoes are good too, in addition to hands.

  182. sweetbaby says:

    Thank you for my poster trophy Stephan. And thank all my fellow sb’s and sd’s for your support in getting me to be first post.

    MSH, your advice was great! One of the things I regret was feeling so desperate for an sd that I practically let my self be used.

    For all the young and older sb’s, it’r not worth trying to be who you are not just to please someone. Also, don’t fall into the trap of believing every bullshit promise an sd or potential makes to you. Before you do anything, it’r best to let yourself be assured that you are getting what you want. Dont settle for any less.

    Everyone that enters an arrangement wants something and usually always knows what they want. It may seem like a long process to even find an sd interested and you may feel like jumping on the first one that approaches you, but it is best to stay cool and calm and at the start never let your guard down.

    First things to check are shoes. I find they give great insight into a man, and even a woman.

  183. T_man says:

    There seem to be several questions in the post, so I will just leave some thoughts for the other members and the admin (Stephan, right?).

    1. From the interactions going on here on the blog, I would think you need a forum for members only. Forums are cheap and easy to implement. A forum would let members get advice, share stories, support each other, flag members who are scams, and give potential SB/SDs a place to communicate. Much better than a rating/voting system. Also, it would be a great place for the old hands to give advice to the younger members. A very prominent link could be shown in every section of the site.

    2. I find the topic of money/arrangement fascinating. it has been brought up in several posts. Obviously a thread on a forum would be ideal. It would be great if everyone joining this site got an education in how to use it. I’m learning a ton. I had joined back in August, emailed a few SBs, got cold feet, quit, now I’m back.

    3. SA needs to improve the search function. Hell, plenty of fish is operated by 1 guy, using off the shelf open source software, has millions of members, and has much better search. We should be able to type in a zip code and a radius, and find every SB in that area. Much better.

    Just some suggestions. I would love to participate in these discussions more. I have questions, mucho questions. Be well everyone!!…. T

  184. Stephan says:

    Ms. V: You should make a video about your sugar baby life, and then we can post it on YouTube and the blog… 😀 ( Support (at) SeekingArrangement .c o m )

  185. Ms. V says:

    QT: Yahweh is with you and your family- be easy and expectant of the best…it is already yours.
    (nice boob comment, btw! we think a lot alike! )I got great boobs. lol

  186. Ms. V says:

    k you SA Siblings!! When you have so many different things to start up or pass over it is difficult to let go of what you desire that is just for you…Job offers, experience opps., meeting new friends, lover/maintenance man 😉 … I’m new here, so choosing wisely is going to be relative to the experiences you all share with me.

    I am sticking with the job and the friends…most important to me.
    Oh, Stephan- you really DO love me, don’t you? 🙂 I get to be first on the party site! You must know that it simply will not be a party without me! LMMFAO!
    I bet you’re cool as a fan, man.
    Thanks all.
    Got 2 finals due by midnight tomorrow night…this blog will be my break from research!
    Oh, and you must remember that the time stamp is 3 hours later than the time that I post…I’m a night owl, but umm- It ain’t that serious!

    Oh, and If I could put up a mini video, I would- just to crack you guys up!
    don’t have anyone else’s #, but Caligirl, if you can get phone videos- I’m sending one now! Sunday, sunday, sunday. I’m goofy.

  187. cre8tor says:

    MSH: I couldn’t have said it better. Nice move on the room. Ms V…really really, it takes time. I’ve been on this for a year. Just look at it as the opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people. Interesting good and interesting bad.

  188. MSH says:

    Ms. V: I completely get where you are coming from. I have received a few e-mails from SDs that I know are not the right fit. Instead of trying to mold myself into what they want, I have just sent them a very polite e-mail that usually says something like. “Thanks for the photo, you really are very handsome but I don’t think that we are a match. I wish you the best of luck with your search. Take care.”
    I think that trying to mold yourself into what they want is counter productive to getting what you really want.
    So to answer your question about finding the one that wants who you really are? The only thing that has worked for me in the past is to be true to myself, make no excuses for who I am and graciously accept it when I come across those who are not the right fit. I hate giving an answer that really is saying “oh, in time it will happen.” Because I am an impatient person and cannot stand it when someone throws that back at me when I’m asking why or how do I…..
    I think that there are a lot of SDs on here who are not genuine and honest, but that can be true with people in general and probably more prevalent on this site just because of its nature. Don’t give up hope. I had a friend who was a long-time successful ex-addict tell me that as soon as you quit trying to hard, it will fall into your lap.

    On another note, I have a public service announcement for all those girls out there who are about to go on their first meeting. LISTEN TO YOUR GUT! If something he says makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up, take heed. You don’t necessarily have to run in the opposite direction, but file it away in the back of your mind for future reference. Sometimes his actions will prove that right or wrong.

    I met a possible SD last wednesday and we hit it off great. We had limited time, but there was definitely a spark. There were a couple of things he said that made me go hmmmmm but I just kept it in mind and decided to see where this goes. We were supposed to meet downtown at Starbucks yesterday at 3:30. I was running about 10 minutes late and my phone was almost out of battery. I called him real quick to let him know. He said that he had gone into the Starbucks and there were some people he knows, so he walked across the street to the Hyatt and to meet him there. He was always so paranoid about seeing people he knows. He’s married. So I walk into the front lobby of the Hyatt, start walking towards the bar area and he approaches me, we give a quick hug and he steers me towards the elevator. I asked him where we were going and he said “up top” Well, there is a very, very nice restaurant at the top of the Hyatt and I thought, oh, goody. He stopped the elevator on the 8th floor (not up top) and we got off and he started guiding me down the hall. I stopped, asked him where were were going and he said, oh, I got us a room. I’m thinking, YOU GOT US A ROOM!!?? WTF?!?!?!? I take a step back and said, I am NOT going into a room with you. Luckily there were a couple of other people walking down the hall and he saw them. He got real pissy, said some rude things, pouted like a big fat baby and I turned and walked away, got into the elevator and LEFT.

    It could have turned out bad, but it didn’t.

    So, girls, don’t let them make that excuse that they don’t want anyone to see them because they are married in order to get you alone and isolated. It just is not worth it. Yeah, I know A LOT about this guy, but apparently he must have thought that I was stupid. I know that there are many who want this REALLY REALLY BAD, but desperation is not a pretty picture and the harder you try, the more you are putting yourself in danger and really turning them off. Just please use common sense. Okay, I’m done preaching.

  189. stephan says:

    Ms. V: Here it is (((((((SUGAR)))))))

    AlaskanQT: No problem! I’ll have more details about affiliations, sponsorships, and promoters soon 🙂

  190. AlaskanQT says:

    and Stephan: sorry for not getting back… it’s too late after I leave the hospital and I don’t have reception inside

  191. AlaskanQT says:

    Mrs V… I will NEVER say don’t be yourself. Creating this magical fantasy person is really hard to maintain. If you are “what they want” because it’s what they want and not because it’s who you are then you will have a much harder time hanging onto the arrangement. If you are yourself it may take a little longer to find your ideal arrangement, but you wil likely keep it longer. When I was talking about the things I don’t talk about that was a general guidline… LOL comon you think I haven’t invited an SD to a strip club or to drunken Karaoke??? I want to go on MY kind of date 🙂 And if that includes a bar tab at a dive after a nice dinner well it’s my party I have the boobs you’ll do what I want you to is my point of view 🙂 LOL I really need to stop beeing such a wise @$$ I think my friend reads what I write sometime.

    BTW if I seem a bit out of pocket for a little bit I have sick family. I will be popping in from time to time to rest my brain but that is going to take priority. I will be on when I can and will try to catch up on as much as I can that I am missing

  192. Ms. V says:

    Hello Everybody- me again…I DO have a question, but it seems that no one is interested in answering my questions, lately…I am writing with the intention of another understanding my true meaning and providing the answer that I need.
    I see so many people on here trying so damn hard to be what they think everyone else wants them to be. Fine, but I cannot do that. SO, how to I say what I need to say (to be clear about where I stand), and find the man that will fit what I am searching for?
    If these men have multiple profiles- each one different- then how will I know who to linger on and when to keep moving? I ask that last question in reference to sending messages when browsing profiles…

    Stephan- can I bring non-SA ladies to the party with me?

  193. stephan says:

    cre8tor: there’s more to life than work? oh 😛 I am browsing all the news headlines, and getting revved up for the launch of the new SUGAR party website! What keeps you up this late in the PS T-zone?

  194. cre8tor says:

    Stephan: what are you doing working so late?

  195. stephan says:

    Go Sweetbaby, poster numero uno~ *hands Sweetbaby the premier “First Poster’s” award* It’s all in good sugarment of course — sugarment, a new word? Yes. It’s like ‘merriment’ but with added kink and a bit of honey

  196. cre8tor says:

    Wait! I have to congratulate Sweetbaby for being the first poster on this blog topic.

  197. cre8tor says:

    A SD should realize that you won’t be in his life forever and, hopefully, would encourage you to get to a place where you can have financial freedom. However, I have found that they can also want both the time with you when they want it and for you to be financially independent to a certain extent or working towad that. Tough place to be. I would love to hear from them here on this subject. Might help us all be better SB’s. I personally don’t want to put myself in a place that I must have a SD to take care of my financial responsibilities for long term. Being divorced, I’ve had the rug pulled out from under me already. And luckily, I’m at a point that I don’t have school schedules and can work for myself wherever I am which allows me to set my own schedule….around his.

  198. lisa says:

    I would love to travel but I would have to have a sd that would pay my bills as I work in retail and can’t just get away all the time. My last job would only let me take a 5 day vacation once a year. Power still on here, but keeps flickering

  199. teardrop_104 says:

    Chicbaby – I really am. My best friend is the one who first confessed that she was thinking about entering into an SB arrangement at the same time I was pondering getting into my first, and we ended up playing cheerleader for each other. It’s been really helpful, going to someone I completely trust for advice on how to handle certain aspects. But since we’re both new to this, I’m glad to have found a place where I can go to for information about things outside of our limited experiences.

  200. ChicBaby says:

    teardrop – My last SD arrangement ended because I couldn’t travel as much as he wanted. I understood his reasons, and agreed that I wasn’t the best fit for him. Right now I’m focusing on men in my area.
    You’re lucky you have friends you can tell; I don’t! I put school first always too, but I think a real sd will want that for me.

    lisa – stay safe!!

  201. teardrop_104 says:

    Chicbaby – I’d love to know, as well. I’m in the situation where I’m temporarily living with my parents post-graduation, working full-time until I can get a place of my own. Which really puts the damper on any arrangements I could have. When I was in college, I had a system like yours. I had my school friends, my work friends, my family, my best friends (who I told everything to, including my search for an SD relationship), and my SD arrangements. It was fairly easy to keep everything balanced, except my SD would get a little upset when I couldn’t drop classes or work for a week to fly out to Miami or something. I wish I could have found a better way to work my schedule out with him – because I love traveling – but graduating was my priority.

    To the younger SBs on here – any tips for balancing school and your arrangements? My SD at the time was understanding about schoolwork and my schedule at work, but felt resentful that I couldn’t travel as much as he wanted.

  202. lisa says:


    I would like to know how you get it all done too. When I work it takes alot of my time (getting to and from, stress, etc) and I do have my family that I have to be discreet with because they wouldn’t approve.

    Have a good night everyone. The hurricane is rollingin soon and power is going out all over town and it will be out for days. Mine will probably go off soon. Hope to be able to stay in touch

  203. ChicBaby says:

    How does everyone balance the double-life aspect of it all? That is, if you have to. And for those of you who are open about being in arrangements, how has that gone over?

    For me, I have my school life, I have my work life, I have my family life, and I have my sd life. I try to keep everything separate, and that makes it easier when I need to hide something.
    For example, my roommate could easily get suspicious about why I go out, with whom, and why I don’t always come back at night. Because I have built up the story of my work friends it’s easy for me to use that excuse when I need.
    Luckily, I live hundreds of miles away from my family, but whenever I need to travel with an sd, that makes the perfect excuse for my roommate and college friends.

    I’d love to hear about how everyone else balances everything! I know I find it overwhelming at times!

  204. sweetbaby says:

    Sorry to get completley off topic but, I’m first! I’m finally first poster in a blog topic!