12 years ago
New Sugar Daddies, Babies: Where’s the Love?


I was talking with a new Sugar Baby member the other day, and she shared some of the reasons she chose to join the site with me. She has just moved across the country after a long and heartbreaking relationship.

She said she has no qualms about joining the site, and said “I’m feisty about this”.

If you have never had an arrangement before, you might have some questions about the best way to structure a safe, mutually beneficial meeting.

What are the most important things for new and aspiring Sugar Babies to keep in mind when making their first arrangement(s)?

How does being a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby effect your views on Love? Are Sugar Babies and Daddies less likely to believe in the idea of “soul mates” or “true love”?

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744 Responses to “New Sugar Daddies, Babies: Where’s the Love?”

  1. Weller says:

    Great blog! You have some real quality information here. I’m usually not one to spend too much time reading blogs but I spent the last two hours here, LoL. Keep up the good work

  2. Biscoe says:

    Nice post. There’s a similar topic thats related to this in Yahoo answers or Google groups, I think. I’ll find the link and post it back here.

  3. Gramby says:

    I agree with you 99% but wonder if you have really looked at the whole picture. DOn’t mean to be critical just food for thought.

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    “The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart.”

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  6. OCSugarBaby says:

    Good Morning!

  7. SuthrnExec says:

    Looks like everybody has the Tuesday dooldrums…

  8. sweetredhead says:

    That’s is GREAT SuthrnExec. I wish I could get everything on their list, but that’s just not possible. Have 3 children of my own. But I do what I can 🙂

    I think its the best part of Christmas. Being able to help others. To bad we don’t do it all year around. Although I do try.

  9. Pantherbot says:

    MishBocaRatonGrl – Good morning. I didn’t forget about you hiding in that warm state of yours. Good luck on that interview today.

  10. Pantherbot says:

    sweetredhead –

    Excellent. I see you have a very caring heart!

  11. SuthrnExec says:

    Good for you sweetredhead! I adopted a family as well – a grandmother and grandfather that had to take custody of their 4 grandchildren. They had quite a Christmas list!

  12. sweetredhead says:

    I will send you my happy thoughts and a warm blanket 🙂

  13. SuthrnExec says:

    Some of my best years were spend in a biology lab! I loved it – and after a few years, you get used to the smell too!

  14. sweetredhead says:

    I have adopted a family for Christmas this year, usually I just donate. The father is a hard working man, but lost his job a few months ago and has been looking for work. I can’t do as much as I would like, But at least their children will have something under the tree Christmas morning.

  15. Pantherbot says:

    Sweetredhead –

    Feel free to send me some of that nice weather of yours. 🙂

  16. Pantherbot says:

    Gail –

    I know what you mean, but sheeesh! No one warned me about the cold winters and how the city shuts down for major hollidays. When i sold my home in Los Angeles is was 80 degrees, when i got off the plane in Minneapolis it started snowing. I think it was a sign……… lol

  17. sweetredhead says:

    Have a great day gail

  18. Gail says:

    Ok…gotta leave now. Isn’t it crazy I am going to do a job, that I don’t get paid for by absolutely love:) Off I go….bye everyone:)

  19. sweetredhead says:

    In January they are increasing the prices for electric. Its crazy. people foreclosing, homeless. and they are making it harder for people.

  20. Gail says:

    LOL…..Yes, I learned that already. I took a transfer to San Francisco, and hated it when I got there, it took me 5 years to transfer back. I just hated the traffic and felt like I spent all my time waking up in the dark, commuting, working, going home in the dark, and waking up to do it all over again. Then waking up in hotel rooms, forgetting what city I was in during the week.

  21. sweetredhead says:

    They just increase the price of everything else because of the tourists. so it really evens out.

  22. sweetredhead says:

    my electric bill in the winters here are great. no air or heat most of the time.

  23. sweetredhead says:

    That’s why they pay better to buy warm cloths and pay the heating bill lol

  24. Pantherbot says:

    Ohh yes it’s FREEZING here. Never again will I take a job transfer regardless of the pay to a freezing state. (famous last words)

  25. NC Gentleman says:

    Common bacteria is the basis of a strong relationship 🙂 jokingly – and you are right biology labs look a lot like high-tech kitchens

  26. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    Really NC, hmmm an odd thing to have in common with someone 🙂 Bacteria. hahaha.

  27. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    Yep my life can be interesting at times, this office job is boring as heck though. There is nothing remotely interesting about a science lab. Really isn’t no fancy startrek doors or, neon lights glowing, around a contemporary designed facility. It looks more like a kitchen, a smelly kitchen…

    which is why I keep my pretty self inside of the office with my candles 🙂

  28. sweetredhead says:

    ouch!! that’s brutal -10? it’s going to be 80 here today.

  29. Gail says:

    I would be frozen in my bed:) would never want to get up. Unless, I got lucky the night before:) LOL….

  30. sweetredhead says:

    Sorry Gail. But I am back today. I feel much better slept 6 hours would have liked more but my phone woke me up. I can get by on 6hours anything less and that sassy red headed evil twin comes to play lol

  31. Pantherbot says:

    Good morning everyone. Geez this thread is way too long. Takes a long time to get caught up.

    And it’s a minus 10 degrees here today.

  32. NC Gentleman says:

    My company sells engineered bacteria Mish, so we have something in common.

    I get 7-8 hours of sleep almost every night SE. I get very cranky when I don’t get my sleep lol

  33. Gail says:

    We hate it too…we need the old Red back:) with you vibrant personality.

  34. sweetredhead says:

    I need my sleep lol. Or its makes for a cranky girl 🙁 and I hate being cranky!!

  35. SuthrnExec says:

    I’m jealous of all you who sleep 4 hours!! Really?? You guys get that much?!? Man, I grab a couple of hours here and there but 4 hours at once would be awesome!!

    Need to run for a bit – later on folks!

  36. Gail says:

    Thats so very interesting. Fungi, bacteria…Isn’t that how the Ninja turtles were made… mutatiants:) And interviewing the stars…unlike Sweetredhead I would be Starstruck. Let us know all about it when you get home.

  37. sweetredhead says:

    I just woke up could not think of the word I wanted lol. so I put judgment is quotes all I could think of.

  38. BettieGirlDD says:

    NC: thanks! True story!! I’m a rollergirl: we’re all a sassy bunch!

  39. Gail says:

    Laps of judgement sweetred? LOL… It’s bound to be a better day for you:)

  40. sweetredhead says:

    That’s wonderful. MishBocaRatonGrl sounds like your going to have a very interesting day.

  41. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    Well, I’m… wow…

    I work for a Microbiology Company as my day job, we sell bacteria and fungi all over the world for Eco Friendly products ( I work in the office for the Technical Director and a few other people as an assistant )

    I’m interning for a Hip-Hop Magazine, working on their E-Mags.

    And, I bartend nights, and weekends.

    Sheesh, it almost sounds like I’m busy. lol.

    But as a Hobby I write poetry/songs… and this music artist is just, one of my idols in song writing, it’s not that he’s oober famous or anything, I just love his mind. And the thought of being able to come up with my own questions, and interview him and get into his head abit it VERY exciting.

  42. sweetredhead says:

    shhhh I don’t want to recall my laps of”judgment” yesterday.

  43. NC Gentleman says:

    Nice come back, Bettie! Thanks for the laugh 🙂

  44. Gail says:

    Happy Tuesday Everyone:) Little sleep,Rockstars, India samples,french maids,confusion? LOL What a way to start the mornin!!! I am having coffee, and then its HI,HO,HI,HO…off to volunteer I go:)

  45. BettieGirlDD says:

    Oh and I second sweetredhead: you can’t call dibs on anonymous and expect people to tell the difference.

  46. BettieGirlDD says:

    Morning everyone.. I just remembered something funny from a long time ago that might be a good comeback for certain “SD” emails: One halloween I went as a french maid and some d-bag asked me “what can I get for $300?” and I said “you can get me to stop telling you to f*** off.”

    He went away.

  47. sweetredhead says:

    I was running on 4 hours of sleep in 2 days yesterday. Not good for me. Good luck with your interview.

    When I was a waitress many many years ago. I had to wait on a Big country music star. Everyone was acting crazy. I don’t get star struck. Never have.

    The Chiropractor I worked for was a chef for a lot of bands in the 80’s and toured with them. When they came to town they would call or stop by the office. We also got tickets a lot and back stage passes.
    He would get called to go and work on them when they were in town , and he always asked me to go with him because I wasn’t star struck. The other girls in the office would get upset because he never took them. But they would act silly when they were there.

    AS a teen I never had posters of rock stars on my walls like my friends. Just didn’t get the point.

  48. NC Gentleman says:

    just point blank confused about everything 🙂

  49. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    hehe, about what? Me…or just…

    point blank . You’re confused?

  50. NC Gentleman says:

    I am confused in general, Mish!

  51. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    Like wise, I’m… multi-tasking.

    Product Samples to sent to India! I bet you people are really confused when I talk about work, since I have 2 jobs, and one Internship. It’s hard to keep up with.

  52. NC Gentleman says:

    Good morning all — I am goofing off this morning for a bit!

  53. sweetredhead says:

    Good morning everyone. lets try that again lol

  54. Anonymous says:

    Good morning everyone

  55. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    Good morning fellow bloggers 🙂

    I’m running on 4 hours of sleep over here, was up all night working, only to wake up and work some more. I’m interviewing this musician today, kinda cool, sorta excited I’m a fan. I might have to take a chill pill before going to see him so I don’t act super cheesy.

    *sips my coffee* Oh, wow… I just thought of something to add to my list for XMAS, Starbucks gift cards…

  56. SuthrnExec says:

    Morning Lisa!

  57. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone. Getting ready to leave for work soon on another very cold day. I will check back later this afternoon.

  58. SuthrnExec says:

    Buona mattina everyone!

  59. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I just said it may not have been you, others can use Anonymous and post. I agree I am over thinking things and taking things personal. my only excuse lack of sleep. goodnight 🙂 and thank you

  60. Anonymous says:

    And you make the assumption it was me. You mind is overprocessing things. You should quit right now, you don’t need to bury yourself.

  61. sweetredhead269443 says:

    it may not have been you as anonymous but someone this morning quoted something I had wrote and accuse me of judging people

  62. Anonymous says:

    What are you talking about? I wasn’t on the blog today. I just got home from work. Was just reading the blog, and just trying to help you out. Good Night.

  63. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Anonymous yes I do. sorry everyone. over tired and taking thing way to personal. Tomorrow is a new day.

  64. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I apologize it was HOTSB not HTSD that made the comment earlier

    HotSB Says:
    Others on the blog have imposed their thoughts and feelings, yet not taken time to examine what they write on the blog.

    speaking of comments…”they have the money and we want it” bet they are lining up at your door. After that comment you made.

  65. Anonymous says:

    Sweetredhead, why so hostile at HTSD? I think you are mistaken. Look at the blog, it’s HotSB that made the comments. And Lisa and OCSugarbaby were asking where he was. You need to cool your jets, don’t you think?

  66. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I personally do not state my “arrangements” with anyone. that is between my SD and myself. Its no ones business. There is no set way an arrangement is made. Its what you are willing to do and what you and the other person agree upon . Just know what you want and don’t want. Your limits ect. you can get some great advice here to help you with your dissensions. But the bottom line is you make your own rules.

  67. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Looking for me ladies? and I need attention lmao. Ok I am done

  68. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I have no idea what your problem with me is HTSD and frankly I do not care. you don’t like what i have to say then ignore me. But don’t call me silly when you don’t even know me. You misinterpret what I have to say and I am silly? attention? you know what your not worth even discussing this with. I choose to ignore you.

  69. SuthrnExec says:

    {Good night everyone – sleep well!}

  70. SuthrnExec says:

    buona notte tutto! pozzo di sonno!

  71. Anonymous says:

    I’m back… & bored

    I’ve felt hung over all day 🙁

    ugh… atleast I’m home and can relax now

  72. BlkButtafly says:

    🙁 awww poo! I missed everybody!

  73. lisa says:

    good night everyone

  74. lisa says:

    I’m still here.

  75. Gail says:

    Okay…I’m tired…good nite…bye…bye:)

  76. Gail says:

    Anyone still here?

  77. HTSD says:

    Looking for me ladies? I joined Suthrn Exec, watching MNF.
    To answer your question OCSugarbaby, I have two homes, one in Miami Fla, and I am in Newport Beach, Calif, right now. You are not too far from me. I love the water.
    Lisa, yes you have been decapitated many times. Thats because no one has accepted you for you. You are indeed a good woman. I can tell, you are caring, just by the way you take care of your animals.
    Sweetredhead, you want to butt heads with me? Its obvious you need attention, but you don’t want to go there with me. Have some wine, maybe you will lose some of your silliness.

    Have a comforting night Ladies! back to Football.

  78. lisa says:

    uh oh look sweetredhead has message 666

  79. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Nite OCSugarBaby have a good evening 🙂

  80. OCSugarBaby says:

    Still at the office. It is only 6:30pm here. I have to finish up a few things then I am outta here. so, I will sign off for now. I think I will take a break from blogging tonite. I need to get some christmas stuff done! Nite Everyone! <333

  81. OCSugarBaby says:

    Oh shoot, I meant P-SD! You know what I meant. I am still all nervous that Sig will correct my grammar. lmoa

  82. sweetredhead269443 says:

    thanks OCSugarBaby but I think I had enough wine last night and I had a glass with dinner tonight. To much wine for me lol.

    I had a wonderful day 🙂 bus, busy. But I got all the work done I needed to. now I am a bit tired, early bed time for me tonight I think.

    How was your day?

  83. lisa says:

    I think that better be P-SD, as I think we are looking for sugardaddies on here, lol

  84. lisa says:

    brrr it’s getting colder here, supposed to be really cold in the morning when I go to work.
    I am thinking about trying a premium membership in January after the holidays are passed because right now i’m spending as much time as I can with my daughter and I will also be working on christmas and newyears so when jan comes along, I want to try one month premium, post some new photos and see what happens. I dont’ think we standard members get the exposure we need and I also want to see who has added me as a favorite, several have but they dont’ email me.

  85. OCSugarBaby says:

    Sweet- relax I just passed you a wondeful glass of Merlot! Enjoy. How was your day. When are you talking to the Potential SB. I am now going to refer to any potential SB’s as P-SB! I like that better.

  86. sweetredhead269443 says:

    well that’s not me, I am usually very easy going. But sometimes something can really get me riled. I will let it be known then I am over it.

  87. lisa says:

    When I was a kid I had a goat who did that. lol I can still see billy butting his horns at anything he could find. lol

  88. sweetredhead269443 says:

    haven’t had a good head butting in a longtime I may just enjoy it lol

  89. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I think HTSD and I are going to butt heads lmao

  90. lisa says:

    relax and chat with your sa family

  91. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Hi OCSugarBaby 🙂 ok back to myself again got that off my chest 🙂

  92. lisa says:

    the bloggers can be brutal on here. i’ve been decapitated several times. lol

    yes HTSD is MIA

  93. sweetredhead269443 says:

    not sure I do want to find out anything more. Don’t like the way he “judged” me thank you very much. But I will let it go 🙂 Its been a long day and I really should just have just passed it by.

  94. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Hi lisa, sorry about that, I come back from dinner and see once again I am being “set out there” sheeh I don’t think I have done anything to be put on the chopping block for.

  95. OCSugarBaby says:

    Heeello Sweetredhead! Feel better? Let it out! 😉

    We were trying to welcome our newest blogger HTSB and find out more about him. But he went MIA. 🙁

  96. lisa says:

    Good evening sweetredhead 🙂

  97. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Others on the blog have imposed their thoughts and feelings, yet not taken time to examine what they write on the blog.

    If you are referring to what anonymous said, my words where misinterpreted. I WAS NOT “judging ” anyone. All I was trying to say is that their is a better way to refer to giving money for sex.

    I AM NOT imposing my views on anyone else and I KNOW what I have said.

    SO please don’t come in here judging what I do or say either. Damn did I steal someones cookies today or something.

  98. OCSugarBaby says:

    HTSB- Where are you located?

  99. lisa says:

    HTSD: sounds like you are looking for a more serious relationship rather than an sd/sb one. Most of the sbs on here are motivated somewhat by money and gifts or they wouldn’t be dating men so much older than them. I have always prefered older men (well older than me that is, since i’m over 40) but it was always kind of that dominate kind of thing, I have always been attracted to guys who were smarter than me, leaders, etc.
    Now though I look for both the perks and the leader type, but have given up on the serious relationships for awhile as it seems that those who say they are looking for something serious are not really. Some want to play the field till they are 80 I guess. lol

  100. SuthrnExec says:

    going to watch MNF – back if it get boring

  101. OCSugarBaby says:

    And now I am ENTERTAINED 😉

  102. OCSugarBaby says:

    lol To you maybe… 😉 hahahaha

  103. SuthrnExec says:

    Nice, HTSD.

  104. SuthrnExec says:

    so what are you saying??

  105. HTSD says:

    I may be confidant OCSugar, but I also get lonely. I am done dating the young SBs. Need a SB who cares to know me and not my money. I will give her the world. I would like someone that I can lay my head on her busoms, and she gently strokes my hair. Her voice is calm and soothing, her smile warm and sincere. My eyes will glow when I look at her.

  106. SuthrnExec says:

    greetings… “Wisdom” emplies elderly…

  107. OCSugarBaby says:

    Hi ya SE! How was your day? Any fun SB stories for us today? You know we love to be entertained by your wisdom! 😉

  108. SuthrnExec says:

    Greetings and salutations!

  109. OCSugarBaby says:

    HTSD- Kudos to you! I like a confidant man 😉

  110. OCSugarBaby says:

    Hola my sugar friends! 😉

  111. HTSD says:

    Doesn’t matter to me. Some of you on the blog might have more than one SD. To each his or her own. I am a happy man with happy SBabes.
    And thank you CutipiNTC. You seem to understand the arrangement.

  112. wildwon says:

    And thanks to you too cutinyc! I don’ t necessarily want an exclusive relationship, not why i’m here ;o)) But I would like to focus all my desires onto one man for THIS type of relationship…know what I mean?? I do understand they can be a little more fickle than us, but that’s my true desire

  113. wildwon says:

    Thank you HTSD! I’m not sure I understand you though? Do you want an SB with multiple SD’s? I’m not judging, just curious…

  114. CutipiNYC says:

    HTSD- i guess as long as you can afford all your SB’s more power to you

    Wildwon-having an exclusive relationship with a SD is lovely(being the only special lady in his life is great!)..but always remember that these kind of situations dont last forever. You dont want to depend on one person only to find out they dont want to continue

  115. HTSD says:

    Now I understand wildwon. That’s not me. You will find him I’m sure. Good luck to you.

  116. lisa says:

    I would prefer to have only one sd if I could even get one, lol but as far as a sd having more than one sb, well that depends. Since it is a nsa relationship, a sb can really complain and to me as long as he took care of me and didn’t put me at any risk, that would be his business. I can understand the man that travels alot might have different sbs in different cities, I find that acceptable as long as he keeps each situation to himself.

  117. wildwon says:

    HTSD, I’m not saying I want my SD to be exclusive, I really don’t care what he does in his spare time. I’m saying I would like to be exclusive as an SB. If I can find one man to fill this need, I don’t, personally, see the need to look elsewhere for the same arrangement.

  118. HTSD says:

    I personally wouldn’t be interested in you. You are much too young, and I choose not to date my children. Continue on with your studies.

  119. NC Gentleman says:

    Hello all — personally, I am a one SB at a time kind of SD. Takes a lot of time and effort to do it right in my opinion.

  120. dreamer says:

    wow.. I want to know what you guys think I look like hehe.. I have to have option 1 & 2, or I cant do it.. My morals are very strong and I cannot fight with them. I love well thought out gifts as well, they mean much more to me, but I think gifts can be cash if thats what you need right then. So I was car shopping today (thought you guys might enjoy this) because my car is about to fall apart, even my machanic told me to give up on it. So I have been saving my money and I found a perfect 93 Ranger Rover within my budget and the owner and I emailed all day talking about it. Since we live a few hours apart, he told me to call so we could work it out, and he told me since I wrote first I got first dibs. So I called and he actually said ‘Oh, I wasnt expecting you to be a girl’ and started mumbling and making excuses and now hes saying he cant wait for me to come see it if someone else comes first 🙁 I wish ppl didnt do this.. Im good with cars! lol

  121. bostonTerrier says:

    i’ve only met sds from boston – i attend school in boston – and all of them are just looking for one sb, not multiple.

    personally, i wouldn’t be interested in an sd if he had a different sb for each major city he did business in or something. or even multiple ones in the same city.

  122. HTSD says:

    No not necessarily would I want to make a SB exclusive. I like the idea of dating different SB. I connect with alot of people. And if she is pushing me to be exclusive, thats even more reason to find another one.

  123. wildwon says:

    I’m still here, thanks for the advice pantherbot, I sent the thank u email and got a response. Not exactly a big response, but whatever. Just got a new email from a potential, would rather stick with the one I met, but can’t be sure he will still be around just yet! If you are an SD and you meet a girl you connect with, would you try and make her your own? Obviously, this makes her exclusively yours and available to meet whenever you are in town right?

  124. SuthrnExec says:

    well, I think I may go to the house. 11 hours is probably enough for today! Later folks!

  125. CutipiNYC says:

    Hello everyone!
    I really love reading the blogs on the site. You guys are really funny and insiteful. I wish everyone the best in finding their perfect match!!

  126. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Good Evening to everyone..

    Just finished dinner and the clean up.

    speaking of golf, something I have always wanted to learn.

    Mish, glad to see that you are doing a little better. It is tough when you lose someone you care about.

  127. OCSugarBaby says:

    Shoot, now I have to run to a meeting. I will check back in later! 😉

  128. SuthrnExec says:

    me too – sorry – people in and out of the office.

  129. OCSugarBaby says:

    Nope I am here. Just still at work, so multi-tasking!

  130. lisa says:

    where did everyone go??

  131. Pantherbot says:

    Back from another boring meeting. 30 more minutes then it’s out into the cold for a long drive home. Did everyone leave already?

  132. OCSugarBaby says:

    Hi SweetEuropeangirl! Welcome back. It does take some reading to catch up! lol

  133. Anonymous says:

    How cute is that. Panterbot loves to give gifts. And Mish doesn’t need cash.

  134. SweetEuropeanGirl says:

    Heyy! how is everyone? Wow i’ve just spent nearly an hour reading through all the comments and catching up, and then when just refreshed the page a whole new conversation had started…i can’t keep up! lol

  135. SuthrnExec says:

    Nice one Anon!

  136. Anonymous says:

    OC is now the Matchmaker!

  137. Pantherbot says:


    How could a resist Mish wearing a cute tenis skirt leaning over the net? 😉

  138. OCSugarBaby says:

    Panterbot and Mish- awww now see, if never brought up golf… 😉

  139. SuthrnExec says:

    Mish, I know what you mean. It’s a burden being the only bilingual person in the office. When I worked in Chicago, I had to be the one who entertained all the clients form the South because I was the only one who spoke Southern! 🙂

  140. lisa says:

    that’s just creepy, I just logged onto the site after not being on it for a few days. I occasionallly check out similiar profiles and the first one I see is of a sb wearing a dress just like the one I have in my profile, yikes,and then I looked at her other pics, and there she is wearing a skirt just like one i have but not posted on my profile. Time to change that dress picture. lol actually the dress was bought for me by a potential sd, wonder if hers was too, lol

  141. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    Boca Raton …lol

  142. Pantherbot says:

    MishBocaRatonGrl – LOL

    I love it. Where have you been hiding?

  143. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    OC – I love dressing up, I might just try anything if I get to wear a cute outfit along with it !! haha… firewoman perhaps? jk jk jk

    Panther – if you took me out to dinner, I’d help you improve on your game abit, I might let you win once to boost your confidence, but then I’d totally hand it to you. I like winning 🙂


  144. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    I have clients flying in from Ecuador, and Panama later this week. It won’t be too fun, I’m half Puertorican so I speak spanish, and at my job, I’m the only one who’s bilingual so I’m in charge of picking up these guys, and taking them to their hotels, and… bringing them in…


    I’m in for a Longggg week.

  145. Pantherbot says:

    MishBocaRatonGrl –

    If i take you out to dinner will you let me win a game of Tennis? 😉

  146. OCSugarBaby says:

    SE- Now you are talking! Come to CA we can golf year round! lol

    Mish- The little golf outfits can be sooooo sexy!

  147. HotSB says:

    That just lets us know more as to why you think the way you do. Our past experiences in life affects us and that’s why each of us think and do things differently in situations. After giving for 14 years, I think that I would be doing the same Lisa.

    Golf, I personally hate it. Had to golf with our neighbors regularly with my ex-husband. Now I am swinging my way.

  148. SuthrnExec says:

    NC, you must have dropped off the ones that are coming in tonight for us! I have a dinner, then breakfast and a morning meeting tomorrow. I’m not looking forward to it.

  149. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    Geez, I’ve never tried playing golf, only mini golf. (Which I rock at…I’m just saying)

    I like the golfer style of clothing though, I’d rock some plaid and a polo, w/ a little hat to go with…

    Now tennis on the other hand, I can whoop some butt in…

  150. lisa says:

    I lived with integretity and virtue for many years after my divorce. I didnt’ even have sex for 14 years and then I met my married lover. let’s say those 14 years were a waste of my time and virtue and morals are nice but they don’t pay the rent or keep you warm and I reallly didn’t find too many people paying attention to what I was doing in my personal life. Being nice and just giving and giving and getting nothing back does not make a person happy so i’m looking to get a little in return.

    My first boyfriend was a movie producer from mexico city and although he was superrich, he was cheap and never even took me to dinner. he took took took and I gave gave gave, got me nowhere. Wasted 7 months with him till he died in an accident when he was racing his ferrari. He died alone in a ditch on the side of the road.

  151. SuthrnExec says:

    OC, you may have said the magic words!! Golf!

  152. NC Gentleman says:

    Ok I just dropped the client at the airport. Entertaining is done for the day!

    I guess I am thankful that my SBs have pretty much only wanted gifts, friendship, travel, etc. I have provided some monetary support, but it hasn’t been very much. I know some women get several thousand a month, which personally I would never do, but to each their own.

  153. HotSB says:

    Golden,others may see it negatively because you go for the highest bidder. To them it may be wrong or against their morales. I say that you are smart and a true business woman living in this world and having a good life. What morales, standards, upbringing, whatever word is used? You are on a non-traditional website, not e harmony.

  154. OCSugarBaby says:

    Pantherbot- I can golf, but not very well 🙂

  155. Pantherbot says:

    OCSugarBaby – you can’t golf?


  156. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    Golden- My exboyfriend/exfiance was a platinum selling recording artist, I’ve been in a similar relationship as you…

    my boyfriend before that was a record producer/ceo …

    .. I know my worth, but my worth isn’t in cash… It’s how I deserve to generally be treated by a man.

  157. GoldenGate says:

    HotSB, I agree with you too. We all have a little somthin’ or else we wouldn’t be on this site, right? I’m just looking for the highest bidder. And just two solid sd’s anymore and I would be emotionally drained not to mention a prostitute which opens up a whole world of stresses. I don’t know how those girls do it!

  158. OCSugarBaby says:

    lol I would love for my SD to teach me to play golf! I suck at it. lol lol lol

  159. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    Well, I am 19 years old. And I work full-time. 40 hours a week. Which pays all my bills , and I always have left over money for my savings account each paycheck.

    I’m very good with money. I do not need it. I just LOVE being spoiled. I can afford to pretty much do what I desire, in moderation of course. So the whole, SD needing to pay my rent or car payment kinda thing doesn’t fit my situation…

  160. GoldenGate says:

    Lisa, I agree with you. Gifts and little extras are great, but should come secondary to financial support.

  161. HotSB says:

    I can’t knock what you have Golden. Money is a good thing, the SDs have it, we want it. For me I would want it all, but would settle for the money by itself.

  162. lisa says:

    as far as prostitution, hey at least they’re working, lol, with today’s economy. lol lots worse jobs than that like cleaning public toilets for minimum wage, working anywhere outdoors when it’s cold, brrr, construction work, etc, etc….:) My parents just stopped by and brought me a coffee 🙂 . they are out running their errands on the bus, there are late 60’s and early 70’s, makes me sick that they have more energy than I do.

  163. GoldenGate says:

    I’ve just had it so good in my dating life that my standards are really high. I know what I’m capable of and what I’m worth. I wouldn’t be with my sd if I felt like it was a chore. My last sd was giving me a ton, but I dreaded being with him so I broke it up.

  164. HotSB says:

    Now after this exercise, I think the point that Anon made earlier is, make your SD/SB relationship your own. Others on the blog have imposed their thoughts and feelings, yet not taken time to examine what they write on the blog.

  165. lisa says:

    Have a good dinner sweetredhead 🙂

    I enjoy gifts too but if most sds are very busy with work and can only see you a couple times a month, where are they going to get all that time to pick out the perfect gift? Buying a thoughtful gifts takes planning and really knowing what someone wants and putting the finishing touches on it to make it perfect. Cash is always welcome and it’s two gifts in one. 1st a gift of cash and then shopping and taking as long as you really want to without boring him while you go from shop to shop, lol or getting those bills paid so you aren’t sitting in the dark or going hungry.

  166. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    Eh, I can’t really put myself in your situation Golden. I have to be attracted to my SD, and mentally drawn in aswell. I’m wayyyyy too honest not to be. I’ll hurt someone’s feelings…

    I umm, find it a bit too much like prostitution . Being with someone purely for the cash…

  167. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I am going out to dinner with some friends be back later. No one say anything till I get back lol 🙂

  168. GoldenGate says:

    Let’s get real here. My last boyfriend was a model and he rocked my world. He took me out all the time, bought me presents, and gave me some cash once in a while to help out with school. We had an amazing sex life too! Now I’m with a guy who’s old enough to be my dad, short, and balding. Not to mention his other shortcomings, ahem. But he gives me a great big fat allowance every month. If that wasn’t there we wouldn’t be together.

  169. bostonTerrier says:

    HotSB –

    even in my “normal” dating life, option 1 and 2 are combined – one doesn’t occur without the other [but clearly, in my relationships it’s not as blatant]. maybe my parents just raised me with weird standards that are *seemingly* impossible.

    so … i can’t answer the question.

  170. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    If I could sum up what I was looking for it’d be

    Mentoring, ( I’d like to have someone in my life who can show me things, and teach me not just take up time )

    Nice dates I’m pretty young though, I don’t need too much cheesy romance I like more exciting of days, Traveling and Exploring rather then , dinner by candle light every weekend, It’s nice from time to time but, not something I’d like to do every week.

    Chemistry is probably one of the most important things to me.

    Gifts, are more of value to me then a check every month. I love well-thought gifts. It makes me feel all warm inside, I’ve never really had anyone take the time out and do that for me. If I wanted extra cash, I’d bartend more on the weekends, and buy myself stuff, but it doesnt make me feel special when I do it myself.

    Sex, usually comes in relationships. I’d prefer my SD to be open to new & exciting things.

  171. Pantherbot says:

    HotSB –

    Good point. I think you explained it better then I could.

    From a SD’s stand point it’s a lot easier dealing with someone who blantantly admits she wants Option1. It’s easy to strike a $$ arrangement that way.

    Those SB’s that claim they want Option2 are a real challenge. I love picking out gifts to suprise a SB. A lot of thought and romance can go behind a gift. If the SB really needs to make rent then sending $$ is BORING. I do that with Uncle SAM every pay period. I get no rush from that.

  172. lisa says:

    I think option 1 along with some attributes of option 2 make a sd/sb relationship

    option 2 is more for a traditional dating situation or marriage.

  173. GoldenGate says:

    I would never be with my Sd if he wasn’t giving me financial support. I’m half his age!

  174. HotSB says:

    (Option 1)Cash gifts, allowance, nice dinners, giftcards,sex, financial assistance and travel are all part of SD and SB dating.

    (Option 2)Just as chemistry, mentoring,companionship, special moments, warmth, and compassion is part of it too.

    How many SB would be here it the first option was not offered?

  175. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I agree Pantherbot, well said.

  176. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    Yes , and I have figured all of the above out.

    I’ve been here a few months, and… I do know what I want.
    just haven’t found it.

  177. lisa says:

    I love presents too but i agree they don’t pay the bills. As I said in a previous post when I was unemployed months ago and had no food in my fridge (just like now) I had a wonderful date with a sd, a nice lunch and big shopping trip but the next day after he had went back to his town, I was sitting around hungry but with lotsa nice clothes and makeup. sometimes cash is needed rather than gifts, sometimes paying the rent is the greatest gift.

  178. Pantherbot says:

    MishBocaRatonGrl –

    A lot of people get caught on “expectations” of what could or might be when looking at websites such as these. Like anything else it is what you make it. There are many Happy stories associated with this type of arrangement and plenty of horror stories as well.

    Looking at this situation from a SD perspective I can offer this.

    Know what you are looking for. Know what you want. Are you looking for a Friend or are you really looking for love? Are you trying to fullfil a fantasy or just curious? ( Don’t answer, this is just something to ask yourself).

    I get countless emails from women who “happen” across this site, or have heard through the rumor mill that if they dress a certain way they can ask for everything under the sun. These SBs really don’t know what they want so they decide to wing it. Which is fine. But they tend to put unrealistic expectations on this site. If a SB approaches this site with the intent of finding a Gentleman that cultured and knows how to treat lady she has a decent chance of finding someone. If her intent is PURELY to pay this month’s bills then she will be disappointed. ( Not saying this is your or any other posters intentions)

  179. GoldenGate says:

    Thanks for the advice! I’m going to talk to him today. We’re exchanging presents today. I hope he gets me something good! But presents won’t pay the rent.

  180. lisa says:

    I think it is ok either way, a regular sd relationship or pay for play, whatever works, as there might be some ladies out there that need the cash and are willing to reciprocate without being drawn into evenings out or whatever. I personally would prefer a guy that would treat me on the first meeting and help me financially but at the same time we would go out to dinner, lunch, and just spend quality time together talking or indulging our fantasies. I am not looking to give all my spare time to someone whom I have no future with. And really don’t want to spend months getting to know someone in order to have a short lived relationship, that is fine when you are getting to know someone whom you plan to spend your life with but for an arrangement, I prefer to cut through the chase, it’s either there or it’s not. I spent 2 months getting to know what guy on this site and when we finally met, he seemed like the only legit one because he talked about the arrangment and even made a dinner date with me when he was to find time, however I never heard back from him. I sent him a nice note from time to time and he never wrote back and he is still on the site today and was the first guy to write me months ago.

  181. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Talk to your SD and see what he feels about it. you have to talk between the two of you and come to a compromise that is agreed upon by both parties. If you can do that then you have to make the discussion to be together or not

  182. OCSugarBaby says:

    Like said when I wrote the info about the email. Letting it go…

  183. GoldenGate says:

    I feel like I should get something because I’m still seeing him and it’s a way for him to keep me as his sugar baby. Some months we’ll see each more and others less, but I feel that the allowance should be consistent.

  184. sweetredhead269443 says:

    that’s between the SD and the SB. there is no right answer.

  185. SuthrnExec says:

    GoldenGate – that’s between you and your SD. If you don’t care either way, let it happen and see what he does.

  186. SuthrnExec says:

    I hate that expression, “Who are we to judge”. I know what it was originally intended to mean, but I think we throw it around a little too loosely nowadays. We all make judgments – everyday! I understand that it means that we cannot look into someone’s heart and know their thoughts, but at the same time, we do make judgments about people based on their actions (police have to make judgments like that all the time) and sometimes for self-preservation and safety we have to take liberties with that and make a judgment call.

    Stepping down off the soapbox now.

  187. sweetredhead269443 says:

    someone calling me out lol. That’s ok I welcome it. If I say something and you want to question it, feel free.

  188. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    I think I might actually venture into the normal world of dating soon enough, this whole SD/SB thing isn’t working out so well for me.

    I think I’m too caring , almost. I think of others before me.

  189. wildwon says:

    To Anonymous, If you want a situation that is “cash for goods” then so be it, but personally, I feel it puts a stigma on the SD/SB relationship that belittles it. Just my opinion. It’s not what I am looking for and I HOPE that it is not what this website is about. But if I am right and I have found exactly what I am looking for than I don’t need to begrudge others…

  190. GoldenGate says:

    Question: What if your sugar daddy will be gone half the month on vacation, but you are still seeing him as much as you can while he’s here. Should he still give you the full monthly allowance? Half? or nothing?

  191. OCSugarBaby says:

    Yo Jessica Rabbit- You said what I wanted to say!

  192. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    *nods* I have to agree with sweetred, on that one…

  193. sweetredhead269443 says:

    All I was saying that to out right say you want to pay for sex is tacky. I didn’t mean to “judge”

  194. sweetredhead269443 says:

    wow ok just got my words thrown back at me.

  195. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    I think my profile pics make me look more like 6.

    I’m very picky with what I allow people to see… I have a webcam though, on the laptop the one potential SD bought me, so I get on there for prospects, from time to time…

  196. OCSugarBaby says:

    Win-Thank you. I am confidant that I will connect with the right SD. Timing and chemistry. I don’t have a problem letting the sharks back into the water. Just wanted to post a shark warning to the swimmers out there. lol
    I don’t know maybe I shouldn’t have said anything about the email.

    Anonymous- You are right, he did nothing wrong. Just my choice.

  197. Anonymous says:

    “each SD/ Sb relationship is different”

    “I actually enjoy a difference of opinions, the friendly banter. I never push my opinions on someone else and I hope no one would want to do that to me.”

    “I have not been an SB before but I am learning. its great to be able to get others views and especially a SD.”

    “Are all married SD”S dogs? NO!! I am sure there is some out there. You don’t know his situation so you should not judge him to be a “dog” just because he is married. there are all different reasons a married man is looking for a SB.”

    “my understanding and let me know if I am wrong is that its a mutually beneficial relationship both getting what they are looking for. Whatever that may be.”

    All I am say is who are we to judge. Let’s not be hypocrites. And yes it is between the two parties. Time to put on your thinking cap.

  198. lisa says:

    my pictures are bad too, cell phone pics. I can’t get the light right either, I end up washed out sometimes. I tried taking a picture of myself one night sitting at my laptop, I put the phone on self timer and used the flash, it was scary. I came out looking all white like one of those cheap statues made of plaster that they sell at souviner shops and all you could see was two blue eyes and white plaster arms typing on the laptop which actually came out clear.

  199. sweetredhead269443 says:

    SuthrnExec if you look better than your pic (I think your very handsome) I think I may have to travel to TN soon lol. But I understand what you are saying. I have been told that the pictures I have on my profile do not do me justice.

  200. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Pantherbot I don’t think we have a topic anymore.

  201. SuthrnExec says:

    my pis are so bad I don’t even look like ME!

  202. sweetredhead269443 says:

    SuthrnExec you have a very nice pic. I don’t really imagine what someone looks like. I think the personality of the person come through when you don’t have a real picture of what they look like.

  203. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    I don’t think I look like anyone. My pics are quite BLAH on my profile, I have tattoo’s which aren’t shown because I’m always afriad people will recognize me right away in public

  204. Pantherbot says:


    I step out for lunch and the thread explodes. What is the current topic?

  205. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    =x my profile picture , shows my hair red… My hair used to be BRIGHT red, hehe…

    I’m quite the rebel at times

    I wonder how you girls image me though, well in my case anyways, I just have a mental shot of people when I read messages.

    Do you do the same thing?

  206. SuthrnExec says:

    then again, you might think me more along the lines of Roger R.

  207. SuthrnExec says:

    Well, believe me, Jessica Rabbit might be an improvement over my pics!

  208. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    ** I mean I have not seen a picture so my mental image is, Jessica Rabbit

  209. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    okay, I found you.

    Wrote a message, I like having a visual image of people I talk to on the blog, lol… I end up thinking random images in my head if not, like sweet red in my eyes looks like Jessica Rabbit lol

  210. sweetredhead269443 says:

    There is a more respectful way of putting it if that is what you are looking for. But that is between the 2 parties.

  211. SuthrnExec says:

    OC, dittos to what wildwon said.

    Mish, I am in TN and profile number 214200

  212. Anonymous says:

    Why would it be sad that someone offers beautiful OCSugarbaby money to sleep with him? This is not a regular dating site. This is his desire, he just went about it the wrong way. Who are we to judge. I feel OCSugarbaby, handled the situation the right way.

  213. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    I was raised by two very selfish parents and always told myself I wouldn’t be that way. So I live my life trying best not to be…

  214. sweetredhead269443 says:

    see if I dance for you again sheeeh. I brought out the clown nose and everything!

  215. wildwon says:

    OCsugarbaby, being offered money for sex is solicitation and should NOT be tolerated. Let that fish go!! I can’t believe you have not been charmed off your feet by now!! It seems that others have viewed your profile and you are just as beautiful and sweet as you sound on here!!

    It could be your location darling, I have lived there and the talent (meaning only beauty with nothing behind it) is severe. If a guy truly wants a pretty AND engaging girl, he will find you…

  216. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    Suthrn, how can I find your profile…

  217. SuthrnExec says:

    I did chuckle on that one – but I have muted my headset.

  218. sweetredhead269443 says:

    you know your true friends when the chips are down. Like my ex we were friends before anything else. and still are. I know I can go to him with anything and he will be there for me.

  219. OCSugarBaby says:

    Mish- You are a gem. People like you who are willing to go the extra distance for their friends are a rare find. Don’t ever change.

  220. OCSugarBaby says:

    Honey you can call me OS if you want to! *wink wink

    hahaha Now both Sweetredhead and I are trying to crack you up on your conf call! 😉 did it work?

  221. SuthrnExec says:

    Mish, gotcha – didn’t know the details, definitely understand why you feel that way now. You clearly are a good friend.

  222. SuthrnExec says:

    I mean to direct my comment to OC – not “OS”. A little distracted…

  223. OCSugarBaby says:

    SE- Thanks, Not all SD’s are as sweet and caring as all of you *real* SD’s…

  224. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    Suthrn- I’m not being too hard on them, It wasn’t that they didn’t know how to handle it, it’s that…they put 10 million things infront of being a good friend. Me personally, I’ve bended over backwards to be a loyal and trustworthy friend to these people.

    like Jessica my best friend, on countless occassions I’ve been there for her. Picking her up 1 hour away from my house at 3AM when I have to work because her exboyfriend hit her, or… going to the doctors when she thought she might be pregnant, helping her enroll in college…

    constantly I’m there for my friends, when I can , I will be. And I just needed someone to talk to, and everyones (busy) which really means, their with their boyfriends, or wanted to go shopping. Which were 2 of the reasons I got.

    Which is okay. I’m just, not willing to go above and beyond for anyone who wouldn’t do it for me.

  225. sweetredhead269443 says:

    what SuthrnExec you would not pay $700 to sleep with me? lmao that’s just sad!! to think someone out right offers you money to sleep with them.

  226. SuthrnExec says:

    Mish, sorry to hear about your loss. Don’t be too hard on your friends – many times they don’t have a clue how to handle situations like that. Took me a while to figure out that most folks in your situation would just like people to be there – and sometimes the less said, the better.

    OS, sorry about the sleazebag – one word – unbelievable.

  227. sweetredhead269443 says:

    doing a dance for SuthrnExec to make him laugh and make the people on his conference call wonder what he is up too lol

  228. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    Everyone came back to my house from the funeral lastnight, and we drank wayyyy too much… and sat up talking until like 3AM.

    I couldn’t help but sit and indulge, Captian and Ginger, and Bay Breezes… Some Hot Chocolate w/ vanilla vodka

    hehe perks of being a bartender is I make awesome drinks , but… then that means I usually drink too much

  229. SuthrnExec says:

    checking back in with you ladies (on boring conf call)…

  230. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I know what YOU meant. was talking to the others lol

  231. OCSugarBaby says:

    I meant we lost our SD bloggers!

  232. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Stop trying so hard to find as SD girls. they will come to you. Just be yourself. things have a way of coming to you when you don’t look so hard 🙂

  233. sweetredhead269443 says:

    good idea MishBocaRatonGrl, glad your doing better 🙂

  234. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    I guess, I’m decent.

    Still a bit out of it, but… I’m coming around. I’ve just been abit lonely, I guess. With No SD, and… my friends all kinda vanished when I needed them (re-thinking whom I keep in my circle now)

  235. OCSugarBaby says:

    I think we lost all of our SD’s…

    I am trying to work but can’t help checking in from time to time. hehehe

  236. sweetredhead269443 says:

    added another sock to my socks without partners support group box. my life really sucks lmao. was joining the pity party how am I doing?

  237. OCSugarBaby says:

    Mish- glad you are back 🙂 We missed you!

  238. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Hi MishBocaRatonGrl. sorry to hear about your friend my condolences.
    Doing Wonderful how about yourself?

  239. OCSugarBaby says:

    Thanks Sweetredhead. 🙂

  240. sweetredhead269443 says:

    OCSugarBaby hang in there. I know you will find SD who is worthy of you and appreciate you.

  241. OCSugarBaby says:

    He said quite a bit more than what I posted. Let’s just say that I am not even going to give it a second thought. Moving on…

  242. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    Okay, well I’m back people.

    Feeling, a little better. Went to my friend Funeral yesterday.

    How’s everyone?

  243. OCSugarBaby says:

    BettieGirlDD- Good Luck! We will think good thoughts for you. 🙂

  244. sweetredhead269443 says:

    first clue ladies if they have to say they are a true SD and it doesn’t come through without saying it’s a RED FLAG!!

  245. sweetredhead269443 says:

    BettieGirlDD good luck on your first meeting!! hope it goes well for you

  246. lisa says:

    send him my way, I need 700 dollars. sad but true but I don’t even get offers like that. If he is traveling on business, then he’s an upperscale sleazebag not like the ones that try to pick me up at the busstop for 10 dollars, now that’s sleazy. 🙂

  247. lisa says:

    all toasy warm here now, inside that is. might be freezing rain later, so much for the 70 degree day, lol. just put fresh sheets on my bed, think I might take the laptop in there (along with the dsl box and wires as I never got around to getting a wireless router thingy) and listen to some tv and think warm thoughts and press fast forward to a sunny day.

  248. OCSugarBaby says:

    I can now reply that I got my first SD request to meet! It was a sleaze bag that wanted to meet me one day next week for $700. He would be flying to OC for the day on business. He stated he was new to the site and swore he as a true SD. What the heck!!!!

  249. BettieGirlDD says:

    SuthrnExec: I was thinking the same thing about having a message board instead of a mile-long scroll of replies. I’m all for skipping the “pity party” threads.
    First meeting tomorrow afternoon.. *happy dance*

  250. sweetredhead says:

    I know. was worried he was talking about me. Then I thought again and was thinking. If you doesn’t like it, skip my posts. (the redhead in me!) one of my screen names is sassyredhead lol

  251. OCSugarBaby says:

    Geez now because of Sig, I am ugggghhhh worried about my spelling choice of wording.

    PS. I meant with WHOM we are spending out time… lol

  252. OCSugarBaby says:

    Pantherbot- Yes, I am in Orange County. Irvine actually. I am a Wisconsin Girl now living in California! I traded my snow shovel for sun block.
    I think we all need to have a certain comfort level with who we are spending our time with. I do however feel that trust is not out of the question with time and some TLC from both people. Maybe I am living in a fantasy world, but I really do want an SD that it is a trusting caring mentoring fun. Maybe I have sunstroke. lol

    Lisa Lisa Lisa, I pray everyday that you find your SD soon. He will come I just know it! 😉

  253. dreamer says:

    please do exec.. Lol. And i cant keep up anymore! im gonna give up trying to haha

  254. Pantherbot says:

    Hi OCSugarBaby –

    Thanks for the Welcome. Are you in Orange County?

  255. sweetredhead says:

    just a funny story. my younger son over heard my older sons friends refer to me as a MILF. He wanted to know what that meant. I told him moms in life who have fun.

  256. lisa says:

    I’m back from washing. brrr think I will cancel my trip to the mall and stay home, too cold to be out and i’m broke anyway, was just wanting to get out of the house.
    As far as gifts, I love them and for me it is not all about the relationship because I already have a nsa relationship with someone but I lack the perks, living poor is no fun, heck I haven’t eaten a meal since friday, been surviving on expired spagetti (plain,no sauce) and bread that was supposed to be for my bird. waiting for wednesday when the church down the street is giving out food, hopefully it willl be a little tastier than the usual stuff I get from them such as beans, rice, pasta, I am craving something fresh like some nice fruit or dairy products. so i’m living on my cheap soda diet, well half a soda as yesterday I bought a 2liter bottle of soda and put it in the work fridge (inside my bag) and someone took it out and drank half of it, 🙁 so I have half a soda, makes me mad that someone stole my stuff. I would have put it in my locker but we are forbidden from keeping any merchandise paid or unpaid in our locker, has to be in fridge with reciept.
    my inbox is still empty too, 🙁
    I think i’ll take a swig of nyquil and see how long I can stay awake. lol

  257. Pantherbot says:

    ugg my english was horrible there.

    I meant to say I run a search on Craigs List or Eros to determine if the SB is posting there as an escort.

    Sorry I was typing while stuck in a meeting…

  258. OCSugarBaby says:

    Wildwon- Thank you. I have not met anyone as of yet. But you are correct in saying that it is hard for the SD to find out if the SB is what she states she is. Again welcome, we are a fun bunch. 😉
    I would love to know how the SD’s fee about that topic.

  259. Pantherbot says:

    SuthrnExec –

    Yes I picked up on it quickly after exchanging 2 emails. I take a simply do a quick search on Craigs List or Eros here and I can tell.

  260. wildwon says:

    OCSugarbaby, I don’t necessarily think it would be about the time involved, much as it is the content of information. I think verifying a potential SD is more important. If they give you enough information to research and you can safely say the guy is legitimately successful and just wants a no pressure relationship that he can feel good about, that’s half the battle. Then comes meeting and seeing if there is a connection. Researching them should be easy if they are REAL. Them researching us is much harder!! The potential SD will just have to “feel you out” to make sure that you are real and not an escort or “just in it for the gifts”. The power in the meeting should really be on your side, I admit that the horror story I had was my own fault, I should have been more discerning….lesson learned!

    Ultimately, looking for an older, wiser, mentor type and the gifts and the comfort are just a nice fringe benefit!

  261. OCSugarBaby says:

    Sweetredhead- you crack me up.

  262. OCSugarBaby says:

    Welcome Pantherbot! It is so wonderful to see another SD join the group.

  263. sweetredhead says:

    I have been told I am a big flirt. Honestly I have no idea that I am doing it, does that me a tease?

  264. OCSugarBaby says:

    wildwon- Thanks for sharing that horror story. I too would have been outta there. I have to admit, I am a bit nervous. I just hope I can strike a balance between taking the right about of time before I meet them. I am not sure what that time frame is.

  265. OCSugarBaby says:

    SouthernGent2- Good morning! 😉 Now you have us all flirting with you. lol

  266. SuthrnExec says:

    it’s not THAT old… oh well, maybe it is… time flies!! WEEEEEEEE

  267. sweetredhead says:

    If I admit to knowing the song I am telling my age lol. Ok I admit I am addicted, its the first step right? But I am working and checking the blogs so that counts right?

  268. OCSugarBaby says:

    bostonTerrier- He is a lucky man. You are a sweetheart! 😉

  269. OCSugarBaby says:

    Awww Sweetredhead, your leaving? My timing is off.

  270. SuthrnExec says:

    THAT’S the way it should be – nice bostonTerrier!

  271. bostonTerrier says:

    about age … chrisohbabyy –

    my sd is 53, i’m 20. he’s older than my mother + my father but i’m not majorly concerned about it whereas he was super concerned about it initially. he kept wondering if my maturity from my emails & phone conversations would translate into real life. upon meeting he realized he was a bit too concerned about the age and made it known to me that he was surprised at my maturity.

    when we’re together he doesn’t treat me as though i *could* be his daughter [who is older than me anyway], rather i’m just a young woman he just so happens to be going out with.

  272. SuthrnExec says:

    sung by Queen “I want it all and I want it now!” — sing it sweetredhead!!

  273. sweetredhead says:

    Ok Holly step away from the blogs!! addiction is such a bad thing. I will be back later. Time to get myself up from this chair. Have a wonderful day everyone 🙂

  274. sweetredhead says:

    morning OCSugarBaby. that happened to me yesterday. I was gone all day and missed a lot. When I got home I was reading for an hour lol

  275. OCSugarBaby says:

    Good Morning to all! 463 comments! good lord I have some catching up to do from last …

  276. sweetredhead says:

    I just don’t want to feel I am being paid for my “services” I want more than that. A NSA relationship. I want it all Chemistry, mutual respect ect. Maybe I am looking for the impossible, I don’t know. But I won’t compromise on that.

  277. SuthrnExec says:

    Pamtherbot, I have encountered escorts via email on here before – I discovered the fact before we arranged to meet, thank goodness. Sometimes it’s easy to spot in their email by they way they phrase things.

  278. wildwon says:

    That’s what I did, I mean meet with no expectations, no nervousness, wasn’t sure if I could really find someone legit so the thought of being nervous never really crossed my mind. I like meeting new people too and it’s usually not that hard when you just take it matter of factly! I really didn’t go into it with much background or “feeling out” maybe I was just lucky!

    Although I did meet a man here who treated me like a prostitute from like minute 5, I lasted about 20 minutes before there was a cutout shape of me in the door…I flew like the wind!! Maybe I should report him to the site, the things he said to me were SO uncalled for and could be viewed as solicitation

  279. SuthrnExec says:

    dreamer, I’ll keep that in mind.

  280. sweetredhead says:

    I love meeting new people 🙂 and you know what I think it would be great to meet a SD with no expectations no nervousness. Just going out for a cup of coffee 🙂 meeting as friends not a potential SD or SB.

  281. Pantherbot says:

    Thanks sweetredhead –

    You are 100% correct. If everyone was honest up front then there would be more successful matches and everyone would be happy.

    After my last 4 encounters from very young women (18-24) I now read potential SBs. Many of the my past SBs were also “escorts” and neglected to mention it ( I found out on my own ). That did not make them bad people, but it did explain their thirst for $$$ every few minutes.

  282. sweetredhead says:

    NWgirly thank you for asking, my date went very well 🙂 I had a wonderful time. We do plan on meeting again, but with his schedule its up in the air.

  283. dreamer says:

    exec- i dont drink coffee.. But if you are ever on this side of the state, we could hang out if you like. It beats being bored haha

  284. sweetredhead says:

    no SouthernGent2 you didn’t miss anything. I was being funny. and thank you too for your advice.

    I agree. A SD/SB need to communicate on what the other is willing and not willing to give. Its all about the communication so there is no misunderstandings.

  285. sweetredhead says:

    SuthrnExec thank you. that’s why I asked. I don’t want anyone to misread my appreciation. And needed a male prospective on it. so thank you.

  286. NWgirly says:

    Oh my goodness that was a major typo lol.

    How was your date?

  287. sweetredhead says:

    Thank you patherbot. I agree you have to get to know the SD/SB a little before a meeting is arranged. your advice makes a lot of seance.

    I feel you should not have to “read” a person. Honesty and being straight forward is what I am about and I would hope any potential SD would be the same.

  288. SouthernGent2 says:

    Sweetreadhead – did i miss something above? There are too many posts on this blog. I wish the site owners would consider building a message board so different topics could be more easily discussed.

    As for gifts, you should accept them and be thankful for them. Most of us enjoy giving. I know I do. I tell every prospect I meet that she is to expect certain gifts on a monthly basis. Its non negotiable in my mind.

  289. wildwon says:

    Thank you Pantherbot, noted and will send email, thank you for succinctly answering my “oh so important” question ;o) You are right, praise is always appreciated….even by us SB’s!!

    Funny, I wasn’t nervous at all, but then again I hardly get nervous over dates anymore…if you like me you like me, if you don’t then I’ll find someone who does. No use wasting time if there is no chemistry

  290. NWgirly says:

    Good morning everyone, its so beautiful outside with snow on the ground but its soooo cold. Sweetredhead how are your date???

  291. SuthrnExec says:

    sweetredhead, maybe you can thank him and spend most of the “thank you” talking about the time together and but do refer to the gift in some way to show you’re appreciation. Guys like to know if we’re on the right track and if you say nothing, naturally we assume the worst.

  292. Pantherbot says:

    BlkButtafly good luck. Try not to be too nervous.

  293. sweetredhead says:

    SouthernGent2 so my words of wisdom have not got your attention 🙁 but me jumping up and down did? MEN!! lol

  294. Pantherbot says:

    Sweetredhead it depends….

    It depends on the SD. I may even go out on a limb and say it depends on the SDs situation. If i do not have “time” to spend with you physically then it’s all about the “gifts”. If the SB i chose lives near then it’s more about the time we spend together rather then “big ticket” gifts all the time.

    I usually take a week or so to read a potential SB and what she is really looking for…

  295. sweetredhead says:

    BlkButtafly I just went through that. I hate the first meeting. Its exciting but I make myself nuts.

    Hope you have a wonderful time, I did 🙂

  296. SouthernGent2 says:

    Sweetredhead – i just saw you jumping up and down. You have my attention now.

  297. BlkButtafly says:

    hello everyone from FL! It’s hard keeping up but keep the great advice coming! My potential SD is flying in this Friday! By Thursday I will be a nervous wreck!!!

  298. Pantherbot says:

    Hi Wildwon.

    If he gave you a nice gift by all means send him an email saying you appreciate it. As a man we like to provide and enjoy being priased by a woman ( you porbably know this already). Sending a thank you email is a good thing. Keep the lines of communication open. A simple email asking how was his day at work usually wins me over 😉

  299. wildwon says:

    exactly sweet, that’s my thought too, which is why I want to know about sending a thanks. I didn’t ask for anything and it’s certainly not all I’m about, although it did help my life tremendously, not gonna lie!! I would rather keep that part out of it, maybe just a thanks for the dinner and conversation? Any SD’s with advice??

  300. sweetredhead says:

    I have a questions for the Sd’s I feel uncomfortable with “the gifts” Because to me that’s not what its all about. Of course I say thank you, But I say thanks you more enthusiastically to the time we spend together. I rather ignore the “gift” part. What is your prospective on this?

  301. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    I guess that everyone answered while I was typing.

  302. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Good morning everyone soon to be afternoon.
    Just got home from a trip to the doctor’s office with son and a wonderful trip to Walmart. ha ha.
    Finally did some Christmas shopping.

    Wildwon… A thank you would be nice, but that answer needs to come from the SD’s on this blog.

    So, come on you wonderful SD’s, give Wildwon an answer.
    Do you like it when you get a thank you for a gift?

  303. wildwon says:

    Yeah, I can be that girl, just after meeting two losers from this site and then having the one that shows up on the white horse can be intoxicating ;o)

  304. Miss T says:

    I wasn’t actually going to put the bloopers in my profile. I just figured if a SD is wondering about the legitimacy of my photos… I’ll try to get cell phone pics but I’m somewhat computer illiterate so we’ll see if I can get the pics off my phone or not.

  305. sweetredhead says:

    Just take it one day at a time. I tend to over think things sometimes too. Just ends up making you crazy. Just relax and go with it 🙂 (my new years resolution) Let it happen. The best things in life are what happens to you when your not looking.

  306. wildwon says:

    Thank you sweet for the advice! I’m still contemplating, just want him to come to me kind of thing. I’m not looking to be pushy, but certainly would want to know if I can stop looking, I’d rather just have one SD. But I guess only time will tell!!

  307. sweetredhead says:

    Pantherbot I love the North. Sometimes I wish I didn’t move. It really is a different world here. I never liked the cold but you get used to it. Now I am not sure I can handle it, used to the warmth now. It gets down in the 50’s and I am cold!

  308. Anonymous says:

    yes..it was me:) (smile)…

  309. SouthernGent2 says:

    Gail – yes I got an email from V about someone. Was that you? For some reason I thought you were in the south. I am really out of the loop here now. I need to earn my sd cred back pretty fast.

  310. sweetredhead says:

    Welcome Wildwon. There is no right or wrong. Each relationship is different. If you are true to yourself then you are making the right choices.

    My advice is write your thank you. Let him know you enjoyed yourself. Personally I would not get too enthusiastic , Just a general thank you note. Don’t be pushy (if you know what I mean)

  311. wildwon says:

    Hi, I have been lurking on the blogs since I joined, about 3 weeks ago, so first thank you all so much for the advice I have read! Now I am actually back for more and asking this time! I have just met what I would consider the perfect SD for me and now I don’t want to blow it! We met for dinner, had great chemistry, spent about 2 1/2 hours at dinner talking and laughing, good sign right? Later he gave me a very generous gift and as far as I was concerned the night just kept getting better! Since I am new to this type of relationship the idea of it being a bit “taboo” I think really turns me on. This is not like regular dating right? Or can an SD be turned off by too much accessibility on a first meeting? I couldn’t help but feel generous too ;o)

    Also I would like to send an email to him to thank him for the great night and his “donation to my cause”, but since this is also a nsa, no pressure gig I don’t know if I should just wait for him to contact me? He is out of town and said he would call me when he’s coming back, in a few weeks. I’m probably just overthinking it, just excited to continue spoiling my SD!!

  312. Pantherbot says:

    Hi Sweetredhead!

    If i was as smart as you I would be somewhere also. I got suckered up here by my corporation. They waved $$$ for me to transfere here and I did. Now i miss the pacific ocean. Ahh well…

  313. sweetredhead says:

    Pantherbot I am in Florida, its about 70 here today and sunny. I am a northern girl and I moved to Florida to follow the sun 🙂

  314. sweetredhead says:

    Morning Lisa. one morning I want you to wake up and feel wonderful and have a good day. Think positive!! If you wake up say I am going to have a wonderful day even if the sun isn’t shining, it will be. Its an attitude hun. change your thinking and you can change your world 🙂

  315. Gail says:

    Lisa-Your too sweet anyways:)

    Have the best day ever everyone. Now really have to go:)

  316. Pantherbot says:

    70 degrees? I remember those good old days when i lived in Los Angeles. May be time for a transfer back to somewhere warm.

  317. Gail says:

    Yes…you are absolutely right SG2…you have been busy…but I have been waiting patiently for my time:) LOL…Have you heard from Ms.V…she has all the info. (Smile)

  318. sweetredhead says:

    jumping up and down waving are you reading my postings southerngent2 lol.

    Sorry being silly this morning. Drinking my coffee and trying to wake up. I hate sleeping in feel like I have wasted my day. Think it makes you more tired. Thinking about going to work out and get myself moving. But that’s in the thinking stage right now lol.

  319. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone. well the 70 degree day turned out to be a 50 degree day and windy. so much for the nice day the weatherman promised. i’m off to the laundrette to do laundry,hoping to miss the rain that looks like might be coming. didnt’ have my coffee as I am out of sugar till payday, makes me grouchy.

  320. SouthernGent2 says:

    Gail – you have always had my attention. There are only a few posters that i actually will read. So you want a date with me hehe?

  321. sweetredhead says:

    Oh hi Gail, I thought I had these two all to myself.

  322. Gail says:

    Go right ahead Sweetred…I’ve got to go to work:) Toodles everyone!!! Check with you all later at the end of my day!

  323. sweetredhead says:

    I think the other girls went out for a spa day. That’s ok, I will keep these two busy

  324. Gail says:

    Greeting Pantherbot. Always need Sd perspectives here, Now get comfy…the ladies are listening, and are sure to pick your brain:)

  325. sweetredhead says:

    Welcome pantherbot 🙂 Nice to have another SD prospective here. Sit down pull up a chair and and escape with us.

  326. SuthrnExec says:

    Greetings Pantherbot – and welcome! Love that area of the country.

  327. Pantherbot says:

    Good morning from Minneapolis! I just started reading the blogs here and thought I would join in from a SD perspective. ( This also helps me escape from work).

  328. SuthrnExec says:

    I’ve not met a SB from the blog – and it’s not for a lack of desire on my part. There are some I would LOVE to meet – if for nothing more than a cup of coffee.

  329. SuthrnExec says:

    good info to file away for future use… 🙂

  330. sweetredhead says:

    I think it may be the wine I drank yesterday. I am not used to drinking anything. I had 2 glasses ( I am such a lush) LMAO

  331. sweetredhead says:

    lmao I know I slept late. I have so much to do today and I can’t seem to move.

  332. SuthrnExec says:

    Well, that was me above there – forgot my name for a moment…

  333. Anonymous says:

    sweetredhead, you’re about 3 hours too late for me on the coffee, etc. 🙂

    Thanks though – appreciate the thought!

  334. sweetredhead says:

    I hope the SD I met does not read the blogs YIKES!!

  335. Gail says:

    Dreamer….care to share:) Have you got a secret? LOL…..Luv you too…ok you guys don’t get this wrong…its not me and Dreamer:)

  336. Gail says:

    I am being optimistic….Ahhh…but if it does work out:) How sweet it is for both the SD and the SB!!!

  337. dreamer says:

    thanks Gail. Love ya! oh, and i think bloggers are talking- just not telling hehe

  338. sweetredhead says:

    About the SD/SB hook up from anyone who blogs together. I feel we all what to be discreet and really don’t want anyone to say if they are seeing someone who is known on the blog. What if it doesn’t work out? do you want that known? I think discretion is the key to anything we do as an SD or SB.

  339. Gail says:

    SG2 Welcome back…the topic was we are going to have a blogfest this weekend, and the SB that can stay on the blog for 24 hours would win a date with you:) LOL….

  340. sweetredhead says:

    Good morning everyone 🙂 I made the coffee and brought some muffins. enjoy!

  341. Gail says:

    Yes…Blog Weekend…and we SBs that last the 48 hours get a prize:) a date with you!!! All Ladies say “Aye”:)

    We had the same problem this weekend. Technical Assistance please:) I hope this doesn’t get deleted too.

  342. sweetredhead says:

    Anonymous was me sorry

  343. Anonymous says:

    NC gentleman, I am very happy for you. you should not rule out someone who is guarded. I know I tend to put up a wall in the beginning. I like the internet because I can be myself, say what I feel. But in person… well for me in the beginning its not so easy. But once you get to know me, you can’t shut me up lol.

    SuthrnExec, chivalry question. I personally like when a man treats a woman like she should be treated. But I think woman are taught (younger) that they need to independent and a man ordering for them is somehow degrading. They see it as not chivalry, but control.

    My son was taught to open doors for woman ect. (he is 10) and his teachers are so amazed how respectful and sweet he is to them and the little girls. If he see’s another little boy picking on a girl (which they do at that age) he sticks up for her.
    I take him to the store for example and he will open a door and let a woman pass or help an old lady carry her groceries or get an item she has difficulty getting.

    Now with the boys, he is tough and he is a “jock” so no this is not a “geeky” kid. I know you were thinking that lol.

    I think chivalry is taught from father to son and its a lost art. Don’t get me started on what children should be taught and are not. Because I could right a book on it. No I am not the perfect Mother, but I think simple things like from an early age teaching them when you hand them something a please and a thank you is said ect. (ok I am done)

  344. SouthernGent2 says:

    Damn too many replies here. What was the topic again? I feel so left out of the circle 😉

  345. SuthrnExec says:

    OK, I’ve lost about half dozen posts this morning. I think there is an issue with the blog hardware that causes memory issues when the blog gets beyond a certain length (almost 400 posts in this case). Hopefully someone can look into that.

  346. SuthrnExec says:

    I think we should have a blog-gathering one weekend…

  347. SuthrnExec says:

    Morning Gail – I am trying my best to post a comment regarding something you said earlier (about people on the blog connecting) and it does not want to appear! Very frustrating.

  348. BettiegirlDD says:

    Like minded people who are fun to be around are priceless. One who’s a member of a big social order and impressed with my jokes moreso than my looks might even be moreso!
    It’s too bad my town isnt on your route: I’d like to hang out with you someday.

  349. Gail says:

    Good Morning Duchess….oh you too OCSugarbaby….LOL:)
    Good Morning Jennifer….wake up someone’s gotta make coffee this morning
    Sweetred…I’ll let you sleep..due to your late nite:)
    Sdaddies-ooodG oMrngi to u:)
    Monday morning…Time to wake up..CA time 6:49AM

  350. SuthrnExec says:

    Isn’t it great to have good friend?!?!

  351. BettiegirlDD says:

    Last week my #1 potential SD asked me why I haven’t found someone in my area, to which I replied that I’ve had my eyes open but wouldn’t find anyone in my circle any better off than I. But that got me thinking, and I recalled that about ten days ago, a guy I volunteer with who I consider a casual friend mentioned in an email that his client saw my picture scrolling on his screensaver with about 50 others and was very taken aback by mine only.

    So yesterday I realized I could pursue that and asked, half jokingly, if his client wants to be my wealthy benefactor. I have no idea what the client’s deal is but thought hey, I’ll put the suggestion out there. I mentioned it very casually in such a way I could say I was totally kidding if my friend was put off by the idea or I thought he’d blab about the exchange.

    The friend replied “don’t worry i’ll find you a sugar daddy.”

  352. SuthrnExec says:

    Regarding the age thing – I have mentioned before the “Rule of 7” that is my first age screening criteria. Of course, as has been said many times before, it’s more about the chemistry. If the chemistry is there, I don’t worry too much about the age. Now I am not sure how well I appeal to SBs who are not around my age, but I think I do OK. I have not lived a “hard” life – I’ve not been “ridden hard and put up wet” as they say – and I am told I look younger than my years (by people OTHER than the suck-ups!) and I think I act fairly young. So “age” is more how you carry yourself, your attitude and how well you can (or cannot) integrate with other age groups rather than a number. There are people younger than I who I would hate to spend very much time around because of their attitude about life. The “Rule of 7” thing is more about how society sees you as a couple, so it really speaks nothing of how well you and the SB/SD will hit it off based on your age difference.

    Sig, I totally agree regarding the grammar thing. The occasional typo is fine – that happens to me more often than I care to admit. There is a big difference between the occasional typo and butchering the Queen’s English and it is a big turn-off. My preference is to be with intelligent, confident SBs. I hear some SBs talk about how their intelligence and confidence intimidates some SDs and as a result, some SDs will have nothing to do with them. That’s too bad and it’s their loss (the SDs)!

    OCSugarBaby, it’s reassuring to hear that there are SBs that still enjoy chivalrousness being demonstrated by their SD. I was taught to be that way and have been scolded more than once when being chivalrous towards a lady (especially in certain parts of the country). I enjoy ordering for the lady, pulling out the chair for her (although I am finding that more and more ladies don’t know what to do when I do that for them), etc.

    Question for the SBs – are some ladies turned-off by chivalry because they don’t understand it is a gesture of respect and courteousness toward them or are there other reasons?

  353. BettiegirlDD says:

    SuthrnExec, Thanks for the reminder to trust my instincts. It’s easy for me to get carried away flirting and I dont want to forget to hold my ground.

    Cro34: In dating and in all other areas of life I think a well thought out email that gives info succinctly and shows some personality is a sign of someone i’m going to get along with. Someone who rambles aimlessly or on the other hand someone who cant express themself isn’t going to be a match for me. Once that hurdle is passed, phone calls are nice.

  354. NC Gentleman says:

    and Sig ….. I completely agree about the grammar… I can accept a few errors, because I don’t proofread everything, but I had a potential SB contact me that was allegedly working on her graduate degree in English…. her email was littered with mistakes but my favorite was — “I want you to scene me in person because me better than my photos”….. I about fell out of my chair and I promise I didn’t make that up.

  355. NC Gentleman says:

    Hi SweetRed – I am soooo happy for you that your first meeting went well. I know they can be very nerve-racking.

    To answer your question from Saturday, my first meeting with the “college girl” went very well. We talk or text every day now. I wasn’t very optimistic before the meeting because she was so guarded, but evidently she had met two other potential SDs that had provided fake or outdated pictures so she was cautious… I just don’t get why someone would not provide recent, real pictures. Now for that second meeting, which will be a few weeks because we live several hours apart.

    I hope everyone has a great day!

  356. Bubbles4u2me says:

    Sig- I find myself longing for this blog when I am away, solely because I can barely wait to read the next jaw-dropping post that you have submitted. You are so absolutely funny, yet true!!! Good Luck on your Wed meeting/date.

  357. Sig (Seeking traveling companion) says:

    I like sashimi. Not so big on udon…

    I must report that I am amazed at the high proportion of SB candidates on this site who can’t spell, can’t punctuate, and can’t construct a coherent full sentence. This from women claiming to have a high school or college education. I understand some mistakes, but I’m talking about messages that read like SMS from an epileptic. (With my apologies to all grand mal sufferers for this politically incorrect simile). Didn’t anybody tell them that they aren’t being charged by the letter? 😉

    Another observation, not statistically significant: the same women who write so unexpressively are able to impressively express them through photographs, sometimes to excess. All those stories about the new Internet generation sending around video, photographs and so on (usually to their ultimate detriment) are apparently true: the younger they are, the more likely they are to send me unsolicited but barely legal photographs along with solicited but barely legible text!

    Anyhow, the date is set, I’m meeting the first SB on Wednesday.

  358. sweetredhead269443 says:

    to encourage all you older Sb’s out there my SD is 34 🙂 way to go me!! lmao

  359. sweetredhead269443 says:

    lmao no I don’t think I will every totally grow old, there is still to much I want to do 🙂 I though my mom was Old when she was 40 and when I hear that age I think its old but I am there ughhhhhh. age is what you make it. I can say that beause I am there lol.

    I know you ment nothing by it hun, I thought it was funny 🙂

  360. chrisohbabyy274057 says:

    sweetredhead269443 you know we love you girl! <3 i didn’t mean it like thattttt. But you did make my point:) that i guess it depends how you feel/act! You’re not sitting around waiting to die!

  361. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Ok I don’t think I like the 40,50, 60 thing lmao I am 40 and my looks and personality no one thinks I am that “old” everyone thinks I am in my early 30’s when i lived up north I had some friends in their 50’s and they in no way acted like it. So it really depends on the person. now there are things that i will joke about from my younger days and then you know I am not 30 🙂 like things like record players or how we used to play outside ALL the time and thought pong was the coolest video game lmao.

  362. chrisohbabyy274057 says:

    & btw Gail he ordered possibly the most terrible thing on the menu. Sashimi & Udon…in other words…raw fish and noodles. 🙁

    Night Nightt

  363. OCSugarBaby says:

    Im going to get some sleep too. Nite everyone!

  364. OCSugarBaby says:

    Nite Gail 😉

  365. chrisohbabyy274057 says:

    LISA!! more power to you! I guess it’s a lesson learned. I figure if he met you that way, he should like you just the way you are! Atleast you gave it a shot (with the hair color thing) ….but hey it’s a compromise thing. As his Sb you made a few compromises & as an sd he should sure as heck have to make some too! excuseee me if i sound shallow but maybe he missed the memo on how to be an SD and i’m sure an a genuine SD would want his baby to get around comfortably! This whole bike riding business?? what in the world are you supposed to do when you get out of work late?

  366. lisa says:

    Good night everyone. i’m off tomorrow so i’m gonna sleep late.

  367. Gail says:

    Good nite all!!! Sweet SD dreams to everyone…except for Sig…he gets SB dreams…:)

  368. chrisohbabyy274057 says:

    Cro34, you make a very good point & i’m glad i don’t feel as if i would be unreasonable by choosing note to date him again. I think it’s a cliche but you’re only as old as you feel….well granted you’re not 65 and feeling/acting like a 22 year old frat boy/girl.

    I’m not all about the age but at some point i have to draw the line so as to avoid this mess. I’m sure both SBs&SDs have a certain age range they enter when searching. Right?

    It’s hard to differentiate early on in the relationship who genuinely enjoys the company of a younger woman vs a guy who’s in a midlife crisis & only dating you because you’re young enough to be his grand daughter.

  369. lisa says:

    my last boyfriend was like that. I met him a few months before I actually started dating him. He came on as if he was all romantic and all saying he wanted to take care of me and spoil me rotten ( I was like 40, he was 58) and so I decided to enter a relationship with him and it was fun at first, he was always kissing on me and indulging me but a month later,he started giving me advice, telling me to change my hair color, dress more conservatively, and his constant “advice” didn’t make me feel spoiled.
    He made good money and could have helped me a little, but his idea of help was making suggetions. his solution to my transportation problem was not to buy me a car or help me with taxi fare or even give me an occasional lift …. it was actually that I should get a job as a waitress and work 7 days a week and get a bicycle to get around. not exactly what I call being spoiled, riding a bicycle on the torn up sidewalks and working 7 days a week at a job that I have no experience in.
    He eventually got too busy to see me, so I dyed my hair back to the color I like and put on those crazy tights he hated. lol

  370. chrisohbabyy 274057 says:

    Thanks OCSugarBaby :). Good to be back.

    I completely completely agree that it’s all about chemistry, well i thought we had chemistry! I got the feeling he was trying to something he wasn’t looking back at our phone conversations. Now i’m young..but the last time i said “kewl” ….as in cool..i was a freshman in highschool. I guess he was really thinking he was updated. 🙁 . I guess i have to chuck it up as a loss and move on. The main reason i was asking is to have kind of a basis on where to start looking…i know when we’re surfing around…we’re not searching in the range of 70 plus…we all have a range we search.

    Lisa! i totally felt as if he were reverting back to his parenting days:(. Not a good look….there’s a thin line between gentlemanly and plain out overbearing….well no it’s not THAT thin.

  371. OCSugarBaby says:

    Our wonderful SD blogger may be a bit shy. How o how can we entice them to contact us or at least send and email to say hello???? lol
    We promise not to kiss and tell 🙂

  372. cro34 says:

    chrisohbabyy 274057 : There are very few men that achieve financial success in their 20s. Many begin to do that in their 30s and I am in my 30s. So the old question may require a lot of qualifiers but a young SD would normally be someone in their 30s.

    That said I think most men should be able to reach their sugarbabies at a personal level intellectually and emotionally. There are no excuses for not being able to do that. Moreover, the relationship is doomed if that personal connection is not reached. If he is not willing to listen to you how will he make you happy? How will he satisy your needs? how will make the relationship work?

    BTW there is an REAL LIFE example of an SD/SB relationship turn in to love and marriage. The two people in question are Fred Thompson (Former Senator from Tennessee and LAW & Order star Arthur Branch Manhattan DA) and his wife Jeri. I am sure there are many others but Fred is 64 and Jeri is 38.

  373. Gail says:

    Chrisohbaby-Some older SDs are set in their ways. I too hate it when you cant get a word in. And if there is no commonality, chemistry,sparks as OCbaby says no need to move forward. That’s why I invest more time in the discovery process before meeting. By the way…what did he order for you:) (Smile) I always love a good meal!!!

  374. OCSugarBaby says:

    I personally find it sexy when a man orders for me. They can ask me what I found on the menu that sounds good and ask if they can order for me. Like “The lady would like the sea bass”…
    I am not meek, by any means. I just like chivalry. But this scenario usually takes some time for my guy to understand. To me it means that he is interested in what I want and takes it from there.

  375. Gail says:

    dreamer-Yes, when and if I find my generous SD, I would invite you for fun and relaxation. We deserve it:) I can tell you are a good person…and there is nothing like surrounding yourself with good people. I have a huge heart, and have always been a giver. I hope that you will find your SD too:) We all just have to be patient…He will find us:)

    Now everyone…tell me why we don’t have any SD/SB connections on here. I keep wondering, because there is so much teasing and flirting going on in the blog. Has it happened, and babies/daddies aren’t telling?
    Hmmmm…just for the record…I haven’t met anyone on the blog:) This should be a great way to meet SD….or are we just greeting them and letting them get away? LOL!!!

  376. lisa says:

    hey my posts keep disappearing, must be a glitch in the system tonight.

    anyway I was going to say that I wouldn’t like it if a man cut me off either, I would feel like a child or maybe worry that he was a little too dominate for me.

  377. OCSugarBaby says:

    Nite Nite Jennifer.

    Nice to have you join again Chrisohbabyy! The age question is a tough one. Back to the Chemistry basics. If you find someone who is a bit out of your normal age range, but you have sparks, well then you have your answer. Bingo, conversation should be fun and enjoyable. But if no sparks, well dinner can be sooooo long. I have a hard time when men live in the past. The here and now is so much more fun. Don’t get me wrong, I love a man who is wise and worldly. But I have a personal need for them to be current in their Demeanor. Just my two cents worth.

    Gail- The dog beach was fun. My chocolate lab *Duchess* loves running in the waves. I do too, my feet were freezing!

  378. dreamer says:

    oh i wish i could have read it! i bet its fun to see the profiles. And gail, idk what i would do without you- you lighten my day. Maybe you will get a very generous SD and you can be my SM hehe. In some way or another

  379. chrisohbabyy 274057 says:

    i meant older.

    & oh i meant he cut me off while i was in mid order & ordered for me. *sorry, didn’t proof*

  380. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Thanks Gail

    Time for bed it is now 11:15PM have an early morning. Have to take my son to the doctor and then some Christmas shopping. Have to get it done while he is in day care. Everyone take care..

    Will keep you all updated. May sweet dreams of SD’s dance in your head.

  381. chrisohbabyy 274057 says:

    AH. I’ve been MIA for a bit. You guys are probably wondering who the heck are you again. School has taken over my life.

    Anyway, i need to vent so feel free to scroll past. IF I HAVE ONE MORE GUY…say “oh i’ve never dated a (black/biracial/brownsugar/w.e you’d like to call it) girl before….i’m going to scream. I’m biracial..black and white…i’m not a delicacy. jeez.

    ANYWAY…i really need some feedback on this. Question is…How old is too old?

    I went on a date about 2 days ago with an onder gentleman, he was in his mid 50’s. He cut me off while i was in mid order, i understand some gentlemen do this so i let it go. The whole entire dinner conversation felt as if it was a “back in my day” monologue. I hardly got a word in edgewise. That wasn’t the bad part. EVERYTHING in the conversation had verbal footnotes…i’m a smart girl, i get it! I mean maybe the guy is used to dating girls that are just not that bright but i felt as if he were talking to me like a child!

    Maybe i should have done my research more before we met, but i always figure let’s have lunch & see where things go. There’s no need to be talking for weeks only to meet and realize you just don’t click.

    I know some guys say “i’m a young 40, 50, 60″…..but this can be quite misleading.

    So how how do you feel about age? The topic of how old is too old.

  382. lisa says:

    sephora doesn’t sell MAC but they do sell Nars which I bought alot of on my last 2 sd dates, way back months ago.
    I am very conservative on the outside (well not in my dress as I am known for my wild legwear (I have 3 sock drawers) and I have mostly conservative values) but I have my secret side, things that would curl everyone’s toes. Anyway the guy from sephora (a long time ago, said he liked my outfit, lol) I am into the billie joe armstrong (greenday) look in a guy but those are usually not sds. so I need to find me a older grey haired or bald (I love both) man with some class and cash and with the same attributes that my lover has

  383. Gail says:

    Dont try to find yourself if you are not a premium account…we are at the end…LOL….How was your walk with your doggie? and his name is?

  384. OCSugarBaby says:

    Lisa- I am finding that the string of current and archived blogs say the same thing. Just have patience and it will happen. Tweak your profile a bit to see if that helps and always stay positive. I think that the bloggers have stumbled onto good advice. 🙂

  385. lisa says:

    you were probably edited out to keep us non paying members from getting in on the premium benefits. I don’t see why we can’t view profiles freely.

  386. Gail says:

    go for him Lisa…i know how much you love your Mac products…LOL…I am still laughing, you are bordering on semi-conservative….I see a wild side…

  387. OCSugarBaby says:

    hahaha I have no idea why we were BLEEP’d. It was funny.

    For those of you who did not read our fun episode above. We figured out how to see Jennifer and myself on the SB profiles. Too funny! lol

  388. lisa says:

    edit I “CAN’T” get a date with a 60 year old, lol

  389. lisa says:

    its funny in everyday life I get alot of attention from younger men (a few times from high school boys when I went to pick my daughter up from school, creepy) but on this site I can even get a date with a 60 year old man. I find myself attracted to some younger guys, actually the emo guys like the one that works at the sephora near me, he is really skinny, and wears eyeliner and tight girl pants. yikes, it’s getting warm in here, let me regain my conservative posture.

  390. Gail says:

    Jennifer-good:) Give us an update…we care about you:) and want the best experience for you!
    OCSugarbaby-now I am wondering what you said and what I said that cause us to be bleeped…LOL…I know it wasn’t as bad as the old blogs…now that you have a idea of what happens on the Sugarblog,stays on the Sugarblog…LOL
    I am talking to a single SD…no woman in his life…only his daughters…and he is older…just like I like them…seasoned:)

  391. sweetredhead269443 says:

    He is younger than me. I seem to attract younger man all the time lol. I don’t look my age so that’s probably it.

    He does he is a very kind and caring person. and one day at a time is the only way to go in these types of relationships.

  392. lisa says:

    we from my past experience with single men, I have found my married lover is no more a user than the single ones. funny thing is I have had 3 boyfriends in the time I have been having this affair, and none of them knew of it. all 3 were so busy with their kids, work, and problems with the ex, that they were not available to me and I found myself sitting home alone alot while the single ones were too busy to take me out.
    It is actually the best relationship I have had but unfortunately I did not meet him on a sd website, I met him on one of those intimate websites, I was just checking it out and ended up chatting with him and well it just worked.

  393. OCSugarBaby says:

    Sweetredhead- Take one day at a time and enjoy each others company. You are wise to be careful, but if he treats you like you deserve to be treated. Enjoy!

  394. lisa says:

    the only actual sd I had from this site was younger than me, that was just creepy for me. lol I’m a little over 40 and prefer a man no younger than 50, preferably over 55. My lover is 57

  395. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I personally don’t think I would be involved with a married man if he wasn’t a SD. I think I would feel used.

  396. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Gail…. he did redeem himself. Waiting for a reply from last email. He is also married and younger. I am remembering everything I have learned here and taking it one step at a time.

  397. lisa says:

    I have everything but the financial help from my lover, he never buys me gifts and I was surprised when he came though for me back when I was out of work. I just made a casual comment to him about my situation (job was actually delayed because of hurricane ike) and he had the money for me along with some extra in a few days.
    He is the man that I left my family and moved out on my own to continue to see. My mom hired a detective to follow me and take pictures and was threatened to tell his wife and all. well she has accected the situation and although she and he don’t talk or see each other, she knows I could be involved in a lot worse.
    He was my first lover in over 10 years, actually 14 years, since I never even dated after my divorce as i was too busy raising my daughter and protecting her from her middle eastern father . always worried he’d take her out of the country like so many moslem men do when they marry american women.

  398. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I came to the realization tonight that I over think things to much. I just need to go with it and not think so much. so that is my new years resolution 🙂

  399. OCSugarBaby says:

    Im here! Just engrossed in reading all the old archived blogs. It is Mesmerizing. lol

    Sweetredhead and Lisa, Gail and I had a blast today. lol You missed the fun. We were deleted left and right. LMOA

  400. sweetredhead269443 says:

    thank you Bubbles4u2me I just hope he doesn’t read the blogs lmao. I have to have some secrets 🙂

  401. Bubbles4u2me says:

    I am so happy for you Sweetredhead!!! You Go Girl!!!!!!!!!! I had faith and I knew that it would go well.

  402. sweetredhead269443 says:

    lmao I will when I talk to him on Wednesday 😡

  403. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I think you need all with a SD chemistry, excitement, passion. and be able to communicate. yes the money is a bonus but only that. If the other things are not there to me it is no kind of relationship.

  404. lisa says:

    uh oh, plans for him, lol sounds like he has a treat coming, better give him a hint so he will push up that next meeting, lol

  405. lisa says:

    with my married lover, he talked about his wife often, and his family, as we have daughters about the same age and he has one older daughter. I have learned about everything about him, actually to be honest, I am still seeing him (shhhsh) for almost 4 years. He is wonderful but unfortunately not a sd although he did save my butt a few months ago when I needed money. I wish I could find a sd (heck i’m not even getting mail) that I could connect with in the same way. I know he adores me and makes me feel like no other man has. we only see each other a couple times a month though and holiday time is hard as he is out of town, has a flexible job and travels all the time. Older than me but in great shape and lots of stamina. It’s the perfect relationship but I need a sd to ad some perk to my life, passion only gets you so far.

  406. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I was VERY nervous. we have been talking for a few weeks. can’t wait for the next meeting I know i won’t be nervous and I have some really great plans for him 🙂

  407. lisa says:

    I can’t drink wine or anything on a first meeting. I rarely drink and it has an effect on me. I remember dating my last boyfriend, we’d go for dinner and i’d have a drink and I would feel all silly when we went to the store to shop, half there. He was always trying to get me to try different wines as he was into all of that but to me all wine just tastes yucky. I did drink some at the movietheatre (we have movie theatres here that serve food and drinks while you watch the movie) the same night we were intimate for the first time and it did reallly relax me, so maybe it was just the mixed drink I had that made me feel weird.
    I forgot how long have you been in contact with him before meeting today? Just curious as you seem completely comfortable with him which is good, I always find myself a little nervous.

  408. Gail says:

    Happy for you Sweetredhead!!!

    Jennifer, I am done with laundry, actually finished it hours ago:) Strange message you got there…but it’s good the way you responded back. Give him just one chance only to redeem himself…

    dreamer, you may be sarcastic…but those of us who know here, we get your sarcasm:) and it’s not bad…lol….

    Lisa, been washing in woolite…quite a bit too…hee,hee…..

    BettiegirlDD- Just enjoy!!!enjoy!!! And should it not work out…consider it a learning experience:)

    OCBaby-Come back from the beach…and your doggie too. Once again I am envious…I love sand, water,warmth….

  409. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I think their are boundaries if your with a married SD and talking about his wife unless he brings it up is one of them.

  410. sweetredhead269443 says:

    We drank wine and relaxed, talking about many different things. he needed to unwind big time poor guy. I gave him a massage 🙂 It was really enjoyable.

  411. lisa says:

    that can be challenging but when my schedule was working nights and weekends I only had my days free which was ideal for having a daytime affair, thus the reason I had a relationship with a married man, daughter was at school, and I had free time. I would prefer a married sd myself as it puts bounderies on the relationship. My lover had a good marriage but his wife was tied to her career and going through menopaus and driving him crazy. Our time together was fun and relaxing, we never argued or had a fight in the many years we were involved. we still keep in touch.

  412. sweetredhead269443 says:

    He is married, and we are going to set another meeting but we have to work around his availability.

  413. lisa says:

    I need to find me a sd that works at the hospital, lol as I live 4 blocks from a big medical center. It’s always good to discuss dislikes too because those can be mood killers.
    So glad things are working for you. I’m still waiting. It’s pathetic actually as I’ve been watching old 70’s videos on youtube, dorky bands like bay city rollers, i’m just in that kinda weird mood. the assitant supervisor for my department at work is obsessed with a song from the early 90’s and he plays it over and over on his mp3 player and I can hear it even though it is in his ear, I swear he listened to it nonstop for 8 hours today and he keeps asking me questions about the band and stuff and actually I am way over the group he is asking me about but I think he was just a kid when the song came out and he’s curious. lol
    Have you made any plans to meet again soon or are you waiting to see what his schedule allows? Is he single or married, I don’t remember the details but i’m sure you told us awhile back, the blog is too long to go through. lol

  414. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I didn’t get much sleep last night to nervous even threw up this morning I was so nervous yeah a know crazy!

    yes we discussed the “arrangement” before we met and was taken care of. discussed a lot of things. Likes dislikes ect.

    I have to drive about 45 minutes to meet him and he drives the same. we meet 1/2 way. the reason is because he is on call and can’t be that far away.

  415. lisa says:

    Did you discuss and arrangment or just have a casual date talking about this and that? I know that you mentioned that you live a distance from him. Is he going to come to you or are you gonna meet again like you did today? Not trying to be nosy, lol, just asking questions 🙂

    I hate talking on the phone too, you have those silent moments because afterall you are talking to a stranger and run out of things to say, email is better and you can also compare emails over a few days to check for consistancy, just as I did with someone that I was chatting with, his emails didnt’ match up, red flag.

    I wonder if you will sleep tonight or are you on a natural high and want to stay up all night, not wanting the day to end.

  416. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Thank you SuthrnExec since you were taken had to find the next best thing lol

  417. sweetredhead269443 says:

    aww ty OCSugarBaby I feel lucky too, he is one of the good guys 🙂

    dreamer…..only talked to him 3 hours one night on the phone lol, the rest were in yahoo messenger. but for hours at a time. I am like that too sometime I can be sarcastic Well lets make that SASSY lol.

    He kept saying How beautiful I was and sexy that’s so nice to hear 🙂 But was thinking I better get those pics of me updated cause he seemed surprised lol.

  418. SuthrnExec says:

    That’s great sweetredhead! Good for you!

  419. dreamer says:

    admin or stephan, is there any way to put a ‘bottom of page’ button on the blogs? it is really hard to scroll thru 200+ msgs on my phone to read the latest juicy information!

  420. dreamer says:

    congrats redhead!!!! and i hate talking on the phone, to anyone.. So when someone insists, I feel awkward. In e-mails, if it is someone I relatively dont know, I try to think it out carefully and proof read it- bc Im one of those ppl that I am always scared someone will take me the wrong way (bc it has happened many times before.) I have a strange sarcastic personality and it doesnt convey in writing too well..

  421. OCSugarBaby says:

    Dear Sweetredhead- How could HE not have had a great time. If you choose him he should consider himself one very lucky SD. 😉

  422. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I really look forward to getting to know him much better. yes I thinks its a success 🙂 time will tell. I will keep you posted.

  423. lisa says:

    Congrats sweetredhead! 🙂 A Sd meeting sucess story

  424. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Thank you Jennifer 🙂 It really does pay to talk to an SD a bit before meeting. You can tell a lot by just talking and knowing if he is for you or not.

  425. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    SweetRed…. Congrats, I am happy for you. Things will work out for you, I just know it.

  426. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I’m BACK!!! I had a WONDERFUL TIME!!! he was great. very nice sensitive to my feelings. I could not have asked for the more perfect first time meeting. Yes their were nerves ughhh I hate That. we spent 4 wonderful hours together and plan on meeting up again. This time without the nerves lol.

    Thank you all for your encouragement. I love this blog you guys are all so great. Makes this all so much easier to have people who are there to ask questions, and encourage you.

    ANd yes I think I found my SD 🙂 it can happen 🙂

  427. SuthrnExec says:

    Miss T, I wouldn’t post the bloopers if they aren’t good pics (eyes closed, etc.). Maybe a cell phone pic to go with the professional pic?

  428. cro34 says:

    Good stuff, everybody thanks for the advice…

    Looking forward to hearing about sweetredhead’s experience.

    Bettiegirl: How did your dates go? Was there affection, chemistry and warmth?

  429. Miss T says:

    What about if you have professional photos but also have the bloopers (you know the ones where your eyes are closed and they haven’t been edited/cropped etc.)? Does that make them more legit?

  430. SuthrnExec says:

    cro34, I’m not a SB but I prefer communicating via email in that situation for the reason you cite – I think you’ll get more honest feedback – plus, I think the SB will make it VERY apparent if she is interested because it is email, whereas on the phone, nerves may cause her tone to be misinterpreted. My 2 cents.

  431. SuthrnExec says:

    BettieGirlDD, my only advice would be to pay attention to your intuition. Don’t discount it.

  432. lisa says:

    Hi everyone, just got home from work, exhausted and I guess the housework thing must be going around, I too have to clean the bathroom tonight and tomorrow I have to do laundry. don’t mind doing it but I wish I had my own washer and dryer. can’t have them here and the laundry room is vandalized. I found a nice laundrette 4 blocks down the street, luckily I don’t have a lot of laundry a I have to carry it. most of my clothes are dry clean only which for a poor girl means “handwash in woolite, lol”

    Cro34 I think you did a very nice thing on your first meeting, showed her you were sincere. I agree emails are easier as I tend to go blank on the phone, and you can read over what you say in an email and take out something that didn’t come out right.

    waiting to hear from sweetredhead, guess she’s had her date and off to visit friends by now.

  433. Sweets says:

    speaking of the “browse similar profiles” feature, have you seen the woman named extremegolddigger?
    the name alone screams “class”

  434. cro34 says:

    Thanks SuthrnExec

  435. cro34 says:

    BettieGirlDD: would you prefer an email or phone call?

  436. BettieGirlDD says:

    Hunni: If he thinks feeling out one anothers’ personalities is a joke, he wants a “pro’ not a cute lil beneficiary to have fun with. Sure, there’s a small chance you mistook him joking since the internet loses expression, tone of voice, etc. but in my in my experience if trying to get a guy to show some personality is like pulling teeth he either has no personality or doesn’t want to waste any of it on you. If you had enough info to see if you like him well enough or otherwise knew he was joking you wouldn’t have asked us. Move on.

    Cro34: Welcome! Nice to see a SD blogging. Its reassuring to know there are jitters on your end, too.

    Everyone: I have two first meetings this week, any advice?

  437. SuthrnExec says:

    Good afternoon all! Welcoem CRO34 – yes, those ladies are invaluable.

  438. cro34 says:

    Cro stands for Chief Risk Officer

  439. cro34 says:

    Hello Everybody: What I did was send her an email about our first encounter and am waiting to see if she reciprocates. Will let you know if/when she does.

    Or do you think a phone call is better. Email I feels give her a chance to respond more thoughtfully. BTW you ladies of the blog are fantastic. What a reservoir of invaluable advice.

  440. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Update!!! had another email!! pretty much said sorry.. getting off on the wrong foot!! We will see how things go.

  441. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Hey everyone, Just got back on and had an email from a SD.
    Only two sentences and the second was what was I in sexually.
    wrote back saying that it wasn’t all about the sex.

    What do you think about that answer?

    OCSugar… thanks about the picture.. did you have fun at the beach?

    Gail.. still doing laundry last load in the washer.
    Talk to you all later.

  442. SweetEuropeanGirl says:

    haha you CA SB’s sound like alot of fun! i’m off too, getting late here! have a great day! xx

  443. Gail says:

    Me too…need to finish housework:)

  444. OCSugarBaby says:

    It was fun though.

    I am signing off. I want to take my Chocolate lab to the dog beach. I will check in later. Enjoy!

  445. Gail says:

    LOL….okay…we will be good now….Sweet EuropeanGirl…see what kind of trouble CA SBs are:) We started it and now we have to end it….but I still don’t know what we did to be on the delete list….Hmmmm….

  446. OCSugarBaby says:

    Hey that one made it thru!

  447. OCSugarBaby says:

    They are starting to think we switched teams! LMOA

  448. Gail says:

    LOL…OC…I think we need to change subjects…this is happening for a reason…LOL…we need to focus on SDs?

  449. Gail says:

    ok…message deleted again…I did click..LOL…and my previous message contained my thoughts…LOL…see they vanished before I could convey them….

  450. OCSugarBaby says:

    lol… If you clicked on my profile, I do not believe that you will come up as viewed on my list.
    Hey, we are just messing around. I thought it was fun to see you guys.
    Ok we will behave. 😉

  451. Gail says:

    LOL….join the club…I thought is was me at first…do you think it is the content of our message:) I know I was good…

  452. OCSugarBaby says:

    Hey, my messages keep getting deleted. 🙁

  453. SweetEuropeanGirl says:

    I just checked the “browse similair profiles” tab but mine doesn’t come up…i’m not premium 🙁 lol. I saw OC and Jennifer though 🙂

  454. OCSugarBaby says:

    Gail- Go right ahead.

  455. Gail says:

    Hey…I just posted a message…its gone…LOL…guess they didn’t like what I said:) LOL….Oh well…Let me know if it is okay to peek at your profiles…that way you can see me:)

  456. OCSugarBaby says:

    Bye Jennifer. Great picture too! I thought that might be you. 🙂

  457. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    talk to everyone later… have a great day and be safe.

  458. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Hey, I also found myself… Just under the name Jennifer..

    OCGirl… great picture. Mine was just up from yours. just doing the premium for a month.

    Gail, just about have the laundry done.. now it is time to fold, yuck!

  459. Gail says:

    LOL…yeah…those were during the summer…really crazy times:) Everyone on there were characters. It’s raining outside…cold…I am staying in today…I like being warm:)

  460. SweetEuropeanGirl says:

    I went through alot of the old blog posts not long ago and they’re really helpful! and addictive! i couldnt stop reading all the conversations going on in them! i also saw the “sugar fantasys” one..haha i loved that one!

  461. Gail says:

    No…I didnt see me because I have never paid for premium membership…we are at the very end I think. I figure it’s been working me so far…so for now I will let him find me:)

    What happened to you Cro34? What does Cro34 stand for?

  462. OCSugarBaby says:

    Gail- awww thanks! lol Did you see yourself?

  463. Gail says:

    Hey…just did it…saw you OC….you are so pretty…didn’t go in your profile though…not into ladies…LOL….

  464. Gail says:

    Great idea…should have thought about that myself. I guess I have been more into spontaneity. LOL…and see what I got…Lessons learned…

  465. OCSugarBaby says:

    Yup, TLC -tender loving care… Wonderful ideas to spoil your SD with.

  466. OCSugarBaby says:

    Hey, I just found a cool thing. I was at the profile tab looking at how to improve mine and saw that the feature of browse similiar profiles (of other SB’s). If you hit the button you can see other SB’s that are similar. Hey I found myself! That was fun.

  467. Gail says:

    Good Lord…does that make us Sugarblog addicts…OCSugarbaby..TLC meaning tender loving care list?

  468. OCSugarBaby says:

    They are addictive. I love cheering everyone on! Plus it gives me great ideas to add to my TLC list. I have quite a long list so far. lol

  469. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Thank goodness for these blogs.. I have learned so much. I have to keep coming back to read what was posted after I left.. OH, no can we say addiction. Maybe a little, but great new friends.
    I can’t wait to hear from SweetRed…. I hope things work out for her.

  470. Gail says:

    Good morning Chocolate Kisses! Just wanted to say to you, that I appreciate you positivity on the blog. Its nice to hear you support everyone!!!

  471. Gail says:

    Oh OCSugarbaby…you posted just before I did. See what I mean…some of us come and go on the blog. It’s hard to leave, but if we didn’t our business would be taken care of in the real life.

  472. OCSugarBaby says:

    Good Morning CHOCOLATE*KISSES!

  473. Gail says:

    You are so right Jennifer. I can truly say I was scared the first couple of times I met SDs. Each experience I learned alot from. I have been very lucky to have met really wonderful fellas. They were just not for me. I just take time to enjoy and smell the coffee:) I know my SD will find me. And now you have a Sugar family:) We are all here for you.

    OCSugarbaby-We had a blog topic,”Sugar Fantasys”. Our beloved Ms. V inspired that one…you should read it…LOL…you will be cracking up. Some of the past blog topics are really wild…LOL again…

  474. OCSugarBaby says:

    I read thru all the old blogs last nite. Seriously could not sleep! What a wealth of info for all new SB’s. I gained so much insight on our regular SD’s who log in and blog. I highly suggest it to anyone who is a new SB. Loved reading about all of you! 🙂


    wow .. sweetredhead… when you get back if i’m not online well just wanna say “I KNOW EVERTHING WILL GO GREAT JUST LIVE UP TO UR NAME ” SWEET_ RED_ HEAD ” AND THE BOTH OF U WILL HAVE FUN .
    *BE GOOD TO UR SELF ALWAY* and it will work

  476. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Gail, I haven’t given up yet and I wont. Just keep going on each day brings on a new challenge. Thank goodness I get good laughs at home. tinker bells…tinker bells… my son singing jingle bells. just so cute.

  477. Gail says:

    I have changed my approach since that time. I take the time to really get to know them before flying off into the sunset. I actually talked to one SD for a full year before meeting him. He was so busy remodeling his entire bottom floor that he never had time. I told him to call me when he was done, and then I would come and we would have a big party for all of his friends. We would be the Host and Hostess. I didn’t hear from him for 2 months. Then I got a e-mail with a plane ticket. Yes, I was the hostess:) And his home was beautiful. 17 flatscreen tv’s…One in every bathroom and in all the rooms. We are still very good friends, and I will be going back for the Superbowl party.

  478. Gail says:

    LOL…yes the e-mail was sent after I had already left for the airport. I brought my laptop with me, but didn’t get a chance to look at mail at the hotel, since I didn’t want him to incur additional charges on his bill for internet usage. So when I got home that’s what I read. And he really was a sweet fella. That’s just one of my experiences…:)

  479. OCSugarBaby says:

    That brings up a topic that I had been thinking about last nite.*couldn’t sleep* Full disclosure of fetishes. Do we want to be Surprised?

  480. Gail says:

    Jennifer-SB and SD are all different. I am definately not the drop dead georgeous woman. But most SDs I have run into are not drop dead either. I look more for their personality,sense of humor, honesty, and the chemistry. Love grey hair or no hair, prefer seasoned fellas…they taste better…LOL

  481. OCSugarBaby says:

    Gail- That is ahhh well ok, I really can’t find the words. Found them… No Way?????

  482. Gail says:

    OCSugarbaby-Nope he didn’t. I was shocked also to find a e-mail that he sent to me before, that I didn’t get to read, when I got home. Now get ready for this ladies:) He said that he wanted to experiment with me…LOL and wanted me to pee in his mouth..AhhhhGag!!! Believe it or not he was very sweet and gifted me $1000.00. I slept very well that nite and alone in the nice hotel. He rebooked my ticket to leave in the morning and came to take me to the airport in the morning.

  483. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    And he was looking for a bbw too

  484. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Not very good.. had first email, but all he wanted was to IM.. I don’t think so!!
    I got a second email last night. wanting to know why I didn’t email him after I viewed his profile. emailed back.. you looked first. haven’t heard from him yet.
    I also have one out, but he has not been on since November. Oh, well.

  485. Gail says:

    LOL…Jennifer…yeah housework needs to be done…I hate to have a dirty home. I am cooking too. Getting chicken ready to make chicken tacos, and then making chili also for later. I love to eat:) As petite as I am…I don’t know where it all goes to. How has your experience been so far Jennifer?

  486. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Gail.. something to look forward to after Christmas. A little something just for you.

  487. Gail says:

    Ahhh…Paree’…I have traveled all over the US. I would love to go out of country:) just for once. My daughter has been there, and she did a lot of shopping… Make sure you take lots of pics:) it will be great to have for memories. My SD will be here on the 27th. We have plans to meet for dinner. I am just going to try and enjoy because I don’t want to get happy and then sad…anyway I look forward to the experience.

  488. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Gail, I am doing the same thing laundry and the dirtiest job around cleaning the bathroom, which I just hate with a passion.

  489. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Cro34.. I have to say the same thing, did you have fun? It sounds like you did.
    When you think about the SB do you smile and rethink about the last time you were together. Then I think you have a connection. Talk to her!!!!
    Let us all know how things go.

  490. OCSugarBaby says:

    Good Morning All!
    Hey Gail fellow CA girl, did he not disclose that he was a naturist?

  491. SweetEuropeanGirl says:

    haha that’s hilairious! At least you got a laugh out of it! He’s taking me to Paris! He’s coming on holiday at the end of the month so i’m flying out to meet him (i’m in the south of France). I’m exited, i’ve never been to Paris before! I’ve been emailing some other SD’s for a while but it seems alot of them just want to talk via email and aren’t planning on ever meeting (because they’re very far away) it’s hard finding SD’s in europe most of them are in the states, you girls have all the luck!! lol Are you planning on meeting your SD when he comes?

  492. Gail says:

    That’s a good sign. What are your plans for the date? I haven’t talked to my SD yet, but we have been e-mailing back and forth now for over a month. He is scheduled to be here during the holiday. I have gone on dates too, but no chemistry. One time I was flown to NY, spent about an 4 hours with him, and we both agreed it was not going to work. He was into nudity all the time, and wanted me to go to a resort for nudies. Smile:) Hee, hee… Can you imagine seeing me, mouth open…looking at everything…LOL…He was kind and generous though:) I flew back the next day to CA:)

  493. SweetEuropeanGirl says:

    No it’s my second, my first one didn’t go too well though, there was no chemistry between us so we didn’t take it any further, i’m hoping this meeting will go better though, we’ve spoken on the phone a bit and he seems interesting and very chatty 🙂

  494. Gail says:

    Doing great SweetEuropeanGirl. Is this your first meeting?

  495. SweetEuropeanGirl says:

    Have fun sweetred, hope it goes well! 🙂

    I have a meeting soon i’m really exited, nervous aswell though! How is everyone?

  496. sweetredhead269443 says:

    that’s great cro34 sounds like you connected. I will let you all know what happens, I am on my way to meet him now 🙂

  497. Gail says:

    Shopping,pool, Fun!!! What a great start. So do you plan to see her again? Was there any chemistry? Are you still smiling now? Would love to hear more:)

  498. cro34 says:

    Hey question for everybody: Gail, Bubbles4u2me, sweetredhead269443,

    Had a first meeting with an SB. We did some shopping and then got dinner and then played pool. We both had a lot of fun. Any thoughts?

  499. Gail says:

    Thanks for the coffee Jennifer…so aromatic and eye-awakening…need it so much to wash clothes and clean up around here. Making breakfast of champions this morning, oatmeal..something warm to stick to my stomach:)

  500. Gail says:

    SweetRed: Have cupfuls of coffee…him too:) Don’t need the both of you to fall asleep. Then there would be very little to share with us. And you know we are all waiting for you to get back. Just because you snag him doesnt mean that you write less on the blog. We like more always:)

  501. Bubbles4u2me says:

    Sweetred- Thats great. I knew that he would come through. Knock his socks off lady.

  502. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I am meeting him today 🙂 we both have had very little sleep. This should be interesting. we keep messing each others messages lol. I am leaving here in about an hour and a half to drive to meet him. Have a few stops to make first then off I go.

  503. sweetredhead269443 says:

    good morning all 🙂 passing the coffee around.

  504. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Good morning to everyone..

  505. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Gail.. thanks for the wine

    I am up from a little nap and I need to go back to bed.

    Sweetred.. Vero is on the other coast of Florida.. About 3 hrs from you.

    I am happy that you heard from you guy.

  506. sweetredhead269443 says:

    awww that’s GREAT!! I am happy for you OCSugarBaby good Luck finding that right one 🙂

  507. sweetredhead269443 says:

    thanks guys, but I think he will be sleep walking tomorrow poor guy. If he even can make it. he messaged me then had to run again. said brb and I am still waiting lol

  508. OCSugarBaby says:

    Update on my search – The SD’s are out there, I have had some very interesting emails. Now to find out who is willing to take the time to find out how I take my coffee. lol 🙂 That’s the SD who will find his Sugar Baby of his dreams!

  509. OCSugarBaby says:

    Sweetredhead- That’s what we like to hear!

  510. Bubbles4u2me says:

    Thats good I am rooting for you.

  511. sweetredhead269443 says:

    there was 🙂 he was slammed like I thought. he messaged me as soon as he could 🙂

  512. Bubbles4u2me says:

    Dont give up sweetred there maybe a good reason why. I have my fingers crossed for you.

  513. sweetredhead269443 says:

    that’s great Gail 🙂 sounds like a winner!

    it was sunny and 70 today 🙂

    [email protected] your too funny!

    Thinking maybe he changed his mind, but I am giving him the benefit of the doubt. I do know how busy he is. So still keeping the hope 🙂

  514. Gail says:

    hey everyone:) I have just awoken from a long nap:) Was ti
    red after working today too.

    JenniferBBWSB have a glass of wine. You deserve it after working 12 hours.

    Nice to see you back Lisa. Missed your presence on the blog.

    OCBbaby, you will find someone, how could you not with all the SDs in Southern CA.

    As alway Suthurn Gent, you are surrounded by SBs this evening. We will never stand you up:)

    Sweetredhead, you are patient. I am sure he will be worth the wait.

    NWgirly-Happy for you…hope the sun will be out on Thursday:)

    My first SD date, I met him after 6 months of talking on the phone. He came here and took me out to lunch. Before meeting he surprised me and paid for me to have a spa day. We are the best of friends and talk every other day.

    Ok Bubbles….less than 1000 words:)

  515. lisa says:

    Have a good sunday and a sucessful meeting. Off to bed for me.

  516. Bubbles4u2me says:

    Hi sweetredhead. How was the weather today in Florida

  517. Bubbles4u2me says:

    @ u know who…..I laugh. lol

  518. sweetredhead269443 says:

    we are meeting for lunch. but I won’t be back home till late I am meeting some friends afterwards that live out that way I am meeting him.

  519. lisa says:

    Let’s drink (well I dont’ drink either so I’ll have a coke, lol) to a great first meeting for sweetredhead tomorrow. Are you having lunch or dinner with him?
    Have a great night everyone. I have to be winding down and getting ready for bed soon, gotta get up at 6 am.

  520. sweetredhead269443 says:

    he is not a time waster. He is a good guy 🙂 well that I have seen so far. I choose to think positive 🙂 I am sure he is just really swamped.

  521. lisa says:

    I have tried being patient in situations but it seems I was dealing with time wasters or someone who wasn’t serious. I am a type A person, heck I never sit down, lol I dont’ even sit at the computer, I stand at it, it’s on my kitchen counter, and if I’m waiting for a call or emaill, i’m walking all over my apartment, I need a chill pill. lol

  522. sweetredhead269443 says:

    He was very upfront about his schedule. He let me know right from the start. I accept it. It would be my problem if I got mad or upset because he could not contact me or meet me. And would mean I didn’t except his situation. Would not be his problem. So I choose to accept it and I wait 🙂 and am patient.

  523. lisa says:

    you have a lot of patience (no pun intended, lol)

  524. sweetredhead269443 says:

    no tension. he always contacts me when he says he will. And if he can’t he can’t. I know his situation.

  525. lisa says:

    and the tension builds. lol

  526. lisa says:

    green tea yogurt, that sounds yummy. Been living on coffee all day.

  527. sweetredhead269443 says:

    sounds like a plan OCSugarBaby , its almost 10:30 here watching a movie and sitting waiting…..la la la la lol

  528. lisa says:

    It was nice here today. My mom said she saw a lot of snow thrown out in the courtyard from wednesday. I think alot of kids got excited and brought it all in and put it in the fridge and their mothers are tossing it out. lol
    It did rain a little while ago though. As long as it doesn’t rain in the morning when I got to work, I dont’ mind. More cold weather is coming though, I don’t like that

  529. OCSugarBaby says:

    I am feeling naughty, think I am going to go take a walk and get some Pink Berry!!! (That would be green tea yogurt for those not familiar with this Delicious treat). I may even live a little and get fruity pebbles cereal on top. Bye for now…

  530. NWgirly says:

    Hi lisa glad to have you back, and hello gail yes I remember the song but unfortunately the weather is going to be worse tomorrow and yes I have a potential which I am meeting thursday.

  531. lisa says:

    I live down the street from a medical center and have a firestation and ambulance around the corner, lots of sirens all the time, the hospital emergency room over here is always busy. I heard the other day that there can be a 4 hour wait for an emergency room in my city.

    I dated a petro geologist last year and hardly seen him, he spent half his time out of the country and I was working nights at that time and it seemed like he was away everytime I had an evening off. His job stressed me out

  532. sweetredhead269443 says:

    no not yet, he is at the hospital so he is most likely very busy 🙂

  533. lisa says:

    sweetredhead: any word from your potential yet?

  534. lisa says:

    We still keep in touch but he is happy in his marriage and in reality we were two different people (those little opinions and viewpoints that don’t come into play when you are having an affair but that would if you had a serious relationship). However this relationship caused my family to hate me and even to hire a detective to follow me to stop me. That’s why I moved out of my family’s home, left everything I owned and started over on my own in my late 30’s. I am seen as a failure but up till 3 years ago I was living with my parents and letting them run my life, before and after my marriage to a moslem husband, so to be on my own is a big step for me. I was completely controlled as a young person, sort of a cult thing so I was not very well prepared to make it on my own.

  535. OCSugarBaby says:

    awwwh, thanks Sweetredhead. 🙂

  536. sweetredhead269443 says:

    lisa friends are a special gift 🙂

  537. sweetredhead269443 says:

    OCSugarBaby I know you will find someone great. you are a very nice person and intelligent. you know what you want. I hope you find someone special 🙂

  538. lisa says:

    this guy was not a sd but he came to my rescue in oct and paid my rent so he is a true friend.

  539. lisa says:

    my best first meeting was with a man I met on another more intimate website (I was just browsing and had no intention of meeting anyone) but we started chatting and met and connected immediately , had a 3 year affair with him (he was the married on) and it was like he could read my mind, liked to cuddle for an hour afterwards, very sweet, attractive, the type of man I wish I could marry. Of course like anything else, it took a few months to really build a bond with him and be able to be myself with him

  540. OCSugarBaby says:

    I have not had a first yet. But, then again it has only been a few days since I joined. I am hopeful 🙂

  541. lisa says:

    I met one guy on another site that forgot to tell me that he was in the process of getting his 3rd divorce, had 3 boys under 10 (the guy was in his mid 50’s so I presumed his boys were in college or adults), and unemployed 6 months. He was very interested in meeting again, i sent a thanks but……… email this was a serious dating site and I was not looking for someone with so much baggage

  542. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I have had 2 first meeting were not horror stories but no connection. they seemed to connect with me but I was just not interested. they were different then they represented themselves to be.

  543. lisa says:

    met a guy a few years ago from another reg site. We met at mall food court, he proceeded to order himself a subway sandwich and and sit down and eat in front of me. date lasted 30 minutes and I excused myself. He was incapable of making sentences of more than 2 words. He is still on that site 3 years later with same photos and profile

  544. lisa says:

    well I have had 4 first meetings.
    first one: coffee and conversation, second date, and then allowance and time together

    2nd one: coffee and talk of arrangment and then never heard from him (he is still on the site)

    3rd one: came into town took me to lunch and shopping, went back home, follow up email but no second meeting, nice guy though and the shopping was fun, and his was him that didnt’ get back with me

    4th: kinda awkward, he was huge but kept open mind and went shopping with him anyway as I still planned to go to social even with him as he was nice enough, he dropped me home and later cancelled for evening.

    actually 3 out of 4 of these guys are still on the site, months later.

    overall dates, satisfatory and worth my time, but did have a 5th one stand me up twice.

  545. SuthrnExec says:

    Actually, my first meetings (when they happen!) actually go pretty well. No horror stories here.

  546. sweetredhead269443 says:

    sorry to hear that lisa…….

    ok anybody got any stories about a first meeting? good or bad come on I know you all have them spill it 🙂

  547. lisa says:

    my daughter has no interest in dating. My mom is influencing her too much and molding her into the failure that I became. I wish I could change her but she is so brainwashed that she won’t even move with me. She has lost all her friends because she goes around telling them they;re going to hell. She won’t even stay over at my apartment because of the fact that I had a boyfriend at one time. Sad to see so much potential going nowhere. she isn’t going to college and plans to work at a store like me, a nowhere job.

  548. lisa says:

    My dvd player went out so I can’t watch any movies. My daughter is almost 18 and has a very strict bedtime (enforced by her, lol) She goes to school 4 hours, works 4 hours (she has a good part time job for a doctor and got a christmas bonus and has several parties going on, actually tonight my parents and her are at a party, and i’m home. I can’t get out at night.

  549. sweetredhead269443 says:

    the problem is they are fighting about a girl, they like the same one. and it starts!! the age ole girl problems

  550. sweetredhead269443 says:

    the boys had been fighting for the last hour so I sent their butts to bed ughh teens sometimes!! so its Saturday night and they are in bed at 9pm lmao I’ll teach them to argue hehehe

  551. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I love being alone sometimes. just read a book or watch a movie. ahhhhhh quiet!!

  552. lisa says:

    just got off the phone with a friend (the one that has that loser boyfriend) she got of work early and is spending the evening doing laundry. everyone is having a fun night, lol neighbors are barbecuing, smells delicious.
    I like to bathe in scolding water, lol.

  553. sweetredhead269443 says:

    nope not yet, he better be delivering triplets lmao j/k I don’t know where vero is 🙁

    Hope everyone is having a nice evening. I am nice and relaxed had my bubble bath, I smell pretty!! skin all pink and rosy, I am in my little heaven on earth 🙂

  554. SuthrnExec says:

    Good evening ladies!

  555. lisa says:

    I worked all day and have to work all day tomorrow. I will be off on monday though so i’ll sleep late. yah

  556. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Good evening everyone.
    I just got home from working a very long 12 hours..
    I am to the point that I hate taking care of sick people!!!
    Just needed to vent.

    Sweetred… Have you heard from your date yet?

    I am over in Vero..

  557. lisa says:


    take a bath, paint your nails, or do something where you can’t type on the computer, he will email you then, kind of like the UPS man knocking on my door when I’m taking a early bath.
    I remember last year returning from the mall, took off my cute but very uncomfortable skirt and was relaxing when DHL knocked at my door (I do alot of online contest stuff and win stuff occasionally) I had forgot about not having my skirt on and well went to the door in just my sweater, lol, I had been walking around my apartment for several hours so I had gotten used to it and didn’t feel anything missing, well I thought he acted odd, and a few minutes later when I was opening my package, I looked down and realized i’d flashed the DHL guy, lol

  558. OCSugarBaby says:

    Ok, I will check in later. Enjoy!

  559. sweetredhead269443 says:

    hi lisa!!!! good to see you 🙂

  560. lisa says:

    edit ‘here ‘ i’m on the phone too

  561. sweetredhead269443 says:

    looks like it. I am about to go take a bubble bath and relax. (because you know he will message me then lol) but i will be back in a little while.

  562. lisa says:

    i’m hear 🙂

  563. OCSugarBaby says:

    Cheers! Is it just the two of us again tonite? lol

  564. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I am not a drinker but someone pass around the drinks I think I need one LMAO

  565. sweetredhead269443 says:

    OCSugarBaby thanks!! I hope I don’t get stood up 🙁 SuthrnExec are you sending out bad vibes??? lmao just kidding.

  566. lisa says:

    I hope he is the ideal sd for you and that your date goes well. now come on sd, get send that email and ease the tension.

    I have this old man that comes into the store and comes over to me and tells me i’m beautiful and hugs me. He is like 70 something and has a wife. He’s just being friendly but you know it’s kinda odd. The customers at this store seem overly friendly whereas at the printshop they were *holes.
    Still waiting for a Christmas sd. Darn I hate Christmas.

  567. OCSugarBaby says:

    Good Evening SuthrnExec & Gail!

  568. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I will talk in general but I would never say if I actually did or not that is between myself and whoever I am with 🙂 its no one else’ s business!

    Sig I don’t think its necessary to tell who you are seeing. but if asked directly I would go the honest rout every time. To lie just bites you in the butt later.

  569. OCSugarBaby says:

    Sweetredhead, I will keep you company while you wait. lol

  570. OCSugarBaby says:

    Hello Everyone!

    Great topic Sig. We do live in the real world, but I think that you will make the right decision. You seem to be a very caring SD. 😉

    As for sex on the first date? Yikes, I never kiss and tell. Sorry. I personally have a very strict descretion policy. But what a wonderful hot topic!

  571. sweetredhead269443 says:

    SweetRed- I can’t imagine you being nervous. I have a vision of you bear hugging your SD when you meet…LOL..Have you had your date yet? or is it tommorrow?

    No the “date” is tomorrow and yes I am very nervous . I don’t think I will be bear hugging anyone lol. he might feel me shaking.

    I am old fashion too, but some times the chemistry just clicks, I would not say I would never have sex on the first date. just see how it goes. but one thing I know I will not just have sex for money!!

    Speaking of my “date” he is suppose to contact me this evening and still haven’t heard anything. But he does work odd hours and is on call. so here I am with you all 🙂 waiting by my computer…gawd that’s pathetic!!

  572. SuthrnExec says:

    Welcome BellaGG!

    To address your question, I personally do not expect intimacy the first time I meet a SB. If the chemistry is there and we really have something special, then maybe – but I do not want to do anything that might cast a bad light on the first meeting – want both of us to be totally comfortable with everything first. Maybe I sound a little old fashion, but there you go.

  573. SuthrnExec says:

    I am here – reporting for duty!

    SIG, I haven’t been in the position you’re in with multiple SBs, but I would proceed with each one as if none of the others existed – in other words, I would schedule meetings with them, etc. because until you actully meet with one and the chemistry is there and all else clicks, you got nuttin’! When you do click with one, whether you cancel or go ahead and meet the others is up to you – no harm I don’t suppose in going ahead to meet them. As for what i would do – I wouldn’t meet any more SBs I don’t think, once I met one that I clicked with.

  574. Gail says:

    Sig-My post disappeared last nite and the nite before. I promise I wrote good stuff. It’s been happening a lot lately. And by the way, I do like your honest approach to dating. It’s good to have choices, and I see nothing wrong with you setting up more than one date. It’s your experience…let it happen the way you like:)

  575. Gail says:

    Bubbles-LOL…Okay nothing depressing from me today. I woke up in a great mood:) All the other stuff is each SB sharing…some share little..some share alot:) And we as individuals can choose what we want to read and share. But I do agree, sometimes it is same thing different day. Have a little heart, there are days we all need to vent. And its good to know that your Sugar Family will be here for you:)

    SweetRed- I can’t imagine you being nervous. I have a vision of you bear hugging your SD when you meet…LOL..Have you had your date yet? or is it tommorrow?

    NCGentleman-Oatmeal raisin cookie kinda love? Simple kind of love you have there. So would there be varying levels for SB’s…like I love you one oatmeal raisin cookie to a dozen oatmeal raisin cookies with icing love?
    LOL….cookies sound good right now. Oh, and I have this vision of you wearing a striped little boy T-Shirt, pink cheeks from blushing eating oatmeal raisin cookies.

    OCSugarBaby-Welcome to the blog. I am in Northern CA. It’s cold here but the sun is shining. And I am so green with envy…I love the OC:) What I have seen on TV so far:)

    Suthrn Gent-Are you awake yet? You woke up last nite and had that extra energy, so are you pooped out now? or your probably sleeping….

    NWGirly-No need to be jealous of our weather…remember, that song…The sun will come out tommorrow, tommorrow..:) How are you doing so far..found you a SD yet?

    Gail’s update-My potential SD will be here in two weeks. He asked me if I had plans for New Years. I am hesitant to say yes, until I have met him.
    We communicate daily on e-mail, but I have not talked to him on the phone. He will be visiting his daughters, and making a special trip to see me which is a two hour drive. I’m excited and nervous at the same time.

  576. lisa says:


    I think you can multitask in meeting sd/sbs because it can be a numbers game. I have met guys on consecutive days, just because that was what worked with my schedule and theirs. I think of it like a job interview, you go to several to see which one you get offered or which one works best for you, if you pick one of many and discard the others, what if the one you pick doesn’t work out and you have lost the opportunity to meet the others?

  577. lisa says:

    I don’t think it’s classy to have sex with anyone on the first meeting. But then again I did that with the married lover I had and the relationship lasted over 3 years, but going to a motel with him 30 minutes after I met him is not something i’m proud of, but I had not had sex in over 10 years so I had a little “bad girl” behavior coming. 🙂

  578. lisa says:


    Yikes I have stopped posting on the blog and you are still attacking me? I just got home from a very hard day of work and I log on to read that. How insensitive to make that comment about my bird being eat, that really hurt. Or about the poster on here that lost her college money. I like to think we can just chat a little on this blog and at the same time discuss the topic. If having bad luck in my life makes me creepy, please forgive me as my upbringing might have not been the same as yours.
    And just because we discuss issues in our lives does not make us creepy.
    that’s my input for the day, sorry to interupt the blog, but when anyone acts insensitive towards animals (my poor lowlife pigeon , in which if I was born a bird, that’s probably the bird I would have been), I can’t help but make a comment.
    Hi to all the nice posters on here. Have a good evening.

  579. Sig (Seeking traveling companion) says:

    Hmm, lost a post last night. Does that happen regularly?

    Looks like I will meet my first SB from this site next week.

    To other questions:

    I would like the SB to love me. Not like a husband, or a pet, or a cookie, but as a benefactor, a patron, a mentor… and, yes, “with benefits.” This kind of relationship is as old as civilization, although using the Internet is an interesting twist.

    Somebody asked if the SD gets nervous. For me, sure! But I will admit the SD/SB relationship is less nerve wracking to me than a blind dating situation. The knowledge that I have something to bring to the relationship up front (support) helps a lot. Things start much clearer from the beginning.

    Recently, I had an SB who emailed me a lot of frankly somewhat pornographic photos. I wasn’t personally offended, but I was pretty surprised! So I told her. (To be clear, this is not the SB I am meeting. If I were, I might be a little nervous!)

    Regarding when you meet and when you have sex, I see no rules, so make it clear. Per my earlier email, experiment with being up front about your comfort levels. I may be an atypical SD but I want to be appreciated for what I can give to my SB; sex is only one part of what she can return. But make no mistake, it’s an important part. 😉 As an example, on a first overnight trip my SB has a room of her own, and even when one can share a bed on trips, I find two bathrooms essential for quite some time. 😉

    I have a question of my own:

    I have had SB before, but never from the Internet. The novelty of this site is that it produces a list of candidate SB that contact me simultaneously. This is unlike the “real world” version of SB/SD. In the real world I only date/see one person at a time and am very upfront about if there is anybody else (for example, two SB who live in different countries).

    So the question is, how does one manage several simultaneous SB contacts in a socially appropriate manner?

    For example, the first SB I meet (next week!) is not necessarily because I think she is the best of the several who have contacted me, it’s more because her schedule meshes and is conveniently located. So do I tell the other SB I’m emailing now? (This is what I would do in the real world.) In that case if this first meeting doesn’t work out and I meet a second SB, does she think she is “second fiddle?” (which isn’t necessarily the case.)

    Am I getting my issue across? What do you think?

  580. sweetredhead269443 says:

    each SD/ Sb relationship is different. Between the 2 of you discuss what the other wants and expects. Do only what you are comfortable with. there is no set rules. There are only the rules that you set for yourself.

  581. OCSugarBaby says:

    Welcome BellaGG! Many of us are new to this but I have found some great insight on this blog. From both SD’s and SB’s.
    As for the hows and whens? It is all about the chemistry and comfort level you have with your potential SD. Not sure what questions to ask? Well then try to make sure you know what you want going into this. Start from there. Have fun and again Welcome! 😉

  582. Bubbles4u2me says:

    Bella to answer your questions. You meet and SD when you are comfortable to meet him, not a day earlier. Also when you met the first time…if you are comfortable enough to have sex with him, then do so. You are a grown woman….You set the rules. Good luck.

  583. Bubbles4u2me says:

    Here comes the blunt chick again. Correct me if I am wrong…..isnt this site for SDs and SBS to meet and form arrangements. I say “Yes”! So why do we have so many creepy women on the blog complaining about their sad lives. This is so unbelieveable!!! We need to have a chick-get-over-it pep rally. I want to hear about SDs and SBs. I dont want to hear about ya ex husband or ex wife, the cat from next door that ate your bird, or the mother that spent all your college money. Give us a break. Lets talk about how we can network. Tell me how you met your SD or ya SB. Give us an insight on what you do to keep your SD/SB interested. Give us the meat and potatoes. All that other crap is depressing!!! Also, Please Please no more 1,000 word post. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Yeah thats right that right ya put me to sleep!!!

  584. BellaGG says:

    I am a new SB and not really sure how to come about any of this. Like how long do you meet a SD after talking, and when you meet for the first time is there sex involved or is the SD expecting it?

  585. sweetredhead269443 says:

    NC gentleman how did it go with you and the college student if you don’t mind me asking.

  586. sweetredhead269443 says:

    yes I get nervous before a first time meeting with a potential SB — almost like a schoolboy – I laugh at myself about it.

    That’s a relief to know 🙂 confidence is nice but to much to me seems like no feelings.

    I think a Sb who “loves” her Sd’s money more than him would make for a very cold relationship.

  587. NWgirly says:

    My potential SD is also a married man, and thank you OCsugarbaby.

  588. SweetasHunni says:

    Thanks guys.:) I’ll let the “psycho” know I was wierded out.

  589. NC Gentleman says:

    Great minds think a like! I giggled when I read your response 🙂

  590. sweetredhead269443 says:

    NC Gentleman get out of my head lmao

  591. sweetredhead269443 says:

    sounds to me it was just his cence of humor. I would continue to talk with him and see where he is going. If he makes you uncomfortable then leave it alone. there are many other SD’d . you can get a sence of what a person is like and what they are by a continued discussion. Let him know it made you uncomfortable and see what he says. If someone says something that “creeps you out” respond to it, let them know. You can get a good incite into what they meant by their response to your inquary

  592. NC Gentleman says:

    Hi SweetasHunni — maybe if he put jokingly with it or lol… that would be ok, followed by a more-detailed answer… otherwise it lacks sensitivity but I don’t really think he is an axe-murderer…. maybe more like someone you don’t want to have as a potential SD — if you liked his profile, etc. you might want to reply honestly that you were a little freaked out by his response and you would sincerely like to know more about him…. his response to that should give you a true measure of him, if you are one to give second chances.

  593. NC Gentleman says:

    Hi all — yes I get nervous before a first time meeting with a potential SB — almost like a schoolboy – I laugh at myself about it.

    and OCSB — I would be a lil freaked out if my SB loved me enough to die for me. However, I certainly hope that she would love me more than she loves oatmeal raisin cookies. I also hope that she loves me more than she loves my money lol ok enough about my love feelings…. how do you other SDs feel?

  594. SweetasHunni says:

    Hi Bloggers

    Ive got a question for you guys. I was messaged by an older gentleman and when I asked him to tell me a bit about himself he joked and called himself an “axe murderer”. This was kind of creepy and seeing as how I’m new to all of this, should he be taken seriously? Your thoughts and responses are definitely appreciated.

  595. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I actually enjoy a difference of opinions, the friendly banter. I never push my opinions on someone else and I hope no one would want to do that to me.

  596. sweetredhead269443 says:

    thanks OCSugarBaby. Judging others when you don’t know the situation is just wrong. Its fine to disagree but never judge. To me having an open mind to others views is how we learn. If you have a closed mind you miss out on a lot of life’s learning experiences.

  597. OCSugarBaby says:

    Sweetredhead- I know that I personally would never judge. I too am open to either married or single. There, now we can BOTH take the daggars if they need to fling them! Got your back sister! lmao
    Just wanted to comment before i take off. lol

  598. sweetredhead269443 says:

    The SD I am meeting happens to be married so its a NSA. Which is fine by me. ok I don’t want notes judging me ok 🙂 or him.

  599. OCSugarBaby says:

    I am so excited for both of you! Meeting your potential SD is what this is all about. You are right Sweetred head, positive thinking is the only way to head into this!
    ok, ladies I am off to go do the girly thing. Mani pedi…
    I will check in later. Have a fab day. 🙂

  600. sweetredhead269443 says:

    From what I see on profiles some are looking for that “love connection” others want NSA and possibly more later. I think it all depends not everyone wants the same things.

  601. sweetredhead269443 says:

    think positive 🙂 I am. I will be talking to him later today to set up the final details. trying to make it easy for both of us. I know he is nervous too. he is very sensitive (which I like) But worries to much sometimes.

  602. OCSugarBaby says:

    I would love to know that too. lol I also wanted to know how they feel about the LOVE question. I thought that they do NOT want us to fall in love with them. SD’s let us know what your take is on this plz. We are here to learn more. Or at least gain some positive insight. lol
    Maybe they are just shy…

  603. NWgirly says:

    Yea that’s true I guess, I will try to relax lol. Don’t know how successful my attempt will be.

  604. sweetredhead269443 says:

    We never hear from the Sd’s are you guys are nervous as we are to meet a potential Sb. Or is it a woman thing lol

  605. OCSugarBaby says:

    Don’t be nervous NWgirly, I am sure he is too. Relax and enjoy the time getting to know each other. 😉

  606. OCSugarBaby says:

    Nothing like a really good Oatmeal cookie! 🙂

  607. NWgirly says:

    Good morning/afternoon everyone. I’m so jealous of everyones beautiful weather, we are supposed to be having a snow storm toady and tomorrow. I have a potential SD flying in to meet on thursday so nervous.

  608. sweetredhead269443 says:

    CHOCOLATE*KISSES you crack me up LMAO






  611. sweetredhead269443 says:

    lol they will be on here looking for sugarmamas lol. wow 50 billion in losses thats harsh



  613. MASTERPIECE says:

    Let’s hope our SD’s didn’t have their wealth managed by Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities, otherwise they might be moving in with all of us SB’s!!

  614. sweetredhead269443 says:

    good morning OCSugarBaby beautiful sunny and will be 70 today 🙂 I haven’t skied sence I was a kid. I was really good at it then. don’t know why I haven’t gone. hmm have to look into that.

  615. OCSugarBaby says:

    Does the SD really WANT us to fall in “I would die for you” love with them?

  616. OCSugarBaby says:

    Masterpiece- I would love to! Be right over. lol

  617. MASTERPIECE says:

    Gorgeous day today, anybody want to come over and go skiing?

  618. OCSugarBaby says:

    Good Morning All! I love love love love that is is a beautiful sunny day today in the OC. ok, well maybe a little cloudy but non the less it is a great day.

  619. sweetredhead269443 says:

    good morning NC Gentleman. LOL that was good! Made me laugh.

  620. NC Gentleman says:

    Good morning all — I believe in love to varying degrees…. like I love oatmeal raisin cookies to I love you enough to die for you…. I tend to believe that SB/SD love falls closer to the favorite cookie love, but it is nonetheless, some sort of love.

  621. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Good morning Gail. I agree there are many forms of love. To many people see love through rose colored glasses and are hurt by it. I think everyone likes the idea of love. But do we understand it? Love is different for all people. There are many forms, idea and illusions.

    Now I don’t want you all to jump on me lol. I do believe in love. But I am not blinded by it. I believe you need many components to achieve “real love”

    Ok I think I need more coffee I am even confusing myself LOL

  622. Gail says:

    Oh, by the way…in most of the SD relationship I have found love. It’s different than a love for a boyfriend,mother,father,child relationship. But I know it’s love because my eyes sparkle, my lips are always turned up(smiling), and I love being with him. I kinda think its like magic and love together….it just feels good.

  623. Gail says:

    Good Morning Everyone!!! Time to wake up all of you insomiacs. West Coast time 6:36AM. Will check in later today:) Hi,Ho,Hi, Ho…its off to work I go:)

  624. OCSugarBaby says:

    Nite to both of you. Im heading to the gym. Enjoy!

  625. SuthrnExec says:

    Very true – love Big Bear!

    OK, i didn’t last long – going to get some shut-eye now. Good night to all!

  626. OCSugarBaby says:

    If you live in CA you could enjoy both the Sun and Snow! Great skiiing in the mountains. 🙂

  627. SuthrnExec says:

    good evening to you both – I may be weird, but I love the cold weather. I actually allude to that in my profile.

    Yes OC, you’re just getting your night started out there! Can’t wait to be out there in a week, for a week, and then come back and have to get my body-clock re-adjusted.

  628. OCSugarBaby says:

    Its still early on the west coast! lol

  629. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Good evening SuthrnExec welcome to the insomniacs club. Actually I am watching a movie on the hallmark Chanel. and trying to stay warm under my down comforter brrrrrr

  630. SuthrnExec says:

    Good evening all! Yes, it is me – up late tonight! I know, highly unusual for me but I can’t sleep. Too much sweet tea I guess.

  631. sweetredhead269443 says:

    guess I will have to look tomorrow, you updated it

  632. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Hi don’t meet everyone who contacts me. I feel them out first. If you don’t want to chat with me and ask me questions and I can’t ask you anything then I personally feel your not serious.

  633. sweetredhead269443 says:

    send me a hi in a message then I can see 🙂

  634. sweetredhead269443 says:

    can’t I am not a paid member 🙁

  635. bostonTerrier says:

    What are the most important things for new and aspiring Sugar Babies to keep in mind when making their first arrangement(s)? — don’t go in with any expectations because you might get disappointed. i’ve met quite a few people, going in with high hopes and whatnot, only to be really disappointed. i’ve since learned to go in with an open mind … i expect absolutely nothing from a first meeting. making the first arrangement i’d say the most important thing is to be honest & to trust your sd/sb and to realize is chemistry isn’t there, it’s going to fail.

    “How does being a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby effect your views on Love? Are Sugar Babies and Daddies less likely to believe in the idea of “soul mates” or “true love”?” — i believe in love wholeheartedly. i believe i have a soul mate out there somewhere and he just hasn’t found me yet.

  636. ppp1256 says:

    check to see who had viewed you

  637. ppp1256 says:

    have you seen my profile sweetredhead

  638. sweetredhead269443 says:

    now give us a hint where to find your profile, I already know mass 🙂

  639. ppp1256 says:

    you are all very cute and great blogmates

  640. sweetredhead269443 says:

    thank you PP1256. we were just teasing you 🙂

  641. ppp1256 says:

    Wow…..all the comments about my abrupt disappearance

  642. ppp1256 says:

    Ladies: I am back had to go run some errands and get some dinner. Great profile Sweetredhead269443.

  643. OCSugarBaby says:

    Chat later too… I am making dinner. Bye for now.

  644. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I am going to go lay down under my nice warm blankets and watch a movie 🙂 I will check back later. Have a good night all

  645. sweetredhead269443 says:

    That’s the reason I moved to florida, just to cold up north in the winter. I don’t visit then either. it gets below 60 here and I am frozen!

  646. OCSugarBaby says:

    My family is all in Wisconsin. It is strange not having them around now that I moved to CA. But I go back to visit. Just not in the snow. I went back in October so I could avoid the snow. It snowed 4 inches the day I flew back to CA! I am such a sun baby lol

  647. sweetredhead269443 says:

    yes it is and we are all very close which is GREAT! 1/2 my family is here is Florida the other half is in Connecticut.

  648. OCSugarBaby says:

    Very cool. A large family is fun!

  649. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I have am an auntie already this will be number 9. big family 🙂

  650. OCSugarBaby says:

    You are going to be an Auntie! How fun. 🙂

  651. sweetredhead269443 says:

    That’s is so funny, I just mentioned my brother and he calls me. He is on his way to the hospital with his wife she is in labor 🙂

  652. OCSugarBaby says:

    Dreamer, that is encouraging. You will have to let us know how it goes. When are you meeting?

  653. sweetredhead269443 says:

    That would be my brother lol. he still is like that and he is younger than me lol

  654. dreamer says:

    awww thats cute. My grandmothers are thr type to beat boys for looking at me

  655. sweetredhead269443 says:

    that’s GREAT! dreamer, hope everything is what you want it to be. and Please let us know 🙂

  656. sweetredhead269443 says:

    so was my Nana. when I was a teen and I spend the summers in Vermont with her and my grandfather. everywhere we went and she seen a cute boy, she would go right up to them and say “come meet my granddaughter isn’t she beautiful” I wanted to crawl into a corner lol

  657. dreamer says:

    i plan to. Im meeting a special SD soon! i am so excited. Im sure everyone here is going to hear about it tho hehe

  658. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Its always nice to see who you been talking to on the blogs. Does not have to be anything more than that.

  659. OCSugarBaby says:

    My favorite saying that my grandmother always told me. “Don’t waste the pretty”. She would say that after you would tell her about a beau that went bad… lol

    Meaning don’t waste time with someone that doesn’t appreciate YOU. She was a cheeky kinda gal.

  660. sweetredhead269443 says:

    thank you OCSugarBaby. I am looking forward to it. I am starting to get a bit nervous but that’s to be expected.

  661. OCSugarBaby says:

    Too funny he asked for mine too but never said a word. lol

  662. sweetredhead269443 says:

    we were all once young and cute. enjoy it while you can. believe me it goes by way to fast!!

  663. OCSugarBaby says:

    Ok, back to our regular scheduled program. We know that Sweetredhead has a first meeting on Sunday. Good luck by the way. I will be thinking good thoughts for you!

    Anyone else getting ready to meet someone new?

  664. dreamer says:

    i am happy not looking for love lol. I would rather enjoy myself with a nice SD while Im young and cute haha

  665. sweetredhead269443 says:

    can I hide behind you OCSugarBaby? lmao I think he ran away

  666. sweetredhead269443 says:

    another hint my id number is in my name. wow if he doesn’t find me now I will be really concerned lmao. sweetredhead269443. guess I am not hiding anymore lol

  667. sweetredhead269443 says:

    chemistry, friendship, companionship. is my head line. I have my city and state as seminole, FL……..ut oh and I thought I was good at hiding here on the blogs lol

  668. ppp1256 says:

    sweetredhead269443 can you give me another hint? are you under seminole or st. petersburg? Does your headline say looking for Mr. right now?

  669. sweetredhead269443 says:

    dreamer I believe you can find love more than once in your life. If you have been burned you are going to need a lot of trust to fall in love again but it can happen. Keep and open mind and heart and when its right you will know 🙂

  670. OCSugarBaby says:

    No, just joshing. did not find his profile. 🙂

  671. sweetredhead269443 says:

    intellectual is important, you have to have a wide range of interests and topics to keep things interesting. for emotional intimacy, I don’t believe you need love. But I do believe you need chemistry and a bond and care for the person you are with. care as in mutual respect.

  672. dreamer says:

    i believe you can only fall in love one time in your life. Just my opinion, I may be wrong, I have a lot of living left to do. I have had my one love and I have my battle scars from it. So I am def not looking for love out of an arrangement.

  673. sweetredhead269443 says:

    lmao you found his profile? I didn’t even look. I am at the point that let them find me. I am here and just me like it or not 🙂

  674. ppp1256 says:

    sweetredhead269443 i love your humor-i think we would get along if we did not have the distance between us…btw how important is intellectual and emotional intimacy to you in a SD/SB relationship?

  675. sweetredhead269443 says:

    in Seminole that’s in the St Petersburg area. I am originally from Connecticut

  676. OCSugarBaby says:

    Got it! He gave us a clue…

  677. sweetredhead269443 says:

    awww ty I know what you ment. I was being funny. gotta love my humor too lol

  678. ppp1256 says:

    how are you going to find my profile?

    sweetredhead269443: i would love to only I am in MA. what city are you at?

  679. OCSugarBaby says:


  680. OCSugarBaby says:

    That was a compliment Sweetredhead – Yoda… wise master 🙂

  681. sweetredhead269443 says:

    OCSugarBaby i’ll keep him busy you go check out his profile LMAO

  682. OCSugarBaby says:

    Maybe we SB’s should buy him a drink… lol

  683. sweetredhead269443 says:

    oh great now I am a little short funny looking thing lmao.

    I am in florida and I am not really a drinker but just because you asked so nicely sure you can 🙂

  684. sweetredhead269443 says:

    racheljay thats exactly what we have been saying, everyone has their own situations they are looking for. No one is going to be looking for the same things. When you do find that one, you are lucky and should appreciate it.

    Just because I say I don’t want love doesn’t mean its wrong for someone else to look for that. that person is just not good for me personally. Do you know what I am saying?

  685. OCSugarBaby says:

    Hey, now my feelings have been hurt. LOL

  686. ppp1256 says:

    sweetredhead269443 : interesting comment.

    since this is a bar pickup what city are you at and can i Buy you a drink?

  687. OCSugarBaby says:

    Ahhh he is just being friendly. I loved how they were all quoting you. You are like the SB YODA of the day. lol

  688. racheljay says:

    Hey everyone! And happy Holidays:)

    One of the most important things to keep in mind is that an arrangement isn’t an arrangement until both parties are in agreement. And even then, it can be very short lived.
    I can’t even count on my hands how many times SD and Sis have been burned so please do your homework, give everyone the bene of the doubt but proceed with caution and guard yourself.

    It doesn’t really effect my views on love too much because I don’t go into SD SB agreements looking for it. It does however keep me alert when I do become ready for an actual relationship .
    I don’t think SBs SDs are less likely to believe in soulmates/truelove I just assume most SDs have already found it, with their wives and just want more.

    As a Sb, I just want the benefits of being with a financially successful man, I don’t want to be his soul mate or wife.

  689. sweetredhead269443 says:

    so true so true.

    ppp1256 thinks this is the pick up bar lmao J/K as u were.

  690. OCSugarBaby says:

    Hello Again Everyone! Hope you all had a great day.

    ppp1256- I live in Irvine California. OCSugarBaby 🙂

    I am so glad I stopped lurking and started joining in. All you you have been so kind and helpful. I let go of the potential SD who had my gut all tied up in knots. Your advice was wonderful. You never know who you will meet once you open the door!

  691. ppp1256 says:

    ocsugarbaby what city are you at? what is your headline?

  692. OCSugarBaby says:

    lol rolling with laughter….

  693. sweetredhead269443 says:

    well said chrisohbabyy I think we can all learn from each other and from our experience. Thank you everyone for opening yourselves up and stating your experience and opinions. I know it has helped me along the way 🙂

  694. sweetredhead269443 says:

    and would ya all stop quoting me lmao

  695. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Sig said “The NSA aspect makes the experiment less messy on both sides, in my opinion”.
    I agree.
    and yes you have to know what your looking for. I will compromise on some things but not on the important things. The important things being compatibility, honesty ect.
    To any SB’s out there if you are all about the money you are not going to find what your looking for other than that. Because in my opinion that doesn’t make for a good SD/SB relationship. First and foremost its about two people finding what they need from each other. Be it emotional, physically ect.

    Ok that’s my two cents 🙂

  696. ppp1256 says:

    MishBocaRatonGrl How do I find your profile? What city are you at and what is your headline?

  697. Sig (Seeking traveling companion) says:

    sweetredhead said: “The only way to determine if you are looking for the same things is ASK.”

    Amen. BUT, even before that, you have to KNOW what you are looking for. I am always surprised how many people do not know. Or they think they know, but they are fooling themselves — it is what they wish they wanted, or it is what they think they ought to want… society, media, and many other factors have made most people lose touch with themselves.

    Oddly, I think for SB this is an excellent way to experiment. Take a position on what you want. Make it loud and clear. Test it in the market of SD. Then adjust as you discover more about yourself. The NSA aspect makes the experiment less messy on both sides, in my opinion.

  698. chrisohbabyy says:

    Taking a break from all this studying for finals…hopefully my comment doesn’t disappear again

    I think all, new or not, sugar babies should keep in mind that there are plenty of sugar-daddy “wanna-be” who have no idea what a sb/sd relationship entails. You’ll meet plenty of guys who’ll want you to send them nude pics, pay for your “services” as sweetredhead269443 said….but it’s important to keep in mind that not all men are creeps so go in it with an open mind. (Open mind not to be mistaken with “tolerating bullsh*t)

    I always think everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt (unless they’re blatantly lying to you)

    No one wants a wishy-washy baby! so you should know what you want in a relationship/arrangement. His time is valuable & yours is too so why waste it? You should know what you’re looking for and what you’re willing to compromise.

    As far as meeting with a potential SD, never go to a location you don’t feel comfortable. I had drinks with a shady SD at a hotel bar who all of a sudden remembered half way through that he left his wallet in his room & that i go with him to go get it….then got irritated when i said no.

    If your gut tells you something’s wrong then it probably is so don’t be afraid to walk out.

  699. sweetredhead269443 says:

    no that’s what I see too. Then you have the ones that are ughhhhhh I don’t even want to mention those. Looking for a hooker looks like lol.

    Maybe they don’t under understand the SD/SB relationship Or I am mistaken and if I am then i don’t want to be an SB.

    I don’t want to be paid for my “services”

    my understanding and let me know if I am wrong is that its a mutually beneficial relationship both getting what they are looking for. Whatever that may be.

  700. OCSugarBaby says:

    You are so right Sweetredhead. I came on here knowing what I would want and what I do NOT want.

    I have been reading the SD profiles and have to tell you that I am a bit perplexed. I read several that just want to meet for a few hours a day to have sex and others that seem that they want to DATE you, they are single and they are looking for a relationship.
    Sweetredhead are you finding that too or am I just reading the wrong profiles?

  701. sweetredhead269443 says:

    The only way to determine if you are looking for the same things is ASK. everyone seems to set up meeting before even talking that much. I for one want to know about the SD. I would hope he would want to know more about me. What I am looking for from the relationship. Chemistry, friendship, a relationship with mutual respect. Laughter, fun. those kinds of things, both our likes and dislikes.

    Can this be done all before meeting..no but you can briefly touch on these. Know if possibly you might be a good match.

    SD and SB need to know before they communicate with anyone what they want from this type of relationship.

  702. OCSugarBaby says:

    Kj- Stick to what you desire in a SB and state what you are looking for in one directly in your profile. That helps us determine if we would be a good fit. If you like SB’s who aspire to do great things or just something with their life, be upfront about YOUR needs. The SB’s you mentioned seem to tell exactly what they want! lol communication is hard but worth it.

  703. SuthrnExec says:

    Welcome tiarralynn and good luck. Good comments too!

  704. tiarralynn says:

    I’m a total newbie. I get what the girl was saying about trusting someone who is cheating on a wife. But I have gotten so conflicted over how our society operates and how marraige just isn’t working and we keep with it.

    I don’t know if I will be with someone married. My last personal relationship started when he was married and I’d no wish for him to leave her but he did. Then low and behold we fell apart. Did it happen for nothing? I don’t like that conclusion.

    I know I’m on this site to find something mutually benefitial with another. At least if the guy is married, he won’t want to marry me. But also, I just concelled my first potential meeting because I felt it was too rushed. I hope to find others who understand that mutually benefitial means that I’m a person and taken into account, and care when I’m ready to meet.

    I hope my comment works this time!

  705. Kj says:

    Actually going throught he SD/SB experience can be helpful. I have come across some (not all, but many) SBs who do not know what they really want. Many want Diamonds, Cars, etc…etc which is all fine and good. But I found many are not truly looking for a relationship in the sense of caring for another person. They simply see a means to a material want.

    Example – One young lady only wanted expensive jeans an boots. But had no employment and was living with her mom.

    The problem i had with that was she was not aspiring to be anything, achive anything.

    Back to the topic. If a SD helps inspire you, open your eyes to what could be/do (experience new things) then he is the right one for you. If you only want material and rent a room to fuck.. then….

  706. OCSugarBaby says:

    NC Gentleman- You may be on to something. I think I will remove the experience for now and leave it for our first conversation. I like to think that I keep an open mind with everyone, but the just to be on the safe side I will remove it. Thanks! 😉

  707. sweetredhead269443 says:

    MishBocaRatonGrl we all have our bad days. Its understandable, just remember when things seem bad they WILL get better. Life has it ups and downs it’s what makes us who we are.

    you know the saying what doesn’t kill us will make us stronger…sometimes l am surprised at how much I really can live through 🙂 AND it does it better I promise 🙂

  708. OCSugarBaby says:

    hahaha I said “sad” not sorry. But you got my drift. 🙂

  709. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I have not been an SB before but I am learning. its great to be able to get others views and especially a SD view. (the good ones 🙂 But I do know what I want and what I don’t want. am I willing to compromise a little, that depends on the SD and my discussion.

    AS for love..been there done that, not looking for it. Can I say It will never happen…no. Am I jaded by love…no again. To me if you are looking for love then stop looking, Love happens when you least expect it. Its not something you look for its something that happens.

  710. SuthrnExec says:

    Oh don’t be sad for me because of those two little “events” – or should I say “non-events”! It’s done and over and I’ve moved on down the road – figuratively and literally! I appreciate the empathy though. You guys are very kind and considerate.

  711. SuthrnExec says:

    MishBRGrl, we understand that today is a little out of character for you, so no worries. Just let us know if we can help in some way.

  712. NC Gentleman says:

    Hi OCSB — to me, it doesn’t really matter if the SB has experience being an SB. However, it is good knowledge to know, because it means you probably are going to be more nervous and need some comforting along the way. On the negative side, some unscrupulous SDs might view you as easy scam material… just some thoughts — consider the source and what you paid for them…. 🙂

  713. OCSugarBaby says:

    SuthrnExec- Thank you for the insight on experience. I hated to read that you were stood up. I had been on reading for a few days before I joined in and your story of the non-dates made me sad. I know that there are good and bad SD/SB’s out there. It was nice to know that the good ones join this blog!
    You are far to great of an SD to be without an SB for long. lol C-H-E-M-I-S-T-R-Y, that was my attempt to cheer you on. lol

    I told the potential SD (the one that gave me a bad gut feeling) last nite that I wished him well and that I don’t think we have the chemistry that it would take to be Successful. We parted friends, or well, parted. lol It was hard to tell him that but I felt honesty was the only way to go.

  714. MishBocaRatonGrl says:


    I don’t mean the mean thing’s I’m saying today. I’m totally losing my mind.

  715. Sweets says:

    I meant MishBRGirl.

  716. SuthrnExec says:

    Preference for a SB that has been a SB’s before or not? I don’t think it matters, although those with experience might be more knowledgeable of things to avoid – but it’s about the chemistry.

    Strangely enough, the two ladies who stood me up claimed to have been SB’s before and “know how it works and how it works best”. HA! I know that two is not a statistically significant sample size, but it gives me cause for pause!

  717. SuthrnExec says:

    MishBocaRatonGrl, thanks for taking the time to put some context around your earlier statement. I can absolutely understand your point of view. Maybe one day we can have that one-on-one discussion – love to hear your story. And I am sorry you’re having a tough day.

    OCSugarBaby, a belated “Thanks”! And you are right – CHEMISTRY ROCKS!!

    NC Gent – I believe I remember from my grad school days that less than 3% of mammals are monogamous. A very high percentage (over 90%) of birds are, however. For specific examples the tamarin and marmoset are a couple (both monkeys).

  718. OCSugarBaby says:

    I am hoping that I can get some SD feedback on this topic: How do Sugar Daddy’s feel about a Sugar Baby that has never done this type of arrangement before? Do they tent to prefer SB’s that have had this type of arrangement in the past? I mentioned in my profile that had not, and was wondering if I should remove this info and just leave it to our first conversation. Please advise… thanks

  719. OCSugarBaby says:

    Hopefully that didn’t come out wrong. I meant that I do not need either for a sucessful SB/SD relationship!!!

  720. OCSugarBaby says:

    Are we confusing LOVE and COMMITMENT here? Can you have a SB/SD relationship without either? I think I can, with the right person! 🙂

  721. CARTIER says:

    i think females are always looking to be loved, whether its true or not only becomes complicated with time…. im lookin for both, maybe not in the same man, im not sure it depends on the guy!!!!! ultimately i wanna be happy!!!!

  722. sweetredhead269443 says:

    daddy issues? I just wront a long and heart warming message and it got lost 🙁

  723. Sweets says:

    Daddy issues… lol.

  724. OCSugarBaby says:

    Great comment Sweetredhead. I was hoping you would sign on again today!
    Married, single, not going to throw stones. Each person here has their own story and reason for being here. YOU have to choose for yourself what works and what doesn’t. CHEMISTRY is the key factor. I don’t care what the background is, does he treat me the way I want to be treated and do we have CHEMISTRY. That is what matters to ME.

  725. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Wow ok what to write. Not all men are “dogs” are there some..yes. I guess to explain it let me tell you what a good friend of mine said (male) love is love sex is something different. Are all married SD”S dogs? NO!! I am sure there is some out there. You don’t know his situation so you should not judge him to be a “dog” just because he is married. there are all different reasons a married man is looking for a SB.

  726. NC Gentleman says:

    Hi all — back from my flight — can anyone name a single mammal that is monogamous? I know geese are but they aren’t mammals….Have a great weekend everyone!

  727. OCSugarBaby says:

    Sugar if no one has told you yet today… I am sorry to hear that you are having a hard time. Life can suck sometimes but it is all about how and what you do about it that makes you stronger. Hang in there. 🙂

  728. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    I’m just not doing so good today. 🙁

    a friend died, my ex boyfriend publically humiliated me, and my mother spent my college money on her new husbands business…

  729. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    Personally, I think a married man who cheats on his wife is wrong. No matter what reason it is for, it’s wrong.


    You don’t know my story, about how my father had a mistress…or how my ex-fiance the r&b singer had a video vixen mistress. I’ve never personally been with a married man. Don’t really intend to. I spoke to one man who was married. Even though, he slept in a completely different room then his wife, love was gone, I still felt it was immoral.

    &, any person I know. Even my Ex, knew I did all I could do to make him happy. SO it wasn’t my fault…

    I don’t understand how, people expect to trust a man, whom lies to his WIFE, the woman he married. and said his vows to, the one he had children with, the one he gives all his finances to, and lays with at night…

    it’s one thing to be with a married man, if you can morally do it. DO IT. I’m not knocking you. I just think your foolish if you trust him.

    I’m sure my life story would blow some of you people away.

    I’ve lived a crazy life. Adultry played a big part in all of it.

    Suthrn, it’s nothing to get defensive about. It’s just… I’m… not having a very good day, and maybe I’m… mad…or sad…or somethings going on. But I’m venting and theirs alot of anger about this whole topic in my head right now..

    I’m not going to re-write what I wrote, but if I ever get to really speak to you one-on-one. I’d xplain, and you’d understand.

  730. OCSugarBaby says:

    MishBocaRatonGrl- Talk it out. I DO believe that not all men are incapible of Monogamy. Just seems like you have hit a rough patch.

  731. OCSugarBaby says:

    Good Afternoon SuthrnExec 😉

  732. SuthrnExec says:

    MishBocaRatonGrl, I am trying really hard not to be defensive regarding your comment – maybe if I were to read the extended, 6 paragraph version…

    The SD/SB thing has not changed the way I view love, etc. I DO believe that we can find our soul mates – I don’t look for a SB relationship for love but that doesn’t mean that it CAN’T happen. It just means that I can have a great SB/SD relationship w/out love.

  733. OCSugarBaby says:

    MishBocaRatonGrl- Has your SB experience been good or bad. I am not sure from your last post.

  734. stephan says:


    looked for your comment in case it got caught in the auto-filter… nowhere to be found… just wanted to say it wasn’t deleted on this end. thanks for the 2nd go’round, I know how it is believe me

  735. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    I guess I can have another go at this,

    I’ll make it short this time the other was about 6 paragraphs.

    Did SA change my view on true love/soul mates?

    Yes it did, it was the icing on the cake to me. showing me… Men are purely animals whom are incapable of being monogamous when it all boils down to it.

    my first response was great, this one not so much… too much effort re-writing it.

  736. OCSugarBaby says:

    How does being a Sugar Baby effect my views on love? For me personally, I have so much love in my life, family, friends etc. I am not going into this looking for love. I know that I will care deeply and respect the SD that I in involved with as will he. But this arrangement needs to be understood that even a Sugar Baby sometimes does not want love and marriage. Can you enter a SB/SD arrangement without Love? Yes, I believe you can. Does that mean that you won’t care deeply and want to make that person happy? No, it means that you will enjoy wonderful, exciting, fun, sexy, laughter filled time together. I may be new to this (joined yesterday), but I know that this is what I personally am seeking.

  737. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Wow, I finally get some answers to my questions.
    Thanks for the input. Now I have to find someone to take those pictures. I am usually the one taking the pictures.


    to the subject …as long as you know the difference between your life and his life. HE will let you know were u stand in his life & u should not work with emotions if he’s not. IF HE WANTS LUST & U WANT LOVE THAT GONNA BE a problem for the both of you …



  739. NC Gentleman says:

    Hi Jennifer – I agree with SuthernExec, and I like to see candid, real-life pictures – not studio pictures. Some, not all, of those professional looking pics are not legitimate, unless for some reason there is a high-density of Victoria Secret’s models on SA. I met one potential SB and the pictures she had sent kind of looked like her, but they definitely were not her. I ask for a non-pro pic now and chalk it up to lesson learned.

  740. SuthrnExec says:

    For me personally, a nice picture, from the waist or shoulders up, that reflects the personality of the SB is the best kind. Of course, I understand that for some, discretion is critical, so even getting a good picture taken is a challenge. But the bottom-line is that the SB must be comfortable with the picture and safety is the first consideration.

  741. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Bubbles… thank you for the above. I am a new SB and all of the insight from the blogs have helped so much. O where O where can my SD be?
    I have a question, how do most SB’s get their picture taken? I see some great professional pictures.

    To you SD’s: What type of picture do you like to see?

  742. Bubbles4u2me says:

    In reference to the questions above I believe that what new and aspiring Sugar babies need to keep in mind when making their first arrangement is that it is what it is. An arrangement, an agreement, a contract. You are important but not the MOST important. Know your position and dont step outside of that. As for the final question about how my being a Sugar Baby has effected my views on love and the soulmate thing. Being a Sugar Baby has enhanced my views. Why?…..Because being a SB helps me to better recognize the difference between love and lust, reality and fantasy, and with that knowledge I believe that I will be more likely to recognize my soul-mate when he comes along.