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Sugar Friendship


The Common Bond… Friendship

As many of you have mentioned recently, it’s hard to have any human relationship without emotions being involved. Whether you plan a quaint stint, or an ongoing arrangement, there will be a unique vibe to every mutually beneficial relationship you make. You might notice the vibe of your arrangement from the first message. Did he or she give you a thoughtful break-down of exactly how both parties would benefit? Or did they write you something more casual and indirect? Now, the question of what style of message you prefer isn’t necessarily what I’m getting at here, but feel free to chime in on the style that you most prefer, and why. A Sugar Daddy arrangement can be a unique, life-long experience shared between two people who understand, and value the meaning of reciprocity.

“…it’s funny, I have more male Sugar Daddies that are friends.” -Gail

“…I have two great friendships that came out of NSA relationships.” -SouthernExec

Does anyone feel they’ve formed a friendship with they’re SD or SB? If your SD or SB friend is down on their luck, how, as a friend, not a SB or SD, would you help them? Would it be easy for you to step up as a real friend for your SD or SB, even if it means that you might have to become more than what your original role entailed?

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  1. Marika takacs says:

    Looking for gentlemen to have great chats too as well as open hearted and open minded conversations.someone who is honest and open.

  2. Meg - Very new, help a sista out? says:

    Hi! I just started this site and I’ve been looking around and reading and trying to take it all in. I tried, a couple days ago, to speak to a few SDs. I had trouble though…

    I see you girls saying that not all SD/SB connections HAVE to be sexual but then I talk to SDs and I get a response like:

    “First, for any amount, any man is going to want 24/7 availability and your complete attention. Second, any relationship of this kind does include sex by definition; I can spoil my daughter and enjoy her company in every other way for a lot less money.

    There are a huge number of women on this site and others who will be at a man’s beck and call 24/7 and make him their priority in life.”

    And then:

    “If is a part of any relationship between a man and woman, and this is no different. All the elements have to be there for it to work; friendship, companionship, attraction, love, and sex. Without any of the above, it is not a relationship.”

    Followed by a “good luck!”

    I mean, is a platonic relationship too much to ask? Could I possibly value my time higher than the guys here? Seriously. Y ou guys share pure fantasy stories about your SDs where no intimacy was involved!

    How do I get that?
    Could you help me out?

  3. My Airfare Secrets says:

    Great post… Loved you blog! bookmarked

  4. qsnYrharEDPuSJ says:


  5. printedpassions says:

    I’ve met a couple of SDs. They all have problems at home, and they end up finding me because I seem exotic. I tend to ooze sexyness and they enjoy it. However, because I am sexy doesn’t mean i’m easy. Call me old fashion, I like getting to know the person. Usually the SDs are busy with work, so in order to keep me intrigued, they keep in contact with me. I get to know a lot about what they think and feel. Sometimes I never get to meet them, but we shared a connection for a brief moment.

    I’ve only recieve financial assistant from one SD. But he said the wrong thing to me and I cut him loose. It hurt my feelings that he would say it, but obvious the connection that we seem to have wasn’t real.

  6. cre8tor says:

    Agent007: welcome. Offended by gay-ness? I would hope not. So happy to see you come here for our advice. You are doing exactly the right thing in your first meeting. And, your expectations for airfare costs on top of allowance is correct. Sounds like you have a nice start to something very exciting. As to asking for the $$ on the first meet….is it your mutual agreement that there will be no sex this first time? Is this just the “interview” so to speak? If so, I wouldn’t be asking for money. Its always a sensitive subject so there are no set rules. If you guys really click, he very well might send you home w/something. He has accepted the terms of the arrangement, let him go from there.

  7. Agent007 says:

    This is my first blog. I am in my late 20s and gay. Hopefully no one is offended or shocked. I am a pretty conservative guy, come from a good family, have a master’s degree, drug, disease, smoke and alcohol free. I am NOT the stereotypical gay guy – not a ‘screaming queen’ or anything of the sort.

    I tend to be kinda obsessive compulsive about health, safety and mutual respect. It’s a bit scary to put yourself out there and go visit a prospective SD far away from home and friends (mainly due to the safety issue). Is it normal to feel scared/uneasy about going to meet a potential SD? We have talked several times on the phone, and e-mailed back-and-forth, I googled him, and he checks out. I also sent my best friend and sister (both know about my arrangement) the flight itinerary, his address, name, and telephone number. They will be checking in with me as soon as I land, and periodically throughout the next two days that I visit my SD.

    Are these precautions enough? Does anyone else have any suggestions?

    Also, we have spoken and e-mailed each other and have been very upfront and honest in what we seek, what we can expect, and what we are willing to do and not do. I told him about my limits (physical/intimate – no sex, but other forms of intimacy are okay), and he asked me how much I am expecting (financially).

    On his profile, he lists: $3,000 – $5,000/monthly, so I asked if $4,000/month, for me flying up to see him twice a month (so, that would be 2 weekends a month, or a total of 4-6 days a month) would be acceptable to him. He said ‘Yes.”

    HOW and WHEN do I ask my SD for the money? He already paid my airfare, but I don’t think that my ticket should be included in the financial arrangement we made, right?

    I just don’t want to be left empty-handed after the 2 days (which I will be spending 24/7 with him, at his place). What is a politically correct/diplomatic way of asking for my ‘financial aid’ to be delivered?


  8. coeddomme says:

    Hey all.

    @ Paige: You and I are definetely in the same boat. I met this guy. He’s older, well off, and I really like him. We have a great time, he loves to take me out. I just don’t know how to approach the financial subject without changing the way things are going.

  9. cre8tor says:

    Paige: I had the same issue with my SD. Great chemistry, great fun but he didn’t like the idea of having to “pay” for my company. We ended up developing a relationship somewhere between SD/SB and love and he now helps out but not as an “allowance” thing. I had to tactfully spell it out that help would be GREATLY appreciated. I think it took time for him to feel comfortable that we weren’t together just because of money.

  10. racheljay says:

    Hey everyone!

    Hmm to answer your question Gail, things are going pretty good so far with my new sd. He invited me to a business conference in dallas texas but I’m unsure if I want to go or not.

    We have good, meaningful chats, sex rarely comes up but he compliments me a lot, and it seems to start off well.

    I can tell he’s genuine with the friendly conversation.

    As for you Paige, try just being upfrpnt with him. Though you enjoy his company, you would rather be with a traditional sd.

    Either that or cut your time in half with him and keep your eyes open for more potentials.

  11. sugar daddy jimmyslt says:

    Sounds like you would like more from this gentleman than just a SD. Why dont you sorta bring up the idea to him where he thinks he would see the two of you say 6 months from now? It might help you decide if you need to find a SD to help support you instead of asking him for money, maybe it will lead to more.

  12. Paige33 says:

    Also question for babies..
    (may have already been asked)

    any of you DEF going to sugar party?

  13. Paige33 says:

    Haha, we could give daily accounts of SD progress, it’d be fantastic.

    I have a feeling we would find Lisa perma-signed in haha
    love you lisa!!


  14. Gail says:

    And the topics would be a free for all….LOL….Have a nice evening all need to get some beauty sleep…tired:) Sweet SD dreams for everyone:)

  15. BlondeinNYC says:

    Paige33 – if we had a chatroom, no one would get anything accomplished, but, oh it would be fun!

  16. Paige33 says:


    I’ve had previous sugar daddies before. KARL and MAX let’s call them, were providing me with generous allowances over the summer. As school started, I moved back into my college town, ended those relationships, and began seeing a new sugar daddy, let’s name him CHAD haha. CHAD said in our first meetings, that he was willing to provide and help out a sugar baby, but he didn’t like the idea of “paying” someone to hang out with him–which is what he felt an allowance was– (so no financial help).

    I was okay with this because I liked CHAD. He was smart, funny, handsome, most things I look for in guys my age, so I said okay and we kept meeting. But we haven’t had sexual intercourse yet. We don’t see each other often (maybe once or twice a week for the last few months), but when we do, it’s great. I think we have a lot of chemistry, and really enjoy one another’s company.

    But now the financial help I was receiving from KARL and MAX has come to an end. It’s not that I don’t have money, I’m lucky that my parents still help support me and etc.. It’s just that in the process of being a sugar baby, I have become a very expensive young woman. I’ve learned to take better care of myself, purchase better looking wardrobes, better hygeine, workout more, eat better… all of which takes more money than I get for my real allowance haha.

    So I need help again. But I don’t want to offend CHAD, nor ask him for formal help. NOR do I really want to see someone else. I just wish CHAD could become more like MAX or KARL for me… I’m just not sure how to accomplish that. Maybe it would happen down the road? I’m just worried because for the time being I’m becoming a sad sugarbaby 🙁

    Asking now for an allowance is essentially asking for a change in our relationship which was going so.. ironically.. NORMALLY considering how we met.

    Does that help? Please say yes, I’d love your advice. I’ve been reading your responses throughout the blog and find you very insightful!! 🙂


  17. Paige33 says:

    Eastern Promises is great. I saw it the first time with my bf’s family (not sugardaddy haha but guy my age) and fell asleep, but woke up to the naked fighting scene hahah VIGO is suchhh a man. I wish he would message me someday soon, fly me out to LA or italy, or wherever he’s off being a man…

    just kidding

    blondie- Sorry to “whine”, I feel like the girls i’m often tempted to skim over. it’s just we have things going so well, i’ve been independent, and caring, and i feel like he will think differently of me if i start asking him for help– MONEY help blech. Also i don’t want to get needy before we’ve become sexually involved, because he can so easily just hop the fence at this point– there are no regrets, or deep intimacies between us… One of the first things he said was that he wasn’t into allowances.. but i figured if things progressed, he would offer some support, or that i wouldn’t care because i really liked him.

    maybe i’m answering my own question, maybe i will just remain silent on the issue, atleast with him.

    Gail– I miss funny emails! I haven’t been logging in because i found “the one” haha and didn’t want him to get the wrong message, but I sooo badly want to go back to conversing with weird old guys. Maybe some would thing it’s strange that we have so much fun on a website like this– i know my friends would think i was crazy for conducting myself in this manner– but it’s like a second life. And the people you meet are always so interesting, you wonder why you don’t bump into more of them in your every day life… atleast htat’s how i feel 🙂

    you girls are awesome, i wish the blog had a chat room too. SUGAR-IMS hahaha i love it


  18. BlondeinNYC says:

    Oooh Jimmy, give ys an example, please! I’m dying of curiosity!

  19. MSH says:

    One time in the past I had a SD who and he and I had the type of relationship where it is brutal honesty with each other at all times and that led our relationship to be extremely intimate even without the fantastic sex. I could depend on him for anything, not just financial. Admittedly the “Seeking Arrangement” type of relationship usually does not lend itself to real intimacy, but there is something alluring about the illicit nature that creates almost a false sense of familiarity between the two involved.

  20. sugar daddy jimmyslt says:

    Blondie, You are not alone in getting strange and icky emails. As a SD I have gotten some weird ones. It is nice to get nice ones.

    Paige … I would have to have clairifaction on your SD. You said previous SD…. is that so…. If so then log back in and look for another SD. Are you hoping for more from the previous????? You need to ask yourself that.

  21. BlondeinNYC says:

    Ah Gail, I do wonder if they think they’ll actually get a positive response – some of them have been on SA a long time, you’d think they’d figure it out by now…lol!

    Gail, if you like tweaked dark humor definitely check out the movie Death at a Funeral, really silly and fun with a twist.

    Paige33, darling, just talk to him 🙂

  22. Gail says:

    Hi Everyone…
    Yes the topic of the blog is Sugar Daddy Friends:) What beautiful examples Paige33 and BlondieNYC.

    Blondie, you are not alone..I get the same type of e-mails. The crazies just entertain me. But it’s amazing, the power of the internet….I also like the blog…but I sometimes take a break just like Paige33. It’s so easy to get carried away with whats going on here. I still haven’t seen Eastern Promises, but will try to see it this weekend. And of course I will let you know. And I understand what you say about the way you look, I get those type of e-mails too. Most important we know who were are…LOL…even with our secret desires….You know what I mean Blondie, can’t talk about it on this blog topic though….LOL…

    Paige33…I agree happiness is important in SD friendships:) You already know your Prince. You have spent time with him. I definately would communicate the stress. It’s hard when you don’t have the money to do the things you like to do or have. I am sure you will feel better about it. Why not find out what will happen, ask….the worse he could say is no:) and then it’s up to you if you find a 2nd daddy:) Decisions, decisions….what’s a SB to do….(smile)

  23. Paige33 says:

    to clarify, prince charming gives me NOTHING in financial help right now

    do i ask? do i find a second sugar daddy?
    i don’t know what to do 🙁

  24. Paige33 says:

    On topic of SD friends, YES I have made a few
    my first was strictly platonic. I think he wanted things to lead to more, but i was never attracted to him, nor comfortable with the idea. He would give me an allowance regardless, and we became really chummy– lunches and dinner almost every weekend, and go to know one another really well. If i could go back, I’d probably give him a chance, but at the time, i was a little freaked out by the idea of dating someone i met over the net

    i met a guy once that was WAYYYY too old for me. he might’ve been older than my dad, i have no idea haha, but i had just moved and needed to make new friends, and he seemed to enjoy my very YOUNG company. (I’d give us atleast a 40 year gap hahaha). Anyway, he was soo much fun. I’d text him all the time, and say things like “thinking of you, let’s playdate” or whatever came to mind. Anyway he never spoiled me more than dinners or lunches, but he was a great companion, and it felt almost like I had a real dad to take care of me if I ever needed it. I genuinely like him, and he would always make me laugh

    I think it’s great when friendships form. You don’t always need to have sexual intimacy to make someone else happy

  25. Paige33 says:

    I’m still here Gail!! haha

    Sigh… I haven’t logged in for a while. Things were going really well, I met someone I really finally liked– not just because he was helping me financially, but because he was handsome, funny and charming, single, etc…
    I still had funds from a previous sugar daddy to keep up with my lifestyle–dressing up, traveling, eating out, etc…, but now those funds have run to an end, and I’m finding myself stressed and less willing to hang out with prince charming. We don’t see each other often, he travels for half of the week, and then works pretty much all day long when he is here.

    I want to find another sugardaddy, log back in and start looking for someone who can help me financially, but I don’t want to blow it with my dream daddy. He’s the type who would let me stay with him, take us on vacations, etc… but not a NSA financial provider. Do i express the stress? We haven’t even slept together although we’ve been seeing one another for months…
    Do I sign on and hope for the best?
    What would you think of me as a SD?
    Any advice SBs???

    I’m feeling desperate, I hate when it gets to this, I become faaar less charming. Anyone empathize??


  26. BlondeinNYC says:

    Ack, meant to say “all by email”

  27. BlondeinNYC says:

    Hey Gail and everyone!

    I just wanted to say that reading the blog entries here has definitely put a smile on my face.

    It’s nice to know that across the country people are making connections and friends through here.

    I’ve actually made two SD friends. One has been giving me job hunting advice, shaking his network tree for me and letting him vent on his shoulder….all my email.

    The other SD friend; we send silly emails to each other. Which is nice, as we all need to laugh.

    Despite the either icky emails I get or the non-responses to my emails, I really enjoy the blog.

    I don’t know what I’m doing that makes men want to send me crazy emails; I can’t help the way I look. I just don’t like that they’re judging me to a certain way because of the way I look…does that make any sense?

    Gail- have you seen Eastern Promises yet?? You have to tell me what you think.

    Jimmy you sound like a very sweet, sincere thoughtful man. I’m sending you a virtual hug.Smooosh.

  28. Gail says:

    Hello is anyone here?

  29. sugar daddy jimmyslt says:

    jimmy in Harrisburg pa

  30. Gail says:

    Its hard….what city in PA do you live…might be faster for me to find you and bond…LOL…what’s ur real first name….

  31. sugar daddy jimmyslt says:

    I will send you mail. I need to find you first, lol. I dont know how to look someone up on here.

  32. Gail says:

    Did you try to bond with someone? Was it me? Am I missing something? I didn’t get mail:) So there’s no way to bond…LOL!!!

  33. sugar daddy jimmyslt says:

    I wish everyone was like you. I can see the mail was read but no reply. No chance to see if there is a bond. Us good fella’s are out there Gail.

  34. Gail says:

    Yes I do answer all e-mails. My experience starting out was not easy. I recieved e-mails that were not nice, but managed to respond back cheerily, and with humor. I think that I was lucky to find my first SD friend. He is a great person, that has me through the process.

    I can’t ever imagine you being rude. You have a problem with SB not answering you? I thought it was just me. I get the e-mails, but find that there is no consistency or regularity in the SD messages. I just thought they had many options, but then I realized too, that they are busy with their everyday lives. So I move on…It would be nice to find just one good fella:)

  35. sugar daddy jimmyslt says:

    It is all about getting to know someone. That is what makes it all so exciting. Yes it is bonding and it is great. Just a question, do you answer everyone that sends you an email from here? I find it is a challenge to get an answer back and I am always kind in my emails never rude…

  36. sugar daddy jimmyslt says:

    I agree with Gail on this. I have just started reading this blog thing and from everything I have read you are a special lady. Special ladies will find there special someone.

  37. Gail says:

    Have you noticed while being on the blog that there is alot of SB bonding going on. I think that the way a person communicates with each other after a while we care about their feelings and what goes on in their life. And I know that I care about you:) I wish I could bring you a SD, but for now today while we are on here you will have to do with a SB:) that cares!
    What do they say: ” Smile Somebody Loves You” whereever he/she is!!!!

  38. Gail says:

    I understand SDjimmyslt:) I talk to people for awhile before I even think about meeting. Thats why my friendships last with most people that I know. Now this certainly is about sugardaddie bonding:)

  39. stephan says:

    Hey guys, I’m fine with off topic comments, just can’t allow dating services or other commercial offers on the blog…please don’t tease me, or any other blogger for that matter.

  40. sugar daddy jimmyslt says:

    I have to get to know someone mentally first, know who they are and to find out what kind of person you are. Then after that well…..I will leave that up to you

  41. Gail says:

    LOL…..Hi Ho…Hi Ho…it’s off to the Fantasy blog we go…yes the SD bonding experience seems to be full of wonderful friends both SD and SBies:)

  42. Gail says:

    We have to stay on topic SDjimmyslt…so based on your SD bonding experience did you mean sharing your top half or bottom half, and are we switching halves in June?

  43. sugar daddy jimmyslt says:

    Oh, I might need to go to the fantasy blog for this one, lol

  44. Gail says:

    LOL….no offense Stephan…I’ll try to stay focused…thought I was going crazy for a minute..poof…I couldn’t find Lisa message or mine…LOL…

  45. sugar daddy jimmyslt says:

    It could be any of the ladies here as long as I get to know them. lol.

  46. moderator says:

    Because I value your thoughtful opinions, I encourage you to add a comment to this discussion. Don’t be offended if I edit your comments for clarity or to keep out questionable matters, however, and I may even delete off-topic comments.

  47. lisa says:

    Prepaid visa cards make bonding easier. lol
    I’m still waiting for responses to the gentle I’m corresponding with, you know the dinner date guy, the std test guy. when they write me back I will be upfront with both because after all one is upfront with me and the other seems to still be lost. It he just wants a dinner date that is fine, but he needs to leave the intimacy part out of his profile and join a different sight like seeking dinner.com. lol
    I’m just trying to lighten my mood, feeling kinda unloved here.

  48. Gail says:

    How is your new arrangement going. You left us last nite so quickly…what is he like so far…What common bond do you forsee with him? (Trying to stick with the topic…:)

  49. Gail says:

    SD jimmyslt,
    Be specific….which ladies?

  50. sugar daddy jimmyslt says:

    Wow, Sounds like you ladies are alot of fun, Hmmmm, What are the possibilities of two sugar babies????. ……..

  51. racheljay says:

    Evening all,

    Gail, I’m def not going anywhere, I really enjoy reading everyones responses.

    I think the savings bond is a brilliant idea! Can’t go wrong with a paid education.

    Thanks for the welcome Stephan.

    I think friendships are an important part of the foundation for a strong and long lasting SD and SB relationship.

  52. koreanprincess says:


    Yea a prepaid debit card sounds really great!! I would love that…

  53. Gail says:

    Wow.. jimmystl….They are both the luckiest ladies on the earth:) Your sb will certainly appreciate you. It’s so nice that you think of the both of them…your gifts show that you are extremely thoughtful, kind and generous. The gift of a good education is something that they will never forget:) Awwwwwwh!!!!! Darn it why didn’t you find me first…(smile) No matter what I am happy for you.

    BlueWater Sailor, dancing with you, yes!!! of course!!! Are we gonna have dancecards? LOL…that’s a great idea….How exciting!!!!

    Ladies, I love Visa giftcards…especially with a high limit:) I tried not mentioning the spoils in advance and had a lovely meal. I have found being upfront and honest before the meeting makes it easier for the future.

  54. sugar daddy jimmyslt says:

    Great question. I have only met with 3 ladies. I saw this one a few times but I felt so pressured and smothered by her. Another one, we met for drinks and said our good byes and was in hope to see her again but she said I was not for her in an email, That leaves me with the one I am with now. I just got back from seeing her and it just gets better everytime I see her. I wish I could change things in my life but right now I cant. She justs makes me feel incredible. By the way I did find out that her daughter loves the Olive Garden and now I will get a gaft card for them from there. I am also looking into some savings bonds for her education also.

  55. sugarbabygirl says:

    I think it would be awesome to have a prepaid card.. but I am also a huge fan of presents so that would need to be worked in. lol

    I think I found my sugar daddy… He seems very kind and considerate. and OH MY GOD handsome.. in his mid 40’s im 20 but wow he is great looking.. Very funny and chatty I think we will get along great. We have not met in person but hopefuly that will happen as soon as I get rid of this cold. Only thing we have not talked about is my spoiling. But i like to leave that out till i meet the guy in most cases.. When I do that the guy seems to appreciate it, I wait until he brings it up and usually he offers more than what I would have suggested anyway. So its a win win! you girls should see if that works for you as well.

  56. cre8tor says:

    I would very much appreciate a prepaid debit card. Makes things a bit easier and less awkward…don’t you all think?

  57. Bluewater Sailor says:

    Jimmy I have to agree with the very lively Gail that the prepaid debit card makes the most sense. This gives your SB the option of anything from a day at the spa to tuition payments with the card.

    Gail if you are going to LV you better keep a slot on your dance card open for me !

  58. Sugar Daddy Party Website says:

    ^^^^SUGAR ^^^^ The party website

  59. Gail says:

    OK Stephan…I just want one good SD…don’t really care if he has 2 or 3…just as long as he treats me the best:)

  60. Gail says:

    Keeping with the topic SDjimmyslt has any of your NSA relationships turned into something else? We want to hear all the details.

  61. sugar daddy jimmyslt says:

    AHH yes it does…..LOL

  62. Gail says:

    What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas….LOL….

  63. sugar daddy jimmyslt says:

    Hmmmm. Sounds like I need to plan a trip to Vegas, lol

  64. Gail says:

    It it too late for free tickets to the party…I just remembered I have two airline tickets I have to use before the end of the year for Vegas:) Now all I need is a room…..and something warm…and, and…….ok…Stephan…I’ll behave now.

  65. Gail says:

    I have some time…thats why we will be friends….LOL….But I do really agree with you….you do need to get to know someone. ..we need no drama in our lives…(smile)

  66. Stephan says:

    Gail: I am LOVING IT! 😀 Reading that fantasy blog can still get my kettle popping, whew, cold shower for me lol 😉

  67. sugar daddy jimmyslt says:

    That is true Gail. But I do like to get to know my SB, It makes it much easier to help one knows.

  68. Gail says:

    I don’t need to live there…you will be my SD Friend….I forgot what number you are:) Keep me as a back up jimmslt. I am a good SB:) Just remember I do have a “Lively Personality.”

    Stephan….Is this the kind of conversation, in line with the topic?…I am really trying hard…but Ms.V keeps trying to pull me back to the Fantasy Blog….LOL

  69. sugar daddy jimmyslt says:

    Hey, Now that is a great idea to help with education. I did not think of that. You are funny Gail. Only if you lived in PA, lol.

  70. Gail says:

    How about a prepaid Visa card. That way she can buy and do whatever she wants. Hmmmm….so what does she do? or like?….OK….I know it must be you:) How about money for her daughters education. As a single mom that would really help me:)….I have no problem with you helping….

  71. sugar daddy jimmyslt says:

    As strange as this sounds, she hates shopping, doesnt wear jewelry, and hates to go on vacations, lol. I am so lucky to have found her. I do give her $$ when we meet, but I want to do more.

  72. Gail says:

    LOL….Shopping of Course:) Giftcard….Send her on a trip with her daughter…Diamonds(Big Ones)…LOL…

  73. sugar daddy jimmyslt says:

    Wow. I have been seeing a great SB. I just cant seem to see her as much as we would like. I have been seeing her since May. She is wonderful and has a great daughter, which I have not met. I would help her out in a heartbeat. I have offered to do things for her but she is strong willed not to have someone help her. I am married so I cant just take time off and take her somewhere and would like to do something special for my SB. Any suggestions here?????.

  74. cre8tor says:

    my SD and I will be together for a very long time. We click, we laugh, we talk, we have absolutely fabulous sex! And then we go to our separate corners.

  75. Gail says:

    Bye everyone…gonna eat…later:)

  76. lisa says:

    Have a great night everyone. I’m going to watch some tv and wind down. Later

  77. Gail says:

    Happy for you….it was fun tonite…now that doesn’t mean you will be leaving the blog…does it? You just got here:)

  78. lisa says:

    congrats racheljay! send some good vibes my way

  79. racheljay says:

    WHPPIE! I found a new SD, $900 a month with gifts, travel expenses, etc isn’t a bad start. Wish me luck and I will def chat soon. I hope this can be a good friendship as well.

    Night lovely ladies and Gents.

  80. lisa says:

    I don’t think there is anyone else here. lol they have been scared off.

  81. Gail says:

    Ok…who’s next…anyone else out there that would like to share their Common Bond with their SD or SB? Speak up now…we won’t bite…LOL..

  82. lisa says:

    edit “when a guy talks about nothing but sex”

  83. lisa says:

    I don’t know about that guy, he gives me the creeps. I was just giving him a courtesy response. something he says in his profile scares me. I doubt he would replace my computer as I have a feeling he is out to get as cheaply as he can. He has a business but doesn’t sound like a sophisticated professional or anything. I just dont’ trust him and when a guy talks nothing about sex (or anything related to a sexual relationship) when nothing else has been discussed, i feel he isn’t worth my time. It just seems crude to me. I think you should meet first and have a nice dinner, discuss what each person is looking for and come to an agreement before you start getting tests.

  84. Gail says:

    Alright Stephen… It’s Ms.V’s spirit that’s still here inspiring our conversation. We’ll go back to the Common Bond soon…”We love you spirit of Ms. V….unfortunately there are no chicken,horses, or tape here today”.

  85. lisa says:

    sorry I google that wozaik guy, I hate beards and he just doesn’t curl my toenails. lol
    i am more into the grey haired clean shaven business man type, or the rocker type, like billie joe armstrong, and I like bald men too. No facial hair though, and no cowboys, people think that because I am in Texas i should like horses and western looking guys, but I can’t stand them, anyway I’m orignally from the midwest.

  86. Gail says:

    I am still on…hope you are too Lisa. Make him a deal…tell him that you agree to get the test as long as he pays to fix or replaces your old computer. Be really sweet and nonchalant about it:) Or better yet tell him that your computer has a virus too….LOL….

  87. lisa says:

    I came across a submissive sd in my city on this site. I thought what if I could dominate him and say “get on your knees and give me all your money!,, Pay my rent now!, Go to the atm now! Give me a thousand dollars now! wow wouldn’t it be cool to find a guy that was that dominated. lol He probably just wants to wear girl panties and lick shoes. lol

  88. moderator says:

    Gail, Racheljay:

    Firstly, Thank you Racheljay, LOVE the unique perspective, and you’re always welcome to share anything on your mind, we always enjoy adding new members to our family!

    This post was about Sugar Daddy Fantasies, remember when Ms. V inspired it? “Sugar Daddy Fantasy/BDSM

  89. lisa says:

    ok I just got an email from that weird sd. says he will pay for my std testing. Yikes, that’s not a very good starting point as it puts it up front what he is looking for. I wouldn’t mind having the tests even though they are a waste of time and money since I have had only 3 lovers in the past 17 years and was monogamous with each one and my last tests were fine when I was with the same guy for several years. But it’s not the way I wan

    t to start a relationship and he says nothing about getting tested himself.

    Anyway it would be nice to get a gift as a start rather than be treated to some tests that are to his benefit because I know I’m clean.

    ok my computer is starting to heat up and my typing is jumping around and SA keeps shutting down. what’s going on.

  90. Gail says:

    No worries Lisa, the other nite when I was dispaying my lively personality(not drama:) he,he…I didn’t know who Viggo Mortenson was. I googled him…and wowee, I became obseessed with naked fighting men…LOL… so just google Steve Wozniak..he will be the Apple of your eye.

    racheljay, Mistress??.. I can have a wicked laugh…you Bad boy…give me all of your money. LOL….hey Halloween is coming up…I can practice…LOL again!!!! Any SDaddy out there brave enough…oops I better watch out…I may attract what I really don’t want…

    I think we are suppose to be talking about the Common Bond, not Bondage…….

  91. lisa says:

    I visit the forums too. lol I tried the site last year and found nothing but game players though. I do enjoy the forums and I take times where I will spend hours on them. I usually only look at the forums that discuss sugardaddies and gold diggers and women who want men to pay for dinner. I like to stir them up as everyone on there seems to be against a woman having a sugardaddy and the men on there seem to hate to have to pay for dinner. lol I would call it the anti-sd/sb website. lol good entertainment though.

  92. racheljay says:

    I don’t blame you Gail. I am very opinionated and outgoing out of the lifestyle. Of course in it, I am the polar opposite. I decided that I would let no dom put me in my place, but of course things are different when you feel hot leather going accross your ass hehe.

    You do sound like you would make a great Mistress though, you can laugh at those naughty sd in need of a sb to control their attitudes, AND their wallets. *grinz*

    Sorry to hear that Lisa, you should probably establish what you want from the begining, that way they know what they are up against and can back out if need be.

  93. lisa says:

    I need to date the geeksquad. lol I see the van when I am out and about.
    Bill gates, well as long as it is a platonic relationhip, maybe, the other guy I have never heard of , sorry I must live in a tin can. lol

  94. lisa says:

    you guys are scarring me. lol I got whipped enough as a kid so I don’t get into that. I have came across a couple of guys that would slap my behind when we were having sex and I never liked it. I can manage to bruise myself up on my own, running into things inthe house, don’t need a guy to bruise me. lol
    I prefer sweet and gentle, not dominate. But I don’t know that I want a submissive guy either because I met one shy sugardaddy that took me shopping but was too shy to go near the lingerie, he was like a little boy. lol

  95. Gail says:

    You just need a geeky SD, he can fix your computer…How about Bill Gates or Steve Wozniack?

  96. Gail says:

    racheljay, See how little I know about it…LOL….In fact I don’t think I would do well….I probably would laugh all the time and get in more trouble… my cute booty would turn red forever…LOL…I like the idea of the outfits…always liked the color black. As silly as I am I would probably have a red rose gripped in between my teeth…100 little whips for me:)

  97. lisa says:

    I would just like to have a nice big desktop with the big tv screen thing. I feel secure with that. My monitor is fine and everything, just the cpu part (the expensive part) wont’ start up. I got the blue screen of death thing on it and I though I had it fixed but then it shut down and won’t do anything now. So a new computer would be on my wishlist from an sd. It would make a nice birthday gift to, from that guy who wants to have dinner next month, but he is clueless it seems and must only be looking for a dinner date when he comes into town, but of course he wants a woman who likes to wear lingerie too, so I guess he is looking for more than dinner, well no arrangement discussion, no offer of a birthday gift, no dinner, lol. I think he has the wrong site, this isn’t plentyof losers or whatever that other site is called. lol

  98. racheljay says:


    As much as I’m into the lifestyle, I am very secretive about it. And like you, I wouldn’t even have considered going to a dungeon unless I was made to.

    About your question. We would meet a few times a month, so it was around $300.00 each time, and dinner as well. Sometimes he would buy me little surprises like a usb thumbdrive for class etc. other times he would wire over a few hundred for an outfit he wanted me to purchase and wear for that night.

    As upfront as I am, I’m always too afraid to ask for the amount I would get with an arrangement. I enjoy giving as well as receiving but I always feel like I will break the guy haha so I never really establish a monthly allowance. I have considered it and for future references I will be doing so.

    And no, I never used “STOP” as a safeword haha, that would be considered disobedience and could result in punishment! hehe. He would read my body signs, and sometimes I would cringe or say “Ouch” hehe. You are very welcome.

  99. Gail says:

    Love the gifts, especially from my SD friends. One of my friends just sent me a gift card for Tiffany’s… only $200.00, but I have always wanted something from there. He said he felt bad because I was too far away, he liked me and I made him smile. I call him my Luberjack SD, he always wears plaid shirts. LOL….

  100. lisa says:

    the bondage thing would just scare me. too many weird people in the world that i would be afraid someone would pretend to be into it for fun but get out of control.

  101. racheljay says:


    It was for Gail. I was just mentioning how cool it was that you got a laptop. Don’t you just love getting gifts?

    I spilled water on my old lappie in the middle of the night about 8 months back and it fried it 🙁 I tired flipping it over but it was too late.

    I wish a sd would buy me a new one hehe. I did get roses from my new beau but he’s far from a sd lol.

  102. Gail says:

    Interesting racheljay…I am somewhat curious about the bdsm lifestyle. I had a friend that wanted me to go to a dungeon. I was afraid I might like it so I didn’t go:) Was the financial amount larger that it would be for a regular arrangement? By any chance would one of the safe words be “STOP!” Thank you for sharing.

  103. racheljay says:

    oh no…. where’d my post go lol?

  104. lisa says:

    that’s great. It is always good to have a friend in a lover or sugardaddy. someone to be there just as a friend sometimes. It’s funny that I have a couple of relationship with single men in the past years and also some light friendships with some guys but they all come to an end and it’s like they think they can’t ever talk to you ever again afterwards, not even to say merry christmas or have a good birthday, etc. My married lover keeps in touch with me and always wishes me a merry christmas and tells me about what is going on in his life and his family, etc. whereas the other guys i dated that were supposed to be actual relationships just deleted me out of their life when the relationship ended.
    As I said I was totally surprised by this man coming to my rescue. It is ironic too that the person that helped me in my time of need was a man who cheated on his wife for many years with me, someone who would be looked down on whereas the guyfriend of mine that spent his life serving God and helping the down and out was the one that offered no help and let me down in my time of need. It goes to show that true friendships are hard to find sometimes and sometimes true friends are the ones you would least expect

  105. racheljay says:

    I think I remember mentioning that Christian guy a while back Lisa… I’m new here (Hello Everyone!) but I have been reading and taking everything in on the forums for a few weeks now.

    About the bdsm comment. It’s actually not scary if that is the type of thing you are into. I am a young woman just exploring life’s many pleasures (good and bad hehe) and I really didn’t mind the humiliation.

    He knows my limits because I would never put myself in a harmful situation, and there are safe words as well.

    I have also played the opposite role and enjoyed it. I do however respect your decision if this isn’t what you are into but venturing out never hurt anyone. I try to be optimistic as well as safe.

  106. Gail says:

    Hey….that’s me up there….I guess I should share. My first e-mail was from a married SD. He is married to a successful doctor. He always felt that he was walking in his wife’s shadows. Keep in mind he too was successful in all of his businesses. We lived hundreds of miles away from each other, but we still managed to talk on the phone on a regular basis. During this time he dated 3-4 SB’s…each of them he spoiled, shopping, dinners, movies, diamonds. We share all of our deepest darkest secrets with each other. One day when I was at the library looking for employment on the internet, he called and I let him know what I was up to. Later that nite he called to wish me a wonderful birthday and he gave me an update on his latest date. At the end of the call he said to me, by the way, you need to go to Best Buy tonite. Your birthday present is there and he hung up. I tried to call him but got no answer. I went to Best Buy and told the first Sales Associate I saw that there was something I was here to pick up that my friend bought me. There is was… with a beautiful red bow ….a brand new laptop:) Our friendship is still strong. He has been a mentor,buddy, never a lover:(…….he is my first SD friend:)

  107. lisa says:

    that’s scary but if that is what you enjoy that’s fine. I worry about getting into a situation like that as I have no interest in being hurt by some guy as a game. I get messages from dominant guys and I just delete them, as who knows if they aren’t some kind of phsycho that won’t respect your limits, they might go wacko. I dont even want to go there.
    I did have a married lover that was not a sugar daddy but he was a great friend and we were involved for several years and we still keep in touch through email. I knew more about him than I knew about my own husband back when I was married. we had a passionate relationship but we also could talk about our problems and stuff. He actually came to my rescue last month after a relationship in which he never spent a dime on me, he gave me several hundred dollars for my rent, he was a true friend unlike my so called friend from the christian dating site that I met awhile back that only offered his prayers.

  108. racheljay says:

    I feel my past sugar daddy relationships have become more than what it was entended to be. For example. One of my most recent experiences came from a sd that was divorced, he had his own business, and was thriving but he needed something more.

    He found me. Now our relationship was an odd one. It’s one of those sd sb fantasy type relationships that evolve into more.

    We both were really into the bdsm lifestyle. He was my Master, I his slave. of course he and I had an agreement from the begining. I would play his games, but I wanted to be financially taken care of every time we met.

    So, for hours, we would enjoy eachother’s company laughing and joking over dinner. To follow was something completely out of this world.

    We would get a hotel, and he would get out his “supplies” and we would roleplay the Master/slave combo. It was more of a humbling experience then anything, but many a time I would be bound over a table letting an older gentlemen whack me into submission. Yeah, not the best sd/sb experience but it was really something I enjoyed at times.

    After we were finished, I would always get a nice fat financial surprise which made the pain so much worth it! hehe.

    Eventually we would talk more over the phone, and offer eachother advice. He was more then a Master, he was a mentor and I really enjoy his friendship to this day.

    I know that I can go to him with any problem and he would be upfront with me and give me that fatherly advice that I crave at times.