11 years ago
Are You the REAL Sugar Baby?

11 years ago
Are You the REAL Sugar Baby?

Are there any of you who think you’re the REAL Sugar Baby? Make a video response and we’ll post it!

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17 Responses to “Are You the REAL Sugar Baby?”

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  7. Tummy Tuck says:

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  8. Ms. V says:

    oh CaliGirl- what am I to do with you? 🙂
    I am confident that you will be found by that one magnificent, generous, gentle, exciting, understanding, adoring, hung-like-a-horse SD !! LOL!

    Monday awaits you darling 😉
    I am glad that you are allowing yourself to have fun and experience all that the SD population has to offer. Kudos on sticking to your guns with that last one.

    I saw an acquaintance’s husband on the site while searching…considering taking my pics off of the profile! small world, eh?
    funny, she cheats on him every weekend, leaving him at home…never considered that he might be doing his own thing…somehow.

  9. Caligirl says:

    Hi Everyone:)

    I went on my date with SD#1. This was my second date with him. Previously went to SF , had appetizers at a nice restaurant overlooking the bay, sightseeing during the afternoon and then went to Jack London Square for an incredible dinner. Second date he came to see me for the day. Went and saw Beverly Hills Chihuahua, had lunch at another nice restaurant,went to see Night at Rodanthe, and went to dinner at Cheesecake Factory:) He loves going to the movies and was very affectionate, and kind during the whole date. It was about 8:30pm and I drove him to the front of his hotel. He looked at me and said aren’t you coming in? I had told him on the phone before he came that I had plans very early in the morning on Saturday. When I reminded him, he got angry and said, well I should not have gotten a room, you should have told me. I really like him so after I got home I called, but got no answer. I left him a message to say that I truly enjoyed our date and thank you. I haven’t heard from him yet…so we will see what happens.

    I had plans for lunch with a local SD#2. We had e-mailed back and forth all day long….and he told me he would call me the next day in the morning so that we could meet for lunch. He never called. So I suppose he is in SD heaven somewhere:) LOL….

    I am still talking to two other SD#3 and SD#4. I enjoy our communication so far, but their schedules are busy for right now. And that’s okay, because Caligirl has had a busy week. Balancing many SD is hard work. Please SD God send me one great daddie….so that I am not all over the place. I only want to make one SD happpy!!

  10. lisa says:

    Best of luck on your sd date Caligirl. I am still sdless. Lotsa new members in my state but most in another city and these texas sds are not willing to travel to meet. Also most are nonpaying members not sure if they will upgrade. Also there seems to be a shortage a sds in their upper 40’s and 50’s and i am too old for the 20 and 30 year old ones.
    Have a great day everyone. I guess I will go do my laundry now.

  11. Caligirl says:

    Yes it is Friday. I was so busy today(yesterday),I went to sleep at 8:30:) That is why I am up at 3:48AM…Crazy, I am!!! Today is my date with SD from the bay.We are going to lunch, maybe a movie(I probably will fall asleep) and whatever else from there.

  12. Ms. V says:

    You are so right about that! “…Integrity, my dear is in short supply..” Whom and WHAT we are when no one is looking- is it always the same, or does it change to mirror the vibrations of the people in each encounter?

    (OOH,almost forgot! Caligirl, Tomorrow is Friiiiiday!!!!) I’m gonna call you before…)

  13. yael says:

    All I can say is that all SB’s need to do is be their wonderful selves and stay genuine to that no matter what you are/aren’t receiving from a SD….. IF he can’t take it… it wasn’t right…. just treat others the way you want to be treated that’s my mantra…. sure I’ve been messed over before but hey….. I’m candy baby…. (5 second rule applies..) if you been dropped dust yourself off you’re still as sweet..LOL…..

    Never compromised your morals…. and YES there is a certain flexibility to this… due to the nature of some arrangements… so simply put if it feels wrong it problably is wrong and if YOU feel wrong then it definitely IS wrong…. and that can mean anything from…. (trust me there is absolutely no rule book for your personal sense of morality… this is coming from the “I’ll love you and your wife SB”, “I tutor people about sex” so obviously I’m speaking very loosely and openly about morality…. or maybe intergrity is the better word…. YES… INTEGRITY……

    The “REAL” SB in my mind has a strong sense of integrity and pride… she is real about herself and her arrangememnt… she is honest and upfront…. and unwilling to compromise her comfort, or conscience for a SD arrangment… and she will have little to worry about for SHE…. (Little zen flute and koto guitar plays…. gong sounds…) has arrived and is the “REAL” sugar……. LOL

  14. yael says:

    I agree with you ChicB, I am REAL I can say that but there are different types of sugarB’s just as there are different types of arrangements and needs… Now being a REAL person is a great credit and in that sense… YES I AM THE REAL SUGAR!!! (Toot-toot!! ya heard…. that’s my own little horn)…… But it all depends on what that SD is looking for…. Me personally, I would be the perfect REAL sugar baby for a man who looks for fun, and honesty, openess and someone who is very understanding.. not to mention exciting…. and I’m a good listener…. also a bit naughty but in the best of ways… (I’m so bad daddy cause you’re soooo good kinda way… LOL)

    You gotta have variety in sugar…. some of us are sweettarts, some of us are chocolate, some of us are rock candy, some of us gummy bears……. gotta love it… like a kid in a candy store…….

  15. Isspyce says:

    Funny video, I cant jump up yet, hopefully soon, SD where r u you?, lol

  16. ChicBaby says:

    What a cute little video!
    I would never claim to be the ‘real’ sugar baby. I think we’re all different, and that’s what makes us collectively sugar babies!
    But I’d love to see other videos!! So cute!