12 years ago
Sugar Dating: Thanks(for)Giving(me)…

12 years ago
Sugar Dating: Thanks(for)Giving(me)…

“Thanks to Sugar…”

Whether you spend your Thanksgiving with a Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby, family, or alone, it’s no ‘secret’ that having a positive, grateful attitude tends to bring more positive things into your life, and hence more to be grateful for…

Yet no matter what side of the Sugar spectrum you’re on, it’s likely that this holiday season won’t be the most lavish one to date. Perhaps you’ll be cutting back on your holiday shopping, or maybe you’ll go against the grain and spend even more…

But truth be told; giving is a verb, not a noun, and sometimes the sweetest goodies are the ones without a price-tag.

“Thanksgiving is always big for my family, I’m heading to the Grandparent’s early tomorrow after work to help out with all the fixins’. Hope everyone enjoys their holiday and that all the sugar daddies/babies find one just before xmas hehe:)” Racheljay

“For all the Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies that may think that they are lonely during this Thanksgiving holiday…..you are not alone 🙂  You have your Sugar family here!!!” – Gail

“I’m actually choosing to spend Thanksgiving with my Sugar Daddy.  How could I resist?  A top notch week at The Four Seasons spent in NYC?  It’s just Thanksgiving and my family will be a little disappointed, but c’mon ladies, we only live once!  I am one of the few who is actually head over heels for my SD.  I am looking forward to sharing an intimate holiday with him.”Crush

There’s always that little something you can do; something fun, casual, unceremonious… something that can add to the excitement of your mutually enjoyed, and never dreaded no-strings-attached relationship.

Has anyone ever felt awkward about thanking a Sugar Baby or Sugar Daddy? If so, why?

Sometimes you can be overly thankful, has anyone here struggled with that?

What do you have to be thankful for this year? Would anyone here say that a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby has given them something to be grateful for?


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  5. sweetredhead says:

    I was kidding SuthrnExec I don’t mind at all. you explain thing a lot better than I do. If it helps someone that s all that counts 🙂

  6. SuthrnExec says:

    LOL Sweetrdhead, I wrote that entry 2 hours ago but it was being ‘held pending approval by the moderator” or something… anyway, didn’t want you to think i was editorializing your answers!

  7. sweetredhead says:

    and SuthrnExec will explain for you my short little answers lol.

  8. SuthrnExec says:

    Sam, wording your profile so that comes out somehow would be good probably. I wouldn’t over-explain it – something to the same effect as you wrote above – “looking to put money into a savings – I want to go back to college…” I think any thoughtful SD who reads your profile will “get it”.

    Good luck!

  9. sweetrdhead says:

    make it clear up front, thats your best bet, be honest 🙂

  10. Sam says:

    Is there anybody out there? I just went on a date with a guy from this site. He was pretty good looking and was wearing a nice jacket. We went out for drinks, but I didn’t drink mine because it tasted gross. Anyway, he wants a relationship where he pays for nice dinners, theater tickets, cell phone bills, and other material things, but that’s not what I’m looking for. I’m looking to put money into a savings mostly and use it to pay for going back to college or make a down payment on a home one day.

    Honestly, I’ve been out with guys (not from this site) who have a ton of money and just throw it around like it’s nothing. I dated a guy once who paid 24k so that he could be in a car club and drive Ferrari’s (not own). I went out with another guy who betted and lost 20k at a casino in Vegas like it was nothing. When I see money being thrown around like this even if I get some of the backwash, it still pains me because I don’t have that much.

    I don’t want a guy to take me to Dior and spend 1k on me. I would rather we go window shopping and he gives me a grand so I can pay my rent. Bottom line, I think shopping, eating out, traveling, and the theater are wonderful, but they should be an addition to the arrangement. I should probably state this in my profile, huh?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Is there anybody out there? I just went on a date with a guy from this site. He was pretty good looking and was wearing a nice jacket. We went out for drinks, but I didn’t drink mine because it tasted gross. Anyway, he wants a relationship where he pays for nice dinners, theater tickets, cell phone bills, and other material things, but that’s not what I’m looking for. I’m looking to put money into a savings mostly and use it to pay for going back to college or make a down payment on a home one day.

    Honestly, I’ve been out with guys (not from this site) who have a ton of money and just throw it around like it’s nothing. I dated a guy once who paid 24k so that he could be in a car club and drive Ferrari’s (not own). I went out with another guy who betted and lost 20k at a casino in Vegas like it was nothing. When I see money being thrown around like this even if I get some of the backwash, it still pains me because I don’t have that much.

    I don’t want a guy to take me to Dior and spend 1k on me. I would rather we go window shopping and he gives me a grand so I can pay my rent. Bottom line, I think shopping, eating out, traveling, and the theater are wonderful, but they should be an addition to the arrangement. I should probably state this in my profile, huh?

  12. GothicNC says:

    ~laughs~ Zabreena, if this lifestyle had a spokesperson, you would be a top candidate for the position!

    You know, I never could wear really low cut shirts without feeling self-conscious rather than sexy. I’m sure it works like a charm for you, but I don’t have the attitude to carry it off, I think.

    I make up for it by wearing nicely tight shirts, so even though I’m only showing a little cleavage, the gentleman has NO doubt how much goodness is hidden under that top. ~wg~

  13. Zabreena says:

    Good on yer Gothic. got the stockings now all you need is the man. but hey if you are 32DD dont even dream about ‘showing a little cleavage’, when I go for dinner I show lots of cleavage and they just cann’y keep their eyes off me (thats what we like, isnt it girls?) and they are just dying to slide their hand up my leg where they discover the deep lacey stocking top and garter belt. You just gotta be sugar girls.

  14. GothicNC says:

    Miss T: I bow to your greater bra-buying issues! Being a mere 32DD, I have to mail-order my bras instead of buying off the rack, but thankfully I don’t have to have them custom made! The women in my family are all curvy and busty too, so I come by it honestly. 🙂

    I’m not complaining, though. Not only does it make my figure balanced, but there’s the benefit of knowing I can always look hot just by showing off a little cleavage. 😉

  15. Gail says:

    Miss T-There is a picture of Lisa on Sugar Daddy Wish List…She is a female version of the little pixie in the green…noone else is like Lisa:) She is tiny, but yet intelligent and sassy…She has a one of a kind personality…am I right on Lisa? HeeHeee:)

  16. Miss T says:

    Yeah I’m a 32 G. Hanes doesn’t make my size :(. And yes they’re real. The women in my family are all very busty. And lisa, if you find pants are always too long ask around to see if any friends/family members have a sewing machine and can teach you how to hem your pants and if you can use their machine every so often. Also, see if there’s any tailors in your area. A simple hem is usually only a few dollars…

  17. dreamer says:

    wow.. Sounds like lisa has an eye for checking out other girls 😉

  18. GothicNC says:

    I should add that I do have- well, not small hips and rear (Italian ancestry, don’tcha know), but I gave up on shopping for dresses long ago!

    I bought myself a suit a few years ago and had to get a 6 jacket and an 8 skirt. For casualwear, I mostly just wear skirts and stretchy tops. At this point, most other outerwear are just too much fuss to bother with. Don’t get me wrong, I like my shape. But it makes shopping a pain sometimes! 😛

  19. GothicNC says:

    Miss T: I can’t help you with the rest, but the Hanes website lets you search for bras according to what sizes they’re available in, so if you have an unusual size, you can search for only the bra types that will fit you. I’m very fond of that feature! 😀 The prices are fairly reasonable, too.

    (And they don’t pad the larger sizes! I love that. Victoria’s Secret pads ALL their bras, which is why I no longer shop there.)

  20. lisa says:

    I can’t find pants that fit me. I’m 5’1″ and most pants are too long on the legs. I usually wear a size 5 in pants (juniors sizes) and have problems finding skirts that fit around the waist and hips. If something fits my waist, it’s too tight on the hips, if it fits my hips, it’s too loose around the waist and just looks dumb. I try to stick to dresses or skirts that sit on the hips.
    I am relatively small busted (B cup) and have dozens of bras,heck I have 3 lingerie drawers!, but no one to wear them for. 🙁 I am considered slim but my butt is too big as far as I’m concerned. I would love to have that gaunt straight body curveless look that I had when I was a teenager.
    I did see a woman come into the store I used to work in and she had a large bust, shapely behind, and small waist and she was wearing a form fitting sweater dress with boots. she looked very nice in it and I asked where she got the dress, I went to the store and tried the same dress on , in a different color and it looked horrible on me, just showed off my big behind. 🙁

  21. Miss T says:

    Gothic: try finding a dress when you have wide hips, a small waist and a large bust (ie: classic hourglass figure). It’s next to impossible. My waist fits a size 4 or 6 but to get something to fit my hips and bust I have to go to an 8 or a 10! And don’t even get me started on bras. I can’t afford one right now and am in DESPERATE need of a few new ones. Maybe Santa will bring me a SD who can help me with that… Thank god most men love women with curves!

  22. lisa says:

    well I can’t exactly meet a sd for the first time at a restaraunt or anything, remember I have no car and most of the nice restaraunts in my area are along the freeway feeder road where there is no longer a sidewalk and no bus stops. Meeting there would be dangerous dodging traffic (I stopped walking there when I almost got hit by a car walking to my job that used to be next to the restaraunts). I always meet at a coffee shop nearby which would be a bit odd to walk into the ladiesroom and come out all sexy and such. The last 2 sugardaddies I met were really shy and I would probably have scared them away if I had done anything like that.
    I think it is just me, i’m jinxed and undesirable.
    The fact that I don’t have a car has kept me from finding love or even a boyfriend, as the minute they find that out, it’s like I told them I had an std or something. If you don’t have a car in my city, it’s like you’re trash.

  23. GothicNC says:

    Lisa, why not just say you have to go to the ladies’? No gentleman would object to that, especially if you come back looking much sexier! If he asks about it, tell him you wanted to look good for him but don’t feel safe traveling by yourself dressed like that. What reasonable man could object to that? 🙂

  24. GothicNC says:

    Zabreena: I got some stockings yesterday, and have a brand new garter belt to go with them too. Oooh, I can’t wait for an excuse to wear them! ~glee~

  25. lisa says:

    I don’t mention my living situation, I do however have to let them know I dont’ have a car because in case they want to meet me somewhere that I can’t get to. My city is very unpedestrian and getting around on foot or bus is dangerous and timewasting and I prefer to meet in my area, where I’m familiar. I can’t even get a date right now let alone dressing up. I have a lot of nice clothes and I dress up all the time (except at work where I do physical work and have to wear a uniform and get dirty sometimes) but I usually wear flats because I don’t want to call attention to myself. I have a great collection of stocking and legwear, actually I never wear pants except to work, I wear short skirts or dresses.
    I do have to deal with the time he drops me home and how my apartment complex looks, though. The area that I meet them in is a nice area just 4 blocks away, but as soon as you go towards my neighborhood, it is obvious and embarrasing with the gang graffitti all over the walls of my complex (the management removes it, but the gangs keeping doing it again) and also looking at the men standing around drinking in the middle of the day and just the look of the area is enough to scare the sds away after I meet them. I prefer to meet a married sd so that he won’t want to spend the night as I had one sd that was single and he spent a couple nights with me and I worried half the night that his mercedes would be stolen or vandalized. Luckily it wasn’t but things have gotten worse here with the new management trying to clean things up, he has got alot of the thugs around here pissed off, and they have already burned the rental office to the ground.
    I try to keep calm and I don’t go on about my situation but it doesn’t seem to make much difference as all I get is game players responding to me.
    I got that one man who wanted me to move to the carribean. I wouldn’t never do that but asked him how often he gets to my city, he said he never comes to the US, and would expect the sb to come to him.

  26. Zabreena says:

    hey lisa I’m real sorry for your situation but I recon Gothic is right about dressing up and then covering up to get to a date, or dressing nearer the venue. I dont knowe what youtalk about when you meet but I suggest you keep talk of your living quarters and their problems to a minimum till you get to know a guy real well, he’s looking for relaxation not to be a concillor.

    Gothic you absolutely have to have stockings, its such a thrill to them when they slip their hand up your skirt and reach lacy stocking top….

  27. lisa says:

    I have 2 coats but both are short and cute. Plus I live in South Texas which rarely requires use of a coat, many people don’t even own them here. I would say I wear a coat maybe 10 times in the whole winter season. I have thought of changing but then what if I meet him before I get a chance to find a place to change? I get along ok without a car but this city is very unpedestrian and dangerous to walk in with all the sidewalks torn out to expand roads. I dodge cars just to walk to the grocery store (sidewalk gone and nothing but road left).
    I have alot of cute stuff i’d love to wear but it would be best for a date where I was picked up and then I gotta be careful in my apartments because of the criminal element hanging around at night. I came home yesterday to see 3 of the buildings covered in gang graffiti. Scary place, 3 murders in the time i’m lived here, plus I was robbed at gunpoint.
    Can’t move, have to be near work and with bad credit and not enough income, I never can. That’s why I ended up in this place, I couldn’t get the nice apartment by the mall, got turned down.
    Anyway I am getting zero legit response right now, just some guy wanting me to move to the carribean, and he was not willing to travel to the US to meet me first, not that I would ever leave the US. Still waiting to see if other sd will have time to meet me this week, he bailed on me yesterday.

  28. GothicNC says:

    Zabreena: Cool, thanks for the advice! I think I’ll splurge for some stockings while I’m out tomorrow. Best to be prepared when the need for them arises, right? 😉

    Lisa, you could so what I do: wear walking shoes until you get there, then switch into the sexy shoes. For that matter, you could change your entire outfit in the ladies’ room once you get there. Sure you’ll have to carry a bag, but hey, that’s the trade-off. A bit of a pain, but worth it in the long run, no?

    You can also wear cover-up clothes- jeans to cover stockings, big loose top to cover snug sexy top, and then just remove the excess layers when you get there. Can’t let the lack of a car hamper you in all things, right?

    Alternatively, you could wear a long coat to cover up. I don’t know about where you live, but right now the weather in my area certainly justifies a long coat! 😉

  29. lisa says:

    I can’t dress sexy for meetings because I live in a really bad neighborhood and since I have to walk blocks to the busstop, I try to dress cute rather than sexy and save that for when I get to the point that the sd is picking me up at my apartment. Calling attention to myself in my neighborhood (with a high population of gang members who hate white woman and want to rape or kill them) is not what I want to do. This time of year is very dangerous in my city, so many murders. A beautiful young Asian woman was shot in the head monday while getting gas. the suspect got away as most of them do in this city. I will save the flash for when i’m not walking or riding the bus. I would hope that any potential sd would understand this, just like you don’t let a sd you haven’t met pick you up at your apartment, safety in all aspects rules the first meeting.

  30. Zabreena says:

    Gothic, busty and small waisted will always be popular with SDs so dont you worry too much about how you are clothed just so long as when it comes to dinner you have a killer cleavage. I absolutely recommend some serious heels and stockings and suspenders are always a bonus as far a the guys are concerned.

  31. SuthrnExec says:

    I am thankful for this site, and for the great SBs I have met so far – and for the not-so-great SBs that have taught me a thing or two about life and trust, etc. Thanks to the moderator of the blogs that keep this thing going and always interesting.

  32. GothicNC says:

    Thank you for the answers, everyone. I’ve gotten some good ideas from your suggestions! Unfortunately I don’t have a LBD because I can’t find one that fits properly, and I doubt I will unless I have one tailor-made for me. Isn’t it funny (read: annoying) how it’s supposed to be fashionable to be busty and small waisted, but if you actually _are_ that type, it’s a royal pain trying to find clothes that fit?

    Oh well. I may grouse about being short, but at least it’s easier to shorten clothes than lengthen them. I feel sorry for those six-foot model types; they probably need SDs just to afford clothing. 😛

    However, I do have plenty of nice stretchy tops, so fortunately I won’t be caught unprepared should a nice SD come calling. ~wg~ Bless whoever invented elastic!

    Oooh! Speaking of model, forgive me but I have to squee to someone: A professional photographer offered to do a TFCD shoot of me in some of my Gothy dresses! (I might get one in regular clothes too, we’ll see.) So soon I’m going to have some great new pictures for my profile! ~glee~

  33. Zabreena says:

    Gothic I meet first time for coffee, somewhere of my chosing, somewhere I can leave out back if I need to by telling them I am going to the rest room. I wear tight black trousers and turtle neck wiht heels. no flexh on show but they certainly get a good idea about the curves. dinner is a sexy low cut short dress and naturally seriously killer heels.they cannt keep their eyes off me and thats all I allow them to have of me on a first date, then they have to deliver suitably generously for me to meet for a second time…..

  34. Anonymous says:

    a dress for sure.. with awesome sexy heels… all men love nice legs and heels make them even better. ooh I love dressing up.. Sugar daddy where are you?? I want to wear a dress and heels.

  35. coeddomme says:

    @ Gothic–Hmm, you can’t go wrong with a cocktail dress. Nothing too short or overly revealing but a classy LBD and heels always looks good IMO.

  36. lisa says:

    I wish I could have a first date at a five star restaraunt. Can’t really do that though because I dont’ have a car so I have to meet close by and first meetings are never at night which this time of year means not at dinner time. Second dates are not a problem.

    Well I’m still waiting on my potential sd to get back with me about when we will meet on one of my days off this coming week. I really don’t like having to wait till the last minute to find out if I am going to meet him as I do have other things to do on my day off and it’s nice to be able to plan my day ahead of time but I will see what happens. He is on the site everyday but hasn’t written since yesterday. I am upfront about what I expect (in a subtle way) because after all he told me what he’s looking for and asked me.
    Keeping my fingers crossed that it will be a good meeting and I will come home with a few perks or some financial gift. Need it now as I can’t afford anything for Christmas.

  37. bostonTerrier says:

    gothicnc –

    i’d go for business casual for the five star restaurant and if you’re still in doubt visit the restaurant’s website … that should definitely answer your question. if not – you can always call them.

  38. GothicNC says:

    I have a question, as a newbie to this lifestyle: SBs, what you wear for a first date with potential SDs? I think I know what I would wear to a Starbucks sort of date, but for some five-star restaurant I’m at a bit of a loss.


  39. GothicNC says:

    MSH, have you thought of making him something? Do you do any kind of crafts? Can you cook? Perhaps you could give him a ‘coupon’ for the homecooked meal of his choice. Or if not cooking, perhaps a massage, or whatever you like to do that would make him feel good.

    Remember, he may have everything money can buy, but he can’t buy another YOU!

  40. CutipiNYC says:

    Hiya ladies!
    I am quite thankful to have a wonderful sugar daddy! Without him i wouldnt be able to pay my rent (got laid off due the recession) :O(

    MSH is this the first holiday together? I think the best gift to give a man that has it all is some good luving..lol. Spice it up..maybe take him to dinner for once and then when you get home play opposite of what you usually are..the gentle princess or the sexy dominatrix. Either way he will be glad you are doing what his wife isnt!

  41. BlondieNYC says:

    MSH, I would say either buy him something for the office- an expensive planner or books (hardback) by his favorite author. Since he’s married, you can’t get too personal.

  42. lisa says:

    I’m clueless on that one. I always wanted to buy my married lover gifts for his birthday , christmas, etc but couldn’t because he too had everything and a wife so it was difficult. He said the best gift to him was the way I made him feel so I gave him some extra lovin on the holidays.
    It’s difficult though because you want to buy them something personal and intimate but you can’t when they are married.

  43. MSH says:

    Okay ladies, I have a serious question here!

    What do you buy the man who has everything? I have recently acquired a SD. He is wonderful. I know that Christmas is literally around the corner and I have no idea what to get him. He’s already started asking me and believe me, I have a list! So have any of you girls come up with the perfect gift for a Married SD who literally has anything? Obviously since he is married, I need to carefully consider this gift so not to raise any suspicion by the wife.

    Come on girls, put your heads together and let’s figure out the perfect thing/event/experience to give our SDs…..

  44. Cookie says:

    My thanksgiving sucked, my family lives in Florida and I dont know many people here in GA butttttt … I had a date with a SD on Thanksgiving night, it was great! I felt like a princess (maybe because I haven’t been out in so long) and he was such a gentleman. He picked me up and even paid for my daughter’s sitter. We went to a nightclub and walked past the around-the-building line straight to VIP. I think I had about 2 1/2 (lol) drinks before I told him I was a bit tipsy .. Of course he didnt hesitate to ask “Do you want to come to my place for some wine?” As if I had not already had enough to drink LOL .. but he respected my decision not to. We had breakfast before he took me home. That was my VERY FIRST SD date — I think I might have gotten lucky 🙂

  45. dreamer says:

    eh, men arent good with stories and thankgiving family stuff is confusing to some.. Dont count him out for that, lisa

  46. dreamer says:

    wow.. How was everyones thanksgiving? i had a pretty good time, didnt get to go out and see the sales, but i when to the smithsonian today with my uncle and cousins and it was so much fun, Im a grown person, and I found D.C. amazing! It looks the same as in the books, but its so much better in real life!

  47. lisa says:

    that’s great GothicNC I know about living with relatives. I lived with my parents after my marriage ended and although I lived cheap and didn’t struggle like I have for the last 3 years, at least I have my freedom as I couldn’t even date when I lived with them.

    Well i’m a little suspicious of this sd that I might meet next week. Looking over his emails compared to the one he sent a little while ago, they conflict. email from 3 days ago said he was sorry he hadn’t written but he had a house full of relatives that had just arrived which is believable but then he wrote me today that he had a nice holiday at home while is family went out of town to visit relatives 500 miles a way. So I guess the relatives flew down on wednesday and picked up his family, leaving him behind and drove back 500 miles. doesn’t make much sense, so we will see

  48. GothicNC says:

    I’ll be VERY thankful if I can find a SD to help me get my own place by Xmas. I love my family and I’m thankful they gave me a place to stay when I moved back here, but staying with a houseful of relatives is hazardous to one’s mental health! 😛 I even managed to find a place where the landlady is okay with my cats. #1 on my Xmas list is getting that apartment!

  49. lisa says:

    Just had another message in my inbox, got excited, should know better than that by now. it was some guy who wrote me a couple months ago. he is like 20 and leaves one of those “you’re so hot” messages and wants my IM screen name. I seriously doubt a guy half my age and from Newyork (I live in Texas) is interested in me.
    Well i’m still in the process of setting up a meeting with the other sd. I just want him to spoil me on the first meeting though, my trip to the shops today reallly depressed me. i can’t afford to buy anything as my last 3 checks are going for rent and the next one for utilities and then I have to save for jan rent which will probably be raised along with the already new expense of paying for water and gas.

  50. lisa says:

    Just returned from the mall (empty handed as I have to pay all my money for rent 🙁 . Hoping for a sugar daddy as I made me a shopping list at the mall today. Not over estravagent as my total list totals less than 400 dollars. I need something from sephora, express, forever 21, and victoria secet. Please santa, send me a sugardaddy I need some retail therapy.
    Also I was looking online and found a bird site where I want to get a flight suit for my pigeon. it’s a little outfit that fits over the wings and covers the poop hole and has disposible diaper liners to make him less messy. I need to get it for him

  51. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    Yeah mine is semi short, but… BIG items. *smiles sweetly*

  52. k_kei says:

    well… hard to admit I ve met somone I feel for quite strongly…. even worse, the person is married …
    my guilt … ehh…
    and MishBocaRatonGirl- hehe, my family says the same thing !!! I also feel like getting away this Xmas..
    for better times 😉

    *..and longer lists* ! 🙂

  53. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    Well, I have just returned from my trip to Tampa… well, it was interesting having my family question why I don’t have “a nice young fella” lmfao. I have been single, every single holiday, none of my family has met any of my boyfriends. With the exception of my sister.

    Ughhh, how I hate the holidays sometimes. I feel like really getting away this Christmas. Hopefully Santa gets me what I want and I can be a happy girl this year.

    *writes a few things down on my wish list*

  54. BlondieNYC says:

    I am very thankful to the people who’ve reached out to me and have become my cyber-family, you know who you are….imagine me running over to you and giving you a big sloppy kiss (with red lipstick) on your cheek. Nothing like a little neon love 🙂

    I’m thankful for meeting two lovely men who have become friends. I’m thankful for my health, my dog’s health, my (relative sanity) and the ability to out-bitch crazy women at a Black Friday sale. I went for the exercise and as an excuse not to do laundry, didn’t buy a thing (couldn’t afford it) but enjoyed myself anyway. Who says you can’t hip check off the ice?

  55. Patsy says:

    I give thanks for being alive and well.

    I cant say thanks for any sugar daddy or anything like that I think I have been here two weeks I have sent thirteen emails and got one response; but not for an arrangement he was disputing what I said.
    Why is it so hard for me to meet men it doesn’t matter what I say or do. Can someone tell me what am I doing wrong what is wrong with me? Is it the way I look am I not attractive enough, am I not built right? Someone please give me a clue because what ever I do it doesn’t seem to be working.

  56. Gail says:

    Cookie-See what you get on T-day…two aged and almost gone SBabies…LOL…we are harmless:)

  57. lisa says:

    really my arm was as cold as a corpse. 😆

  58. Gail says:

    Lisa….lol….stop….you are killing me!!!!

  59. lisa says:

    I’m feeling aged here. lol My right arm is killing me. I think I must have pulled something at work. I lift a lot of 50 lb totes full of shampoos, etc and since I weigh less than 100, it’s hard work. I have taken half a bottle of advil today. Woke up with my right arm completely cold, thought I was dead at first. lol

    I am thankful for everyone on here, makes the time I spend alone less lonely.

  60. Gail says:

    Happy for you Dreamer!!!Wishing you and your soon to be Daddy the best!!! I am thankful that all of you are part of my life. I definately would be bored and aged…(LOL)

  61. dreamer says:

    ive met a great, wonderful guy on here… I dont know if we are going to have an arrangement or not, but hes already gotten me something great.. Im so excited that i made sure to tell him thank you… I hope he knows how excited i am!

  62. Cookie says:

    I haven’t had an actual sugar daddy arrangement yet, but I do have a few potentials. I am definitely thankful that I stumbled upon this site … it has opened my eyes to new things and people. I hope everyone enjoys this Thanksgiving, whether alone or with family or with a SD/SB. 🙂