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Behind The Sugar



Illustration fromSeekingArrangement: The Definitive guide to Sugar Daddy & Mutually Beneficial Relationships”.

Mother Nature, Evolution and Biology

“Most of us are so indoctrinated with the myth of Romantic Love that we automatically assume it’s the driving force behind every twosome. Meanwhile, Mother Nature must surely be laughing at our ignorance – we might think of love as natural, but the only thing she gives a damn about is reproduction. She adorns sex with romantic frills so we’ll do what she wants us to: be fruitful and multiply. It’s called the reproductive imperative, and it compelled the first caveman to haul the first cavewoman into his humble abode. Not too long after Tina Turner asked what love had in common with a knee-jerk chemical reaction, scientists began asking the same question. Their research is leading them to believe that our choices are driven more by Mother Nature’s hormonal elixirs than by love, romantic or otherwise. One of the things research uncovered is that the way we feel when “in love” actually is more chemical than romantic. During the early stages of love – or limerence in evolutionary biology lingo – the brain is flooded with endorphins, those hormones that also get fired up by jumping around to music. Endorphins suffuse the body with a sense of almost blissful well-being. This condition is not unlike being drugged, and it can last as long as three years – just the right length of time for two people to meet, get to know each other, form an ongoing sexual relationship, and start thinking babies. This suits Mother Nature just fine. But unless you and your lover are dedicated marathon runners, the endorphins eventually wear off. What’s left of a relationship once those endorphins fall back to normal levels? If a couple is lucky, they’ve managed to find enough commonalities during the limerence phase to cement their relationship. But if they came together solely out of physical attraction, the momentum’s bound to slow down, like the bat of a baseball slugger whose home-run stats drop precipitously when they take away his steroids.” Excerpt fromSeekingArrangement: The Definitive guide to Sugar Daddy & Mutually Beneficial Relationships”.

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  1. Katelan says:

    Great Article, Love sugar daddy 🙂

  2. Collado says:

    This is an excellent article! I hope to check back for more

  3. Veverka says:

    Great blog! You have some real quality information here. I’m usually not one to spend too much time reading blogs but I spent the last two hours here, LoL. Keep up the good work

  4. Sammarco says:

    Great blog! You have some real quality information here. I’m usually not one to spend too much time reading blogs but I spent the last two hours here, LoL. Keep up the good work

  5. Kilbane says:

    Nice post. There’s a similar topic thats related to this in Yahoo answers or Google groups, I think. I’ll find the link and post it back here.

  6. Doescher says:

    Not bad this view, but as my father always said to taste colors.

  7. Maceachern says:

    So my husband has found a new hobby. I think its pretty cute, hes now into rock tumbling. He bought all these ugly rocks, and turned them into something fabulous. Well my question is, when is someone too old to be playing with these things? I mean wouldn’t you think it sounds kinda wierd that my husband plays with rock tumblers? Anywho, he got the idea from one of his buddies at work. I get a chance to do girls not out with my girlfriends now more often so I guess im not really complaining cause I missed hanging with my friends ever since we had the baby in all.

  8. Guzzi says:

    I agree with you 99% but wonder if you have really looked at the whole picture. DOn’t mean to be critical just food for thought.

  9. Bellow says:

    I agree with you 99% but wonder if you have really looked at the whole picture. DOn’t mean to be critical just food for thought.

  10. Glidewell says:

    I agree with you 99% but wonder if you have really looked at the whole picture. DOn’t mean to be critical just food for thought.

  11. V says:

    my post is being blocked ya’ll. it’s a good one, too. dangit.

  12. V says:

    i knew it, Gordon….

  13. Amanda says:

    Gordon did you really go to bed?

  14. Gordon says:

    Most of the sbs are on the Sex For Love blog tonight which is way over my head, I will say goodnight.

  15. Atlantian says:

    Aww, I wish had some exciting ones to tell, Gordon!

    One potential is leaving for Europe for two weeks, and we couldn’t plan a meeting before his departure, but he still wants to keep talking while he’s away, so we’ll see what comes of it all. He’s pretty charming, so I’ll keep hope.

    Other than that, I’m as lonely as ever. Except for the boys who I’m not that interested in 🙁

  16. Gordon says:

    I’m back, it’s chilly with a stiff breeze and low tide, so Brynn can poop at the water line without Ms Kravitz getting upset. I did look good though in shorts and an offshore jacket.

    Corgis love the cold and she had a dogie grin going and would have wagged her tail if she had one.

    Now it’s time to warm up with a brandy and listen to your sb stories.

  17. Yasmine says:

    Aww Joe Biden’s wife looked beautiful in that dress!!!

  18. Amanda says:

    I love Corgi’s! It’s the ears!

  19. Gordon says:

    My corgi is asking for a walk on the beach. It’s chilly out there tonight so this won’t take long. I will be back in thirty.

  20. Amanda says:

    Atleast somebody else didn’t drink the Obama kool aid! Despite my opinions, I am over all the coverage today! It’s been on for HOURS!

  21. lisa says:

    Have a great evening everyone. I just can’t tear myself away from the political blogs tonight , gotta push my right wing opinions there.

    Have a great evening everyone

  22. Gordon says:

    Glancing at the above post, it is my opinion that Athens is the best college town, men look best in dinner jackets, women are at their best in cocktail dresses. Did I miss anything?

  23. BeautifulBluegrass says:

    Hello Gordon. We haven’t officially met as I was incognito when you began blogging (and I pop in and out), but I’m glad you are with us; we can always use SD input!

  24. Gordon says:

    Good Evening everyone

  25. Yasmine says:

    I’m watching Mariah Carey sing at one of the inaugural balls!!! 🙂 Love her voice!

  26. Amanda says:

    Uniforms are just as good!!! I was in the menswear industry for almost 6 years and it never got old seeing a man dressed up!

  27. Yasmine says:

    Hummmm I’m with you on that one BB a man in a uniform :))

  28. BeautifulBluegrass says:

    Well, maybe a man in a uniform?

  29. Amanda says:

    Ahhh.. can all of us ladies agree nothing is better than a man in a tuxedo??

  30. SuthrnExec says:

    BB, any time – no problem!

  31. BeautifulBluegrass says:

    You guys are so awesome!!
    I hope he will… I know he will potentially booked up until Thursday… he may have even had to fly into DC today so…
    SuthrnExec- I didnt want to outright ask for your input, but I was hoping for it. Yay!!

  32. Yasmine says:

    Well said SouthernExec! Beautiful I am sure if you talk to him he will understand and since you guys had a great chemistry he will want to see you again. 🙂

  33. Sam says:

    Ok changed (tux, he he) and about to walk out… I skimmed entries and didn’t see any takers for Manhattan tomorrow. Oh, well, must have been the short notice… Gotta go!

  34. Chicago Guy says:

    Beautiful Bluegrass, if you made as much of an impression on him as he did on you, he’ll call back. BTW-are you in Kentucky? I travel Louisville often for business.

  35. SuthrnExec says:

    BeautifulBlue, the next time he calls – and hopefully he will – say something like, “Do you have a minute for us to talk?” That always gets a man’s attention! Then just explain that you really enjoy his company, etc. and just explain how you feel about him, the short notice, and to what extent you can respond to such short notice. If he hears you taking the time to explain why the timing was not right – and he also hears that you’re interested – I think everything will be fine. Make sure you talk about anything that you perceive as being an issue. Remember, you’ve not know each other but for a very short time – you’re still learning what the “tone” in each other’s VM and email really means. Communication is not easy for people who have known each other for years, much less for two people of the opposite sex who have only known each other for a few days. If he doesn’t call, email him and explain. You have nothing to lose.

    Good luck!

  36. lisa says:

    Good evening everyone. Just got home and am exhausted. Very busy hard day at work. Met my daughter after work for a few minutes and just came in. Well the only potential that was emailing me has fallen off the earth apparently. He read my last message, has been online several different times, but not answered.
    Hope everyone is having a good evening.

  37. BeautifulBluegrass says:

    Can I be selfish and get some advice??
    I am a bit worried I may have lost a pot SD. He is married and has a “consistently inconsistent” schedule. Before our first meet he twice dropped me a line saying he had a few hours free , and asked if I could meet from drinks in about half an hour. The first time there was no way I could make it, and the second time I was ill.
    So, we finally met, had GREAT chemistry and a great time. The next day (yesterday) he called to see if I could meet him for drinks near his office… but I couldn’t… he offered to come to my place but there was no way I could clean it up in time…
    I have no problem with short notice, but feel as though I may have said no 1 too many times…

  38. Yasmine says:

    Hey Guys! I’m back ! Regarding the age issue again I seem to attract older guys ALL the time lol. When I say older I mean 40-50 lol I see them everyday at work and they are soo sweet and so nice. 🙂

  39. BeautifulBluegrass says:

    sweetredhead, you seem to be young at heart. Someone with, er, experience and your personality is bound to get the young gents worked up.

  40. sweetredhead269443 says:

    And I seem to attract younger men lol. I don’t think its the age. It who you are and where you have been in life. And of course how old you look for your age is part of it.

  41. BeautifulBluegrass says:

    Hey everyone! I didn’t read for a few days, and it took me hours to catch up… teach me to not stay up on the blog.

  42. Atlantian says:

    The boys know how to party 😉

  43. Beach says:

    Atlantian & Gordon, put in another vote for Athens 🙂

  44. gurlnextdoor says:

    I agree with Atlantian, I’ve never been attracted to guys my own age. I’m assuming it’s because I’ve always been intrigued by older men, they’re usually more knowledgeable about life and more attentive.

  45. Atlantian says:

    And sweetredhead,
    I admire the way you’re raising your children 🙂

  46. Atlantian says:

    Gordon, I’m glad you and I both know that Athens is the greatest college town in the land 🙂

    About the age issue: I’m attracted to older men because guys my age are just not mature enough for me. I’ve always been more mature than them, and have always dated older guys. If not older, they were insanely smart and could hold their own in a conversation with me.
    I kind of agree with Gordon in that I can see where it would be kind of awkward to go out with your SB, but she has to be carded. I, personally, am not the biggest fan of alcohol. With my size, drinks hit me fast, so I avoid them outside the home.

    The inauguration was amazing. I’m anxious to see what’s in store for the next four (or eight) years.

  47. gurlnextdoor says:

    Hey everyone, I’m done playing in the snow since it’s starting to melt. 🙁 Anyway, I watched the inauguration on TV today and I loved Obama’s speech. I’m glad he didn’t try and lead people on with a “I’m like Superman” type thing, but he said that America would get better eventually. It may not be during his presidency, but it would get there.

  48. BettieGirlDD*273192 says:

    No problem, sugasista. I need to get off the internet.. I just googled a pot. SD whos a doctor and found a review that he talks too much.. haha…

  49. Spanish Vixen says:

    Good afternoon all! I’m sitting at school still doing nothing..hmmm

    And can I just say this once? NC has a very sexy voice 😀

  50. ~*Kittylainy*~ says:

    sounds simple enough.. thanx 🙂

  51. ~*Kittylainy*~ says:

    redhead: good for you! Have a nice dinner btw.. sounds yummy

  52. BettieGirlDD*273192 says:

    yes.. you have to get an RSS reader, then when you see things you want to add to your feed you click the little red button and it gives you the link to add into your reader. then you have your own little news wire 🙂 I havent done it for a phone but it cant be too different.

  53. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Was just talking to my 11yr old while I was getting ready to go out. He told me they had to watch the inauguration at school today. I asked him what he thought. He told me he likes Obama he had a lot of great things to say. I asked him what he thought was the best thing he said. He could not tell me. I then asked him did your teacher tell you he had a lot of great things to say. He said yes. (what I was trying to explain before, we influence our children by what they hear) He then tells me “mom guess what he hates America” I said where did you hear that. My bus driver.

    It was a long conversation I had with my son, But I think he understands now why people say what they do, and the reasons for it.
    I will be watching the inauguration with both my sons tonight and talk It over with them.

  54. sweetredhead269443 says:

    My seafood bundle should be ready to pick up soon. I have to stop at the grocery store to pick up the things for a Niciose salad. Thank you Betty!! Also pick of the ingredients for the gumbo. I better make a list! See you all later. Thank you for all the great suggestions!! I also looked at allrecipes.com GREAT site. Thank you!

  55. ~*Kittylainy*~ says:

    Bettie: ms. Tech, do you know anything about RSS? I want to get it set up on my computer/cellphone.

  56. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Went to a nice seafood restaurant with my sister when she came. It was on the pier. My fish was over cooked. I do not like to make a scene, so I was eating it. My sister on the other hand has no problem complaining. I was so embarrassed!

  57. ~*Kittylainy*~ says:

    yes, red onions…
    bettie: oo.. good tip on the shrimp

  58. sweetredhead269443 says:

    BettieGirlDD thanks. I am a very good cook, I hate over cooked seafood. Nothing worse!

  59. sweetredhead269443 says:

    My son just got home from school and is complaining he has to have dried fruit snacks. He likes to have a snack when he gets home from school, and I bought these for him instead of his usual cookies or chips snacks. He is not happy!! lmao

  60. BettieGirlDD*273192 says:

    If its fresh be especially careful not to overcook it. If it’s frozen, heck throw it in a pot.. but it’d be a shame to make those shrimp curl up into rubbery little balls.. Remember when its shaped like a C its cooked: when its shaped like an O its overcooked! 🙂

  61. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I am definitely making the Niciose salad..That looks wonderful. Thank you. Come on over for dinner 🙂

  62. sweetredhead269443 says:

    BettieGirlDD that sounds awesome. Thank you. Also have some large shrimp in that pack, just realized it. Think I might make gumbo out of the shrimp and crab meat.

  63. BettieGirlDD*273192 says:

    sweetredhead google Niciose salad.. its a little out of the ordinary and great with seafood! I also love rare tuna (sprinkle with seasoning and cook each side for about 30 sec) with avacado on salad greens. And send me some!

  64. sweetredhead269443 says:

    red onions?

  65. BlkButtafly~264118~ says:

    Thanx for the sticker, Kitty! Woo hoo! Lol. Sweetred, try allrecipes.com

  66. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Hmmm sounds good, thank you!

  67. ~*Kittylainy*~ says:

    Spinach, onions, mandarin orange, rasp vinegrere and crushed nuts (almonds)

  68. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Anyone have a good recipe for spinach salad?

  69. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I just ordered a fisherman pack. Grouper, salmon, tuna, scallops, crab legs. all for $109.00 🙂 normally $119.00 but I have a coupon lol. Going to be grilling tonight 🙂 (in the cold!)

  70. ~*Kittylainy*~ says:

    Redhead: Good that you teach your children to treat everyone equally, if all parents did that, our world would be a much different place in a generation or 2. When I have children, I do not want to recognize people’s skin color to my children at all. I want them to see that a fire truck is just a fire truck; just because one is red, the other is yellow, doesn’t make one better than the other. And there is no reason to even promote a differentiation.

  71. ~*Kittylainy*~ says:

    Wow, concentrated on my work for a little while and I missed so much.

    Yasmin: (Even though you’re gone now) I absolutely agree that you have to hear stories from first hand. Regular citizens telling their story versus being reported. Good luck with your 3 meetings and hopefully your perfect SD is behind one of those doors

    Beach: Thank you. Again for the constructive response. I have learned from this blog that telling people what you are looking for might not get you a lot of response, but will promote quality results.

    Re: Obama.
    I agree that his presidency marks a significant point in American history. A big step towards racial equality. However, I would not be as bold to say that he is a great president just because he got elected. He will get a praise by his actions, not by the race he was born.

    Blkbuttafly: a sticker for you for going to the dentist!

    NC: Good luck on Monday! She sounds like she could be a SM perhaps.

    SAM: DC must have been crazy today!

  72. Sam says:

    Wow, I had a lunch here in DC but they are saying everything is running late (and I thought I was late.)

    I’m going to return to Manhattan earlier than planned tomorrow. Anybody want to meet for brunch or lunch? Not for SB-SD just socially (I’m out of the SB market for now). Multiple SB and SD would be ideal, but let’s see how many will be interested…

  73. NC Gentleman says:

    Hi All — I actually did some work today and I am starting to feel like I have recovered from the jet lag.

    I am meeting a potential SB for coffee on Monday afternoon. We have emailed and talked a few times but not much… I wish more actually. She is 36, single, very attractive, and is a corporate executive. I haven’t asked her why she is looking for an SD, but I sure want to find out in person. I did verify her corporate position so we shall see. I am guessing she is wanting someone who won’t interrupt her busy life and that is similar to her income bracket. I will keep you posted.

  74. Yasmine says:

    OK guys I have to go, my friend is waiting for me and she is getting mad lol.

  75. Yasmine says:

    Yes I want one and only one SD. I will go to all 3 meetings and then decide which one I am more attracted to. I might not like any of them lol. I cannot have an arrangement with someone if there is NO chemistry. I just cant.

  76. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I think I prefer someone who is not in my area. If he is married I don’t want to run into his wife in the grocery store. I also don’t want to explain to anyone I know who this person is.

  77. BlkButtafly~264118~ says:

    Wow Yasmine! Alright! I hope none of them turn out to be creepy! Were you only searching for one?

  78. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I lived in long island for a few yrs when I was 18. I have family there also.

  79. Yasmine says:

    Yes Sweets we have been talking for a while and we finally decided to meet. Two of them live in New york city and the other one is coming from Rochester. My sister lives in Long Island so if the meetings dont go well I will just go see visit her lol.
    I am getting my hair done today too b:)

  80. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Its very cold here in Florida. We had a bad storm last night. On the street behind my house a tree limb went through a persons roof. The winds were really bad. We didn’t lose power but out neighbors did.

  81. BlkButtafly~264118~ says:

    Good afternoon everyone! Just catching up for a bit. I was missing because I had a dentist appt and I am proud to say that they were impressed 😀 my take on the age issue is well age is definitely nothing but a number. Sometimes my father can be extremely immature and he’s 54. I’m 22 and have always been told that I’m very mature for my age.

  82. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Yasmine, 3 meeting? you go!! Good luck with those. Hope you meet the perfect SD for you.
    I need to go to the salon soon. I had a massage yesterday. I need my hair done. I am trying to grow it out and I am losing patients with it.

  83. Jai says:

    True Yasmine 🙂 It’s a beautiful day here in Arizona..even though I haven’t stepped outside yet lol

  84. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Unfortunately their is racism on both sides, and its taught from parent to child.

  85. Yasmine says:

    Lets just talk about something else but race 🙂 Today is a beautiful day! Did I mention that i have the day off? lol
    I am getting ready to go to the salon. I need a little pampering lol I have been working nonstop and had no fun during the break 🙁 I am going back to school tommorrow. I also have 3 SDs meetings next week lol We will see how it goes. They all seem genuine and nice.

  86. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Yes Jasmine and that my point. His race or color should not be a factor.

  87. Yasmine says:

    I understand what you are saying Sweetredhead but let’s not forget that as soon as he messes up racists everywhere will be quick to talk about his skin color.

  88. Jai says:

    I agree him being a person of color is historical, but it has no bearing on his reign as president will be like. He is just a man. Granted, his skin is slightly brown, but he is still a politician and a man. Just as Bush and the many other men that have come before him. Let us put the historical value aside and see what he does now. By the way, I am a black woman, I just don’t necessarily agree with what seems to be the common census. The only change he’s brought so far is the color of his skin. I didn’t judge Bush by his, so I wont judge Obama by his either. I truly hope he will live up to what he’s said and what people believe he will do. I understand where you’re coming from sweetred 🙂

  89. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I agree! bostonTerrier. We should all be treated with respect. No matter our race or color. I teach my children that (it’s sad I even have to) it should be a given.

  90. bostonTerrier says:

    that is really sad. i can only hope that when i have kids parents will no longer teach their kids to see a difference [it’s possible … generation Y is much more open]. i’ll be extremely happy if my kids don’t have to experience half of the racism i do in my own life.

    i look forward to a future full of hope 🙂

  91. sweetredhead269443 says:

    oops didn’t mean to hit enter. wasn’t finished. We need to teach history, but it was the past. Learn from those mistakes. The reason it continues is because of the collages taking students based on their color and not their GPA. Everyone continues to question it. Like someone like you who did have a high GPA is questioned. It’s not fair, I agree. I fell it needs to stop. Its the only way to truly end this.

  92. Yasmine says:

    You took the words out of my mouth Boston

  93. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I can understand what you are saying bostonTerrier. My point is that, People teach their children that there is a difference because of the color of skin, Black and white. Children are TAUGHT to see a differance.

  94. bostonTerrier says:

    the skin color thing is an issue because decades years ago america was drastically different. he wouldn’t have been able to sit at the front of a bus, drink from the nice water fountains, etc. sure he is 50% white, but even back then the if you were 50% black were not embraced by the white community [and look today, halle berry, raised by a white woman and one of the most beautiful women in the world – considers herself black] i truthfully think only black people understand what it’s like … it’s hard to explain when you don’t live it everyday. people constantly think i am here at school because i am black … never mind my perfect gpa and sat scores from high school.

    it’s sad 🙁

    oh, and the sd-sb age gap. i’m fairly mature for my age and my sd is 50+. he was super concerned about my age initially but upon meeting he realized i am mature, with a good head on my shoulders, and plans for my life. i understand some sds prefer older women though … but in my mind i’ve always envisioned the sd looking for a young, intelligent, attractive woman. i see it everywhere in boston. and as for the drinking thing … luckily i hate the taste of alcohol and will never drink.

  95. Yasmine says:

    He is the first black president in America.

  96. Yasmine says:

    I will let you know when I am going back to visit my friends 🙂 Meanwhile you can just google it
    Notre Dame de la Paix in Cote D’Ivoire 🙂

  97. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Well we have a new president. Hope he can live up to the things they are saying about him. I hope no one takes me the wrong way but, Why do they have to keep making the color of his skin an issue? Let him stand on his own merits. I am tired of hearing how he making history. WHY because he is black? Let him make history because he did something great.

  98. Yasmine says:

    Your are right there are many amazing places in the world to see even in the poorest countries. I woulld love to take a year off and just travel around the world 🙂

  99. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Good afternoon all. Wow I slept late!! was up reading a really good book. No Gordon, it was NOT a romance novel lmao. Think I am passed the stage of Italians on white horses coming to rescue me.

  100. Yasmine says:

    Ooooh it looks like a black dress!!! Wow
    Yes there is a crisis in Zimbabwe but unless you are there to see for yourself you will believe whatever the media feeds you. I remember a few years ago when there was a disagreement between political leaders in my country, CNN made it seem like there was a civil war going on loool. My sister went back home for the summer and said everything was just fine Loool. In other words, unless you have your info coming straight from the source you will never know what is REALLY going on.

  101. Beach says:

    Very nice Kitty. It is clear, to the point, and communicates what you are looking for. The pictures are a nice choice too, interesting without being over the top. It also shows interests beyond just being an SB, which most sophisticated men would find attractive. Most importantly, it shows you have high expectations and are not afraid to say not to anyone who you do not think is a good match. Good profile.

  102. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Yasmin: let me know if you ever travel to Côte d’Ivoire again. I would love a travel partner, none of my friends are interested in culture, they just go shopping.

    and a little secret: that dress is actually a tight little lingerie dress and I just wore a white blouse overtop.

  103. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Yasmin: so in reality, there really isn’t as huge of a crisis in Zimbabwe? That’s why I have to go there to see for myself! There was a Brasilia in Tunisia I read about. I would love to see the one ur talking about, in Côte d’Ivoire. ahh.. there are so many places in the world to see.

  104. Yasmine says:

    I clicked on it Kitty and it is very cute! You sure can rock any little black dress 🙂

  105. Yasmine says:

    Ooops typos and grammar mistakes in my previous posts loool. I was just sooo excited to share that information 🙂

  106. Yasmine says:

    All I can say is the media in Western countries always exaggerate whatever is happening in African countries. They make it seem as if all Africans are good for is to kill each other. They show the ghettos and the rural areas and rarely the big cities and amazing infrastructures. I am soooo proud to know that the biggest basilica in the whole world was right there in my country ( The Ivory Coast ) 🙂
    It is not anymore lol St Peters in Rome is now the biggest lol. In capacity St Peter’s win ( they can sit the most people) but in area and surface the basilica of Our Lady Of Peace is in Yamoussoukro ( Ivory Coast) wins hands down. It is the most beautiful basilica I have ever seen, just breathtaking. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  107. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    LMAO @ PH scale we can develop a color code system for SD categorization.

  108. BettieGirlDD*273192 says:

    the graph isnt like a compenstation chart.. its like a PH scale of this vs that.. there are varying degrees of what people are looking for.. I’ll draw it for you on a cocktail napkin when I buy you that martini!

  109. ~*KITTYLAINY*~ says:

    I think it enlarges when you click on it

  110. ~*KITTYLAINY*~ says:

    Yasmin: I tried to enlarge the entire image, but it kept coming up at that size because of the length.

  111. ~*KITTYLAINY*~ says:

    Yasmin: Thank you~ Not only for the compliments but that you actually read it and gave real feedback 🙂 Aww.. lucky I want to go there to volunteer real soon… I cannot imagine what it would be like to go to a country like that. Particularly because of the current state of affairs. I cannot find a media outlet that gives an unbiased historical view of events from the past 2-3 years. I have found 1 really good blog written by a teacher, but her blog was shut down by the government last March.

  112. Yasmine says:

    Woops I forgot to capitalize an “I” looool

  113. Yasmine says:

    Oh can you make that third picture a little bigger? It is very nice. 🙂

  114. Yasmine says:

    Kitty I loved reading your profile! It is good that you stated what you were and what you were NOT looking for in an SD. Your pictures are very cute! I also smiled when i read about your obsession with Zimbabwe. I have been there once and it is a beautiful country. From what I read, you are a very sweet, intriguing, confident and ambitious young lady. Go get them girl! 🙂

  115. ~*KITTYLAINY*~ says:

    Yasmin: Hello. Grammar, schmammer

    Jen: I do not think you have made a mistake at all! You live and you learn right. I admit, there are a lot of gents (I use this address lightly) that thinks an arrangement is sex-exchange-cash. They clearly did not read the paragraph about escorting. There are true MEN out there that are looking for connection, friendship and support. They tend to fly a little under the radar.

    Beach, Thank you for your clarification. I was a little hurt in the beginning. If you have a chance, please take a quick read of my profile and provide an objective opinion on what my profile portrays. (critical opinions welcome, just be nice 😉 ) Thank you #279647

  116. ~*KITTYLAINY*~ says:

    GURL: I am with you on that one.

    Bettie: I don’t like the x y graph idea, simply because I don’t want to expect gifts just because time was spent in the bedroom. As well, I don’t want to have to go into the bedroom just because he got me a gift. I am sure it isn’t just that striaght transactional, however it will always be in the back of my mind.

    Jen: I am glad you are feeling better. I do always get my work done. 🙂 I am jsut THAT good haha

  117. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Yasmine, you are doing great.

    Hello to you also.

  118. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Bettie, I think a little of both. All he was wanting was the bedroom part. I did ask him about the friendship and confidant, his answer was that this site was seeking arrangement and that was what he wanted.
    I know that I am new to all of this and I am looking for my first SD and very naive.
    I may have made a big mistake.

  119. Yasmine says:

    I know i said I will stick to reading but I just could not help it
    Hi Lisa, Kitty, SV, Bettie, Jennifer, Beach 🙂
    Did I spell all my words right? Loooooool

  120. Beach says:

    Kitty, I would not necessarily say that is true, I think that age is not the biggest issue, maturity is. In my circumstances, I have to say that the majority of the younger profiles read more like my daughters facebook page than someone I would see. I have seen some very mature ladies in here their 20s and those do stand out.

    Different people are looking for different things, so I would not take a few comments to be the definitive answer. Some men prefer youthful exuberance which a younger SB can provide. And a woman that can combine maturity, enthusiam and youthful looks will always be in demand.
    Women have different things to offer at different stages at life and all can be attractive. It is about finding the right match.

  121. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Kitty, I am feeling much better. Thank you for asking. You will get all the things done that you need to do.

  122. BettieGirlDD*273192 says:

    I’m catching up on my blog reading:
    Jenn was it the ammount (250) or the presentation that scared you away? I have a feeling if the guy sounded just dreamy you’d have just convinced yourself he’d give you more eventually and gone along with it.

    A lot of discussion goes into how much time is spent in/out of the bedroom.. and also a lot to gifts vs sporradic cash gifts vs allowance. I sort of picture a x/y graph in my head..
    But lately I’ve been thinking of who wants a fantasy vs a true friend and confidant. I want a happy medium thats not a complainfest/therapy session but also not a place I’m expected to act like my usual vixen self when I’m actually feeling something different.

  123. ~*KITTYLAINY*~ says:

    Jen: I hope you are feeling better 🙂 sending good vibes your way~ It has been fairly busy, no appointments today, but still enough time to procrastinate. I often wonder how much more I can accomplish if I wasn’t so addicted to this blog, but I don’t care to find out.

  124. gurlnextdoor says:

    Hello everyone, it’s snowing here, yay! I have a snow fight to get to later (yes, I know it sounds so kiddie, but I believe everyone has a little kid in them or at least they should). Anyway, about this age thing. I’m 19 and I actually prefer older SDs who are usually between 35 and 45. I just like a man who knows what he wants in life and who doesn’t need me to be around 24/7. I have a very active social life and I value my time, so I guess I’m a quality over quantity type of girl. 🙂 Anyway, that is just my take on things.

  125. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Good Morning Kitty! Busy at work today?

  126. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    NC… I have been in Florida for about 7 years and it hasn’t snowed here at all. I think there were some flurries a couple of years ago. I do miss watching it snow.

    The walk was great.

  127. ~*KITTYLAINY*~ says:

    I remember there was a comment on a previous blog regarding a 20-ish SB having a easier time finding a SD. It is evident now perhaps that is not the case.

  128. Beach says:

    I generally find myself more comfortable with ladies 30+ as well. There are definitely accomplished women here in their 20’s with a high level of maturity that would make an attractive relationship for a man of any age. If I were single with more time and resources to devote to a SB, I would consider that option.
    However, I am married with limited time availabilities and the need for descretion and flexiblity. Someone who has been married or at least in an LTR with someone who was married, seems to have more patience and understanding for how the situation needs to work.
    Gordon, I agree with the under 21 comment, I don’t want the Steely Dan song Hey 19 running through my head all night either.

  129. NC Gentleman says:

    Jen — hope you enjoyed your walk — we are having snow here — woohoo! Not much snow in Florida I am guessing!

  130. Spanish Vixen says:

    Jenn, I ended up not going. woke up too late and I’m supposed to meet friends pretty soon after I blow dry my hair and all that fabulosity.

    Kitty, I’m glad that my anger can provide your sustenance 🙂

    I’m definitely in my room blasting “Diva” by Beyonce. I love this song for reasons unknown. Ah well. It’s great to dance to 🙂

  131. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Good morning to everyone. I just got back from my 30 minute walk. Very windy, but broke a good sweat.

    SV, how was your swim?

    Gail, how are you this fine morning? The sun is also shinning in Florida.

  132. ~*KITTYLAINY*~ says:

    THat’s ok SV… your anger sustains me.

  133. Spanish Vixen says:

    Kitty – yea, you make me ANGRY 😛

    I’m going to go get nekkie and shower and go to campus. I’ll talk to you all later!

  134. ~*KITTYLAINY*~ says:

    Gail: I think so, Thank you for your reassurance.

  135. Gail says:

    Kitty-Is that how you spell it…lol…now I need to do proofreading:)

  136. ~*KITTYLAINY*~ says:

    NC: First day back to work is always a tad lazy. I am doing great, at work as usual.

    Gail: MORNING! The sun is shinning here too 😀 It is still -6 C but at least the sun is out.

  137. Gail says:

    LOL…no worries Kitty…just be who you are…everyone is not perfect…and who are we to judge the people that are:) It’s just Tuesday, next is Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday….More exciting stuff to come into our lives I hope….ENTER….(smile)

  138. Gail says:

    Morinig All-Just got caught up reading all entries…lol….lively communication:) Morning Kitty:) Morning NC:) The sunny is shining and the hills are alive in Calif:)

  139. ~*KITTYLAINY*~ says:

    I think I need my posts proofread before pressing “enter”.
    Did I make a grammar/spelling error? I am paranoid now.

  140. NC Gentleman says:

    Hi Kitty — I was in yesterday but not working full effort — lots of phone calls. Hope you are doing well!

  141. ~*KITTYLAINY*~ says:

    Mornign NC! back to work finally?

  142. OHGOD says:

    oops-casual tone

  143. OHGOD says:

    and i had no idea it irritates people who read it.
    Good Night Gordon, Vixen, jasmine, Amanda, Sam.
    hope to talk to everyone tomorrow.
    No matter how women think that men treat women badly, no one treats women worst then other women.
    I will be a bachelor in a big empty house, except for a corgi
    oh, cool! i’ve actually never been to texas. have you always lived there?
    I don’t think so
    Coco, are you named after one of the most interesting women of the the Twentieth Century or the fun cocktail named in her honer.
    why doesn’t anyone talk like that, anymore?


  144. NC Gentleman says:

    Good morning all — snow here — wooohooo!!! Regarding the age issue, it doesn’t really matter to me that much — I have had dates with SBs from age 18 to 47 – the most immature one of them was 34 years old, so go figure…

  145. BettieGirlDD*273192 says:

    Oh Lainy you’re so exotic with your languages and Canadian heritage 🙂

  146. ~*KITTYLAINY*~ says:

    I am also horrible with my tenses~ Past-present-future… In Chinese (first language) there is no tense, makes learning a lot less complicated.

  147. ~*KITTYLAINY*~ says:

    ^ I do however, misspell “definitely” alot. I guess I irritate SV haha

  148. ~*KITTYLAINY*~ says:

    I couldn’t even finish reading the rest of the blog!
    I must comment on the age issue…
    I think SDs should give younger SBs at least a chance to display themselves.
    I am 23 years old, I have an established career. I have been in management positions since I was 19. I have started my own and company and has sold it to pay for my post secondary education. I have a BA, a diploma and working on Masters. I have accomplished more than most 30-35 year-olds I know. I act, look and dress in sophistication, I own my own Ferragamo shoes and Prada purses.
    I do appreciate the comment that acknowledges that there are immature 40 yos and mature 21 yos but I think SDs should really give younger SBs a chance to express themselves (ok there are does that start an e-mail with, “wanna f me?”), I do not ignore a Sd just because they are 45+.

  149. BettieGirlDD*273192 says:

    Morning, everyone.. Back after a long weekend..

    My official position as a net savvy technical writer is that being laxed with capitalization and punctuation in chat/forums conveys a casual tone. Contractions (can’t, I’ve, etc.) aren’t proper for written communication outside of quoting people, either but as time has moved on people are more accepting, as I expect people will be with the conventions of Internet use. Alas people have pet peeves. Mine is people misspelling “piqued” as in “Your profile peaked/peeked my interest.”

  150. Spanish Vixen says:

    So I thought I’d be out the door by 9 to the pool. That was if I hadn’t just woken up at 9:30. failure, lol. So much for working out early!!

  151. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone. I’m headed out to work, and then to spend 20 minutes with my daughter , I meet her when she gets off work at 5 and ride the bus to my stop. Not much time.

    Well that sd that I was talking to hasn’t wrote back. I guess he can’t handle converstations that involve more than 2 words. We had exchanges several emails too but he has been online several times since then but not written back.

    Gotta go now, Have a great day everyone. I’ll be home about 5:30

  152. BlkButtafly~264118~ says:

    Very useful information, Sam, though really that should all be common sense. I fell asleep before saying goodnight but now it’s 5:16am (Eek!) and I’m catching up. Enjoyed reading all of the posts, you guys! Off to work I go! In case for some reason I end up being swamped at work today, I hope everyone has an awesome day!

  153. Yasmine says:

    Sorry if I forgot to capitalize my last I in my previous post.

  154. Yasmine says:

    I think I’ll just stick to reading the posts instead of commenting from now on. I, often, make grammar mistakes in my posts ( French being my first language) and i had no idea it irritates people who read it.
    Good Night Gordon, Vixen, jasmine, Amanda, Sam.

  155. jasmine says:

    I’m going to do the same thing.hope to talk to everyone tomorrow.

  156. Gordon says:

    Yasmine, I muddle through a couple of second languages and the natives are understanding.

    I do think that educated adults should be able to speak and write their own first language.

    Good night again

  157. Yasmine says:

    Is it just me who thinks that we fail to meet amazing people every day in our lives just because we are so quick to judge them on the little things? smh

  158. jasmine says:

    Well sam I think everything on that list you posted and oh this isn’t a pot sd,this might be a pot boyfriend.

  159. Amanda says:


    I just thought your rules for dating were common sense! What happened to people just being polite!?

  160. Yasmine says:

    Good Night Vixen

  161. Yasmine says:

    Gordon..What if english is not that person’s first language? It’s just like someone speaking French but making common little mistakes like that. It will bother me but I will not judge the person on that.

  162. Gordon says:

    Spanish is correct, It is past my bedtime, alas alone.

    Good Night

  163. Spanish Vixen says:

    On that note, good night. It’s 2am and I want to be out the door to the pool by 9am. Talk to you later!

  164. Spanish Vixen says:

    Oh I agree, women are extremely judgmental (ladies, don’t lie 😉 we are all guilty of it)

    I think my one biggest thing in grammar is when people constantly misspell “definitely”. I don’t know why. It just irks me. Apart from that, so long as people do not use txt spk on a regular basis, and are friends of punctuation I’m fine. I’m a Journalism major, so I know my grammar is not the greatest, but I like to think it’s fairly decent.

  165. Gordon says:

    When i meet a woman socially, I am the worlds worst about guessing her age, I often miss it by twenty years. In my small town it is generally assumed a woman is fifteen years older then her apparent age. However I do not want other women speaking dirty about my date because of her apparent age.

    No matter how women think that men treat women badly, no one treats women worst then other women.

    Grammar. Men or women I am not interested in conversing with people who do not capitalize the word I, or who say “me and Buffy are going to Walmart”

  166. Spanish Vixen says:

    I’ve found I fall into an interesting category. I’m 22, but since I’ve grown up around older men my entire life (mostly due to hanging around my dad’s business partners all the time) I find myself being able to get along much better with older men. I’ve had several SD’s thus far be a bit wary of me due to my age, but then tell me I have the maturity of a 30 year old…and look 15 lol. In all honesty…I don’t look at age when I receive an e-mail or send one.

    I look at their ability to be articulate in their descriptions. Horrible grammar is a major put off for me. I then look at their interests, then (yes) I look at their pictures. I do end up looking at their age out of curiosity, but it never really factors in on my interest.

  167. Gordon says:

    My last (innocent) post in in moderation land and may never be read. I move on to Sam’s age question. As a matter of ethics I do not answer a woman under 21 except to say no thank you. I generally do not open a conversation with a woman under 35. To me women get really interesting at 40. There are of course very mature 21yos and immature 45yos.

    I do want to be seen with my date but I do not want the waiter to ask for her ID.

  168. Yasmine says:

    🙁 Sam just broke my heart…..

  169. Spanish Vixen says:

    Hey Yasmine! I’m thinking of hitting the sack soon. I’m considering going swimming tomorrow. I feel like I’ve gained a few pounds back due to the holidays 🙁 gotta get hooked up for bikini season!!

  170. Sam says:

    I ordinarily did not interact with very young SB in my past, usually they were 25 to 30. From this site I interacted with several very young SB (21 and under). I think they are very promising as SB for me in the future, but at that young an age naturally have difficulty in determining their goals with the same specificity as older SB. They also have less patience with objective measurement because they often have less experience with how much value that can bring. They may also be so young and beautiful that they are not used to that kind of candid feedback — it can hurt the ego even through its net effect is feedback for improvement.

    I have interacted with some remarkably mature 18-21 year olds. It’s just they don’t quite have the plan set up that I seek.

    As a consequence, interestingly, I find that my unique kind of arrangement seems to work better at 25 better than 18-20. I think a more ordinary SB/SD relationship is better suited toward the younger women.

    Other people’s mileages may vary, of course.

  171. Sam says:

    Sam fans, unfortunately I’m down to a few candidates and hid my profile a few days ago (it was up for a day yesterday because one contact wanted to check it out again.) We are going through business/life goals planning since other areas of compatibility seem clear… see, I am demanding!

    I think the main question now is whether I should break my monogamy SB rule or to maintain more than one. I am discussing this with the potential SB as well.

  172. Sam says:

    One of my posts is being moderated.

    Gordon, I have actually set up trusts before.

    Per a post I made a while ago, the stipend should be guaranteed because I agree that the SB should feel taken care of rather than month to month. The point is to give enough space that it isn’t month to month.

  173. Sam says:

    Hi Yasmine.

    Jasmine, re: dating advice, I know it’s too late, but…

    At the risk of offending some people, I will give my straightforward feedback on SB meetings I have had.

    1. Don’t talk on the phone or text during your date. Your SD time is valuable and it’s frankly insulting to do that, particularly at a nice restaurant or venue. If you must, excuse yourself and explain what is going on, like, “my roommate just coughed up a lung and wants to know where to put it.” Best to turn it off, in fact in front of him so he knows you care.

    2. Don’t run ahead of your date. He might want to open a door for you, hold your arm, pull out a chair, or even jump in front of a car to save you. Remember, if you want to be pampered, make yourself available to be pampered.

    3. Know how to enjoy yourself. Being nervous makes your date nervous. If he cares to give you a good time, your best reward to him is to enjoy it thoroughly, visibly, and to make your appreciation known.

    4. Smile. I agree that a woman’s best tool is a smile. Smile broadly, happily, sexily, mysteriously… develop a whole vocabulary. It can defuse an otherwise difficult situation, like asking for something.

    5. Lead in vacuum, follow when led. Offer suggestions to a man when he is asking, but know when to follow the man’s lead.

    6. If you bring a friend, make sure it isn’t a surprise.

    7. Do not spend the whole time complaining about… anything. Especially other men.

    8. Make some of your own conversational topics, leaving space for actual conversation. It’s more fun to find out something about somebody via conversation than via questioning. If you have questions, think about how to have them answered through a conversation.

    9. Cut it short if it isn’t working.

    10. Did I mention getting rid of the cell phone?

  174. Yasmine says:

    Hey SV!

  175. Gordon says:

    Sam, I set an annual budget for an sb. There is no reason to let her know how much we really spend, allowance, travel expenses, gifts etc.

    She should just feel taken care of an secure. Of course taxes should be paid on income but even the IRS knows not to go after the airline tickets, jewelry and shopping trips.

    I have found ways to transfer a car or realestate and it not be taxable until it is later sold. The sale of jewelry is not taxed.

    Favorite Zsa Zsa Gabor quote, “I never hated a man so much that I gave back the Diamonds”

  176. Spanish Vixen says:

    I’m chatting with like 4 billion people. sorry for the late reply!!

  177. Coco says:

    Gordon, that is why I feel I do have some of her in me she was truly an inspirational women in many ways!

  178. Yasmine says:

    Hi Sam 🙂

  179. Gordon says:

    Coco, the first Coco was a classy designer who spiced her clothes with sparkles and bangles.

    In her early years she was a sb, the first of many enriching chapters of her life.

  180. Sam says:

    Can’t keep up with this blog. They need a different interface…

    To answer some questions:

    If you set up a company, yes the SB should pay taxes. My 2 cents is that you should always pay taxes; just isn’t worth avoiding because it can cause so much trouble later on.

    The condo was after 3 years, but 1 of those was very intense.

    I put in my profile that about half the amount I spend is in the form of cash stipend, the rest in gifts and other. In fact the stipend is wired on a fixed schedule because I dislike the money being at all front of mind.

  181. jasmine says:

    It was great! Wouldn’t ask for a better gentleman.

  182. Coco says:

    How was the date Jasmine?

  183. Coco says:

    Well I do believe that I have a little Coco in me as I hope most females do!
    A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous!

  184. jasmine says:

    Hello everyone I’m back from the blind date!

  185. Mina says:

    Atlantian – I know, I’m Persian. I was asking her why not choose a more widely spoken language.

  186. Gordon says:

    Goodnight Atlantian and Athens, the best college town in the USA.

  187. Gordon says:

    Coco, are you named after one of the most interesting women of the the Twentieth Century or the fun cocktail named in her honer.

  188. Atlantian says:

    Farsi is the official language of Iran. I can imagine it being very useful there and for jobs that deal with the country.

    And I decided I’ll save up for Rosetta Stone since SV’s brother seems to be successful. I did the demo of it on their website and felt like it was really helpful!

    Good night, everyone. Back to the daily grind. Metro, boulot, dodo.

  189. Coco says:

    I need to rent that anything with Aster and martinis must be brillant!

  190. Gordon says:

    It’s “The Thin Man” from the 1930s. The finest martini movie ever made.
    Nick and Nora and Aster, the wittiest conversation between men and women ever filmed.

  191. Coco says:

    So what movie are you watching Gordon?

  192. Gordon says:

    What are you doing Spanish?

  193. Gordon says:

    I am great, my daughter leaves tomorrow morning to return to college. I will be a bachelor in a big empty house, except for a corgi

  194. Spanish Vixen says:

    Why hello there Gordon! How are you this fine night?

  195. Mina says:

    Bri, why learning Farsi? I can’t imagine it to be very useful.

  196. Gordon says:

    Good Evening everyone, I’ve taken the dog for a chilly walk on the beach, plugged in a movie and could use some human chat.

  197. Coco says:

    Lisa hope your week will get better!
    Ddubbs- I live in Dallas so I would be more than happy to tell you some places to go or better yet if you want a new friend to hang-out with while you are here let me know!

  198. lisa says:

    Have a great night everyone. I have to go to bed soon so I can get up early in the morning to go to work.

    Good night

  199. Coco says:

    Jennifer I am sending you a big hug and love your way! Be patient for a little while longer, but you know it is alright to b**** because we all need to do it!

  200. lisa says:

    I didn’t even know who he was till I looked at his profile, he is from Canada and travels to my city occasionally. I am open to meeting someone who lives out out of state but I would like to chat with them and get to know them a little before meeting and I am not interested in coming home from a hard day’s work, tired, nails ragged, and find an email from someone wanting to meet that night. gee a girl needs time to fix her self up and I look like crap when I come home from work.

  201. Yasmine says:

    Yeah Lisa he should have at least called you or emailed you to let you know he would be in town.

  202. lisa says:

    Good evening everyone

    I just got an email from a guy whom I had forgotten about, he is in town and again and again he thinks he can just email someone to meet him just like that. I don’t think so as this guy contacted me for the first time a few weeks ago and wanted to meet right then but it wasn’t a good time for me as I had to work and I have to work tomorrow too and have other plans. why do these guys only email when they want to meet right now, and they never even make contact until they are back in town, and I know nothing about this guy, he sent me a couple 2 word messages then and again tonight. I feel that if a person is going to be in town in a week or two, it is a good time to chat beforehand to get to know them but they just seem to disappear and as soon as they are in town, think they can send an email and you will jump. I don’t think so

  203. Spanish Vixen says:

    complaining isn’t always a bad thing. You gotta get things off your chest and move forward.

    I don’t really like to do the “time will tell” factor, but I think it will….only if you work at it. The things I’ve gotten out of life have been to my active networking. I have a long ways to go in life, but you can’t just sit around and wait for things to happen. But even if you work at it, crap will happen. Life is merely what you make of it 🙂

  204. Yasmine says:

    I’m back guys!!! It actually wasnt that cold outside.
    ~Kitty~ Forget about the condo and the gifts just give me the man himself lol
    There’s something about a guy who knows what he wants and isnt afraid to ask for it that just makes me melt loool 🙂

  205. lisa says:

    Hi Jenniferbbwsb, you know people where always telling me that good things come when you wait, well I too have been waiting, and well nothing happened. I never had that good husband, just a jerk who used me for legal purposes, never got that house, just alot of waiting.
    I understand about the emailing, I had 2 emails today and one guy was right back after not responding to my emails even though he read them, I juse deleted them without bothering to read because I don’t want to read his stupid excuses. the other guy I was chatting with but he must have went somewhere as I haven’t heard anything from him. Now I get an email from a guy who contacted me a couple weeks back wanting to meet and I was at work that time and now he contacts me tonight after I have already forgotten who he is and says he is in town and wants to meet tomorrow. well too bad I don’t take last minute meetings as I do have a life and have to work hard tomorrow (truck day,alot of lifting) and meet my daughter after work so I will be busy till after 6 and that’s too late for me meet a stranger, also I like to plan ahead of time for my safety, no spare of the moment meetings.

    Feel free to b**** all you want, I have been a b**** today. As I posted earlier I spent my entire day off stuck at home so my apartment management could come in my apartment to tear out a wall to fix the stupid downstairs people’s pipes, well guess what, they never showed up and i was stuck home wasting my day off. Well i’m off friday and I will not sit home again all day so they will just have to wait and work with my schedule, it is not my problem, and I’m not anxious for them to make a mess in my apartment

  206. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    I just need to talk somethings out. I am feeling a little down tonight.
    It is all this trying to get healthy stuff. I would love some cake and ice cream right about now!! lol

    It is trying when you email someone and you are waiting for a reply. I also have to remember that everything is on a different time table. His time vs. my time.
    What is the old saying…. for those who wait, good things will come. I am just tired of waiting. I have done that my entire life.

    Sorry for my b****ing. I just needed to get it out. And I know my Sugar family would listen. Hugs and kisses

  207. Jai says:

    Just wanted to say hello to everyone 🙂 Hello! It’s crazy warm here in southern az. I can’t even conceive of it snowing anywhere. Hope everyone’s having a great night

  208. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    I hope everyone is keeping warm tonight.
    Not much new on this front. just wanted to stop by and say hello.

  209. lisa says:

    I don’t think they have any 5 Guys in Houston. Fandangos makes a good burger and there are so good seafood places near me, but unaffordable and not accesible on foot.
    I have used my winter coat more this year than ever as it has been cold throughout Dec and Jan, they say that is normal after a bad hurricane like we had in Sept. It is cold in the mornings when I leave for work so I wear my coat and then I look silly when I get off work because it’s usually warm them but my coworkers all have cars so they don’t have to wear a coat but since I have to walk and stand at a busstop, I need my coat

  210. Atlantian says:

    I don’t even eat meat, and McDonald’s anything makes me sick.

    Anyone been to 5 Guys (Burger and Fries)? I feel unhealthy eating their vegetarian sandwich, and that has no meat!

    It’s supposed to snow tonight in Athens, GA! I’m actually really upset because whether it does or not, school won’t be canceled, and I’ll be freezing. My puffy winter coat is at home. It never feels like it will get cold enough, but then it does. C’est la vie.

  211. lisa says:

    I have lived here since I was 10, lived my first 10 years in Indiana and Illinois. I don’t much like Texas, other than the weather, it’s too country for me, and too much crime in my city.

  212. bri says:

    oh, cool! i’ve actually never been to texas. have you always lived there?

  213. lisa says:

    I live in Houston,tx

  214. lisa says:

    I live in Houston,tx

  215. bri says:

    where do you live lisa?

  216. lisa says:

    Have a good night sweetredhead

  217. lisa says:

    It was nice here today but it’s going to cool down I think and it’s going to be cold in the morning when I have to get out to work.
    I don’t have much choice, mcdonalds is all I can afford and the good burger places aren’t near the busstops, most are off the freeway. There are some reallly good restaraunts down the street on the side of the freeway, great food but expensive prices and not walk accessable, no sidewalks here.

  218. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Think I am going to go watch some TV or maybe read a book. Been a long day. Drove to Lakeland last night and didn’t get home till 12:30 and then up early this morning. Have a good night. Maybe I will check in later.

  219. sweetredhead269443 says:

    It’s going to get cold here. Said we may even see a little snow flakes. I miss seeing snow. Don’t miss the cold but miss the snow 🙁

  220. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I don’t even want to know what McDonald’s puts in their hamburgers ewwww!!!

  221. sweetredhead269443 says:

    LMAO I seen that!! I bet he looks cute in them 🙂

  222. lisa says:

    I think he got stuck in his footed jammies, lol

  223. lisa says:

    I need a date so I can have a nice big burger and fries instead of mcdonalds which I am tired of

  224. sweetredhead269443 says:

    So where is our buddy Gordon tonight. Is he out breaking more hearts? 🙂

  225. lisa says:

    they move like turtles here. the office than burned up back in early november still sits there without any fencing, open for anyone to get into, including small children

  226. lisa says:

    A burger sounds great, but it’s too late for me to get out now

  227. lisa says:

    well we were in a compromising situation and they opened the door after after a few knocks and I was still trying to get dressed. You would have thought they would have taken my word on the ceiling leaks or came back later. I mean really if my ceiling was leaking I would have reported it, it was some whole apartment inspection they were doing.
    well they are a no show today and I am NOT going to sit around friday for them. I just hope they don’t show up when he is here and open the door, as I have no additional lock other than the deadbolt which they can open with the master key. we aren’t allowed any additional locks.

  228. sweetredhead269443 says:

    We don’t eat fast food around here. So the boys get all excited to go out to this place that makes burger and fries home made.

  229. bri says:

    mm a burger & fries sounds delicious.

  230. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Home from the restaurant. The Boys all full of burger and fries. They had regular and I got the child size lol. The a fries with skins on, but not baked.

  231. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Why hide your guy, its none of their business.

  232. lisa says:

    I would like to put mine on but there is still the possiblity that the repairmen will show up at my door, the office doesn’t close till 6:30. I am really p***** off today. Well they will just have to wait now as I work the next 3 days and also saturday and sunday. my next day off friday is already full, no room to sit around. I am worried though that the stupid idioits might come in when my lover is here on friday morning. I certainly don’t want them coming in the middle of …… They did that once a couple years ago. they knocked at the door and I was trying to throw my clothes on, they unlocked the door,and walked in, he was in the bedroom and they obviously could see by the clothes all over the living room that something was going on but they still insisted on going into the bedroom to check for ceiling leaks even though I told them I didn’t have any,and so my guy went into the closet and you know what , they insisted on going in there too, gosh what idiots

  233. jasmine says:

    I’m back! I think I jogged instead of walking back to my house.

  234. Spanish Vixen says:

    Talk about lazy! It’s nearly 7pm here and I’m just now getting out of my PJ’s to go out with some friends!

  235. BlkButtafly~264118~ says:

    Bye CV! Sweet sugary dreams 😉

  236. Spanish Vixen says:

    Wow I missed a lot since I went to shower!

    I agree, flirty smiles are the way to go. I’ve been told that I speak through my eyes. Normally the best is giving them that playful look. You know when they accidentally make a sexual innuendo and haven’t QUITE noticed yet. Give them that smirk and those playful eyes, and the second it hits them….hahaha it’s the best 😀

  237. lisa says:

    good night chocolatevenus

    odd I just heard an update on that bow and arrow shooting down the street. the man had an arrow stuck in his chest and he and the shooter who was shot by the police were taken to the county hospital about 15 miles away, sad when you don’t have insurance you can’t get better emergency care as there is a hospital about 6 blocks from the shooting and another about a mile away. An arrow in the chest must hurt

  238. chocolatevenus says:

    Ok ladies, off to bed now! Lovely hearing all your words of wisdom. Catch up soon CV xx

  239. lisa says:

    I always feel so plastic when I meet people and they seem plastic too, it’s just weird, when I meet them in person they look like they are made out of wax, I mean all of them, lol of course when I relax and am myself, I guess it turns them off, I don’t know but I hate being stuffy but when I start enjoying myself, my meal, and the conversation, it seems I am being graded on something. I once met a guy on another site that spent the entire 30 minute coffeed date on his cell phone (rude) and then when he dropped me at my apartment (it was after dark) he sped off even though he was aware that I had just been robbed at gunpoint 3 weeks earlier. this let me know for sure he was not interested in me as even a casual friend would wait till a lady got into her apartment.
    Darn repairmen still not here and I so want to get comfortable. 5 pm is when the cloths come off and I’m in my babydolls, but I don’t dare change because then they will be at my door for sure. darn

  240. jasmine says:

    Hold on girls,I’m walking to aldi right now in the cold.brb!

  241. BlkButtafly~264118~ says:

    *bowing down before the master, Kitty* lol and I love giving the tease with my eyes ( like going from their eyes to their lips) and then smiling and looking away like “awww I want to but I’m a little shy”

  242. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    I am going to stop before I give all my secrets away

  243. BlkButtafly~264118~ says:

    HA! I do the same thing! Oooooh they can’t stand it! They just end up in a trance afterwards. It’s like it sets off an automatic trigger and they just LOVE that submissive flirty look.

  244. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Or the indulging eating smile~
    Taking a bite of something from your fork with eyes closed and slowly open them to catch their eye with a sexy pouty/kissy lip
    Re: angelina Jolie in Mr. and mrs. smith during their dinner

  245. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    I love my shy smile… head down, slightly tilting and looking up with a flirty smile. They love it~ Esp the ones that are all cocky and tough. They see it as a sign of submission…

  246. chocolatevenus says:

    Kitty..Oh my the No 1 trick! A smile can get you out of all types of trouble..lol

  247. chocolatevenus says:

    I think adding colour to an outfit is an easy way to feminise an outfit without making it too girly! Men like femine, which is different from girly. I used to get those 2 mixed up all the time!

  248. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    oo do not forget to smile~

  249. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    lol @ Lisa’s outfit you’re too cute

  250. lisa says:

    tourquois looks great with black, I agree though about black/brown being kinda …
    of course I can’t give fashion advice because today i’m wearing a orange skirt, blue tights with black polka dots on them and a cream abercrombie sweater, I like loud bright colors, lo

    blue or tourquois would be a nice accent though

  251. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    I think Gordon said something about boob brushing accidentally thing works

  252. BlkButtafly~264118~ says:

    Hmmm a simple brown shirt? What kind of brown shirt?

  253. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    ~~ Sorry Jasmin.. I meant to type J not Y
    sounds good! I don’t know about the brown and black combo though, the two colors are kind of dull together, can u brighten the ensemble up with accessories? Blue or Tourquois accessory would be gorgeous

  254. chocolatevenus says:

    Cool, so are you going to jazz it up with heels and a bit of jewellery?

  255. BlkButtafly~264118~ says:

    Well Jasmine I would say 1st things 1st….be yourself! Other than that, I just say be determined that no matter what you’re going to have fun. With that mentality, you should possibly be able to enjoy yourself as if he’s just a new guy friend and not a “potential SD.” And I’m absolutely almost positively sure that nothing is more enjoyable on a 1st date than your guy watching you have fun and be yourself….But do steal moments from your fun to show you enjoy him being there like the light brush/light touching while coyly smiling and flirting 🙂

  256. jasmine says:

    Well we are meeting at a grill restaurant and all I’m wearing is a simple brown shirt with black pants. I looked up the restaurant,it looks pretty good.

  257. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    ChoCovenus: AYE AYE TO THAT!!!!!

    Yasmin: Relax and have fun… be yourself. Don’t be shy and let your true beautiful colors show. What’s the plan? What are you wearing?

  258. lisa says:

    Jasmine I would give you some advice but I haven’t met anyone in 5 months and I never get a second date so I must be doing something wrong, so i’m not doing the right thing

  259. chocolatevenus says:

    Jasmine, relax and have fun! Dont think about it too much..you will be fine!

  260. lisa says:

    a burger and fries covers all 4 food groups and coke contains water, lol

  261. chocolatevenus says:

    Sweetredhead! I see where you are coming from but i do believe that no foods should be taken out of a healthy diet! A good burger (well made from the top products) fries made with the skins attached, baked not fried are a great treat once in a will. Obviously that if you like burger and fries.

    I have always wanted to be a dietian/nutrionist!

  262. jasmine says:

    Hey gurls,I’m sorry for the changing the topic,but I’m really nervous right now,and I need advice! Help! I’m going out on a date tonight and I don’t what to do! I haven’t been out on a date in one year and I’m might be a little rusty what should I do?

  263. lisa says:

    Hi everyone I’m back, still no repairmen, thanks to them for wasting my day off. 🙁 I had laid down alittle and had the news on and breaking news caught my attention. A woman shot a man at an office building 3 blocks from me…..with a bow and arrow! the police also shot the woman. I am thinking that there is a woman who came into my printshop every week to ups ship bows and arrows (she always had alot of long narrow boxes) and i’m thinking “could it be her?”. lol they haven’t released any pics yet as it just happened.

  264. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I am not actually on a diet, I am eating healthy, and exercise. And a burger and fries is not healthy.

  265. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Today’s a “let’s contact Kitty day” I have had an e-mail/text/voicemail from every single SD I have chatted with this month. It is funny how as soon as you decide to relax on the search, everyone wants your attention. I do not feel like replying to any of them.

  266. chocolatevenus says:

    Kitty You are soo right! I am never on a diet when out with a SD. He wants to see you enjoying yourself not suffering..lol

  267. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Think of all she had to put up with to get that condo lol. Maybe I am wrong, but Sam seems like he would be a very demanding SD. No offense Sam, Don’t mean that as a bad thing.

  268. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    chocovenus: I heard that on the radio too.. I am actually having an alright day.. the mornign started horribly.. but it got better 🙂 all thanx to you lovely bloggers.. aww *group HUG*
    Redhead: Diets are silly!! and it is ok to indulge once in awhile.. if u deprive yourself, you will just end up bingeing…<–SP??? It is difficult to go on a diet when ur on a date with a SD. Because when he takes u to expensive restaurants and steakhouses… you don’t want to jsut order a salad??!! YOU GET THE STEAK DAMMIT

  269. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    lISA: “maybe we should view and add guys to our favorites but not contact them or just send them an email “Hey” or “you’re hot”” lmfao!!!
    way too funny!!!! BUT LET’S DO IT…

    V: Sam bought his last SB a condo… so we all want him to be our sd…

  270. sweetredhead269443 says:

    [email protected] NC Gent wanting to be Sam”s sugar baby. You are all nuts!! lol what would I do without the blog entertainment each day 🙂

  271. sweetredhead269443 says:

    just got back from the chiropractor I feel great! The boys want me to take them to this burger place that make homemade burger and fries. There goes my diet for the night. I won’t eat the fries, that burger is enough! Ok well maybe 1 or 2 lmao.

  272. chocolatevenus says:

    Blackbuttafly: It drives me mad I have worst days than today! Also it always remind me of New Order’s Blue Monday..awesome track!

  273. BlkButtafly~264118~ says:

    Wow! A Blue Monday??? Seems like most people I know are blue every Monday lol!

  274. chocolatevenus says:

    Hi ya ladies and gents! just checking in and see how things are going!

    I must admit, you ladies do live interesting lives and all you students make me want to get back into education. Been thinking about going to do bookeeping/accounts, but it is difficult to get the financial support and work at the same time (I am in the UK). Need a SD to help me out, thats what keep me hoping! LOL

    Do you know in the UK today is know as Blue Monday – It is is the day when most people are depressed about life – so I need some major cheering up! LOL!

  275. BlkButtafly~264118~ says:

    Bye Yasmine!

  276. lisa says:

    still no maintanance men. I”m going to try to rest a little as I am getting a little bored being cooped up.


  277. Spanish Vixen says:

    bye Yasmine!

  278. lisa says:

    Have a good evening at work Yasmine.

  279. Yasmine says:

    Hi V!
    Ok ladies i am off to work 🙂
    I dont want to be here when Sam reads this looool ( creepy sbs)
    Bye everybody
    I should be back home around 11

  280. Atlantian says:

    V, if you do not know Sam, then you cannot know anything. lol

  281. lisa says:

    Good afternoon

  282. V says:

    aaww…I feel so welcome! (blushing furiously)
    you guys/gals sem like such a lively bunch. Everyone’s making plans and getting la*d. nice.

    Dish, ladies…who is Sam??!!

  283. jasmine says:

    Hello everyone good afternoon!

  284. lisa says:

    creepysugarbaby lol

    maybe we should view and add guys to our favorites but not contact them or just send them an email “Hey” or “you’re hot”

  285. Yasmine says:

    Ahahaha Kitty now we just sound creepy oh Lord

  286. lisa says:

    kitty I wouldn’t want to do that, these guys are not exactly top class, and you never know what they are going to do. There are too many dangerous people here so you never know who they know. There have been incidents in this city where maintanance men have sexually assaulted tenants, not here, but at a couple apartments. I keep a very low profile here.

  287. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    haha it can be the SASSAA
    (seeking arrangement’s sam’s secret admirers association)

  288. lisa says:

    Haha the squirrel that lives in my roof eave just ran by with a big piece of aluminum foil, wonder what’s he’s going to do with it. I guess there must be some meat or something stuck to from when my neighbors were barbecuing, they just dump their charcoal and junk all over the porch

  289. Yasmine says:

    Wow Lisa they are still not there??? That sucks…

  290. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    AWW~ Let’s let the sunshine back into the blog
    Maybe you should make the repairman visit more fun by dressing all sexy like nothing but a man’s dress shirt and just tease them. They might be disgusting, it is still funny to watch men drool though.

  291. Yasmine says:

    Lol Kitty I am sure your spell would have worked. Welcome to the club! SSA ( Sam’s Secret Admirers) Loooool

  292. lisa says:

    we were doing our usual complaining and talkng about weather. lol
    come on repair guys

  293. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Hey ladies…
    just back from a meeting with a client. So basically, they wanted all of our premium services for next to nothing. They want us to be their little slaves so they can be unloyal and pay us next to nothing. *sigh*
    So what did I miss?

    ~ I speak japanese, Cantonese, English and Elementary school level French. And a lot fo filthy words in Dutch. I would LOVE to learn Italian and Spanish…
    ~It’s been snowing here all day too.
    ~Bettie and I tried to meet Sam, but the scheduling just didn’t work out. I had a plan to charm the hell outta him and cast a love spell on him.. alas.. didn’t work out.

  294. lisa says:

    also they want me to write a letter for them on why we need new washing machines. They are collecting letters, you would think that management could see that the laundryrooms need to be reopened with new working machines. They wanted me to give it to them today, they will have to wait because i’m not in the mood to look for a sheet of paper and do not like to handwrite.

  295. lisa says:

    still waiting for the repair men, sigh

    this sucks, I could be at the mall right now drinking a latte
    well if they don’t come today they will just have to wait till next week as I have plans for friday and i’m not sitting home waiting for them. my downstairs neighbors are grouchy because they don’t understand that some of us have to work, they sit around all day and collect welfare, someone has to pay taxes so they can sit and stop up the plumbing.
    friday I have to go toiletry shopping and try to find that silly digital box that is out of stuck everywhere it seems, well the one that isn’t expensive.

  296. Yasmine says:

    Thanks Lisa! 🙂

  297. lisa says:

    I’m sending mr sunshine sd to melt the snow for you

  298. Yasmine says:

    LOL SV i might do just that!

  299. bri says:

    I was considering rosetta stone too but I don’t know, my brain just seems to pick up languages really easily so I don’t think I will end up needing it.

    I have to work until five too 🙁 Snow! It’s currently like 70 degrees and overcast outside..supposed to rain on Wednesday.

    I went hiking on Sunday and slipped and fell into a river and my butt is so sore! It hurts from sitting for the last 4 hours, and I have 5 more to go!!!

  300. lisa says:

    sorry about the weather Yasmine, it’s a beautiful sunny day in Texas, too bad I’m stuck inside.

  301. Spanish Vixen says:

    Yasmine: just dive in and swim to work! 😀

  302. Yasmine says:

    Ugh i have to work at 5pm and it is snowing pretty hard outside 🙁

  303. Spanish Vixen says:

    My brother got the rosetta stone thing for Russian and he’s nearly fluent now. He said he loved it 🙂

  304. Atlantian says:

    I’m just going to learn Spanish after I become fluent in French.
    I can speak/write enough French to get by, but I want to be more conversational and to comprehend more.

    I’m teaching myself Farsi, too. Then I’ll have a head start for next semester!
    Maybe I’ll get Rosetta Stone one day. Anyone tried it before? It’s way too expensive to not work. But how long is it supposed to take?

  305. Spanish Vixen says:

    awww Blk 🙁

    I can read italian, understand portuguese if it’s spoken slowly… hehe

  306. lisa says:

    Thanks Yasmine

    I speak and understand some spanish, I grew up in a highly spanish speaking population and can understand most of it and my stepdad is Mexican but born in the US. I took French is highschool but we didn’t learn much so I had problems when I visited France. Luckily everyone seemed to speak English.
    Darn those maintanance people, why don’t they hurry up and get it over with.

    I just got off the phone with a friend that is trying to meet a sd too. She is married and planning to end her marriage as soon as her twins graduate which is this year. She isn’t having much luck. She is using a non sd sight though , that madison one, and she met a guy who almost assaulted her. She was careless though to get in his car, he pulled a knife on her but she got out, she’s a tough girl. Scary though.

  307. BlkButtafly~264118~ says:

    But I can read French perfectly and you’d swear I knew exactly what I was reading everytime lol but my French messed up my Spanish so now if I try to read Spanish I end up speaking it with a French accent *sigh* my poor brain 🙂

  308. Yasmine says:

    Oooooooh dying for the love of Sam…NC will be my thoughest competition lol he is just too adorable.

  309. Yasmine says:

    Hi Lisa i saw your profile the other day! Loved that top in the second picture 🙂

  310. BlkButtafly~264118~ says:

    Hey Bri! How are you doing, girl? I forgot to contribute to the language conversation tangent also lol I took Spanish for like 3 years in high school but I haven’t really used it since though I used it to teach myself French. But I don’t use French anymore either! LOL!

  311. Spanish Vixen says:

    I speak Spanish and Catalan fluently. Thinking about learning french 🙂

  312. Yasmine says:

    Yes i just loooove listenning to people speaking Japanese or Italian. ( Is that why i get sooo many emails from italian SDs? lol )

  313. lisa says:

    Hi everyone, hooked up the laptop for awhile, still waiting on repair men, well if they don’t show up today you can be sure I’m not sitting home all day friday for them, gotta do everything I can’t do today.
    My mom just stopped by and brought me some more Ike hurricane food packs so I’m eating compressed pound cake, very interesting, lol

    I am chatting a little with the refuse guy but he I guess he is offline now. sounds ok but doesn’t answer any of my questions and actually he is from Georgia, hope he’s not that fake guy, lol and he isn’t actually in my city, about 100 miles away, why do guys always say they are here, 100 miles away is not in my area and I cannot drive to meet anyone. Can’t giving driving directions either, I know where I live and where the mall and work is and that’s about all. lol One thing that that bothered me is that he and his crew stay at a ramada express or something.

  314. BlkButtafly~264118~ says:

    LOL Yasmine! If he isn’t now, he will later 🙂

  315. bri says:

    hello 🙂

    yasmine/atlantian: me three! i speak french/spanish fluently and am teaching myself farsi (the persian language) and can speak a decent amount of italian and understant portuguese… it’s such an amazing skill to have. japanese would be awesome as would arabic. difficult though as they bear no resemblance to the romance languages i already know…

    how is everyone??

  316. Spanish Vixen says:

    Sam’s probably thinking we’re all creepy!

    Ooooh tattoo’s. There’s several I want, but living at home it’s a no-no still. I’ve had my ears pierced since I was like 1 so…

  317. Yasmine says:

    LOL Sam is probably reading this laughing out loud and calling us crazy looool

  318. Yasmine says:

    Black Buttafly i dont have any tattoos or piercings but i think a small one wouldnt hurt…You should try anyways..

  319. BlkButtafly~264118~ says:

    ha! You and your bromances, NC Gent.

  320. Spanish Vixen says:

    Bromance. That’s so hot. NC, you better send pictures!

  321. Yasmine says:

    OOOh Atlantian i love languages too! I took spanish in high school and although i can’t speak spanish fluently i totally understand every word when someone else speaks it. I wish i could learn Japanese or Italian…..

  322. Yasmine says:

    Ahahahah I love you too NC you are soooo funny!!! Trop drole!
    I think you would make a wonderful SB! 🙂

  323. BlkButtafly~264118~ says:

    No I can’t. I have tattoos.

  324. Atlantian says:

    Aww thanks, girls! I’m studying Broadcast News as my major and French as my minor. But I’m thinking of taking Arabic or Persian. I just really like languages, lol.

    I actually found this amazing site where I can rent textbooks for the semester! It’s like netflix, but for books! haha. Great concept. I’m using it next semester, most definitely.

  325. NC Gentleman says:

    Sam is sooo hot I want him as my SD too! Do you ladies think I would make a good SB??? I smell a bromance lol

  326. Yasmine says:

    OOPS i meant why do you say that..

  327. Yasmine says:

    Why do you say Black Buttafly??!! I saw your profile and you are gorgeous!! You should def email him and i’ll just be the creepy secret admirer loool

  328. BlkButtafly~264118~ says:

    LOL @ Yasmine! I felt the same way but I asked what he thought of my profile instead 🙂 *sigh* plus I already know I’m not his type.

  329. Yasmine says:

    Lol Kitty they probably do..

  330. Spanish Vixen says:

    Kitty: this is gonna be a fight to the death, no? We’ll decapitate each other in the ditch…and the guy will stand by wondering what just happened. He’s just SOO dreamy *drool*

  331. BlkButtafly~264118~ says:

    Yea SV I have to say moving out is at the top of my want list for now. My bills for now are like around a $1,000 and I cover that pretty well…..and ugh creepy $7k to be his slave? No thanx! I had a potential want to meet me in a park somewhere. That was such a red flag for me!

  332. Yasmine says:

    Yes Kitty i saw his profile once but when i was done reading it, i thought, ” oh no he’ll NEVER reply to any of my messages” lol so i never emailed him….Kinda like a secret admirer LOL

  333. ~*Kittylainy*~ says:

    I wonder if SDs sit around and laugh at the msgs we send them and call us creepy.

  334. ~*Kittylainy*~ says:

    Yasmin: me too~ But he’s probably in such high demand…. haha have you seen his profile?

    Atlantian: that’s just as, if not, creepier.

    SV: oo no you don’t. He’s so all mine!! You’ll have to fight me for someone THAT perfect.

  335. Spanish Vixen says:

    GO ATLANTIAN! I’m jealous of your scholarships. I lost mine my freshman year because I was retarded. So now the bank of mommy and daddy pays for it…and then I get to pay it all back when I have a job!

  336. ~*Kittylainy*~ says:

    Atlantian: OF COURSE IT IS!!!! Even I am proud of you for getting a whole bunch of scholarships! KEep at it girl, it is definately worth it. Regarding textbooks, I used to scam them from people who have studied my course before. Or when I was going online class, I go into the actual classroom at the college and make friends with people, borrow their textbook for photocopying a page, and never return. If you know for a fact the textbook won’t be used much, they’re probably available at the library.
    What are you studying?

  337. Yasmine says:

    Shhhhhhh don’t tell him

  338. Yasmine says:

    Hey everyone
    I havent had a chance to comment on the blog last weekend because i worked a lot but i enjoyed reading all the posts this morning.
    I think i have a crush on Sam 🙂

  339. Spanish Vixen says:

    Kitty: PERFECT arrangement for me! I’ve been looking for a guy like him forever! /sarcasm

  340. Atlantian says:

    no no, he’s like “you’re gorgeous, give me your yahoo s/n. A sugar daddy will be your best present.”

    I’m like….I don’t have a yahoo s/n….so I said that with no response. Like a week later, the EXACT same message comes back from him.

    I blocked him. No time to waste deleting those again lol.

  341. ~*Kittylainy*~ says:

    HAHA, that sounds like a “found-in-ditch-decapitated-a-week-later” type arrangement. Sexy…

  342. Atlantian says:

    I got enough money through scholarships to pay for school without much money from my parents, but with taking so many hours means more money spent on books. And that’s always a bummer. It’s just ridiculous how much people charge for textbooks that I’ll rarely use. Then at the end of the semester I get $50 for them. lol epic fail.

    But I have an easy campus job not doing much more than being an assistant really. As long as it’s not with food services, I’m good. lol.
    Makes my parents proud, so I’m happy. lol.

    All I know is…college better be worth all this. haha.

  343. Spanish Vixen says:

    Atlantian, is he offering you like 7k to pretty much be his slave? Yea..I got that one

  344. ~*Kittylainy*~ says:

    Well doesn’t living on campus the best of both worlds, some Parents’ financial assitance AND some freedom.

  345. Atlantian says:

    Lisa, does this garbage man actually work with the garbage?
    I think if you can be his friend, then you could become attracted to him. I know that I always end up falling for a friend or vice versa, but usually they just stay friends. I say give the garbage man a chance! Especially if he’s hot! lol

    Are any other Georgia girls getting creeper mail from this “SD” from Savannah. He’s a total fake. Block him. lol

  346. Spanish Vixen says:

    when I lived on campus parents paid my rent and tuition. everything else was me. Granted I’m back at home now because I was afraid of one of my roommates…but moving out again is definitely in the front of my mind

  347. BlkButtafly~264118~ says:

    Oh and sorry hooray for you sweetred! And Lisa my curiosity probably would have gotten the best of me! Lol

  348. ~*Kittylainy*~ says:

    Atlantian: ya, living on campus does suck sometimes because of its limitations. ya, there’s normally only so much a parent forks over… that’s where SDs come in haha…

  349. ~*Kittylainy*~ says:

    blkbuttafly: I think I am going to keep the situation the way it is right now, I am going to continue pushing the shopping issue though. I think I am going to suggest going shopping in Yorkville soon 🙂

  350. Atlantian says:

    haha That’s a nice response kittylainy!
    Yeah, being a student is nice and all. Except when you have to live in prison cells. I’m living in a residence hall with bigger rooms next year for our French Language Community, but I really want to get an apartment. Living on campus is only nice because you’re by everything. Which, admittedly, is not a bad reason at all.

    But my parents still pay for all the important stuff, but after $500 on books, I don’t think they’ll be happy with my request for much else besides food and hair appts. haha.

  351. BlkButtafly~264118~ says:

    Kitty: Just love that answer! But what are we gonna do about your situation? That is unless you do just want to keep on with the traveling and if it develops further then let it do so whenever.

  352. ~*Kittylainy*~ says:

    BLKBUTTAFLY: Give him a range. eg) between 1k-3k. I told a potential that and I siad I came up with that number because 1 k a month is the minimum I spend on keeping myself immaculate a month and I say 3K because it would just make me absolutely perfect. He loved the answer.

  353. ~*Kittylainy*~ says:

    Lisa: maybe he needed time to think of something good to write. I often wait a day or two before I send a reply back too. have fun with the maintenance guys.

  354. BlkButtafly~264118~ says:

    Yes I agree. It just makes so much sense that way. Hmmm what to do….

  355. lisa says:

    I would have given him a second chance but my intuation made me feel that the user name he chose meant he would be very touchy feely if you knw what I mean. I’m usually right about these things.

    Sweetredhead, if he had the time to read my mail, he had the time to send a reply but he didn’t and he had logged on several times since then.

    Wow my bills are 800 a month cause I live lowbudget. could use some shopping and savings though.

    Gotta go now, maintanance should be coming in, gotta hide my computer.

    Have a great afternoon

  356. ~*Kittylainy*~ says:

    blkbuttafly: I constantly feel like I should categorize what this relationship with him is… and I think whenever I do that, I limit the relationship’s worth. I love it when pot. are the first to ask about what I expect, sets a presidence of the openness of the relationship.

  357. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I am off to the Chiropractors and get a massage. My day to relax 🙂

  358. ~*Kittylainy*~ says:

    SV: ??!! $150 a month in bills.. I miss those days… My rent/bills alone are $2000 a month. Maybe I should move back home. haha SV Enjoy your youth. 1K a month is pretty reasonable I think. it leaves you 850 a month to do whatever you want.

  359. BlkButtafly~264118~ says:

    Yea Kitty only you can decide what you want out of your arrangement. I’m a little stuck on that myself right now. A potential just sent an email saying he’s looking forward to knowing what my expectations are (and to get to know me better also).

  360. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Lisa the men here are very busy and professional men. A lot are here because they work a ot of hours and don’t have a lot of time. Part of being an SB is understanding that. When they do have time, we make it the best we can for them. there are sometimes I myself can not get to my email, and I am not running a company.

  361. Spanish Vixen says:

    Also, very random, but I think SA should hold a contest for those of us who can design to redesign the blog to be way more aesthetic. Or is it just me?

  362. Spanish Vixen says:

    @kitty: I’ve been averaging about 1k a month. May not be enough for people who live on their own, but my bills rack up a total of like…$150 a month

  363. Atlantian says:

    Lisa, I think you should have at least read the second message even if it could have been another dud. Some guys still have fraternity boy mentality when it comes to these things and don’t know how to talk to a woman.
    He might have been profusely apologizing, who knows? I emailed one guy and he didn’t respond for two days, but when he did, it was a really nice, thought out letter, but because of distance nothing could happen, so we ended on amicable terms.
    All I’m saying is, give a guy a chance. If you aren’t getting a lot of emails, take advantage of the ones who reply and see where it might go.

  364. sweetredhead269443 says:

    EXACTLY!! Spanish Vixen. nicely put. Everyone needs to be comfortable with who they are and what they want. What I may agree to may not be something someone else would. We are all our own person and so is each arrangement. Its between your SD and yourself.

  365. ~*Kittylainy*~ says:

    SV: you’re a student right? How much allowance have you been recieving?

  366. ~*Kittylainy*~ says:

    LISA: I think didferent SB ask for different things. I have a salaried, fairly well paying job and a company car. I just need the little luxuries in life. On the downside though. I cannot request certain days off to coordinate with SD schedules. Why didn’t I find this site when I was in University? That would’ve been so perfect, I had so much flexible free time. and could travel whenever, because as long as there isn’t an exam, the worst is missing a class.

  367. Spanish Vixen says:

    Kitty, you have to do what you’re comfortable with. You can’t let anyone tell YOU what you want the relationship to be 🙂

  368. lisa says:

    kitty if you have the time to travel and it doesn’t affect your paycheck, that’s fine as long as it makes you happy. Traveling is alot of fun but for me, I would have to take unpaid time off work, risk being fired cause they need me to be at work, and I wouldn’t have enough money to pay me rent, so when I came home from traveling, I would be out on the street.

    Kind of reminds me when I had those 2 shopping trips with sds back when I was outa work. I had fun shopping for clothes and stuff, but when I got home I had an empty fridge and went hungry over the next few days till I could get to the food pantry. Cash would have done me better, I could have shopped longer and got better deals and picked up some groceries too.

  369. ~*Kittylainy*~ says:

    Lisa: oo I see what you mean…. I think I am the same way, I like sophisticated, classy men.

  370. ~*Kittylainy*~ says:

    SV, Lisa: I see what both of you mean. Now ths leaves me at a dillema. I enjoy time spent with him and he isn’t cheap, like he spent over 2000 on this weekend trip. (I suggested the trip and he just agreed) HoW do I put an ultimatum on him when he just spent that much on me? We’ve only started seeing each other the beginning of this year. You know what, if he takes me on a extravegant trip once a month, I will be happy. So let’s just leave it at that for now. no need to stir things up just for the correct labelling.

  371. lisa says:

    I would prefer an allowance to because I could get more, you know how it is , when you hold the money in your hand, you shop more carefully and you can spend all the time you want shopping, which men don’t understand. lol

    I wouldn’t want a guy who just paid for travel, as I love to travel but I really need financial help becaue how could I pay my bills if I was always traveling.

  372. lisa says:

    Good luck to you sweetredhead

    kitty, gross business is refuse(another word for garbage) clearing, a necessary business but not exactly a turn on to me, so I’m not sure about this. You know I could be a friend to someone like that, cause after all i’m lowclass myself, so it seems, but I just couldn’t find myself attracted to someone like that i dont’ think, that is without they put on a nice shirt and tie and had nice hands, and were very well groomed as I dont’ go for the rough look

  373. Spanish Vixen says:

    Good luck sweet!

    @lisa: I agree. But also, not all of my SD’s buy me things. Most give me an allowance. They would buy me clothes, but I have a habit of being picky, so I would seriously just prefer to just go get what I want 😀

  374. ~*Kittylainy*~ says:

    YAY!! Congrats redhead!! GOOD LUCK GOOD LUCK!! hope they call you soon for second interview!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lisa: hm.. guess I don’t have a SD then… I don’t think he’s a bf either… not really a user cuz he shouts a lot of money to impress me. (the entire niagara trip was at his expense. I didn’t open my wallet once.) So perhaps he’s just a fwb??? OO NO!!!

  375. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Interview went well, they are calling to set up the second with the person who actually does the hiring. The interviewer said she would put me at the top of the list. I was exactly what they were looking for. So hopefully 🙂

  376. ~*Kittylainy*~ says:

    what do you mean “gross sounding business?” lol

  377. lisa says:

    If he doesn’t give you money or buy you alot of things he is either a regular boyfriend or a user, both of which I am tired of, thus I joined this site. A man who buys lunch is not a sd, he is a gentleman but not a sd

  378. ~*Kittylainy*~ says:

    OO I see!

  379. lisa says:

    I sent a very nice reply to the first one and he read it right away but didn’t answer so I sent him another one today and he replied, I deleted. I didn’t like his user name and he sent me a two word message wanting my IM address, and those types usually only want to IM anyone who is online. His user names gives me the impression that his conversation would be sexual from the start.
    I am chatting with the other one but he just doesn’t sound very classy, gross sounding business, so I don’t know.

  380. ~*Kittylainy*~ says:

    If a SD doesn’t buy you much and doesn’t give you money.. that really doesn’t make them a SD right?
    ———-maybe my SD isn’t really a SD.

  381. ~*Kittylainy*~ says:

    Lisa, why are you not replying these pot SDs? did I miss something negative about them? You should give them a try, maybe they’re really nice gentleman and be able to show you a really good time

  382. ~*Kittylainy*~ says:

    Lisa, why are you not replying these pot SDs? did I miss something negative about them? You should give them a try, maybe they’re really nice gentleman and be able to show you a really good time

  383. lisa says:

    nawtione, you should have brought up the arrangement before getting intimate. Some may disagree wth me but if he is avoiding the subject but ready to be intimate, he might not be looking to be a sd, and I would feel used if I was in the situation, and at the least in dating situation, not a sd situation which is what this site is about.

  384. lisa says:

    I’m not really into facebook or myspace, I have a myspace but I only created it when I moved out and needed to commincate with my daughter since she never reads her email, lol

    I don’t mind spending quiet time at home but with these creepy men coming whenever, I doubt they will show up on time and they make me uncomfortable, they are not professional plumbers, most likely illegals since they speak broken English, not pleasant to be alone with them. Also I need to hide my laptop before they come in as I don’t trust anyone here, you never know when they might come in a rob me, the time I was robbed at gunpoint, my neighbors had something to do with it so I don’t trust anyone here. lol

    I just wanted to go to starbucks and have a latte and spend some time with my parents and daughter whom I seldom see. It’s such a nice day to go out.

  385. SuthrnExec says:

    nawtione, I would broach the subject in whatever way works depending on the chemistry that you guys have. It needs to get out in the open or it will begin affecting your relationship.

  386. Spanish Vixen says:

    @lisa….. <3? I love you!

    Spend your boring home time online with us! I just keep repeatedly updating my facebook. one of my fish is trying to get at an empty whiskey bottle I have next to his tank. hehe

    Yes, this is what I’m doing instead of studying. I can be such a slacker sometimes.

  387. BlkButtafly~264118~ says:

    ugh sorry I meant with

  388. lisa says:

    I’m back from washing. now sitting around waiting. I wish they would come earlier so that I could get out a little but they won’t. I had planned on meeting my parents for lunch this afternoon and then meeting my daughter when she gets off work but I will be here with these creepy repair men (one of them tried to ask me out when he came in to fix my sink, so I’m very uncomfortable around them as I am not looking to hook up with a minimum wage guy, lol, even if he is like 20 years old. I just want to relax but I will be cleaning up a mess like last time they were in here, why can’t men clean up their messes?
    so here I sit , wasting a beautiful sunny day, I don’t know why they can’t just fix it while i’m out.

    I just got a response email to that guy whom I sent a second response message to, I didn’t even read it,just hit delete, lol I just felt like being a b**** today, I hate IM emails.
    Plus I got another message but I don’t know because it’s one of those guys that will be in town for a while doing some work.

  389. BlkButtafly~264118~ says:

    Sam, how long had you been wit your SB before you purchased a condominium for her???

  390. BlkButtafly~264118~ says:

    oops I meant my iPhone….darn little letters and predictive text!….and @nawti: well that definitely shows you are a true SB and not in it for the money lol but personally I would have inquired by the 2nd date or so. Just kind of remind him of what site you met each other on. If it helps, go back to look at his profile again (that was the 1st way of knowing a bit about each other) and kindly and ever so sweetly 😉 remind him of what he said in it. And girl if you really like him but he won’t budge, give him an ultimatum if the SD/SB arrangement is all you truly seek.

  391. Spanish Vixen says:

    I can check facebook from my phone too! lol. I’m considering getting the prada phone in march when my contract is up, so hopefully it can check facebook too. I’m seriously ALWAYS on!!

    @kitty: Yes, adobe is definitely the best. I totally have the master collection on my computer right now :). But it’s CS3. From what I’ve heard CS4 didn’t even change all that much, so I don’t know if I’m even going to bother downlo—getting someone to buy it for me.

  392. Atlantian says:

    Yeah I have Facebook on my Palm and iPod Touch. I need to stop, lol.

    I agree with ventura, nawtione. Look up some advice from previous blogs. It helped me out, and I’m sure most anyone would agree.
    I definitely think you shouldn’t have waited until the third date, but as long as he treats you like a princess, and you know he’s not a fake, then I wouldn’t worry too much. Just bring it up, or, like kittylainy said, ask for things.

  393. BlkButtafly says:

    My 2 cents: I’m a facebook addict too! I’m on it right now on by iPhone!

  394. venturaNewSD says:

    nawtione: looking at this blog archives, it seems like the arrangement should have been done before the first date.. or at the worst, before the second..

  395. ~*Kittylainy*~ says:

    Naw: Difficult issue, I have problem bringing the issue up too, because we don’t want to seem greedy. Are you looking for a set allowance amount? Is so, just presume that he knows and send him an invoice… haha j/k
    I would just find an appropriate time, like while just relaxing or during dinner and ask him about setting an arrangement because you see this as long term. If not, jsut start asking for things. good luck

    sv: I am an adobe addict I have the lastest version of all their softwares… love it (mainly cuz I’m in marketing) I don’t do much webdesign anymore because of time.. and well not much to make sites on.. I do have a blog tho. I have facebook on my Blackberry.. let’s leave it at that.

  396. Spanish Vixen says:

    @naw: I normally ask before we meet. I keep it kind of open, but I bring up the “what sort of arrangement are you looking for?” question. If he’s on this site, he should know what this is all about

    @kitty: nerdiness wins!!! I spend too many days in photoshop and dreamweaver…and then juggle facebook in there somewhere too lol. Does anyone else have the facebook addiction going on? Because I totally caught it…4 years ago. lol

  397. nawtione says:

    A question for the group… Not pertaining to this topic, but I need the advice of others as I am new to this. I have met with a gentleman from the site on 3 occasions now, but he has yet to bring up anything about an arrangement. I don’t want to seem greedy in asking, but without that part it just feels like we are dating. How do I ask this tactfully, without appearing as greedy? (yes, we have been intimate, but it was my choice too). Any help would be great. Also, any SD who can tell me if after 3 ‘dates’ I am ok with asking about this. HELP! (I will be seeing him again Wednesday.) Thank you!

  398. ~*Kittylainy*~ says:

    SV: I did webdesign when I was younger too!
    *highfive for nerdiness*

  399. ~*Kittylainy*~ says:

    thank you for reminding me.. I have been busy working on starting a small business for myself. I need to register the business and get a GST #~ frustrating

  400. Spanish Vixen says:

    I WAS actually going to set up an LLC for myself…because I actually do web design and development (oh no, the nerdy SV comes out) but I just haven’t had the means to do it yet. hehe. But that’s a good idea, sam!

  401. ~*Kittylainy*~ says:

    THat is complex!

  402. Sam says:

    Another note on reserving money to pay an SB, I’ve been lucky that it’s straightforward for me (as long as the SB can accept a wire transfer.) But there was an interesting set of issues in having overseas SB, because overseas transfers are more heavily scrutinized by authorities. Also when I purchased a condominium overseas for an SB, well, that was a huge headache. Making those arrangements was incredibly complex; in fact it led me to have an arrangement with an overseas SD to net out our contributions to each other’s SB.

  403. Sam says:

    On the stipend: I see it as the SB need. As long as she is generally available on my schedule it is only my limitation that I can’t see her much. Therefore I think I should pay the entire stipend even if I don’t see her that month, again, assuming it is my schedule limitation not hers. Since I would require an SB to have flexibility in her schedule for me, it will almost always be my limitation. I believe the SB has to be able to count on the stipend steadily.

  404. ~*Kittylainy*~ says:

    SAM: very good idea for SB to set up a LLC business and be paid as contractors… like graphic design or website maintenance. Then, would the SB have to start paying taxes???

  405. Sam says:

    VenturaNewSD, sorry I don’t have much to add by way of how to manage the money. If you have your own company it should be easy to set up a separate account. If you are salaried doing direct deposit it must be more difficult. Perhaps you need to establish a club membership, a personal development seminar, or a personal trainer excuse to write regular checks.

    It is unfortunate that very few SB are savvy about setting up their own DBA or LLC businesses through which they can be paid as contractors. It is the most above board approach particularly in this day and age where financial transactions are scrutinized for terrorist or RICO implications.

  406. SuthrnExec says:

    Make the best of it Lisa – things could always be a lot worse!

  407. Spanish Vixen says:

    @NC thank you! I’m def keeping my options open and playing the field, but at the moment he comes first. 🙂

  408. Spanish Vixen says:

    @Kitty: that makes sense. He’s married with kids, and says that he shouldn’t have control over what I do with my life. Mostly we’re just having fun, which is cool. Hoping to get together with him this week :). If he asks for exclusivity, I’ll probably agree to it. Mostly because he does make it worth my while…in every sense!

    apart from that…I’m still waking up (lazy, I know) and I have to study today. How much failure is that 🙁

  409. NC Gentleman says:

    Hi SV — I had an exclusive arrangement with an SB, but not until we knew each other a while. I would recommend keeping your options open until you are really certain. SB/SD arrangements can become messed up for a number of reasons 🙂

    Best wishes though — it sounds like you may have a keeper though 🙂

  410. lisa says:

    🙁 so much for my day, it’s getting off to a bad start. on the way back from taking out the trash the office manager called me and they are coming in to tear out my closet wall to fix the downstairs peoples pipes or something. I had planned on going out and enjoying my day off, now I am stuck here all day. I’m going to was now, so that will take 2 hours and they are coming at 12;30 so I am not going to get to go anywhere 🙁 there workers work like turtles, it took them almost an hour to fix my faucett so I presume this will take all afternoon and what a mess I will have to clean up, I had not planned on having to take everything out of my closet today.
    I gotta go now, I was really looking forward to my day off, now it’s ruined and I have to work all the rest of the week.

  411. ~*Kittylainy*~ says:

    Lisa: Perhaps… he isn’t a looker anyways

    SV: aww.. you missed out on sushi.. I missed a sushi lunch yesterday too. I absolutely LOVE sushi! SD and I have decided that we’re not going to be exclusive. IE: we can date other people. He did say though that he doesn’t want either of us to be “sleeping around” which I just took as in we’re not going to randomly sleep with anyone we date. We’ve only been for less than a month, so we don’t feel there is a need for exclusivity.

  412. Spanish Vixen says:

    Good morning all!

    So I was supposed to go out for lunch to this nice sushi place with a guy today, but my mom is coming back into town earlier than I thought, so I had to cancel. Major fail. I’m kind of considering stopping the “other dates” since I do have my one SD, but he’s been out of town for nearly a week now, and we had also spoken about exclusivity and decided that we would do as we pleased until we decided we wanted exclusivity. Does anyone else do it this way?

  413. lisa says:

    He would probably disappear if you did, lol
    I sent a email to that guy who wanted to IM and told him it was rude of him not to write back, I just felt like doing it, I’m sick of guys who just want to chat at that moment. lol
    Gotta get going now, time to take out the trash and go to the laundrette.

    Have a great day, talk to you guys later

  414. ~*Kittylainy*~ says:

    AHH.. would you look at that… my premium expired over the weekend. And I am not going to upgrade again until I have new pics… but.. I have had 2 new e-mails since I have downgraded. ONE IS FROM HOUSTON! Should I send him your way Lisa?

  415. BlkButtafly says:

    Oh Jenn idk if you were talking to me or not but no I’m in Jacksonville not Miami…unfortunately lol

  416. BlkButtafly says:

    Oops! I meant Gent of course…

  417. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Kitty… thank you!!! time to go play video games with the little one.
    I will be back on later after my walk..

    NC taking things slow and it is working!!

  418. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone. slept late today. Gotta take a shower now and get started. A beautiful sunny day here.

  419. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    NC Gent.. Welcome back from your trip.. Glad to see you made it back safe and sound. We all have missed you.

  420. BlkButtafly says:

    Awwwwwwwwww, NC Genr! Absolutely fabulous!

  421. ~*Kittylainy*~ says:

    Jen: *hugs* it’s ok… at least you found out now before putting more energy/effort into it. And I am sure there’s a better one lurking around the corner!

    NC: aww… that’s amazing.. I am so glad you two had such a fantastic time… I said it before and I will say it again…. I am so jealous!! I MISS EUROPE!

  422. NC Gentleman says:

    Hello all — I am slowly recovering from the jet lag and my trip to Europe.

    It was a fabulous but exhausting time. Given the age difference between SweetEuro and I, it could have been a complete disaster. But alas, she is a spectacular young lady – sweet, mature, polite, gorgeous, intelligent and a lot of fun.

    The best moment happened in Bruges. We had woken up that morning about 5 am and flew from Copenhagen to Brussels and then drove to Bruges. I had meetings all afternoon, and SweetEuro went shopping/sightseeing. We had a dinner meeting that evening with business associates, so we met back at the hotel at about 5:30 pm — I was completely exhausted and was not looking forward to the evening…. but when I opened the door, there was a smiling gorgeous young lady in a little black dress sitting next to the fireplace in this splendid, historical hotel room (14 foot ceilings, etc). I was completely re-energized and we had a fantastic dinner date that evening. That evening alone made the entire adventure worthwhile.

    I hope that I am fortunate enough to travel again with her in the future.

  423. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Are you in Miami?

  424. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Thanks Blkbuttafly.. yes there still are jerks in this world.

  425. BlkButtafly says:

    awww Jenn 🙁 that’s ok. Here’s to a better one around the next corner! *raising coffee mug*

  426. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    SweetRed… best of luck today on your interview.

  427. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Good morning to everyone..

    Well the pot. SD is a dud… just wanted a piece of a**, for only 250 each time.
    told him to call an escort service. I knew it was to good to be true.

  428. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Relaxation techniques, massage, specialize in multiple postilions LMAO!!!

  429. ~*Kittylainy*~ says:

    Haha~ what would you put in your responsibilities? lol…
    *tangents off to naughty thoughts

  430. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Thanks! Do you think part time SB will look good in my references? lmao

  431. ~*Kittylainy*~ says:

    AHA well good luck! I am sure you will do great in your interview.

  432. BlkButtafly says:

    awesome, sweetred!

  433. sweetredhead269443 says:

    yes 🙂 what I do. managing Doctors offices.

  434. ~*Kittylainy*~ says:

    Redhead: is it also for an office manager position?

  435. Gail says:

    Morning All….It’s coffee first:) and then off to work. For those of you on the blog during the day…give me something to smile and laugh about when I get home:) Ooooh short week…I love it!!!! Only three more wake-ups!!!!!

    Greetings New SD Ventura…we really appreciate all of your thinking in taking care of a SB….we deserve it:) It’s gonna be that piece of heaven you have been dreaming about….(smile)

    (okay ladies no piece comments , just trying to communicate my thoughts this morning….NEED COFFEE…AND I am going to sip right about NOW:)


  436. ~*Kittylainy*~ says:

    I like Lil Wayne’s music.. even though they’re all the same beat.. (well most of them at least) but man are they ever catchy and dance-able 🙂 🙂

    redhead: GOOD LUCK!!!

  437. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I have another job interview today. Doctors office’s don’t close today either.

  438. BlkButtafly says:

    Lil Wayne and Babyface…I forget the title but I assume it’s Comfortable or something to that effect.

  439. BlkButtafly says:

    Yea Kitty our office goes by the 6 mandatory holidays. Eh oh well I guess

  440. ~*Kittylainy*~ says:

    WHO’S IT BY? title? sounds familiar

  441. BlkButtafly says:

    Reminds me of a song I’m listening to right now. The chorus goes:
    I’m not sayin this to shake you up
    I’m just sayin this to wake you up
    It’s all good when we’re makin love
    All I ask is don’t take our love
    For granted
    Cuz granted
    My love for you is real
    But if you don’t love me somebody else will
    So baby girl don’t you
    Get too

  442. ~*Kittylainy*~ says:

    blkbuttafly: aww… poor you!!! that’s worst than not having a long weekend.. knowing that everyone doesn’t have to work except you.

  443. BlkButtafly says:

    Good morn, Kitty! Unfortunately I’m one of the Americans that has to work today 🙁

  444. ~*Kittylainy*~ says:

    Redhead: I agree. A relationship takes work and as soon as you start taking it for granted… uhoh.

  445. ~*Kittylainy*~ says:

    Good Morning everyone.
    Happy Martin Luther King day! Lucky you Americans have a long weekend. We need one in January too.
    V: welcome back! I lvoe the way you tell your stories 🙂
    venturaNewSD: Like most people already said, it is works for you and the SB: Some SDs only want to give a certain amount of allowance for the set amout of days they meet a month. Some give a portion of the allowance each time they meet, so if they don’t meet, she doesn’t get anything. Some just help pay their SB bills like rent, bills credit card balance etc. I think pre-paid credit card is a good idea, as well as dealing with paypal to send money, because paypal can be used to pay for so many different things.

    I feel extremely light headed today… but I am still at work. So much to do *sigh* I wish today was a long weekend

  446. sweetredhead269443 says:

    [email protected] I posted the first time under the wrong topic.

  447. sweetredhead269443 says:

    On Blog topic…..(sometimes we actually get there lol) I was married 20 yrs. We were friends first and stayed that way, even now. I think that is important in any relationship. And sex well when we first got married of course it was 2 to 3 times a day. Even after 20 yrs it was least 2x’s a week even went through times it was everyday. So Chemistry does have to be there. As in any relationship you can’t just “let it be” You “catch” your man and just get comfortable. You have to spice things up. Do things for each other and not let the relationship get boring. Especially in the bedroom. My aunt told me when I got married, Don’t let yourself go. Always look good for your husband, never take your relationship for granted. She was married over 50 yrs!

  448. BlkButtafly~264118~ says:

    Hi, V! I wasn’t here in the earlier stages of your amazing stories but I have enjoyed what I read!….and yes ventura, like sweetred said it’s more about chemistry….I can’t speak from an experienced SD’s point of view (duh lol) but some have purchased pre-paid credit cards like those at Wal-Mart to give to their SBs; others have “hired” their SBs on with their company. Also I’ve noticed some SDs say that offer gifts in addition to the monthly allowance b/c of the lack of time they can spend with their SBs….but personally I think that second question will be better decided between you and your SB (though it is important that you think ahead as to what you are willing to do and not do) But if it doesn’t matter either way, then you should probably discuss that with your SB.

  449. dreamer says:

    welcome back V. I miss you much. I wish you wouldnt go away for such long periods of time. The blog gets fairly dry without you. No pun intended.

  450. V says:

    oh, the joy of a man with an understanding of time constraints…….

  451. sweetredhead269443 says:

    venturaNewSD welcome to our blog family. Good question and I am sure our Sd’s here can give you some great advice. A few here are married also.

    As an Sb I can tell you that I personally feel everything is negotiable. Its not all about the money, Its about chemistry, personality ect. You just need to find someone you are on the same page with.

  452. venturaNewSD says:

    I am a married guy and new on this site with no prior experience being a SD. I have a few questions for experienced SD’s:
    1) I need some ideas to set up / store cash that can be used in an arrangement. Being married you just cannot write a check etc.. for $1000 without the misses noticing..lol.. while I could afford to spend $1000 per month, siphoning out the money is an issue.
    2) Most married guys do not have the time to spend more than a few hours or a full day per week with a SB, or probably at best 2-4 days a month. Do you factor that into the arrangement, or are the SB steadfast with their allowance requirements of $2000 etc.

  453. V says:

    ditto mama. ditto.

  454. Gail says:

    and speaking of sleeping….it’s my turn:) I have to wake up early in the morning:) Good nite everyone…sweet dreams Ms. V:) May all your sugar dreams come true:)

  455. Gail says:

    hmmmm….I can’t even remember…LOL…but good question….it will now make me thing before I go to sleep tonite:)

  456. Atlantian says:

    I had to show you guys this once I saw it…go read!


    “Wealthy Men give women more orgasms”


  457. V says:

    G’night Gordon.
    may you sleep so well that you awaken in the same spot you drifted off in.

    what do you guys think of in those moments before falling asleep?

  458. Gail says:

    nitety nite Gordon:)

  459. V says:

    ah, the curves, the curves. well- if my husband liked them, maybe I’d have better stories to tell….he may be the only one who doesn’t like them 😉
    but, then again, if a man is seeking blonde/blue/silicon- it doesn’t matter what you got, if that isn’t it. truly.

    I have some heavy artillery- if I didn’t have curves I’d fall forward!

  460. Gordon says:

    Good night for the final time, I should either choose unpacking luggage or going to bed. I choose bed

  461. jasmine says:

    Oh like myself going over one without even seeing it.that hurted

  462. Gail says:

    Hello Jasmine!!!We were just welcoming Ms.V back….earlier Gordon was telling us about his Flannel pajamas….and Ms.V and Gordon were chatting about Velvet Ropes…

  463. Atlantian says:

    Oh I had an ex who wouldn’t say anything, but would just come behind me and blow softly on my ear but it always looked like he was whispering to me. Just made my skin crawl. In a good way.

    And V, I wish I had your curves! But I’ve also made it a goal not to go over a size 2. I don’t think it fits my body type.

  464. V says:

    fantastic, Jasmine- fare thee well?
    why doesn’t anyone talk like that, anymore?

    you ever read romantic-period poetry and notice how a man can be depicting the entire process of savagely consuming a woman…but, without one vulgar word being written?

  465. Gail says:

    LOL…I am still here V….just went to wash my face…last couple of days…mine were moderated…they never appeared again….I guess that’s why when I am on….I take advantage of it…LOL…and here Gordon has me chatting about La Perla and such….at least it made it through…

  466. jasmine says:

    Good evening everyone! How is everyone today?

  467. V says:

    …and La perla? you can keep it! If i’m spending 500 bucks on a bra, it had better show up at my door with flowers, wearing an apron, ready to cook dinner and massage my legs!

  468. V says:

    …innocent story about a LV ultra club? impossible, Gordon. just impossible 😉

    oh- ladies don’t go mute on me, no toe stepping here…you gals knowI have no luck on this site, anyhow! I don’t fit into thos neat little boxes that people like to put each other into…nor the size 2 jeans! lol!

  469. Gordon says:

    Velvet ropes at a Las Vegas ultra club

  470. V says:

    sad to say- but, I think Gail and I induced this fort knox word blocker thing on here…

  471. V says:

    LMAO! what context was your velvet used in?

  472. Gordon says:

    I have been moderated for the dumbest things, in a long innocent story I used the word “velvet”, it is still under moderation. Disney blogs aren’t this tight.

  473. V says:

    I would truly love to divulge all of my lovely little intimate details- but alas….I am still the Queen of “Comments Awaiting Moderation”…you would never get to see them anyway…

  474. V says:

    well, he tells me that I should change my mind about the type of man I dream about when I’m at home alone. says he’d like to give me some new things to think about- and he begins to describe those things, in detail, while my girl is shooting pool with me at the other side of the table.

    the place was so loud, the lights so low, blacklight effects…my music is playing on the jukebox, and here he is, whispering in my ear like there’s no one else around. . .

  475. Gordon says:

    Can read, continue

  476. V says:

    can you read my comment? still awaiting moderation??

  477. Gail says:

    LOL…..we just can’t forget….

  478. Atlantian says:

    V, I’m with you on this one.

  479. V says:

    fantastically…sorry, got lost there for a second….fantastically….activating those chemicals I was speaking of earlier.

  480. V says:

    THEY remember me! 😉

  481. V says:

    being moderated, now.

  482. V says:

    guess so. so, we bowl, shoot some pool, some target practice- he’s good with a weapon…and then he went and turned the whole thing in his favor…

    he came up behind me, wrapped one arm around my waist, bending me slightly over the pool table, grabbed a handful of my hair, (looked the guy I was flirting with- straight in the eye) and gave me the most fantasticly slow- torturous bite on my shoulder…kissing (cautiously, but confidently, you know…)up to whisper in my ear

  483. V says:

    ANYHOW… shocked- not only that he could see that far down to my 5’2 inches of “assets”…but, that a Anglo man is interested in a woman with an ass on her. (ooh,Stephan, can I say ass on here now?)

  484. V says:

    (right on, Gordon)

  485. Gail says:

    Gordon….yeah you can say that about V ….(smile)

  486. V says:

    here comes this 6 foot- something, slim, assertive—-mmm, mmm, mmm of a man to the rescue: all superman like, making sure the cashiers know to look out for me, etc…he admires my “assets” and makes a comment

  487. Gordon says:

    Once you’ve gone Anglo-Saxon you can’t go back

  488. V says:

    moving on. There is now this ridiculously delicious fetish for white men developing (hoping not to offend anyone here)…the lips, the scruffy- haven’t shaved today thing they got going on there….

    so, I’m at the bowling alley, someone steals my credit card and ID

  489. Atlantian says:

    Nip/Tuck is always so amazing. Just letting everyone know 🙂

  490. Gail says:

    more…V…..keep going…who poofed in your life…..

  491. Gordon says:

    Please continue

  492. V says:

    shall I continue?

  493. V says:

    okay, so you know I’m on the never ending mission to get entangled in a 2,000 degree situation, right?

    well, I think my intentions have gone to auto-pilot, because I keep attracting the same kind of guy. they just appear out of nowhere! abolutely not a bad thing, just different than what I am used to…..

  494. Gail says:

    okay will keep one eye open…just for you:)

  495. Gordon says:

    V I will hand for that one moment awaiting your story

  496. V says:

    writing my story anyhow…one moment please.

  497. V says:

    aww crap! late again

  498. Gordon says:

    I also will say goodnight and dream of Sugarbabbies in La Perla.

  499. Gail says:

    It’s okay…are you better now? I am getting tired so I wish you a good nite. Tommorrow is another day…It’s Monday…back to LaPerla again:)

  500. Gordon says:

    I’m back and I don’t understand anything that was said while I was gone.

    Such is life

  501. lisa says:

    I think I’m going to head to bed and watch tv. I’m off tomorrow so I get to sleep late, and then drag my laundry down to the laundrette, fun, lol
    Have a good night everyone. I guess Gordon got his flap stuck, lol

  502. lisa says:

    or an empty packet, lol

  503. lisa says:

    no sugar hear, just sweet and low, lol

  504. lisa says:

    none here, my last sd meeting was in early September 🙁
    Nothing but guys who want to IM and nothing else, get home from work find their 2 word message, send them a nice message,they read it, and that’s the end, they just want to play IM

  505. Gail says:

    Please share V:) Please….

  506. Gail says:

    Gordon is getting some fresh air…no stories here for me…Lisa has admirers though….

  507. V says:

    you know I got some stories, but not so sugary….all my experiences lead to “why don’t you leave him, and……..?”

  508. V says:

    hope all is well with you ladies.
    any fiery sugardaddy stories to go with my arrival?

  509. V says:

    rightthere with ya, babe…NOS energy shots and a new dress to go with my hair.

  510. Gail says:

    CANT EVER FORGET YOU!!! LOL….I am so happy to hear from you!!!

  511. V says:

    Greetings Ms. Gail- you know me, doing what I do. Finals coming up…been bailing on school on favor of that good ol’ Government salary….

    need a chemical “readjustment” 😉
    …get me back on track! ha!

  512. lisa says:

    I’m on chemicals, lol caffeine and antihistimine, lol
    But we were talking about undies, so your on subject, lol

  513. V says:

    …though, I do suppose It might be more chemically compatible to discuss them with a man….If I remember correctly, tho- there is a shortage of the blogging ones lol!

  514. V says:

    those panty drippin chemicals, girl- have you forgotten me already?!

  515. Gail says:

    Greeting Ms.V!!!!Nice to hear from you. What have you been doing?

  516. lisa says:

    Hi V what chemicals are those??

  517. V says:

    Well Hello All!
    Long time, long time.

    so the title mentions chemical romance, but I’m sure I’ve long missed the boat for that discussion…Lisa and Gail can turn any forum into whatever they wish! 😉

    though, I do wish to converse about those chemicals…..

  518. Gail says:

    Sorry all meant unvelcro….not unvelco….those darn pajamas ….

  519. lisa says:

    Gail, we were thinking the same thing, lol

  520. lisa says:

    just open up your rear flap, lol

  521. Gail says:

    LOL….unvelco the back….

  522. bri says:

    A nice and less expensive alternative is Elle Macpherson. Nice collections.

  523. Gordon says:

    Ten minute break. I need fresh air;-)

  524. lisa says:

    Edit I don’t feel very “sexy” at work, not sex

  525. Gail says:

    ok Gordon….now we’re switching to La Perla to the weekend…why?
    because we CAN…..(smile)

  526. lisa says:

    I work every weekend so I don’t think I would want to wear Agent Provocateur , I don’t feel very sex at work. Tuesday I could wear La Perla while chatting on this blog, lol

  527. bri says:

    Gail- I know! I just picked up a few things a few days ago and was ecstatic when I saw they also had a sale…

    Gordon- I completely agree.

  528. Gordon says:

    La Perla is for Tuesday night, Agent Provocateur for the weekend.

  529. Gail says:

    Valentine’s Day will be here soon…..ooooh….aaaahhhh….La Perla has a 60% off sale:) I love the Balconnet Glow Collection, in black:)

  530. lisa says:

    I can’t afford La Perla I would probably only have one pair of undies if I shopped there, lol

  531. lisa says:

    I don’t get their catalogs, I just get dell computer catalogs for the person who lived here 4 years ago, lol

  532. bri says:

    We can talk about La Perla! I love great lingerie. 🙂

  533. Gordon says:

    I don’t get their catalogs, you do.

  534. lisa says:

    does La Perla make flannel jammies with feet?

  535. Gordon says:

    Paris, It’s too hot in St Barthes with flannel

    Can’t we talk about La Perla or Agent Provocateur instead?

  536. Gail says:

    So are we going to St Barthes or Paris for the weekend Gordon?….LOL….

  537. lisa says:

    he’s got them on right now , teddy bear in hand

  538. Gordon says:

    The general public out there believes that when sugardaddies and sugarbabbies chat, they are talking about whether they are going to St Barthes or Paris for the weekend, not PJs with feet and but flaps.

  539. Gail says:

    Are you wearing them now Gordon? You sound pretty comfy…..

  540. lisa says:

    now he just needs bunny ears and a carrot, lol

  541. lisa says:

    my aunt bought some of those when I was 19, and I ended up wearing them in the winter because our house got very cold (we had no heat) and they were very warm. one night (way before caller Id) I got an obscence phone call and they caller asked me what I was wearing, I hung up but wondered what he would have said if I said flannel pjs with feet in them, lol

  542. Gordon says:

    Gail, the soles of the feet are indeed pretty good quality plastic. The back flap is Velcro fastened, I have not tested that feature.

  543. bri says:

    Gordon – I wish I remembered as I’m sure I would have liked to have heard your input! If I remember I will definitely ask. I miss those kind of PJs!! 🙂

  544. Gail says:

    Gordon-You have got to be kidding….the ones with plastic feet…is the zipper to go boo boo in the front and back?

  545. Gordon says:

    Hello Bri, One night last week I said good night then you posted that you wanted to ask me a question, the next day of course the blog went down. The moment was probably lost but I am now on my second (and last) drink. It’s a good time to ask.

  546. bri says:

    I wish I had a three day weekend!! But, I can’t complain too much 🙂
    How is everyone? Any updates??

  547. Gail says:

    ooop….meant must be…not must me….

  548. BlkButtafly~264118~ says:

    Gnite Jenn!

  549. Gail says:

    Doing well Suthrn:) Working now at last:) I see you are bright eyed and bushy tailed as ever….must me that OC environment….:)

  550. BlkButtafly~264118~ says:

    Hey SE and Bri…and LOL, Gail 😉

  551. Gordon says:

    Jennifer, Sorry you were sick. In October I had my first bad cold in years, I sat in a big chair with spiced hot tea, watched cowboy movies, felt sorry for myself and apparently whined on the phone that I wanted PJs with feet.

    So of course on Christmas morning I opened a gift of huge flannel PJs with feet, I actually look quite dashing in them.

  552. lisa says:

    goodnight jennifer

  553. SuthrnExec says:

    How ya doing Gail and Bri? Nite Jennifer!

  554. Gail says:

    Nitey nite Jennifer:)

  555. Gail says:

    Hello SuthrnExec and Bri….we were uh…just uh…LOL…having fun:)

  556. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    I want to wish everyone a good night and don’t let the bed bugs bite!!

  557. SuthrnExec says:

    Gordon, don’t let them play you. They’re not sharing anywhere near all the secrets with you. We all know that women have so much more tucked away in their beautiful heads. Don’t let them deceive you into being overconfident! LOL Go easy on him ladies!

  558. bri says:

    hello all 🙂

  559. Gail says:

    You are right BlkButtafly… no more of our secrets…LOL…

  560. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Gordon, I am very happy that you had a wonderful weekend. All I got to do was work and be sick. I stayed home today.

  561. BlkButtafly~264118~ says:

    Hmmm I’m not sure if it’s wise to divulge all of our secrets, ladies. We don’t want Gordon to be expecting anything; that’ll just lessen the impact 😉

  562. Gail says:

    It worked…didn’t it? LOL…..she made you tingle right? (smile)

  563. Gordon says:

    All along I thought that when women said that they were going to pilates classes on Wednesday nights, they were really going to classes on how to mess with men.

  564. OGGOD says:

    Gordon, I found this on the internet

    Magic Touch- You can learn to brush a guy in such a way that you send tingles up and down his spine. Casually tap him while laughing, rest your head on his shoulder if you’re tired and hold his hand when you’re nervous; it will give him a sense of manliness and you a touch sweetie-pie, no pun intended. NOTE: A perfect, subtle way to touch him without just reaching up and grabbing his arm or something is to brush your breast against his arm two times or brush imaginary fuzz off of his shoulder. Totally subtle and initiates comfortable boundary-crossing in an innocent manner.

  565. BlkButtafly~264118~ says:

    Whoa….I’m sorry but I refuse to read a sentence more than 3 times LOL

  566. Gail says:

    LOL….okay I won’t…LOL

  567. Gordon says:

    If I were to think like what you think that men think like I would just pick the tallest of the pot sbs and not write again to the others.

    Don’t ask me to diagram that sentence

  568. Gail says:

    Right on BlkButtafly…think like a fella:) I do that too!!!

  569. BlkButtafly~264118~ says:

    I second that, the internet! Or sometimes you can just try thinking like a guy and hmmm he would probably like this 😉

  570. Gail says:

    What a nice story…we learn alot of the stuff on the internet…where else?

  571. lisa says:

    nothing like the blog being down to ruin an evening, lol

  572. lisa says:

    hey you guys been talking about me while I was in the tub, lol
    Feeling nice and relaxed now, housework done, bath, etc.
    Had my coffee, time for a soda

  573. Gordon says:

    Boston. since you ask.

    I was invited to a cocktail party in Atlanta, a gathering of lifelong friends. Finally this was an opportunity to ask out Nancy who I have known through church and have been attracted to for years. She is sophisticated with a positive personality, attractive but not beautiful.

    When I arrived at her door she was wearing a cocktail dress and was BEAUTIFUL. Laddies you do create magic in the powder room. We arrived at the party, she was an attentive date and lit up conversations with her laughter. I had one martini, switched to ginger ale and was a good boy. Twice during the party in crowded doorways she “accidentally” brushed her breast against my arm. Ladies where do you you learn this stuff? After the party we went to a small restaurant, she picked a wonderful wine that I had never heard of and we just ate different hors d’oeuvres until full. I took her home where I received one kiss on the cheek and a flirtatious smile.

    At 11:00pm I was back in the room on my laptop and found this blog was down;-(

  574. Gail says:

    We all love Lisa:) Be good to her please!!!

  575. OHGOD says:

    oops….He/She SB/SD correction….

  576. OHGOD says:

    He/She S/SD is yours Lisa…

  577. flowerpush says:

    Lisa, I proclaimed my love for your posts on the last post but I have to reiterate. I love reading your posts, they crack me up every time. If I were a SD I would jump at the chance to be with you. I’m saying this at the risk of sounding seriously creepy lol. I am new to posting on the blog but I have been an avid reader for a while now. Hi everyone!

  578. BlkButtafly~264118~ says:

    I agree wholeheartedly, Gordon!

  579. bostonTerrier says:

    how was your social date?

  580. Gordon says:

    Somebody ask me about my social date Friday night, it’s a good story.

  581. Gail says:

    Well said again!!! OCSugar:)

  582. Gordon says:

    Lisa, There are far more amazing women on this site then suitable sugardaddies. It works out well for ordinary men such as I.

  583. BlkButtafly~264118~ says:

    Yea I’m a little stumped with this one but kudos for thinking of the other SBs even if it is just to say that you aren’t interested anymore!

  584. OCSugarbaby says:

    Gordon-It is all about treating others the way you would want to be treated…

  585. Gail says:

    Gee Golly Wow Gordon….it’s your Garden…pick what you like:) and of course if you change your mind its okay….women do it all the time:) but I must say you are very thoughtful to think of others:)

  586. lisa says:

    Gee Gordon we sbs don’t have that problem, lol 2 potentials and talking to others, wow sorry can’t help you with that one

  587. Gordon says:

    Ladies I have an etiquette question.

    I have two serious pot sbs and have set my profile on hide. Should I tell the few others that I am talking to. While these two look very promising any thing could happen. I do not want to keep others on a string but I don’t want to say no thanks then come back and ask to be reconsidered. In the end I want to be a good guy, look like a good guy and get the best sb for me.

    What are your thoughts?

  588. Gordon says:

    Brynn, my corgi loves for me to go away. She gets to stay at a horse farm, tomorrow morning I pick her up.

  589. BlkButtafly~264118~ says:

    My you’ve been busy! How did your sb meetings go? I’m sure your Corgi is glad you’re home to rest also 🙂

  590. Gordon says:

    I’ve been to Atlanta, Dallas and nowhere Tennessee. One social date and two sb meetings. I need to kick back for a little rest.

  591. BlkButtafly~264118~ says:

    Mine was blah. Nothing special but not totally boring because “I’m feelin’ kinda Sunday!”

  592. lisa says:

    Mine was ok but I worked

  593. Gordon says:

    I’m unpacking, reading mail and catching up on the blog. I have not even made a drink yet. Did everyone have have a good weekend?

  594. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Kitty, I am so happy for you. It sound like a wonderful weekend even in the cold.

    Gail: it is good to hear from you.

    OC: how was the beach?

    I have missed you all.

    Gordon, how are you tonight?

    will go for now, time to put the little one to bed!!

  595. SuthrnExec says:

    Doing well Gordon – watching the Steelers (hopefully) beat the Ravens!

  596. lisa says:

    Sounds like you had a great time Kitty and remember sometimes looking goods comes before comfort, lol

  597. OCSugarbaby says:

    Yea Kitty! 🙂

  598. lisa says:

    I’m finished cleaning,now to make some coffee and relax, luckily my place is small and takes an hour to clean.
    I don’t have anyone to invite over, lol my best friend works down the street but like me she has to ride the bus and go straight home, not safe to walk over her, I will talk to her later this evening when she gets home (she lives 3 miles a way but our work schedules are opposite).

    Percy the pigeonis busy eating his popcorn. he is really spoiled and a joy to have, regardless of what some people think of pigeons.
    Now I gotta make that coffee

  599. BlkButtafly~264118~ says:

    Awwww Kitty 😀 i’m so happy for you, girl!

  600. Gail says:

    Kitty-aaaah…I am so happy you had a excellent time:) It is so nice to be treated well:) I absolutely love a fella who gives me their full attention. Feeling special is worth a million bucks. But I would never turn down the presents…LOL

    Lisa-After all that cleaning…now you need to invite a guest over…I’m coming over to see your pigeon. No worries…I am a tough cookie…I can handle your neighborhood:) I wish I knew you last year…my fella was from Texas:)

    Hello Gordon-Relax now. The blog is up:) I am doing great:)

  601. BlkButtafly~264118~ says:

    Good evening everyone….very interesting blog topic….I can’t wait to get this book! And might I just add that I LOVE the cartoon above!

  602. Atlantian says:

    awww kittylainy!

    Your trip with your SD sounds so perfect! I’m glad you had such a great time!

  603. Gordon says:

    Good Evening, I’ve been on the road this weekend and the blog was down. How is everyone?

  604. lisa says:

    Hi Gail

    just finished cleaning the bedroom and living room, now my least faves dining room and kitchen, yuck!

  605. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Gail: weekend was fantastic Went to Niagara falls with SD We had the most fabulous time, even though Bettie couldn’t join us. SD was very generous and even more charming, there were not a single second of ill feeling. The weather wasn’t on our side, it snowed all Saturday afternoon and through Sunday. Perfect opportunity for Tommy to show off his charm. I wore stilletto knee high boots and a tulip skirt. Definately wasn’t a wise wardrobe choice but I looked so perfectly classy and sexy. He opened the car door everytime I got in or out, and always put my jacket on and off for me. Whenever there was a long walk outdoors, he would tell me to wait inside and he would bring the car up to me, when he would still get out to open the door for me. I have never been treated so courteously before. We walked around the frozen city arms linked and it was definately clear that he was using me as arm candy and he was damn proud of have me accompany him. I must admit, I felt extremely confident and “special.”
    With SD, I really don’t even care for cash or presents anymore, the way he treats me gives me a sense of confidence that I really don’t think the most perfect Marc Jacobs dress can give me.

  606. Gail says:

    Hello Kitty!!! How was your weekend? Weren’t you going to an event on Friday or Saturday.

    Lisa-Just cleaned my bathroom mirrors…I’m looking even better now that I can see myself:) I agree with Jennifer and Kitty:) follow their advice. I’m tired of thinking today….

    Welcome Chloe!!!Go get em!!! And have fun!!!

    OCSugar-It been a beautiful Cali weekend as usual:)

    Jennifer and BT:) Nice to see ya!!!

  607. Atlantian says:

    I suggest everyone search for an article that was on CNN.com recently that said life-long love was possible. Only in about 10% of the couples tested though. It was interesting, and gives me hope, but so far, it does seem like a long shot.

  608. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Good luck Chloe! Hope you find SD perfect soon.

  609. ~*kittylainy*~ says:


  610. Gail says:

    Interesting subject Stephan:) This is what I read…..

    “Limerence” is an attraction to a member of opposite sex which is something in between love and infatuation. When reciprocated, it turns into romantic love and when it is not, it generally passes on to someone else. But the fact is that it has to be reciprocated by someone or the other. The person having limerence o an individual often imagines romantic gestures from the limerent object and this imaginary reciprocation fills their heart with pleasure.

    LOL….I have experienced this a couple times on this site:) My heart always fills with pleasure……(smile) Anyone else…….

    AND TO ALL…GOOD AFTERNOON OR GOOD EVENING depending where everyone lives:)

  611. Chloe says:

    thanks kitty, you talk sense. I wasn’t thinking of a fixed arrangement ‘pampering for panties off’ but you put it so well. its real clear to me now. I guess I have to think of it in the same terms as I do an ordinary date only arranged differently and with some different aims and objectives. I was getting it all muddled in my mind and thinking of it as a really different sort of relationship. you have all bee so helpful, I feel so much more confident now ans sooo excited. I’m going to arrange my first few meetings. thanks again.

  612. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Lisa: i get those, biggest buggers ever, I tend to not resend simply because…. he’s not interested, and he’s too rude to reply. Whatever. His lost.

  613. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Chloe: as soon as you associate panties coming off with a set amount of pampering.. you are travelling awfully close to the ….. escort… zone. You shouldn’t feel as if your panties should come off because you bought you a new Prada bag. Your panties should come off when YOU feel excited for him, either through admiration of success/power. Or mental/physical attraction. You will see what I mean when you meet your first DUD and you start thinking to yourself if you would do ANYTHING with him for ANY Amount of money. I would not sleep with a guy even if he offered me 10 K if I feel dirty afterwards.

  614. lisa says:

    I sent him a email this evening and asked him questions and told him about myself, he read it but didnt respond. He has had me on his favorites for over a month too.
    Gotta clean the bedroom now, be back soon

  615. Chloe says:

    hey thanks for the great advice girls, its just what I need, I guess I sort of knew most of it but its really cool to hear it from someone who has been through it all before, thanks. but I really do need a bit more help. I realise there are no rules and different guys will move at different rates and do things in different orders but lets supposed I hit it off wiht a guy and we go out for dinner, what then, I’m looking for a fun relationship we both enjoy and I aint just a gold digger or an escort but how do we arrange the shopping / pampering and how does that fit in with my panties coming off which I rater guess is one of the main aims of most of the guys on here?

  616. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Lisa: why be so cynical? Send him an e-mail back, and what is the worst that could happen?

  617. lisa says:

    I have a feeling he is one of those “let’s chat now ” guys that has no interest in actually meeting anyone. as I said he has been on this sight for months and has an really high budget (redflag). I get very few emails and most of them are guys that just want to “chat”. I didn’t get his message till yesterday evening when I got home from work and sent him a message this evening, he promptly read it but didnt respond. oh well another chatbox.lol
    Bathroom clean, now the bedroom

  618. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Lisa, My advice is for you is just what you did. You sent him a nice email back,now just sit back and wait. I know, I know, very hard to do.

    Kitty, I was thinking the same thing. Thanks for the help.

  619. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Jen: Dare I say, take a deep breath and ask him for his phone number and call him. Perhaps he’s not the e-mailing type.

  620. lisa says:

    Good evening jenniferbbwsb
    Hope you can get some good advice. I asked for some advice on a sd that emailed me yesterday, 2 word message, and not particulary fond of his user name, but sent him a nice email anyway. Had asked for advice but it seems I’m getting ignored on here tonight. Had a hard day at work was looking to relax and chat but this subject is too heavy and I’m not in the mood, lol.

    I know what you mean about the one and two answers. You send a nice email and give details and you get yes, no, ok, etc back, makes you wonder what they will be like in person. I don’t believe these guys got wealthy by being mealy mouthed, lol

    Hope things are going better for you, now back to cleaning the toilet

  621. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Stephan: Wki-ed Limerence
    “differentiates between limerence and other emotions by asserting that love involves concern for the other person’s welfare and feeling. While limerence does not require it, concern can certainly be incorporated.”
    ~ this just seems to be a another can of worms to open.. it just gets more and more complicated

  622. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Good evening to everyone. I am so happy that the blog is back up.

    Of the topic at hand, I can see both sides of the story. I truly believe that there is just one person or soul mate for us, but it may take until the day you die to find that soul mate. I just hope I find mine before that time. lol

    OK, I need some advice. As a newbie to the SD/SB relationships, I really don’t know the next step. I have been talking to a pot. SD, but it all seams to be one sided. I email him and ask questions about himself and his likes and dislikes, but I haven’t gotten a return email. We have been chatting online, but I usually get one or two word answers. He did tell my the type of business that he does and I found the name of his company, so he is legit. I just don’t know how to move things along. Any suggestions?
    hugs and kisses

  623. Chloe says:

    I know, I’m an air hostess and I’ve dated quite a few older guys I’ve met in business and first class and had a short affair with one. he was going through a rogh patch with his marriage and just wanted light relief and a girl to chat with who didnt have any connection with his life and some fun when out of town to let of steam. I saw him for a few months and then he got it all back on track but he told me that seeing me had stoped him having an affair with one of the secretaries at work which could have got serious and would have been a whole heap more damaging to his marriage. now its all happy (well happier) families again. so I sure as hell dont feel bad dating a married guy.

  624. bostonTerrier says:

    i am all for having fun and spending time doing anything that makes the both of us happy – i just don’t want the emotional entanglement … if i did, i’d be in a conventional relationship.

  625. stephan says:

    The excerpt should definitely be taken with a grain of salt, especially since it’s not provided in the context of the full, complete book.

    I have been a limerent partner in a limerance relationship before. in order to fit the criteria of being limerent you must read about it, i suggest reading this from wikipedia.

    my grandparents have been married for over 60 years. they just sent me a Christmas card and it has a picture of the both of them looking so good. They are not limerant. They are not obsessively compulsively attached t one another

  626. bostonTerrier says:

    Chloe – i think i was so sad because i would have hated it if i were his wife. initially i had no problem with it whatsoever, it’s just when emotions came into it, i felt bad.

  627. bostonTerrier says:

    kitty –

    i totally know what you mean. my past sd was super nice, and basically perfect, but when he uttered three words [the middle one being love] i couldn’t do it. i didn’t want to emotionally rob his wife. i don’t know if that makes much sense.

    married men do have their positive aspects – since they are married they *shouldn’t* get too emotionally attached & it would ensure the relationship was very discreet.

  628. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Chloe: what you said is exactly what one of our blog SDs saids… very true

  629. Chloe says:

    hey boston why so sad? if his marriage was so great you wouldn’t have got a look in. I dont want to make you feel worse but surely the point of having a SB is that a guy can have lots of fun with a sexy girl but NOT have to make a commitment and so can let of steam whil maintaining his marriage. think of it as doing his wife a favour.

  630. bostonTerrier says:

    chloe –

    some of the guys with the one line initial messages can be pretty promising … it’s like the next few messages that will point out more.

    meeting for coffee as opposed to a meal is always a good idea in my opinion because that way, the meeting can be as short or as long as you’d like it and there’s always the option of grabbing lunch or something afterward if the two of you hit it off.

    the negotiation thing is always different, depending on the guy of course. some would never bring it up whereas others were quick to ask what i was looking for. if they fail to bring it up at all, you should definitely bring it up [asking them what they’re looking for is a good start].

    the speed of how everything progresses is up to you and your potential sd … if everything seems right then i’d imagine it would happen fast. if you tend to met lots of duds, it could take a while.

    good luck!

  631. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Welcome! The blog is a great place to sort out your issues. I think what occured to you is very common amongst new members. At least you learned quick to filter the trash and not waste your precious time. Several SBs mentioning lunch as a good choice to start a meet. It is in day light and there seems to be very little pressure on what is “next.” And the negotiations vary from SDs to SDs, some prefer to flat out and mention in the first 1 or 2 email what they want to offer, and asks you what you want, some makes it subtle. Some not discussed at all, and it just occurs as a natural progression. Speaking as a very impatient SB, I would advise ytou to take it slow and let the natural process flow. When you have too much $$ in your eyes tends to sour the experience.

    That’s too bad… I am torn about dating a married SD. Right now I am fairly against it. I don’t think I can morally be a homewrecker and leave the kids having 2 Christmas/THanksgiving dinners. But I can see how with very very deep connection, I can have a moment of weakness and indulge in married-men.

  632. lisa says:

    I’m going to take a break and clean my apartment. I just came home from a hard day at work and was glad to see the blog was back (missed everyone) but the topic is too deep, I’m not in the mood for it and was hoping for some light conversation and advice on how to handle the sd that emailed me.
    Later, I’m going to go relax doing housework 🙂

  633. bostonTerrier says:

    it is 🙁 i felt so bad about having a married sd – like i was contributing to the problem so, that had to end.

    and hi! hope all is great in canada!

  634. Chloe says:

    hi girls, I’m real new to this but it strikes me that if monogomy was the order of the day there would be pretty thin pickings for us SBs. most of the older guys I have dated I am pretty sure have been maried and most of the guys who have contacted me on here are married. I’m real new to all this and am in serious need of some advice. I have had an absolute mass of messages and was really excited till I read some of them. I mean how do some these guys expect to attract a serious SB with a one line or even shorte message? and then there as one that was absolutely obcene. I have deleted most of the messages and started a bit of chat with some guys and some of those conversations nose dived real quick but some seem a lot more promising. SO now I am thinking of meeting a few guys. Obviously I am going to do it in a public place and I thought I’d meet for coffee rather than dinner for a first meet. So I know what I like about a guy but how does this all work, how does any negotiation occur and how fast is it all supposed to progress. I’m real excited about htis but would so love a bit of advice. I’ll keep you all posted on my prgoggress, promice. Chloe x

  635. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Boston: That seems to be a very common problem with today’s families, and I must admit, I feel bad for both the husband and the wife. (HI again btw!)

  636. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    There must be more factor than that. It is our society as a whole, we are a cellphone generation that are taught that there are better, faster, prettier things waiting for us. We can purcahse the newest Iphone, but guess what, we all know that there’s a faster version or better genation will come in a year or two. But we still want this Iphone.. just for now, so when something better comes along, we will upgrade. And we have applied this thought process to the rest of our life. Moreover, as religious presidence in our daily lifes dimishes, we abandon some of the traits. And one of the biggest affect is the notion of “divorce” this gave people choice. Choice is freedom, and freedom is responsibility, but many people cannot handle this responsibility. It is not a negative or positive evolution, but just unexpected and unavoidable change in society.

  637. bostonTerrier says:

    that excerpt is rather sad 🙁 i HIGHLY doubt the fact that endorphins and the so-called blissful feeling go away after 3 years. there are several couples in my family who have been married for 30+ years and are happier than ever … clearly that excerpt needs to be taken with a grain [or cup full] of salt. if two people want a relationship to work, post the alleged 3 year time limit, it can work out given they try to make it work and foster their relationship every day.

    i’ve only had one married sd and his marriage was failing [i.e. he found me] because his wife put all of her energy into their kids and he was left with nothing at the end of the day. i felt kind of bad for him … staying in the marriage for the sake of his young children.

  638. lisa says:

    I don’t think most people have self control anymore, they are taught from the time their toddlers they can do anything they want.

  639. lisa says:

    It’s like with my parents. mom and dad divorced when I was eight but were separated since I was 4 so it wasn’t a big thing to me. My mom and stepdad have been married 34 years and although they have some tough times, my mom that is , my stepdad doesn’t worry about anything but he has became an old grouch) I never thought once as I was growing up that they would ever divorce, I knew they would always be together and that’s how it is with them. Most couples don’t know how to compromise and throw temper tantrums when they dont’ get their own ways.

  640. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Lisa: “A man who has a wife that lets herself go can’t help but be tempted by someone attractive and younger and that appreciates him.” — don’t eat the fruit from the forbidden tree… We are intelligent beings, we have more self-control. When one loses self control, one loses control of their lifes.

    (Kittylainy is listening to the little angel on her right shoulder today)

  641. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Lisa: I do believe people take unconditional love for granted. And are always looking for the next best thing, instead of enjoying and appreciating what is in front of them.

  642. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Let me also comment on sexual health as relating to monogamy. Once trust and a strong bond is established amongst couples, they procreate in the knowledge that the other is disease free. However, if the other is not monogamous and gets infected by an individual, the disease is spread, not only to the partner, but to the possible offspring as well. EVEN if they are not trying to procreate, contraceptive habits tend to loosen and once again, spreading an infectcious disease.

  643. lisa says:

    I think elderly couples lived in a time where people appreciated each other, honored each other and knew what committment was. I look at couples were one of them are disabled or there is some other issue and I wonder what keeps the other person around rather than find someone healthy or more enjoyable to be with, so there must be something there that keeps people together but I think today’s couples spend so much time being single that they easily go from one relationship to another as soon as it doesn’t suit their needs.

  644. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    “What’s left of a relationship once those endorphins fall back to normal levels?”
    This is why I believe that there should always be a connection in a relationship (sugary or not) It is the connection that can bond two people together.

    In general, I think the definition of “love” is much too diverse to define what causes “love” Research did prove that chemicals play a strong role in “love” feeling, though I think psychological and social factors play just as much, if not even more factor into the “love” feeling. Trust, jealousy, loyalty, and lust are all important feelings. If we only examine the chemical aspect of “love” it would contradict the reason why there are so many different forms of family unit around the world.

    One must not neglect to plan for the far future. Since I am not a “marathon” runner and my endorphines run out at age 50… and I have not formed any long enough relationships to have children, am I destined to spend the rest of my life alone. One of the most dearest form of human “love” is displayed through elderly couples, when one takes care of the other, no matter how strenuous the situation might be.

  645. lisa says:

    I think that monogomy is best but people tend to get lazy with each other. A man who has a wife that lets herself go can’t help but be tempted by someone attractive and younger and that appreciates him.

    I got one message yesterday , one of those 2 word ones. I just now sent him a return email and asked him about himself and what he was looking for. I don’t have a good feeling about it because he’s probably one of those who justs wants to IM anyone. Also not a big fan of his user name, it;s kind suggestive in a self serving way, basically the way he wants to be …….

    we will see though

  646. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Though, we all know my view on monogamy, I strongly believe that mother’s nature DOES in fact condone monogamy. In the animal world 3-5 % of the mammals are known to form lifelong pair bonds, like beavers, otters, jackals, foxes, some bats and a few dwarf deer and antelopes. Even though, it is rare, it does exist.