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Sugar Dating to Squelch Loneliness?


It’s The Friend That Never Goes Away…

People choose to find a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby for many different reasons, but occasionally, people on the blog, or in their profiles, mention how loneliness has brought them closer to pursuing an arrangement.

As our society continues to become a safe haven for the introverted, those with a tendency towards isolation may find themselves feeling alone in a sea of strangers…

Online dating has long been the lifeboat to those otherwise not inclined to join a dating pool, but Sugar Daddy arrangements have a built-in structure for, what would ideally be, instant gratification.

Whether sex is involved has little to do with the effect a nice evening spent with someone your comfortable with has on filling the void.

Do any Sugar Daddies or Sugar Babies find that this style of dating helps in terms of being able to ease loneliness without any strings becoming attached?

Has anyone ever regretted something done online as a result of loneliness?

Why are some people ashamed, or nervous about being lonely?

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47 Responses to “Sugar Dating to Squelch Loneliness?”

  1. Hannah R. says:

    I am so glad there are sites like yours!

  2. victoria says:

    Hello webmaster Nice article. You should add a “donate” button – you should get money for this;)

  3. V says:

    right on Miss Independent!
    my oh my, the pain of being the “real worlds'” vickie secret model…and cant even get a SD on a website! I feel you baby!

    I think I may have too many brain cells, and too much experience to keep my lips shut in that oh-so-ladylike fashion when it comes to having an opinion. Girl, I’m not even looking anymore- I just stop by to put my spice on this sugar sometimes 😉

    be easy, and when you quit looking, all kinds of things happen…i got the fabulous career(yep, salaried), insurance company is paying 4 the tummy tuck, hubby’s gone for a few months, hired the nanny anyway(uh-huh, live-in), found a smart guy who only comes when invited and strokes it right- every time, all that’s left is the new Caddi bay-bee!

    girl i am almost convinced that a handful of men create dthis site so that they could have their choice of flavors all year long…they choose processed meat over this good southern fried honey- well, that’s their loss, eh?

    you’ll get what you want ma. it’s coming.

  4. Miss Independent says:

    I think I would have had a better out look about this site if the men on here were not so picky or set in the old fashion ways. I have been here for almost two months and not one man haven’t sent me as much as a message just to say hi. I joined this site because I would get stared at and the comment under the breath; but not on would say a word to me. So I figured if I joined and met someone we could break the ice with a few messages back and forth and that would be easier but nothing. I think I would stick to my first thought and just become celibate. I don’t think men want what they say they want. I think they want someone who looks like she stepped out a Victoria’s Secret photo shoot. I don’t even thing that I would matter to him if she did not understand a word he said just as long as every man was looking at him because of her. I don’t mind if that is what they want just be truthful about it.

  5. sweetshayla says:

    I think these kind of sites are great for dating and alleviating lonliness for men and women. Men arent afraid of approaching women, and women are a lot quicker to say yes so both sides meet up a lot faster and things actually happen. I have met more guys since asking for help than I ever did before and I am MUCH better off. I just wish I’d done this years ago. Even my parents have commented on how radiant I seem and the men really seem to like having an arangement on their terms. This guy I am seeing says he feels like a schoolboy with a crush. How sweet is that!

  6. lisa says:

    I decdied to take a light approach to dating as men aren’t serious about relationships anymore so I will not waste time in a committed relationship only to be dumped a few months down the line.

  7. lisa says:

    Patsy I have had the same problems. I joined many months ago and met someone right away and had a one month relationship with him with an allowance. Then I met another guy who only bought coffee, said we’d get togther and plan an arrangement in a couple months, then he never wrote again, still on the site 5 months later and won’t answer my emails. Went 3 months dry and met 2 back to back that were only first time meetings but they were generous with shopping. Been having a dry spell since then 3 months. I live alone, my daughter almost 18, I tried meeting guys for a regular traditional relationship but they fell into 3 catagories: the single never married lives with mommy 40 year old, the 40 year divorced father who waiting to marry till he was mid 30’s and now has 2 or 3 young children to support (i’m not interested in taking on more children as mine is grown), and the 40 year never married man looking to marry a 20 year and have a family.

  8. Patsy says:

    I thought that I was the only person having issues finding someone on here thought something was wrong with me.

    Well I want to find someone to spend some time with I am single and live on my own both of my children are grown and don’t live at home. It gets lonely sometimes because they are my world. I put the whole having a relationship on hold to raise them and now it seem that I don’t know how to get back in the grove of things.
    I can get up and leave at a moments notice and some of the men claim that is what they are looking for. But none of them seem to be interested in me.
    What I say on my profile is the truth.

  9. Anonymous says:

    sigh…I need a SD (non arrangement, but still a SD) to accompany me to Vegas in a few weeks…wishing it was for the SA party, but no.
    A friend is celebrating her bday, and her SD is financing her basics…and MY hotel ;-)….but, I want someone to go with…u know- that whole “what hppens in Vegas” thing!

    SO, December 19-21….anyone interested? I don’t necessarily want to be attached to anyone, but the 3rd wheel thing is so not cool.
    What better place to look???!!!
    [email protected]

  10. Cookie says:

    Loneliness is a state of mind … with all this technology its hard to stay lonely. My online friends are better pals than the ones who have been in my life since grade school. It would be nice to find a SD to share the holidays with, but with everyone’s busy schedule – it may be impossible. Nonetheless, I hope everyone enjoys their holiday! GOBBLE GOBBLE! 🙂

  11. Gail says:

    For all the SB and SD that may think that they are lonely during this Thanksgiving holiday…..you are not alone:) You have your Sugar family here!!!

  12. Gail says:

    LOL…I know how you feel about the virtual world….funny thing I looked up and the bills were still in my mailbox…so I became a woman of action and had to hit the road…really hard…better now…at least I have paychecks coming in…and now I can write a good check back out. Just know that I am here, actually we are all here to support our SB and SD family. Hugs back to you!!!!

  13. BlondieNYC says:

    Hey Gail:

    I’m so sorry to hear that the DVD player had misbehaved. Bd DVD player, BAD!

    Hang in there, things will work out for you, I feel it.

    Thanks for the kind words. There are days when I think I have spent too much time here, and I have so many things I’m trying to do and not get sucked into this virtual world.

    Massive hugs are being sent your way.

  14. Gail says:

    I am tired…have been a workaholic…have been doing contractor work..and driving to 4 to 6 locations a day……I found out my DVD player is not working…so have to wait. I hope all is well with you and have thought of you often. I am so glad to see you back on the blog:) Sorry I left you out in my earlier blog…didn’t mean to…Have missed you sunshine!!! Don’t disappear again!!!

  15. BlondieNYC says:

    Hey Gail!

    How are you? And have you watched the movie yet?????

  16. Gail says:

    Dreamer- I am certain you have tagged him….Imagine the possibilities ladies……hmmmmm:)

  17. dreamer says:

    i bet he is the biggest softie with his sbs! he just acts like a hardass 😉

  18. Gail says:

    Yeah….it took awhile…but I sense there is a certain softness somewhere in his manly mind. Now only if he can find the right SB to make him a dreamboat vs a nitemare!!!LOL!!!!

    NC…that was me:) you’re kinda sweet yourself…thats just what you do to us ladies here.

  19. dreamer says:

    awwww nitemare is nice… He is just using this to vent 😉

  20. NC Gentleman says:

    Thanks for the really sweet comment, Anonymous. 🙂

  21. NitemareSD says:

    I forget NOT to post the nice stuff. I just can’t help myself.

    As long as there’s some entertainment with it all.

  22. Gail says:

    Hey…that was me up there!!! LOL….

  23. Anonymous says:

    Good Morning All:)

    I have been working everyday, trying to make ends meet….and finally a day that I get to relax. Ahhhh..cup of tea by my side catching up….

    Dreamer-Chemistry…yes,yes,yes…it has to be there. I have tried to spend time with a SD and it just doesn’t feel right. I am all about sincerity and honesty…I enjoy the mental stimulation…now that’s sexy!!!

    Lisa-Love a cup of coffee when I wake up in the morning. But if he doesn’t have the change to pay for it…I won’t be waking up with him:) E-mails for you Lisa…we all know that they will be there…your turn is coming up:)

    Blondie-Nice to see your face in the place!!!I have missed you…Poor baby unsure about sex…I never forget…just don’t get enough…LOL…I hope all is looking up on the job front. I have been focusing on the same:)

    NC Gentleman-Welcome:) I have been viewing you from afar…love hearing your thoughts, ideas and feedback. You come across so kind!!!

    Nitemare-What happens to you? Somedays you are nice, and others not so..regardless I am entertained…

    Racheljay-Missed you …I hope all is getting better…did you find a SD yet? How could you not with your sparkling personality:)

    Ms.V-Hey!!!I heard those hips and golden thighs have been in the lab.. LOL….I need you to get out more and contribute…need laughter,fun, controversy….

    As for me loneliness…been too busy trying to make a living to be lonely. I haven’t found him yet…but I haven’t given up!!!

    Toodles Everyone!!!!

  24. dreamer says:

    chemistry turns me on. Im not attracted to just anyone. You have to be special, money or no money

  25. lisa says:

    I have been added as a favorite several times but still no emails.
    As far as sex, I can get that, that’s easy, it’s getting a sd that’s difficult.
    I have all kinds of offers from guys in real life that want to have coffee and obviously want more, but they are poor, and poor men who sleep on matresses on the floor or have no car, dont’ turn me on. Money is sexy.

  26. dreamer says:

    haha. Im in the same boat!

  27. BlondieNYC says:

    Boston Terrier- I have no idea why people add you as a favorite and don’t email…I have the same thing.

    As for loneliness, there’s a huge difference between feeling alone and being lonely.

    I’m not looking for an SD to complete myself. I’m looking for someone who I can share things with, have fun with, laugh with, enjoy each other’s company and sex. Gosh, I vaguely remember sex, I think it was fun….I’m not sure anymore…lol.

    I like to think of myself as an “intellectual courtesan.” Also, I’m really silly.

  28. dreamer says:

    im lonely right now! no one is blogging!

  29. Goddess says:

    Loneliness sucks, for sure.

    I think it’s rare that a SB gets included in her SD’s holiday festivities, even if he’s single. And he’s often too busy to meet.

    A few years ago, I shared a holiday meal with a fellow SB and her family. That made the holidays much less lonely.

  30. bostonTerrier says:

    i meant good luck!


  31. bostonTerrier says:

    Mish –

    good look as you continue your search! you have to go through a lot of sds before you find the right one, sadly.

  32. lisa says:

    that’s me nightmaresd. Those are actually boots which I cannot walk in. lol

  33. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    Well, I’m SDless it seems… *sigh* I thought I had a keeper, turned out he was a real creeper. I’ve always spent my holidays alone it seems. I guess this one’s going to be the same story…

  34. NC Gentleman says:

    You are a sweetheart, Dreamer! Thanks 🙂

  35. dreamer says:

    im here for you NC 🙂

  36. NitemareSD says:

    Is that Lisa in Houston TX with 3 pics, the middle one in a short reddish dress with black stockings to above the knee?

  37. lisa says:

    I had a married lover for 3 years that was not a sd but we had a great relationship. We only got together a few times a month but kept in touch all the time through emails. He talked to me about his problems with his wife, I talked about my problems with family, we shared everything and it was a great relationship and ironically he had more time for me than any of the single men that I dated. Because even though getting involved with a married sd, you spend alot of time by yourself because he is with his wife, it’s the same with single guys as they have their work, guy friends, and alot of single men my age have young children.
    This time of the year I would like to have a sd that would take me out so I could see the holiday lights and festivities as I can’t leave my apartment after dark alone and I have alot of lonely times.

  38. NC Gentleman says:

    One of the things I like about having an SB is that there is someone to call and share things with. I travel a lot and it gets lonely in the hotel at night on the road. Therefore, I usually look for an SB that can travel with me on occasion. Never lonely at home, just on the road. I noticed some SBs want to meet and never talk to you until the next time you meet — that is too close to an escort type arrangement to me and not something I would be seeking.


  39. bostonTerrier says:

    on another hand … lately i’ve felt a tad bit lonely with my class schedule and my sd situation went from perfect to no so perfect. i don’t want to be someone’s one night stand when they want me so 1/2 had to go.

    i find solace in the fact that everyone is lonely – a sd just helps to ease the pain aspect of it

  40. anonymous says:

    what i’m looking to most this holiday season is spending it with my sd. last year was a lonely holiday season and i am looking forward to this holiday season spent with my sd on vacation.

  41. Ms. V says:

    those lonely vibes are killer, aren’t they?
    before, I really wanted this “thing” I was missing…I decided to go get it for myself. NOW I have ridiculously blatant stalkers trying to throw it at me- whatever I want….oh, if only they had it.

    I got my eye on one, though. The distinguished grey hair, powerful position, not afraid to use his eyes to seduce me in public_but, privately….that make sense? am i talking to myself here?

  42. bostonTerrier says:

    i wouldn’t say i look for an arrangement to help with loneliness or anything like that. there’s something more attractive about older guys and what girl doesn’t like being spoiled?

    if i were lonely, i wouldn’t be ashamed of it nor nervous of being lonely. being lonely is a part of life and i don’t think looking for a sugar daddy would take the loneliness away from anyone’s life … it’s not like you’re with your sd for the majority of the time but i can understand how knowing someone is there for you would ease the whole being lonely thing.

    kind of off topic but i am curious – what is the point of listing a sugar baby as a favorite? i’m not a premium member, and i have no intention of getting a membership to find out the sds that added me as a favorite but i am curious as to why you’d favorite someone?

    11 sds have me listed as a favorite … what does this mean? nothing?

  43. lisa says:

    I remember an ironic thing last new years eve. I haven’t been out in years and usually spend it working late and watching tv. last year I had an argument with my mom in mid december and I ended up not seeing my family for several months, including my daughter who is a carbon copy of my mom. They were mad because I could not buy them gifts because of lack of money. After I started dating this guy, he helped me alot and invited me to a new years party at his daughter’s house. I got off early that evening and he picked me up at 9 and we went to his daughter’s house. she lived outside the city so fireworks were legal. I spent the evening watching his two granddaughters setting off fireworks and watching the other fireworks in the area. I remember thinking what a nice time I was having, being estranged from my family but at the same time spending the evening with someone else’s family.
    After midnight we went back to his apartment and layed in bed drinking wine and slept late the next day and then went to a movie. I was a great time to have someone to make me feel less lonely.

  44. dreamer says:

    i wonder why it is so hard to find someone when you are at your loneliest moments?

  45. SB sanfrandiddle says:

    i am too lonely to even escape my loneliness. i am isolated. i am stuck. i only want a sugar daddy so i can be with someone who enjoys me. i know how ironic that sounds coming from such a negative person like me. so i suppose it’s a dead end (said in true form eh?).

    if there is a lonely sd out there, i hope he finds me, and we can help fill each others void… with no strings attached

  46. lisa says:

    I think it is a good way to alleviate loneliness. I know that last year around the holidays I was feeling down and broke and also had a falling out with my parents and was alone on the holidays. However around the same time I met a guy on another site that was not a sd but he did take me out alot and buy me gifts. It was great and especially on the short winter days when I am trapped in my apartment after 6 pm, it was great to be able to go out and come in late. I was at a low point in my life with my family but he made my holidays warm and I got to live a little.
    I miss that this year.

  47. dreamer says:

    i mainly get on sa when im lonely and really want someone to talk to!