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Sugar Dating: Attitude is Key



Sugar Family Welcome

The sugar family is one of the sweetest most close-knit communities online, and if you’re new to the Sugar Daddy dating world, feel free to jump in the conversation:

“THANK YOU ALL…for such a warm welcome!!! I am a SB and here’s my profile # 213385. I’ve had some, shall I say, interesting experiences on this site but, in general they’ve all been very informative. I am currently chatting (online) with a couple of gentlemen (welcomed treat) and I hope to meet them in person soon. Ideally, one gentleman can more than satisfy my needs and desires :)”

One of the most discussed aspects of sugar relationships (especially for those not yet sweet to the idea) is the subject of love. In our new book, we take a close look at what “love’s got to do with it” when it comes to a sugar relationship:

“One Sugar Daddy summed it up wisely:

‘Love is dangerous within a no-strings-attached intention, but too exciting to pass up. Lives change when love brings you back to yourself.’

Still, falling in love to the point of wanting to change the arrangement to a conventional one seems to be the exception rather than the rule. The goal of a majority of Sugar relationships remains the same: to have a good time together, to help one another out as originally negotiated, and to serve as an oasis of calm amid life’s inevitable stresses. We’ll talk more about overdose – or falling in love with a Sugar mate – in Chapter 11.”

Excerpt fromSeekingArrangement: The Definitive guide to Sugar Daddy & Mutually Beneficial Relationships”.


Is there a moment at which you must choose not to become attached and/or ‘fall in love’ with a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby?

Would you like meeting with your sugar several times a week or more? Is sugar sweetest when it’s rare?

Has anyone changed their views on ultimately becoming married, or staying married, since delving into the sugar bowl?

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141 Responses to “Sugar Dating: Attitude is Key”

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  16. sweetredhead says:

    HenriLouis I will gladly count you as one of my friends.

  17. HenriLouis says:

    Got back from strugling to get a photo with the profile.
    It seems they are more than 2 mb so I will sort it out tomorrow.
    Yes, friends are the salt of the earth.
    And Sweetredhead, I fully understand that you have made many good friends on this blog.
    Please, count me among them from now on.
    You make plans for life, but life overtakes you.
    To be honest, last Monday here I came to read the blog just out of curiosity and as an unbelieving Thomas and within a week I got new friends. It is one of the positive aspects of cyberspace.
    One of the most beautiful things in life is to keep up the capacity to make new friends. Old friends fall away or fade away, but find joy in new friendships and you will never be alone.
    I offer you all the sunhine of my smile,

  18. VillaCypris says:

    I agree completely :)

  19. sweetredhead says:

    I have made many friends on this blog. It is something to be cherished.

  20. VillaCypris says:

    I know you were being funny… there’s that time worn cliche…. “romance is a fleeting thing, but friends are friends forever”… i much prefer good friends. x

  21. VillaCypris says:

    Bonne chance… stephan sent me your email, so i did email you…

  22. sweetredhead says:

    I know its not what this site is for, I was being funny :) I am a romantic to a point. But at my age romance is over rated. I just like to see people happy and find what they are looking for.

  23. HenriLouis says:

    Hi everyone,
    Things start to get completely out of control here !
    Just had my dinner, something very simple but tasty.
    Cooked potatoes, carrots and fish in the oven covered with an aubergine sauce, the recipe is Turkish. Only some sparkling mineral water with it as it is an ordinary week-day. I take time to savour my food.
    Came back and did as the lady instructed, the browser and so on.
    Amazing your profile came up.
    I read it several times, so funny and such strong lines.
    A muse, yes indeed what a nice touch to it.
    Tried an email, but then had to upgrade, I was told.
    Happy to do so and of course something went wrong, tried again and it was o.k. Then another stumbling block, the photo.
    That will be another struggle. Problem is that I am usually the one to take pictures and the amount of pictures taken on which you can find me is not much. I will try and put down the photo that I call “el gitano tulipa”.
    My sense of humour will be clear to everyone then.
    And you Sweetredhead, really what a romantic girl you are ! It is almost that there are faint wedding bells and a sigh in your voice. But it is not what this site is meant for. I see you smile now.
    Anyway, thanks for the sympathetic thought.
    Wish me luck with the photo struggle.

  24. VillaCypris says:

    Thanks, that’s very kind of you :)

  25. sweetredhead says:

    I am happy for you. I hope it works out. You both seem to be well matched from what I have read on your posts.

    I wish you both the best :)

  26. VillaCypris says:

    You’re funny, sweetred :) I’m thrilled to have found someone with whom i can discuss all my travels and passions for south of spain!! woo!

  27. sweetredhead says:

    awww Stephan your such a doll. You guys need to send him a valentines for playing cupid :)

  28. VillaCypris says:

    Thanks so much…! :)

  29. VillaCypris says:

    Stephan? Are you listening? May HenriLouis (294522) and I (276489) exchange emails please??? Grazie mille!! xx

  30. sweetredhead says:

    I think we have another match made in blog heaven :) Good luck you two :)

  31. HenriLouis says:

    Come here and let me give you a spontaneous kiss.
    Thanks for giving me the information.
    I have to run to the kichen and save my dinner.
    It is Friday so it is fish.
    Do ask Stephan if we can exchange e-mails.
    Yes, I would like that very much !
    See you later,

  32. VillaCypris says:

    I am flattered, indeed… I found you and sent you an email, not realising that men who are not ‘premium members’ cannot open emails from others… my profile number is 276489. You can find me by clicking on any one of the female profiles…. look in the browser window and at the very end is id=xxxxxx. Erase the number that is there, put in my number and hit enter. It should bring me up.

    Everyone is on “sugar spoiling: when and where”… if you go to the main blog page, on the right hand side, in a column, are the ‘recent posts’…. that will let you know where the majority of persons are making comments…

    Sometimes the webmaster, who is named Stephan, allows people to exchange emails. We could ask him, if you would like.


  33. HenriLouis says:

    Hi sparring partner,
    I was searching for you.
    As simple as that.
    Yes, you are remarkable in all your knowledge and also it has brought you wisdom. I am much impressed by your resume’.
    I wanted to share with you many other things.
    For instance my series of short stories on the Camino.
    Thus I became a member and pressed the button search and slowly drowned in this mire of so many profiles.
    Tell me how do I get to your profile ?
    Now I seem only to be leaving through heaps of photos.
    You really are a needle in the haystack, in more ways that one.
    But worth searching for, I am sure.
    By the way what is the subject of the latest blog that everybody seems to have migrated to by now ?
    Thanks for helping me out.

  34. VillaCypris says:

    Good day, HenriLouis…

    I would not fear irritation by other blog members…. people get off topic all the time, and the (mostly) women who are on here regularly are very cool and understanding. I do not think they mind… especially since this is an old blog posting and most people moved on long ago… but, point taken.

    Honestly, it is quite wonderful to be appreciated for my intellect, my travels, etc. I am a perpetual “student” of “life”…. and while I’m well-educated formally, holding a bachelor of science in biology/pre-med, a law degree, and an MBA in international business, I’ve learned more from my travels and my experiences than anything.

    Perhaps it has been difficult…. with men.. but usually it is I who “backs off”… as i know to whom i am attracted, and what stimulates my heart and my mind, and if that is lacking, no amount of cajoling or coercion will entice me… also, I’ve discovered that one, the men who do ‘back off’ are usually less secure about themselves, less worldly, less intelligent and have a more neanderthal mentality, which is a complete turn off to me; and two, it is the ‘enlightened’ males of our species who truly recognise and appreciate the gifts which I have, and embrace them, they are not threatened by them.

    So, voila. I saw your message to sweetredhead. Perhaps I could help you find the person you are seeking? I believe one can only search by location or profile number, if you have it… not by nickname…

    If you are a premium member the search options increase, but not to the level of nickname search… from what I understand….


  35. Brown Sugar 292409 says:

    hello alllll

  36. HenriLouis says:

    Hi Sweetredhead,
    Could you please help me. I joined the site.
    I wish to find a particular person.
    Is there any possibility for a quick search ?
    I cannot seem to type in the nickname of the person.
    I cannot seem to type in the registration number of the person.
    I tried wading through hundreds of profiles, but to no avail.
    Thank you in advance for your kind assistance.
    Have a great sunshiny day !

  37. HenriLouis says:

    Bonjour Marie,
    I happened to see your photo.
    To be honest, I see an attractive girl who is sure of herself, is what I thought. You know what you are after. Great I like that.
    I bet you make a quality SB.
    Please develop that sixth sense. When you see someone, even in a photo, in a split second you decide “friend or foe” Always follow this instinct.
    Look at a page with photos and within a minute lay your finger on the photo “friend”. It works like radar and answers the question: will I feel comfortble with that person.
    Great that you like reading. For your trip to Paris read the novel
    The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown.
    It will be an eye-opener for you.
    Then have a look on the internet and read all the leads and comments about the novel.
    Hope I made your day,

  38. HenriLouis says:

    Good morning VillaCypris,
    You had better change that name to AmazingGirl.
    Things happen in my life for a reason, also us meeting in cyberspace.
    When I think of Andalucia, there is this Spanish Proverb that comes to mind: HOW BEAUTIFUL IT IS TO DO NOTHING
    The mentality of “manana” tomorrow is what I need from time to time.
    Just walking to the Academia de Guitarra through the maze of narrow streets, hearing the sound of guitars from a distance.
    Realizing I lead an exceptional life in having these things.
    Wonderful to read your explanation of the villa and I will certainly take that walk along the sentier. Do you write travel books or so ?
    Magnificent descriptions and I notice they just flow out of your pen so to speak. Very inspired.
    But we might irritate other members by exchanging these things.
    So back to where the blog is meant for and that is finding the other half.
    It must have been difficult for you. A woman of your capabilities will be felt a threat to many men. When you start telling all these advertures, they will back off. They are no match for you.
    How does an SB handle that ? The imbalance between two parties is often there or would the SB regard it as part of the professional way of handling the situation. After all men are from Mars and women are from Venus.
    And Venus has intellect and diplomacy and can enchant any man if she wishes so, to turn him around her little finger in fact.
    All you ladies out there, ever thought you had this advantage ?
    Can anyone share a situation in which you used it to your advantage ?
    I think it is a great subject. Feel free to comment, after all it seems that
    hardly any men read these blogs. No doubt they are of the opinion that these blogs are just “girly things”. In fact they offer great support for all of you who step into the arrangement.
    Have a sunshiny day !

  39. VillaCypris says:

    Luis… I am listening to Vicente Amigo as I write to you…

    You will never believe what is sitting on my bedside table… “The Alhambra”, by Washington Irving… inadvertantly, you have mentioned one of my great loves as well…. Andalucía … Al-Andalus .

    Words cannot describe the vast connection I feel to the hills of Granada, the flamenco music echoing off the white-washed walls of sacramonte, the grandiosity of Alhambra, the moorish gardens of the Generalife… not to mention the “positive energy” remaining from the presence of one of my grand heroes, Ibn Khaldun. Centuries later, he inspired in me an insatiable curiousity for all things moorish, arabic, north african.. not to mention several journeys of my own thru Al-Andalus and the Maghreb.

    And in Sevilla, the Giralda, crowning pinnacle of Alhomad architecture, inspiration for the ones which followed in Rabat and Marrakech. One of my fondest memories in Sevilla is an evening in June, under a blue velvet sky, a luminous full moon shining thru the ramparts of the Alcazar. Heavenly.

    To have made it your second home, you are quite fortunate indeed.

    Sorry to hear of your unfortunate experiences in Monaco…. generally it is very safe… I know very well Beaulieu… a shining example of the ‘micro climate’ on the riviera… a glass of calvados on the terrace of La Reserve… whilst the quarter moon glints off the black waters of the mediterranean…. as you said.. keep it simple stupid…

    Not only is VillaCypris poetic… it is also one of the grand villas on Cap Martin… there is a path which leads around the cap, called “le sentier littoral”… allowing one to walk from monaco to menton, perhaps 3-4 hours roundtrip. I used to walk that a few times per week. Villa Cypris has an imposing structure straddling the sentier, a brick party-house, if you will, jutting out over the rocks and the crashing waves of the Mediterranean. Tragically, it has fallen into, and remains, in a state of utter disrepair. The villa is accessible only via the private roads of “domaine du cap”… and Villa Cypris commands a corner lot, with dusty rose brick pillars, iron gates, into which “villa cypris” is etched in gold… the magic, the mystery that must have resided there… it is near Villa Cyrnos, made famous by one of it’s former occupants, the Empress Eugenie.

    Ahhh… see…. Empress Eugenie… born in GRANADA … as Doña María Eugenia Ignacia Augustina de Palafox de Guzmán Portocarrero y Kirkpatrick, a spanish aristocrat who became Empress of France on her marriage to Napoleon III in 1853…

    “All roads lead to Roma”…. in my case… “all roads lead to (or disseminate from) Granada”…

    Yes, it was me who mentioned “power walks”… in reference to the time I recently spent in Palm Beach. Every day, 2-3 hours in the soft sand, it is fantastic for keeping in shape… which I am sure you must be, having walked the camino.

    Thank you for your compliment on my intellectual capacity… I believe it is as with sport… you generally rise or descend to the level of your opponent, and rarely do i have the opportunity to spar with someone such as yourself… a match for my own insatiable curiosity, travels, and thoughts. I, too, believe things happen for a reason, and I am quite thrilled, for one, to have met someone who shares my passion for Andalucia. It’s been a very pleasant and unexpected pleasure to have met you as well.

    Good night (to me)… good morning to you… have a fantastic day. Speak soon. x

  40. VillaCypris says:

    Hello Marie…..

    I find that interesting… your question as to whether I am a “gentleman” living outside the USA… I’m curious as to why you assumed that I am male… when i am, in fact, female! Sorry to disappoint

    Nice profile, you are a very attractive young lady. I hope you utilise your break from university to travel and explore and learn as much as you can about the world. It would be time well spent!


  41. HenriLouis says:

    Hello again VillaCypres,
    By the way, very poetic name, I have not even found time to revert to your message of last Monday about living in MonteCarlo.
    Great that you had this opportunity to study there. And then all the other studies and travels, very fortunate.
    Because I had to be independent from my parents, I took a full time job and studied at evening university. First Insurance Law and then English Literature and child Psychology. It helped me greatly to understand others and myself.
    After that all kinds of other studies came on my path. It develops your personality to have this “education permanente”.
    Most people stand still after their forties, but it is so nice have this life line go up and up and not let it flatten and peter out.
    Although I may seem a “silver back” here, I keep up the pace.
    Was not it you who writes “power walks” somewhere ? Yes that is what I do
    on the beach to keep in great shape.
    Thanks for your offer to give lots of suggestions for Monaco.
    Visited it several times and got mugged there. So I preferred to stay at another small seaside town Beaulieu. Lovely small pension with great food.
    In the evening take a stroll along the harbour and look at the yachts.
    I wonder if that teakwood Chinese Yonk (sailing ship) still lies in the harbour. One of the reasons I would like to go there again.
    Then I went to other places St Tropez, Borme les Mimosas, Lavandou etc.
    These were my windsurfing days at sea.
    That small harbour restaurant la Bouhe’ with the most delicious fish soup !
    And the Castle high up a rock stretching out into the sea, magnificent.
    So many other milestones along memory lane.
    But the heart dictates and I said good-by to all that.
    The great love in my life is to play the flamenco guitar, so Andalucia became my second home so to speak.
    In the town of Jerez de la Frontera (centre of the Sherry region) is my meastro El Carbonero. I used to go there for a week studying guitar with Manuel three, four times a year.
    So then you learn the language and absorb a new culture, make new friends, see new places. Stay in the Parador (5 starhotel) in the Alhambra in the city of Granada and many more.
    Surf the web, go on You Tube, type in “solea by Vincente Amigo”and click on and listen. Today Vincente Amigo is my favourite guitarist.
    Set the sound to almost full blast and be swept away by his virtuosity.
    Yes, so much more to learn and to discover.
    Hope my SB appreciates it as well.
    I think so, because I radiate positive energy.
    Have a great day !

  42. HenriLouis says:

    Hello SweetRedhead,
    Yes, you are right it is patience and perseverence that will lead to results.
    But I just got here in this community.
    I have not even started yet, so to speak.
    Of course I will hear that voice one day happy laughing beside me.
    No doubt on my mind and time is on my side.
    Still a long way till August.
    Have a great day !

  43. HenriLouis says:

    Guten Abend Marie,
    Yes, I live outside the US. In fact I am Dutch and live near Amsterdam.
    This is why I offered to be your guide at the Van Gogh Museum.
    But we would also have a look at the Rembrands and Vermeers in the
    Rijksmuseum. In the evening I would take you out for a guided boat trip through the canals. I was born in the Far East, so eastern food is what I like very much. I will take you out for a meal fit for a king (so sorry, for a queen) in my favourite Indonesian restaurant.
    Then I will escort you safely back to your hotel.
    After all there is this etiquete book for modern young ladies (yes it is true) and it prescribes that on the first date, no hanky panky. On the second date a kiss is allowed and the third date, if the lady is inclined so, might end in what is decribed by Willam Shakespeare in the formation that he named “the beast with the two backs”.
    I have great sense of humour and simply keep laughing at these words.
    After more than six hundred years, the expression is still great.
    I bet he was also laughing when he thought it up.
    But next day you would get on a plane and fly to Paris, city of your dreams. Sorry, no champagne ecstatic moments for you.
    Recently I started learning Russian. The internet is a great help, there are many websites with spoken words and text. I used them.
    Finding a person to teach me Russian was incredibly difficult. I ended up with a young bar maid who had come here as an illegal immigrant. Again an unbelievable story.
    For the French language there are even more websites waiting for you.
    Of course to be in the country is a great boost for your French abilities.
    Now for your German ancestors. It is not only Leder Hosen und Bier over there. The Rhine valley boasts great white wines and some of the Sekt (sparkling wines) are as a good as a champagne. Trust me. Go there.
    Germany is the industrial heart of Europe. Much to learn for you.
    Thanks for you invitation to keep in touch with you by e-mail.
    Just three days ago I found this site and have not found time to register or so. First I wanted to learn about what is in store for me, by reading these blogs. They are great, who would have thought that I share so much with many of you within a few days.
    Have a great day !

  44. sweetredhead says:

    HenriLouis I think we will all find the person we are looking for with patients and perseverance. You seem like a very intelligent and will versed man. I am sure your perfect “travel companion” is out there.

    A positive attitude is EVERYTHING. Even when the sun is not shinning you can see the clouds parting and make it a wonderful day. Its all in the way you see the world around you.

  45. HenriLouis says:

    Good evening Villa Cypres,
    There is this wonderful line from Homer: “allow me to quench my thirst at the fountain of thy knowledge” and Cherie I just did.
    Thanks for your wise words. I started out with the simple idea of meeting a SB by chance perhaps. The only requirements are kindness and humour.
    The basic necessities to have a great time together on a trip for several weeks. I am always in a good mood. I am never cross. I am never angry.
    Somewhere in the back of my mind there was this buzz that you have described so accurately. Someone to discuss Balzac or Sartre with, or this blank page as you call it. Well now I would prefer the term Alice in Wonderland. Someone to take by the hand and let her enter into a world full of surprises and amazement and to bring her growth in her personalty by accompening me. Someone to share wisdom with and to transfer knowledge. Somewhere I read an SD is also a mentor.
    To be honest, I always do things with the KISS formula in mind, keep it simply stupid; meaning as simple as possible. By the way I am a great kisser. (I see happy faces now).
    Never in my wildest dreams had I entertained the thought of meeting someone of your intellectual capacity.
    I am very happy to have made your acquantance.
    Thanks for your kind words about brilliance and class, but I see myself as person with insatiable curiosity and wants to know about life and is interested in so many things. It also helps to have a photographic memory
    and be inspired by others.
    We do not live in a meaningles world. Everything in my life happens for reason. Also meeting you here. Thanks for being my friend and taking time to think along with me and to offer me your opinion.
    By Golly Miss Mollie (little Richard) your last sentence sums it up.
    Indeed only I know (I wish I would) what I am truly seeking and that is driving to South, singing “look at the bright side of life” and have great fun together.
    My wish is as simple as that.
    Have a great sunshiny day,

  46. Marie says:

    Oh, by the way, I love and devour every book I can get my hands on-I think reading is one of the best ways (along with actually traveling) to learn about anything. I am especially in love with European History-historical biographies. Love them!

  47. Marie says:

    Merci HenriLouis et VillaCypris! Are you both gentlemen who live outside of the U.S.? I have been learning French for about 7 years and like you, Villa, I have mostly learned on my own by reading French/English dictionaries and trying to practice. But I do agree that nothing can trump actually using the language in the country it is spoken in-or the many countries-and listening to how they speak and use each word. I admit, I tend to be better at the grammar and writing the language than actually speaking it. Though, I intend to perfect those skills in my lifetime! HenriLouis-Your travels sound magical. I would love for you to be my tour guide. 😉 Here’s my profile number: 179396 . I think you can search for that if you are so inclined. If anything I’d love to email and ask your advice on travel! Oh, my ancestors are from Germany but I’m not much of a beer fan= champagne is still my favorite drink. :)

  48. VillaCypris says:

    Eh HenriLouis… il faut trouver quelqu’un qui sait la difference entre “une maitresse” et “une petite amie” … j pense.

    Of course, you can put in your “list” any criteria which you desire… and there is nothing wrong with updating it on occasion to reflect changing desires or wants.

    With regards to how an SB would treat you, or whether or not she views herself as a ‘girlfriend’ or more along the lines of a “mistress”…. that is something only the individual can answer. One would hope, if you are treating her with kindness, respect, gallantry, she would do the same.

    Keeping in mind that people are human, and an “arrangement” does not obviate the presence of any emotions which are natural to humanity, such as foul moods, bad days, etc. We all have them, it’s how we choose to deal with them, and whether or not we ‘take them out’ on the persons near to us, or deal with them in an adult manner and then dispatch with them.

    My sense is that you are a brilliant man, with a high degree of “substance” and class… and therefore, your travel companion, or SB, however you would like to term it, needs to be of similar mentality.

    In my opinion, there are two scenarios… one, you find a woman who is well-educated, cultured, sophisticated, possesses knowledge of history,fine art, champagne, has travelled and experienced the world, and can relate to you as a travel companion/SB on a similiar level. Someone who possesses a high degree of ’emotional intelligence’ and is smart enough to one, know what that is, and two, to exercise its’ tenets in order to have the sort of relationship with you that you’re seeking.

    Second scenario, find someone who, for lack of a better analogy, is a ‘blank’ canvas, has not travelled much, does not possess the same degree of cultural knowledge as yourself, is eager to learn, and willing to be taught.

    I don’t know you, so I have no idea which you prefer. Some men prefer an ‘equal’ and a companion with whom they can sit at the bar, in Hotel Balzac, Paris 8th, drinking champagne, and silently appreciate the man after whom it is named. Others would prefer to sit there drinking champagne and engaging in a lesson about the man, the myth and La Comédie Humaine.

    tant pis … only you know what it is that you are truly seeking….


  49. VillaCypris says:

    Salut Marie – Enchantee’ !

    I would agree with HenriLouis, the most important and beneficial activity in which you could engage is READING! Ignite within yourself the “fire” of inquisitiveness, the thirst for knowledge, the desire to know as much as you are able, about the things which interest you, as well as those that don’t (we must be well-rounded, after all).

    Good you are learning French. I started teaching myself French when I was 9 years old. I borrowed a textbook from my babysitter and sat for hours practicing the alphabet, words, etc. I went on to study it throughout high school, even during the summers, as well as during my first year in college. My first trip to france was the summer of 1990, just three weeks, with a group from high school. As Henri mentioned, we had picked a few persons and areas which to study, and it was to those that we went… Paris, Arles, Nimes, Avignon, the cote d’azur….

    Language is the key to a culture, to a people, to how they think, how they communicate, etc. Knowing French has served me well in many of my travels, throughout Europe and North Africa. In fact, I spent the summer of 1997 living in Tunis, Tunisia, studying Arabic at the university there. My professor did not speak English, so in order to learn, i had to note the Arabic word/meaning, what is that in French, translate that to English, and then remember what is the english word associated with the arabic. All this while sweating to death in 100 degree classroom. But knowing French allowed me to communicate with the local tunisians, as being a former colony of france, french is their second language.

    Well, I suppose I could write forever on my adventures throughout the world, but I shan’t. The best advice I can give you is to TRAVEL and meet people, be ready to make mistakes, be made fun of, but they will also appreciate your efforts to speak their language. There is no substitute for being in a place and speaking the ‘normal’ language… people made fun of me for my perfect “book french”, which was grammatically superior but not the way in which the language is spoken on the street. So, my year in Monaco allowed me to learn ALL the slang, the short cuts, and I was fluent by the end. :)

    good luck in your journey… europe is a fascinating continent with so many incredible sights and people…. x

  50. HenriLouis says:

    Bonjour Marie,
    Enchante’ de faire votre connaissance.
    What is Europe like ? Well it is as diverse as the US, perhaps even more so because there are so many countries and they are all so different in their language and culture.
    First thing to do is READ ! It broadens the mind.
    Yes, you say, but where to start ?
    Select a theme, for instance painters.
    Let us take Vincent van Gogh as an example. Read all about him. Come to Amsterdam and visit the Van Gogh Museum (could I be your guide, please ?). Then go to France and visit the place where he stayed in an asylum. Then travel the Provence and look up the village of Arles. See all the places that he put on canvas.
    You say, you know a little French. By all means perfect you French. Then you will get into contact with the locals. A charming book to read is “A year in the Provence”, written by an Englishman who settled there.
    Surf the web and type in Paris and learn.
    Go on You Tube and type in “Paris s’éveille” listen to the words and try to sing along, great for your pronunciation. Paris is waking up is the theme of the song. Look up recipes.
    For years I took a four weeks holiday on the Mediteranian and whenever I turned off the Autoroute a Peage and paid at the toll booth, I put up my greatest smile and asked the lady if she could recommend me a nice restaurant. Oh yes, her parents run this little eatery etc. and so I ended up in a place where the French themselves came. Great culinary adventures came my way, yes cooking is one of my hobbies.
    Hire a film such as “Les parapluies de Cherbourg” you will like it.
    France is such a vast country and there is so much to experience, but take it at your leasure. The idea to “do Europe in one week ” is not very satisfactory, it is as insane as “doing the States in one week”.
    Look up where your great, great, great parents came from. Visit the place of your ancestors. Mine came from a small town in France called Champagne. You see, it ties up with my preference for a drink.
    Let us start the day with a “peche au champagne”. Slice a nice ripe peach and put in a champagne coup, then fill it up with chilled champagne.
    Eat little bits of the pear and take small sips from the champagne, take your time and feel blessed. Put the bottle in the fridge and have some with your evening meal. I always leave a bit in the bottle and put it in the bedroom. You see, I love to pour that last bit in her navel and taste it.
    Ah, where to find that SB to share such moments of bliss.
    Very, very French !
    Have a nice bubbly day,

  51. HenriLouis says:

    Hello VillaCyprus,
    There is an amazing book by Paul Coelho called The Diary of a Magus and another one The Pelgrimage all about the Camino.
    Amazing news about Dante. That is an old friend that I had not visited for many years, so I spent some time going through his life and works again.
    After all the top three authors of Western civilisation are Homer, Dante and Shakespeare.
    I suppose that Dante must have taken a pilgrimage to Rome himself as was popular in his days.
    Now back to “seeking arrangement” The heading of this blog is “attitude”.
    So suppose I stumble on this SB and the train is set in motion. How does she look on the arrangement and me for instance. Is it considered a “job” ?
    Is it quality job in which you can find satisfaction because you make it into a great success ? Or is it more that you are his “girl friend” which is a different attitude in which you can show that you have a foul mood or so.
    Since I am a decent gentleman treating the other with respect and galantry, will my behaviour be reflected in the way she treats me.
    The only thing that I am looking for in my travel companion (I prefer this over SB) is kindness and humour. Is this also an item that I could put “on the list” to be discussed ? Do you need to update the list now and then ?
    In essence the arrangement appeals to me, it is like the old fashioned idea of having a “maitresse” such a beautiful French sound to it.
    Just curious to know your reaction and thanks for your wise words.
    Have a great sunshiny day !

  52. Marie says:

    First off, this is my first post so Hi to everyone out there! I have loved reading all these comments; it has really added some insight to my search for the perfect arrangement.

    To HenriLouis- you seem like such an interesting person! One of my goals is to travel across Europe sometime in my life! Any suggestions on where to go first? I definitely want to see Paris-and all of France-since I know a little French. I love learning new languages and have thought about living in Italy for a year or so to learn Italian better. (Though maybe I’ll just visit.) :) I’d love to hear what Europe is like!

  53. VillaCypris says:

    Yes, HenriLouis… I love Coelho’s writings… most recently I read “Eleven Minutes”, in which the Camino is mentioned.

    I haven’t read Shirley Maclaine’s account of her journey. She has been much-aligned (in my opinion) in the United States, as a crazy psychic, which is unfortunate.

    It’s interesting to note that Dante also walked the trail… perhaps his “Inferno”, and the spiritual journey undertaken therein, thru inferno, purgatorio, and paradiso, directly mirrors the spiritual experiences he had along the camino.

    When I was in Wien, my sister and I went to the Sigmund Freud museum. It was very un-imposing, and rather, weighed heavily of all the “spirits” and personalities with whom he consulted, on whom he experimented, and by which he developed the myriad of theories he put forth.

    Yes, the blog will give you “insight” into what is on an SB’s mind when seeking an arrangement, but only the insight into the particular mind which writes the comment. Just as one could generalise that all that’s on a man’s mind is sex, it’s easy to read this blog and generalise what is on a woman’s mind… everyone has so many layers, which need to be peeled back, or concrete barriers, which need to be surmounted, in order to really understand what drives someone, to, as you mentioned, the contentment that every soul is seeking in this life. It will be different for all.

    Til next time… x

  54. HenriLouis says:

    Hello VillaCypris,
    What a pleasant surprise. You read Paul Coelho.
    Yes indeed the Camino and its experience of spirituality is overwhelming.
    There is also a nice traveloque by the actress Shirley Maclaine and is called The Camino, a journey of the spirit. She walked it decades ago and her problem was the press that was constantly on the look-out to catch her and so ruin her experience.
    But are not we all pilgrim’s in life and even on this dating site all the SD and SBs are on their pilgimage, “the holy martyr for to seke”. You will find it in The Prologue to the Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer (1350).
    In essence throughout the centuries this great motivator is still there to go out and seek it, contenment, only these days its focus has changed.
    For me this blog is a great eye-opener. It teaches me a lot what to expect from an SB. You all know that great poster on the famous psychiatrist Sigmund Freud, bearing the question “what’s on a man’s mind”. It makes it graphically clear. On this blog I learn what is on a SB’s mind when she is seeking an arrangement.
    I need this understanding to to cope with the situation when I happen to stumble on a compatible SB. Thank you for that and have a sunshiny day !

  55. Ludean says:

    To Stefanie:
    I have found the men to have difficulty distinguishing us from prostitutes. Perhaps we all need to educate our SD friends to the differences. I have few requirements of my SD but respect is definitely one of them. That means I’m a person, not a toy.
    Had found myself falling in love with SD and had to end it, as when I brought it up to him, he was distressed by the thought. I explained it makes the sex better, but he thought it was a problem so I opted out rather than get my heart broken. Also, the feelings caused me to have expectations of him around holidays etc. that were not part of the original arrangement.
    Sure do miss the security.

  56. VillaCypris says:

    HenriLouis… you sound like a character in one of Paulo Coelho’s novels… especially the journey along Camino de Santiago… enjoy!

  57. HenriLouis says:

    Hi everyone,
    I have taken the time to read through the blogs again and notice there is a lot of disappointment in them. Just to cheer you up, I offer you my outlook on the coming year 2009.
    I love Frank Sinatra and his song “it was a very good year” and my lyrics would be “when I was 48, it was a very good year, I met this beautiful SB and traveled Europe with her”. My diary says that during March and April I will be busy in Zürich (Switzerland) for some pocketmoney for my SB.
    In May and June I will walk the Camino De Santiago (as I did in 2006) 650 miles along the pilgrim’s route through Northern Spain. August will be set aside for travels with my SB. Now that I come to think of it, I might write a novel about it along the lines of Graham Greene’s Travels with my Aunt. How does that sound ?
    Autumn is reserved for shooting and hunting and salmon fly-fishing.
    To be honest: Yes, it was a very good year !
    In spite of this recession I hope that you will also have a very good year.
    So cheer up and keep on looking for your perfect match.

  58. HenriLouis says:

    Good morning to you all,
    Anyway, it is morning over here in Europe.
    I would like to thank all the ladies for their kind reactions to my message.
    It would be best if I could meet with an SB who is an aspiring linguist or an
    art historian. For me this trip is a walk along memory lane and for my future SB it will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
    I am a very user friendly kind of person and will do my best to rub off on her my zest for life ( I see you all smile at this pun).
    Any way I will keep you informed of my adventurous quest.
    Have a sunshiny day !

  59. Brown Sugar says:

    okay going on now thanx both

  60. VillaCypris says:

    Hi Brown Sugar…. you can search by profile number even if you are a standard member…. when you click on someone’s profile, it will come up seekingarrangement…. etc… id=profile number. All you have to do is replace the number at the end with the profile number which you would like to view, and hit ‘enter’ on your keyboard. Hope that helps!

  61. sweetredhead says:

    brown sugar, everyone is posting on the blog SUGARMONY: SweetEuropean (264271) come on over there and ask your question :)

  62. Brown Sugar says:

    Thanx Sweetredhead, send them to me lol

  63. sweetredhead says:

    I have seen profile’s that some SD’s prefer a African American women. Not sure if it plays a role or not. There are several other African American women on the blog maybe they can give you some incite.

  64. Brown Sugar says:

    Oh and how can i search someone by their profile number do i have to be a premium member im only a standard member

  65. Brown Sugar says:

    292409 thats my profile for those who asks, and thanx for making me feel welcome, you guys seem great and this seems exciting lol anyways i was wondering, im African American do you think that plays a role in the chances of me finding a SD. ?Just curious PLZ DONT TAKE IT PERSONAL AND I SURE WONT thanx guys enjoy :)

  66. sweetredhead says:

    HenriLouis Welcome to the blog. I would suggest that you write all that you are looking for on your profile. (if you haven’t already)

    Good luck in your search :)

  67. VillaCypris says:

    Good morning, HenriLouis – that sounds like a wonderful excursion! I lived in Monte Carlo for one year, not far from Hotel de Paris… so if you need any suggestions or recommendations for your time in Monaco, let me know! That is one of my favorite quotes as well… and believe me, there is no dearth of exceptional champagne in Monaco, or anywhere in France.
    It truly is the ‘drink of friendship’… salud!

  68. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Hey Henri: welcome to the blog!!!
    I am personally not in Europe and can’t travel, but I know SweetEuro is in France and is a very intelligent and gorgeous young lady.
    The only advice I can give is to make sure you get a basic connection via phone/e-mail before moving forward to travel with her, if the first meet is already travel and there isn’t chemistry, well your entire travel experience would be ruined.

  69. HenriLouis says:

    Hi everyone,
    I just got on the blog and find the conversation very stimulating.
    In the month of August I intend to travel Europe by car all the way from Amsterdam to the South of Spain, the “grand tour” so to speak, Brussels, Paris, Monaco, Barcelona, Madrid, Sevilla etc. I am looking for a SB who is adventurous, also interested in culture and cities, enjoys going up the IJffel Tower when the lights go up and so many more interesting things. I am an old fashioned well mannered generous gentleman, who speaks all the languages and can carry on interesting conversations. I have a great sense of humour and view the world as a comic strip. My slogan is “life is too short to drink bad champagne”. By the way, the French call it “the drink of friendship” and they are so right.
    Could any of the ladies here on this site give me some comment or advice how to find an educated travel companion ? You all seem to know so much on the subject. I might help me in my quest. I would not know where to start.
    Anyone interested in raising a glass ?!

  70. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    WOW!! Congrats Jai!! you found yourself a great SD!!

  71. Jai *277171 says:

    Thanks :)

  72. sweetredhead says:

    Jai That’s Wonderful!!! I am really happy for you.

  73. Jai *277171 says:

    Thanks Lisa. I can’t wait til you get yours. You deserve a really great one. Good things come to those who wait, great things come to those who wait longer 😉

  74. lisa says:

    Now that sounds like a sd, congrats Jai

  75. Jai *277171 says:

    Hi everyone :) Hope all is well in everyone’s respective corners of the world. Just thought I’d check in to see how everyone was doing and give a little update on my situation. Remember the pot SD that was looking for more pot SBs even after we had set up a tentative arrangement? (the cleaning lady?) Turns out we misunderstood each other. He thought I just wanted to be friends for now which he equated with a lack of interest. Needless to say, we got it straightened out and he has made my first SD experience a great one so far. He set me up with one of his cars to use for my new job (it’s 81 miles away from the town I live in), paid for my hotel stay until I find a place where I’m working, gave me the deposit and first months rent for said place and….bought me my own truck to use if I want it instead of his other car. I didn’t think I could be so happy with this type of arrangement…but I really like it. There’s no pressure and I like being with him when we spend time together. I honestly know that I’d enjoy his company whether or not money was a part of it. He’s just a really nice, caring person. Ok, enough ramblings 😛 just wanted to share…night night

  76. lisa says:

    the blog is lots of fun and addictive. :) Well one of my potentials has hit the fan as I mentioned on the other blog subject. He is looking for someone to see on the weekends in his city and I have to work every weekend. Haven’t heard back from him. Too bad cause he’s only 200 miles from me.
    the other one is in another state but comes to my city occasionally. We have been emailing back and forth some today, I’m waiting a little in between emails as everyone recommended. We will see where this goes. my job, even though i’m only working like 24 hours a week now, I don’t have a set schedule and my days off vary, schedule starts on sunday and I don’t know what it is till saturday afternoon so there is no time to plan.
    Anyway that is why I prefer someone locallly as I can’t just take off from work at the last moment, have to let the boss know 2 weeks in advance.
    But I do feel good that I am getting some decent emails, maybe the two word line in my profile is working, lol
    Good night everyone. Going to bed. Going to meet parents for coffee tomorrow and go to the store afterwards.

  77. gurlnextdoor says:

    And you can find your profile number is on your profile. Go to preview profile and it should be at the top.

  78. gurlnextdoor says:

    Hey everyone, had a busy day today (threw a Superbowl Sunday brunch and a Superbowl party for some of my friends). Anyway, welcome Brown Sugar to the blog. As Gordon said just be patient. You’re sugar daddy will come eventually, but in the meantime you can talk to everyone here on the blog about your experiences, both good and bad. :)

  79. Brown Sugar says:

    thnx Gordon i just edit some stuff on my profile and change my picture so i guess it wont be available (24hrs approval mark) also i dont know where my profile number would be. What’s your profile number

  80. Gordon says:

    Brown Sugar, welcome to the family. Most of the sbs here will tell you that it takes a while. We are here for you with support and advice. The blog is here for you to ask questions, let off steam and have some fun.

    Put your profile number in your next message, we will take a look and offer suggestions.

  81. Brown Sugar says:

    sorry about the grammars, i just revised what i wrote oh boy …..i am in college lol xoxox

  82. Brown Suagr says:

    Hello EVERYONE, im been on this site for about 2 days now, my profile has been viewed 25 times so far Im hoping the numbers go up i have not received any emails IM GETTING FRUSTRATING i never been with a SD however im willing to experience So please if anyone have any ideas lets me know :) PS, best of luck to everyone and be safe

  83. sweetredhead says:

    DominicanQueen, Welcome. Yes it is normal. It takes time and patients to meet the perfect SD for you. Don’t give up he is out there :)

  84. DominicanQueen says:

    Hi . . Everyone this is my first time on this site. I have been on this site close to a month and have received several emails from different SD’s but have not met anyone yet. I am getting fraustrated . What do you guys think ? Do I need to be more patient ? Is this normal ? Help . . .

  85. gurlnextdoor says:

    Yep delete him, you’ll be glad you did.

  86. sweetredhead says:

    Nico, I agree DELETE! I had that happen to me also. I didn’t even respond.

  87. OCSugarBaby says:

    Nico, welcome by the way. Don’t get frustrated. I met my SD on the blog of all places! Our situation was so unique, we were not a perfect match on paper. Yet with the chemistry being so strong, we wanted to meet. I thought it was a LONG shot. But now I believe in LONG shots! Trust me, I have had many bite the dust. Their loss or should I say thank goodness they got the heck out of the way so the right SD could find ME!

  88. lisa says:

    delete and block and maybe alert the site
    I had a guy do that on another site along while back, he seemed like a nice guy too and all of a sudden he sent a picture

  89. Nico says:

    Thank you OC and SuthrnExec….alas….another one bites the dust.

  90. SuthrnExec says:

    Nico, I really don’t understand why a SD would do something like send a pic like that – I really don’t think a gentleman who is interested in a SD/SB relationship would send a pic like that – that’s not how you initiate and build a relationship with someone – and it certainly is an indicator of what is most important to him. I agree with OC – delete!

  91. OCSugarbaby says:

    Nico- Hit the DELETE button.

  92. Nico says:

    Quick question….and perhaps some insight??? I don’t know if anybody is still posting to this thread or not but didn’t think it appropriate to post on SweetEuropean or Kitty’s new Blogs.

    I have been e-mail a guy from this site. He shared his photos away from this site and I gave a couple more of mine (purely innocent of course). He commented on saying I was absolutely beautiful but then attached a picture of his….well, anatomy.

    I’m stumped….never encountered that before. The rest of our online conversations have been very nice and respectful so I can only imagine he’s showing off. FYI ~ there was no warning in the context of the e-mail to indicate ‘what’ the picture was of…..*Surprise*


  93. Atalanta says:

    Flowerpush, can you post your profile number? If you have before, I’ve missed it, lol :-)

  94. sweetredhead says:

    I agree with OC if he does make you uncomfortable (other than nerves) you have every right to leave. But I don’t think you should be rude just because you don’t find a connection.

  95. sweetredhead says:

    I can sit through a dinner, no big deal. I deal with patients/clients all day and some I don’t like but I am always nice to them. It is just good manors . You both took the time to meet, so why not enjoy the time, even if their is no connection. Not everyone is going to connect in person. This does not mean that either one of you is not a good person, it’s just you are not right for each other.

  96. OCSugarbaby says:

    Blondie-You are right about dinner, it is something that you can move onto if drinks go well. Sugar dating still holds all of the conventional rules.
    ~ Don’t meet unless you have a true comfort level.
    ~. Feel free to excuse yourself at anytime and LEAVE if you feel the need.
    ~ You don’t EVER have to accept a second date if the first one leave you feeling flat.

    Blondie, he will find you. How can pass by such a sweetheart like you

  97. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    Hi SiliconValley! Welcome to the family! I’m agreeing with OCSugar and gurlnextdoor.

    I like to meet someone for a drink or two, I don’t want to meet for dinner because of the simple fact that if you don’t hit it off, you’re trapped there at a table until the bill comes :(

    Plus, if you have a drink and then part, if you hit it off, you’re eager to see that someone again!

  98. gurlnextdoor says:

    Hey SiliconValley, welcome to the blog (I don’t think I’ve seen your name in here before). Anyway, I agree with OCSugar. As long as you keep in mind what it is that you want and are looking for, and don’t compromise on those things that you’re not willing to budge on, then you’ll find someone. It may not be in a month, two months, or maybe even half a year. But they will come along eventually, and you’ll be happy you waited.

  99. VillaCypris says:

    Thanks, OC! You always have something positive to add…I appreciate it!!!! x

  100. OCSugarBaby says:

    There are many degrees/levels of becoming an SD or SB. Each of us need to determine exactly what we wish to put into this scenario or not put in. Understanding that some may come across as “Fake or Flake”, if they do not put the same amount of effort into the search. When you find the person who you will have chemistry and understands your unique situation it will be amazing! Don’t change your efforts, keep your standards high and let the potential’s meet or exceed your expectations. It really can happen! :)

  101. VillaCypris says:

    SiliconValley ~~~ I completely agree with you…. meeting someone “online” seems so backwards to me… as in ” real life” one usually meets someone in person first, and then decides whether or not one is interesting, off-putting, what have you… instead, we communicate via the internet, in two dimensions, without the symphony of the five ( or six) senses coming together to convey one’s true personality… dinner is a great way to gauge the proverbial, difficult-to-ascertain, “chemistry”. My humble opinion… VC

  102. SiliconValley says:

    As a potential SD, my experience has been that there are a lot of fakes and flakes on here. Being honest, I flaked a bit about a year ago… because of some personal chaos that came up in my life.

    My frustration is with the women who want some sugar before even meeting. I have been told countless times… I have been burned… so I am going to ask for something in advance… so I don’t get burned.

    Yes, my typical MO is to suggest a dinner. I know that it may appear that I am just looking for a date with a good looking woman. I just happen to think you can’t really get a sense of someone unless you spend some time with them. Dinner is a great (and from my perspective) non-threatening way to see if there is any chemistry between the two people.

    Looking for the SB’s point of view….

  103. gurlnextdoor says:

    I know Atalanta, I was like why do you want to waste your time as well as mine! But in good news, I am talking to another potential SD who lives far far away. *sigh* We get along pretty well and have alot in common, the only problem being that he would want me to relocate if things worked out between us. So, I’m going to see how things go with that…and he can actually pay me what I would want monthly.

  104. Atalanta says:

    haha, gurlnextdoor!!!

    I can’t believe he’s still trying to find a way into your heart/pants!
    If you can’t afford it, then you don’t get it!
    Some people just don’t understand what SA is about…

  105. gurlnextdoor says:

    Hey everyone, this is a bit off topic but I feel the need to vent a little. Ok, so I had received an email from a SD the other day. He was very nice to talk to, and although I knew he probably wouldn’t be able to afford the monthly allowance I wanted, I continued to talk to him on a friendly basis. So, the other day we were IMing each other and he made this wonderful comment. He said “so about your expected allowance, don’t you think that’s a bit optimistic”. I said no, and our conversation continued. He said that he wanted to come see me still and try to get an arrangement started, but I was like I don’t think so. I mean if he thinks the amount I want in a monthly allowance is too much, what makes him think I’m going to waste my time trying to start an arrangement with him??? It’s guys like him that frustrate me so much!

  106. gurlnextdoor says:

    Good idea Just me, lol. A website for fakes on SA…we should have a post or website for fake SD awareness.

  107. just me says:

    Don’t wear anythingk on your sleeve on this site..at least until the arrangement is well established… perhaps there needs to be a seperate site, where we can post all the fakes pics, etc..so we can all be forewarned ??

  108. gurlnextdoor says:

    Hello everyone, hope everyone is having a wonderful day.

    Is there a moment at which you must choose Not to become attached and/or ‘fall in love’ with a sugar daddy or sugar baby?

    I think it all depends on the situation. If your a SB and your SD is married then obviously, more than likely you should be ready from the get-go to choose not to become too attached and cross that line of falling in love. Now, I’m not saying this is always true, because I do know one SB who has fallen in love with her married SD, and he with her, and they’re very happy. But, at the same time I think that would just cause unwanted stress and sadness for both parties.

    Would you like meeting with your sugar several times a week or more? Is sugar sweetest when it’s rare?

    This is another one, I can’t take a definite stance on. I think it all depends on what both people are comfortable with and how well their schedules line up. Personally, I’d like to see my SD once every week or every two weeks.

    Has anyone changed their views on ultimately becoming married, or staying married, since delving into the sugar bowl?

    I definitely WANT to get married still. Could it be to an SD, one never knows. But I do want to get married one day, that hasn’t changed.

  109. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Hello to everyone. Couldn’t walk today… raining. But have done some shopping!!
    *happy dance* got income tax money today!!
    I also got my wonderful purchased from e bay in the mail.. Now have to find that right SD to show it all off for!! *wink* 😉

    Now, back on subject. Since I have never been in a SD/SB relationship or any relationship, I really can’t comment on the subject. I know that I wear my heart on my sleeves and that could be a very big problem.

    NC.. I see that you got back to NC safely.

  110. NC Gentleman says:

    Hi Nico and Jess – I looked at your profiles. I think you will both find someone if you are patient – hang in there!

  111. Atalanta says:

    And flowerpush, I don’t think NC Gent has my email…

    I love how when I lose my premium membership, my profile views get a dramatic raise. I call B.S.

    My profile number is: 280803
    Anyone want to help me and flowerpush exchange emails?

  112. Atalanta says:

    Welcome to the blog everyone!

    Well, I’m really cautious about cross that “love” line, but we all define it differently. I just don’t want to become so attached that I can’t move on with my life when things are over.

    And yes, I wish SA had a better way of weeding out the fakes. I want to meet a real sugar daddy. Not a creep.

  113. JessaVT*247758 says:

    Thanks for the welcome, NC! I agree- it seems like there are too many fake SDs and SBs. I wish there was a site where it could all be pre-screened, so that the real people only have to worry about finding the right match. And yes, I just recently had a man from Washington who was “very interested”, canceled his paid membership, was going to call (we’d already spoken on the phone a few times, exchanged pics, etc) then disappeared, and now he’s back on the site with a paid membership. No word yet on what happened, but it makes being on here quite frustrating.
    I do agree, there are great people out there, and I’m happy to have found the blog- lots of great people here :)

    xo Jess

  114. Nico says:

    *HUGS* NC….you’re kind to say. It’s not an easy task to find the ‘one’; however, it seems as though you’ve found your “Needle” 😉

    “Over 30 and Single” 😀

  115. NC Gentleman says:

    Welcome to the blog Stefanie, Jessa, and Nico. There are definitely a lot of fakes SBs on here also, and it takes a lot to weed through them. One of my biggest peeves is when you exchange about 10 emails and then out of nowhere the person disappears without a word. I have also found that a large fraction of the women, especially those in their 30s, misrepresent their marital status, which I just don’t get…. There are a lot of great people on the site, and an ever higher density of great people on the blog!

  116. just me says:

    Most men here are fakes or looking for prostitutes. It’s a full time job to find the needle in the haystack.. the best advice I can offer is don’t go anywhere on your money.. no ticket, no meeting.. that’s a start to filtering out the scam artists here

  117. Nico says:

    DP ~ adding to Blondie’s comment….what ‘type’ of love do you feel? Have you fallen “IN” love? I have experienced affection and respect only. Had I fallen in love though, I would have to wonder if that person were there on a daily basis would it be different. That person becomes your goto person for the emotional/physical support (and for other reasons) but, ultimately you would have to wonder if the relationship were ‘more’ than that, would the feelings remain as consistent?

    I wish you both continued success….regardless of how you met, love is ALWAYS a good feeling :)

  118. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    Good morning all!

    Yes, I like other SB’s here have run into time wasters i.e. men who will email you to death, but never want to meet, men who are fakes and men who do think we’re escorts.

    I had a man who wanted me to travel to another state to meet him once a week for $500 -that’s not being an SB, that’s being an escort.

    I’ve had men tell me that they want to ONLY meet me in my apartment- again that’s not being an SB, that’s being an escort.

    About the topic- there’s many different types of love, many different levels. We love our friends, we love our family, we love our careers, we love our shoes, we love ourselves, we love our lovers. The heart has a huge capacity for love and the mind can compartmentalize anything.

    It all comes down to what you want, what you’re comfortable with, what you need, and what you desire.

    However, before you can love anyone or anything, you MUST love, honor and cherish yourself. If you don’t, how can you love anyone else?

  119. Spanish Vixen says:

    Yay sugar family! Everyone here is so awesome and loving :) *hugs everyone*

    You’re right, though, Nico. A sb/SD relationship will not work if there is no chemistry. When I meet a new SD I look for a lot of the same qualities I would look for in a boyfriend. Physical attraction, chemistry, personality similarities, etc. If we can’t sit back and have fun together, it’s not going to work. At that point it would be verging on prostitution if you were just receiving money/gifts and going to the man’s hotel room. There’s got to be more than that. You have to truly be friends…it’s important.

  120. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    Good morning all! I guess we all migrated here, and I’m going to do my absolute best not to get into moderation hell again.

    Yes, I like other SB’s here have run into time wasters i.e. men who will email you to death, but never want to meet, men who are fakes and men who do think we’re escorts.

    I had a man who wanted me to travel to another state to meet him once a week for $500 -that’s not being an SB, that’s being an escort.

    I’ve had men tell me that they want to ONLY meet me in my apartment- again that’s not being an SB, that’s being an escort.

    About the topic- there’s many different types of love, many different levels. We love our friends, we love our family, we love our careers, we love our shoes, we love ourselves, we love our lovers. The heart has a huge capacity for love and the mind can compartmentalize anything.

    It all comes down to what you want, what you’re comfortable with, what you need, and what you desire.

    However, before you can love anyone or anything, you MUST love, honor and cherish yourself. If you don’t, how can you love anyone else?

  121. D.P. says:

    I have to dive into this one: I have dabbled with a couple of SB relationships over the years: my current situation began this last summer with the mutual understanding that neither of us was in ANY kind of position to even think of something more than a ‘standard’ sd-sb’ arrangement. And then, totally out of the blue, we discovered that we had both crossed that ‘love’ threshold and here we were: unable to go into anything conventional but both of us talking about it and wanting it. From there things have become almost an ‘affair’–and THAT has added an even more wonderful spice to our whole experience. My end–an allowance, shopping trips and of course, wonderful entertainment excursions and trips. Her end–being a truly wonderful friend and lover (which I try to be for her in equal measure). I’m happy, she’s happy. But….it is more–and that it wont ever become ‘more’…does add a twinge of sadness from time to tie. Has anyone else had a similar situation?

  122. Nico says:

    Awww….*blush* Thank you :)

  123. Yasmine says:

    Lol Nico That means that you are already part of the sugar family *hugs*

  124. Nico says:

    WOW ~ My quote was on the main Blog Page 😀

  125. Nico says:

    Kudos Flowerpush. I completely agree….a fine line. That fine line can be viewed differently from one person to the next. The variation may be extreme, which is why I believe it is important to communicate your expectations and not assume we are all on the same page. It’s no secret men and women think and feel differently in general and it shouldn’t be too far fetched to think they are any different in an ‘arrangement’, therefore discussing topics, in general terms, is a good idea…at least it’s worked for me.

    A lot of why we decide to meet with somebody is based a lot upon a ‘feeling’. We get a good or bad feeling and choose to either meet them or not. I’ve had a previous SD and while it wasn’t an ideal situation, he was a very generous man and I learned a lot from him – a true mentor. While I don’t expect to find love, I do expect to have chemistry.

  126. Spanish Vixen says:

    Unfortunately I’ve found too many “short term” SD’s that last either a few weeks or just under 2 months. It’d be nice to have something a little bit more stable with someone I can truly get to know. But I can’t say I’m not having fun with this whole process. I’ve had a bad experience, but I’ve also met so many wonderful people through this lifestyle

  127. flowerpush says:

    I have experienced so many fakes that wasted my time that it made me want to just stop looking. It was so refreshing finding this blog and seeing that I wasn’t alone in it.

    Welcome Stefanie! In my opinion and after asking this same question a couple of posts back and seeing the responses love is off limits in a SD/SB relationship. You have to walk that fine line of affection.

  128. lisa says:

    My favorites are the ones that say they make 75k-100K and have a monthly budget of 10-20K I mean that’s more than they make. lol
    Also the ones that start out sounding like big spenders and then get cheap. I had a guy way back when I first joined and he was married looking for discretion. He sent this big email (probably copy and paste) about how our meetings would take place a this fancy hotel, etc and then as I chatted with him (this was when I first joined and hadn’t figured out that some of these guys are fakes) he said you know I hate hotels and would prefer to come to my place, yeah right, kinda like oh let’s go to this nice restaraunt, ah now, on second thought I feel like burger king, these guys say they have money but then it becomes appearant that they don’t

  129. dreamer201176 says:

    there are many many great guys on here but for the most part, they know it.. So they are hard to find

  130. bostonTerrier says:

    Is there a moment at which you must choose Not to become attached and/or ‘fall in love’ with a sugar daddy or sugar baby?
    i’d never “fall in love” with a sugar daddy, that is one line i am not willing to cross. sure i could love my sugar daddy as a friend but i wouldn’t cross the “fall in love” line, that would be a risk i wasn’t willing to take with my feelings. becoming attached? i’d try not to become attached to anyone … i don’t want to feel like i *need* to see this person, it’s just a bonus if i could. i think attachment is more of something in a conventional relationship.

    Would you like meeting with your sugar several times a week or more? Is sugar sweetest when it’s rare?
    right now, because of our schedules, we meet once a week. once a week is perfectly fine … meeting more than that would be unrealistic for both of us.

    Has anyone changed their views on ultimately becoming married, or staying married, since delving into the sugar bowl?
    nope … i definitely intend to get married and i *know* my future husband will not be signing up on SA, we both won’t have a need for it.

  131. Stefanie says:

    Yeah, when I first started this site I had a crazy stalker that never stopped messaging me, and calling me, demanding things. It got so bad I had to change my phone number. When I did not want to meet him, for obvious reasons, he demanded that I deleted my profile because I did not take this site serious enough. The day I started coming to this site again after six months, he was the first person to e-mail me. I am very optimistic, and hope that I find a real sugar daddy that knows how to treat a woman. I am real and upfront and I expect him to be to.

    Like just the other day I gave a guy my aim, and his profile said his networth is a hundred million and I said, I know this might be personal but I have to ask do you really have a hundred million, and he said no I don’t even have a hundred thousand. LOL. Like who do you think you are, he said he writes that so he gets more e-mails. Some guys on here drive me crazy. But on the other hand I am sure there are a lot of great guys on here.


  132. dreamer201176 says:

    goodmorning lisa

  133. lisa says:

    I love caramel lattes , lol

  134. Lainy says:

    Like Others have already said, it is very common occurance to encounter fake SDs. and you are right, there are many fake SBs too. The key is to be skeptical but still have an openmind. My mom always taught me that if it is too good to be true, it probably is.

    Good luck in your search. There is a perfect SD for you out there, you two just gotta find each other.

  135. dreamer says:

    i like how another sd said it one time on the blog (& dont quote me quoting him) ”If I can love a team or I can love my car, I am sure I can love my sb) We, on this site, run at the hint of the word love- we are forgetting love has many meanings.

  136. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone I just posted my update message on the next blog topic down. I get lots of bs messages but I don’t get financial offers, just guys wanting to collect pics and that think that a dinner date makes them a sd. At least the guys that are contacting you are offering money, the ones that contact me offer nothing and either want to meet right now or next month and those next month ones never materialize, they disappear.

  137. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    Stephanie – You’re not alone, alot of the SBs on this blog including myself have had bad experiences with time wasters messaging us. There are some fakes on this site, and some men who are just clueless and don’t see the dfference between an SB and an escort. I think the best thing is to just ignore them and keep looking for a sincere SD, don’t be discouraged by them because there are some really nice men on this site.

  138. JessaVT*247758 says:


    There are way too many men out there who are fake. They just want your pictures, a call or two and are full of it. I know there are women on this site who are full of it, too, but finding someone real and genuine can be quite difficult. It’s certainly something that I am struggling with. Never do anything that makes you feel like an escort- the right SD won’t make you feel that way. I’ve had plenty of guys with crazy requests or daily dollar amounts message me, it gets really irritating after a while.
    I know it doesn’t solve anything, but you’re not alone! Good luck with your search and be careful.

    xo Jess

  139. Stefanie says:

    This is the first time I am leaving a comment on this blog. I have been on this site for awhile but took a long hiatus after a bad expierience. In my opinion love happens when you least expect it. I don’t think anyone comes onto this site searching for love, thats what eHarmony and Match.com are for, but you never know. The moment you have to stop yourself from becoming to attached even if you do have serious feelings is when he is married or is not interested in a serious relationship with you, at the moment you have to just cut all ties, because when your heart is involved and his isn’t, that is a sticky situation. And sugar is always sweeter when it is rare.

    Since I am posting here I wanted to ask some of the girls a question. Do you ladies get a lot of guys that are full of shit messaging you? I keep getting messages from guys that say they have a hundred million dollar net worth or offer a ten thousand dollar allowance a month and they want to spend the day together for three hundred dollars. It kind of makes me feel like an escort when they talk to me like this and it is such a turn off. Am I the only one getting treated like this? I guess you really just have to weed out the losers.


  140. JessaVT*247758 says:

    Hi everyone! Just started reading this blog. What a great site! Interesting topic today. Unfortunately I haven’t had much luck on this site, but it seems to me that falling in love to any degree is a risk you take no matter what your attitude is going into a SD/SB relationship. I’m not saying the “let’s get married” kind of love, per se, but a level of closeness does form in order for the relationship to work and continue over a period of time.