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The Economy and Sugar Babies


The Climate Change of Love & Money

The current economic crisis and political upheaval may have all the attention right now, but government isn’t the only thing facing inevitable change…

The way people view arranged relationships is taking an unexpected (to some) 180 degree turn. Sugar Daddy dating has shown that now, more than ever, people are ready to ‘Get Real’ when it comes to money and intimacy (physical and non-physical). Think of it as another layer to the all around change our world is going through right now.

A Sugar Daddy wrote to customer support this morning about a Sugar Baby experience he had. He said that he  continues to meet great girls on the site, but he noted sadly, that many of the girls are “scarred about the way the economy is going…” “I feel like there’s a heightened sense of desperation lately…”

Have any Sugar Daddies felt sorry for a Sugar Baby’s financial troubles, and offered to support her needs even if there was no direct benefit?

Do any Sugar Babies feel an increased need to make an arrangement due to the worsening economy? Do any Sugar Babies plan to use an arrangement to help them overcome an urgent or expensive financial road-block; like paying for college?

They say that when the economy suffers, the rich party harder… let’s see about that 😉 (sugarexclusive.com)

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46 Responses to “The Economy and Sugar Babies”

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  7. Ms. V says:

    hey Lisa- but on your superwoman cape and find a ladder to climb at that job, girl!! As for the bum/sd thing…maybe we should be bit*hes and play hard to get…maybe that will help. LOL

    I can’t get an SD here, either, though I did take the volunteer thing with hubby’s bossman. good thing they’re leaving soon.
    plus, I got an actual j.o.b…2 to choose from. 1=being happy with my work, #2=honing biz skills…we’ll see.

    should be going back 2 where I came from for a few weeks…J-ville, maybe run-in with the old SD..that could be dangerous for my return to Cali! umm that man makes me break my own rules.

  8. lisa says:

    Hi everyone

    I start my new job tomorrow, kind of not looking forward to it though, new jobs are scary and it is big step down from my last job. Ms. V it took me forever to get this job and its a lowly job at that. I had to pass a drug test, background check and my stupid ex employer of 7+ years have never heard of me- even though she is the one thata helped fire me. That guy that lives at my apartments was trying to get my phone number today. I tried to avoid him and I was wiht my mom at the time and he just acts like she isn’t there. anyway he lives where I live, no car, no money, no chance with me. lol I must have something that attracts these guys so why can’t I attract a sugardaddy?

  9. Ms. V says:

    cannot believe I have to have security clearance…that’s why there were so many pages

  10. Ms. V says:

    good morning! yeah, I’m alright. in a contemplative mood.
    money’s acting funny, deciding what todo about it short-term. you know me- hustle harder, or let it be.

    ooh Cali- I forgot to tell you! My physical is on Monday- along with my babies 1st day at daycare- but hubby’s off for the week…..sigh…
    less than 2 weeks to get it all together.

    hope all’s well on SA today

  11. lisa says:

    I just read the line added to this thread “2 sugarbabies for every sugardaddy” those odds don’t sound good, half the sugarbabies that attend will leave with a sugardaddy.

  12. Gail says:

    Ms. V,
    Thats what you get for rolling your hips this way and that…shifting the baby from left to right. Are you gonna be okay? I just don’t want you to laugh yourself to death. Need spunky, spicy, edible golden thighed (LOL) SBs on here. “Golden thighed?” made me think. My thighs are edible carmel, and my lips are lucious pink. Good morning Sunshine!!! Chat with you later!

  13. Ms. V says:

    This guy asked me earlier about what I liked to do for fun. I said I like to shoot pool and have Blockbuster nights..he asks me to come for a ride on his Harley (the Indian is better, but whatever)…NOW, this could have been a lovely escape fro the perpetual wait at Goodyear…and I could have shown off these edible golden thighs of mine on the back of his gold and white hogg, but NOOOO, not V. My dumb ass stood there with my hand on my hip, asking him if he expected me to strap the carsest onto the back of the bike or what?? ” oh, I need a vacation.

  14. Ms. V says:

    I just adore you, Caligirl- thanks for accepting my fire as it is! it’s hard to be like me and remember that so many other people are still going through the motions, playing the game…maybe I shouldn’t even be on this site, what with thoughts of striking an arrangement like this: “Hi, yeah you’re gorgeous, too…hmm so, what are you thinking in terms of an allowance or one time large gifts? Uh huh, so the first is good for me…what are you looking for? Yeah, yeah- write it down on this paper so I can make sure I cross everything off of the list on our meeting. Oh, okay, you like 6 inch heels? I need money for “props” up front, papa. Yeah, AmEx is fine- call and put me on as a user…okay. So, are we gonna fuck or what?…..
    LMMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m over here suffocating from laughter, cuz even though it might not go exactly like that, it will sure as hell be close. I’m too old for this shit. LOLLOLOLOLOL

  15. dreamer says:

    Wow, Lisa, congrats on your job! I was laid off today, but Im trying to stay on my feet and stay positive.

    This is the first time I have been on the blog on a PC, it is really different from doing it on my phone. A little more fun too. Now I see why you guys write such long messages.

    I don’t know why, but I am not really excited about the sugar party.. Can’t get myself motivated about it. I’m quite afraid of powerful men wishing to hide their identities being in one area together. Talk about huge ego trip…

  16. lisa says:

    Hi everyone, looks like our comments are getting delayed. I was having sd blog withdrawal here. 😆 My family is headed over to vist and they just got thier electric back on after two weeks.
    I just modified my profile and took out anything that made me sound negative or needy although I didnt’ see my profile that way but with only 2 responses that were both junk in the past week, i decided to try to fix it and shorten my paragaphs. Let’s see what happens. I am off on thursday and friday of next week and hope to be able to meet someone new one of those days. Plenty of time to connect and get to know one over the next week. I start work sunday but will be working days this week so evenings will be free.

    questioning: good luck with your sd. Never know about some of them. I talked to one guy from out of state for over a month and he kept making excuses not to drive over to see me (only about 200 miles) and his membership has now expired so I guess he has no intention of doing the sd thing.

  17. Caligirl says:

    Yes, Ms.V you have been spicy…LOL…but I love your fire:) It takes you to talk about the unmentionable..(smile) like….well-endowed…LOL again

  18. questioning says:

    Man, Lisa where have you been? I missed you!
    Congratulations on the job. If the other company contacts that one will your pay be adjusted? I would check sweetie!
    Guess what….I heard from my potential SD last night. I am still wondering about the interest level though.

    Hi everyone!!!! Have a great Friday!

    Thanks Gail!

  19. Ms. V says:

    hmm. I suppose closing the “great divide’ between the 1st and 15th is a motivating factor in seeking an arrangement. Initially, I had a set of criterion I wished to meet, and I was looking for nothing other than an adorable, well-endowed, partner in crime to barter with…but, now, I am thisclose to crossing off a couple of the items on my list, so, my perspective has changed a bit.

    recently, you all have gotten a nice glimpse of my “fire & spice”…I think it may be time to sprinkle a little sugar on the site…;-)
    …and maybe figure out how to take a decent picture of myself!

  20. JetSetBaby says:

    Lisa- Congrats on the job. That sucks your old job isn’t being very helpful with a reference and being a stocker doesn’t sound fun. But I’m sure you’ll be great and they’ll move you right up in no time! Keep your head up. Things can only go south for so long before they start looking up. God would never give you anything on your plate that he didn’t know you could handle!

    also, don’t you hate cut and paste messages? I get “intro” copy paste messages from guys several times. I like making them feel like idiots by saying.. Oh thanks but didn’t you already contact me? Yes as a matter of fact you said the same thing.. WORD FOR WORD!!

  21. cre8tor says:

    nycblondiebay- I agree and loudly! I recently had an experience that could have been almost dangerous if I had not listened to that little voice.

  22. lisa says:

    the us service is not the best for a large city but at least it exists. I would love to have a car but would not want to sacrifice everything to have one. what fun would it be to have a car and no shopping money? lol I live blocks from the mall (I can actually see the top of it from my street so it’s close) if I have to I can walk to work when it gets cooler as it is only a mile done the street.
    I do need a sugardaddy though so I can have some perks in life. I never go to the salon and yes I do my own color and haven’t had a haircut in 2 years but my hair is sooo slow to grow. I do consider the salon a luxury though whereas the right face cream and makeup are needs.

    sometimes I wish I had my daughter’s genes. She is gorgeous, a mixture of white and pakistani. she has a good medium complextion, beautiful eyes, great hair, her dad’s butt (barely there), and full lips like she had lip injections but it’s natural. She is 17 and she could do well as a sugarbaby when she gets of age but my mom has destroyed her through here influence and she just goes around talking against sex and relationships. I want her to make the right decisions but not to waste her youth on being a prude like I did. lol

  23. nycblondiebay says:

    If you have any doubts about meeting someone, listen to your intuition!

  24. Gail says:

    Good afternoon everyone,
    It’s a beautiful day! It’s nice to see our cyles have ended…for now anyway.LOL!!!’

    Dreamer, Blondiegirl: I feel SD dating can be for everyone. I really don’t think the SB’s on the blog, that are struggling look to depend on their SDs forever. In life you will find that you will not always be on top in your career. I have climbed the corporate ladder, and have been layed off, and had to climb it all over again. SD dating has both enhanced and helped me in my day to day life. I think that whatever reason you are
    here, you make it your experience, regardless what others might think. So I respect your thoughts, and I am definately going to enjoy my experiences.

    The SDs finally came around and answered your questions. What powerful words of wisdom. Sorry to hear that your SD didnot follow thru, just add him to Lisa’s pile and wish him away. Your SD will come.

    Welcome…you are right I have been waiting longer to get my hair colored and trimmed. Time to use my giftcard that I recently got. Never chase a man just for money, you need both money and gifts!! LOL
    I had fun emailing with a SD. He told me upfront that we would never meet. He was a person that believed that it was his duty to make sure that there was no stress in my life. He said if we lived closer he would do all my housework for me, while I sat on the couch and ate Bon-Bons. LOL. He also asked that I e-mail him a list of my bills and he would pay all of them. He didn’t want me to stress over them. Well sweetie, he did pay all of them. I loved the experience.

    Sometimes I wish I didnot have a car. It takes over $80.00 to fill the tank, $10.00 a week to wash it, $150.00 for car registration, $114.00 per month for car insurance, and the car payment close to $500.00. So I am evnvious of you. I wish I could live in the city. I would ride the bus. And I agree, definately need the internet.

  25. lisa says:

    and I jsut read in my employee handbook that I have to wait a year to get holiday pay. If I am off on a holiday I don’t get paid and if I have to work on thanksgiving, christmas, easter, etc I only get 50 cents more per hour. After a year I will get time and one forth. My last jobs always paid time and a half. so by working on christmas I will get an extra 50 cents an hour, wow not meaning to complain but i can’t help but be a little dissapointed in that.

  26. lisa says:

    Hi everyone. I have been at my job orientation and then on to run errands. I will start work on sunday. It will be good to have a paycheck again and the schedule they gave me for this next week is good, 3 days off, working days and weekends, no nights this week.
    But there are issues that kind of sour the situation. first they couldn’t get employment from one of my previous employers that i worked for 8 years. the called the store but the hr person would not give them any info, I am going to have to call and bitch her out for that. As a result the pay amount has dropped down. this pisses me off as I have 1o years experience but only getting credit for 2 years. Also I didn’t get the checker job, I got the stocking job which means lots of lifting (i weigh 1oo lbs so I can’t life alot. And we do not have workers comp. Texas sucks for workers. If I get hurt on the job, I get nothing, I had to sign a paper today about that. And I didn’t get my 6 hour check for the trianing I did 2 weeks ago, I won’t get it along with the pay for the 2 hours I attended today until next paycheck. :( But I do have a job now, I just need a sd to fill in the empty spaces that my job lacks.
    I did get another response to my ad today but it was another out of state guy (way out of state) and he sent me a copy and paste message and when I wrote back , he answered with another copy and paste message. Can’t find anything out about him so I will not waste my time playing email with him.
    questioning: sorry to hear about your sd, sounds like another winner. i get so many of those. But remember to always save them to your favorites and you can see if they have logged on.

  27. Blondiegirl says:

    I agree with you all.. I think you need to be able to be a independant person and not rely on your sugar daddy. I would use him for the extra pampering in life, this that I would not spend on myself since I have better things like saving it for later incase something goes wrong and for tuition and such. I am overly careful with money and never splurge. It really isnt the allowance I get excited about, it is the extra things like presents and prepaid spa visits, shopping! yay. things i would never spend my own money on. That is what gets me the most excited when the man is going to be my sugar daddy.

  28. questioning says:

    Welcome aboard kk

  29. kkatgirl says:

    OOP’s didn’t mean to post two of basically the same blog! Thought the first one didn’t go through, I’m new to this blog thing!

  30. ChicBaby says:

    Isspyce – I’m not one to have long email conversations. Once we get the basics out of the way, why not meet? Normally that means that they really have no plans to meet.

  31. kkatgirl says:

    I am a single mother of two boys. I am also a hairstylist. I feel the sinking economy probably more than most. At the same time I am thankful I still have a job and a great clientele, however my clients are going longer between appointments, doing home color jobs( which is fine because I get to fix em hehe)
    and some are going to someone cheaper. Ugh. So yes, it is very discouraging but I would never chase a SD based on money. I want a true connection and not have to worry about them wanting to meet my boys..

  32. kkatgirl says:

    As a single mother of two and working as a hairstylist I am being hit really hard by the economy. What do people always cut first? They start with non-necessities and that’s where I come in. I have clients who normally come in every 4 weeks now going 8! Luckily my boys like Ramen noodles;-p But anyway, I definitely did not get in this to just make ends meet! I wanted the excitement, the special treatment of someone I can be myself with and keep it away from my boys. The extra cash is nice but I would never get into an arrangement where I don’t feel really good about my SD. I consider this dating with benefits!

  33. questioning says:

    where is everyone at today? I am getting no conversation on here. Where’s my girls at?

  34. Isspyce says:

    have been in contact with a potential SD daddy who doesn’t seem to want to make firm plans to meet but want us have ” fun” via emails, I have no desire to waste my time doing “fun” with him to have him disappaer on me…thoughts everyone?

  35. Isspyce says:

    I have been in contact with a potential SD daddy who doesn’t seem to want to make firm plans to meet but want us have ” fun” via emails, I have no desire to waste my time doing cyber with him to have him disappaer on me…thoughts?

  36. Marti says:

    I had a guy offer to fly me to London but wouldn’t give me any personal info about himself. He said he wanted the meeting to be sort of a mystery! The trip sounded really fun but I was nervous about the whole deal. He turned out to want some sexual things that I just don’t do. from that, i always have them come to me.

  37. dreamer says:

    I don’t think sugar dating is for anyone who is not halfway on their feet already. No offense to anyone in desperate need, I’ve been there, but the thought of needing the money from a sd to live on takes away from the whole expirence. Many times, even just reading this blog I see some people write about sd’s like they are money bags or sex toys, when everyone needs to remember at all times, that no matter how fun or crazy this expirence may get, sd’s are still people. They are human, they mess up, they get insecure and lonely. Just because they have money doesn’t mean they are perfect. I don’t mean to rant. This is just how I feel about the situation. I know I’m not perfect, no matter how hard I try but I try to think of the arrangement as an extra adventure in life, something fun to share with someone. Nothing more.

  38. questioning says:

    Hey Lisa,
    Guess who has been on the site and not bothered to drop a line.
    Just thought I would let you know, I am in that boat with ya babe.

  39. MSH says:

    That was me who is the dirty little secret! I have found that that having that mindset keeps the SD/SB world where it needs to be in my head. My everyday life is not affected by the economy since I work in the legal field. My SD life exists solely to provide my mind and body with that erotic spark that I’ve been craving. Smart, powerful and confident men are my weakness and with those legitimate and true three factors in place, financial security is a given.

    I think the media has hyped up the economy situation a bit, but that is what they do, there would not be nearly as much to talk about without every type of media putting their spin on things.

  40. JetSetBaby says:

    bella- Have him come to you.. Or i’ve had guys offer me an up front deposit i guess as a good faith gesture. I always request to bring a girlfriend and of course have my own suite and meet for the first time in the hotel bar.

  41. bellababydoll says:

    Im definately not desperate, the economy doesnt really affect my situations, excpet for gas but being that i dont have to drive much its not a big deal…..argh, a potential sd offered me quite a bit of money to fly out and see him for a few days. When i ask how i know he is legit, he just says relax, and i told him to think about it from my perspective. he isnt from this site but a different one. Its like pulling teeth getting info from this guy. Because of the amount of money im suspicious. what do i do?

  42. ChicBaby says:

    The economy worries me quite a bit, especially because I am looking for this type of a relationship. I worry that the pool of SDs to choose from may dwindle as the men have to re-asses their financial situation.
    Then again, I am taking way too many economic classes right now with all my professors telling me very depressing things everyday.

    I never saw any arrangement I had as a way to pay rent or buy food. I only seek an arrangement for the extra things; going out with friends, buying a new bag, shoes, dress… you get the idea. So if I am unsuccessful it’s disappointing, but not the end of the world for me.

    On top of that, the money has never been the motivating factor. I originally got on this site simply looking for excitement. As someone before has said, I want to be someone’s dirty little secret. I could have a boyfriend if I wanted, but I find them to be annoying and more trouble than they’re worth at this point in my life! Eventually I will, of course, want to seriously date someone, but I’m 21 and right now that’s not on the agenda!

    bostonTerrier – I too am so thankful for scholarships and grants! Without them I’d be going to community college. Instead I’m going to a pretty good school (if I do say so myself!).

  43. JetSetBaby says:

    Desperate?!? Ewww not a chance. I actually check the blog more often than my SA account. I’m in a comfortable situation. No need to find a SD today or tomorrow. When the right one comes along, i’ll know!

  44. lisa says:

    shopping can never be sacrificed. it’s one of the four basic food groups 😆

  45. bostonTerrier says:

    i don’t feel the need to make an arrangement due to the worsening economy and – luckily – my sd isn’t impacted by the horrible economic state in this country.

    i highly doubt any sd would be able to help me pay for college thanks to the price of a private education at colleges & universities these days … thank god for university grants and scholarships. a sd makes it easy on me as a college student without having to work. i couldn’t sacrifice shopping :) or flying home for breaks and it keeps my saving account untouched.

  46. lisa says:

    I think my needs will remain the same. I am seeking a sd to give the little extra I desire when I am making ends meet and to help me survive and meet my basic needs when I am struggling. The state of the ecomony never seems to affect me directly other than the high cost of food. I use public transport which means gas prices are not a big issue, sure they affect the cost of food and other practical items I use, but everyone that is buying gas also buys food, etc, so i am spared the headache of paying high prices for gas. I live as cheaply as I can with the internet as my only luxury but I do get my money’s worth with it much more than I would with cable tv or tickets to a game.
    So my mission remains the same, no more desparate, no less desparate.