12 years ago
Sugar Dating for Every Age

12 years ago
Sugar Dating for Every Age

Sugar Daddies are known to generally seek younger women, but of course, the term ‘young’ is a relative one…

The only rule regarding age on SeekingArrangement.com is that all players must be 18+. Whether you want a classic, JFK/Marlyn Monroe arrangement, or an Exec Daddy/College Baby thing, it’s up to you. The pickle lays in getting what you want, and the answer there is all in your attitude…


“I am 37 years old, but many people think my kids are my younger brother and sister!  Last month I went to play pool with a friend and got asked for my ID.  Do 37 year old ladies actually ever get genuine SD’s?  I know I look young, but wouldn’t my age scare off any potential SD?  Or could this be a huge bonus?  I see many comments from SD’s saying no drama, maybe they would consider an older SB that looks younger?”

Some Sugar Daddies only arrange with women in a certain age-range, and, some Sugar Babies actually prefer younger Sugar Daddies.

But what about Sugar Mamas? There are plenty of Mamas around, and many of them seek younger men (men aren’t the only ones getting in on the sugar…).

Check out Sugar Mama ‘Dixie’…


“Why is it hard to find an actual sugar mama? I’m willing to do anything for one but don’t have the luck to find one =[“

It’s rare for one to dip into the Sugar Bowl with 100% certainty, but the typical SD/SB arrangement relies mostly on the specific offerings that each partner can provide.

Perhaps Sugar Daddy has been longing for a more… experienced partner. One who knows not just how to be cute, but how to laugh out loud without looking over her shoulder. Or, maybe he wants a very young Sugar Baby, one who he can bewilder by introducing to his trilingual friends, buying her the first car she’ll ever drive, or maybe by paying for the first place she can call her own.

I’ve read many, many a ‘Sugar Daddy AND Sugar Baby profile’, and one thing is for certain: you’d be dead wrong to judge any Sugar by its cover.

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  1. Teen Slut says:

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  2. Gonzalo Estevez says:

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  3. Peter Grievik says:

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    i think that people date what makes them feel good … if they want to show you different thing that they have learnd in life or be mentored then it’s older…more of a take control type .
    if they want to live a youhtful life or have lot of fun because they were building a foundation and now are ready to play … then it’s younger….more of a “whatever type deal ”

    myself: i’m 34but look younger like 25YRS. I find that when i don’t tell my ageMEN talk to me in a KID TYPE MANNER but when they get on my level and we talk i can hear& see the change in the conversationand the date …


  5. sweetredhead says:

    I am always surprised too when I tell people my age or that my daughter is in college they can’t believe it. Most think I am in my early 30’s not 40. and I am very young at heart 🙂 I hope to always be.

  6. Dating Older Woman And Tip says:

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  7. KK says:

    It was brought to my attention recently that I may be the oldest sb on this site. At first, I was a little embarrassed, but then I thought about my original reason for being on this site. I want to meet classy, intelligent men. Not finding them on other sites. For some reason I had not browsed other sb profiles before signing up. Altho I know that many men are looking for younger women, it has been my experience in the “regular” dating world that men of all ages also enjoy an experienced, in shape older woman. Quite frankly most are off about 15-20 years when guessing my age. (This did shock me……) My point is that there are many different types of relationships and arrangements. I am meeting some really nice men…. finally….. They seem just as thrilled as I am to be with someone who shares some of the same commonalities but can also give them what they may or may not have gotten w/a younger woman. Lastly, it may just also be that older women have a better sense of what “no drama” means. Life experience and being comfortable in one’s own skin can be very appealing – for both the sd and sb…..

  8. Julian Melkiezevech says:

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  9. Zabreena says:

    hi JaneyW, hey babe pause for a second and look at the name of the web site. SEEKINGARRANGEMENT.COM that cuts two ways. I chat and flirt on line for a while with them and insist they tell me what they want and what they intend to offer to entice me. And dont ever give in when they ask youto tell them what they want, just say ‘pampering’ of ‘a generous wealthy older SD’ or something vague like that. I tell them that I expect my SD to take the lead and make an offer. If they wont, bin em, no loss, they will never deliver anyway.

    I set out what will happen, coffee, if that goes ok meeet for dinner but that will be al, if that goes ok then its dinner and full arrangement. its simple if they dont deliver on the deal and provide shopping or the means for some serious shopping (that means $$$ babe) then no second dinner. but if they do, then you meet them for dinner and its time for you to deliver…. grin.

  10. JaneyW says:

    Hi Zabreena, Thanks for the advice on how to weed through potential sd’s. I was driven by greed and let that aspect get to my head which clouded my senses and ultimately led to a huge mistake on my part.

    How on Earth do you ask a guy for an expensive gift on the second date? This is a tactic I want to try.

  11. SouthernGent2 says:

    Startingout SD – you have to make a decision about how to handle your situation. There are sb’s out there that will not have sex. I know of someone on this site that has an older sister that is a sb in NYC, and the guy just takes care of her and she doesn’t have to do anything in return other than be a friend / companion (that is all she will do). I guess the guy is okay with that for whatever reason.

    Your situation sounds similar to a situation I got myself into. I can respect whatever choice and decision a sb makes about sex. I stuck around 2-3 extra dates because I felt I could change her mind. When it finally hit me that this was as good as it was going to get, I came to my senses and moved on. And she didn’t understand at all.

  12. dreamer says:

    lol.. I wont. I play hard to get. Bc I am. You just got lucky that I like talking to you 🙂

  13. NC Gentleman says:

    Yeah please don’t lead me on you heartbreaker, Dreamer 🙂

  14. dreamer says:

    hmmmm… Good things to remember so a girl doesnt lead a man on, NC haha

  15. zabreena says:

    SDstartingout u have to decide what you want. i rather doubt the story about her friend. i have only ever had one guy try that line on me and he was a complete faker (and got nowhere with me). if you want a relationship that involves bedding your SB then she has to be willing and eager or u will just get bitter and resentful

  16. NitemareSD says:

    Someone asked about insurance…I will guarantee you this girl has done this before and strings guys (perhaps simultaneously) out for as long as she can.

    I hate getting the “news” in a written email or txt msg from someone I am in voice/personal contact with. Real bad sign the fix is in. Watch out.

    She’s purely an entertainment expense for you. Don’t give her any more than what you want to…remember I say to keep the giving from the heart.

    Looks like you’ve dropped about a grand for a few meetings. Keep the $ tight.

    If she likes you, she won’t disappear. If she’s using you she will.

  17. NC Gentleman says:

    If she said no sex, it is unlikely she will change her mind. I am guessing she is hot and you are thinking with the wrong head.

    Ok – so let’s pretend I am wrong… what type of signals is she giving you — does she touch your arm or shoulder when she talks with you… does she sit next to you or across from you at a table… does she ever initiate contact with you first when you aren’t together? You get the drift… take the physical signals because it is easier to properly judge someone by their actions rather than their words.

    Just my two cents…

  18. SDstartingout says:

    I have been asked to start up a relationship with a SB. Neither one of us has entered into this type of arrangement before. She tells me of a friend who suggested this concept to her. The SB claims the friend does not have sex with her sb. Instead he likes to spend money on her so she can feel what it is like to be rich.

    She told me this story in an email. We have met several times and I have paid utilities and cell bills and groceries. We have done nothing more than kiss. Cash to her (in addition to the bills) was $500.

    She told me about her friend via email and I know she expects a response. I always thought these arrangements were two-way streets. She could be loads of fun so I hesitate to say that I have plenty of friends who would gladly spend my money and they would not have sex either.

    I want to avoid the cash for horizontal time feel. I also do not want to be a sucker. So what do I do?

  19. zabreena says:

    oh and girlygirl, if there are two of you, you are lots of guys wildest dream, play hard, make em work for you!!!

  20. zabreena says:

    girlygirl and janeyw i’m sorry to hear your stories but I’m afraid you both let yor enthusiasm run away with you. remember girls you are hot goods and there are stack loads of guys out there keen to get their grubby little hands on you its your job to make sure you anly let the ones worth your while touch you. dont let them rush you. any SD who is seriously intereested and is seriously generous will let you take a bit of time establishing that the relationship is a goer.

    i never travel to them for a first visit. if they cannt be bothered to visit me or a place i chose they aint worth bothering with. i always make sure a fairly clear arrangement has bee sorted before i meet. i meet for 30 to 60 minutes for coffee first time then make them wait at least a few days before i meet again. then i meet for dinner but they have to have sent me a gift before that, not huge but nice, worth say $100-200. then i go out for dinner, agian they come to me. i look smoking hot and flirt and make them want me real bad but make it clear even b4 i meet for coffee that they will not get me into bed the first dinner date. then they have to take me shopping or send me some serious $ b4 i meet the second time for dinner. and then of course its panties off.

    it works

    i have several SDs on the go. good luck

  21. dreamer says:

    its sad tho, sometimes if you tell a sd that you have a dr appointment on the day they want to meet, they think you are flaking out! i have a life too! sorta lol

  22. Cookie says:

    Excellent advice SuthrnExec 🙂

  23. SuthrnExec says:

    GirlyGirl, JaneyW and any SBs, as hard as it might be, I would suggest that you not let emotions take too large a role in this until you know the other person. I wouldn’t ever suggest missing doctor appointments or other obligations to meet a SD – if they really want to meet, they will wait! I know a lot of SDs will put on the “hard sell” by promising large allowances and then say you have to meet very soon because he is traveling or some other reason. All this gets everyone hyped up and we don’t use the best judgment when all that happens. Try to avoid allowing yourself being put in those positions.

    I have been the victim of scams in arrangements like this and also in business – to the point the FBI has been involved – and when you’re taken like that, it does make you feel so stupid and you are so angry with yourself. One thing is for sure, you’re smarter about all this the next time and hopefully it won’t happen again.

    As far as the question, What are you doing wrong (girlygirl) – I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong as far as your approach is concerned – just be careful and not quite as trusting until someone earns that trust. As NitemareSD said, you will probably spend a lot of time weeding out the worthless SDs until your find the right one – unfortunately, that’s the process.

    Good luck ladies!

  24. NC Gentleman says:

    Wow JaneyW – I am really sorry that happened to you.

    I was thinking last night — have you contacted site support about your incidences. They could make sure he never was allowed an account (well at least a premium account) again. You do need to use your name on your credit card to get a premium account, so these guys are trackable. I think a-holes like that need to be prevented from coming back on here.

  25. Babycakecutie says:

    Girly girl, that is a crazy story. Sounds like you were taken advantage of which is unfortunate…

    I really wish we had some sort of rating system where men like that would be flagged and other girls would know not to bother with them.

    Hope everyone else is doing well!!


  26. JaneyW says:

    Hey Girlygirl, I was scammed too about a month ago and it still haunts me. The guy and I met for coffee and settled on an amount. We met the very next day at my apartment since he said he was leaving town for a couple of weeks and didn’t want to wait to start our arrangement. After spending the entire day with him I let him have me, twice. He told me he was going to wire the money into my bank account and even had me listen to the call he made to his bank. Everything seemed legit until the money never came.

    I feel terrible and used. I almost feel like a rape victim. The day keeps playing over and over in my head and there were about a hundred red flags which I ignored because I wanted to trust him. If you’re like me, I tend to blame myself for being such an idiot to believe an even bigger idiot. A friend told me that I should always ask for the money up front, but I feel like this ruins the mood and it makes me feel like a hooker. I’m going to ask for the money to always be in cash in an envelope and visible before my next encounter of this nature. I suggest you do the same.

    Also girlygirl. I would be asking for a lot more than 1k/mo, for two girls? That’s crazy. You should be asking for 1k/day! Each!

  27. girlygirl says:

    @NitemareSD: Thanks for your input, and I think you’re right. The entire process would just be easier if people were more transparent about what they wanted! 🙂 And to clarify: I e-mailed and texted him starting around 2:00 PM and didn’t hear from him about the customer dinner until he was at it — he texted me around 6:30 to tell us we’d have to wait until ten.

    @NC Gentleman: Thank you to you too for your support! Live and learn, I suppose — and laugh. 😀

  28. NC Gentleman says:

    Girlygirl — unfortunately you got scammed. There are a lot of scammers on here I guess. So sorry. You sound legitimate and sweet — better luck next time if you will try again.

  29. NitemareSD says:

    One point of clarification to your story: did you not contact him well in advance (ie early in the day) or was it he that was not responding to earlier attempts?

    Also, you didn’t “waste” time. Chances are you are going to “waste” lots of time finding the right SD. You just as likely would “waste” time with any of the other numerous and often vaporous prospects. Its all part of the process.

  30. NitemareSD says:

    Girly: took a while to figure out it was two girls.

    In your situation you were very short changed. You all agreed on $2000/mo total and $100 is very short. You are not asking a lot of money in the first place; he held you up and didn’t buy the expected dinner.
    Even if he wanted to hold back a bit because there was no sex, that’s very inadequate.

  31. girlygirl says:

    hey SD family!

    my girlfriend and i are one of the people on the site who are looking to meet an SD who likes us both! the menage-a-trois is new to us, andit has been a fun bonding experience for the two of us, at least! 😉 but we haven’t gotten any very good leads so far. the last date we went on has left me so confused that i want to ask if we’re doing something wrong.

    we met a man at the hard rock cafe after a month or so of e-mails, he bought us some drinks, we learned about his career, his life, and what he wanted in an arrangement. he asked about our relationship… 😉 it all seemed to go very well. we told him beforehand that we were looking for a monthly allowance of 1000 each so that we could focus more on school rather than our part-time jobs, very curious about being with a man together, looking to have new experiences, learn about the finer things in life… and at the end of the meeting we’d all had such a great time that we agreed to move forward with the arrangement.

    the next time we met, it was the day that my grandmother was having a dangerous surgery on her gall bladder. i couldn’t get in touch with him to confirm — all day — but after i left the hospital i drove 1.5 hrs to the city where we were meeting anyway. not to mention i missed my eye doctor appointment to do so, and i had been up all night working on schoolwork so that it would be out of the way for our date! i go to a very demanding school.

    so i had no sleep, and yet on an hour and a half nap my gf and i managed to wake up, shower, and dress ourselves up so nice for this date! then, when we waited. called him, he said he had a customer dinner. so we waited some more. a few hours later, we were in touch with him, and he said he just wanted us to come straight to the hotel bar. we didn’t like the idea, because we had agreed to a dinner. but at 10 PM he had us in a nearby (nice, upscale) bar nonetheless.

    things were ok, although he could tell we were a little frazzled, sometimes that happens! anyway, we had some fun, some laughs, some long island iced teas, and went back to his room. we enjoyed kissing and getting a little naughty –it is a very interesting new experience for us too, and i wanted to make sure my girlfriend wasn’t uncomfortable above everything else. but at the end of the night, honestly, my girlfriend and i were both too exhausted to have crazy, no-holds-barred, all night sex. we did everything but have sex. and it isn’t that the desire wasn’t there — it’s that we had both slept 1 hr the night before, and i had been at the hospital for 5 hours that day. not to mention that i had been planning on dinner and got quick drinks in the hotel bar instead. and he had never told us — i love you girls, the allowance is fine, but only if we have straight up intercourse! to me, that is what makes us an escort.

    but based on this, the SD flaked on our agreed-upon monthly allowance. he gave us $100 and sent us on our ways. then, on top of it all, when i tried to suggest that wasn’t the agreement, he told me i was immature. which, frankly, i’m surprised that a 50 yr old SD would enjoy dating a 21 year old college student and then calling her immature. wouldn’t you at least want to pick on someone your own size??

    are we doing something wrong here? we wasted a lot of time on this guy when there were plenty of other guys we could have tried to get to know better. i have had one very successful arrangement on my own in the past but after this i feel like there is some mistake we must be making! if anyone has any tips we would really appreciate it… 🙂


  32. NitemareSD says:

    Well as long as you didn’t give her that big pile of money and kept things in balance between you, don’t have many regrets.

    Let her go on to the next and you find another.

    She’s a classic type. Like the one I had recently who hit me up for $1800 for some legal trouble with her car tags. Trouble is her fictional court date is Thanksgiving Day. 😮

    Gotta maintain a sense of humor about it all.

  33. NC Gentleman says:

    Hey Nitemare SD — thanks for the comments. I didn’t think 7 months was that long but maybe it was in hindsight…

    Regarding the lies, I have learned my lesson. First there was a little white lie about her age that really was no big deal. Then there were other lies about financial things that she was seeking help… I have this $2500 lawyer bill because… I offered to call the lawyer and set up a 3 month payment plan and then suddenly there wasn’t really a lawyer bill problem. The other lies were mainly to cover the fact that she was married when she despite my suspicions assured me she was single (and I didn’t really care that she was married because I am married).

    The final outcome… She had traveled with me about once a month, and I was going to be in her town (we live several states apart) and take her out for her birthday. She started getting all weird and making lame excuses. When I offered to re-arrange my trip she said she was accepting a short-term job on an oil rig off Alaska so she wouldn’t be available for a few months. This from a former Miss Teen pageant contestant that was 5/6 and 125 pounds at most. That one was actually hilarious, and I called her on it, and she got really pissed off but later begrudgingly admitted that “she wasn’t available for a relationship.” Which I took as a half-admission that she was married, but it somehow implied I was looking for a relationship… oh well, she was smoking hot and the sex was great, but the headaches of the lies just weren’t worth it in the end. I take some responsibility for thinking with the wrong head, but in future arrangements, obvious lies will be a deal breaker.

  34. zabreena says:

    lisa I couldn’t agree more I have been a dancer in vegas and now miami and used this site for several months. I have dated a lot of men and I absolutely agree that the older ones are much the best in bed. I have several SDs at the moment, all from out of town so I see them at intervals when they visit or sometimes we meet elsewhere. they are all over 40 and all but 2 are married and we have really great sex. the guys with daughters tend to be reall good and I guess you may be right, maybee they are made more sensitive but I know some of them its cos they fancy the pants off their daughters teenage friends and when they meet a teenage girl who’s pants they actually get to remove they just love it.

  35. Go0die.Gumdr0ps says:

    I agree with Lisa. I have had one realtionship with a man that was almost twice my age (25) (wasn’t a SD/SB realtionship) and found it very passionate. Passionate enough that the next day I would be floating on air thinking about it, with a silly smirk on my face ALL day at work, co-workers asking why I was being goofy……. 😀

    P.S. Yes, I’m new, this is not a name change 😉

    P.S.S I’m also a new SB. So reading these posts has had some helpful insight for me on starting off. I thank ALL of you for taking the time out to post about your personal experiences, advice, etc. THANK YOU! 😀

  36. NitemareSD says:

    NCG – you’ve had two nice long arrangements which should be congratulated.

    With the second one, how much lying did you put up with? What happened?

    For my part I put up with almost no lying…and what little I put up with has always been proven to be a waste.

    Basically, any oddities are virtually definitive of a serious problem.

  37. lisa says:

    I have found older men to be much more energetic in bed. when I was younger and dating guys in their 20’s and 30’s, they were minute men and very selfish. Dated on man in his 40’s very well endowed but only lasted a couple minutes, useless. Last 2 boyfriends in their 50’s could perform several times in a couple hours. They were also very attentive to my needs. I think men get more sensitive with age and I have found (not sure if it just my situations or not) that men with daughters are more sensitive and gentle than men who have sons. I dated 2 men with teenage or grown daughters and they were more gentle and sensitive whereas the one man I dated that had 3 sons, was very selfish and also wanted to try stuff that I didn’t enjoy and I had to holler stop to get him to stop.

  38. NC Gentleman says:

    Thanks for the response Nina.

    and RawVeganSB — I am in my mid-40s and I still love to experiment sexually. One of the things that attracts me to the SD/SB arrangement is trying new things that my new partner may come up with. I am pretty much open for anything as long as it doesn’t involve pain or humiliation. Good luck!

  39. FlirtyRebel says:

    I think I am liking the idea of a hot Italian sugar daddy who wisks me off for wine pleasure and romance.
    Our days would be filled with expensive shopping trips and passionate nights .

  40. Mina says:

    NCG- I’ve had a few relationships end for a few reasons (although one has recently rekindled) One ended because of time; his business was growing and he couldnt devote anywhere near the same amount of time to me as he had in the past. Another ended because a business associate had found out about his little secret (me) and threatened to tell his wife (luckily he never did) My most recent SB/SD relationship ended because he wasnt as reliable with getting together, answering texts, or allowance as the months went on. I was sad to see each relationship to end because I consider each to be a great friend, but everything happens for a reason I suppose.

    RawVeganSB- no problem in wanting it all, as long as you take care of the person giving you the world. These relationships are mututally beneficial afterall.
    And its selfish, btw.

  41. RawVeganSB says:

    I am very new to this site but I have some personal concerns and I am wondering if anyone might have experienced the same thing.

    Age, Is it important? I am actually confused here. I am 23 years old and both my boyfriends were older and I am naturally drawn to older men for many reasons which I will not get into. But, what I have been discovering since of late is that these men are more talk than they are action. They talk about how an older man is better than a younger guy because they have the experience and knows exactly what a woman wants and where to touch them. But, I have found this to be a bunch of BS to be honest, I think that in some cases too much experience make you lazy so you are not willing to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. First of all I have found both my boyfriends to be self-fish when making love and orgasm is concerned. I am not sure if this is the same for guys in my age group because as I said both my boyfriends have been older.

    This has me wondering though because my sister once told me that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. But the thing is I don’t know any tricks apart from the regular old stuff you might see on a cable porn channel, so I am afraid of meeting an older guy again whom I really like but is so self-fish that he does not want to experiment with me because he already experimented in his younger days.

    And is it self-fish of me to want it all. A guy who will spoil me rotten, experiment with me, love me, listen to what I want to try, someone who is not closed minded to different sexual experiences even if I only read it in a magazine. Oh maybe I am asking for too much.

    I mean I am not living on a shoe lace budget or anything so being with someone is not solely about the money I just love to be pampered with gifts and money…make sense? I didn’t think so.
    Anyway, my point is that I want a whole lot more because I have spent a lot of time trying to make myself into what I think would be the perfect partner for the type of man I am trying to attract.
    The Law of Attraction…(PHEW), sometimes I have to wonder if that is a crack of joke.

    Sex has never been much of an interest to me but it seem like the old I get the more of an appetite I have for it, so I want to make sure that whatever guy I get involved with is well equipped.

    I know I am putting myself out there but I don’t care I love these Blogs.

  42. lisa says:

    Best of luck to Bluebelle. Hope the sd she is meeting is a man of his words, not just another fake.

  43. NitemareSD says:

    BlueBelle may be meeting with the 2,000 dollar man right now.

    I hope she tells us who he is so if he doesn’t give her the money we can send our SD goon squad in to beat him up for making the rest of us look bad, and if he does give her the money, we can send our SD goon squad in to beat him up for making the rest of us look bad.

  44. dreamer says:

    oh i see what your saying. I would def be telling the truth. But i consider deception a form of lying.. I might as well tell the truth and have ppl hate me on this name if im going to do anything. But i prolly wont. Lol

  45. NitemareSD says:

    Well, since you can’t figure out how to do it without lying, thankfully you don’t.

  46. dreamer says:

    i sometimes want to make a fictional character so i can say what i want, nightmare, but i cant. I would feel like i was lying to the group lol. And i believe in karma

  47. FlirtyRebel says:

    jesusvi went from darn to miss Mika.

    I think I’m going to do some underwear shopping. I was supposed to have a wax appt in a few days but I’m going to postpone it.

  48. MissMika says:

    miss Mika is changing her name again to

  49. NC Gentleman says:

    Hello all – I have a question for the group. I have had two SB/SD relationships. The first one was amazing and lasted over two years until she graduated from college. The second one started out really well, but her lies made it go down in flames after 7 months…. so now for the question for those of you have had an arrangement…

    How long have your arrangements lasted and what caused them to end?

    I am looking forward to responses! Thanks!


  50. lisa says:

    I like eating at nice places but being on the practical side and my expenses, I prefer more financial assistance than fancy dinners. I once met a gentleman that took me on a big shopping spree and we had a nice lunch. However, he didnt’ offer cash which is what I really needed at the time. I appreciate everything and it was great and he was the one that want’ interested in persuing it further (he did live in another state also) but the next day I sat around my apartment with no food and a headache from all the fun I had had the day before. I had my new clothes and expensive cosmetics,etc but I was cashbroke with no food or money to go out anywhere. If he would have given me money (i’m not complaining because he was very generous at the shops) I would have bought some nice things but would have probably had more time to budget shop and could have taken a trip to the grocery for some food too.

  51. NitemareSD says:

    The definition for the budget seems to be for a total budget. Like everything else its not well defined or consistently applied, and there are so many variables and circumstances involved.

    Some time ago I lowered my range selected in the profile, intending it to be the cash portion to the SB. I did it intentionally to filter for SBs that I could easily satisfy and offer upside.

    Its also a way I can do extra things for an SB without a defined commitment. That way its easier to keep the giving related to the quality of the relationship and more from the heart than the (fill in the body part term here). 😮

    Now I don’t explain this in the profile. Thus I am meeting SBs with whom I can start out modestly and offer more later.

    LOL $200 incl. dinner expenses – at least you’d eat for once!

  52. Steven SBM says:


    Dangit! Wish I had a SD like you on … ‘my’ team! lol, j/k 🙂

  53. NitemareSD says:

    Dreamer – thus the invention of the character NitemareSD. A fictional personality that can speak out in a certain way.

  54. lisa says:

    I agree the amount range is too general. If a guy says he has less than 1000 monthly, that might mean 900 (which I might consider) but if it means 200 including dinner expenses, well that’s not going to work for me.
    When talking to an out of state sd, does his budget include him traveling to see the sd or is the full amount to be spent on the sb

  55. lisa says:

    I think it makes perfect sense to discuss the arrangement before meeting. It’s much harder to sit in from of someone in a public place and bring up the subject, and anyway most sds still dont want to discuss it on the first meet. It’s kind of like job hunting, you want to know a little about the job and the salary before you even consider it. You don’t just go in and put in a job application at any company and wait to find out after you are hired, what the salary and benefits are. You might discuss it at the interview, but most of us want to have some idea what the deal is before applying. same with a sd. I probably scared off my only response by being upfront but I felt he didn’t really get it and just tried this site as if it was a regular dating site. I saved myself the time and expense and safety (if it had been an evening meeting) of getting home alone after dark by being upfront with him. Given the choice of getting dressed up and spending money on transport just to meet some guy for coffee (If he would even buy that) and then ending up with someone who just wanted a nsa relationship with no benefits for me, and then having to walk through a dark parking lot and wait for a bus, and walk down my dangerous street at night to come home, I would prefer to to go out during the day and get my own coffee, not worth the hassel to meet a cheap man

  56. dreamer says:

    i have lots in canada contact me… And they are usually so hotttttt! lol. And nightmare.. I love the stuff you write. There are times I have wanted to say those things too.. Im very sarcastic by nature and like pointing out ppls flaws, but I try not to do it on here. And MRSV!!!! i was thinking about you the other day. I was like ‘where the hell did she go?’ lol

  57. NitemareSD says:

    You can discuss things in general, just don’t get pinned down to a point that you do not have the flexibility to come to an understanding at the meeting.

    A classic problem is revealing a range of financial assistance. How do you do that and then tell the SB you are offering the lower end – or anything less than the max?

    How do you even decide on an amount early on other than something conservative until you get to know the person over time?

    How do you decide if you want to spend once a month, a week, or 3 times a week until you see who this is?

    On and on…

  58. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    BlondeSB, he was very nice, and handsome… he kinda vanished, hasn’t been online… he didn’t frequently get on SA, but he verified who he was, and was legit. If I get in contact w/ him I can tell him about a “friend” of mine *winks* he’s a really sweet guy though, the distance was the only factor I believe.

    Steven, heyyy! Maybe you should try being the friendly + feisty flirty type SB, works for me. As long as your not too feisty 😉

    & why is everyone changing their name to something Mis, now I can’t find my NAME on here as easy

  59. Steven says:

    Hi Blondesb & Mish, all:

    I’m a Sugar Baby Male (gay), and the SD’s rarely contact me… i dunno if gay guys want their SB’s to be more aggressive or what?…

  60. blondesb says:

    in canada? was he nice, handsome? Im always looking for one in canada lol. There are soo many more in the US that contact me.

  61. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    Nitemare, that was another potential… There was one that was 46ish he lived in Canada, not locally.

  62. racheljay says:

    Actually Nightmare- it’s more of me asking him how generous he’s willing to be then an actual “price”

    You are right, we haven’t met, but this SD is claiming to be generous, yet doesn’t want to discuss anything until we meet.

    I am looking out for both our interests by asking what his limitations are so I can know whether he can “afford” me or not heheh.

    That totally sounded escortish….but you catch my drift….

    But on a serious note, I don’t think you’re getting into into anything if you discuss some form of arrangement beforehand. It’s better to have some sort of idea then to show up and walk away with nothing but disappoinment on both ends.

  63. MissBlueBelle says:

    Hi MissMika – well, he’s told me that he’s looking for a long term arrangement, so depending on tonight, we shall see!

  64. MissMika says:

    darn is miss Mika

  65. MissMika says:

    maybe you should ask what his intentions are. Does he want a sugar babe or a one night stand?
    You sound so innocent so be careful

  66. Darn says:

    The SD from vegas is STILL interested.

    Also I’m changing my name from darn to miss Mika.

  67. MissBlueBelle says:

    With no money or anything exchanged, then im sure I could change my mind & look elsewhere

  68. MissBlueBelle says:

    NightmareSD – what do you mean there is no where to go?

    I think its a very good idea to have worked out what each other is expecting before meeting the first time – that way you can avoid meeting up and being disappointed with what the SD is offering. I dont think I would be all that comfortable discussing allowance in a coffee shop or bar on the first night anyway. Discuss it beforehand, and its dealt with – both sides are happy.. problem solved!

    Plus, if I were to turn up and the photograph I received didnt fit with who sat in front of me, I havent really lost anything… just maybe wasted alittle time.

  69. MissBlueBelle says:

    I was very surprised by the fact that he was willing to pay quite soo much on the first meeting – but as he (and some of you) said, it will indicate whether he is serious or not.

    We’ve also spoken about a monthly allowance (Very generous amount!) – again I didn’t ask for anything, only mentioned that I was considering an allowance of some sort.

    So, we’ll see what happens tonight – If I recieve the first amount, then I will know this guy is serious!

  70. Lulu says:

    I’ve found that many men on this site actually tend to lose interest because of my age (I’m 19). They think I am too young and immature, which is too bad really, because I really love the idea of an older man. So sexy.

  71. NitemareSD says:

    How do you expect to make a deal with someone you haven’t met?

    Suppose you agree on $3K/mo and he turns out to be 10 years older 60 lbs fatter, 20 IQ points lower, and on and on. What are you going to do?

    Surely there are guys you would take on for 2k and others for 4k, but you’ve set a price in advance and you’ve got nowhere to go.

  72. racheljay says:

    Yay! I hope he’s a keeper Mish:)

    I have a meeting with a potential sd this week.

    He seems really sweet, says he’s very generous but wants to discuss everything over dinner.

    However, I’d rather get it all in the open before meeting, that way we don’t waste eachothers time. He obviously doesn’t feel the same way- but he hasn’t brought up sex either so, ladies and gents- what should I do?

  73. Ms. V says:

    Hello Sugar Fam!
    Long time no see, eh?
    Thought I’d stop in to check on you guys n gals….I see everyone is playing nice now_how lovely 🙂

    Well, let me tell ya- I had a serious crush on my geek squad guy. oh, it was awful and beautiful and intense- just the way I like it.

    everything about me is intense, though.

    he is Cuban and Irish- appears to be your average “whiteboy” tasting the forbidden fruit of the olive-skinned woman… I finally invited him over for the satisfying of my curiosity. my goodness.

    I had forgotten about the men of the fairer complexion. My experience with you guys has always been with men older than me (which is sexier when ambition & graying hair is mixed in 😉 )…this one is younger….is stamina the word I am looking for?

    I had written you guys off- going for black men because of the passion and freedom to get it like Burger King (have it my way!), but I’m on fire now ya’ll!

    Need a long-er distance SD though. This guy lives 5 minutes away. Curiosity satisfied, calves and guts in pain LMAO!!!! time to keep moving.

    CALIGIRL- I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SORRY I haven’t been on the phone, but we get no reception in the lab!!!! I work 3pm to midnight- call me when u get a minute! I quit working for the Captain and backed off the volunteer thing- just school and work now (JUST??)
    get at me, mama!

  74. Darn. says:

    I want a submissive SD.
    With a shoe fetish

  75. Darn. says:

    I’m over it.
    Well. .

    I’m hot enough to demand what I want.
    I’m just going to put up hotter pictures soon.
    Bikini ones.
    And state what I want.
    SDs are shallow?
    I’ll put them in their place.

  76. Mina says:

    Mish, it’s not like 36 is old enough for him to look young.

  77. NitemareSD says:

    The other day he was 46.

  78. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    He’s 36… young looking though… 🙂

  79. Gail says:

    Nitemare-I may have spoke too soon…just read your last post. Oh my!!!! You have shocked me now!!!

    Good nite all!!!

  80. lisa says:

    I think he is sarcasticly mirroring my post. Not quite the same. If a guy buys a gift or gives a lady cash, he loses very little as a true sd has plenty if he is all that he says he is, whereas a sb who gives of herself physicallly feels used if she doesn’t get spoiled in return, that makes it nothing more than some cheap guy looking for something free, many guys seem to think wanting a nsa relationship with a woman because they want the sex but don’t want to date regularly or be committed is the same as a sd relationship. It’s not. It should be mutual and since it’s easier to risk money than one’s intimacy to someone not real, the sd should take the first step.
    don;t even mention e-whatever? I got rejected on that stupid quiz because I said that I get angry sometimes or don’t feel all cheery all the time. changed the answers got accepted only to get some lousy responses. Got rejected by a “grocery clerk” because when I listed the 3 things I couldn’t live without on a deserted island, I said food, water, and companionship. He didnt’ like it because I didnt’ list “the bible” as something I couldn’t survive without

  81. Gail says:

    Hello All:)

    It’s been awhile…I have been working my brain too much. So it’s nice to relax and get caught up here.

    Welcome all new SB’s to the site. You’ll learn and share alot on this blog…be prepared for everyone’s thoughts and opinions.

    Nitemare-You’ve softened up…I like it:) Love hearing about your SB experiences. Ahhhhhh I knew you had a soft spot in your heart.

    Darn-Your day will come. It takes time to find a good SD. I will wish for you the best SD ever tonite.

    Dreamer and Lisa-Love showers by myself, but I never take a bath by myself:)

    Misha-You lucky duck!!! Wishing you the best, but it seems you already have it!!!!

    Racheljay-Interesting info about the cougars. I have missed ya!!!

    Enjoy your evening everyone!!!

  82. bostonTerrier says:

    last 2 … including the sb you just met?

    i’m thinking you’re being sarcastic nitemare or at least i hope most sds are a little different

  83. NitemareSD says:


    A serious SB should come half naked and ready to put out.

    If I want coffee and not get laid, I’ll go to my mom’s.

    A true SB won’t run out of vagina if she puts out a few times for free.

    My last two SB dates I got laid, so now I expect nothing less, and I email that expectation before we meet.

    The SBs here are all so phony. As soon as I email that they need to give up the goods they stop responding. Don’t they realize this isn’t E-Harmony?

  84. zabreena says:

    MissBlueBelle, sounds like a fantastic catch or a faker. dont build up your hopes, in my experience guys who promioce the earth dont usually deliver but its certainly worth a trip to see him if he sounds reasonably plausible. I suggest something very figurue hugging but not showing much flesh for the coffee meeting, let him see what you look like but keep plenty in reserve. if you meet for dinner then its time to look really hot. I certainly wouldn’t stay the night on a first date but if you hit it off and he really is as generous as he claims to be I certainly wouldnt be holding anything in reserve after the second date!

    good luck and be safe.

  85. lisa says:

    where are all these gentlemen that offer gifts upfront? Most of the ones I chat with want to meet for coffee and think we should spend a lot of time getting to know each other first before talking arrangement. this isn’t a dating site where we are looking for someone to spend our life with, this is supposed to be a quick fun way to benefit from each other. Instant gratification for temporary relationships. But I agree the 2000 seems a bit much.
    I believe a serious gentleman should come with a gift of cash or something nice for the lady on the first meeting. This is a sd site so he should be charming and generous, not just some slob showing up in sweats for a quick cup of coffee and chat. If I want a cup of coffee and chat and nothing more, I will meet my mom or friends at starbucks. need to be some immediate perk for me. A true sd won’t miss a few bucks or go bankrupt bringing me a bottle of my fave perfume or chocolates.
    My last 2 sd meetings have been shopping dates, now i expect nothing less.

  86. NitemareSD says:


    It sounds unusual to be offered $2000 for a quick drink. Buyer beware, but nothing ventured, nothing gained; just don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched.

  87. NitemareSD says:

    Note that each step of the way through the evening I could have ended it and I did say no to some things. At each point I stayed within reasonable bounds.

    All I did was extend myself a little bit patiently to see if she would come around.

  88. NitemareSD says:

    I am not bothered by it at all. I gave her more than I was willing to for the time she was spending with me to see how she would react.

    The difference means little to me, for her, she will be searching through a series of SDs. Maybe that is even her thing.

    I don’t regret meeting and using the meeting to evaluate her. I didn’t make any excess effort and was willing to spend the time I did.

    The bottom line is I essentially didn’t extend anything beyond what I felt was fair; that is the key to having no regrets – though not the answer to finding the right one.

    There is no quick answer to that.

  89. MissBlueBelle says:

    I am planning to meet a potential (hopefully long term) SD tmrw night, just for a quick drink to see how we get on. If it works out well he wants to meet up soon after that. He’s offered me almost 2000$ for the first meeting – just so I know that he is real (I didnt ask for it, he simply offered).
    He also asked if I wanted to stay the second night, with him at his hotel. I didn’t/haven’t agreed to this, as I feel its too early on to start getting intimate – regardless of whether he offers money or not.

    Any thoughts here??

  90. bostonTerrier says:

    i don’t believe giving her a lump sum, more than half of what she desires, to get her to warm up and calm down was very smart. i also agree with mish … that girl is totally an escort. i don’t understand why she was acting like that, there’s not logical explanation. and a potential sugar baby mentioning there are other guys she could have met up with that night … there is something wrong with that.

    if her approach made you uncomfortable, why give her money?

    it doesn’t make sense.

  91. dreamer says:

    yeah, i dont think she was worth your time.. You bought dinner, and I am assuming you didnt have sex… So Im not really sure why you would give her anything anyways.. But you live and you learn I suppose. I had a potential like that towards me. But Ill never do that again. CONGRATS Mish! it does sound like you have a dream SD. So to go along with this tread and my curiousity, is he younger or older?

  92. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    Nitemare- This is just coming from an SB perspective.

    What I typically do is, a week or so emailing, 2 weeks of phone conversation, unless it’s often then maybe less, set up a simple meet & greet, like coffee lol. And then take it from there if I’m comfortable. I personally am looking for more of a spoiling relationship then an allowance one, I don’t like monthly pay checks( though I don’t down those of you who do) I love gifts, they make me melt when an SD buys me something HE KNOWS I wanted or likes, without me asking. Chemistry is everything to me, I’d rather talk to an SD who makes 250k a year and is sweet as pie, then a man who has a networth of 25million who’s going to treat me like a call girl, and request I meet him at hotels every week..

    But listen Nitemare, if it… acts like an escort, talks like an escort, looks like one, and walks like one…. haha, it probably is. (Even if she doesn’t know it yet)

    Maybe you need to be more upfront , prior to the meet with what your looking for. And what your willing to accept

  93. NitemareSD says:

    Met an SB at Starbucks last night. Always thinking of Lisa, I was prepared to immediately offer to buy coffee. There was no place to sit and it didn’t feel like we could talk in the crowd, so we went to a japanese rest. down the street.

    Bought a good sushi dinner and we got to talk about an arrangement. The thing is she really doesn’t need that much $, but her approach made me very uncomfortable.

    She was very tense about needing money from our meeting. I told her I believe in building a relationship for the long term and the giving grows with that. I told her about the importance of trust, reliability and neither party giving out of synch with the other.

    She dropped lines like there were other men she could have met up with that night. She mentioned she’d stay overnight for a certain sum, but later she said she had to leave because she was not “prepared.”

    At one point, I gave her a good sum, more than half what she needs per week, putting my trust in her hands that she would calm down and warm to me. Normally I give nothing or a small token on the first meet because “getting to know you” time should be just that. However, she was coming over to watch a movie and that deserves a show on my part.

    She didn’t demonstrate a lot of interest in me. I felt the whole thing was very transactional in her mind. she gives the impression she’s looking only for a quick buck at each meet and probably has lots of guys lined up to call on.
    So in the end I doubt she is right for me. I can offer a steady, reliable arrangement that easily meets her financial need with one person on a long term basis. I just don’t think that’s what her plan is.

    For someone that really wants a serious SD, don’t sacrific developing a relationship for short term benefits. You’ll come away with little or nothing. Don’t expect someone to come to your rescue without getting to know you and feeling he wants to give. Its the difference between being an SB and an escort.

  94. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    Between running up a 300 tab @ dinner, and going out on his yaught, his chef making me my favorite desert ever “italian cheesecake w/ chocolate chips” and him making my cheeks turn red with every little sweet thing he did… He showed up at my house with 24 White Roses, which are my favorite!!! Had a limo waiting for us both.

    Man O man, I… *spins around in a circle in my new dress* I really think I found my dream SD

  95. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    Anyways, Girlies!

    I had a wonderful date w/ my SD last night, we made it official it seems.

  96. lisa says:

    well that potential sd that I was chatting with (the only one that has responded since I put up a new profile a few days ago and the one that read my last 2 messages but has not responded) has changed his profile.
    He told me he didnt’ really know what this site was about and asked for my input so I explained how it worked, he said he thought we should spend some time together getting to know each other before we set up an arrangement (sd dating is for instant gratification, not something to take slow and build a future on because the way men are, they bail out in few months) in his new ad he mentions not wanting a woman who is after an allowance or is a shopaholic. He wants a nice simple girl to spend time with golfing, talking, and snuggling. And any materialistic girls need not apply??? What on earth is he on this site for? Some of the men just don’t get it or they get it and are just trying to play games.

    I left 2 very nice emails to a couple gentlemen and they have read them but not replied. what is it with people not being courteous enough to even say thanks but no thanks? I can understand if an offensive email is sent, but I personally answer all kind ones regardless.

  97. Anonymous says:

    zabreena- He’s not married, he’s newly divorced 🙂

  98. Darn. says:


    Anywhoo I think I need to get naked light some candles take a bubble bath
    And relax with a book .
    I’ll prob check the blog in 2/3hrs so please I would live to hear your thoughts and ideas.


  99. Darn. says:

    oh devil.

    Is it so much to ask that you be humane???
    Am I asking for so much?

    I need a massage.
    If I had of known the men were going to be this dramatic!

  100. Darn. says:

    well I for one am not a slut and I refuse to be treated as one.
    I get enough sexist crap for how I look,
    So that whole your hot approach
    Quickly bores me.

    Do any of you ladies feel the need to sacrifice yourself in order to please
    A potential SD?
    Are you willing to compromise you integrity?
    You shouldn’t!!
    It’s only money ladies.
    He should want to take care of you.
    Not try to reduce you to nothing so he can have the pleasure of seeing you grovel.

    Pick your head up let’s have some pride. Refuse to walked upon.
    Real gentleman would never try to force his needs upon you.
    They call it mutally benifical for a reason
    It shouldn’t be one sided

  101. Darn. says:

    potential SD situation blew up in my face.
    He had no interest in me or my brain.
    He was all about the package.

    Is this whole chemistry nothing but a cheap lie to bed beautiful woman

    And he was from vegas!!!
    Ha what a joke.
    I of course like a proper lady declined but not before giving him a proper tongue lashing to which he responded to like an 12 yr old child.
    But all I felt was sizzling satisfaction.
    Now I want send him a picture in all of my bikinied glory.
    Just to show him what he missed our on.

    But that would entirely defeat the purpose of my argument.
    I have a brain my dear and I am not afraid to use it.
    Men are easily replaced.
    Buy a vibrator.

    The tone he took with me was the one I get from my peers.
    Okay your a hogtie and you’ve got big boobies
    Oh my god you must be like an instant slut.
    You also must have no brain too.

    I am not a conquest.
    So anyway girls does it feel like sometimes they think that we are
    Their sexual playthings?

    He was younger.
    And I am starting to think that this might be a problem with a younger SD.
    There is no line of respect.
    It seems a bit like they think we are hear to fufill their needs and they can pay us off.
    As if we are nothing,

  102. lisa says:

    Burrrr makes me feel cold. I just took a nice hot bath. I see my profile is getting some views this evening but no emails.
    All my neighbors are out breaking every rule on the new owner’s list. They had the fire from the barbecue coming to close to my outside walls. This is a city ordinance thing but these people have no respect for laws. the little boys downstairs are running around dressed like thugs playing with toy guns, not a game when they get to be teens and join a gang and end up killing someone. I need a sd to help me get out of this apartment complex. This is no place for a law abiding respectful, safety cautious person like me. I hope the owner drives by sometime and catches them.
    I dont’ know what I ever did to have to live around such idiots.

    I hate the weekends here, office is closed early, all hell breaks loose in the parking lot which is where my apartment overlooks.

    I want to to out to a nice restaraunt and enjoy an evening with a nice gentleman, do some shopping, and stay at his place. This time of year I miss my ex whom I started dating at this time of year.

  103. dreamer says:

    you dont have to take an all cold shower. I like hot showers too, so i know what youre saying. When you go to rinse your hair out the last time before you get out, do it cold. Trust me. I go to school for this.

  104. lisa says:

    I have heard that but I’m one who likes to spend alot of time in the bath or shower and dont’ really enjoy ice cold water. On top of that the weather has turned cold here and I am in the mood for a scalding hot bath, I love really hot water.
    I just changed my profile pics. They are from last spring so a little old but they got alot of compliments on the regular site I used to be on so hopefully they will be noticed on here. There were taken by my daughter when we were outside and one of them was taken at home with my other cell camera that was better. I have tried taken some new photos with some of my cute outfits but the picture seems to make me look shapeless or fat and I don’t even weigh 100 lbs. Also I look washed out in the photos I have tried to take.
    Still not giving up on my luck, the pattern i’ve been in means that I should have luck in late nov and early dec, even if it is only temporary, it’s a boost. I have a shopping list in my mind of some things I want for christmas. And the colder weather makes it good weather for snuggling up.

  105. dreamer says:

    cold water is very good for your hair!

  106. lisa says:

    I only have about 50 pairs of shoes. Nothing expensive, just rampage, dollhous, steve maden stuff. All colors. I would love to have some chanel and marc jacob shoes but since I walk alot, they would get scuffed. I have some thigh high boots that I can’t stand up in, but I guess you aren’t supppose to. lol

    I love clothes and although my 5×10 foot closet is full, I need more. I have another closet the same size empty. my apartment is small but I have plenty of closet space. Need more clothes. lol

    Just returned from a food event in my city, sampled some sushi (never tasted it before, not half bad I might say), other snacks and picked up some free toiletry samples too. I have 90 dollars in the back at the time and need my next 2 checks to pay the dec rent along with the lovely water and gas bill I have to pay now (although I had to take a cold shower this morning as the hot water is off, this makes me furious as I grew up without hot running water and demand it now, however my hair turned out to look pretty good today despite the cold water.

    Sent that sd another email today, still no word. I guess he isn’t legit.

  107. dreamer says:

    I guess Im a weirdo… Im not that huge on shoes.. I mean everyone has that thing if we see that “perfect” pair we have to get them.. but that doesnt happen too often.. And I like showing my legs… I dont shave them for nothing!!!!

  108. lisa says:

    I love shoes too and I have a thing for over the knee socks and hosiery of all types. I never go barelegged. I found some great sites online for buying the stuff, another reason why my credit cards are in collection. lol
    Still have not heard back from the sd I was talking to. He has been online this morning but I guess mentioning an allowance scared him away. I think he is on the wrong site.

  109. Darn. says:

    hmmm. Looks like you might be getting all the interesting ones
    San frandiddly.

    Xoxox you know I love all of you gals!!!
    We’re like a sister hood.
    And any way who said diamonds had to be a girls best friend.
    I’m a shoe and knickers girl.

  110. Darn. says:

    thanks blondie.
    How’s the SD working out for you!

  111. blondesb says:

    Darn- im so excited for you that you that a sd is interested in you, be safe and I hope it works out!

  112. SB SanFranDiddle says:


    I’m happy for you. Yes, there are DEFINITELY Sugar Daddies with shoe fetish’s. I read a message from one who laid his stiletto fantasy out in great detail… it was a good read lol. I think I saved it somewhere.

    I knew you’d get some quality bites sooner or later 🙂

  113. blondesb says:

    I like you we would definately get along.. I love shoes. I have never bought anything from betsey johnson, but I love their stuff.

  114. Darn. says:

    I didnt post bikini pics.
    I took the pictures and everything but then I just got angery.
    If I guy doesn’t find me interesting that’s okay!!!
    But he won’t keep dragging it out cuz I looked hot. It’s like I’m a gem in diguise.
    I can’t wait to suprise my SD.

  115. Darn. says:

    SBfrandiddly-LOL thanks!! Wait I think.

    Anywhooooooo.. I swear to god.
    I have been talking to one SD over the email.
    He actually read my profile.
    And he’s cute.

    So hopefully this is him! Crossies girls.

    Anyway so I spent my whole day window shopping online.
    Since the bank account is low.
    Total amount in the account since 5:27pm today:

    Hahaha god I should have not splurged all of my pay check at betsey Johnson.

    But anyway I have a serious knicker habit I really want a collage of nipple pasties lace string thigh highs a nice chenille corset
    Old school class with burlesque touches.
    I have this idea of performing a burlesque style strip tease for my SD/SM

    I wonder if there are any SD’s that have a shoe fetish
    I’m a shoe girl and I just saw these divine peep toe pumps by Chanel.
    We’d be a match made in heaven!!!

  116. lisa says:

    I hope I will hear from him again. the first guy I met on here was open to discussion. He wasn’t a real sd as he didnt’ make a lot of money he was open to discussion and we agreed to a certain amount before we met. We met and had only coffee, thought he wasn’t interested but he was just running late for work and we did have a date and I did get my allowance a few days later. It was short lived due to circumstances of him moving out of state but at least it was discussed upfront as at that time I thought that’ what you did.
    I need some serious financial help now. I will make my dec rent but that’s it. Lost 8 hours a week of work although I’m working 5 days instead of 4 which means more transportation cost but less income. I am hoping to get in a little shopping or some cash to buy gifts for family for christmas and some stuff I need as the job is paying the bills at this time, but nothing more. If I am going to spend money going to meet this guy, I want something out of it because I might end up having to walk to work one of the days because I used my bus fare to go meet this guy.
    I am not going to be mealymouthed anymore and will tell them what I want. same with work. at my last job I let them walk over me and they didn’t appreciate me. At this new job, no I will not come in early or swith off days, and no I don’t want to change departments with more responsibility if there is no pay raise. It’s just a matter of standing up. Not talking about an arrangement upfront hasnt’ got me anywhere and I refuse to have anymore cheap dates.
    Why dress up nice so you can sit for 30 minutes drinking coffee and then go home. I want to be shopping or at least have some quality time.

  117. SB SanFranDiddle says:

    He still might be viable Lisa.

    But, yes, he seems to resemble one who gracefully takes an exit. But, it hasn’t been 24 hours yet.

    You gave it the same shot that I would have, if not a bit more tactfully.

    Let me let you in on a little secret… once, I changed my profile to state that it was a mistake for any SD to even land on my page… in the “desired arrangement section” I put: “take me for a walk along the golden gate bridge, and give me a shove when I least expect it” – or something like that. Yeah, didn’t get too much response from that.

    Kudos for sailing the ship through calm and storm. Well Lisa, I think there’s still a slim chance this guy is simply digesting what you said – ya know, if he’s reasonable (in my opinion), he wouldn’t be thrown off by it at all.

  118. NitemareSD says:

    What? We have to buy coffee on top of everything else?

    I just had a nice SB experience which was shortened by an unfortunate circumstance. I think I will see her again.

    I took the risk of flying her in from out of town and she gave me more of herself than she had to. She was real and honest, and just what I expected. Just wanted to write thanks right here.

  119. lisa says:

    I have noticed too that Ben comes on and then disappears.

    well I have just scared off that potential sd that I was talking to.
    We were chatted nicely I thought as he seemed clueless and asked me what an arrangement would involve. I mentioned financial assistance and he said that we need to get together first and spend time getting to know each other and see if we blend together well and then we could set up an arrangement. I had nothing to lose so I sent him a message back letting him know my time is valuable and if we are to meet, it would be appropriate for him to assist me a little financially as this is to show he is serious. I also mentioned the importance of us respected each other and let him know that I would attend to his needs as well as the relationship went along. Well he read my note but has since stopped writing.
    Maybe I went along it the wrong way but heck my last two sd meetings had offered shopping on the first meeting so it’s hard to go back to the “let’s just meet for coffee” thing as I hate getting dressed up, putting on my expensive makeup (purchased by a sd on a first meeting) and dressing up only to sit and talk to someone who doesnt even know what to say and who avoids the arrangement subject.

  120. SB SanFranDiddle says:

    Hello all.

    Well, can I be honest here about the age thing – in terms of how my own self esteem is effected. I’m 22, but feel more like 42.

    Ya know, Shaena (the woman’s quote in the post – in pink), I feel like the opposite from you… I’m 22 and feel (and look) more like I’m 42. Why? I’d love to blame it on someone else, but it’s my attitude. my F**king attitude. Lord.

    My mom told me I was negative when I was a kid. Maybe some peoples brains a wired to be haggard. I am here drinking my 3rd Corona. Lonely. And, no SD action.

    Made my profile PREMIUM today – to see if any daddies added me to their favorite list… Ha. Only two Standard SD’s, who can’t read my messages until they pay up… lol.

    BLONDIE – I hope you are well. I am doing OK.

    Cre8tor – Sending my love as usual

    SouthernExec – I want to eat you up, wrap you in my arms. you. are. in my dreams.

    Darn. – I follow Rosie O’donnell’s blog – have for a couple years – she’s a genius. go to rosie.com – anyway, your blogging reminds me of her blogging pros. we need that here.

    RachelJay: Hello, nice to meet cha

    Lisa: you are my steadfast. I can rely on you to say what I didn’t even know I wanted to say, because you simply say it – yes, you complain, but I complain, negativity is what feeds me, but anyway.

    Who else?…. Ben. Where is he? He comes in and is very talkative for a couple minutes, is even posted on a blog post, but nothing, disappears… me being the only one lonely enough to notice I’m sure.

    everyone else, you are part of my life as well.

    Toast to the living,

    Keep it lit,

    Sugar Baby San Fran Diddle

  121. zabreena says:

    so Mish, you have met him, good for you babe. and sounds like he is rea keen if he is off to the gym. best make sure he doesnt go too far over the top or wifey will get suspicious and you really dont want that. and a tip from me, you just keep on making sure that however long he spends in the gym you keep wearing him out!

  122. lisa says:


    I tried being the nice girl who let guys take and take, including a husband who did the same. I joined this site to have some fun and adventure, enjoy the attention of a man and feel appreciated and I get tired of hearing from guys whom don’t get it. Dates are fine, but they offer me nothing, if I want to go dutch with someone for dinner or lunch, I have my gal pals to do that with.
    I am on a dry spell but can say I have had as much sucess on this site as I have on the regular sites, and the dates have been worth my time. Lunch and shopping with a gentlemen whom I didn’t hear back from or has only sent one email since sure beats the coffeeless starbucks date with the man who forgot to mention that he was unemployed for 6 months, recently divorced for 3rd time, and has 3 boys under 10, and of course he wants my number and would like to see me again, lol.
    This site is supposed to be fun. we can choose a guy on chemistry and money and not have to worry what political party he belongs to, whether he leaves the toothpaste out, or owes the irs. Just the fun, none of the drama.
    I have always had a different thought process. Growing up an only child and around more adults than peers, I spent most of my chidlhood in thought and remember things that friends cant’ remember.
    I’ve never been a crowd follower, I wear what I want, say what I want, and can be a spoiled brat at times.

  123. Anonymous says:


    I just love you for being you. Others may think your thought process strange. I just think its different. Besides you are trying and have gotten dates doing it your way. There are other SB’s that have not had one date. Keep thinking safe!

  124. lisa says:

    I do add that the sd that I am chatting with is cute and about my age but I hope he isnt just looking to meet a woman to date. I want some fun in my life. I went to the mall today that has brought me luck the last 2 times I went. Last year I went and although I had a dinner date with a guy from a regular site (i had actually met him 3 months before) after dinner he took me to victorias secret to pick out anyting I wanted and then I got some perfume that I had been wanting, then a few months ago I went to the same mall, came home to find a message from a sd from this site that had strung me along for a while and he was coming into town and 4 days later he came to meet me , we had lunch and a shopping spree. Didn’t see him after that, but there is a connection between going to this mall which I seldom do and getting a shopping trip, I hope. lol

  125. lisa says:

    safety always comes first with me no matter how many times I get laughed at for not wanting to take the bus after dark. It only took one gun pointed at me to scare sense into me and with some burning a building in my complex to the ground last week (apparently evicted ms-13 gang members) I will not risk being out alone after dark, no matter what anyone says.

  126. lisa says:

    I can’t afford a taxi even though I would be meeting only 5 blocks from home, the fee just to get in is 4 dollars along with the time which on my construction blocked street can take 15 minutes to go 5 blocks. I used to take a taxi a few times from a job about 3 years ago and it cost 7 dollars to get home. I have no spare money as my work hours were cut and I need to save everything for dec rent. Bus fare has went up and I am now spending 80 dollars a month just to go to and from work and to run errands on days off. I can’t spend anything this month, even for food, my apartment has new owners and I now have to pay a water bill of 20 a month starting dec 1st and the rent might be raised in a few months (i have no lease so they could raise it at any time) the management is not friendly at all and the leasing agent doesn;t speak english. I left a request to fix a leaking faucett and well it hasn’t been fixed yet.
    I am not so sure this guy. He seems to be a forgeiner and said he is new to this and does not understand what the site is about and wants me tell him what it involves. His income is only like 100K (If he is telling the truth) and he does live in my area , well probably 20 miles away). I sent him an email telling him my expectations (didn’t name any specific amount, just said financial assistance) i asked him about his availability and what he was expecting and what he had to offer. So I don’t know about this one. I will see as I do have time because I can’t meet him before next week anyway so I will find out what I can. After the last two 2 sd meetings being shopping sprees, I would have to meet and end up with only coffee. lol

  127. Shaena says:

    Thank you very much Racheljay!

    I am very happy and am meeting my first potential SD next week! After e-mails with everyone so far, he is the one that makes me feel comfortable. I’m not sure if we are meeting for lunch or dinner yet, but he told me to pick where I wanted to go which I appreciate very much.

    Lisa I am a little concerned for your situation, I personally will take a taxi both ways, and always will have a back up plan. If it is dark, I wouldn’t walk myself, I would either take a cab or insist that you meet during the daytime. If the man cannot respect that, then you probably don’t want to meet him anyways. Just my opinion, but safety is number one to me….I hope it works out for you and I hope I did not offend you either.

  128. dreamer says:

    does he live close to you? dont be afraid to ask for things. If men meet you at starbucks, and then ask to go somewhere else, ask them if you could get a coffee before you leave and if he dont pick up the tab, tell him you are not going to waste your time with him. And tel this guy that for the first date you have to meet during the day, for safety reasons. There is no reason ANYONE should deny you of this. Its your given right to feel safe. And if you do like being demanding on the phone- then dont. Just talk about whatever, you dont have to talk all about the arrangement and your expectations, thats what the first date is for.

  129. lisa says:

    I am going to call him tomorrow evening. I don’t like doing it though because it’s harder for me to be upfront about what I want on the phone, it’s easier to say it in an email. I don’t know that i’ll even get lunch though because I have met so many guys on other sites that won’t even buy coffee when we meet at starbucks. It’s weird as I will be sitting at a table at starbucks, they come up and say lets go sit somewhere and I find myself counting the minutes till the date’s over so I can get my a cup of coffee cause the cheapster didnt even buy me one.
    I will keep a open mind though and see if I hear back from him. He is a little slow answering although he is ready to meet already. It will have to wait till next week as I have already committed my day off tomorrow to my daughter and parents. Also I have to make sure this person is worth the risk to my personal safety of possibly meeting after dark if they can’t meet earlier since it will involve me walking at night in my neighborhood and waiting at an isolated busstop to come home. I prefer to meet in the daytime but since I most guys won’t do that, it’s either meet after dark or wait till I have another sat or sun off which might be far off.
    For now I’m just waiting to see if I hear from him. I am afraid he is just looking for a date though

  130. dreamer says:

    Lisa, just one time try someone outside of your expectations, i bet someone will suprise you. Find one potential and unless he turns out to be a total perv, dont take him off the list until you meet him! make it a personal mission to meet someone different than the exacts you are looking for, live a little, it might be fun, if not, hey, you got a free lunch somewhere

  131. lisa says:

    I find it odd that in real life I am constantly hit on by younger (unfortunately they haven’t any money) men when i’m on the bus, walking down the street, and even 2 at my apartments are trying to get me to go out with them. I even get the interest of some of the high school boys that I notice looking at me. But I can’t even get an email on this site from the guys in their 50’s and 60’s. I’m a little over 40 and have always prefered men in thier 50’s but the men on this site seem to think i’m too old for them and when I do get an email,it’s always from a younger guy in his 30’s.
    Got an email from the guy who emailed me and he wants to meet. I sent him an email and asked for more info and I laid it on the line and asked what he has to offer and told him I had experience in the sc/sb lifestyle and told him what I expect. I will probably never hear back from him but at least I won’t waste time with someone who isn’t serious. I mean he wants to get together a couple times a week so if I’m going to give him a lot of my free time, I expect something worth my while.

  132. dreamer says:

    hey Mish! get me a SM!!!!! they are so hard to find lol

  133. cbaby says:

    Well as a 21 year old who has always dated older by at least a few or more years in my personal life, I made a conscious decision on this site not to remember ages. I put no real limits other than no younger than 30, and I don’t even try and remember how old the person is. It’s funny a bunch of the guys that are younger that have actually made it past messaging with me tend to not be so attractive to me. The men I’ve actually gone further with in communication (and my potential SD) are all in their forties of fifties!

    Maybe it’s because I’m interested in a gentleman who knows how to have tact and class in such an odd situation. I also find older men on the site tend to be equally as interested in my mind and my intellect, which is important to me as I can’t have a physical connection without a mental connection!

    Also maybe I find the sexy professor thing kinda hot? Haha I’m revealing too much…

    I hope this doesn’t offend anyone, as this only pertains to my experience, but for me, guys that are younger on here have tended to be all about sex, looks, and meeting, like, tomorrow. Older men have tended to understand me wanting to get to know them, rarely bring up sex, and even if I comment that I have a curvy body type, tend to dismiss the superficiality and return back to whatever we were talking about. It’s just a more fluid process when I’m talking to a man who’s experienced more things I think. Does anyone else find this?

  134. racheljay says:

    Welcone to the SA blog Shaena!

    Were open to answer any questions you may have 🙂

  135. Shaena says:

    Well hello everyone!

    That’s my little blurb up there in pink lol, i just joined yesterday and wanted to ask a few questions since many of you seem to have a great head on your shoulders. I didn’t expect it to end up being a topic, but age can be an issue with many people. I’m used to meeting people face to face, not thru profiles, so people automatically think i’m younger. In this case that information is already out there. Since I posted that yesterday, I’ve gotten messages from quite a few men….and surprise, most of them are my age.

    All of your comments are very true, and thanks SuthrnExec, your outlook made me feel much better! In my 20’s I knew I was cute and pretty, but truely feeling sexy for me came later in life.

  136. racheljay says:

    Its quite odd Boston and Mish, those same young guys that treat us younger women like toys tend to treat cougars like queens.

    I think its all in how you treat yourself. And how you allow yourself to be treated.

  137. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    Boston- I know exactly what you are talking about, that’s how I feel about my SD right now, he’s just…Mmmm Gorgeous. The fact I’m young and beautiful inspires him to take care of himself a bit more too, he’s going to the gym meeting a trainer every morning 😉 Keeping himself in shape so I don’t wear him out… hehe

    But you are right , about the gentlemen aspect of it as well. The younger SD’s in my opinion try to treat you as more of a toy, then a respectable young woman… It’s all about what you can offer them, and do you deserve them, I’ve found myself having to feel almost as if I was in a “Qualifying Lap” rather then the actual race.

  138. bostonTerrier says:

    from my experience … i think sds like younger sbs. my sd is 43 and i’m 20. it took me a little to comprehend that because my mother and father are both younger than him BUT [and not being biased in anyway] my sd is one of the best looking guys i’ve ever seen in my life and when we’re together i honestly don’t see the age thing come to play a factor at all.

    i prefer older sds to younger sds too. i’ve noticed more car doors are open, kisses on the cheek … totally sweet things that completely passed over younger generations. it makes me kind of sad but my sd makes up for it.

  139. SuthrnExec says:

    For me, the ladies in their 30s, especially mid to late 30s, are hot as hell. I like the confidence that ladies in that age tend to have. It seems it’s easier for me to connect with ladies in that age range – but I don’t limit myself to that age range only. As I have said many times here, chemistry is the critical ingredient and that has no age limitation. What a great question!

  140. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    Living in Boca , you see tons and tons of Cougars, SM’s , Cougars…more Cougars…and… Yeah , thats about it. This place a go on Friday nights swarms with them. (My sister bartends there) and then I walk in, and usually grab the attention of 290 out of 300 men. So … normal men I’ve come across usually still go for the youngins…

  141. NitemareSD says:

    There is something for everyone out there folks. Just keep looking.

  142. cre8tor says:

    I’m not a SM and if a man is younger than me, I prefer the gap to be only max 10 years. But, I am an older SB. all you have said about the qualities of age are absolutely correct. At this point in my life I ask myself why hold back? Why not just explore and learn and enjoy as much as possible. tomorrow is too late. It isn’t a vanity war. I appreciate and respect the qualities of the young ladies and the men that prefer them. To each their own. right?

  143. racheljay says:

    I LOVE the American Pie movies btw. And yes, I would consider her a sugar mama, or “cougar”

    A lot of people don’t necessarily look ar SM as potential threats because their mindset is still based around a traditional SDSB arrangement.

    I was recently reading my cosmo mag(Nov) while flying to the east coast and stopped dead in my tracks when a reporter focused a column on “cougars”

    It showcased a ton of young attractive women who’s boyfriends, husbands were seduced and taken by “cougars”

    You would assume that men our age would be going after, well women our age but in fact its the other way around and its getting to be more apparent, especially in hollywood.

    Demi Moore, and Ivanka Trump (no longer a (Trump hehe) are perfect examples that no matter how old you are, you can still get it!

    Sexyness, intelligence and wisdom are priceless and obviously only gets better with age.

    There was a message with that article I read. To me it stated, treat it right, or loose it- perhaps to someone old enough to be your mother;)

    Here’s a list from the article “The Cougar Skills to Crib” I only took out the good ones.

    Learn from the babes who’ve been around the block

    1.Don’t play games

    “- guys love older women’s confidence and directness.”

    2.Stay in shape
    “- older celebs like Demi Moore prove that you can look hotter as you age by working out and dressing well. Remember that while you’re downing beers, a cougar is donward dogging her way to a slammin’ body”

    3.Be uninhibited in bed
    -“Cougars are more willing to experiment and aren’t shy about being naked”

    Hmmmm okay, I learned a thing or two. SM and older SB have just the same right to be here as we younger SB do. Someone out there for everyone and over the years, traditional barriers have been broken.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t take everything that cosmo tells me to heart, I just thought it would make interesting conversation and considering this blogs main focus is on SM, I thought, why not?

    We can def learn from them. And it doesn’t have to be a vanity war.

    Ill end with this lighthearted joke. If young men and some young SD enjoy SM, that’s fine with me, ill take their husbands anyday! 😉