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How Far Are You Willing to Travel?


How far is TOO far? What can break the deal?

Firstly, let’s welcome all of the New Sugar Bloggers who have shared their stories and perspectives with us recently 🙂

When choosing what kind of arrangement would work best for you, it’s often not easy to ‘melt the sugar’ so to speak, when hammering out the details and specifics of your mutually beneficial arrangement.

Many Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies have relatively small window’s of time – within a specific area – to meet.


“This site has been fantastic for me and I have met quite a few men and have SD/SB relationships with several of them. they mostly come from other parts of the country so we only meet occasionally.”

Now, many SD’s and SB’s would love the opportunity to travel, but at what point does distance, or time constraint, weigh too heavily on an already tender arrangement-framework?

Live-In Sugar Babies need not worry about bouncing back and forth across state lines to spend time with their Sugar Daddies… Check out this Live-In SB featured in a special report about SeekingArrangement.com

Does anyone here list their profile location as somewhere OTHER than their state of residence? Who prefers to seek within their local area?

What do you think about Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies who live together? Are there reasons distance can be a pro? a con? Has anyone here felt that discussing the details of an arrangement can sometimes spoil the sugar? Should some things be left for surprise?

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74 Responses to “How Far Are You Willing to Travel?”

  1. Kelly says:

    how long does it take for a picture to be approved on here?

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  4. Miami Sedan says:

    Good advice, now I just have to try it lol

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  6. SpvHrAfiZaXWYZIZv says:


  7. Maela says:

    I’m willing to fly wherever but just haven’t met any SDs that want to.

  8. racheljay says:

    You guys are right, that lady in the vid didn’t seem the SB type, I didn’t think she was pretty at all but….. is there really a type? I mean.. I would love to see a blog that shows light on the traditional vs. new age sb sd relationship. She may not be the best looking out there for the arragement she has but who am I to say that just because she isn’t drop dead gorgeous that she doesn’t deserve all the things she’s received from her sd?

    She must be doing something right!

  9. zabreena says:

    rachel damn right you need your space and as for me i dont ever let a SD visit me at home, thats my space. I’m in miami and i have severqal SDs but they are all from out of town so they visit and stay in hotels so I do my ‘entertaining’ there or I have been to visit them in their home towmn or met them on a trip but I always stay in a hotel. I never let a SD just walk into my life unannounced, occasionally I have met up with only a couple of hours notice but they had to cvontact me not just wlak in, like you say a busy girl could be otherwise engaged, grin

  10. racheljay says:

    I love to travel. I eventually even want to make a career out of it so traveling is not an issue. Of course a few ground rules should be set.

    I recently chose to meet up with a potential SD and travel to him but he decided to disappear even though I took off time from work. Luckily I had a backup plan and decided to fly to see friends, fam, and an past SD.

    I prefer to be discreet, maybe meet a few times a month. If I really enjoy him and he isn’t attached perhaps more.

    Living with a SD isn’t for me, I’m too independant, heck I’m very excited to be finally leaving my parents’ nest come Jan! Now, if only I could snag a generous SD to lavishly furnish my first appartment!

    I do have an off an on SD who has spoken of “posting me in a nice appartment” but I refuse to. He’s really an alpha-male, doesn’t like to share. Of course he knows of my other potentials but if he’s paying for the place, his name on the lease, I doubt he will let me do my own doing.

    A girl needs her own space, and knowing him he will come over unannounced while I’m *cough* entertaining 😀

  11. blondesb says:

    NC gentleman
    Thats to bad to hear. I do not like people that lie. I would much rather tell someone the truth and see if they are accepting of it, if not they are not for me. I do hope you are able to find a new sugar baby which does not lie to you NC gentleman.

  12. NC Gentleman says:

    Hello All — my first post here. I insist on having an SB from out of town because I am recognizable in the local business community. It makes scheduling a little more difficult, but it is well worth the piece of mind.

    Unfortunately, I recently found out one of the downsides of an out-of-town arrangement. After a very enjoyable seven months, I found out my SB was married when she promised me she was single. I had asked several times because I was suspicious. It finally came to closure when I was visiting the town where she resides and she made lame excuses why she couldn’t see me. I had caught her in a few lies early on, but always wanted to believe her. Live and learn!

  13. Hostess says:

    Just watched the video:

    I would love to have the kind of arrangement the SB in the video had! Actually, I did have a situation somewhat similar once…

    Yes, Brandon Wade is a total catch!!! 😀

  14. Goddess says:

    Just watched the video. Not sure WHAT to think about the SB they chose to interview. Based on what I’ve read in these blogs, I’d guess that her experience and lifestyle is a bit different than what the rest of us have going on. I could be wrong, though.

    And I concur with previous comments, Mr. Brandon Wade is absolutely adorable. 🙂

  15. Goddess says:

    LOL.. by the time I read all the comments, I forget what the original topic was. 🙂

    I love love love to travel and would do it all the time if I could, but my responsibilities (school, work, etc) keep me grounded the majority of the time. A generous SD might be able to make missing work a non-issue, but he won’t be able to make it worth my while to miss many classes. My education is important.

    The best SD for me would be someone local but not necessarily in my neighborhood, someone who travels frequently to my area, or someone at a distance who doesn’t mind infrequent meetings.

  16. lisa says:

    I was wondering because I chatted with a similiar guy from DC that was a lobbyest and married but he too had plently of time to chat any time of the day and on weekends. He took his profile off in August but he could have easily created a new one just like the guy in my town that put up a profile that he lived in another state. I called him on it and he has since changed back to his original profile.
    Gotta some bad new today. new apartmetn manager is laying down the rules, not a big problem for me because I go by the rules, but there won’t be anyone left if he enforces them. got a 5 page note on my door and the last page is in spanish so I have no idea what it says. I am going to have to go tomorrow and make them give me one in english that I can read. all I understand on it is as of december 1st we have to start paying water and gas which is going to be 25 a month. doesn’t sound quite fare that I will be paying 25 and I live alone while half the appartmetns are occupied by huge families of 8-10 people and they will paying the same as me. Anyway I dont’ understand the note so I don’t know the terms yet.
    but from what I read, this guy must be God as he is going to make this aparmtent a beautiful place and not tolerate any crime. he evicted some criminals last week and we see what we got, leasing office burned to ground.
    Anyway have a good evening everyone. profile is running but no emails as of yet.

  17. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    Lisa – I’d only spoken to him maybe, a month and some change? I had my red flags raised. And Yes, he was black… He lived in Indiana though, but I have no proof that’s really where he was. He Mentioned the NFL Team the Colts alot, he said the Colts Organization flew him out here to Florida (which seemed a little odd anyway)

  18. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    Yes he was black…

  19. MilaK says:

    This site is so fun to read.
    Almost soap worthy!

  20. BerkshireSD says:

    MishBoca, will you be in NY during Thanksgiving?

  21. NitemareSD says:

    Mish: WOW! Nice. 🙂

  22. lisa says:

    MishBocaRatonGrl was this Lee guy black? I was wondering because I was contacted by an attractive black lobbyist from DC several months back. He was married and had young children. He seemed interested in meeting me when he came to my town on business (after a couple months of excuses, he just disappeared and took his profile off). He said he was married but seemed to always be on this site and always answered my emails immediately regardless of the time of day. And on holidays when he was supposedly spending the day in the park with family or attending a party, he still managed to email me non stop. I have been involved with a married man before and know that they are not free to just write 24 hours a day and you can expect to sometimes not hear from them for days if they can’t get the privacy to write.
    It is probably coincidental but if seems similar. the guy I chatted with was late 30’s, and was not named Lee, and lived in another place but still there are similiarities.
    Also this guy gave me his cell phone number without even knowing anything about me, if he was married that could have been risky.

  23. bostonTerrier says:

    i’ve had my first potential sd outside of boston [ok, not first, but first one within a reasonable distance. the previous two were in AZ and IL and both wanted me to take a week away from my studies] contact me today.

    it’s a pretty tempting offer. he’s a professional poker player, mainly in CT, looking for [verbatim from his profile] … “something beautiful to keep me from being tempted to play bad cards. A stunning woman behind me to keep my opponents mesmerized and distracted. Something soft and sexy to keep my idle hands less idle.”

    we’d meet twice a month [two weekends] and i’d have all the spa treatments, shopping, and fine dining as i wanted. we’re doing dinner this thursday and i guess we’ll see how it goes.

  24. lisa says:

    Ok I just had my new profile approved with and have had 10 views but no emails. Read over it and redid it because it might have been a little too negative because I was trying to screen out the pervs and players and those who live outside of the US. I went back and took it all out so hopefully I will get some emails like I usually do when I renew but then I have to go through all the garbage of the junk responses because I have made my profile so open and unspecific. Did not mention money or gifts or anything so I will probably get the usualy responses from the guys looking to be cheap. I made my profile positive and upbeat but that means I will attract the usual undesirables so I guess I will just have to reject them when they email me instead of screen them out ahead of time.
    Hopefully I will get some emails rather than just views

  25. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    My Id numbers 252314 , feel free to say hello 🙂

    anywho, I have a story for you girls on here…

    There was a potential SD I had, living in Indiana (Not a place I’d really aspire to visit) He was attractive, intelligent, he claimed he was married but somehow had a lot of free time to chat , which didn’t really add up in my book. And he was pushing for me to come visit him, then he made me aware he’d be in my area, in like 3 weeks, so I made him a deal, if we met in person on my turf, I’d do the traveling after. Okay, so he spoke to me daily until the day before the flight to come down here. He totally flaked on me, he flew down, didn’t pick up his phone, and when I called him he’d text me (which wasn’t typical behavior) Saying (I’m in a meeting but, after we can meet up for dinner) then it turned into (I went to dinner with clients) then , to I’m drunk , blah blah… So I got rather annoyed, and told him to take care. And pretty much ignored him

    The day he arrived back home, he was blowing me up… saying how sorry he was, and how he’d make it up to me…and wow, I started laughing SO HARD

    he was soooo full of it. he clearly underestimated my common sense or something. SMH, girlies never speak to a Lobbyist from Indiana by the name Lee , beware…

  26. peter says:

    Darn. M and all others of a like mind,
    I agree with Stephan. There are men out there looking for women with intellect. I know this because I am one of those men. I am shallow enough, however, to admit that the physical aspect has its place, but I do place intellect first and foremost.
    Stephen is also right that it may take someone just stumbling onto your profile page. I for one would be happy to stumble upon either of your profiles if only I had the time and energy to stumble around this site. In other words, if you want to help with a little direction as to where a guy can find your profiles…..

  27. stephan says:


    NO 🙂 I know there are men out there looking for the intellect! Let me reveal here…. My sister – she will not be named, has used this site before, and the man she found was looking specifically for someone that he could have intellectual conversation with, stimulation in that way is a huge turn-on for many people. men, women, everybody.

    In fact, the agreement my sister and her SD made was totally sexless – he specifically was looking for that ‘Jeri Ryan’ type beauty (the actress who played 7 of 9 on ST: Voyager) – the brains, the looks- the grace, the “American Geisha” – as Cre8tor might put it 🙂

    I have a feeling, that if you put some of the prose you’ve left here on this forum somewhere in your profile – you’d get some quality bites, eventually! Or, sometimes what you seek doesn’t come to be until the time is right, and I know what you might be thinking… “anytime would be the Right time” – well, that’s for the gods to judge, idn’t it :)? Maybe I’m wrong here, there is always evidence to support a one sided dogmatic view of Men as simple and narrow minded creatures… but something tells me that’s the easy analysis.

    You know he’s out there, and HE might actually not even be aware of it. it might take him stumbling on your profile page…

  28. yael says:

    Hello all… I see I’ve been missing out on thie good topics recently LOL… I have had alot goin on as some of you already know… and it’s been keeping me away from my blogging…lol… missed you all… how’s everybody doing?

    To comment on the topic, I don’t mind travelling but I find that alot of the SDs on this site are looking for local gisrls.. I can understand why, discretion is easier I can imagine the less complicated things are. It’s alos a risk I guess in trusting that someone won’t flake out after they’ve made the investment, but it’s a risk on both sides…. We all know how it is to have chatted with someone for a while, built a rapport so-to-speak and then you meet the actual person and they’re crazy… then you realize you were talkin all this time with theri representation LOL… not to mention the physical aspect when people misrepresent themselves.. Most of the SDs don’t hav epictures posted but some do and some of the ones I’ve met in prson have definitely picked the pics that least represent them LOL… I’m sure there are plenty of Sds with similar expericance regarding SBs.. LOL…

    Anywyas, I would love to travel with a SD… that would be nice on a getaway… I really have some problems sometimes with just meeting a local guy at times becasue I do have my life here whrte I live and until I really get to know the SD and whrer we are going, it just feels strange… I went out with a potential..(it ended up being a bit of a bust casue we fell off before the arrangement could be discussed, as is the norm with alot of us LOL) but while we were on the date, I ran into a coupple of my freinds and it’s not a big deal I’m single and they know this but even though the SD was a very handsome guy and very nice, it was obvious looking at him that he was not my normal type that my freinds had seen me with and it seemed like immediately they were ready to bust my chops LOL sending text messages calling me ANNA NICOLE… (BTW he wasn’t even much older than me, but my freinds are characters and now they like to call me Brown Sugar at every occasion possible)…. I wanted to kill them becasue I didn’t ever tell them about the site.. I guess it was just a bit obvious that he wasn’t my typical date and they would have walked in a seen me holding his hand a bit while we were chatting away otherwise I guess it would have looked innocent enough and he could have been anyone I guess….

    Well it’s not a big deal, but it was a bit awkward to see their faces and know that these harpies were plotting and gathering all the jokes they could til the next time we all went out when they made requests to the DJ for “Brown Sugar and Daddy Cakes” (NOOOOOO he was NOT there… it was just a girl’s night out they are NOT even that cruel LOL)

  29. SuthrnExec says:

    Darn. and Blondie – both of you “get it” as far as I am concerned. Chemistry, intellect, lively discussions and, as Blondie put it one time, “wall-banging sex!”

  30. Darn. says:

    I did. I even went so far to state if they were looking for something that borders on the lines of prostition I was not the girl for them.
    I was so honest that I even stated all the fine dining in the world was great but sometimes it’s just better to get naked in the tub pop open a bottle of wine and just talk.

    My mind just blew up.
    That’s it!!!!
    I AM done
    I’m putting up bikini pictures and im putting that Paris Hilton is my idol.
    Hopefully some intelligent jag will see this and see through the sheer veneer of bullcrap and games.
    I’ll become an adept liar,
    And I will scheme and manipulate.

    I’ll lose all sense of integrity and self respect.
    I will gave no pride nor honor
    I’ll simply be a twittering not wit with great boobs and a empty head.
    A mindless classless robot programmer to supplicate anything or anyone who even remotely has any power

  31. ---m--- says:

    I don’t know if guys are truly looking for intellect and appearance. I know that’s what I’m looking for. I’m so sick of guys selling me short because I’m good looking. That sounds so “tiniest fiddle” – oh poor you. But I really am sick of being asked nothing about intellectual matters, politics, religion, etc. Like I’m said- I’m new to the SD/SB lifestyle so finding a SD with this as his goal would be ideal since it’s a huge reason I’m interested in it! I know SOME of the men are, but when I click “browse similar profiles,” there’s not much similar about it at all! Well besides the fact that we’re female. I’m a college educated grad student with opinions being compared as “simiar” to 18 year old waitresses. I seriously mean no offense by this. REALLY. Everyone has their own path—- but, are the same men really interested in us both?? Comments??

  32. lisa says:

    Hi everyone
    I just redid my profile, still pending but hope it will bring me some fresh response. I’m looking at the previous months and how my sd meetings have been and if it continues in the pattern, I should have some luck in late november and into early dec. I had luck in late may/early june and then again late august/early sept so I hope the pattern repeats itself. I had a good birthday but it sucked that I couldn’t get any of the things I wanted at the mall today, next 3 checks go for dec rent. Had a good time with my family though.
    Found out from a friend at my apartments that it was arson on the office fire and it’s suspected that some MS-13 gang members (if you are not familiar with this, google it as it is a very dangerous el savadorean gang) that were evicted by the new management. They apparently threw gasoline into the office after breaking out windows. they are still out there though.
    Have a good night everyone.
    Caligirl are you out there? Hope you’re doing ok

  33. stephan says:


    I think many if not most sugar daddies would Love to have a SB
    with both intellect, & appearance – but this type of union isn’t just elusive for you – ‘BlondieNYC’ and other Sugar Baby bloggers have mentioned similar preferences in their comments as well…

    From your comment above, I didn’t see where you had mentioned how you put your profile together in a way that shows your interest in this type of a SD/SB arrangement — does your profile show that in some way?

  34. Cutie says:


  35. FashionMag says:

    I would never date anyone from my city. No one knows about my lifestyle and I wanna keep a low profile, so I wouldn’t want to come face-to-face with a very good friend if I’m out with my SD. However, I do want him to be close enough so we can meet on week-ends (max. 2 hour flight).

    I usually ask that the SD flies in for the first rendez-vous. But I do understand that most these successful men are busy or have wives (therefore their schedules are not too flexible), and not all of them travel for work. So if a potential SD (that I believe is worth pursuing) asks me to fly out of my city, I clearly ask him before we go any further that I need to have all travelling info (name of hotel, specifics of my flight back home, etc.) My safety has to be my priority. And if he can’t give me that reassurance, then it’s just too bad. His loss 😉

    As for a live-in situation: NO WAY!! I am on this site because I am strictly looking for a PART-TIME, discreet, NSA relationship with a man. Living with my SD would defeat the whole purpose… Live-in situations are for “regular“ relationships. At least in my opinion.

  36. ---m--- says:

    I’ve been passively reading the blog and comments for a while now and decided to get in on the fun. I’m relatively new to this site and brand new to SD/SB relationships. I took my profile down for a bit when I first got on because I wasn’t getting responses that really seemed geniune or beyond anything sexual- and normally had a little more kink than should be in at least a first e-mail. lol

    I agree with what a lot of the other ladies have said- I want a SD in another state because of discretion & privacy, but I’m also apprehensive about hopping on an airplane to meet someone. I’m glad to see that other ladies have felt this way and it makes me feel more comfortable stating that I’d prefer they meet me for the first visit. Beyond that, I’m in a similar boat as some of the other students and people with unflexible jobs. Things have to be a little more planned than I’d like them to be if my SD and I are to meet 1 to 2 times per month for a weekend or so. I can’t just completely leave my studies behind or take off work.

    I’m also still nervous about that initial phone call since I haven’t talked to anyone on the phone yet! It sounds so silly! I just want to make sure that
    1. I’m safe.
    2. I’m comfortable and click with the person.
    3. I’m being myself.
    4. I stand up for what it is I’m expecting and the things I want and would hope that my SD does the same- although both in a tactful way.

    I agree with MishBocaRatonGirl that tact goes a long way. We can both get what we want without you basically saying that I need to “service” you or describe your kinks in the first e-mail. I’m all for honesty- but come on fellas.

  37. SouthernGent2 says:

    MishBocaRaton – we should talk.

  38. Darn. says:

    You could put the camera phone in a cup
    And take pictures.
    That only works though if you hve a self timer.
    Check your camera options.
    2nd is lighting.
    Nobody ever takes a bad picture with good lighting.
    Take the shade off the lamp and get focused.
    Most importantly try not to pysche yourself out. Smile naturally loosen up and enjoy yourself .

    I’m does anyone have any comments on what I wrote two paragraphs above?
    I chked the mbox again this morning and still pretty empty

  39. lisa says:

    thanks everyone. I am going to have a quiet birthday. Just lunch with the family at the mall.
    I know about the empty mailbox thing. I have pulled my profile off as i was getting 0 messages after being bombarded by a dozen or so weeks earlier but none worth pursuing. I gave each of them a chance and tried to find out more about them but they were either the type that typed one word answers and gave me no info about themselves or they lived at a distance and expected me to travel which I can’t.
    I want to put my profile back up with some new pics but my pics arent’ too good cause I don’t have a camera, just a cell camera which is bad quality. my daughter takes some of me with her camera but I can’t exactly have her take sexy pictures of me for my profile so my pic end up being of me sitting somewhere or drinking coffee or whatever. My self taken pictures seem to always make me look fat even though I only weigh about 100, cell phone pics look bad. lol
    It is a beautiful day here, sunny and warm and i’m watching them cleaningout the burnt out office building, just brick walls left standing.

    I think I will redo my profile tonight so I can give it another try, at least it will be on the new profiles again and get more viewing.

  40. Sweetbaby says:

    Wow! I’ve been gone for a month and a bit and this blog is really moving! Welcome new people!

    What can break the deal for me like some other posters have said is lying! I’m not too fussed about anything else but lying just seems like one of those things that can mess up a nice little arrangement. Luckily, my sd doesn’t seem to have told me any lies and still remains quite open with me.

    I think another deal breaker would be boredom. Sooner or later, one of us will get bored of the other, and when that day comes, well it will be over. Also boredom and the thought of whether it is worth travelling a bit to see each other. We both like the adventure of travelling though but it’s one of those things I think about.

    And Happy Birthday Lisa!

  41. Darn. says:

    I meant
    No games instead I’d nice

  42. Darn. says:

    she’s one they call an unnatural.
    She has mastered the art of what to do what to say to attract a men.
    Or should I say cultivate attraction.
    Some women can do this naturally,
    I’m guessing she picked up on this

    I know what you mean. Blondie.?! I choose to put some interesting not hit random posed pictures of me to attract my SD
    Definatly someone who was interested in my brain; and I wanted to wow him when I met him later with my looks.
    You know so I become more of a catch.

    But I’m sitting here too with an empty mail box.
    I was completly and totally honest with my profile and my guys.
    They say they want honesty and nice games but I think I’m better off posting pictures of me in a bikini
    And feining stupidity and treating them like an atm.
    That seems to attract them sadly.

    I want chemistry and emotional stimulus, I want stocks and political conversation after wine.
    I want who a man loves my mind instead of my body and doesn’t stare at my chest or write me of as stupid because of the way I look.

    Knowledge is Sexy!!!!
    And I want to be taken care of.

  43. Mina says:

    No kidding, I thought the same thing when I saw her chunky highlights and makeup. The purse was a bit tacky too

  44. Cutie says:

    Btw Brandon Wade is sooo adorable!!

  45. Cutie says:

    I do like her bag! The makeup, clothes, house not so much… But as long as she keeps her SD happy that’s all right 🙂

    Blondie are things better for you? How is the temp job so far?

  46. Stephan says:

    Blondie: I’m grinning with you 😉

  47. BlondeinNYC says:

    Oh my god! I just watched the video and do I have thoughts about it. First, it’s nice to see the owner on the site; he’s cute, articulate and persuasive. Secondly, the chick they picked to interview **shaking head** Gee whilikers, where do I start?

    Okay, I know that I’m going to sound like I’ve got my claws out…but damn. I’m prettier, more intelligent, slimmer and don’t have hair that looks like a skunk’s and I’ve got an empty inbox…sigh…sigh. MEOW!

    Meow! Meow! Meow! Okay, okay I’m laughing at myself right now. Yeah, I know you can’t tell, but I’m grinning at the monitor, you’ll just have to trust me on this one.

  48. BerkshireSD says:

    Hey Mish, if you’d like a half decent SD to entertain you when you travel to NYC, put up your profile # and we’ll “talk.” 🙂

  49. Cutie says:

    For some it is real 🙂 At least for mine it definitely is 🙂 🙂 You have to be very receptive to every single little detail to make sure they’re not lying though. Red flags here CANNOT be ignored.

    Good luck babe.

  50. wildestdreams1021 says:

    Is these guys on here for real? This is my first time on a website like this and I am just amazed at the amount these guys put on thier profiles. I am surprised they would put that kind of stuff on there. I was just amazing to see that’s all.

  51. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    I’ve shyed away from having a local SD for the reason of running into him in Public, living in Boca, the few spots I frequent is usually where most people go for a night out. I’m leaning towards the side of being very private. So having a SD see me out on the town w/ a Date or, my Sister, or my girlfriends and I…. Might not be what I want to happen. 30 minutes away would be ideal though.

    Or just have a SD out of state… I’d love to have one in Atlanta, or NYC… Two places I have friends and family in, just in case something happened.

  52. Allan says:

    Hello to all of you.

    I’m fairly new to this site, but I find it very interesting and I hope to meet some truely nice people.

    I think if I talk to someone and we desides to meet, we WILL find the time to do it, even if I live in Europe and my SD live in States. I would prefer to visit somebody over a weekend and have some time to talk and get to know each other on first hand, with no rush.

  53. M says:

    Hi everyone! This is my first posting on the blog and I love hearing opinions and stories from all these folks who have been navigating these relationships, like me. I have been on the site for a bit now but have not been successful in finding a great SD… yet!
    Well, to the question at the top, I definitely prefer to date SDs from no where near where I’m from. One reason being I am planning on moving sometime this year and don’t want to really come back to the area for an on-going relationship but also because it provides a certain anonymity. That is also why I would never live with a SD. For me, that would be skirting too close to the “normal relationship/marriage” line and that is not what I’m looking for.

    I actually flew earlier this year to NYC, by myself, for a first meeting. The gentleman bought my ticket and I had talked to him several times, but even now I’m surprised I did it! I told a few people where I was going and where I was staying-including phone numbers-but it seemed like a risky move when I went. I did not end up in a relationship with that person but I had a wonderful time on the trip. Do most of you gals go alone to the SD’s city for a first meeting? Do you ever feel worried about it or just nervous? Just wondering if it wasn’t smart or if it is normal? lol I am still navigating… 🙂

  54. dreamer says:

    yes, happy bday lisa

  55. T says:

    I’ve known my SD for about a year now, and I can honestly say that there is much more than a physical attraction between us (although that is definitely there). I got involved in a serious relationship shortly after we met and he continued to be my friend, so we’ve spent a lot of time getting to know each other. When the relationship ended, it was very natural for me to start seeing him again. I guess in my own way, I love him.

    The big BUT though, is that I would NEVER live with him, or any other SD. In this case, he’s married and he’s twice my age so it’s not possible anyway, but I just can’t imagine wanting to take it there. He knows he’s welcome at my house almost always, but almost is the key word. I need to have alone time.

    I also find that it’s easier for me to have an SD who is local or someone who travels here on business. While my job is good (for now), I haven’t been here long enough to have much vacation time. It would be pretty much impossible for me to travel out of state very often or during the week so a lot of out of state SDs just aren’t interested. Fair enough. It’s all part of that whole negotiation thing.

  56. SuthrnExec says:

    Besides the lying, you mean? Chemistry – if there is no chemistry, I am not enjoying myself at all. It’s miserable to me if I don’t “click” with the lady I am with. That is what is missing in my life – and has been for years – and everything else cascades from that. So if there’s no chemistry, I’m no better off.

  57. SouthernGent2 says:

    I’m with you on the lies SuthrnExec. I can’t stand for someone to lie to me. There is no need for games and lies in an arrangement situation.

  58. bostonTerrier says:

    it’s different in an arrangement i think.

    i’d imagine the sd would be paying all of the bills and whatnot if a sugar baby were to move in with her sugar daddy.

    in a normal relationship – i’d hope – the expenses are being shared. it’s not the woman relying entirely on the man for her lifestyle. that is all i meant.

  59. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    What about you SuthrnExec, what’s a deal breaker for you… ?

  60. SuthrnExec says:

    I am with you on the lying MishBocaRatonGirl – I won’t tolerate a lie no matter what it’s about.

    Along the lines of truth and being misleading, the text at the top speaks of listing a location other than your real state or city of residence. I think I understand some of the reasons behind that – if I were to travel to a certain on a regular basis, listing that city as my city of residence would attract SB from that city.

    Are there other reasons? What about that? SBs, any thoughts or feelings on that matter?

  61. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    I don’t mind the traveling so much, as long as it’s not me doing the initial trip. I require any prospect SD’s to come to me. & it would help if they lived in a semi-interesting area. Since most SD’s won’t be spending every minute of every day with you.

    My current prospect SD lives all the way in Canada, but he is more then willing to do the traveling. Or meet for monthly get-aways, which is fine by me. A deal breaker for me is simply a man with no tact. Yes I’m a gorgeous young girl, but not a “play toy” and… it seems they just expect me to smile and nod and act pretty. ANNOYS ME SO MUCH. I grew up in a rather country area, I like to get down and dirty sometimes and hang with the boys. Even though now adays I wear more dresses and 4inch heals. I can’t be the average beauty with no smarts, and no mind of her own.

    Another deal breaker, is any lie… I don’t deal with liars. Tell me that you’d rather keep it private, instead of formulating some dumb lie to keep me happy.

  62. SuthrnExec says:

    Nice video piece on SA – cool to see the founder and put a face to the name.

    Lisa, way to go – and happy birthday this weekend!

  63. Stephan says:


    Wishing you a great morning, and good start to the final days of the rest of the week! thank you for being the first ever sugar daddy blog blogger — 🙂 Yes folks, lisa was the one who got the convo started. Happy B-Day!

  64. Bluewater Sailor says:

    I guess I am confused as to the entire concept of moving in with your sd/sb. Once you have taken that step to move in together haven’t you just progressed the relationship into the realm of a “normal” relationship ? Granted I have heard stories of sb’s who move in with their sd but always in a seperate wing of the house/guest house or not on a full time basis. I guess for me that is where the distinction takes place. If you move in full time then that seems like a horse of a different color.

    BT I find it hard to understand your comment that moving in is dangerous because you could be dropped any day. Is the same not true of a “regular” relationship ?

    I didn’t pick up on who made the comment of one price for her companionship, etc but that is absurd. Reminds me of the red light district in Amsterdam when they give you a price list for various “activities”… if you want kissing too that will be an extra ten guilders….now don’t pile on me for that comment ladies

    Maybe one of the best comments I have heard on this blog 6…it’s trust not money that should earn your heart !

  65. lisa says:

    Hi everyone
    wishing everyone a good day and happy sb/sd hunting.
    I am atill looking for a sd. Was waken up at 2 am by fire engines. some who was evicted from my apartment complex burned the leasing office building to the ground. scary because I live in a building close by.
    crazy people in the world.

    Has anyone heard from BlondeinNYC?

  66. 6. says:

    well personally I found her term “emotional arraignment” hilarious.

    So if I understand her right her companionship is one price, but her heart is another? I find that funny cuz love is love & while it’s foolish to give your heart freely, I think it’s not money but trust that should earn your heart.
    But that’s just me & I am into romance.

    As far as traveling? my last serious relationship was 700mile away from where I lived. But after awhile I packed my backs & visited. Originally for a week, then two, eventually after 3 1/2 weeks I had to resist staying longer cuz I had family obligations. But I went back every month for a week or two at a time. When my birthday came around I was there almost the entire month of April & enjoyed myself. I visited home on my Brother’s birthday & my two best friend’s birthday’s but I was there about 25 days that month & a little beginning of May & guess what? I adored it. That’s how it is when there’s real chemistry.

  67. Mina says:

    I’ve flown to SDs for initial meetings (after weeks and sometimes months of emailing, phone chats, and the likes) and one relationship in particular has played out wonderfully- he travels extensively for work so we plan our schedules accordingly and it’s been First Class for me since then. It’s not something that works for everyone (you should NEVER go to meet someone, in your city or elsewhere, if you have one ounce of doubt) and it really is much “safer” for first meetings to take place on her turf & terms.

    BostonTerrier- I think in a true SB/SD relationship, if an SB moved in with her SD there would be a lot more trust and respect than to just drop her without any form of support or notice.

  68. dreamer says:

    i actually dont mind traveling.. The only thing that sucks is the two hour drive to the nearest airport and i dont like leaving my car there.. Its not really safe. Other than that, i love flying and i love going to new places.. So why not

  69. cbaby says:

    edit: too* busy pursuing…

    i need to proofread, i hate poor grammar! haha

  70. cbaby says:

    i’ve had many potential sd’s ask to fly me out to them. maybe i’m overly cautious, but i could never put myself at someone’s will like that. part of this situation is a great degree of control each party is allowed to have.

    as far as living together, personally, the reason i’m here is because i’m much to busy pursuing my own education to deal with a ‘real life’ boyfriend….living with an sd would just kill me! i’m too independent and private…unless as bostonterrier said, it was a romantic thing that was leading somewhere.

    i’m super open to sds who don’t live around me, so long as they do the traveling, at least until we trust each other. i’m worth the flight and i know it! haha sounds terrible, but i’ve worked hard to become the kind of person i am!

  71. bostonTerrier says:

    distance is an issue for me. sds have offered to fly me out to them so their business schedules aren’t interrupted but my school work would be interrupted and before anything else i am a student and value my education so much more than an arrangement. it’s strictly boston area sds for me.

    i don’t think living with your sd is too smart. you could be dropped any day and then what are you going to do? you’re screwed. unless a sd and sb have a romantic relationship with dreams of something long term [i.e. marriage!] i don’t think living together is smart.

  72. lisa says:

    I would prefer someone in my own city. I wouldn’t mind if a sd lived far away as long as he could travel to see me as I don’t have the freedom to just take days off from work to travel. If my time was my own, I wouldn’t mind traveling to meet my sd but the first meetings would have to be in my city.
    As far as discretion, I have found that the married sds that I have been in contact with seem to want someone in their cities or close because it’s easier to get together during the week.
    I could never live with a sd without we had some kind of legal document or were married. No matter how good a sd might seem, one should never give up their independence because you never know when he might through you out, as you never really know a person. I would not give up a good job (meaning if I had a career or something but my job is replaceable but I wouldn’t want to risk it) and having my own place to move in with a guy that could change at any moment. relationships end, sds arrangements end too.

  73. SuthrnExec says:

    Certainly, for those concerned about discretion, the more time that is spent together increases the risk of exposure of some kind. For those who prefer not to play in their own “backyard”, traveling to meet the SB or SD is the best situation. It is certainly my preference.