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Sugar Connection: How Long Does it Take?



What Makes a SD or SB Worth Your Wait?

“I’ve had 112 veiws and 14 e-mails. All of them duds except three.”

“over 300 views but no emails”

Like most things in life, instant success is rare, and since most SD’s and SB’s aren’t willing to settle for  pretentious, disappointing relationships, it often takes a while to land your ideal arrangement.

Have you ever felt a bit discouraged in your SD/SB search? How do you adapt to little or no response?

Would you ever consider ‘networking’ a part of your SD/SB dating?

Have you met any “FANTASTIC” guys or gals in your SD/SB search?

Plus-size SB’s: What is your take on dating amongst a majority of skinny women?

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132 Responses to “Sugar Connection: How Long Does it Take?”

  1. Bebe says:

    Have you ever felt a bit discouraged in your SD/SB search? How do you adapt to little or no response?
    >> “A bit”? Please don’t insult us. Read the responses here – a lot of women are devastated by the lack of messages and the flake-outs. This site is flawed. I suggest requiring a paid subscription for all men who join this site for starters; that’ll prove that they have the money, plus it will weed out the time-wasters, losers and fakers.

    Would you ever consider ‘networking’ a part of your SD/SB dating?
    >> Yes, but I have no way of doing that. If I had a way of meeting SDs offline, then I would already be doing so, without wasting my time on a website full of subpar men.

    Have you met any “FANTASTIC” guys or gals in your SD/SB search?
    >> No. All forgettable trash. Many of them emotionally damaged, self-absorbed, narcissistic, lying about height and income. Yawn.

    • Jaybird923 says:

      Did you ever stop to wonder maybe you’re the one who’s sub-par and that’s why you’re not having any luck? SA is flawed but it does have a way of bringing one down to earth and weeding out the undesirables and the very pedestrian.

  2. Delia Deyon says:

    Hi, I am new to the site and this lifestyle and was hoping to get some tips and pointers. My profile was just approved today and I am excited about this new venture and hope to meet someone who is cool and up front about what he wants. I have zero time or desire to go back and forth with men and they are
    gonna have to show me up front that they mean business.

    I am a plus size woman, but I have never had any problems with men. I am very athletic, active and health conscious and I think that makes a huge difference. Actually a lot of men who like plus size girls say im not big enough even though I am a size 18-20!!!
    I have lost 40 pounds in the last 9 months and the weight continues to come off because I work out, but I dont plan to be or even desire to be some skinny girl, Ive been big my whole life. I work out to stay healthy, for no other reason. If the weight starts coming off, thats cool. Its actually part of the problem though because none of my clothes fit anymore and buying a new wardrobe is EXPENSIVE!!!

    I am very confident and like Amber was saying when I look in the mirror I see one fly ass woman who i would totally date if I were a man! I know that I am a catch and have far more to offer a man that just being an arm piece. I know that being mixed and “exotic” looking helps, but im not looking to fulfill some repressed white mans black hippie girl fantasies, so if the first thing they mention is sex or if they sound sketchy in regards to race then I will likely not respond.

    I have always been very independent and taken care of myself but I have begun a long journey in school(will be in med school soon) and quit my job to put all of my energy into that.

    I am very intellectual and have seen and done a lot in my life, and even though im 32 I look 20 to most people so many men appreciate that I am mature but look super young.

    Any tips and pointers are more than welcome. I have been reading this blog all morning and really need to get off and hit the books so I dont end up needing a sugar daddy for the rest of my life, hahahaha!

    hope everyone is having a great day!

  3. Amber says:

    Hey all, just wanted to say to those who think BBW’s cannot be sugarbabes….guess again folks! I am a BBW (fat girl, whatev) and I posted an ad locally and was straight up and honest….let me tell you, in 2 days, 300 emails. That’s right. Not here to hate on anyone, but this is just a wake up call to those who think big girls can’t enjoy this type of lifestyle as well. There are TONS of men who are into the big ladies! So many tell me how they fantasize about it all the time and so on and so forth, get into the differences they find. It’s awesome 😉 Like I don’t know if it is because I am more blunt and upfront about what I want, or the I look in the mirror and think “damn girl, you look fly as hell today” attitude that I carry, but regardless…no issues with the rich boiz! Again, this is NOT to slam the slim girls, you all are gorgeous too! But this is just to give some inspiration to the BBW’s who feel that they cannot be enjoyed by men just as anyone else, or feels less beautiful. Become powerful, and the men will be banging down your door 😉

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  14. Friend4u says:

    I have been a member but because I am a curvy woman whom some men would say plus size means very little response to my emails. I am very discouraged. I have tried to lose the weight three different times only to put it back on. It is frustrating when others say you must be slender in order for them to be interested. I had one man interested only to tell me after several emails that he wasn’t going to pursue it with me. I do not know what I said but he is still looking as I saw that he has logged recently. I do have a lot to give, am articulate, can hold an interesting conversation, am very confidential (what is said to me stays with me), and a lot more.

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  16. Gordon says:


    Welcome to the family, we are here to support each other, give and take advice, keep each other company and sometimes quarrel.

    We are family.

  17. Heidi says:

    I just joined. Im very excited.

  18. sweetredhead says:

    Welcome Jim. There are some wonderful people here on the blog. If you have any questions, need advice. Or just want to chat. We will be happy to give our 2 cents worth 🙂

  19. Jim Spence says:

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    Your article on Sugar Daddy Connection: How Long Does it Take? is always useful for a newbie like me.

  21. just me says:

    I feel that “most” men here are in it for an ego boost, or games.. via e-mail or phone calls, which take time, with no compensation..very few serious about their intentions here. I know from reading the blog for quite some time now, that we all find the same problems.. and no solution?? I understand that every site has it’s “time wasters” etc..but really!! Perhaps a selection process for being here??
    Everyone says, “no drama” but that’s what it is turning out to be.. lots of drama and wasted time.. which it appears none of us have to spare.
    It’s sad for those who really are serious and worth it

    • Bebe says:

      One hundred per cent agreed! The men on here lie about height and income and hope you don’t notice when you meet them – IF you actually do! They flake out repeatedly on messages and texts and the dates they try to set up. Indeed, the majority of them are here for ego boosts. I wish I could tell all these men that none of them are attractive, that they’re all just duds and until I find better this is where I’m at, so when I message them it’s not out of physical desire. Men of SA, get over yourselves. We are on to your pathetic games.

      I send a message and I move on. I no longer expect anything to be answered.

  22. Roseheart28 says:

    Well I was mostly drawn to make a reply, since I am a larger bbw and by most of the standards for guys here might even be a ssbbw (which stands for super sized big beautiful woman) though I would be just a large bbw by normal standards, on the plus size question raised. In regular bbw dating sites I am considered a prize catch (clean health, decent facial looks would be accurate, I am both top and bottom heavy, and very open-minded), but on this site I must say there are very few bbw-lovers in the pool. I had sent out a total of 89 emails, received a total of 12 emals, and had my profile looked at 82 times. Within those emails I received, only 3 turned out to be serious guys and 1 I turned off by being too direct/forward according to him (I prefer to always be honest myself). I did get 2 guys who did say the polite no thank you. Even though more than half the emails I sent out were well thought out introductions making what I consider to be intelligent, thoughtful, and maybe even witty responses to their profiles……. I received only 2 no thank you replies. lol. It did not surprise me at all.

    Most of the male population in the real world are attracted to the smaller fit figure. But here the decent bbws and even more rare decent ssbbws do have a bit of an easier time I would say, just because I have always found the plus-size female-form lovers to usually be a more honest, passionate, realistic, caring, gentle, and truthfully more young-fit-athletic-handsome type of man…. the type of man NOT to pull fast ones or be in it just for themself…at least I should say with the bbw female (they can still be lieing cheaters…lol but they are usually honest about it with the bbw when asked). At least that has always been my experience, both here and at sites ranging from sites just for my size females to regular population match meeting where hotness is rated 😉

    And so ladies, while the site is nearly full to the brim with the slim and slender to average women looking for a honest and generous man to be a sugar daddy … yes with all the scammers and penniless guys who “heard this was a great site to find hot chicks” (who typically are going for the more model young look just to see how far they can get)….. I find the site to have more true SD looking for their perfect bbw to spoil and interact with than I had orginally ever thought possible. True I only had 3 real guy responses, 1 backed out, 1 became a maybe friend, and the 3rd is the best by far of anything I could of dreamed about for a SD/SB relationship (we just click perfectly and I am holding my breath that it continues to work so well for a long time). I am new to this, but if in less than a full month on the site I have maybe found my all-time perfect SD/SB arrangement…then yes I must say to all the bbws that this site can be your oyster holding that perfect SD/SB pearl of a relationship for you as well.

    Just to every male and female still looking, Never Give Up!, Never Let Yourself Feel Rejected/or Used by possibles who didnt turn out to be the honest ONE, and Never Ever Settle! (but sure you can have fun with Mr. or Ms. Right Now…just dont waste yours or their valuble time). For anything to work I have always found Honesty to really be the Best Policy 😉 If your not fully honest, you can never be fully happy.

  23. SuthrnExec says:

    OC makes some great points. If I can expand on her post a bit – some SDs may not be able to access their personal email from here except during certain times of the day or week, so it takes longer to get to the email. It could be that by the time they get through their email, they’re thinking that it has taken so long for them to respond, why bother with a “No thanks” response.

    And there could be some who treat the email as an unsolicited call from a vendor (I am not trying to insult SBs here, just point out real-life) and if they aren’t interested, they never return the call. This IS a different dating realm.

    I just urge everyone (SB and SD) to have patience – once the person who has the chemistry that you’re looking for comes across your profile or reads your email, you’ll hear from them.

  24. sydneemc says:

    Thanks for all the great responses. Looks like I’m moving over to the “Settle” board.

    Thanks again!


  25. OCSugarBaby says:

    Atlantian-Not understanding when they choose NOT to reply is always difficult. I look at it this way, if they sparked your interest; they most likely have sparked many other SB’s interest. It is the odds game. There are a larger number of SB’s out there than SD’s. It would be nice if they could be courteous enough to reply a simple “No thanks.” But this isn’t the normal realm of dating. Many of the SD’s are executives that have very hectic schedules. I would not categorize them as jerks. They may just have a very full In Box, and no assistant to work thru them! Some may take several weeks to get back to you. Have patience and email the ones that catch your eye. Never settle for less than what you deserve, which is a true gentleman.

  26. Atlantian says:

    I don’t understand the no response thing either. If someone gives you a thought-out email, you should reply, whether or not you’re interested. These “gentlemen” should be showing more courtesy than they are. It’s obvious that they’re jerks in the end.

    And if the guy stood you up, forget him. Did he let you google him, etc. just to make sure that he was the real deal and not the fake guys you’ll find on here? He might have been a fake. Or gotten cold feet. Either way. He’s not worth a second thought.

  27. OCSugarBaby says:

    Sydneemc-Sb’s and Sd’s come in all shapes and sizes. This site does have a lot of lookers vs emailers. But hang in there. It takes time to find someone who you will have chemistry with. However the guy who stood you up? Forget about ’em!!! His loss, move on and never look back. It was nothing you did. This person is not the kind of guy you want as an SD anyway. They need to walk the talk so to speak.

  28. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Sydneemc come on over to Sugar Daddies & Sugar Babies Don’t ‘Settle’? that is is best bet to get a response from other SB’s

    I am also a few extra pounds and am 40yrs old. I have an SD. Be patient they will come.

    I am sorry to hear you were stood up. That just is not right and extremely rude.

    What you have to do is ask Stephen to send me your email. I will be happy to talk with you.

    Come over to the new blog, Sugar Daddies & Sugar Babies Don’t ‘Settle’?

    OC sugarbaby and Jennifer are also other great SB’s to talk to and get some great advice.

  29. Sydneemc says:

    I’m a curvy/few extra pounds SB and I haven’t had any luck meeting any potential SDs. I thought it was because everyone wanted skinny/fit/teeny SBs. Now I see that a lot of people are having trouble.

    So my question is: why? There are tons of guys and tons of girls, not just on this site, but other SD/SB sites. Why are women not even getting email responses back? It makes me wonder if the guys are really serious about meeting anyone.

    Just my two cents. I’m really new here and I may not know all the ways the game can be played, so to speak.

    I am willing to post my email address to be contacted by other curvy/BBW SBs for advice, etc. Am I allowed to do that here? I’ll wait to get a response posted on the board before I do anything that might get me in trouble.

    On a separate note, I was stood up last night. I’m sure this has happened to people before, but I was in shock. We exchanged emails for weeks and I had talked to the guy on the phone literally ONE HOUR before we were due to meet. Then, nothing. No return call, text or email. I’m assuming he’s dead because surely no one would mess with a woman’s emotions like that. Any thoughts?

  30. NC Gentleman says:

    Great story Amber Leigh — there are some great SDs and SBs on this site — just takes a while to find them!

  31. Amber Leigh says:

    I really enjoy getting to read the blogs and comments posted regularly on this site, but have never felt the urge to respond until I read this post.

    Several times I found myself questioning whether or not a traditional SD/SB relationship was something that was truly plausible for my lifestyle and current situation for a million and one different reasons. More often than not the doubts I was feeling would creep up after exchanging several emails with someone that I was interested in only to have the messages/IMs stop suddenly and with no warning whatsoever. Another instance occured that filled me with dissappointment after meeting with a potential SD that promised me everything I ever wanted and who I had great chemistry with. Yet again, he dissappeared to South America after only having drinks once. It was a little crushing because I was genuinely attracted to him and respected him entirely.

    It’s been about 3 months or so since I signed up on this site. I never gave myself a time limit to find an SD or honestly expected anything to come of it. It was truly a shot in the dark and now, to my delighted surprise, I found a wonderful man who has unlimited respect for myself, my goals, my dreams and who treats me like an absolute princess.

    When I found myself in a bind recently after a series of stressful events…my father had a heart attack on christmas eve, my family was in shambles, the bills are piling up, I’ve been sick, etc., etc. (when it rains, it pours, right?)…he was there for me with a listening ear, an open heart and had the ability to bring a smile to my face just by being a sweetheart to me when I needed it most. He has re-established my belief that some people are genuinely good-hearted and kind. Not every man out there is only interested in raunchy sex. He loves to hear me laugh and tells me so all the time.

    Please don’t give up on what you truly desire in your life. It will come to you when it should and in the mean time there are so many lessons to learn about human nature and who we can safely trust in our lives.
    Good luck to all of you! 🙂

  32. BettieGirlDD says:

    Kitty I hope you’re feeling a little better today. If I had a SD set in stone I’d have him send you flowers. I hope you get a new dog: it seems wrong to try to replace her but life’s too empty without a sweet pupperdog to love.

  33. NC Gentleman says:

    I’d like to chime in on the age thing…. I have met potential SBs from age 18 to 47… the age of the SB really isn’t a differentiator for me. Of course, I like attractive women, but to me, things like sweet, caring, considerate, polite, common interests, etc accent the outer beauty.

    Since I was about 15 years old, I have thought Jaclyn Smith (from Charlie’s Angels) is the most beautiful woman in the world… she is 61 now and I still wish I could have her for my SB 🙂

  34. BlondieNYC says:

    alittleshy, I wish you the best of luck 🙂

  35. alittleshy says:

    Good morning all, had to chime in here before I head to work…

    “Have you been discouraged…?” Sometimes but not often. I have found some high quality men and am fortunate that we’ve clicked. My discouragement has been in my inability to be more flexible during the week but I have found a way around that!

    “Have you found any great SD/SBs”? Oh, yes. Some I am continuing to correspond with even though our logistics aren’t working (travel restrictions on my end) or they are looking for a different kind of woman. I agree with Sam formerly Sig…categorizing different preferences would alleviate a lot of the disappointment for both sides.

    I also have found that, at least with the men I have corresponded with, they are looking for substance behind the beauty, something to connect to intellectually, emotionally, philosophically. Remember, SBs, successful men share certain traits…they haven’t gotten where they are by casual decisions. Make sure you are on your game psychologically and take time in your communications. I have found that being honest has gotten the best results…and being open-minded and creative in arrangements also helps a great deal. Ask yourself, what are they really looking for? It can’t just be physical! And make sure that you are honest with yourself in your expectations…of each other.

    On to my day ~ I am meeting a potential SD today for lunch and another on Friday, both are fascinating to me! Have a good one all!

  36. BlondieNYC says:

    Kittylainy, my heart goes out to you at this time. I am so sorry to hear about your fur child, your sweet dog. I’ve been there and I know how miserable it is to go through. I’m sending you a virtual hug. If I could send you my email, I would so you could vent. Much love your way.

    SouthernExec was dead on with his interpretation of what I wrote. I apologize if I hurt anyone’s feelings here on the blog. I’d say that the women who are here are exceptional in many,many ways.

    However, oh gosh, there’s always an however, there are some young women who will compromise themselves to the point where they disappear for the promise of a “prize.” That in the end will damage their souls.

    I just find it ironic that there are men on here who are 40+ demand that their women be a max age of 25, have a list of demands and think that the women who will comply to them are doing so ONLY for affection.

    Both sides of that equation are foolish.

    Look kids, I’ve been working around the clock feverishly to beat a deadline and may not be my usual clear-headed self. I’m sorry.

  37. lisa says:

    I agree, going out on endless dates with a guy without an arrangement, is not a sd/sb situation. many guys on this site are simply looking for nsa relationships (they want a woman who will be involved with that doesn’t expect forever) but they have no means or intentions of being a sd.
    If I just want to go out with a guy on one date after the other, and then have it end when he gets tired of me, I can’t date a traditional guy cause that’s what they do. I am looking for fun and excitement and something to make my time worthwhile since finding a man that wants forever and committment is hard to find, I will taking the casual dating that leads to nothing but I want to enjoy myself along the way, be spoiled, not date some guy wants to share date expenses.

    • Bebe says:

      I hear you. But this site has been a total disappointment for me so far. Lots of flakes. After two weeks of one-shot dates it got to the point where I’m giving out my phone number when asked, but then the text messages stop. It’s getting to the point where I am going to get another phone number for this purpose, since most men up here do not want to post accurate, up-to-date photos or even be honest about their height or financial situation. It’s frustrating. I am almost completely burned out.

  38. Summer says:

    I would definitely decline the potential SD who just wants to do endless “hanging out” dates & not offering an arrangement, even if the dates are strictly platonic.

    To me, that tells me this guy has indecision issues or is just stringing you along.

    Never forget…the allowance and gifts are for your time, your company, your delightful companionship….NOT just sex! (Actually, some SD/SB arrangements are platonic-only & do not involve sex at all.)

    So if a potential SD wants to take you out three nights a week, and you’re not getting anything out of the deal, remember that he is getting for free what other men would happily pay good money for. Instead of wasting your time with these time-and-energy-sucking vampires, you’d be better off filling your nights dating other potentials.

    Don’t sell yourself short! Your time and companionship is valuable. You are NOT selling your body!

  39. Mina says:

    Have you ever felt a bit discouraged in your SD/SB search? How do you adapt to little or no response?
    Absolutely, as I’m sure everyone has at some point. The biggest discouragement was conflicting schedules (and still sometimes is) and actually getting the opportunity to meet in person. But one could argue that it simply builds anticipation…

    Would you ever consider ‘networking’ a part of your SD/SB dating?
    No. I have enough connections through my father. 😉

    Have you met any “FANTASTIC” guys or gals in your SD/SB search?
    My SD is FANTASTIC (no need for quotes) but I’ve also met some great men along the way who have turned into friends.

  40. lisa says:

    a bullet to the head? euthanasia is better. kinda like going to sleep
    well the maintanaince never showed up to tear up my wall, I guess they will be expecting me to be home tomorrow. I can’t just stay home for them, I do have to work. the other management just came in during the day and fixed things you requested, this new one requires someone to be home, which is good , but if you live alone it’s not that easy, my days are busy.

  41. kittylainy says:

    Thanks everyone.. There was a choice between a bullet to the doggy head and euthanasia. We opted for the more humanme route even though it will probably costs us 300 bucks but she deserves our respect…..

  42. OCSugarBaby says:

    Gurlnextdoor- I knew you would understand my advice, you may be only 19, but you seem to be a wonderful girl with a great head on your shoulders! I always enjoy reading your posts. You GET it and I wish you well on Monday!

    Kitty-You must be heart-broken, I am so sorry.

  43. lisa says:

    I think taking time to get to know each other is fine as long as it’s mutual. another words if the gentleman wants to get to know the sb before he offers an allowance, then it should be a completely platonic relationship because getting to know someone doesn’t necessarily involve sex. the sd can wait for sex until he feels he knows the sb well enough to come to a financial arrangement. As women, none of us have to look very hard if we just want sex, so we dont’ need to rush into it with a sd that isn’t ready to compensate and pamper us. take time to get to know each other, yes, as long as the sds do not expect anything physical. If I had a potential sd that wanted to take time to know me, have sex with me for months,etc before he decided if he wanted to enter an arrangment, I would feel used, so I won’t even get into a situation like that.

  44. gurlnextdoor says:

    Sorry to hear about your dog Kitty. I was sad when my dog died right before I left for college. 🙁 And OCSB I recognize it will take time and we’ll learn more about each other as time progresses. That’s what I’m looking most forward to.

  45. lisa says:

    Sorry to hear about your dog Kitty 🙁 I just finished reading all the recent post and saw yours

  46. A. says:

    I’m sorry Kitty 🙁

  47. lisa says:

    Hi everyone just got home from work. was looking forward to kicking back and relaxing but thanks to my downstairs neighbors stopping up their sink or somethink, I have the maintanance man coming to cut open my wall in the closet to access the tub plumbing. so I will have to move all my clothes and shoes from the side of the closet so they can make a mess. I’m really tired and don’t need this.

    My box is back to being empty after getting those 2 emails, the one for free photos (see ladies you complain about men wanting to pay you, well how would you feel if they wanted something for free?) and the second guy fell into a hole somewhere. I guess he was looking to meet someone on his last day in town and expected to “hook up” at the last minute , again no mention of anything other than meeting.

    My day is note going good. Missed the bus this morning, then this afternoon found 100 bill on the floor at work but since I was at work had to turn it into customer service, why can’t I find money when I’m not at work, arrhhh! and now I my peaceful evening has turned into an evening of having repair guys tearing up my closet wall.

    And again I say, my inbox is empty 🙁

  48. OCSugarBaby says:

    Gurlnextdoor-Finding he or she is just a small part of it. However when you are looking, it may seem like a very large part of it. But, finding out about each other, peeling back the layers so to speak is a very large FUN part that takes time.

    ~Working to understand what true discretion means to each other.

    ~ Slowly asking questions of each other, it is not a race but a marathon. Build on that comfort level. This holds true for any discussion of gifts, allowance etc. You may be surprised to know that most SD’s are far more generous when NOT asked about this topic.

    ~ Communication is very important. Find out what each person feels comfortable with. It is important to know that the other person’s availability may be a determining factor.

    ~ Laughter is so important to me at least. It makes me light up like a Christmas tree when I can get SuthurnExec to crack up. Life is far too serious not to have a whole bunch of laughter in it.

    ~Respect each other. This goes without saying.

    The journey has just begun, I am enjoying every moment! My advice is not to rush the initial stages, savor the fun and enjoy learning about each other.

  49. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    Oh, And P.S.

    I’ve been in the whole College registration process lately, so that’s why I haven’t been on… They like to make it as complicated as possible to take classes here I guess…

    *sigh* I’m 75% complete!

  50. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    I actually began speaking to someone I’m quite interested in, just chatting back and forth online, but he’s semi-local (about 30-40 minutes away) far enough so that we won’t bump into one another, but close enough that it’s not a big hassle.

    We haven’t met, I’m slightly nervous about meeting him… He’s VERY handsome, in his upper 30’s, charming, yet witty.

    We spoke of what we expected from one another, it adds up beautifully.

    We’ll see…

    Happy New Years , Bellas


  51. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    I was taken aside at the mall, by a man who recognized me.
    He was shopping with his wife… Made me feel very odd, store clerks were staring at me…

    And also, at this local marina/ resturaunt… a man whom I’d conversed with was there… We never met in public, he walked up to me and asked me if my name was “Mishell” and, I shook my head no, I was with my girlfriends, I hadn’t told them exactly how I was meeting all these wealthy older men, so I denied.

  52. SweetEuropean says:

    Sorry Kitty 🙁

  53. Spanish Vixen says:

    Southern…now I may start crying. And that will make my mascara run. And THEN I will be sad

  54. SouthernGent2 says:

    Spanish Vixen – I wasn’t talking about you (JUST KIDDING). You know too many of my secrets now 😉

  55. kittylainy says:

    thanx NC

  56. NC Gentleman says:

    So sorry Kitty *hugs*

    Nite all – time to hit the gym to work off those holiday 5 🙂

  57. kittylainy says:

    Folks… sad news…………….

    I have to put my dog down… 🙁 She’s dying 🙁 I’ve had her for like 7 years 🙁

  58. Spanish Vixen says:

    It’s always important for people to know where you are. My ex bf is actually a confidante for me. He doesn’t know who I’ve been going out with, but I let him know when I’m out of town…just in case. heh. Oh, and I’m 22.

    and thanks SouthernGent 😉

  59. SouthernGent2 says:

    Its good to see so many smart and fun “young girls” posting here.

  60. gurlnextdoor says:

    lol, I will. I’ve told my best friend where I’m going and she’s gonna call to make sure I’m ok when I get to Boston. I’m not sure if they do that for missing people still, I should check that out.

  61. kittylainy says:

    19’s not really young.. I’m 23… and I’ve been dating older men far before that. Well have fun and be careful! I don’t want to see your face on the side of a milk carton. (do they still do that in the US for missing ppl??)

  62. gurlnextdoor says:

    I’m 19 Kitty (yes, yes I know pretty young) but I’ve always been attracted to older men so I thought what the heck. If I’m an SB I’ll get everything I want in a man and more. 🙂 Yes he bought my ticket already and booked the hotel I’ll be staying at for the night. He was kinda leery of doing it at first because he was afraid I would stand him up like the last girl did. But I’m excited to go.

  63. kittylainy says:

    ^ btw: I think I got confused, I thought the date tomorrow is separate from your trip.

  64. gurlnextdoor says:

    And OCSB and SuthernExec I think it’s so cute how you two found one another, I’m hoping me and my potential SD will work out just as well since we’re both tired of searching for someone on this site, lol.

  65. kittylainy says:

    gurlnextdoor: aww that’s too bad, did he buy a ticket for your flight yet? I bought a ticket to visit a friend in Orlando last month, but couldn’t go because of work emergency couldn’t get a refund on the damn ticket I hope that wasn’t the case with him. it must be difficult still living at home and trying to be a SB, how old r u?

  66. gurlnextdoor says:

    Well Kitty my date got postponed because I decided it would be alot easier to travel to Boston from school since it wouldn’t raise as much suspicion with my parents. And my potential SD agreed and said he didn’t mind waiting because good things are worth waiting for. But that still hasn’t stopped him from constantly IMing me and texting me everyday to find out more about me as we wait for my departure this monday. 🙂 Anyway, bostonTerrier I have had the same experience. I had one SD email me saying he was looking for a sexy black girl to take out. No word on my interests or anything like that, he just wanted the physical me. Which was not going to work, so I politely declined his offer to take me out for dinner.

  67. bostonTerrier says:

    atlantian –

    lol, believe me was extremely shocked at response to my profile because i am black. black and in boston’s back bay at that … on a good day i’ll see 5 black people in my daily routine of going to classes and whatnot. i wish i knew the secret to it because if i did, believe me i’d tell you!

    the guys i’ve met say they’re not concerned about race as they are intelligence and looks (and i’d be lying if i said being young doesn’t help – ALL of the guys i’ve met or whose profiles i’ve browsed from the boston area have been 40 or older looking for someone much younger. on any given day i can go out in boston and see several good looking middle aged guys with young attractive students) so don’t give up any hope! you have both and you’ll meet your perfect sd 🙂

  68. Spanish Vixen says:

    I’m crossing my fingers for everyone 😀

  69. CutipiNYC says:

    its possible Atl!

    i mean its not as easy (i know as a bigger black female) but they are out there

  70. Atlantian says:

    I’m sorry. I should have replaced “a lot of” with “much”.

    My 9th grade English teacher’s voice is in my head….haha

  71. Atlantian says:

    bostonTerrier, you give me a lot of hope!
    But where are you finding so many guys interested in black girls? They’re hiding from me 🙁 lol

  72. bostonTerrier says:

    thanks 🙂

    it takes a while and a bit of patience and lots of meetings with failed potentials, but when it finally happens [i think] it is all worth it

  73. CutipiNYC says:

    afternoon everyone!

    Q: Have you ever felt a bit discouraged in your SD/SB search? How do you adapt to little or no response?

    I must say I know how hard it is to find a good SD. But ladies just keep at it. Often time we wait for the SD’s to come to us. I met on SD by sending him a note telling him that I liked his profile and I thought we would make a good match!

    Q: Have you met any “FANTASTIC” guys or gals in your SD/SB search?

    I met alot of lovely people along the way! I just wanted to say this blog has helped me realize that im not alone in the drama..lol

    Q: Plus-size SB’s: What is your take on dating amongst a majority of skinny women?

    Well I must say it has been a bit harder for me to find someone because im very voluptuous (size 10, 36dd) Some guys say im a too big, but some bbbw lovers say im too small!!..lol But anything good and worthwhile does not come without a bit of work!

  74. kittylainy says:

    Boston: really appreciate you elaborating! 🙂 Seems like you have travelled through the SD/SB world for awhile now~ and seems to be ups and downs as expected. But I am glad you’ve found Mr. Perfect right now.

  75. A. says:

    Q: Have you ever felt a bit discouraged in your SD/SB search? How do you adapt to little or no response?

    A: It is frustrating to wake up in the morning to find an empty inbox, but I have only been on the site one month. Rome wasn’t built in a day and finding the right SD isn’t going to happen overnight. Sometimes it does feel as if I’m wasting my time but I keep my head high and tell myself that I will find my SD one day.

    Q: Have you met any “FANTASTIC” guys or gals in your SD/SB search?

    A: Yes. I have met some interesting people. My new potential is super sweet and a very interesting man. He hasn’t asked me for a tongue bath yet so as of now he is a keeper. LOL.

    Q: Plus-size SB’s: What is your take on dating amongst a majority of skinny women?

    A: I’m a plus size woman and haven’t given this much thought to be honest.

  76. Spanish Vixen says:

    Mish!!!!! DETAILS

  77. bostonTerrier says:

    kittylainy – it took a a few months before i found my sd. my second semester of college freshman year [i’m a junior + old now] i signed up and literally on the second day on the site i found my first sd. things went great with him for like a year but then he uttered three words i didn’t need to hear and became a tad bit jealous of my boyfriend at the time so he had to go.

    then i took a break from the whole sd thing and just had my lovely boyfriend, now close friend, for a while until we took a break [he is just a student, but he is double majoring in two engineering areas maintaining a 5.0 and so many companies want him so his time was very limited for me 🙁 ] and signed up at the start of this year. i met SO many men from this site or another similar one within a few days or weeks from my initial sign up date. most of them were just interested in sex, some just wanted to be seen with the attractive black woman at business outings, and the others lacked chemistry. three were actually promising and i made it work with two of them for a while [eventually my time commitments towards school and theirs for work just didn’t match up – school is always number one in my life].

    and *now*, maybe 3 months after i re-signed up and about 3 weeks after i ended it with my 3rd failed sd because of time arrangements, i found the perfect sugar daddy.

    recently one of the sds that did not work out because of time is apparently trying to change his time management ways so … i’ll see about that

  78. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    I’ve been recognized before…

    it sucks.

  79. Spanish Vixen says:

    kitty — I know what you mean! I work at a pretty nice bar in east cobb GA where there are a lot of wealthier guys, and I have a fear that some guy is going to come in and be like, “HEY YOU! AREN’T YOU OFF OF SEEKING ARRANGEMENT?!” lol.

    I somehow think they’d be discreet about it, but I still sometimes wonder if anyone’s figured out who I am. lol. I suppose it’s a matter of time 🙂

  80. kittylainy says:

    still don’t understand the pot-lid thing but I think I know what you mean~
    I’m not pessimistic or bummed btw… I’m in a fairly upbeat mood.

  81. NC Gentleman says:

    Hugs Kitty — I know you will find your “lid” somewhere out there! Order the chicken or the fish for dinner tomorrow!

  82. kittylainy says:

    NC: *hugs*

  83. NC Gentleman says:

    If either party feels used in an SD/SB relationship then something isn’t right… I give because I want to give not because I have to… I hope my SB would feel the same way.

    Also, I saw a few days ago comments about smart women… I think smart women are super sexy! A woman that can have a stimulating conversation with me is such a turn-on!

    I think I ate too much at my business lunch! Hope you all are having a great day!

  84. kittylainy says:

    Bettie: no H yet… lucky me

  85. kittylainy says:

    Spanish Vixen: what a small world.. sometimes I wonder if I am recognizable to be on the site, I’ve had people give me the “aren’t you….” look when I’m out and about. But then again, I’m in the sales and marketing field.

  86. BettieGirlDD says:

    Fear, sure. But i think if he’d completely tricked you thats used.. you were just alittle underwhelmed. I was too.. and his name began with H.

  87. kittylainy says:

    OCSD: I know you don’t feel like your body’s used… you’ve hit jackpot! But I am speaking in a general sense like Do SDs have a fear of being used?

  88. Spanish Vixen says:

    I’ve only been on this site for a little over a month, and I’ve met some pretty cool guys. I have one SD who’s just casual, but we’ve become close friends. Apart from that, I’ve had some pretty great experiences, and it seems that I may have found my long-term SD 🙂

    On another note…SMALL WORLD. my casual SD wanted to take another one of his SB’s out with us this coming thursday. I’m totally fine with it. Well…it turns out it’s a girl who works in my university’s bookstore!!! *blush* SMALL world!

  89. MishBocaRatonGrl says:

    Have you ever felt a bit discouraged in your SD/SB search? How do you adapt to little or no response?

    I usually get a write back from 8 out of 10 men I write, I usually read their profiles carefully and write something sincere. But then again I usually write one or two men , every so often. I’m in no rush.

    Would you ever consider ‘networking’ a part of your SD/SB dating?

    Not with the industry I’ll be involved in, I’ll wait until after a bit of school first anyways.

    Have you met any “FANTASTIC” guys or gals in your SD/SB search?

    I have, a couple, I’ve made friends with them though, due to other issues… such as distance and what not.

    Plus-size SB’s: What is your take on dating amongst a majority of skinny women?

    I’m not plus-size, but I’m not a size zero either, I think girls in my range have it harder, more of a video vixens body, then a fashion model.

  90. yasmine says:

    Well said OCSugarbaby!

  91. OCSugarBaby says:

    Kitty- You asked… “Do SD’s feel like their $ is used as much as SB’s feel as if their body is used?”
    My comment:
    It is not JUST my body they are interested in. A mind is a powerful thing!

  92. yasmine says:

    Is that better? 🙂

  93. yasmine says:

    hi sam!
    lol it is just a blog and i believe people are more interested in personal opinions and do not really pay attention to that but i guess you do lol. 🙂
    lol sorry

  94. SweetEuropean says:

    Sam – I do take it as a compliment! 🙂 I suppose i’m more dissapointed than discouraged because some of the people who have sent those messages have great profiles, it makes me think i’m in the wrong place!

  95. Sam (formerly Sig) says:

    Yasmine, I agree that many young women are capable, pragmatic and smart, but you walked right into the “lack of capitalization” complaint I’ve had. 😉

    SweetEuropean, I hope you don’t take the “it’s a shame [you’re] so far away” comments as discouraging! I confess I have written that to an SB that seemed very promising except for location, but I meant it as a compliment to them!

  96. kittylainy says:

    I am being quoted today 🙂 it feels good 🙂

  97. kittylainy says:

    Bettie: Oo and how did that go? not so good I suppose… name so I know who to avoid?
    you are by no means a “plus size” btw…
    I am trying to say to positive, another date to look forward to tomorrow night… I’ve been eating so well since I’ve joined this site, I’ve had 3 steaks in 1 week 🙂 I definately need to spend some time at the gym though.

    Atlantian: Definately fantastic people on this blog… my fav. part about this journey. It’s not like I can go to my friends and bitch about it, they wouldn’t understand. They would say things like, “WHAT ABOUT LOVE???” and I will want to smack them. I love the SB/SD work out idea, good way to bond and insure that each other stay in shape!

    Jen: You’re gorgeous and you know it. If someone is shallow like that, perhaps they’re not meant to be your SD in the first place.

    SweetEUro: I am sure you will.. very very soon! 😉

    OC/Suthurnexec: GET A ROOM!!!!

  98. SweetEuropean says:

    Have you ever felt a bit discouraged in your SD/SB search? How do you adapt to little or no response?
    Of course, when I receive emails from men in the US who only write to inform me that “it’s a shame that i’m so far away” it makes me less optimistic about finding an SD in Europe, also when men don’t act like gentlemen and ask sex related questions and demand inappropriate pictures after the first email, it makes me wonder how many decent SD’s there are out there!
    I try to stay positive though because my perfect SD is out there somewhere 🙂
    And like Kitty i’ve started searching for SD’s in everyday life too!

    Have you met any “FANTASTIC” guys or gals in your SD/SB search?
    Everybody reading this! 😀 I think everybody on the blog is fantastic, i’ve learnt alot from you guys!

  99. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    SE… Thank you so much, you just made me cry. xoxo

  100. SuthrnExec says:

    Yasmine, don’t be offended by what BlondieNYC said, she was not equating the ladies who are in their 20s as dumb and desperate – I think she was saying that any lady who falls for the pretenders and “one-night-stand- seekers” is dumb and desperate. I believe her remarks were more critical of the 40+ SDs who are looking for the “young thing” in a superficial way.

    Jenniferbbwsb, well stated. I would, however, suggest that one person CAN change the world. Certainly no one can change the entire world all at once, but we can change our world and the worlds that come in contact with us. There are countless people who have changed my world over the years and I am so thankful to have come in contact with them – some for only a few minutes or hours, but it changed the world because it changed the way I see it. Thank you for changing the world for the better!

  101. SweetEuropean says:

    OC- You and SuthernExec are too cute! I hope we can all find an arrangement as perfect as yours! 🙂

  102. OCSugarBaby says:

    To my dearest SuthurnExec, it is I who found THE most incredible man. 🙂

  103. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Thank you NC for answering the plus size question.

  104. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    First of all Stephen, thank you for adding the Plus size question.

    Discouraged: Yes, but things will come… I have emailed several SD’s and never get a response back. Will it kill you to just type a simple note saying no thanks. Some of the SD’s that I email just because I liked the profile and was making a comment about something in it that made me laugh or smile.

    Networking… It will depends, sometimes things just happen. It would be great if it did.

    Fantastic guys or gals…. I have met so many wonderful people just by coming to this blog.

    Plus-size: finally my section!!!!

    There is something out there for everyone. I know one SD that has in his profile that he is looking for a BBW.. No answer on that email as of yet!!!
    It does get a person down when you are looking and reading a profile only to see that they want someone slim and or skinny. It is really hard when you are reading the profile and really liking what the SD has to say and agreeing with everything, smiling and laughing then to go down and see that they only want someone who is slim. Everyone needs a chance. Yes, I may not be your ideal, but you will never know what type of person I am until you ask questions and take a chance. We all need friends.
    I could go on and on, but one person cannot change the world.

    Kitty… thank you for your comments. xoxo

  105. Atlantian says:

    Have you ever felt a bit discouraged in your SD/SB search? How do you adapt to little or no response?

    Most definitely, just like everyone else on here, Not getting a response to emails or receiving crude emails that are a waste of time is frustrating. But I just try to stay positive because I’m sure I’ll find the right guy through all the gutter rats. lol

    Would you ever consider ‘networking’ a part of your SD/SB dating?

    I mean, it’s always a possibility. I’ve networked a lot through golf and jobs, so it’s always nice to meet people who are also willing to help you out.

    Have you met any “FANTASTIC” guys or gals in your SD/SB search?

    Most definitely! Everyone on the blog is amazing and provides some great insight on the whole journey of SA. It’s great to see people who really understand what this is about and don’t condemn it.

    Plus-size SB’s: What is your take on dating amongst a majority of skinny women?
    I’m a skinny SB, so I don’t know if they have a tougher time or not, but I would say that the only reason they’d have a tougher time is because of society’s views on beauty (as kittylain said earlier). And plus-size SD’s should consider taking time to work on becoming more fit if they can only appreciate an SB who works hard to keep a slim body. It’d be a good date! Working out with your SB! It produces endorphins 😉

  106. BettieGirlDD says:

    When my responses got stale I changed my picture. Another strategy ive thought of is not writing to a new SD Im curious about on their first day. They might get a huge influx of email and not pay as close attention to my note as the will a week later when things settle down.

    I’m techincally “plus size” but nooo way a “bbw” so I dont mention it. Average means average. Im an athlete and love my body.. even if I cant fit my quads and butt into any jeans at hollister. Most guys love curves (but not rolls) so unless they specify “must be fit” I dont worry about it. Some guys are into “bbw” and more of them might be on ‘bbw’ dating sites than here but as we’ve discussed.. a lid for every pot.

  107. BettieGirlDD says:

    Kitty I met a guy from TO a couple weeks ago.. wouldnt it be funny if it was the same one! I dont like seeing you so bummed out. Ask for more next time you see him or decide if the awkwardness of saying “so your profile says $1000 a month, so if we’re meeting twice a month…” is better than the feeling youve got now. Oh and I’ve also been checking out older guys all the time.. its like I’m seeing them with different eyes.

  108. yasmine says:

    oh and southernexec and OCsugarbaby are just too cute lol 🙂

  109. yasmine says:

    i have been on the site for a whole month now and have had over 600 page views. i’m extremely picky so i only had 2 meetings so far. i think it takes a lot of patience and sbs should not be so eager to date a sd just because he is worth multi millions.
    BlondieNYC by saying that you are glad to be over 30 years old and not that dumb and desperate do you mean to say younger girls on this site are dumb and desperate?? i hope not.
    i am a 22 years old student and i know exactly what i am looking for on this site. i have had sooo many emails and phone calls from guys who promise to give me generous allowances and anything i want but i know that only half of them are serious. in other words, sugarbabes under 25 also know what they want in an sb/sd relationship just like mature sbs do.
    i just had to say it because i felt a little hurt when i was reading your comments.
    have a great day everybody!

  110. A. says:

    I want a SD like suthrnexec…..so sweet. 🙂

    Congrats on finding your special someone.

  111. kittylainy says:

    awww…. suthrnexec… u and OcSB is like the perfect SB/SD story~

    Do SD feel like their $ is used as much as SB feel as if their body is used?

  112. SuthrnExec says:

    >Have you ever felt a bit discouraged in your SD/SB search? How do you adapt to little or no response?
    Sure, I’ve been discouraged. Through periods of time when there are no responses to email to there being responses and then meeting SBs but the chemistry was not there and then there were the no-shows. I felt like the little/no response periods were just part of the cycle and indeed it seemed to go in cycles. I hid my profile for a week or change the wording slightly to more clearly convey what I was seeking. I must admit that it is discouraging to be approached by SBs who were interested in money first – how much they would receive and how often. There are also those who purport to be one thing but very quickly it is learned that they are entirely another. Patience is certainly a quality that all SBs and SDs need for a successful search.

    >Would you ever consider ‘networking’ a part of your SD/SB dating?
    Networking has occurred but it really was not a part of the “SB dating” per se. It has occurred as a natural outgrowth of friendships that have developed on the blog. Incorporating networking as a part of the dating process does not align with the process or the things I am seeking in the SB/SD relationship so I would not consider it a part of the dating.

    >Have you met any “FANTASTIC” guys or gals in your SD/SB search?
    Absolutely. I have met some really great, talented people that I consider friends. The camaraderie of the blog-community is really a very positive, encouraging thing and lends itself to the development of friendships, the value of which may not be realized for some time. I have met some really fantastic ladies face-to-face, but because the chemistry was not at the level that I, or we, were seeking, we each continued with our search. Recently I did meet a truly incredible woman – and it actually occurred as a result of the blog rather than through the normal search mechanisms within the site. The chemistry was clearly apparent to us and even though our location relative to each other did not fit the criteria that we were using, chemistry is so much an important part of what we both were seeking that we decided to meet, and if it went well, we would do our best to make it work. We met and the time together was incredible – beyond what either of us had hoped for or imagined. So, yes, I have met some fantastic ladies – but I also met THE most incredible lady and it was a bit unconventional in how it all developed. In retrospect, I am SO glad I was stood-up those last two times!

    The lesson: be patient and keep your eyes and ears open because you could meet your fantastic SB/SD at anytime, anywhere and in an unexpected way!

  113. SouthernGent2 says:

    Its either feast or famine at times. Right now I have maybe 4-5 different girls that I know I could meet over the next week. Its a real juggling act when things are that way, because I really would prefer just to see one person. But you have to meet a few to find the best connection and person. You just don’t want to lose the right one while things are being sorted out.

    Other times on here, I could go my entire 30 days premium without finding someone that interests me or vice versa. That can really be frustrating.

    I had an interesting online chat with someone from the site the other day (not a blog member). She was really frustrated with how things have gone with her first week on the site. She was disappointed in how many of the guys were to her, showing her no respect at all. She told me many just wanted to get in bed before anything was given back in return. I guess we have a pretty wide variety on the site.

  114. kittylainy says:

    I know what you mean NC, there is absolutly nothing lower than Sbs and Sds alike that would lead people on. I think a lot of people fantasize about being one, but can’t actually be one, for whatever reason. I call those people frauds.

    Ahh.. and the ones with fake pics.. don’t even get me started on that

  115. NC Gentleman says:

    Good morning all… sure I have felt discouraged in my SB search at times, but I have also met some very nice women. The most frustrating thing to me is when you have invested several weeks with a potential SB, and you are getting close to actually meeting and then she decides an SD/SB arrangement isn’t for her at this time. I think a number of SBs as well as SDs like the thrill of the hunt and really aren’t that serious about it. It just takes patience to find a serious and great match.

    Definitely wouldn’t consider networking as part of the SD/SB relationship, but it might be great to make some male friends here also — seems like there are some great guys on this blog.

    Regarding plus-size SBs, my whole life I have been attracted to slender small women, so I don’t think it is anything about being an SD. I also work really hard to keep fit, so I appreciate an SB with similar values. My favorite and ultimate plus-size SB was Anna Nicole Smith, but what a tragic life.

    I hope you all have a great day!

  116. kittylainy says:

    From last blog, carry over… A. GOOD LUCK ON YOUR DATE!! he sounds like te perfect gent!!!!

  117. kittylainy says:

    Blondie: “I’m a prize, a fabulous gift to brighten up someone’s life. Pity they’re too dumb to notice” I love that line I want to steal it and put it on my profile!!!

    Sam (formerly sig): You have such a positive look on situations, I think that is what makes you a successful businessman. Now pat yourself on your back! the reality show idea sounds intriguing~ hahaa I’m sure the SA creator would join in on the fun

    gurlnextdoor: those darn responses drive me nuts!! It’s the phoneys that makes this site so annoying sometimes. I’m glad you’ve had a good meet, is he your SD?… don’t you have a date tonight too??

    Boston: I’m glad you’ve found a good SD! How long did it take you?

    Still..searching: It takes a lot a lot a lot of patience and a lot of scum bag dating and weeding out. Take it as a learning experience and like normal dating, the right one will come eventually, you’ll just have to find each other.

    BTW: I am now searching for SD in my everyday life too. I’ve been flirting with everyone 35+.

  118. kittylainy says:

    Have you ever felt a bit discouraged in your SD/SB search? How do you adapt to little or no response?
    >> I am discouraged not by the amount of response, but the amount of low-quality responses and dates. I am extremely shrewed today, so please bear with me. Now that I have been on several SD dates, I start to wonder. These gentlemen (I use this word very losely, since they do not, act gentlemanly at all) are not in the least bit interested in the person that I am. They hold out this charade by taking me out to dinner, acting like they are genuinely interested in me, but with the full intention of just F-ing me! of course there is physical attraction and I agree that it is extremely necessary. But is it proper ettiquette in anyway to f right after dinner upon the first meeting? There are times when there’s been dirty texting for months and the anticipation builds up. but after a few days of casual chat and want to sleep with me the first night? I am sorry, I have a touch more self respect than that. I am not an escort and shall not be treated like one. I need some response that wants to treat me like a SB.

    Would you ever consider ‘networking’ a part of your SD/SB dating?
    >>Definately, Anyone that you meet is networking. Esp if they are important business people in your community. That’s why even after being “used” (please refer to above) I still want to end it with dignity and respect, because you never know who they might know and you would never ever want to burn a bridge. (this response seems slightly more upbeat)

    Have you met any “FANTASTIC” guys or gals in your SD/SB search?
    >>Yes, but most of them are unobtainable, either in distance or availability. Which is much like the real world. Good men are either taken or gay.

    Plus-size SB’s: What is your take on dating amongst a majority of skinny women?
    >>As a non-plus-size SB: I don’t think that in a true SB/SD sense, it should have any difference, however, since most men are pigs and are just after sex and not personality or respect. It is difficult. But any plus-size women that can carry themselves with confidence is so sexy. Ie Queen latifa my fav. Our western society as a whole has become so shallow and so focused on the “image” aspect of any relationship that it has women in gneral become so focused on their size. Really? does it really matter when there is a genuine connection??? And let me ask you this, what about plus size SDs?? why do they get to trot around like they are Gods just because they have the dough?!

    Ok my discouraging rant is over.
    I feel much better now…

  119. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone. a nasty cold rainy morning here, gotta get out in it soon to go to work. well back to the empty mailbox.
    When I joined this site, I had lotsa repsonse and 4 meetings within the first few months but now I barely get anything. As I mentioned in a previous post, I got 2 emails in my box yesterday. one guy I had talked to months ago and he had disappeared. well his ad looks ok but but immediately on his second email wanted closeups of my private parts sent to him and told me he had a vasectomy. no mention of any monotery offer like the rest of you ladies get, I guess I’m not worth anything. 🙁 anyway he told me I was on the wrong site and I wrote back and asked “what’s mutually beneficial about me sending you free pics? and he didn’t write back.
    second message was from a much older married man who seemed like a gentleman BUT of course there is always something, he doesn’t live in my city and only comes here every few months. He had been in town for the last 2 weeks and is leaving today. He was wanting to meet last night for dinner, I had a hard day at work and reallly don’t want to take off the minute I get home to meet a stranger, especially since he is not really famiiar with my area and actually has property in a nearby suburb but isn’t really familiar with the city. He wanted to meet me at a particular restaraunt which I coudn’t get too as it’s not on the bus line and besides a woman needs time to shower, do nails (mine are always ripped after working) and get there, and it would be nice to know a little about a person before meeting. I sent him a nice note and asked when he’d be back in town and he didnt’ write back.
    so I met someone right away when I first joined but it didn’t last long, had a 3 meetings since but nothing in the past 4 months, even after going premium.
    Have a great day everyone, I really missed the blog yesterday.

  120. BlondieNYC says:

    See, I knew you’d think of something cool!

  121. Sam (formerly Sig) says:

    Interesting thought, Blondie… at $1M/year I could probably support 10 SBs who could come into and out of a nice resort outside Las Vegas or in Hawaii or Mexico… but what would I do with all that? 😉

    Maybe I could make the investment back with a reality show!

  122. BlondieNYC says:

    Sam (formerly Sig) c’mon, I know you can do it! Take over Hef’s job!

  123. Sam (formerly Sig) says:

    The main frustration is that it is difficult to categorize some of the woman on the site. For example, a number of them appear to be peddling thinly-disguised sexual services. Another set are only looking for money for a NSA friends with benefits situation. Some are patient, others in a hurry. Some are looking for asymmetric mentors and others for equal companions. Some favor travel, others more traditional dates. Likewise I’m sure some SD are only looking for a sexual tryst, and some for a short time, others for a long time.

    In my humble opinion the site needs more criteria for the SB/SD to make it easier to search and qualify them in these categories. It would certainly save me time! Another idea that might stir controversy would be to allow people here to be rated into categories. Of course, who would want to be in the “slut” or “self-absorbed time waster” categories? LOL

  124. Sam (formerly Sig) says:

    > Have you ever felt a bit discouraged in your SD/SB search?

    Only that it seems like pretty young women, even ones who purport to have an excellent education, apparently cannot spell or write complete sentences. What is the world coming to? 😉

    Yesterday a European woman wrote to me. She apologized that her English was imperfect as it was her third language. I shamefully had to admit that her writing was better than the vast majority of the responses I have seen on the site.

    That is discouraging.

    > Have you met any “FANTASTIC” guys or gals in your SD/SB search?

    Yes, so far everybody I have actually met in person has been fantastic, each in their own way. Not all of them fit my rather picky criteria or are in the right situation or location for me, but they all would be great finds for somebody. This experience has made me wish I were polygamous… or retired! 😉

  125. BlondieNYC says:

    Have you ever felt a bit discouraged in your SD/SB search? How do you adapt to little or no response?

    Hell to the yes! I’ve had over 900 page views and I’ve only been here for a few months. I can’t even begin to tell you how many emails I’ve sent only to hear nothing back. I’ve had two guys email me for months on end, and when I asked are we ever going to meet, they stop emailing me. I’ve had men ask for dozens of photos, I’ve had guys ask me to come over to their apt asap, I’ve had the one line emails – your hawt, I WANT U, or my fav U – the dozens of photos and one-liners I ignore.
    I had a guy who supposedly was worth multi-millions want to meet me at McDs for coffee and wanted to know if I had a “cat free” home. I never answered. It seems that many men on here really do think this is an escort site, or think that the women here are desperate. Or stupid.

    I’m in my 30s and have read a lot of profiles from men in their 40s+ who state they want 25 or younger, and more power to them. I’m glad they’re not emailing me because they’ve got stringent demands and I don’t like being controlled. Thank god I’m in my 30s. I’m not that dumb or desperate, thank you very much. 🙂

    Yes, I am discouraged. I’m a prize, a fabulous gift to brighten up someone’s life. Pity they’re too dumb to notice….bwahahahaha!

    Would you ever consider ‘networking’ a part of your SD/SB dating?
    Nope. But it would be fantastic to find someone in my field who I can bounce ideas off of. C’est la vie, c’est la guerre.

    Have you met any “FANTASTIC” guys or gals in your SD/SB search?

    I met someone who’s turned out to be a fantastic friend and who I can talk to about anything. I met one person who, I don’t think, had met anyone in his life, until he met me, that didn’t agree with him. I had lunch with someone who sent a few emails then vanished and that’s about it.

  126. gurlnextdoor says:

    Have you ever felt a bit discouraged in your SD/SB search? How do you adapt to little or no response?

    I felt discouraged when I kept getting emails that said “your hot” or “send pics”. You know, the really annoying one liners that kinda scream I’m in this for the sex and nothing else. I adapt to little or no response by tweaking my profile a bit and not checking my email as much. That way I don’t get as discouraged that easily.

    Would you ever consider ‘networking’ a part of your SD/SB dating?

    I didn’t consider it a part of my SD/SB dating until a recent SD asked me if I wanted to do an internship with his company this summer. 🙂

    Have you met any “FANTASTIC” guys or gals in your SD/SB search?

    I’ve met one so far. He’s sweet, caring, a little naughty, and funny all rolled up into one. He always does his best to make me feel comfortable and respected, which I love.

  127. bostonTerrier says:

    Have you ever felt a bit discouraged in your SD/SB search? How do you adapt to little or no response?
    i have … after several meetings (around 5 or so) with potential sds who didn’t work out for one reason or another i was kind of discouraged. despite being kind of down i still received new messages every week and my hopes would rise a bit. i never had a deadline as to when i had to have a sugar daddy or anything … patience really helps in the search.

    Would you ever consider ‘networking’ a part of your SD/SB dating?
    i don’t think so … but then again it would really depend on what kind of networking this is referring to – this question is rather broad.

    Have you met any “FANTASTIC” guys or gals in your SD/SB search?
    i’ve met my sd 🙂

  128. still...searching... says:

    I’ve been on this website for months…had plenty of emails and plenty of views but have yet to actually meet up with someone. The most discouraging thing for me is sending an email and not recieving a response. This is something that I really want but I feel like giving up. Is anyone successful on this site??

    • Bebe says:

      I understand; I feel like giving up too. But for now I’m going to keep my profile up here. It’s not costing me anything.

      I will check it once a day and that’s it.

      Ladies, there are a ton of us up here and very few men, and of those men most are here out of curiosity or to stroke their egos. Even the “background verified” members flake out. Most, I would wager, are lying about their income and are looking for a hookup with a “hot” girl. This site gets abused by the men who use it.

      All kinds of online dating are the pits. I’ve done it for three months total. It is a failure of epic proportions.