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Preparations for Sugar Daddies


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  1. Weir says:

    This is an excellent article! I hope to check back for more

  2. Welp says:

    Nice post. There’s a similar topic thats related to this in Yahoo answers or Google groups, I think. I’ll find the link and post it back here.

  3. Rathjen says:

    So my husband has found a new hobby. I think its pretty cute, hes now into rock tumbling. He bought all these ugly rocks, and turned them into something fabulous. Well my question is, when is someone too old to be playing with these things? I mean wouldn’t you think it sounds kinda wierd that my husband plays with rock tumblers? Anywho, he got the idea from one of his buddies at work. I get a chance to do girls not out with my girlfriends now more often so I guess im not really complaining cause I missed hanging with my friends ever since we had the baby in all.

  4. Learned says:

    I agree with you 99% but wonder if you have really looked at the whole picture. DOn’t mean to be critical just food for thought.

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  11. sweetredhead*269443* says:

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  34. My Airfare Secrets says:

    Great post… Loved you blog! bookmarked

  35. flowerpush says:

    Bluegrass, I totally understand. There aren’t many SDs in Detroit or around Detroit. SDs are sparse in the Midwest.
    If they’re serious, they’re racist.
    Well that’s been my experience. I think my best bet would be to get an East coast SD.

  36. BeautifulBluegrass says:

    And honestly, I have had mostly mediocre to bad dates and only 2 goods ones…. gotta kiss a lot of frogs and all that jazz

  37. Atlantian says:

    Alas, sg2 has not taken me on any wonderful dates…

  38. Gordon says:

    Flower, has long as you don’t spell it Gorgon, like my school buddies did.

  39. BeautifulBluegrass says:

    How many SDs are in Detroit?

  40. flowerpush says:

    Ok, I am now officially jealous of both Gordon and Bluegrass.

    Gordon has a SB and apparently is generally well liked and Bluegrass is going on amazing dates.

  41. flowerpush says:

    Lol, you’re too sweet Bluegrass.

    Gordon, I can’t believe I spelled Gordon, Gordan. UGH.

  42. BeautifulBluegrass says:

    Gordon, I would if I could. I need a cuddle buddy tonight. A storm is gonna hit us!

  43. BeautifulBluegrass says:

    I know… I understand
    I’m telling you flower, I would snatch you up if I was a SD. Maybe your SD hasnt joined the site yet and thats why you havent met! Once he joins he’ll be like “Wow, look at this awesome and hot SB, I better grab her before someone else does”
    (my Cali accent just came out)

  44. Gordon says:

    Everybody move over to the New Age thread and read my yacht story.

  45. Gordon says:

    Flowers Thank you for the endearing and meaningful letter.

    Bluegrass, you can have my dog tonight, she took all of her toys out of the basket and placed them under my feet.

  46. flowerpush says:

    AW, I am so jealous and happy for you Bluegrass.

    Feeling both at the same time lol.

  47. flowerpush says:

    Lol Lisa, He likes the artificial stuff.

    He didn’t get sick Bluegrass but he DID get sick when he ate a whole plate of mac & cheese that a guest left on the table and walked away from for a SECOND.

    Tell us about your date!

  48. gurlnextdoor says:

    How was your date Beautiful?

  49. BeautifulBluegrass says:

    It was wonderful! We laughed the whole time! And when I got home I found a nice email in my inbox.

  50. lisa says:

    tell us all about your date. :)

  51. lisa says:

    I do have a turtle that loves cherry pie though. not cherries that are fresh, as I got him a bag of fresh cherries one time and he wouldnt’ touch them but give him a little piece of cherry pie with all the sugar and stuff and he goes for it. lol

  52. lisa says:

    I can’t have a dog were I live. Besides the huge deposit the apartment requires, there are too many people around here with those agressive pit bulls. There is alot of violence in my neigborhood and the mentality of the people is to want an aggresive dog. At the last apartment I lived in I went out one day and there were 3 pit bulls running loose. I like cute little dogs but I wouldn’t want to have to walk one arouond here.

  53. BeautifulBluegrass says:

    Hi flower!! Wow, thats a lot of bread for such a tiny guy. Did he get sick?

    Someone, ask me how my date went.

  54. flowerpush says:

    You should Bluegrass!

    I love my little cockapoo Roger.

    except for when he eats a whole loaf of bread that I stupidly left on a kitchen chair just as I am about to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

  55. BeautifulBluegrass says:

    You make me want to get a dog…

  56. Gordon says:

    I know everyone is dieing to know how Brynn’s walk went. The tide was high so she was not suppose to poop in the sand. The weather is mild and I went out with a rugby shirt, shorts and beach shoes. It is breezy and Brynn saw and heard monsters in the sea oats. She chased them away with a few half hearted barks.

    We are back in and I have have mixed a martini, all is well in the world.

  57. ~*kittylainy*~ says:


  58. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    so… I just ate a hue bag os chips…

  59. lisa says:

    I’m going to go take a hot bath, be back in a bit

  60. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Lisa… So true, So true.

    Time to go, need to pack lunches for tomorrow and get ready for bed.

    Everyone have sugar dreams!!!

  61. lisa says:

    Hi Jennifer, 2009 is the year of the sugardaddy, lol

  62. lisa says:

    I used to shop on ebay all the time, that is until my credit cards went into collections, lol Lotsa of fun stuff and good prices. I found my mom a 1938 box of detergent on ebay.

  63. lisa says:

    Hi Kitty I’m feeling better now that I found my stub for that 401k check, it has all the info I need to file my taxes, don’t really have to wait on the 1099 now. I’m looking forward to getting my new contacts (before my prescription expires) and a new desktop computer by the end of feb. And since my mom’s birthday is in feb, it the money will come in handy too. I am going to take the family out for her birthday and surprise her by inviting her to come over and watch a favorite movie that we haven’t watched in like 30 years. I found it on barnes and noble website. It’s called the “corpse grinders” I was brought up on horror movies. lol

  64. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Hello to everyone. I have missed you all over the weekend.

    I did some wonderful shopping on Ebay over the weekend. Now I am waiting for the right SD to come along. *wink* wink*

  65. ~*kittylainy*~ says:


  66. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    u’ve got mail flower

  67. lisa says:

    Good evening everyone.

  68. Gordon says:

    Flower, I just switched the profile on for a sort time. I would love an endearing but meaningless letter. profile 284842

  69. flowerpush says:

    Lainy you have mail. :)

  70. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Evening folk :)
    good to see everyone’s around now. :)

  71. gurlnextdoor says:

    Well everyone I just got back from standing in line for 2 hours to get an on campus apartment next year. Luckily I was able to snag the last 2 private bedrooms for me and my current roommate (woohoo, no roommate next year!). So now I’m happy. :)

  72. gurlnextdoor says:

    Ok SG2, just wondering lol

  73. flowerpush says:

    Gordan I swear I was going to mail you today with a lot of endearing but meaningless information about me. :) But alas, your profile was gone. I am happy you found a SB though.

  74. Gordon says:

    That was good, cleanup was easy.

    SuthernExec, I got your advice on the wine too late. I had ginger ale instead.

    There will be time for wine or cocktail after Brynn’s next walk.

  75. lisa says:

    Yippee! After digging through my big box of old bills and statements in the closet, I found my stub from my 401k check, has amount paid, income tax withheld, now I can go by the printshop wednesday and print out my w-2s and go ahead and efile my taxes thursday night. hopefully my mid feb, have my check!

  76. SuthrnExec says:

    Congrats Gordon (taking me a while to catch-up). This blog is independent of the SA portion, so there’s no reason for you to leave the blog. Best of luck with your new SB. Keep us posted.

  77. SuthrnExec says:

    Gordon, open the wine – don’t you know it’s good for your heart!

  78. SouthernGent2 says:

    Gurlnextdoor – it wasn’t me lol

  79. flowerpush says:

    BlkButterfly you are so pretty!

    My weekend SUCKED. I hope everyone else had a better weekend than I did.
    My Monday was awesome though. Hung out with family and made sweet potato pies and mac & cheese with NO fighting! Yay.

    Gordon, good luck with you and your SB. Fighting!

    eh, too many KDramas.

  80. Gail says:

    Yummy Gordon:) I want to be your dinner guest..you already have a SB, please feed me…I am hungry!!! Hungrier than Lisa:) And it all sounds healthy to me.

  81. Gordon says:

    I have stuffed scallops in the oven, just before they are ready I will saute a handful of shrimp. I will include some mixed fruit to pretend that I am eating healthy. I haven’t decided whether to open wine or not.

  82. Gail says:

    Lisa-I meant photocopy the stub:) I did it the year before, because my employer didnot send it till the beginning of February. Then when I got the 1099, I sent it to them.

  83. Gail says:

    Lisa-can’t you use your last paycheck? instead of the 1099? it’s a shame you have to wait so long….you need your chicken and gravy…(smile)

    NYCBlondie-I keep missing you on the blog…how is everything with you:)

  84. lisa says:

    Gail please Stop! with the mashed potatoes and gravy. And those chicken strips. I am taking my family to eat at Kfc whenever I get my tax refund, which is being delayed for one 1099 that they are sending snail mail. arhhhhhhh I want kfc arhhhhhhhhh

  85. Gail says:

    Oh is that how it works Lisa,Gurl and Kitty..short post..LOL…I need to cut it down. I will use less dots..LOL

  86. Gail says:

    GORDON-TAKEN..OFF THE SD MARKET…lol….you will be missed. Remember your sugar family will always be here for you!

    Kitty-Happy Chineese New Year. Interesting story about your family.

    Gurl- NEXT:) Keep smiling:) and by the way you ask for very little:) you deserve it!!!

    SweetEuropean-I would still be hungry…chicken crisp and chocolate? I would need Kentucky Fried Chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, coleslaw, and a Rasberry Ice Tea. I am hungry now…:) It’s your turn to come to the US…this summer!!! I will buy you lunch!!!

  87. lisa says:

    Yah it posted

  88. gurlnextdoor says:

    Yep kitty I did, and whoever he ends up with, that SB will have a wonderful SD.

  89. lisa says:

    again I will try I would not want a sd that considered traveling to and from meetings to be part of my allowance.

  90. lisa says:

    That’s a reason I wouldn’t really want an out of my area sd. If his traveling to see me or my traveling to see him was to take away from his budget and my allowance, well that would put a damper on things. I love traveling but at this point, I need more practical lasting things, and of course I need to pay the bills. I would be happy with a thousand a month and getting together 3 or 4 times a month, more if we really clicked, but traveling to meet someone and having my airfare paid is really of no financial benefit to me. I love traveling but mainly Europe not just anyplace.

  91. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    gurl: exactly, you live and learn. You had fun while with him right?
    As long as you had fun while u were with him, you;re ok :)

  92. lisa says:

    Good night sweeteuropean, sweet dreams

  93. gurlnextdoor says:

    Yeah kitty, it did cost a lot with the airline tickets I’m assuming since I didn’t pay for any of it, lol. Which is why I’m assuming he didn’t want to give me my requested amount for allowance (I only ask for $1500-$2k a month :) ). But, you live and learn.

  94. lisa says:

    Gordon, all I have been getting is two word messages. I get several new views a day and on the rare occasion that I get a message (about 3-4 a week it seems) I am anxious to click on to see who wrote me, actually excited about the potential (could this be the sd for me?) and I can’t tell you how disappointed I am to click the message to find some guy who left me a message like “Hello”, “Let’s meet” or What’s you IM name?
    I will be changing my profile later in the week but have found when you leave stuff out, you get exactly what you don’t want.
    Being nice has gotten me nowhere in life but walked on. I changed my hair, my clothes, tried new foods and activities with my last boyfriend, and well let’s say he still broke up with me after a few months,the first thing I did is dye my hair back the color I wanted it and wore the clothes he didn’t like, after all there were a lot of things he needed to change to like losing about 30 lbs, not talking so loud in restaraunts, etc but i am too nice to be critical of anyone face to face, it’s easier for me to do it online. I like to please everyone.

  95. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    Bedtime for me, goodnight :) x

  96. gurlnextdoor says:

    Hmm…Atlantian, SG2 wouldn’t happen to be the SD you saw this past week???

  97. cartier says:



  98. Gordon says:


    You know I love you but when you calm down, I want you to go back to your profile and take out the sarcasm and negativity. Let them see the warm human being that you are.

    A pot sd is clicking on your profile looking for someone he wants to spend time with. He doesn’t want to be attacked for the actions of some jerk. He doesn’t want to be reminded of those dates where he sat in a restaurant for two hours listening to his date slam ex-husbands and their last five boyfriends.

    In you profile your are communicating to your future relationship not some jerk who is not going to read your profile again anyway.

    Just let them see the beautiful Lisa.

  99. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    ya I know what u mean… and it’s probably really costly and inflexible for both parties

  100. Atlantian says:

    Gordon, you know we’re all here to help you!!! Good luck with your new SB. She sounds like a good one :-)

    And I wish I could meet the man SG2 describes. oh where oh where can he be? :-)

  101. gurlnextdoor says:

    Thanks Gordon, it’s ok though. I wasn’t really digging the whole getting on a plane every 2 weeks to fly out of town for a day or two. Even for a girl like me, who loves exploring new places, that was a bit much.

  102. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Gordon: I am glad you’ve found a SB that fits you :) I wish u and SB all the best!!!

    Gurl: that’s too bad things had to end, you seemed very happy with him. But I hope you enjoyed it while it lasted.

  103. Spanish Vixen says:

    Welcome to this wonderful Monday!

    I missed chatting with you all over the weekend :) Hope all of you are well!

  104. Gordon says:

    Gurl, I’m sorry it didn’t work out.

    In case my sb and I don’t work out long term I will stay here for a while and keep my profile on hide.

    Either way I will still need your support, all of you.

  105. gurlnextdoor says:

    Well Gordon, I’m happy for you and that you’ve found a good SB. My SD has decided to find someone closer to him so we’re going to end things between us. Which just means that the search must go on.

  106. lisa says:

    I’m back get some caffeine in me now.

  107. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    Aww that sounds like a perfect weekend! I’m glad you’ve found your SB… you should still stay on the site though, for us! :)

  108. Gordon says:

    I think my little date story came through.

    Scroll up a the page a few post

  109. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    Mmm Mr Kipling and ice coffee :) I had some roast chicken crisps on sunday morning, I was on in Cannes at 5 in the morning and starving, I spent €10 in a vending machine on crisps and chocolate LOL

    Gordon I hope your story comes through, I want to read it :)

  110. lisa says:

    Gordon appearantly your date was too rique for the blog moderators. lol
    I’m going to walk over to mcd’s for a mccafe, be back in a few minutes

  111. BeautifulBluegrass says:

    AND, I missed everyone this weekend. So glad the blog is back up

  112. lisa says:

    I want a sugardaddy! And a latte and a ice coffee and a new computer and on and on and on
    I want some mr kipling’s pies (sweeteuropean probably knows what these are , they sell them in England, oh and some walkers crisps, roasted chicken flavour, and

  113. BeautifulBluegrass says:

    BlkButtafly, looks like we are date buddies tonight…. that sounds odd. Anyhoo, lets hope we both meet the perfect SD!!

  114. lisa says:

    I want my 1099 form. darn i’ve had my w-2s for almost a week and could have already filed and be getting my refund in 2 weeks but thanks to that super slow company taking their time to mail my form for the big 42 dollar 401k check I got when I lost my job in August, I can’t yet file my taxes. This time last year I was getting my refund already, this year I can’t get started yet. I need my contacts. I want my eyesite back.
    I am sending a burger and some long black hair to kitty, well sorry I don’t have that, just the burger.

  115. Gordon says:

    had a great weekend, Friday night I worked up the courage to take my new sb to a black tie dinner dance, it was a benefit for the local zoo. She was a beautiful attentive date who mixed well with the crowd.

    Saturday Night we had a sofa and old movies date, My corgi, sb and I had to work out new territory boundaries on the sofa.

    There is no longer any reason for me to stay with the site except for this blog which only works sometimes.

  116. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    I want a milkshake! Chocolate :)

  117. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    I want a burger

  118. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    haha that’s cute .. I guess you should keep it since it shows ur personality

  119. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    i do.. I don’t want to put it up cuz i haven’t taken a good pic yet. I miss my long black hair…

    hey gordan

  120. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    Hello Gordon :) How was your weekend?

  121. lisa says:

    I’m glad the blog is back

  122. Gordon says:

    Hello everyone, I’ve been missing you all weekend

  123. lisa says:

    I haven’t had any luck with the second or third picture as the main picture, I have used both of them before and didnt’ even get many views. I can’t help it I love pink and most of my wardrobe is girly. At least I didn’t wear my pink furry collar with that outfit, or my pink sunglasses, I might make someone puke, lol

    I gotta have a full body shot and well as I said I don’t wear conservative clothes, I did that as a teen. I will work on my profile when I’m off on thursday, too tired now and just enhaled a burger, lol

  124. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    Oooh do you have pictures Kitty?!

  125. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Ladies.. I have auburn hair and short hair now…..

  126. SouthernGent2 says:

    Atlantian woud send that dude packing if she ever meets someone as charismatic and handsome as SG2.

  127. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Exactly, glad you took it with a grain of salt. I like your third pic the most!
    Your eyes look so gorgeous!
    I know what you mean Lisa, those men are a waste of time

  128. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    Lisa, I like what you’ve written and I love the second picture (you should make it your main picture) However I do agree with Kitty about the pink picture!

  129. lisa says:

    Thanks kitty, I kinda like that photo though as it is really who I am. I will probablly post some new pics soon but have to find a way to take some.
    I am trying to get across to anyone who writes that they need to open up their mouth and say something beyond Hello, let’s meet, etc.

  130. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Lisa: This is my personal opinion, so please take it witrh a grain of salt.
    I do not like thhe first picture with the pink outfit. It makes you look very juevenille. But the paragraph really shows what you are looking for.

    Atlantian: Ya, I want something unusual, i saw martha make shortbread cookies once with a candy filling once.. no idea how to make it.

  131. Atlantian says:

    My Dad makes these amazing oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. But I have no clue what the recipe is. I’d say do an unusual type of cookie though.

  132. lisa says:

    Happy Chinese New Year
    let this be the year of the sugardaddy. lol oh I think it’s the ox
    Just got in from work. Had a busy day. Spent half an hour at the busstop having to listen to some stupid drunk guy trying to impress me , oh sure he’s hot stuff living on the street and drunk in the middle of the day. lol
    Still waiting to hear back from that sd that took so long to write one word. I guess he’s planning what to say and will write in a couple months. lol
    I changed my profile wording a little bit to adress the problem of sds with little vocabulary, I just felt like being sarcastic. please tell me what you think 261545

    I’m starved, ate a donut for breakfast, gotta fix a burger now.

  133. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Thanx sweet :) yup it is still Monday here…

  134. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    Hello everyone, Kitty happy chinese new year! (if it’s still today? lol)

  135. gurlnextdoor says:

    Atlantian I’m so happy for you and that sounds like it was an awesome first date. Vee I liked your list, lol. Here’s my ultimate SD list (aka the one that will probably never happen):

    1) A dark blue mini cooper
    2) $5,000 monthly allowance
    3) $5,000 monthly travel allowance
    4) paid rent for a loft

  136. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Blondie: I want to bake SD some cookies know any good reciepes?

  137. nawtione says:

    Kate; sorry to hear about your potential SD cancelling on you. It happens to all of us, but I know that doesn’t make it easier. At least you got a call. I have known most SD’s to just stop responding rather than to be honest and upfront. Don’t take it personal, he just wasn’t right for you.

  138. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    Floewrpush, no the blog was down for the weekend. Somehow my comments about baking cookies got moderated? Who knew that baking cookies was x-rated???
    Talking about prepping for a date, I’ve got a story for you. A couple of years ago I had a second date with a guy; he had made reservations for Tabla, a really nice restaurant in NYC. He shows up in filthy pants and a sweater that looked like he dragged it out from under his bed. I’m really taken aback by how he looks. Naturally we get a table near the kitchen, he kicks up a fuss and decided that we had to eat outside. IN THE FALL IN THE COLD. This was my last date with him.

    Presentation isn’t everything, but it does show that you’re not only interested in impressing your date, you interested in taking care of yourself.

  139. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    SV: I hope you are ok btw!! :)

  140. Gail says:

    Good Morning Everyone. Wishing everyone a sugary day! and by the way missed you all during the weekend. I am wondering what each of you were doing. Did it begin with a capital T for trouble, or were each of you capital S for Sugary sweet:) You all know my secret…LOL…it happened on Friday. I really didnt thing it would make the blog:) LOL…

  141. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Morning all,
    The blog’s been sparatic all weekend. I hope everyone had a great weekend. It was Chinese New Year weekend for me, so spent it with family, it was nice :)
    I was supposed to meet a SD on Sunday, but it didn’t end up happening he called on Saturday and said he might have to look after his child for a couple hrs for his ex wife on sunday and will let me know what time exactly so we can work around that. No call saturday to reschdule (I called twice just to make sure) no call Sunday morning. TThen at 3 pm, he calls. I screened his calls and and deleted him on my phone.
    INStead… I went to the salon..
    I am not a mid-length-haired REDHEAD!!!!

    blkbuttafly: Good luck on your date! :)
    Atlantian: I am so glad your date went well~ May the net one be just as good, if not better!!

  142. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone. I’m getting ready to go out to work. I have alot less hours this week. Last week I worked 40, this week 24. Sent a nice email to that “Hello” guy and 2 days later, still no message, I guess it will take him another 2 months to think of a one word answer. lol No wonder such a good looking guy has been on the site for months, he obviously has problems communicating. Anyway I changed my profile wording a bit, let me know what you think. I added a little sarcasm about the 2 worded sugardaddy. lol
    I get off at 2 today.
    Everyone have a great day

  143. flowerpush says:

    Everyone must be having a very good weekend.

  144. lisa says:

    I miss the blog

  145. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    Bonsoir :)

  146. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    Hi all!

  147. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    Hey all! Boy I seemed to have missed a lot.
    what happened to Mish? Is she okay?
    Yasmine, I’m in NYC- look me up when you get here.
    Sam- love the Asian concept of SD/SB relationships, very much “floating world”
    Just ate a plate of chocolate chip cookies- baked ’em myself, now I gotta go back to work

  148. DCbrownsugar says:

    Good evening!

    Lisa–lol, glad you got a response, however late. Maybe he was really busy?

  149. lisa says:

    good evening everyone. Just got in from work. A cold day here.

  150. VeeVienne says:

    whoa! I missed the list??
    okay here’s my two cents:

    1) Caddillac CTS- black cherry red, with the top chopped off
    2) $1700 monthly allowance
    3) a SD available every friday after midnight…intelligent, funny. dark hair/light eyes, masculine, aggressive..

    VERY Hopeful:
    1) rental property
    2) $10,000 and a month of secluded intimacy with my SD
    3) student loan payoff and great sex.

    Universe, are you listening? :-)

  151. BlkButtafly~264118~ says:

    Hey everyone! I have a dinner date with a potential SD Monday night. I live in Jacksonville and he lives in Tampa but he has a business meeting in Orlando and I’m meeting him down there for dinner afterwards 😀

  152. Atlantian says:

    Good news, everyone! The date went wonderfully! So I think a permanent SD might be in the works! We had lunch at this really cool vegetarian restaurant and then walked in a nearby park for a bit. He was a real gentleman, and I’m sad he’s going to be in Europe for the next 2 weeks.

  153. gurlnextdoor says:

    Sam that was an interesting tidbit of information, I wonder if they have a documentary on that somewhere. I think I will look it up :)

  154. SincereSD says:

    Sam wrote “I was introduced to the whole SB concept (not called that, of course) in that Asian context. I added my own flavor of shorter term commitments in order to empower the SB better to find a husband and broader future opportunities.”

    Reply: Sam, nicely written! You have a way with the pen … errr … I mean keyboard. Maybe Wade-san should have commissioned you to write the SA Guidebook!

    I’ve also seen the SD way of life in the Far East and I must say that the Chinese seem to have the “best” arrangement for longer term SB relationships. I am referring to Ernia or keeping a “2nd wife” which is practiced openly and (mostly) accepted by society. It seems to be a win-win situation whereby the SD, usually an affluent businessman, keeps a mistress/SB/Ernia in China and provides his 2nd wife continued support on an ongoing basis. This includes living in a nice condo, providing an allowance and other luxuries. A woman can improve her quality of life and gain an education where she would not be able to do working in a factory. In fact, this is now so common, there is an area of Shanghai with luxury condos affectionately known as the “Second Wife” District.

  155. MishBocaRatonGrl says:


  156. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone. Yikes I hate saturday mornings. Have to leave early for work because of sporatic bus service. On my way out soon so I can sit at work for 45 minutes and then wait almost an hour for the bus when I get off. I get off at 4 and the bus passes at 4:01 :( and my employer won’t let me clock in 10 minutes early and leave 10 minutes early. the time clocks are programed so you can’t do it.
    Have a great day everyone.

  157. BeautifulBluegrass says:

    Lisa- he sounds like a real thinker. Lucky you!

  158. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    I truly want to thank you SAM… I had an epithony moment. I never really associated that man who toook me out as a sb/sd relationship. A lot of things in my youth that I just kind of neglected to care as any significance makes sense now :)

  159. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    SAM: I understand now… My father was one of those SDs so to speak (not a SD for me of course) he had a younger women that he was taking care of in mainland China and supported her by buying her a car, a house and sending her money regularly. Eventually, he got her pregnant and supported her like a second family. It was sad for me as a child because my mother (living in Canada at the time and he traveled back and forth between Canada and Hong Kong) would regularly find evidence of such (scratch marks on back, accounting isues and spottings by relatives in Hong Kong) And she turned a blind eye. But late at night, I would hear her crying in her room while on the phone with my father. They eventually separated and my father still in a way takes care of both families.

    All this came to light when I was 15, and my dad set me up on a “date” I thought it was someone my age, but when a white porsche rolled into the driveway to pick me up and a middle aged man came out. I knew it was his business partner and he needed “company” There was nothing sexual about the event at all. It was wine and dine. It became a norm for me to go to his business functions with himall dressed to the “9” he instructed me to tell everyone I am a University student, interning with him. He eventually gave me unconditional access to his brand new BMW as my 16th present.

  160. Kate says:

    I had an SD whom I thought was a sure thing cancel on me at the last minute tonight stating that he found someone else. Someone perfect for him. It is such a blow to my ego. I don’t feel pretty.

  161. Gail says:

    lovely..lovely day:)I pledge allegiance to the flag and to the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God with liberty and justice for all…..Tadaaaah!!!! I also know the preamble….
    We the people….LOL….it’s Friday, Friday, FRIDAY!!!! lol….I’VE BEEN DRINKING AGAIN…

  162. Gail says:

    Hey everyone, been trying to post:) forever…its been poofing off again. Let’s see what happens now:0

  163. Yasmine says:

    Hey everyone!

  164. Yasmine says:

    Hey everyone!! I am back and sooo tired. I could use a massage right now lol

  165. Spanish Vixen says:

    Lisa: LOL. That made me giggle

    Good evening everyone. I just got home from work (early night for me! Wow!!). But I guess when you spent the first hour of your shift in the back room convulsing from an allergic reaction…drinking just doesn’t look like a good idea after work. So instead I’m going to take my pants off and watch a movie or something…and look up some awesome ahi tuna recipe’s 😀

  166. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Oh wait the other comment. Someone did say something, Not a regular blog member and it was deleted. So what I said seems so out of context now.

  167. sweetredhead269443 says:

    No Kitty, I have not been offended at all. was just making a general statement of dislikes. Not referring to anyone in particular

  168. Gail says:

    [email protected]…love your sense of humor about your new e-mail. Did you get to eat the lobster and steak yet?

  169. lisa says:

    wow I just received an email from a guy I emailed 3 months ago. I had written him a nice email and he finally wrote back and had a alot to say too, he said Hello

    wow I guess it took time to think of the right thing to say

  170. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Redhead: were you offended on this blog? If it was me, I apologize, perhaps I missed something?

    Lisa: I felt the concern when I posted that :) thanx hun~

  171. Sam 267369 says:

    Asian style means better supported by the society. For example, when I was in Asia I routinely took trips with other SD and their SBs. It was expected that wealthy men would have mistresses or SB which were not about having families.

    There are many young women in the service sector that are not about sexual services. Nightwork, a book by a Duke University cultural anthropologist who spent time as a Tokyo Hostess Club worker, discusses her role in the business culture at a hostess club, which was non-sexual (although 99% of Westerners assume that is a sexual job.) The point being there are a lot of women available in different ways to provide businessmen with various forms of female companionship that are not about sex or family. By some estimates as many as 20% of females between the ages of 18 and 25 are employed in this sector.

    Given this context it is “safer” to have an SB that includes long term support. The cultural norm is that once you find one, you support her through educational goals or management goals, although this is somewhat tied to her marriagability or not; often they end up managin hostess clubs, event companies, retail stores, or other businesses tied in some way to that social community. They call this obligation the three keys: key to a car, a house and a business.

    It goes without saying that the competition is quite strong. Clubs that cater to the wealthy and connected are very difficult for women to get into and, unfortunately, there is drama around it. In mainland China it has become an issue of some concern because it is draining eligable young women from the outlying areas into the economic free zones where the wealthy men are, leaving few women in the areas most prone to civil unrest.

    I was introduced to the whole SB concept (not called that, of course) in that Asian context. I added my own flavor of shorter term commitments in order to empower the SB better to find a husband and broader future opportunities.

  172. OHGOD says:

    it will have yellow stuff. you put it on and it melts in your mouth. i will help you. u donot have to pay my sd pay. ok.ok

  173. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Yes Lisa Older woman have life experience. But as I am told frequently by my 19yr old daughter. I have to make my own mistakes, just like you did. So all you can do is give them Options and let them make their own choices. And be there if they fall. Life is a learning experience, let them learn it and become stronger woman :)

  174. flowerpush says:

    Lisa, I understand and welcome that type of help from an older woman.

    What annoys me are sanctimonious hypocritical people that think they can do whatever they want (like blatantly disrespecting people) because they are older, or have money, or for any reason at all.

    The golden rule is something to live by in my opinion despite age, race, or education.

  175. OHGOD says:

    lisa. i make you food. i call now.steak and red animal with claws and tail. i push buttons, and they knock knock. you eat good. wait, i know you are hungry i feed you.

  176. lisa says:

    a word of advice though from a older person to those who are young, we have lived through it and guys have been guys and very little has changed. When I read Kitty’s post about the date she had with the sd (it was a few weeks ago I think) she spoke of making out with him but that he had not mentioned an allowance and she was concerned. I felt she was being used but chose not to say anything because so many people on here think I am too hard on potential sds and that I should be more patient. I later read on the blog and in kitty’s profile that she didnt’ want to be used so I know she did feel used by that sd as any woman would feel but some things can be advised on , you gotta go through it. When I see a young girl sleeping with some that she think loves her, I can’t say anything to her cause she wuoldn’t listen, so I wait and watch her end up pregant and alone, the guy is long gone and she’s stuck (this refers to my daughter’s ex best friend, dumped my daughter to hang out with this guy, is now 17 and pregnant and boy is gone. she was once an honor student and I believe she is failing most of her classes now, all to hang out with that boy is long gone.
    I don’t like to come across as critical but believe me I have made bad decisions in my life and it is hard to watch others be naive and used.
    We woman are quick to believe lies

  177. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Yes I agree, I do sometimes need to think before I speak :) I never intend to be mean to anyone.
    I did not mean you were not smart by asking if English was your second language. English is one of the hardest languages to learn. It was the way you write that made me ask. (not that it is wrong)

    At lot of times when I post I have kids coming in and out, phone ringing, Kids fighting, or calling MOM!!! So I type quickly and lose my train of thought.

  178. lisa says:

    Good evening everyone. Just returned from my errands. Got sprayed with water at one of the busstops, the thumbs down to capital one bank for having automatic sprinklers that come on randomly and soak the bus stop over by where I had to wait today, I got out of the way but got wet and had to wave down the bus cause I couldnt’ stand anywhere near the busstop, sprinklers everywhere. Went to arby’s wolfed down two roast beef sandwiches, went to target, and met my daughter, now i’m home and stuffed.
    Gee I guess i don’t want much, my apartment is a dump and cost 480 a month and I would love to live in a 650 apartment, that would be safe enough for me. A car would be a dream that will never happen, so just having a safe way to walk or take the bus would be ok. I dream of having a refridgerator with food in it though, mine;s always empty. I can’t really buy groceries in bulk to save since I ride the bus. I am exhausted now, time to relax

  179. flowerpush says:

    Sweet- I understand exactly what you mean but what vexes me is when older people think that they know everything just because they’re old. A younger person’s opinion isn’t given any credibility. Intelligence shouldn’t be judged based on age. I’m sorry you’re being treated like that.

  180. sweetredhead269443 says:

    My statement was not to anyone in particular, it was a statement about people thinking they are better than you are because they have money or are more educated than you are. That’s all :)

  181. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I have a problem with people who think their opinion is the ONLY one. An opinion is just that, an opinion. Don’t get me wrong I love a good debate. And I am open to someone explaining to me why they think my opinion is flawed. But don’t talk down to me, I HATE that!
    I have very open to learning new things. Actually I welcome it. Just because I didn’t go to college, does not mean I am not intelligent. I have a lot more medical knowledge than most. And that’s because I research. If I don’t know something I am going to find out everything I can about it. I am a Doctors worst night mare. When my child needed to be put on medication I researched his illness and I found the medication he is on now. I was lucky his peds Doctor was open to my opinion. He did not treat me like I did not know what I was talking about. Or blow me off.

    Ok I got off on a tangent here. Sorry guys :)

  182. flowerpush says:

    In my experience CV, which is very limited, the more money the guy has the more self righteous and less generous he is. Go figure.

  183. chocolatevenus says:

    Thanks Kitty will go back and check!

  184. chocolatevenus says:

    Flowerpush – I understand where you are coming from! I have spent a lot of time thinking about it! And I would like to be in a position where I dont have to worry about my rent/bill. That way I would be able to work p/t and have free time to be flexible to travel with my SD. I have no baggage (ex husband or kids) so it is just me!

    Also I agree about the two months thing! I want to get to know my SD before I would be comfortable taking large amounts of money of him! Gifts are always welcomed..lol x

    Ah well as the lovely ladies on here always tell us..we have to be patient.

    CV x

  185. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    thanx flower…. not as gorgeous as you

  186. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    I see what you mean.
    This SD earns from 200K to 300K CDN he owns a well known appliance retailer in the city. But he is single, so he has a lot more free cash.

    but I think the SD bloggers would be able to give u some insight.
    Also, the question was asked a couple blogs ago, so if you really want, you can go back and check.

  187. flowerpush says:

    Kitty, you’re so pretty(and thin)!
    I love how you said you’re not going to tolerate being treated like a piece of meat lol.

  188. flowerpush says:

    CV, I have been asking myself that too. I wonder if it’s a bad time to look for an SD or whether I am asking for too much.

    Ideally I would want a car (nothing over $8,000), a loft downtown (between $1200 -$1500 a month) and an allowance (nothing over $3,000 a month). but THAT’S IT! lol. Oh and some trips with my ideal SD…
    -big sigh

    I’m not asking for all of this in like the next two months either lol. Just some goals I want to achieve and these things would be helpful. I guess that’s my wishlist.

  189. chocolatevenus says:

    True, but I have been told the best and most generous SD are not the wealthy men, but the mid earner! So I suppose the next question should be to the ladies with SD. Is your SD very wealthy or just a mid earner? Mid earner being about £75,000 to £200,000 annually. Definitely not a millionaire.

  190. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Chocovenus: As there is an economic downturn, the filthy wealthy is still wealthy, just less filthy.

  191. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    flower: don’t be jealous, Your perfect SD is right out there… you are still new. this sd doesn’t give me allowance or buys me anything, he just takes me on Suave dates and trips. But he is really good company
    oo cocovenus.. sushi is the best.. it is non-fattening… and is oo so yummy :) mmmmm

  192. chocolatevenus says:

    Hey ladies, do you think with the current financial worries that there are less SD! The single SB (myself included) have just picked a poor time to go SD hunting?

  193. chocolatevenus says:

    Wow Kitty what a lovely surprise! I love sushi, but then again..i love food! lol

  194. flowerpush says:

    LUCKY Kitty! My jealousy of you is never ending lol. What’s your profile number?

    I think I’m going to do that too though Kitty, it’s hard out here for a SB rofl.

  195. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    YAY!! SD’s taking me to sushi tonight! :) :)

  196. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    And buy them everything, like go to the Gucci store and just go crazy :)
    I wouldn’t know what I want back from them.

  197. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Haha, I am good to SBs
    you know what?
    when I am older, and I am successful, I am going to adopt my own little SB not sexually of course. But just as a mentor. I am seriously going to do it.

  198. chocolatevenus says:

    Aww Kitty! You are soo good to me! xx

  199. flowerpush says:

    Hi everyone!

    -I used to skip classes ALL the time when I was doing my prerequisites but now that I am in Pharmacy school my schedule is so flexible that I hate it and I love it. I only have to be in class physically two days out of the week and I can basically pick what day (including Saturday). Awesome huh? I really don’t know how I lucked up with that schedule but it sucks sometimes because I am always at home BORED. :(
    I need a nice SD to take me traveling with him and have a grand time lol.

    -I also did a overhaul on my profile and it’s in the pending process, thanks for all the comments on how to make it better! Maybe I’ll get more e-mails.

    -Sam, I’m also wondering about SD Asian style. I wonder if it’s better than American style because so far American style sucks lol.

    -Nawtione I just realized what your name means and I feel stupid lol. I don’t mind being called kinky but I guess open to suggestion is a bit more tactful. ;x

  200. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Hey ChocoV, we miss you when you’re gone. :(

  201. chocolatevenus says:

    Good evening everyone! A big HI from the UK. You know I feel soo left out sometime, all the best conversations always takes place when I am at work or asleep! Ok me catching up – my wish list (actually I have 2 hopeful and very hopeful..lol)


    1. A new laptop..I hate this desktop, it takes up my whole room
    2.A fab new SD who doesn’t have a problem giving me a £1000 monthly allowance
    3.A pair of diamond earring (41 & never had my own diamond)

    Very hopeful
    1. A 2 bed flat in London
    2. A Sd who give me a £2000 monthly travel and takes me travelling
    3. Two years paid holiday so I could go and study.

    Ideal SD..mmm…I dont know I haven’t met him yet..lol Well I am too picky I change my mind all the time, so cant think of anyone at the moment.

    Take care CV xx

  202. Yasmine says:

    Bye Sweet! :) On se parles apres! J’serais de retour vers 23h

  203. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    Bye Yasmine, have a nice day :)

  204. Yasmine says:

    Ok guys I am off to work.
    Bye Kitty :)
    TTY all later

  205. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    SAM: What does it mean having a SD, Asian style? How is that different than American style. There are a couple of Asian SDs that I am interested in.

  206. Sam 267369 says:

    I will be in Vegas Feb 26-28, I think. Hosting my mentor from Asia. And, no, he wasn’t my SD! 😉 But he taught me a lot about being an SD in the Asia style. Don’t know if I’ll have an SB by then — in the past we’ve double dated. But his current SB can’t make it anyhow because of visa issues. He’s a PhD, speaks five languages, lived in Asia, US, UK and Europe, and a dozen years my senior. I remember once our having intersecting interests in an SB some years ago…

  207. Sam 267369 says:

    I am a bad role model because I skipped virtually every class in school. But not to sleep… I was busy. But do what I say, not what I do: STAY IN SCHOOL!


    I am not a big Angelina fan. An SB upbraided me with generous invective in email over my opinion that I didn’t find her classy. 😉

  208. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    I have a $200 cellphone bill that I wouldn’t mind taken care of. *rolls eyes*

  209. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    nawtione: I always hesitate bringing up topics regarding money, incase he thinks I am asking for help (50% of the time I am, the other, not) You would hope that if you suggest your problems with finances he will be jumping in to help. suggesting that you are stressed because of bills (hopefully he’ll comply) is better than “asking” for help I think.

  210. nawtione says:

    Question for you sb’s. I feel funny about griping about money problems in my life to a SD, because I don’t want it to sound like I am begging. But problems are part of life, and we do share things that occur. Does anyone else hesitate to bring up topics for fear that their SD might think you are trying to ask for help?

  211. Yasmine says:

    Huummm Johnny Depp

  212. nawtione says:

    On the radio today they took a poll and 18% of men said they would hook up with Brad first as a pre-requisite to a hook up with Angelina (it would be part of the deal). I am thinking for women, the number would be at least double that they would be willing to have a night with Angelina in order to be with Brad. LOL

  213. Spanish Vixen says:

    Brad’s okay…but I dunno…I never caught the “Pitt” bug. I def have the “Depp” bug though 😉

  214. Yasmine says:

    Oh yeah Brad is HOT but he is taken and we all know Angie is HOT so…

  215. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    Brads looking a bit odd these days, i’m not a fan of the moustache he’s been sporting lately…. he is hot though!!!

  216. nawtione says:

    Flower: do whatever you are comfortable with when it comes to your SD. I don’t like the word ‘kinky’, I prefer ‘open to suggestion’. LOL

  217. nawtione says:

    Nobody included Brad Pitt on their list? H-O-T

  218. Yasmine says:

    I also skipped it another time but that was because the instructor was ssooooooo boring lol that was my macroeconomics class

  219. Yasmine says:

    I skipped class like 4 times lool and it was for my French 101 class LOL

  220. Spanish Vixen says:

    precisely why I skip class! Lol. I have a required computer class that (not kidding) is teaching us what a keyboard and mouse is for…

  221. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Now girls, skipping class during boring lectures is one thing, but don’t make a habit out of it…

  222. Yasmine says:

    Lol SV I only do it when I am reallllllllly tired or overslept lol

  223. Spanish Vixen says:

    I’m notorious about skipping class :'(

    This semester is different! I swear it!

  224. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Hahaa… You’ve got a free promo, sweet
    are there a lot of european SDs? I’ve seen some British ones

  225. SweetEuropean*264271 says:


  226. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    I hope there are some european SDs reading the blog! Take note!

  227. NC Gentleman says:

    Yasmine — it was pretty mild, but fun, with not many juicy details to be had. It was more like friends traveling together. SweetEuro will make a great SB for some lucky guy in Europe :)

  228. BeautifulBluegrass says:

    Yeah, I dont recommend skipping class per se… I suppose I miss the flexibilty I had while in college. It was nice to be able to pick (usually) what days and times I had class.

  229. Yasmine says:

    If I do skip class for him it better be worth it lol. We can meet in the evenings but I was hoping to spend more than a few hours with him ( Did I mention that he was cute?) lol

  230. BeautifulBluegrass says:

    Yasmine- and he can’t meet in the evenings or Fridays? I can see how that would be difficult
    I just remember being a bad girl and skipping class sometimes to go to the beach or something (went to college in So Calif)…. there is no way I could skip work. Gotta be here no matter what.

  231. Spanish Vixen says:

    Sweet: Have you seen the movie Taken? He’s the “daddy” that kicks everyone’s ass. He was also the ninja guy in Batman Begins

  232. Yasmine says:

    Ooooh Yeah he was voted the sexiest man alive by People’s mag if my memory is good and yet he is still doesnt consider himself as a sex symbol. He is married too. :( His wife is sooo lucky lol

  233. Yasmine says:

    Being in school is not always fun BBL. I was talking to this pot SD who is very handsome, wealthy and super nice but he can only meet during the week because he travels every weekend. I cant meet him during the week because I have class everyday Monday thru Friday :(
    We are still trying to figure out how we are going to meet :(

  234. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Yasmin: Hugh seems to be the kind that isn’t flashy and not too into “class”

    Euro: Are you living alone then? Is it affordable for a studen such as yourself per say? (my friend is contemplating on moving there, that’s why I am inquiring)

  235. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    Who’s Liam Neeson?

  236. Yasmine says:

    Hi NC I was trying to get some juicy details out of SweetEuro but she is being a good girl looool Oh well I tried lol

  237. BeautifulBluegrass says:

    Liam Neeson would be a good low-key SD.
    I am so jelous of the SB who are still in school…

  238. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    Kitty – Nice is quite expensive compared to other parts of France (apart from Paris) I could probably get somewhere much larger for the same price if I wasn’t in the south but it’s an affordable price :)

  239. Yasmine says:

    Lol I know Kitty He is just an actor but sometimes money really doesnt matter to me. A SD could have millions of dollar and treat me like a queen but if I cant stand his breath, face, smell or whatever else its a no go for me. Chemistry is EVERYTHING to me. And Hugh Jackman is just dreeeeeeeeamy! looool :)

  240. Spanish Vixen says:

    I think my dream SD would be Liam Neeson. Seriously, sexy man with an ultra sexy voice *drool*

  241. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    NC: Don’t be spreading rumors now~ 😉 I’m a good girl.

    Euro: That’s not too bad (I think) is that affordable in the European world?

    Hugh Jackman doesn’t seem to be a SD type… I would definitely be naughty with him tho.
    George Clooney to me is the ultimate. And Pierce brosnan too~

  242. Yasmine says:

    Hi BBL I only had one class this morning and now I have a few hours to kill before I go to work.

  243. NC Gentleman says:

    Bonjour Yasmine – il est bon de vous voir de nouveau!

  244. BeautifulBluegrass says:

    Hi Yasmine!! Hope you arent working too hard 😉

  245. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    Mmm Daniel Craig and Pierce Brosnan… any man who has been James Bond would be a perfect SD!!!

  246. Yasmine says:

    Give me Hugh Jackman anyday!!!! lool

  247. Yasmine says:

    Hi NC!
    Hi BBL!

  248. BeautifulBluegrass says:

    SweetEuro- George Clooney, Pierec Brosanan and the most recent one would be Daniel Craig…. seems I have problems picking just 1. Hehe
    Yay for nabbing NC Gentleman!

  249. NC Gentleman says:

    Heya SweetEuro — see you’re settled in! I rented “In Bruges” today. I will let you know how it is — hope all is well :)

    flowerpush — you have mail — kitty’s email address – be careful she can be quite naughty lol

  250. Yasmine says:

    Alors Racontes ton weekend c’etait comment?! lol j’veux tous les details croustillants lol

  251. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    Bye Flower, have a great day! x

  252. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    Thank you flower :) I did have an SD actually, we met on the blog! I was travelling with him last week, i’m still looking though and i’m looking for one in everyday life now aswell :) How about you?

    Girls, i’m curious… who is your dream SD? Mine would have to be either George Clooney or Vladimir Putin :)

  253. Yasmine says:

    I saw your profile flowerpush sooooo pretty :)

  254. flowerpush says:

    Gotta go to class, bye all!

  255. flowerpush says:

    Sweet, you are beautiful girly.

    Have you found an SD yet?

  256. Yasmine says:

    Un homme en costume hummm c’a fait rever!! loooool

  257. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    Ils sont tres elegant, tout jours en costume… j’adore les hommes elegant! :)

  258. Yasmine says:

    Hummm et tu sais bien que beaucoup d’entre eux sont riches et elegants. Tu pourrais te trouver un SD dans le lot assez vite! lol J’suis jalouse!!! j’adorerais vivre proche de la mer!!!

  259. flowerpush says:

    Detroit, MI.

  260. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    Kitty – 650€ a month

  261. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    Bonsoir Yasmine! Tu va bien? J’adore mon nouvelle appart, je suis au centre ville et tres proche de la mer…et il y a des bureux d’avocats en bas de chez moi, j’adore les avocats!:)

  262. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    I have to run too~ I have to get ready for a teleconference. *rolls eyes*

  263. Yasmine says:

    Flowerpush where do u live?

  264. flowerpush says:

    [email protected] and forcefeed.

    Anything with scat I’m NOT doing.

    Any bisexuals or bi curious women on this blog? I am but I don’t put it in my profile because I don’t want guys e-mailing me like “have a threesome with me and my wife.” I’m very picky about the kind of girls I like.

  265. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Euro: if u don’t mind me asking how much is ur apartment in Nice?

  266. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    Flower I have a real SB friend, he’s a gay SB and he didn’t actually realise he had a SD until I noticed and explained it to him! I’d love some girly SB friends though!!!

  267. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    fLOWER: I got a real good deal on my apartment.. they usual go for 1600 a month :)

  268. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Time for me to be off also. Kids home in and hour and a half. Quiet time then over. Its then time for a whirlwind of snack, friends, homework lol

  269. Yasmine says:

    Hey everyone!! I will be spending the weekend in NYC with my friend. I can’t wait! :)
    SweetEuro I am glad you are back :) Tu nous manquais!! Alors, T’aimes ton nouvel appart?

  270. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Ciaos Bettie: If i don’t talk to u again, have a ncie weekend :) xoxox

  271. flowerpush says:

    LUCKY Kitty and Sweet. I am so jealous. I want a loft in downtown Detroit. The one bedrooms usually go from $1200 -1500.

    AW thanks Bluegrass, you should come. I want real SB friends too. :(

  272. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    redhead: I would like to know all the kinky stuff he’s into before I meet him the first time. Because kinky could be like,”furry boots” (thats for u bettie) and kinky could mean hogtie and force feed you. and if he said the latter, I would not meet him in the first place

  273. BettieGirlDD*273192 says:

    I have errands to do.. tearing myself away from all you gals…

    I minored in French in college.. have never been though :(

  274. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    awww..I LOVE NICE… awww… I lived in versaille for a couple months when I was younger

  275. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Still sounds kind of creepy to me.

  276. flowerpush says:

    Sweet, I understand what you’re saying and I agree but it didn’t really offend me because it seemed like that was a very important issue for him. Like a make or break deal. I suppose he didn’t want to waste time and money meeting someone that wouldn’t be open to that.

  277. BeautifulBluegrass says:

    And I had to look at your profile also, flower. If I was a SD I’d snatch you off the ‘market’ so fast your head would spin. hehe
    If there ends up being a SB party, count me in. I would love to have real life SB friends :-(

  278. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    Kitty, my new apartments great! Alot bigger and right in the center of Nice. Sephora is literally across the road 😀

  279. BeautifulBluegrass says:

    Thats true….

  280. flowerpush says:

    Thanks Sweet, I got it from Target. :)
    Thanks Bettie. I LOVE sci-fi & Battlestar!
    London, Canada.

  281. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I think a Pot SD should not bring up those thing until after a first meeting. obviously most of us are open mined about sex (we are on a SD site) I have no problem talking about fantasies ect. But do you need to bring it up in the first few minutes of getting to know each other through email?

  282. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    bettie/Flower: I PAY $1400 a month for my apartment it is damn nice.. open concept kitchen, high cieling, fireplace.

    Euro: I see, how’s ur new apartment?

  283. flowerpush says:

    Lol, Buffalo is terrifying?

    I know London has a lot of clubs and things (that don’t get shot up) unlike Detroit lol. I was just wondering about if you need a passport or if they are even enforcing that. I think sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t lol.

  284. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    Oooh SB party in London?!

  285. BettieGirlDD*273192 says:

    Flower I just peeked too.. you’re a hottie. And you like Sci-fi? Do you watch Battlestar?
    And if you won’t do it send him my way…

  286. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    Hey Kitty! I’m doing well thanks! I haven’t been on the blog much because I moved apartments the day I came back off my trip but i’m all done now!

    Flower – I just checked out your profile, I LOVE the grey dress in the second photo!!

  287. BeautifulBluegrass says:

    Flower- I am the same way!! I like really nice guys who are sexually aggressive… mmmm
    What you said about why the pot SDs propose those things makes complete sense; not sure why I didnt realize that!

  288. flowerpush says:

    Aw thanks Kitty!

    I would love to Bettie, I need to get to London then. SB Party!

    Hi SweetEuro.

  289. BettieGirlDD*273192 says:

    It’d be more fair if you had to drive, too. but with the exchange rate.. and the fact that I presume Det is about as terrifying as Buf.. you might be the lucky one. your condo’s comfy, yes?

  290. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    HEY: sweet euro!! haven’t seen u around much since NC swept you away! :) how r u doing darling?

  291. flowerpush says:

    I am too Bluegrass and I’m a pretty submissive lover so I am usually willing to do almost anything to fulfill fantasies and things like that. I’m really open minded sexually.

    One thing I do know though is that if this was a regular dating site there is no way these men would be setting their propositions to us like that rofl. I think because of the nature of the relationship, you would have to be open minded to even consider a sugar relationship, so they feel more comfortable telling us their true fantasies.

    How about an SD chime in on this?

  292. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    Hey! :)

  293. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Flower: just checked out ur profile… ur adorable!

  294. ~*kittylainy*~ says:


  295. BettieGirlDD*273192 says:

    kitty and flower we should find a central location and all party.. the SB trio!

  296. BeautifulBluegrass says:

    I am rather kinky so IF we got to a certain point I could see myself getting into that…. TMI?

  297. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Flower: LMAO a gent I talked to yesterday wants to suck a guy’s cock WITH me… all sorts of funny stuff out there

  298. flowerpush says:

    A potential SD asked me if I would be willing to “fuck him with a strap on”. What do you ladies think?
    Is it bad that I would do it if we got to that point in our relationship? LOL.
    He also wants to be whipped and stuff. Men and their fantasies.

    Kitty, my number is 287432.

  299. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    wats ur profile #? I can get my e-mail addy over to ya

  300. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    FLOWER: I know a lot of club owners, you will have no problem getting in, even if u have no ID. So next time ur friends come… come!!

  301. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I will just be here in Florida, all by myself :(

  302. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    SV: I MISS THAT THE MOST!!! I had really good crews at the bars/restaurants I worked at and we would always stay hrs after closing time and drink their booze for free, dance etc etc…
    I would definitely go back and be a bartender part time, but it would be my only free time and my freetime I like to safe for SDs

  303. lisa says:

    I have a coupon for arbys 5 sandwhiches for 5 dollars, gonna eat a couple,and send the other 3 home with my daughter.
    I’m not much into cooking, i have one little pot or pan whatever it is , it’s a little round thing with a handle, holds about 4 cups of water. I have no cooking gadgets

    Gee no one seems to live near me, :(

    gotta get going now.

  304. flowerpush says:

    A lot of my friends party in London. I haven’t ever been myself because I’m not sure how strict they are about passports and all that stuff. I hear from some people it’s strict and from other people it’s not at all. I guess it depends.

    I understand about being hesitant about coming to Detroit lol. I think that if you stay downtown you would be alright though.

    I desperately want SB friends. It’s nice to know someone knows what you’re going through and they will be there for you if you need them y’know?

  305. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    That’s be awesome!! Bettie’s from Buffalo and we’ve tried to meet and probably will try again for partying! :) I love SB friends :)
    I am currently situated in London, 2 hrs closer to u than Toronto!
    So if you’re ever itching for a party night. You’ll know where to go :)
    I hesitate to go party in Detroit because I don’t know the city at all.

  306. sweetredhead269443 says:

    lisa if you made sauce you could eat on it for a week and still cost less then 2 trips to arby’s. same with soup.

  307. Spanish Vixen says:

    kitty: I can imagine. I think the biggest reason I don’t mind it is because I work with some of my best friends, so our schedules are the same. I’m good friends with the servers, and 2 of my boss’s are practically family…so we always hook up for drinks after our shifts. It’s perfect as a university job right now methinks :)

  308. flowerpush says:

    Wow Lisa, your life should be made into a movie. You’re such an upbeat and positive person despite all you go through. I love it. Have a good lunch!

  309. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    SV: I worked as a bartender/waitress/bar manager bar promoter for years. During that time, my friends always went out to other clubs without me since I am always working at night. and I missed a lot of special occassions like new years, birthdays, anniversaries. Moreover, I noticed my schedule became, “wake up at noon tired and was too lazy to do much and then went back to work.”
    But now that I’m not doing it.. I MISS IT!!
    alas, the grass is always greener on the otherside.

  310. lisa says:

    you guys are making me hungry. I haven’t eaten since yesterdat at 4:30 and that a chicken sandwhich, will get to eat today about 1:30 , my stomach is screaming so stop with the food, please. lol
    I am leaving at 12:15 but it will take me over an hour to get to the store and the arby’s. have to change buses and wait 30 minutes in between, sucks

    I will be back later this evening, bye

  311. flowerpush says:

    Toronto is pretty close to Detroit so maybe we can have lunch if you’re ever coming to America soon. :)

  312. lisa says:

    Fatal Attraction? lol

  313. sweetredhead269443 says:

    homemade chicken noodle soup and wheat crackers,mmmm I am good now :)

  314. flowerpush says:

    Nawtione, if you want to look at a SB’s profile you have to go to a SB’s profile and take out their ID number and put in the one you want. The same with SDs. You won’t get anywhere putting a SD’s profile number in on an SB’s profile or vice versa. Hope that helped!

  315. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Flower: I don’t think I am having dinner with sincere, he seemed too busy~ Vegas is still up in the air, I am worried about the safety aspect, I accepted the trip (in 2 weeks) but told SD I will have to check to make sure my schedule’s clear, so i might still decline.
    There seems to be a lot of haze around me hahaaa
    and thanx babe!! ur a sweety pie too :) that’s why we’re SBs

  316. Spanish Vixen says:

    Beautiful: I’m writing this down. lol.

    Kitty: I love working nights. I get to spend nights pretty much just talking to people. It’s wonderful…I love my job. Last night I hung out with a bunch of regulars and their frat brothers (graduated a long time ago…but hey). I had a VERY good night 😀

  317. flowerpush says:

    A married SD getting his SB pregnant would be a terrible situation. I don’t see that ending well on either side.

  318. lisa says:

    ok sweetredhead I’m getting light headed as I thought you made your own illegal drug, wow the allergy pill is hitting me.
    Plan B isn’t that for medicare, lol
    RU whatever, I am not sure what that is but I like U2

  319. nawtione says:

    So for those of us in the slow class flower, how did you do it?

  320. lisa says:

    and the gang grafitti spraypainted on my apartment buildings looks bad too. the management covers it, but the next day it;s done again. I like the new signs we have in the front now though, Under new management, First Class Service, that’s hysterical lol

  321. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Redhead: I make marinara from scratch too. it is uncomparable!

    SV: as I said to rehead, I would offer, but I piggied it. that’s one thing I miss about working nights.. sure u stay up late, but you the whole day to nap.. :)

  322. BeautifulBluegrass says:

    If you are prego you would want RU486.
    PLan B is for before you get prego.
    Can you tell Im paranoid? 😉

  323. lisa says:

    Lisa, the North side of the freeway, lol
    I live 4 blocks from one of the nicest sides of town, its’ sad
    I am always embarassed when I have a date and they take me home, we pass some nice apartments and everything is all nice and then under the freeway, empty storefronts, apartments with men standing outside drinking, trash everywhere, it just looks bad and I get embarrased.

  324. flowerpush says:

    I finally figured out how to look at profiles! Yay. That was making me feel really slow lol.

    Ventura, I looked at yours and liked it. Too bad you’re too far away. :(

    Anyway, morning all!

    Kitty you’re so lucky. You’re going to vegas and having dinner with sincere. You deserve it though because you’re such a sweetheart.

  325. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I would have to make it. I don’t eat jar sauce. To much work :(

  326. Spanish Vixen says:

    That was an interesting read…lol.

    If I got pregnant I’d be all about plan B. hehehe.

    kitty: Now I really want some spaghetti…but I just had a tuna wrap (it was very tasty) and I feel I may throw a movie on and pass out for a few hours. I ended up staying out late again at the bar with some friends. And I actually have to work tonight so I figured I should at least be a bit awake.

  327. lisa says:

    I am dyslexic or something. I cannot write by hand, I just can’t. If I try to write even a short note, my hand shake and my writing is really messy and no one can read it.

  328. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Go get some pasta I know u want some speghetti!
    Lisa would make a good book. Just call it, “Lisa: wrong side of the freeway”

  329. sweetredhead269443 says:

    My life is normal and boring. This is why I am here lol

  330. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Lisa I think you should write a book on all the the drama in your life lol

  331. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Piggy!! now I have to go find something to eat and I don’t know what I want :(

  332. lisa says:

    yes in Texas its 20 percent one child, 25 percent 2 kids, 30% over three
    My ex only made 1000 a month so I got 200 a month for about a year and then he fled the country. I never filed to get it because 200 dollars was not worth the risk of him kidnapping her to the middle east.

    Ok I gotta be getting ready to go out soon.
    Have a good afternoon, I’m about to get out into the day.
    my stomach is growling loud, I need to eat

  333. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    I am sorry redhead… I would offer you some but I piggied it all up…

  334. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Thanks now I am hungry!!

  335. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    mmm I had left over speghetti and met sauce for lunch… mmmmmmmmmm.. IT IS BETTER the next day!!!!

  336. nawtione says:

    I am moving to CANADA!

  337. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Changing subject now lmao

  338. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    naw: I think the Canadian law is different. if the single parent earn less than an amount, Social will match the father’s payment in full

  339. sweetredhead269443 says:

    My tubes are tied. I am covered lol. Just a strange thought that just popped in my head.

  340. nawtione says:

    kitty, depending on the state, his income, and the rules for child support, it can vary. I get less than that for 2 children.

  341. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    .. this is the least sexiest blog segment ever hahahaaa

  342. nawtione says:

    Lisa, until I hit menopause, I will worry…

  343. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    2K a month??? try a lot more than that!

  344. lisa says:

    I’m older probably don’t have to worry much about that but then my grandma ahd 3 babies in her 40’s and the last one, my mom at age 50, and back in 1940, they didn’t take fertility drugs, they didnt’ need them.

  345. BeautifulBluegrass says:

    nawtione- I am going to use that term now… “I had a condom malfunction, may I please have Plan B?”

  346. nawtione says:

    True sweetred. Both my girls just LOVE attention, especially positive. (But then, I guess I do as well, so they come upon it honestly)

  347. lisa says:

    I wonder that too. I am surprised at the number of men who take no responsibility or leave it up to the woman. My ex boyfriend never even mentioned contraception. If i would have been a scammer I could have got pregnant and got 20 percent of his income or about 2k a monoth for 18 years, so many men just don’t seem to think and then they blame the woman. It makes me wonder

  348. nawtione says:

    And remember that “Plan B” is available over the counter for anyone over the age of 18, if you experience any birth control malfunctions (is that like a wardrobe malfunction?) LOL

  349. BeautifulBluegrass says:

    Thank goodness for The Pill and condoms

  350. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Girls are easy that way. Boys your lucky you can get them to pay attention more than 5 minutes lmao

  351. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    redhead: that is a horrifying thought. I truly believe in, let’s just stay on the safe side

  352. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Its not an option for anyone, but sometimes it can happen without wanting it too.

  353. nawtione says:

    I have only had to potty train girls, but I used a doll that could drink and wet. We ‘trained’ the doll first on her play potty, clapped and cheered when the doll used the big girl potty, and used thinks like Fruit Loops to reward her. My daughters saw the excitement, wanted the cheering and clapping for themselves, and soon were trying on their own. Mind you, I took off a full day of work for this both times, we concentrated on this all day (providing LOTS of liquids during that time), and by the end of the day they both had it figured out.

  354. BeautifulBluegrass says:

    getting prego that is…

  355. BeautifulBluegrass says:

    sweet- I’ve thought about that too…. I came to the conclusion that it is not an option for me!!

  356. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Wow how my mind wonders….

  357. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I just had a weird thought (scary) what happens if a married SD gets his SB pregnant? I am sure it has happened before.

  358. sweetredhead269443 says:

    My daughter never wet the bed, but the boys still did for about a year ughhhh. The refused to put on a pull up at night. The were big boys now (careful what you tell them lol) so it was rubber sheets for a year!

  359. lisa says:

    I “meant” gee I can’t even spell this morning, lol

  360. BeautifulBluegrass says:

    Ventura- So glad you are getting responses like that; who was it that said there is a lid for every pot?
    I get the imprssion that REAL SDs and SBs appreciate a straight forward and honest profile (I know I do) so I’m sure you’ll find an awesome SB in no time!!

  361. lisa says:

    yuck that’s just gross. lol
    oh and I said she “likes’ to take her potty with her, lol
    I mean’s she “liked” to take it with her , she doesn’t still carry it aruond at age 17, at least I don’t think, lol

  362. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Lisa: I am sorry I like to digress onto other odd topics. Some people are funny though, like WHO takes their pottytraining kids to friends’ houses and not put them in a diaper?

  363. lisa says:

    my duaghter was pottytrained at 18 months. I just sat her potty in front of the tv, lol funny thing is she likes to take her potty with her and would site on it on the back patio when she was playing with the dog. lol

    another odd topic to talk about on a sd blog. potty training, lol

  364. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    redhead: cherrios is a great idea! I will suggest that to him. aww girls are so cute

  365. sweetredhead269443 says:

    kittylainy Both my boys were 3 before they were potty trained. my girl was nearly 2. Girls are so much easier than boys. What i did with my sons was put cheerios in the toilet for target practice lmao. It worked. You know men its all about the fun lmao. My Girl she wanted to wear her pretty pants, if she had an accident she had to take off her pretty pants, she did not like that. Women always with the pretty things lol.

  366. venturaguy276010 says:

    SincereSD: thanks for the tips on the previous blog. I specified my budget allowance in my profile description itself.
    Beach: Thanks for the confirmation on multicards. I just used multicards to upgrade.
    Both of you are right regarding the type of responses I could get. So far, I have received messages from students who are fine with meeting 2-3 times a month.

  367. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Gail, just set up an account on ebay and start selling. It is just that simple!!

  368. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    I cannot believe my friend does that either… I babysat him lastnight, he was so adorable.. Auntie~ Auntie: Juice chhhheese (he saids please, cheese) I will be sure to TELL HER to watch nanny 911 a 3 year old should be potty trained

  369. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Thank you to all the wonderful SD’s that have answered my question.

    The investments are in the following: Guaranteed Income fund 93% and the other 7% is in HMA common stock. This is through the “Rock” Prudential.
    On my last statement I lost $276.71.

    I will be pleased with any help that I can get.

  370. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    I can speak chinglish well :)
    hee hee
    Well if you don’t have plans late saturday night maybe we can go out for drinks…
    If only stephan will get ur e-mail sent to me already :)

  371. Sam 267369 says:

    Nice responses, SincereSD… worth the reload time on the previous topic… thanks.

  372. BeautifulBluegrass says:

    Just ask for financial advice and all the SDs come out of the woodwork. I love it!

  373. Sam 267369 says:

    What did they invest your 401k into? You may need to wait for an answer as I’ll be offline for a bit. Keep in mind that I’m not an expert in 401k or IRAs…

  374. NC Gentleman says:

    Hi Jen — there won’t be any tax consequences for rolling over as long as you don’t take a distribution. The only difference could potentially be fees that the account administrator is charing that you don’t know about. The fees are relatively small though. Believe it or not, the company can have the administrator deduct the account maintenance fees from your account as part of an overall administrative fee. I didn’t learn that until the company I own implemented a 401K. We pay the $35 per account fee for each of our employees :) Best wishes and hello everyone!

  375. sinceresd says:

    Good morning Gail, Sweet, Jenn & others.

    Kitty, sunday doesn’t work for me but let’s plan for another day. Thanks for reminding me what a banana I am (white on the inside, yellow on the outside). I speak a dialect of Chinese … or more like chingish :

    Ventura, Sam and Lisa, I posted replies to your earlier comments in the preious blog.

    Have to run now do some real work now. Hopefully I’m be online tomorrow and be able to post.

  376. SuthrnExec says:

    Jennifer, it’s probably a good idea to roll it into an IRA but you need to speak to a CPA that can see the details of your 401k and they can advise you about the rollover, the long term tax consequences, etc.

  377. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone. slept late and feel good this morning. It’s another beautiful day, sunny and mild. Just waking up, watching some tv, and going out to the store around 12:30 will see my daughter on the bus on her way to work and then go to the store, turn around and meet her agin after work to give her the stuff she wants me to buy today. I just want to tick her off a little by letting her see me in the abercrombie sweater I bought last week for 20 dollars, the same one she bought at Christmas for 70 dollars, lol gotta love those sales.
    I wish the time would go fast, I am starving. can’t get out of my apartment to go to mcd though because the apartment workers will see me and then they will ask to me to sit home all day so they can fix the neighbors plumbing, somehow they gotta work through my wall to do it. i dont’ care, they can just wait, I already sat around all day monday waiting for them.

  378. Gail says:

    Do you have the program for E-Bay…I have lots of stuff to sell..share with me how you do it…thanks:)

  379. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    I will be back on later. Maybe I will find something nice to wear for a SD. Now, how to find a SD? Just keep searching and waiting.

  380. Gail says:

    I have to make coffee now…I sat down when I woke up this morning and haven’t got up yet…that was over an hour ago:) Chat with everyone later!!!

  381. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    I am now off to spend some money on ebay!!! Just sold some stuff and now I have money to play with.

  382. Gail says:

    Kitty-I have watched episodes on Nanny 911. They had good ideas for potty training….like making it a celebration party when the babies actually go in the training potty….lol…it wasn’t like that when I grew up:)

  383. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    After writing that I hope you understand. Once I read it, I questioned the structure of the sentence. But you should get the basic understanding.

  384. Gail says:

    Sorry to hear about the loss of your patient. Funny I have those senses. My best friends can be anywhere in the world. I will call them, and they have sworn that either they were just thinking about me, or they just said my name to another person…and their phone rings. It’s me:) And the funny part is with my friends we don’t talk everyday, but our friendship has withstood time:) My daughter just mentioned she wanted a new cat to replace the one we had…thinking about it…or may stay with my ghost one….LOL….

  385. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Kitty… It is called daycare and all the other kids doing it! That is just rude, if I was taking my son to someone’s home, he would be in a pull up so accidents don’t happen in someone’s home.

  386. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    * not “if”…” is”

  387. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    JEN!! my friend is trying to pottytrain her 3 yearold boy and has no success at all!!!! any advice?
    -he comes to my apartment (with white carpets) often and I love seeing the sight of a yellow stream runnign down the kid’s leg when they’re attempting… some sort of training trial. (the kid doesn’t wear diapers and supposed to just realize that it;s not cool and should be done at a potty.) What I wonder if.. why do they come to someone else’s house during this trial period?

  388. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Gail, it was your cat. You don’t want to get me started about the after life. I am a true believer.

  389. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Gail, the little one is getting bigger and bigger every day. I am very proud of him, he is now potty trained!!!! Work has been nonstop. I work in Critical Care and have been taking care of some very sick patients. My favorite patient passed away last Friday, what was funny is that I called to get my schedule and he had just passed away about 20 minutes before. I must have known something was wrong!
    I hate it when I get those feelings!!

  390. Gail says:

    BeautifulBluegrass-It just felt like the way my cat use to pounce on my bed. Thanks for believing:) I am happy to hear that you have had some good dates here:) I am on a break right now…just checking in at the blog:)

  391. BeautifulBluegrass says:

    Gail- It was me. I have come to realize how little we know about… everything. I have no way of proving it wasn’t your cat; if say you think it was, then maybe it was! 😀

  392. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Sam, I could use a little help with my 401k. Would you be able to help me?

    The company that owns the hospital that I work for has stopped contributing to the fund. Should I roll it over to an IRA or leave it alone? I hate having to deal with money!! Heck, I can’t even keep my check book straight!!

  393. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Morning Jen~ you are a busy little bee!!

  394. Gail says:

    Jennifer:) We are on together…finally at last. How are things going for you…missed you….you must be working too hard:) How are the babies?

  395. Gail says:

    Also Kitty, my best, best male friend lives there in Las Vegas, he will come rescue there for me:) And I will drive the 8 hours if you need me:) Just pour me a shot after the action is all over.

    LOL….I am laughing at myself what can petite 5’2″ little me do to help you?
    I can scream…loudly…and kick balls…:)

  396. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Kitty, Bettie, SweetRed… good morning. And to Sam and Sincered

    And I know I have missed a few!!

  397. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Good Morning everyone,

    I had a very busy two days at work and now a 3 day weekend!!!

    Gail, it has been forever! How are you? The sun is out and shinning bright in Florida. I am about one hour from Palm Beach. See I did read the earlier blogs.

  398. Gail says:

    Bettie-A librarian:) wow…you are an information highway.

    Red-Hope you have a great day!!!

    Bluegrass-Was it you who believed my story about my cat? LOL…

  399. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    ciaos redhead have a great fullfilling day

  400. sweetredhead says:

    Time for me to get moving this morning. Talk to you all later. Have a wonderful day :)

  401. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Bettie: aww.. that’s so disappointing!!! That place had the best sushi. There are probably better places around town for sushi, but that place just stuck to me for some reason

  402. BeautifulBluegrass says:

    I might try Factiva…. I’m involved in research at our local Univ.
    Thanks for the tip!

  403. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    gail: *HUGE HUGS*
    Hope fully I wouldn’t need them. BUT THAT IS SO INCREDIBLY GENEROUS AND SWEE OF YOU!!!
    I am call caping it because I am truly touched!!!!

    Sincere: do u speak any asian languages

  404. sweetredhead says:

    Morning Gail :)

  405. BettieGirlDD*273192 says:

    Yep I’m both a real librarian and champion internet user. I could find someone’s birth weight if I wanted to.. (ok I really don’t have time to do that, but property value is public info and any real businessman is going to be written about somewhere) Theres google but even better is the newspaper Business First which lists attorney appointments, exec hirings, etc. I have access to a news database called Factiva through my Univ.

    Kitty one time I ate at funi and when I got home my debit card acct had been cleaned out. Everywhere else in town I’d used cash and I had my receipt in my purse so I presume my number got taken down at the restaurant. :( It all got refunded but it was very upsetting.

    In addition to Kitty I have a friend here in town I text where I’m going, and before I confided in her I left a piece of paper on my desk w/ lots of info. No one would look around my desk unless I didnt come back…

  406. Gail says:

    Good Morning All:) It’s another great day!

    Kitty-You lucky duck, Vegas, lunch with Sincere, sounds like you are going to be a busy gal:) Have fun….be safe…and if you run into trouble there let me know as I have two tickets to Vegas that I was unable to use this year.
    I love Chineese New Year!!! It is a wonderful to experience it in Chinatown in San Francisco:)

    Nice to see you back Sincere. Missed you on the blog. We need your comments and thoughts:)

    Nawtione-No worries…everyone has moved on…how are you this beautiful morning?

    Red-I hope you slept well. Its raining here, so the sound of raindrops put me out:)


  407. sweetredhead says:

    Really sad mish had the experience she did. Think I will call her later and check up on her.

  408. sweetredhead says:

    Creepy Sd’s don’t stand a chance :)

  409. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    I know… it’s our own little safe community

  410. sweetredhead says:

    That’s great, I love the way everyone looks out for each other here.

  411. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    I think I exaggerate “background” check but she can find some crazy hidden info about people

  412. BeautifulBluegrass says:

    Background checks? That is AWESOME!!!!

  413. Sam 267369 says:

    Kitty, I always put the woman in control of the online itinerary if I buy the tickets, or send her money to do it herself. You should file your location with a friend who can check up on you, keep your phone charged, and have spare cash, ID and a credit card with you at all times. When I first travel with an SB I also get her a separate room booked for her.

    I would not travel to visit somebody who couldn’t verify their real name/identity with you.

  414. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    ya Bettie’s my buddy’s she’s also super resourceful so she does background checks on these SDs for me :)

  415. BeautifulBluegrass says:

    We really do need a place where all the travel and safety tips can be posted.
    Kitty- will anyone be given his name and profile #?
    Is there a way to create a sort of SB buddy system?

  416. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    love Chanel

  417. nawtione says:

    OC: I know your comment on Chanel was half way up this post, but if you like Chanel #5, you should try Chanel Mademoiselle. It is not quite as heavy, and is a beautiful scent. I bought it for myself last year on my birthday, and only wear it on special occasions. Heavenly…

  418. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    redhead: the best is eating starch, it takes the burning away :)

  419. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Sincere, how does sunday lunch sound.
    I have always wanted to try wasabi ice cream… I heard they are amazing.. mm….
    Saturday is Chinese New year, so I am all booked up with family festivites I shall e-mail him.
    my favorite restaurant in toronto for sushi is fune on king st, :)

  420. sweetredhead says:

    Most people don’t know to get the burning feeling off your tongue. Drink Milk not water. Milk will ake away the sting :)

  421. sweetredhead says:

    Good morning all :)

    The first time I had wasabi, I put a good amount on my sushi (not realizing it was HOT!) WOW!! [email protected]

  422. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Great advice…I think I will go the second route and have him book the trip on a separate itinerary. ( he was to becaue he is from LA)
    I think stephan should consider making a link about traveling and other safety issues for sb/sd alike there are some great tips shared here.

  423. sinceresd says:


    wrt buying tickets, it should be the other way around. He should send you money to buy the tickets as you run the risk of not getting reimbursed or revealing a lot of personal info like your passport #, address, etc. Being a very frequent flyer, I used to redeem points for my travels with SB.

    If he is going to pay for the tickets, make sure they are non-refundable (although a petty SD can still cancel the ticket). make sure that the ticket is booked on a seperate itinenary from his and you get the password so you can make changes (and change the password right away). Also add email notification so you will be updated on changes.

  424. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    stephan, can I have sinceresd’s e-mail address please?

  425. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Morning Sincere,
    Thank you for your thoughts. Didn’t think you were paying attention :)

    I do not like to mix sugar life into my daily lives either… and I would feel as if I am putting my friends in jeopardy.
    I am sorry for being harsh on the Toronto SDs, I have just had horrible luck. And there are only a small handful of SDs to pick and choose from within the area. Perhaps the real SDs (such as yourself) are picky and wouldn’t settle for anything less than exactly what they are looking for. and conversely, I am the same.
    What exactly is Wasabi Ice? the wasabi hotness is so different though.. mm but I love it. I want sushi for dinner. I will be in town this weekend actually :)

  426. sinceresd says:

    Morning Kitty,

    I’m at home sipping on my 2nd mug of starbucks downtown in the big smoke … have no idea how it got that name though. Though I would move my comments here as I seem to always catch the a blog as it’s winding down.

    About your comments:

    KL Says: “I do have a facebook account that I do not check often enough, because when I do, it is like 50 people just wrote on your wall.”

    Reply – I didn’t have a FB page until I started contacting some potential SB. It’s certainly an interesting way of finding out more about someone. although I’m not sure all of that information is something one would want to convey to an potential SD especially if one is trying to put their best foot forward. One word of warning for SB on FB … I would be careful adding a friend until you get to know the person better because you could expose your entire FB socialgraph. For example, I was enable to find information on other SB on FB by clicking on a what I presumed was a SD on a potential SB’s list. I would recommend that people turn off their friend list to public if you are using adding Sugar candidates to your list.

    KL Says: “I think all the SD potentials in the Toronto area are full of shit and do not know how to treat women. Why is it so hard to keep a woman’s sensitivity in mind while trying to create a drama free relationship. Why play so many games to keep us poor SBs guessing?” … Seriously, I am looking for companionship and connection with this (money isn’t everything) and I am having no luck, why bother with the stress?”

    Reply – Don’t give up yet. This is like any online dating site except that people can be more uncouth since sex and money are involved. There are a lot of fakes out there or people with unrealistic expectations. Have you tried changing your profile to emphasize what you are looking for or increasing your expectations to weed out the men (who should be looking for SM instead of posing as a SD)?
    If it’s any consolation, we SD have the same problems in our search … most of the women I talk to have no idea what it takes to have an solid ongoing SD friend. That’s why my (inactive) profile was so detailed on what I was looking for … but it seems a substantial number of SB do not know how to read. You would think SD have their pick of the litter as the ratio of SB/SD is overwhelming in our favor.

    KL says “THe best hot sauce is from those vietnamese/Thai restaurants it comes in a large bottle with a green lid. it is amazing on everything!”

    Reply – Seriously, I was wondering if you were really asian with your comment about Franks hot sauce. Nothing beats Sriracha and yes they serve it in chinese places as well. Since you are a fan of hot foods, I should treat you to wasabi ice the next time you are in town. We can trade war stories and battle scars together. I’m not a member here so you’ll have to ask Stephan to trade contact info.

  427. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    confirmation and ensure it won’t be cancelled?
    wouldn’t it be smart if i booked and bought the tickets and he reimburse me?

  428. Spanish Vixen says:

    kitty: I would hope so. I know that when I fly to Spain with my family we always have a return ticket confirmation aswell.

  429. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    SV: That’s a good idea… I will wait and be “busy” until I have a grand extra. just in case. Is there a way to ensure that you get a return ticket BEFORE you depart?

  430. Spanish Vixen says:

    Good morning everyone! I’m only on for a bit before I head out for a few hours. It’s time for my yearly check-up at the doctor so he can tell me I’m not dying.

    Kitty: Normally what I try to do is try to save up a specific amount of money to have on hand (either in cash or through your debit card) so that IF something goes wrong I can still take care of myself and try to get back home. I’m not saying I could do that at this specific time, but it’s what I try and do.

  431. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Morning BBfly~ I thought there was a SD that lives there.

  432. BlkButtafly~264118~ says:

    Hmmm are there any SBs on here that live there?

  433. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    No one’s here so I will continue to talk to myself:

    -I was invited to Las Vegas for a weekend by a SD last night. I googled him, seems like a legit person, there were several pages with his name/picture on it. Now, what are some safety precautions that I must take, so I do not end up buried in the middle of the desert, raped, or stranded in LV?
    I am personally more worried about being dead or stranded

  434. BlkButtafly~264118~ says:

    Good morning everyone! Sorry I wasn’t online to help explain the misunderstanding earlier. A friend of mine (who I secretly have a crush on) wears some scent by A&F I believe but I forgot what it is. My other favorite cologne is Burberry….it just sends a chill up my spine Woo!

  435. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Good Morning folks,
    It’s been a smooth sailing morning here in Canadaland~ I got to work 15 minutes early and the entire building is practically isolated. There is a sense of serenity to it.
    Read over last night’s posts:
    – OC: Aww flowers and chocolate? That’s so incredibly sweet.
    – Redhead: I think maybe her perfume scent is attached to her clothes, jacket etc. Sometimes when I put my perfume on after I get dressed, the smell seems to get “stained” onto the article of clothing and when I put it on the next time, even after washed, I can still smell it. Slightly.
    – Flower: I LOVE Britney Spears. Her music makes me very enegetic and happy. I love the new Circus album.
    -SAM: I am sure everyone has seen Memoirs of a Geisha, it is not uncommon for Virginity to be auctioned off, especially in the Eastern societies. But this bid isn’t just for virginity, it is usually for marriage as well. I gave mine away for free to a gentleman I truly, deeply cared for. I personally do not think it is somethiing I want to put a price on. It is an experience, a rites of passage.
    Lisa: Today’s your day off, so I wouldn’t expect to see you on for awhile… enjoy your sleeping in. shhhh~~~~~~
    Everyone else: HELLO~

  436. flowerpush says:

    ROFL! I don’t know how I’m going to get away with that.

  437. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I would first find out if he was allergic to it. I know its hard to understand when you don’t have this type of allergy. But its like having really bad cold symptoms. All stuffed up, coughing. Sometimes you get a headache. And if you have asthma its even worse.

  438. Yasmine says:

    Thats what I meant Sam but I can’t see your profile

  439. Gail says:

    yes flowerpush….it really works…while your at it sprinkle some on his feet by accicdent.(smile)

  440. flowerpush says:

    Gail, I guess I’ll have to accidentally spill some fabric softener in his backseat lol.

  441. Gail says:

    Good nite all. I am ready to go to sleep. It’s Friday tommorrow, another great day!!!

  442. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Wow.. Just read the article. What is the fascination with men to be with a virgin (unless it’s love) I just don’t understand it.

  443. Gail says:

    Interesting Sam,

    She says she has received bids ranging between $1 million and $3.8 million from more than 5,000 men, including bids from a rock star and a famous actor.

    Natalie said she’s been forced to sell her cherry, because her stepfather took out a student loan in her name, so she’s unable to finance her education. She said, “I don’t have a moral dilemma with it. Why shouldn’t I be allowed to capitalize on my virginity? I understand some people may condemn me. But I think this is empowering. I’m using what I have to better myself.”

  444. Sam 267369 says:

    Talk in private? Isn’t that what the SA messaging is for?

  445. OCSugarBaby says:

    ok, nite ladies, this California baby needs her beauty sleep. Nite Nite :)

  446. Gail says:

    Flowerpush-today I spill downey in my car. My car smells heavenly right now:) I was thinking you could stash a dryer sheet somewhere in the seats, or in the floorboard of the car:)

  447. Sam 267369 says:

    I read an article about a 22 year old woman selling her virginity online. Because she is doing it through a Nevada brothel apparently it is legal. I’d send the link except it would put my post through moderation. So google for 22 year old woman selling virginity and you’ll find it.

    A UK woman tried this before as I recall.

    There is a claim that the bidding is as high as $3.7M, although I suspect there are many non-legitimate offers.

  448. Gail says:

    LOL…feet…my friend is a basketball coach…his feet always smells fresh…lol….I would be calling in to for the meeting too. LOL….it’s funny when people are in conference calls. I use to wonder what people were doing during a worldwide conference meeting. You could always tell, something was up, because they wouldn’t respond right away with the status of their project, they had to unmute their speakers…LOL….

  449. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I am ok with fruity smells. Its the flowery ones I can’t seem to handle.

  450. flowerpush says:

    OC, I totally understand that. The smell of feet is one I hate the most. A good friend of mine’s car always smells like feet. I tried to buy him and air freshener but he has asthma so he can’t take it.

  451. lisa says:

    I love incense but it gives me a headache if I burn it too much.
    well i’m going to go to bed soon. I will sleep late tomorrow and will go to Target in the afternoon to get toiletries and then on to pick up some dinner and meet my daughter so we can spend our “20 minutes” together. she goes to highschool and works part time and is off on weekends. I have to work every weekend so we never have more than the few minutes on the bus together. It’s too late to go anywhere when she gets off at 5 cause the buses start running hourly and it’s getting dark. She is going to Newyork for a school trip next month. She is very excited. she has never been to any state but Texas, she’s been to 4 countries but none of the states.
    Good night everyone

  452. sweetredhead269443 says:

    One say One of the girls was mad at me in the office (don’t remember why, doesn’t matter) But she sprayed perfume all over the office. Knowing full well I was allergic to it. I said nothing, wasn’t going to even acknowledge the childish behavior. (used my inhaler) and continued to do my work. But the Doctor came in and he was pissed. Gave her a lecture you would not believe.

  453. OCSugarBaby says:

    Gail-yes it has the wooden reeds. There is one gentleman in our office, he actually is a Senior VP. His office smells like FEET. I hate meetings in his office! I try to call into them instead of going to them! lol

  454. flowerpush says:

    Lisa, I love everything Britney Spears and I’m not ashamed to say it lol.
    I had to retire some of my favorite perfumes because of experiences I associated with them. One of them was Clinique Happy. I wore that a lot in what became a bad time in my life and I can’t stand the smell of it now. Go figure.
    I really hate the picture collectors. I had one guy ask me for 7 pictures of my ass. He said it just like that too. Very specific, it had to be 7 for some reason. Weird. Needless to say he got nothing lol.

  455. Gail says:

    Red-I met a fella, and he made incense for a living. He actually learned how to make it in Los Angeles. His garage was full of all of the supplies to make it. When I visitied him I helped him package them. He sold them to alot of stores, 7-11’s etc….I just couldn’t see myself being part of his business…LOL…I really like the babypowder ones.

  456. Gail says:

    It’s amazing what the diffusers will do. I just got one as a gift, it is the ocean smell. Love it. I come home and it is subtle. Does yours have the reeds that come out?

  457. sweetredhead269443 says:

    One place I worked, The massage therapist used incense. That about killed me. Its hard to have to tell someone not to use something they like. I feel rude sometimes. But Its not something I can help.

  458. flowerpush says:

    Thanks Atlantian. I was debating that picture and yes it is a lip ring. I usually wear a stud but I was feeling upset that day so I did really dark eye makeup and a hoop to make me feel better lol. I also teased out my hair real good but had it back in a ponytail then. I tend to dress up when I’m upset. Not sure why.

  459. Gail says:

    Atlantian-I went to Atlanta last year. Had an incredible time. The city is full of history and character. I saw all of Atlanta. I love reading period books. In addition, I went to see the house that Martin Luther King grew up in. Its so amazing what he did for our country:)

    And OC…I was asking about the piece with nuts…it may be too much for you…lol….yummy…I am craving chocolate and nuts right now…lol…

  460. OCSugarBaby says:

    Gail, I do have a very subtle lavender scented oil defuser in my office and when people come in they seem to relax. Funny, my office is the one that everyone comes to and sits for hours to shoot the breeze. The scent is so soft, they do comment that my office smells wonderful! My thought is if they didn’t like it they wouldn”t stay so darn long!

  461. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I work In a Doctors office and I had to put up a sign, saying please don;t wear perfumes or lotions to your appointments. Some perfumes can cause me to go into coughing attacks (asthma) But do you think people care, NOPE!! I had a coughing attack doing therapy on a patient. I had to leave the room and ask someone to finish for me. She asked me if I have allergies, I said yes to perfumes. She didn’t get it she wore it every time she came. One day she asks me, why don;t you do my therapy anymore? I said Straight out. I have an allergy to your perfume. She STILL continued to wear it to her appointments.

  462. lisa says:

    I confess I like Britney spears perfumes too. I have the one in the blue bottle and the round pink bottle. I got them when I first moved over here and have a little left, and when I smell them it reminds me when I first moved over here, not a pleasant time though, odd how we can associate a perfume with a certain event or feeling. If I wear L’air dtemps, it reminds me of saturday morning cemetery visits when my I used visit a dead boyfriend.

  463. Atlantian says:

    Well, good night, everyone. It is definitely time for me to get some sleep.

    Don’t talk too much. I want to have a chance at catching up tomorrow!

    (almost 1000 comments on the last post…really?!??!)

  464. OCSugarBaby says:

    Yeah Sweet the girls are all snug. :)

  465. lisa says:

    flowerpush, nice profile
    I got a guy email me one day and seemed ok at first but then he sent me an email wanting a closeup of well, my kitty. If only he would have included his email and I would have sent him a picture of a cute kitty cat, I’m sure that what he really meant. anyway I told him he was on the wrong site and he said “no, mam, you’re on the wrong site” he has been on this site for at leas 5 months, guess he is a picture collector.

  466. Gail says:

    At major corporations you cannot wear perrfumes or colognes. Alot of people are allergic. But I can’t help to want to smell good or different on certain days.

    flowerpush-maybe you aren’t putting it in right. It took me awhile to figure it out. And by the way hello:)

  467. OCSugarBaby says:

    I do LOVE Chanel 5. I love the classic style of it. I may have to rethink my wearing it again. I love putting it on before I go to bed. Hmmm smells so good.

  468. sweetredhead269443 says:

    lmao I see you OC, are you wearing a bra?

  469. Atlantian says:


    I’m pretty sure that’s a lip piercing on your bottom picture, but it’s not very clear…leaving the mind to its imagination…leading one to think other things than lip piercing. Anyways, I’d take it off.
    You’re gorgeous, though! I really liked your profile. I’d say a bit more about yourself, though. Just a bit.

  470. OCSugarBaby says:

    Ahhh I knew that would work. :)

  471. flowerpush says:

    I am addicted to these perfumes:

    1. Britney Spears Curious
    2. Michael Kors
    3. Juicy Couture
    4. Mossimo Cheap & Chic
    5. Guess

    I own all of them but I rarely wear them because I forget to put them on lol. I like putting them on my bare skin and not clothes so if I put my clothes on first and forget I usually just wear a scented lotion.

  472. Yasmine says:

    Lol OC

  473. OCSugarBaby says:

    Do I need to jump up and down, cuz I will… lol

  474. Yasmine says:

    Sam can I get to talk to you in private *batting eyelashes* lol

  475. OCSugarBaby says:

    Heeeeelllooo trying to change the subject. lol :)

  476. Atlantian says:


    Yes, I’m from Atlanta, or that area at least. Right now, I’m a student at UGA, which means I’m living more in Athens, GA than at home in Atlanta. Going home this weekend, though! I’ll be experiencing the club scene with my older sister. Apparently, she’s an expert, haha!

  477. OCSugarBaby says:

    I never wear perfume. I just find that it is too over powering for the work environment and I am so use to not wearing it during the week, I forget to put it on for a date! It is a huge turn off if the man has a cologne that I do not find appealing.

  478. Gail says:

    My day was great Sweetred. That’s exactly what I mean’t by speaking for me, whereas you are saying I am having a bad day. You have to understand that you really don’t know me well. There are others that do:) and they know enough that I am not mean spirited, and my intentions are good for everyone, including you. If you confuse my thoughts and words let it be known, and I will be more than happy to explain further:)

    So lets move forward:)

  479. flowerpush says:

    Yasmine its ok, I know all too well the misunderstandings that can happen in text form. Usually on forums but its really all the same. I really understood what you were saying when you mentioned those guys that want “an ebony goddess”. Ick, it makes a tingle go down my spine (and not a good one lol)
    I tried to view your profile and it wasn’t available. It’s been saying that to all the profiles I try to view. What’s wrong? My profile # is 287432

    comments welcome.

    I got an email from a guy that I thought was nice asking me “do you have any sexy pics?” Immediately the reg flag went up. UGH.

    Hi everyone else!

  480. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I always seem to make to much food. My Italian up bring, always make extra just in case someone stops by. Because of course you ALWAYS have to be gracious and invite them to eat :)

  481. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Not Sure if wine goes with chicken salad, but it will work lol.

    Sure lisa there is plenty :)

  482. lisa says:

    send me some sweetredhead. I ate a mcdonalds spicy chicken at 4:30 and my stomach’s growling. fridge empty

  483. OCSugarBaby says:

    Mmmmm and a chilled glass of wine! Thanks :)

  484. Sam 267369 says:

    Due to allergies neither my date nor I can wear perfume or even many scented hair or lotion products. Even the ones that I can tolerate, well, I vastly prefer the fresh scent of woman to them.

  485. lisa says:

    wow the only sds I’m finding are guppies. lol

  486. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I made chicken salad and home made chicken noodle soup, would you like some OC?

  487. Gail says:

    OCSugar….is there one with nuts on it…will you eat the box by yourself:)

    Lisa… I remember the cockroach…yes it does change frequently.

    We are all in this fishbowl together:) swimming round and round…lol

  488. OCSugarBaby says:

    Will someone make me a sandwich. I am starving. oooh a nice glass of wine would be great too! :)

  489. Yasmine says:

    I remember bubbles2u Lisa lol

  490. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Just wondering Gail. Earlier today you seemed to jump on me also. Was wonder what i did? But figured everyone has a bad day sometimes. I am not speaking for you.

  491. lisa says:

    the topic changes frequently on this blog, lol

  492. Yasmine says:

    I know Lisa and I knew Gail wasnt being mean. I should have explained what was said in the other discussion first. Sorry guys :)

  493. Gail says:

    Nothing rough Sweetred, please just stop speaking for me. I try to share what others may have felt and both of you laugh. I believe you may have misunderstood my intention. I know what I tried to communicate to the both of you. Good thing is that I don’t hold grudges. Tommorrow is a new day.

  494. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I know. And Gail is right. It is all ok. Just a misunderstanding. We are woman its bound to happen sometime lol

  495. lisa says:

    Yasmine, some of the sbs have been very brutal to me on here too. One changed her name and came on one night and criticized by profile and said I was a drug addict and said I had a pet cockroach. I reported her and stephan supposedly banned her. I think is was bubbles2u , not sure but i’m pretty sure it was.
    Don’t take it personal

  496. Yasmine says:

    I hope so. I didnt mean to be rude or offend anybody . It was just a joke.

  497. Gail says:

    Yaaah!!!! Flowers and chocolates!!!! Thats what I want….I am so envious OCSugar:) You are the luckiest!!!

    Alantian-Doesn’t it feel good to be missed. And he also knows how you smell too:) I like to wear a white t that belongs to a fella. They always leave behind their own aroma(meaning good aroma:) Are you from Atlanta?

  498. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Yasmine don’t worry about it. Never seen Gail like that before. She might have had a rough night, or something happen. Just let it go :)

  499. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Awww thats so nice OC :)

  500. Yasmine says:

    Now I am scared to say anything else..

  501. Gail says:

    Don’t worry OHGOD. Stop crying. It’s just a misunderstanding. Tommorrow will be another day. Our sugar family is forgiving. Sometimes people don’t realize words on this blog shows no emotions. You can’t hear their voice or see their face to tell whether they are speaking in fun. And it will never be our intention to hurt anyone on here. We welcome you and enjoy you comments and unique thought.
    Just remember we are kinda all like sisters:) We quarrel, forgive and accept each other for the people we are. I am going to sleep now, but wish you SD dreams.

  502. OCSugarBaby says:

    On a happier note…
    I just got home and found a beautiful flower arrangement and chocolates!

  503. sweetredhead269443 says:

    OHGOD its fine :) I think things just got a little touchy. English is not your first language is it? I think that is where the misunderstanding comes in.

  504. Atlantian says:

    Are we making wish lists again?
    Really, I just want Frye Dorado Riding Boots. And a nice collection of 4″+ heels.
    I also want a nice apartment in the city where I can walk to everything because having to drive everywhere is such a bother, and I’m guilty of road rage when angered enough.

    I also don’t wear perfume, but I’ve been told I do have a nice smell. I think it’s the hair. Nevertheless, the boys remember it. I had seen my ex after a 3 month hiatus, and after he gave me a huge hug, he said he missed the way I smelled. One of the sweetest things he ever said.

    And you girls and boys play nice!

  505. OHGOD says:

    gail, i am sorry that i caused problems, i am just trying to make friends, i say all the wrong things. are they mad at you too. i have been cryng, i have nt had anyone talk like that to me. Gordon is nice he understands,but i dont know why i said wrong.

  506. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Ouch!! ok tell me what just happened?

  507. Yasmine says:

    We are not having an attitude oh god….Why dont you just read the other discussion and you will understand what I meant…

  508. Gail says:

    Nice attitude ladies. Time to move on. Good nite!!!

  509. Yasmine says:

    Oh Wow Gail maybe I should just shut up and let you guys enjoy your conversation. It is ok Sweets

  510. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I made it worse? ok then. Think its time for me to go to bed. Not liking the vibes here now. Nite nite

  511. Yasmine says:

    Forget it Sweets until they read the discussion we had earlier they will think that I am being rude

  512. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I don’t think she likes me either lol. Oh well :)

  513. Gail says:

    I am able to communicate to Yasmine on my own. No need to make it worse. We are not arguing with each other.

  514. Yasmine says:

    Yeah Sweets I know U got it but I dont think OHGOD likes me anyways lol
    Check out the previous post guys lol

  515. Gail says:

    I guess she thinks that you really meant it. Probably that after you kick your own ass it will hurt? who knows…just sounded very rude for someone coming in on the blog. I am just being honest.

  516. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Yasmine was only joking. chill out guys. It was something said earlier on the blog

  517. Yasmine says:

    Lol Gail I was referring to the discussion Sweets and Gordon had on the other blog and I was referring to them as the next couple

  518. Gail says:

    I don’t thinks she did, Yasmine. And it didn’t come accross to me as nice either:(

  519. Yasmine says:

    Why will I cry OHGOD? lol

  520. Yasmine says:

    Lol Sweets I know but OHGOD didnt get it. I think She thought I meant it

  521. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I am not kicking anyone butt.

  522. Gail says:

    Hmmm…interesting dialogue here. How is the weather?

  523. sweetredhead269443 says:

    The Owl looked up to the stars above,
    And sang to a small guitar,
    “O lovely Pussy, O Pussy, my love,
    What a beautiful Pussy you are,
    You are,
    You are!
    What a beautiful Pussy you are!”

  524. Yasmine says:

    llol OHGOD didnt you read the discussion earlier? You would understand what I meant by Sweets will kick your ass

  525. gurlnextdoor says:

    Ok, so I’m late reading the blog today. I ended up spending the afternoon at the mall and then watching a movie my roommate bought for me at the mall today. (Lupin the Third: The Columbus Files…and yes I am a bit of a nerd, lol, but a sexy one 😉 ) Anyway, about the grooming issue, I love men with beards, especially the soft ones that feel good when they brush up against your face. I personally barely wear perfume because either I don’t feel like putting it on or I don’t want to. But I always use this scented lotion from bath and body works, so I don’t see the need to use it. And I agree with Atlantian, Axe body spray smells good. :)

  526. OHGOD says:

    you are not private, you are not nice to people like me. thats why you will cry. sorry. laugh out loud too.

  527. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Gordon your just a social butterfly aren’t you….

  528. OHGOD says:

    yasmine, kick your own ass and see it you like it. laugh out loud too.

  529. Gordon says:

    The owl and the Pussycat went to sea in a beautiful pea-green boat,
    they took some money and lots of honey tied up in a five pound note

  530. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Night Gordon and Brynn, have a good night :)

  531. Yasmine says:

    Lol OHGOD dont make Sweets kick ur ass..U are on private territory loool

  532. sweetredhead269443 says:

    OHGOD its a car not a boat.

  533. Gordon says:

    I must say goodnight. I will miss tomorrow nights meeting, I have a date!

    Brynn says good night to.

  534. OHGOD says:

    the boat looks like a spider. Its grey with legs, four of them. and then it has these long things underneath each of the two legs. really nice. we will float in the boat giving each other spider and butterfly kisses, right?

  535. sweetredhead269443 says:

    But yes they are very beautiful cars.

  536. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Guess cheep is in the eye of the beholder (or your bank account) lol

  537. Gordon says:

    OHGOD, I await that kiss

  538. sweetredhead269443 says:

    She would try and give one back and open and close her eyes it was really cute :)

  539. Gordon says:

    Among the most beautiful cars ever made, boat tail spiders are cheap.

    And they come with Italian an sb wearing Hermes scarfs and Foster Grant sunglasses.

  540. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I used to give my daughter butterfly kisses when she was little, she would giggle. Awwww such a good memory.

  541. OHGOD says:

    I like that Gordon. can I have a butterfly kisses from you one day. please.

  542. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Not to expensive? mid sixties boat tail Alfa Spider, aren’t they between 5 and 10,000 or more?

  543. Gordon says:

    eyelashes are great for butterfly kisses.

  544. OHGOD says:

    Gordon,like eyebrow,eyelash(blink,blink)soft hair somewhere that it does not stick you, hair. is that what you mean? so now does that close your mind?

  545. sweetredhead269443 says:

    He is not my SD, Just someone I talk to.

  546. OHGOD says:

    no. a swimming pool,remember this morning, you and your sugar daddie because you are spoiled and you can talk to him, he is in Alaska right?

  547. sweetredhead269443 says:

    The massage should be something that’s done anyway, not as a “gift” Or maybe that’s just me?

  548. Gordon says:

    Hair? I’m open minded.

  549. sweetredhead269443 says:

    In Alaska? you mean an ice pond? lol

  550. OHGOD says:

    nipples, lips, and hair. what kind of hair Gordon?

  551. OHGOD says:

    thought i would help you find your house sweetredhead. google pools in alaska. i think it is a cool idea.

  552. Gordon says:

    A vintage Lord Elgin watch form the forties, many styles, all are beautiful. They go for a couple of hundred bucks.

    For a first anniversary from a sb, a sterling silver Deco cocktail shaker and bar set, very rare, very expensive.

    Second anniversary a mid sixties boat tail Alfa Spider, not to rare, not too expensive.

    Surprise gift, a long caressing massage from my sb, no hands just lips and nipples and hair.

    And lastly a Ferrari horn for the Alfa

  553. sweetredhead269443 says:

    oops she

  554. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I girl can dream can’t see? :)

  555. sweetredhead269443 says:

    And no I don’t expect that from a SD. Its just a regular wish list :)

  556. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I don’t mean one of those big houses either. The one I want is under $700,000 and has a pool :) and furnished and already has a boat. I don’t ask for much lmao.

  557. lisa says:

    I wanna live on the good side of the freeway in a small efficiency apartment, be in walking distance to everything, eat well, travel a little, and shop alot. lol and a pink chanel purse would be nice too

  558. sweetredhead269443 says:

    All I want is My own house on the water and a boat lol. I play the lotto so maybe one day :)

  559. Gail says:

    I am…until my wish comes true:)

  560. sweetredhead269443 says:

    whats on your wish list Gordon. Other than SB who will muck your stalls for you lmao.

  561. Gordon says:

    Are we still doing wish list?

  562. sweetredhead269443 says:

    We went one time, It was so windy. (had very long hair at the time) I kept getting whipped with my hair. But I love the beach when its windy.

  563. Gail says:

    Good evening all:)

    Just woke up from my nap. Slept a little longer than usual. Gee golly, you all have been at it. I see the topic has to do with preparation:) I love a fragrance made by Kenzo. It’s called Flowers….heavenly. A man in a nice pair of jeans with a white Tshirt, brushed teeth, combed hair(or no hair, Yes I like bald:) I am putting this fella on my wish list. I don’t ask for much.

  564. lisa says:

    on my 18th birthday and the day my bank account became my own (mom had made me save most of my social security checks I got from my dad being disabled, so I had a little money in the bank) I bought a new VCR and blank VHS tapes. The VCR costs 525 dollars and had an attached 4 function remote control and the tape compartment popped up on the top, I bought 5 recording tapes for 12 dollars each, lol

  565. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Always walk through the old fort there too. and walk up those stairs to the upper landing. And fish off the pier with my boys. And BBQ often there. We love going to Fort DeSoto

  566. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Yes Gordon I go there a lot in the summer time :)

  567. lisa says:

    sweetredhead I file online using free turbotax and get my refund in about a week but I need one more form that will not be emailed, sent snail mail instead and they have up till feb 10 to do that, it’s a 1099 for the 42 dollar 401k payoff I got when I lost my job, I have to enter it and pay penalties for early withdrawal and income tax (it has already been withheld so it’s not an issue, just sucks the way it’s delaying me getting my money.
    I need to get some contacts asap and a new desktop.

    Kitty, I love Marc Jacobs daisy perfume, my ex bought me that last year for my birthday (the year before when we were still dating).

  568. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I can’t wear a lot of perfumes, I have an allergy to a lot of them. But I can wear bed bath and beyond cucumber or sweet pea body spray :)

  569. Claire says:

    Old Spice……I’m waiting for some company to come up with New Spice.
    Nouvelle Spice. There we go. Marketing slogan: It’s still the old stuff.

  570. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    oo sorry wasn’t paying attention….

  571. Gordon says:

    Sweets do you go to the dog beach at Fort DeSoto?

  572. sweetredhead269443 says:

    My dog insists on taking me for a walk, he does not like being leashed.

  573. Claire says:

    Oh, my favorite smell? Hmm…….as a comedian I’d say tomatoes. Haha, only on a bad night (nah, never have one) I like this certain shower gel but I can’t seem to recall the name of it. I don’t wear perfume personally. I just can’t be bothered. But on a guy I just like subtlety.

  574. Gordon says:

    Sadly, Gordon no longer runs, cruntched up leg;-(

  575. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I want to run in the surf with my dog :( well I can its only 5 miles from my house lol But I let him out in the back yard instead.

  576. Gordon says:

    Dunhill Edition if your looking to buy me some scent.

    OK I do admit to keeping a bottle of Old Spice on the boat to wear with my pea coat.

  577. Claire says:

    Record players are still pretty wicked. My kid brother has one in his dormitory. And I DJ for extra cash if I’m doing a comedy set earlier in the night so I tend to have vinyl lying around. Kitty: yes, they still sell cassette tapes. Loads. Mostly my friends turn them into art or use them for projects. I am old enough to remember getting my first tape player!!!!!!!! :) Good times…….good times.

  578. sweetredhead269443 says:

    was talking about when I was a kid lol, not now.

  579. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    yasmin: Issey’s a very asian jasminy smell~ sensual and sexy.. I lvoe it

  580. sweetredhead269443 says:

    haha kittylainy shud up lmao

  581. Yasmine says:

    OOh yeah Issey smells goood

  582. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    I have such a serene image of Gordon and Brynn running down the beach during sundown~ aww

  583. Claire says:

    Haha, yeah. A mobile phone was the first thing my mum insisted I have when I came to America. And she’d ring me at odd hours because of the time difference. She was pretty clingy…….no matter what country you’re in mums can be clingy!!!! She knows I go on this site, but I’m not on here for an SD anymore, I had one then things didn’t pan out but I read the blog and like to meet new people and talk to them. And so after months of just reading joined in.

  584. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    WHAT??? tapes… now way.. do they still sell those?

  585. Gordon says:

    Brynn and I are back from a walk, It’s a little warmer tonight and I let her splash in the surf.

    Now I found everyone on a new blog.

  586. sweetredhead269443 says:

    No Cd’s no ipods. Had a record player and then tapes. I was so deprived lol.

  587. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    I love issey Miyaki~
    that’s my scent..
    I also like Marc Jacobs Daisy and versace princess
    I like girly smells

  588. Yasmine says:

    My fav men perfume is Givenchy hummmmm

  589. sweetredhead269443 says:

    No cell phones either. Just those huge car phones lmao

  590. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I wish I had the internet when I was younger. The only thing available was those chat lines lol.

  591. Claire says:

    Yeah it’s a pretty neat place, and my boyfriend at the time was a student at Columbia so we’d meet up and venture around. He was from Suffolk which is England and we met on a site similar to this but for uni kids and back then it was taboo to meet someone on the internet for a date but now it seems like its getting more mainstream to online date.

  592. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Yes long island is NY

  593. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Why not do a rapid refund lisa?

  594. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    call me dumb Canadian, but rhode island is by Boston and Long Island is NY right?

  595. lisa says:

    Claire, I get into these moods where I listen to them on youtube lol

    yaa my last w-2 just arrived via email , gotta save it on my thumbdrive and take it to have printed out . All that is delaying me from filing my taxes and getting my nice fat refund is that dard 1099 for the 401k 42 dollar check I cashed in, and it will take forever to come. if not for that I could file tonight and have my cash in 1-2 weeks. darn.

  596. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I grew up in Connecticut, then moved to Long island after graduation HS. Went to NYC often :)

  597. Claire says:

    I went to Princeton. So in New Jersey. Thank god NYC was sooo close.
    My parents didn’t know it was an ivy league school till they came to see me graduate. Haha, it was funny to hear them say it so casually at parties.

  598. Jai says:

    I know I’m late. I took a wrong turn, but I’m here now 😛 . You guys are all so interesting :) This blog is great

  599. Jai says:

    I second the Ewan Mcgregor kitty :) Or that guy from Last King of Scotland or Wanted mmmmm

  600. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Where in new England? That is where I am from. I am A transplant in Florida now.

  601. Claire says:

    They play that stuff in the club nights I go to, very kitsch!

  602. lisa says:

    And who can forget (or most of you on the blog have never heard of) the Bay City Rollers. S A T U R D A Y night

  603. Claire says:

    WE SAW HIM ONCE!!!!!! We were driving down the road and he was on his motorbike. My friends wanted to roll down the window, (i was home from university) and say hello but thank god it was raining. Lisa: I don’t think my accent’s that thick. It’s not Mike Myer’s Fat Bastard thick but you can tell I’m Glaswegian. I guess, it’s mixed in with a New England accent as I went to university in New England part of America. My parents weren’t too keen at the time, but I think that when you’re young you always want to travel somewhere else.

  604. lisa says:

    sweetredhead, sending you a couple advil lol

  605. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    scottish:… Ewan McGregor…
    oooo he’s my #1… mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  606. lisa says:

    Scotland I had a Scotish coworker years ago and I remember the Mark’s wife on eastenders, she was Scotish. I like the Scotish accent, it’s very distinct.

  607. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Lisa sometimes I wonder about you lmao, but it gives me such a headache :)

  608. Claire says:

    And as for the guys……………as long as they don’t look too flashy, like a high rollin’ dice in the car pimp or well in the same breath (if anyone gets the joke) a dice in the car pimp….I don’t care.

  609. lisa says:

    I love the 60’s mod look, the tights and short skirts, the graphics. I bought a vintage stewardess dress off of ebay. It is scary to think it is as old as I am. I have worn it twice (it’s kinda of sweater material which is too hot most of the time) I have alot of cool boots and shoes that I never get to wear since I have to walk everywhere and my shoes aren’t made for walking

  610. Claire says:

    Covent garden? Oh right London. I live in Glasgow, though, but I’ve been to London a few times.

  611. Claire says:

    I guess kinda retroish sweet red. No, I take my fashion advice from my grandmother. She was in a 60s girl group and they made it big (meaning just played local discos LOL)!! But she dresses the same and like most old (er) people NEVER throws anything out and so if ever in need of first date outfit just go over to my nan’s LOL. But I’m a comedian so I just wear regular street clothes to work.

  612. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Anne Hathaway is a very attractive lady :)

  613. lisa says:

    I picture claire as having a short bleach blonde spikey kinda haircut, a black leather dress, fishnets, platform boots, and spikes around her neck, wrists, etc. I bought one of those spikey bracelets at the Covent garden market along with a metal collar. I wore it out one time (the metal colar) and people really stared, me in my pink clothes all girly with a metal color that has a place to attach a leash, lol not my kinda of thing (the leash) but I think punk is cool.

  614. Claire says:

    Haha, with hair like that, it’d be hard for you not too.

    Kitty: No, I’m not into punk, so don’t have the brit punk hair cut (and I’m a Scottish girl btw!!!) I tend to keep my hair a boring medium length. Think Anne Hathaway and that’s what I look like.

  615. lisa says:

    I have a German temper, lol
    I just viewed sweeteuropean’s (I think that’s her name)new profile pics,

  616. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I was thinking more of a retro image of you Claire.

  617. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    not amy winehouse.. but a british punk rock haircut

  618. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I have European ancestory does that count? lol

  619. Claire says:

    Everybody’s a bettie to me!!!!! I think I saw a post or two of hers on the other day.

    Surprisingly though I’m not a rocker chick. I know at least one of you is picturing me with a tattoo, cigarette and some horrible amy winehouse hair cut.


    I was right wasn’t I? LOL

  620. Claire says:

    It’s a euro hair cut. You’d fit right in with the crowd.

  621. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Claire: I think you would love bettie

  622. sweetredhead269443 says:

    my fav cologne on men is obsession.

  623. Claire says:

    Axe body commericals are the best!!! Me and my friend sprayed some around our house to see if any hot girls would parade down our street to rip off our clothes…….

    alas, the tumbleweed rolled and my neighbor asked me where i got that bug spray as she noticed it killed some nats that had been (pardon the pun) buggin’ her dog.

  624. sweetredhead269443 says:

    Thank you Claire :) Had it a few months now and I love it.

  625. Atlantian says:

    I’m definitely a fan of the Axe, etc. body washes/ deodorant. Anything like that, and I die. I don’t really like cologne, because sometimes it’s just an awful, overpowering smell.

  626. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I can go from jean and a tee shirt to a cocktail dress.

  627. Claire says:

    Freedom 90′ Sweetred.
    btw snuck a peek at your profile. you have an awesome haircut in your photo, love the fringe.

  628. sweetredhead269443 says:

    If that’s who you are , then that is what you should wear. I have many different styles. I like to know where we are meeting and what time of day. That is how I choose what to wear that day. I like wearing different types of cloths. Its not the clothes that make the woman, its the woman who wears them.

  629. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I don’t mind a man with a beard or mustache, I find that sexy on some men. But it has to be neat and well manicured.

  630. Claire says:

    I think for me when I go on a first date, I take my advice from Nirvana and just “Come as you are.” My best mate tends to get all dolled up to look very fit to go out on a date, but I think that for me I like to just stick to my converse, faded motley crue tee and leggings with my hair uber messy. If the guy likes me, digs my look then I guess there you have it. I feel that I don’t know if it’s a used term or not anymore but “putting on your face” as Americans say (which I am not American, so don’t know for sure, I’m from Glasgow, UK) on the first date is a good idea in my case but then on the third date I’ll spruce it up and upgrade a little. I think coming as your self on the first date (for both parties) or SD/SB meeting is the best. That way as Kashmir is blairing out of the trans am on your way back home you can decide whether or not to see the bloke again. That’s my take on it.

  631. sweetredhead269443 says:

    ewww rotten teeth. Nothing more of a turn off than that.

  632. sweetredhead269443 says:

    WOW went out in my garage to put the cloths in the dryer. It was so cold I think I poked a hole in my tee shirt :(

  633. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    i do not need to repeat my issue with rotten teeth

  634. lisa says:

    I have arrived. I like a clean shaven man too, no facial hair, well some guys can carry the look, a few. I like some cologns but I get creeped out if a guy wears eternity. My deceased boyfriend wore that and I remember coming home late at night smelling like him, so if i smell it , I get creeped out. lol

  635. bostonTerrier says:

    i’d hope this is common sense to any man considering himself as a sugar daddy.

  636. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    I followed! I lvoe u redhead

  637. sweetredhead269443 says:

    The dogs howling over powered my humming :(

  638. sweetredhead269443 says:

    I love a clean shaven, Clean smelling man. No cologne please. I don’t want a man smelling prettier than I do lmao.

  639. BlkButtafly~264118~ says:

    HA! I love it! No lady wants to smell “stinky poo.”