12 years ago
“You know the old Sugga Daddy…”

12 years ago
“You know the old Sugga Daddy…”

T.I. “Whatever You Like”

“LOL there we go! That is 1 of the official songs for sugar daddies. It says it all and the video shows it all. Please take notes! :)” BlkButtafly

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  1. Faver says:

    Thanks for posting such great info

  2. Belmonte says:

    I agree with you 99% but wonder if you have really looked at the whole picture. DOn’t mean to be critical just food for thought.

  3. erotik says:

    Dies ist ein gro

  4. Searching For A Free Dating Site In Europe says:

    Hi Guru, what made you want to write on “You know the old Sugga Daddy…”? I was wondering, because I have been thinking about this since last Tuesday.

  5. tobi says:

    i need a suga momma

  6. Trini says:

    I wish all you ladies on here the best of luck in fining the right SD…I have been searching for over a yr after I left my abusive ex-husband and so far no luck… I wish to fin my own T.I. one day (would be nice if it was him for real..lol) but I’ll keep my hopes up.

  7. sweetredhead says:

    come join us on “where’s the love” I think that is where everyone is posting now.

  8. sweetredhead says:

    Welcome Pantherbot. Nice to see another SD join our little discussions πŸ™‚

  9. Pantherbot says:

    Good morning all. I just started reading through the blogs and find some of the discussions interesting. I will add my SD perspective here and there.

    It’s freezing here in Minneapolis!

  10. Tiara says:

    i agree Chocolatekisses…it’s not trick’n IF they got it



  12. sweetredhead says:

    and some of us just want it all lol, well not all. travel is not something I want. I just can’t pack up and travel whenever I want to.

  13. Gail says:

    I respect your decision. Not knowing your circumstances, thats the only reason I made the suggestion. I recognize not all SBs are here for money… .companionship,fun,travel,chemistry are other reasons. Everybody has a different ideas of standards, especially those who choose to have a SD relationship based on things other than monetary. Either way live and be happy Chris you deserve it:)

  14. Chrisohbabyy says:

    well Gail

    I thought about what you said, honestly i just couldn’t see myself lowering my standards. To be completely honest with you…my family is fairly well off & i don’t neeeedd to have a sugar daddy…the reason i started looking into the SD circut was because i was tired of dating the “captain of the football team/frat guy/abercrombie & Fitch model wanna be with no brain type”. I’m not looking to downgrade…I figure if my daddy takes good care of me why would i downgrade. (i’m not a brat by any means…i have a part time job & my parents will only give me money as long as i keep my GPA up). so ii don’t think i should jump at any small offer…which to me it was just to be dissatisfied

  15. sweetredhead says:

    I feel its always best to be up front and honest with both SD and SB’s expectations. Its the only way to figure out if your both on the same page. I don’t want to waste my time or the SD time. I personally am looking for just 1 SD and want that to be the “right” relationship for both of us. The only way to do that (imo) is to always be up front and honest, don’t beat around the bush. Ok maybe that’s the redhead in me lol. Just the way I am, it either works or it doesn’t. I hate talking about the money issue, and it is easier for me to do it before me meet. Because when we do meet I want that all out of the way and just enjoy the other person πŸ™‚

  16. Chrisohbabyy says:

    Lady K!

    thanks for your quick response. It turned out differently but better than i had thought. I was clear but gentle with him in saying that i prefer being exclusive and that being the case 1 to 2 grand just wouldn’t work. *not in those words* but i was gentle believe me! because i felt as if i was selling myself short. It didn’t work out but i’ve gotten about 6 or 7 other potential SD offers/messages…i’m particularly interested in one & we’ve been going back and forth…i followed your advice with that too…& i was clear as far as funds & it’s working out much better !so wish me luck!

  17. Gail says:

    Chrisobabyy- Look at it this way. Would you rather have something for now or nothing? I would wait for the first meeting, that way you may have the opportunity to talk more about the allowance. By that time you can make your decision, and he just won’t be able to resist your sparking personality:) Good luck!!!

  18. LadyKimberly says:


    I think you should tell him exactly what you just told us. Tell him what you need and explain to him that you want to be exclusive to him and him only. Honesty is always the best policy…just be tactful and kind πŸ™‚

    Respectfully My 2 cents lol


  19. Chrisohbabyy says:

    Morninggg everyone!

    Quick urgent question. pls pls pls… I’m chatting with a potential sd and he proposes as far as an allowance 1 to 2 grand a month…i honestly don’t think that cuts it for me….& it’s not like he’s making chump change either

    so do i 1. tell him no that’s not gonna cut it *in nicer words or 2. take it and just continue looking for other SDs. See the things is i don’t want multiple SDs…i’m not knocking anyone who prefers it that way, it’s just i prefer to dedicate my attention to one man….all that flying back and forth across the country just wouldn’t do it for me,

    Anyway…i need advice pls pls. thanks <3

  20. LadyKimberly says:


    Thank you for your post. You know, just like any type of relationship.. there are going to be good guys and bad guys, good girls and bad girls. It works both ways.

    I know that just because my ex hubby cheated on me 3 x, that doesn’t make every man in the world a cheater πŸ™‚ So marriage in the future, absolutely! Because I don’t characterize everyone and everything based on a bad experience.

    Anyway… I am SURE there are some AWESOME Sugar Daddies out there, and I for one intend to have One or Two Of them…but they will be my friend and my companion as well as I will be theirs!

    Sincerely and Respectfully To All SD’s and SB’s…
    Good luck in your searches and in all of your endeavors πŸ™‚

    LadyKimberly (Okla)

  21. Zabreena says:

    Oh yawn that sincereSD character sure is sore at at omething, Vivienne simply didn’t say the sort of stuff he is claiming, she was simply realistic and said we need to look after ourselves, she wasn’t disrespectful of SDs.

    I have excellent relationships with a few guys who I see intermitently when they pass through town on business. They are mostly married guys, in other words they are seeing a hot young girl half their wife’s age behind her back, and when they are pampering me they are spending time and money they could use on her and when they are slipping off that expensive lingerie they have bought me they are cheating on her. Do I feel guilty? like hell I do. These wives are happy to have all their high achieving alpha male has to offer but reluctant to satisfy all his desires in a woman so if I’m happy to satisfy him (and girls, believe me I am, grin) why shouldn’t I have a little of the perks his wife takes for granted all the time? I’m certainly not about to break up any marriage, far from it I offer my SD what he needs as the icing on the cake so he can go home and enjoy his cake the rest of the time. but I also know that that’s what I am, extra icing and when push comes to shove cake somes first and ther might well be more icing somewhere else so I make sure I’m that sweet sugar icing for more than one guy at a time.

  22. lisa says:

    GothicNC I agree that if you aren’t married to a man or have a commitment, you don’t owe him exclusiveness, especially if he is married.
    If it bothers a sd to not be the only one, then he could increase the allowance or perks so that one would only need one sd but then again you can’t depend on one person, it is better to have extras because you never know where it might end. when I was having the relationship with the married man, I started dating another guy who was single but continued to see the married one because the single guy was not acting like he wanted anything serious. A few short months the single guy had dumped me and I was so glad I still had the married one whom I continued to see for another year or so. It’s always good to have a back up and not let go of a good thing when you have it.
    If there is no ring on my finger, I don’t owe a sugar daddy anything other than what we have agreed upon which would never be letting him run my life

  23. GothicNC says:

    What exactly is ‘disrespectful’ about saying that what is good for the goose is good for the gander, that a woman should take care of herself and NOT place all her trust in a man who has made no commitment?

    I wouldn’t want to be with any man who objects to my taking care of myself. That smacks of exactly the kind of “ownership” attitude that Vivienne spoke of.

    Really. Would you hand over your checkbook to your SB and hope she uses it to pay your bills? Of course not. So why should she make herself completely dependent upon you?

  24. Gail says:

    sinceresd-You input is very important for us here. As you can tell it can be very frustrating for SBs. The male perspective allows us to learn and think more about our actions and approach. Vivienne, I am certain means well. She is trying to make sure that the SBs are not taken advantage of, and speaks from her own personal experience.

    I was talking to a Canadian SD during the summer…he vanished the week he was scheduled to come see me:) LOL… I believe he stopped and met Elle first.(smile)

    I am happy that you have a wonderful SB and wish you the best. Do you have any SD friends? My schedule is flexible for now. (smile again)

    Have a great Sunday!!!

  25. sweetredhead says:

    I personally think a positive out look will give you positive results πŸ™‚ If you say your sick then you will be, that sort of thing. If your thinking that every SD or SB is the same then that’s who you are going to attract.

    Think positive everyone, know what you want and get it. Be true to yourself, be who you are. Don’t try to be something you are not. Be honest about who you are and what you are looking for. That’s is the only way you are going to find the right person for you, be it a SD or an SB.

  26. sinceresd says:


    You sound like a great person and you would be my first choice from the bloggers but I am currently in a relationship with a wonderful SB. I’m here to learn more about the female perspective and I appreciate your input on the blog.

    I’m from Canada and have done the long distance SB relationship. I must say it was tough to co-ordinate given all the other priorities but for the right person it is worth the inconvenience.

    BTW, I think Lisa Ling is pretty hot.

  27. sinceresd says:

    Lisa, Goth, et la

    There’s nothing wrong with looking out for yourself but Vivienne’s comments are downright disrespectful. Imagine how you would react if a male blogger made the same derogatory comments about SB.

    Be careful as your attitude towards a SD could become a self-fulfilling prophesy. If you think the relationship is going to be short term, then don’t expect any of the long term benefits. There’s nothing wrong with short term but it will be a more of a “pay for play” encounter … and you may be here posting about losing your SD shortly :-$

    Don’t expect to find a “genuine” SD if you treat him as an untrustworthy, 2-timing scum. Do you really think a SD is going to trust you and make further commitments to you, beyond a night or weekend of fun, if he sees you still on the site or if you treat him like a walking wallet? While there is no standard template for SD benefits, trust and respect are essential towards building a longer term relationship. With the right chemistry and the right person, those benefits could be further financial commitments like a lease on an apartment or car or something as simple as a monthly advance on benefits.

    FWIW, there are some princes out there amongst the forest of frogs.

  28. Gail says:

    Good Morning All-I am going to do whatever I like today. I plan to learn from yesterday, live for today, and hope for tommorrow:)

  29. GothicNC says:

    BlkButtafly: I’d buy it! LOL

  30. BlkButtafly says:

    Zabreena, I’ve been reading your different posts and girl I need you to just go ahead and write a book for me so I can study it lol

  31. Zabreena says:

    hey vivienne the voice of sweet reason, and ignore that sinceresd character, you never said what he said you did just good sense. and as for any nonsense about them being true and us being the one, hell most of mine have been married!

    of course these guys come and go and just so ong as they do I’m gonna keep a nice little stock of them if I can and make the most of it.

  32. Gail says:

    Moring Lisa!!!!It’s Saturday….enjoy your day!!!!

  33. lisa says:

    I always believe that if someone is sincere, they will not think it’s odd when a woman wants to protect herself. It reminds me of an ex guy friend who used to make jokes about me getting robbed at gunpoint. He sometimes gave me a ride home from work late at night (very rarely though) and would say he was going to drop me off a block from my apartment and thought I was odd for insisting he wait till I got inside my apartment, looked around and looked out the window to give him “everything is ok” signal.
    some men just don’t get it or they are just jerks

  34. GothicNC says:

    Exactly what is wrong with the attitude that a woman should take care of herself and not place all her trust in someone else in a way that could have serious consequences for her?

    I would think any genuine SD would understand a woman trying to protect her own well-being.

  35. Gail says:

    sinceresd-Please make it easy for us to find a good, real SD. Care to give us you profile number and what state you live in? (smile) Let’s start with you:) Line up ladies I’m first…LOL….

  36. sinceresd says:


    With your attitude, I can only wish you the best of luck in your SD search.

    I have to take issue with your comments about all SD being 2-timing, power-tripping scum. We are not all disease-carrying, unreliable leeches whose only purpose in life is to throw money around and manipulate women into sleeping with us. There are bad SD in the real world just like there are bad SB!

    Sugar dating is tough enough without having to deal with some of the crazy expectations set by some of the SB on this blog. Within a short period (3 dates), you have is to ascertain chemistry and compatibility, agree to the ground rules and arrangement AND most importantly whether you trust and respect the other person.

    I have been on many SB dates and wasted a a lot of time filtering through the BS and trying to figure out the real person I’m going to be dealing with. I won’t bore you with the details unless Stephan wants to start a SD perspective thread (but then there aren’t many of us SD on the blog.) Life would be so much easier if this were like a job application … fill out the questionnaire and I will get back to the selected candidates.

    I know many of you are rolling your eyes or breaking out in uncontrollable laughter but the point of my story is to know what are are looking for and qualify your SD .. and determine where you will compromise … we are not all perfect but we are not all bottom feeders. But it takes two to tangle …

    Ladies, hang in there. There are good SD’s in the real world but we are hard to find. If it’s any consolation, finding a good and compatible SB is no easy task for a SD (unless he’s only thinking with his second brain).

  37. Vivienne says:

    Girls, don’t be starry-eyed about this. If a guy poofs quickly w/ little or no notice (especially for an overseas trip…that’s a favorite excuse), he has found another SB. And he just doesn’t want to be honest and tell you you’re not Miss Right. Or Miss Right Now, as the case may be.

    Be cool, take it for what it is, and leave the door open. You never know…when he gets tired of his current SB, he just might remember you and call again.

    Understand it’s just the nature of the game and don’t be jealous or offended. Most SD/SB relationships are rather short lived – anywhere from a few weeks to a few months – and all good things must come to an end.

    Every SD has a backup SB or two. You should have a backup SD, too. Sure, a lot of SD’s will claim they’re only into you, and that they don’t want you seeing anybody else. Well, that can change very quickly…and you *will* be dumped eventually…so look out for number 1 (that’s YOU)!

    For your own protection, it is always a good idea to have more than one SD at once. They don’t have to know about each other (does your SD tell you about his other SB’s?) unless you have a really open relationship. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. And vice-versa.

    Remember, this is dating, just like traditional dating…and you are free to date as many people as you want simultaneously. There is no ring on your finger. You didn’t take any vows to love, honor and cherish this guy til death do you part. Your SD does not have ownership rights over you just because he helps you out with your bills. Let’s make that real clear.

    For some SD’s, ownership is a power rush. They like feeling that you are entirely dependent upon them. Men are hardwired to be providers. It makes them feel good. So let them have that illusion. That is his fantasy…so provide it. But it *is* a fantasy…don’t lose your head and allow yourself to believe the fantasy. Keep it in perspective.

    Besides, variety is a good thing…he’s most likely going to seek it (regardless of what he tells you about being a “one woman man”), so what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

    With one important caveat…until you are in a strictly monogamous, committed LTR with your SD, *never* agree to unprotected sex. Your health is paramount. Do not throw away the rest of your life over a short-term fling with an SD. He might well give you an unexpected gift; the kind that keeps on giving…like a baby….or herpes.

    If you’re both enjoying variety (and always automatically assume that both parties ARE), then protect yourself accordingly. Financially, emotionally, and physically.

    Just some good ol’ common sense,FWIW.

  38. lisa says:

    I think the out of town ones would be better for me, that is if I could meet anyone. It gives you more freedom and it would be easier to have more than one that way. You don’t have to worry about them showing up at your door unannounced because they were in the area and when you are not looking your best, etc.
    My potential sd flaked on me, cancelled another date. I will send bad luck vibes to him. lol

  39. Zabreena says:

    hey Mina dont get sore on me. I’m in Miami and plenty of guys pass through here on business or peasure but only now and then. I am only seeing out of town guys so dont see any of them very often so I dont see a problem with seeing more than one

  40. JerseyBaby says:

    Love. this. song.

    Love TI, more. πŸ™‚

  41. BettiegirlDD says:

    Do I know the ol suga daddy? When things seem too good to be true, they usually are.

  42. dreamer says:

    what about ”i love it when you call me big papa” ? lol

  43. JaneyW says:

    Hi Girls! I freaking love that song! It’s too bad T.I. is going to jail on charges of owning an unregistered fire arm, He needs protection, but he should attain it legally.

    Just F.Y.I– These months during the holidays are usually difficult for a sugar baby because our daddy is with his wife and kids or they are traveling. Winter months are a big month for vacations. I get separation anxiety when my sugar daddy is gone.

  44. bostonTerrier says:

    globetrotter –

    i’ve had 2 sds not contact me in a while last month. one because he was going to london since his new business was finally getting investors and the other because of the horrible economy right now (though i must admit – i’m not affected neither is anyone in my family) he lost half of his savings = millions of dollars.

    they let me know after it happened and while i was a bit upset i realize it was beyond their control and informing me about it wasn’t their number one priority.

  45. lisa says:

    I agree about the good meal. I was out of work for a couple months and met 2 sds and did some shopping. I did have that one though that bailed on me. We were supposed to have a meal at one of my favorite restaraunts and I needed it as my food was running low and I was eating food from food pantries which is rice, beans, and spaghetti, not very exciting and a nice meal of fajitas and guacamole, etc would have been nice but he bailed on me and I ended up eating rice again. It’s difficult to go through hard times when a supposed sd is living it up in Europe.

  46. Mina says:

    Zabreena, how many SDs do you have exactly? “Several” really seems to cheapen the whole situation

  47. globetrotter says:

    I really appreciate all of the input. I haven’t told anyone that I am pursuing this kind of relationship, so this blog is my only outlet. I understand that he has a very busy life and I’m more disappointed than upset. I am a poor college student and a good meal would have been really nice. I replied to his email saying that he should contact me when he returns to go for drinks, so we will see how it goes. I agree with keeping things open, but I just haven’t met anyone decent enough to open up to. I will keep you guys posted.

  48. lisa says:

    I would like to have one sd but if I had the time and especially if one sd didnt’ give me enough I would consider a second one. It would probably be difficult with work and all because my evenings are free but alot of the sds are married and can only meet during the day, and I since I can’t get out at night, I would like to find a single one to take me out at night so that I don’t have to use my precious couple days off to spend with a sd. I have to have some free time to my self during the days off to do what I need to do. I don’t think I could handle more than one sd. Right now I can’t even find one.

  49. GothicNC says:

    Since we’re listing appropriate songs, let’s not forget the classics, too:

    “Every Baby Needs a Daddy”, performed by Marilyn Monroe:

    It was cold outside of Tiffany’s
    I was shivering in the storm
    I walked in and asked a gentleman
    Could I plea-ease keep warm
    He asked me how come a baby doll
    Has no comfy place to go
    So I told that kindly gentleman
    My tale of woe
    Every baby needs a da da-daddy
    To keep her worry free
    Every baby needs a da da-daddy
    But where’s the one for me
    Rich or poor I don’t care who
    If he hasn’t got a million then a half will do…

  50. Zabreena says:

    but my point is that I have several SDs on the go. they all get treated exactly as they want when I’m with them but when htey arent in town, well I’m free to see ohters.

  51. lisa says:

    I was saying that she shouldn’t just wait around for him, keep her options open and if she finds someone she likes better before she meets with the one that went to Europe, she should take it. I don’t know how many times I have pushed aside potentials and chose someone who wasted my time, then it was too late to come back to them.

  52. Zabreena says:

    hey what’s this with the if a better offer comes up business?

    you just keep on working on this guy who has flown off to Europe but keep looking for others. there’s no rule about only having one SD at a time; I certainly dont stick to it if there is!

  53. lisa says:

    I agree that he might have had something come up, at least it’s beliveable.
    I once had a potential sd cancel on me at the last minute because he had a bad car accident and was in intensive care (so he said) but he managed to email me in his horrific condition. Now that was a big lie, but the trip could have just came up, remember these guys are supposed to be high flyers, kind of like on the soap operas where the characters take planes like they were taxis and fly off at moments notice. give him a little time, but if you find a better offer beforehand, take it first.

  54. Zabreena says:

    hey Globetrotter why are you so sore? sure it would have been nice for him to keep your date but what sort of guy do you wnat as a SD? some guy works the local 7-11 with fixed hours (7-11) or a busy high flyer who might have needed to fly to europe at a moments notice on business. I agree with NC gentleman in that it would have been nice if he had let you know but you only me him once so you can hardly expect to be at the very top of his priority list just yet. if you want to be a SB you have to be flexible and dont fall into the trap of behaving like some little wifey. he wants a SB not a wife.

  55. Mina says:

    Globetrotter, you only had one date and he has a completely seperate life from this so don’t be too offended/confused that he failed to mention his European travels to you.

  56. dreamer says:

    wow, we are actually on the blog at the same time lol..

  57. NC Gentleman says:

    Thank you for the nice compliment, girly. My profile is hidden from searching, but I do have a premium account. If you can give me some hints on finding you, I will send you an email πŸ™‚

  58. dreamer says:

    nc, you dont be careful, you are going to have a pile of sbs on you! and i know that no man wants that haha πŸ˜‰

  59. girly says:

    NC Gentleman, you always seem to give straight forward, honest, and useful advice to us SB. What is your profile on here? I’m curious to see you!

  60. Nya says:

    yeah right i never ran in to a guy like that i only wish for someone like that…

  61. Cookie says:

    Oh wow … yeah ; u should definitely cut him loose globetrotter.

  62. Cookie says:

    I agree with NC Gentleman and girlygirl ; Explore other options … if he calls again, then fine but just dont get your hopes up in case he stands u up next time. If he likes you as much as you liked him he will have to make it up to you.

  63. globetrotter says:

    Thanks for the advice guys. There’s also the fact that he won’t be back till mid-December so I think that’s the end of that ;(

  64. NC Gentleman says:

    I think it is very possible that he had to go to Europe at the last minute. At the same time, with all the electronic messaging forms available today (which I am sure he has most of them), it is inexcusable for him not to send you a text at a minimum, and a phone call is certainly warranted. My advice to you is to lose him as soon as possible before you have much more invested.

    Good luck!

  65. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    I tend to only listen to Hip-Hop / R&B music, well 90% of the time. T.I. Is one of my favorites. But what people fail to see is, rappers are actors. I write for a Hip Hop Magazine, and I’m constantly hosting shows, radio events, and interviewing people, & going to listening parties. 90% of the time , the image they portray is false. And very untrue to whom they actually are, it’s an industry of business not reality. Most live pretty simple, and work ALOT.

    Just a little random entry to this blog that has nothing to do with anything *smirks*

    Anywho, I’m having a pleasant day today. I’m expecting a BIG surprise from a potential in the mail this week, we’ll see… *crosses fingers*

  66. girlygirl says:

    The above post was @Globetrotter, if it wasn’t obvious.

  67. girlygirl says:

    I had the same experience– a guy with whom I had the best chemistry yet. He would ditch me to go climb mountains in Switzerland, and e-mail me begging for more time, only to ditch me for another month.

    You shouldn’t cut him out of your life or burn any bridges, but you should definitely explore other options. In all likelihood he is playing you, so don’t keep your bags packed for him. πŸ™‚

  68. globetrotter says:

    I need some advice. I met a guy on the site about 3 weeks ago after he contacted me. He was very straight forward and we didn’t talk much before we met. Our first date was for drinks at an upscale hotel and he invited me to dinner at a very nice lounge afterward. He was smart, not too old (mid-40’s) and really funny. And he seemed really into me. The next day he even sent me an e-mail inviting me to dinner that was supposed to be for this coming Thursday. I didn’t hear from him in a while so I decided to email him just to confirm and all of a sudden he is Europe. He seemed really straight forward and honest and I am confused as to why he just disappeared overseas with no mention. Granted, we did only meet once, but we made this date 3 WEEKS in advance. You would think a trip to Europe would be anticipated. So, what do you think? Could this just be an honest mistake and he forgot about our date or do you think I’m being given the shaft and should just cut my losses and move on? I hope not because I really did like this guy.

  69. Cookie says:

    i LOVE this song… this was the reason I joined the site actually ; I can’t wait to find someone like that. Maybe T.I. needs another babymama LOL LOL LOL jk! I did have a real boyfriend that was like that, of course he didnt have as many “stacks on deck” as T.I. but my rent was paid, my utilities, me and my daughter had new stuff every week, everything was perfect … until he got controlling. He turned into Ike Turner and I left him. He still helps but now he’s like “I can’t be your sugar daddy you know!” So, I’ll find a replacement lol

  70. V says:

    heh. yeah ladies, most of these bloggers don’t know much ’bout T.I. anyhow. Stacks on Deck!

  71. lovelyfifi says:

    sorry for the spelling i have just read one of those nasty mails from some crazy sd..but i wanted to say that whatever you like says it all..we dont have to say much ..am keeping my fingers crossed on finding someone special here but will see no hurry .and to all of you just take your time ,take it easy and the right one will find you

  72. lovelyfifi says:

    hey yall that songs says all..oh i almost to tell you about this people..there is a sd that i actually declined and his been sending nasty messages..its crazy but so hillarious.anyhow i have given up on sds online seriously they either want to ask you what your expectations are and when you say what you want they call you a gold diggger..what a hell are they doing on such a website if ur not ready for an arrangement..i think most of them are just attention seeking guys who dont know what they want..

  73. SBSanFranDIddle says:

    oh, and BTW… if you read into the blog, you’ll see that SB’s aren’t the only ones who seek advice, sugar daddies are also very much revealing of all sides, and i love it πŸ˜€

  74. SBSanFranDiddle says:


    I can see where you’re coming from, but this lil anonymous blog is where I (and assume others) can feel free to vent, ask for advice, and sometimes even show our desperate sides. Now when it comes to my PROFILE TEXT, I fully agree with you – desperation will not turn on most sugar daddies!

  75. Bubbles4u2me says:

    I understand that SBs on this site are interested in meeting SDs but reading some of your blog messages triggers the song desperado. lol Some of you appear so desperate!!! That will truly be a turn off for a SD. Stop playing yourselves by posting such lame messages. I know that this will step on some toes…..I only expect the SBs that are posting desperate messages to get upset. Its ok. I forgive you in advance. lol Get a backbone and some dignity…that will surely turn on a SD!!!

  76. BlkButtafly says:

    LOLOL yep!

  77. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    Reality is like the end of the video…

  78. BlkButtafly says:

    I agree BocaRaton girl….one can only dream of such a sugar daddy….but then again, that’s why it’s a song and not reality *sigh*

  79. lisa says:

    I don’t really care to talk to a guy through IM without finding out something about him first. I have found that many guys will want to IM simply because you are online and have no interest otherwise. I sent a nice email to the guy who sent the message wanting my IM name and he has never responded back. If he was truly interested he would have at least answered. I only IM one guy from this site when I first joined and the chat quicky became sexual and made me very uncomfortable and somehow he found my myspace profile. I immediately set my profile to private because that guy could have viewed my daughter who is in my friends list. This same guy is still on the site and is looking for a woman that he can do sick sexual things to.
    I just checked and it was NYCblonde who got the offer to move to the carribean. well now i’m invited, I guess we will be neighbors. lol
    All I want is a nice legit, preferably in my locale sugardaddy that is serious and not playing head games.

  80. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    Lisa-You could always make an instant message screen-name just for SA

  81. lisa says:

    Off subject, I just got an email from probably that same guy that one of the sbs on the blog got the other day. Well i’m off to pack, i’m moving to the carribean. lol everytime I get a message (few in between) I know before I read it that it is going to be a useless one, either they live far away, are weird, want to talk on IM immediately, etc.

  82. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    Yeah right, if that happened the world would be a better place…

    One can only dream of such a Sugar daddy

  83. BlkButtafly says:

    LOL there we go! That is 1 of the official songs for sugar daddies. It says it all and the video shows it all. Please take notes! πŸ™‚ And of course there is a song for the suga mommas and suga babies as well πŸ™‚