12 years ago
How to Sort Through the Bull-Sugar

12 years ago
How to Sort Through the Bull-Sugar

Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies are often at a loss for how to prevent arrangement failure, or abuse. You don’t want to spend so much time preparing for, covering for, scheduling for, and in many cases, risking everything for an arrangement that suddenly turns singularly beneficial, rather than mutually.

Hats off to Gregory Westin for giving the following nuggets of:

Advice from a Sugar Daddy to a Sugar Baby:

“Lisa: let me first apologize for some of us being such dumb asses. 4 dates and 15 dollars ? Dinner at Chili’s? Coffee and you don’t even get a cup ?

My suggested responses from now on:

Response 1

Sure. Let’s meet for coffee at (insert trendy coffee shop name here) I love their Iced, whipped, low-fat, soy milk, decaf frozen macchiato.

Make sure you get there ten minutes AFTER him (you are worth waiting for after all) and if he has not already ordered your drink, his first question had better be can I get you one of those iced, whipped, low-fat, soy milk, decaf frozen macchiato’s that you love so much.

His first question had better not be would you like to go somewhere else to talk ? Then why did you ask me to meet you here, Brain Boy?

Response 2

No, I don’t really drink coffee. How about if we meet somewhere one early evening for a cocktail.

And then depending on his response:

No, I don’t know Ben Dover’s Saloon & Billiards Emporium. How about (insert nice lounge-y place name here) instead?

Response 3

Sure. If you would like to meet somewhere to get a bite, that would be nice.

Again, depending on his response:

I have never been one for Chilis. To tell you the truth, how about if we met at (insert nice bistro-y place name here) instead?


Drive the bus, Lisa. If he is not willing to step up for a decent location and dinner suggestion, then my guess is he is never going to step up when you really need him to.”

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169 Responses to “How to Sort Through the Bull-Sugar”

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  3. Stephy Garmola says:

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  9. sweetpea says:

    Drive the bus Lisa. If he is not willing to step up for a decent location and dinner suggestion then my guess is he is never going to step up when you really need him to.”

    I don’t know who wrote this statement above, but I like him !!

  10. Gail says:

    On the other hand Sugarsbaby, I have met SDs that are more than happy to provide assistance before the meeting. It’s a matter as to how the arrangement is approached, and of course if you have developed a good rapport with them. As everyone has shared use good judgement. Hopefully the fellas will help and share their thoughts. I wish you the best, since I too have been in same situation.

  11. SugarsBaby says:

    Thank you for your advice.

  12. cre8tor says:

    Morning SugarsBaby: I have read and heard several SD’s say they are not comfortable giving money without even meeting the first time. Unfortunately, there are many SB’s that have taken advantage of generous men and taken the money only to disappear. I suppose its like a SD “trying out the goods” before making an arrangement. But, all situations are different. I would just be very very careful how or if you happen to mention your financial need.

  13. SugarsBaby says:

    Thanks Ms.V, I too look forward to response.

  14. Ms. V says:

    Lisa- you are a trip…there seems to be no shortage of men who have nothing to offer!
    SugarBaby- I cannot wait to hear the response you get…I am so hoping my fave UBM (Unidentified Blogging Man)will respond…he may even be the guy you’re set to meet!

  15. SugarsBaby says:

    I would like a little advice please.
    I have been corresponding with a gentleman from here (this site), we have discussed the monthly allowance but not amount. We were supposed to meet in a couple of weeks. Now his job is not allowing that for a little while longer. I know that is sincere reason. However I am in a small bind right now. He was going to give gift of money when we meet. Should I tell him I am needing money now for a bill?
    How do you approach this when you have never met?
    Would men bloggers also please give opinion.
    much thanks

  16. lisa says:

    Ms. V. yes they did, it was actually different sd profiles, several of them.
    imagine men who post of a sd website and put there income as 1 million dollars and talk about how sucessful they are but are not looking to pay an allowance or meet a high maintenance woman, and if you place a high value on money, don’t respond?? very odd. They want women who are looking for the simple things. well if I want the simple things, I can do that myself, walks, etc, and any other site is full of men who have nothing to offer.

  17. Ms. V says:

    Lisa: Did someone REALLY post those things in their profile?? What ARE they looking for???
    YAY YAY YAY (I’m doing the happy dance for you and the job!!)

  18. lisa says:

    my internet seems to being running in extra slow mode tonight. I have dsl but it’s acting like dial up. 😆

  19. Caligirl says:

    I see your point. That makes sense to me…In that case leave that SD alone…Lets hope he doesn’t send you a “you were rude for not responding to me message”. (smile) Have a great nite.

  20. lisa says:


    If it doesn’ t feel right, I don’t risk meeting them. You will find too that when you turn them down, they get all defensive and start attacking you verbally. A good sign they are a flake

  21. cre8tor says:

    Lisa: you might want to blow off my comments, but I think your first impression is right on. Creepy. You can do better. Congrats on getting that job going. I’m cheering for you!

  22. lisa says:

    I’m thinking about it but am a little concerned that he might be a fake. He has an american first name but looks like he from the middle east. I was married to a man from the middle east and you can get in trouble with them (get them abusive towards you) for simple things that you do that are offensive in their culture. when I was married my mom gave me a kitten and my husband would not let me keep it inside and so I kept it on the balcony in a very secure cage. a few days after I got it I went out to find the cage and kitten gone and my husband said someone must have climbed on our balcony and took it. I know he had to have gotten rid of it because we were on the third floor and no one could get on that balcony.
    We have to be careful on here that we don’t get involved with an abuser.

    Also the fact that the messages were copy and paste makes me question him. It was just a very vague and very lenghty message but not really saying anything, just saying a bunch of stuff that doesn’t make much sense. He has only one photo and he is standing in what looks like an apartment kitchen with kind of tacky looking appliances, not someone with alot of money would have.

  23. Caligirl says:

    I am happy for you. You are working now 🙂 Still respond to the guy that sent you the e-mail. You never know….Leave no stone, or in your case SD unturned…!!!

  24. Blondiegirl says:

    That sucks that you only get to talk through email but something emails are really good. Does he send those really long amazing ones, I have one guy that does.. i look forward to checking my mail and I do it way to often lol. I check about every 10 minutes while in class. lol

  25. AlaskanQT says:

    Moderator: LOL I welcome you editing me 🙂 LMAO hell I even ask for it sometimes.

    I may not make it to sugar in December… I may be going to Vegas for a few days here real soon if we can get our schedules in tact…

    You lknow what I am having a hard time with? It seems like the only time I talk to my guy now is through e-mail… I liked befroe we met in person when we talked on lunch or texted throughout the day… now I’m like “baby I want to talk to you… you make me nutty… ” Problem is we both have busy jobs and man long distance SD’s suck butt LMAO

  26. Moderator says:

    Because I value your thoughtful opinions, I encourage you to add a comment to this discussion. Don’t be offended if I edit your comments for clarity or to keep out questionable matters, however, and I may even delete off-topic comments.

  27. dreamer says:

    wow. Very observant lisa. Ive seen that too. If they are going to say those things why are they on a sugar daddy dating site?

  28. lisa says:

    Alaskan QT I would trade you but I think you would go running back home. lol

  29. lisa says:

    hey ladies and gents:

    I was reading through sd profiles and noticed these statements

    “if you are looking for a allowance, im not the man for you”
    “if you’re looking for a sugardaddy, keep looking”
    “don’t reply if you are materialistic”
    ‘looking for someone to see a few times a week: budget less than 1000

  30. candy land says:

    MSH: I got married too young and thought the sex didn’t matter in our marriage. I barely knew what I liked then. But, it doesn’t get better and I want more. We had 3 kids. I think that’s the total amount of times we had sex. 🙂

  31. dreamer says:

    sex with my bf has always been amazing, of course its lost that little flair that you have when you were younger bc it had to be a secret.. I think thats what im looking for in an sd. My bf is the only one ive ever been with so i think i am also seeing what it would be like to be with another man before i tie myself down. I think that it strains on my conscious more than the relationship. Sometimes i feel guilty so i pay my bf a little more attention that i usually would. So maybe this will be good for us. I dont know. Crossing my fingers tho

  32. MSH says:

    I don’t have a boyfriend, but have a husband and the sex is horrible. Girls, if you can’t fix him as a boyfriend, you won’t be able to fix him as a husband. Sorry, but it’s the truth!

    I am hoping to find a SD that can fulfill what I’m lacking from the husband and that is primarily fantastic sex, but then there is my fantasy of being someone’s expensive dirty little secret as well…….best of both worlds in my eyes.

  33. AlaskanQT says:

    I just dd my least favorite thing when regarding SD/SB business…. ARGH! I was supposed to meet a gentleman tonight… just drinks to discuss a little possibility since my current SD is not local and I need something to occupy my mind while he’s not in town…. It’s an hour before I’m supposed to be there… I send him a text… “sweetie how mad will you be if I have to take a rain check? I left work early because my son was sent hme from school” Appearently he never got my message because I get a message at teh time I am supposed to be here saying “I’m here” crap guess my Alaska towers aren’t agreeing with my lower 48 cell AGAIN damn it! All I could say was “I’m so sorry please say you got my message… and if you didn’t this is what I said”

    Excuses Excuses Excuses… but true… My son turned 3 yeasterday and today he wakes up with a mini virus and like weird hives all over him… .take him to the drs after he’s not doing well in school and damn it to top it off… Pink eye… can I trade houses with someone for a night or two??? LMAO

  34. Blondiegirl says:

    Hey dreamer,
    So does having both strain your relationship with the boyfriend.. I would love to hear any advice you have as I am about to enter into a sugar daddy arrangement soon

  35. cre8tor says:

    SouthernStrut: care to explain? I’m lost as well. Should you be referring to any of the comments made regarding the chicken and scotch tape hook up, you might misunderstand the events a bit. In any case, all is well and the drama is done…thank you thank you thank you. I hope you don’t find something to vent about.

  36. dreamer says:

    im lost southern. Sorry im slow. Haha and i have a bf and a sd now and i told the sd so we would be clear on everything and there isnt so many lies to keep up with

  37. SouthernStrut says:

    It’s a little hawt in this room ain’t it! People are getting stood up and called out and not a one is even remotely remorseful…I see that nametags change whe embarrassment comes, though. what a sweet idea.

    So where are all of the gentlemen wishing to be treated as such? Is this where we get together or is this merely a place to vent?
    haven’t much to vent, but I am looking at the menu_ waiting to place my order

  38. Blondiegirl says:

    oh.. well my potential sugar daddies all know i have a boyfriend, i talk about him , they talk about their wives.. they like the fact i have a boyfriend since then boundaries are set. and we are both adding to each others lives not replacing or trying to move in on the other person. no my boyfriend will not know about the relationship.. I think me knowing my sugar daddy is married and him knowing i have a boyfriend it will allow us to both be careful and discrete, we both have reasons for it.

  39. lisa says:

    best to keep both the boyfriend and sugardaddy separate. You obviously don’t want the boyfriend to know because after all you do want a serious relationship with someone that will be more longterm where as you really don’t want to let the sugardaddy know because although many sugardaddies are married, there is a double standard and many of them don’t want to see a lady that is dating someone. something about stiring another man’s gravy or something. excuse the expression, it will probably be deleted but i have heard that opinion from guys who don’t date women who have other men. A sugardaddy should be a fun secret you keep to yourself.
    I had a similiar situation a few months back. I had a long term lover (not a sugardaddy, but a guy that was great in bed, married and much older) and I met a guy that I dated and he was not very good in bed but he did take me on great dates and buy me stuff which was fun so I kept both of them and benefited from both relationships. After all I turned down the boyfriend for 4 months before I decided to start dating him (we had 3 dates 4 months earlier but I felt I wasn’t into him) I got with him for the financial benefits to some extent although he never gave me money, he did help with groceries, and toiletries and kept me entertianed.

  40. candy land says:

    does the boyfriend know about this? Is there an agreement that you are sexually exclusive with your bf? As I was married to a man that was more than lacking in the bedroom, it does not get better. Rather the opposite.
    either teach the bf how to please you or leave. Most guys really want to know how to please their gf’s.

  41. Blondiegirl says:

    hope everyones day is going well..
    has anyone ever had this worry.. if so can you give me any advice? thanks
    ok so lets say i have a sugar daddy and I also have a boyfriend. I do love the bf but he is not very pleasing in bed. the SD however is very good at pleasing me in bed.. We all know the SD wont be around forever.. probably just while I am in school.. so how much is this going to affect the boyfriend and mine relationship. I was just talking to someone about this and he felt that after being in a sd relationship i would not feel ever complete with the boyfriend. which will wreck my relationship with him.. Just wanted to know anyone elses thoughts.

  42. Berri says:

    cre8tor~ Bravo for your class and tact. Best of luck to the both of you on finding what you seek. muah!

  43. cre8tor says:

    dang….it was fun, it was fantasy. BOB? Where are you BOB? the chicken has flown the coop.

  44. lisa says:

    If that was the case I would be covered in sds. lol lol lol with the huricane there were very high waves so there should be sds all over the place. I think I will got and look under the cut down trees to see if I find one. lol lol lol 🙂

  45. Blondiegirl says:

    oh.. well i find it comes in waves.. soon your wave will be here! mine seems to be crashing in at the moment haha. hopefully it doesnt wash out before giving me something good.. YAY new SD soon

  46. lisa says:

    I had one guy email mail on my new profile (not counting the pervert looking for talk) that bailed on me last month. said he would be in town this week and well he is online today and has not emailed me back after I responded to his email. He is the one that had the bad accident, illness, etc. I guess maybe he is back in intensive care with his computer. lol
    I just know I want to go out and have some fun, meet someone new, but my response level is less than 2%, actually 1% and that includes the IM guy.

  47. Blondiegirl says:

    Oh well lisa. men are dorks sometimes lol .. (so are women.. ).. but anways here is some what funny. some guys just dont like to be emailed by the girl first i guess. I made myself a new profile and men that i had emailed on the old one emailed me on the new one. I guess they didnt remember me.. one of the 3 pictures is actually the same too. and they shot me down when i emailed them. I just kinda laughed.

  48. lisa says:

    what is with all these perpetual SA sugardaddy ads? Are the gentlemen on here spending eternity on here? I just checked my state and it’s the same old guys again, mostly coming as new members because their premium memberships just expired. I see a man on here that I met 3 months ago and he was on here when I first joined 5 months ago. same old ad. If they aren’t finding the type of woman they are looking for then why not edit their profile and be more specific, the ladies on here do.
    I sent an email to a member who lives in my city in a highrise and I was just checking to see if he weathered the storm ok as I noticed he hadn’t been online in a few days. Well he is back online, read my message but didn’t write back. What are the men on here waiting for? sbs outnumber sds on here so it should be like a candy store for the guys but I see the ads of even the most attractive ladies and they have put into their profiles that if you weren’t serious, don’ t contact them. so it sounds like even the most attractive women on here are getting their time wasted.
    What is the fun in spending money renewing your membership every month if no one on this site is good enough for you?

  49. dreamer says:

    i hate when that happens. We just all need to wait til we find ones that are a good fit

  50. Blondiegirl says:

    Hey guys.. im pretending to study right now.,you guys are my break.. YAY to you’s…. I hope my guys dont flake.. I am very specific though. I get tons of emails and force them to talk to me for a while.. if they dont they are not very considerite of my safety and what I am wanting, and therefor are not my kind of man. If they wait and are a gentleman then they seem good to me I meet them.. In my city.
    Lisa I am sure there must be some good texas guys.. I like texas sounds like a great place. I am in canada and I do not live in a big city so it makes it harder to find good SD’s. I am also a student so sometimes my schedule is crazy and other times it is very open. Most are very understanding. I always hate cancelling on guys due to my schedule. I had to cancel on a man the other day and he had moved dinner meetings around with clients as well.. I felt so horrible but he was very forgiving..

    sometimes i feel bad that i talk to so many at once hehe sometimes i even get mixed up. not good! lol.. but i like to make sure they are gentlemans.. I am picky.. everyone should be in this type of thing I think

  51. lisa says:

    I came in contact with some of those too. good luck to you on finding someone else. 🙂

  52. cre8tor says:

    i don’t think it appropriate to comment or judge the requirements of others on this site. He is a very nice, exciting and accomplished man. Just not right for me.

  53. lisa says:

    sorry to hear that cre8tor. care to inform us what happened? Not being nosy, just curious.

  54. cre8tor says:

    MSH: actually, I live in CA but am visiting Atlanta for business. I have spent a good deal of time there and like your part of the country. Unfortunately, GW and I will not be having dinner. But, I’m sure he will find what it is he needs elsewhere.

  55. lisa says:

    I wished I lived in a different state. lol Texas sds suck! they will not travel out of their city and although they have big businesses they never find themselves traveling to my large city, odd. Many of them don’t even live here yet but in some other state and are going to be moving in a few months (then why post an ad until you actually move here?) The ones that are thinking of coming into town either get in a bad accident, get really sick, or get diverted to some other state for a few weeks.
    I get a message today, get excited, and it’s some guy from another state far away wanting sexy talk on IM.

  56. MSH says:

    Cre8tor, I did not know that you were a Georgia girl too! I just love Atlanta and always have a great time when I get a chance to go. It’s only about an hour’s drive for me.
    I wish you all the best with everything!

  57. cre8tor says:

    thank you SouthernGent2. things are not always as they seem but I’m sure the restaurant would be a wonderful place to meet.

  58. lisa says:

    yes I have been on the regular dating sites in the past. Plenty of first dates, took me over a year to meet a guy to see more than once. the religious guy that I mention that wants me to get down in the parking lot and beg God for rent money rather than help me himself (he is very well off) and then after 6 months I met a guy who was crazy over me and we dated for 4 months but he dumped me just like that. He was constantly pressuring me to get a job as a waitress and said i’d make tons of money. I have no desire to be a waitress and really don’t think i’d make tons of money. He said his daughter made good money but his daughter was 22 with a great figure and a very large chest and very cute. I’m over 40, small chested and not cute. lol I gave up on those sites after that. Nothing but men my age that want to marry and have children with a 20 year old or men that are interested but have young children and ex wives they will be supporting for years.
    I tried some other less popular sd sites but it seemed like there was no active members on them as my profile got viewed only 1 time in about 3 months and the same old guys were on there and had not logged on in months.
    I’m only on this site now and it seems the same guys are on here that were here when i joined.

  59. bostonTerrier says:

    is this the only site you’re on lisa?

  60. SouthernGent2 says:

    Cre8tor – if the guy is taking you to Bacchanalia, there is nowhere to go but down from there. It doesn’t get better than that.

  61. Why Not says:

    My apologies for my last comment to all involved. I was stretching the truth and I am ashamed for such childish behavior…pfft I am gone

  62. lisa says:

    well i just got a response to my ad. I was excited till I read it. 🙁 some guy wants to exchange sexy conversation through IM. Another fake looking for a cheap thrill.

  63. lisa says:

    well i just got a response to my ad. I was excited till I read it. 🙁 some guy wants to exchange sexy conversation through IM. Another guy looking for a cheap

  64. Why Not says:

    That is very considerate of you Gregory. It is interesting that up until a couple of hours ago I was having dinner with her in Atlanta and then back to the CI. Well I guess the best man won…

  65. lisa says:

    I need one really bad. still no call from my employer for training. I will have to call again tomorrow as that woman takes forever to return calls. still feeling let down by that religious guy won’t even call me. Having a dry spell on sa too. My profile has recieved 70+ views and not one response and the man whom I wrote a nice message to yesterday read my message but has not written back. Drought here. No new sd blood in my big city either, sd graveyard here. I put on a cute outfit bought by a sd on here, applied my expensive makeup and went and ran my errands. ran into a somewhat friend who is boring me death with her problems with a loser guy. I will play like i’m not home today because she said she will stop by after work and may stay over (I don’t like it when people just invite themselves to stay over being that I can’t afford to feed them and value my privacy. I want to be around people and situations that will help my situation, not listen for the 10th time to the story of how my friend’s loser boyfriend and how she is checking up on him every moment. Just dump the loser.

  66. Ebonyprincess says:

    Good luck Blondie, and Lisa damn girl, how do u manage to be so positive with all the stuff u r dealing with, I really hope everything works our for…I hope sugar daddy heaven will open up and 1 really good one will fall out for you girl…..

  67. lisa says:

    Blondiegirl they seem to come along like that all at once and then nothing. I have found myself with 3 or 4 to meet but ended up meeting 1 or 2 of them. You have to get as many prospects as you can cause some are gonna flake out on you.
    I haven’t had any luck with the ones I talked to for a long time, they just dropped off the face of the earth. I talked to one man last month and he said he would be coming down near the end of september (this week actually) but now that it is this week, he is going to be on the other side of the country for 2 weeks and will probably be down here in late october. I’m beginning to wonder if it is worth all the trouble for what will probably be a lousy cup of coffee if not more. If you wait and the date goes well, its’ worth it but if you wait and anticipate and finally meet after months and the date is a bomb, then it’s more depressing. that’s why I won’t waste my time on distant meetings. I will keep in touch with them and may meet them but in the meantime I am out there looking for someone else

  68. Blondiegirl says:

    Aww I like you gregory.. I have read lots of your posts, you seem like a true gentleman.. Good luckon your date with Cre8tor.. im sure it will be great. Cre8tor also seems like avery nice intriguing person. I think I may have found myself a few good apples this time.. I have many meetings planned in the next little bit.I am very excited, ill share with you all, maybe you will find it exciting as well and it will lift your day. It always lifts my day when I hear good news from all of you! Ok so first guy is a total sweetie, I have been talking to him for months now through IM and emails, and he finally asked to meet me, he is coming to my city since he is a gentleman for dinner and just the other day for the first time we discussed more logistics (my allowance and amount of visits and things like that) We had never talked about it before and he was the one who brought it up which i was glad, I was so happy getting to know him I had actually forgotten that we had not discussed it.
    Guy 2.. a very handsome one, is travelling to meet me, no plans fully made but i think its going to be wonderful he was talking about taking me to a play or something, we seem to really click.
    and guy 3.. he emailed me and we sent a few back and forth and then chatted on a IM, last night we chatted for hours on end it was crazy.. I really like this man. He is gone on business all week so I will miss him but he honestly seems amazing. I hope that doesnt change. He has already got my attention and that never happens that quick.
    Ok sorry everyone.. hope you dont think i am some sugar baby slut, having all these men in que lol they all appeared at the same time and I dont want to let the good one get away. lol
    hope everyones day is going well.

  69. lisa says:

    that is very considerate of you to let us know the time and place you will be meeting. safety is an issue and its’ surprising how many guys expect a lady to just jump on a plane and meet them in their town, a place we might not be familiar with at all or better yet the guys that I came across on other sites that would instant message me when I on late checking messages and they wanted to meet after one message, at 11 at night.

    I just returned from running some errands and ran into a friend on the bus. I am beginning to rethink my friendship with her. she has been dating some guy who is unemployed or underemployed for 3 years. He recently moved out of their apartment and moved in with another woman more his age and the woman is pregnant. My friend keeps going on and on about this loser and I just want to strangle her sometimes. It is hard to be a friend when you have to listen to the same stuff over and over and how she is having him followed and all and is constantly invited herself over to my apartment and even suggests she might stay alnight. I want to be a good friend but value my private time and am tired of listening to the same story over and over again about what I think she should do. I have told her to dump the bum but she just keeps wasting her time with him.
    He is a real winner. Works day labor (is in country illegally), lives with another woman who is pregnant, and is just stranging my friend along. This guy is ugly and obese too.

  70. Gregory Westin says:

    Safety is an important issue for all of us as we search for someone on this web site. Over the last few days, in trying to make arrangements to meet someone from here the question has come up as to how we remain safe yet preserve a modicum of discretion.

    Since we are all like minded people on here I thought to myself that what better way to insure the safety of both then to publish the details of a meeting on this blog.

    Having said that, Cre8tor and I will be meeting in Atlanta for dinner on Monday, September 29th at a restaurant called Bachannalia. Afterwards we will be returning to her hotel in Douglasville to continue our conversation. For those of you who know her, you can rest assured she will be safe.

    Thank you all and thank you to this web site for bringing us together

  71. Ms. V says:

    my,my,my. One trip to the E.R. and BOOM!!! Shit blows up everywhere
    Do I have to turn this car around and spank all of you??? LOL

    So many aliases on here, too! secret goodies everywhere.
    I suppose I should back away from the drama and hold out for the one true SD who is willing to make a deal with me. MY kind of deal. You guys seem to keep getting screwed. I prefer the D.I.Y type of screwing as opposed to the SA kind !! 😉

  72. lisa says:

    Good night everyone. It’s past midnight

  73. Caligirl says:

    Everyone I am getting sleepy…Lisa…will be in touch…tommorrow…tommorrow!!!!

  74. lisa says:

    I think they missed me. lol
    ok its a silly email address but I collect hosiery and socks and have 3 sock drawers full of wild hosiery and over the knee socks, thus they name.

  75. Caligirl says:

    e-mail…can’t search under the profile number…just found out…LOL…Wake up the Red Cross is knocking on your door…LOL…

  76. lisa says:

    or did you mean my email address? sorry i’m falling asleep here. lol

  77. lisa says:

    ok I hope I don’t get thrown off the blog as I love ya all.

    245971 Let’s enrich each other’s lives (thats my title line, sounds dumb but I go blank sometimes, lol)

  78. Caligirl says:

    You can communicate under a standard membership. I found I could not search for you under your profile number..like we search for the SD…Yes we need Stephan’s help. Or you could do a Ms. V and just put it on here so that we all have it…your decision:)

  79. lisa says:

    I can give you my profile number and name but i’m not sure if I can communicate because I did my new profile as a standard member. can afford the premium one now and found I had equal sucess when I had a standard membership and then a premium one.
    Maybe stephan can help us connect and I could get my email adress to you someway.

  80. dreamer says:

    i would send you stuff too lisa, if we can get your info i can send you whatever you may need

  81. Caligirl says:

    It’s time you get a care package…what is your id on your profile. I want to get in touch with you:) Send it to me, so I can send you a mail message…and no, no, no…I am not your SugarMaMa!!!! LOL….Keep smiling Lisa!!!

  82. lisa says:

    Thanks Caligirl
    Yes I have yet to start the job I interviewed for weeks ago and did training for. still no orientation because the power is out. I called the hiring person last week and she has yet to call and reschedule. Still hoping for a miracle by oct. 1 when the rent is due. my apartments were not damaged so everything is in full operation and rent is due as usual, no grace period. My apartments are up for sale and are in receivership becaue the former owner went bankrupt on them. Too much damage done by tenants, too many people living crowded in tiny apartments,etc.
    I sent another email to that guy from the church begging him to help me, but he has still not responded. He is totally screwy and prefers helping parolees and sex offenders rather than ladies in distress.
    Anyway I have called upon another male friend to help me and hope he will come through for me. Still looking for a sd to take me out to a nice dinner though as I am tired of eating pasta and rice and junk. and i didn’t get any of the food giveaways in my city because they don’t come to my apartments. The red cross came to my friends apartments, my parents, etc but nothing is being done here and this area has been without power (with the exception of half my apartments) for 9 days.

  83. Berri says:

    Why didn’t my last reply post? I didn’t say anything naughty? where’s my love?

  84. Caligirl says:

    Just wanted to say hello to you:) I see you have had your world turned upside down with Ike. I know you will land on your feet. When I was in Kansas it rained all the time, because of your SD Ike…(smile) Stay positive and keep smiling!!! Your drought will be over…I keep staying positive for ya!!!

  85. Caligirl says:

    Hello Lisa,
    Just wanted to say hello to you:) I see you have had your world turned upside down with Ike. I know you will land on your feet. When I was in Kansas it rained all the time, because of your SD Ike…(smile) Stay positive and keep smiling!!! Your drought will be over…I keep staying positive for ya!!!

  86. lisa says:

    I have been on this site for about 5 months and I do update my profile regularly, new photos, etc. And I have meet 4 men from this site. 2 of them in the last month. It’s just that now I seem to be going through that slowtime I had from late june till late august, no new leads, etc.
    I’m not getting any younger and I want to enjoy what time I have left before I get too old for most of the sds. I have found many sds on here that want someone in their 40’s and do not want a 20 year old but getting them motivated to meet is not easy and the ones I had just kept making excuses. I just updated my profile and when I do that I clean house and wipe anyone I was thinking about meeting off my slate as they are all stale and just dragging me along.

  87. bostonTerrier says:

    i still am not keen when an sd rejects me … applying to college was also rather difficult as i was not admitted into all of them (9 of 10).

    i mentioned it was a flaw and maybe it’ll pass with age but regardless i act upon what i feel is right and in some cases i generally think the guys are rude or just playing games and i see no need in not holding back. i don’t think it makes me look bad either – i have a strong personality and people can take it either way. as long as i know who i am at the end of the day i could really careless how people perceive me. furthermore my sd’s love my personality – they like the fact that i stand up for whatever i believe. i’ve even had an argument with one but we both realized we were being irrational and make up … in addition he told me how he much respected me for not caving in and just agreeing with him as his past sbs would have done.

  88. candy land says:

    Mostly, I’ve met nice enough men here and other similar sites. If we start emailing and then it drops off, I don’t take it personally. Sometimes, I even do that. Its a matter of trying to take care of everyone all the time. And the ones that are a better fit become priority and the others drift off. I NEVER send comments to anyone about rudeness. That just makes me look bad. It won’t change them. I just move on. There are plenty of other potential SD’s to talk to.

  89. AlaskanQT says:

    Honestly I don’t look in my state often. I tend to look to Seattle or Chicago areas for my search. Sometimes if I know I am planning a trip back to the panhandle or back home I will talk to peopel in Boston or Atlanta or Tallahassee but there are VERY few SD’s here in Anchorage that are onsite. My honest opinion is that you shoudl broaden your search and hope for someone who will come to you. remember my Mr. Wonderful came from an area not local to me and he and I are semi-perfect for eachother 🙂

    Also, many members search based on newest members. I tend to edit my profile every once in a whiel eventhough it puts your profile on hold for a while. It at least then gives you the option of beeing “bumped to the top of the list”

    Lisa: Please be patient. Good things do come to those who wait. DOn’t settle for anything less than what you want. Don’t depend on this site to fix everything. And PLEASE have faith 🙂 It will happen for you. I had been on this site for a year before I even met ANYONE from it in person. PATIENCE 🙂

  90. lisa says:

    It makes me doubt the legitimacy of some of these sds. they have been on here for months, I still see the same guys on here that were here 5 months ago and I wonder why they haven’t found what they are looking for on here and why they even stay on here instead of trying something else. When I was on regular dating sites, I stayed on only as long as I was meeting new people, when it slowed down, I joined a different one. I didn’t want to waste my money on a site where I wasn’t at least breaking even.
    so many on here run the same ad for months on end without even changing photos, words, etc. I have noticed by viewing the ladies’ profiles that they change theirs to reflect they kind of response they are getting.
    The most common thing I see in the ladies’ profiles is that they are looking for serious only, no games, whereas I have seen many ads by men indicating that if you are looking for an allowance or shopping, they aren’t the one for you. Odd

  91. ChicBaby says:

    Rejection is a major part of being on this site for everyone. But, I think that the basic idea of the relationships we are all seeking means that we can’t take it personally. We all have a very specific person and arrangement that we are searching for. If we don’t fit another persons ideal we need to keep in mind that they too are looking for something specific. I’ll admit though that I have a hard time with it sometimes.

    Lisa – I’m glad you were able to brush it off. I think it’s even harder to do that when you don’t have a ton of other options being thrown at you. It really is a hard part of being on this site.

  92. lisa says:

    Please send some new sds to my state. I’m so tired of the same old sds that have already rejected me. Most of them don’t even live in my city but can’t travel 200 miles (very short flight) to meet me. I talked to one guy several times and we set up to meet but he cancelled as he just can’t get himself motivated to travel 300 miles to meet me. He is still on the site, and from what he told me, he gets alot of response but has yet to actually meet anyone.

  93. bostonTerrier says:

    i always thank guys for writing me … the ones who read the messages and just ignore them are so rude! i figure no one else is telling them so i take it upon myself to do it. plus, i like to think i might be helping them out in someway … like they won’t be rude to a potential sb

  94. lisa says:

    that’s a great idea. from now on when I send a nice email (not copy and paste, but personl) and the guy reads it and doesn’t bother to write back, I will send him a message back and let him know he is rude. Of the emails I send, I get about 5% response which is usually that they don’t come to my city or are looking for someone closer to where they live. I thank them for their courteousness of writing back. the other 95% are just plain rude and these guys seem to always be on here, no one has snatched them up yet.

  95. bostonTerrier says:

    i really hate the being rejected thing. it happened to me once and since i’ve made it my life mission to never be rejected again … so even if i *think* i am going to be rejected i reject them first or if i am not getting messages back i have no problems letting them know how rude and inconsiderate they are, etc … i can’t say the rest on this blog. but, rest assured, they always apologize and then i get to reject them again.

    i totally cannot handle rejection well. it’s a major flaw.

  96. lisa says:


    I would have to have a date. I haven’t had one in 2 weeks. Dry spell and nothing but the same old sds that keep renewing every month. Met the perfect guy 3 months ago and was interested in having a relationship with him and he told me we would get together in August. Well august, sept have almost passed, he is still on this site and has never been in contact with me since. I have learned not to feel rejected though because afterall if was something he didn’t like about me, then he certainly wouldn’t still be on here as he has a lot to offer and should have no trouble finding someone. He’s probably rejected a lot more women since he met me.

  97. Goddess says:

    GregoryWestin – very good advice. Thank you for speaking up!

    Lisa – I think you and I are in the same city, given our mutual date with “Ike” last weekend. Might be interesting to compare notes sometime… 🙂 (not about Ike, about our other dates!)

  98. lisa says:

    I will send you a superwalmart, mcd, wendys, taco bell, starbucks, etc. lol
    plenty of them within a one mile radius of me. Could send you some of these thugs with the sagging pants too.

    I am having to hide in my apartment because some guy that lives in my apartment complex (works low paying job, no car, and kids from previous relationships) wants me. He has been at my door 3 times banging. I am afraid to even go out because he lives across the yard from me and can see me if I come out my door. He is an ok guy I guess and I can’t say anything to him because he hasn’t done anything other than try to ask me out (to mcdonalds!!) but I am not interested in him and at this point getting involved with some guy who is looking for sex most likely, well that won’ t pay my rent. It’s hard to feel romantic when I am a week away from being out on the street.
    Anyway just checked out the latest sds in my state, same old sorry ones, those that are on here for ever because no one is good enough for them. Every man that I have talked to on here and was not interested in me is still on here, months later.

  99. AlaskanQT says:

    Dreamer: I live in Anchorage… we don’t even have super walmart lmao

  100. dreamer says:

    wow.. All of your lives sound so excited, living in big cities, near fancy bakeries, or in lisas case where ppl shoot each other.. I live in a little old town where there prolly arent enough people to shoot at, we dont have bakeries, or spas and if i want to fly to meet a sd, i have to drive 3 hours to the airport, so thats why i take time to know some before i just go jump on a plane and some think i take too long but its a lot of work to get ready to meet someone i dont even know yet. I would rather know that we could at least talk when i get there..

  101. Caligirl says:

    Thanks Chicbaby!!! I am gonna look it up right now and try to go sometime next week with some of my girlfriends. I will let you know my experience. Can’t imagine that it won’t be great!!!

  102. ChicBaby says:

    Caligirl – It’s just like Magnolia Bakery in NYC (it was featured on Sex & the City). Today I have a Brie Grape Champagne cupcake for lunch followed by a Red Velvet for dessert! Both were fantastic!! I searched around Cali and there are similar places in all the big cities, LA Sacramento, San Fran. It’s the perfect study break while writing a 5 minute speech on Tartan, it’s history and why it is important to the average American. yay!!

    I try to be as accommodating as possible of my SDs schedules. The only time I had to say no was because I couldn’t skip class because I had a group presentation. I felt awful, but at least he lives in the city. But it wasn’t a last minute thing either. That is unbelievably rude.
    And I travel one weekend a month. I would do more, but I really think my roommate would get suspicious!
    But I do always meet the first time in my city. Just in case something goes wrong, I’m only a cab away from the safety of my couch!

    Keep talking people! I’ve had just about my fill of Tartan for the day and I need something interesting on my study breaks!!!

  103. Gail says:

    Come, come, Westin. I’ll console you. Where were you headed? You might not need to cancel those arrangements. (smile, wink,wink, kiss,kiss)

  104. AlaskanQT says:

    gregory: don’t be mistaken. I do travel just not fir a first meeting… and I usually make sure that I travel over a time with my kids are with dad

  105. AlaskanQT says:

    Gregory: That is acctually one of the reasons why I have the rule to meet on my turf. If something happens with plans at least I know I will ALWAYS be able to make a few hours a day to spend time with a person. It is much easier to find child care on short notice if your sitter cancels for a few hours than it is to find a short notice sitter for a whole weekend or for overnight.

    A lot of gentlemen thinks that this requirement makes me “BS” but it’s really because I am not only concerned with my safety but also that I am extremely concerned by the fact that I hate canceling on people unless it’s an emergency.

    I’m so bad that I am thinking of making arrangements for a sitter to travel with me to the Sugar party so I can have my kids there. I will be arranging for a separate room for my sitter and my kids but I won’t hav eto worry about any emergencies.

  106. Caligirl says:

    Mr. Westin,
    Poor thing….No worries…no doubt someone will be flexible for you. This forum has all eyes on you. (smile:) I recognize a good egg and a tape-a-holic….just kidding…just trying to brighten your day!!!!

  107. candy land says:

    Thanks for the thoughts Gregory. But, what if I have a job that makes it difficult to meet when my SD wants to? And, I have kids with me once in a while. How should that be handled?

  108. Gregory Westin says:

    Many of the comments on this blog talk quite a bit about the sd’s on here and their propensity to not present themselves as they truly are.

    From the male perspective let me offer this.

    Many of us are busy people. We have spent a better part of our lives working hard to get ourlselves to the place we are at. We come here to find someone to share the fruits of our labors.

    When we get to the place where we feel we have found someone who sparks our interest, due to busy schedules many times we want to see things move along quickly.

    Recently I had the experience of talking with someone from the site. Many e mails were exchanged, numbers traded, pictures sent and plans made. Suddenly although every accomodation is made, meeting face to face becomes a Herculean task. We change schedules, cancel meetings, rearrange flights and all of this is met with an growing cadre of excuses of why certain days don’t work. Makes us wonder what the problem is.

    Ladies try to work with us a bit. We are busy people running companies and spending hours and hours on planes. Try to be a little flexible when we show some interest and want to meet you !

    Thanks Cre8tor

  109. Caligirl says:

    Alaskan QT and Chicbaby,

    I am watching all the games…doesn’t matter who wins..just looking at the sights..LOL.. That’s what I like about football…something for everyone…fellas,fellas,fellas:) Qt…find one back east and have him fly you there for the game:) now that would be a SD for you!!!!

    Chicbaby, you sure are studious…need the cupcakes to get more energy to study somemore? Enjoy your day. I have never heard of a cupcake boutique. Where are you at? Haven’t seen one in Calif….we just have clothes boutiques…

  110. ChicBaby says:

    Eh, not much of a football fan. I grew up in a town where football was religion, so I’ve always fought it! So instead I’m doing homework and going out for cupcakes with my roommate for lunch. I LOVE cupcake boutiques!
    Pat v Dolphins as of 1:45 eastern = pats 3, dolphins 7. Sorry AlaskanQT! New England has the ball, 11:31 into the 2nd quarter. They’ve still got time!

  111. AlaskanQT says:

    Calli: Yeah it’s foot ball day and I can’t watch my game! It started at 9 AM here but nowhere with the NFL ticket is open that early 🙁 If anyone knows how much the pats are WOOPING the dolphins let me know 🙂 LOL I think I need to talk to me friend and see if he wants to make a trip back east durring foot ball season with me 🙂

  112. Why Not says:

    How enchanting a scotch tape dinner !

  113. Caligirl says:

    Good Morning SA world!!!! Wow…alot of action going on here. Everybody still having coffee…or other things…LOL…Time to wake up it’s football day!!!

  114. AlaskanQT says:

    I have read through part of the blogs… ya’ll have lost your minds with teh tape thing… I am a bit more delicate and prefer either scarves for the tying or just good old body pressure 🙂

    And for those that said “glad you’re feeling better” It wasn’t me in the hospital it was my oldest son…. He’s doig much better now.

    OK so as for this sugar bash… who is going… Stephan didn’t you say that you were going to do something so an SD could sponsor a gal? How is that going to work?? LOL I need to get to the gym and work off the cake and ice cream from today! gotta fit into something sexy but can’t turn down the goodies on the youngests 3rd birthday 🙂

  115. Gregory Westin says:

    I had a feeling you would say that Cre8tor. I will bring only scotch tape to dinner Wednesday in that case.

  116. cre8tor says:

    i’m too delicate for electrical tape.

  117. dreamer says:

    Electrical tape is hot. I would pick it any day to scotch

  118. Gregory Westin says:

    Ms V thank you for the suggestion on the electrical tape. Cre8tor are you brand loyal to scotch tape ?

  119. Gail says:

    Ms V,
    Where have you been? I know, I know, you are wondering who I am. I just entered yesterday. I have been reading the past blogs, and you are my fav. Love your stories, your character pops off the computer screen. You seem to tell it like it is. That’s a good thing! Keep on telling it.

  120. lisa says:

    arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I’m getting depressed over here. Just checked out members for my area, just the same old tired sds again and again. Whole bunch of profiles coming up new for 9-20 but they are just all the premium member sds that’s memberships have expired into standard,no new ones.

  121. cre8tor says:

    QT….we missed you. It should take you about 3 days to read all that has been going on here. And, it is ALL entertaining. Catch us up on what’s going on up there is the frozen north.

  122. Ms. V says:

    scotch tape??? forget that….mama likes the electrical kind 😉 It’s pliable and of nice contrast on my skin- Plus, I need the hands free to explore the globe(s), so it won’t hurt your [or my] ankles. . . not one tiny bit.

  123. sweetbaby says:

    Hey Alaska! Hope you get better soon! God these lot have had alot to talk about it’s almost hard to even understand what one post is saying without reading all the others.

    Lisa, I understand not wanting to travel and I have to agree if you don’t have resources for emergency then it is not the best option.

  124. AlaskanQT says:

    Hey all! Just wante dto let you know I was alive and well and back from dealing with all my stuff…. I am back online and will read through all these blogs and get to posting in the morning after I get some rest from this crappy cold I caught.

  125. lisa says:

    I am open to meeting anyone who can come to my city. I would never just take off to another town to meet a stranger as I have no resources to back me up if I got stuck somewhere. I would be open to traveling occasionally to see him once I got to know him although without a good allowance, I would not be as free to travel as I would like, working in retail means working most weekends which is another reason I would prefer a married sd because my free time is during the weekdays.
    I have contacted almost every sd that I was interested in that was in my state and have yet to find one that is willing to travel a couple hundred miles to meet. It seems the sds I come in contact with expect me to come to them at my expense and the ones in my state will not travel although they mention traveling in their profile. I live in large city too with many suburbs but guys here don’t want to travel even short distances. I had one who said the distance would not work even though we only lived 34 miles from each other.

  126. ChicBaby says:

    lisa – that can be really frustrating. I live in a big city, and even I very often run into the same men over and over. Is there any chance you can widen your search? Towns around you? Are you open to travel? That really is a tough situation.

  127. lisa says:

    I can see why i’m not getting any response to my new ad. It is the same men over and over on this site in my city ever since I first posted a few months back. There never seems to be any new men in my city. I see all 4 of the men I have met on this site are still on here today. These men must either be fakes, players, too picky to find anyone, or using this site for a hobby.

  128. ChicBaby says:

    Craig_M – I hope we don’t come across as SD-bashers. There are definitely many SBs on the site who are fakes or who use the SDs.
    We can always use more SD opinions on here!!!

  129. ChicBaby says:

    wow, sweetbaby. That is very interesting, and a little scary. I’m only 20, so I can see just how impossible that would be. crazy!
    But I suppose you can just take it as a VERY big compliment.

  130. Craig_M says:

    BTW it is not just the men. I have had sugar babies appreciate the gifts but never keep up their end of the arrangement.

  131. lisa says:

    not a good idea because one you become a parent you have a permanent bond to that child and you would not be able to let someone else raise it.

  132. sweetbaby says:

    hey people I have had one heck of a week. At the start of seeing my current sd I was seeing potential who then led into a non-sd relationship and then friends who can always turn to each other. He is older than my sd btw and divorced with teenage kids. So my sd’s busy with all this business stuff going on and my former potential asked to meet me for lunch. We had fun and then went back to his to watch tv. Then it got a bit strange. He started complementing my genetics and stuff. He’s white and I’m black. And then said he’d love to have a baby with me! Shock shock shock! I first thought he was joking but then he was being serious. He even offered to pay my law school fee’s in whole and give me 25grand to have the baby. He kept saying I’d be part of it’s life but he’d raise it.

    I’m flattered by the offer I think but so so not wanting that or expecting it. I’m only 19 for God’s sake!

    Anyway sorry for burdening you all with my story of the week but so wanted to get that out and kinda vent.

  133. lisa says:

    Good evening everyone. My dsl broke down again this morning so I just got back online now.
    I am adaptable to alot of different things so I don’t mind starbucks for first meetings because well for me it is most convenient and I never drink on a first date with a stranger. But I do expect to get something with the coffee date, such as lunch or dinner afterwards and maybe some shopping or a cash gift. I find it easier to relax because I am a regular at the coffee shop so if the sd stands me up, I can just walk away whereas at a restaraunt you usuallly can’t just stand around and getting stood up would be obvious and embarrassing.
    I actually like Chilis but the date that took me there didn’t let me order any food, just those silly chips.
    So when I meet for coffee it is just for starters and I expect to go on to lunch or dinner afterwards.
    My new profile is getting 0 response and very few views. Not doing well at all. A really dry spell here right now. Those september meetings from potential sds discussed month or two ago are not coming true, they have either disappeared or have put me off another month.

  134. Gail says:

    LOL,LOL,LOL again. What are you going to do now Westin. All the ladies are raising their hands. Time for you to man handle them.

  135. yael says:

    GW… I’m not into the tape, but I have fuzzy handcuffs……. and a matching blindfold…. and not to mention the under the bed restarints by spotsheets….. great investment for you light bondage folks…. it’s like velcro and canvas retraints for either ankle, wrists or both and it goes under your mattress so it basically leaves you spread eagle….. if you use both ankle and wrist restraints…. costs about $35…. same maker of the love swing, the doggie strap, and the sex sling… (All very good products if I do say so myself)

  136. ChicBaby says:

    BT – All day today I’ve been trying to decide what to do with my two potentials, and you just made it so much easier! I’ll keep them both!
    I’m a student too, and I work, so I had never even thought of balancing more than one SD along with everything else. But hey, why not?! Plus, just like you said, I like them both and I don’t want to say no to either…so I won’t!
    Hopefully I’ll be able to handle it as well as you have!

    Gregory Westin – I was raised a duck tape kind of gal. Scotch tape is for wimps. lol…

  137. yael says:

    gee GW…. you are a mack daddy… in here… I think it’s cause you’re so down to earth that we all love you…. Glad you got my joke Dreamer…… BT…. do share…LOL… don’t keep em all for yourself… 2 SDs!!!!! I’m jealous…..

  138. yael says:

    ddubs.. I’ve always been that girl…. football, boxing, basketball……… a lady in the streets … and guess what in the bed.. wink wink. never afraid to be funny or bold….. but my luck never really changes..that’s why I came on this site…. when you’re just that cool girl noone ever really thinks to pamper or romance you…… .. I grew up around guys all my life and was always regarded as one of the guys.(and NO… I was not a tomboy in looks never… always ultra fem but just tomboy on the inside I guess..). ironically, all of my guy friends ended up having crushes on me in the end but I was always way too clueless to figure it out till it was too late and they ended up getiing married to some skank or something…

  139. yael says:

    ebonyprincess….. that’s great !! 6 emails…I’ve only gotten 7….. I’ve been on for about a month now and I never get respnded to… my profile has been viewed 125 times and I send messages constantly to potentials and no responses ever… they ususally don’t even read them… I guess I’m not too many people’s type… well I don’t get it… I can’t walk down the street or go to a club or restaurant without at least ten people telling me I’m beautiful… I must be missin somethin…… oh well….. soemtimes it’s discouraging….. I’ve followed all of the tips I’ve gotten except for professinal pics… my pics are ok quality…. they’re clear and I’ve included a full body pic….. I even gave myself a suggestive yet cute title…”Exotic Passionate Latin lover… can you excite me?” ……. I’m about to give it up LOL……

  140. blondiebabynyc says:

    Gregory Westin, I love you and want you to have all my babies!

    What great comments.

    if a guy on this site, or in real life suggests to me that our first date is Starbucks, I suddenly go deaf and blind. Starbucks for a date? Are you freaking kidding me? The answer is no.

    My fav email (recently) was from a guy who claimed he was a millionare, and claimed that he couldn’t wait to take me to coffee at Starbucks, of all places. I take myself to Starbucks once a day. Dazzle me dude, or don’t bother me at all.

    Oh, Greg, I have masking and packing tape too!

  141. yael says:

    hey ddubs…. yeah … the one in downtown Gallery place.. I think it’s the only one…..

  142. bostonTerrier says:

    i hate that there is not an editing function for previous comments!!!!

  143. bostonTerrier says:

    i just realize my last comment made no sense (my mind was on globalization …)

    i am revising it:
    i don’t think there anything you need to do to change your profile. 6 emails with 44 views sounds pretty good. just respond to all of the messages and hope for the best!

  144. dreamer says:

    i like the nuts joke lol. I get it

  145. ddubs says:

    and, sorry your date sounded like an incredible loser. that’s awful.

  146. ddubs says:

    were you at the Lucky Strike in DC in that mall connected to the arena?
    that’s actually a pretty cool spot. I’ve been in there myself, but, haven’t actually bowled there. A lot of celebrities and athletes end up there, you can see their autographs on the bowling pins and stuff in the display cases.

    a beautiful girl who loves football and watches ESPN? wow, sign me up.

    they made the character Mary, in the movie “Something about Mary” just like that. Oh, and she liked to hit golf balls at the driving range, too…and, she was sexy. What else could a guy ask for?

  147. Gregory Westin says:

    BT is too tied up for us. Now everyone with a roll of scotch tape raise your hand and let’s get going !

  148. Gail says:

    I’m one woman, golden too. Creator is one, and Boston Terrier is one also. Okay now I am just being playful. You are the lucky one !!!

  149. Gail says:

    Six is a great start. I would be responding to the e-mails and getting to know all six. All you need is six more to make a dozen. Love them all!!!

  150. bostonTerrier says:

    i don’t think there is one thing to like have tons of people looking at your profile and sending you messages.

    of 44 getting 6 emails sound pretty good to me. just make sure you reply to the emails and hope for the best!

  151. Ebonyprincess says:

    Hi again, i signed up this week, my profile has been viewed 44 times but I’ve only gotten 6 emails, what can i do to make it better?

  152. Gail says:

    Good scheduling. Seeing more than two, along with school and life would
    be more than enough. Three would cause quality time issues and confusion for me. This is your chapter in the SA Handbook/SB Section- Scheduling your Time. Smart Student you are!!!

  153. bostonTerrier says:

    eventually it’ll be just one. i’ve been talking to both for the past month or so … they know i haven’t decided the one person i am seeing but at the same time i didn’t inform them of any competition. they know their time could be temporary is what i mean.

    eventually i’ll have just one and hopefully he’ll work out for the long term

  154. Gail says:

    Really? Maybe they will both get the opportunity to know. So do you date more than one at a time and narrow it down to one. Then cultivate the relationship with the final SB?

  155. bostonTerrier says:

    gail – i totally agree with you. i see my sds as kind of spicing up my life in a sense … i’d be fine without them but i am enjoying them too much to do so. i only see each sd twice a month … for a total of 4 times combined. two is logical … one date each week of the month.

  156. Gregory Westin says:

    Much as you may not want to believe this Gail I am a one woman kind of guy

  157. Gail says:

    Ok. It’s good you made clear yourself clear. I interpreted wrong, but does that mean you no longer wish to be a 3rd option for Boston Terrier? Hmmmm…what a man wants? Is it everything? Tell me anyone else am I confused or did I read his words right? Westin…just kidding you can have your cake and eat everything too. You are on SeekingArrangement.com.

  158. Gregory Westin says:

    No no Gail I am not moving on at all. I am actually anxious to meet the Cre8tor and her scotch tape !

  159. Gail says:

    You are a smart gal. I always believe men are luxuries not necessities. Drink your coffee and theirs too!

  160. bostonTerrier says:

    lol, i already have a backup if one of my two begin to disappoint … i’m well prepared and i didn’t like saying no to the third guy to begin with

  161. Gail says:

    Already moving on? Thought Creator has tied you up with that scotch tape. Shhhhh!!!!

  162. Gregory Westin says:

    BT if you ever need to add a third….

  163. bostonTerrier says:

    i never spend much time in preparation to meet a sd. usually i’m going after class around lunch so the only thing i have time to do is drop my books off in my room, put on mascara and chap stick, and be on my merry way.

    also, since boston is relatively small we usually meet at a coffee shop downtown – that way neither of us have to travel far from school in my case or work in his case.

    i never go in thinking “oh this guy is definitely going to work,” i’m realistic about it and wouldn’t take an sd just for the sake of having one when i didn’t like him … and in general they leave the decision up to me 🙂 which makes things easier.

    now i have 2 sd’s … what they don’t know won’t kill them.

  164. Ebonyprincess says:

    I’m kinda slow, didn’t get the nuts part…btw, how long have you been a member, I joined last week….

  165. Ebonyprincess says:

    Yael, wow……when I was a 18 – 21, I used to date men that age who were always broke, but would also date an older guy who would provide me with an allowance, I was dumb enough to use it to pay for my dates with the younger guys…. until one day the younger guy bought tickets to a show for himself n a friend, i broke up with him, he now tells me that I had told him love don’t pay the bills, since then I never date broke guys…..if he treats me nice, I’ll treat him nice, i’ll buy nice gifts for birthdays and such but I don’t pay for half the taxi or go dutch……

  166. yael says:

    oh yeah… waaaay off subject but still… I gotta joke… “what did one saggy tit say to the other?……… Hey if we don’t get some support soon people are gonna think we’re nuts!!” Get it?.. LOL… I thought that was funny…..

  167. yael says:

    furthermore….. let me add…. many men are insecure … especially these days where chivalry has all but gone the way of the dinosaurs…. many men take the position of …” A woman must earn my affection and attention” and feel the need to put you through series of rigorous tests to evaltuate your perpetual “stick-to-it-tive-ness” to see if you are really “Down” for them as people… what so many fail to realize is that any self respecting woman is not gonna let someone mistreat them or neglect them and no self respecting man should expect that and surprisingly I find that men WITH money sometimes hold this ‘neglect expectation-earn-my-time-and-affection’ as their personal mantra. You might as well wear a big feather hat, a purle fur coat, call me bitch and slap me around…. but anyways ladies, please stay strong, and hold out for the good ones…. I know I will… don’t let yourself be bitter and know when to say… “HELL NO!!!!” or “Are you kidding me?!!” (I tend to make those a few of my catch phrases this year… I can actually make 2008’s dating summary statement in three words “ARE YOU SERIOUS”. it’s okay to sometimes be a bitch especially to some jerk…

  168. yael says:

    well seeing as how I do not have a SD as of yet I can’t really comment on that aspect but I can say… in dating in general women we all know you gotta kiss alot of frogs before you find a prince… I’ve been on sucky dates in fact just last week I went out with this guy who had all but begged for me to come out with him… he suggested the place.. it was like a grown up bowling alley type spot with cocktails and a dress code… (I never would have picked this place… I’m pretty, I wear heels and dresses.. I’m not a bowler… I like my heels thanky ou very much) but in fairness and trying to be open-minded and not seem like a jerk… I reluctantly said yes… we got there…. I didn’t know that it was a double date but his friend was there with his girlfirend and so okay I’m thinkin… why the support group?… but okay… still tryin not to be a jerk at this point…… Of course the guys started talkin and this girl and I who didn’t know each other kept tryin to make pointless conversation as the guys talked.. but she was nice and eventually she stepped up before I did and said…”You guys better talk to us or we’re going to leave…” and so we talked… he had great converstaion… well maybe that is an overstatement…… I can just about carry on a conversation with anyone… he talked about football which surprisingly despite my pretty nature… I am an avid football fan…. (YES… I watch ESPN at least 3 of them, and the sports commentary show 1st and 10 all the time… and catch most of the games… but anyways.. we ate, we drank, we talked… I had never been to this place and didn’t know it was actually more expensive than even most of the really nice places I’ve been in DC… for the four of us, after eating typical bar food and a few cocktails, the check came and it was a whopping $389… each drink was like $24!!!!! oh my god!!! anywyas these two idiots sat there looking stupid and counting pennies and between the two of them threw in $140….. I stood up and said thanks but hell no!! you better break out some plastic or something… I’m not paying for this.. I didn’t choose this place and I don’t go dutch.. not even in high school and I won’t start now!!!! well the other girl came up with the cash out of her pocket and paid the rest of the bill…. well…. I drove him there… so now I’m stuck (once again trying to be a decent human being..) cause I have to take him home…. it was a silent ride…. as he was getting out of my car.. he had the nerve to invite me back up to his apartment, and said “Hold on let me check cause I my ex came over last night and she might still be there….” Can you believe it…???!!!! well don’t expect magic from your SD Ladies, pigs come in all forms and from all walks of life….. you gotta treat it like any other encounter with people… win some lose some…..