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Sugar Fantasies


What’s Your Fantasy?

Got fantasy? I know plenty of Sugar Daddies and Babies who pursue their hedonistic pleasures with a serious devotion.

Ms. V Writes:

“I want somebody to walk up behind me, and kiss me on my neck, breathe on my neck. Been such a long time, I forgot that I was fine…Erykah Badu said it right! I’m so damn fine, my strut is natural- you hear me? LMAO”

A Sugar Daddy fantasy isn’t as much about the mechanics as it is the psychology. Think about it… for years, we have repressed, stifled and hidden the very fantasies that have kept many of us going (for lack of a better term) through the driest of dry spells . But for whatever reason, something kept us from fulfilling these fantasies. Maybe it was because you “forgot that (you) were fine”, or maybe it was because you lost interest in your partner…

What kinds of fantasies make Sugar Daddies drool?

What kinds of fantasies cross the line?

Let’s hear from both Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies about the erotic, and even non-erotic fantasies that get your kettle popping 😉

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124 Responses to “Sugar Fantasies”

  1. Gail says:

    LOL….thats okay…one day for you Lisa:) Now to say focused on the topic…will that be a Fantasy or will it come true?

  2. Gail says:

    hey…I found you….Just posted something for you on the Bonding blog…LOL…I know he will find us ….

  3. lisa says:

    sorry Stephan, I will never comment again. :(

  4. lisa says:

    I’m here. I don’t know for how long though. I never got into this blog as it was posted back during the time I was without internet because of the hurricane. not fun memories for me.
    I just noticed the little voting boxes though on the side. I did vote on those. good to hear 67% believe in giving money on the first meeting , I guess the guys i’m talking to are in the 1% who save never. lol

  5. Gail says:

    okay did everyone travel back here okay…Let us know when you all are here.

  6. Paige says:

    It feels so good I don’t want to stop, we both get to
    the point of climax and cum together, both moaning with delight. I just lay there on top of him, taking it all in. I try to take the blindfold off but
    he won’t let me. He takes me by the hand, cleans me off gently and carefully helps me to redress, never taking off the blindfold. He tells me to sit
    and wait. I wait for what seems like forever and finally I take the blindfold off, I can’t wait any longer to see who my wonderful lover is, but he
    is gone. Just a note that says our time was wonderful and soon we will be together again.

  7. Paige says:

    I’m sitting at home, bored as usual. There is a knock at the door. A delivery man gives me a box. I take the box inside and open it. In the box is a sexy
    red dress, high heels, lacy black bra, panties and thigh high hose. With the package is a note and a key.The note says “Put this dress and things on, go
    to the hotel bar, order a glass of red wine and wait 15 minutes.” No signature or anything, I am scared yet very intrigued. So I do as the note says and
    get dressed, make myself all up, fix my hair and go.I arrive at the hotel and enter the bar. Very few people are there, I look around and see if I
    recognize anyone. I don’t, and wonder if one of these men could be the one. I order my red wine and wait. About 15 minutes later, the bartender brings
    me an envelope. In the envelope is a note, “Go to room 756, go in and do as the next note instructs you” I finish the last of my wine, needing the
    courage to go. I go up the elevator; looking at everyone I wonder could this be him.
    > I get to the room and enter. The room is beautiful; candles lit everywhere, music playing in the background, beautiful smell of flowers. I like on the
    table and there is a rose and a note. I open the note its says ” Go into the bedroom, take off everything except your panties, bra, hose and heels. Put
    on the blindfold and wait at the foot of the bed” So I do as I’m told, I take off the dress and the clip from my hair, put on the blindfold and stand
    at the edge of the bed.A few minutes go by and I hear quiet footsteps. I hear clothes being removed and I get a chill up my back. Suddenly I smell
    cologne, and feel fingers gently running across my back, up to my shoulders and into my hair. I hear a whisper in my ear “Go lay on the bed”, I feel a
    hand guide me to the bed, I lay down. Then I feel a hand take mine and something silky and soft go around my wrist, I start to pull away, but the man
    pulls back. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt you”, I relax and let him take my hand. He tightens the cloth around my wrist, then I feel him take
    my other hand and do the same thing.
    > My breath gets quicker as my excitement grows. I feel lips, then a tongue on the inside of my leg. I tense up, both from fear and excitement. The
    man’s lips move up my leg, slowly kissing up every inch. Then a tongue, touches the tip of my clit, I jerk with surprise, I can’t do anything, I’m
    tied to the bed. A moan with delight as the tongue starts to move faster. My back arches with the intense feelings I am having. The pleasure grows.
    After a few minutes the mysterious man brings me to a climax. Then silence, I try to figure out where he went, but I can’t see or move my hands.
    I’m scared yet anxious to know what he will do next.
    > Suddenly, I feel someone move up towards me, I can feel the pressure of his body on mine. Then I feel something on my lips, not sure at first,
    then I stick my tongue out and realize it’s his throbbing hard cock. “Lick this,” he says. I start to lick it, slowly the tip. Then he grabs the
    back of my neck and puts his hot cock in my mouth, a little further which each stroke. It tastes so good; I can hear him breathing heavily, his
    cock getting harder and harder. After a while, I taste something sweet, but he doesn’t cum. He takes himself off of me. I feel the cloth loosened
    from my wrists, I’m free, hoping its not over. The whisper is back, “Get on top of me” So I find my way on top of this hot wonderful body that has
    been pleasing me. I feel his rock hard cock in me. He does not let me take the blindfold off. I start to gently rock back and forth, feeling him
    go deeper and deeper in me. Then his hands rise to cup both my breasts, gently, one in each hand. He massages them gently, and plays with the nipples.
    He pulls me towards him and I feel his warm tongue play with my nipples, the sensation is wonderful. I sit back up and rock harder, the intenseness of
    his hard cock within me. I can feel him tense up, his back arch as he tells me to ride him harder. It feels so

  8. Ms. V says:

    I am at that place in my life where I am comfortable with myself- I like myself. I have potential beyond even what I can comprehend, I exercise it to the best of my ability and always seek out ways to learn how to be better than the day before. I will not “date”, I have no need for it. I was attracted to the “arrangement” portion of this whole SA thing.

    I am so sincere- I want a new Caddi (but, will settle for an A.M. 😉 ), I want my own house, and I want an apartment complex. Each of which, I WILL obtain- but, it wwwwwwwwwwwould just be nice to have some “help”.

    Til then, I think I’ll do my thing, and maybe spice up this blog a bit.
    you know how I do it.
    g’night all.

  9. Ms. V says:

    Umm, not too interested in the girl-on-girl thing…but I’m always interested in hearing the story 😉 I love men. Strong, sensual, kind-hearted, lovetomakemesmile men.

  10. dreamer says:

    well what would you do v? ask her to share? no way. She can keep it. Other than that i really think girls are hot, im not gay but sometimes i see girls and im like wow! shes beautiful. And i wouldnt mind a ukranian playtoy either hehe

  11. yael says:

    I’ve tried the threesome thing…… it’s compliceted at times… you have to be either very secure with the person you are with and not jealous at all, or it has to be just a kinky NSA relationship….. If you are a woman, you don’t have to be gay and nor does your third… but it helps if both of you are more attracted to each other than to the guy or at least make sure your third is way more attracted to you than your guy…. I’ve never done 2 guys, I did go to a swing party with a boyfriend and let others watch us… we didn’t swing….. that was awesome…..As for my three way….. The girl was georgeous…. I met her out one day and we started hanging out… I actually was driving home with my man and saw her leaving out of a bar… I hit a U-turn and told her she was so sexy and she was really nice… from the Ukraine…. absolute model type… but with a bit more body… I like girls that are… “Thick”… not fat… just with nice asses….. like Ice t’s wife CoCo can get it any day..LOL……. I’m brown with black hair …. so I really like the total opposite of me in girls… the contrast skin on skin is so sensual and visually stimulating…. (Big mirrors in your house are a great investment) ….. we didn’t go home with her immediately, I took her number and went out with her a few times myself as a friend but I like to be almost like a SM with ot girls,I took her to get her hair done, our makeup done, nails, the works, I bought her dinner at a great restaurant, a couple of times, I told her how beautiful I thought she was constantly. When I introduced her to the idea, I thought she would probably say no but she really liked me and we had hung out as friends and I was treating her well… flowers, candy, little things, and she was so down for it..!!! I told her I really wanted to dress her up… so I went and picked out an awesome outfit… I went for the normal stuff, really alcey booty short type stuff… (Not one of my infamous over the top costumes… LOL as mentioned earlier in a previous post…) her ass was phenomenal……….. like a brazilian porn star…. na dwe both dressed up for him got a little tipsy…. made out for a while… he watched we undressed each other….. he didn’t really participate the first time just watched with the biggest smile ever!!!! gave each other massages…. NOW i get a bit shy to share what happened but take a wild guess what came next with her and me… LOL…. and that was it for the first time… you gotta kinda take it slow sometimes… the next time she met up with us… she actually initiated most of the foreplay and then he got involved and of course again with the shyness…. take a wild guess… if you’re too clueless… go rent some three way porn and fill in the gaps… Im single now so that sucks… but it wouldbe great to do something like that again… unfortunately my hottie got deported shortly thereafter…. I wish I had an open minded coll SD to relive that fantasy again….. well maybe one day…..

  12. Ms. V says:

    oh. i got it.

  13. Ms. V says:

    Dreamer- You are crazy!!! Snowballing…I suppose it is only fair that she swallow that sh*t since she was greedy enough to make it to the finish line by herself!!!

    My MyMy…GW and Cre8tor- I think I missed the animal part- what are the animals for??? But the back and forth between you two is awesome…
    FINALLY, the blog is inching past lukewarm!

  14. Gregory Westin says:

    I will. As soon as I have some time I am going to give him some feedback on the search thing as he requested

  15. cre8tor says:

    no Blog Police. But, everyone will then be able to contact you. Up to you GW. talk to Stephan

  16. Gregory Westin says:

    Battery operated boyfriend ! Very good !

    Now can we all chant Enhanced Search Functionality for Stephan’s sake ! I would suppose leaving one’s e mail address in the blog would force the Blog Police to come to my office and tear all the vowels off my keyboard…

  17. cre8tor says:

    battery operated boyfriend Gregory…my current SD I’m afraid

  18. Gregory Westin says:

    Who is this Bob fellow ? Your sd ?

  19. cre8tor says:

    Oh geez….where is BOB? I have a thing for hands. I hate to ruin the moment but as I lift my legs to wrap around the back of your thighs to pull you to me, your scotch tape is stuck to my foot and my panties are dangling behind your leg. Gregory Westin, you are quite the man. Good night, sleep well.

  20. Gregory Westin says:

    As you lower yourself onto the bed your grip on my hand is strong but I resist your pull. I must stand here for a moment and take in your beauty. As I stand at the bottom of the bed, the fingers of each hand slowly trace up along your legs. Leaning forward my hands continue their journey, feeling the gentle curve of your hips, up over your torso, ever so carefully across the outline of your breasts. There is almost a spark that seems to jump from your smooth skin to my fingers…

  21. cre8tor says:

    ….oh, a devilish grin. Gets me every time. Our lips meet and the heat is instantly turned up. We get lost in the taste of the kiss, the feel of our lips and the warmth of our bodies pressed against each other. I must pull back and take a breath and pull you down to the bed…..

  22. dreamer says:

    snowballing? i find the thought quite disgusting too. If youre gonna take it, bitch might as well swollow it

  23. Gregory Westin says:

    …my arms encircle you as I pull your naked body close to me. “I put the horse and the chicken outside so now it is just you and I”. I smile a devilish grin in anticipation of the taste of your moist, glistening lips…

  24. cre8tor says:

    …the scotch tape crackled and dug into my buttocks. Off with the tape….and the panties with it! Your quick intake of breath is either from the vision of my now naked body or the tape was stuck to something sensitive. I turn to face you…………..

  25. Gregory Westin says:

    I would have to say that in my own experience there has only been one instance when a SB had a fantasy that I was just not going to indulge. More than a fantasy actually it was her need for pain during intimacy that I found disturbing. Several times I attended dungeon parties with her where she could find men to satisfy her need for pain (I will leave out the details here) however I found the experiences to be sad actually and not the least bit erotic.

    Other than that, perhaps the only thing that I find a little creepy would be role play where the SB wanted to portray someone underage. I understand that a lot of people may participate in that sort of thing but to me it just doesn’t do it for me.

  26. Truly Divine says:

    I would like to hear from some SDs what fantasies cross the line for them?

  27. Gregory Westin says:

    The horse brayed quietly in the corner as I helped you remove your helmet and as your hands reached back to me and pulled me closer to you…

  28. cre8tor says:

    …and heavier, I started to gently moan and push up against your scotch tape. Reaching my hands behind to grab you, I realized my helmet was feeling quite heavy on my head…………..

  29. Truly Divine says:

    I’m down with a 3some, but as for things that cross the line . It would have to be when the one girl gets the “money shot”, doesnt swallow, but instead spits it into the other females mouth.
    I saw this on a flick and I believe there is a slang term for doing that , but I can’t recall what that was. I’m sorry, but that whole scene just didn’t do anything for me… take no offense if you have done this, its just a personal preference.

  30. Truly Divine says:

    G Westin: Your my kinda guy, Muwah! xox

    Cre8tor: Outta control, I love it!:)

  31. Gregory Westin says:

    Very funny Q !! And it’s back to you Cre8tor…

  32. cre8tor says:

    LOL that’s great! Love it. A SB would be okay too if that is all you can find at quick notice. kisses

  33. questioning says:


    See how screwed up ya’ll have me?

  34. questioning says:

    Oh Dear lord people, I have to go to school after reading this. Where is that lipstick thingy I should have bought at the fantasy store!

    Better yet, WHERE IS MY SB?

  35. Gregory Westin says:

    I noticed as you began to rotate your hips ever so slightly, increasing the pressure as your breathing started to become heavier…

  36. cre8tor says:

    but you didn’t realize that your scotch tape had stuck to the tiny thread of my thong and as you rubbed back and forth it pulled my panties tight up against my clit……….

    your turn

  37. ChicBaby says:

    Good to know that I have options, should the occasion arise! Thanks dreamer!
    Very funny Gregory!

  38. cre8tor says:

    LOL!!! Well, I must say, I have heard of kinky sex, but the chicken takes the hen house!

  39. Gregory Westin says:

    Since none of the other men on here seem willing to step up to the plate, let me oblige the ladies. Thanks Truly for the inspiration:

    I bought her a chicken and left it on the bed so she could notice it once she finished her shower. As she put on her helmet I could see the sillhouette of her horse . I walked up behind her rubbed my scotch tape against her body, and whispered you’re all mine tonight.

  40. ddubs says:

    I don’t know if she has my number dreamer….LOL

  41. dreamer says:

    ive had an sd ask if i would have group sex. I still dont know what to say to that. And chic, if you ever need a 3rd you know who to call :) lol

  42. ddubs says:

    that’s funny…
    those last couple remind me of those “Mad Libs” we used to do as kids, where you asked someone to fill in the blanks without knowing the story.

    as far as fantasies go…
    every guy enjoys a three-some, but, with 2 girls. I’m curious if there are any guys who would enjoy one with another guy and a girl. I have a friend who says he just had that experience on a vacation out west. He, a guy friend of his, and a hot girl they picked-up. He says it was awesome.I just don’t think I’d enjoy that too much. I would think I guy would need some bi tendencies himself to really enjoy that. Maybe that’s just me.

    I did have a threesome with a girl I met from this site, and her roommate. It was pretty incredible. It was our first weekend meeting, and nothing sexual was pre-arranged.
    I got a beautiful hotel room in her city, a suite sized room with a balcony and everything. After taking her out to dinner, we went back to the room for drinks, partying, etc. Her roommate was having an awful time at a party she was attending, and asked to join us at the hotel.
    At first I thought, there goes any chance of anything happening this night…but, I hired a cab to bring her over anyway. Well, when her roommate walked in, she was gorgeous, dressed in a short skirt and heels, and clearly buzzing from drinking at her previous party.
    We all got to talking and drinking and partying some more…and, the conversation turned to sex…and, threesomes.
    Eventually, they agreed…but wanted to get warmed-up with me out of the room. So, I ducked around the corner by the washroom, but, couldn’t help but peek out and watch the roommate pleasuring my date in the somewhat darkened room. Finally, the roomate came and got me…and, it was actually her I had sex with first, from behind, while she was continuing to give oral pleasure to my date. We all ended up enjoying each other for what lasted a couple hours. Both girls were young and gorgeous, and it was a night I’ll always remember.

    another thing I enjoy is sex in the bath or shower. something about the hot water, and soap…the steam, the fresh smells…yummm…
    I dated a girl for a while who shared this with me, and when we traveled, she would frequently jump into the shower to join me for some fun.

    sorry I can’t be as eloquent in my descriptions as some of you ladies, but, I figured I’d toss in a couple things.

  43. cre8tor says:

    good idea Truly Divine.

    Okay gentlemen………please add your own words. The silence is killing us!!!

  44. Truly Divine says:

    This is my attempt to hear from some SDs!
    * SDs Only *

    Fill in the blanks.

    I bought her a _____ and left it on the bed so she could notice it once she finished her shower. As she put on her____ I could see the sillhouette of her ____ . I walked up behind her rubbed my ____ against her body, and whispered you’re all mine tonight.

    I hope your fantasy is fullfilled.

  45. Truly Divine says:

    My fantasy right now is to find that ONE, a genuine SD. Classy, sedutive, super generous and of course mind blowing sex!! I love my men in suits… I would wear his dress shirt with nothing else or just his tie with my stilletos.

    I’m just suprised not many guys posted in this blog…

  46. Ms. V says:

    Greetings Lisa- I’m glad tohear that you are still alright over there :-)

    Cre8tor: thank you for clarifying.

  47. Truly Divine says:

    ChicBaby: I also had a potential SD be MIA, but its due to hurricane IKE.
    I bet he has no electricity. Damn, he probably has no home. Its so terrible, all those people with everything gone…

  48. ChicBaby says:

    Girlies!! I think I found HIM! You know, the SD who seems to be exactly what you’re looking for?
    I’m not going to give it all away, esp as we haven’t met yet, so who knows, but he seems perfect and he’s flying out to meet me soon!
    So polite, so considerate. I’m so excited.

    I still haven’t heard back from the guy I went out with last Wednesday. BUT, he’s a trader, and with the market doing what it’s doing this week I’m not surprised.

    Has anyone else had SDs suddenly be MIA this week? This market scares the sh*t out of me! Our poor SDs! And it doesn’t bode well for us little people either.
    Sorry, I’m a business major, so it’s all my friends and teachers and I are talking about!! We’re living in historical times y’all!

    And yeah, this is totally not fantasy related, so I’ll add another….
    I’ve always thought it would be amazing to have a threesome, but not with his wife; with another SB! That way there are no emotions that complicate things, just three people whose only goal is FUN and PLEASURE!! Have the SD take us to an unbelievable suite at a 5-star hotel. Just spend the entire night enjoying each other, who needs sleep??

  49. Truly Divine says:

    Lisa glad to hear you are ok Lady! I’m from Awwwstin, but we only got the tail winds which were still kinda scary.
    Your thoughts were truly missed.

  50. MegaDeath says:

    Lisa, where are you from exactly? I am sorry i recently joined the post.

  51. lisa says:

    now if they would just open the starbucks near me I might survive. lol
    I need a latte…. and sd

  52. JetSetBaby says:

    Glad to see you back Lisa and safe and dry!!!

  53. lisa says:

    now I need a sd really bad. I am still not working as the store I was suppposed to start at last saturday is still closed for power failure, heck the whole are is closed for power failure. I should have started a little business where I charged people to store their meat in my empty fridge. lol
    I redid my profile with new pics, hopefully I will get some new exposure and I haven’t erased any pending sds from my mind as if they haven’t been in touch with me in weeks, they are just playing and I have no time for that. Maybe I will find a sd named Ike. lol

    My fantasy is to be on a gandola in Venice in the evening and my lover and me make love while the gondolar guy takes us around the canals. I have been to Venice on a gondola but it was with my mom, not quite the same. lol
    Another one is to be at the symphony in a private balcony and to have my lover come from behind me and we grind discreetly while the orchastra plays Bolero , our passion intensifying with the climax of the music.

  54. MegaDeath says:

    Yay Lisa made it, guys…I’m happy you are safe babe

  55. cre8tor says:

    Lisa! so glad you are okay and back with us. We were worried. ChicBaby, you and I think alike.

  56. ChicBaby says:

    Yay Lisa! I’m so glad that everything is ok! It really does sound like you were one of the lucky ones.

    I live right downtown in a major city, and I always look up at these tall condo buildings that have floor to ceiling windows. One of my fantasies to have sex right up against one of those windows. No one can really see you, but it still would be exciting. Plus looking down from 50 stories up while being pounded from behind would be a total mind-f**k.
    Oh, and boats. Anything with boats. Don’t ask me why, but I just love the idea of sex on a boat!

  57. Caligirl says:

    LOL….Welcome back Lisa….everyone was worried about you…now make your real fantasy come true…find your SD….he’s out there ya know:)

  58. lisa says:

    My fantasy has came true! I just got my internet and phone service back in service back! Number one fantasy of most of the people in my city: electricity.

    Missed you guys, glad to be back and one of the few that only went without power 13 hours, i’m so special. lol Now the sd search continues.

  59. questioning says:

    okay girls and guys,

    Please go back to “Sugar Daddy Advice” blog and do spill. Thanks

  60. Ms. V says:

    I am loving the input Yael!!! I’m gonna go browse Adam & Eve lol!!!
    my remote control bullet thingy was the best 40 bucks I ever spent! And when they wear apart…which they do- i’m headed back to the store

  61. Caligirl says:


    Wow…I’m impressed…I thought you were quiet and innocent, like me(LOL)…Keep sharing!

  62. yael says:

    I guess I didn’t express mY personal SD/SB fantasy did I?… Well I ‘ll keep you guys posted when I finally find One LOL!!!! but my SD whosoever he may be will defintiely be hitting this blog up to brag about me one day!!!!!

  63. yael says:

    I’m into alot of different fantasies and they vary from time to time on occasions I’m into dress up and role play… I really get serious about the role play… One of the most fun experiences I had (and it has to be with a very creative, spontaneous guy) was that we both decided on going out to a club but we took seperate cabs and didn’t even tell each other when we were going, I dressed up way different from myself, wore a great wig,(Not a cheap one, a realistic wig..) got my make-up professionaly done, I mean the works… I looked like a chick out of a video.. (Not to toot my own horn…LOL) and he was supposed to come over and actually try and pick me up as if we didn’t even know each other, and if he was good and convincing enough I would go to a hotel with him and basically he could seduce me into a one-night stand…. LOL… it’s corny but he was actually convincing and it did seem like we were two different people… it can help spice things up it’s like cheating but without really cheating… I also am inclinde to light S&M…. soft whips and stuff, gentle bondage, leather and lace type stuff…… I also took an awesome strip tease class and made him tip me like a real stripper….. I’m an avid porno collector… nothing too raunchy but definitely orgy style flicks girl girl guy action, alays one more girls than guys, the guy guy girl stuff can be a bit jarring and feels a little exploitative to me… (I know… strange to have weird hang ups as a porn enthusiast….. but it is what it is….LOL) anyways….. I also really like costumes and not cheapy novelty store costumes…. like naughty cops or firemen stuff… I’m actually kinda starnge and geeky and I really like sci-fi, LARP, Anime, cosplay, furries and other costumes/fetish dress which usually have to be specially custom made, and can cost anywhere from $200-$2000 dollars… with wigs, theatrical contacts lenses, make-up etc…. it’s well worth the cost for the fun…. any fantasy is worthwile and good to explore… just do it with an open mind and whole heartedly…. I LOVE to create fantasies with the person I am with… I love to take their passions and incorporate that into the sex play/fantasy… for example, try body painting with the artist or art collector, then let him photograph his masterpiece.. (if you guys have the trust that he won’t go publish or braodcast it LOL but you should have that trust anyways if you’re considering fantasy play..) I ‘ve cooked a gourmet meal and served it naked in heels…(DO invest in good stilettos… I mean the stripper-esque ones !!!! ) I’ve asked an ex to buy me a necklace an then showcased it wearing nothing but the heels and the jewelry… ask him how it looks on you then!! wink wink….. I’ve taken him out to a strip club, hit on all the strippers, and gotten lap dances while he watched, …. just don’t limit yourself….. sex toys can aslo be alot of fun..( CAUTION girls, get toys that are not too realistic and intimidating… you’d be surprised how insecure it can make some men to break out a ten inch veined cyberflesh realistic dong… try a birght color toy that is not super phallic,… I have a few that look like dolphins, rabbits, even a baby blue octopus looking toy…. even keeping it simple with good massage oils and candles is great… I suggest the massage oil candles…. you can light them like candles and puor the “wax’ right on your lover and it’s low heat melting point so it never burns you and the wax is massage oil…… flavored lubes are great… do your research some are sticky, others taste bad, and some have a high sugar content which can irritate women in the worst way….. (Trust me on that one… get LOW/NO sugar flavored lubes!!!!!!)

  64. JetSetBaby says:

    Why aren’t my messages being posted?!? UGGGHHH

  65. cre8tor says:

    Whoa! cool down lady!!!! Over the top. Emails and blogs are only text. When sentences are thrown out without any background/backup, it is very easy to misinterpret. i shall say no more

  66. Ms. V says:

    Thank you darling…ditto :-) All you had to do is ask.

  67. Caligirl says:

    Thanks for the clarification Ms.V….I have nothing but love for you.

  68. Ms. V says:

    it went anonymous, again…that was me.

  69. Anonymous says:

    Oh shit- Let me clear this up real quick – I will only do this once, because I enjoy you all.

    FIRST- The message I posted below Sally is an EXACT COPY OF AN ERROR MESSAGE I RECEIVED WHEN I TRIED TO POST A MESSAGE EARLIER. and Cre8tor, since you responded, I assumed that YOU were moderating the blog…

    Unless I get booted off of here, I will continue to blog with you guys….voicing your opinion of my presence in the forum is welcome- If you have no desire to chat, I am able to exercise the grace given me- and bow out.—————————————————————————-

    WTF??!! I am the one starting the fantasy descriptions- and I am a classy bitch- yes, indeed…so why would I ridicule another for doing exactly what I asked them to do? With all of the communication between us, Cre8tor- I also assumed that you might be woman enough to ask a question before revealing your messy side…my fault, I was mistaken.

    I am not your competition, C. i had hoped for you as a friend- which is why the last week or 2 have been spent searching for filght/hotel deals, so that I could come to YOU.
    Keep hating, honey- I just need a few more haters to let me know I am on the right track! :-) I must be doing something right, because your messages and posts have been increasingly “snooty”. Little off-handed comments- n- all. I get it. It’s cool. Kick rocks.

    In reference to Dan- are you freakin’ kidding me? As mature as you guys are, you’ve NEVER heard that expression? He likes the typical, wild, feminine shit that most men like – HE’S A MANS’ MAN. . . not gay…pervs

    What else you got? Bring it, baby- oh, that’s right….POOF! I’m gone….I can take it, I’m a big girl.
    Truly, I’ll express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for showing me who you are, before I flew out there, I am so thankful for the opportunity to spend my cash on something worthwhile.

  70. Caligirl says:

    Ms. V….
    Help me understand…I may be misunderstanding your message to Dan. I thought I would ask first before I said anything…Do you mean Dan likes to fantasize about wearing these items?

  71. cre8tor says:

    everyone has their own fantasies, including the fantasy of the perfect SD/SB. Just as we are all different, which makes things very interesting, so are our inner thoughts. I really don’t care what people think of me but there are others that might read our excellent, open, free blog and feel compelled to contribute but for the fact they could be ridiculed. Acceptance of each one of us as individuals is part of what we are doing here. I, for one, enjoy hearing all the different thoughts and perspectives on all threads/posts regardless of my personal opinions. Some I learn from, some I learn to see things differently.

  72. dreamer says:

    maybe this thread was a bad idea?? … :( it was getting good too

  73. cre8tor says:

    oh…one more thing Ms. V. laughing at anyone’s fantasy is not really appropriate….form of judgment not necessary. poof gone!

  74. cre8tor says:

    I heard the party details aren’t quite firm. could be why they aren’t accepting anything yet

  75. Ms. V says:

    no my darling Cre8tor- never be insulted! It WAS funny, though…lol….i tried to send a pic to the sugarexclusive site…filled out the form, etc…it was part of a video, or edited with the video software, so It bounced- do I need to do anything?

    Unrelated ?: Where would I be sending the video(s) to???

  76. Ms. V says:

    Dan’s a mans man, I’d say :-)

  77. dan says:

    my fantasy is fox fur, spandex, leg warmers, animal print, sexy chunky heels or thigh high boots,,,, anything unique

  78. cre8tor says:

    you laughed? ! Shall I be insulted? lol Alright, what comes next was written to me by a man…very well written I must add. It is the first installment of about 4. I will include all but only if you all want to read it as it is quite long.

    As I relax into my chair, I watch as your friend begins undressing you. Slowly she slides the blouse off your shoulders and throws it toward me. Next your bra is removed and as it drops to the floor she looks down at your breasts and breathes a heavy sigh…her mouth moving down to take your nipple in her mouth for a brief second.

    Turning you around she sits on the end of the bed and unhooks your skirt watching it drop to the floor and admiring the thigh highs you are wearing. Standing again, she lays you back on the bed and kisses you deeply. As she does your hands move over her breasts, gently pinching her nipples and one hand finds its way between her legs. You are a little surprised at how wet she already feels and you are dying to taste her but this evening is to be all about you.

    She swings a leg over you and now is sitting above your midsection. As you reach for her breasts, you sit pull yourself up to take her in your mouth. Feeling her nipples stiffen and her pelvis beginning to grind into your midsection, she pushes you back suddenly and with your eyes closed you enjoy the feeling as she begins to work her way down your body.

    Just she reaches your p***y and begins licking you lightly, you open your eyes slightly to find me standing next to the bed, my c**k hard as can be, my hand stroking it slowly and a gorgeous smile comes over your face…

  79. Ms. V says:

    “you are posting comments too quickly, slow down”…I laughed my ass off

  80. Sally says:

    Cre8tor: That was a delight! I feel like my insides have turned into Kashmir and all I can think of is making some hot co-co and curling into a big ball of excitement.

  81. cre8tor says:

    TrulyD: she must have been hit hard as its unusual for her to be so silent. We might have to send out search parties….of sugar daddies! I’ll get my story and post it. Maybe it will spur other men to add their thoughts. Hey guys….if you post your fantasies, we then know how to please you better.

  82. Truly Divine says:

    Yea, I want hear from you men! C’mon share those naughty secrets.

    cre8tor: go ahead lady, lets hear it. Also, you’re right, Lisa has been awfully quiet. I hope she is alright. I’m in Texas, but I only got some tail winds from that monster.

  83. cre8tor says:

    Did everyone go to sleep or try out the fantasies above? As I see only our brave T-man is the only man to step up here, shall I send along something a man wrote for me? A male fantasy filtered through a woman? its quite long………

  84. MegaDeath says:

    now i have plenty of new stuff to try out with my sd. lets just hope he can handle it. great. thankx guys

  85. cre8tor says:

    The night lights of Hong Kong waver and blur through the sheet of rain coursing down the wall of windows in our room atop the highest building of Kowloon. The black water of the bay spikes and peaks as the storm thrusts into it. Adrenaline races through me making my fingertips tingle, my stomach drop and my hands moist.

    The only thing between me and the rain on the window is cold, smooth glass where my foot presses against it; the other sunken into the rich, plush carpet on the other side of him as he stands over me. His arms are braced on either side of me, hands gripping the back of the chair I sit upon. The night sky becomes daylight in a flash of brilliant lightning and I look up at his face above me. My hands skim down his chest slick with sweat and wrap around his back as he snakes an arm around my lower back and pulls me to him. I arch to meet him as he thrusts into me.

    My body strains to feel every inch of my skin on his as my legs clasp him around his waist and arms around his neck. He lifts me and stands as he carries me to the bed across the room. I nestle my face in his neck and take in the scent of him as he buries himself in my breasts. Now spread upon the bed, I watch as he runs his eyes, hungry with desire, over my body and moves between my legs. His hands grab my thighs and with a soft growl, he pulls me to him with a powerful tug. With my hands on either side of his face, I pull his mouth onto mine and taste his sweet, passionate kiss.

    Another deathly silent blast of lightning and within seconds, a great explosion of thunder shakes the room. Rain pounds the window of our warm, luxurious cocoon as we devour each other with raw, uninhibited lust. Again, I wrap my legs around his waist and pull him deep into me, hearing him pant in my ear…faster, faster, yes, yes, yes.

    The lightning comes again revealing the look in his eyes as the focus changes from me to deep inside as he releases himself to me with

  86. ddubs says:

    Truly Devine…
    all I can say is “wow”.

    Haven’t posted in a while…but, your little fantasy there was enough to bring me back.

    Great work.

  87. Truly Divine says:

    sugarexclusive(dot)com is the party site

  88. Truly Divine says:

    I’m a little apprehensive, but hey what the hell, its just a fantasy right?

    As I’m walking out of class, I notice a limo parked in front of the campus. The door opens and a strikingly familiar male steps out. I do a double take, I do recognize this man. I walk over, “what are you doing here,” I asked with a puzzled smile. He gives me a quick kiss on the cheek and tells me to get in, we’re going on a little trip. “But I didn’t pack anything”, I said through my teeth. “You won’t be needing much”, he said with a shrew little smile.

    I get in the limo, slide across the crisp leather and looked up. My heart started to pound and I suddenly began to feel my whole body become warm. Across from me sat a woman, whos face I’ve seen before, but only in his wallet. “Hi, its nice to finally meet you”, she said in a pleasant tone”would you like a drink”?

    He and I had talked about his wife before, but I never thought he would actually follow through. Our conversations were light and flirty and by the time we arrived at the beach house my uneasiness had decimated, but usually happens to me after four glasses of Cristal.

    We all went out to the lanai and down some steps to the private beach with towels and cocktails in tow. They both began to strip off their almost matching Banana Republic garb. I untied my halterand sliped off my skirt, enjoying the warm rays of the sun and cool tingle of the sea breeze on my bare nipples. It may have been a combination of the aroma of the ocean, the sense of being naked and free and the cocktails that allowed what took place to happen next.

    He very softly and passionatley kissed his wife, then turned to me. He gave me two short kisses, then thrust his tougue past my lips. He gently sucked my tougue as he pulled away. He drew us both closer to him and made himself more available. As we both lay flanking him we sucked and licked him until he was fully erect. He grabed her hips and nestled her unto his face while mounted I up to ride his throbbing manliness. The sight and sounds of him getting her off made me climax too.
    She asked him to take her from behind, while her perfectly tan ass was being taken by him, I held his wife’s hair until she tasted my cum. They both began to moan, he buried himself self deeper inside her until they both finished. He held us both naked in the sun, kissed her lips because he loved her and kissed me on the forehead because adores me.

  89. Ms. V says:

    Dec. 3rd!!!! In Vegas, bay-bee!!! I lost the party-site address…someone please re-post!

  90. dreamer says:

    mmm.. I heart threesomes hehe

  91. workinggirl says:

    When’s the SUGAR PARTY???? I’m so there….

  92. cre8tor says:

    hey guys…I know this has nothing to do w/fantasies but have any of you heard from Lisa? do you know what city she was in? I certainly hope it wasn’t Galveston. We need her back safe and sound

  93. Truly Divine says:

    T_man: Would you still want to see your sugarbaby without the wife?

  94. cre8tor says:

    T-Man….Yes to ALL you had to say.

  95. Ms. V says:

    T_Man: Nice to see a compliant man in the forum lol!
    btw- that last thing is good for women, too…

  96. T_man says:

    oh, and it is also very cool to watch a woman getting herself off. Just make him watch, have an orgasm all by yourself, then have him join. He will be DYING to be with you. He will be so turned on he won’t be able to stand it. AND you get an orgasm and maybe 2 or 3. WIN-WIN

  97. T_man says:

    Okay, I must confess, most of my guy friends and myself all totally dig 3-somes. I know, it is almost a cliche of our times, but that’s what we enjoy. I’ve yet to meet a potential wife or actual wife that would, but I’ve known a few women/dates/girlfriends that love it.

    Now, if you don’t want to be WITH a woman, why not just have another woman there? That was cool, too. The women didn’t touch, but I touched them. Heaven.

    I don’t go looking for 3-somes, but when they happen, they are a blast.

    You asked….

  98. Ms. V says:

    Penis Withdrawl- girl u r crazy LMAO!!!!
    AH, no, I never said it. I threw the dinner party and got the hell outta there. I was going through withdrawls after about 30 minutes, though…went back for more a few weeks later- for angry grudge sex.

    couldn’t keep him, though…I was married.
    Dreamer- nope, no novels, yet….maybe when I get the house out in the middle of nowhere, the sd to inspire me, and a good nanny I can spend some time trying it out 😉

    and yes, baby It happens. It is mandatory.

  99. dreamer says:

    noname.. That sounds hott too!!!

  100. Truly Divine says:

    Ms V.: Like I said, outta control…I hope you go that party, damn I hope I go!

  101. Peniswithdrawal says:

    Ms. V….
    You do it like that? MMMMMMmmmmm….You gotta love him now:)

  102. noname says:

    Hmm… I love dressing up, and the number one thing I miss about my old SD is that his seamstress (or whatever you yankees call it :) would make me the best costumes. I doubt there’s a girl who wouldn’t want to dress up in a cute sailor outfit and have it then ripped off against the steering wheel of a yacht :) ahh

  103. dreamer says:

    did you never say you loved him?

  104. dreamer says:

    wow.. Do you write novels v? I used to secretly read novels of things like that when i was a kid. Never thought any of it was real tho

  105. Lainie says:

    lovely, ms. v – thanks for sharing ^^

  106. Ms. V says:

    Gentlemen: Can you help me out here? I just want a statement of intention- what is it that you have been planning on doing to your SB/Potential SB?? Can we get a displayof skills or something on here?
    I’ve been waiting for someone to get my BRAIN fired up……

  107. Ms. V says:

    lol! Thanks.

  108. questioning says:

    I love it! You go Woman!

  109. Ms. V says:

    oh, can I say THOSE words, Moderator??? hey, I asked!!!

  110. Ms. V says:

    sigh…..that is just a story from experience…I think MY fantasies would probably run you guys off 😉

    hope you liked it.

  111. Ms. V says:

    I just lay there on my stomach, watching him move, wondering what he’s thinking by asking me such an off-limits question. Is this a game he’s playing- some role play, perhaps? Should I speak and darken his mood, or just watch and see what happens?
    I watch. He kneels behind me, licking me where all my nerves meet and all the way up to the nape of my neck, where he bites me …a bit rougher than usual. What the hell is going on??
    He kneels on the bed in front of me and raises my head to meet his eyes. “Do you love me, babygirl?” I consider answering him- playing along, but his face is set- serious, and his eyes are telling me not to fu*k with him. I take him in my mouth and slowly try to bring him back to me. I try to remind him of what we do and do not do in this bedroom. His breath catches when I swallow him whole and I gag when he raises himself to slide out from in between my lips. He pulls out and grabs fists full of my hair- forcing me to look at him, “You are going to answer me, and I am going to hear what I intend to hear- do you understand?”
    Before I can speak he is behind me, raising my hips up off of the bed and inside me- moving in those slow, deep strokes that always manage to hit every spot I have. I am on my knees where he raises my feet to meet my ass- now I can do nothing but take him. The pace quickens, he is harder now and being forceful with his body. “Look up” he says- with that slow growl of his. I do. Usually, “look up” means to look into the mirror on the ceiling, so that I can watch him shove himself inside me, or to see how red my ass is from all of those spankings…
    This time, I arch myself and find him dangling a necklace from his teeth. He leans forward, still thrusting- slower now. There is a perfectly designed diamond ring hanging from the chain- hanging just above my lips. He slides himself out just far enough to distract me- please don’t stop and asks me again, “do you love me, V___?” he drives himself back into me once more- hard. “Say it” again, harder. Say it- harder and he doesn’t stop. He slips his finger in between my lips and lowers the ring into my mouth- fuc**** me still, chain clenched in his teeth. With us connected like this- by a thin gold necklace…he turns a vibrator to my clit, and works his magic for my orgasm. When I came, I jerked so hard that the chain broke. He got up and walked out of the room, leaving me there, exhausted, with the ring he was trying to give me.

  112. questioning says:

    Please keep going!

  113. Ms. V says:

    …again, I ask- how detailed can I get??? the story is just beginning, and it is all true.

  114. Ms. V says:

    I have been gone all day, shopping for the perfect dress for tonight, buying the food for dinner, trying on shoes. Now, I have to get myself and everything else ready- but I am in desperate need of a nap.
    I strip out of my clothes, lying down on top of the blankets- reviewing the day, planning the night in my mind. Do I have a roasting bag? Is there enough fruit? What was that noise….??
    He walks into the room, shadows everywhere- I can smell his Kenneth Cole from a mile away. Yum.
    I appear to be asleep, but I know he is standing there leaning in the doorway like he does. Watching.
    He’s dressed in dark grey- wool slacks and cashmere sweater, but he has a white tee and those thigh hugging boxers on underneath…he knows I like it, does it on purpose when there’s no time to do anything about it. I hear bags rustling, then I feel his weight on the bed. I open my eyes to see him in the tee shirt- button undone on his pants- just looking at me.
    He asks me if I love him. I smile. He doesn’t.
    He asks again, standing to undress himself- vicious stare coming my way.

  115. moderator says:

    Ms. V: All but Sh*t and Fu*k is allowed 😉

  116. Ms. V says:

    …and yes, I am talking to you Stephan…I am beginning to think you pay more attention than I expected.

  117. Ms. V says:

    how detailed can we get on here?
    you know I like to write.

  118. Sally says:

    My fantasy:

    Walking up to my sugar daddy when he’s doing something routine; washing dishes, brushing his teeth etc. I’d give him a quick feel and entice him right to bed… oooh my, it can get juicier but I’ve got a wild imagination…

  119. JetSetBaby says:

    Whips? Chains? Hmmm… Just not my bag. I don’t think anyone knows an easier way to scare me off.. I’ll pass. Stephan must be working on that forum 😉

  120. questioning says:

    Have any of you gotten into the “whips and chains or spankings”? Please, do tell!

  121. Lainie says:

    before i meet with my sd we kinda discuss the scenario and fantasies for the upcoming date and then we do all that stuff…..
    its pretty hot – but a bit too explicit to share 😉

  122. dreamer says:

    i dont know anyone who wouldnt like to get tied up every once in a while…. Hehe

  123. cre8tor says:

    yikes! we are getting into a touchy subject here…pun intended! Love the saran wrap! Must have been tough getting dressed. I hear over and over that men like to see women together. Gentlemen!!!! awaiting your input please. Then, maybe I’ll spill my fantasies.

  124. Kimberly says:

    I have never participated in any kind of fantasy. The “kinkiest” I have been is wrapping myself in seran wrap like an evening gown with nothing what-so-ever under it and a pair of heels. I was found by my mate cooking dinner for him. He walked straight to the room, stripped down naked and came to the dinner table where there was a candle burning. We ate our meal and then he ripped the seran wrap off of me.

    I don’t know if I could get into the whips and chains or spankings…lol but ya never know.