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Hidden Signals You May Be Missing



Sugar Daddy Suggestion

When it comes to making a Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby arrangement, it’s always important to pay close attention to those subtle innuendos. Some sugars place carefully worded hints in their profile or messages; allowing a potential to ignore the suggestion completely without flat-out rejecting them, or agreeing to the request while maintaining their poise by ‘playing along’.

It’s about playing the game without playing games. After all, time wasters aren’t welcome in Sugarland.

Some sugars seek an exclusive SD/SB relationship, while others are looking for multiple partners – separately, or as a group (think Girls Next Door).

Sometimes sugars won’t reveal just how much they’re willing to give for an arrangement, until you pick up on the right cues. Try making the journey as fun as the destination. Don’t let your sugar sour with discouragement over a few, or even several duds. Take it in stride, you’ll get better and better at smelling a bad egg in your inbox with time.

Is the SD relationship expected to be exclusive (from either side)?” Todd

Which do you prefer: Arranging in an exacting way with no room for interpretation, or making a more open-ended arrangement based on chemistry?

What makes you inclined to be more exacting with a potential SD/SB?

What factors play a role in how much you trust a potential Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby?

What book would you like to catch your Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby reading?

Do you place any subtle hints in your profile or messages? Have you ever gone along with a subtle request from a SD or SB – how did that work for you?

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302 Responses to “Hidden Signals You May Be Missing”

  1. Bell says:

    now what have i done. oh well, my mistake lol bye for now, im looking forward to seeing what gets written

  2. Bell says:

    Lisa: im Bell and new to this but thought I should tell you I like your pics’

    Hi everyone else, this is interesting reading, how do i find whats happening atm? and attemt to join in lol

    Thanks. Bell

  3. John535 says:

    Very nice site!

  4. beauty says:

    I want someone who is intelligent, but doesn’t use his intelligence to make himself look better than everyone else. He needs to be able to admit if he’s wrong. I love a sense of humor, but he’s got to know when it’s time to be serious as well. I’d like someone I can sit down with and talk about something I just learned, and then later the same night we can marvel over how horrible yet amusing Cinematech: Nocturnal Emissions is. I’m not gonna lie, looks have a small bit to do with attraction. It’s not all I see, but it helps. I like piercings, tattoos,

  5. Hedy says:

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  8. Sweetredhead....269443 says:

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  10. bean says:

    Okay ladies…I need advice…I just can not seem to start the conversation about terms….anyone have opening lines..???

  11. iphones says:

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  12. Christina says:

    If people would focus on the excitement of getting to meet someone new & have a completely new experience instead of seeing how fast they can get in bed or get a check, there wouldn’t be so many let downs. If you have expectations of what should happen on first encounter you will lose sight of the “unexpected”. Communicating through email & over the phone can be a completely different feel compared to in person communication. In person you get all the communications, body language, facial expressions, & subtle gestures you lose when not face to face. Regardless of what it is specifically you are looking for, everyone here is looking for the excitement & adventure of the “unknown” & that should be the only expectation.

  13. Summer says:

    My favorite one-liner email? The one I got from a guy that just said:

    “cum over….NOW!”

    My favorite reply? I sent him a number to an escort agency in his city.:)

    Some of these guys just don’t get it.

    Roll call, eh? I’m 98206. Enjoy, and if you write to me, please think of something creative, if not entirely original.

  14. lisa says:

    I just love the emails like this “your hot(yes they mispell you’re) , what’s your IM name?

  15. A. says:

    I’ve had 112 veiws and 14 e-mails. All of them duds except three. I’ve been conversing with two of them for a little over two weeks and no meeting yet. One is in CA and the other in NJ. One pot. lives in NYC and he wrote me the sweetest e-mail so I answered. This last email he sent me was a letter and so sweet, but to the point. I loved it….I think all pot. SD should take e-mail writing lessons from this guy! You could tell that he actually put thought and time into it.

    I hate one line emails….

  16. lisa says:

    good morning everyone. I have tried other sites too but found several them had no active members in my area. one site had about 50 from Texas and none of them had been on the site in months.
    also on one of the other well known sites, It seems that it is moving more towards conventional dating rather than sugardating as the women think that a sugardaddy is someone who falls madly in love with them and spoils them with kisses ??? and so many of the women on that site say money has nothing to do with it?? I think they are confused and should join e-broke loser .lol
    I’m headed out to work so that I can sit in the break room for almost an hour. darn weekend bus service sucks here.
    have a good day everyone

  17. BlondieNYC says:

    Cookie, I’m curious as to what site you’re referring to. I tried another one and it was a joke.

    Beauty, I’ve seen profiles that say that they prefer African Americans, Asians, Latinas…don’t worry, somewhere out there is a “lid for every pot” as a friend of mine used to say :)

    Also reading some profiles, it does look like sds want brainy babes, hang in there!

  18. Atlantian says:


    As a black woman myself, I agree, it does seem a bit harder, but just give it time.
    I’ve seen profiles that ask specifically for a black woman, so someone wants us!

    And I don’t think many SDs on here dismiss girls who have a brain! Many of them are smart men who want conversation and company, not just a barbie doll.

  19. Beauty says:

    i know this has nothing to do with the topic at hand…but im kinda new to this and im not sure if how my profile is presented is really giving off the affect i desire…i am a chocolate barbie in physical appearance but i am extremely smart and intellectual and opinated…i believe that that is why i havent been able to attract anyone…i dont feel its right i should be dumb and always in “yes daddy” mode…and at times i feel because im not blonde with blue eyes and i dont have a set of bunny ears on my head guys turn away …thats sad..well just felt like sharing my thoughts…

  20. Cookie says:

    yeah lisa some guy wanted me to move with him to some foreign third-world country … thats like suicide.

    and dreamer, i think you might be right. a couple of months ago my inbox was flooded everytime i logged in. now i guess they are all taken and snuggled up with the family.

    I will admit that i am on another site that i have 30+ unread messages but I can’t read them … because I refuse to pay for a waste of time LOL and they’re probably all a bunch of fakes anyhow.

  21. dreamer says:

    dont worry ladies, from what i can tell, SDs are a little slow this time of year lol..i know it sounds bad but i havent heard of anyone getting a lot of emails between thanksgiving and valentines day haha

  22. lisa says:

    I have a bag of hershey kisses, reeses, miniatures and those rocher things, circus peanuts, cinnamon imperials Almost all my meager grocery money was spent on candy today.
    of the few responses I got one guy was not sure what the site was about so I told him and as I said before he changed his profile to say he wasn’t looking for a materialistic woman and then he dropped his membership. another guy just wanted to IM and get pics, other guy just wanted dinner date (he lived in another state) and I got the day off from work to possibly meet him, but he fell into that big hole somewhere. other guy wanted me to move to the carribean.

  23. BlondieNYC says:

    Lisa,. I’ll totally go into sugar shock! Actually I’m thinking about getting some dunkin donuts….lol! Thanks for the compliment, you too look adorable. I get zip, zilch, zero, nada, nothing, waaah….oh except for that wacko I was writing about. No answers to my emails and no emails sent to me.

    No one will get hurt if they hand over the ice cream. NOW.

  24. lisa says:

    You have a very nice profile and nice pics. The only thing I can think of is maybe we are over the age that guys are looking for even though I seem to get more response from younger guys, wonder if you do too?

    While you are eating your icecream I will send over one of these 4 bags of hersheys candies I bought on clearance at the store today

  25. BlondieNYC says:

    I’m 233868 am going to sit in a corner with the most amount of ice cream I can find, whipped cream optional.

  26. lisa says:

    I have had 355 views and have only received about 4 or 5 emails in the past couple months, and they weren’t any good, just guys who stumbled onto this site by accident.

    BlondieNYC what is your profile # I didn’t get it when you posted it?
    My profile is back to pending because I changed my allowance back to open negotiable.

  27. BlondieNYC says:

    Argh! First of all, I want to thank everyone for their feedback on my profile and photos. I really appreciate it :) I’m just in a bad mood, can someone explain to me why I’ve had 906 views and not a single freaking email?????

  28. lisa says:

    my hair is naturally redish brown but I started dying it blonde about 10 years ago and I once tried to dye it black (about scared myself to death when I got in the dark and saw myself in the mirror ) but the color washed out in a few days. I have tried dying it dark but the color will not hold so I guess i’m a natural blonde now, lol

  29. dreamer says:

    kitty- i just read where you said ‘swear never would do it again’ that was me.. I just dyed my hair very dark brown the other day and i think it looks great. Lol

  30. dreamer says:

    oh thank you ladies… Next time im on a p.c. ill switch the pix. I only had the main one there bc im scared of ppl who know me seeing me right off haha. Yes i hear that about being older than i seem by many

  31. dreamer says:

    oh thank you ladies… Next time im on a p.c. ill switch the pix. I only had the main one there bc im scared of ppl who know me seeing me right off haha. Yes i hear that about being older than i seem by many ppl haha

  32. Atlantian says:


    I’m positive you exceed the levels George Wendt occupies. You’re already funnier!

  33. lisa says:

    there are 2 that have added me since yesterday. the other ones added me awhile back and none of them are active and are standard members, most likelly those guys that join for free just to look at profiles.
    problem is the two that favored me live far far away, one in canada and the other on the east coast. I have emailed every sd of interest in my state and if they even wrote back at all, they made the distance excuse even if it was only 200 miles. and I cannot travel.
    I always send a well thought out message but get nothing or a oneliner in response.

  34. Atlantian says:

    Dreamer, I’d just switch the pictures so that the middle one with your face is the main photo that they’ll see first. It’s gorgeous! They’ll have to click further for sexier pictures! haha

  35. Atlantian says:

    Lisa, don’t worry! For me, I don’t instantly mail anyone because I want to think about what I’m going to say.
    Otherwise the cheesy one-liners are common fall backs for not thinking out a message. It’s always difficult to respond to those, so I don’t try.

    I think you said some guys favorited you? I would send them an email telling them thanks for adding me as a favorite, etc…

    Hope that helps a bit!

  36. lisa says:

    I guess mine will be stuck in pending for awhile now. I will try messaging some of the ones that viewed me but problem is almost all of them live in another state and from what i’ve come across many of these sds will not travel.

  37. Cookie says:

    lisa, i did the same thing with my expectation .. thinking maybe they want me to be more specific. but i still have no results. maybe you should message the ones who viewed you … sort of a follow up

    nice profile dreamer, i would have never thought you were so young from your comments on the blogs :)

  38. lisa says:

    nice profile and pics Cookie

  39. lisa says:

    I just changed my expectations to amount negotiable so my profiles back pending. I upgraded yesterday and have been able to view who viewed me. about 30 guys have viewed me since yesterday but still no emails :(

  40. lisa says:

    nice profile dreamer, tastefully done. :)

  41. Cookie says:

    Hey can I get some feedback on my profile too? I just changed two pics earlier today so they might still be pending but …
    I have been kind of unsuccessful on here :(

  42. dreamer says:

    i have a cleavage shot and whole body shot too.. Tell me if i should change them.. I respect you guys’ opinions :) 201176 -i think haha

  43. Spanish Vixen says:

    “Is the SD relationship expected to be exclusive (from either side)?” – Todd

    —-I normally don’t really expect it, but I’ve found that if I just ask from the get-go it’s the best thing to do. That way I know what I’m getting into, and know that if the relationship gets set and I’m happy, I will need to dump anyone else.

    Which do you prefer: Arranging in an exacting way with no room for interpretation, or making a more open ended arrangement based on chemistry?

    —-I normally do more open ended arrangements, but I do like to know at least a hint of what’s in store for me. Unfortunately I have been stiffed a few times :\

    What makes you inclined to be more exacting with a potential SD/SB?

    —-It depends on the situation. If a guy seems a bit strange to me, I’ll ask him right out what he expects of me. If the guy and I seem to have chemistry and be getting along pretty well, I’m more open to seeing what their suggestion is. It more depends on my comfort.

    What factors play a role in how much you Trust a potential Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby?

    —-Whether it’s my forte or my defect, I have a very trusting personality. I generally give people the benefit of the doubt from the beginning and get along very well with pretty much anyone. But things that do cue my trust-meter are men that are too adamant about sex. Like, men that ONLY want to talk about sex ie what I’m into, how open I am, how far I’d be willing to go. These kind of ward me off. Or men that just…irk me. Gut instinct…it’s a wonderful thing…we should trust it more often

    What book would you like to catch your Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby reading?

    —-Fantasy books. Or psychology books. I’m a psych nerd (not a PSYCHO…gosh guys).

    Do you place any subtle hints in your profile or messages? Have you ever gone along with a subtle request from a SD or SB – how did that work for you?

    —-I like to think I pick up on hints pretty well. And it normally works out great, because I think that SD’s…or anyone for that matter…enjoy when we actually pay attention to what they’re saying…whether it be blatant or insinuated.

    I’ve been reading this blog for a while now. Figured I’d pipe up for once…hehehe.

    oh..and my profile number is 281654

  44. lisa says:

    ok I just changed my profile to “amount negotiable” instead of 1-3k.
    Is it better to do this because I had amount negotiable from the beginning but just changed it recently to a specific amount to avoid ended up meeting someone who wants to meet several times a month and only offers to pay on small bill. I am hoping for about a thousand in order to be able to have a little fun and at the same time save something since I have no savings at all.
    I know it eliminates alot of possible contacts when you set a certain amount but at the same time I think it makes it more difficult to express your expectations when you leave it open. amount negotiable could mean several thousand dollars (unrealistic unless you are super young and hot) or for some super cheap men who don’t understand the site, they might think buying dinner is sufficient.
    Is it better to leave it open or be specific?

  45. SouthernGent2 says:

    Atlantian – I think I at least compare to George Wendt since you seem to like guys named George 😉

  46. BeautifulBluegrass says:

    I have missed so much!
    I want to hear all about your date kitty! And, this is so chick, what are you wearing? I have a date Monday with a pot SD I am smitten with and can’t choose an outfit :(
    I need SB friends who live nearby!

  47. lisa says:

    I am totally out of the pop culture thing. When I was working in an office supply store/print shop, I had two sport celebreties come through my line that I rang up (the store was in a good area of town) and I didn’t even know it till after they left and my boss was going on about Roger clements being in the store. he’s that guy with the steroids that played for the astros. as I said a celebrity could walk up to me and I wouldnt’ know who they were. lol

  48. lisa says:

    I just googled him, sorry but he just doesn’t do it for me.

  49. Atlantian says:

    Lisa! I think George Clooney is every sugar babies dream! haha
    At least he has been mine for forever!

  50. lisa says:

    good night SweetEuropean

  51. kittylainy says:

    haha, once you become George Clooney’s arm candy, you better share the love with us and introduce us to some hollywood SDs.
    ~Thanx in advance Euro Xoxo

  52. SweetEuropean says:

    I’m off to dream about Mr. Clooney :) Goodnight! x

  53. SweetEuropean says:

    LOL Kitty, as soon as the Cannes film festivals on I’ll go flaunt myself next to the red carpet and pray he walks past! :)

  54. lisa says:

    sorry I don’t watch much tv, just news and csi and stuff. I don’t have cable or a dvd player so I never watch movies. and yes I love a guy in eyeliner. dark black emo type hair and alot of eyeliner and skinny pants, and oooh, but of course that type isn’t usually a sugardaddy so I do adore an older man in his 50’s-early 60’s with gray hair, no facial hair, well groomed and dressed.

  55. chocolatevenus says:

    Hey it is bad enough to be dating men who are skinnier than me, but ones that wear more make-up…no way xxx sorry Lisa couldnt resist it .. lol

  56. kittylainy says:

    oo wait clooney wasn’t in beautiful woman.. my mistake

    He’s what I am looking for in a SD..

  57. kittylainy says:

    sweeteuro: I don’t know about that.. I just read it too.. but you know what though?? george clooney likes to date beautiful unknown women and then making them into celebrities. He’s like the prince in cinderella. Seriously. next time he’s in France, definately go flaunt your stuff around him haha

  58. "D" says:

    Goodness lots to catch up on!

    Hope everyone is doing well. Love all the profiles and the updates everyone.

    Now I feel like I wrote a book in my profile. And you girls are talking about including a few “risky” cleavage shots, here I am with a picture dispalying my whole body, rofl. Oh well, they will be changed soon. I have a friend who is a photographer who said he would shoot me in a few weeks, Yehawwwww!!!

    Hope everyone is enjoying their fresh start of 2009!

  59. OCsugarBaby says:

    Lisa- I would not want share my eyeliner with my guy! lol

  60. kittylainy says:

    Pretty woman?? from “er”?? Batman???

  61. SweetEuropean says:

    “I like older men with grey hair thata wear nice business suits”
    You will definatly like George Clooney then! Google him :)

  62. lisa says:

    those who have everything seem to get even more. I’m really outta touch here as I have no idea who George clooney is. i’m not much into celebrities but I adore Billie joe armstrong from greenday. I like older men with grey hair thata wear nice business suits and I like younger men who wear eyeliner and have that punk look. not into the cowboy or rugged type or athletes

  63. SweetEuropean says:

    Oh how I wish there was an SD here who looked like George Clooney, or even better WAS George Clooney!!:)…speaking of George Clooney (this is completely un SD related by the way!) I just heard a rumour that he was secretly dating Paris Hilton….I REALLY hope thats just a rumour! lol 😐

  64. BettieGirlDD says:

    Haha Kitty to the rescue! if this lucky SOB youre meeting tonight doesn’t fall at your feet and offer you his soul, he’s a fool! Tell him i said so!

  65. A. says:


  66. lisa says:

    a tongue bath? what are we saving water here or was he looking for a cat. lol

  67. kittylainy says:

    A: what? it’s unusal to give someone a tongue bath? it’s unacceptable to mention it on it the first conversation. Opps That must be where I went wrong

  68. kittylainy says:

    Lisa’s next

  69. A. says:

    Must have good teeth!! Non weird and not insane too; that would be a big plus! I had guy ask me if I would give tongue bath one time and this was our first conversation. eeeeewwww!

  70. lisa says:

    ok it’s 2009 and 2 of the bloggers have potential sds Kitty and A.
    who’s next??

  71. chocolatevenus says:

    Good luck A..he sounds lovely! I hope it is the start of something very good


  72. A. says:

    That would be like hitting the lottery! George Clooney *sigh*!

  73. lisa says:

    and gave good teeth and breath. let’s don’t forget that. lol
    no peg legs or hook hands either.

  74. kittylainy says:

    Ooo *fingers cross*
    I hope he’s for real my dear! Hopefully he’ll look like george clooney too..

  75. lisa says:

    Wow that’s great A. now go get him!

  76. A. says:

    First of all he said he had been looking for someone exactly like me for quite some time. He said I was beautiful and he is willing to give a very generous allowance plus expensive gifts, fun dates and shopping expeditions. His profile has a budget listed and I have to say it is a big budget!! WooHoo! Now, I’m just hoping that this guy is for real and emails me back :)

  77. kittylainy says:

    cHOCO: I might take you up on that :) thankx love~ <3

    A.: you’re teasing us

  78. chocolatevenus says:

    Hi ya SweetEuropean..how are things?

    Please A..tell all..you know we have to feed off the lucky girls..lol


  79. lisa says:

    Yes A. what did he say?

    Good afternoon, or should I say good evening SweetEuropean
    It’s a beautiful day here, near 80 degrees. Hope your new year is going great.

  80. SweetEuropean says:

    Oooh A, what did he say?! I’m intruiged!

  81. lisa says:

    That’s great A. now calm down, take a deep breath and take a tranquilizer. lol

  82. A. says:

    I just received the sweetest email from a potential SD. It made my palms sweat and my heart beat fast. 😛

  83. lisa says:

    I hope she doesn’t lose my rent money order or credit it to the wrong tenant. I swear I have lived here over 3 years and have never received a rent receipt. my lease expired like over a year ago too

  84. lisa says:

    The new owner is Palastinien and speaks English but his office staff only speak Spanish. I am one of the few English speaking tenants here, other than a few black , a few white residents, so it seems we get get understood. I have to sometimes go to the online translater to figure out what all the notes that are put on my door say. I must have typed in the wrong word one time because the translation came out with the word “anal” which is kinda scary lol

  85. kittylainy says:

    HHAHAAAAA “oh, english, me no english.” That’s amazing management

  86. lisa says:

    I love salad but it most have lotsa ranch dressing on it. lol
    chocolatevenus I don’t know if these Texas sds would travel that far as they won’t even travel 200 miles to meet me. that’s like a 45 minute plane ride too.

    I just dropped off my rent check and my note about water leaks that still haven’t been reported (management is going to inspect all apts for water leaks and fine us up to 150 dollars if we have any) well this is the 2nd time i’m reported it but I don’t know that it will get fixed now because the leasing agent just looked at the note and said “oh , english, me no english” so I just hope that my water gets fixed and i don’t get fined as I have been trying to get this water drip fixed since the day I moved in here, it’s the first thing I noticed, drip, drip. i usually set a plant under it to not waste water.

    now back to eating christmas candy. lol

  87. kittylainy says:

    Yes, I have worked retail too~ only very briefly and I do hate those who take advantage of the system. please take note that I do not do it personally. It is however an idea to throw out there because I have seen it done repeatedly.
    I haven’t gotten any teeth x-rays or photos. let’s just hope… But thanks for the wishes. I am getting fat too… going out to dinners SO MUCH! I hate being one of those girls that orders a salad. That’s just no fun.

  88. chocolatevenus says:

    Lisa, i know..i will work on getting you a UK SD, you get me a US SD then we can swap lifes for a while, 6 months in each country????

  89. chocolatevenus says:

    Kitty, I thought the unique combination of brown skin and english accent would have enticed those US SD, maybe SA needs to add voice messages!! LOL ! Also I have a sofa bed with your name on it..lol! Seriously if you ever get over, will give you a tour of the sites!

  90. lisa says:

    I love British accents too. sure beats the country hick accents of these Texas men. lol

  91. Spanish Vixen says:

    Lisa! Just eat the candy slowly :)

  92. kittylainy says:

    Thank you Oc, Bettie and Choco, I will definately let you all know how it went… *crosses fingers*

    I’m at work right now so I can’t really check into everyone’s profile but I’m excited to see vixen, silver and ann’s profile.. you are all probably knock outs~ Why are there so many gorgeous SB and so little gorgeous SDs?

    Choco: I want to go to UK to visit!!! and I love the sophisticated British accent very sexy!

  93. lisa says:

    I’m gonna be getting fat now too. The market had christmas candy on sale for 75 cents a bag for kisses, hugs, peanut butter cups, and miniatures so I got a bag of each and also a big bell shaped thing of rocher or whatever its’ called for 99 cents. :)

  94. lisa says:

    Hi everyone I just got back from the bank and store. Had a nice walk home (they finally finished the sidewalk so I don’t have to walk along the side of the freeway) and it’s a nice day here, like spring.

    my pics were taken with my sorrya** cell phone. I don’t have a webcam or a camera. I work in retail and would never buy something and use it and return it, it’s just too much work for the overworked employees. not somethign anyone thinks of till you work in retail. believe me when I try on clothes I always put them back on the rack.

    Hope your date goes well tonight kitty, did you have him attach a file of his dental xrays to you? lol gotta get those teeth shots. lol

    going to go pay my rent in a few minutes so now i’m broke. :( paying more for rent and water and getting less. haven’t had my carpet cleaned in 2 years and they won’t do it now cause there shampooer burned in the fire. They could call a pro but theyre too cheap.

  95. Silver says:

    Good Afternoon Everyone. I cleaned up my profile just a bit and added a new picture. I have to wait and see how things will go now. Have a wonderful day.

  96. chocolatevenus says:

    Hi Bettie, Kitty & Atlantian, x

    Thanks for the words of wisdom, and will definitely sort out that full length photo. BTW i am an UK 14..hopefully shrinking as we speak..lol!

    Yes it is fustrating the differences and lack of UK SD. i know I have spoken to SweetEuropean about this! But I suppose I only need one, or maybe an extra special US SD..lol

    Good luck Kitty on your date..sending you good thoughts.

    Bettie, you always speak such good sense!

    Atlantian, I think everyone wants to be a Venus..i love the way she come in all shapes and sizes.

    Maybe one day I will be able to afford to come and say hi to you all personally! Obviously it would have to be after I visit VS and Fredricks! I love my lingerie..lol x


  97. BettieGirlDD says:

    I’m excited for you lainy. Go at your own pace and don’t settle. Only the best for my protigee!

  98. OCsugarBaby says:

    Kitty- Report back and let us know how it went! :)

  99. kittylainy says:


  100. OCsugarBaby says:

    Good Morning!

    Kitty good luck with your date! Where are you meeting him?

  101. Spanish Vixen says:

    Thanks for the comments on my profile! All of my pictures are from photoshoots >__>. I do have more full body ones…but they’re not appropriate…and I don’t want them up here. So I think at my next shoot I’ll try to get a few fun happy ones in :)

  102. Ann says:

    Good Morning everyone…so i’ve gotten several replies now and have serious hope in one SD in particular based on our conversations. I’m excited about the new year already!! 😀

  103. BettieGirlDD says:

    It looks like atlantian has access to a camera theyre just dark pics.. Lisa could benefit from ‘renting’ a better digicam though. Bond girls would definately take advantage of an unconditional return policy if they were in a pinch.

  104. kittylainy says:

    HAHA good luck jen!
    have a great day

  105. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Hello to everyone. Just finished my application of the biggest loser! We will see this time. I am not going to let it stop me from starting my new fitness program.

    With that said. Everyone have a great day.. Just too much going on.

  106. kittylainy says:

    Call me super evil, but…
    why not go to walmart, buy a digicam that u can afford
    spend an evening taking pics and uploading them then (MAKE SURE YOU DELETE IT) and then refund it?
    oOOOO I have such bad ethics!! just make sure u can refund it for cash, not store credit

  107. Atlantian says:

    I would definitely try and find some clearer pictures. Are you using a webcam, because I know if I use mine, the pictures usually don’t end up very sharp.

    Do you have a cell phone? My 1.3 megapixel on my cell is better than the 1.3 megapixel webcam on my laptop. I have no clue why. But it’s probably just the nature of the two.

    You do look gorgeous from what I can tell, though!

    I love your name! I used to be obsessed with Greek mythology and astrology and Venus happens to be my guiding planet/ the goddess of love. I’m still a bit obsessed. I think I’m actually taking a class on greek mythology or culture next semester!

    Spanish Vixen,
    I love your middle picture! So sultry. And I do like your profile too. Very captivating.

    I adore the motto! What would a Bond girl do?

  108. kittylainy says:

    Bettie: YAY!! *hugs*

    I have another potential SD date tonight. Hopefully he takes good care of his teeth and is good company. :)

  109. BettieGirlDD says:

    Awww Kitty I’d love to be your mentor :)

  110. SweetEuropean says:

    Aaah a Bond girl, it’s always been my dream to be a bond girl!

  111. kittylainy says:

    I think I love yopu bettie!! hahaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    “an avalance of raven haired beauties… ”
    and what would a bond girl do?>?? perfect
    I am officially making u my sugar mentor

  112. BettieGirlDD says:

    Vixen – Nice to meet another sexy nerd SB :) Your profile reads wonderfully. Your pics are too dark: If you have photoshop it’s Image/adjustments/brightness & contrast. Youve got youth on your side and its clear you’re in shape but it still wouldnt hurt to get competitive and show your figure a little.

  113. NC Gentleman says:

    I agree I would be in totally over my head, but then again, what a way to die! lol

  114. BettieGirlDD says:

    NC, I think Kitty’s right… you’d be in over your head with us. But I agree, what better way to go than under an avalance of raven haired beauties…

    lisa – you’re really gonna have to pull yourself up by your bootstraps to be on an upper-class companion level but I think you have the dedication to find a way to make it work. My mantra used to be “what would a Bond girl do?” Its a little silly but helped me get creative in crappy situations.

  115. lisa says:

    actually there are alot of wealthy people in Houston but they arent on this site :( I agree about the smaller towns as I checked the town I that I grew up in and there aren’t any members even in the region and that area has no airport. I am glad I live in a big city but sometimes I wish it wasn’t this city as it doesn’t have the walkability of other cities and public transport sucks. I find it hard to believe I can’t find someone within my area that is serious.

    well I do have to leave now, got a few minutes to get the bus. gotta pay the rent and go to the store. I’ll be back in a few hours.

    Have a great day

  116. kittylainy says:

    Ahh what a tough situation you’re in~
    doesn’t make SD searching easy does it? so youneed one that is in your city (or relatively close or would travel to you….
    see when you live in an area or city that’s in the lower income range, it is difficult to find a $$ SD.
    that’s my personal opinion. If someone feels/thinks different, please prove me wrong

  117. Spanish Vixen says:

    So people are comparing profile’s and such…I’ve never asked anyone, but would one of you look at my profile and give me some pointers? It’d be much appreciated on my behalf :)


  118. lisa says:

    I don’t think we have a train service here, unlike most large cities, if you wanna leave the city, even to go to the suburbs, you gotta have a car.
    And I would not go near the bus station,it’s the passageway for newly parolled prisoners, not a nice area at all. Bus stations in the US cityies are not nice areas

  119. lisa says:

    I can’t travel because my schedule varies and I seldom (very seldom) have a sat or sun off. I don’t have a car so getting to the airport is a nightmare as Houston has poor public transportation and getting to the airport on the bus is a nightmare, gotta take a bus here, catch another one there. my family took the bus home from the airport one time (thank God we weren’t short on time) and it took 3 hours to get home. Plus I do not feel good about going to a strange city (i’ve never been to Dallas) to meet someone, I might get stranded and i’m not in a situation where I can take emergency money.
    I might email a couple of the faves as most of them are no longer active members but the last two I might try, but the fact that they didnt’ email me probably means they aren’t interested.

    Well have a good day everyone. i’ve got to get some stuff done and head out to the busstop.

  120. kittylainy says:

    morning Lisa~
    Have you considered traveling to dallas to meet them? (I hear dallas is full of $$$$$$$$$) and perhaps they compensate you for money or buy your train/bus ticket and you go visit them?
    Since you ahve a full-time job, you can always meet them once or twice a week as part of your arrangement. What are you waiting for??? E-mail the people who added you as fav!! They’re interested… now follow-up!

  121. kittylainy says:

    Doubt you can handle both of us NC… we’ll “suck” the life out of you…
    … man I can be so bad sometimes haha

  122. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone. slept late today and I feel rested. Checked my profile, many more views and a couple favorites adds but no mail. :(

    Kitty, I live in Houston which is a very large city (4th in the US) but the majority of the sds in Texas seem to be in Dallas which is a couple hundred miles away but none of the sds are willing to travel to meet.
    And it seems it’s the same sds over and over, very few new ones other than those who constantly create new profiles on standard out of curiousity. You can tell these ones by the way the profile is basically blank and the member logs in a couple days and never again.

    I’m getting ready go out to get the rent check, a very foggy morning here.

    Have a great day everyone.

  123. NC Gentleman says:

    Hey Kitty and Bettie — I’ve got this unfulfilled 3some fantasy lol maybe some shopping in Buffalo and …. way joking, but what a way to die!

  124. kittylainy says:

    if I ever get a real SD…. *rolls eyes*

  125. kittylainy says:

    Oooo let’s have a double date at the falls! I’ll let u know if I come to Buffalo for shopping with SD!

  126. BettieGirlDD says:

    Outside Buffalo, closer to the Falls. I have a great old house in a nice safe suburb but for the most part its a wasteland here.

  127. kittylainy says:

    Where exactly are you bettie?

  128. BettieGirlDD says:

    Lainy we’re not too far apart, maybe someday we can double date! I wish I was closer to Toronto.. so much going on SD and shopping-wise.

  129. kittylainy says:

    Morning everyone~
    I hope every had a good new years eve and new years day! I am pretty sure I woke up still drunk yesterday.
    I have missed so much in 1.5 day! It’s going to take me awhile to catchup!

    NC: you’re crazy, there’s no way I’d go exercise while hungover, maybe a sauna~… oo a jacuzzi soak would be fabulous, with bubbles.

    Bettie: I love dramatically dyed blackhair, natually my hair is dark brown (not quite black) and I dyed it jet black and it’s so dramatic, I love it.
    we all vow to never do it again… but alas, we always do.

    choco: I agree with bettie try using mirror shots, you can get some great ones with just that.. just remember to keep room well lit and set camera to no flash (else all you’ll get it the flash reflection)

    Lisa: Loves the new update on your profile… and from the experiences I’ve heard, in time, you will find a real SD. Did we ever talk about your location? Because like my city in Canada for example, there aren’t any SDs near me, and if there are, they mostly fake. But the larger city about 1.5 hr away from me is filled with them.

    Gentleman: #279647

  130. BettieGirlDD says:

    hah im glad you catch the irony of the statement. Watch the crass jokes or else you might have to change your name to “NC (sometimes) Gentleman.” Haha you know I’m just playing.. I enjoy shipping dock humor as much as the next guy.

  131. NC Gentleman says:

    vowing to never do it again….. that should be added to the biggest lies list… like checks in the mail; I’m almost done with my thesis, and I promise not to… in your mouth lol

    sorry that last item wasn’t very gentlemanly…

  132. BettieGirlDD says:

    That’s so true.. sweating it out is painful. I have a three pronged approach of water, advil, and vowing to never overdo it again.

  133. NC Gentleman says:

    Yes I actually felt much better yesterday afternoon — went for a hard work out and a sauna which always seems to cure a hangover, although I am not sure the pain of exercising with a hangover is worth the cure :)

  134. BettieGirlDD says:

    Hey there Coco! You def. need a pic that shows even more of your upper half. Try doing the cameraphone in the mirror and just cropping the image. Is the size mentioned US or UK? big difference. Also fix where it says “as he does to mind” Otherwise you sound great and the pic you do have is really pretty. It seems there are much fewer UK SD’s on the site so dont expect the same volume some of us are getting “across the pond.”

    NC – I was hung over too, I did the “only take enough money for two drinks” trick but I was bought four or maybe five shots.. trouble.. Feeling much better today, hope you are too.

  135. NC Gentleman says:

    Happy New Year everyone. I had a pretty uneventful New Year’s celebration, but I was slightly hung over — I am such a lightweight now.

    May all your sugar dreams come true in 2009!

  136. chocolatevenus says:

    Happy new year ladies! I hope we all get that special Sugar Daddy/Babe. I would appreciate your comments on my profile (143783). I know it is lacking as I dont get very few views. I want to get a full length shot, but need to get a professional shot as I am not very photogenic! I always get comments that my photos never show the real me! Am I focusing too much on myself and not on how much I can bring to relationship!

    Thanks everyone! Looking forward to the many months of chats we will be having over the future!


  137. Spanish Vixen says:

    I’ve looked at you all. You are ALL gorgeous 😀 best of luck!

  138. BettieGirlDD says:

    Thanks everyone. I’ve had it colored black for about a year now. I felt like I was still a blonde at heart but was trying something more dramatic.
    I”m hoping that in addition to a SD i’ll get better work as a technical writer :)
    Nite everyone! xoxo

  139. Atlantian says:

    Bettie- I looked at your profile and you’re gorgeous! Do you still have the blonde hair? I love when people can switch their hair color and look great in both!

    Silver- I agree with Lisa. I think you should put up a picture that shows a bit more of you like a above the waist or whole face for that matter.

    Lisa- I feel your pain on this lack of SD meetings. Where are they all at? All the good ones seem to be elsewhere!

    I’m waiting for my profile to get approved, I just changed a few things, but could you guys give me suggestions for pictures? Thanks

    ID#: 280803

  140. Silver says:

    Lisa: Thanks for all of your help. Have a wonderful evening.

  141. lisa says:

    I would shorten it a little and maybe say “my name is silver, just like my favorite color’ and leave out the scheduling details until you make contact that opens up more opportunity for contact. I used to mention that I wasn’t free on weekends cause worked when actually I still had free time and many guys from the regular dating sites wouldnt’ consider me since I said I couldn’t go out weekends. Mention that you have a varying schedule and do need to be discreet and that you do have a personal life.
    Mention that you are looking for a good converstionist in addition to intimacy.
    Hope this helps a little. I’m not having alot of luck myself lately either, we need to ask someone on this blog that is getting those sd meetings. :)

    Have a great night and just try to shorten your message a little bit, and post another pic or two.
    I just changed mine again so they are still pending.

  142. Silver says:

    Lisa: Just changed it up a bit with my wording, take a look now if you don’t mind.

  143. Spanish Vixen says:

    “Is the SD relationship expected to be exclusive (from either side)?” – Todd

    —-I normally don’t really expect it, but I’ve found that if I just ask from the get-go it’s the best thing to do. That way I know what I’m getting into, and know that if the relationship gets set and I’m happy, I will need to dump anyone else.

    Which do you prefer: Arranging in an exacting way with no room for interpretation, or making a more open ended arrangement based on chemistry?

    —-I normally do more open ended arrangements, but I do like to know at least a hint of what’s in store for me. Unfortunately I have been stiffed a few times :\

    What makes you inclined to be more exacting with a potential SD/SB?

    —-It depends on the situation. If a guy seems a bit strange to me, I’ll ask him right out what he expects of me. If the guy and I seem to have chemistry and be getting along pretty well, I’m more open to seeing what their suggestion is. It more depends on my comfort.

    What factors play a role in how much you Trust a potential Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby?

    —-Whether it’s my forte or my defect, I have a very trusting personality. I generally give people the benefit of the doubt from the beginning and get along very well with pretty much anyone. But things that do cue my trust-meter are men that are too adamant about sex. Like, men that ONLY want to talk about sex ie what I’m into, how open I am, how far I’d be willing to go. These kind of ward me off. Or men that just…irk me. Gut instinct…it’s a wonderful thing…we should trust it more often

    What book would you like to catch your Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby reading?

    —-Fantasy books. Or psychology books. I’m a psych nerd (not a PSYCHO…gosh guys).

    Do you place any subtle hints in your profile or messages? Have you ever gone along with a subtle request from a SD or SB – how did that work for you?

    —-I like to think I pick up on hints pretty well. And it normally works out great, because I think that SD’s…or anyone for that matter…enjoy when we actually pay attention to what they’re saying…whether it be blatant or insinuated.

    I’ve been reading this blog for a while now. Figured I’d pipe up for once…hehehe.

    oh..and my profile number is 281654

  144. lisa says:

    Silver I just checked out your profile. You have pretty eyes and lips but could use another pic or two. Also it’s probably best to leave out all the details about your marriage problems (I have a tendency to post my problems too but try to leave them out of the profile) just mention that you are married but looking for some excitement. You are still young (unlike me) so there are plenty of sds to choose from.
    Maybe some of the other sbs on the blog can add more?

  145. lisa says:

    ok I have put a couple new body shots up and have the middle pic as the main one but they are all pending now so i’m photoless.lol

  146. Silver says:

    Lisa: My profile number is 280929.

  147. BlondieNYC says:

    GentlemenSD if you look through this blog entry and the previous one, I think most of us have listed our profile numbers, it’s only fair for you to post yours!

    Lisa the middle picture of you is fab! You look darling in it. Personally, I’d dump the other two photos. I also like what you wrote about in the section of what you’re looking for, very nice.

    Keep thinking positive!

    Bettie, you’re a knockout and I loved what you wrote, “Smart, funny, effortlessly sexy and impulsive. More than arm candy (or lap candy in some cases). I live with passion and like to make daydreams reality. I have an advanced degree and am a semi-pro athlete. ” You definitely have a way with words!

    I’m going to be changing my photos in a few days- am bored!

  148. lisa says:

    I feel negative most of the time too. It’s a new year though so maybe it will be better

    what’s your profile #

  149. Silver says:

    Lisa: That we do. I am just in a bleh mood at the moment, perhaps that explains the depression and feeling of hopelessness being felt. Thanks for the words to stay positive through it all.

  150. lisa says:

    Silver, I can’t tell you how many emails I have sent out but I can tell you my return rate is less than 1% and it’s always a message with an excuse.
    I had quick luck when I first joined and actually had a sd for a month but he moved and his job doesn’t involve travel and he wasn’t wealthy but he was nice and did spoil me. I have met 2 guys whom took me shopping on the first date but they didn’t want to go further, and one who actually discussed an arrangement with me over coffee and then never answered my emails again. I haven’t met anyone in 4 months so something has got to happen soon.
    We need to keep positive.

  151. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Mish… How are you? you haven’t been on the blog much lately.

    My new profile is up with new pictures. # 271022

  152. Silver says:

    Lisa: I know that I could add more to my profile but I have no idea where to start at all. I’ve sent a few emails which weren’t returned and I am trying hard not to dwell upon it but I can’t help but thing that men perhaps aren’t looking for someone like myself.

    I know you have to stay positive but really it is hard at times when you’re trying to find something even after looking for a year else where.

    Anyways I digress..

  153. lisa says:


    Ok I just moved the middle pic to the top and changed the full body pic. It’s pending so the last pic is on my profile. this new pic is rather bland as I am wearing my daughter’s dress and am barefooted.

    Good night everyone. Have a great night. I’m going to stay up late and sleep late tomorrow since i’m off from work.

  154. lisa says:

    I don’t know about these cheap salons here, most of the hairdressers don’t speak english so it’s hard to comunicate.

    darn no one color outfits, nuetrals, like biege, lol
    I guess I won’t post the pic of me in the red and black striped over the knees and matching top with black miniskirt and boots. lol
    My closet is scary as I love color. I have 3 drawers full of wild wacky hosiery. I can’t help it I love color

  155. BettieGirlDD says:

    Salons can be expensive but theres no substitute for a good haircut.. you could spring for a good salon cut and then take a picture so when you get it trimmed somewhere cheaper they know what you want. I agree with mish about the one-color outfits.. ya need a neutral to break it up.

  156. lisa says:

    I had bangs all my life and everyone told me they didn’t look good so I have let my hair grow out for 3 years. I can’t really afford a good haircut right now to get the look. There are alot of cheap hair salons around here but they dont do a very good job. I would like to have my bangs back though

  157. lisa says:

    I do have some abercrombie and hollister stuff but only one pair of jeans cause it’s hard to get them to fit me. I keep my outfits lined up and matched for the week (when I’m not wearing my boring work clothes).
    I agree Texas is more the slop capital as I can’t believe how sloppy people dress here, they even wear shorts and tshirts to church.
    I do like to wear dresses and skirts mostly though

  158. BettieGirlDD says:

    lisa you’d look really cute with heather locklear bangs. you have the same hair color and face shape.

    Gentleman: thank you. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen yours but why don’t you start the roll call off yourself? My profile’s 273192 but i dont think you can see it: It’s been pending approval for over 48 hours. I think they’re trying to push me into upgrading. Not doing it! TMI!

  159. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    Yep, I am fantastic. lol, jk jk.

    Oh my New Years was grand.

  160. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    TX isn’t really the fashion capital of the U.S. I’d try something super simple, like… Some skinny jeans and a abercrombie style top, … plain…

    I’m not into matching that much lol, not with All blues, or all pinks, it’s a little… boring…

  161. GentlemanSD says:

    Hello Sugars! Well, I think it is time for a role call with your profile numbers! All of you have beautiful pics.and fantastic personalities. An SD would be foolish not to check you out! :)

  162. lisa says:

    Thanks I will change them tomorrow when I have the patience. The first picture i’m wearing an outfit that I get alot of compliments on when I wear it here, but I do tend to put on everything that matches, thus overload.

  163. BettieGirlDD says:

    Mish I hear ya.. sometimes when people ask for advice you can’t say the right thing no matter what. Esp. when youre just writing and the person can’t get your tone of voice.

  164. lisa says:

    yes this blogger said I used drugs and wore clothes from goodwill and also mocked my living situation and even sunk so low to mention the bird I am taking care of.

  165. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    I think you should make your middle picture, your main picture, and change your body picture into more simple picture, what ever you’re wearing has too much going on…

  166. BettieGirlDD says:

    Lisa thats the very reason I’m not going to upgrade: Seeing everyone who viewed me and didnt write would drive me bonkers. I write to a tiny fraction of the profiles at most I view so in theory I could understand not everyone who clicks is going to want to meet me but the logical part of my brain would be won over by the compulsive side.
    That sucks someone was abusive to you by the way.

  167. lisa says:

    please do as I’m looking for helpful advice. thanks

  168. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    I’d critique your profile a bit, but… it’d come off as me being rude, or arrogant, which I’m not…

  169. lisa says:

    lol MishBocaratonGrl

    I get alot of attention even at my age when I am out and about, and mostly younger guys, but I don’t want to waste time with a poor man, as none of them are looking for anything serious. I got this one guy who lives in my apartments and everytime he sees me , he says “i want you” well he has no car, lives in my apartment, works retail, why would I want to date myself. lol

  170. BettieGirlDD says:

    Mish I agree some pics out there are more explicit than I’d want to do.. but if that approach works for them, more power to ’em I guess.

  171. lisa says:

    I had one listed on those who had viewed me and well his user name would make me run away. no class at all. lol

    Viewing the men that have viewed me this evening, most look pretty decent but none have emailed me, and most of them are from out of state, which is fine with me but these men won’t travel. lol

  172. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    I personally can’t help it that I’m so darn hawt, and every guy wants me lol…

  173. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    Thats why you have to be choosey with the men that present themselves to you…

  174. lisa says:

    I think it would be great to have large breasts (I don’t :( but it can attract the wrong attention and there are alot of not so nice guys out there that collect pics.

  175. BettieGirlDD says:

    I just swapped out an upper-half pic for a super cleavage pic in the top space as an experiment. I figure maybe just as in life, they’ll pause for the rack and stay for the great company. My profile shows I have a lot more to offer than beauty, but come on, that’s still a big part of the equation. If once approved I start getting crap messages I’ll change it back, but it’s a competitive world out there and SA’s not the place to be bashful.

  176. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    Well, responding to what Lisa said, I have a close up picture of my breasts on my Profile…( I had a bra on, and a jacket )

    And I get alot of responses usually a good 90% of the people whom I write , respond, plus… I get about 4-5 messages a day from people who I didn’t write…

    There’s a difference between provocative & trashy pictures, now in my opinion posing on all 4’s in nothing w/ your private areas blurred out is doing too much…

  177. lisa says:

    i’m a little reluctant to post it again as I one of the blog members (female) was verbally abusive towards me a week back (Stephen promptly removed her posts)

    it’s 261545 I know it needs some work but i’m clueless

  178. Sig says:

    Lisa, what is your profile number?

  179. lisa says:

    I really don’t understand this “virtual” or webcam relationship. It’s that kinda like us blogging. lol

  180. lisa says:

    I am POSITIVE I will meet my sd soon. :)

  181. Sig says:

    I had a contact from a very pretty, erudite, young SB who wanted a virtual relationship, that is, only via email, phone, and web cam. She had a great attitude about it, although that arrangement was not a match for me.

    Just goes to show there is diversity out there.

    In two weeks I will have my second meeting with the first SB I met. This month I will also try meeting four other SB, maybe five. My social calendar has never been so busy. Since I compensate all of them for the first face to face and usually do something nice it won’t an inexpensive month for social expenses! 😉

    So we’ll see how that goes; I’ve never really parallel dated before. I know I won’t make a sexual move until I’ve picked one. That just my style (or limitation!) I guess…

  182. GentlemanSD says:

    It all starts with a positive ATTITUDE. You never know who is reading this blog…

  183. lisa says:

    lingerie pics are best saved for in person, when the time comes, lol
    I agree a face shot and a full body shot to show your body size.

  184. lisa says:

    well my profile is getting several views tonight but everyone has been a guy from out of state and getting any of these sds , even the ones that love to travel, to come to my city is impossible.

  185. SouthernGent2 says:

    Atlantian – my personal feeling is normal pictures work best. Have one of your face, then one of your entire body. I don’t see the need for lingerie pictures.

  186. Atlantian says:

    I agree with lisa. I’ve seen a profile like that and I mean, you’re advertising sex sooo maybe you should be ready to put out what you seem to be selling.

    Do I need to put a picture of me in lingerie to get a guy’s attention on here?

  187. lisa says:

    welcome to the depression party Silver. I just upgraded my profile and am finally getting some views but no emails. I know it’s only been premium for a few hours but I haven’t had an sd meeting in almost 4 months, not even a bite.

  188. Silver says:

    It’s a new year so it’s time for more chances, at least I hope so. So far I feel like things are never going to come, everything looked for can’t be found. After awhile it can be just down right depressing but I guess that I need to carry on with the hope that something will be around the corner.

    I hope that everyone is doing well today.

  189. lisa says:

    oops I just got 2 views both from standard members. clicked on one to view profile and it says that member’s profile was denied due to unsuitable content. yikes, better throw that one back in the swamp. lol

    How was everyone’s New years?

  190. lisa says:

    another is when a guy brags about his money or drives a flashy care and complains about women being after his money. lol if he doesn’t want that, he could drive a beat up van or take the bus. lol another one is the ladies on this site that say it’s not about the money but on they want 10k a month. lol
    I am having an interesting time looking at all those who have viewed me now that I have a premium membership but now I am getting 0 views and my profile comes up 3rd when I search similar profiles. premium doesn’t seem to be working for me either. wah

  191. gurlnextdoor says:

    lol, i agree lisa. like they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

  192. lisa says:

    or some of the sbs that take closeups of their huge breasts and say they are looking for someone who is interested in more than that. they might be teasing or whatever but it’s kind of like walking around with your purse open and full of money on a crowded street and expected not to get pickpocketed. lol

  193. lisa says:

    I have viewed some sbs profiles where the sb is scantilly clad and in sexy poses but indicates there will be no phsyical contact , no sex, just friends. I think this is sending mixes signals. Those who do not have sex have to have something intellectually stimulating to offer or has to be a super fun person that is irresistable.

  194. BeautifulBluegrass says:

    I actually recind #2 as there is at least 1 SB here who does not have sex with her SD’s (which shows what an amazing person she and the men she sees are)…. again it seems each relationship is different!

  195. BeautifulBluegrass says:

    youngguy4man asked “Do any of you think there should be different rules for male SDs and male SBs than a man and girl?” I think there should be differences between each individual relationship… not between male and female SBs. I am pretty sure most people here would agree.

    And one of the SBs here had a similar question about sex; I think Suthern addressed by saying something to the effect of “Have sex when you feel completely confortable doing it and not a moment earlier”. You want to be a SB, not an escort or prostitute, right? And you’ll pick someone you genuinely like and are attracted to and I ASSUME that would mean 1) he would never make you feel you OWE him sex 2) you will at some point want to be intimate

  196. lisa says:

    I think the holiday us causing the delay. it took my photos 24 hours to approve when usually it only takes a few hours.

  197. BettieGirlDD says:

    Happy new year, sugarpals. So, my profile has been pending approval for 48 hours: any suggestions?

  198. lisa says:

    Sorry to hear you were sick BlkButtafly. my daughter is sick today and my boss had bad heartburn, must be someting going around. the 2009 virus or something

  199. lisa says:

    ok now i’m more depressed. just upgraded and viewed all the sds that viewed me. some really good looking hot guys, but none of them wrote. the ones that added me as a favorite are either no longer active or standard members. :( wah

  200. lisa says:

    Good afternoon everyone. just got in from work. a gloomy new years day here, where is the sun?

  201. BlkButtafly says:

    Happy New Year Everyone!!!! Unfortunately I spent my new year’s eve sick :-( but that’s okay I guess. I’m ready for 2009!

  202. youngguy4man says:

    What kinds of profiles make you breath a sigh of relief?
    Profiles that speak about trust and a solid relationship.
    Have you ever wanted to say something to an SD or SB but were afraid it wouldn’t be appropriate?
    I always feel weird(being a SB) about asking what kind a arrangement. I wish Sd’s would bring it up to me more (PS Im getting more responses now….funny how that works out). I get around to asking eventually but itd be nice if I didnt have to bring it up.
    What should never be stated, or asked, in a message to a Sugar Daddy. A Sugar Baby?
    Umm idk about this. I give more than once chance to say the wrong thing to me. Its a little weird when you Im asked just about sex and how much I want for it. Thats just not what I came on here for. Idk though, im pretty open. Not much scares me off too much.
    What is your list of Rules for Sugar Daddies or Sugar Babies?
    I havent been into a relationship like this so I dont really have a list.

    Do any of you think there should be different rules for male SDs and male SBs than a man and girl?

    Its ok to treat the sex thing as a normal relationship being an SB, right? Sometimes I feel like I owe it to them, but I dont like that feeling…what do you guys think?

    ps accidently put this in the old blog…whops

  203. Gail says:

    Happy New Year Sugar Family!!!!! LOL…I finally woke up:) 11:42am…..2009 is gonna be a great year!!! Strong passionate kisses to my SD…whoever and whereever he may be:) LOL

  204. SouthernGent2 says:

    Chloe, just take your time with things and find out what works for you. Since you are 19, you are going to have lots of interested suitors out there. You need to learn the real ones from the fake ones based on their messages before you set out on any meeting dates. You will hear from all types of guys, and you have to be discerning.

    Once you are comfortable with messages and the types that interest you, then go out on some nice lunch and dinner dates. Keep them short and learn from them. You will soon figure out what you like and don’t like. Good luck!

  205. OCSugarBaby says:

    Welcome Chloe!

    Your question about suitable pampering? You need to give it some thought, no one can tell you exactly what it should be for YOU. Each of us have our own idea as to what makes us happy. Have fun and take your time with taking off those panties. Chemistry is everything!

  206. Chloe says:

    Hi guys, I’ve just joined today and been reading lots of stuff on the site and the blogg and just thought I’d chip in to say hi and that ‘i’m really excited about joining and getting into the SB scene and to ask for a few hints. I want to meet guys who I enjoy being with and who can take me on fun dates so naturally chenistry is really important. But naturally I would also like generous guys who will pamper me, what girl wouldn’t? I didn’t mention anything in my profile about what I hope or expect from a guy (partly because I have no idea what is realistic).

    I’ve been reading some of the other blog topics too and really laughed when I saw the picture at the start of one blogg from a couple of weeks back, the one of the girls feet in really high heels standing on a red thong. I may only be 19 but I’ve dated enough guys and seen enough of the world to know part of what most SDs presumably want from a SD/SB relationship but I’d like a bit of advise from you girls……. What is realistic for me to expect and therefore ask for from a potential SD and how soon should my panties be coming off if the chemistry seems good and he seems to offer me suitable pampering?

    thanks guys and happy new year from a very excited new girl on the block.

  207. OCSugarBaby says:

    Happy 2009 Sugars! XxOo

  208. BlondieNYC says:

    A big hug and a very happy New Year to my virtual SB/SD family!
    May this year be one filled with sweetness, health and happiness for you all. I hope that all your wishes and dreams do come true!!!

    Gail, isn’t that movie just fab, did the twist blow you away? I swear my jaw dropped. That was an excellently created movie, and I’d def watch it again, and no, not just for the Viggo’s visual delights, it’s just so well-crafted.

    And Gail, thanks so much for the compliment. Yes, you do have to let me know when you hit NYC, let’s go out and cause trouble!!!

    As for me, I’m working on NYE, and it’s no big deal. I’ve got my dog near me, a fresh pot of coffee and the Food Network is on….BLISS!!!

  209. lisa says:

    I’m stuck at home too. :( last year I was at a party having a great time.

  210. A. says:

    I’m at home in my P.J’s and planning on watching the ball drop on T.V.

    Yeah me!

    I hope everyone has a happy, sugary sweet new year!


  211. kittylainy says:

    Just a quick note befoe heading out… Happy new year my dear sugars around this beautiful world!! May the new year be filled with sweet sweet sugarry goodness

  212. kittylainy says:

    Just a quick note befoe heading out… Happy new year my dear sugars around this beautiful world!!!! May the new year be filled with sweet sweet sugarry goodness

  213. lisa says:

    oh I get it now, change the number on the address line on the search bar

  214. SweetEuropean says:


    Copy and paste that link into the comments section and then add the SB’s profile number to the end, then copy and paste into the address bar…it should work! :)

  215. lisa says:

    how do you view other sbs profiles? I click on my profile but could not change my profile number to another

  216. lisa says:

    they will be setting off fireworks in my apartment. dangerous and a fire hazard too. there is a city ordinance against it but they do it anyway. they are not pretty fireworks, just noisy ones.

  217. SweetEuropean says:

    Woo, i’m officially in a diffrent year than you! lol. You don’t have to be premium to see other SB profiles, i’ve looked at most of the blogging SB profiles already (the ones that posted their numbers). You just have to view your profile, then replace your profile number at the end of the url with the number of the SB you want to see. Oh god I don’t think i’m going to get any sleep tonight, people are partying on my road and theres a ton of fireworks going off haha.

  218. lisa says:

    Thanks SweetEuropean. I can check out who all viewed me and who added me to their favorites. can check out all the sbs from the blog too, see what everyone looks like.
    I am going to stay in for the rest of the year.

  219. SweetEuropean says:

    LOL i’m leaving you all behind in 2008!

  220. SweetEuropean says:

    Thank you Lisa! :) You should stay up until midnight, you can’t miss the new year! I hope this is your SD year too, you deserve a nice SD! I think going premium could help, I always gravitate towards premium SD profiles and tend to skip past non premium, so if it works the same way with SD’s you should atrract more views, and you can see who’s added you to their favourites aswell! I might upgrade in the new year, i’m curious to see who looks at my profile!

    SD’s – Premium or non premium profiles, do you have a preference?

    Oooh five minutes to go, i’m getting ready to count down!

    See you all in 2009 😀

  221. lisa says:

    Happy New Year SweetEuropean!
    don’t know if I’ll make it till midnight tonight cause I gotta get up at 6 am. only wrking 5 hours tomorrow though. Can’t go out by myself since I’m broke (friday is rent day) and it’s not safe to be out alone.
    Hoping this will be my sd year. Gonna upgrade friday but worried I should use the money for groceries as I am sure i’m wasting my money, no sd wants me. :( funny I get lotsa attention in real life, no one serious but still they notice me, but not on this site. guess i’m too old. lol funny the guys that hit on me in real life are younger than me and on this site I can’t attract a 60 year old. lol

    Just sitting here bored stiff.

  222. SweetEuropean says:

    Lol, Lisa i’m stuck in tonight too! My plans changed at last minute and I couldn’t find anything else to do, i’ve actually been asleep for a long time but fireworks just woke me up! 2009 in 20 minutes, may aswell stay up to celebrate now! Can anyone tell i’m half asleep here?!

  223. lisa says:

    health insurance pay would be a good asset. I don’t have insurance and have not been to a doctor since my daughter was born 17 years ago, and then I only went when I was in labor, no prenatal care at all and she was born healthy with no problems so health insurance would be ok but I would prefer shopping. My mom is 68 and has not been to the doctor since 1974 when she was 34 and she is healthy. my family all drops dead of heart attacks in their late 70’s

  224. lisa says:

    Hope everyone has a nice New years. I can’t help but feel a little sad. Last year I had a boyfriend and we went to a party at his daughter’s house, spent the night in bed, drinking wine, and slept late, went to a movie and had lunch. this year I’m stuck in tonight and have to work tomorrow at 8 am.

  225. lisa says:

    Hi everyone. back from the mall. window shopping as usual :( had a latte with my daughter and am back home now.

    Ann, when I first joined I received several responses and never initiated contact, however now I get zero emails (have actually only received 4 or 5 responses to my ad in the last couple months but had over 200 views) and have tried sending out emails, well thought out ones but only received about 3 messages back and all the same, “you sound very nice but i’m looking for someone closer to me” mind you these guys lived about 200 miles from me. I’m in Houston and they were either in Austin or Dallas.
    Going to upgrade on friday when I get paid and will ask you guys opion of what I should do to my profile. I can’t do much about the pics as I don’t have access to a proper camera, and my photos are self taken. I have had my daughter take pics of me but she always takes silly ones of me chewing my food or close ups of my nose or whatever. can’t get her to take a nice pic. lol

  226. Sig says:

    Paying for health insurance is an interesting idea, but my preference would be to pay cash and let the SB decide where to allocate it.

  227. dreamer says:

    Happy New Year everyone.. And I love you Gail haha… I dont think you could ever make me mad haha… Ive started talking to a pSD.. Hes a cutie and wants to be friends first.. Which is a good thing for me. Just met him so I doubt we will spend the night together haha.. But I hope your party goes well!

  228. OCSugarBaby says:

    Jennifer- You are always my sunshine in the morning! Happy New Year to you sweetie. XxOo :)

  229. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Gail!!!! having fun in the snow? Have a great time tonight.

    I want to wish each and everyone of you a very Happy New Year.

    May 2009 bring joy and happiness to your hearts. It will be a better year.

  230. SweetEuropean says:

    Oooh who’s the Obama lookalike?!

  231. Gail says:

    LOL…Sorry…Bettie…on the internet no one seems far away…

    Welcome Everyone new to the blog….what a wonderful 2009 New Year we will all have:)

    I hear someone on this blog resembles President. Obama. (smile) anyone wondering who that may be? Catch me on yahoo…LOL…

  232. BettieGirlDD says:

    Gail – I’m in Buffalo, NY. Only CA I’m close to is Canada. Maybe youre thinking of someone else – I’m 273192

    Atlantian – I’ve heard that there are 5 times as many sugar daddies as babies on this site so I say hi if I get a good vibe from their profile. I bet they get a kick out of the attention and it doesn’t hurt to be proactive.

  233. stephan says:


    Welcome to the blog!

    Here is a post which discussed the topic of who should make the first move, a SB, or a SD? Lots of good comments about that on that thread.

  234. Atlantian says:

    I was wondering…I’m sure this has been answered before, but I’m new and want to see everyone’s opinions.

    Should an SB make the first move and email or should SBs wait for an SD to email her?

    I just want to know what everyone’s success rate has been with their methods. I haven’t emailed any SDs yet, just been waiting. Do you SDs like when we show interest first or if you wanted something would you make it known?

    Thanks everyone! I love the discussions!

  235. Silver says:

    I hope that everyone has a wonderful New Years.

  236. OCSugarBaby says:

    SweetEuro-Happy New Year! I am glad you liked my comment, the SD’s are providing us with and ESCAPE too. :)

  237. Gail says:

    Sweet Euro-I peeked at your profile too…you are so beautiful…the pics are nice too!!!Happy New Year on the other side of the world!!!

  238. SweetEuropean says:

    Oooh it’s nearly 2009 here :)

    Kitty- I’m sorry about your date and his rotten teeth, I was really hoping it would go well!

    OC- I agree with you, I think as an SB we should be helping SD’s escape from reality whilst they’re with us, relax and have a good time :)

    Gail- Sounds like a fun night, I hope you have a good time!

    Happy new year everyone!

  239. OCSugarBaby says:

    Gail Baby! Miss you bunches. Happy New Year! Yes, I am always smiling.

  240. OCSugarBaby says:

    Ok, just took a long walk with my dog and the thoughts came pouring over my brain!
    I believe that there isn’t an SD out there who wants to be made to feel like they are an ATM machine. They are business men. They want to feel like their SB would be with them even without the $$$. I would also like to be treated like they would be with ME without the $$$.
    I try to put myself in their shoes so to speak. Why would you want to spend time and money on someone who doesn’t take the time to let the relationship grow? With that trust comes a more relaxed feeling on both parts. Understanding how their lives are stressful and complicated. I think that the generosity will grow with each and every day that the relationship evolves. That factor is true for both sides!
    When I started reading this blog and my SB adventure began. I read a comment from an SB that got my thoughts stirring. It was something that made me think “She” really gets it and I want that too!
    She wrote of how she likes to create a “haven” so to speak when she and her SD are together. She likes to block out the outside world from them both and relish the little time they have together. She gets it and I took that little pearl of wisdom and sought out to follow her advice. My thinking will always be beyond the monetary and into the “how can I be the girl they WANT to spend time with”

    I am not an SB expert, but I do know what I want to experience from this. I have promised to do my part in making that happen and I believe the rest will unfold to a wonderful experience if I just relax and let it happen.

  241. Gail says:

    Almost Happy New Year Everyone!!!! I am still in the snow…but the sun did come out. Planning to have a fine meal tonite, drinks, listening to lively music at Harrahs and lastly watching fireworks to bring in 2009.

    Imagine me at a club:) Cute,sexy, black dress, dancing, dancing, dancing…LOL bacardi and coke, feeling great:)

    Rotten teeth, bad breath, where is he KittyLainy…I found a toothbrush, toothpaste, scope, and dental floss for him. Me, personally…if I found a good personality and kindness in him I would stay in touch. It ‘s nice to have SD friends.

    Sunshine!!! that’s you OCbaby….now aren’t you on top of the world…always love that positive, happy attitude.!!!

    BettieDD….I see that you are in close in CA, if I am not mistaken:)

    Suthurn Exec….yes you did get your present early this year:) There is that happy shuffle in you step now:) LOL….happy for the both of you!!

    Ms. V..Wishing you the happiest New Year ever!!!

    NYCBlondie-I saw the movie…LOL…had to cover my eyes quite a bit…blood and guts…but no need when I was watchng the naked fighting man(smile) Loved the movie!!!I took a peek at you too, since everyone was putting out their profile# out there:) You are a bombshell:) and I already know that you are fun!!! My next trip to NY we should meet up….
    and naw everyone, we are not dating each other…LOL…I know how your minds think…LOL

    Dreamer-What are you doing to bring in the new year?Kiss your SD? LOL
    Ok…I know you are going to kill me for that…(smile)

    Jennifer on the Blog-LOL…Loved your new profile and pics!!!!your new “do” really looks nice on you!!!

    Lisa-Happy New Year!!!!You are just like me, I too am polite…I never want to hurt anyones feelings:) I always think of my dates as a new experience, meeting people that are different:)

    OC and Suthurn Exec-Question for the both of you? Do your cheeks hurt? No…not your butt cheeks…LOL….you face cheeks? from smiling ear to ear every day now…LOL

    Now my wish for 2009…I would like something more to smile about:)

  242. Anonymous says:

    Bettie: perfectly put. there is definately a limit

  243. SuthrnExec says:

    Why do I feel like I have already cheated and gotten a head-start with my “new”?? I will, however, still help everyone usher out the old – good riddance!

  244. Ann says:

    GM OCSB I am sooo chipper today its scary LOL

  245. OCSugarBaby says:

    Good Morning Sugars! Out with the “Old” and “In” with the New!

  246. Ann says:

    Today is the last day of 2008. I’m SOOO looking forward to a new year, new friends, and new possibilities.!

  247. BettieGirlDD says:

    But to expound on that point, some things are flexible. My comfort is not flexible however if I want SDs who hated tattoos when they were 30 to rethink that now, I could probably budge on my “no corny cop mustaches” stance if all the other traits are there.
    I’m having so much trouble focusing at work today! and I’m agreed on the teeth petition.

    Lisa – let go of the bitterness, girl. Even if theyre valid complaints, it’s still baggage.

  248. Ann says:

    Lisa…I’m curious…are you emailing SD’s and now waiting for a response or did you create a profile and are waiting for them to find you? I’m new here and just trying to see how others are going about their search.

  249. BettieGirlDD says:

    Kitty I think of it like this: the whole principle of sugar dating is the older man greases the wheels a bit so you take more pause as to whether you like him than you would ordinarily.. but that only works to a point. I’m not getting the flood of offers I was expecting but you have to remember those boundaries you promised yourself when you started your search. It preserves your value as a companion.

    I also take “love to travel” as a signal he’s “willing to travel.”

  250. kittylainy says:

    speaking of dental…
    would u ask a SD to pay for your health insurance (for the US folks here)? I think it’s a very viable expense for them to cover. He probably doesn’t want you to be hurt!

  251. kittylainy says:

    LISA, my ideal SD should be just outside my city (so we won’t have to worry about running into people) and is generous and wants to see me once a week think that’d be perfect. oo almost forgot.. has to have good teeth too!
    that won’t solve his teeth problem!

  252. lisa says:

    kitty, maybe after he takes you shopping, you could take him by a dental clinic. lol or maybe say you want to go toothpaste shopping and buy hundreds of dollars worth of toothpaste. lol
    gotta be going now, i’m going to miss my buss and I need my latte

  253. lisa says:

    my favorite ones are the ones in my state that talk about liking to travel or traveling all the time but are not willing to fly 200 miles from their city to mine. I have had no luck with out of state sds, none want to travel and the ones outside my city but in my state “just can’t travel” either although their profiles mention travel. kind of reminds me of the one that I talked to that owned his own business but couldn’t email me to cancel a date at the last minute because his boss was around and he couldn’t get on his email. interesting that he owned the company but had a boss.
    I would like to be able to walk away from a bad date, but I guess i’m too polite and endure it.

  254. kittylainy says:

    haha bettie: I think we should all put that on our profile.. it’d be like a petition against bad teeth! Bad hygien is also a big no no for me.
    Southern: I agree with the statement, and it goes the other way around too.. each other’s time should be respected and meetings be punctual.. unless of course he’s an on call doctor

    update: spoke to last night’s date again, he said he will take me shopping … oo he’s upping the antty… alas I still don’t want to be seen in public with bad teeth magee

  255. kittylainy says:

    Why are all the good SDs so far away… *sigh*

  256. BettieGirlDD says:

    SouthernGent2 – Canceling on *anyone* without a valid reason isn’t cool. I’m from a generation that got the internet late in high school and cell phones in early 20s. Half the people i socialize with make plans and keep them the old way, and the other half thinks nothing of texting “kate’s coming now and we’re going to Left Bank instead ok?” half an hour before we’re supposed to be somewhere. To people who roll like that it’s not rude. Ah, the digital divide…
    how about a post about the generation gap? like use of technology and SD’s who say they dont like tattoos yet write me anyway because i “dont look like a biker or a hood rat.”

  257. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone. I’m off today so I slept late. I’m getting ready to go down to starbucks for a latte and then to meet my daughter when she gets off from work early. Got another giftcard in the mail, so I will have a nice meal today.
    Inbox still empty:(

  258. Ann says:

    Who made the statement that if you can afford the luxury of a SB you should be able to afford good dentistry? That was a very valid point. Although there are surely some SB’s that would disregard this imperfection. Not me, but someone…right? lol

  259. SouthernGent2 says:

    About the agreement on number of meetings, I have found that some of the younger sb’s just don’t understand the importance of this. Us married sd’s don’t have the flexibility in scheduling. There are only certain nights we can meet and do this kind of thing. When a sb cancels last second, it really creates a problem because its a lost opportunity that can’t be recovered.

  260. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Thanks Bettie for the advice.

    Blondie.. I like the new picture. Great profile, you can tell that you are a fun person to be around.

  261. BettieGirlDD says:

    Jennifer – Only thing i’d change is move the first two paragraphs to the end that way it starts “my friends describe me” not “I am from Southern Illinois” which isn’t really a captivating opening statement. But profile approval shuts down the mailbox so it can wait til you’re busy.

    I should probably have added to mine that bad teeth are a deal-breaker. Anyone know: does changing things while you’re awaiting approval prolong the process?

    As for subtle hints, I added that I’d like an SD to be generous in “all” ways. Hope the meaning comes through 😉

  262. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Kitty… My profile # 271022

    Thank you NC and SE, it is always good to get the SD’s point of view.

  263. NC Gentleman says:

    Hi Jennifer — I just read your profile, and it is great. I sent you an email also. One should be able to tell that you are a very sweet, caring person by reading your profile :)

    Kitty — sorry about your date – there is a lot of misrepresentation here, but overall my experience here has been great! You will find someone :)

    SweetEuro — I had never read “What’s an Arrangement” on the first page. In the future when I get one of “those” emails, I am going to point them to that tab on the home page…. thanks :)

    I hope everyone has a great day and Happy New Year. I am going out with friends for dinner and drinks, but my bootie will probably be in bed by about 12:30 – not like when I was a young puppy and stayed out all night lol

  264. kittylainy says:

    Welcome “alittleshy51”
    Profile # Jen?

  265. SuthrnExec says:

    Welcome alittleshy51!!

  266. SuthrnExec says:

    Jennifer, just looked at your profile – great job! Great job on the pics, too. I didn’t see it before you changed it, I don’t think, but I’m sure it is much better now. You can tell lots of thought went into your profile and it seems to really portray who you are. You seem like a pretty relaxed but caring person. I think it will go a long way in getting you noticed – nice job!

  267. kittylainy says:

    Southern Gent: I definately agree with that, as much as the $ discussion should come later, there has to be bounderies set, along with how often the meetings are going to be.

    Lisa: I only ate half my meal.. didn’t get app or dessert and no doggy bag. either haha damn! should’ve taken meal to go!

    Blondie and ANN: I truly truly agree, there is no point in wastingtime on someone if it isn’t what you’re looking for. Sure maybe you’ll get a free meal out of it. But it just isn’t worth it. And even thought to myself at the dinner table, if he was to offer me $3,000 a month allowance plus gifts would I be more inclined to sleep with him? Bad teethe and all?? NOPE! Therefore I must leave. He suggested goiing to a bar for drinks, some place private.. but I just told him I need to go..

    Sig: well we went to a fairly casual restaurant and there were families around, so it was definately akward.

  268. BlondieNYC says:

    Hey Miss Jen! My pleasure, and I changed some photos, will let you know when they’re approved, would love feedback :)

  269. alittleshy51 says:

    Hi, I’m a newbie who’s been lurking here and *love* the conversations taking place. I had to chime in on this one – SouthernGent2, I agree completely with you. Start with an agreement on amount of time acceptable to both sides, as a minimum starting place, then keep it open for flexibility as you get to know each other, and adjust accordingly. Only for those with flexibility and great communication skills!

    NC Gentleman, I was also glad to read your comment about using the word “discreet”. I have gotten two wonderful local married SDs out of this one subtle distinction. The arrangements I have allow for much freedom on both our parts, and I can have both in my life! Married SDs have absolutely no time for games, and I love the honesty and efficiency of it all.

    Trust and chemistry are what move things forward quickly for me.

  270. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    The final version of the profile is up and running..

    SE and NC please take a look.

    Thank you so much. OC and Blondie thank you again for all of your help.

    The chemistry will be the biggest part of the SB/SD relationship, but I also have to have respect to have the trust in each other.

    What book, the classics are good, but I personally like a good story and it doesn’t matter what type of book that it is, fiction, bio, nonfiction, mystery or a magazine.

    Any hints in your profile? I don’t think so, pretty much straight forward.

  271. BlondieNYC says:

    Kitty, here’s a trick that I learned a long time ago and I’m going to pass this on to you. If you’re on a date and it’s wretched, just get up and leave. There’s no reason on this planet to be stuck for a long time with someone who you don’t click with. You can give yourself permission to get the hell out of a bad situation. You can be polite and say, “I must go, I’m sorry,” and just get out or make an excuse. BUT you DON’T have to stay there and be miserable.
    As an aside, if someone is doing well they wouldn’t have bad teeth.

    NC- there are idiots everywhere, I mean look at Sarah Palin. Just keep on moving on :)

  272. Sig says:

    Kitty, too bad you had a bad experience. Based on feedback I’ve heard, this is a diamond in the rough kind of business, so keep your hopes up.

    > There must be an age limit. as a 23 year old, going on dates
    > with a 45+ draws too much unwanted attention.

    Some of the places I’ve been it’s odd when a man is with a woman that looks his age!

    I remember the first time I went to south of France. Some of the most famous resorts there were surprising to naive little ol’ me — the hotels weren’t that great, the beaches so-so, but they were populated by beautiful young women with men that appeared to be their fathers.

    The last time I went to Cannes I was one of those guys. Ok, maybe not daughter age (15 year difference), but still, definitely not the same age!

  273. Silver says:

    Ann, That is so true. Staying yourself and not putting on an act will bring you what you are looking for in due time. When it comes you’ll be so glad.. I know we all will when we find our SD’s..

  274. Ann says:

    lisa is funnnny! “I can get food at the food pantry and I don’t have to sleep with anyone.” LOL

    I can see where setting some sort of guidelines upfront before meeting would be good to prevent either side from being disappointed. I just personally want to stay me…blunt. This will turn off some but most likely ones that would eventually be turned off by my straight forwardness anyway. Being me will only weed out the “wrong” ones quicker.

  275. lisa says:

    I agree that allowance and seeing each other should work together.
    Too many sds on here want to get together 2 or 3 days a week (for most sbs, that would take away most of their free time) and offer very little.
    I would like to meet someone to see weekly or a few times a month, but not more than once a week without it was just a great relationship and I really enjoyed his company, but I think weekly is fair and as far as allowance, if the sb doesn’t want to meet as often, then a lower allowance is suitable but if the sd cancels he should still give the same allowance.

  276. lisa says:

    hope you ordered extra helpings and took home a doggy bag. lol
    When I had a boyfriend last year he was always taking me to a nice restaruant and had me order appetizer, entree, dessert, etc. I can eat very little at a time and ended up taking half my meal home, which means I had tasty midnight snacks and breakfast. lol might seem tacky, but when things are tight, well you should never waste food, lol

  277. SouthernGent2 says:

    The one thing I want to pretty much set exactly is how often do we see each other per month. For me that preference would be weekly. And I base my allowance / gifts on such. My previous wanted to change the rules in the middle of the game, not seeing each other as much, yet get the same allowance. It was only one of many issues that killed things for us. Most other things just need to evolve naturally I would say.

  278. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    kitty… At least you got a good meal out of it. lol

  279. lisa says:

    at least you had a great meal, imagine if it had been a coffee date and you couldn’t get rid of him. lol
    I have learned things from previous dates on this site and others, too , things that I wouldn’t have thought about until faced with the situation. I wouldn’t think of a wealthy sd having bad teeth, that’s just gross. I could be a friend but could never kiss someone like that.
    I prefer to have some idea of finances too before meeting. buying groceries is a nice help when you’re a little short, believe me my fridge is always empty, but I would expect more from an sd. I can get food at the food pantry and I don’t have to sleep with anyone.
    Make sure you get a good smile photo of them before meeting. lol

  280. kittylainy says:

    *hugs* everyone here gives such great advice…
    I am continueing my search! I know my true SD is out there somewhere.
    The date opened my eyes. as it was my first REAL SD date, now I know what I can and cannot deal with. There must be an age limit. as a 23 year old, going on dates with a 45+ draws too much unwanted attention. I live I learn. now I know, I need to set some limits before meeting someone as uncomfortable as the chat regarding finance is, it must be at least outlined. I feel like we wasted each other’s time with the date
    … on the bright side.. the meal was delicious!

  281. lisa says:

    or a few rotten teeth. lol

  282. gurlnextdoor says:

    Yeah I agree with lisa. And attraction plays a big part in who i choose to be a potential SD. I mean if I’m not attracted to him, then I’m not going to be able to get intimate with him. That’s just something I can’t pretend to do. But good luck on your search, sometimes you gotta go through a few rotten apples, to find that one good SD.

  283. lisa says:

    groceries and hotel rooms? hotel rooms for what? to meet him, that’s generous of him. as far as groceries, that isn’t enough from a sd. that’s something that a real boyfriend or friend might do, but without your eatin that 90 dollar a package king crab everyday, well groceries just won’t do.

  284. lisa says:

    sorry about your date Kitty. But personally I don’t think he was right for you. sounds more like he was looking to get laid (pardon my words, but he doesn’t sound like a gentleman). The rotting teeth and bad breath, well I couldn’t deal with that either. If he is wealthy, he would certainly take better care of his teeth, as offending people is not good business sense.
    Sorry again :(

  285. Kittylainy says:

    thanks everyone…
    I’m just not attracted.. too old for me I think… I need a SD I am attracted to
    did I mention our arrangement included him buying me groceries and hotel rooms that’s it

  286. Ann says:

    Awww…don’t get discouraged Kitty.

  287. gurlnextdoor says:

    Which do you prefer: Arranging in an exacting way with no room for interpretation, or making a more open ended arrangement based on chemistry?

    I prefer to make a more open ended arrangement based on chemistry. The better the chemistry, the more fun we’ll have together.

    What makes you inclined to be more exacting with a potential SD/SB?
    When a potential SD is vague or kind of tries to avoid certain subjects that are of importance (ex. when would you like to see me) then I feel I have to be exacting of them.

    What factors play a role in how much you Trust a potential Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby?
    Being able to give and take. The way I look at it an SD/SB arrangement is like any other relationship you’ll have in life. And the only way you can learn to trust someone is to give information and receive information from the other party. Not saying I want to know everything about they’re entire life because I respect people’s privacy. :) But I need to know something about them.

    What book would you like to catch your Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby reading?
    Hmm, what book….ok not really sure on what book, but Psychology Today magazine would be great. I think it would show he’s a thinker and appreciates learning more about life and people in general.

    Have you placed any subtle hints in your profile or messages? Have you ever gone along with a subtle request from a SD or SB – how did that work for you?
    I think my profile is pretty straight forward, lol. I found I kept getting emails from SDs who didn’t fit what I was looking for and being more straight forward has cut down on that.

  288. gurlnextdoor says:

    Rotting teeth…bad breath…that’s not going to work methinks. In my opinion Kitty, you should continue your search especially if the chemistry wasn’t there.

  289. BeautifulBluegrass says:

    Kittylainy- I am sorry the date didn’t go as well as you (we!) hoped… do you think you will comtinue getting to know him?

  290. Kittylainy says:

    just got back from my date that lasted about 1.5 hrs… *sigh*
    He definately wanted to get intimate with me, but I don’t think I am quite ready… and he seemed sort of disappointed. and he had rotting teeth bad breathe.. I don’t know… was not interested in sleeping with him

  291. Ann says:

    Which do you prefer: Arranging in an exacting way with no room for interpretation, or making a more open ended arrangement based on chemistry?
    > I’m not well versed in this, but I’m thinking open ended is better. Things change, people change, and people change their minds. I like a no drama, no pressure situation.

    What makes you inclined to be more exacting with a potential SD/SB?
    >If I can tell that the potential SD prefers straightforward then I can do that…no problemo

    What factors play a role in how much you Trust a potential Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby?
    >If a SD is upfront with me, is good at follow thru, there’s a good chemistry, and good old time will tell…

    What book would you like to catch your Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby reading?
    >I’m so not sure I should say this, but I love true crime mysteries. So if I found my SD reading one it would put a big smile on my face.

    Have you placed any subtle hints in your profile or messages? Have you ever gone along with a subtle request from a SD or SB – how did that work for you?
    >I can do subtle..but i’m much more direct. My profile right now is pretty direct. I just don’t want to waste time trying to decipher what you want and I’m offering you the same :)

  292. Silver says:

    Here are my own answers.

    ~Which do you prefer: Arranging in an exacting way with no room for interpretation, or making a more open ended arrangement based on chemistry?

    Personally I would prefer making an arrangement in which certain key things are set in stone for the time being. For myself it would work out better, than something based solely on chemistry and attraction that I can’t do on the fly currently.

    ~What makes you inclined to be more exacting with a potential SD/SB?

    As of right now I honestly don’t know.

    ~What factors play a role in how much you Trust a potential Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby?

    Honesty, and laying things out on the table speaking of who they are and how they wish things to work this, that or any other way.

    But then again trust is earned and can’t be bought by any means. A person needs to give and take for a SB can’t keep answering all of a SD questions without getting answers back in return.

    ~What book would you like to catch your Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby reading?

    Something that could be made a great conversation piece.

    ~Have you placed any subtle hints in your profile or messages? Have you ever gone along with a subtle request from a SD or SB – how did that work for you?

    I don’t think that I have as of yet, I’ve only been honesty and pretty open at least I believe so.

    I haven’t as of yet.

  293. BeautifulBluegrass says:

    I really liked what SE said! Spot on.

    Which do you prefer: Arranging in an exacting way… or making a more open ended arrangement…?
    Chemistry is key… and it’s the small things that make a situation fun. I don’t want those things planned!

    What makes you inclined to be more exacting with a potential SD/SB?
    I am not inclined to be exacting… but if I am pushed I will be. However, that has ruined the chemistry and fun (from my side).

    What factors play a role in how much you Trust a potential Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby?
    Following through on what they say they are going to do, slowly giving out small pieces of information, trying to get to know me, moving the ‘relationship’ along in a timely fashion, and finally, my gut instinct…. I know, not very scientific!

    Have you placed any subtle hints in your profile or messages? Have you ever gone along with a subtle request from a SD or SB – how did that work for you?
    I think my profile is pretty straight forward… I re-wrote it recently to spell some things out.

  294. SuthrnExec says:

    OK, here we go: Which do you prefer: Arranging in an exacting way with no room for interpretation, or making a more open ended arrangement based on chemistry?
    > More open-ended based on the chemistry – and since you brought it up, chemistry is what determines the success or failure – so no matter which you prefer, it will not succeed unless there is chemistry.

    What makes you inclined to be more exacting with a potential SD/SB?
    >I become more exacting if the SB forces me to go there. Let it happen!

    What factors play a role in how much you Trust a potential Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby?
    >The chemistry that exists between us, again, is the foundation of it all. Trust develops in direct proportion to the chemistry between the two of us because chemistry means you’re going to be more open with each other, and without being open, there can’t (or shouldn’t) be a lot of trust. But also, being open could mean that you learn you cannot or should not trust him/her.

    What book would you like to catch your Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby reading?
    >One of the classics of humor – typically those who read the classics are strong independent types who know exactly what they’re looking for in a relationship – they’re looking for intellectual stimulation, trust and loyalty. If they also enjoy humor, this typically means that they don’t take life too seriously – they’re upbeat and fun to be around.

    Have you placed any subtle hints in your profile or messages? Have you ever gone along with a subtle request from a SD or SB – how did that work for you?
    >I think my profile is probably full of them – some maybe not so subtle. And yes, I have gone along with a subtle request from a SB and it worked quite well for me!

  295. SweetEuropean says:

    I’m amazed so many people don’t understand the concept of this site, especially considering there is a “What’s an arrangement?” section on the homepage! (And of course the site being called seeking arrangement!)

  296. NC Gentleman says:

    Blondie – one would think that but there are SBs on here who seem to think this is a conventional dating site with wealthy men. More than once I have gotten an email from a SB telling me that it was immoral for a married guy to be on SA. I usually hit delete but I want to respond that they are on the wrong site if they want to find christian morality.

  297. lisa says:

    good evening everyone. just got back from work and the laundrette. exhausted.
    I have tried both tactics such as being direct on what I want and completely leaving it out all together and have found no difference, still empty inbox. I have had “amount negotiable” and a set amount on allowance and no difference in results.

    I leave out any direct requirements that are important to me based on passed experiences but then I find my self getting an occasional response from someone completely the opposite of what i’m looking for.

    I would feel much comfortable if I was contacted by someone who was upfront and knew what an arrangement was rather than some of these guys that are just looking for a dinner date. As I mentioned before, I have seen several guys on this site that are on alot of other sites that are not sd sites. just like there are alot of women on here looking for “the love of me life”. if it happens that’s great but this is not a matchmaking site.

  298. BlondieNYC says:

    shoot meant to write “pornstar wanna be wanted”

  299. BlondieNYC says:

    NC – isn’t it discreet a given on this site?
    I think the SDs are more blatant in what they’re looking for than the SBs. An SD profile will more be more likely to say “pornstar wanna wanted ” btw- this is someone’s profile heading, not making this up or have either on the profile heading or in the body “afternoons only” than an SB would do.

  300. NC Gentleman says:

    I look for things like “can be discreet” to know that they are comfortable having an arrangement with a married guy :)

  301. Julianna says:

    I definitely posted some hints in my profile…