10 years ago
Sugar Dating Etiquette


To some Sugar, good manners come naturally…

Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies aren’t privy to being bashful,  holding tongues, or stifling desire, but there is a time, and place for everything.

Here’s a basic low-down on the yay and nay of Sugar Daddy Dating…

Messages: Initial messages may well appropriately smack with honesty, but try not to smack with blatant disrespect…

Profile: Being upfront is at the very heart of Sugar Daddy Dating – it’s good to be picky here -, but try not to insult every innocent passersby who doesn’t fit your criteria.

What kinds of profiles make you breathe a sigh of relief?

Have you ever wanted to say something to an SD or SB but were afraid it wouldn’t be appropriate?

What should never be stated, or asked, in a message to a Sugar Daddy? A Sugar Baby?

What is your list of Rules for Sugar Daddies or Sugar Babies?

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238 Responses to “Sugar Dating Etiquette”

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  11. lisa says:

    I have found that the men on here are anxious to mention sex but avoid the allowance topic. I think alot of them are mixed up about this website and think its just a casual dating/sex website, I have come across so many who are upfront about what they expect, but the minute I mention needed financial assistance they either disappear or want to know what “one bill” I want paid. one guy that paying a phone bill would make him a sd

  12. Summer says:

    Or you could re-phrase that to sound more like a challenge (because men do so love a good challenge!):

    “Tell you what, sweetie….if you promise never to treat me like a prostitute, I promise to never treat you like a John. Deal?”

    He’ll get the message either way. Or not. But he’ll know where u stand!

  13. Summer says:

    Well, I’m not a guy (obviously!), but the rules are the same regardless of gender. You certainly do not OWE your sugar daddy sex.

    Not that he won’t try on the first date (lol), but that’s no different from traditional dating. Wait until you are ready. Don’t compromise.

    If he throws a fit about it, or tries to make you feel guilty, then he doesn’t understand how these types of arrangements work. If he thinks he is paying for sex, he’d be better off frequenting escorts. At least in that deal, he knows what he’s getting for the money…one hour of sex and nothing more…

    Now, of course, EVERY guy will say he wants more than just sex, but then some of them will turn right around and ask, “hey baby, how much?” or “why don’t you come over for an hour once a week or so for $xxxx”?

    But then they claim to be turned off by assertive, smart women who ask for and GET what they want financially, which I find rather funny.

    Gotta love those guys who want to talk about nothing but sex and all the kinky things they’re going to do to you (in their dreams), but as soon as you mention an allowance, they get defensive and uptight, saying he doesn’t want to be treated like an ATM machine….

    Well, how does he think I enjoyed him saying all those demeaning things to me? Talking to me as if I were a common whore?

    What it basically boils down to is RESPECT. The golden rule of SD/Sb dating is…:

    “Don’t treat me like a prostitute, and I won’t treat you like a John!”


  14. youngguy4aMan says:

    What kinds of profiles make you breath a sigh of relief?
    Profiles that speak about trust and a solid relationship.
    Have you ever wanted to say something to an SD or SB but were afraid it wouldn’t be appropriate?
    I always feel weird(being a SB) about asking what kind a arrangement. I wish Sd’s would bring it up to me more (PS Im getting more responses now….funny how that works out). I get around to asking eventually but itd be nice if I didnt have to bring it up.
    What should never be stated, or asked, in a message to a Sugar Daddy. A Sugar Baby?
    Umm idk about this. I give more than once chance to say the wrong thing to me. Its a little weird when you Im asked just about sex and how much I want for it. Thats just not what I came on here for. Idk though, im pretty open. Not much scares me off too much.
    What is your list of Rules for Sugar Daddies or Sugar Babies?
    I havent been into a relationship like this so I dont really have a list.

    Do any of you think there should be different rules for male SDs and male SBs than a man and girl?

    Its ok to treat the sex thing as a normal relationship being an SB, right? Sometimes I feel like I owe it to them, but I dont like that feeling…what do you guys think?

  15. BlondieNYC says:

    Yknow y’all are just turning my head! Why can’t you all be hot sds looking for lil’ ole me! Lol!
    Want to wish you all a healthy and happy new year

  16. A. says:

    Why didn’t I think of that!

  17. lisa says:

    paypal is a good idea. you can connect it to your bank account without giving out your acct number to a stranger. not a good idea to do that.

  18. SuthrnExec says:

    A., regarding the money – he could also send the money to you through PayPal. It’s cheaper than wiring and it provides a safe firewall or buffer for you as well. Check it out if you think you might be interested.

  19. stephan says:


    Tye’s wife is the epitome of Cougar! No, I don’t think you’re outing yourself as a nerd at all since I wouldn’t call a show as Bad ass as BSG nerdy lol

    My favorite has been Roslyn from the start, though I kind of wish the show ended at a high at the end of season 2… but I’m still looking forward to the final 10 episodes.

  20. BettieGirlDD says:

    I liked Tigh’s wife too. I could totally see that being me someday- the textbook cougar. My favorite crew member has been Boomer from the beginning. And now Athena, as well. All the women on that show are amazing: Deanna, Roslin, Caprica 6.. Am I outing myself as a nerd too much?

  21. stephan says:


    LOL, yes, I think Tye has found a bit of Sugar with that 6 of his… very very interesting… though I must say one of my all time fave’s was Tye’s Ex wife. She was so intriguing, so bad but with conviction!

    SuthrnExec: Starbuck is one of the best characters on TV ever, really 😉 The show started out as a miniseries, and I’ve seen it on Itunes and at blockbuster – it’s a fun escape :)

  22. BettieGirlDD says:

    A. – Just be sure it’s not that fake money order that bounces scam. If he says “here’s a money order for $1200 but I need you to give me back $900 and keep the rest..” then it’s a scam. My friend was selling a guitar through clasified ads and almost got burned with that. If you dont have a PO box you can have stuff sent to the UPS Store and just pay them $5 when you pick it up.

    Suthurn – If you dont know who Starbuck is you’re missing out on some of the best characters on TV ever! Right, Stephan?

  23. OCSugarBaby says:

    A.-I may not have all the answers, but you are never alone stumblin thru this! 😉

  24. A. says:

    Thanks for the support and helping me with this. It is ever so appreciated.

  25. OCSugarBaby says:

    A.- He can’t get money out. It doesn’t work that way. The first step to trusting him would be to give him that account number and see.

  26. A. says:

    The account I would use isn’t the one I use to pay my bills out of so if he is trying to get money out of it he would be very disappointed.

  27. OCSugarBaby says:

    A.- One component that is missing is the trust. YOU need to have that and he should know that if he has had previous SB/SD relationships. It is highly uncommon from what I have read here on the blog for and SD to send $$$ prior to meeting. But he must feel ok with it or he wouldn’t have offered. Don’t give up any personal information until you feel comfortable. He seems to be taking giant steps instead of the normal ones. I know you need answers…
    Im going to let one of our resident SD’s chime in on this one.

  28. A. says:

    I think it might be a mix of both; this isn’t his first SD/SB relationship. He told me how much he liked talking to me and he can’t wait to meet me when his business brings him my way. He also told me that he was originaly looking for someone close to him, but that he has too much fun talking with me.

  29. OCSugarBaby says:

    A. – I understand that you haven’t met as of yet from your previous posts. Is the sending this because he feels he would lose you if he doesn’t? Is he trying to send a message the he is legit?

  30. A. says:

    I heard from my potential SD this morning and he wants to send me some money (he didn’t say how much). He suggested either a P.O. Box or he could transfer the money into my bank account. He said transfer would be better since he is on the west coast and I’m on the east coast and this way I would receive the money the same day and wouldn’t have to wait for it. Which way should I go?

    If I go with the P.O. Box he will find out what town I live in and I don’t want that.

    If I give my account numbers he could just be trying to get info. Do you think this guy is a nut job or legit? I feel comfortable with him, but I don’t know If I should trust him yet.

    Do you think this is a good sign? Do you think he will be ready to talk about an arrangement soon? Do you think he is waiting until our first meeting to bring up the arrangement terms? How do I make it clear that I do like him, but this is still about an arrangement without being too forward? What have been some of your experiences?

    Sorry for all of the questions, but I’m an arrangement virgin. Thanks for any input.


  31. SuthrnExec says:

    Props go to BettieGirl re: ‘6’ — i didn’t even know who she was until Stephan put up the link. BettieGirl, I don’t even care for Starbucks – I’m more of a CoffeeFool man myself – much, much better grade of coffee bean…

  32. BettieGirlDD says:

    BlondieNYC.. ahem Im the one who noticed the similarity.. :)

    Suthrn and Stephan.. I dont know about you guys but while I’m dying to find out who the last model is (Starbuck would be TOO obvious) I’ll be really sad to see the show end. Very bittersweet. And come to think of it, maybe Tigh and Admrl. Adama need sugar babies to lighten things up a bit.

  33. SuthrnExec says:

    BlondieNYC, you come of in your profile as a very savvy, intelligent lady – and honestly I think that intimidates a lot of men. I really like your profile and love the picture on top of you really smiling, almost laughing. And you DO look like ‘6’ – well done!

  34. BlondieNYC says:

    okey dokey- new photos have been approved, please give me feedback :)

  35. BlondieNYC says:

    hey Stephan, what a compliment, thank you! She’s gorgeous! Gee, if I looked like her I’d have to beat the guys off with a stick….lol. Instead I get the wackos or an empty mailbox…..gotta keep that sense of humor :)

  36. Stephan says:


    Caprica 6 from BSG is the knock-out seductress vixen who was key in the destruction of man kind, lol. The show, which stars Mary McDonnell and Edward James Olmos is very intellectually stimulating… I think you’d like it…

    Click here to see ‘6’ – you two do look alike 😉

    To get acquainted with BattleStar Galactica, click here (can you tell I’m a fan? lol)

  37. BlondieNYC says:

    Jen- liked your profile, definitely from the heart, do keep it upbeat and the only other thing I’d change would be to write ones instead of one’s.

    I have no idea who Jennifer from Battlestar Galatica is, I’m more of a Dr Who type myself…lol

    And feedback…just two comments? Hmm, is it really that sucky???

  38. lisa says:

    I had an offer from one guy who wanted to get together a couple times a week (too much for me as I want one of my days off from work to myself). He told me what he wanted and I told him I needed some help with bills. he asked which bill did I want him to pay. I listed rent, elec, telephone, etc. He said he would pay my phone bill. wow generous, 65 dollars a month and lets get together 8 times a month.

  39. LioNeSS says:

    i love how a SD says “i can help your financial problems go away” then i get some crazy offer like $50 a meeting. ok whereas i’m a dancer and i do private parties at times, i make $150 for every 1/2 hour that i’m there, so why in the world would i spend a whole day with someone who obviously wants more and is only giving me $50. thats not even filling my car, or paying the babysitter to watch my kids. if they only knew the financial help i need. dont get me wrong i’m looking for a good friendship but at the same time, the point of my searching for a SD is to find someone who enjoys time with me as a person, and someone i can rely on as well when i need help.

  40. Ann says:

    Thanks Sig..thats the info I was looking for. I’m really looking forward to meeting potential SD’s and it looks like I’ll be meeting a lot of really nice SBs as well. Thanks again…

  41. Sig says:

    The longest arrangement I had was several years through the tail end of school and the throes of financing a startup. Ended very well, though. As I’ve said elsewhere, a major goal of an arrangement (to me) is to have an exit event around an SB achieving a goal, an accomplishment that I can feel proud of assisting.

    In fact, typically the arrangement lasts at least two years unless it really isn’t working at all.

    None of these arrangements were from the Internet, though. This site is different from my previous experiences.

  42. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    OC.. sometimes I only need the two cents!! lol

  43. OCSugarBaby says:

    Jen-Great job! You are most welcome. However my two cents are worth just that!!! lol 😉

  44. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    OC… I think I have made the correct changes that you were suggesting.

    Thank you so much for all of the help.

  45. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    OC… thank you so much for all of the help!!! I can use all the help that I can get.

    I will re read the profile and make the needed changes.

  46. OCSugarBaby says:

    Part 2- Jen–Sorry I was so short, my dog kept nudging my arm. She hates when I am at the computer too long! lol
    You did a great job with your new profile changes. My comments were meant to suggest … just to keeping it positive! If you keep a positive tone it is more fun to read!

  47. lisa says:


    Hope your date goes great and that he is the “one”

  48. OCSugarBaby says:

    Jen-still have two negitive statements in it. Change them into positive statements and you are set to go. Also, re-read the spoiling part again, change the wording.
    Great Pictures! 😉

  49. SweetEuropean says:

    Have fun Kitty!

  50. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Kitty… have fun tonight.

  51. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    OK everyone.. the new profile and pictures are up…

    Thanks Stephen!! I am still waiting on the topic of plus size sb’s.

  52. kittylainy says:

    blondie: I would take the last photo off or crop it.. that gentleman right of u with the funky face is very distracting

    Bettie: you don’t look phony.. u look gorgeous

  53. kittylainy says:

    thank you everyone~ NC! I am off to get ready!!!

  54. BettieGirlDD says:

    Blondie you look kind of like Tricia Helfer (you know, Six from Battlestar) Your profile reads great but if you want a change of pace you could try swapping the top “sultry” pic for a smiling one.

    Thats what I’m going to do with mine.. I have my absolute best pic ever up top and am wondering if it just seems phony. I’ve dyed my hair, anyway. It’s 273192

  55. BlondieNYC says:

    SweetEuro when I tried to look at your profile, I got a message unavailable….hmm, will try again.

  56. SweetEuropean says:

    Oooh i’m joining in, i’d appreciate some feedback too! I’ve kept my profile the same since I joined and i’ve never considered changing it till now, I think it needs a makeover.

    # 264271

  57. BlondieNYC says:

    Try Levi jeans, seriously! They have some low rise jeans that are amazing. They’re my “go to” jeans even though I’ve got Serafontaine, Joe’s Jeans etc., They’re sexy, inexpensive, and comfy!!

    Since we’re all doing the feedback thingy, can y’all take a peek at my profile and give me some feedback??? I’d really appreciate it as I feel like I’m whistling into the wind.
    Here’s my profile # 233868


  58. OCSugarBaby says:

    Youngguy4aMan- Welcome! It is hard writing that initial email. But try to write more than a few lines, yet not a novel. Keep it light but let them know that you have read their profile. Comment on something they wrote or expound on a common interest. Try to show your personality. Most importantly spell check!
    Easier said than done, I know! Try and try again, the right SD for you is out there. Maybe he is reading this blog! lol 😉

  59. A. says:

    I should have kept my profile up, but I guess I let the excitement get the better of me..LOL! Now I’m afraid to re-activate until I find out what his intentions are. You live and learn I guess =]

  60. SweetEuropean says:

    A – I think you should keep your profile up and keep your options open until you’ve met this man and agreed to an arrangement.

  61. NC Gentleman says:

    Here are my thoughts on the amount… As a long time entrepreneur and businessman, it goes against every thing I know about negotiating to make the first offer. I actually lost a potential SB that I liked because I kept waiting for her to make the first offer, like my business life told me to do. Luckily, my first SB put a very reasonable number out there. As it turned out, she got way more than that as time progressed and I gave to her because I wanted to not because I was required. With my second SB, I put out a range and she actually chose the lower side of the range, and she also eventually ended up getting more. So if he doesn’t bring it up, you might want to ask him for a range that he was seeking — that is a great way to start a negotiation that isn’t all about business and involves emotions and feelings.

  62. gurlnextdoor says:

    I agree with Mina. Keep your profile up until you’ve found someone your completely happy with in an arrangement. And Kitty I’m glad to be of help. I was in the same boat as you (how much should I ask for????) until I talked to a friend whom I found out recently used to be an SD. He gave me some pretty good advice. :) And yeah if his amount is higher than what you want, then there is no need for any more negotiating.

  63. youngguy4aMan says:

    Well i spent a lot of time on my profile so I think thats good. I recently began to think that maybe a shirtless photo(Im a guy) is a bad thing. I never know how to craft a good message. Because normally I dont get a response. Most the time I just write about how I liked their profile and I think it would be good to talk more and see what can happen.
    Thanks for your help!

  64. NC Gentleman says:

    Hello A. and welcome to the blog. Here is my recommendation. Consider what you paid for my thoughts :)

    I would keep your profile active until you have come to an agreement. There are a number of reasons that an arrangement never materializes, plus you may want him to think you are still available — it may provide that extra motivation to him.

    My other recommendation is to talk to him about how you feel. If you are going to have a long-term, successful arrangement, there will need to be very good communication, and you need to start it now.

    The time for the physical component to come into play is when you are BOTH comfortable with it, and not a moments sooner. With my first SB, we knew each other several months before we were completely intimate.

    and Anne — my longest SB relationship was 2 years, and we still talk with each other on occasion. The reason it ended is because she graduated from college and got a real job with less flexibility.

  65. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Good afternoon to everyone….

    New pictures pending approval!!! Thank goodness for the photo booth in the computer. I think they are 3 nice photos of me. Not bad looking if I say so myself!!

  66. Mina says:

    And another thing to consider… If it’s this hard to meet someone who’s apparently so interested in you, imagine how difficult it may be further down the line when you two want to see each other on a somewhat regular basis.

  67. Mina says:

    Keep your profile up. You havent met in person and an agreement has yet to be reached, so it’s a little presumptuous to hide your profile.

  68. BettieGirlDD says:

    There’s got to be a nice way to show him (rather than tell him, if youre avoiding confrontation) that you’re seeking an arrangement not a pen pal. Be less available and if he wants to close the gap he will. I’m not deactivating until I’m totally happy with an arrangement.
    He’s not shy about what he wants, why should you be?

  69. Stephan says:

    You’ve got mail

  70. A. says:

    I don’t know where to post this, so I’ll post here.

    I’m new to the SD/SB relationship idea and have a couple of questions. I met a potential SD and I feel like I’m being jerked around, but I’m not sure. Maybe some insight will help me figure out what I should do.

    Back Story:
    This gentleman lives out west and I live in the northeast. I’m attracted to him and find our conversations to be on the “stimulating” side. He said he wants to come and see me and as of now he is trying to figure out when he could make it. First he told me mid to late Jan. but now it seems like he is trying to put it off (bad sign). He suspended his profile after our first conversation and I suspended mine. He told me before he left to visit family for the holidays that he would miss me and wanted to send me a gift. That was two phone calls ago and hasn’t said anything else about sending me anything. As far as an arrangement is concerned, he told me that whatever or however I wanted to work things was fine with him, but of course he is going to say that if he has no intention of coming to see me and just wants “talk”. He did however provide me with his work number and after a little searching he has proven to be exactly who he says he is. He isn’t lying about what he does or who he is so that is comforting.

    My questions:
    When do I give up and re-activate my profile?
    Do I give it more time and see what happens?
    When is the appropriate time to ask him what his intentions are?
    When should the physical aspect come into play?

    I’ve been “out of the loop” since mid December and want to know if he is serious about an arrangement. I don’t want to turn him off if this guy is for real, but I don’t want to waist my time either. The chemistry is great between us, at least I feel it on my end and he seems to really like me. What should I do?

    Thanks for you help,

  71. stephan says:

    Mish: I saw one of your comments got caught in the filter — look again it should be up…:-)

  72. stephan says:

    or any YoungGirl4aMama

    Send Send Send – most here on the SB end can tell you that it’s quite common to not receive that many initial emails from sugar daddies… in fact, one of the main reasons sugar daddies like this site is because They receive over 5X the messages that those they seek (sugar babies) do… they’re often busy, and don’t have time to do the sending…. so they wait for you to send to them… now, if you’ve been sending out lots of messages tailored specifically to the profiles you send them to, tell us what about your approach You think might need adjusting?

    Here are some previous blogs with questions and comments about gay sugar daddy dating.

  73. MishBocaRatonGrl says:


    How come you didn’t post my comment?

  74. youngguy4aMan says:

    hey everyone! So what about the profiles for SD males who want SB males?
    Im not too sure how to fix my approach. I think Id be a good catch for an SD but I dont get many emails. Any ideas anyone?

  75. Kittylainy says:

    gurl next door: it is so simple, why didn’t I tihnk of that… I just have a hard time figuring out WHAT I want. I think this might be one of those put amount in envelope on the table (his amount he wants to give me, and my want) and we pass it to each other and meet in the middle. unless of course if his is higher, I will just accept :)

  76. gurlnextdoor says:

    I agree Kitty that it can be a little hard to figure out what you want as an allowance. The best way I can think of to get a number for your allowance is to think of where the money would be going? Do you want endless shopping sprees, to travel, help pay bills, etc.? Once you’ve done that think of a ball park estimate of what that would cost, talk to your potential SD about it, and work out an allowance you both would be comfortable with. In the end you have to be comfortable with each other, and communication is key like in any other relationship you would have in life. hope that helps. :)

  77. Kittylainy says:

    oo I see I thought there was a special trick to it…..
    nope not around here

  78. D says:

    I remember you posting it a little while back. Chances are if you’ve posted your # I went to look at your profile, lol. Because I’m curious, 😀

    And btw, maybe I’m missing it, but has NightmareSD been on the blog lately? (evil grins)

  79. Kittylainy says:

    Hey D, I don’t think I can get express jeans in Canada… or can I?! and thank you for your wishes and tips… how do you find my profile without me telling u my number??

  80. D says:

    KittyLainy- I agree with you about finding a nice pair of jeans that are less then $200 that look great! I wear a sz 0 and it’s always hard to find a nice pair of jeans that fit me. However I do find that Express jeans fit me nicely & I don’t think they are a huge budget buster. I always seem to have that extra certain little swing in my step when I’m wearing them 😀 I hope your dinner goes well tonight. Just remember to take a deep breathe and relax before you have that special talk about the “Monthly Budget”. I’ve seen your profile and you don’t seem like your “on sale”, you don’t look like a Blue Light Special on aisle 7 to me 😀

  81. Ann says:

    What’s the longest SD-SB arrangement some of you have had?

  82. Kittylainy says:

    Jen: I wish there was a guideline that we can just pull out and figure it out. like a calculator type thing. But yes, the purpose of this meeting is to get to know each other! NOT BUSINESS

  83. SuthrnExec says:

    I’ll be glad to take a gander at it as soon as it’s available…

  84. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Kitty.. see how the dinner goes first. If it comes up then tell him the truth.

  85. Kittylainy says:

    and pfft… I know this topic is going to come up tonight and I am nervous about it… “what do you expect to get out of the arrangement, materialistically”……
    and I don’t know!! I was looking at my monthly budget and I thought maybe if he takes care of my monthly budgeted spending money of 1,000 plus gifts etc…
    I read on a post about asking 10k if you’re a model material etc etc… so because I ask for so little, am I “on sale?” haha sorry bad choice of words, but you know what I mean! I don’t think I can accept more than 1 k a month plus gifts, because then I will start feeling compelled to do ANYTHING for him.

  86. OCSugarBaby says:

    Ann- Just click on a profile and in the address field enter the one you want to see. (Just backspace out the one you clicked on, enter the number and hit Go). Presto you will have the one you are looking to view.

  87. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Ann.. go to look up someone and in the address bar at the end is the profile number, just delete and replace with new number.

  88. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    It is now changed!!!

    SE and NC I would like your comments please.

  89. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Kitty and OC… Thank you both. I will take out the negative part..

  90. Kittylainy says:

    OC: Well said!!!!! it’s to achieve that balance that makes me spend hours at a mall/in a closet. Maybe this SD will take me shopping for some designer jeans :)
    I wore parasucos and guess jeans a lot when I was young but not they’re super low waisted and I can’t deal with them… I have so many pair sof stillettos… aww I love them.. I love them!!!

    Sweet euro: thank you… thank you… seriously.. I just wish that he is all that he’s cracked up to be..

  91. Ann says:

    How do you look up someones profile via their profile number?

  92. OCSugarBaby says:

    Jen-I read the new profile. Much better! However one suggestion, take out the negative items. You know the ones I am commenting on. You are beautiful, let that shine thru! 😉

  93. Kittylainy says:

    Jen: Thank you! I will try to have fun, unless he becomes creepy. I read your profile and I love it, it is very honest and true to yourself. And I think you are gorgeous, you can a very sincere look to you. I think you have sold yourself short, there are some negative comments about yourself there. BE POSITIVE. But I think you will get genuine coontacts as a result and not just random mass e-mailed dirt bags

  94. SweetEuropean says:

    Good luck Kitty! :)

  95. OCSugarBaby says:

    Kitty- Living in the OC, its all about designer jeans and labels. I however don’t conform well to dressing like others. I have jeans that I love that don’t fit in the $200 range. I could buy them if I wanted, just don’t want to look like every other OC girl. I am a rebel that way. Now, heels that is a different story. LOVE them…
    You should wear what makes you feel great. Your dress sounds perfect! Men have no idea how hard it is picking the right outfit. Its a balance of sexy, without being too sexy.

  96. Ann says:

    Good Morning all…BettieGirlDD gives good advice Anon SB..and Kitty we’re all wishing you good luck. Jeans and heels is so universal. Go with something like that…I could wear jeans and high heels to a ball game or to a nice restaurant.

  97. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Hi to everyone…

    Kitty.. remember to have some fun and best of luck tonight.

    OK everyone, I just updated the profile and it is awaiting approval.
    Please look it up and let me know that you think.

    #271022 That’s me!!
    I spent 3 days writing and rewriting. I feel really good about it.
    Now for the pictures. UGH….

  98. Kittylainy says:

    Definately gotta go get some nice jeans now!

  99. SuthrnExec says:

    The nice jeans, cute top and heels get me every time! 😉

  100. Kittylainy says:

    OC i like the jean idea.. but i don’t havew flatteringjeans :( its so difficult finding a good pair of jeans that doesn’t cost over 200 bucks

  101. Kittylainy says:

    thanx nc, bettie…
    we’re going to a whimsically themed pasta restaurant… he is going vith jeans and sport shirt
    i am think a casual dress… its classy, black, knitted and is off shoulder definately heels it’s from GUESS :)

  102. OCSugarBaby says:

    Kitty- You are beautiful! I am sure he will be speechless no matter what you wear. I agree with NC, my comfortable outfit is nice jeans and a cute top…and HEELS! :)

  103. BettieGirlDD says:

    Anonymous SB You’ll figure out how to get around those guys pretty quickly. A real SD wants you to like him and should have a lot to say: whereas a “John” doesn’t care how you feel. If they can’t tell you what they’re like or what theyre looking for, dont try to beat it out of them. Just move on.
    Good luck Kitty! I say wear something that makes you comfortable.. not like sweats but something that’s the real you vs a shiny new party outfit. It’ll help you be yourself.

  104. NC Gentleman says:

    Where is he taking you for dinner, Kitty? I like the sexy, professional look if it is a nice dinner… if it is casual place, jeans, nice top, and heels and I just melt – ok is it getting hot in here lol

  105. Kittylainy says:

    thanx NC and SE… now I just have to figure out what to wear… SHOPPING TIME!!!

  106. NC Gentleman says:

    Good luck Kitty — I hope all goes well.

    I don’t get that nervous for the first phone call. I guess it is because I call people at work all the time that I don’t know and have never met. I do get nervous before a first meeting, so much that I lose my appetite but it always seems to come back (if I could just figure that out I would have a diet hit). I just try to breathe deeply and stay calm. It is very exciting though, and I get a bit of an adrenaline rush from it :)

    And Bettie — loved what you said about young women going for the loser guys — a few times when I was younger I lost gfs to guys that I thought were complete losers…. I always wondered if I should have been more of a jerk to keep them… oh well — gotta love being older!

  107. Anonymous SB says:

    In general my experience on the site has been awful. Between the guy that was only interested in phone sex, the fake pics, insulting emails when I don’t respond and my favorite “I’ll fly you over and if I like what I see I’ll pay you 1K”. Why is everything so one sided? Why does the SD have to set all the terms with no consideration that I actually have a job, responsiblities and a life? NO RESPECT!!

  108. SuthrnExec says:

    Good luck kitty – hope all goes well!

  109. Kittylainy says:

    Btw: I’m meeting a potential SD tonight for dinner (i would’ve rather lunch but both are schedules are crazy during lunch time) He’s so considerate and kept stressing that my comfort is key. I might have found something nice :)
    Wish me luck!

  110. Kittylainy says:

    What kinds of profiles make you breath a sigh of relief?
    -Profiles that actually tell you something about the person. Something with a touch of personality, so it’s not just (man: wants sex, will pamper)

    Have you ever wanted to say something to an SD or SB but were afraid it wouldn’t be appropriate?
    -There are two main subjects I clinge when I am asked. a) Allowance, how much are you expecting? I don’t like asking, I should just be offered. b) How many other SDs, boyfriends etc. anything to do with significant others in my life or their life. I am a woman, and even in a SD/SB relationship, I get jealous.

    What should never be stated, or asked, in a message to a Sugar Daddy. A Sugar Baby?
    -I recieved a text msg the other day outlining the details of things he wants to do to me. this was after 3 times of initial e-mailing. And I was contacting one potential SD, that kept telling me who he’s meeting today, and then who afterwards and only has like an hr to have dinner with me because he was to meet another SB… I really just don’t want to be a block on his day timer.

  111. BettieGirlDD says:

    haha.. likewise with my sister.. but im still hoping theres an extra guy like you for me somewhere!

  112. SuthrnExec says:

    In fact I do, but I really don’t think you’d be interested.

  113. BettieGirlDD says:

    SuthrnExec I know I asked you this but do you have a brother? 😉

  114. SuthrnExec says:

    For me, the first phone call is much more nerve-racking then the first time meeting face-to-face. Not sure why – I think it is because when I hear the voice and talk with the SB, I can tell a lot about her, how well we will get along, etc. Once we are comfortable talking over the phone, I’m hardly nervous meeting face to face – in fact, if the phone conversations have gone well, I am really excited and anxious to meet.

    I also try to make certain that she is totally comfortable with EVERYTHING about the first meeting – time, place, etc. Her comfort is paramount. If I don’t do that, I don’t think it shows I value her, her time or appreciate the trouble she has taken to meet with me.

  115. lisa says:

    When I was younger I thought the guy who drove recklessly, was into himself , etc was cool and I look back and wonder how I could have ever been into such a jerk.

  116. lisa says:

    good morning
    Have a great day everyone, I’m headed out to work. I get off early today so I get to go do laundry. lotsa fun

  117. BettieGirlDD says:

    OC Nice question. I try to remember what my mom told me- which is that the guy is always WAY more nervous than you are. That makes me feel like I have the upper hand, and less nervous as a result.

    Mish: D-bags, or any arrogant kind of men, have a certain magnetisim. They use some sort of psychology that makes you feel lucky to be around them. Fortunately for most of us it only works until you hit about 25…

  118. SweetEuropean says:

    OC, I find a shot of tequila usually does the trick! lol I get really nervous but tend to calm down once we’ve started a conversation :)

  119. BlondieNYC says:

    OC it’s just like any first date. Be yourself, that’s really all you can do. I’m sure you’re fabulous in person. You can have the tequila AFTER…lol!

  120. OCSugarBaby says:

    Here’s a question:

    The first SB/SD meetings can be a bit nerve-racking…

    How do you try to make the meeting less so? Ok, taking a shot of tequila before hand is not the answer I am looking for. lol :)

    I know that I may come across as calm and collective, but it can really be difficult to relax. Even if you have had some great conversations via phone and email prior to the meeting.

    Anyone care to share?

  121. Massachusetts Yankee says:


    check with local codes for housing, including your housing commission for your city. if the landlord wants to charge for water to each unit, i believe the landlord must install meters to each unit to determine usage.

    don’t give up without at least inquiring with city hall. you can’t fight this alone, so get some help from the big boys (or girls). that’s why you pay taxes.

    city government is actually a big SD / SM. lol.

  122. lisa says:

    Good evening Jenniferbbwsb. My back hurts me alot since I started having to do a lot of lifting.
    well I just go the ultimate insult. My bird usually likes rice but tonight I overcooked it and it’s sticky (I like it that way) and he will not eat it, so a bird will not even eat my cooking, that’s bad. lol

    I want to post some new pics too when I upgrade my profile but my cell phone takes bad pics and it’s hard to take good pics of yourself, can’t really ask family to take them either.lol

  123. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Hello to everyone. Worked some today. I got to leave early to go to the chiropractor. My back was killing me! All better now.

    I will be working on the new profile tomorrow. I will let everyone know when I am done.

    Now for the new pictures… Will have to think on that.

  124. lisa says:

    Good evening everyone. Got home from work, exhausted and a little disgusted at my landlord. when they took over they started charging us for water because the people here waste water and the apt water bill is 23,000 a month. anyway they decided to charge us 5 dollars a person which is fair since I live alone and those families of 8 can pay more because afterall they use more. today another note on the door and the owner is going to take the bill divide it by total rented apartments and he will pay 50 on each apartment and we will be paying 40-50 per aparment which is not fair as I know a single person like myself doesn’t use the same amount of water as the huge families that live here in the 3 bedroom apartements. I hate unfairness and cant contain myself. :(

    other than that my day was ok, but still an empty inbox.

  125. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    For the record, I did not run off with mister model, I did see him though, we had another mini date, he’s still arrogant, but… something about him is addicting. I’ll keep those you know what I’m talking about informed.

    I ditched my plans for travel this holiday, and decided to stay home , and focus on the tasks at hand…

  126. Ann says:

    I really did read alot of the SD profiles. I don’t think I was any more or less attracted to those without pictures. I did like profiles that didn’t sound generic or cookie cutter. One liners tended to bore me though. I got an email from someone already but I can’t read it since my pic hasn’t been approved yet..UGH!!

  127. chocolatevenus says:

    OOo ooo SD/SB movies! I can imagine a few of the SB’s watching it over a few glasses of wine and nibbles. Then the indepth disection of each sentence….mmm wonderful..lol

    Ettiquite…I think the best email can be long or short, but need to make you feel that the person has read your profile and picked you! Making you feel special. Also intelligent questions, the ones that make you think! I love that.!


    PS Hi every one xx

  128. SuthrnExec says:

    Welcome Ann – glad you are checking us out! As you know from reading the blog, we’re all real and we all share in many of the same frustrations and aggravations so don’t be afraid to tap into the knowledge, experience, wisdom and opinions that reside here. No doubt we can learn a lot from you too!

  129. Ann says:

    Good Afternoon Everyone…I just signed on today for the first time and well…this blog is addictive! You guys all seem so cool and uh..real..lol

  130. dreamer says:

    im here Gail.. I cant ever leave you all for too long. Just dont always know what to say

  131. BettieGirlDD says:

    Loved Priceless! and have still been meaning to see Shopgirl.

  132. OCSugarBaby says:

    Stephan- Can you put the link back up for the SA movie list? I think it got deleted the other day. :)

  133. OCSugarBaby says:

    That’s the one! It is in French with English subtitles. Very fun movie! Plus, I love foreign films. :)

  134. SweetEuropean says:

    Mmm I have to see this film! Is priceless set in Paris with Audrey Tatou? I think i’ve heard of that film, I wanted to see it, it sounds good!

  135. OCSugarBaby says:

    Also another good movie is “Priceless”…

    It is a funny SB/SD flick. I had a bit of a movie marathon over the holiday. lol

  136. Gail says:

    Handsome, naked, fighting men:) LOL…..what a treat for all of us ladies…LOL

  137. BlondieNYC says:

    Ooooh, it’s fantastic! Viggo Mortenson and Naomi Watts- it’s a mystery set in London- Russian Mafia, lost women, misplaced drugs and naked Viggo!

  138. SweetEuropean says:

    What’s Eastern promises about?

  139. SuthrnExec says:

    Gail, glad you checked in from being snow-bound. Yes, the warmest of holidays for me!

  140. OCSugarBaby says:

    Gail and BlondieNYC-Loved “Eastern Promises”… Just don’t watch it while eating dinner! lol Watched it on Christmas.

  141. BlondieNYC says:

    gail, gail, gail, I miss you!!!!!!
    Tell me what you think about the movie :)

  142. Gail says:

    Greetings All:)
    I am still on vacation…won’t be back till after the first of the year..that is if I can get back down from the mountain. LOL….it’s snowing…white Christmas and holiday:)

    NYCBlondie-Welcome back…be in touch soon!!! LOL… sorry U had a stalker..and also watching Eastern promises tonite!!!!
    OC-Even though its cold here..I am quite warm
    Jennifer-smile…no forgetting you..I am out of town..
    Suthurn Exec-warm holidays for you?(smile)
    Mish-come back to the light(LOL)
    Lisa-Happy New Year!!!
    Dreamer-Watcha doing? Keep smiling sunshine!!!

  143. BlondieNYC says:

    SuthrnExec, thanks, but I’m fine. No one ever wants to feel my wrath!! He’s been blocked, texts deleted, I doubt he’ll bother me again.

    Oh and I took your advice–new thesis is up! Here it is:

    Please do send me an email telling me a bit more about yourself – your likes, dislikes, what makes you laugh, what you do or want to do for fun; and yes let’s keep it G-rated! We’re both strangers if you know what I mean. you laugh…those types of things.

    I may send you a one line email because there’s something about your profile that intrigued me or just a quick note to brighten your day. Don’t hold it against me as I’m not Proust and I do get a bit nervous with emailing a stranger.

    But I am so much more adorable in person!

  144. SuthrnExec says:

    Wow Blondie – how annoying! Just let the blog posse know if we need to find this dude and kick his a$$.

    I never ask for a phone number – I figure when someone is comfortable enough they will offer it – as I do when the comfort level is to the point where I am ok giving mine.

  145. BlondieNYC says:

    SuthernExec- great advice as always! Thing is, I’ve done the upbeat positive thing on my profile and I still get the wackjobs. So, I thought if the person is serious about pursuing this type of thing, they’d get that I was too.

    I may try what you wrote just to see if there’s a difference.

    Just wanted to share a crazy experience that I had recently. I’m emailing someone and he wants my number, I give it to him, he seemed nice on the phone, we get to talking and I realize there’s something wrong. He keeps asking me questions, won’t answer mine and is all ready possessive! He then calls me back in an hour! I’ve all ready told him that I’m working and can’t really be disturbed. He tells me he’ll call me back. He does 8 am on a Sunday morning. This is insane, I don’t call people I know at that time, and mind you, I’ve not even gotten a picture from him. I don’t answer. The call woke me up out of a dead sleep. he calls me at 9, I’ve gotten the feeling that he’s going to call me every hour on the hour until I answer. I pick up and tell him to NEVER contact me again as long as he has breath in his body. I then get emails and text messages.
    Delete, delete, delete.

  146. SuthrnExec says:

    BlondieNYC, welcome back! Missed you!

    Ladies, what about this approach – instead of saying “Don’t send email that —–, but in your email please tell me about you, —” just say what you want the email to be about. Something like, “I’d love to hear from you – please tell me about yourself, your likes, dislikes, what makes you laugh, etc.”

    Just concerned that if someone happens on your profile who has never chatted with you or blogged with you, the initial negative (“Don’t send email that …”) might be a turn-off and might give someone the wrong initial impression. Once the initial impression is made, right or wrong, someone is going to act based on that.

    Maybe I expect too much out of people but I think if you state positively what you expect in emails sent to you, it should eliminate most of the scum – without eliminating some good SDs that might get the wrong first impression.

    Whaddya think?

  147. BettieGirlDD says:

    Blondie – great disclaimer. its polite and to the point so if it scares em away, good riddance!

    Mish – was wondering where ya went.. i figured you ran off with mr. male model.

  148. BettieGirlDD says:

    To address the topic here, the other day I was talking to a SD and he seemed very legit and interesting until he immediately asks for me to send more pics.. oh no, not this one! I thought.. Now there’s one SD I havent met yet but like enough I’d entertain the request, but I consider him an actualy friend, (probably because he hasn’t pestered me for n00dz!)
    Anyway I explained sending pics out and things never progressing gets old fast. He said he just wanted to have some fun and made me feel like a total d**k for being so defensive. At first I worried that I was too harsh and turned away what could be something good but I remembered this blog about basic manners and am glad I didnt cave- I wasnt in the mood to operate the sexychat help desk. End of discussion. We’ve talked since but I”m not holding my breath even though his profile implies he can come meet a SB on a whim…

  149. BlondieNYC says:

    Good morning all! I actually added a caveat to my profile -because I’m so annoyed. This is what I wrote:

    Please- if you’re going to send me an email, don’t start off with questions of financial expectations -that’s a turn off to me – I’d much prefer if you told me a bit about yourself, your likes, dislikes, what makes you laugh…those types of things.

    AND if you’re thinking of sending me an email stating that your sole desire to meet me is to spend an hour at my house once or twice a week, don’t bother.

    I don’t know if it’s going to turn off ALL potential SD’s or just the ones I’d prefer not to contact me at all.

  150. NC Gentleman says:

    Good morning all! I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday break! I just came in to work for a few minutes to catch up and to blog lol

    OK, so now I will chime in…. I have spent a few days with an SB on a first visit, and it worked out fine. I go for out-of-town SBs so it pretty much happens that way. I usually have known the SB for a few months via email, text and phone calls so it wasn’t a problem. I think you have to do what you feel comfortable with on a personal level, and the SD is responsible for providing a safe environment.

    Happy Blogging!

  151. SuthrnExec says:

    MassYankee, welcome – and nice post with sound advice for Miss T.

    Todd, the exclusivity question has to be determined by you and the SB. If it’s not something you are adamant about, then make sure she is aware because she may not be comfortable in a non-exclusive relationship – or she may have no problem at all. There is no standard of etiquette regarding that specifically – the etiquette is that you communicate clearly with each other and don’t make any assumptions.

    Sig, sounds like a nice time – glad it went well (no quite raising the bar so damn high! – jk).

  152. BettieGirlDD says:

    Sig that sounds like a real dream. You could recreate that magic with a new SB or get to know that one better and better. You can’t lose! Also your post has inspired me to hold out for such royal treatment.

  153. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone
    I’m headed out to work, have a nice day

  154. Pleasureman says:

    Nice posting Sig, shows it can be done properly.

  155. Sig says:

    Since posting seems to be working now, I’ll put up what I tried to post many times last week:

    Had my first SB (from this site) date Wednesday. We ran things at an accelerated pace (see my posting last week about how I like to run things):

    I was in her home town then so we met for a first face to face. We had agreed that if it went well she would accompany me to Las Vegas for a few days. It went well so we jetted straightaway to Vegas. Custom menus (including a chef’s table with a birds-eye-view of the kitchen), Zumanity, front table at LAX and Tryst, shopping the Forum Shops, 2 room suite at Skylofts with steam showers and pool table, and so on.

    I kept everything rated PG; I think she really appreciated that.

    It was VERY memorable… because it snowed in Vegas! I was told they closed the airport at one point, so we were lucky to get in at all. Wednesday night the snow was lovely though it was mostly gone on Thursday.

    The date went very well. In fact her profile was very understated in terms of her charisma, her entrepreneurship, and her versatility.

    Related to an earlier discussion: now I am wondering how many simultaneous opportunities I should explore before committing to an arrangement!

  156. Sig says:

    Hi MBRG. Hope you’ve kept warm.

    On the photo thread, I thought a lot before posting my photos. I may take them down or replace them with something even less identifiable. Fortunately I am Asian and we all look alike anyhow. LOL

    I was already approached by one potential SB who thought she knew me, and another who know a business associate of mine. Small world…

  157. Massachusetts Yankee says:

    some people are online to collect photos. if they do send you one, it’s probably copy from some ads somewhere.

    it’s pretty common everywhere.

    be guided by your own instinct. be careful.

  158. GothicNC says:

    Here’s a question- picture etiquette. I understand that some SDs can’t put pics on their profile, and that’s fine. However, I did ask in my profile that if he doesn’t have a pic on his profile, to send me one with his email. Only fair since he already has pix of me, right?

    One guy emailed me asking for more pictures. I said, “You have no pic on your profile, why not send me a pic of you and I’ll send you more of me?”

    Never heard back from him. Is that really such a big deal, to send a pic to a woman whose picture you already have?

  159. Massachusetts Yankee says:

    Sorry for the mis-type, it should be:

    “no one can put a price tag on that”.

    it’s late.

  160. Massachusetts Yankee says:

    miss T, i personally agree with our blog members here that a true gentleman would never demand your entire weekend time. if a SD can not afford a local hotel, how can he afford an allowance of any kind or size.

    let’s face it, it’s a Golden Rule for SD, by definition, to provide an allowance, big or small. failing that, it’s not a SD relationship or arrangement. second rule, SD are to pamper SB, making demands that you are uncomfortable at the onset, as this SD did or is doing, already violated that code.

    never question your own self worth. no one can answer that. no one. you are your own person and no one can pay a price tag on that.

    if you are not being comfortable anytime, you are no longer being treated as a SB. what’s the sense. money is not everything.

    be comfortable, be yourself. if anyone’s demands are making you feeling uncomfortable, just say “no, thanks”. there are real gentlemen here on this site.

    good luck.

  161. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    Hello , all…

    It’s been awhile

  162. Sig says:

    In my first date off this site I flew down to her city. We had agreed ahead of time to have our first face to face meeting at a cafe for two hours and then decide whether we wanted to “go” or “no go”. If the latter, no harm, no foul, we’d go our separate ways or go slower via email. If the former, however, we’d immediately depart for a multi-day Vegas trip (separate bedrooms, naturally.) So she came to the meeting with her luggage in the car, so to speak.

    Fortunately it went the “go” direction… 😉

  163. Todd says:


    I am a newbie as a sugar daddy.

    I have been receiving a lot of email, and it seems that the ladies I respond to also receive a lot of mail.

    So here is my question: Is the SD relationship expected to be exclusive (from either side)? The impression I get is that many ladies have more than one sugar daddy.

    I am not necessarily opposed to this. In fact, I understand why this may be necessary. While a lady may seek a single benefactor with deep pockets, such a guy may not always materialize. So she may need to maintain several benefactors. This is not a conventional relationship, and so I am not sure how much traditional feelings of jealosy are appropriate.

    I am not suggesting that a sugar baby should have twelve sugar daddies, and that isn’t the impression I get. It seems to me that it mirrors the typical dating phase in the conventional world. Sometimes a person may date two people, for example.

    And what about the gentlemen? Are any guys “partial benefactors” to more than one lady?

    Any thoughts from the more experienced hands out there (SD or SB) would be appreciated. I am still learning about this world and I don’t yet know the ettiquette.

  164. SouthernGent2 says:

    First meetings should never be more than two hours. I can’t believe anyone would insist on a weekend. And I can’t believe any sb would even consider accepting an offer like that.

  165. Miss T says:

    Oh there’s no way a SD would be spending the weekend at my place. It’s a nice apartment, but needs a lot of work in terms of decor. Most of my furniture is second hand, I don’t have enough storage (mainly bookcases) so I still have boxes everywhere even though I’ve lived here since summer. If he’s coming to my city, he’s staying at a hotel.

  166. lisa says:

    If a sd mentions submissive in his profile, I am weary that he might be abusive, you never know about a stanger and what they are into. I steer clear of anyone who mentions wanting to dominate.

  167. BeautifulBluegrass says:

    D- I am with you on noticing the word “submissive”… as long as they aren’t describing themselves, if you catch my drift. He he!
    Jenniferbbwsb- I’m sure it’ll be great!

  168. lisa says:

    Good evening Jenniferbbwsb.
    I redid my profile and it’s being viewed but no response yet. I hope I am not wasting my money when I upgrade on payday, something tells me i’d have better luck throwing the money in the garbage. lol
    I was just looking at some of the sd profiles. A big profile turnoff for me is when ugly pics are posted. I’m not talking about they guy in the pic, I mean the backgroud, ugly room, or a bed with no headboard up against the bare wall and thinks stacked on the floor. what’s with that, looks similiar to way my neighbors live, mattresses on the floor and all, tacky, not sd standards. lol

  169. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Hi to everyone..

    Well I think I have finished my profile on paper.. I will look it over again and make any rewrites that is needed and I hope to make the changes on Tuesday.

    As with my profile… I never know what to write about myself. I lead a pretty boring life. lol
    I really enjoy being asked questions, because that means the pot. SD really wants to know more about me. The same goes for me asking questions to the SD.

  170. lisa says:

    I agree as I prefer to be asked questions and ask questions about the sd. not much for this Hi, wanna know more about me? check out my profile garbage. if they are too lazy to write a decent message, they probably won’t make the effort to go any furthur.

  171. D says:

    “What kinds of profiles make you breath a sigh of relief?”

    I can appreciate both short & direct profiles & long descriptive novel type profiles. For some reason my eye seems to wonder to profiles that DO NOT have pics. SD profiles that have the word “submissive” in it catches my attention, LOL. Other profiles that have a well thoughtful glimpse into a SD’s life also catches my attention. Funny Remarks always gets brownie points!

    “Have you ever wanted to say something to an SD or SB but were afraid it wouldn’t be appropriate?”

    I rarely ever have anything inappropriate to say. Vice Versa

    “What should never be stated, or asked, in a message to a Sugar Daddy. A Sugar Baby?”

    I’m not too nosey when speaking with a SB at first. I ask the basic questions as far as what type of arrangement is he hoping to find, etc. I’m actually ok with a SD asking me ANY questions about myself. I’m pretty hard to offend and I would much rather the both of us be up front first about what it is that we are BOTH looking for 😀

  172. gurlnextdoor says:

    Yeah I agree with Lisa. If he’s a true SD he can afford to book his own hotel room (I mean if he can’t do that how is he going to afford to spoil and pamper you????) But yeah, just go on a lil lunch date or something at first that way you won’t feel like you’re forced to spend your whole weekend with this bore (if he is one, one never knows). I made the mistake of spending the night with a potential SD I wasn’t really feeling and I couldn’t wait till morning so I could leave. (Things started out good and then well…they didn’t go too well from there) By the way I was wondering what were everyone’s thoughts on asking for an allowance. I’d like $3,000 a month since I’m a full time college student and need help with my tuition, books, etc. (and a great spring break trip). Do you think that may be too much to ask and when do you think I should ask for it?

  173. lisa says:

    I dont’ think it’s a good idea to commit too much time to a first meeting, especially not your entire weekend. And if any sd comes into town to meet me, he will definately not be staying with me. There are plenty of hotels to stay at. I have had only one sd come to meet me from out of town and he booked a room for himself at a hotel in my area.
    A good plan I have found, well at least it worked for the last two sds I met, is to have a meeting during the day for lunch and make speculative plans for getting together for dinner, etc, and then either of you can either bail out if necessary (the last 2 sds that I met called back and cancelled for the evening, but at least we didnt waste alot of each other’s time. nothing worse than being stuck with someone you don’t click with the minute you meet them. I have had a few of those on other dating sites, and let’s say that once he told me he was unemployed for 6 months, recently divorced 3rd time, had 3 kids under 10 (this guy was in his 50’s so I thought his “boys” were in college or grown), I was glad it was a short coffee meeting but believe me that 45 minutes seemed like eternity.

    Please don’t commit to an entire weekend with him before first meeting him, and DO NOT let him stay at your place. If he is a proper sd, he will book a hotel for himself.

  174. OCSugarBaby says:

    SuthernExec- Never EVER said Old, But I did say so very WISE! lol :)

  175. SuthrnExec says:

    Miss T – I would not commit to the entire weekend – I personally would never be that insistent. It sounds to me like his motives are a little more than to make sure you’re comfortable with everything from the start (strictly my opinion because I obviously don’t know the guy or you). If I were you, I would commit to meet that evening for dinner – that should be the only expectation. If all goes well, you can make plans for the next day at the end of dinner. This is totally reasonable and if he won’t do that, then you’ve made the right decision.

    And BTW, I’ve got to meet this wise, old SD that OC refers to! 😉

  176. BettieGirlDD says:

    Miss T have you talked on the phone a few times and you still want coffee first to know if you like him? Or do you just feel like you want to say that you want to do coffee first because its sketchy to promise the whole weekend in case theres a chance you change your mind? Cause if you like him enough to *intend* to spend the weekend, go for it: he can’t sue you for leaving after 20 minutes if he’s a creep. It sounds scary to sign up for such a big step but once you get there and he’s just beaming at you.. its great :)

  177. OCSugarBaby says:

    Miss T- My thoughts on him flying up for the weekend are many! lol
    On one hand if he was going to be respectful of your feelings and comfort, he would have offered dinner and conversation on that first night. If there was chemistry and interest you could take it from there. Maybe making plans for the following day. You should never feel pressured to spend the weekend with him just because he is flying up just to see you. The cost of changing his ticket is nominal. If he is a true SD, he can afford the change fee. Trust me, if he is not looking out for your comfort, he will emphasize the fact that he flew up just to see you. Flattering as it may be, but far too much pressure.
    The allowance discussion does not necessarily need to fall upon your shoulders and yours alone. I would like to think that the potential SD would already know what arrangement he is looking for. A very wise SD once told me that some men may feel like it is a business deal and that the one who blinks first comes in second. He phrased it much more eloquently, but that was the jist of it.
    How do you determine what you are worth? My question to you is do you know what you are looking for out of this type of arrangement? Is it financial, gifts, mentoring or as you put it time spent? You need to give it some thought. What will make YOU happy? If it is a set monthly allowance, state that and be ready to back that up with why that amount is valid. If you are a student or maybe you just have monthly expenses that the allowance would help with.
    Don’t be too flattered with him flying over the border; a true SD gentleman would fly to the moon for you if the CHEMISTRY is right between you.

  178. Miss T says:

    OC, that’s kind of been my dilemma as well. On the one hand I’d rather just meet for dinner or a drink or coffee or something, but on the other hand, he’s going to be flying/driving up here just to see me so….

    In general though, how do you decide on an allowance? Does it depend on how much time you’re going to be spending with your SD? Or does it depend just on how much he can do? How do I determine what I’m worth (in terms of $, gifts, mentoring, time spent etc) so I don’t have to settle for a SD who isn’t offering enough?

  179. OCSugarBaby says:

    Miss T- Sorry I have been biting my lip over saying something or not. But can’t help it.
    A) If the SD is a gentleman, he would not make demands of you spending the weekend with him.
    B) How comfortable do you feel with this person? Why is he not offering you the ability to get to know him instead of just offering $$$

  180. OCSugarBaby says:

    Good Morning Sugars! What a wonderful day today…

    Jenniferbbwsb-Thanks for the compliment. Just write your profile like are telling a friend about the things that you enjoy doing in your spare time, how you feel others perceive you. What makes you laugh, in essence what qualilities that make Jenniferbbwsb unique. Side Note-Keep the pictures to included just you, no others.

  181. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Hello to everyone

    OC I read your profile last night, Now if I can write one as well as yours I might fine a SD just like SE.. I will let everyone know when I am done so you all can take a look and give any suggestions.

    I have been taking notes with all of the suggestions that have been made.

  182. lisa says:

    good morning everyone.
    Got about 3 hours sleep thanks to my noisy neighbors. Of course they’re all laying up in bed now asleep while I go out to work.
    Have a good day everyone. At least I get off early today.

  183. Pleasureman says:

    go for 1000 $ !

  184. Miss T says:

    I still have no idea what would even be a reasonable figure…

  185. Mina says:

    Who cares if you turn him off? Don’t settle just because you don’t want to upset someone.

  186. Miss T says:

    Just curious what you all think I should do in this situation: a SD is willing to come here from the US (I live in Canada) the weekend, as long as I spend the weekend with him. A) Should I do it? and B) I asked him what would happen in terms of an arrangement and he said he’d prefer to do cash instead of gifts for a first meet at least. I asked what he was thinking in terms of $ amount and he said it was up to me. I have no idea what to say to that. I don’t want to ask for too much and turn him off, but I don’t want to undervalue myself….

  187. Anonymous says:

    So what happens when the SD’s or the lieing SB’s spouse finds out?

  188. OCSugarBaby says:

    Nite Lisa, sweet dreams 😉

  189. OCSugarBaby says:

    SouthernGent2- Yes you can. Just click on a profile and in the address field enter the one you want to see. (Just backspace out the one you clicked on, enter the number and hit Go). Presto you will have the one you are looking to view.

  190. lisa says:

    Good night everyone. I am going to try to get some sleep, gotta get up at 6 am to go to work. the downstairs neighbors are having a party and have one of those kids’ moodwalk things right outside my bedroom window and the kids are screaming and they’re playing loud music, I hate these people, no respect for others.
    Good night

  191. SouthernGent2 says:

    Can you find a profile by just knowing the profile number?

  192. OCSugarBaby says:

    When I read SuthernExec’s profile for the first time, it made me breath that big sigh of relief. I thought wow! This guy is something special. Now I know that for a fact. 😉

  193. lisa says:

    well i’m pretty pathetic this evening. got in the mood to watch old Culture Club videos on Youtube. lol

  194. SuthrnExec says:

    Good evening all! Interesting input from everyone. As BlondieNYC said, it seems the SDs (and SBs, I might add) that really need to read the blog, don’t! Maybe before they can post a profile they must pass a test on the fundamentals! lol

    Everything said of the crass SDs and their emails can be said of some SBs (well, except for swinging d—) but I have gotten emails from SBs with other body parts swinging…

    Hope all are having a fine Saturday evening…

  195. lisa says:

    that’s how it was at the print shop I used to work at, I would stand around for hours with nothing to do and the last 15 minutes when I was getting ready to go home someone would come in with a big order, wanted to check out, wanted to order business cards, etc. I ended up having to stay over to help my coworker and missing my bus. I don’t miss that job!
    gott a work thru tuesday before i’m off but they cut my hours so I’m working more days but less hours (5 hours a day this week)
    I got off new years eve but have to be at work 8 am new years day so I can’t stay up late. I had a great new years last year when I had a boyfriend we went to a party and spent the night in bed drinking wine (I hate wine,huck) and slept late and then went to lunch and a movie) memories, nothing this year.


  196. BettieGirlDD says:

    BlondieNYC : It IS a let down when you write write something for real and get no response. I can only assume the distance is a deal breaker but I guess I”ll never know. The only ones I don’t write back at all to are the truly clueless ones. Even the “more pictures” emails I give benefit of the doubt and say “no more pics. but tell me more about..” just in case they don’t know its a red flag I give em a chance to reapproach.

    And Sig, I meant to specify that like lisa said, they make 120k/yr and are offering up what would work out to a third of it.. I can multiply :)

    SincereSD Thanks I’ll keep an eye out for you. Care to write me just so I can see your profile? 273192

  197. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Lisa, everything went fine at work until the last hour. Then everything hit the fan. Had a patient off the unit for a test and then a patient was rushed to the ICU in distress. I stayed to help, but was ready to go home. I am off tomorrow but back on Monday.

    Gail…. where are you? Having fun I hope.

  198. lisa says:

    good evening Jenniferbbwsb
    Hope you had an easy day at work. mine was exhausting, dragged out those heavy totes again. Gotta do it again tomorrow but I get off earlier so I can get my housework done.
    I redid my profile too but am getting no results, going to upgrade when I get paid. I doubt it will make a difference but it’s worth a try.

  199. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Hello to everyone, Just home from work.

    I want to thank everyone for the above comments. I am in the process of rewriting my profile and all of the above information will help me in putting it all together.

  200. sinceresd says:

    BettieGirlDD, definitely got the tone of sarcasm in your post. You’re very funny and I’d definitely drive across the border to see you if it doesn’t work out with my current SB.

    it seems that a large minority of the articulate SB’s are here on this blog. Unfortunately out there in the SB matchmaking sites, it’s a definitely a case of YMMV (your mileage may vary). They say that money talks and and BS walks but it seems that money attracts a lot of crap in sugarland.
    Good luck to you in your search. I’m seeing a wonderful woman but unfortunately we’re going to have a tough road ahead given her personal issues.

  201. BeautifulBluegrass says:

    OK, just saw on the other thread that you do have one… hope things work out and that she tries to get clean.

  202. BeautifulBluegrass says:

    sinceresd, I’m sad to hear you guys get those kinds of emails also… at least you have met some nice ladies. Hope you find (or have found) Your Lady!

  203. sinceresd says:

    I follow the same email introduction as SG2 does. Send a pleasant but short 3 paragraph email … saying something witty/complimentary or point out something we have in common … followed by a short intro about myself … end a call to action suggesting we get to know each other through some IM or email followed by dinner if we click.

    I can honestly say I have been appalled by some of the (one line) responses. Here are some of the ones I remember:
    – Got pictures?
    – I’m looking pay for a trip to Paris (pay my rent, etc.). Can you help?
    – I’m hot and really good in bed (and sometimes accompanied by a riskee picture)
    – Are you a real SD? I need financial help.
    – Call me @ XXX-XXX-XXXX and let’s discuss (most of these turn out to be escorts)
    – No reply but then you get an invite to Messenger. (FWIW honey, I may have sent out 6 emails in the last 2 weeks so I may not remember who you were).

    To be fair though, I have received some great replies and met some nice women but that is definitely the exception.

  204. lisa says:

    Hi everyone

    I think mr big swinging **** should join a different site, lol.
    I can’t relate to many of your opinions cause I get no emails anymore and none of the guys that contact me even come near mentioning finances but oh yes they make it clear they want intimacy.
    On the subject of how much a sd can afford, I find it interesting when I find profiles where the guy makes 100k a year they they say they can afford 10-20k a month?? I think some of the guys on this site get the budget thing mixed up and think it’s their personal household budget.

  205. OCSugarBaby says:

    BeautifuBluegrass- Respect is the best rule. :)

  206. BeautifulBluegrass says:

    I only have 1 rule: *Be Respectful*

    I think everything stems from that. The way they ‘speak’ to me, value my time, how forthright they are, how they approach the topics of money and sex and their ideas about these (i.e condoms and proof they are negative for STD’s are non-negotiable with me),… everything.

  207. OCSugarBaby says:

    Blondie-I think “Big Swinging Dick” would get scared straight if we got a hold on him! lol

    Boy, I hope that came out right! LMAO

  208. BeautifulBluegrass says:

    like what SG2 said about proper presentation, and that can take many forms.
    In profiles and first emails I like seeing correct grammar, punctuation, and etiquette (i.e. don’t use all CAPS I FEEL LIKE I’M BEING YELLED AT). Sense of humor, knowing what they both want and can bring to the table is nice.
    But the primary trait I NEED to have for my interest to be piqued is good old-fashioned R-E-S-P-E-C-T.
    One thing I always want to ask but am hesitant about is “What do you need in order to want to meet in person?” or a variation thereof. Face-to-face is very important to me; I now spit it out pretty early in the process.
    I don’t feel a pot SD should bring up sex or that a pot SB should bring up money while they are still in the email/IM/ phone portion of the relationship. However, I think it OK if I bring up sex and he brings up money…. gotta love the double standard 😉

  209. BeautifulBluegrass says:

    I agree with BlondieNYC…. maybe a “How To” page. “How To” write a good SD/SB profile, write a first email, bring up certain subjects.

  210. BlondieNYC says:

    OC there’s a guy on the site whose profile name is “big swinging dick” no, many of them are clueless.

    Stephen- have you thought about a tag line for the blog on the main page…in big bold letters “WHAT SBS REALLY THINK” and a shortcut to the blog???

  211. OCSugarBaby says:

    Ohhh, what I meant by not having to point out the obvious was that they should know what this site is all about before they start emailing SB’s. lol

    Haha That would be called the “Golden Rule”

  212. OCSugarBaby says:

    Anonymous- Your honesty was pure and I felt sadness when I read it. It is true that either of us can be lured away. Thanks for sharing, having someone write from the heart is my favorite kind of reading. The topic of allowance, to many is one that seems difficult to address. It seems to have so many facets.

  213. BlondieNYC says:

    It’s such a shame that the SDs who need to read this blog, don’t bother to do it.

  214. OCSugarBaby says:

    Well, let’s get one thing on the record…
    It is neither of our (SD or SB’s) responsibility to POINT out the obvious!

  215. Peanut says:

    Blondie, you’re absolutely right in everything you’ve said on here so far.

    Just today I was talking with a man and could not get him to talk about anything other than his johnson. When I told him I wasn’t interested, he said “I will pay you well.” After I told him I’m not a prostitute he said, “What about $500?” Some men just really don’t get the point.

  216. BlondieNYC says:

    Sig, I can’t tell you how many times I spent working on a well-crafted message only to hear nothing back. If I am sending a one line message it is upbeat. Either way its frustrating.

    I’ve gotten to the point – I’m disgusted with emails from men who either ask how much in a first email or just want to come to my house that I’ve actually put a warning notice on my profile. It states if they’re going to ask me about financials right off the bat or just want to visit me in my house for an hour not to email me.

  217. Sig says:

    My experience also is that I receive mostly one line or even three word messages. So I noted that in my profile, after which I either received very well-crafted messages or, you guessed it, one liners. I assume the latter didn’t bother to read the profile.

    Because of these kinds of messages my policy of responding to every email is taking a beating.

  218. chocolatevenus says:

    Hi everyone! Very interesting blog! Lots of notes to be taken!

    When I first started I used to take time to do a personal upbeat emails to guys whom interested me! I must admit that now it is down to one line, because I got soo little response back!
    But I think i have to remember to treat everyone like the first one!

  219. BlondieNYC says:

    Oh and another thing….lol…am on a roll today….are men who will email you to death! Twice I’ve had guys email me, email me, email me…..you get the drift and after a month of this, I asked if we could either meet or talk on the phone. Wanna know what happened?? Of course you do! They both disappeared.
    You want a pen pal? I think the UN offers services like that.

  220. BlondieNYC says:

    Bettie, I loved your line, “Glad you mentioned keeping it secret cause I was gonna have your face airbrushed on the hood of my car. ” Hysterical!

    A few days ago I got a first email from a guy who in one line asked me how much for the “arrangement” Huge turnoff in my book. It’s all about chemistry. I wrote him back asking if he could just tell me a bit more about himself etc., etc., and of course heard nothing. Funny, because in his profile he actually sounded interesting!

    SouthernGent2 there have been times when I’ve seen an SD’s profile that looks interesting to me and i will send a one line email. Usually it’s something along the lines of “You have a gorgeous smile,” or something.
    upbeat. And you know what, if they really do have a great smile that’s what I write. It may be wrong, but hey, if it brightens up their day….

    AND if there are any sd’s who are reading this and have fake photos up, please, please, please, stop. We know you don’t look like that. You’re only hurting yourself.

  221. SouthernGent2 says:

    Anonymous made a lot of good points above. She gets it. Some things should just be understood if you are here and know how this really should work best.

    When I send a message out to someone, I have pretty much a three paragraph routine I follow. I try to let her know that I in fact looked at and read her profile. I want to try to be funny with some comment so she knows I have interest in what she said. Then I will give a brief paragraph about myself and a very general overview of what I am looking for. And then I will close with something to show I am serious about my intentions. I have found this to work better for me than any other approach in a first message.

    I would say 90% of the messages I get from potential sb’s are just pitiful. I will get one line messages from girls that are clearly mass marketing escort type arrangements. Or I get messages where a girl needs help right away. What a turn off these are. These get deleted immediately.

    The profile and first message are very important. Failure with proper presentation of either and there is no chance.

  222. Sig says:

    Bettie, I was able to support an SB at $10k/month before I was 30. So it isn’t impossible, though I agree it is unlikely. The high tech community produces a lot of wealthy men at a young age. While they may have no difficulty dating, some of them may still be curious about this route.

  223. SweetEuropean says:

    Hmm i’ve just come across a profile and in the first paragraph the SD states that he has found a SB so girls shouldn’t bother contacting him, even if they see that they are on his favourites as he won’t reply until he’s looking again. Is it just me or is that quite strange? I thought you could hide your profile. lol

  224. BettieGirlDD says:

    I meant that to be mostly funny than whiny. And I thought of another analogy: Saying “I’m a sugar daddy lets talk” is about as appealing or helpful to SBs as as “I’m a female lets talk” would be to SDs.

  225. BettieGirlDD says:

    Some of these SD profiles are so obnoxious.. they say YOU WILL be this or that, or they are in all caps, or they say You must contact me. Don’t you just picture that guy throwing a tantrum at a restaurant over the ice being too round or the mixed vegetables having too much carrot?
    Other profile peeves: clearly lying about age, or are just unrealistic (I’m 36 and have 10K to give you monthly!) You’ve gotta love the ones with the same picture that’s a brand new profile every week.. Or the ones that have no info and they just say “ask me.” Ok so its a blank profile and I should bother to ask you where you’re from, what you’re like to be around, what kind of girls you’re into (or not into) and other info you could have easily written out, or I can just look at profiles that answer the basics and go from there. Good luck with that, pal!
    Oh and ones where the only thing he can think to say he wants is “discreet.” Glad you mentioned keeping it secret cause I was gonna have your face airbrushed on the hood of my car. But is that really Mr Discreet Encounter’s only requirement? No standards? No thank you.
    One thing to consider, SDs that isn’t so obvious is travel. Many SDs are willing to travel so if you’re not, get that out of the way in your profile.

  226. SweetEuropean says:

    Well said Anonymous! :)

  227. Anonymous says:

    Things I wish I could say to my Sugar Daddy but don’t feel it’s appropriate:
    Take Care of the Allowance, Take Care of the Allowance…
    I don’t want to have to ask for it EVER. I may or may not have other income, but this luxury (and trust me it is a luxury) is spent on looking better for YOU,
    If you were in the real world dating, you would see her on a more regular basis and she may try to look good for you the first month or so, but then she gets comfortable and starts wearing her hair in a pony tail and greets you at the door in sweats for your evening in. Well, I would never do that! That is why you enjoy our relationships! I strive to always look my best and that Daddy takes effort. Effort I gladly put forth. However the allowance pays for a great deal of that effort. Manicures, pedicures, hair appointments, waxing, facials, make-up and cute outfits to show up in. Not to mention that it also goes to the mundane items like babysitters, utility bills and rent.
    Make it happen, don’t ever make me bring it up. Ask me for an account number and make deposits into it. Keep it classy and make ME proud to be your Baby.
    Trust me both of us know that either one of us can be lured away by another. That is why I work hard to make it wonderful, so should you. I enjoy making you happy, I thought you did too…

  228. Peanut says:

    I have several “worst” e-mails that I’ve gotten from guys. And I think the top 2 worst would be guys that have absolutely no interest in actually talking to you and just want to see how “open” you are in the sack to their crazy demands. I’m not a prostitute. The second are ones of guys wanting me to play the “minor” role. I’m 22, but I can pass for a 15 year old. I don’t entirely mind it if a guy enjoys that I do look young, but treats me like a woman. What I do mind is when men want me to pretend to be their daughter/babysitter/other stupid role play.

    The best e-mails I get are often witty. If a guy can make me laugh in a first e-mail, he’s all ready got a foot in the door. I like a man with a sense of humor. I like to actually become friends first. I’ve realized, if you can have an entire conversation with an SD without talking about when/where/how you will have sex, and you enjoy the conversation, chances are he’s a keeper.

  229. lisa says:

    the worst emails for me are:

    What’s your IM id? as the first message
    when are you going to come meet me? I don’t travel to meet anyone
    Hi (can’t they think of anything else to say)
    and my favorite is when they copy and paste the exact same words that are in their profiles.

    off to work now, have a great day everyone

  230. BlondieNYC says:

    Gosh, OCSugarBaby thanks! This was an outgrowth of the last blog entry that was eaten.

    Sweet Euro, I and a few other people were “talking” about the strange and VERY inappropriate and/or stupid emails that we’ve gotten.

  231. OCSugarBaby says:

    BlondieNYC- Well Said!

  232. BlondieNYC says:

    Hey SuthrnExec!!! How are you??? Are you doing well?? Did you have a good holiday??? Oh my, lots of ???? lol!

  233. BlondieNYC says:

    What’s not appropriate?

    1) Profiles with phony pictures. Too many potential SD’s have photos that have been cribbed from an ad, a catalog or a fashion editorial. Don’t want the world to see you? Better to not have a photo than a fake one. The fake one will cause too many issues down the road and honestly it’s a turn off. No one believes a 60 year old man looks like the shirtless guy in the Prada ad.

    2)Profiles stating they want someone “under 18 or looks like it.” Not many, but really…

    3) Profiles stating that they only want to come to your house for an hour a week. This isn’t an escort site, you want that, darling it’s called “in call.”

    Which leads me to….

    4) unreasonable demands in a profile. I don’t have to spell this out.

    5) one word emails to SBs -and you expect a well thought out email in return?

    6) emails and/or profiles in ALL CAPS.

    7) emails and/or profiles with tons of misspellings.

    8) initial emails asking “how much”?

    9) initial emails asking for XXX photos, please see #3, it’s not an escort site.

    10) initial emails that describe sexual acts or demands, please see #3.

    11) Whining emails.

    12) thinking that you can order a person like they’re a pair of shoes from the J.Crew catalog.

    What is appropriate

    1) a short friendly email stating why you were piqued by someone’s profile. Talk a bit about yourself. Be upbeat.

    2) A real photo of you or no photo at all.

    3) Be a human being and you’ll be pursued.

  234. Miss T says:

    I also prefer when people are straight to the point about everything (including expectations). I think it makes things a lot easier…

  235. OCSugarBaby says:

    I am way too polite….
    (This is my response to a proposition; well you can figure it out.)

    “I am sorry, but I think you should look on craigs list. You seem to be looking for a hooker. Sorry to be so blunt, but you were with me!
    Answer is no thank you.”

  236. SuthrnExec says:

    I have some time while stuck in the airport so I thought I’d chime in on this interesting topic.

    The profiles that cause me to breath a sigh of relief are those of SBs who speak of the chemistry, the passion, the way a SB/SD should “click” before they speak of the financial aspect of it. It’s a SD/SB site – the financial piece goes without saying until the appropriate time. I understand there are a lot of pretenders on both sides, but it is also difficult to understand where each person is coming from, so patience and forbearance is important – as is knowing when to cut your losses and move on.

    I don’t have a list of rules – my SB gets it form my perspective and I think I do from hers. If you got chemistry, there’s no need for a list of rules.

  237. gurlnextdoor says:

    What kinds of profiles make you breath a sigh of relief? Profiles that are straight to the point as to what a man is looking for and that state they are not looking just for sex.