12 years ago
Question Of The Day:

12 years ago
Question Of The Day:

What special surprises or favors do you do for your Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby to make him/her happy, or life easier? What are your favorite ways to show you care about someone? What kinds of things do you or your partner really appreciate?

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  1. R. Karen says:

    It is a quite interesting post but quite difficult to understand for me –

  2. Bluewater Sailor says:

    Fantastic Lovey ! One of the many ways that technology can help us establish and maintain such a relationship.

    Best of luck to the two of you !

  3. loveydoveySB says:

    I have also found that sending text messages helps me and my SD stay connected. We ALWAYS text good morning and good night every day no matter what, and call in the middle of the day to catch up. It lets him know I am thinking of him, that he is not just an afterthought. I also try to be positive and grateful and try not to complain. And I jokingly “nag” him for not wearing his seat belt to let him know I care about his safety. He laughs and puts it on.
    He does little things for me like bringing me farm fresh eggs and milk or little treats I can give to my son. And he always is asking me if there is anything special that he could do for me or get for me that I can’t or wouldn’t get for myself. The little things really do add up.

  4. sweetpea says:

    This was written by a SB.. This is what I am talking about.. I still don’t mean any disrespect toward anyone, it is my very own world.

    The holidays are always a difficult time for me. My family is out of town, all my friends are romantically connected and my SD is married. Most are involved with family and friends and have little time to see the SB. For me, this, is one of the reasons a SD helps out financially. Not only to help with the material needs but also to help during those emotional and personal times when he cannot be there. It’s not a substitute, but it helps a bit

  5. sweetpea says:

    Yes that is what I am seeing also. Well it is natural I think for men to always want a beautiful young lady by his side. Even the oldest men like 60-70 want the young ones. I guess it makes them feel better or like they still have the spark that makes a young girls heart go boom. lol..Yeah if I was 18-39 and still built like a sexy hot babe, I can pretend to be satified for some hard core cash .. well I couldn’t do that, but you get my idea ! It isn’t until you get older that sex isn’t the number one thing. Don’t get me wrong I love to be sexy with the one I am with… but at our age you don’t have to pretend and that is when you find joy in many different aspects of live. In one way or another men are always buying sex or love. I will not go into that on here, but just think about it !

    I have never looked hard for a man before, but it has been 6 years and I think it is time for me to start dating again. I see that internet dating is rather popular and thought I would give it a try. I however still beleive in the fate thing that you meet by accident and fall in love ! Maybe I am limiting myself who knows, but I can say I admire these girls who have the courage to step out and go get what they want. I am not as old fashioned as it may seem. I can do anything those young girls can do if not better and hold my grace, but I just don’t want to go out with so many guys sitting and wating like.. pick me , pick me.. when I can have it every night with the same person. I understand this is a womans way of thinking not you guys, so don’t even go there lol.. Having someone to share your life with each day through hard times or not is creating a bond, a deeper respect and growth that only two people can have.

  6. lisa says:

    Well I’m older myself and grew up in the south. I came from a traditional family but spent years wasting time with single guys who used me and offered nothing. I met one married guy a few years ago and began a relationship that was the best I had and ironically he had more time for me that the single men, because at my age most the men are either divorced fathers with young children, which I am not interested in because my daughter is almost grown and I want a man not more children, or they are single and looking for a much younger woman to marry and have children with.
    The man I had a relationship with was older than me and had grown children. He was not a sugardaddy but we had a great relationship. I just wish I could find that same spark with a sugardaddy but they all seem to be playing games on this site or don’t want someone my age. I have seen a major issue in this site that is the sugardaddies are much younger than what I would think. at 40, I could see a man in his 50’s or 60’s and I would still be much younger than him but it seems like most of the guys on this site are under 40 and looking for someone 18 -39.

  7. sweetpea says:

    You may be right Lisa, and time will tell if I stay on here or not. I have tried some other site and deleted my accounts because they lie and don’t come full face. I don’t know maybe it is just my southern traditiotnal values.. I know it sounds like I need to step out of the box, but when your not been down that road it is hard to go. Question : Do you think it is easier for the younger generations to do this than the older ones? Please reply !

  8. lisa says:

    I have found that the married sds seem to expect less of your time because after all their time is limited. so you might benefit from them more because they are not going to expect to see you all the time. However the single men I have encountered on here , and again this is just my experience, seem to expect to get together more often to play and no they are not looking for anything serious, they just have the time available and want to get together and many of them offer very little in return, it’s more like they have tried the regular sites and couldn’t find anyone so decided to pretend to be a sd to see if they could get some action, many are not looking for decent nice relationships of outings, dinner, passion, etc. Alot of the single men on here, from what I read on some of their profiles, are looking for some action and are not serious about the sd thing whereas the married ones seem to be a little more serious.

  9. cre8tor says:

    I’m sure there are men of like mind on this site. Just be aware what “seekingarrangement” means. Most of what you read here is what you will find so don’t be disappointed if you don’t find what you look for or if it takes a lot of disappointing encounters before you find it. What have your experiences been on traditional sites?

  10. sweetpea says:

    I am getting the impression that most or all the sd here are married? I am not looking to be with a married man and if that is a turn off then I am at the wrong place. I am not 20-30 yrs of age like alot on here, so spending time with a gent of my age and possibly wanting more than just a one night stand? I understand everyone for their own game and I am open minded, but I suppose my expectations, morals and values are somewhat different than what I am reading on here. Maybe there is a single, well rounded, fun guy who is looking for the same chemistry, we shall see? I am just not into fixing someone elses problems of loniness if they are not happy at home. I don’t mean to offend anyone, just stating my preference. One guy, one chemisty and alot of fun !

  11. CARTIER says:

    MY favorite thing to do for my daddy is keep in touch! I make sure he knows i appreciate want and care for only him! So i text! ALOT! Sugar daddies are often super busy and have no time for long truthful, sensual or social getting to know u conversation. But a text take less then 30 seconds of my day to say thanx for the roses, or when i woke up i couldn’t stop thinking about you,or even my saddest message after we depart….. I WISH U WERE HERE!!! Most sugar daddies i’ve had were married and the wife jusT never made them feel loved! Though my men are super submissive they still need TENDER LOVE AND CARE! Not just SEX!

  12. cutie says:

    Hi Ladies,

    i have a question…
    been dating a sd for a few months now and he says i am the only one he is seeing yet i can see everytime he log-ins here on the site.
    i made a few “funny ” remarks about it, him saying oh there all fake like mails from russian escorts blabla but if it is all that fake and stupid messages why is he logging in that much to check it?!
    I already told him that it is better to be open about it if he would like to see more girls but like this?
    I also feel like it’s not in my power to confront him about it or should I?
    i would love to hear y”all opinion…..

  13. SuthrnExec says:

    Ms. V – no worries – I wasn’t aware of the other post or I might have put yours in a different context. By no means should yu stay off the blog – I enjoy your input!

    MishellBocaRaton, I’m on the same page with you. It’s all about chemistry. Hell, you’re hopefully going to spending significant times together and most of it is not physical so there better be chemistry (at least that’s where I am). When the chemistry has not felt right, I would say so and I would hope the lady would too.

  14. MishellBocaRatonGrl says:

    But the last man I was involved with I made sure to it that the little things were always done. I learned his favorite foods, what drinks he liked, his favorite liquor, taste in movies. He seemed to appreciate it. He’d show me his appreciation in the Bedroom, it was a win win for us both. But I just felt awesome knowing I was giving him something no-one else cared to. Sometimes our SD’s would like to be catered to just as much as us ladies. I’m not into the Pay-per-date kinda thing. I’d rather have some serious chemistry. And allow things to progress…I’ve seen too many SD’s on here just worried about hooking up, and… this and that. Kind of turns me off, usually they get blocked.

  15. BlondeinNYC says:

    Stephan-please take a look at my profile, please!

  16. BlondeinNYC says:

    Lisa- you’re so funny and you’re so right! Could you imagine them going to court and if they don’t want to say anything they hide under the desk until it’s over????

  17. lisa says:

    I agree, after all these men are supposed to be successful and the leaders and ceos, etc. I don’t think they just hide or disappear when they deal with a business interest and I also believe anyone who successful has to be upfront and just state the facts. I have been in contact with alot of attorneys and wonder how they argue a case if they are afraid to even send a Not interested email.

  18. BlondeinNYC says:

    Bellababydooll- listen to your instincts! I had a guy insist that I travel to meet him just for sex. He kept asking me how much I wanted money-wise to travel to meet him. (1) I don’t want JUST sex and (2) it felt very off- he was interested in anything about me, so I just acted a bit weird and he stopped emailing me.

    Lisa- I know what you mean; after a dry spell I got a few emails and then total silence. Personally if someone decides that they’re not interested in me, that’s fine. JUST SEND ME AN EMAIL SAYING NOT INTERESTED. How hard is that? I mean these guys are supposed to be high level execs and are used to telling people no. Why they just can’t say flat out “I’ve changed my mind” or something to that effect floors me. They’re not 11 and aren’t asking me to the school dance for heaven’s sake.

  19. Ms. V says:

    okay, see? I used the phrase “man’s man” in a previous post and I got blown up on, because someone thought I was saying the guy was gay…I refer to it here, like “See? I’m not the only one who uses that phrase”, and even the author is confused…maybe I should stay off of the blog!

  20. SuthrnExec says:

    Oops – I guess that absolutely didn’t come out right – that’s the problem with being a little older and using phrases from a few decades ago that menat something totally different.

    Lisa, as Dreamer said, suggest a place – believe me, you have the leverage in this situation right now. If he is truly interested, he will go with your suggestion.

  21. Ms. V says:

    Suthrnexec is a man’s man, ya’ll.
    my my my. (nice one caligirl 😉 i see you, babe )

  22. dreamer says:

    why dont you suggest a place? say something like, that place is great, but i know someplace nearby i love to go, if you dont mind… If he is a gentleman he shoudlnt care. And dont ever drink if you dont want to, its not a requirement! stick in there lisa!

  23. lisa says:

    well my potential sd has fallen off the face of the earth. He contacted me, we exchanged email addresses, he wrote once, and I have emailed him 3 times and he has not been in contact over the last couple days but has been on the site quite alot.
    I got an email from another one that just says let’s meet for drinks and names a place that I have never heard of and after checking it out online, it is not near a busstop which means I can not get there. I don’t know what to do about this one because I am afraid I will scare him off if I tell him I don’t have a car, in my city if you don’t have a car, you’re basically trash and I have had alot of problems getting dates because of this. And I like to meet on my turf in a place I am familiar with and never for a drink on the first date. I dont’ drink alot so if I have one drink after not having one for a while, well I get to feeling funny and I do want to have control of myself at all times when meeting a stranger. so I guess all my potential sds have hit the dumpster

  24. dreamer says:

    thats true. As long as you do not say, ”i want to have sex with you for your money and/or gifts” if you feel like you are ever being set up, remember if allowance and such comes up to insist that it is because he wants to give you gifts and stuff, that it is not an exchange.

  25. ChicBaby says:

    bellababydoll – unless you are an escort, you are not doing anything illegal, so I can’t imagine you having any problems with the police. I’m worried that you even thought of it!! Have fun, and relax!

  26. bellababydoll says:

    im supposed to meet a potential sd, i feel a bit weird meeting him.. i think its just nerves.. has anyone actually run into an undercover police officer?

  27. SuthrnExec says:

    Caligirl – I had a very busy day, which is not unusal – thanks for asking!

    Paige, you’re right! That shirt-tie thing is a tough one sometimes, esp for us color-blind guys – but when we hit ti right, we love to hear about it! (love that blouse, BTW).

  28. paige says:

    you have to compliment guys on the things they try hard with.
    most guys dont think of picking the right tie for the right suit, which is why when they do, you gotta let them know.

  29. lisa says:

    my job is going ok. I mean it is a low level job but at least I haven’t had any stress so far, make a dollar more an hour than I did at my last job, and can work by myself, I don’t really have to deal with that many customers. I hope that I will have time to meet sugardaddies though as it seems my time is limited and I only meet for the first time during the day or early evening. I need 2 weekdays off to be able to do stuff but this week I got a weekend day off which is ok as far as seeing family but it doesn’t leave me much opportunity to meet sds. I get off work mid afternoon but am usually too scruffy and have to go home and shower and change clothes and fix my nails before I can meet anyone and by that time it’s fairly late.

    Anyway I am working on this one sd now, tossed out the other 2 who were looking for freebies.

  30. dreamer says:

    good job lisa. You know whats going on. Job search isnt going good 🙁 i had a sd friend of mine consider giving a job with his company but we dont know how bc he always hired expirenced people, and well, and im exactly expirenced haha. But we will see.

  31. lisa says:

    Hi everyone
    well I am finally getting some response to my ad. I have received 3 in the past few days, of course one was mr photo swap, waste of time. the second one has potential and I hope to get to know him and meet him. I got a 3rd today which I politely refused. One gentleman is looking for a woman to have a sexual relationship with a couple times a week and is not interested in any woman who is into the sugardaddy thing. He wants a more mutual sexual thing. He wants a woman who isn’t into money either, just spending time together. I will not waste my time in a go nowhere relationhip with a married man and give up all my free time to someone like that. I would look for a boyfriend who was single if I wanted to just do that. I want spoiling and perks as I am looking for an arrangement, not an affair.

  32. Caligirl says:

    LOVE, Snuggling, huggling, touching….mmmmmm…I am all for it:) By the way Suthrn Exec, How was your day? (smile)

  33. SuthrnExec says:

    It IS the little things that make a difference – with me anyway. Everyone likes to be asked questions about what’s going on in their life – at least in a general. I’ve yet to meet a SB where we have really “clicked” but I am still in hopes. Once the chemistry is right, it is fairly easy to anticipate what the other person wants, what their thinking, etc. It’s then that it is easy to do the little things that really make a difference. I am probably more “touchy-feely” than a lot of men – giving and receiving – so sometimes it takes a woman a little by surprise. I’m a man’s man, but I also LOVE snuggling, hugging, touching, etc. Oh well… I shall press on!

  34. Ms. V says:

    good afternoon all 🙂
    I miss you guys…count down to d-day t-minus 4 days and counting….

  35. Caligirl says:

    Good Morning Yael! It’s just you and I this morning. Is anyone else out there???? LOL… Keep staying optimistic…Your day will come:)

    Dreamer, How is the job search going? I hope all is well.

  36. yael says:

    also off subject a bit… but I’ve actually gotten a few reponses. A BIG step for me as many of you regulars in the blog know…. Nothing too promising… I guess… but it’s a start… no freaks or wierdos… so I’m glad….. I feel better especially since most of you know about my ‘luck” thus far with the site…. it also seems like there haven’t been that many new memebrs recently… if I search under newest memebers alot of times it’s the same old guys… lol… I guess they just re-do their profiles and repost em like they are new but I have a pretty good memory….

  37. yael says:

    Hey does anybody know if they have already given out the free tickets to the event in DEC?……

  38. dreamer says:

    you guys are crazy lol. But i love it.

  39. bostonTerrier says:

    lol ms. v. sometimes i wake up with a smile … i can’t complain 🙂

  40. Ms. V says:

    My goodness BT- you are outta sight- I was reading some of your other posts…You wake up with a smile on your face, don’t you? 🙂

  41. Ms. V says:

    Oh, i’m here, mamacita! I have been peeking in on you guys-n-gals.
    I like the food factor…maybe that’s why my guy weighs so much 😉

    Lisa, you’re a trip, girl!

    I recently inquired about how to weed out the Boss-type SD’s on this site…not looking hopeful. I am the observant type with a large presence in a room- I need to be with a man that has the same type of aire about him.
    repeating myself here:

    He’s the type that moves with swagger, doesn’t need to say too much, people clear the way for him no matter where he is…a Boss.
    Someone tall and reasonably handsome, strong in all ways, somebody I call Daddy_hustler, got stacks under the floorboards AND in the bank.

    Those “little” things from me should be taken for granted (not forgotten, but expected), because without thought- I am always, already taken care of.
    Where is the man who can appreciate my hourglass strut? My laid back, quiet confidence (in public), and my trademark “realness” in private?

    when he gets me, he is in for a ride 😉

  42. lisa says:

    It sounded very sexual to me. Actually he mentions sex in his profile but he also talks about as much non sexual things. He asked for me email and said he wanted to see more pictures and to tell him what my desires where and not to be shy. I don’t think he wants to hear about my “desire” for a chanel bag, lol.

  43. nycblondiebay says:

    If someone gets very sexual with me in the first or second email, and it’s happened, I just delete it and move on. If they want to know what I’m looking for I have no problem telling them.

  44. bostonTerrier says:

    explicit in terms of what you’d want? or was it definitely meant in terms of something sexual?

  45. lisa says:


    I am in contact with a potential sd. He has a very nice profile and is very attractive. Almost too attractive and sucessful for me i’m afraid. I will see where it goes though.
    I also got a response to a guy whom I emailed a couple weeks back. He wanted my personal email though along with some more pictures and wanted me to be explicit in my desires. Too sexual sounding upfront to me. I deleted him.

  46. yael says:

    But to comment on the subject and not my stomach….. Of course most of you know already I still haven’t found and SD but in any relationship I try to give 100%. I’m very afffectionate… (Not mushy) but I do cater to people very well and I like to listen… I also like to learn about others interests… I am enthusiastic about whatever interests my other…. If he likes sports I try to learn a little bit about that or ask them to tell me more about it… being interested in what your mate likes can also help you to acquire skills… I dated a music producer once and learned alot about production of music… and it has helped my hobby as a songwriter alot because now I know what it really takes to produce a song and I can use studio equiptment rather well……. so that’s a whole dofferent twist on a “mutually beneficial” relationship….. I also like to do things to make that person feel very special on a physical level to… (some of you already know where I’m going with this from previous blogs..LOL) I like to dress up, roleplay, and try new things in the bedroom…

  47. yael says:

    Caligirl- you are right!! I lOVE to cook… and always appreciate someone who loves to eat… Gosh you made my mouth water… I love philipino food too!!! I’m puertorican so of course theres a similarity in latin food and philipino…. I even tried dabbling with some philipino treats… lumpia is a bit too much work for me but I sure do like to eat it!!

  48. Caligirl says:

    Okay seacil,
    Welcome!!!! Time for you to share….Now what’s your story? (smile)

  49. nycblondiebay says:

    Stephan – is there any way to contact you directly? I’d love it if you could critique my profile.

    I love good conversation; sharing ideas and what happened in your day. Getting the chance to laugh at the things that happened. Conversation is sexy! When you feel close to someone and you can share bits of your life, there’s more of a connection and that leads to…….

  50. seacil says:

    The Moderator of this blog is great! Keep these Intriguing blogs coming!

  51. Caligirl says:

    Easily Amused,
    Welcome to the Filipino way:) I was brought up to welcome everyone to our home for good eats. Coming from a large family, friends, neighbors, and sometimes the “Bundy families” would be over throughout the year to enjoy our food, fun and festivities. See you soon:)

    Lisa, Have a great day with your family!!!
    Ms.V…Where are you???? YoooooHoooo…..

  52. Easily Amused says:

    Did someone say Pancit and Lumpia ? I am on my way over Cali !

  53. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone.
    I just got an email from a potential sd. Blank profile though so I sent a message back asking a lot of questions. We will see if he responds back.
    And mr. exchange pictures has not responded back. I think he should go hang out a at a photo booth if he wants to trade photos. lol
    Gotta go now. Got parents coming over for lunch.

  54. Caligirl says:

    You have gotta to be a pretty special SD to me, if I take the time to cook all time Filipino favorites dishes, Chicken Adobo, Pancit, Lumpia. MMMMMMM…yes ladies, it still hasn’t changed, one way to a man’s heart is thru his stomach. Cooking shows a SD that I care about his health and well being. Especially if he has been traveling, is tired and has been eating at one too many restaurants. If he longs for homecooking, Caligirl can cook:) I make my dessert is incredibly special too!!! Any SD’s care to find out?

  55. stephan says:

    Cre8tor: LOL one day back and have me blushing already ;D

  56. cre8tor says:

    Stephan: you’re a babe. love you Honey. yong, yung? lol don’t be adding any “h” to that.

  57. cre8tor says:

    BT….Oh yes. Isn’t it amazing how they light up when you really really listen to them? My guy would start talking about work (which really turns me on anyway) and then shut down because he thought I would be bored with his subject. NOT! I love it and he’s sharing all the time now. After all, if these men are successful, its because they have a passion about what they do. Right? So, talking about that passion just makes everything better. And, I love to hear him talk about anything besides just work. Do you think the wife has time for that?

  58. nycblondiebay says:

    I’ve always thought that the ideal SD/SB relationship should have friendship and mutual respect in it. If you’re going to spend time with someone, you should be able to have a conversation, laugh and listen to each other. You should be able to be companionably silent, and share things.

    If I’m going to be someone’s SB, I would like to be their friend. Personally, I’m tired of emails from guys asking to come to my house for an hour (wink wink) or offering me $500 to go to theirs. If I wanted to be an escort, I’d go somewhere else.

  59. bostonTerrier says:

    i’ve found that my sd just likes when i listen to him … and i can tell it makes him happy when i am actually interested and ask questions. at times i think he is hitting a severe mid-life crisis and i am part of the “solution” for it. i just try to be the best friend that i can be. i also like talking to my sd, sometimes i feel like he is surprised when i do but at the same time i am aware he is glad that i am willing to be open with him.

    it makes our relationship real as opposed to one sided. i really do value his [or rather, their 🙂 ] friendship.

  60. nycblondiebay says:

    Chicago SD well you sound like a doll! Seriously you sound like a very nice well rounded person. Next time you’re in NYC, we should meet up for drinks and laugh at the world.

  61. Chicago SD says:

    Hey NYCblondiebay – i’m actually originally from NYC and recently moved to Chicago. I’m always travelling to NY for work.

  62. Stephan says:

    CRE8TOR!!! 😀

    this place just doesn’t feel right when one of our sugar family is gone! we’ve missed your ying to our yang and yong and yung and all of the other opinions in this sugar melting pot.

  63. nycblondiebay says:

    CHicago SD You sound like a doll, too bad you’re not in NYC!

  64. cre8tor says:

    Hey everybody! Missed you all while I was gone. So very busy! No time for fun. Now I must make up for it! I love all your comments. ChicBaby…a like soul, MSH and I seem to connect on a lot of subjects, Chicago SD..thanks for the man insight. And, SG2…love ya honey. muah. As for me? What do I like to do…….all of the above and more. My gift is creativity (therefore the name!). Predicability is not in my portfolio.

  65. lisa says:

    I think one thing a sugarbaby can do is offer a consistant companionship to her sugardaddy. In the relationship I had with the married man, we never argued or came into disagreement. I was always nice and never complained about the many things going on in my life. I didn’t nag or criticize him because after all that’s what he wife did all the time. It is easy to live a fantasy life with someone and avoid conflict and make the time you spend together special because afterall you dont’ have to deal with the day to day grind of a relationship with the person, just focus on making the time you have together the best.

  66. dreamer says:

    that is kind of inspiring.. Makes me want to try harder for sure! we will see how potential sd thinks of the new inspired me! hehe

  67. Chicago SD says:

    Hey ChicBaby — i’m sure I’ve message you before and I’m sure we’ve written to each other. Maybe one day you’ll decide to give that SD standing next to the Disney character a chance. 😉

    Back to the topic at hand.. I think things that would make a SD happy are:
    instead of waiting for the SD to ask you to go out you can always ask him, instead of always waiting to collect an allowance after every meeting you can politely say no thanks and say you just like spending time with him, sweet txt msgs are always appreciated, be more aggressive in the bedroom (afterall, we want what we can’t get at home or have our fantasty fullfilled), send sexy tease pictures via phone or email, etc.

    And trust me all SB’s out there… if you have a real SD, he’ll give you back 10x the amount of effort you give him.

  68. ChicBaby says:

    Chicago SD – Thanks! I know there are people out there on both sides who only want the sexual aspect of this relationship, but I’ve always tried to find SD’s who want a little more than that. Keep looking until you find exactly what it is you are looking for. I think we all deserve to be picky!!
    Oh, and take away the second ‘c’ in my screen name, and guess where I live, lol!

  69. dreamer says:

    ive met one guy from chigaco and ive talked to another. The one i met, only wanted to get me in the bedroom, so left him in that hotel bedroom and the one i talked to i said i wanted to be friends with first and he blew me off completely.. Hmm. Lol

  70. Chicago SD says:

    Chicbaby – you must be one great SB. The SB arragements that i’ve had has been mostly physical. I always ask if she wanted to grab lunch or dinner with me (I would of course compensate her for her time) and she always refuses (or too busy). But she seems to always want to have the physical aspect of the relationship (thats where she collects the most) and thats it. So we would spend 1 hr a week with each other for some bedroom fun… no sweet txt messages, no asking how i’m doing… just seems like pure transaction. I know most of the guys out there would think thats the perfect type of SB but for me its a combination of conversation, sex, caring for each other, etc.. (bordline GF/BF). Having said that I tihink I’m ready to move on to another SB… when a SB makes it seem like pure business, thats when I’m turned off.

  71. Truly Divine says:

    I just realized I have typos, but can’t fix them. oh well

  72. Truly Divine says:

    I think its important to make him feel like he’s getting a breath of fresh air when he is with you. Just being very relaxed, fun and sexy. Many of the men I have spoken with often complain of being very busy, not having time to have a traditional girlfriend relationship, and simply wanting a beautiful woman to share the finer things with. They miss sensual touch and spontaneous display of affection. It is also very important to feel like the sb really enjoys their company and values the relationship on many levels.

    MSH: I agree and hear about the desires that are not being met by the Wife. A potential SD said his wife was sort of boring and he wanted more he wanted more variety.

  73. MSH says:

    When I do find my SD, one of the things that I think would be very important would be to find out what he is missing in the bedroom, you know, what the DW (dear wife) won’t and doesn’t want to do anymore. I mean, face it girls, after your relationship with a SD gets solidified and you’re comfortable with them, that’s what part of the arrangement is about, right? To me, giving them what they are really wanting/craving/needing/desire that they aren’t getting from DW is a great way to fulfill their fantasies as well as give yourself a bit of an emotional charge in knowing that you give him what he needs and she doesn’t……..of course, all of this goes with the understanding that his needs are within your comfort zone 😉

  74. sweetbaby says:

    Lisa that’s big. I don’t think I could give up my family and stuff for an sd or a guy that I know will not be there forever. I think it takes courage and it seems you have alot of it.

    Off topic but would any sb’s contemplate being sugarmommas one day?

  75. sweetbaby says:

    ChicBaby, I agree it’s the little things. Even the little things I enjoy doing show him I care. Like if neither of us can be bothered to go out, I cook and clean up, and have him give me hugs and stuff as I do so. Even brushing my hand on his face and smiling show’s him I care. He said the sweetest thing the other day, if he dies with me by his side he’ll die a happy man.

  76. lisa says:

    well he wasn’t a sugardaddy although he did become a temporary one when he paid my rent a couple days ago. I met him online a few years ago and began an affair with him (he was married a much older than me). He satisfied me like no other man, spent time cuddling after sex rather than jump and and throw his clothes on to leave. He fulfilled all my fantasies without even knowing (it’s like he read my mind). But I was living with my mom at the time (I am a single mother of a teen) and my mom did not approve although I was very discreet, and set my daughter to hack my email and get my lovers personal info and even threaten to tell his wife. my mom tried to physically hold me down to keep me from going to meet him. Well I made a snap decision to get out of there as I was not going to leave a man that made me feel so wonderful after 14 years of not having sex. I moved out within 72 hours, left my family, possesions (I had thousands of dollars worth of furniture and crystal and electronics) and moved into my current home where I have struggled for 3 years financially and safetywise. But I do not regret it one moment and being with my lover was worth more than anything to me and I gave up everything I owned and caused a permenant conflict with my family although we get along ok now. I did this to protect this man from my mother’s scorn and because nothing made me feel as good as he did, I gave up everything and risked everything to keep him.

  77. SouthernGent2 says:

    ChicBaby understands it. She knows its the little things that add up to make a really good thing. You do know how to be the unselfish sb ChicBaby.

  78. ChicBaby says:

    I think the little things are really important. With my previous arrangement, I really tried to focus on that. I would make sure there was always a glass of water for him (he was constantly over-hydrated! lol!). I would text him every couple of days (not sappy stuff, stuff I wouldn’t post here, lol). He told me a bit about his job, so I looked up articles and information about the sector he worked in so I was able to ask him educated questions (it was science related). I just tried to anticipate what he was going to want, and then do it before he really even realized that he wanted it!
    He also did some very nice things for me, so it wasn’t just one way!