11 years ago
Sugar Game Plan

11 years ago
Sugar Game Plan

Sugar Daddy Dating MatchMaking Tricks

Everyone will have his or her own unique experience on this site, but there are some general rules in terms of maximizing your results.

Arrangement TIP of the Day

How many of you click the “Browse Similar Profiles” button located in your “Profile Tab”? This feature may be a useful trick to add to your bag, and don’t count out the possibility that your competition has been checking you out already!


The rules of photo are slightly different for Sugar Daddies VS Sugar Babies. Generally, Sugar Babies will see the best results if they upload three clear and recent pics. However, Sugar Daddies are more inclined to forgo uploading a photo for privacy reasons, and will often be more comfortable sending photo’s using an outside email account.


The range in profile summaries is very very wide. Some are non-existent, while others I’ve seen are longer than ten paragraphs. For me, reading someone’s philosophical dissertation on love and money is a bit much, but having absolutely nothing to go off of is even more bothersome. I think a maximum of three, and minimum of two paragraphs to your profile summary is a reasonable length.

What should Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies say and not say in their profiles?

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73 Responses to “Sugar Game Plan”

  1. miraella says:

    I just started the sb/sd thing two weeks ago. this is my game plan- get talking on phone right away, no more than 2 conversations then must meet in a public place (I have been invited to their homes before ever meeting them-scary), no smoking-no more than 2 drinks, make it clear that I expect the guy I’m dating to help me out considerably by the details on the site/emails/and when we meet, tell them an amount for a certain number of dates a month, 3 dates and physical is to be expected. The truth is I am sinking under my bills and it is about time the roles are reversed in my relationships. Been out with 6 sdaddies and have hooked 2! Took my pics off once I had a full schedule. Then I text the men I am communicating with pics. Also I tell them I will not be calling them unless they want me to. I work out everyday now too. How am I doing so far?

  2. lisa says:

    This guy was on of the first to contact me back when I joined over 5 monthts ago. He would email and then disappear. I checked him out and knew where he lived and worked(it was not secret as he always gave his full name and adress on his email signature thingy) I usually save my contacts to favorites for a little while to see if they are still active especially when they block their log in. He contacted me a couple months back and we talked on the phone and he ended the call quickly and said he was going out of town all week to visit his family. However he managed to be on this site everyday. I was checking out my favorites and remember looking at his profile a couple days back and it had expired. I looked today and in the same place the other profile was there was a completely new profile, completely different and I know I didn’t save another favorite. I guess that explains why he has been on this site forever and seems to have so much to offer. He probably didnt’ even give me his real name either. It’s something to beware of . Little lies are one thing but changing state, status, body type, etc. is odd

  3. cre8tor says:

    that is scary! wonder if it would do any good to alert the site?

  4. lisa says:

    Anyone have an experience where a sd you had talked to completely changed their profile and where someone completely different? I had talked to a gentlemen a few months back who is on this site perpertually, actually contacted me way back when I first joined and then again a couple months ago. talked on phone and he disappeared but is on the site everyday. I still had him on my favorites as I save everyone that I have made contact with to my favorites if there is still a possibitlity of making contact. I have only 4 saved and looked over them tonight I noticed one of my favorites has renewed his profile and it’s completely different, no pic this time,now he is married,lives in another state, different ht/wt income. I know it is the same guy because the other 3 are there. I wonder how many of the sds or sbs on this site play games like this. Now I know why he is still on this site, he is a game player.

  5. John says:

    I think you may be right Gail, I have only just started on the site so I’m probably still new to this. I do try to get to know them, on the other hand, I do feel kind of scared that they think this is going to be someone whose interested solely in internet chat. I guess its bout getting the balance right, and you’ve probably hit the nail on the head, they had other options. Oh well ! Will keep trying ! Thank you for the advice anyway !

  6. Gail says:

    Are you taking the time to get to know them. Or do you talk about the dates and the financials right away? Just wondering… it may be that they have other options.

  7. John says:

    I seem to have the opposite problem to many here. The SB says she is interested, I e-mail her the dates and the financial arrangement. She says she agrees to the dates and the sum…and that’s the last I hear bout it ! When I e-mail again to know if she is interested there is no reply ! I must be doing something wrong ! 🙂

  8. Bluewater Sailor says:

    Sarah, having never seen your profile it is hard to comment but a few suggstions if I may. Let your true personality come through in your writing. A sense of humour and an easy going manner are going to attract more of us men than a cut and dried profile that says this is what I want and this is what I expect. Despite the fact that we are all looking for a certain amount of NSA in these relationships, at the end of the day, we are all looking for someone we connect with on something more than a purely physical and financial level.

    Let the true Sarah come out and I think you will find more responses coming your way !

  9. Sarah says:

    I have an issue…when I first joined here I got many, many emails every day. They eventually tapered down and now rarely do I get any at all. I try to sign on once a day so SDs can see I am an active member. I know I am attractive, I’m not picky about the amount of my allowance and I am flexible about the type of arrangement. But for some reason, it has been almost a month since someone has contacted me first.

  10. BlondeinNYC says:

    Perhaps it’s just the mindset of the men who contact me. Perhaps they just want to meet for sex and that’s it.

  11. SuthrnExec says:

    BlondeinNYC, I have seen SBs profiles that explicitly say they are not an escort, or something to that effect. Maybe you could try that and see what happens. I saw your profile and I just don’t see why someone would assume you’re an escort.

  12. BlondeinNYC says:

    SuthrnExec-Once again, thank you for the kind words. Sadly these two examples that I’ve written about are the majority of the type of emails I get!

    My photos don’t show me in provocative clothing or positions. I haven’t written anything that would denote that I’m an escort (I think). While I am petite, I’m 34-25-36, in shape and if I do say so myself, adorable.

    Here’s an excerpt of what I wrote on my profile: description of myself: frothy, frolicisome, sweet, petite, smart, kind, and a rockin’ bod.

    What I’m looking for: You. I love good conversation; sharing ideas and what happened in your day. Getting the chance to laugh at the things that happened. Conversation is sexy! When you feel close to someone and you can share bits of your life, there’s more of a connection and that leads to..

    And yet, I get emails asking me to be an escort!

    Thanks for saying hang in there, I’ve been here since August and sadly, the majority of the emails are for immediate sexual gratification on their part.

  13. SuthrnExec says:

    Unbelievable. He posses a double-digit IQ, no doubt. Hang in there.

  14. BlondeinNYC says:

    SuthrnExec you’d be surprised by the amount of emails I get from men who think I’m one. I don’t know what their mindset is when they’re here. There’s one guy who claims he’s looking for the “ultimate sb” and sent me an email stating that he wanted to “drop by my house for an hour twice a week.”

  15. SuthrnExec says:

    I don’t know that I’m qualified for seminar-giving – I just appreciate someone being honest with me, so I figure it goes both ways.

    I know there are some escorts that use this site because I have been approached via email by two or three – but there are tell-tale signs if she is an escort. But this has been the exception rather than the rule (and I think I have seen your profile and it would never enter my mind to approach you in that way). I think he’s just a loser!

  16. BlondeinNYC says:

    SuthrnExec maybe you ought to give a seminar? There are lots of profiles of SDs that state they want someone to be “nice to them,” or are very blatant about sex. A lot of initial emails that I have gotten are all about how they want me to service them sexually. If you were to look at my profile, I doubt you’d think I was a pro trolling for clients. If I was looking for just sex I could go anywhere and pick up a guy.

    I think the reason why there are some SDs who are on this site for months on end are simply that they really do think this is an escort site and they keep striking out or they have incredibly unrealistic expectations.

    I was shocked that this guy wanted to know where we’d go for “intimate relations” after meeting me for coffee. Props to him for being upfront, but he’s obviously delusional.

  17. SuthrnExec says:

    BlondeinNYC, I hear you. Sounds like he’s either on the wrong site or he’s not being straight with you. I suppose there are SD that write what they think potential SB want to “hear” but then when you get them on the phone or email them it’s totally different. I must admit that it did take me an exchange or two to be able to articulate what I was looking for. That’s just a part of communicating with others – until you are aware and accustomed to the context, there will be a slight learning curve; however, it shouldn’t take someone with more than a double-digit IQ to get it!

    I pretty-much laid myself open on my profile – I know it’s a bit long, but I think it really represents who I am. And there is nothing about my favorite sexual fantasy or position on there because as I’ve said before, it’s about chemistry with me first – if that’s not there, I might as well call a service.

  18. BlondeinNYC says:

    SuthrnExec thank you for the kind words. I’m really beginning to wonder what’s up though. I recently had someone email me for about a month, we’re in the same city and when I finally sent him an email a few days ago suggesting that we meet face-to-face, he never replied and still hasn’t. I have no idea if he was looking for a pen pal or what.

    I know that there are SDs out there who are looking for a friend and companion, whether it’s partaking in activities they enjoy like sailing, going to sporting events, viewing art exhibits or even having a dinner or cocktail companion. Yet, the majority of emails I get want me to immediately, and I mean immediately jump into bed with them. Now if they only want sex, they can go to any bar where ever they live and pick up someone or they can call an escort service. Just look at my last post.

    What I didn’t write in that post was when I asked him what he was looking for and what he liked to do for fun – on his profile he mentioned that he was lonely and wanted to explore the city and go to various places, he refused to answer me. When I said that I enjoyed museums, his reply was that he hated them and would only go with me. When I asked him again what he liked to do, I didn’t get an answer. I don’t know if he’s on the wrong site or what.

    Berskire SD respect goes both ways.

  19. BerkshireSD says:

    Men of quality usually have respect for their money. What they spend they expect good and fair value for. An SB showing disrespect for money will quickly be sensed and the SD will be turned off.

  20. blondiegirl says:

    Hey just some words of advice stick to your rules. If you say you dont want to travel to them dont.. and if they like you they will come to you. The ones that dont arent worth your time, they are not true gentleman. Also I always insist on first and last names and a name of the company or something that they work for/own before I meet just so I can make myself more confident that this guy is the real deal and the good ones do that for me. I had one recently when i asked he was like absolutely here is the info.. he sent me his last name, company name, a magazine article about his company and him. He has showed me a lot of photos. He knows that I feel uncomfortable and worried meeting him so he is trying to help me feel more comfortable. which i really really appreciate.. If he is reading right now Thanks!

  21. SuthrnExec says:

    Athelthral, all excellent points. For me personally, due to my current situation I have to do certain things to allow for discrete movement of money and sometimes it cannot be done instantly. To stay within our “budget” and be able to be responsive is a challenge while at the same time being cautious.

    BlondeinNYC, we’re out here. Yours will appear soon we hope!

  22. lisa says:

    Welcome MishBocaRatonGrl

    I’m a lot older than you and don’t get as many offers as when I first joined this site. I have been lucky to only meet legit ones so far although nothing really worked. I did get a short arrrangement with a reasonable allowance and then a couple first date shopping trips. However I have had my share of cheepos who want to see me several times a week and are only willing to pay one bill for me.
    First of all, NEVER travel to meet them on the first date. If they are legit, they can find the time to come to you, after all they are supposedly wealthy and can afford the flight and hotel logging (never set up for the man to stay at your place when you first meet him because you don’t want to be in an akward situation if he is a creep and you can’t get him out of your place. Have him to come see you and meet in a public place. A good place I have found is a coffee shop in a shopping area or mall where there are plenty of people arouond. My mall has a couple pleasant restaraunts suitable for first meets plus the atmospere of being surround by shops gives him the opportunity to treat you to some nice things if he is legit. the two I met took me around the mall and I picked out some stuff I wanted, I didn’t go overboard but got me some stuff that I wanted but wouldn’t spend my money on and made it obvious that these two gentlemen where willing to spend some cash. If he refuses to discuss an allowance or shows little interest in anything that you seen in the mall that you like, or if he just takes you from store to store, looking but not buying or if he talks about things being too expensive, don’t waste time with him, as he is not legit. Never meet anyone who won’t send you a decent picture of themselves either.

  23. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    I’m a new SB, I have had many potential SD’s but most were long distance, and I’m not willing to be the first to travel. Plus many won’t send a photo. I’m not into blindly meeting someone, and I’d like Chemistry to actually exist.

    I’m only 18 turning 19 in december, sorta young, and I don’t wanna be naive and go meeting some broke creep. How can you tell if they are legit? What are some signs? How can I find out what he’s missing with his relationship at home (talking about the Married SD’s) without prying too much into his personal life?

  24. cadreemin says:

    Ok, you did it, you bloggers sucked me in. But this blog has hit on so many things that I’ve encountered that I had to blog in too. I posted this on another thread earlier and I think its more appropriate here.

    The majority of this lengthy blog addresses situations where the woman understands that sex will for sure be part of the deal if you two hit it off and is willing to accommodate your needs as part of the arrangement. She may not feel it quite as soon as you, so it may take a little longer than you’d like to wait but she is planning on putting out when she feels comfortable. It may not happen on meet one two or three or it might – but at any rate she is aware of the implications of meeting you and she is ok with that. And hopefully the arrangement will work itself into a mutually satisfying, happy we got together, enjoy your company type of set-up. I’m not talking about the girl that meets you, acts coy like a good girl should, calls you the next day and tries to squeeze $1000 out of you and if you don’t give it you never hear from her again. And if you give it you never hear from her again. My blog addresses the plight of Sugar Babies that are here to get a little assistance, be it shopping trips, someone fawning over her, or cash in her bank account in exchange for giving you the attention you want and need. Initially she is driven by the need to get what she needs out of you, but she is hoping that it will end up in a mutually satisfying relationship where each of you is happy to give the other what they need. But you know – it takes a long time to figure that out sometimes – and I’d venture to bet that most Sugar Daddy’s are going to want to reap the benefits (have sex) before they know whether or not this will work long term. So she will most likely be having sex before she knows how committed she is going to be to this man, but he expects it since he is paying for her services, so to speak.

    The guy that wants to be your one and only for less than he’d pay a dog sitter per day. What is up with that? There is much discussion back and forth on the different subjects are we just benefactors of some generous guy that just wants to be friends with benefits (as long as we both want to-cause he doesn’t want to force us-right!) and he’s going to lavish gifts upon us out of the goodness of his kind heart, or are we gold diggers or prostitutes? In good conscience can we withhold sex and naked pictures until he “Shows us the money” or should we take him at his word that he is going to be a stand up guy and lavish us with gifts and cash after we’ve “earned it” at some later date that he determines and give him the gift of our bodies before he’s “earned it”? I thought the premise of this site was to give successful, confident Sugar Daddy’s that through an unfortunate cold shoulder their wife is giving them or the time constraints a busy hectic schedule puts on them they don’t have time to go out and play the dating game. They come here and can find the affections, attentions of a woman that he will hopefully bond with and like that (for a price) will not put the pressure of a conventional relationship upon him. And he is willing to pay for that luxury – just as he pays for all of his other luxuries. Everyone wins. She doesn’t have to go out and pretend she likes someone so she can coerce him out of gas or grocery money, the Sugar Daddy knows why she is here and how much this convenience is going to cost him. I believe he owes her monetary concession from day one. Most times he wants to be her one and only Sugar Daddy, and often times it has taken weeks to get to the point that they finally meet. By this time she has maybe said no to one or two other potential Sugar Daddy’s cause this one seems real. She, most times is running at a deficit by the time they meet and has just the hope that he will be a stand up guy and realize this and pay her for her time and effort – just as he would pay his accountant or masseuse for investing their time. If things worked out and they hit it off, they work out some arrangement so that she gets the monetary benefit that she thought she was signing up for when she posted on this site and he gets the love and attention he’s not getting for whatever reason at home. Let’s face it, most of the time the man pays anyway, so he’s already conditioned for it, but in this forum he’s basically told up front how much he’s going to pay – he can weigh the pros and cons of the offer, he can counter offer, he can say yes or he can say no, but at least he knows what is expected. I personally have a very hard time reconciling this concept with my personal desire to be self – sufficient and not need help. But currently I find that I cannot make it on my own financially and I feel almost relieved that there is a place I can go and say “You know what, I need some extra cash. You need a little excitement in your life. Why not see if we can help each other out?” I don’t want to have a string of five Sugar Daddy’s and you don’t want me to have five of them, so it’s going to cost you a bit of money to have your cake and eat it too. And hopefully we click and everything works out. But if we don’t – guess what – I still need the extra cash that drove me to sign up on this site – and you still got the attentions of a woman versed in the art of making a man melt – so give the lady her due$. And if you are as rich and have as much disposable cash as you say you have – understand that the need for assistance drove her to give you her most precious gift and that she has just gone against her entire life’s upbringing because she felt she had no other options – so maybe you could be that kind gentleman you say you are in your ad and pay her for the month that its going to take to her to find a replacement. Is it your fault things didn’t work – no – is it hers – no. It just didn’t and you have the means to make it not a financial burden on her to have tried and lost.

    Ok that’s way more than anyone should write for their first blog anywhere ever.

  25. BlondeinNYC says:

    Athelthral – why aren’t there more gentlemen like you??

  26. BlondeinNYC says:

    I want to label this ONE FOR THE BOOKS!
    I sent an email to a gentleman, who immediately sent me one back asking to chat with me on the phone. I thought,”Why not” and gave him my number. He asked how soon we could me, I suggested Monday for coffee. I said we could meet and see if we hit it off or not, he then asked me where we would go after that for an “intimate encounter.” Uh huh.

  27. Athelthral says:


    I think the reasons for many of us SDs to not talk about financial arrangements straight off are two-fold:

    1) We don’t want this to be prostitution.
    Remember there are law-enforcement stings all over the web these days.
    It’s important that a relationship be established first. So actually, I think it’s best to not explicitly discuss sex or money at the outset.

    2) Most of us have a budget we would like to spend sugar daddying per month (for me it is 1000 dollars: believe me I ENJOY spending money this way) but how that is distributed among sugar babies/baby and how many meetings there are per month will vary depending on the girl/location etc, so nothing can necessarily be promised immediately.

    So for me, and maybe others, it’s get to know the girl first, so that we’re clearly into the territory of a relationship rather than a brothel, and then the details of a longer-term financial arrangement can be brought up. Of course, this doesn’t mean that we don’t help out materially right from the very first meeting – most of us do. After a few meetings, when an established friendship exists, then the longer-term material aid arrangement can be established.

    Make sense, girls?

  28. stephan says:


  29. BlondeinNYC says:

    MS V please don’t go; your insight and your wit is priceless. And we need to know if you will write that novel!

  30. ChicBaby says:

    Ms V – You will be missed. Thank you for the final post; it was very insightful, just like all your posts.

  31. SuthrnExec says:

    Ms. V – it’s been a pleasure making your acquaintance through this blog. I have appreciated your intellect and insight. Selfishly, I wish you wouldn’t go, but I understand. All the best!

  32. Ms. V says:

    right on, Lisa.
    I used to be what would now be termed a “Pimp”…Pimpstress, if you ask me 😉 I was very young…very, very young, and In my circles of association, there was just so much opportunity to make money- I was already making the connections, so I decided to start charging for “guaranteed” results.

    SA is just shy of being an electronic pimp. Look at it, ya’ll. Don’t worry- I’ll wait……….I am going to give up on this site now, because I have found zero benefit potential (though I did find a few good friends!)from being on this site. I started my adult life early- married and maa’d at 15, GED, college at 17. Divorce, custody battle, military service, suckered into having another child at 21. More schooling at 22, Entrepreneur at 23, married at 25, baby at 26. Now, I am almost done with my 3rd round of schooling, a disgustingly intelligent woman, married, sexy, REAL, working my plan, not needy or clingy, honest, aware, Queen of eerything that life throws at me, and ready to live each aspect of my life to its’ fullest- I get stalked by men and women, understand what it means to be a friend, truly have a heart for people and the common need, a Geisha of sorts, and can assimilate into any environment…but, for whatever reason, I cannot find a suitable SD to share an uninhibited portion of my life and time with, unless he is local to my area…which is too messy for my foresight o allow.

    I am so tired of seing the idiot girl end up with access to all of the extra resources we seek in these situations…only to hear that she cannot even add up th sum of her benefits_much less appropriate them correctly. I suppose I should have known better than to think that the men on here would be looking for the woman they already live with as wives, so I will end my last blog post by saying this:

    Your wife probably used to be the hottest, most interesting woman you ever had the pleasure to meet….until she submitted herself to you, sir.
    Chances are- if you are so dissatisfied in your marriage, that you are willing to go out of your way to pay for the experiences that you no longer have with her…she has probably already found her own Sugar Daddy, and it is entirely possible that that is the only reasn she keeps putting up with your shit.
    Honestly, how many accusations are you on the receiving end of during the course of a month? even if it is just strategic questions regarding the mismatch of the information you give to her….think about it. She knows.

    I joined this site for the same reason every other woman did…to get some “assistance”in exchange for the mutual reclamation of excitement and sensual awareness of myself. But, I’ll be much better off taking my 36F’s, baby-makin’ hips, green eyes, and stripper thighs back to where I came from.

    I wish you all the best of destiny in your searches and acquisitions…and I truly hope that you get whatever it is you seek here on SA.
    kisses to all.

  33. BlondeinNYC says:

    I’m 34-25-36 with an almost 30″ inch seam and I’m petite! And I still get passed over.

  34. dreamer says:

    that makes me wonder.. I say im average on my page. I wonder if ppl think i am lying and im obese lol. Nah, i have pix.. So its up to them. I wouldnt object to putting my weight or bmi on here..

  35. lisa says:

    I agree Ms. v about how men lie too. I have found from reading many dating forums about general dating sites that men say that women lie about their weight. They say that women will say they are average and then when they meet them, they are obese. I can understand not wanting to be deceived and after all how is someone going hide a habit, a body issue when they actually meet for real. However the funny thing is that men are so hung up on women being honest but lie about thier income. I have been on regular dating sites in the past and you would not believe how many of these guys claim to make over 100K a year. HOWEVER their lifestyles dont fit the high income lifestyle. Now once I did meet a guy who made 75-100k but he lived in a brand new home with nice furniture, have 2 nice cars, including a brand new corvette and he lived a good life, great food, travel, etc. HOWEVER other men whom I met (including guys on SA) claim to worth millions but live in an apartment (not a luxury one, just a regular one), drive older cars that don’t have airconditioning, watch their cell phone minutes, and have horrible teeth.
    Men get mad if women lie, but they lie on their profiles all the time about income but they say that if a woman gets upset about that, she is a golddigger because money isn’t important. Well if a man doesn’t want a woman to be after his money, he should leave his income off (most regular dating sites let you leave it off, or lie and say you make less money than you do. BUT don’t get mad when a woman is disappointed that you dont’ make the money you boasted about.

  36. BlondeinNYC says:

    I wrote this in another spot on the blog, but I’m going to write it here. If the SD decides after a few emails that he’s not interested, he should send an email saying,”I’ve changed my mind” or something to that effect. It really burns me that I’m emailing someone for awhile and then silence. C’mon guys, you hate it when it happens to you, and you wonder why it happens to you; to make things easier for all of us, just say something.

    You do it at work, I mean you can tell people at work “no” so you should be able to do it with a potential SB.

  37. Why Not says:

    Loud and clear Cre8tor !

  38. Ms. V says:

    I am a smoker. What the h*ll would I lie about it for? makes no sense…
    Aside from the fact that I have chosen to not take the time to occupy my hands with a more productive form of entertainment_ it is just something I do…I smoke.

    What about that 10 to 50 million dollar net worth amount posted on your profile, general SD ??? That is a significantly more weighty lie than the fact that she smokes and didn’t fess up LOL!

  39. Caligirl says:

    Just love the smell of a cherry cigar….watching the smoke Puffffin from his sexy, cute lips 🙂

  40. cre8tor says:

    Smoking stinks!!!! I can smell it a mile away and it absolutely turns me off. I love tasting and smelling my man and am very sensual but if I get even a slight whiff of cigs, it turns me off completely and my sensual becomes rote. Got it Why Not?

  41. yael says:

    also I ‘ve been thinkin about changin my title to “Not your girl next door, I’m the B*tch up the street” LOL you like it… or ” I beat Buffy by three inches” but I think the comaparison would be lost on this particular site… (If you don’t know what I’m talkin about look up ‘buffy the body’ for reference LOL…. I’m just jokin with you all..(but it’s true). love ya’s all…..

  42. yael says:

    About the somking thing…… I quit a year ago… and I know so many people lie about having quit LOL… I smoked a clove cigarette like two weeks ago and it was cool.. and I can’t say I won’t do it again if I drink… but not on a daily basis…they’re also ten bucks a pack here where I live… not a habit I choose to afford… LOL… also I’ve met guys that claim they don’t smoke but smoke marijuana… and i absolutley DON’T…

    .. but I dont think I’m really a smoker. even light… so I guess I won’t even mention it really…… I hate actual cigarettes now and I’m glad I hate them… It’s really gross.. and the smell is something that non-smokers always can smell…. but old habits die hard I guess casue a clove is still smoking no matter what if I keep it absolute and really look at it… but I so wouldn’t smoke around somebody wo had a problem with it… I’d probably only smoke aclove only if they did… and offered me one.. maybe not even then… especially if I wasn’t drinkin anything…..

  43. KaylaBaby says:

    Im New To This Site And Was Wondering If Any One Can Give Me Some Advice Im Really Struggling Right Now With BILLS BILLS BILLS And Student Loans Ive Talked To A Few SD And They Also Never Wanna Talk About The Allwonce Its Like They Brush It Off .. Any ADVICE LADYS ?

  44. lisa says:

    My luck comes in spirts and then I don’t hear anything. I have found that I have to go through several time wasters before I find one that actually wants to meet. I went through about 6 time wasters a little while back and then ended up meeting 2 over a two week period, neither worked out but they did let me do some shopping which really perked me up. so I hope these last 4 time wasters are a sign that I’m going to find another one to actually meet and have fun with.

  45. zabreena says:

    lisa i’m sure we all agree, I know I do, they get nowhere until they start to spend on me. I joined this site a few months ago and have found it wonderful, I have been contacted by loads of men, exchanged messages with quite a few and met several. Sure it takes time but I recon its a whole lot easier, quicker, cheaper and less dissapointing talking on the site than meeting a load of fakers and losers.

    I tend to chat and flirt for a while and gradually tease them and get out of them what they want and what they are offering in return. I am amazed just how bashful lots of them are. obviously they all want sex but I’m not interested unless I enjoy chatting on line, he seems a fun and decent sort of guy not some sleeze bag. this site is heaps better than most, other sites I have tried are full of the most awful men. if i get on with him then i chat a little on the phone but not much cos I’ve more or less decided by then.

    then i meet. day time in a coffee shop which i can get out of out back. i never show much flesh but very slinky stuff. usuallly i wear tight black trousers and figure hubbing turtle neck with heels. most guys i’ve met like this from this site i’ve gone on to meet for dinner. thats the good thing about putting in effort before i meet them.

    i usually make them wait for the first dinner date, keep em keen. and then i dress to thrill but i make it quite clear that sex is not on the menue that night and not until the generositry has started. serious generosity too. i broke my rule once for a guy i really liked on line and when i met. he was only in town for two nights so i met for dinner the same day as i met for coffee and went to bed with him the same night too, but he was very generous!

    this site has plenty of good SDs and most of the guys i have met i have gone to bed with and seen several times. i have several on the go now and they have transformed my life.

  46. lisa says:

    I also cannot stand to kiss someone with stale smoke on their breath.

  47. lisa says:

    I have met two sds that were smokers but claimed to be light smokers. the first one smoked 5 cigarettes in the 3 hours we were together. He had to get up from the table at the restaraunt and go out and smoke. On the few times we got togther, he had to go out and smoke several times in the time he visited me.
    the second one had to go out and smoke twice in a and and half meeting.
    So yes sds do lie about smoking. My exhusband was a “light smoker” He only smoked a couple times a week, a pack of cigarettes would last him for a couple months.

  48. SuthrnExec says:

    I have experienced SBs that claim to be non-smokers and although they aren’t chain smokers, they definitely are at least light smokers. I am very sensitive to odors and tastes and I just wish they would be totally honest about that. Have any SBs found potential SDs that aren’t totally honest about the smoking thing?

  49. yael says:

    Chicage SD- I agreew ith you… I had suggested the same thing because it saves time as opposed to searching tons of people that aren’t interested in you…. But it may be limiting too… you may think that you want one thing and then totally meet someone or read a profile and absolutely change your mind…
    We discussed in a previous blog a controversial issue with race and preference and I had thought that maybe it would be easier If I could only search people looking specifically a certain race or whatever… and you know what… this week alone I actually found a couple of people who may have been looking for one thing but were intrigued by my profile and wanted to talk to me.. had they been able to filter out, they never would have seen my profile… but I do think it would save alot of wasted time becasue that’s still like 2 people out of who knows how many others who don’t give a crap about someone’s intriguing profile they want what they want no exceptions LOL…….

  50. yael says:

    Lisa_ you are my GIRL!!! yousaid it right… I don’t get why so many SDs tend to act like they don’t wanna be SDs and don’t want a sugar baby on a site made exclusively for that reason… Now most of us ladies in this blog can ultimately say we are about more than just money but come on now… this is for seeking mutaully benefical arrangements!!! One would think it would be a given…. one would also think that men would know that a sugar baby is about more than that and of course it’s not just about the money… any man can go buy sex.. and any girl can get paid for it. hell that’s what pros are for…. It’s shallow, guarded and stupid to take the defensive when trying to connect with a potential SB….

    As for the profile, I have alot on mine but it’s easy reading for the most part… and each paragraph cohesive and relevant so you can skim and get the gist…. and keep it movin or you can read in depth for further info.. I also have certain words in CAPS for those with short attention spans… LOL… like letting them know I am NOT a PRO, HOOKER, CALL GIRL, NO DRAMA etc….
    I think it makes a good statement… the ones who aren’t interested enough to read it… probably weren’t worth the time… however.. I was pleasantly surprised when one potential actually read one of the side line interests of mine about poetry and actually sent me poems from my favorite poet… that was sweet so I definitely was impressed…

    I recently changed nmy pics to include a bodyshot, and face, and a candid shot.. This has gotten me much better results… before I had all face shots and I forgot men are far more visually driven and they were probably wondering if I was fat nor not or if i had big boobs… or whatever… too many questions make caveman head hurt.. LOL… so it is just easier to include at least one full body shot…. my pics aren’t professional but I think it’s better that way for me… They are good quality pics nonetheless… I kinda like real pics cause then noone is surprised or disappointed when I look like my regular self… If you don’t like my beautiful self everyday then you aren’t for me I guess….

  51. Sally says:

    Chicago SD: Are you a premium SD? As a premium SB, I know I can search by race, state and all of the other specifiers you mentioned… but I agree that it makes it much easier.

  52. Chicago SD says:

    wouldn’t it be nice if this website added prefer SB/SD profiles? ie: white women only, blue eyes or brown preferred, only in state of IL, etc..?

  53. dreamer says:


  54. SweetTooth says:

    I spoke to a potential SD today. After reading these blogs and following the advice you ladies gave I think he may be a good one. We really clicked on the phone and will meet this weekend. We both spoke about our expectations up front and they seemed to match. I felt a little awkward talking about my allowance but he made it easy. So…we’ll see… Wish me luck! 🙂

  55. dreamer says:

    well, i put negotiatable… I have never been a sb before, and i do not know what is acceptable or polite to ask for. Plus i think it should depend on what they make. Like i dont feel i should ask a millionaire the same things i would ask from a billionaire… I have a hard time talking about it with them as well. This is most likely the reason i havent found a sd to ”settle” down with..

  56. ChicBaby says:

    SweetTooth – Come by any time and let us know how it’s going for you!! And don’t worry, fewer emails, but better quality ones are always better than a ton of dead-end messages!

  57. SweetTooth says:

    Thanks Lisa, Cre8tor, and Chicbaby for your advice. I really appreciate it! So I changed my amount from negotiable to a set amount and I am getting less e-mails now but at least they know what I expect. I’m still a bit nervous but I feel a lot more comfortable now that I know I can come to you ladies for advice 🙂

  58. ChicBaby says:

    cre8ter – Opps! You’re right, it was the 60’s!! The bras were a feat of engineering! But ouch!!

    Lisa – I’m so happy for you that everything is going much better now! I really hope that one of the men you are talking with works out and is your perfect SD!!

    SweetTooth – Best of luck to you! Be careful, and just follow basic internet rules. Make sure that you feel comfortable at all times! Meet for the first time in a public place. Have his name and phone number. I always leave a note with meeting/personal details in my room, just in case something happens!! Be cautious, but don’t be afraid! I’ve meet with many men from this site, and I have never once had anyone do anything improper.

    bostonTerrier – I also don’t like ‘amount -negotiable,’ but I do understand why some men put that instead of a set amount. They want to be at least able to talk with any girl on the site, and if they decide she’s worth more than he originally intended, then he’ll offer more. I always put a set amount, to try and discourage the men who aren’t willing/capable of that amount. Do I still get men emailing me saying they want to pay a bill or two a month, yes, but not as many!

  59. Sally says:

    Amen to that Lisa!!!

  60. lisa says:

    I agree completely. If they can be upfront about sex, they can be upfront about the allowance. It would save so much time because afterall as far as I am concerned I will not move forward with them if they don’t offer financial assistance. there are plenty of sites I can join where guys take you out and expect you to split the bill. And if these guys are just looking for sex, and sick degrading things on top of that, there are plenty of sites where they can find a s*** that will sleep with them and anyone else for free.
    I would never give up all my free time only to get a phone bill paid in return.

  61. bellababydoll says:

    I keep getting potential sd’s and then they suddenly cancel on our arrangements to meet. DONT waste my time and yours if your not serious. I too found that they never want to talk about the financial arrangement. I always ask before meeting what is it they are looking for exactly just so I can be clear and there is no confusion. And they always say they will discuss it later, whats the point? Just say it now, if your not going to give me enough money a month to pay one bill and you want to spend 3 days a week with me, thats not worth my time and effort.

  62. bostonTerrier says:

    or one of four but i really think one of five is more accurate

  63. bostonTerrier says:

    now i don’t … but when i was looking it occurred a lot. i was convinced most guys were just looking for dates and assumed a nice dinner or night out in boston would suffice. i think i went through – by that i mean met – maybe eight and of the eight, 2 worked out … roughly one of five sds has a success rate from my experience.

    it was so annoying looking for a sd though – i HATED it! by far it’s the least fun part of an arrangement.

  64. cre8tor says:

    BT: based on your busy SD life, you needn’t have to negotiate! LOL But, I too would like things upfront and on the table. Makes those nasty expectations clear. ChicBaby is on target…an experienced SB knows what she wants and how to make that happen. And Don Draper? yessssss….from the early 60’s though. Can you believe those bras? Cross your Heart honey!

  65. cre8tor says:

    Welcome SweetTooth: Meeting online is good and bad. you can email or talk on the phone before meeting and find out if you can at least communicate with each other. But, it can be time consuming working through all the potentials. I think first you should make your profile clear and concise as to what you are looking for. It is assumed the relationship will involve sexual intimacy but present that in a tasteful way…no overly suggestive photos. Meet them in your town in a public place. The first meeting can be a little awkward…make it about enjoying yourself. And, if they talk sex, you talk allowance. Who is real and who is not? None of us have found a way to know that just by the profile. Just listen, watch and see what they say, how they say it, how they look where they live, etc. You will be fine. The sugar family will be here for your support

  66. lisa says:

    I haven’t came across any. Most of the ones I have been contacted by were pretty upfront about it even though they shyed away from discussing an arrangement.
    I did have 2 one time meetings with potential sds that took me shopping though and never touched me. Neither meeting turned into anything though.

  67. paige says:

    are there any sd’s who arent in it for sex?

  68. lisa says:

    I would like them to be as upfront about financial arrangements as they are about sex. What really gets me is the men that put up profiles on a sugardaddy website and do not want a woman who is into the sugarbaby thing. They will not talk about money and avoid the topic of the arrangment, which I think should be discussed somewhat before you meet someone, especially when they are vague in their profiles, amount negotiable or less than 1000 dollars. If they mean 900 dollars, maybe, but they might be thinking 50 dollars lilke the one guy that I talked to that wanted to get together twice a week and really wanted alot but was willing to pay a phone or cable bill.

    I too check out the competition and find it hard to believe so many of the beautiful women on this site can’t find a sugardaddy. I am older so I don’t expect to get a lot of response, but some of these ladies are stunning.


    You just have ato make connections and meet some guys on here. It’s hard to tell if they are legit sometimes, but then again sometimes it’s obvious. Avoid any of them that talk about sex immediately or won’t talk about financial assistance or offer very little. Some of these guys offer a generous allowance and only ask for 2 or 3 meetings a month whereas there are plenty of men on here that want to see you 2 or 3 times a week and offer very little for all the time you give to them. You have to remember that this is not a sight for a regular dating relationship in most cases so your time is valuable.

  69. bostonTerrier says:

    i’d prefer if sd’s did not have “open – amount negligible” in their profiles … if they’re going to respond to mine. i’m not open to negotiation so i always find it humorous/annoying when some sds try to do so with me. i know what i want and don’t settle for less and i am positive they’d have no problem finding a different sugar baby anyway.

    it would also be nice if they explained the exact arrangement they were looking for, one line responses are not very helpful at all.

  70. SweetTooth says:

    Hi I’m new to this. I was reading your stories and I’m excited to meet some potential SD. I’m 21 and have never really met anyone online before.I’ve had a sugar daddy before…I don’t really know how it happened. I met him on a train and I was intrigued by him. We talked and dated and he just became my sugar daddy. He is 45 and he moved so I am looking for a new sugar daddy. I met him randomly and in person so it was different. I’m a little hesitant to meet with these men…. Can you ladies give me some advice. Where should I meet them? How do I know if they are the real deal or not? Can you tell me a little about your first meeting with a potential sugar daddy. This way I know what to expect. I would really appreciate this….I have no one else to ask for advice.

  71. ChicBaby says:

    Oh, and Don Draper is my ideal SD!!!
    I would be willing to deal with 1950’s sexism and girdles to be with him! 😉

  72. ChicBaby says:

    For the SDs….
    #1 Be Concise!
    As stated above, the dissertations on life, love, and money aren’t going to draw me in very quickly. I tend to skim them, and most of the time I don’t like what I see.
    #2 Be Clear!!
    If you want to meet three times a week, say so! If you only want a travel buddy, let me know! If you are looking for the slutty version of arm candy, warn me!
    #3 Be Civilized!
    Don’t talk about explicit sexual fantasies that you want to live out. Yes, I know (and love) well the sexual aspect of these relationships, but telling me what your favorite position is before I know your name is not a turn-on.

    For the SBs…
    Well, personally I keep it short and sweet, and follow all the above rules. I don’t want to mislead any SDs, and I am not here to waste anyone’s time, least of all my own! I state what I am looking for, and a bit about myself and my SB background. I don’t think that anything else is necessary on a profile. I can color in the picture when we Email/Talk/Meet.

  73. dreamer says:

    i check other sbs profiles alot.. Not all the time, just when i have slumps.. I like to see what the ”competition” is like. I see how many and what type of pix are up most often and how much they write. I try to keep my profile as original as i can, so seeing others’ profiles helps.