12 years ago
SUGAR – The Event (December, Las Vegas)

12 years ago
SUGAR – The Event (December, Las Vegas)

SUGAR – An Exclusive, VIP Event

“SUGAR” will take place at the Palms Hotel & Casino on December 3rd, 2008. This very private event will provide an ideal setting for sugar daddies and sugar babies to meet, arrange, and play with each other – all in one night of sensual fun.


Tickets are on sale now at SugarExclusive.com. Rates vary according to date purchased, number of sugar baby guests, and VIP offerings selected (optional). For more information, or to purchase tickets, click *here*


(((2+ sugar babies to every sugar daddy)))

Sugar Babies

This event will be the greatest Sugar Baby networking, dating & arranging opportunity ever! Here’s the low-down on how to get in:

1. Find a Sugar Daddy – Some of the Sugar Daddies who will attend are interested in helping girls with various travel expenses, and there are already several Sugar Daddies who have purchased tickets for one or more Sugar Baby guests.

2. Win a FREE ticket – SeekingArrangement.com currently has a limited number of free tickets to this event. In order to be considered, please submit at least two photos, a brief statement about why you would like to attend, and any other info you think might be helpful for us in considering your application. Send your submission by clicking the TICKETS tab on the party site, and then selecting “Buy Ticket” (you will see the form for Free tickets there).

3. Purchase a ticket – For more information about Sugar Baby tickets, click *here*

Sugar Babies Say:

“What a brilliant idea! I’ve spent a month or more just arranging to meet ONE potential SD only to find out they are not a match and I have to start all over. Now you are putting them all in the same place at the same time…..a sugar baby’s dream!! Thanks!”

“I have met a wonderful Sugar Daddy once before and get a lot of emails from SeekingArrangement, I would love the chance to dress up and meet them in person. I am always told I look much better in person, so maybe I will attract the attention of someone that might otherwise pass over my profile.”

“I’m so excited about this! It would be a great way to warm my cold feat about meeting someone form this site. Please send me a ticket!”

“I would love to attend this event. As an attractive, African American woman my presence would add some variety to the selection of babies the gentleman have to choose from.”

“Would love to attend this incredible event!”

“I would LOVE to go to this event. I have been wanting to go to Vegas forever  and it is THE perfect place for this! Being able to meet gentlemen face to face is going to be so perfect to help me find my perfect sugar daddy! Thank you!!”

“Would love to be at the event ! Vegas is a great time and I think this would be an amazing way to enjoy it ! I’m sure everyone there will be as serious about having a great time as I will :-)”

**** SugarExclusive.com****

A HUGE thank you to all for your ideas, suggestions and support (Truly Divine, Miss V, cre8tor, Lisa, AlaskanQT, ddubs, Ben, and all!)… The party site is now finished, check it out! SUGAREXCLUSIVE.COM

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152 Responses to “SUGAR – The Event (December, Las Vegas)”

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  8. Ms. V says:

    oils are great for not invasive activity, but just like sex on the beach- it is waaay overrated 😉

    feeding each other? that i can get into! Pouring champagne onto the body- yep…still the edible oil has got to have a stop sign in the loin area

    LISA: I am happy for you that you have a job to complain about- that is the next best soreness- after the sore coochie walk, of course LOL!

    oops, can I say coochie on here?

    Who was that that wanted to try out Canadian men? Oh Baby! Go for it!
    I may be biased in my opinion, but I ditched my Canadian man over and over for a period of about 10 years, because I knew I was too much for him to handle. He was 34 and I 17 when we met- up until about 3 years ago, I would fly back into Texas and be spoiled- and get to do all the freaky shi* I like to do, and then he’d start talking marriage, and I’d run…yeah, I’m a runner. I always do that.
    But, he was the best man I have ever known in my entire life. His 2 oldest kids just turned 18, and I am about to be 28 next month…Oh, but honey- that good “convince me to stay” sex up against the door while you’re trying to leave and go home…umm. He liked to bite my hip bones and slap my ass, for some reason- FINE WITH ME! 🙂

    he introduced me to the Smugglers Inn in Alberta- where I got hooked on the steak- and Banff, where I got hooked on Canada…I go as often as I can, just for the Riesling and the Beef…maybe I’ll go for the Canadian man next time 😉

    Tomorrow is my sons first day at daycare…I’m gonna be a mess. I also have my “thorough” physical…violation in progress.
    Wish me well?

    g’night all.
    maybe I’ll find myself fending off sd’s now that I am going to be unavailable…

  9. lisa says:

    Ha ha no this was a long time ago when I had a semisugardaddy boyfriend (the one that can no longer date because his grown daughter moved in with him. He has to babysit for her while she has a life. lol he decided to turn himself over to aloneness at age 57.
    I am going to be now. My legs are so sore and I hope I will be able to walk tomorrow. lol I haven’t walked a distance in awhile although I used to walk miles a week, i’ve gotten lazy and taken the bus, well it’s been too hot to walk. I walked over a mile home from work today,not tired or exhausted, just stiff and sore.

    I am going to take my tired bones to bed now, good night everyone .
    sugardaddy dreams to all

  10. Caligirl says:

    LOL…LOL, again.Lisa, you are a nut…between you and Ms.V I don’t know who is the nuttiest. Okay, both of you are good nuts….(Smile) Lisa, are you licking right now? LOL…you have to say yes, maybe a SD is reading this right now. What a turn on for him!!!

  11. lisa says:

    I got some of that edible oil from doing a survey. Good stuff I used to keep it near my computer and lick it off my hands when I was online. lol
    Kind of gross tasting after a while. Never got the nerve to use it on my then boyfriend. didn’t want to freak him out trying something like that after 3 years. lol

  12. Caligirl says:

    Edible oil licker…hmmm…where did Yael go? Bet she can get discounts on the stuff…LOL…:)

  13. Ms. V says:

    in which case…..

  14. Ms. V says:

    yeah, some of you know him. umm, not sure about the tea-sipping….doesn’t strike me as a ‘sipper’… maybe a edible oil licker, though…

  15. Gail says:

    Guess what everybody?

    My post aren’t being moderated. For now anyway…nice…really nice!

    Ms.V: Who is he? Do we know him? Is he sipping tea with someone else now?

  16. questioning says:

    Thank you so much SouthernGent2!

  17. Ms. V says:

    I would listen to SG2 on this one, Ladies…he seems to know what he’s talking about!
    I was exchanging friendly emails with a gentleman who let me know that there were certain things he didn’t wish to discuss. On that note: he continued telling me that there were distressing problems with the SB he was with – but he never told me what they were…so, when I asked he disappeared. hmm.
    These beautifully mysterious SD’s and their semi-silent rules are playing their own game, and well…I guess we just have to be willing to play along 🙂

    I think that if he could have seen how easily Ms. V could fix those problems, he might have been pleasantly surprised. . . but, maybe I wasn’t his cup o’ tea.

    In any case, I would pay attention to the gentlemen when they give solicited advice about detail -specific questions you have. You ladies know what I mean, dontcha?! lol

  18. SouthernGent2 says:

    Gail and Questioning – not sure what to think on sending that text. If he didn’t reply with something more positive, I would take that as a hint to move on. The expression “thinking of you” is something to be used after you meet someone imo.

  19. questioning says:

    I agree blondie!

  20. Blondiegirl says:

    I wonder how many of you have seen my profile in passing. Or how many I have seen, Kinda cool how we all chat and know each other in such a different way. Ever look at canadian girls?maybe you have seen me. One reason I wish I had a premium is to be able to see who has added me as a favourite. I get so many adding me as a favourite yet they dont actually email me, weird in my mind.

  21. questioning says:

    SouthernGent2 :
    this is the question Gail was trying to help me have answered.

    Since I do have my potential SD’s phone number, but have never called it, do you think it would be alright to send a text saying “thinking of you”?

    Now, let me go even further. I did text since sending this. I got a response, not much of one but one say “thx”.
    Since then I see he has been on the site, but I still have yet to get a email or a call or anything.
    I am thinking he is pretty much gone, what do you think?

  22. SouthernGent2 says:

    Gail – what question do you need advice on? I must be missing it in this long thread.

    ChicBaby – I figured you out. I will message you when I get home tonight. Pretty sure I have messaged you before. You are one very attractive girl.

  23. ddubs says:

    thanks for the insight ladies.
    I’m pretty excited about seeing this “old flame” again.
    Years ago, everything progressed so naturally without the framework of a website or any expectations from either of us.
    Deep down, I think I have been looking to “replace” her ever since.
    The fact that she’s come back into my life is a blessing…at least I hope it turns out that way this time around.
    She tells me she made such a terrible mistake first time around.
    Its understandable though because she was so young, and I was pretty established in my life. Now things should be much different.

    I still feel a twinge of guilt because she’s leaving her husband. However, she insists that she would still be leaving him even if I said I was not interested in her anymore. I thought that was a pretty strong statement.

    Don’t worry. I’ll be around. Seems like family around here.

  24. cre8tor says:

    yes, I’m back! Nice to see you all again. Just for a little quick answer to ddubs though. I’m so glad to hear that you have such an exciting relationship coming around. As a SB who has had to deal with the “sorry, I like you but…” thing from both sides, it is always VERY hard to hurt anyone’s feelings. But, ddubs, you are going to do it anyway. Why not do it with class and respect? Be kind and straight forward. Yes, you know the answer. And, if your new lady keeps you so busy you cannot add comments here, I will miss YOUR thoughts and contributions. They have helped me “hear” the other side of this whole deal.

  25. questioning says:

    Thanks Gail for getting them talking.

  26. questioning says:

    ddubs :
    Please do let any others you a re talking to know what is going on. In most cases I feel, they will understand (as well as should). They should also be happy for you.
    Like myself at this point I have head nothing since friday and I am still wondering. I hate wondering.
    In all cases I think honesty is the best policy, if they don’t understand then it was best you didn’t meet them anyway.

  27. ChicBaby says:

    ddubs – I think that being upfront is best. I always appreciate it when an SD lets me know that either he’s decided to be with someone else, or simply isn’t interested. That way, I can quickly move on!

  28. MSH says:

    Upfront is the best policy. Remember that Sex In The City episode “He’s Just Not That Into You” Think about that. I would rather someone politely tell me that rather than just fade away. But then again, I am a very confident person and believe that if he’s just not that into me, it is just because it is not meant to be, not anything I have done or haven’t done.

    On the other hand, if you feel as if you would be devastated by someone telling you that, then maybe direct and upfront is not the best policy for you. It’s one of those double-edged sword situations. It took me a bit of work on myself and a thorough and sifting personal inventory of my emotions to get here and be okay with where I am and to accept rejection gracefully. I value this characteristic in myself very much and do all that I can to preserve and let it grow.

  29. lisa says:

    upfront is the best policy, at least you let the other person know and you dont’ drag them along wasting their time. I hate it when a sd just disappears and if I just drop a line to say hi, they dont’ respond. Kind of like ringing my doorbell and running. lol

  30. ddubs says:

    questioning –
    since he only said he’d be in touch Monday, as of tonight, he’s only a couple days late. its hard to say whether he’s just preoccupied or has lost his interest.
    many guys have trouble being up front and honest in such situations (I know I have some trouble with this personally, and its something I’m trying to overcome). if you don’t get a response from a text, its not the text that sealed your fate, it was surely something else. if he still wants things to progress, then he would definitely respond relatively quickly.

    so…just to clarify…you ladies would rather have your guy just tell you he’s decided he’s not interested than just fading away?

    I’m possibly rekindling an old relationship, which may send me out of the loop for a while. She’s actually my first and original SB, yet I knew nothing of it or this site at the time. I met her online about 5 years ago when she was an aspiring model. We talked for months, and I would do all kinds of things to help her…like buy clothes for her shoots, pay for gym memberships, and also send gifts. Eventually, we met in person when I flew her and her friend to Miami for a couple shoots and for some fun. We hit it off, but, she decided to remain with a guy she was seeing back home (1,000 miles from me at least), and then married the same high school sweetheart at a young age. I had a feeling she’d come back around one day, and she did back in April telling me she was not happy in her marriage. Well, she just recently got separated, and wants to get together soon. I think this girl is amazing, and its just a matter of time now. Plus, she’s in her mid 20’s now, and much more mature than five years ago. I’m hoping I’ve grown up some too.

    I had been talking to a few potential SB’s including some I planned to meet in the coming weeks. I just don’t feel as interested anymore, and I just don’t like hurting anyone’s feelings (not that I’m God’s gift or anything, I know I’m not).
    I guess you all believe that honesty is the best policy and just tell anyone I’m currently talking to right up front?

    yeah…I can answer this myself. that’s the only way to go.

  31. ChicBaby says:

    SouthernGent2 – hmmm, I wear sunglasses in the one picture I have up. And I live in a state starting with ‘I.’ Does that help? 😉

  32. Gail says:

    Much Experience,

    You are quite so welcome. Perfect response!!! So much better than mine. Hee,hee. Thank you for your expertise!!! I knew a fine, handsome, intelligent SD would come thru for you Questioning. Now do what you want to do!!!

    While you are waiting for ChicBaby’s response, can you also share your thought in regards to Questioning’s question? Need another SD’s input.

  33. ppp1256 says:

    ppp1256 here – Cannot attend as the event as it is during the week. It would have been more convenient if the event was during the weekend.

  34. SouthernGent2 says:

    ChicBaby – maybe a hint on how to find your profile? My gut instincts are usually very good. And I have noticed you say things that I like to hear.

  35. Much Experience says:

    About “questioning”s question (thanks for the nudge Gail)

    — Since I do have my potential SD’s phone number, but have never called it, do you think it would be alright to send a text saying “thinking of you”? —

    I understand your hesitation. Sometimes it’s hard to know how someone is going to respond to an unexpected show of affection. Is he warm & affectionate with you? If so, then maybe it’s a good risk to go out on a limb and express your feelings.

    What’s the worst that can possibly happen? Probably “just” that your feelings may get hurt if he doesn’t respond. No, actually the worst would be that he’ll ask you not to text him, for whatever reason..

    But if you’re sure you “know” he’s not that kind of guy, then yeah, maybe try a little tenderness. good luck! 🙂

  36. Marti says:

    Wouldn’t you rather he contacted you first?

  37. sammy says:

    I love this blog!

  38. Moderator says:

    Because I value your thoughtful opinions, I encourage you to add a comment to this discussion. Don’t be offended if I edit your comments for clarity or to keep out questionable matters, however, and I may even delete off-topic comments.

  39. Gail says:


    Oh well, maybe they are tired of thinking. Thinking of who will be their next sugarbaby. LOL

    Here’s my take. I would wait and not send a text message. He may be very busy, but on the otherhand he may be in Candyland.

  40. Questioning says:

    Thanks Gail, But it seems like all the Sugar men out there just don’t want to give advice on this issue.

  41. bostonTerrier says:

    much experience –

    i’ve never been emailed by a member without a premium membership so it makes it easy to not correspond to them. furthermore *in my mind* if a sd is REALLY serious and wants potential sugar babys to know he is real then he’d invest in a premium membership.

    it’s all just a matter of opinion and if you’re doing just fine without it Much Experience then you should just keep on without

  42. ChicBaby says:

    Much Experience – I don’t necessarily think that it’s a bad thing when a man has been here for many months. I actually prefer that to the men who constantly are deleting their profiles and restarting them just so that they are at the top of the pile. I’m all for finding that one right person for you who fits your needs exactly. If that takes a while, then so be it!

    questioning – wow! I didn’t know that! Makes me wonder if I should send some follow-up emails!

    SouthernGent2 – Thank you. Perhaps we should talk, although I’m not sure how to do that without giving away my info to everyone! I have to warn you though, I don’t live in the south!

    Sabratha – Yay! I know exactly what you mean. My former SD and I would travel mainly so that we were able to go out to dinner, hold hands, and kiss in public without worry! It felt so nice to be free of all that. Hopefully I’ll get someone to sponsor me to go to the party too!

  43. Gail says:

    Much Experience,

    Premium or Standard SD, I really don’t care. Just continue to share with us your persepctive, it helps SB out considerably. Now perhaps you can review Questioning’s concern. We need to hear from SDs like you! Also thank you!!!

  44. Much Experience says:

    Ladies, I know it’s hard to figure out who’s for real and who’s not, but BT’s comment: “i don’t talk to guys without a premium membership” makes me wonder: wow, have things really that bad on the site–? So many poser SD’s that it’s very difficult for SB’s to know who’s probably for real & who’s not?

    I guess if I felt I really *had* to upgrade I would, but I haven’t really seen the need so far. No one has ever remotely questioned my authenticity.. Similarly, I’m considering going to the party (I can certainly afford it), but I might decide not to after all.. I think this just means that I try to make spending choices consciously, and not to just flash cash desperately..

    About another issue, the question seems to come up a lot in the postings: is it a bad sign if someone’s been a member for “months & months”? I hope not, as I’ve been a member for over a year! And I’m not a serial user, or a “stringer-alonger”. I try to be friendly & considerate with everyone. I’m just very particular about who I’m looking for, & I’m patient..

    Hope this helps the general understanding a bit..

  45. questioning says:

    that must have been a very irritating time. Thank goodness I have more than this email address for mine. I also have his personal one and his cell number.

  46. Anonymous says:

    questioning: that’s happened to me, but usually only when I check my email inbox before i check my message inbox on (SA)… I’ll end up thinking I have a new message on SA when it’s really for a message that I’ve already opened. Also, once I had a sugar daddy who accidentally blocked me. it took over a week to get it sorted out, I finally ended up having SA let him know.

  47. questioning says:

    THANKS Anon.

    Also, Just so you all know, there are times when people send us mail on this site and we do not get them. My honey says he sent email to me when we first started talking. I never received that email, thank goodness I sent another email askng why he had not wrote back. B/C that is when he informed me he had written.

  48. Anonymous says:

    questioning: I am a premium member too and also noticed more responses when my membership ended… so i actually wrote to customer support, as i don’t have much money and certainly not enough to be ripped off from a datign website lol! They told me that you experience spikes in your responses at the beginning and at the end of your paid membership… that’s what the “last modified” date is for, so whenever your status is modified, you go to the top of the ‘new’ list… Hope that helps but ya never know you might want to be sure just in case.

  49. Sabrantha says:

    Hello all! I have been on SA for almost a year but just started reading these blogs… never said anything until now, but my SD just told me he bought us tickets to go to the SUGAR party!!! I think it will be a blast, because the truth is, no matter who else he see’s there, and frankly, no matter who else I see there, we’ll finally be in a place where we can let loose and show PDA without all the judgment, plus I’d love the chance to meet some of you Sugar Family!!!

  50. bostonTerrier says:

    i don’t talk to guys without a premium membership … and i refuse to pay for one 🙂 in my mind, as a true sugar baby i am not going to pay.

  51. questioning says:

    Good question, however I had a premium membership (I am a SB), but I actually have gotten quite a bit more views since my premium membership expired. I too tend to think if they aren’t premium members they are less likely to be legit. Again that could be the wrong way to think, but it’s only 20 bucks a month for goodness sakes. If he can’t pay that how in the hell is he going to pay the allowance I am asking for. I can sure tell you, it is a lot more than $20 a month. HaHa!

  52. Ebonyprincess says:

    I have a question…why is it that a SD expects me to believe that he can afford to be my SD when he hasn’t sprung for a Premium membership?

  53. questioning says:

    Come on Sugar guys, I need some advice!!!!!!

  54. Gail says:

    This calls for a male point of view. Ddubs, Gregory Westin, Southern Gent 2 where are you? I am sure they can advise. YoooHoo!!! Help her out!!!

  55. questioning says:

    Lisa and any one who wants to answer:

    Since I do have my potential SD’s phone number, but have never called it, do you think it would be alright to send a text saying “thinking of you”?

  56. lisa says:

    some of these guys are just players, probably never had a date in their lives. I was really disappointed with one of these guys because he checks out. I googled him and having his full name, know where he lives (one of the nicest most exclusive highrise condos in the city. However he blew me off after on conversation. It was fairly in the evening when we talked and I had just came home from work and was tired and reallly not the most talkative person. I guess because I didn’t give complex answers to simple questions, he lost interest. He is still on this site everyday and I remember him as one of the first to contact me when I first joined this site 5 months ago.

  57. questioning says:

    How stupid. Why lie about stuff why not just tell the truth?

  58. lisa says:

    that’s good so you need to give him a chance as at least he’s not checking out other profiles while dangling you along. I have had so many of those.
    I talked to one guy who asked me when I was off (this was a couple months ago when I was still working) and I told him what days, and boom! he just happened to be leaving that morning of my first day off to visit his family. Funny though that he managed to be online morning, afternoon and evening everyday of the 2 weeks he was supposedly out of town visiting an ill family member in the hospitial. and off course the guy in the bad car accident (car rolled over and over after hitting a concrete wall. sd was in intensive care but managed to be on this site every day .

  59. questioning says:

    looks like his last log-in was Friday. Not bad.
    You are too slick Lisa!

  60. lisa says:

    edit, got together with the guy THAT emailed me

  61. lisa says:

    or………..maybe he just got together with the guy you emailed me last month wanting to spend the last week of september with me. lol or the one that I was going to meet in mid sept that took a detour 2000 miles across the country on his way to move to my state. lol

  62. questioning says:

    thanks for the info. I am a standard member also this time around.

  63. lisa says:

    questioning I don’t know if you are a premium or standard member but i am a standard member this time around and you can find out the last log in simply by adding him to you favorites list.

  64. questioning says:

    well, He hides his last log-in.
    He was supposed to be busy with business, but said he would check on me on Monday. I wonder if he meant the second Monday of this week? LOL

  65. lisa says:

    they do that all the time questioning. maybe he is busy but then again he might have fallen into that mysterious black hole. did you check to see if he has been on the site? If he hasn’t been on the site, he might be busy or maybe had an emergency but if he has logged on recently, then there isn’t much reason he couldn’t just say hi

  66. questioning says:

    boo hoo hoo!
    I am concerned. I have not heard from my potential SD since friday. I know he is busy, but not even as much as a quick email saying thinking of you or kiss my ass or nothing. This from the one I thought was going so well.

  67. lisa says:

    correction, he thought i shouldn’t work at this particular store because they sold alcohol and I also had to work on sundays.

  68. lisa says:

    This man was on a regular dating site I came in contact about a year back. Now that I remember he was behind on his child support too. He was on of those old time people (although he was young) that dominated his wife and made all the decisions and thought women were baby breeders. He thought everything was evil,including me because I worked on sundays thought I should work were I did because the store sold alcohol.
    After talking for 3 hours with him, he disappeared like many of these dating site people do. I sent him a nice note 3 days later and asked if he had fallen into that mysterious dark hole so many on the site seemed to do. Instead of laughing, he got furious and said that i didn’t own him and had no right to expect him to call me back. He said that on the night he called me he was on his way to meet a very nice woman whom he was now dating. I found this odd because he lived in a very small town and would have to drive a long way to find someplace for a date and the fact that is was after 11:30 on a weeknight it was strange that any woman would meet a man she didn’t know that late at night. I could have understood if it had been a friday or saturday night and he was going to meet here at a bar or club but since he was against drinking and clubs and didnt’ believe in seeing movies, it doesn’t leave much ideas for a date, espeially that late at night. perhaps a walk in the park at midnight with a complete stranger, I don’t know, it was just weird

  69. ddubs says:

    and, the guy with the large family you’re discussing certainly isn’t in a situation to become an SD. I was referring to someone with a large family who had it together despite that situation.
    I would think that if a guy was divorced with that many kids, then they probably don’t live with him.
    I only grew-up with one brother, but, I do love being around kids. I’m a volunteer basketball coach at the school connected to my church (but, I’m hardly a religious fanatic).

  70. questioning says:

    Good morning all!
    How is everyone today?

  71. ddubs says:

    lisa, I wasn’t bashing your opinions…just stating an alternate perspective.
    I didn’t even realize it was you who I was disagreeing with.

    Its all good in my opinion.

    I just enjoy the discussion. No hard feelings, please.

  72. lisa says:

    Yikes this early in the morning and I’m being bashed for my opinions again. The friendly atmostphere on this forum has sure changed in the last few hours. I will exit now and move over to saudi arabia

  73. lisa says:

    Sorry ddubs it’s just I am an only child and value peace and quiet. the thought of 7 kids being around from time to time is not something I would want. This guy (like many people on these dating sites) failed to mention this on the first few calls. that would be kind of lilke if a woman forgot to mention that she had gained 50 lbs since her profile picture was taken, not a desirable thing to hear.
    This guy was in the process of losing his home, in trouble with the irs, and obivously had mental issues or why else would he have to have supervised visitation to visit teenage children.
    If one wants to have a large family, that is there business but they need to think about the fact that they might find themselves widowed or divorced and desire to find another spouse or partner and there aren’t that many people out there that would want to take on someone with so many chidren. Also this man was a religious fanantic that didn’t believe in birth control so any woman that he married in the future would probably be expected to have more children, a huge burden for the woman to have a large family and still see most of her husbands income going to his first huge family. He was relatively young (around 38) it’s very possible he could be looking for a younger woman to have more children with.

  74. ddubs says:

    oh, and I’ve also read comments about SD’s who are on here “month after month”.
    well, I may fit that catagory…but, its only because its so difficult to find the right match. in the cases that I have, I will become inactive from the site and allow my membership to lapse, but I’m pretty sure my profile still remains. the longest arrangement I’ve had lasted about 5 months. however, while searching, I am active and meet at least one new potential SB per month, and sometimes more.

    I think the men who try this site are in it for the long haul, whether they are “real” or “fake”…so, I wouldn’t read anything into the fact that someone has been a long time member.

    Also, I think each time an SD renews his membership, he is listed again as a new member.

  75. ddubs says:

    Hey y’all.
    Glad to see everyone chilling out.

    I want to go back to the comments about the guy with seven kids.
    Yes, that’s a lot. Yes, its probably expensive to raise those kids, and if he’s divorced, pay child support our spousal support.

    However, if the guy is still successful beyond all this and has the means to keep his children happy as well as you happy…why does it even matter?

    I would think this is a guy with a big heart who has it all together. Who knows why he’s divorced in the first place? Maybe his wife cheated and left him…

    I don’t have seven kids, but, I was surprised at your reaction to someone with a large family.

  76. AlaskanQT says:

    Good night my SA friends… ((cre8tor)) ((mrsV)) ((Lisa)) I love you all. Ya’ll need to chill out 🙂 I’m glad ya’ll don’t take half of the snide ass remarks that I say with as mych heart… Gosh do we all have PMS cause if so look at teh date for eth sugar party… that’s gonna either be one hefty group of pissy women or one hefty group of ovulating ones… LOL poor men!

    sorry had to make ya’ll laugh!

  77. Gail says:

    Thank you for sharing your story with us. The mood is light. I think everyone went to bed. Good night SA family.

  78. Katelyn says:

    I just had to share this with everybody. I was running on the boardwalk this afternoon, and as I turned around to head home I saw a car in a neighbors driveway that caught my attention. It was a black corvette in back of a nice beach house and the license said “othrwmn”. I had to walk after giggling so hard. I also have a black car similar to a corvette parked at a beach house, but no license plate to identify myself. Some of us are braver than others! I hope that lightens the mood 🙂

  79. Gail says:

    Yes, Easily Amused it does make sense. I actually enjoyed it. Reminded me of my days when I was employed, managing many people. Thanks you for calming me down. We don’t need the moderator…you will do fine!!!

  80. Easily Amused says:

    Thank you Gail for actually trying it out ! It really does make sense !

  81. cre8tor says:

    no Lisa, please see my comment above. I felt Ms V was attacking me and my earning ability in a negative way. Which is unnecessary and hurtful. I know you are struggling and feel for you and wish you the best.

  82. lisa says:

    all I heard was a reference to being able to pay her rent. I can’t pay my rent this month and have to have help. I got a job a few weeks back but with hurricane ike shutting the power off, I have not been able to get started and earn my rent money.

    I ignored a friend’s knock at the door today because I have decided not to be around negative people as it only brings me down in my situation, this blog seems to have become negative too so I will take a vacation from it for awhile.

  83. Much Experience says:

    Ladies, please– claws back in paws!! This hissing is so not pleasant to hear… 🙁 It sounds like we need some mutual apologies in this thread. I mean it, things are out of bounds here..

    “Moderator, where are you…?”

  84. Gail says:

    Did you do the excercise? I did…Easily Amused amused me…LOL

  85. Easily Amused says:

    For several weeks now, I have truly enjoyed reading this blog and enjoyed the viewpoints of a variety of people from across the country.

    I must say though that lately things have taken a turn for the worse.

    Perhaps we should all take a deep breath, stop for a moment and realize that words written here are without the texture of person to person commmunication. Imagine for a moment the words “Yeah sure”. Say that to yourself several times over with different intonations in your voice. Listen to the several different meanings that can be construed from those different tones of voice.

    On this blog we do not have the luxury of the tonality of voice so let’s all just take a deep breath and stop for a second to realize that perhaps each of us is reading things into statements that perhaps the author did not mean!

    One love y’all

  86. cre8tor says:

    Gail: I apologize to you and anyone else that assumed, rightly so, that the comment was directed to you. I was only trying to defend myself against a negative comment from Ms. V. I think it is time I left you all. Things have gotten hurtful and mean. I would rather not spend my time trying to smooth feathers. I wish you all the best in your search for the SD/SB.

  87. cre8tor says:

    Ms V I really don’t know why I seem to get your hot up. I simply made the comment that I am covered for the party. I am sorry that you feel as you do about me. You are free to say whatever you need to say. Go for it.

  88. Gail says:

    At first you seemed pretty genuine when greeting new Sb’s on here. Lately I feel that you have been offending others on the site, by some of the commments you make. Emotions do not show when communicating on e-mail, but your comment regarding “my “discretionary funds” are earned by ahhh hemm…a JOB! Imagine that!” is not nice. How do you think we feel especially when we are not employed but working toward bettering ourselves!!! I am just trying to say, It’s nice to think highly of yourself, but try not to put others people down while doing it.

  89. lisa says:

    I just looked at the party site again and I like the idea that men have to pay so much for a ticket, it will keep those cheapo phone payin men away. lol

    cre8tor I sense a little hostility towards a new member on the forum. Let’s all be courteous to each other on here, no need to fight. I supposed that remark about paying rent was aimed towards me?? Sorry but not all of us have good jobs on here. Some of us have to struggle to survive. I was brought up in a cult like situation and didn’t have the opportunity to go to college, etc. I just got on my own 2 feet 3 years ago and am doing the best I can.

  90. SouthernStrut says:

    Oh honey it is ME, Ms. V. You have a few aliases, I just figured you’d put 1 and 1 together and figure it was me…so, now that that is clear. ..

    The message I sent was no more hateful than yours, and since I have not begun my job, I have free time to amuse myself on the blog. Do you remember your first nasty comment that sparked all of this mess? The one about not judging people and people being free to come and blog without crap, but except for folks who post prejudice, nasty comments about their personal situations……you remember that??

    C, baby you have proven yourself to be not only a miserable person, but a hypocrite as well. Why would you continue to act as you do? I simply mentioned you in a reference to the SA party…not even an invite, but as an individual asset due to your ethnic diversity. And you couldn’t even be decent on NEUTRAL territory! Come on, man! Here’s my flag- I’m giving you a chance to chill out, because in a battle of words, sweetheart_ you will not win.

  91. cre8tor says:

    SouthernStrut: who are you? I don’t know why you feel the need to send hate mail. Did I do something to you? Yes, a job and yes, money that works for me and, unlike some unfortunate people here, a way to pay the rent. What seems to be your problem with that?

  92. SouthernStrut says:

    candy land, huh?

  93. SouthernStrut says:

    My heart is troubled when trying to imagine the type of “job” you have.
    Whatever works for you, though. I’m glad for you 🙂

  94. SouthernGent2 says:

    ChicBaby – I can tell you and I would get along well.

  95. cre8tor says:

    Honey, my “discretionary funds” are earned by ahhh hemm…a JOB! Imagine that! 😮

  96. Ms. V says:

    Ah, the discretionary funds….Well Gail, I gotta tell ya babe- I just cringe at the thought of knowing what someone had to do in order to get the money that they entitle, “discretionary funds” 😉 LOL

    I just don’t like the idea of paying to go and meet a man…no matter how many there are! But, hey- some people set aside funds just for that.

    To each her own!

  97. lisa says:

    about drinking age When I was growing up it was 19 in Texas. So when i turned 19 I was legal, then almost 2 years later they changed it to 21 and for 6 weeks I wasn’t old enough to drink. lol I think they changed it in sept when I was 20 and I didn’t turn 21 for 5 or weeks.

  98. lisa says:

    it usually takes 5 potentials to get one date and several dates to find one worthwhile. My wave has went back out to sea. Or maybe my sugardaddy is laying dead tangled up in seaweed or something. I’ve been hiding out from my friend who has been ringing my phone off the hook and saying she is on her way over. She has been at my door a couple times banging. I care about her feelings and what she is going through but i an tired of hearing what “humberto” did now and having here show me her tracking of him today. I am down now in the sd department and everything else and want to surround myself with positive people that want to have the good stuff in life, not some loser boyfriend who is going nowhere. It would be fun if she wanted to hang out somewhere or go thorough my huge closet, I love clothes! wow that’s news isn’t it. lol Anyway I chose a quiet evening of avoidance and internet interaction over hours of listening to what her idiot boyfriend did today.
    so I will avoid her and focus on being postive and making my world better.

  99. Blondiegirl says:

    Haha i love reading all of your guys posts.. I wish i was 21.. lets have a celebration sugar daddy party for my birthday! or lets bring it here to canada where the drinking age is 19.. silly americans ( I love you all, dont worry) so anyone want to have my birthday party when I turn 21?? vegas sounds fun, but I would also accept new york, florida, california, arizona.. really anywhere warm would work too! Perhaps I will have a sugar daddy by then, yay!…. Lisa how is your wave going? mine is still crashing in, its actually getting a little ridiculous, im having trouble keeping them all straight, I only want one! one sweet handsome gentleman… I made a list today to remember things haha and this is after I have been very picky as well. I havent met any of these ones yet. So we will see if they are as good as they say in emails. ill keep you all posted.

  100. lisa says:

    and stick an extra sugardaddy in a suitcase for me. lol I will pay for the additional checked bag. lol Make sure you pack his wallet and credit cards, too. lol

  101. Gail says:

    Imagine that, a SD with all the international flavors of SBabes. No descrimination there…Sounds like FUN, FUN, FUN! I love the thought.
    I doubt that the SD would be following the SB around…It would seem that he would be the center, and all the ladies vying for his attention along with having the best time ever. Great idea Ms. V!

    I don’t know if I will be attending at this time anyway. I am one of those who “don’t have discretionary funds for this type of event.” But for those of you who already know, “Seek, Find, Conquer!” and have great evening.

  102. lisa says:

    I think this site might be the afterlife for sds as they seem to stay on here month after month. lol As far as verifying a sds income or job, well without they have the certified membership on here, the only way to know is to listen to what they say, get their full name and meet them. Alot of professional men have a Linked in profile which is a site where professionals make contact with others for business and networking. You have to set up a acct for yourself or a suedo account like I did using a fake name and leaving my info blank but then you can view others profiles. I know my last 2 boyfriends had profiles that I found just by googling them and I got to read their education and work info so I knew they were on the level.
    Upon meeting, look at certain things, for example, ugly shoes, old socks, bad nails, bad teeth (no natural defects but bad hygeine and things that any rich man could have and should have had fixed) bad haircuts, using a cheap cell phone and mentioning he had so many minutes he could use without going over, buying the cheap seats at the ballgame because “they are really the best” when anyone knows they aren’t, but he might be cheap or not able to afford them (fake).
    He might want to keep his personal life private, esp. if he is married but there should be signs of his profession, constant business calls, knowledge of various topics, enough to let you know he isn’t sweeping floors at walmart. lol Also if he takes you shopping and gears you towards clearance, watch out. Clearance is fun to shop when you’re alone spending your own money, but a sugardaddy should buy you full price items with no regards to price.

  103. Ms. V says:

    Berri got the right idea… It usually does take a bit of brainpower to understand me. 🙂

  104. JetSetBaby says:

    DDubs- I totally agree with you on many points.. The first thing i thought when i heard that a SD could cponsor me.. Hmmm EWWW!!! haha. Doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose? The last thing i want is one guy who could potentially annoy me to death to follow me around all weekend just because he “got me in the door” Hmmm… No Thanks.. $150 really isn’t that much if you take into consideration the contacts you will meet at the party. And you’ll be able to get past the people who only send pictures that were taken 10 years ago or 50 lbs lighter than they are now! Yuck! Sorry, if i’m going to Vegas, i’m going to have a good time not to have someone follow me around like a lost puppy! It’ll also be nice to weed out some of the BSers from the guys that mean business. I’m sure there wont be TOO many BSers at the party, cause that means they have to actually foot the bill to get their own butt to Vegas.. So small price to pay to potentially get some great contacts. Meet some people in person, see if theres chemistry and if there isn’t. No big deal. You don’t have to spend the rest of the weekend in a strange city with a lunatic! haha! Since i heard about the party, i’ve been basically telling anyone that contacts me that i don’t plan on traveling to meet anyone at the time and if they’re interested in meeting than they should attend the party. I should find out a lot about my prospects by those who actually do show up! And for some reason i have a feeling theres going to be plenty of fun gambling, champange, shopping and dancing till the sun comes up all weekend.. Did i mention Champange? Haha

    Also bellababydoll- I think you’re new to the site but you’ll start to notice this site has more serial BSers than guys taht are serious. I had gosh probably 50 new contacts a day when i first signed up and i was like “Oh wow, i’ll find my SD right away” I thought i may as well just close my eyes and pick. Or the one that seemed the sweetest. But unfortunately that is notr the case. The guys don’t need to prove they’re serious, or heck that they even have more than $20 to their name to join the site.. Though that would be a great feature! I saw another site like that and they also verified identity on girls and guys through showing your ID. I thought it was a great idea but i didn’t like the site too much other than that.

    But i feel you only have once chance to make a first impression. So why would you meet at Chilis? Hmm.. We used to go there after high school football games. Ewww.. Maybe a classy martini bar at the most but come on? I’d suggest a nicer place and ask if he wouldn’t mind coming your way at least for your first meeting! And DON’T go to some hotel room with him! Some guys are such creepos!

  105. bellababydoll says:

    i agree lisa, I wouldnt want to be with a sd, man or bf with seven kids. thats just a bit much for me. I would understand a few but that is quite a bit. thanks lisa and chicbaby for the encourgemant. he wrote me back and told me that 95% of people are full of shit on this site and that if i would have asked him for 40 for gas he would have given it to me, which doesnt fill up my tank at all, my tank is about 80 to fill and then he just started ranting so i just stopped reading.. i had another potential sd contact me, i would have been his first sb, but he kept saying he wanted to move fast and when i asked him to clarify he would change the subject, i told him i wanted my sd to seduce me, to need me like air, and he just didnt get it. it just sucks, i dont expect to find someone over night, i know it can take months. does anyone know how you can verify what an sd makes or what his job is?

  106. lisa says:

    i have cancelled many dates (on other sites ) because something just didn’t feel right. Like I had one guy who had a very american name but appeared to be middle eastern. His face and his spelling just didn’t fit the name and education. Made me wonder if it was one of those scams.
    I talked to another guy on a site that was vague in his profile. After talking to him I found out he had 7 kids under 18 and one that had died 10 years ago and he still seemed obsessed with that child and talked about it all the time (the child was a baby when it passed). He also told me that he was only allowed to see his kids with court appointed supervision because of his crazy ex. This made me turn the other way, gee he can’t even see his children whom where mostly teens without supervision. red flag. Ipolitely declined and said honestly that I was not looking to enter a serious relationship with a man with so many children, as i only have one. He wrote me back in all caps and said i was crazy and that he was going to report me to the authorities. He then called me several times over the months telling me he was glad he hadn’t met me and that I needed help and was of satan (he was a real religous fanantic and said I would go to hell for working on sundays (although I had to work on sundays because I have to make a living) and he told me he had met a woman who was wonderful and was thrilled that he had 7 children. And that i was the loser.
    A woman (she would have to be a saint)might accept a man with all those children (they didn’t live with him but imagine how much he is paying in child support and spousal support) but I don’t actually think that any young woman would be thrilled that a guy had 7 kids.

  107. ChicBaby says:

    bellababydoll – I once was supposed to meet a man, and had to cancel. He wouldn’t tell me even his first name, or send a picture to ‘protect his privacy,’ and then joked about how it would be funny to get there early so he can watch me while I try to figure out who he is. I understand protecting your privacy, but at least give me a first name! So I canceled.
    He sent me a scathing email, the focus of which was that I clearly was too immature for this sort of relationship and should go back to f-ing random frat guys. I decided not to respond, as I thought it was below me. He sent me another email a couple days later saying that he took my lack of response as agreement to his comments.

    Don’t worry, there are good SDs out there!! Just take your time, and trust your instincts!!

  108. lisa says:

    sounds like he is a flake, glad you didnt’ waste your time with him, he has no class. Any man who would go off on a woman for something some small is a nutcase, after all this is seeking arrangment , a sugardaddy website, not some cheapo website where people are looking to get laid

  109. bellababydoll says:

    so i told the potential sd that something wasnt right and giving me 25 for gas wasnt acceptable and i wouldnt even go to chilis with my friends. and i told him thank u for the interest but something isnt right. and i told him good luck on his search.. he sent me this crazy message telling me how im judgemental and we wouldnt be a good match because im immature and that im full of shit asking for 500 when i see him.. i never said anything relatively close and i didnt ask for a dollar amount. he just went nutso.. does this happen often? i figured he would have been a bit dissapointed but at least respected that i let him know that i didnt want to make plans with him.

  110. moderater says:


    YES – Sugar Daddies who want their own suite(s) can pick from the VIP packages, which include hotel suites, VIP tables, bottle service, etc.

    There won’t be a ‘sleepover’ at the event after all. We found that most Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies would rather be able to make their own arrangements after the shindig ends, whether that means going up to a VIP suite alone, or with a group, the decision is up to the sugar daddy and the sugar babies.

  111. lisa says:

    that would be ok if the guy took time before trying to get intimate. It seems so many of the guys on this site put too much about sex in their profile and lack class. I have came across some that are into some depraved sexual practices that would not make any woman feel like a princess or a sugarbaby. Alot of these guys just want to get sexual right away so there is no time to get past the physical and develope a fondness for them that is beyond what they look like. sorry if i’m babbling. lol just now having my coffee. I am out of brewing coffee and am having to use all this instant coffee I have had forever. I always make it too strong

  112. Ebonyprincess says:

    I don’t think when u first meet an overweight guy u think physical attraction but sometimes when u get to know the person, u form a bond and you don’t just see the pyhsical when u look at that person….i have a sd of sorts who is overweight he is kinda shy and incedible sweet. i met him when i used work front desk at a resort, every trip he would bring me gifts and was always really sweet, now i meet him in Boston 3 times a year….and if i need something in between he’ll get it for me…but I need a a bigger allowance which is why i’m looking for a sugar daddy

  113. lisa says:

    i have the same trouble with my typing. lol my desktop won’t load windows anymore and I can’t find any nice man to get my computer fixed for me so I have to use this laptop which I hate. It’s very uncomfortable to type on.
    I’m sitting here bored stiff waiting for something good to happen. I am supposed to have orientation for work on thursday sometime but the hiring person hasn’t called back yet and I need my other friend to stop by and give me rent aid. I hope he comes this week because he is married (I did have an affair with him for several years) so he cant just stop by anytime but I am running out of time here. I hope to start working next week and might not be home to meet him. I wouldn’t want him stopping by the store because I have to wear a hideous shirt that is several sizes too big for me and I am going to look like a loser instead of my sexy self. lol

  114. questioning says:


  115. questioning says:

    I tend to agree with you there too Lisa.
    Too bad we don’t live closer to each other, I would suggest we get toghter for lunch. 🙂

  116. lisa says:

    I agree there are those people that we meet and get to know and after a while we might find ourselves attracted to them but when you start out like on this site, it’s hard to look at the person and know that he expects you to be intimate with him in the very near future. When it starts out with physical expectations, it’s a very uncomfortable feeling. It’s kind of like the guys on here that blow us off because we are too old or they dont like the way we spoke over the telephone, they might end up liking us too if they gave us a little time. There was a guy on this site in my city and not far from where I lived (he lived on the good side though) and he was attractive and seemed like a nice guy). However he isisted on talking on the phone almost immediately and I guess he didn’t like the way I talked because he quickly ended the conversation and made up something about having to go out of town for weeks that very afternoon. He was on the site every day after that though. I find it difficult to have a lot to say to a complete stranger on the phone sometimes as there really isn’t alot to talk about and why not meet in person rather than judge someone on how they express themselves over the phone. I personally hate talking alot on the phone. And sometimes these “gentlemen” will start talking about me wearing lingerie or what I like sexually, and well, lets’ say that ends the conversation for me.

  117. questioning says:

    Let me make myself understood as well.
    I had a SD for many years (about 10), he was very over weight. I had a really hard time at first being intimate with him. After a while I actually fell in love with him and it no longer bothered me. I was able to see the inside instead of the outside.
    However it is hard to start off and be attracted to someone over weight, or who smokes a lot or drinks heavily with an attitude to go with the drinking, etc, etc…
    To each her own or his own.

  118. lisa says:

    I could be friends with an overweight guy and a companion but I am afraid being intimate would be a alittle too much, especially with these guys that want to get together several times a week. I prefer to see a guy a few times a month, not a few times a week. If he was just so much fun that I absolutely loved being with him, it would be ok but to give up all my free time to any relationship that wasn’t serious and long term would keep me from maybe meeting mr right. another one is smokers. I have many friends that smoke and I really don’t have any problem being around smokers but I had a sd that was a smoker and I hated it when he kissed me, his breath made me feel sick.
    But you are right candy land, at this time I would settle for any nice man who would help me but I still couldn’t see myself spending ALL my free time satisfying his needs.

  119. bellababydoll says:

    DDUBS- thanks for answering its my first time on a blog. I definately see where your coming from. I am willing to travel because the area I live in doesnt have nice places to eat, I would say the “classy” place is olive garden, at least around here. He is the only one trying to be discreet and I am only driving about 30 minutes away from my home, and he is about 3hrs from his. I do agree that we should meet where I live, especially if going somewhere like chilis.. why drive out of my way for that? Okay well thank you again for the feedback

  120. candy land says:

    but Lisa, what if an overweight man came along and offered to take care of all your bills and be the SD you seem to need so much? How could you say no? most older SD’s seem to be a bit out of shape, let’s say. but how much should that matter if he’s taking care of things you cannot? for me, if he’s fun and nice and treats me well, I don’t care

  121. questioning says:

    I totally agree Lisa!
    Over weight = turn off!

  122. cre8tor says:

    stephan: do you all have rooms available at the Palms for attendees that will not be doing your special PJ party? Or, are we on our own?

  123. lisa says:

    I was checking out the sds in my state again. Too many of them are overweight. That doesn’t matter if you are just going to go out places , etc but for the physical, I would have an issue with that. I have to be attracted to the man. I am also a small woman and weigh about 100 lbs . I don’t want some big guy. I like them tall and slim but height really isn’t an issue since i’m only 5’1″ but if they are obese, it’s just a turn off.

  124. Berri says:

    Damn, my typing is all over the map.
    *Just be clear on expectations
    *I HAVE long, strawberry……
    I am multi-tasking as I work from home. I better go double check my presentation notes….I will be in the middle of marketing strategies and say….I can’t wait for the Sugar Party and woohoo, will I be looking for Mr Sexxi>…LMAO. Could you imagine!

  125. Berri says:

    Hey girls! I am definitely going to the party and I agree with cre8tor…not unreasonable for this type of event. Plus, think of it as an investment. Actually, can I write it off on my taxes as a business expense. Lol.
    ddubs~ I think a sponser and a date are two different things, although, if he paid for my ticket, I would certainly be hanging out with him throughout the evening, as I mingle. But, once again, I would be very communication both of our expectations BEFORE he purchased the tix.
    Ms V~ I am German and English. I long, strawberry-blond (red) hair so I would be a nice addition to the mix of ladies. More white in the winter than the summer, if ya know what I mean. Lol.
    Stephan~ Are you the moderator and are there different moderators for each blog? Just curious. Where have you been?? I was wondering if the VIP tables, bottles packages are just for the Sd’s to purchase? Can I purchase one, if I want? And if so, what are the “other amenities”? I know lapdances where mentioned…will I get one from a Sd…or even better, the “moderator”…..where’s my sugar? muah!

  126. questioning says:

    I know what you mean.
    I actually have dropped friends over that same thing. I know that sounds bad, because what kind of friend does that make us, but once they realize (after getting rid of him) what they were putting you through then they usually come back around and understand what happened.

    I know what you mean about the site. I have been on here about a month and a half now, but I have only talked to this one man, and thank goodness he seems like the only one I needed to talk to for now. I hope he doesn’t disappoint me.

  127. lisa says:

    he is a real loser, illegal, works day labor, drinks alot, cheats, is possesive (gets mad if she is talking to me on phone when he stops by) etc, etc. He is also fat and nothing to look at. I could understand if he was so hot looking guy, but that kind can be found anywhere. Heck I can get lots of those types if I walk down my street past the places where the day labor drop site are. I am bored hearing about it over and over and really want to drop her as a friend because of it. she won’t give me a chance to talk about anything anymore , she just keeps saying “wait, let me finish telling you about “humberto”, etc etc,
    I like classy men with something to offer, not interested in hearing about some low life loser. lol

  128. questioning says:

    You know, I have never understood a woman getting hung up on a man so much younger than she. However when the older ladies do get hung up on a younger man, they can’t seem to let the go. They will obsess over that young man forever. They don’t realize that most likely that young man isn’t a man at all, but still experiencing childhood while being a little older. He is still sewing plenty of wild oats, in fact probably every oat he can get.

  129. lisa says:

    my phone bill is 800 dollars and I need 200 dollars for laundry (washers just went up at laundry mat) lol

  130. lisa says:

    If my friend wanted to come over and watch a movie or go hang at the mall, that would be fine but all she wants to do is sit around all day talking about that stupid loser she has wasted 3 years with and emptying her purse all over my living room floor to show me all the post it notes she keeps with his every move on. What time he entered this place, what time he left. I mean she knows he’s cheating, he has moved out on here and is living with someone else and has a pregnant girlfriend she needs to get a life and find another bum. The type she likes can be found in any cheap bar. On top of that she is in her 50’s and the guy is late 20’s I think so it’s natural that he would want someone his age to have a family with.
    sugardaddy oh sugardaddy where could you be. Just checked again, these guys are going to mold pretty soon if they aren’t replaced with new members. lol

  131. questioning says:

    Oh wow, in that case my phone bill just went from $50 a month to at least $550.00 a month. LOL 🙂

  132. questioning says:

    I know exactly what you mean Lisa. I have had those times.

    Keep you chin up girl, and remember:
    The Sun has to come back out sometime.

  133. lisa says:

    best of luck to you on your next sd meeting. but I bet you really want to trade him for whats behind curtain #3 after all he will pay your phone bill lol

  134. lisa says:

    well you can have him with my blessings. lol He is also the one that stood me up twice and insisted he was there and saw a woman sitting there. I asked him what the woman was wearing and he didn’t remember. I was wearing a bright pink sweater dress so how could he forget. Anyway I wasted alot of time talking to him and didn’t find out till a few weeks what he had to offer. wow, what a catch. lol
    I just checked my state, same old stuff, same guys renewing over and over. On top of that I need to hear from 4 people, the hiring manager, my religous friend, a potential sd offer, and another friend that might help me, INSTEAD I have heard nothing from anyone except bill colletors calling nonstop, that friend of mine that i am trying to avoid that wants to come over and talk all day about her loser boyfriend (she needs to dump him or shut up about it), and that guy that lives in my apartment complex that keeps coming to my door late at night wanting to visit. He gave me 20 dollars for groceries last week as a friend (?) and seems to think he can come over to my place now. so i’m hearing from the people i don’t want to hear from and not a word from the ones i need to hear from.

  135. questioning says:

    Oh dear lord!
    Let’s not knocking each other over trying to get to that one girls! LOL

    The one I am currently talking to is offering a monthly allowance and a *bonus each time we see each other.
    I can hardly wait to meet him.

  136. lisa says:

    when I first joined this site, a guy contacted me and we discussed what we were looking for. Well he expected to see me 2 or 3 times a week. I told him I needed help with bills. He wanted to know which bill I needed him to pay, telephone or cable bill? lol I couldn’t believe he expected to see someone so often and was only willing to shell out 40 or 50 dollars for bills. He is still on this site too, don’t fight over him ladies, lol

  137. questioning says:

    bellababydoll, forget this guy!
    He isn’t worth your time. If he isn’t willing to come all the way to you or provide you with something more attractive, he is not worth it.
    $25 in gas? what is that, MAYBE a half a tank? And he is supposed to give you an allowance monthly? I don’t think so, if he can’t afford awhole freakin tank of gas and a great meal he needs to step elsewhere.

  138. lisa says:

    I agree with ddubs, if they guy won’t come to you, don’t bother. what if he expects you to drive to meet him halfway all the time? What if he wants to check into some cheap motel since neighther of you are near your homes? I don’t have the resources to travel anywhere but live in a large city with airports, hotels, etc so any potential sd would have no problems with accomdations and traveling to my city.
    Chilis wouldn’t be a problem for a first meeting as I happen to like it and I would prefer a more casual first meeting. Lunch or dinner and some shopping, entertainment, or financial gift would be sufficient. After all who can really eat on a first date anyway. lol I am usually way too nervous to enjoy my meal.
    Answering Ms. V I am white but my ex husband was middle eastern so I have a middle eastern last name and it confuses alot of people when they see my name and the person it matches. lol

  139. cre8tor says:

    bellababydoll: ddubs is right. check out the next post…”sugardaddies please stand up”. Great advice. And ddubs, glad to have you continue to hang w/us ladies. I understand the dilemma of the sponsor issue. Although the price of the ticket for the SB’s is extremely reasonable given the event, most ladies are here because they don’t have discretionary funds for this type of event. In any case, thanks Ms V, I think I got it covered.

  140. moderater says:

    ddubs: *hands ddubs the 5 post in a row award*

    Hi, you do not have to be a member of the site (SeekingArrangement.com) to attend the event. There are also several different VIP packages available that include tables, bottle service and other amenities. Check it out by visiting the site here, or feel free to ask any questions, well, Here 😉 😀

  141. ddubs says:

    okay make it five…lol.

    quick question –
    do you have to be a member of the site to attend the event?

    I have a few guy friends who could fit the SD catagory but aren’t members here. I’m thinking if I tell them about the nature of the event, they’ll sure be interested in going.

  142. ddubs says:

    hey, that’s three posts in a row for me. A new record.

    ooops….better make it four.

  143. ddubs says:

    Hey Ladies…
    I understand the “sponsor” appeal to you…and I can see how bringing a “date” to this event could be fun.
    However, doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose?
    Isn’t the party meant to be a chance to mix and mingle with multiple potential SBs or SDs?
    You know, basically take this website and bring it to life?

    I’m hoping I can work it out despite the 3,000 mile distance. It just seems to me that it would be more fun to meet my special someone right there at the party.

    Is this what most people plan to do? Or, are most people planning on bringing a date? Or, is a “sponsor” and a “date” two different things?

    Lemme know what y’all are thinkin’… : )

  144. ddubs says:

    Chilli’s and an offer of $25 for gas?
    From even a guy’s perspective, that’s not too cool.

    I really think you should make him come to you, and take you out someplace nicer.
    Sounds like he’s about a 3 to 4 hour drive away from you. I’ve made a similar type of trip…into the potential SB’s hometown…on more than one occasion.

    Some other have mentioned this, but since you’re new, it bears repeating.

    If the guy won’t step-up on a first meeting, there’s a pretty good chance he never will.

    And, please…take this from a guy who truly believes in getting to know his potential SB before the arrangement is worked out. At least I ALWAYS treat her with respect, dignity, and class. I want her to genuinely like me, and will always put my best foot forward right from the very beginning.

  145. ddubs says:

    BT –
    maybe lobby for the next one to be held in Canada. The drinking age is only 19 there!
    and, since this is an anonymous thread…there are always fake ID’s, right?

  146. bellababydoll says:

    hey everyone, well I just joined this site and I am meeting with a potential SD this week for lunch, however the places he offered turned me completly off. places such as red robin, chilis, etc. i dont know if he is doing it to see if i appreciate normal things or if he is just cheap. I am nervous what to talk about with him. I dont want my 1st sentence to be, how much are you willing to give me. I just really dont know how to approach it tactfully, maybe I should wait until after lunch and discuss. we are meeting halfway and he said he would give me 25$ for gas, but i have money in case that doesnt pan out.

  147. Ms. V says:

    Considering trying to WIN a ticket….but my pics either make me look too old or way too young…rather like I’m TRYING to look too young LOL!!

    Caligirl and I were discussing this “rainbow coalition” idea…. She is Philippino, I am German & Black, and Cre8tor is White (?) Berri…Lisa…BostonTerrier… ALL LADIES…….that is a mighty fine variety of arm candy, if I do say so myself 😉

    Any sponsors? Gentlemen? It might cost you a grip of cash, but what better way to ensure that everyone enjoys themselves and that YOU have the privelege of making such a fabulous entrance and exit??

    think on it.

  148. lisa says:

    I won’t be attending either. Can’t afford to travel.

  149. bostonTerrier says:

    sadly i won’t be attending … thanks in part to the age requirement

  150. yael says:

    All I need is a sponsor!!!! OH woe is me!!! where are the SDs to take me?!!!!

  151. AlaskanQT says:

    LOL I have to say I’m loving my moment in the spotlight. Now I just have to get a friend to buy my ticket. The one I have said he woudl but he can’t go at that time and refuses to buy me a ticket to befriend other men… LMAO I wonder why 🙂

  152. cre8tor says:

    look at what we did guys! what a great sugar family. Hope to meet you all there.