12 years ago
Sugar Dating and Kids

12 years ago
Sugar Dating and Kids

Balancing the Children with Sugar

I was speaking with a friend of mine who is a single mother and SA Sugar Baby. She has used the site for nearly two years, and one of the reasons she says she likes the site is because she prefers to keep the number of men coming in and out of her daughters life to a minimum.  Finding herself busier than ever as an up and coming empowerment guru, this go-getter Sugar Baby likes to keep her baby away from as much BS as possible…

“The guys I meet from SeekingArrangement.com are all about respecting my needs, and I’m about respecting theirs. It helps me protect my doughter from the many mixed signals that can result from dating guys who expect to access your entire personal life after the 2nd date!”

Sugar Daddies must also consider the impact their arranging or dating lives may have on their children; perhaps from existing, or past marriages.

How, if at all, do you integrate your kids with your Sugar lives?  Under what circumstances should you tell, or not tell your children about your Sugar Baby or Sugar Daddy? Has anyone ever found balancing their kids with their SB’s or SD’s difficult? Have your kids ever become jealous of your Sugar Baby, or Sugar Daddy?

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26 Responses to “Sugar Dating and Kids”

  1. Anonymous says:

    U r all should be ashamed of ur life…kids should not meet ur johns! Where are the fathers?

  2. Натан says:

    У меня скоро в букмарках место закончится, но я рад добавлять с вашего блога и дальше ссылки на интересные темы!

  3. printedpassions says:

    I have one child. It’s stated on the profile. She is ALL mine. I won’t share her. No other person needs to participate in her life. A rare few have met my daughter. And they are good friends. Then I don’t see them again. LOL.

  4. cre8tor says:

    agoodseed: Your comments bring a giant smile to my face. With all the other negative or frustrated ladies here, it is a breath of fresh air to hear that you are doing so well and meeting great, caring and supportive SD’s. Yeah! You must know how to treat them right so they do that in return.

  5. agoodseed says:

    I often wondered about this situation. The one thing I applaud about this site is that I have had the pleasure of meeting men who have children. I met men who understand the importance of mothering your children. They are also considerate to the point of helping you in a time a need. I had one gentleman who helped me so much without the intention of being with me simply because I was a single mother. I love this site. It makes meeting men very enjoyable and pleasant. I have never met a man on this site that didn’t bring me a little something for myself or my daughter just for fun….

  6. BerkshireSD says:

    The biggest issues related to custody and kids not wanting to relocate. Have to be mature about the NSA deal that was a summer arrangement and move on, although we did seriously try to extend it.

    Custody is a really big issue with kids involved because so many parents are not free to go to another state.

  7. lisa says:

    that would be nice to find a sd that would treat my daughter too. But at this point I can’t get one serious enough to even meet me.

  8. Caligirl says:

    Awwwwh… sound like you had a wonderful time….what happened to them? I notice that you write in the past tense. Is she still in your life?

  9. BerkshireSD says:

    This summer I had a live in SB who was around my son. She brought her two kids after a couple of weeks and everyone had a great time. I treated her kids like my own; bought them riding lessons, clothes, gave them spending money. It was very satisfying to me and I have to say I loved them all.

  10. AlaskanQT says:

    I do have children. I only talk about them when I am asked questions. I make it clear that I have steady child care arrangements but that I also cannot run away for a weekend on short notice all of the time. I will never introduce an SD to my children intentionally. Now if I happen to be seeing a movie and ,my sitter happens to bring the kids to eth same theater I am NOT going to ignore my kids but I will always introduce them as friends… or politely ask my SD to give me a minute.

    That also goes way back to teh conversation about what things you don’t talk about….. now on the other hand I do always ask how their kids are if they seem comfy with that. My current always gives my gift cards to get my kids things when we are out 🙂 I like it 🙂

  11. dreamer says:

    wow, sounds like you found a great guy! And its good your daughter knows what she wants haha!

  12. Bella says:

    I am just entering into my first SD/SB relationship. I am so excited to find 2 so quickly! I thought about juggling both, until luckily the one asked if we could wait a month or two based on economy issues and his funding for the arrangement. However, the 1 that I am moving forward with actually is adding extra into my monthly arrangement so my daughter has something to spend on herself. I told her about about the arrangement (except about the sex -she thinks I am going to be arm candy and entertain his clients – maintain conversation and help him steady his crowd) I figure eventually she’ll figure out the sex part, just not volunteering it. but, my SD asked me how much would it take to put a smile on her face while mom’s away? She said couple hundred, he bumped it up a grand!! I am so excited! We have our first public time out in 2 weeks.

  13. BlondeinNYC says:

    MSH- does he have a friend for Ms V? Otherwise we’re going to lose her!

  14. MSH says:

    Ms. V: You hit the nail on the head with a sledgehammer. I have a very good friend with three kids who is in a SD/SB relationship right now for that exact reason. I’ve heard her say many, many times that if she hears that whiney voice calling “mommy” once more, she’s gonna go postal. Her SD gives her the much-needed escape that she craves by taking her on short 2-3 day trips since he travels so much on business. They fly in the private company jet together, stay at 5-star hotels, while he is conducting his business that day, she goes to the spa, sleeps in, shops…….and then at night she’s his vixen. It is about as far removed as it can be from her regular every day life and I honestly think that it is what has kept her marriage going all these years and has kept her from killing her children!

    She has no intention of her SD ever, ever meeting her children. That is how they both wanted it.

  15. BlondeinNYC says:

    I don’t have children and I don’t want them…ever. I remember when my mother was dating and she had a really hard time of it. She was a single mom with 3 kids. It didn’t matter that she was a great lady, men stayed away in droves.

  16. Ms. V says:

    I think it is essential for potential SD’s to understand (or simply be exposed to) the idea that there are some women (SB’s) that desire the freedom from/emotional detachment from their lives as mothers or wives or even just the person they are forced to be in their everyday lives…yes, I am speaking personally as well as hypothetically-

    there is truth in that saying about a woman wearing many “hats” throughout her lifetime. If we view the matter from a completely objective standpoint, it is logically concluded that everyone does this at some point in their existence, and when the time is taken to reflect on what our own “masks” cover up, well….we may find that we are missing one hell of an experience when we link ourselves to each other in the freedom that comes from being able to expose ourselves.

    Vulnerability is terribly underrated in these types of situations. Why do you think that -despite the economic situation in our country, spas and the industry of alternative health & well-being is still thriving??? People are tired of wearing their masks…they get heavy_burdensome even, and somewhere, at every moment, someone is letting it all hang out. 😉

  17. Caligirl says:

    I have a very good friend who is a SD on this site. He presently is in a relationship strictly for the benefit of being able to provide for his current SB’s daughter. After talking to him he shared with me that his SB’s daughter was visiting him, and he had taken her to Disneyland, bought her a bicycle, took her to dances lessons, and bought her new clothes for school. I talked to him during all of his past SB relationships, this was the happiest he has ever been. I applaud him because he decided to make a difference in someone’s life, including his own.

  18. yael says:

    strangely there are some men who want to be involved in the lives of their SBs kids. I would think it’s a bit weird but I guess it depends on the type of arrangment that the individuals have… If it’s something that becomes serious and neither party is married and they get into a relationship I guess it’s different but thats a different situation all on it’s own and I guess you are no longer in an SD/SB arrangement at that point…
    I remeber when I was growin up and my best friend’s mom had a SD and he used to buy her all types of stuff… he even bought her first car and all… he was involved with her mom for about ten years.. but he was married and from what I learned later he was basically in the marriage on the whole, “cheaper to keep her” type stituation… but he was in a ‘committed relationship with my friends mom’… I still always thought it was weird… cause he wasn’t really her stepdad, or even her mom’s boyfriend… but to each his own….

  19. aletheia says:

    I agree with bostonTerrier here. I believe firmly in family planning and would not want to be involved in an arrangement by the time I have children. The whole point of the arrangement for me is to provide that quantum leap so that I have the money to achieve my own goals and be self-sufficient.

    I don’t think that there is some moral reason children shouldn’t be exposed to it, but I just know that some other people do. On the off chance that people started running their mouths about me (as they have about all of us in the Houston chronicle), I wouldn’t want my future child to have to deal with the public judgment. I can make my own decisions here, but I wouldn’t want my child to have to live with them.

  20. bostonTerrier says:

    i know my sds have kids … one even has a daughter in college my age.

    they rarely talk about them but i can tell they both love their kids immensely which is cute. i always hear about a mother’s love for her child[ren] so it’s refreshing to see it from a father.

    the day i have kids the likelihood i have a sd is 0% considering i *hope* to be married with a successful career of my own … hopefully more successful than my future husband’s 🙂

  21. ChicBaby says:

    Well, I don’t have children (I’m 21!), but my previous SD had three. I never met them, and I never intended to. But, part of what I did when I was with him was listening to him talk about them. Because I didn’t know them and never would, he felt more comfortable talking about them to me. He told me the good and the bad, which ones he felt were doing well and where, and which ones were having problems. I really enjoyed hearing him talking honestly about his children, and he really needed someone just for that!

  22. SuthrnExec says:

    Speaking from a SD’s point-of-view, kids would complicate the relationship for me. It would really make it difficult for me to find what I need and am looking for with kids in the mix. I certainly understand the time demands that kids have on a SB’s life and I firmly believe our kids should come first when there’s a potential conflict, but I don’t want, need nor should I be involved in anyway in the lives of a SB’s kids. My kids are not an issue as they are gone and live in different parts of the country. The whole dynamics of adding kids into the equation would introduce stress that would not be beneficial to me or the SB.

    I hope I don’t come across as some hard-hearted bastard – I truly love kids and enjoy kids – I relate well to them! But that’s not what I am looking for in a SB/SD relationship. Know what I mean?

  23. yael says:

    I don’t have any children of my own but I do however have almost partial custody and responsibility of one of my brother’s children so I have alot on myplate with a ten month old…. my bro works with the government and is always away and his wife has a prior oblgation in which she too is very unavailable for at least the next year, and I in NO way plan to involve any potential SD in this… he’s not my child.. he HAS a daddy… and all of his needs are well taken care of… so it’s not even an issue… I wonder if he were my own child would I feel differently…. I doubt it though…..

  24. Ms. V says:

    I have children. Not a man in the world has to worry about meeting them, I do not think that it is even part of the deal…the SD is supposed to be a SEPARATE part of my life. It would suit me fine to keep it that way. win/win situation.

  25. dreamer says:

    oh kids…. Im too young to talk about this one!

  26. lisa says:

    Well I have one daughter who is almost 18 that has her own life with school and work and she stays down the street with my mom. I moved a little while back and she prefers to stay there. So I have plenty of privacy and she doesn’t know anything and would be condeming of me if she knew. It apparently has caused me to lose some potential sds though I think because when I hear from them and they tell me about themselves, I tell them about me and just mention that I am divorced with a daughter (I don’t want to seem like one of those weird women who are single and never married and childless at 40) as men seem to weary of those woman so I have read on other dating forums, it’s ok for a man but for some reason it’s not ok for a woman.
    Anyway I try not to discuss it too much in detail because I don’t want to get into my family personal business with them. sd dating is a casual thing that doesn’t have to involve one’s family details.